NDSU ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Award, HRD Quarterly Progress Report December 1, 2009 February 28, 2010

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1 NDSU ADVANCE Institutinal Transfrmatin Award, HRD Quarterly Prgress Reprt December 1, 2009 February 28, 2010 Significant accmplishments: Since the last quarterly prgress reprt submitted fr the perid September 1 Nvember 30, 2009, members f the prject team have initiated and/r cmpleted these items: List f activities/accmplishments fr 2 nd quarterly reprt: Cntinued varius grant prgrams, accepting applicatins and/r making awards: Travel grants Received a ttal f 28 applicatins including 16 frm wmen in STEM departments. The reviewers recmmended 14 t receive ADVANCE funding ($20,380) and 11 t receive funding frm NDSU funds ($14,889). Made a decisin t change the name f this grant prgram t Mentring Grants and expect that future applicants will attend a mentee training sessin. Awardees fr the 2010 travel grants (# indicates funding frm ADVANCE; funding fr the thers was frm NDSU): Frm the Cllege f Arts, Humanities and Scial Sciences: Assistant Prfessrs (tenure track): Tracy C. Barrett (Histry) Kristi Grberg (Visual Arts) Miriam O Kane Mara (English) Carrie Anne Platt (Cmmunicatin) Kelly Sassi (English) Curtney Waid (Criminal Justice & Plitical Science) Assciate Prfessr (tenured): Amy Rupiper Taggart (English) Frm the Cllege f Agriculture, Fd Systems and Natural Resurces Assistant Prfessrs (tenure track): Kasey Maddck Carlin # (Animal Science) Xinhua Jia # (Agricultural & Bisystems Engineering) Brigid Pruess # (Veterinary and Micrbilgical Sciences) Jane Schuh # (Veterinary and Micrbilgical Sciences) Qi (Chee) Zhang # (Plant Sciences) Frm the Cllege f Engineering and Architecture: Assistant Prfessrs (tenure track): Stevie Famulari (Architecture and Landscape Architecture) Kaarin Piegaze Lindquist (Architecture and Landscape Architecture) Annie Tangpng # (Mechanical Engineering) Cindy Urness (Architecture and Landscape Architecture) Yechun Wang # (Mechanical Engineering) Assciate Prfessr (tenure track): Sumathy Krishnan # (Mechanical Engineering) Frm the Cllege f Human Develpment and Educatin: Assciate Prfessr (tenured): Yeng Rhee (Health, Nutritin and Exercise Science) NDSU FORWARD 1

2 Frm the Cllege f Science and Mathematics Assistant Prfessrs (tenure track): Peggy Biga # (Bilgical Sciences) Hyunsk D # (Cmputer Science) Kendra J. Greenlee # (Bilgical Sciences) Qui Jin # (Cmputer Science) Juan Li # (Cmputer Science) Katie Reindl # (Bilgical Sciences) Leap grants Annunced a call fr applicatins due by May 17, 2010 Held an infrmatin sessin n February18; based the sessin n feedback frm the earlier climate grant infrmatin sessin t imprve this infrmatin sessin. Cntinued recrding questins asked during the infrmatin sessin as well as having attendees fill ut an evaluatin frm. Will develp and pst a list f frequently asked questins n the prject website. Curse release grants Annunced a call fr applicatins due March 1, 2010 Annunced awardees these awardees frm the fall applicatin prcess: Vicki Gelling (Catings and Plymeric Materials) and Peggy Biga (Bilgical Sciences) fr Spring 2010 and Cristina Ppvici (Mathematics) fr Fall Prepared fr the mentring wrkshps t be cnducted by Mary Deane Srcinelli, Assciate Prvst fr Faculty Develpment, University f Massachusetts, Amherst, riginally scheduled fr February 11-12, Due t winter strms in the East, Dr. Srcinelli was unable t travel and the mentring wrkshps are being rescheduled fr a later day. Cntinued develpment f faculty search cmmittee training. Bachman, Nash and Rger Green attended a WISELI training in Rapid City, Suth Dakta, n January 7, Bachman and a small grup including members f the FORWARD team and sme f the Advcates cntinue t refine a faculty search cmmittee training mdule fr ur use. Cntinued effrts f the Advcates/Allies: Pilted tw training prgrams in the fall fr prspective Allies. Wrked n revising these training sessins based n feedback frm Dr. Mark Chesler and the participants in the fall trainings. Identified tw Advcates (Green and Stne Carlsn) t participate in the develpment and delivery f the faculty search training. Initiated recruitment f a new grup f Advcates thrugh an article in It s Happening at State and a psting n the prject web site. NDSU FORWARD 2

3 Other prject activities: Hsted a cffee meeting in the FORWARD meeting rm with a visiting scientist frm the Natinal Center fr Science Educatin, Dr. Eugenie Sctt, wh was invited t campus by the Bilgical Sciences Department as part f the Darwin Day celebratin the week f February 8. Actively sught t identify and recruit wmen as applicants fr the NDSU presidency. Began recruitment fr FORWARD Schlars; discussin is underway regarding the pssibility f hiring ne schlar specifically t wrk n the evaluatin prtin f the prject. Cntinued data cllectin (FORWARD Schlars) n the gender cmpsitin f STEM and Nn-STEM thesis and dissertatin cmmittees. Data is being cllected beginning with cmmittees frmed during the fall semester 2006 thrugh the fall semester If genderbased patterns are fund, data cllectin will cntinue thrughut the curse f the grant. Finalized data cllectin fr bth academic and nnacademic administratrs ver the perid fr 1992 t 2010 and began data analyses f gender patterns. Sme f the initial analyses were incrprated int a paper submitted (Bilen-Green) in early February Additinal analyses are underway. Cntinued cllectin f data n faculty search cmmittee cmpsitin since Spnsred WIR (WISMET) Wmen Prfessr Panel n February 19; panelists were Anna Grazul-Bilska (Animal Sciences), Kalpana Katti (Civil Engineering), and Marin Harris (Entmlgy). Submitted prpsed plicy revisin (CSWF) related t internal psting f administrative psitins (including thse that are partial appintments) that represent prmtinal pprtunities fr wmen faculty. The prpsal is currently in the institutinal plicy revisin prcess. Invited deans t nminate a department fr the equity award (invitatin by the Cmmissin n the Status f Faculty Wmen). Deans were asked t describe hw their department nminee has wrked tward gender equity in ne r mre f the five areas/gals established in the NSF Advance Grant: imprving climate, enhancing recruitment, increasing retentin, prmting and advancing wmen, and creating leadership pprtunities fr wmen. Tw nminatins have been received during February (riginal February 15 deadline was extended due t the disruptin caused by partial cllapse f a campus building). The award will be made later this spring. Supprted the participatin f Dean Virginia Clark Jhnsn (Human Develpment and Educatin) in the ACE/OWHE Eastern Michigan Reginal Leadership Frum t be held April 28-30, 2010, in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Based n her participatin in this leadership develpment prgram, Clark Jhnsn will wrk with the FORWARD prject t develp mentring/leadership prgram fr senir faculty. Held pen huse January 28, 2010 t intrduce campus t FORWARD space. NDSU FORWARD 3

4 Areas f difficulty/resistance: Change in institutinal leadership (appintment f an interim president). Ptential impact f budget cnstraints n new faculty hires and the pssibility f reduced r eliminated institutinal funding f leap grants fr Nn-STEM applicants. Changes in planned prject activities due t unpredictable events: bad weather eliminating travel, illnesses, etc. Onging miscmmunicatin, unfulfilled expectatins, delayed cmpletin f tasks (things slipping int cracks) due t multiple demands n FORWARD team members especially thse with prject leadership respnsibilities. Cntinuing refinement and redefinitin f respnsibilities fr the FORWARD staff and need fr their additinal acclimatin t institutinal culture and prcesses. Best idea yet: Several gd ideas have surfaced during the past quarter. They include: Imprve prgrams/dcuments thrugh nging review and mdificatin (mst ntably the Leap grants, but als explring imprvements fr ther grant prgrams). Develp a check list fr event rganizatin (efficiency, quality, imprvement). Use grant infrmatin sessins as a way t prvide tips n writing grants, creating budgets, seeking external funding, building tenure/prmtin prtfli. Develp backup plan in case a speaker is unable t fulfill cmmitment (mentring events were all canceled because Srcinelli culdn't travel due t winter strm). Plan an infrmatin sessin with wmen wh have recently attended natinal leadership develpment prgram t increase awareness/interest in this prgram. Prject evaluatin: During this reprting perid the fllwing evaluatin effrts have been undertaken and/r cmpleted: Received a full reprt n the Faculty Wrklife Survey frm Danielsn; reprt includes all f the analyses fr this survey. Danielsn presented the results f the wrklife survey t the NDSU campus cmmunity n January 27, Currently the FORWARD team is reviewing the reprt, and McGerge is gathering feedback frm team members t use fr revisins prir t psting n the prject website. Currently administering the Academic Administrative Survey t all academic administratrs n campus; electrnic data cllectin cntinues until March 24, Cntinue evaluatin f each f the FORWARD climate prgrams. These evaluatins have prvided infrmatin fr structuring future prgrams as well as tpics fr future presentatins. Develped (McGerge) a ne-page survey t distribute at the cnclusin f each f infrmatin sessin fr faculty members wh are interested in applying fr a FORWARD grant/award (i.e., NDSU FORWARD 4

5 Travel Awards, Curse Release Awards, Leap Research Grants, Climate-Gender Research Grants, and Leadership Develpment Award). Als, implemented a prcess t have each f the infrmatin sessins bserved by an evaluatr; qualitative ntes are taken n these sessins and prvided t the FORWARD leadership in an effrt t imprve the infrmatin prvided t faculty members interested in applying fr FORWARD grants. Delayed administratin f the first self-reprt survey fr recipients grant and award prgrams (i.e., Travel Award, Leap Research Grant, Curse Release Award, Climate Gender Research Grant, and Leadership Develpment Award) based n pending IRB apprval. Plan t administer the first survey starting March 1 if IRB apprval is received by that date. Develping (McGerge) tw surveys (ne fr the mentrs and ne fr the mentees) t explre the effectiveness f the chrt mentring prgram. Our new evaluatin plan, designed in cnsultatin with ur external evaluatr Dr. Frances Lawrenz, is attached t this reprt. Persnnel update: N persnnel changes this quarter. NDSU FORWARD 5

6 Evaluatin Plan: February 2010 NDSU Advance FORWARD Outcmes Majr Activities/Cmpnents Evaluatin/Methdlgy Timeline Year in Grant Climate Change. Find n significant difference in the perceptin f the climate between genders r between underrepresented grups and the majrity, while imprving the verall climate. Research Questins frm Grant Allies prgram. Hw des using an Allies prgram invlve the campus mre widely in the prcesses f institutinal transfrmatin? What rle d supprtive members f the majrity grup play in changing a gendered institutin, and hw des training increase the effectiveness f such Allies? Dean/Chair training. Hw des nging training fr department chairs/heads cmbine with the reverse mentring that ccurs when these administratrs regularly interact in structured settings with wmen faculty? What is the rle f reverse mentring in achieving institutinal transfrmatin? Rle f critical mass in climate. Is there a relatinship between mre wmen academic administratrs and the effectiveness f recruitment and retentin f wmen faculty? Hw/why d wmen academic administratrs help recruit and retain wmen, if in fact they d? D units need a critical mass f wmen/wmen f clr b Befre widespread effective recruitment and retentin are pssible, and if s, is this prcess speeded by the presence f wmen examining the rganizatinal and individual factrs assciated with NDSU, ur research will identify thse that might have genderbased advantages and lead t gender-linked dissatisfactin. Previus wrk academic administratrs? Cmmissin n the Status f Wmen Overall Climate verall impact the grant has had n the climate at NDSU FORWARD Lectures Advcate Prgram Trainings by Advcates - Allies Cmmissin n the Status f Wmen LEAD Training Dean/Chair Training Climate/Equity Research Grants 1 Surveys: Wrk/life (fall semester) Administratr (spring semester) Fcus Grups n Climate (divided by gender and STEM/Nn-STEM): Assistant Prfessrs (4 grups) Assciate Prfessrs (4 grups) Interviews: Administratrs Faculty wh leave NDSU 12 Indicatr Data Dcument Review Attendance events Frmative evaluatin surveys: Interviews All Advcates Fcus Grup Frmative evaluatin surveys: Interviews with Allies Review f minutes Identify existing plicies that they have wrked t change and new plicies they have created Frmative evaluatin surveys: Tw part frmative evaluatin surveys: 1 st, 3 rd, 5 th, 7 th 2 nd, 4 th, 6 th Spring 2010/2014 Fall 2009/2013 Spring 2010/2014 Each Fall Onging Onging Onging Fall 2010/Spring 2013 Spring 2011/Spring 2013 Onging Fall 2011/Fall 2013 Onging Onging Onging (5 trainings each schl year) Each September & each April

7 Evaluatin Plan: February 2010 NDSU Advance FORWARD Faculty (CSWF). Hw effective has the Recipients f the grants CSWF been in supprting the transitin f wmen s status frm authrized and Evaluatins f Infrmatin unrecgnized t authrized and sessins fr awards/grants recgnized members f NDSU? Frmative evaluatin [Particularly during the granting perid, Qualitative bservatins but als beynd that perid]? Grants t Departments t hire a Interviews with members f the Spring ) Mixed methds, lngitudinal cnsultant departments analysis. Ethngraphic study f Wrk w/ Native American CSWF that relies n my meeting Grups ntes, meeting minutes, plicies New Faculty Orientatin Frmative evaluatin surveys: Each Fall Semester reviewed fr change, plicies successfully and unsuccessfully changed, and interviews with Gender Climate Training Frmative evaluatin surveys: Onging members f the cmmissin. There will als need t be statistical data n the 12 indicatrs t cntrast with the Space and Research tls Surveys wrk f the CSWF [and data Allcatin cllected in 2a, 2b, 3a, and 3b]. Wrk Life Admin Survey Spring 2010 and repeat 2) This research will als include hw each spring well the CSWF becmes a structured 12 indicatrs space thrugh which it can functin as an nging supprt fr wmen s Cmpare the perceptins frm permanent status in recgnized and the tw surveys with the reality authrized members f NDSU. Special Events (e.g. Virginia Valian's Visit) f the 12 indicatrs Frmative evaluatin surveys: Onging Recruitment. Standardize expectatins that minimally mirrr pipelines frm dctral prgrams befre a search may mve frward in rder t assure that all pls include a representative number f wmen and wmen frm under-represented grups. Overall Recruitment Effrts the verall impact the grant has had n recruitment Fcus Grups: Search cmmittee chairs Search cmmittee members New Hires Interviews Wmen wh chse nt t cme t NDSU assess why sme wmen chse nt t accept psitins at NDSU Fall 2010/Spring 2013 Fall 2010/fall 2014 Fall 2010/Fall 2014 Each Fall 2

8 Evaluatin Plan: February 2010 NDSU Advance FORWARD Assess the quality f the Annually search pls and the quality f the hire 12 Indicatr Data Annually Search Cmmittee Training Frmative evaluatin surveys: Interviews Search chairs abut the effectiveness/helpfulness f the Assistant fr Faculty Recruitment Fall 2010 & Spring 2012 Evidence f the quality and diversity f the pls and hw the candidates heard abut the jbs Retentin. Retain 90% f wmen thrugh the tenure decisin; increase numbers f assciate wmen in STEM disciplines frm 8 t 24 by the end f the grant perid (tripling present numbers). Research Questins frm Grant Mentring. Since NDSU wmen faculty reprt significantly mre dissatisfactin than men in present mentring prgrams (2007), d ur same gender mentring chrts slve these prblems? And, if wmen begin t reprt mre satisfactin with mentring, des that lead t better recruitment, retentin, and prmtin f wmen faculty? If s, what mechanisms in ur prgram lead t success? Gender and prductivity. Hw d we understand and respnd t gender-based Overall Retentin the verall impact the grant has had n retentin at NDSU Mentring chrts fr junir faculty 3 Fcus Grups (divided by gender and cllege) Assistant Prfessrs PTE cmmittee members Dcument Review Grant final reprts Funded prjects + lngitudinal CV cllectin fr awardees fr travel grants, funded prjects Attendance events 12 Indicatr Data Survey f Mentrs Survey f Mentees Spring 2010/2013 Fall 2010/Spring 2014 Annually Onging Onging Annually Spring 2010 Spring 2010

9 Evaluatin Plan: February 2010 NDSU Advance FORWARD advantages in research prcesses in this Fcus Grups institutin? Wmen faculty at NDSU reprt Mentrs Fall 2010 less satisfactin with research-related issues: Mentees Fall 2010 time fr research, supprt fr research Travel grants Frmative Assessment September each year endeavrs, and expectatins fr research (2007). By indicates pssible gendered Curse releases Grants Tw part frmative evaluatin Each September and differences in prductivity in the shrt term surveys: each April and ver an entire career (Cle & Cle, 1973; Recipients f the grants Reskin & Hargens, 1979; Slbin et al., 2002; Zuckerman, 1970). Netwrking events Attendance lists Survey Spring each year All wmen abut netwrking event dne by FORWARD and ther Prmtin. Increase number f STEM wmen full prfessrs frm 4 t 10 in the next five years. Overall Prmtin the verall impact the grant has had n prmtin at NDSU Peer mentring fr senir faculty LEAP research grants grups n campus Fcus Grups PTE Cmmittee members Wmen Assciate Prfessrs Wmen Full Prfessrs 12 Indicatr Data Survey f participants Fcus grups Tw part frmative evaluatin surveys: Recipients f the grants Each September and each April Leadership. Prmte r hire wmen in at least 2 mre dean psitins (fr a ttal f 3 wmen Deans) ver the next 5 years; increase wmen heads and chairs/heads in the STEM disciplines t 5 f 28. Overall Leadership- the verall impact the grant has had n prmtin at NDSU Fcus Grup Administratrs Wmen Full Prfessrs Leadership develpment grants Frmative Assessment September each year Research Questins frm Grant Leadership. Are leadership prgrams effective in encuraging wmen faculty t undertake academic leadership rles? If s, hw/why? 4