{jdylw~ Danio::IJ. Dcli'Orto Principal Depuly Oenerlll Counsel

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1 SEt: 8 f$ l JJ dmtxl.,. -,.,.,o:.j.c:::b- ASSSTANT TO 11-E 5EC::RETARY OF" 7r&O Df:FEN\E PENTAGON WASHNGTON, DC ZOO Chamum, Lntellgence Oversght Board Old Executve Offce Bulctng, Room 494 Wa!!hngton, DC Dear Mr. ChaJllllln: The Department or Defense Jnte\lgcnce Oversght Report fot the p<jrod January through March 2001 s attached. {jdylw~ Dano::J. DclOrto Prncpal Depuly Oenerlll Counsel Attachment: As stated UN<."LA!SUED OQN Rl.M:OVA(.()F ATTA.CUMENTS "\ld P. S!CAl. ~ltova. OF COD!WORDS AND CAVl!:A.TS EFf

2 Department ofde(eu5e atelllgeace OYeraght Re~lo 1 January-MllrdllOfll J.l!?bor Sgofc.. a!atelllcenoe Over.sgbt J$uts w.arm~t fg SECDEFOB atteuflou at ths ljne: Noae. J C(]fNo sgnt~ntlatedgenee Ovtrslgbt volatons du)1 g ths perod. ATSD(JO) montored Z1 cases; none requre SECDE~ PB attenton at ths tm.c. (U) lotouceoee Oversght nspecton :,tnr=?c~t(b~~a:;, a~~~~~~~nl:~~=~::=: u:t ~:~d otoulnspectfo; had. dew:lapcd a satsfactory program by the ne nspecton te~~m arrved. [~!~~-=-~-=::Jtem.ans a. "hard target" for ntell. oe couectlon. l.""fl,r 1orce e""" r Seboal. " ftr. TX. "d Armv Dtelllmte Tnnng Sebool, Fort UuaehuQ. AZ: A oth schools, [ntcllgence Ovmght trall.ng s nt01p0tated nto each cnurs1 odule and renforced throughout the nslnlcdoo projtas. Result s effec e ntal lnnn g n ntellgence Ovet8ght for olt young Ar F o~e and!my ntellgence professonals. JlJ/lJ Ar Force nso~ton A~ren vafal... A. NM; -xfso{lo) mer. wth Commander and dscus&e.l APA nwll~ fc Oversght ttaon g c:upodsbltes. APA w! resume ther complance s ectons, ncludng nteugcru:c Ovetsllbt, of AF feld agences and dr ortng un!l! after a year suspenson whle performng oth«drected n snns...g1lttlf!jt Homestead ARB FL: nspectc:<l /tf Offce of Spec ~estatlons (AFOSl} Detachment and Naval Crmna.llqves lltve Servce (NCS) Offce, all located on Homestead ARB. OS and NC~ nls worked well together; bo(h bad satsfactojy n!!:ngence Oversght pro fns. fp.., Naval Ar Statog J(ey West. PL: Jont Southern S ellance ecollllllssance Operaton& Cen1et- (JSSROC) bad e:xcellentl~ c lgenoc Ovcugbl tranng program, eomplete wth c;ojnpu!er based tra n ng and on-lne testng. Jont Cnler.lg~m~ Task Foree East (J[A.TF E) bad nte jlt webste wth 21 ntellgence Ovel$ght sccoaros; ex~:eucnt tranng vehcle..jfqf& LtsURN/lt EFF

3 ol f)j(1).<b)(3):fousc ; (b)(1).. - ~ tn "" ;., lnteh,.ace Ov\Slml n a J e oc:elv. a r-. f~>r Carmm. Germaay; The pw{)(js; of ths Outreach Program o enj~ute future leaders of l!lller(ln8 democraces u11derstand the concept, mportance, and. applcablty oflnlcllgenc:e Ovasght. Tha s, at;.comphsh through! proact~ ed110a.tcn progmn n ton~:ert wth the Marshall Cent, the NATO School, and the new Western Hemsphere nsltute fo Securty poperaton (follow-on ro the School of the AmerCS). Durng th! quarter, le A TSD(JO} and staff meml.tus taught tha elcm" at the Marshall Center to & P.,.dents from Annena, Azerblljan., J:\lllgara, Estona, Turkmens\M, Oeorg ~ussa, Ukrane. and FfllllQC (b)(1) SW FTUYF864Xl L EFF ~

4 ASSSTANT TO THE: SECRETARY OF DEFE:~ El 7.2DO O!F!NB PENTAGON WASHNGTON, DC 2lX!O Charman, ntellgeuoe Overnght Board Old Executve om~ Buldng, Room 494 Washlagton, DC Dear Mr. Charman: 2 l 1CfJ2 The Dcpartment ofdefen~ ntellsernoe OVersght keport for JUUtzy-Mard12002 s attadjed. Th= were: no llgnfclt,;~;:nl ~sbt ssues warmntng lob attenton fortltm pmo;j anll n fntell,aence Oversght volal0118. :!.P!~ Prncpal Depulf General COU$d b4:!hl ATSD{O)~ft~. :. 1HSPAGB SUNCLA8SFJEDUPONREMOVAL 01 PHYSCAL t!moval OPCODWODS AND CA""""" AND EFF

5 ! f---1,., ± 1\~... ll Department of Defense ntellgence Oversgh.r :Rep JanWll) Marek 2002 ~Sgnfcant lntellge ee Overnght ssues warrantne S DEF/1(}8 ~t~o.f11r th1 per!jcl: None... Jl? e1no splfl.c:ant ntelljencc OvelSght vlojatfoj. durng t b perod. :t\tsd(o) lll1)ntorcd 25 case:~; none requre SF.CDBF/JOB attentc at ths tme. (b){1) Jjp ~ntellgeaee Overalght Jtspeclouand StaffV!sts: Tl bffcc of the J\ TSD(O) ~duets ntellgence <MtsS)lt nspectons of and sll lance vsts to DoD unt& worldwde. The ospcc:1ons lloo!pmlent 8lld are n add 1m 10 (hose perfotmcd by the.jtejjgence &&Clee& ofdod, Combatan1 Comm1 s, and 1he Servces. n addton, they provdo n&ght nto 1he effectveness of tej!gence Oversght tranng programs throaghool the DoD. The ATSD{lO) ~unt& w!h benchmark and/or nnovarvc pro&rwjsand sjuues ths nfonnaton rng subsequent ~ons and staff assstance vsts. All. example s contaned n o~men!ll on the Natonal RcCOJll8:lancc Offce en page fdur.. ~ StatT Aalstante Vslt to Axmy War College (A WC), C~1!le, -Pen;.ylvanb, January 8, 2002: The ATSD(O) and one staff vsted the Army War College to explore how lntellle;e.nce Oversght could be ~< jdressect wthn the professonalll)ltary cunculum at the college. The Command1 ~ Dean, and 1 acuty mcmbets agreed on 1hc need to ncreasa the ntellgence foe s and educate. future senor DoD leaden n nteugence Oversght prncpllls and J ctcas. The ATSD(O) s t:xplorng optons to add ntellgence Oversght to 1he ar College currwlum, ncludng ncorporatng wwnples n AWCs global W" lomng. (~Stall Asstulce Vst to Jont TU. Force (JTF) Olymjjs,. Salt Lake f!lf, Utah, Jauuary 15-18,2002: The Deputy ATSD(O) aru,l onejsjaffmember made staff assstance vsts to DoD and NatOlll Guan aotvtes tl1 tjwere supportng lhe Olympcs n Salt Lake Cey. Utal\. The team net wth the Uab pstant to The Adju1ant General and the Spoc:al Ageut ll Charge of the Olympc llgencc Center and dscussed wth them the DoD ln!ellgcncc: Oversght proaram. loon NatQ! Dcl~l<l F""" NSACSSM Dslod~l4 PE89J Dedassly On: Xl 1 EFF 1 5 l

6 -!,p-d~ ntellgence Support Tcm was present n the FB-run Olympc Jm gencc Center, as was a 24-hour lason element from lolnt Forces Ccmmlllld (JFCO, TheJFCOM. lason team coossted gf an n\ellgenc:c clement ftom1he Jont F01 s ntellgence Command (operatng under the provsons ofdod R), and ~awl Crmnlll nvestgatve Servce (NelS) specal agent~ntng DoD law c ~rcement. Tl«: team found adequate ntetlgence Ovmght programs and Qb$Cnle( o ntellgence Oversght mpropretles dwng d!c vsts to DoD acevlc&. ~ntellgence Ovwsgbt Statr Assstanl:c Vst, Bad A.lb l 1g Stad.ou, Genaauy, J.lebruary 2002: The A TSD(lO) and staff members cot pctod a staff assstam:e vst atba4 Ablng Staton (BAS), Germany. BASs c\ fng hb been delayed from Scptembtt 30, \1Ctl1 September 30, 2004; the A SD{O) wanted to see how the Staton was handlng the delay, partcularly as some ~"lhe msson was already n transton. Th<:. ntcugenee Ovetseht program was exce.!onally stolll and thoroughly ntcgratecl nto all aspec1s of BAS OpentlOrtS.! (b)(1) ~l11tellgell<!e OVmtght SfatTVaf, NSA/CSS Evropej ~EVR), Patch Bnrae Vllhuaell (Stuftprt), Genuauy,lebruary 2002: 1 ~TSD(lO} and one staff member vsted the NSA/CSS Bwope.(NCEUR), located HQEUCOM NCBUR.s msl<m ll to ptovde SGlNT, lnfojmatlan Assuranc;e, ~tccbnl~l l servces to NSA customers n the Bun:Jpean Theater, to lnc!ud~ EU PM 111\d. NA ro. The ATSD(O) brefed the m-.jorly of employees OA lntl:!lgencc ( Faghtand answered questons. The NCEURntellgcnec Ovelsght program ~adequate; suggestons JeCOtnmended by the A. TSD(O) team to mprove the J1 Bf&m have snce been suec:esslully llcor]omted [(bl(1),(b)(3):10 usc ,!,,., ,,, j.r r SF.tn 2 EFF 6

7 srp JJfr... ~e tea..; al~n mej wtb1bc\(b)(3):10 USC ] /<bl(3j:10 usc ~~ A~l~l j reported excellent workng rlj;t)us"wj -.,.-th--.the...-:-c("b),---"".--.,...,..,...==-n=e=rs~tght trnnng program w.u Mll documented aod c:omp~...,; O:W. J):Dtellgellce Ovenpt D$p"tlOD, Ar Foree OM«$ f Sp"lal 4vettgatou (AJOBn at Patnek AFB (J)ET SOl) and M"llllu e. norda (OLD 101), Febrary l\101: The~ ATSD(O) Uld Q<\11 staffmem nspc&;tcd Ar Foo;c Offces of~ 11JVC81gatons (AFOS1) at Patrck AFB ( lt 802) and Melbo~. Florda (()LB 102), ~ Otganuton had an ntell ce Oversght program commensmate wthts ntellgme~~ llplr&toob. Detac t &02 specal agmts brefed the team on a rc:ccm case: n whldl fucy resolved a st-9111 tm~ssble ~bleat ro AFTACPalrlcl: AFB. They bdtwed they had a fon:c: ~lon ssue,. eollected nfonnaton, and passed t to law~ent. WOtkng "ththe local pocq, a porton ofhgbway AlA, the man hghway!bat runs 1 thro11gh Patrc;k AFB, was closed for several months. and only rc:c:ently reopened. er ntellge!ce O"en;ght Program was V!lfY good. ~-llcc 0venfgbUUpedOD (b)~ )()"Patnck ~.lebrnarl ---=200=2-: ""Tbe...--.De~:.!-!Dl,---,"OOJ(""""=oJ"-----candoo_e j - (b)(1} Patrck ~~:!:.1m~ed; , (b)(1) j (b}(1) P~tdlVlll to fhe Baltmore-Wa l.a&fon HgJa JateRSlf Dtg ~;o;j Area (BJW mdta), Februry,2002: An OATSD 0) staff Member pllltepatcd n a staff vst ro the; BW HOO"A wth ~ve: f"omjont Task For<:c (.TF) 6,!ollt Force. COllmand (JFCOM), 1111d the Anny n ~General Offte. DoD s prcsenl)y supportng the BW HlDTA wth two commssoned ntedgenee analyats, a Navy Reserve Ueuteruult Olmmander and an Azmy R.eser:ve. Csp(an, servng 179 day tquts, who provdo rcse"ch and analytc support to the HDT A. Both wen. professonal ntellgence offeers servng.179 day tours. they receved ntellgence Oversght trajlng from TF-6 pror to repor1 ng to the HDTA for duly and tclleck>d excellent practcal knowledgeofthclr respo lsbltea.... s57 XXr EFF 3

8 ~telu"eua O~n~ght SCaff Vls.lt, HeacCJlarters, Natonal Offce. Vrgol2, February lool: lw A TSD(JO} and two statfm a staffvmt to Headquartms, Natonal Jtc:~:gnnassance Off~ W 1 The purpg3e of1he vat was to meet wth the new NRO leaderahp, on NRO cwnnt opctatons and future plans, and dscuss ntell tranng ltatves wth the NRO nlcllgcnce Oversght Propm developed scva"31 unavalve mteugeuce Oversght tranng pro oomputcr-asssted pro8fam on CD and a Uvely tranng vdeo tbat and new11 broadcasts wl1h prpcteal examples oflntdlgence Ovm s cutre~~tly updatng tber E.o tranns program. ouassaa.ee rs eonduttcd ds, Vu-gna. ve an Updato OvMght ger. NROlms ncluclng a bnes flm clps t 115UCS. NRO fjjjjjlf!/r starr AsslsW.11ee Vsts, Shaw Alr Force Base, Su111ter, ~ lool; TheDepaty ATSD( 0) and onestaffmcm.\)cr CGJldu staff a.sssla.llce vsts at Sbaw AFB. Sumter, South C1110lna. All USAF Ugence elements vsted dedlolsultcd tomplfanco wkh DoD Regutatoo S J -R and AP , ll! well as an ac:eeplable level ofntellget~ceovcrs!ght ~~ th Carolna,.~ ntellgence Overslg t luspedon, Mssle Defaue, A.rlmgt<ln, Vlrg.la, Marcl, 2001: Two OATSD(JO) SblffrnembeS cond.cl an lntdlpncc 0\e!Seht nspecton ofntollgenqc elements of the Mssle D gmcy (MDA), Allngton; Vrgna. MDA organzatonally Sepllllltl:S cs nlellgen and C functons. Although neldtcr the fntell~~dcs D~orata noc: dte C ent had nteugcnce Oversght progralllll before OUf n~pecton was announ pesoc demonstrated ao adequete knowledge oclote!lgcncc Oversght. c plo::s ancl no lnlellgenee Ovmdht volatons were uncovcrc!. The ATSD{O) cnt a lettx to lhe D:ector, MDA. nformng hm ofdtc: requremm tqr llltdlge Oversght progmns for MDA ntellgence and COW1tcrntellgcnec and that would be "" nspected n the near futun:. OJ!JfJr Outreach J.>roram n nteupnce Overslpt n tb~ D <!Jrep;:rl;..ent, Geo.-ge C. Marshall Europeu Center far Secur Garmlscb; Gerl!Jny, February :WO:t: A1 the nv.talon of the Dt. etten-: Mamh111l Euwpcan. Center for Securty Studes, on Febnmry, 20 gave a pres~mtat.on on ntellged.cq Ovemgbt n the Defense De students from Ceu.tnll and Eastern Europe attertdng the Executve nternatonal and Securty Affar~! and e~~gaged n a follow-on que ses&on. Ths was folo-.-! by a detaled tranng program to stud Estona, Gcorgtl, and U1huana. The success of Chs em-gong pro bas led to requests Jom colllltres such as Romana and Crouta to DoD for s &tanc:e n C8tablshlng lnteltgcoqc Ovcrlght safeguards o dter own coullltr;sj EFF 4

9 mp zuq ASSSTANT TO TH.E SECRETARY OF OEFENS 7200 OEFl!:NSE Pe-TAGON WASHNGTON, DC 2~ Cba.tman, ntellgence Ove3ght Board New Ex~lltve Offce Buldng. Room )020 Washngton, DC Ow-Mr. (])arman: MAR 23 ~The Department ofdefease ntellgence Oversgb1 Report r the ~ O tober-~ 2<105 s lltadlcd. Jncluded n the R: are the results ofthe ATSD(lO) mow oflhr; Natonal S!:cUrty Agency for rc:leasng the denttes of US: Per$(lll. Also ncluded Ate su number oflntcljgeb.elll Ovet$ght nvcstgatdrl!l and ncdent& been rej)q!tcd to us. ~~~.h. Prncpal Deputy Ocncral C.::.unsel Actng A TSD(lO) e Auachmoot ala TF!SPAGP.JS!~ UPoNREMOVALOFATTACMEN AND PHYSCAL U~Lbf CODJWOJws AND CAVEATS.. my Cf1j ~-.~. G EFF.

10 Deparhaeatoflkfeaseln~~ce<)venngbt~ October-Decemllea-2005 (U) 11"0 er Colleetlon nllltetealo ef Pe on n ormaton Satn Alasbq CommaJld. Authorage Alaska: Durng an ntellgence o$pectfon of ntell~ wrts As5gled to the US J\la$kan Commam (A rlspectomfom tho OATSD(O), dscovered materal whch spcclfcally Po:roon ~>rganzatonthat cru: Command beleved was plannlne to tab dcmons1raton. at Elmcndo.f AFB and lt Greely. Ala:;b., n. Ol arebve f Task Force-Alaska.J2 (JTF-AK J2). Tho nfjlllaton n quest0111ad b from the nternet (NlPRNET}, by the Af..COM Anf Terrorlsm/Fo[CC Pro (ATFP).<Ud d~ted by emal thrauehoutthc Commaod. 1he JTF. 1be nfonnaton n a brlellng to tle J2 and suboscqucntly telaned 1hc nfo fleo. The A TSD(!O) nlpoclors detemnned 1lllt.!. colle..ton B!ld ~l<mton!nformaton con.~~wd 1\ pos.able Proc:ed11re ls volatod. C<msequcotly, the Jont OMloaQcd oo om"" J2 ncluded on n ther hs ATSD(O) Derved From: Multple Scurces Declassfy On: 23 M!D203l EFF 10

11 64 lo" ~ / brr Ef nspectors formally notfed the Jont Staff, 011ce of!be nspector <knct Jtdcq~d B fonnal mvmgatlon. An nves!plon was cooclueted by the u.s. N -" Command 10 (N-NC O). Based upon the results oflhc nvestgalou, 1lF A< WS ct.ed to conduct relresher lntell~ 0.-mght!Anllg fur ao SSjl1led pcl9<lhlll: The tranng Wll have emphass plaeed on the proper usc and tmderslanllng of oonstm ta! Cllllstrants, alld W.la.w and droctves lbat govern lhe collecton, c!smu ton and t atc~qng o{ senstve llfurmtlton. Addtonally, all m solxmllnate Q{foe vebcen brefed about the related rsk, senslvc hancl.lbls and approprllle reference ~ocated weh the lse of Force lrotectloo nfonnatml n n!dlgedcc chanllols. (U) DoD General Coansel ~dllltv :! (b)(1) (U} Oa-G!nllaverlcaloom fly DoD latel6geaet CompDu!WJ (FOUO) The Offce of the A TSD(rO) contnucllt6 montor a 1111mbex o 0 gong lotdl.,_c Ov:rsgbt (O) nvestgatons, ocdeats a!ld aotvt.c& that Jta., r= reported to lhb offce for dls tepdtnll p=oo. Nutabl.co llll\00& dlell!l repo:tla an 1l1E (U) NBA AcdvUe ~~)l.t>m.ao;,.,",.. _ --- ~~~&!1\ (b)(s)-60 usc 403./ ~l;/suscm \ 1;:~:~~ :::::::::::::-.::::: :::: (b P.LOO..SS ~... ~ \\ ~ \ ~.~...,. /.~ \\ ~ -- E"F "7(b)(l) \.. 1 _.,.-... l-r,.. / (1>)(3) P. jss- ~~ / -~~- \!... ~~ ,_... ~., ; ~...,..,... --~ _ v../ - r-:;:;,.p-1!/~p.l. ~ _...,... ~---~ ""(~1) (b)(3)-p ~a: j! ;-- (b)(1) (b)(3)o&l use o1j3 (b)(3)-p.l ~..... _.. TW L&T )P. b 11! :.

12 rj!(_ ")-\b)(3~.l. ~ / {U) Anlly Aetvfles --{U) lnapproprlate Colecton and Reoortng oflnfomuston on the Dom.l l" Aclvles of a US Organzaton (DAG Q.;OO!f): AnDy lntallgm~;; and Securty (NS COM) lllltfcd!lepanmclt of Army [Q (SAG O) of the q\lll.ltona actvtle:s ofa CoWlternt~l&e!lOe SpecP Ag~nt {SA) aasgned 1o the 902d Mltacy n lge11ee (Ml) Group, wth duty at tbc1 Jon! Tem,nsm TBk fot~~e, Mam, Fl On Ne~ ber!1, 2004, t~ S/ A may bave napproprately ~llected nformaton about tlte~ p1111s c US organzaton to cojnwoe an nfutmlllooal m=!ns and workshop on m! t=llltng, tbe cbaft and mltary law,and m~ds to oppose mltary m;rutng. Th ~ltg!on wu reported o~~ a l:hreat Md Local ObservatOJ Notl:c (TALON) and su u~ througb tbe 902"" M <noup to the CoUntmnlellgem:e Feld Actvty (CJP A) for ~ys:; 11nd entry nto 1he Cornemou.c latabue. Although the report dd not apecc dellly lhe group, the group was lde.nlfed by ll8l1l6 when 1M S/A reported on the m wltcll llcluded the luc of the organmlon. The allegatons have been Deputy Chef of Staff G2 (DCS 02) for resoluto. ng vm~~c, ~rrcd to tho (U) On 1amary 5, 2006, the NSCOM COllllll8lldrlg General dncted the~ SCOMrG to conduct a specal nvestgaton oflle TALON reportnssystem ln.nse<fj., wth the (b) followng focus: {a) evaluate the stnmgdts and weab!o$ of the exstns. provde a detal assessment orthe 9D2d M Group* ~ornplll!ce wth TA fc N ngulauons, polces lllldprotedu~s. (c) dctumoe llonflcu or vods ns~ ance conc:ernng the reportng, analyss, retentod,!lld d3seronatoo eft ALO ~. nfonnalon; and (d) assess the polces and proo~ures for wlnnttng TALON rq>dns pfectly 1Cl C-1FA wthout ntemjedaw ~ p.roc:ess by!he cbaln of command L [(b)(1).(1)j{2y TOP ~ J. ld Jm ~... EFF 1:

13 (b)(1!!pd:~tes of PccvD111sly ll rtad laddenu --(U) Abuse of Detancc, Sbkn. Argbanslan CDA!/ 0}=1113>: SAG-JO a l,js Arro;y CrmnallnvestgatOD Command {CWC).Av~ton nt) Captan. Oh Mountall Dvson, and an ndvdual bemvod ll~ a V>l.f\Pl~Y beat a prsoner a! SbJ:u, AfgbanstaD. The fnal CDC nvestgatlon n:pt>!",luate:a Decemll~r 2005,1ktermned tle allegatl>ll$ ofaggn~vated assanlt, maltrerltrtlent PlfBO n US custody, and u.~ault 11$ unfounded. a Mr EFF

14 rocp d~ ~tw 54.. _ nmogators, from A Compa~~y,S~ M1 Btatt;lou, Bagram DetcntonF lly (BDF), Afghanatan. n Oao~;J«200S, CDC notfed SA0-10 of bl av8$lpt rewlts. CDC delemned that a daan;e ded, ftom b!uat foroe lraurla, whle n ;>F CU!tody. The medcal -.!ner cl=lfed the death as a homedc. CDC aalmlan!cd~ allegatons that the 1111\ljec:.u, ~~ arou$ ~. 83&aulled and 111streated ll Clanec. However, the Staff Ju!lgc Advocate detelmlned lhallhetc WS N>uffctn frob.ne ~lse to bold anyt>de crm~ly responsble. Tho lnvestgaloo J8S\Jls bave bee Specal Courts Mwtal Coavenng Alllhorly, \\tlo has _,qned jursdletl bcemd to the. --- "1 EFF 1,.

15 Depattmellt ofdef110selalllllgettee Oversght Repo Aprl-June 2005 C~We contnue to montor a rmm~ of on-gong ntell n~g;tons and ncdents!hat have been xeported to ths offce fo perod. Notable among tbqse jnvestgatols llnl!be follc;~wng: -~2P~lle edmscmuluctof am lntell ceoffeern Dorved trom: Multplo Soarceo Dooluo!Y On: Ajl<[ 2~:;0. T~ng ~~ t&t --~ , EFF 1 ;

16 _., ,-[ :TJ - ".. (U) NSA Ac:tvltlu ~~7 :\\._ / 1<.. < t.a \\. v 1 \ / L / - -.._.. EFF H

17 (b)(1) (U) Updates o(prellously Reporwd ncldents and otbers ~lg: J1~~q. ft Procedure 15 ActoJ (b)( 1) 1~ L

18 (b)(1) ~ "~ - jf?3 Jfths offc frst ltllllllcd oftlls noden.t va unoffcal pho calls from.tlljh the An:ny nspect:jr Generals ntellge.ru:e Oveught Dvson the Army o~llgoooe and Securty Collll!Wld. Subsequently, we were able t wlewbolh 1he PACOM and 500th M Bdc nvestgaton repotls wth the. coope on of the Anuy l!lllpootor General. However, the OATSD{O) was not.11otf of the ncdent or the nvestgatve :flldlnp by PACOM. Durng a rccmt cllgenec Ovcrsghts!atrassstance vst to PACOM 1111d the PhlPPne:., OA D(O) pernonnel dscussed wth the SOCPAC Chef of Staff, and the JSO r J2 the ; : lack of offcal rq3ortng of the lnclder.t to ths offce. The dscuss! resulted n an agreeme11t that future questonable ncdeuts nvolvng Defen.sl t :llgence, personnel would be reported to the A TSD(TO) by the t"1rsl professfo a ntellgence offcer n the chan of command of the unt nvolvetlln tbe queslor1 eawvty....,. T01> &Z(KETj 1 4.r EFF 1E J

19 ASSSTANT TO THE SECRETARY OF DEFENS 7200 Dt<F NSE fentagon WASHNGTON, CC Charman, lnlell,gencc Ove:rsaht Boam New F.xcculve Offce Buldng. Room 5020 Washngton, DC Dear Mr. Charman: The Department of Defense lntcllgenee Oversght Report fot: th July..Scptembet 2005 s attaeb.ed. We contnue to 1nonlor a nu ~:ong T ntellgence Oversght nvestgatons lltld ncdents thllt ha reported 10 us. crod of onbeen Dand J. DellOrto Prncpal Deputy General C0m1sel Wlllllll R. VUgan, )r. ActngATSD(JO) Attrulhment als nos PAGBJS tjnclassfd UPON REMOVAL OF ATACH-&n]S PHYSlCAL REMOVAL OP CODEWORDS AND CAVllATS EFF 1

20 DtpartmeBt ofj)efell.le b.teugmee O~ersgbt Rcpo t July-September 20~ (U) Alln Assstantto tbe Secreta of DeftW C4! 0v beforesenatejudjdan Commttee: 0nSepteJnber21,201}5, thea tje Secrelary of Defense (lmellgence Owrsght) (ATSD(.l0)) appeared, Hearng of the Senate Judcary Commttee on Able Danser and Jntc:ll (Staleroent s attaclled). He applllfcd al tle yeque$1. ofth" OSD Off.u of Affars and the D<>D Offec of tbe General CotlllSellllld 1e$tfed regm Depar~JnctJt ofl>d"cuk Enlellg«~Ca OverssJtt Program, ssstantto wtness, at a Sharng g.olatve ~All Seertt Establslunml of a ntel Jm~200S an 8llcle n tbe San Jose Mmury newspaper alleged that Natonal <"1118td (CANG) bad seemly e$lwlshed a specal mltary ntell condcled SUM:!ancc on a May 2005 Motbers nay ant-war ndty. By daled Jmtc 29, 2005, tbe ATSD(JO) reqtwted the Army Tnspoctor Genera nqure nal tbe allegatons and provde fndngs and recommendatons, teported tllat tru. alh gatons were unfounded. The SA10 rc:port f01111o tba Cvl Sllpp()Jt Dvson Domestc: Watdl Center, Jont O!XflltoJJS Ceoter leadershp mamtaned "stualddwc;c8s" through muda reportng, ndcated to the SAO team tbatawlltelle$8 of possble o;vl dw!ulbano;e consqtent wth ther state mssan :fur lcpoll!e to quell cvl dsturbw:lce The SAG:s nqury dd not reveal ndoatom ohn fntell~ncc program.enllcct011 actvlly targetng tbc ndvduals or gt011j parlgpa~ng n the ~l>lher rally. (l!) The SAO nqury dd, howover, fnd nftaclom; oflntellgenr.o Ove regulatos thae reqllre &;par~ Natonal Guard Bureau acton; e.g., the l!mnng program at~ State Headquanms and the nndmtcnt ncluson pertoa nforma;ton n seven! dot:\lment&. The SA1G aquty recommend CANG lleadquartcn ()ftmsrcc:eve ntal 10 tranng as partoftbero profcs5onal developmejt to ensure leaders llnderatand dle kgallmtato ~ &S!!Qctated"wth the oollecll>n, tetent d d,jl!el!lnatlo ofus pmon The SAO n<jul:y also m:ollllllcodcd that the wt~molfun:e prote nfolmajjoo fuson fwwton be tzausfmed ftonr then (ntellgence) to tb n the J3 (Operatol!ll). Th~ J2 wo\11.<1 c;ontlmo; to pw~~de applcable A 1: nfo.maton that bad a foregn nexw. ceu:all: On Calforna unt lluot orl!lldum AG)to SATO CANG thecang CANO d processes atlon. (ATFP) TFP offcer ntcllgen<:e Derved From: Mnltple Sotm:ell Declaso;fy On: 23 Nov 2030 EFF 2

21 ~- ~ ar~ (U) DoD CC Adfr! j(l:1)(1) ~ perod (U) NSA Act!yJte contnue to montor a munbt:r of on gong ln11:d!a~ ancl ncdents that have bcm ~rted w ths offce for h<. <Unong these reports are tho fouowng: ~" " ~l!.u~ 7_Ge. ;~! : ; ~ \.. l.-. ~ )~~.,,. ""! ~ ~ [..,. {!,.p,l. ~. ~s;;j!! - ~::: : : l!ll!{., ~.:;. t EFF 2-2

22 ~l l A~..-../.. /..(b)(1 ) (b)l3 )op.t.~& _t- ::r::.. t: _.,_..~ ~ -- l(b 3)-P.L 96! f. j6!! (U) Army A dvtles (b)(1) /s,.-tf ~ a<:: l EFF! 2 ;

23 t+-----h- ~~ ~ ~Nay: Aeth-!Y A Naval Crmnal nwatgatoos Setvce(NCS) Headquarters :vew n( a CS jont counterospo~ openltou =caled that an NCS ct had undsclosed pattc.patoo n a US orgallzalo~ em of r ~dlle 10 of DoD Regulaton.524().1-R. and SBCNA VJNST320.3F. (b)(2) lnantl ~that under ll> manuals, no pror authorzaton Wall requred. Ths nc nt ~Veal$ d 1ha1 may exst.amonslbe opo:ralng 8lJdalncs or dfferent Fedml agenc1;05 O procedum and should be eo!sde!cd as pan of any Ped=ral nter-agc!c~ ew of 10 ~Suetl. (U) Y.l!d&tl!l ofprevfouslv ~Wlarted ncdents aad others&pfeauu Agjogs oeedares ~t--1-l t-r_-.~-.. --=.~=.. ~:::~::::;_.- ~- ~;r~, L ~~ ~ ~~-~--!"--" ;"""";;;;.., " :~:~;;;;-==:.;;; ;:lo:::;..~:-~,;::t-"::-"tt----;-, 1 -.,J_,_.~{ r ::~::::::::;;;:;;----- l===lt: :::---:: :::r :---: :.. : ": =.1: : =-~= -==========+t==~ ~~~~~ u C ~ 1\1>113}11 u,~,ps jlbl(,l}p.~.,. 4 EFF 23! j.w

24 tjnted States Senate Commttee 011 tbe lldcary.., Page.! of2. " ~~,.~. r 1 Able Da11ger 111\d lntelllgeaee nformaton S1!m11J1 $ome Ju&~Comm!H fuc TE: s.p.,_ 21, 2M lne:~30 "! AOQM:l!211- CFACW. HEAHNCJ. HOTC~ WT- LST: Septen>bu S NOnCE OF COM!lTlll H.\)JNG R!SCH!DOUJD -- W<d, Sop~c1.,:OOS a1 9:30a.m. The hccl~~g oo Able u...,..ond J.WW,..,..D!<Xlllllon Sbarna".odloduloc! by du>s...o Com~ 011 lhoj\ddat)o fru Wo<lneoclly, Seplomb<r 14, :30a.m. ll Room 226, ~f lha Sollllto Dlrbon Omo.. l!.uudo 11M been mduldllled fo de llaoc"" Wodl>tsday, Scplcmbot 2L, 200Sac9>30U.. By O<da of t1oe Chnaao ~~ lj:~~~.l.s CU.U.M~DAtt ~~ e~h lw.!yj\\ll W"/!M~ lte!efl STAm.<NtS loar~~c befot~ lllo Se..olll Jacll.ozy ~ 411 "A>t Dou&et llll!l lnfdl3ea.::o JDfomuodcm 51>111"1 W...,_y, Soplbllbor 21, 2005!):3() a.m. ~ Dltb<n BoUd~t- Boom 326 PNJlL 1 The Honorable ClJt W<ldO Um.d SW.. ~-Hvo!J(.PA. 1lh D!Moq PANBLu Mul!:z.ld,Bsq, Atlcmey Law Wubugt..,,DC btt l(leuomjlh f<>nnar Am) M~..-.ad Chef of lntell~olll:c Qr tltal.az>cj.otormaud! Wufarc An lyrt. LW A lrojec MOll~&«f<lr hltwgcncc AM~ al Tnn" l...thccd M.>n;n Newqroo. VA htlp:/~udeaxy.scn~.govlhearng.cfm?del606 EFF 24 J/171200S,.

25 Unted Sta~ea Senate Commllce on lhc ludcao:y lage2of2 PANEL ll Gary l!ald Excclll ve AsslSaol Dnocb;Jr N.Uonal8ecur1y llnbcll ~all!"""" 4f lnvulgoloot Ulllcd Sll!A1o Doptt~...,t of J at<~ W""nJ<>n, DC WUlaroD- A<tng Asssunlto!he $ectetaty of lle!msg r<lf rmdl~ Oe<laht Unl<:d Slalcl DO{l11U of. Def " Wubnglcn, DC... EFF ll/17f

26 Page of:l Wll no Puga~ ~lng Assslanl > lhe Se<111t11.ry ol Oelenae lor lnlellgence Olletslghl, Un ted Sla1es 0 Mlelll of Defense Statemeulof Wllam Dugan Actlne Asastant ttl the Secrewy of DdeDS~~ for ntellgence Ovcnght Department of Defense Before the Unted Sta~s Senate O>m:m~tee on!h& Judcazy Sapt~ombll2l, 2005 Good rnonlng Mr. Cllaltman, Sc:natm ahy, 1111d Ml:mbl:rs of the Commuee.J my prvlege to appear bctoro you 10day.1 am BU Dugan. am tle Actng As&Waot to tho; or Dcmsa fo~ nldllg"""" Over3gbl (A lsd(o)). an>hcre to dscu s lhc hl!eugejl~ Ovcfs, program ot the ~ofdefensa.. J am re&pdllllble 10 the Secretary 1111d Deptlty Secretacy nf Ddcnae f01: the Dcpm nt of Defense lntcllcenc& 0 vetsght prognn, The ponpose of the Jnt!!Hgem:e Ov=ght "Pl"?f s to enablo JoD ntcltgen~:e componen!s to effectvely eany oollbelr allhqrr.ed fudc!oo.a, whle a lhe e tme 6Rlurng ther acd~to::5that affect Unted Stllle5 persons are cmled out n a man that problcuhcr Colllltul r gllts and prvacy. rvo UllCd the tenn "Unted Stales per.o&." 1t s an J)JOtalll one becaur t refel p more tlllmjust Unted Statlls ~. The tenn also nclu~ lawfj pent~anent rc&dlllltll, ~q>. jons ~onted n the Unted State$ {unless drec:ted or oojollcd by a f01:egn JOvemmmt), and m:orporlled!!socalon& aublltantady composed ofla~v ul peml311811l rellcknta and/or U.S. c ns. We operate under Bxecutve Order 12333, "Oted Stales hllellgencc Actvtes, hcb wa. ~sued by J>~dent Reagan n ~b..r The DoD lllplemcndng Rcpllaton a D R, <llllttle<l "Proce<lurcs Governng!be Actvtes ofdod ntcllg!ce COmpanemt$1 ~ Alfecl Unted States Pmrnls." Th1 DoD regulaton wu approved by d!e Attcrocy Getlefal and s ssued n Dea:mbec 1982; lhese 11R tm Auorney General approved suj lnes for the DoD tcllgeru:e communty n:gardng a<:tvtcs tluot affect Unr.o:d SU:$ Persons. The SecretKty of Defen~ establslled tho pg>dece&sor Otl1ce to the Offce of!be J, stant to the Secretary of DcCcnlle far Jntclll&e>n41l Oversght (A TSD(!O)} n 1976, to lmplcme t fhe odgmd Elleculvc Order on U.S.lnellgence Acdv!cs ssued by Presdent Ford. Prc:sdc folds cxecutw: ordec was nued n 11;1;ponse 10!be nw:qgmjons lhat ~evealed the ml&usc of ln\11: ettee alsel3, boll! Doll and nun-dod, to<xuoctnfonnaloon cvl rsj!ts protestoca,ut-vctnam r dwu>n$1ta10rs, as ~ "comlllunty and relgqlslcade.r. aad lal)or lellllcrs durng the 196()$ a1 wy 1970s. Wobat began as a force proleetonlllss!o tor DoD or&anzatons, evolved. tluvug :Ua&on creep, lack of clear ll!es, and tle lack of meannsfltl a-ught, nto all abufe of tlu Cou t utonal rgllts of Uruted State& persons by Defense ntellgence and counterntellgence personoel. r= matters were thoou$hly.yegtg!cd by the Cor!gNs.~. ncludng bs commttee, n the 1970& m :refenng to ~~ hlflr.l/judc:~.scnate.gov/pr~uetlloy.ctm?d=l606&wld=4671 EFF 26 11/ ~ _L

27 Pegc.2 ofs lwesllgatons conducted by Senator Brvn, as well as Senator Church - lhe Cbu ReJ)ll!sentatve Pk\ -lh~ Pke Commu=e. Sn~ 1976, the ATSD([O) has been pr~entng a rectlnel\l!e of \lle$e types of llansgll4$oos an<! we do ths tjrougb Oversght program whh wu des<mbec. We ve u very &mall offce, by desgn; l have 10 pe!s011nll slots. We!lt at the plrtnershp wth the lntellgen~ slaffs, n~on Ocneral, and Omeral CouNcl he Jollt Staff, Combatant Commands, Mltaty Servces, and the Dclem:l!l ntell ncludo the Natonal Securty Agency, Defense Jnlel6gellllC A~~;y, Natonal and 1bcNacooal Geo&pats-.LnteUgCltl Agency D the mllllagtmlllllld dm:t ntellgence Oversght program. Commttee - and wth ntellgence of a pro~~ctve leglll advsota of agence& to na~~:~lltlcc Offce, tle DoD We seek to ensure DoD nteugccc, countcnntcllgen<lll,and atcllgencc:-rclal gan~loos, as well as all ntellgcooc ll<llllle pmformed by non-ntellgence wlt1, conduct t lletlvtcs n accordance wlth fedeullaw, Excc;Jtv= Onlcr 12333, Pn:sldcntal dtect"", m od drectve$, regulatons, and polces. We pla.oo ~peel a) empbaas oo thr. protcclon of nfo!l on Unted StaMS persom. Our CCOnd area of emphaur s on C1111urog mpropa actvty by lntoll persomel s ocntfll;d, reponed, nvestgated, ancltllcn COD r:aten to keep t from happen! gan. Each quartr" we prepare the Defense.Deplll1:melll$ ntellgence Ovm~bt Rop doa<:rbcs aoy agn1c&nl ~feme n!ellgcn~ Ovm8.bt asues wamuttlhe Secretary ond Depo.l!y S"Olelaly of DefeDSC and the Pmschmt 5,Poregn lordlg To prepare t, we receve eaola q~ tho repott11 of tho Jont Stl!ff, the Combat Mlltacy Servlcea, and the Defcuse.nleUge~ agcndes. t s revewed."lld sgn olndy by tbe DoD General Co11nsel and lhc: ATSb(JO) and!hell appro\!ed by the Deputy SccreWy DcfcllSe. The Quarterly lntl:llgellc: Ovemsht Report s tben provded to the rntellgence OveJ t BOd of the Prc:sclellt r Potegn ntallgencc Ad~sruy Board. Per~onncl n my oftlco also <;OldCt ntall:gcoo: oven.ght nspectlotls ordod n worldwdoh~>dsw:e t1u1t Dol> ntdls~ acdv\t011 a~e cond~ n accordanc o:tdec, DoD n:gulat d polcy, We ace 1188sled D. tbla nspectoo process by of tbe CJll)atant eommancb, lhe mltary scmecs, and the Def6nae ntengcncc would llc~oto descrbe how the procea wor1cs regardng the collecton of Unte nfut!don by DoD ncr.lllgence eomponmus. Frst, no 011~:> n DoD ntellf:ooce has 11 msllolon to collel: lnformato\ on Unted l ll pcrsods. What we have aremhaona sucb N foregn ntellgence. counlcrntellge~~ea, colllltett~ol sm, Sgnals nte!llgencc, 1111d lhe lke..,.. n the course of perfonnng our mulon., we nl\ across or fnd nfonnatad lhat States per801ls. That s wbed the rule~ n the DoD Regula1on, OoP S1AO.l-R, k llform:atan s ~ l<llhe "onduct of lhc m uan sucb as J jud descrbed, C. cauntctcroram. and f t ftlls wth~t one of the 13 categores p.~wcrbcd by the 123:13 and nov r~golalon, tb<m thll ntell.bonce<:tllllponcntcan :<>llea the nf cab>gores are: ufes Untoo n.lfthc xample, cu.tvc: Order on. TlC 13 l. fnformatoo obtaned wth consenl 2. Publlcly avalahle nformaton. 3. Foregn ntellgellc:e, EFF llll?lloos J+----~ - "" c....

28 ..... Page3of3 l 4. Counterntellgeoce. S.l~Jbllal aource$ of Mllstancc tcr plej!lgcncc aclhtlea. 6. Protceton or ntcll~ sonn:cs and!uhod.q, 7. Physaal AeCU.rty. {wth. a foregn nexu&c:onneclool l 8. Pe!Oel securty. 9. Communcaton securty. 10. Naroolcs. [memat(mal nareol~s actvty} 1 L Threats ltl safety. fwlb a for:elp llelu!konncctoo- "-!Cb as ntcmatonalle rl&t organzatons] 12. OYCtbead reoonna!ssanoo. 13. Adm\natratl vc purposes. [Jall>llg records -1 narrowly C:rawa category l f the ntellgence oomponcnl s unsun:o f lbe nformaton they have obtaned s p per for dem to keep, the ntellgence Oven~t1ht rules allow them to temporarly retan the nfom on for 90 days. solely to deltlrmne wbedler t may be pcmumcntly 1ela!Cd. lws t s PQS$\hle for DoD ntellgcoec con\pa:llcnts tg!lave nfonnat<m on Un ther holdngs. Stalllll pusons n Rrullly, f an lltellgence COOlpClllttlt s n ~pt!>f nfonnalon tha pertans to func:ton of other DoD <Olnponenls or agences outfde.llop, 1111Ch lllllhc FB. the ntellgence <0111 llllllt CU transmt or ckllver the.nformatoo to them for tber l!ldependel!t datennnalon whether t lll be collected, retaned, ordssemna!ed n accordanoo wlh ther governng pq)cy.!b~nk you. ~ ~ htq>://judclary.sen&~~~.govlprnt_tc81mony.~fm?cloel601&wt_d:oo4671 EFF 11117/ ~... "

29 ;, N1~~U..~..C~:Net OVatAJH /~~ ASSSTANT TO THE. SECRETARY OF DEFENSE 7200 DEfE PENTMON WASH~TON, DC Charman, Dtcllgent:O OVcragb.t Bollld New Execlltve OlfJCe Buldng. Room 5020 Washlng:tCO, DC o\jn 30 lll! t Dear 1\#r. Channan: The Department of Defense Jntellgence QVCQ8bt R.epcrt for lhe p od Je.nuoey-Ma«:h z~ s atladle4. There ware no ~(!JuOUt lltcll~ ce Ovmght ssues~ JOB auenton for thl$ perod and oo s feant ntell&enc<o Ovemgbt volatons. 0d ~~? ~~~ Prncpal Deputy ~end Counsel Aclng TSD{O} Attocbment als nls PAOBSUNCLASSPD CPONREMOVALOF AMACHMENTS p P}lYSJCAL U!MOVAL OFCODB\VORDSAND CA VEJ<TS A - 0 Eff 36..

30 lle!l*rfmmt <>!Deteooe hlldlgeu<e O.enl!ht Report Jalllll} MaRh {U) pod nwer.al ColmH Actvty (b)() r,.. X3 ~Fl: / :. / L ~------_,1---~.. Ocr"ed Ftom: MllltpleSources Deelossfy ().,, 2l Man:b 2031 ;._..;.._ EFF 37

31 .(U)DA {U) 1\.rm:r Acrrle FF 38

32 ~. (0)! :oueeto11 and D~aaton &fu:s. Person nnw Pmoancl ()AO ()6.()19) US Army h>lellge~ ancl Securty ComlU<h~o~ a< slonable n!dlgeru:e lll:tvty lttvnlll>lg awllplce anal)l16 a&jllled lb lh,lt902.. M ~up (MlO). The questonable ntellgence aet-;lea eo Cetlled,1111 rutclc ll1be ~ Street Journal (WSJ)newspaper oa tbe eollectloll and d&mnnatcm of lnr.mnato. lon=nb partcpants na ~ Mtch 2005 ant-war protest n AlcroJJ, Ollo. he WS! ~cllllegcd lhl1analysu n the 902.,. had, for wed< pror to the dt!mot!&uatun, <lownlc nforma.uod fr0111 tle llllljvh! Web le, nlclcoptlng emals lllld cro~<a re gths no.maton t! polce dalab4sos. The anlcle also ellqed that lflc 90Z MC ovdod a lw<> pa alert 1o 1&o Aluon Polce Deparlmelll. and tbat tho Aluon protest one of l ~even olbers llodto:cd by lbt ~ Ulat lh!hot~ out to bo noov fnt. FllaJY, 1M WS1 report Slated ~~ lbe 90 MO produud reports on """" ofller ~ estsa!>d used data..analysj ledlnques lo look for sps of hdde<t ooonoatoll bet P,. the.! protests." NSOOM t~ an DveSploll nto the al1egalowl. --{U) fmt>mdet Collecton m.:t m"""mhlaton of US.1~ lnfonnatoo bl U P~Ol>el {DAQ O!H)ll) O.n 2 Man:h 2006, durng a SAlC-10 ~cton ofdlo ~ uarten, US Anny Forces N~ ColllWld (ARNORnt) (So. US Amly), Fort Sam ~~~. T-, nspoot~m dscovmd us persou foz~:e protecton nfonnlllloll n ~ ~ f.rnorth llll:.llgem:e.br.sng. Tho brcfllljl,..tnch was pre1e01ed J)y lh~ 02 to tlt ARNOR.TB on :Z llebnwy 2006, COlllanc:d deddet ofus pclso1s, ncl u jaawhte ~ &Joqp, aad ther plaml=<l ~mostc aodvltc;. Alllntcllgenon OY!om the FB wa& aced as lbc oowao. The lllo~p and d!er planned actvtes dd ~ lnvol~a :!DrcJ) nel<llt. 0:! attrbuted the W>latcm to ARNDRlWo Jmnaturc alldthe mars vapo ma.,od ad6 functons. SAJO..JO s eoonlhlalnr wth 1be ll$] ~ll:>r Geaenl and lhe G21o d-me who! ~ve actotq,.,_ taka.. Ul!datu (f Pnv1ousl:r R!!orted od<jea(j (bx1)! ;!.... (ll) Alleoatnn ofddanee Abuse bv Mllmonnel n Shkn. san 10 DS- 0 l3):!n JantlaJ) 2004,1!1e SAQ-10 repmled <mallopto thal M Capt 10" Mountan Dvson,llll<l an lndllduol asued lq be a US Anrtt Con~T&elor, usedn prsonttll a detcntoft faclty ll Sllldn, Afgh1matan. CD nvcat&ated 1bo Jltl d~ncd the allcptl011s of """"ultand rne!ctlbtl<oat <~ftbe pmonor were nmded.. /sa=?~ EfF. 39 ;

33 ... Eff -40

34 A.SSSTAN O THE SECRETARY OF DEeEfSE! FENSE PENTAGON WASHJ4(0TON, OC CllllrJnan, lntelllgencc Overslgbt Boetd New Execulvc Offce Bllldng, Room5020 Washngton, l)c 20S00 Dear Mr. Ct.atmall: Th~ Departmcll1 of Dcfcl1sc lntdlg,enee OVtmc;lrt Rqlort fo1 the ~~~::J~~ce 1 u s attached. The report contll!s $Ualalct of questonable lll1vtcs and ln~dgenco Oversght $MJ t1u1t weco reported to the A8sscant to 1hc Seerewy o(~ (lltdl~ Ovorsgbt) ths quatef. ~(}, h~ Danel { ~ ono Prlnclpal Deputy Gm!eru.l CollSC! TllS PAO! S UNCLASSFED UPON.u!MoVALOJ PHYSCAL REMOVAL OFCODRWORPS ANDCAVBATS EFF 41

35 DepartmCC ofdefe~~ac ntdl~:t~~a Ovmlgbl Report Aprl- Jane 20(11) (U} ATSD l Ad!ytes --(U} Durog 1l1e quarter, tb6 off~ee of 1he ATSP(JO) conducced T.mll~ e Ovonght (O} uspe<:~oru and sta:ffassstant.c vsts at DoD!alallgenc:e Jlf, 1111d o ~nzatons at Gull!ltanlllllO Cuba, SolD CllO 81ld Tcaucg.alpa. HQndunls, Sarajcva, Bas " Bet7.egovna, Prslloa, Kosovo, ~-B~!.~oyy..,~km...l!lk" =~U\t..., Twby,_~_rjjk. ~B, T~ and 11te!(b)(3):10 USC (b)(3):10 usc 424! All ~speeted unts and orgulzs 111 had awareness of "afsflcory-b progtaml 3ld ther perbgnnd demon$!rated.. knowledge a 10 polc;y and procedures. {U) DoD G<!nerfl C!)uasol &tyjty (b)(1} (U) Ngtable Reportng FroB DoD laftuc!pc, Comp011ats.. rr11lllllft DoD lnld.l~nce Components haw reported to tba A!SD(O) rjfl:;.;.cc Ovcught nvest~, nl:dcls and actvtes fur ths repo Notabl~ llllo!g these reports are the :followng: u:wmberof g perod. (J) NSA A.tvtes ~ f ,"""~.....,...- ~: ;;;;:.jf.bl13).l o-3e F ,,-~;;;;;::.-!+-"""":"~ rl "" -...-J...;;;_l:ll.. ;;;;-;;."_ _..-_.._ ,...-;;.._.-_ --~(~o sc ~~...,./ /! (b)(s)-18 ~~:. 19~,./!l {b)(3)-p.l "// / j. t _... ~ ~~ r k Classfed By: Multple Sollrees Declassfy On: ~ ;,/.:~.../ (b)(1) (b)(3)-.l EFF 42

36 < ~-::T"tal!-. _.,. J.(b){t},.,.. // ~ (b)(,}-p.l ~---~~--~----~--~ _---_ ~~,~--~~~-f?~/------l r"l }" JL-.J~= ~-?b)(:l)-.l. 6-:ltl - / ;;t~~ :..L H ~~~-P.S< ~ / (U) DJ;A. Aetlvllles r(!jh:he DA lnsoo:.tor ~s Off~~~_jo provde 10 :o~8!!1~== ~~>:~~~~~:10USC 424! Ths qwrterl!~l(~~(b) ltec:e.vcd 10 tranll! llor to tb~r depoymeu1s.[fbx2f;,..., JOtt.Atttlmav.fmm_~bfA:&fce.ofucneraLQ!\ ~~-l)j;qy!<lcd r;r.~~~:~.=~-- ~---=:... ~-_::.:=:=:~:===:=~-: -:_: :.-_:_:.-::= =: = -==:J (U) Update o{ PrevoU&y Report Qaestlouhle lnwpgena~ Actvtea -~Unau!horz Partcmon maf<blf 1 ) : DWQO Memo S 023SG); DlA/OG ~cted an O lnvcsgaoo ~!sponsc: to an 1 a)t...-.:-.-..,;a ~ll of a quesclo..., --"le. lp.!; 11 """""-ZCJY_ - - ("...uu_m.~u ~.J _----!jd - ofda and US Army pemmnelll al(b)(!j The nvbstgaton report (S-06-0zJOOGfOclJdldllafDfApem=:ne""l,,-:.u1u;;:~:::-~r~.-.JJ.!l~-P<O!la.d f(3r\~bct2004lbro.!~d!aml2w.~.!lll!!!!~~d,!l,l!!m~t~[<l~ [, ltt>)(l) #ofatranotus1!\ml U:ncc re- ltrc!s: The- ---rft.l&oro\lldldnoo-mtmt± l<bj(1 > l \... ~\,otdoe111t1611:rby a.<bj(1l " lnorwa~~ t ro" counterltdlg.-e =:~W: ll addllloo;lllepofcon~lcd that person from lhc US Anny nlcllgenc:e and Slxlurty Command (NSCOM) had pllrtcpa~.~~ e actvty w!hout proper coordnat011. The report ooooluded that nwlaton of = p ogtam could 2 EFF 4. [

37 have M$evmly ~celba1ed nl=a!cl!\81 tc.nsq~js wtl~~~ 1 r= =:_j8jd ) a pollllcal ~~~ ~~w_!~ OUtl:~)(1\.,--.-~Jalle3d."_;:n1.,~n mader!r_a1 d rc:commen...wus to : u... a re~~~ew o. 1rllnlng an a..,... on o au tes om requremenlll. The Army lospcctor Ocn;llll (SAG O) conducted ts own vestgaton n1o lho partcpaton of.nscom personnel (U} Army Adlvltk!s (U} The Army "P011<:d ls new queatooable ntellgeju:e..,u:ytes for tbl! Notable among tllm -e: artcr. -(U) fmproper Co!lectgn ofus Pe! Ol!!nfnm!!lnn WAG 06-0 l7l: On 1 Aprl 2006, lhe GZ, US Army B11WJ1e (USAREUR) reported the QA of the Collllterln "crrorsm Branch (CTB), 02-USAREUR. Hldclbc:r!J. OM. On 1 Aprl 2{)06, the C produeed a Current Threat Rep em (CTR) c:onta:j3ne lhcl denttes Qf numerous US l> wth possble tcs to tcnoral groups and/or stale SJlll1SOS oftm:orlsm. The dssemnated t.o multple USA.REUR :O!UleS, ndudng the US,~U<nu~ QA was dsoovered, the ntcllgenee Oversght Offcer (JOO} traned the fff <>f the CTB on Prccedures l -4, AR , Uld the authomed msson seope c r h CTR.. n oddlton, all CTB pcmmnel rec:e!ved mtesher O tranng, and the 1 Apr 2 06 CTR was ~cnded. All USARBUR eooswtlllj1 wmo dre~:ted tc delete ther eop~ the rescnded CTR -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: A~cordng to a 27 Aprl2006 Wall Street Joumel (WSJ) artcle, "Pentago lllwll&cdce Eflorts nsde u.s. Borders," nteuaence 1111alym assgned~ Oroup (Ml(:l), Fort Meade, MD, allegedly collected and d~cllated nfo coru:crnng partc.jl<lnts n a l g Mmcb 200S ant-war protest n t\.k:ron, 0 specfcally alleged 1ha1 1M MOa analyets downloaded nrormatottfrom mes, ntercepted <:malls and czoss.tcfereaecd 1be nformaton wth polce MO allegedly reported th.e plmmed protest to lhe Akron polte who, n the rally. fhe Akron rally was sad to be one of eleven protests monklre tbc Anny" n Marek On 2S Aprl2006, after cunfomn3 w1h SAO-JO and the 9 d MG, NS COM decded to nclude these ajecatolll as pa1t of an ongong "SJ:Cl lnspeclon" of the MGs lrnplemenlalon and executon of the Threat 1111d Lccal Ob c Notce (TALON) program, whleb was lnally reported s DAlG An to DA!C 0~09 s provded below. --(U) v n Dvson n laq DAG ): On 5 and 20 Jone 2006, SAG-10 :ccc num.ero\1.5 alle;atoru~ concmungmcmbc;l ofthe 10htAlr!JonM> Dvmnn (lolata 4th Jnfmlry Dvson (4th D). and OperalGnal Detac.blllent-Alpba 3~ (ODA-386). e of the allegatons were non-10 related lllld tbcy were refen-ed to AssUaru:e D US Army nspeotor General Agency (SAG AC), for acton/resoluton as ljll"~. l~:~wever, several other allc$4tom (outlcd below) were consdc:n:d to be QAll req resolul011 n acoordanllo wth (JAW) AR Tl» QAs were ref< t the 1 \ 1 :FF 44

38 ..... ~-, -- /rr~n approprate co~nmands aad SAG-10 contnues to overate tho progress of nvestgmons, beng eondueted ulldu!lu provsoos of AR s-6: rollowng {) (U) Sx oflhealleplodb receved on 5 June n Fate that an nfanttyoffeer, semnaas a.companycommll!ld~n the OstAtm, and Jngu~ condllced U!lllulborad 90lNC opcmons, oocrced lo<:al natonals to mv sources. forced SOU=l!O fal.ghy sworn statements to ell~ conyctons of allegeo surgcnts, c:oruactcd Vlllllllllor:r..,( and Wldoc:wnenled deta~tcm op:ralons, alld ass! l~daou=s lllld detanees 1md~ ther COrO. The allegalolu wac p:revously report ro the otrccs Bllttllon F.xecutve Offcc:r, btlt V> f&led to 1ak awroptate act to resolve them law AR On 9 Junel006,SA1G l0 rcferre<j tbe8c al!cgal.o to the! lnspec:jor General (lg), Mult-Natonal Corps ltaq (MNC-1), for resofuto {2) (U) On S JWJe 2006, t was allege<! that a Category- 1 cr, 4th ll), conductod nterrogatons wlhotll the ~e or partcpal<la of a M u:y ncllgenee (Ml) offecr. Th~: nlbtprctcr and an raq A.my Offcer may ealso condu~ nt<:rrogalons wthout 1be pre5c1ce of 111 Ml of"ccr. fhe Ulll mproper ntem>gatons may have be~~n done at the dm:tl>n.,r the S2, 21 ~~and Squad!Ol andor the Squadron Commander, ll$ allegatons we.e report< othe Squadron S2, but he taled to take approprate ~lon to resolve lhem!a V R On 9 June 2000, SAO-fO referred t!vlse allegatd.otbe 10, MNC-, f<l ~lulon. (3) (U} Alro on S June 2006,t w" allescd that the Tear..eaderand mc!lbm oft11<1teal H:wnUD.nlellgenco Team t76 {111!), lolst Abn, m thave falsfed Jrterrogaton reports conc:ernng the specfc uterrogalon tecjm. $employed durng nte:rogaton R>Uons. S)lCttcally, t was llllcgcd that they woul( e f- llj technques (wearng; red oontact leases snd elamllg to be possessed by S n), ~they reported 119lng dffc15lt h!cmqucs. Tle a.llepbd were seported to the uadron S2, but he faled to lake approprate: m:ps to n:solve 1hcJn law AR < ~June2006, SAG O referred the$6 allegatons to the 10, MNC-1 fqr r~solutoa. (b)(1) Updates ofprc\lollljy Reported Quesllouablelrdeltgenee ;ldvtt.s (b)(1) : 4 /srt(. ~~ EFF 45 l

39 ! (b )(1) :,~ ~ ;.! s ~~ ~ EFF 46!

40 -- (b)(1) /~CJ~.. (U}, llecton of r lj! "-~ 1 lllo tnar~ 6 009}: 0J5 January 2006, NS COM notfed SAG O 1hat on 9 NO\e!llber 2004 a CL ~a! Ag11.11t (Sf A) assgned to the 902d MG, wth duly a.t the Jont Terrorsm Task F() " Mam.FL {JTTF-Mlam.) may have napproprately collected and reported nfo bout a group s (U8-persoB) plan 1o exercse b C01llltulonal freedoms of $SCD and spe<c. Th~> a.fol111111on was reported 115 a Threal and Lacal ~ Notce (l j~-on}and submtllld!hroqgh the 902d MJG to the Counter T:ntollgenc.e Feld Actvt CA) fur am!yss 1111d enley n the Comc:stone dalllbase. The n:port dcjcjbed the g psplanto convene a meetng ttled Co~rng Mltary Rct:tUtment, the Draft and lary U.W." The report also desc:rbed the groups pllllllo "hwd a worla;hop and plann meetng to dscss co1.111teldg US Mltmy RCNtng n Hgh. School!, as wejlas dfo to assst =ratsn g~:ungout ofml!tmycoonac~s." OnlSNovember2004, the provded!11l updated TALON epott descrbll; the groups plans 1o set up "Wle! at 1h ~s n ordc:r to petform su:rvelllance on Mltary r«<ll.ters wlth: on ~us." ~ ralon report dd not ndlc:llle lhat mtberthe group ort& plalll!ed aclvte.! had a j:gn nexus. T!roul!hout the report, 1he S/ A genercally referred to the subject entty as a group" and a "US P<>mostc Prolest 01Gt.l}l." However, wheo ro:po11log the address of le!!olp& meeeng venue, the S/A ncluded the name of the mectug faolty, wldl < :taned lhc name n(the group. (1) (lj) Untl recently, the 902d MG mantaned a datab Df all or sdmc oflhc TALON report& submtted by ther S!As. The 902d MG con ~s that the SA s reportng was not a vowon of AR , and hs couec:t<m w:tv. s W\lre con&>tcnt v.tb. the 902d MGs expanded force protect.oj colleclon mj., 0 whch they base on a 2 May 2003, Deputy Secretary ofdcfensc memorandum, S\lbj!,., llectoo. :Reportng. and Analyss ofterrorst Threats to DoD Wthn the Unted St ~H; Uld a () ~ 2004 Offce of the Vce Cllef Of Staff mcmcnmd.11m, Sub,ect: jmy mplcmenlaton Ouclance for TALON SUllpcOlS lncdenl ~ : (2) (U) On 5 January 2.006, the NSCOM Co1l111!811dng eral drected the!nscom fdspeetor Oeneral to eoadll;t a spe;al nspectoll of theta N repottrtg ~n NSCOM. wth tle followng focus: (a) evaluate the ~~trengths o weakness of the exatng systc.m; (b) provdes detalocl assessmem of 902d MGs w wth f ALON regulatons, pofu:es. and procedure&; (c) detcrmdo:o canfln or " js n gudldc::o 6 /~~ EFF 4~. :

41 conr.ctn ng tho T=PQrtng. alllllyss. rclenuon, and dssemnaton oft AT.O and (d) asse113 tbe polces lud procedures (Qr submttng talon reports ClA V~lhout m!wlmlcotale hlv1!1w ptlllless by the cban of cc.rnmand. (3) {UJ On30 March 2006, thedeplllysecrelllcyof~ (DEPSECDlW} establshed allltqlasaled nterm polcy memomndwn TALON Reportng Systm~~, Sobj~: Tb.rellts to the Dqlartment of Demas memomldum, the DEPSECDP.F <:ojl!mmllhc tq)orlftg SY$ml should o report nfunnaton fe81dng ~"ble lltema~onsltertorsm lllllvtes nf01111aton sbnu!d he retaned nec<:ordanccwtl1dc.d R, Actvh otellgenoe Compoa~en1$ that Aftb<:t US Per.>DS, December SAG lllllntaln ths CS!! as opm untl!~ ()qluty Chef of Staff-02 publ.ls.bcs th mplementng g~ and NSCOMpublshcs ts specal ll&pegon correctve aaou (os oppmprate). The QA dcs~bed n DAlO novcwed as part of the NSCOM J""W nspecton. Oec=ber 2003, Crmnal mv:slgaloll Command Dvson (CO) r~~poncd a QA ll: Yng mtarr ntelljence (Ml) nterrogators assgned 10 A Company, Ml B n, Bagrum DeWnllon :Faclty (BDF), Atghans!an; and supportns Mltary ~;e (MP) uslped th MUtacy Polce Co.npany, US Army Reserve, BOP. All ly, n Doceruber 2002, a number ofm arul MP Slllders assaulted and mstreate cs, resultng n duo d...-lh of one detam:e. CD conducted 1 crmlllll nvest n nto the mattw and COtJCluded that the ~ubjeoots assauttod and mstn:ll!ed l)u: and that the dc:!dnee ded wblc n ~DF CQstody. Tbe medcal examner cla$stled the ath as a homcde and tbc e&lllle of death ss blllllt furce lmlma. However, tbc ng Staff Judg~: AdvoeatB (SJAO) opdc! thlt there wes jwufcel>t probjblc cause o bold YOl~ crmnally rcspouat"ble for the deelh of the dctaoee. As arosult ofdtc Sl opnon. numerou., solders were ttled wth varous offc:nm, ncludtljl Jllakng ff~;al ststomenb, derclktan of duty, ar~d S$<Ullt md blttery. The resultng follow~~: ( l) (U) T~~e~e w.1.9 b!mffrcent cause to punsh the Olltt~.cbarge of the BDl ntetoglltm3. (2) (U) The NCQ C of tk<o edf ntmog~wjts ball sepatate M a lcsu!t, the case WS referred ro the Deperfmcnt of Justce ror ther act (3) (U) One M{ Solder s c;uttcntly pcdrlg Court-Mana for derelcton flf duty and mault COJJSmmatoo by bllltery. (4) (U) Clue MP WBS conolcttd at a GOlCllll Court Mart aaaravaled assault, maltreatment, mamng, 8l1d false slae:mcnt. He W&J a three assmlll chargc.s and wu rl:du=ltu Bl. (5) (U) Tltlee MPs weru:q_ut!ed. 7 EFF 48

42 ! (6) (U) Four Mls n:cclvcd lcucm of reprllll!dd. (1) (U) One MP pled &1Jlty ll a Specal Cowt Martal to falje off~;:ul sta!ement. ~ Soldec was re-4uced tu El, fotfcb:d of 2/l pa months, and was oontned for fd\11 months. (8) (TJ) One MP pled gulty at a Specal Comt-Marral to conswnmated by battery and dereooton of duty. The Solder was reduce< tor?~ days. elld sentcn<;:e-4 to be dscltargcd from semc:e wth a Blld Cond sault and cr four mult Bl, CC!f.ncd D!Chalgc. -(U) Alleged DetJrnee A>""", Oamjmq ajao-q!.oo?l: fn December 2 rc:ported the QfA cf ~oldcrs deplo~ n Qam,lraq. On 23 November 211 n ~;s c>mtody, ded whle~ ntcnogmd by Ml personnel. The CD dentce4 three Ml and fve non-m personnel~ wbjeets. ll the nvestg allcglld abllsve ad.< WB d~tly rcbm:d to 1111 ntcdgenee functon (ntel nlemlgaton), and therefore ~portable Ulldcr the p:wvsons ofprocedu.-e Punshmen1:1 flgalnst 1ho charged Mlllllll MP J!CfSODDelaze as follows: (1) (U)A Ml Warrtllltoffeer was convcted at a Gerteral of neglgent homcde and m:glgent derd.cton of\luty. He W88.sentence montlls ~nllnement, restrcton fot 60 days, and forfeture of $1 SOO for f: (2} (U) A Ml wanm: offcer recdvedll!l Arte!" 15, UC (3) (U) Om: MJSa>or NCO receved a letter oflqlrtnlll 3,CJD, u. detanee stgaton n; all of the nee AR38t O. {4) (U) Pwllshmcnt u!lde: Artclcl5, UCMJ, ll pendng gooot Dne non--mj Solder. (S) {U) No actlcn WS!al<.eu agacl$1 one non Ml warrant not>o M NCOs, and one non-m cvl~- lcer,!wo --{1;1 AllegW Dll!.!l.nee Abu;e, Camp~.~ CDA]G-OS-Q14}; On 28 u y ZOOS, NSCOM reponed that a Warrant Offcer assgned to the 287th Ml Bal1al allegedly kcked a detanee durng pre scr=nng W.vt!ea at Camp Sykes (Tall AJf. ),raq. CoU<:ems of c.ambat related stress were exptessed tly tho Warrant Offcer ~mmarul. Reportedly, th" Wan:ant Offtet wu placed W admnstratve dult.<; and\ flld not llcel)l return to ntcrn>&atlon dutes wth hs team. The Warrant Offcer and :hs m> reteved combat sttess counselng and the COU:Dand ~ovded refr~bc:r tzanng en llmogaton rules. After c011ductlna an nvcstgal011lnto the ncdem. o OelQber 200, ::10 notfed the SAJG-10 tbat!be &Kanee llbllsc allegaton was =mbslaotle.ted aod the ~e was dosed_ CDs nveatptw results wo:.n: fotwardcd to the oommnnd for a ln. The a.mmand ssued the Warrant Off= a C!er otjq>tlnand for hs abusve. lons. EFF

43 ASSSTANT TO THE SECRTARY OF DEFENS 7200 llef"lnge PEN1A~N WASHNGTON, DC Ch&w1an, nte.llgepee Oversght Board New Executve Offce Buldng. ~om 5020 W8$hogton, DC Dear Mr. Chalm\an: The Department of Defense nt.eugc:occ Oversght Repolt for crod January-March 2006 s. attached. l.llcje were no sgnfcant n enee Ov=ght ssues watn~~~tng lob a.ttenton for ths perod and nos ncant ntellgence Oversght volatons. Danel J. DeUOrto Prncpal Deputy Gellerol Counsel Wllam R.. Dugun. Jr. Actng ATSD(JO) Auachmcnt a/s nus PAGElS UNC!.ASSFEJ) UPONREMOVALOFATACHM!Wl PHYSCALREMOV AL OF COO.EWORDS AND CAVEATS NO EFF 58

44 . /~~ Department ofdeftdse lntcllgen~e Ovenlgbt Repo,January-March 2~ > (ll) D<>J2!.lmmtl CouDsel AelvUy (1>)(1) (U) Oa. Gong lavestl!!!l<>m by DoD nte!jenca ComponenR ~The Ofc:e of the ATSD(O) ~ontnuss to montor a numbe:< on-gong r leenee Ovttssht (10) nvestgwcs, nco:lears and act~tes 1.1\&t lt been teportcd to!hs om.:. for ths reportns perod. N01able am011g these repot!s are t fou~;~wng: (U)NSA Ao:tWtu /lb*1) (b 3)-~.L l \_~ ---~--, r :.., --,_,... ~---:::. :::: :;"ljo)(!).l. s.ps /f -~~.... ~---. o;;::~ :;;:~----"~ ,,/ / f l:::::::l:.. ~~-"..,..- _,./ -~ } tt!j:::: ~--~ ,.... J {! (>M3)-l;!JUSC.~ ;< -- (b~3)-18 usc 7Q&-,,...-..,..,,.,./ (b~3) P.l, Oo~ ~ - ""-. -.,,.. f f "...- " v... _ --~ ~ r...--?(b){1) ~... / (blf;)-p.t... / - ~-~f(l>)(!)-p " --,, le ~--~ - --~ " " 11-- r! "" -~--~ ~ ~-----~- r !"- r " ".. \ / \ / ::~;:~-~~ J,{bM>r -~ B-36 ;!! Derved Froltl! Multp!o Sources ~ Peclaqlty On: 23 M.al:d\2031 -"~ --~ ll EFF S9

45 (U)DA L.. } (\))Army Actvt!!l!l ~ffj~~~:a ~rcp;;ott~on an on-go.os CD nveslsalrms nto all<~llju._.,s tlw MHta<y (Ml) perscmcl, Ulgna! to Alpha Company. 51 B~ Colleoton Pont, Afghanstan, commtted ad$ gf "asso<llt~ and fnj,llm:at~~tnt of a petsqj n US cruttody.~ n add1dl. the Offetr-fu-Chargc for the CQ~o;fton Pont s beng nvestgated for "maltre.nnteot ol a pe-&1111 n VS Cust11dy, fats~: oft: ~ls aod conspracy." The Nonlommssoaed Offc:eln-Charge for lllc CJ~,ql~n bena nvestgated for "dcrelk:uon of duty awl,;onspracy." The vctm natonal who de<! Jrom bllltll force lrauma.. EFF 60

46 (U) Tmn..,...r Collecton 8U Dlsetallalon cf U.S. Pctson nformaton Ml Personnel (DAO ) US Army Tnlellg;w;c md Secwty Command reported ueslonable nldlgencc actvty nvolvng ntelllgedce!llalysb assgned to the 902" ~ Orou(l (MlO). 1ho questonable ntellgence actvtes CO!QCmed an artcle n tl e Wall Street Journal (WSl)newspaper en th~ ecuccton and dsa4mn&wn of nfq.llllaj n ccncemllg partcpunb o a 19 Man:h 2005 lllll-wer (l[otest n Al:;ton, Ob.o. The W artcle aueged that analysts n the 902n hod, for weeks pror to!be ~modsttatoll, do\!ll aded nformatoll ftom dle aclvsl Web ste, ntereeptng emal5 and cro!&re ncng ths nfom1aton n polce r.la!lbas... The artcle al"" alleged that the 902" 11 ~ l ~ provded a two page alert to th~ Akron Polce DepatbC! and tha the Akron protes ~one of sevell others montored by the ~ that molllh that turned out lobe no1 ~>lent. Fnally, the WSJ report stated lhat du: 90:2 MG praduc.ed reports on seven otbe ~tmts and. used ~clata-analyss technques to lo<>k for sgns of hdden cootdnaton~t 1occ:o tha. prolcsts.~ lnscom B conductng an nvc:stgaton nto lha allegatona. -(U) lm,...,..., CoUocton and Dssemnaton ofus Per$on nformaton Ml Pcr:roomel (DAG } On 2 Marcl120()6, dlllng a SAG-10 nspe<:to oftbe J c~qu&rtb!$, US Army Forces Norlhem Commlllld (ARNOR1U) (5" US Jmny), Port S111 ~ouston, Texas,!Sle~:lore dsoovered US person furee protecton!nfotmllton n 2 ARNOR1H ntellgence brdng. The brclng. whcb was p:esentcd by 1hc 02 lo trul < 0 ARNORll{ oo ll Fcbluary 2006, contaned denttes of US pmo11.1, n!dng a whte supxcmacst group, and therpl.wted dooneste actvl.t:s. An lntellgenc from the FB was ~tod as the source. fhe group and lb.er planmld actvtes~ d not nvolve a ReX$. G2 attrbuted the volaton to ARNORTHs lll&:url and the staff$ vague mssons and fllllctoqs. SAO O s ~:oordnalag wth the pector General and the G2 to determne what c.one<:tv~: actons were talren. Updatea otl>revfously Rllportedlaedeu9 (b )(1) {U) Alleaalon ofdtetallee Abuse bv Ml PonoMel ;,. Shkn AfJ!hanS 013 ): n Januacy 2004, the SAG.[Q repottel on allegatons that am C Mclltltan Dvson, and an lndlldual 8$$1l.mecl to ~ 01. US Army Coo1rac prsoner at detonton tlelty n Shkn, Afgbanstan. CD luvestgatcd detenn!ned the 11.llegato n$ of assaullamhnallraatment of the prsoner w lma005 lan. 10", abused 11 case and. WllounlW. EFF

47 ... -(U} n ~ 1 on lte ~, of tll Asmv a (DAK B: On 17, ~~,, reported the -l o~ M offcers; AlleQcdly, on 11 October 200:,_;, Amly 02 requeotod OJ conducl "r;llltabase cbedcs" on all A,..,r...,; J~ 1 ~" employees foregn natoullelal~ lvng n.egypl BeC!UR 02 ~..; ndcated that!he (latabsc cllecks wece ~aduc1ed at the dlcct011 of senor offcals, """ refen:ed to SAO o~~<:o1gatlons (SA!G-!N). SAfCHN concluc!ed that~th, lnnv 02 hls legtmate a<:~ to personnel securty records and has the ~<~ g 1t, or revoke seo:urty clearances. Addtonally,NSCOM b. a lawful -" nformatt>n and manlan databases on foregn thnoats. erefore.-!h~.-.-; :OnCCmng thr; employ~ and hor fore! Jll relatve!~~ were ~ ~;~ co~.pbsd (tw tre the employee had oo tcs to terrorst). The cast was ; EFf 6l

48 ASSSTANT TO THE SECRETARY OF CEFENS 7200 OUENSE PENTAGON WAS-NGTON, OC 2030l Chanuu.n. ntcugern:c Ovcrsaht Board. New &ecutlve Offce Duldlng, ll.oom 5020 Washngton, DC 20:>00 Dear Mr. Cb&nuw>: The Depattment ofdecose [ntcugencc Ovcrrghf. Report fer the pe o July Sepc..mber 2006 s atta<:hcd. The report contans summares of q~ able llcllget~ce actvtes and ot~lgenc.eoversghtwucs!bat Wele r to the Offee. of the Assstanttn the Secrewy of Defense (lnldlg<=.oo 0. t) lhs quarter.?2~~ Prlnclpa.\ Deputy Glltltlral Counsel THS laof.!s ljlllcj.assfllldupon REMOVAL OF ATACHMbN PYS!CAl. REMOV Af.. OF CODSWOlOS AlllD CAVEATS D EFF 63

49 (U) A TSD(!O) ActYltles ~r d... JJs skl4 Depa~tment of Dcfnl* J 11tclJgenco Oveugbt Re~o Julj-September (U) Durng!be quoner, the Offke lftht> ATSO(O) eooduo;led lntellg ceovmgbt (10) nsp~:.uoru~ and slaff asas1aace vats at Oo~~llgu1llJs..lllld ll - n...a.fr!!w~. and lhe Honl of Afca 8lld!(b)(3):1 o usc 424 j(b)(3):10,!all nspected unts andorg~uooslwhatslao!oj[op-- msand -.J tml "perlowfdemonstlllted a knowledge and awareness of 10 polcy and ~ edllm. (U) D.D GeneB Counsal Atfu!x (b)(1) [ (U) Nof!blc Rwortng Prom DoD l tdllmce Comp<~ueobl -(FOUO) DoD Jatell&eoce Components have reported to the A TSD(lO nanumberof lntdlcmce Oversght actvtes, nvest&;atons, md ncdeols for ths rc 0 ft~g Perud. Notable among these fepdrb ar the followng: / k ~11 /\el(1) _../ 1(3)-18 u ~~ e)(3)-~0 u (U) NSA Actvft... / (~ P, L llll-» - b)(3)-p.l. ~! _ \, ~, ---./ / r.~"""~ -...:. / l,_ / ~lb)(3}.p L8 \ <~-~ ~ ~: :::~...-:--~~=!""-~ 0 n / 1:"::1-----~? ; ;~..-. -, f." , ~ -...,. "; / ---, --- " ~ :::~:~:- f.,... - ~,... ), _ _,...;:,.- ""..-~ //... \ -- ; :.._ /.,... ~ /.o:: ----.,..-- ~..,- - /...- t::j...- / - r ~ 3 ; :/;lo(3)- L~ /! ClassfJCd By: Multple SOU-es )(1) )(3)-P.L 1!6-36 DecJasm)r On: ,... rory ~LT1 l p 1m... EFF 64

50 brr.-."(b)l1).. / (bl3}-p.l. / ;---- ~ ~ """~-<:. \!)A. :,_,».L-.. ~ NSAG lnmcctl!ln (b)(1) (U) DA A~lvlles ~-:1_lD M~.r_Oc.oemJs Offce.~tnll.CS.t? provde ro tran g ro[f~~~f~j l(b)(2),(b)(3): o c 424 ~Chs quam.,(b)(2),(b) leccved 10 pror to ther aeptoym<:nlll. l!!m9.l! ~B!~~nA."Offu:.:or_ e~ -""r ;.rucn ~b)(2) ~ Lr? :(l)(2) r tl/f~ htl~ Zla, ":""" -- ((/.t (U)Army Actbffes. _AU" ~ ~~uestoaable lntcll ee Actvtes ofllldvdu.als d to the 0. f}~pf, Af,urJ 1--- ~dr~~n ll!rag (DAJO ) UPDA,TE: Al reported n the June ~r r Quarterly Report, tbc N:my s ~urrcn11y m.-estlgatng numerous allegat questonable nlellgcnce aclvty (QlA) conccmngmemben oflhe lo" Dvson. The on-gong nvestgatons have yelded cv~ to supjlol! t allegaton.~: 1lllltborze ~K~Urcc operatons by non M solders and nt r~t:~zcasolretln.,yhavmcl tbreltsortoure to extract~ ~;---.-J unautborzed use of captured f:qllpmeut to support ucauthorzed scurcc c ons; unautbor:red <l<ltcnton, nterrogaton and prsocl tran:der operatons; an unauthoru..d fear-up approached dutng nterrogatons. The nvestgatons are on-gon. -(J) Alleged M.~ oflntcllgence C<ntngeney Funds (DAlG ) On 23 Mazcb 2006, the DoD nspector General (DoDO) receved an anonymom w ant Cf)n<emng a Mltary ntellgence (Ml) offcers alleged msconduct n lh pcdbnnanee of hs ntellgence dutes whle he Wll assgned to 1ho US ArDly Task F (T") n 2 EFF 65

51 Trn tr«l. k~ te.v~ Kosovo. On ~ 1une 2006, the DoDJG referred the case to lo A.llrslal! Amr.y nspector General AgClcy (SAG-AC}. On or about 7 J~tly 200r # Dv:lon, US ftcr notfyng the ntellgence Oversght Dvson (SAG O), SAG AC furthez r&fe.r c1 [tm case to lhc TF nspeetor Genc:ral for resoluton. The so)r;nt ponts r f!be Questona lntel!geru Acthtty (Q A) allegatons arul status of the nvestgatotl at!~ provded b w: (l){u) An Ml offcer S!aned as the lf Colllllcrntellgence a.tog Aulhorty (TFCCA), Ko:sovo, was tllsponsble for CCOun1ll.blty oftf e.ll,gern:e oonlngeno;y fmds (lcf). The offcer al.legedly msused hs postons$ 1 MJ ~ffcer and lcf custodanf1111ern to travel monlhly to Headqllllrtel3, US Anny B pe (USA:REUR.), Hedelbcrrg. Oumany, unmthc possbl~ guse ofreoonc ~ tbecf account wth JSAREUR. Aooordng to the anonymols lllegll!on, the o ~ $ supervsor «~cd thllg!l" to make sure the offcer was able to spe~~d t noennany wth the offcers wfe. The supav:sor would "cover" for the offcer s y tbe ttps were needed for "ntellgeue$ purposu." (2)(U) The compllmsm Pllegecl that on Tuesday, 7 February 200 hooffe«flew to GcllY to OOlduct llpplvk:matel:y roue hows of busness wtb l e. USA REUR 02 slafl Durng hs "V~t n Ocrmuy, th~ offcer tel l Kosovo aod 5ta1ed tha hs stbeduled 9 Fcbru31Y 2006 tewm flght was 1 would not be able to rclllrn untl!uesda.y, 14 Fe~ Tho comp $la11:d lbatal:cordn& to USAREUR. 03 AvlatOD Qpcratona, Ole~ FebttJ -s not amcelled and that thete were nwn!j0\111 other flghts awl able.p 0 February Outng the offcers esht~a,y vst n Octtnlll1y, the wr. J 5-11/~.L (3)(UJ Tho TF wmmand nvestl&aton!onlnllcs and once compl Jepott thllt reoult to SAO AC and SAO O. SAG-AC wll al:<> prov nvestgatve Te$\llts to 000/JG, who rer.:cvcd the orgnal aj~aton 8Ul ~TFwll a l!opy of the mously. : 1 -(U) Alcl!.lld Ms!:!5 gf lntelll«eaee!:;qntnttencv F1111!!!, Kabul,.~.;" 032): On 17 Au~:rt 2006, the lnlellgence Oversght Offcec (100), f (MO), Bclgum, reported the followog QJAs eoncwjng the actvd Frst C!us (SF(..) and a Master Serseat~~ (MSG), Couoterntellgcnce (S As), ~~&Sgned to the Afgbaustm Detaebment (ADET), 650th MG Afghan.s:B!l. hm, ho rem!llled <m T11111porary Duty (TOY) ltatus and h.a subsequently t- - rehnb=emcnts for ttavol expenses and pa dem. The e.omplamant state het a mler alluk occwred n March (DA!Q..j)6- ~~ ~,f)«~ tz~ra- ()(U) On 12 July 2005, the SFCaO~gedlyuscd JCF ($3{)0-$: AK-47 os!>alllt rfle from an nlell~oce OU!:>::. 1he SFC..tle~jedly fastl uperaumuu repom to conceal the AK.-4 7 purchase. The SFC then lelmnatcd contact "th the: SOUTCe- He tllen recomn~cnded 110!llrtbec attempts be made by ADBT pernormd ~nt&el the sowce,presumably to coru:enl the llctttlwucton Tn~>., EFF 66.

52 (2}(U) On2 Aogust2005, the MSG allegedly ased CP ($600) AK S8Ult rfle from an lltellg~ scurce. The MSG allegedly f reports Q dsgllle!be AK-4 7 ~ston as a ~gft from the somce. haw eonceaj!d the Wllll!thor;lzed CF expendt= by.:eportng (artfc SOllll:e pllyj1el\ll over lhe oou:rse of seven~! meeln8& w1h the source. ~llase8j ed opel8tnmal MSOmay nflated (3)(U) Both the SFC and MSG also allegedly conspred wth a!he. AK-41 rfles back to lbelr home stalon (Belgum) ves US mltary +taft locetol oftbe AK-47 rfles1111>1lnknowu. (4XJ)!Q.e Commande.r, 6~01b MlJ, ~the matter to the US Anny Crmnal lnwstgatoll$ Dveon (CO) luld a t:rmoal uvcaf The 100 ~that the crmnal nvestlgatonhu beal completed wl! n<:mporato the CD fujddgs n the COJDmUs fnal reporl t offcoc of the ()D ensued. 6S<fMO (U) Update of J>rcvously Reported Qnesdonablc Tntdlpce Amv -(1.1) lnve.,lgn!:on of Allel!l!lOlll!l of ntellgw:c Mswllducl n!tag May2005, SAJG-{0 lcamod that SAO..AC rccclvcd!nfommton from Crmnal ln estgalvo Servce {J>CS) allegng mac:onduct of an Ml o unautltor7;:d ntcll.aencc: operaton~ whle aqamd as!he GZ, 1st A:tmo Dvson n lraq. n.e ofmer was allegecuo have conducted mptoper otelllgenee U oo opuraloll.!l. H" s llrthcr auesed to have daobeyed drect Otlers of g o~ by flllng to tennnale conlal:t wf!l llfopn11111 end ;flllbg to ft:sster ofo t1. Lastly, the offcer allegedly made a false offcal stakment wbo:n he told a gmoral o et!hat he had regstered all ofhs Human lnlllllge.~~cc (HUMNl) sources when he that hs statement was false. {U) The offcer s cum:ntly Ulsgned to US Amty n!edgenoo Ce!la (USACS), Fort Efwu:huca. As such, the US Amly Tramog and Ooctr (TRADOC) oondneled a conuuand nvestgatoo, whch dd not COPO _the OCTS nvestgaton. RAOOC ~that the oft4:1:r fal!ld to drectve.! from h.s.superors; but the ncstgalng aftcet ml:gated the suggestng lhe Dff~;:r beleved be bad tacl app!owll by offcals polltan superlojs. Regardng the unauthorzed conduct of sourc:e opaatom, TR the sstul by suggelt!lg he od not lu!vc wffclent jl\ld!d(;e from lrgher ~pprojrllfely cnndrct ntellgence st.tvtes. boo ommand the retmlts of ly wth the eby abowhs OC mtgated quartllf6 to (U) Subsequently, S\[Q.AC completed ts n,~rmgalotl, whch CO: nsde the DCS and TRAOOC ovestlglltlous. The nspeeq Qenertd sent a TRADOC Commandna Oenora ouhnng the results ofsag-acs o fndngs. SAlO-AC 1ubstantlated fbut allegatolls of dsobeyng dtec:t o S. on~ allegaton of mproperly conductng nteupnc. oporatono;. and one ale a on ofulcng false offcal statements to a General Offoer. The offcer receved a f CO\Ul.lelog fro111 the Commandng Gllll<ral, Combned Amls Cll!lk!r, and a verbal te rl from tb~ Commandng Geaeral, USACS. EFF 57 :