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1 East Baton Rouge Sheriff s Office East Baton Rouge Sheriff s Office EBRSO DARE GRADUATION February 2015 Inside this issue: Deputy Of The Month 2 Congratulations 3 In The Community 4 Birthdays 5 Upcoming Events 6 The East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office DARE unit completed their Fall semester with a culmination at each of the twenty three elementary schools. Over 1,700 5th graders received certificates from their officers in a ceremony were friends, parents, and faculty recognized their decision to be drug free. Students presented skits, sang songs, and several read their DARE Report to show how the DARE Decision Making Model had inspired them to make good choices. "Four little letters that mean so much in our lives" was one such comment spoken at one of the events. CONGRATULATIONS to all the DARE graduates.

2 DEPUTIES OF THE MONTH Corporal Nathan Crawford, of the Homicide Division, has been named the Detectives and Special Operations Deputy of the Month. Corporal Crawford was hired by the Sheriff s Office in April of 1995 and transferred to Homicide in August of He was tasked with using various social media outlets to help identify gang members and persons involved in criminal activity. Corporal Crawford has done an outstanding job utilizing social media in criminal investigations, as well as, identifying and tracking gang members. On a regular basis, Corporal Crawford locates videos, photographs and postings of persons involved in criminal activity. This information has led to many arrests and the seizure of firearms and narcotics. Deputy James Craven, of the Parish Prison, has been named the Corrections Deputy of the Month. Deputy Craven was hired in July of 2014 in corrections. Although Deputy Craven has only been here six months, he has demonstrated a want to do attitude far beyond his time with this Office. Deputy Craven has been instrumental in the discovering of contraband which could be used against security as well as inmates. He is the deputy that all the supervisors request when conducting a cell search, and he is usually the deputy who will locate contraband. Deputy Craven demonstrates a positive attitude that draws all his workers to him. He shows that the character of the officer goes a long way, with creating a pleasant and positive work environment. Robin Rogers, of the Scotlandville Substation, has been named the Administrative and Support Services Deputy of the Month. Ms. Rogers was rehired by the Sheriff s Office in April of 2004 and joined the Scotlandville Substation in November of She has been nominated for her outstanding participation in the distribution of Christmas Toys, which were provided by the Christmas Crusade, to families in need of services. Mrs. Rogers processed over 350 applications for toys and organized the toys by address and last name when they arrived. Her assistance made the distribution of the toys a total success, freeing up patrol deputies to remain in the community on patrol. Octave Anthaume, Tax Office, has been named the Civil Deputy of the Month. Mr. Anthaume was hired by the Sheriff s Office in February of 2003 as the Tax Office Director and has remained in that position since then. Throughout this past heavy tax season, Octave has been very supportive to the tax division of the Sheriff s Office. His knowledge, judgment, and decisions of his division exceed standards. Not only is he valuable to the Tax Office, he has proven to be valuable to the Sheriff s Office in general. Deputy Michael Robinson, Central Substation, has been named the Uniform Patrol Deputy of the Month. Deputy Robinson was hired by the Sheriff s Office in July of He has proven himself to be a very professional and reliable deputy. Deputy Robinson was dispatched to Carmel Acres subdivision in response to two suspicious persons walking up driveways. He spotted the suspects matching the description and confronted them. They fled on foot; however, Deputy Robinson was able to catch up with the suspects and hold them with his service weapon until back up arrived. After the suspects were taken into custody, it was learned they had burglarized numerous vehicles, residences, and even attempted to steal a vehicle. Due to Deputy Robinson s dedication, two burglars were taken off the streets and the victims were delighted with the conclusion of the incident.

3 East Baton Rouge Sheriff s Office Page 3 EBRSO New Hires New Hires Willie C. Curry-Uniform Patrol Deandre D. Dalcourt-Corrections Kherwyn W. Marshall-Corrections Eunice A. Wilson-Prison Bonding Jarrel Payne-Corrections Promotions Sgt. Charlotte D. Brooks- Lieutenant Sgt. Edward H. Fagot, Jr.- Lieutenant Sgt. Darrel L. Taylor- Lieutenant Cpl. Deanna Knight- Sergeant Cpl. Steven W. Williams- Sergeant Dy. Delesia H. Jenkins- Corporal Dy. Shedria Sensley- Corporal Dy. James E. Gehling, Jr.- Corporal Chaplain s Corner: Verse of the Month And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose. Romans 8:28


5 East Baton Rouge Sheriff s Office Happy Birthday to Deputies Born in February Page 5 February 1 st Matthew Stokes Walter Griffin February 2 nd David Blackwell Timothy Lazaroe Joshua Ellis February 3 rd Craig Landry Michael Lawley Danny Fernea February 4 th Jason Demoulin Jared Ruiz Meja Poullard February 5 th Thomas Cole February 6 th Leonard Gaines Thomas Pitre Gregory Scott Benjamin Braff Samuel Price Katherine Firmin February 7 th George White February 8 th Justin Brister Randall Persick Andrea Collins Marcus Bradford February 9 th Shawn Glover Janice Foster Daron Heatly February 10 th Natasha Stingley Kenya Ferchaud February 12 th Mark Roberts Joseph Bell D ane Chambers John Buie Michael Fontenot February 13 th Ahlisa Wyatt Jason Jones Troy Grimes Pamela Moran Sterling Bennett February 14 th Melissa Fagot Rhonda Langlois Jackie Hohensee Jacquelyn Cosper Bradley Bowman February 15 th Robert Fritts Leroy Simon Gloria Taplin Michael Shropshire February 16 th Marius Domingue February 17 th Landy Jackson February 18 th Richard Mohr John Simoneaux Patricia Barnes Darrell Bell February 19 th Leonard Harris Markus Sylvester Keon Washington Travis Leblanc Babatunde Babalola February 20 th Holly Sanchez Jeffrey Williams February 21 st James Mcfarland February 22 nd Lakeidra Harris Christy Lewis February 23 rd Riketiuna Ruffin February 24 th Reginald Haslom Karen Fourrier February 26 th David Norton February 27 th Tanyelle Jenkins Deandre Dalcourt February 28 th Kelvin Mills Merven Wardlaw Tomicka Armwood Sean Hebert February 29 th Thomas Jackson

6 EAST BATON ROUGE SHERIFF S OFFICE PO BOX 3277 BATON ROUGE, LA PHONE: FAX: Don t Forget! The East Baton Rouge Sheriff s Office Wellness Center is available for all your wellness needs Hours of operation Monday 8:30-3:00 Tuesday 8:30-3:00 Wednesday 8:30-3:00 Friday 8:30-3:00 Appointments only February 23 rd EBRSO Annual Health Risk Assessment Where: Parish Prison Training Facility When: 5am-Noon February 23 rd EBRSO Annual Health Risk Assessment Where: Kleinpeter Substation When: 6am-Noon February 24 th EBRSO Annual Health Risk Assessment Where: Headquarter (conference Room A) When: 8am-1:00pm February 24th EBRSO Annual Health Risk Assessment Where: Parish Prison When: 5:00pm-7:00pm February 25th EBRSO Annual Health Risk Assessment Where: Central Substation When: 6:00am-noon February 25th EBRSO Annual Health Risk Assessment Where: Parish Prison When: 5:00pm-7:00pm February 26th EBRSO Annual Health Risk Assessment Where: Headquarter (Conference Room A) When: 5:00am-Noon February 28 th Polar Plunge What: Special Olympics Where: Cabelas in Gonzales When:7:30am