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1 UHS Clinical Trials Assistant Development Programme: Developing the research workforce and introducing new healthcare roles to support research nurses. Marie Nelson Matron Research and Development & Emma Munro Head of Nursing/Midwifery/AHP Research and Development University Hospital Southampton

2 UHS Clinical Research

3 Total portfolio recruitment 2014/15 (datacut 3 rd April) Trust Name Studies Participants Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

4 Quality Challenges DIVISION SERVICE Quality of research relies on: Key PIs output R&D infrastructure; innovative clinical and research workforce (joint roles/research fellows) University partnership Established PIs working at capacity; increasing clinical demands; limited new investment to develop new PIs; stretched, breadth and volume of activity; gaps in infrastructure e.g. informatics, imaging, strong Clinical Research Network performance heavily reliant on one area (ENT) DEMAND / CAPACITY Expectation of more for less from funders Struggling with capacity in: RN workforce, research fellows and consultants. Clinical division capacity; imaging capacity; pharmacy and other support depts. WORKFORCE Recruitment and retention in Research nursing and R&D governance is challenging

5 Background Inherited a relatively large CTA workforce of 40. Some of whom were B4 and some B3. Cancer CTAs across the region have always been B4, 17 CTAs in cancer research. Teams frequently lost their B3 s to the other teams when they had been in post 6-12 months Why were they a higher Band? Variance in JDs Review of roles. Patient Care and Safety - Frances Report and Cavendish Review Training Evidence of competence NMC Code of Conduct accountability and delegation UHS - Healthcare Support Staff: a strategy for recruiting, retaining and developing the talent

6 Progress Why a B4 not a B2 or 3? - Increased level of autonomy and responsibility. Registered Nurse oversight always maintained. Re-banded on a revised JD to clarify clinical role. Basis for training requirements and competencies. B3 Trial Administrator post retained for administration and data roles but with no clinical component. Career development, staff retention and attraction of role to boost recruitment to workforce. Engagement with all CTA teams across the Trust, moving towards single JD and Core Training Developed a CTA Training programme for all new and existing CTAs Care Certificate/core clinical competencies/ich GCP/Research Governance Adherence to the Code of Conduct for Healthcare Support Workers and Adult Social Care Workers in England Career progression - Clinical registered professions/r&d management and governance/ UoS trial coordinator and project management roles

7 Care Certificate 1. Understand Your Role 2. Your Personal Development 3. Duty of Care 4. Equality and Diversity 5. Work in a Person Centered Way 6. Communication 7. Privacy and Dignity 9. Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disability 10. Safeguarding Adults 11. Safeguarding Children 12. Basic Life Support 13. Health and Safety 14. Handling Information 15. Infection Prevention and 8. Fluids and Nutrition Control

8 Core Clinical Training The Healthcare Support Worker Care Certificate Statutory and Mandatory training relevant to the role of a CTA ANTT Training (Theory and Practical) Venesection Training (Theory and Practical) Height and Weight Competencies Vital Signs Competencies (BP, Pulse, Temp and Respiratory Rate) Blood Glucose Monitoring Urinalysis Access to Q-pulse and signing of SOPs relevant to role. ECGs Medical Terminology

9 Research Training NIHR ICH GCP Taught Research Induction (2 days) ISF Workshop Study Delivery workshop PPI Clinical Trials Pharmacy AE & SAE Reporting Quality Assurance Research Governance Valid Informed Consent NIHR Training and UKCRF Competency Full supervision and oversight from experienced and knowledgeable Research Nurses

10 Get in touch Marie Nelson Emma Munro Norma Diaper