Overseas Nursing Programme Cohort 2 - May 2015

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1 Overseas Nursing Programme Cohort 2 - May 2015 Author S. Pawlin Senior Practice Development Charge Nurse v0.4 29/4/15 C:\Users\Simon\Creative Cloud Files\Website\Documents\ONP RSCH - Cohort 2 v1 FINAL.docx 1 P a g e

2 Contents 1 ONP Course Primary Contacts ONP Requirements Requirements for the ONP (NMC & University Prescribed): Programme Content: Learning Outcomes ONP Folder Time Table (For Managers) Leave Guidance ONP Training University Timetable ONP Groups Supervised Practice (NMC prescribed) University Trainers Guidance ONP Uniforms HCA Bank Work Declaration Form HCA Bank Pay HCA Bank Contract HCA Uniform Support & Development Academic Support Performance Development Review (PDR) Social Support Post Registration programme Overview C:\Users\Simon\Creative Cloud Files\Website\Documents\ONP RSCH - Cohort 2 v1 FINAL.docx 2 P a g e

3 1 ONP COURSE PRIMARY CONTACTS RSCH Name Job Role Jo Embleton, Deputy Director of Nursing & Patient Experience Simon Pawlin PD ONP Lead Nurse Vanessa Pasquier PD ONP Lead Nurse Stephen Green PD Lead Nurse ITU Jenny Ware PD Lead Nurse A&E Tina Kitcher PD Lead Nurse Theatres Keri Lee PD Lead Nurse EAU Amanda Brown International Resourcing & Projects Specialist University Of Surrey Name Job Role Dr Maria Miklaucich University ONP Lead / Tutor Alison Wiseman Senior Tutor Nadia MacLachlan ONP Programme Administrator C:\Users\Simon\Creative Cloud Files\Website\Documents\ONP RSCH - Cohort 2 v1 FINAL.docx 3 P a g e

4 2 ONP REQUIREMENTS REQUIREMENTS FOR THE ONP (NMC & UNIVERSITY PRESCRIBED): 20 days protected training NMC Prescribed Supervised Practice Period days self-study Formative & Summative Assessment 5 observational visits Completed Portfolio 13 days contact time (working time with Mentor) Competencies Sign off Mentor required for final sign off 2.2 PROGRAMME CONTENT: NMC Requirements for the content of the programme to include: The UK as a multicultural society Structure of the NHS and social care services Relationship between the NHS and the independent sector Code of professional conduct Changing health care environment Practitioner - Client relationships Patient involvement in the NHS and Independent sectors Effective communication Numeracy skills Accountability Legal framework within which care is delivered Ethical issues Clinical governance and how the Council s standards contribute to this Evidence based practice Holistic care encompassing health promotion and education Multi-disciplinary team working 2.3 LEARNING OUTCOMES Provide safe and effective practice in UK practice settings Transfer previously learnt knowledge and skills to the UK practice settings Achieve the competencies and domains as agreed by the NMC Engage in learning processes that encourage lifelong learning 2.4 ONP FOLDER Due to the Complexities of the ONP Programme the Practice Development Team (PDT) has developed an ONP folder. The Folder includes the following sections: 1. Milestones Checklist 2. HCA Declaration 3. ONP Timetable & 4. Managers Timetable 5. University Portfolio 6. Clinical Practice Hours Log 7. Core Competencies 8. Specialty Competencies 9. PDR 10. Training Evidence / Support Documents 11. Trust Information Book 1 NMC Circular 2008 Requirements for overseas nurses programme leading to registration in the UK & Surrey University ONP ratified programme handbook C:\Users\Simon\Creative Cloud Files\Website\Documents\ONP RSCH - Cohort 2 v1 FINAL.docx 4 P a g e

5 3 TIME TABLE (FOR MANAGERS) February March April May June July Day 2/2 9/2 16/2 23/2 2/3 9/3 16/3 23/3 30/3 6/4 13/4 20/4 27/4 4/5 11/5 18/5 25/5 1/6 8/6 15/6 22/6 29/6 6/7 13/7 M LVE IND BLS / PBLS LVE D9 D14 LVE T O1 D4 D10 D15 LVE W D1 MH (A) D7 V1 D11 D16 LVE V2 T D2 D5 MH (B) D12 D16 LVE F HR D3 D6 D8 D13 HCA LVE HRS July (cont.) August September October November December Day 20/7 27/7 3/8 10/8 17/8 24/8 31/8 7/9 14/9 21/9 28/9 5/10 12/10 19/10 26/10 2/11 9/11 16/11 23/11 30/11 7/12 14/12 21/12 28/12 M LVE PDR D18 S1 D21 (A) SUB LVE LVE T LVE D19 FOR LVE LVE W D17 V3 V4 LVE V5 D20 FOR LVE LVE T LVE LVE LVE F LVE D21 (B) S2 LVE LVE S&S

6 January 2016 February 2016 March 2016 Day 04/01 11/01 18/01 25/01 01/02 08/02 15/02 22/02 29/02 07/03 14/03 21/03 28/03 M UNR LVE T LVE W LVE T MOD LVE F LVE S&S Timetable Legend D1 Study Days V1 Observational Visit Days LVE Proposed Leave IND Trust / Clinical Induction & BLS HCA HCA Orientation Day O1 Orientation Days MOD Moderation Board Sits / Surrey Lean Portfolio FOR Proposed Formative UNR Unratified Results Published RAT Ratified Results / NMC Letter Sent BLS / MH BLS or Manual Handling S1 Self-Directed Study Days

7 3.1 LEAVE GUIDANCE Please note that the manager s timetable has been developed to help ONP Nurse Managers understand when certain events related to the ONP Course will occur. We have included when we suggest leave is taken by ONP Nurses but since they are employees rather than student nurses this must be negotiated with the ONP nurses and with their managers. To summarise: Leave that is plotted onto the Managers Timetable is a recommendation ONLY. However, a lot of consideration has been given to these plotted dates to best support the ONP nurses throughout the ONP training as well as provide ample study time. DO NOT agree to leave that clash with ONP Study days, as attendance on these days is part of the NMC requirement for successful registration. A concerted effort has been made to ensure that the ONP nurses are settled into the UK both professionally and personally and we would like to ensure the nurses have the opportunity to travel home for Christmas if that is their wish.

8 4 ONP TRAINING 4.1 UNIVERSITY TIMETABLE Orientation to UK Healthcare (ONP) Practice NUR May cohort Start Date:06 May 2015 version 8 RSCH HSC Foundation Trust Day DATE START TIME FINISH TIME DETAILS LECTURER ROOM Tuesday 05-May-15 09:00 12:00 Welcome PDT, L Stead, J Embleton RSCH Lecture Theatre Tuesday 05-May-15 13:00 16:00 Orientation to workplace/oh appointments Manager/NIC Clinical areas Wednesday 06-May-15 09:00 12:00 UKBA/Introduction module outcomes.programme Handbook Miklauchich, M (Dr) 01 DK 02 Wednesday 06-May-15 13:00 16:00 Practice Portfolio Miklauchich, M (Dr) 01 DK 02 Thursday 7-May-15 09:00 12:00 UK Multicultural team Miklauchich, M (Dr) 04 AZ 01 Thursday 7-May-15 13:00 14:00 Login/Authentic World Miklauchich, M (Dr) 04 AZ 01 Thursday 7-May-15 14:00 15:00 Literature search Miklauchich, M (Dr) 15 DK 00, 17 DK 00 Thursday 7-May-15 15:00 16:00 Campas Card Miklauchich, M (Dr) Friday 8-May-15 09:00 13:00 Study Skills and Portfolio Miklauchich, M (Dr) TB 02 Friday 8-May-15 13:30 16:30 Learning Styles and Reflection Miklauchich, M (Dr) TB 02 Monday 11-May-15 08:45 17:00 Corporate Induction Various Lecture Theatre, RSCH Tuesday 12-May-15 09:00 11:00 UK healthcare / NHS & Social care services VN Bowel screening hub Tuesday 12-May-15 11:15 12:15 The Patient Experience. AO/VN Bowel screening hub Tuesday 12-May-15 13:15 14:15 The Patient Experience. AO/VN Bowel screening hub Tuesday 12-May-15 14:30 16:30 Evidence based practice AO Bowel screening hub Wednesday 13-May-15 09:00 15:00 Manual Handling (Groups A1 & A2) M. Maisie Training Suite, RSCH Wednesday 13-May-15 15:00 16:00 Bed & Mattress (Groups A1 & A2) M. Maisie Training Suite, RSCH Thursday 14-May-15 09:00 12:00 Consent, MCA, DOLS Jenny Watkins/Emma Estevens Thursday 14-May-15 13:00 14:00 6 C's VE TB14 Thursday 14-May-15 14:15 15:15 NMC COC/Accountability AO TB14 04 AZ 01 Friday 15-May-15 09:00 09:30 Asepsis AO, VN, NE TB14 Friday 15-May-15 09:30 12:00 Diabetes Helen Hopkins TB14 Friday 15-May-15 13:00 14:00 Pals Stuart Ullathorne & VN 01 DK 02 Friday 15-May-15 14:15 16:00 Blood transfusion Carol Cole 01 DK 02 Monday 18-May-15 08:30 11:00 BLS (Groups A1 & A2) Resus Team Training Suite, RSCH Monday 18-May-15 11:30 14:00 BLS (Groups B1 & B2) Resus Team Training Suite, RSCH Monday 18-May-15 14:30 16:00 PBLS (A&E, Theatres, EAU) Resus Team Training Suite, RSCH Wednesday 20-May-15 09:00 12:00 Record keeping and effective communication SP/VN Lecture Theatre RSCH Wednesday 20-May-15 13:30 16:30 Law and Ethics SP/VN Lecture Theatre RSCH Thursday 21-May-15 09:00 15:00 Manual handling (Groups B1 & B2) M Maisey Training Suite, RSCH Thursday 21-May-15 15:00 16:15 Bed & Mattress (Groups B1 & B2) M Maisey Training Suite, RSCH Friday 22-May-15 09:00 12:00 Deteriorating patient VN TB18 Friday 22-May-15 13:00 16:30 Fluid balance/renal failure and sepsis AO TB19 Monday 15-Jun-15 09:00 12:00 Fire / Major Incident P Williams/J Wright 01 DK 03 Monday 15-Jun-15 13:00 14:00 VTE Moyrah Atkinson 01 DK 03 Monday 15-Jun-15 14:30 16:30 Tissue viability AO/TVN 01 DK 03 Tuesday 16-Jun-15 09:00 12:00 Presentations (Groups A1 & A2) VP/SP 03 DK 02, 04 DK 02 Tuesday 16-Jun-15 13:00 16:00 Presentations (Groups B1 & B2) VP/SP 03 DK 02, 04 DK 02

9 Wednesday 17-Jun-15 09:00 10:00 Medical devices E. Koh Lecture theatre (RSCH) Wednesday 17-Jun-15 10:30 16:30 Medical devices, POC, vital pac E. Koh, G. Penfold, M. Eaton, H. Roch, VE, VN LT (RSCH), A7, A6, Sem room Level C Thursday 18-Jun-15 09:00 12:00 Vulnerable adults & Children J. Watkins/F.Gallagher 17 DK 02 Thursday 18-Jun-15 13:00 16:30 Infection Control IC Team/PDT Bowel screening hub Thursday 18-Jun-15 14:00 16:30 Infection Control IC Team/PDT Bowel screening hub, A2 & A7 Friday 19-Jun-15 09:00 12:00 Discharge co-ordinators Cheryl Williams 01 DK 02 Friday 19-Jun-15 13:00 13:45 Privacy & dignity Ness Everington 01 DK 02 Friday 19-Jun-15 14:00 14:45 Continence Julie Perry 01 DK 02 Friday 19-Jun-15 15:00 16:00 RCN rep Colin White 01 DK 02 Monday 29-Jun-15 09:00 12:00 What a day (groups A1 & A2) VP, NE, VN 03 DK 02, 04 DK 02 Monday 29-Jun-15 13:00 16:30 Venepuncture Gordon Spencer/SP, NE 01 DK 03 Tuesday 30-Jun-15 09:00 12:30 Cannulation VN, CC/Alex King (BD) 01 DK 02 Tuesday 30-Jun-15 13:30 16:30 What a day (Groups B1 & B2) VP, AO, NE 03 DK 02, 04 DK 02 Wednesday 1-Jul-15 09:00 12:00 Medication Administration Miklauchich, M (Dr) 17 DK 02 Wednesday 1-Jul-15 13:00 16:30 Medication Management Miklauchich, M (Dr) 17 DK 02 Thursday 2-Jul-15 09:15 10:00 Learning disability L Bowller/VN Bowel screening hub Thursday 2-Jul-15 10:30 11:15 Mental health Anita Gunnuck/VN Bowel screening hub Thursday 2-Jul-15 11:45 12:30 Learning disability drama group L Bowller/VN Bowel screening hub Thursday 2-Jul-15 13:30 16:30 Pallitive Care Toni Phair Bowel screening hub Friday 3-Jul-15 09:30 12:30 Portfolio Workshop D Hodge Lecture Theatre RSCH Friday 3-Jul-15 13:30 16:30 HCA Training C Covey Lecture Theatre RSCH Wednesday 29-Jul-15 09:00 12:30 A - E simulation assessment (Group A) VP, AO, VN Training Suite (RSCH) Wednesday 29-Jul-15 13:00 16:30 A - E simulation assessment (Group B) AO, CC, VN Training Suite (RSCH) Monday 28-Sep-15 09:00 12:00 Clinical Governance AO, NE TBC Monday 28-Sep-15 13:00 16:00 Nutrition K.Roberts TBC Tuesday 29-Sep-15 09:00 12:00 Falls A.Lambert + VN TBC Tuesday 29-Sep-15 13:00 16:00 Health Promotion & Education VN TBC Wednesday 30-Sep-15 09:00 12:00 Dementia F.Wright +NE, VN TBC Wednesday 30-Sep-15 13:00 17:00 Dementia F.Wright + NE, VN TBC Monday 19-Oct-15 09:00 16:00 Self directied study TBC Tuesday 20-Oct-15 09:00 16:00 Formative assessments Miklauchich, M (Dr) TBC Wednesday 21-Oct-15 09:00 16:00 Formative assessments Miklauchich, M (Dr) TBC Friday 27-Nov-15 09:00 16:00 Dementia practical session (Group B) F.Wright Training Suite (RSCH) Monday 30-Nov-15 09:00 16:00 Dementia practical session (Group A) F.Wright Training Suite (RSCH) Friday 4-Dec-15 Self-directed study Monday 7-Dec-15 Summative assessment hand in

10 4.2 ONP GROUPS At various points in the training, the ONP Course needs to split into Groups A and B with a further split into subgroups A1, A2, B1, B2 4.3 SUPERVISED PRACTICE (NMC PRESCRIBED) Nurses will each have a prescribed minimum supervised practice period which could be anywhere between 3-9 months. Some Candidates may be required to split supervised Practice across multiple work areas (although rare) 4.4 UNIVERSITY TRAINERS GUIDANCE All RSCH trainers undertaking teaching sessions at the University should ensure they have read and understood the University issued Class Room Risk Assessment document which can be downloaded from: ONP UNIFORMS Each ONP Nurse will receive 4 tunic tops and 2 trousers and will be ordered by the Practice Development Team. ONP Nurses will have a specific uniform to help identify them to other staff (excl. Theatres). The following information relates to this uniform; Uniforms ordered centrally for ONP via SBS ordered through PA Julia McCluskey. Central Uniform cost code: (sub) 4.6 HCA BANK WORK DECLARATION FORM The ONP Nurses will be able to work as bank HCAs from mid-june- only once they have completed the requirements of the Bank HCA Declaration forms included within the ONP Folder. This folder includes declarations from the ONP Nurse and their authorising manager that they understand all elements of the HCA role, including limitations, expectations, and the Code of Conduct. Included is a section to record where an ONP Nurse has a requirement to undertake at least 2 shadow shifts with an experienced HCA. This needs to be completed and submitted to HR before the ONP nurse can undertake bank shifts 4.7 HCA BANK PAY The ONP Nurses will continue to be paid at band 4 when undertaking Bank work. 4.8 HCA BANK CONTRACT The ONP Nurses will be set up with a bank contract as a group at the beginning of June in preparation for them working bank.

11 4.9 HCA UNIFORM ONP Nurses will have the opportunity to work bank whilst training (following specific HCA training/hca Shadow shifts). ONPs will be able to work bank HCA shifts in their own area (at managers discretion) however, they will require HCA uniforms and these will be provided along with ONP Uniforms. Each ONP Nurse will receive 2 tunic tops (theatres ONPs will also be provided with 2 trousers).

12 5 SUPPORT & DEVELOPMENT ACADEMIC SUPPORT The following Support will be available to ONP Nurses during the course to ensure that candidate successfully complete all academic requirements. University of Surrey SPLASH Service RSCH Library Portfolio Study Session provided by Deanna Hodge (in addition to University session) 5.2 PERFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT REVIEW (PDR) Each ONP Nurse will require 2 PDR episodes. The first will occur no later than the midpoint of the course. This is to ensure that any problems are identified or additional support is required to ensure completion of all elements of the ONP course on time. The second PDR will occur upon successful registration with the NMC. (12 month point) 5.3 SOCIAL SUPPORT The ONP Course has been developed to support each Overseas Nurse adapt as they embark upon working in the UK. Alongside the ONP Course, the RSCH has also considered how to support each nurse adapt socially and culturally. To that End the following plans have been developed; A welcome party has been developed to welcome and assist nurses during the weekend of the Nurses arrival. This team consists of RSCH staff and representatives of the existing Filipino community. A Trust Information book has been produced that includes information about the trust as well as information about the Locality. (e.g. GP s, Dentists, Places of worship) ONP nurses who wish to do so will be allocated a buddy from the Guildford Filipino community. 2 For more, go to:

13 6 POST REGISTRATION PROGRAMME 6.1 OVERVIEW The ONP course has been developed to ensure that all overseas nurses receive all the training required to enable registration with the NMC. As such, the ONP course includes nearly all of the elements of the Preceptorship training already. To that end, a reduced post registration programme will support the ONP nurses during the first year of NMC registration and includes: Upon NMC registration each nurse will undertake a PDR with their line manager for the year ahead. Following this PDR each ONP Nurse will be met by a PD team member and review of training needs and requirements will be made. Confidence Tables will be employed alongside the PDR and a review of the ONP Folder training evidence and competency milestones checklist. Recommendations for training & Development will be made to the nurse and to the line manager for the year ahead. Each ONP Nurse will have open access to the PD Team (if required) as they complete the outstanding post-registration competencies and training courses. All outstanding courses and competencies should be completed by the end of the first year (post registration). Once completed, declarations can be signed.