ElilEUNII. IlHIII1I111II. IilUI 321I. 7 SUPPLEMENT 94-1 Catalog of Nonresident Training Courses. l1 lll lii AD-A V..

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1 AD-A ElilEUNII IlHIII1I111II NAVEDTRA Naval Education and 1994 EDITION Special Training Command 0502-LP Publication 7 SUPPLEMENT 94-1 Catalog of Nonresident Training Courses.V.. 1,-, P 1994 DfTIC QIL)A1TY 171SPECTED 3 DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Nonfederal government personnel wanting a copy of this document imust use the purchasing instruction on the inside cover o l1 lll lii IilUI 321I LP

2 DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Nonfederal government personnel wanting a copy of this document must write to Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC OR Commanding Officer, Naval Publications and Forms Directorate, Navy Aviation Supply Office, 5801 Tabor Avenue, Philadelphia, PA , Attention: Cash Sales, for price and availability.

3 FOREWORD Supplement 94-1 to the Catalog of Nonresident Training Courses, 1994 Edition NAVEDTRA contains the latest changes to nonresident training products, and articles of information about the Navy's Nonresident Training System and Advancement System. Users should keep this supplement with the main catalog (3-ring binder, screwposts, etc.). Physical changes to the main catalog are NOT necessary. Treat the supplement as an extension of the main catalog, and always include it in your catalog research. The Naval Education and Training Program Management Support Activity (NETPMSA) will publish supplements to the Catalog of Nonresident Training Courses as needed to identify new nonresident training products. Each new supplement, identified with a oneup number, will incorporate the previous supplement. Accesion For NTIS CRA&I DTIC TAB T Unannounced Justification... By... Distribution I YDist Availability Codes Avail andr/ or Special DTIC QUALIMY mspecd3

4 TABLE OF CONTENTS V PART PAGE Forew ord i Table of Contents ii Changes to 1994 Edition of NAVEDTRA *Examination Profile Form "Myths"... 9 * DISSEMINATE TO ALL HANDS 0 S

5 NAVEDTRA CHANGES * The following pages contain changes to the 1994 Edition of NAVEDTRA Each change is preceded by a page number and a description of the change. The PAGE number correlates to the same PAGE in the current issue of the main catalog. For example, a supplement entry for PAGE 1-21 will affect a main catalog entry on PAGE It's not necessary to make changes to the main catalog. Keep this supplement with the main catalog (3-ring binder, screw-posts, etc.). Check the supplement for additions/changes before you order, or make a decision, about a particular item. PAGE vii The following is an up-to-date listing of OBSOLETE NONRESIDENT TRAINING COURSES: OBSOLETE OBSOLETE OBSOLETE DISENROLLMENT REPLACEMENT NAVEDTRA TITLE DATE OR NAVEDTRA CUT-OFF DATE AW I&C, MOD 5 01APR94 31JUL AW I&C, MOD 6 01APR94 31JUL O OTM 1&C, MOD 2 03JAN94 02AUG CTTS, MOD 24 13JAN94 13JUL CTTS, MOD 25 13JAN94 13AUG Cl GMG 3&2 16AUG93 16APR DS 1&C, VOL 1 18JUN93 17NOV94 DISCONTINUED Cl ABF I&C 08OCT93 08AUG Fl AT 3&2 12JAN94 12AUG94 DISCONTINUED AG3 24SEP93 22SEP AQ 3&2 15MAR94 14FEB95 DISCONTINUED HISTORY OF THE 08OCT93 08NOV CHAPLAIN CORPS, PART III Al SHIPBOARD EMO 08JAN93 08JUL AMPHIBIOUS OPS 08MAR94 02OCT DI ML 3&2 03JAN94 03DEC Cl ML I&C 03JAN94 03NOV C INTERNATIONAL LAW 26JUL93 25OCT94 DISCONTINUED O NAVAL SAFETY 12OCT93 07JUN SUPERVISOR 1


7 * PAGE 1-6 Make the following changes to: NAVEDTRA CHANGES INFORMATION ABOUT COURSES ORDERED FROM ASO PHILADELPHIA: HOW TO EXCEED QUANTITY 1. Send requisitions on MILSTRIP or DD RESTRICTIONS AT ASO Form 1348 r nigtnal Copy ONL io PHILADELPHIA ýc ::rt pies to: Commanding Officer NETPMSA Code 03A Saufley Field Road Pensacola Florida Requisitions must include justification for excess orders, be accompanied by letter on command letterhead, and be signed by the commanding officer or "By direction". 3. Requisitions may be faxed to: NETPMSA ATTN: Code 03A2 DSN COMMERCIAL SPAGE 1-22 wedges; screw and gears. Internal combustion engines Errata #1 has been replaced with Errata #2 for: and power trains have cursory coverage. Aviation Storekeeper I SEE ORDERING INSTRUCTION # 1 NAVEDTRA NUMBER: PER ORDER QUANTITY RESTRICTION: 15 NSN: 0503-LP ERRATA #2 DATED: 9401 PAGE 1-27 Builder 3&2, Vol 2, ( ), has been PAGE 1-25 replaced by: Basic Machines ( Al), has been Builder 3&2, Vol 2 replaced by: NRTC EDITION: '994 Basic Machines NAVEDTRA NUMBER: NSN: 0503-LP NAVEDTRA NUMBER: ASSIGNMENTS: 6 POINTS: 9 NSN: 0503-LP ASSIGNMENTS: 4 POINTS: 6 TRAMAN NAVEDTRA EDITION: NUMBER: TRAMAN EDITION: 1994 NSN: 0502-LP NAVEDTRA NUMBER: This course is a continuation of Volume 1. The NSN: 0502-LP topics covered include floor and wall construction; roof This course covers the simplest machines-levers; block and tackle; wheel and axle; inclined plane and framing; exterior and interior finishing; plastering, stuccoing, and ceramic tile; paint and preservatives; advanced base field structures; and heavy construction. SEE ORDERING INSTRUCTION # 1 * PER ORDER QUANTITY RESTRICTION: 15 3

8 NAVEDTRA CHANGES * PAGE 1-33 PAGE 1-38 Data Systems Technician 3&2. Vol 2 Engineering Aid 3&2 Vols 1, 2. and 3 (10634-Cl. (80231/10231) has been deleted. This item is no 10628, ), have been replaced by: longer available. Engineering Aid 2 PAGE 1-33 NAVEDTRA NUMBER: s. The following is a new item: NSN: 0503-LP ASSIGNMENTS: 12 POINTS: 18 Data Systems Technician Training Series, Vol 3, Data Storage and Conversion Engineering Aid Intermediate/Advanced Devices TRAMAN EDITION: 1994 NAVEDTRA NUMBER: NAVEDTRA NUMBER: NSN: 0502-LP NSN: 0503-LP This course discusses the basic knowledge of the ASSIGNMENTS: 5 POINTS: 8 rwaterials and methods of construction used for heavy TRAMAN EDITION: 1994 timber, structural steel construction, and mechanical and NAVEDTRA NUMBER: electrical systems; horizontal construction; development NSN: 0502-LP and use of construction drawings and specifications; checking and editing construction drawings; planning and DS Volume 3 is the third of a new series of DS training Manuals(TRAMANs). Subjects included are magnetic tape storage, magnetic disk storage, CD-ROM storage, printers, data conversion devices, and switchboards. SEE ORDERING INSTRUCTION # 1 PER ORDER QUANTITY RESTRICTION: 15 PAGE 1-37 Engineering Aid 1, ( /10635-C), nas been replaced by: estimating manpower, material, and equipment quantities; care and adjustment of surveying equipment; field tests and adjustment of surveying equipment; obtaining and converting field notes into topographic maps; computing areas by DMD and trapezoidal rule; techniques of computing horizontal and vertical curves, level, and traverse; procedures for land, topographic, and triangulation surveys; and testing soils moisture content, liquid limits, specific gravity, compaction, and density. SEE ORDERING INSTRUCTION # 10 PER ORDER QUANTITY RESTRICTION: Engineering Aid 1 PAGES 1-42/43 NAVEDTRA NUMBER: NSN: 0503-LP Gas Turbine System Technician 1&C ( /10552), Gas Turbine System Technician (Electrical) 1&C Vol 2 ( ), and Gas ASSIGNMENTS: 4 POINTS: 6 Turbine System Technician M 1&C, Vol 2 ( /10549), have been replaced by: Engineering Aid Intermediate/Advanced TRAMAN EDITION: 1994 Gas Turbine Systems Supervisor NAVEDTRA NUMBER: NT DTO:19 NSN: 0502-LP NAVEDTRA NUMBER: This course discusses the principles of administration; NSN: 0503-LP organization and function of an EAl in an NMCB ASSIGNMENTS: 1 POINTS: 2 operations department; fundamentals of geodesy and field astronomy; classification of soils by sieve analysis and TRAMAN EDITION: 1994 according to the USCS; concrete design; bituminous mix NAVEDTRA NUMBER: design; soil stabilization and design. NSN: 0502-LP SEE PER ORDERING ORDER QUANTITY INSTRUCTION # 10 RESTRICTION: _ This course provides information needed by senior petty officers and chiefs responsible for the management, training, and administering of Gas Turbine Systems personnel. Subjects included are programs, reports, and 4

9 NAVEDTRA CHANGES * records; power train and propulsion systems; and gas NAVEDTRA NUMBER: turbine maintenance. NSN: 0502-LP SEE ORDERING INSTRUCTION # 1 PER ORDER QUANTITY RESTRICTION: 10 PAGE 1-45 Errata #1 has been replaced with Errata #2 for: This course covers general administration and security; the law library; court repor';ng; constitutional considerations; nonjudicial punishment; pretrial matters; court,artial trials; posttrial duties and the review process; administrative separations; delivery of personnel; and legal assistance. History of the Chaplain Corps, Part II SEE ORDERING INSTRUCTION # 1 NAVEDTRA NUMBER: PER ORDER QUANTITY RESTRICTION: 15 ERRATA #2 DATED: 9401 PAGE 1-54 PAGE 1-51 Master-At-Arms C (91427-A), Master-At-Arms 1 Legalman Chief (80458/10458) and Legalman ( ). Master-At-Arms 2 (91425-Al). and (80457a10457, C hief (8e ad Le a 1 Master-At-Arms 2,1, & C, Vols 1 & 2, ( ), have been replaced by: (10255/10256), have been replaced by: Legalman 1 & C Master-At-Arms NAVEDTRA NSN: 0503-LP NUMBER: NTCEDTION NAVEDTRA NUMBER: 199 : ASGNM 350POINTS: NSN: 0503-LP ASSIGNMENTS: 3 POINTS: 5 ASSIGNMENTS: 19 POINTS: 29 Legalman TRAMAN EDITION: 1994 TRAMAN EDITION: 1994 NAVEDTRA NUMBER: NAVEDTRA NUMBER: NSN: 0502-LP NSN: 0502-LP The Master-at-Arms TRAMAN is a four-paygrade This course covers drafting correspondence; manual that provides coverage in the following areas: instructions and notices; legal research; pretrial rules and regulations; military law; search and seizure; confinement procedures; chain of custody procedures; military law of evidence; courts-martial; nonjudicial review of charge sheets; interviewing witnesses; punishment; controlled substances; small arms; crowd administrative discharge warnings; service of process and control; physical security; military working dogs; patrol; subpoenas; claims; administrative investigations; office customs; shipboard duties; investigations; forensics; organization and management; and letters of evidence custody; and administration. indebtedness. SEE ORDERING INSTRUCTION # 1 SEE ORDERING INSTRUCTION # 1 PER ORDER QUANTITY RESTRICTION: 5 PER ORDER QUANTITY RESTRICTION: 15 PAGES 1-51/52 PAGE 1-58 Legalman 2 Modules 1,2,3,4 & 6 ( , Add Errata #1 to: , , , and C ), Naval Arctic Operations have been replaced by: NAVEDTRA NUMBER: B5 ERRATA #1 DATED: 9310 Legalman 3 & 2 NAVEDTRA NUMBER: NSN: 0503-LP ASSIGNMENTS: 9 POINTS: 13 O Legalman TRAMAN EDITION:

10 NAVEDTRA CHANGES * PAGE 1-60 PAGE Naval Postal Officer ( ), has been replaced by: Errata #2 has been replaced with Errata #3 for: Naval Postal Officer Principles of Naval Engineering NAVEDTRA NUMBER: ERRATA #3 DATED: 9402 NAVEDTRA NUMBER: NSN: 0503-LP ASSIGNMENTS: 4 POINTS: 6 PAGE 1-74 TRAMAN EDITION: 1994 Add Errata # 1 to: NAVEDTRA NUMBER: Refrigeration Systems NSN: 0502-LP NAVEDTRA NUMBER: A Provides those assigned as collateral duty postal ERRATA #1 DATED: 9401 officers at commands where postal expertise is limited, with the information needed to manage and when necessary supervise their command's operations. PAGE 1-74 The following is a new item: SEE ORDERING INSTRUCTION # 1 PER ORDER QUANTITY RESTRICTION: 5 Religious Program Specialist 3 NAVEDTRA NUMBER: PAGE 1-64 NSN: 0503-LP NEETS Module 5--Introduction to Generators and ASSIGNMENTS: 3 POINTS: 5 Motors, ( / ), has been TRAMAN EDITION: 1994 replaced by: NAVEDTRA NUMBER: NEETS Module 5--Introduction to NSN: 0502-LP Generators and Motors Covers basic information on the RP rating; command religious program (CRP); religious ministry facility NAVEDTRA NUMBER: (RMF); military weddings and funerals; major religions NSN: 0507-LP of the world; worship support functions; pastoral ASSIGNMENTS: 1 POINTS: 2 counseling support; information and referral assistance; logistics and support of the chapel, chaplain's office, TRAMAN EDITION: 1994 RMF, and CRP; religious offering funds; religious NAVEDTRA NUMBER: B education; publicity; security; library support; audiovisual NSN: 0507-LP presentations; and other aspects of chaplain backing and This course covers basic construction and theory of support, including religious program support in the field. operation of AC & DC generators and motors. SEE ORDERING INSTRUCTION # 1 SEE ORDERING INSTRUCTION # 1 PER ORDER QUANTITY RESTRICTION: 15 PER ORDER QUANTITY RESTRICTION: 50 PAGE 1-64 PAGE 1-79 Add Errata #1 to: Add Errata #1 to: Storekeeper I&C NEETS Module 6 NAVEDTRA NSN: 0503-LP NUMBER: NAVEDTRA NUMBER: B ERRATA #1 DATED:P9401 NSN: 0507-LP ERRATA #1 DATED:

11 NAVEDTRA CHANGES * PAGE 1-79 PAGE 1-80 Errata #1 has been replaced with Errata #2 for: Theoretical Damage Control, (10937-B3) has been deleted. This item is no longer available. Storekeeper 3&2 NAVEDTRA NUMBER: Kl NSN: 0502-LP PAGE 3-2 ERRATA #2 DATED: 9312 Change "POINTS" to 6 vice 12 for: Food Service Sanitation PAGE 1-79 NAVEDTRA Surface Ship Operations (10776-A), has been ASSIGNMENTS: 3 POINTS: 6 replaced by: Surface Ship Operations NAVEDTRA NUMBER: NSN: 0503-LP ASSIGNMENTS: 5 POINTS: 8 TRAMAN EDITION: 1994 NAVEDTRA NUMBER: NSN: 0502-LP This course provides fundamental information about shiphandling, underway replenishment, the weather, naval communications, formations and screens, rules of the road, small boat operations, and combat systems. O SEE ORDERING INSTRUCTION # 1 PER ORDER QUANTITY RESTRICTION:

12 PAGE 9-2 NAVEDTRA CHANGES The following changes are effective for Table 3, Mandatory Rating-Specific TRAMAN- and NRTCs. Changes are inside brackets [ ). Table 3.--Mandatory Rating-Specifi; TRAMAN and NRTC Requirements for All Ratings RATING TRAMAN/NRTC TITLE AND NAVEDTRA NUMBER E-4 E-5 E-6 E-7 BU BU 3&2 V /82520 [BU 3&2 V / SEABEE COMBAT HANDBOOK V /82003 [NSG MOD ] CTT NSG MOD NSG MOD DS TRAINING SERIES VOLS 1-[31 DS 12501/ /82502 [12503/ lea lea INTERMEDIATE INTERMEDIATE EA & ADVANCED & ADVANCED EA EA ] SEABEE P /80601 GSE [GS SUPERVISOR 12158/82158] GSM [GS SUPERVISOR 12158/82158] "LN [ILN (LN LN3& ] LN 1&C 82609] MA [MA RP3&2 MODS1-3 RP [RP /

13 EXAMINATION PROFILE FORM "MYTHS" I NAVAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING PROGRAM IAMAGEMENT SUPPORT ACTIVTTY FRo COMMANDING OFFICER PENSACOLA. FLORIDA US0-SSSC DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY TO: (YOUR NAME WILL APPEAR HERE) - XAM AB BF- YOUR EXAM SERIAL NUMBER AND : 'on n.the DATE WILL APPEAR HERE) THE IN:ORIMILTION PROVIDED BELOW 0 A PROFULE OF YOUR RELATIVE STANOING WITH ALL OTHERS IN YOUR RATE IN EACH SUMIUCT-MATI"11 SECTION. THE INFORMATION IS TO BE USED WITH THE SUIJECT-MAATER IDENTIFICATION SHEET FOR THE EXAM- INATION SERIES INDICATED, ST IWMNGS ARE BASED ON OVER 90% RETURNS, NO SIGNIFICANT CHANGE WITH AL. RETURNS IN. S2T~ATUS IDNUIj ij SECTION I a 15 4 u1 7 IIIIIII0 PAG STANDING A A HA L P LA] P I IE EA SpuIqperlerI. Upper 10% NA (High Averago). Upper 40% L (Lew) = Lower 3W61 COPY TO COoE I (Exsenmi. Upper W% A(Aver"geDMIddle P (POW). Loww am SERVICE RECORD IDENTIFICATION H (L"Ia). Uppe w% LA(L.wAverg).Le)werdD40 VP (Very Poo). Lower 10% YOU MAY CONTACT YOUR IM FOR DATA U6D FOR YOUR MULTIPLE COMPUTATION The Naval Education and Training Program A superior standing simply tells candidates that they Management Support Activity (NETPMSA) prepares examination profile forms to provide examination answered more questions correctly than their peers who were rated below superior. candidates the following information: MYTH 2 -- "The profile form tells candidates what O 1. Earned Passed-Not-Advanced (PNA) Points they should study for the NEXT exam." 2 Projected PNA Points 3. Pass/Fail Status and Navy Standard Score NOT TRUE. The profile form only reflects how 4. Final Multiple Score (FMS) well candidates performed, in relation to their peers, 5. Minimum FMS Required for Advancement on this exam. The next examination will not have the 6. Examination Section/Standing Information same questions and candidates will not be competing with the same set of peers. There are no shortcuts! Within the Examination Section/Standing area there For the next exam, candidates SHOULD ALWAYS study are nine levels of performance that may be shown for the bibliography listed i., their advancement handbook. each examination section, i.e. Superior, Excellent, High, High Average, Average, Low Average, Low, Poor, and MYTH 3 - "Prof'de forms may be used as a basis Very Poor. The standings assigned for a given section for training programs." indicate how the candidate answered the questions relative to all other candidates taking the same NOT TRUE. Because of the reasons stated in myths examination, and that exmnination only. 1 and 2. Again, there are no shortcuts. A training There are several myths surrounding the advancement program that covers the ENTIRE advancement handbook bibliography will produce the best results. profile form. Understanding the facts (and disregarding One method of organizing study is to use Personnel the myths) will help examination candidates better Advancement Requirements (PARS). PARS are prepare for future advancement examinations, divided into job areas with pertinent references listed MYTH I -- "The profile form tells candidates how for each job area. many questions they answered correctly in each examination section." NOT TR. The profile form only tells candidates how well they did in each examination section in relation to their peers. For example: A rating of superior indicates a candidate was in the top 10 percent of the candidates taking this section - not how many questions were answered correctly. 9 'U.S. Governmet Prdfflng O~er: o1M/07040