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2 SPECIAL 4 DAY Tuesday InnoTrans opening ceremony wlth senior rail Professionals Challenge presentations, idea pitching, and team formation Wednesday Mentorlng S customer development Begin bullding prototypes Hack through the InnoTrans Thursday Create and practise pltches Mentors dragon den for pitchlng Final presentations Friday Top teams pitch on big Stege ia InnoTrans Awards glven for bestteam

3 L FÜR... will be selected 80 Innovators to take part on an immersive journey to solve the industry's largest problems They have four days to conceive, build, and demo a new prototype that had the potential to change the world forever - whilst at the biggest transport festival in the world! DEVELOPERS, DESIGNERS, ENGINEERS & THINKERS Over 450 Innovators will applv. however only the absolute best are chosen to participate in the one ofthe world's most challenging technology events

4 HORIZON The world is changing faster than ever, and so are our expectations ofit. 24/7 access to Information and communication has resulted in behavioural changes across the globe. How humans interact with technology is completely differentto from 20 years ago. Many companies have fallen because they did not adapt to this change. Hackathons provide a great insight into what future passengers needs will be by enabling young Innovators to build them. See firsthand how quickly new technology can be developed and the potentiat impact it can have

5 140+ BUILT '!L-- "Elastic" Navigation on Station platforms snd exits "Trainlicious" Determined passenger numbers through CCTV per carriage then send this info to boarding passengers "TrainGo" Seamless WiFi Ticketing

6 CHEAPER& STErf? The typical consultancy or digital agency charges more than 100, 000 and takes up to 3 months to build 1 prototype/mvp (minimal viable product). Our network of innovators that take part in the HackTrain build multiple prototypes/mvps withinjust 48-hours providing you with almost immediate insight into how the tatest technologies can benefityour business. Over the last 36-months our hackathons have seen the creation of 140+ prototypes which have helped inform 50+ Sponsors across retail, data analysis, and asset management.

7 TRAILBLAZING Our first initiative HackTrain is currently leading the drive for innovation in the rail and transport industry. We have done this through a combination ofhackathons, reports, Conferences and an accelerator. NDORSED BY We have been fortunate to have the endorsement of key senior figures in the Department for Transport throughout ourjourney. Graham Hopkins Network Rail Gmiip Sofety. Technical and Engineei!ng Dac'ctor Paul Maynard UKRail Minister Departniont for Transport Peter Wilkinson Managing Director, Passenger Service Depaiünenfoi Transpoit

8 WHO WE HAVE WORKED The reason we are the leaders in the fleld ofinnovation within the Rail industry because ofour Strategie relationships, commitment to innovation and track record of delivery. We actively work with train operators, ROSCOs, Service providers, government and the technology sector. As a result ofthis industry-wide engagement we are in an incredibly unique Position where we ha' e amassed a huge amount of IP and knowledge that no other Organisation has national express l. -EUROSTAR- STAGECOACHGROUP bblmmmunlcatloib Department for Transport Transport for «Hlnmpany. s» BAE SYSTEMS BOMBARDIER MTRSggE Co'Ahead trainline 'SILVERRAIL angef

9 ATTENDANCE AT OUR EVENTS SINCE 2015 Accolerntor Launch DfT Hack HackTrain 2.0 Confetcncc hlacktiaiii 3.0 HackTrain 4.0 Attendeesf«) Attendees (%) Attendees W Attendees (%) Attendees «.) Attendees (%) Attendees(#) Attendees (%) Attendees (,?) Attendees (%) Attendees (#) Attendees (%) TOCs/TfL 10.94% 0.00% % % % % DfT % % 2. 31% 8. 19% 4. 16% 3. 5% HS % 2. 66% 3.08% % % % NR Other (ROSCOs, 3.13% 0.00% 0.77% 1. 74% 0.73% % siipplychain. and tecli % % % % % % innovators) Total Attendces

10 Graham Hopkins Group Dlrector Network Rail 'We've worked with HackTrain before, it's a really important way, and really successful way ofgetting that quick buzz ofinnovation that we know we need to happen." (/) Q - LU Q 0 U I - UJ l" ( LU Diego Diaz President SNCF International Mark Holt CTO Trainline Peter Wilkinson Managing Director DfT ['The HackTrain is a great initiative that introduces new talented individuals to the rail industry challenging them to create innovative solutions for our problems" "Some ofourinnovations thatare currently in our mobile app actuallycame from HackTrain. Today 26, 000 people a day push dato into BusyBot to teil people about where seats are available on trains" 'Today is a profound important event for me and for the industry. l want to see more of these." [As part ofkeynote Speech Tor HackTrain 4. 0] Malcolm Brown CEO Angel Trains "Hack Partners and events such äs this challenge us in a constructive way to Start to think different. It's having that genesis ofideas that actually makes the difference and adds value."

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