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1 Hannibal Regional Hospital Annual Review 2008 fromvision to Reality

2 Letter From the President From Vision to Reality. The 2008 Annual Report of Hannibal Regional Hospital has been developed to provide you with examples of your hospital s success in creating a new reality in local healthcare. A reality based upon a clear vision of the future of healthcare. A future in which Hannibal Regional Hospital is recognized as the leader in fostering individual and family well-being; in which we provide services and resources which enhance all aspects of life; and, in which we succeed by creating visionary solutions for positive health outcomes. Whether we begin our report with the vision of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Levering in 1902, or the shared visions of Reverend Mother Mary Augustine and the Sisters of St. Francis in 1913, or the members of our community who, in 1988 saw the opportunities that could result from the merger of these two fine organizations, the reality of today s healthcare community in northeast Missouri is the consequence of focused effort and commitment. Our campus bears little resemblance to those fields we disturbed in Today it includes Hannibal Regional Hospital, the Hannibal Children s Center, the James E. Cary Cancer Center, the Shinn Lane Medical Building and the recently opened Hannibal Regional Medical Building. This new 60,000 square foot structure is not only the primary location of the Hannibal Regional Medical Group, it houses the Hannibal Cardiovascular Institute, primary care & specialty physicians services and expanded outpatient laboratory and imaging services. This Annual Report will also present our new Emergency Services facility which was completed and made available in Although our organization continues to grow we must never forget that Hannibal Regional Hospital is not merely a collection of buildings and services. It is more than 1,000 team members who come together each day in pursuit of that Vision that has served us so well since This Annual Report is just that, a report of achievements and progress during the past twelve months. It is a snapshot of yesterday as we, together, create tomorrow. From Vision to Reality. John C. Grossmeier President and Chief Executive Officer 1

3 2008 Hospital Board of Directors C O M M U N I T Y BENEFIT REPORT The following data shows various ways in which Hannibal Regional Hospital gave back to our community in Charity Care...$1,327,485 Bad Debt...$2,373,558 Medicaid (uncompensated care)...$1,836,412 Education... $296,139 HRH Expenses by C at egory Operating Expenses Expenses % of Total Front (L to R): Darren Smith, Vice-Chairperson, Plant Manager, General Mills; Carolyn Shaw, Secretary, Retired; B. Stevens Plowman, Chairperson, President Farmers and Merchants Bancorp, Inc.; Bill Craigmiles, Director, President, Big River Oil; Roderick Bartlett, M.D., President-Elect, HRH Medical Staff Middle (L to R): Jim Humphreys, Treasurer, Owner/Partner Luck, Humphreys and Associates, CPA, PC; Jack Whitacker, Director, Publisher, Hannibal Courier Post; Gene Scholes, Director, President-Reliable Pest Solutions; Jerry Trower, Director, President-Bank of Hannibal Back (L tor): Gordon Spilker, Assistant Secretary, Co-Owner, Spilker Farms Not Pictured: John Bennett, M.D., President of HRH Medical Staff; Tom Lennon, Director, President- Continental Cement; James Coleberd, D.O., Retired, Owner/Manager of Mark Twain Cave Salaries 41,180,756 48% Benefits 12,196,760 14% Professional Fees 2,177,013 3% Utilities 1,011,207 1% Supplies 13,188,370 15% Other 9,343,530 11% 79,097,636 92% Capital Expenses Expenses % of Total Depreciation 5,243,837 6% Interest 1,099,075 2% 6,342,912 8% Totals 85,440, % 2

4 2008 Senior Management Front (L to R): Todd Ahrens, Sr. VP-General Counsel; Carol Jaco, Sr. VP-Patient Care; John Grossmeier, President & CEO; Roger Dix, Sr. VP-Finance Middle (L to R): Vanu Bagchi, VP-Community Relations & Development; Julie Leverenz, VP- Planning; David Hevel, VP-Quality Back (L to R): Richard Draper, D.O., Medical Director-HRMG; Penny Nunley, VP-Human Resources; Dean Akerson, Executive Director-HRMG Front (L to R): Jeffery Curl, Secretary, Curl & Hark, LLC; Joseph Thomas, Chairman, Palmyra State Bank; Edward Behrens, Treasurer, RCSB; Bobby Boland, Vice-Chairman, Tom Boland Ford Middle (L to R): Phillip Foreman, M.D., Director; Jennifer Valuck, M.D., Director; Mary Ann Hamilton, Director, HRH Auxiliary; John Grossmeier, Director, President-HRH Back (L to R): Edward Cline, D.P.M., Director, HRMG; Mark McNally, Director, Clarence Cannon Wholesale Water Commission; Robert Gilstrap, Director, McDonald s, Inc.; Curtis Burton, M.D., Director, Midwest Orthopedic Specialists Not Pictured: Ralph Shaw, Director; E.W. Harder, D.M.D., Director, Hannibal Dental Group 2008 Foundation Board 3

5 2008 Medical Staff Leadership 2008 rising star award recipients John Bennett, M.D. President Richard Bartlett, M.D. President Elect Pranav Parikh, M.D. Secretary/Treasurer Remembering Jim Coleberd Richard Baumann Jr., M.D. Immediate Past President 1 st Quarter 3 rd Quarter Tiffany Bonner Barb Parkhill Heather Hudson Lori Burns Paula Weathers Donna Lieurance Sherry Goodwin Deb Flavell Doug Ruble Cory Sturtevant 2 nd Quarter 4 th Quarter Meredith Andrews Diane Slough Jamie Stamp Juanita Broaddus Diana Schmidt Margaret Dinwiddie Gina Wyant Paula Coons Abby Murphy Sondra Selle Hannibal Regional Hospital mourns the passing of James C. Coleberd, D.O. in December Dr. Coleberd had been a member of the Hannibal Regional Hospital Board. In addition serving as a Director on the Hannibal Regional Hospital Board, he was a member of the National Caves Association, Hannibal Rotary Club, Clinton Lodge No. 548 A.F. and A.M. and was a U.S. Army Veteran. He was co-owner and CEO of Mark Twain Cave Corporation. He had practiced medicine in Clinton, Missouri for 30 years and he had held the position of Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine, in Kansas City. He was involved with the Hannibal Convention and Visitors Bureau; the Tom and Becky program; the Mark Twain Home Foundation Board of Directors; and a member of the National Volunteer Fire Council through the Firefighters Association of Missouri. John Grossmeier, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hannibal Regional Hospital, said During his two years on the Board he was a very consistent and articulate voice of the patient and also was very sensitive to the needs of our medical community. He will be greatly missed. This article was prepared with information courtesy of the Hannibal Courier Post Rising Stars of the Year Diane Slough Cory Sturtevant 4

6 LEADiNG The Way John C. Grossmeier, FACHE, was honored by the Missouri Hospital Association with the 2008 Visionary Leadership Award for his efforts to expand access to quality care within the community. John uses the hospital s resources to foster better individual and family health, but he never overlooks the hospital s role in strengthening the community at large, said Marc D. Smith, MHA President. His strategic investments in infrastructure have allowed the hospital to offer world-class health services, and his investments in community health have expanded access through the Hannibal Free Clinic. Since his arrival at Hannibal Regional Hospital in 1992, Grossmeier has focused the hospital s mission on increasing community health and wellbeing. His compelling vision and collaborative leadership style have allowed him to complete major hospital expansions while also investing in additional primary care venues throughout the hospital s service area. The hospital has undergone construction and relocation of its emergency and acute care services to a new facility and developed new services, including a new interventional lab, the Hannibal Regional Cardiovascular Institute, the Hannibal Children s Center and the Center for Child Success. His partner-friendly approach was essential in developing the James E. Cary Cancer Center and adding mobile diagnostic services to the region. Grossmeier s leadership in solidifying the hospital s financial footing has allowed him to expand community partnerships. He is active in community development as a board member of the Northeast Missouri Economic Development Council and Hannibal Airport Advisory Committee. He also has assisted the Hannibal Fire Department in securing funding for infrared cameras to allow them to better serve the community. During his tenure, Hannibal Regional Hospital has grown into the area s primary health care venue. Since opening in 1993, the hospital has expanded from a staff of 400 providing 60,000 health interventions to a team of 1,000 individuals providing 180,000 interventions. Much of this growth is attributable to Grossmeier s vision of fostering well-being and creating visionary solutions for positive health outcomes. Hannibal Regional Hospital s leadership team was awarded the 2007 Thomson Reuters 100 Top Hospitals Performance Improvement Leaders award. To be recognized by Thomson Reuters as one of the twenty top performance improvement leaders among America s small hospitals is an unexpected honor, stated John Grossmeier, President & CEO of Hannibal Regional Hospital. This recognition of quality leadership demonstrated by the Board of Directors, Medical Staff leaders and the management team again exemplifies our hospital s consistent commitment to its mission, vision and values and our ability to convert that commitment into action. We are pleased to accept this latest award on behalf of every team member of the Hannibal Regional Hospital team, Grossmeier added. The study rated hospitals on eight factors patient mortality, medical complications, patient safety, length of stay, expenses, profitability, cashto-debt ratio, and use of evidence-based medicine. Hannibal Regional Hospital was the only hospital in Missouri to receive this recognition. 5

7 Hannibal Regional Hospital s Center for Child Success Hannibal Regional Hospital s Center for Child Success was awarded a $369,503 grant by the Missouri Foundation for Health. This grant, the largest ever received by HRH, will be disbursed over a three year period beginning November With this funding, the Center for Child Success team will enter the school environment to provide evidence-based mental health and preventive services and educate those who will provide the services in the future. The goal of this collaboration with the educational community is to assist children in becoming happier, healthier, thriving individuals; to educate and empower school faculty to better understand and implement effective preventive practices for students and families; and reduce the number of student behavior problems, the dropout rate, and incidences of student substance abuse. This grant will impact a minimum of 550 students and families over the funding period. A strong component of this grant endeavor is building upon the partnership that has already been established with the Hannibal Public School District. The funding for this program will directly support education, training and salary costs for Center for Child Success team. This grant will support group counseling for middle-school and high-school students which allows students to discuss the pressures they encounter and how to respond to those pressures, said Meredith Andrews, Director of the Center of Child Success. It will also allow counselors to provide observation, consultation and training to the elementary grades regarding specific concerns parents and teachers may have. This program makes preventive care more accessible to families so that their students can increase their academic achievement while decreasing disciplinary actions, alcohol and drug use, and childhood depression. With collaborative teamwork we will help children discover their individual potential. 6

8 Cardiology By Freida Juliano Cardiology Service Line Manager Hannibal Regional Hospital s Cardiology Service Line continues to show progress. HRH admitted 146 additional cardiac patients in 2008 compared to This translated to 19% growth for this performance indicator. Emergency Department cardiac patient transfers have tremendously improved. From October to December in 2007, we transferred 29 patients to another facility. During the same time in 2008, we transferred 10 patients. Our market share went up from 32.4% in 2007 Service Line to 41.4% in the six counties that serve as our primary patient decided to continue to receive his care service areas: Lewis, Marion, Monroe, Pike, Ralls in Hannibal, despite the distance from his home, and Shelby counties. We also more than doubled our because of the exceptional experience he received at market share in our seven secondary service areas in Hannibal Regional Hospital. Missouri and Illinois. This is what it s all about, the HRH Team Stent placement patient volume has shown positive providing contemporary patient centered care to growth. We continue to save lives each and every day each and every patient. by responding to the needs of our community. We no longer send our patients to other healthcare facilities for stent placement procedure. We treat them here and give them the exceptional care that they deserve. To illustrate this, we had a patient from Iowa who had a heart attack while passing through Hannibal. Our whole team worked seamlessly to save this person s life. This gentleman had a stent placed by Mark Shima, M.D., HRMG interventional cardiologist. The same 7 Emergency By Neal Minor Emergency Service Line Manager Planning took more than five years. Construction lasted 18 months. Nearly 2,000 people toured the new facility before it was opened. On Labor Day weekend, Hannibal Regional Hospital introduced to the region a new way of delivering Emergency Medicine. After an over-night relocation from the old department, Richard Draper, D.O., Medical Director Emergency Services, said it best when he stated The opening of the new Emergency Department was uneventful. Of course, he did not mean that it was not significant. The transition went according to plan and the ED team got back to doing what they do best, providing high-quality patient care. The new facility allows our team to care for patients in the manner they have always wanted; getting them quickly into a bed, providing the utmost privacy and utilizing the latest diagnostic technology. Soon after the team settled into the department, an ad campaign targeting urgent care was released. The urgent care message was delivered at the same time as the Cardiology Services ad campaign. The two messages together have resulted in nearly 9% growth in Emergency Department volume. The Emergency Department team has learned new information systems, equipment, processes and floor plans. Nine ED nurses became certified as Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners. Two nurses completed the Trauma Nurse Specialists training. ED team members received training on Easy I&O (a pediatric resuscitation tool), and 17 physicians became certified or re-certified in Advanced Trauma Life Support. Currently, multiple nurses are studying to become Certified Emergency Nurses. Higher quality, faster turn around, newer technology, safer visits and above all, more compassion and caring.

9 Oncology By Allison Givens Oncology Service Line Manager This has been an exciting year in the Oncology Service Line with consistent growth and improvements. From the fifth anniversary of the James E. Cary Cancer Center to the development of a robust screening and awareness effort, we have seen the effects of commitment to patient care and service provide results. Some of the successes of the year include: *0 Accreditation by the American College of Radiology for the James E. Cary Cancer Center. 100% of patient perception indicators of oncology services at the James E. Cary Cancer Center at or above goal. *0 The addition of awareness campaigns for testicular, cervical and lung cancer. *0 The addition of screenings for oral cancer, and wellwoman screenings (breast and pelvic cancer). These screenings join skin, colon, and prostate cancer screenings. *0 The addition of a semi-annual public bone marrow donor drive and a yearly Doctor as Donor Drive. *0 An increased effort to reach out to cultural minorities to partner in their health care. *0 Increased collaboration with community partners including the Hannibal Clinic, The American Cancer Society, Northeast Clergy Coalition, the Pinkie Pals, Lance Armstrong Foundation and the CHART Task Force. *0 Increased media and community attention led by physician champions. *0 Approval for participation in the National oncological PET Registry. *0 Development of a monthly physician newsletter on oncology issues in addition to the ongoing monthly provision of Fast Facts on palliative care. The James E. Cary Cancer Center will continue to work towards enhancing oncology services and support services available to our patients and families. Orthopedics By Neal Minor Imagine a bus load of senior citizens from Illinois taking a day trip to a casino in Iowa. A 67 year old woman, one of the youngest on the bus, brings up the topic of total knee replacement. A woman sitting near her states that she had her total joint done at Hannibal Regional Hospital and she was so happy with Christopher Bieniek, M.D., nursing and therapy that she can t imagine going anyplace else. Pretty soon the entire bus is discussing joint replacement and an impromptu straw poll indicates that Hannibal Regional Hospital is definitely the way to go. Although Dorothy Perry, of Mt. Sterling, IL was already considering Dr. Bieniek and HRH, that bus ride sealed the deal. There may have been a time when Orthopedic care at Hannibal Regional Hospital could sneak up on the competition and people would be surprised that such high quality and critical expertise existed at our facility. Not anymore. Community Relation s Orthopedic ad campaign, Restore Me, Restore My Life, finished third in the state, behind only hospitals from Springfield and Kansas City. The campaign is a collaboration between Hannibal Regional Hospital and Midwest Orthopedic Specialists which educates area residents about positive outcomes and state of the art services available right here at home. Also hampering Orthopedic s ability to remain covert as the service line continues to grow are results of patient satisfaction surveys. For the past year Orthopedic patient perception at HRH has consistently ranked in the 80th 90th percentile nationally! Not just statewide, or regionally, but nationally, our patients are telling us we are among the best. There are big things to come for the Orthopedic Service Line at Hannibal Regional Hospital. However, the ability to grow and achieve results unnoticed is no longer possible. Don t be surprised when you hear great things about Orthopedics at Hannibal Regional Hospital. 8

10 Letter From the Foundation Hannibal Regional Hospital Foundation was created with the purpose of financially supporting the services, operations, and mission of Hannibal Regional Hospital. In essence, the Foundation is here to ensure the future healthcare needs of the people we serve in northeast Missouri and west central Illinois. The theme of this publication is From Vision to Reality. More than fifteen years ago, there was a field on the edge of town. Today, a sprawling healthcare complex, with Hannibal Regional Hospital at its heart, is located on that field. It was a group of individuals compromised of community leaders, members of the Hannibal Regional Hospital Board of Directors and senior leadership of the organization that had a vision of what the magnitude of healthcare could be for this region. But it was YOU who made that vision a reality. Through your unselfish giving of time, talents and philanthropy, YOU have made the vision of others become a reality. HRH Foundation FY 2008 disbursements Disbursements for fiscal year 2008 totaled $661, 692. Expansion Project Emergency Services, Hannibal Regional Medical Building, Critical Decision Unit Diabetes & Wound/Ostomy Center Landscaping and Park Benches Patient Transportation Sepsis Seminar Compassionate Care award Endowment 2008 Auxiliary Board On behalf of Hannibal Regional Hospital Foundation and its Board of Directors, I can not say thank you enough to our many loyal donors for their support and continued generosity over the years. Together, this vision will not stop. Together, we can continue to build an amazing reality in that field on the edge of town. Sarah Boleach Director Development Hannibal Regional Hospital Foundation Front (L to R): Bette Durbin, 2nd Vice-President; Mary Ann Hamilton, President; Carol Wilhoit, 1st Vice-President Middle (L to R): Marcia Freeman, Membership Treasurer; Judy Irons, Recording Secretary Back (L to R): Hilda Tennyson, Auxiliary Bookkeeper Not Pictured: Mary Frances Quinlin, Corresponding Secretary 9

11 Compassionate Care Award Winners NAMED AT HANNIBAL REGIONAL HOSPITAL Because of the care their mother received from the patient care providers at Hannibal Regional Hospital in 2004, Mary Lou Leone s family worked with the hospital s Foundation to establish a permanent endowment that would recognize these caring and compassionate patient care providers. The monetary amount of interest from the Leone family s endowment is matched by HRH and awarded to two HRH direct care providers each year. In 2008, those direct care providers were Linda Van Hoose, LPN and Betty Hays, LPN. Linda Van Hoose has worked in Hannibal Regional Hospital s Medical/Surgical Unit since In a letter, a patient s husband wrote that Linda cared about my wife s situation so much that she remained vigilant all day and was ready to help her when possible. She instilled a unique trust in us that she truly cared for my wife and was doing what was best for her. She certainly went above and beyond the call of duty. Betty Hays joined the Women s Care Unit in A patient of hers wrote that everyone was truly the best, but I will not forget the nurse who showed such compassion...willing to go above and beyond the expected care to do everything she could. In addition to receiving this deserved recognition, Van Hoose and Hays were each awarded $500, and a permanent place on the Compassionate Care Award plaque in the Chapel area of the Hannibal Regional Hospital mall. Linda Van Hoose, LPN Betty Hays, LPN Dying with Dealing with a terminally ill patient is never easy for either the medical staff or the patient s family. While life outside the hospital room goes on, inside children are saying goodbye to parents, brothers are saying goodbye to sisters, and husbands are saying goodbye to their wives. Oftentimes whole families gather to be near their loved one as they slip from this world to the next. To provide patients and families with a more private and comfortable space to say their goodbyes, Hannibal Regional Hospital created the Garden Room. The idea for the room came from the End of Life Mentor program which gives Hannibal Regional Hospital team members the tools to deal with death and the grieving process that family members go through. When a patient is placed on comfort measures only, the entire mindset of treatment changes, explains Chaplain Allen Clark. The focus is no longer on healing the patient, but to prepare them for the inevitable and to provide comfort and support for the patient and the family. A key element to this is having people competent in providing assistance to patients and families who are confronted with terminal illnesses. The Garden Room is set up so family members can stay with the patient around the clock. The room has a pull-out couch, a pull-out chair, TV with DVD and VCR, table and chairs and reading lamps. The goal was to make it feel more like a home than a hospital room. In 2008, Master Gardener Raymond Crane created a garden which can be viewed from the room s window. He started drawing the plans to the garden as his wife of 46 years lay in a hospital bed. It became a memorial to her as she passed away soon after. The garden has many symbolic features, including its circular arrangement. Mr. Crane decided to design it as a circle to symbolize the continuity of life. For the main flower, Mr. Crane planted his wife s favorite: Live-Forevers. He also included a log cabin bird house atop a pole to show that there is another life above our earthly one. I hope it brings a certain peace to people, explains Mr. Crane. Looking out at the garden, he hopes that the patients and family members see that death is just another step in life. 10

12 Contributions in honor and in memoriam

13 Cornerstone Society 12

14 Year in Review Friends For Life January Shinn Lane Medical Building opens and contains the Hannibal Regional Medical Group Vision Insititue, Cardiology Services, Allergy/Immunology, Urology, Pain Management and Podiatry. February Hannibal Regional Hospital s Radiology Department implements new PACS system which allows xrays to be viewed on a computer instead of films. 13

15 March The James E. Cary Cancer Center celebrates its 5th Anniversary. April Hannibal Regional Medical Group Leadership is announced. Dr. Richard Draper named Medical Director & Mr. Dean Akerson named Executive Director. 14

16 Friends For Life May The Hannibal Regional Hospital Auxiliary start a shuttle service for patients and visitors of Hannibal Regional Hospital. June Completion of second cardiac catheterization lab in order to provide additional space for cardiology services. 15

17 July Over 1,000 runners and walkers participate in the 13th Annual Hannibal Cannibal. The 10K portion of the race was unavailable due to flood waters. August Hannibal Regional Hospital opens its new Emergency Services. The new ES triples the size of the old Emergency Services. 16

18 Friends For Life September Hannibal Regional Hospital s Radiology Department installs a new state-of-the-art 64 slice CT scanner. October The James E. Cary Cancer Center celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the Power of Pink. 17

19 November Dr. Edward Cline, Podiatrist with the Hannibal Regional Medical Group begins offering Dermagraft wound closure, a break through product for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers. DECEMBER Mary Ann Hamilton, President of the Hannibal Regional Hospital Auxiliary presents a check for $120,000 to John Grossmeier, President & CEO, HRH and Sarah Boleach, Director-Hannibal Regional Hospital Foundation. 18