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2 THE OF PHI KAPPA PSI FRATERNITY Vol. 101/No. 1/January, '81 Founded February 19,1852, at Jefferson College, Canonsburg, Pa., by CHARLES PAGE THOMAS MOORE Born Feb. 8,1831, In Greenbrier County, Va. Died July 7,1904, in Mason County, W. Va. WILLIAM HENRY LETTERMAN Born August 12, 1832, at Canonsburg, Pa. Died May 23,1881, at Duffau, Texas The Executive Council Officers President, John R. Donnell. Jr 134 Lindbergh Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga Vice President. John K. Boyd. Ill 849 West 52nd Terr., Kansas City, Mo Treasurer, John A. Burke 235 South East St., Medina, Ohio Secretary. Bryan P. Muecke 2222 Rio Grande, Suite D-104, Austin, Tex Archon, District I Todd M. Ryder Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, 4 Fraternity Circle, Kingston, R.I Archon, District II D. Randolph Drosick Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, 780 Spruce St., Morgantown. W. Va Archon, District III Mark R. Ricketts Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, 122 South Campus Ave., Oxford, Ohio Archon, District IV Larry L. Light Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, P.O. Box 14008, Gainesville, Fla Archon, District V Gerald "Jay" Donohue, Jr. Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, 1602 West 15th St., Lawrence, Kans Archon, District VI Jack P. Eckley 938 West 28th St., Los Angeles, Calif Attorney General, Paul J. LaPuzza 6910 Pacific, Suite 320, Omaha, Nebr Scholarship Director, Dr John W. Oswald 639 Kennard Rd., State College, Penna Director of Chapter Finance John W. Dickinson 484 West Cambourne, Ferndale, Mich Asst Director of Chapter Finance J. Smith Harrison. Jr 2812 Wheat St., Columbia, S.C Director for House Corporations John J. Ziegelmeyer, Jr. Marsh & McLennan, Inc., 10 Kiva, 220 West Douglas, Wichita, Kans Coordinator for Area Directors Eari W. Friend, Jr. 47 Meadowlark Ln., Charlotte, N.C Director of Membership John V. Ciccarelli Chatsworth St., Granada Hills, Calif Director of Fraternity Education Byron W. Cain, Jr 3000 Hillsboro #5, Nashville, Tenn Director of Alumni Associations and Clubs Warren A Raybould 2160 San Pasqual, Pasadena, Calif Chaplain, Rev. John P. Schlegel S.J California St., Omaha, Nebr Editor, THE SHIELD, Gary B. Angstadt Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, 510 Lockerbie St., Indianapolis, Ind Mystagogue-Kent Christopher Owen 611 South Jordan Ave., Bloomington, Ind Mystagogue Emeritus Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr 923 Manoa Rd., Havertown, Penna Executive Director Emeritus Ralph "Dud" Daniel 3324 East Second St., Tucson, Ariz Fraternity Headquarters 510 Lockerbie Street Indianapolis, Ind / Executive Director Gary B. Angstadt Chapter Consultant Louis M. IHoffman Chapter Consultant Donaid H. Durbin, Jr. Director, Endowment Fund Kent C. Owen Endowment Fund Trustees Ruddick C. Lawrence (1984) Lawrence Associates, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Suite 4515, New York, N.Y Philip M. Cornelius (1982) Lake Shore Manor, Apt. C, 5010 Allisonville Rd., Indianapolis, Ind Ralph D. Daniel (1986) 3324 E. Second St., Tucson, Ariz Permanent Fund Trustees G. Kent Yowell (1982) 899 Skokie Blvd., Northbrook, III W. Arthur Batten (1984) 184 Hillcrest Lane, Grosse Pointe, Mich John R. Donnell (1986) Marathon Oil Co., 539 S. Main St., Findlay, Ohio Fraternity Placement Bureau New York Area: Frank M. Holbrook, Jr. Employment Associates, inc., 176 Chestnut Dr., Wayne, N.J Washington, D.C. Area: David W. Fenstermaker Folger Nolan Fleming Douglas, th St., N.W., Washington, D.C Dra^y Minnesota Beta 3 The Phi Psi Buyers Guide Phi Psi at the Crossroads GAC 6 GAC Award Winners 11 GAC Registration 13 What the GAC Did 15 An Edict of the Executive Council 16 Statement on Fraternity Education 17 In Chapter Eternal 18 Virginia Beta 19 From Here... And There 20 Phi Psi Luncheons 21 Chapter Newsletters 22 Directory 49 A Phi Psi Perspective 55 On the Cover: The 1980 Grand Arch Council brought together men initiated 84 years apart! But the shared ideals of Phi Kappa Psi bridged the gap time constructed, as Fraternity fun and fellowship were everywhere in evidence at the Indianapolis meeting August 6-10,1980, shown here in a variety of Phi Psi faces. (Reprints of these and all GAC photos may be purchased directly from the photographer, Ed Kurtz, Oklahoma '75. of Richard Faust Photography, Norman, OK, 73070; phone 405/ ) THE SHIELD (USPS ) was established in It is publisiied four times each year, fail, winter, spring and summer, under the authority and direction of the Executive Council of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. Produced and printed by Compolith Graphics and Maury Boyd and Associates. Gary B. Angstadt, 510 Lockerbie Street, Indianapolis, Indiana is Executive Director to whom all material, subscriptions, and changes of address for THE SHIELD should be sent. Subscription price is $2.00 per year; single copies, 50 cents. Life subscriptions available at $ Secondclass postage paid at Indianapolis, Indiana, and additional mailing offices. Member of ^ * n P ^ H H H n ^ ^ ^ ^ College Fraternity Editors Association

3 Minnesota Beta Phi Psi Brotherhood Editor's Note: The success story recounted here did not Just happen but rather was the result of hard work by Fraternity staff, local alumni and enthusiastic undergraduates. We are very pleased with the fact that 18 similar rebuilding efforts have been undertaken across the country over the past 6 years, which stretches Phi Psi's resources to the very limit. You can help us do even more! The Fraternity's program of alumni financial support produced 32% of our income last fiscal year.. with additional funding, we could have more good news to share with you like that of Minnesota Beta. Please consider contributing $25, or any amount to the Alumni Support Program, Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, 510 Lockerbie St., Indianapolis, In Your help is important, and is appreciated! As we all embark on another decade of furthering the Brotherhood of Phi Kappa Psi, Minnesota Beta is very proud to announce that she is back and growing with 60 members after some very lean years. After being on the brink of disappearing from the campus just six years ago, Minnesota Beta has reclaimed the leadership role in Minnesota's Greek System that she had held for much of her 92 years on campus. In 1974, after some very sparse years, Minnesota Beta reached the lowest ebb in her history on campus. With its few members either graduating or leaving school, she was left with no active members. It was from this point that Minnesota Beta has rebuilt herself. In the fall of 1974, seemingly out of nowhere, John Timothy, a Minnesota medical student from Indiana Alpha, appeared on the scene. He initially served as landlord to the diverse group of students, most of them foreign, who resided at the chapter house. Also at about this same time, our lifesaving national became aware of our plight and sent Mike Wittern and Gary Angstadt (then Chapter Consultants) to search for ambitious men who might be interested in starting up Phi Psi on campus again. They contacted several men, but only two responded with a firm commitment. These two men then stirred up enthusiasm among several fellow dorm residents who desired a more meaningful living situation. With January 1981 by Todd A. Hilgenkamp, Minnesota '80 The men of Minnesota Beta proudly pose in front of their newly refurbished Chapter home at the University of Minnesota. a lot of help, advice, guidance, and most importantly, inspiration from Brothers Timothy, Angstadt, and Wittern, the idea of restarting Phi Psi on campus took hold and the reconstruction began. Starting with a loan from our supportive national and several determined young men, work was begun to restore the Chapter house. Floors, walls and ceilings were rebuilt, materials and appliances were bought and a great deal of the house was painted. Improvements on the house have continued during the summer and fall of 1980 with the addition of new carpeting and rebuilding of the front pillars. Thanks to generous contributions from alumni, a new kitchen was installed last winter and the house is now in very good condition. The Chapter has experienced steady growth over the last five years and is presently the fourth largest on campus. A successful rush program this past fall led by Jeff Coburn, Rush Chairman, brought in 23 good men for the pledge class of The pledges are: Karl Keel, Dave Hunt, Ted Eibs, Rich Phillips, Prior Lake; James Cope, Owatonna; Michael Sherwood, Paul Mason, Rogers Donnelly, St. Paul; Patrick Williams, Spicer; Stewart Rallis, Scott Harness, Stephan Wahl, James Horovitz, Michael Sims, William Sharpe, James Eaton, Edina; Henry Cousineau III, Wayzata; Michael Harrer, Bloomington; Steve Hintzke, Franklin, Wis.; David Campbell, Santa Cruz, Calif.; David Nussbaum, Minneapolis; Masoud Kazemzadeh, Abadan, Iran; and Joey Blauert, Sedona, Az. This group of men make up the largest pledge class the chapter has had in the last five years. We are confident that these new pledges will contribute to the quality and character of the chapter. Minnesota Beta has enjoyed success in several activities at the University. During spring quarter 1980, the chapter took first place in Campus Carnival which is a big annual charity fund raiser held every spring. Homecoming was also extremely successful this year, and we were awarded first place for our entry. Intramurals has been another area in which the Chapter has excelled. In 1979 and 1980, Minnesota Beta took second and fourth place respectively, out of 26 fraternities. This fall has been rewarding thus far with the two Chapter football teams placing first and third in their IFC division. (Continued on page 50)

4 THE PHI PSI BUYER'S GUIDE Prices and Order Form on pages 53 and 54 (A) The Phi Kappa Psi Creed (not pictured), beautifully printed, suitable for framing. 9"x12". (B) Embroidered Sportsware, with detailed Coat-of-Arms. 1. Cross Creek, 100% 2-ply cotton, 3 button long sleeve shirt. Navy only. 2. Sweater, long sleeve, 100% Orion acrylic. Navy only. 3. Cross Creek, 100% 2-ply cotton, 3 button short sleeve golf shirt. White. 4. Sportsmaster Nylon Jacket, medium weight lining, snap buttons, tie string at waist. Navy only. 5. Same golf Shirt as B-3, in Navy. (C) Paperweight. Gold toned relief of Coat-of-Arms embedded in lucite. 2"x2" (D) Phi Psi solid brass plaque. Can be displayed flat or on wall. 9" diameter. (E) Cross felt pen. 10K gold filled, with Phi Psi Coat-of-Arms. (F) Cross pen and pencil set. 10K gold filled, with Phi Psi Coat-of-Arms. (G) Needlepoint kit, detailing the Fraternity Coat-of-Arms. Includes no. 12 mono canvas with the outline of the Shield only hand drawn on for a starting point, chart of crest, Persian yarn, needle and instructions. Finished size 1iy2"x15". (H) 1. For future Phi Psis, or future Phi Psi sweethearts, toddler size football Jersey. 50% polyester, 50% cotton. Navy with white lettering. 2. Sweatshirt, hooded, 100% cotton, front pocket-pouch. Gray, Navy, White, Red. Choice of lettering styles no. 4 and no T-Shirt. All cotton, full-cut with straight-cut shoulders, non-sag neck. Navy, Scarlet, Columbia Blue, Gold. Choice of lettering styles no. 4 and no Trimmed shorts. All-cotton twill with vented legs and bound elastic waistband. Trimmed with sanforized colorfast trim on sides and legs. White with Navy trim; Navy/White; Scarlet/White; White/ Kelly Green; White/Scarlet. Choice of lettering styles no. 3, no. 5 and no. 7.

5 (I) Official Phi Psi Watch, with 14K gold-finished dial featuring the Coat-of-Arms. The Bulova Accutron Quartz time piece is available in wrist watch (1-2) and pocket watch (1-1) styles. Limited number available. (J) Nylon Jacket. 1. durable, water-repellent, 100% Nylon taffeta with color-matching snaps on front. Full, pre-shrunk kasha lining. Modified collar, set-in sleeves with elastic cuffs. Hemmed waistband with drawstring. Navy and Gold. Choice of lettering styles no. 2, no. 6 and no Same Jacket as J-1, but unlined, Navy, Scarlet, Kelly Green. Choice of lettering styles no. 2, no. 6 and no. 7. (K) Phi Psi Ties. Silhouette of the Crest in muted gold on a Navy Blue background. Choice of Plain (K-2) or Stripes (K-1). (L) Fraternity Matches. 1. Crested match books. 500 per box. 2. Gold tipped wooden matches in black and gold crested boxes. 40 boxes per order. (M.) Grand Catalogue. For the first time since 1939, the Fraternity has published a complete listing of its members, current through the 125th Anniversary year. Brothers are listed alphabetically, by Chapter, and in geographic areas. Now offered at a special reduced price! (N) Bound issues of THE SHIELD, past volumes. Limited supply includes most recent years: Volume 99 ( ), 98, 97, 96, 95, 94, and 93. (Continued on page 52)

6 1980 Phi Psi at the Crossroads! Grand Arch Council John R. Donnell Jr., Case Western Reserve '59, was elected president by unanimous action Saturday, August 9. John's grandfather, father and brother all are members of his Phi Psi family as well. Raised in Ohio, John now resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife Marcia. On Sunday, August 10, 1980, the strains of "Noble Fraternity" could still be heard reverberating throughout the halls of the Indianapolis Hyatt Regency. The Fraternity's biennial meeting had just been gaveled to a close, having given the opportunity for nearly 500 undergraduates, alumni and guests to enjoy three and one half days of Phi Psi fellowship. The experience was indeed a positive one for all involved. The GAC began Wednesday evening, August 6 with Alumni Association sponsored hospitality suites. The A.A.s from Atlanta, Indianapolis, and West Virginia were primary sponsors of the three gathering spots, with alumni groups from South Carolina, Northern California, Southern California, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Nebraska, Findlay, and Columbus assisting. The business of the convention began at 9:15 the next day, after an opening breakfast which saluted Phi Psi's past presidents, and members of the Heritage Project Founders Order. Only six Chapters failed to respond to the roll call throughout the GAC, with 27 Alumni Associations joining in the deliberations. Many people remarked at this opening function and throughout the convention that the dress and decorum of the Brothers in attendance were exemplary. Grand Arch Council Officers Attorney General Paul J. LaPuzza, Creighton '66, administered the oath of office to the permanent officers of the Grand Arch Council. The officers were: SWGP, Robert W. Chamberlain, Arizona State '62,SWVGP, John R. DonneU, Jr., Case Western Reserve '59,SWP, John K. Boyd III, Kansas '.iv.-swag, David F. Hull, Jr., Louisiana State '66,-and SWHods, Todd M. Ryder, Rhode Island '78; D. Randolph Drosick, West Virginia '7H; Mark R. Ricketts, Miami '79; Larry L. Light, Florida 77,-Gerald J. Donohue, Jr., Kansas 7i?^,-Jack P. Eckley, Southern California '79. Committee Chairmen The GAC Committee Chairmen were announced at the Thursday morning general session. President Chamberlain stressed the extreme importance of committee work and urged that reports be due to the general floor beginning Friday morning if possible. The 1980 Committee Chairmen The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

7 Edward H. Knight, Wabash '93, became a legend for having attended 39 GACs, every one from 1894 through An Award that bears his name is presented each convention to that Brother who has attended the greatest number of the biennial meetings, and in 1980, that gentleman was Walter Lee Sheppard Jr., Cornell '29, past president, for his 25th GAC. This group of Phi Psi smiles belong to past Chapter Consultants (left to right) Harry A. Light, Florida '77, Bryan P. Muecke, Texas '75, John D. Watt III, Duke '75, Jack P. Eckley, Southern California '79, and Steven R. Fowler, Arizona '77. Executive Director Gary B. Angstadt, Indiana '70, (far right) presented certificates of appreciation to the former field men. Bryan Meucke, residing now in Austin, Texas, was elected Secretary of the Fraternity. The GAC awards table reflects the accomplishments of the Fraternity during the past two years. Mrs. Cecelia Cornelius, wife of past president Philip M. Cornelius, Indiana '25, received the Ladies Silver Bowl, acknowledging her support of the Fraternity and to Phil as he served all offices except Secretary, and currently is a trustee of the Endowment Fund. Brother Cornelius was Honorary Chairman of the GAC. Those attending a GAC for the first time are often surprised to see felt banners adorning the meeting Hall, representing the Chapters and Alumni Associations. And so tradition dictates that new chapters receive their banner when first their name is called at roll. California lota, the University of California at Davis (pictured here), and Arkansas Alpha at the University of Arkansas both received their banners, symbolic of charters issued earlier in the biennium. If there is an even prouder moment than this, it comes when a Chapter is rechartered... the well worn pennant of Wisconsin Gamma, originally chartered in 1881, was returned to the Beloit College Chapter, rechartered in January 1981

8 were: Alumni Relations, Byron W. Cain, Texas 7-/; Credentials, Augustus R. Jones, Mississippi '70; Extension, Guy L. Minardi, Rhode Island 72,-Finance, George W. Humphries, Oregon '50; Fraternity Education, Kent C. Owen, Indiana '5^,-John V. Ciccarelli, Cal State Northridge 72,-Scholarship, Keith G. Troutman, Indiana-Pennsylvania '70; State of the Fraternity, Timothy J. Heup, South Carolina '72; and Publications, Hyatt "Pat" Eby, Swarthmore '12. A new award this year, naming the Outstanding Area Director, was given to Richard E. Ong, Oregon State '55, right, for his work with the three Virginia Chapters. Coordinator for Area Directors Dr. Earl W. Friend Jr., Washington & Jefferson '60, made the presentation. Selected from a field of 22 nominees, Dr. Robert W. Mouser, Wabash '49, left, was declared winner in the competition for the Edward H. Knight Award of Merit. The award, presented here by Richard O. Regnier, Wabasfi '48, acknowledges service provided to the Fraternity during the biennium. Robert V. Trask, Ohio Wesleyan '77, left, is congratulated by fellow Ohio Alphan, Endowment Fund Chairman Robert R. Elliott, '35, as Brother Trask receives the William Henry Letterman Prize as part of the Founder Fellowships Program. The $2000 grant, part of $13,500 awarded by the Endowment Fund that day, will in Bob's case be applied towards medical school at the University of Michigan. Busy Schedule of Events The social calendar for all attendants of the 1980 GAC was a busy one. In addition to the general sessions and committee meetings throughout, district caucuses were held Thursday and Friday evenings for the purpose of providing a common meeting place for district members where they could informally discuss Fraternity matters and become better acquainted. Once again at this convention, GAC workshops were on the agenda for Friday morning, August 8. There were eight different workshops, with four of them presented twice. Titles of the workshops and their session leaders were: "Ritual Review," Kent C. Owen, Indiana '58; "Life of the Party," Frank J. Maez, Lambda Chi Alpha; "Sign on the Dotted Line," Randy Donant, California-Santa Barbara '64 and Bryan P. Muecke, Texas '75; "Basis of Brotherhood," John D. Watt III, Duke 75 and Richard J. Christ, Arizona '77; "Our Greatest Natural Resource," Robert W. Blake, Indiana '48; "Chapter Operations and the Law," John J. Ziegelmeyer, Jr., Kansas 'ZOand Harry A. Light, Florida '77; "Chapter Leadership and Administration," Louis M. Hoffman, Arizona 77and Donald H. Durbin, Jr., Miami 7^;and "Chapter Finance," John Burke,Mow/ 72. Ladies Program The GAC ladies program provided a variety of entertainment opportunities for those who cared to participate. On Thursday morning, the highlight of the convention was a tour of nearby scenic Brown County, which allowed the group to tour a quaint community of shops featuring hand crafted gifts, antiques, and interesting eateries. On Friday morning the ladies toured the world's largest Children's Museum and, after attending the GAC Awards Luncheon, toured what many locals consider to be the most beautiful building in Indianapolis, the Scottish Rite Cathedral. Saturday morning provided time to visit the restored home of President Benjamin Harrison and Morris-Butler museum of high Victorian art. The general co-chairmen of the ladies program were Mrs. Robert W. (Pat) Mouser and Mrs. Gary B. (Marcy) Angstadt. The committee consisted of Mrs. H. Roll (Linda) McLaughlin, and Carol J. Klima. Phi Psi Biennial Awards Luncheon The Fraternity's Awards Luncheon was held on Friday in the Grand Ballroom of the Indianapolis Hyatt Regency. Vice President John R. Donnell, Jr. presided over the assembled Brothers as various presentations were made. A list of awards follows. We were pleased to have with us Indiana's senior Senator, Birch Bayh, whose son Evan, Indiana '75, introduced his ATQ father at the luncheon. Evan also participated in the GAC opening breakfast. Senator Bayh's talk drove home the importance of participation in all levels of government, and was very well received. New Executive Board Elected Saturday afternoon, the new executive officers of the Fraternity for the next two years were elected as follows: John R. Donnell, Jr., Case Western Reserve '59, President; John K. Boyd III, Kansas '59, Vice President; Bryan P. Muecke, The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

9 Texas '75, Secretary; and John A. Burke, Miami '72, Treasurer. These four officers join the six Archons composing the Executive Council. GAC Banquet Symposiarch Tom James, Texas '48, opened the formal banquet at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 9. Nearly 420 Brothers and guests enjoyed an electrifying evening of fun and Fraternity. President-elect John R. Donnell, Jr. spoke to the group and shared his thoughts on goals for the biennium and remarked at the strong show of friendship and fellowship in evidence throughout the convention. A viewing of the Phi Psi movie ended the evening at 11:00 p.m. Order of the S.C. The 30th biennial meeting and initiation of the Order of the S.C. was held on Friday evening, August 8, on the top floor of the nearby Columbia Club. The six new members are: William D. Black, Indiana '"^J,-Oliver J. Neibel, Jr., Arizona '-/7; George H. Kincaid, West Virginia '54; Robert W. Chamberlain, Arizona State '62 (Washington '60); David F. Hull, Jr., Louisiana State '66;and Bruce F Dearborn, Oklahoma State '67 (Washington '65). The Order of S.C. is unique in the world of fraternities and was founded at the 1920 GAC in Minneapolis by three members. Eligibility for membership in the Order includes attendance of at least seven GACs. None of the 17 charter members survive today. To date 181 Phi Psis have been inducted. Of that number, 63 are living Host Committee Dr. Robert W. Mouser, Wabash '49, and Stuart W. Rhodes, Indiana '69, were general co-chairmen of the 1980 Grand Arch Council committee. They were assisted by Kent E. Agness, Indiana '69, Leroy W. Fehrenkamp, Valparaiso '65, and Gary B. Angstadt, Indiana '70. The honorary chairman of the GAC was Philip M. Cornelius, Indiana '25. President's Report President Robert W. Chamberlain spoke of the progress made by Phi Kappa Psi, stating: "Following the 1970 GAC, the SHIELD reported that it was one of tense moments and frank discussion. And, those who were in Philadelphia do remember that GAC. That year over 450 colleges and universities were effected by strikes and closings. Violence occurred on many campuses. The foundation of Phi Psi and all fraternities were shaken. Peace and harmony did not prevail. Three chapters were suspended from the Fraternity in that one year alone. And, by 1973 the average chapter size had dropped to 35 members from a high of 49 members in All the traditional indicators of Phi Psi stability were down... I am pleased to report to you that as the decade of the 1970's closes. Phi Kappa Psi is in the strongest position ever. Today, we have 83 chapters and colonies, 86 alumni associations and clubs, and 71,000 members. Pledging and initiation figures are up. The average chapter size has increased to 52.2 members. Three new chapters have been added to the rolls these last two years: Wisconsin Gamma, Beloit; California Iota, Cal Davis; and Arkansas Alpha, at the University of Arkansas. The new headquarters has been completed and is operational. The Task Force on Fraternity Education has completed its work... the growing resources, and sound leadership of the Endowment Fund have made it possible to provide unprecedented financial support for undergraduates. And, the network of volunteers that has been assembled to assist the Fraternity at every level continues to work. We enter the 80's on reasonably solid ground. The Fraternity's Headquarters, Heritage Hall, hosted nearly 200 Phi Psis and guests at the August 8 evening GAC reception honoring outgoing president Robert W. Chamberlain, Arizona State '62. Phi Psi has traditionally steered clear of "Best Chapter" awards, choosing instead to acknowledge improvement. Thus the Oxford (Ohio) Alumni Association Most Improved Chapter Award was born. The 1980 winners, whose membership increased by 69 men in two years, was Indiana Epsilon at Valparaiso University, shown here receiving their plaque from Association member John A. Burke, right. January 1981

10 "The challenges of the 80's are truly opportunities. The Fraternity through the years has proven itself to be adaptable to change and to have met the challenges of wars and campus disruption, and economic depressions. As we look to the 1980's we do so with 128 years of experience. To my fellow officers and the Fraternity staff, I extend this sincere thanks for their selfless efforts on behalf of Phi Psi, and to Dud Daniel, Mr. Phi Psi, goes a special note of appreciation for his 31 years of inspired Fraternity leadership. Our's is a great Fraternity that has long served an important purpose. Brotherhood. The need today is as important as ever." Memorial Service Sunday morning, August 10, delegates in convention were led in an inspirational memorial service by Webb M. Mize, Mississippi '30. Brother Mize quoted John McCrey whose poem written in Flandersfield after the first World War was as follows: "In Phi Psi's field, the roses grow beneath the crosses row on row, that mark our place while from the sky we watch the crowded days go by unseen by Brothers here below. We are the dead, short days ago we lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, loved and were loved, and now we lie in Phi Psi's field. Take up our challenge here below, to you from failing hands we throw the lamp. Be yours to hold it high. If you break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep though roses grow, and blow in Flandersfield." Webb concluded; "In ancient Greece when a young man was introduced to citizenship there was quite a ceremony, and the prospective citizen was made to take an oath to serve the state, and one of the provisions of the oath was; 'And I promise that I will leave my city state better than I found it.' The best that we can do today as the best current of memorial to those who have gone before is to say, that T now and as far as I can will leave my Fraternity better than I found it'." GAC Attendance The 60th GAC in Indianapolis, with 446 participants, including 83 ladies and guests, was the largest since the Centennial GAC in 1952, at Pittsburgh, when 471 were in attendance. The 59th GAC in Kansas City saw 420 present for the meetings. The 61st Grand Arch Council will be held in Atlanta, August 11-15, 1982 at the Omni International Hotel. Expressing suitable modesty, but nonetheless we feel very pleased. Executive Director Emeritus Ralph D. Daniel, left, presents for the first time the Award for Excellence in Chapter Management named in his honor. There were two winners this first award year, Pennsylvania Epsilon, pictured with Dud, and Pennsylvania Nu. The Phi Psi photographer captured two very special ladies whose work, though miles apart, is similar and dear to "their boys." Mrs. Melba Snow, left, received special recognition for her work as housemother to Oklahoma Alpha, and Mrs. Christine Vogt was likewise honored at the 1978 GAC for her contributions to Ohio Delta. The New York City Alumni Association has for many years presented plaques in recognition of outstanding Chapter publications. The 1980 awards for exceptional alumni newsletters were made by Ernest H. Garbe, Columbia '40, (third from left) to runner-up Texas Alpha, right, and overall winner Oregon Beta, left. "In appreciation of 18 years of devoted service to the Endowment Fund of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity" reads the plaque presented to Robert R. Elliott, Ohio Wesleyan '35, left, by Endowment Fund trustee Ruddick C. Lawrence, Washington '31, as Bob retires from Phi Psi's educational foundation. 10 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

11 1980 GAC Award Winners Outstanding Alumni Association Rhode Island Alumni Association Griffing/Tate Award for Fraternity Education Ohio Eta House Corporation, Continued Excellence Ohio Delta Achievement California Eta, Pennsylvania Epsilon Honorable Mention California Gamma, Illinois Delta, Indiana Beta, Kansas Alpha Scholastic Achievement Arizona Beta, Louisiana Alpha, Oregon Alpha Continued Excellence Indiana Zeta Edgar Fahs Smith SHIELD Correspondent Timothy S. Kincaid, Oklahoma Ladies Silver Bowl Mrs. Philip M. Cornelius Special Certificate-Mrs. Melba Snow Oklahoma Alpha Housemother Publications Oregon Beta Ralph R. Haney Financial Excellence Ohio Zeta Honorable Mention Nebraska Beta, Pennsylvania Alpha, Pennsylvania Nu, Virginia Beta Ralph D. Daniel Excellence in Chapter Management- Pennsylvania Epsilon, Pennsylvania Nu Honorable Mention California Epsilon, Illinois Delta, Mississippi Alpha, Rhode Island Beta Edward H. Knight Award of Merit-Dr. Robert W. Mouser, Wabash Runner-up Donald K. Weiser, Gettsybuig Edward H. Knight most GACs Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr., Cornell Certificates of Appreciation Former Staff Members Jack P. Eckley, Southern California; Steven R. Fowler, Arizona; John F. Hummel, Jr., Penn State; Harry A. Light, Florida; Bryan P. Muecke, Texas; John D. Watt III, Duke Certificates of Appreciation GAC Local Committee Dr. Robert Mouser, Wabash; Stuart W. Rhodes, Indiana; Kent E. Agness, Indiana Outstanding Area Director Richard E. Ong, Oregon State Endowment Fund Community Service Award Pennsylvania Lambda Runners-up-California Epsilon, Louisiana Beta, Ohio Lambda, Oklahoma Alpha, Texas Beta Endowment Fund Outstanding Summerfield Award- Gerald A. Kurland, U.C.L.A. First Runner-Up Brian K. Dinges, Wabash Second Runner-Up James D. Bruckner, Creighton Honorable Mention Michael Hitchcock, Northwestern; Thomas Jayne, Virginia Tech; Mark Jones, Oklahoma State; Robert Kobayashi, Southern California; and James Slatten III, Louisiana State Founders Fellowships W. Grant Shockley (Engineering)-James E. Burkhardt, West Virginia Sion Bass Smith (Law) Jeffrey J. Horner, Vanderbilt C. F. "Dab" Williams (Open)-Robert P. Johnson, Duke William Henry Letterman (Health/Science) Robert V. Trask, Ohio Wesleyan (Continued on next page) Known to many as "Mr. Phi Psi," Executive Director Emeritus Ralph D. Daniel, Arizona '47, ts pictured here (left) as Banquet Symposiarch Tom James congratulates "Dud" on his retirement after 31 years of Fraternity service. Dud was presented a handsome silver tray with the signatures of each Phi Psi president of his tenure engraved thereon. Mutual congratulations are in order here as John A. Burke, fl/liami '72, left, elected Fraternity Treasurer, greets outgoing president Robert W. Chamberlain, Arizona State '62, at the Banquet. Past president Tom James, Texas '48, is at right. January

12 Award Winners, continued Charles Page Thomas Moore (Business Administration) Blair A. Reith, Jr., DePauw Honorable Mention Richard Bevan, Colgate; Daniel Broughton, Wabash; Glen Cummings, Washington <&. Jefferson; Brian Dickson, Wabash; Kirk Jacobson, Beloit; Mark Lombardo, Rhode Island; John Mase, Rhode Island; William Matthai, Washington (&. Lee; Richard Renslo, California-Berkeley; and Mark Rodan, Ohio Wesleyan Endowment Fund Special Service Award Robert R. Elliott, Ohio Wesleyan Man/Mile California Theta Most Improved Chapter Indiana Epsilon Honorable Mention Arizona Beta, Minnesota Beta, Mississippi Alpha, Ohio Zeta, Oklahoma Alpha, Oregon Beta, Pennsylvania Nu, Texas Alpha, Washington Alpha President Chamberlain here receives a needle point Coatof-arms from then vice president Donnell as a token of appreciation from the Fraternity. The gift was worked by Mrs. Ruby Harris, mother of John W. Harris V, Alabama '71, past Chapter Consultant. (Editor's note: the needlepoint kits are available through the Fraternity Headquarters.) Dr. Theodore J. Urban, Northwestern '46, far right, presented the Fraternity's most prestigious award for scholarship to the Indiana Zeta delegation, host for the 1980 GAC, in recognition of 21 consecutive semesters ranking #1 among fraternities at Butler University. Phi Psi's oldest alumnus, Dr. Goethe 8. Link, Indiana '96, received a special certificate honoring his 84 years as a dedicated Brother. Ivan C. "Ike" Uland, Purdue '26, is at left, and Mrs. Link is right. John K. Boyd III, Kansas '59, left, gave the Ralph R. Haney Award for Financial Excellence to the Brothers of Ohio Zeta. John, from Kansas City, was elected Vice-president the next day. 12 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

13 1980 GAC Registration ABBOTT, Charles L, III ABBOT, Jeffrey P ABBOTT, Jolin G ACHESON, James S ACHESON, William T ADAMSON, Mark W AGNESS, Kent E ALLMAN, David L ALVIANl, John A ANDERSON, James M ANGSTADT, Gary B ARMSTRONG, Byron C ARNETT, Harold D... ARTER, David M., Jr ASHBY, David W Eastern New Mexico Univ. of Missouri Univ. of Missouri Univ. of Illinois Univ. of Illinois Univ. of Georgia Indiana Univ. Allegheny California State Univ. of Akron Indiana Univ. Cornell Texas Tech. Univ. Ashland Calif. Poly *75 Albuquerque, NM '77 Chesterfield, MO '79 Chesterfield, MO '52 Champaign, IL "76 Champaign, IL ;78 Athens, GA '69 Indianapolis, IN '79 Lower Burrell, PA '77 Northridge, CA '79 N.Canton, OH '70 Indianapolis, IN '78 Youngstown, OH '78 Lubbock, TX '79 Willoughby, OH '70 San Luis Obispo, CA BABCHUK, Jay A Calif. State '75 Northridge, CA BAKER, Burden W Indiana Univ. '20 Chalmers, IN BALDRY, William G., Jr Univ. of Colorado '59 Golden, CO BARKLEY, Brian 0 Texas Tech. Univ. '79 Lubbock, TX BARR, Ted H Univ. of Missouri '80 Miami, MO BATCHELDER, Ted 0 Iowa State '76 Omaha, NE BEARD, Stephen K Univ. of Oregon '74 Gainesville, FL BEAUVAIS, John P Creighton '79 Arlington Heights, IL BECKMAN, Douglas W Louisiana State '80 Baton Rouge, LA BENNETT, Peter E Univ. of Minnesota '79 Minneapolis, MN BENNETT, Robert L., Jr BERNER, Gary W Univ. of Kansas '79 Gettysburg '78 St. Louis, MO E. Hartford, CT BETTERTON, Robert Univ. of Tennessee '80 Knoxville, TN BIRD, Robert B West Virginia Univ. '73 Glendale, CA BIRD, Walter C West Virginia Univ. '65 Carmel, IN BITTNER, Jeffery D Univ. of Pennsylvania '79 Nazareth, PA BLACK, William D Indiana Univ. '45 Indianapolis, IN BLAKE, Robert W BLANKENSHIP, John B Indiana Univ. '48 Butler Univ. '78 Indianapolis, IN Clarksville, IN BLOCK, Harold M Syracuse Univ. '78 Red Hook, NY BLONGEWICZ, Jon A Univ. of Kansas '78 Omaha, NE BONINE, Donald R., Jr Michigan State '60 Charlotte, NC BOYD, John K., Ill Univ. of Kansas '59 Kansas City, MO BRAGET, Daren J Univ. of Washington Lacey, WA BRAMLEY, David J Butler Univ. '78 Wabash, IN BRANDMAN, Charles E Case Western Reserve '70 Findlay, OH BRANTLEY, Flynn E Univ. of South Carolina '72 Charlotte, NC BRICETTI, Albert B Johns Hopkins Univ. '59 Alexandria, VA BROOKS, James E Univ. of Mississippi '42 Earle, AR BRUCKNER, James D Creighton '77 Lincoln, NE BUCHER, Richard P Valparaiso Univ. '79 Munster, IN BUCK, Paul S Oklahoma State '71 Midwest City, OK BUCK, John F Indiana Univ. '75 Bloomington, IN BURKE, John A Miami Univ. of Ohio '72 Medina, OH BUSCHMAN, Stephen R Purdue Univ. '68 Indianapolis, IN BYERS, Jay Beloit '79 Ypsilanti, Ml CAIN, Byron W., Jr Univ. of Texas '74 Nashville, TN CARR, Brian D Texas Tech. Univ. '78 Lubbock, TX CARTER, Gordon T Univ. of Alabama '75 Birmingham, AL CASHY, Harry G Wittenberg Univ University Heights, OH CHAMBERLAIN, Robert W., Jr Arizona Stale '62 Tempe, AZ CHAMBERS, Richard K Gettysburg '79 Strasburg, PA CHRIST, Richard J Univ. of Arizona '77 Palisades Park NJ CHRISTIANSEN, Robert W Univ. of Illinois '80 Champaign, IL CICCARELLI, John V Calif. Slate '72 Canoga Park, CA CINAMON, Seth L Calif. State '77 Northridge, CA CISLO, Daniel M UCLA '78 Los Angeles, CA CLARKE, Francis M., Ill Dickinson '78 New Brunswick, NJ CLAY, Fred H., Jr Univ. of Alabama Birmingham, AL CLYMER, John M Wabash '79 Indianapolis, IN COBURN, Jeff Univ. of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN COLEMAN, James H., Jr West Virginia Univ. '29 Buckhannon, WV CONNOLLY, Bart W Calif. Poly '78 Atherlon, CA CONNORS, John K Ashland '79 Jefferson, OH COOPER, J. James Wabash '78 Skokie, IL CORDOVA, David A Univ. of Southern Calif. '78 Newport Beach, CA CORNELIUS, Philip M Indiana Univ. '25 Indianapolis, IN CORSON, Louis D West Virginia Univ. '34 Wheeling, WV COZAD, Gregory D Indiana Univ. '78 Champaign, IL CREBS, Caswell J UCLA '31 Robinson, IL CROUSE, Wesley B Lafayette '78 Gettysburg, PA CURRAN, Philip C Univ. of Georgia '79 Stone Mtn., GA D'ANDREA, Thomas C DANIEL, Ralph D DANIELSON, Robert M DAVIES, Daniel G DAVIS, Blaine E DAVIS, Christopher R DAVISON, Burns H., II DAVISON, Bums H., Ill DEARBORN, Bruce F DERRICK, William M DICK Haldon C DICKINSON, John W DILLE, John A Ohio State 79 Elida, OH Univ. of Arizona '47 Tucson, AZ Univ. of Oregon '61 Corvallis OR Univ. of Rorida '79 Orlando, FL Univ. of Washington '78 Newport, WA Duke Univ. '80 Indianapolis, IN Indiana Univ. '51 Des Moines, IA Iowa State '79 Des Moines, IA Oklahoma State Univ. '67 Seattle, WA Univ. of Minnesota '76 Minneapolis, MN Bowhng Green State Univ. '55 Corvallis, OR Michig,an State '65 Ferndale, Ml Vanderbilt Univ. '77 Norman, OK DIXON, David H Pennsylvania State Univ. '78. DONANT, Franklyn D Univ. of Calif.-Santa B. '64. DONNELL, John R Case Western Reserve '31 DONNELL, John R., Jr Case Western Reserve '59. DONNELL, Richard H Ohio State Univ. '68. DONOHUE, Gerald J., Jr Univ. of Kansas '78. DOS SANTOS, Nelson... Southwestern Louisiana St. '80. DOZIER, John M Auburn Univ. '74. DROSICK, David R West Virginia Univ. '78. DUBIEL, David A Univ. of Oklahoma '78. DUDGEON, Edward A Michigan State Univ. '70. DUDLEY, Robert W Univ. of Illinois '74. DURBIN, Donald H., Jr Miami Univ. of Ohio '78. EATON, David E Univ. of Oregon '77. EBY, Hyatt (Pat) Swathmore '12. ECKLEY, Jack P Univ. of Southern Calif. '75. EISNAUGLE, Jeffery C Ohio Wesleyan Univ. '80. ELLIOTT, Robert Roy Ohio Wesleyan Univ. '35. EULISS, Cyrus M Univ. of South Carolina '78. EUTENEUER, Timothy P Univ. of Nebraska '79. EVANS, David J., Jr Univ. of Kansas '42. EZOP, Stephen F Michigan State Univ. '79. FABER, Mark R Univ. of Kansas '79. FENSTERMAKER, David W Indiana Univ. '73. FITZGERALD, Michael E Univ. of Florida '80. FITZMAURICE, Kevin J Creighton Univ. '78. FITZPATRICK, Neil C Univ. of Rhode Island '77. FIVEASH, Robert H Memphis State Univ. '80. FLAIRTY, Jeffrey A Univ. of Calif.-Berkley '80. FLOWERS, Daniel F FLOWERS, Fred F Vanderbilt Univ. '49. Vanderbilt Univ. '70 FORKEY, David R Univ. of Oklahoma '78. FOWLER, Stephen R Univ. of Arizona '77. FRIDLIN, William A FRIEDMAN, Peter C Purdue Univ. '59. Univ. of Pennsylvania '78. FRIEND, Earl W., Jr Washington & Jefferson '60. GADDIS, William S Wittenberg Univ. '80 GARBE, Ernest H Columbia Univ. '40. GEIB, Chris A Bowling Green State Univ. '79. GEORGE, Robert H Michigan State Univ. '54. GIBSON, Robert A GODDAVD, David P Allegheny '53. Northwestern Univ. '44. GOLDFARB, Richard B Gettysburg '79 GOULD, Kevin P GRAF, Bayard M Creighton '77. Northwestern Univ. '44. GRAVES, Lee C GRIMSHAW, David N Creighton '77. Butler Univ. '79. GROESBAECK, Jonathan M Univ. of Illinois '74. GROSS, William D., Jr Auburn Univ. '78. GROSSI, Gerald J Michigan State Univ. '67. HAFFKE, Robert D Univ. of Rorida '77.. HAFKEY, Erik DePauw Univ. '80.. HALL, Wayne W West Virginia Univ. '73. HALLQUIST, Mark C Univ. of Oregon '78. HARGER, Robert W Indiana Univ. '41. HARMAN, John R Univ. of Illinois '40. HARRISON, J. Smith, Jr... Univ. of South Carolina '72. HARROP, Robert D Dickinson '78. HART, James G Wabash '78. HASSELBRING, Andrew S.... Miami Univ. of Ohio '78. HAVENER, Charles R Ohio State Univ. '76.. HAZLETT, William A Johns Hopkins Univ. '33. HENRY, Michael R Memphis State Univ. '76. HERNANDEZ, Enrico A Stanford Univ. '78. HERTHA, Douglas J Auburn Univ. '79. HERTRICH, Michael L Indiana Univ. of Penn. '78. HEUP, Timothy J Univ. of South Carolina '72.. HILL, J. Vickers Univ. of Mississippi '61. HOFFMAN, Louis M Univ. of Arizona '77. HOLMAN, Willard W, Jr Univ. of Iowa '54. HOVENDICK, Kirk D Univ. of Nebraska '79. HUBBARD, John Michigan State Univ. '80.. HUCKELBERRY, Paul M. Jr... Northwestern Univ. '80. HUENER, Jerome D Valparaiso Univ. '79. HULL, David F, Jr Louisiana State Univ. '66. HUME, Rex G Butler Univ. '71. HUMPHRIES, George W Univ. of Oregon '50. HUTCHINSON, Richard P West Virginia Univ. '40. HYDE, Brinton L Allegheny '78.. State College, PA.. Pismo Beach, CA Findlay, OH Atlanta, GA Columbus, OH.. Mission Hills, KS. Caracas, Venezuela... Birmingham, AL Thorpe, WV.. Williamsville, NY E. Lansing, MI Chicago, IL Indianapolis, IN Eugene, OR Birmingham, MI Los Angeles, CA Columbus, OH. Rancho Santa Fe, CA Columbia, SC Omaha, NE Bella Vista, AR Frankenmath, MI. Prairie Village, KS Arlington, VA Dade City, FL Omaha, NE... Commack, NY Atoka, TN Media, PA Houston, TX Findlay, OH Bath, ME... Anchorage, AK Atlanta, GA Albany, NY Charlotte, NC. Shaker Heights, OH New York, NY Fremont, OH Franklin, MI Tucson, AZ Cheviot, OH Passaic, NJ Davenport, IA Devon, PA East Peoria, IL Indianapolis, IN Chicago, IL Mobile, AL... East Lansing, MI... Gainesville, FL Barrington, IL... Charlotte, NC... Milwaukie, OR... Indianapolis, IN Elkhart, IN Columbia, SC Westport, CT... South Bend, IN,.. ChiUacothe, OH Dayton, OH Pittsburgh, PA Memphis, TN San Jose, CA... Huntsville, AL Pittsburgh, PA Temple, TX... New York, NY... IndianapoUs, IN Darien, CT Beatrice, NE... Ann Arbor, MI. Caulment City, IL Kiel, WI. Baton Rouge, LA... Noblesville, IN... La Canada, CA... Fairmont, WV... Bellbrook, OH ILIFF, William B UCLA '79.. Los Angeles, CA JACOBSON, Philip R Univ. of Horida '80. JAMES, Joseph H., II Univ. of South Carolina '78. JAMES, Tom Univ. of Texas '48. JEX, Jeffrey A Ohio Wesleyan Univ. '78. JOHNSON, Robert P Duke Univ. '78. JONES, Augustus R Univ. of Mississippi '70. JONES, James W Washington & Jefferson '79. Miami, FL... Greenville, SC Dallas, TX. New Canaan, CT.. Chapel Hill. NC.. Greenville, MS. Turtle Creek PA January

14 GAC Registration, continued JONES, Paul B Vanderbilt Univ. '78. JONES, Richard A Univ. of South Carolina '72. JONES, Terry J Beloit '80. JONES, Thomas K Univ. of Arkansas '79. JONES, W. Lyie West Virginia Univ. '27. KANNENBERG, John F Univ. of Minnesota '78. KARLOVEC, Jeff B Bucknell Univ. '79. KELLER, Durwood L... Southwestern Louisiana St. '78. KEYS, Derek DePauw Univ. '80. KILMER, Mark C Iowa State Univ. '78. KINCAID, George H KINCAID, Timothy S West Virginia Univ. '54. Univ. of Oklahoma '77. KING, Joseph C Univ. of Pennsylvania '78. KIRK, R. Bruce Calif. State Univ. '67. KIRKPATRICK, Kenneth R Univ. of Toledo '78. KLEPPE, Edward A Cornell Univ. '78. KNAPP, Gregory C KNIGHT, Wayne H Univ. of Illinois '72. West Virginia Univ. '77. KRANER, Mark D KRIZ, Donald J Indiana Univ. '73. Univ. of Arizona KRUTH, Kevin A Valparaiso Univ. KURTZ, Edward J Univ. of Oklahoma LaPLACA, Daniel A LaPUZZA, Paul J LAWRENCE, Ruddick C LAZICKY, Gregory LAZZELL, Robert E LEBER, Robert E LETTERMAN, Gordon R LETTERMAN, Gordon S LIGHT, Harry A LIGHT, Larry L LIND, John W LOGERWELL, Russell M LUNDY, Eugene Univ. of Virginia Creighton Univ. Univ. of Washington Rider West Virginia Univ. Gettysburg West Virginia Univ. Univ. of Missouri Univ. of Horida Univ. of Florida Beloit Oregon Stale Univ. Indiana Univ. MAHAN, Kenneth E Univ. of Alabama MALCZYCKI, George A Univ. of Arkansas MALLOW, Bradley J Univ. of Mississippi MARCHESANI, Robert F., Jr. Indiana Univ. of Penn. MARSH, Charles H Univ. of Georgia MARTIN, Paul K MASE, John A Pennsylvania Slate Univ. Univ. of Rhode Island McCAFFERTY, Bernard J.... Case Western Reserve McCAMMON, Thomas C McCORMICK, Gregg J Mankato State Univ. Ashland McCULLOUGH, David F Univ. of Mississippi McGONIGLE, Robert B Wittenberg Univ. MCLAUGHLIN, Timothy G McLELLAND, Stephen A Oregon State Univ. Michigan State Univ. MIKOLAJ, Joseph A Univ. of Akron MILLER, David L MILNER, Todd R Southwest Texas State Univ. Bowling Green State Univ. MINARDI, Guy L Univ. of Rhode Island MIZE, Webb M MOLINA, Michael D Univ. of Mississippi Univ. of Arizona MOORE, Mark N MORAN, Jonathan C Univ. of Alabama Michigan Slate Univ. MORRIS, Kevin P Beloit MORRIS, Samuel D West Virginia Univ. MOUSER, Robert W Wabash MOYER, Demas J MUECKE, Bryan P Dickinson Univ. of Texas MURPHEY, Walter W Univ. of Mississippi MURPHY, Gary E Oregon State Univ. MURPHY, Timothy G Indiana Univ. NEDDER, Michael C NEFF, Bradlay W NEIBEL, Oliver J., Jr NELSON, Richard F NIESLAWSKI, Steven E NOE, Jack T NORD, Gregory M OAKLEY, Daniel B ODELL, Philip S OEHLBERG, Mark R ONG, Richard E O'ROURKE, Stephen R OSBORNE, Bradford OWEN, Kent C Syracuse Univ. DePauw Univ. Univ. of Arizona Creighton Univ. Univ. of Illinois UCLA Arizona State Univ. Virginia Poly Univ. of Colorado Univ. of Akron Oregon State Univ. Univ. of Missouri Miami Univ. of Ohio Indiana Univ. PALZER, Rick S Calif. State Univ. '77. PATRICK, Timothy J Miami Univ. of Ohio '78. PELINI, Craig G Washington & Jefferson '79. PENNINGTON, Thomas C Univ. of Texas '80. PENSON, Jeff PERKINS, Lawrence Univ. of Arkansas. Univ. of Mississippi '75., PINOTTI, Marc A PITMAN, Christopher G Case Western Reserve '79. Valparaiso Univ. '79. PORTER, Christopher R Univ. of Iowa '79. POTTER, J. Kenneth POWERS, Brian A Ohio Wesleyan Univ. '51. Johns Hopkins Univ. '79, PREVOZNAK, Michael E Lafayette'78. PROTEAU, Gregory P Univ. of Illinois '68. Louisville, KY Gastonia, NC Greenfield, IN Beebe, AR Bridgeport, WV... West Bend, WI... Pepper Pike, OH Lafayette, LA. Beverly Shores, IN Bettendorf, IA Oak Hill, WV Tulsa, OK Bellefonte, PA. N. Hollywood, CA Sylvania, OH... W. Caldwell, NJ... Bloomington, IN.. Morgantown, WV... Bloomington, IN Yorkville, IL Chicago, IL Norman, OK... Cheverly, MD Omaha, NE... Bronxville, NY.. E. Millstone, NJ. Morgantown, WV.. Culver City, CA... Occidental, CA. Washington, D.C... Fayetteville, AR... Gainesville, FL Beloit, WI Sandy, OR... Bloomfield, IN Doraville, GA... Fayetteville, AR St. Louis MO.. West Chester, PA Athens, GA Pittsburgh, PA Trumbull, CT Cleveland, OH Canby, MN Dublin, OH Dallas, TX... Springfield, OH Corvallis, OR... Birmingham, MI. Maple Heights, OH... San Marcos, TX Columbus, OH... Pleasant Hill, Ca Gulfport, MS Las Vegas, NV... Birmingham, AL Plymouth, MI Wilmette, IL... Charleston, WV... Indianapolis, IN. Elizabethtown, PA Austin, TX Oxford, MS Troutdale, OR... Bloomington, IN.. W. Boylston, MA... Noblesville, IN Omaha, NE Joliet, IL Champaign, IL.. Canoga Park, CA Tempe, AZ.. Blacksburg, VA Boulder, CO Boulder, CO Tampa, FL... St. Louis, MO.. Indianapolis, IN. Bloomington, IN... Northridge, CA Oxford, OH E. Liverpool, OH Austin, TX...Ft. Smith, AR. Water Valley, MS. Williamsburg, VA... Indianapolis, IN... Des Moines, IA... Columbus, OH... Brick Town, NJ Morgan, NJ Evanston, IL PURSER, Steven W Texas Tech. Univ. '79 Lubbock, TX PURVIS, Robert L Allegheny '79 Valencia, PA RASMUSSEN, Eric C Univ. of Nebraska '78 Fairmont, NE RATCLIFF, Thomas A Univ. of Oklahoma '78 Tulsa, OK RAYBOULD, Warren A Univ. of Illinois '68 Pasadena, CA REDDINGTON, William A Ohio State Univ. '71 Columbus, OH REGNIER, Richard 0 Wabash '48 Tipton, IN REIDER, Carson, R Ohio Wesleyan Univ. '79 Columbus, OH REINKE, Keith Bowling Green State Univ. '78 Marion, OH RHODES, Stuart W Indiana Univ. '69 Indianapolis, IN RICHARDS, Michael L Univ. of Iowa '78 Omaha, NE RICKETTS Mark R Miami Univ. of Ohio '79 Columbus, OH RIETH, Blair A, Jr DePauw Univ. '77 Goshen, IN RIFE, Samuel D Ohio Slate Univ. '55 Columbus, OH RINGER, Randall C Univ. of Pennsylvania '79 Parsippany, NJ RINNE, Austin D Indiana Univ. '39 Dallas, TX ROBERTSON, Randolph C Univ. of Virginia Richmond, VA ROLFE, Harry R Univ. of Arizona '60 Indianapolis, IN ROLLE, William C, III Univ. of Virginia '78 Bethesda, MD ROTATORI, Douglas W Bucknell Univ. '79 Cleveland, OH RUSHTON, Richard T Univ. of Oklahoma '78 Bloomington, IL RYDER, Todd M Univ. of Rhode Island '78 Norwalk, CT SAJOR, Donald J SALEN, William T Univ. of Calif.-Davis '79 Univ. of Illinois '77 Davis, CA Mt. Clemens, MI SALVAGGIO, Charles A Louisiana State Univ. '80 Chalmette, LA SANTEL, William M SCHAUB, Wesley W Pennsylvania Slate Univ. '78 Univ. of Toledo Pittsburg, PA North Canton, OH SCHEGEL, John P Creighton Univ. '79 Omaha, NE SCHWARTZ, Daniel A SCOTT, Timothy W Johns Hopkins Univ. '78 Univ. of Arkansas '79 Newtown, CT Benton, AR SEKOL, Alan L SHAW, Robert S Michigan State Univ. '76 Univ. of Mississippi '78 Clawson, MI Oxford, MS SHEPPARD, Walter L, Jr Cornell Univ. '29 Havertown, PA SHER, Bradley L California Poly '79 San Francisco, CA SHERWOOD, Steven W California Slate Univ. '76 Woodland Hills, CA SHIRLEY, William A SMITH, Elliott M Stanford Univ. '78 Univ. of Iowa '78 Torrance, CA Iowa City, IA SNETHEN, Scott P Univ. of Oklahoma '78 Norman, OK SORENSEN, Richard J Univ. of Minnesota '76 Minneapolis, MN SOUKUP, John F SPAIN, Norman M Calif. Slate Univ. '76 Ohio State Univ. '33 Woodland Hills, CA Columbus, OH SPITZER, Jeffrey E ST. CLAIR, Martin A Univ. of Horida '79 Butler Univ. '80 Gainsville, FL Kewanna, IN STEIER, Gary E Vanderbilt Univ. '78 Louisville, KY STEPHENSON, Scott luniv. of Missouri '80 Barrington, IL STEURER, Andrew M STOKES, William Case Western Reserve '78 Univ. of Texas '80 Barberton, OH Dallas, TX STORY, Jay C Univ. of Minnesota '75 Prior Lake, MN STUART, Gregory J Purdue Univ. '79 Anderson, IN STUCKEY, Sam A STUTESMAN, Bradley J Univ. of Kansas '79 Univ. of Iowa "78 Hutchinson, KS Davenport, IA SULLIVAN, Kevin S Franklin & Marshall '80 Fort Washington, PA SULLIVAN, Michael J Univ. of Mississippi '78 Waynesboro, MS SUTTER, Alan H SWANSON, Perry W Franklin & Marshall '79 Oregon State Univ. '66 Lancaster, PA Danville, IL TATE, Winston R Univ. of Kansas '18 Shawnee Mission, KS TIMMONS, David H TIMMONS, George H Ohio Stale Univ. '49 Miami Univ. of Ohio '79 Columbus, OH Columbus, OH TORRES, Michael A TORREY, David M Univ. of Calif.-Berkeley '80... Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Rider '79 Allentown, PA TOUPS, O'Neil J., Ill Southwest Texas State "78 Spring, TX TRASK, Rorbert V Ohio Wesleyan Univ. '77 Holland, MI TROUTMAN, Keith G Indiana Univ. of Penn. '70 Raleigh, NC TURNER, Robert Univ. of Tennessee '79 Asheville, NC ULAND, Ivan C Purdue Univ. "26 Louisville, KY ULRICH, John A Bowling Green State Univ. "70 Olmsted, OH URBAN, Gregory D Johns Hopkins Univ. "79 Palos Park IL URBAN, Theodore, J Northwestern Univ. "46 Omaha NE UTTERBACK, Jon A Vanderbilt Univ. "80 Lexington, KY ^^^.{ ^JF^J^' '^'i" * ' O'l'O State Univ. "79 Columbus, OH VIDULICH, Marc T Univ. of Oregon '76 Eugene, OR VOGELGESANG, William W Ohio State Univ. '76 West Ch ter, OH WALDECK, Todd C Univ. of Oklahoma '77 Norman, OK WALSH, Timothy L Univ, of Mississippi '80 Memphis, TN WARNER, Kirk G Ohio State Univ. '77 Greenville, OH WATT, John D., Ill Duke Univ '75 Richmond, VA WAWER, Mark WHITE, David A WHITE, David J WHITE, William J., Ill WHITING, Frank A WHITING, Frank S., Sr WHITING, William H WHITON, Robert S WIEGAND, Wynn H WILLIAMS, Jack K WILSON, Wayne W Univ. of Rhode Island '79 Waterbury, CT Miami Univ. of Ohio '72 Toledo, OH Michigan State Univ. '73 Clawson, MI Purdue Univ '78 Toledo, OH Univ. of Illinois '78 Geneva, IL Univ. of Illinois '43 Geneva, IL Univ. of Illinois ;80 Geneva, IL Virginia Poly Tech '78 Manassas, VA Univ. of Missouri '74 Abilene, TX Purdue Univ '31 Arcadia, CA Michigan Slate Univ, '59 Detroit, MI YOUNG. Jeffrey P Univ. of Minnesota '79 Minneapolis, MN YOWELL, G. Kent Univ. of Colorado '46 Glencoe, IL 7wc,^^'^^^-5'\' ' ^" '-'' U"'^- ol" ^^"S^'S ' "> Wichita, KS ZWEIG, David A Calif. State Univ Studio City, CA 14 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

15 WHAT THE GAC DID... Elected John R. Donnell Jr. President, John K. Boyd III Vice President, John A. Burke Treasurer, and Bryan P. Muecke Secretary. Elected Ralph D. Daniel, Endowment Fund Trustee. Made minor changes to the constitution and By-Laws of the Fraternity that granted authority to the Executive council to act in certain matters of special initiation procedures. Mandated that Fraternity financial reports be made available, at reasonable cost, to any Phi Psi within 30 days after completion of the reports by the independent auditors. Mandated that Ohio Iota reach certain specific goals by December 1, Mandated that New York Epsilon achieve all male residency status by the 1982 Grand Arch Council. Directed that the Executive Council rebuild the chapter consultant ranks as soon as possible. Directed that summaries of Executive Council and Executive Board Minutes be published in THE SHIELD following a meeting. Through various committee reports, the following recommendations were made: That the Endowment Fund consider certain increases and development of its current programs. That the Director of Membership conduct various surveys and publish findings as soon as practical. That Fraternity Education be given highest priority and attention of chapters, alumni associations, and the general Fraternity at large. That alumni relations be stressed at the Chapter and Fraternity level. That the Fraternity's extension policy be given high priority, while at the same time, keeping financial restraints in focus. And further, that the extension policy be based upon the following factors, in order of priority: 1) Academic reputation of the institution; 2) Interest and support of area alumni; 3) Availability of Area Director; 4) Support of University administration, campus Greeks, and student body; 5) Presence of positive community climate of host institution; 6) The chapter be cost effective as determined by the Fraternity Headquarters; 7) That above changes be included in the "Campus Prospectus" form, for general use. That the Fraternity consider obtaining a computer that will allow maintenance of chapters' financial records. That the Executive Council be authorized to move swiftly and firmly against hazing, but that the Council be given the flexibility to determine the appropriate measures to be taken according to the facts and circumstances of each case. Several specific recommendations on individual chapter problems were recommended. That Chapter programs of Fraternity Education incorporate current concepts and literature on the responsible use of alcohol, encourage abstinence of controlled substances, and further encourage like action in campus-wide organized rush efforts across the land. That Fraternity priorities should include promoting undergraduate/alumnus interaction, running on a balanced budget, maintaining the highest quality of Chapter standards above expansion, and increasing intra-fraternity communications. The Statement of Fraternity Education is offered as a separate page in this SHIELD, as is the Hazing Edict. Both the Edict and the Statement were unanimously endorsed by the 1980 Grand Arch Council. For a complete list of 1980 GAC Amendments to the Laws, Mandates, Directives, and Recommendations, please contact th Fraternity Headquarters. Angstadt, Mrs. Gary B. (Marcy). Baker, Mrs. Burdell W Baldry, Mrs. William G. (Claire) Boyd, Mrs. John K. (Debbie) Brandman, Mrs. Charles E. (Judy) GAC Ladies and Guests. Indianapolis, IN Chalmers, IN Golden, CO Kansas City, MO Findlay, OH Chamberlain, Crystal Tempe, AZ Chamberlain, Mrs. Robert W. (Joanna) Tempe, AZ Chamberlain, Lisa Tempe, AZ Chamberlain, Paul Tempe, AZ Coen, Carol Norman, OK Coleman, Mrs. James H. (Catherine) Buckhannon, WV Cornelius, Mrs. Philip M. (Cecilia) Indianapolis, IN Crebs, Mrs. Caswell J. (Mary) Robinson, IL. Donnell, Mrs. John R. (Marcia) Donnell, Mrs. Richard H. (Shana) Dudley, Mrs. Robert W. (Mary) Eby, Mrs. Hyatt (Loraine) Harger, Mrs. Robert W Harman, Mrs. John R. (Elizabeth) Hutchinson, Mrs. Richard P. (Pat) Jones, Mrs. W. Lyie (Jean) Kehlbeck, Karen Klima, Carol J Lazzell, Mrs. Robert E. (Lucille) Letterman, Mrs. Gordon S. (Elma) Letterman, Laura Marie (Ellis) Mize, Mrs. Webb M. (Virginia) Mouser, Mrs. Robert W. (Patricia) Owen, Mrs. Kent C. (Suzann) Regnier, Mrs. Richard O. (Margaret) Rhodes, Mrs. Wayne E. Rife, Mrs. Samuel D. (Molly) Snow, Mrs. Melba Spain, Mrs. Norman M. (Ruth) Timmons, Mrs. David H (Rachel) Timmons, Liz Troutman, Mrs. Keith G. (Anna) Uland, Mrs. Ivan C. (Corinne) Urban, Mrs. Theodore J. (Susan) Vogt, Christine Whiting, Mrs. Frank S. (Cynthia) Whiting, Timothy Ziegelmeyer, Mrs. John J. (Sarah) Atlanta, GA Columbus, OH Chicago, IL Birmingham, MI Indianapolis, IN Elkhart, IN Fairmont, WV Bridgeport, WV Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN Morgantown, WV Washington, D.C. Gulfport, MS Indianapolis, IN Bloomington, IN Tipton, IN Columbus, OH Norman, OK Columbus, OH Columbus, OH Columbus, OH Raleigh NC Louisville, KY Omaha, NE Columbus, OH Geneva, IL Geneva, IL Wichita, KS January

16 An Edict Of The Executive Council of Phi Kappa Psi The fraternity experience is shaped largely, often decisively by pledgeship. Throughout the initial period of fraternity education, the pledge learns what is expected to him as a prospective member and what the fraternity can mean to his life. Pledgeship should prepare him to accept the responsibilities of membership, to develop his best potentialities, and to meet the demands of academic life. These aims require a commitment from the chapter to do everything within its power to support those persons who pledge themselves to earn the privilege of initiation. At the very least the chapter is responsible for safe-guarding the health, safety, and well-being of its pledges. 16 Phi Kappa Psi has traditionally encouraged thoughtfully planned, sensibly administered pledgeship programs that reflect the humane values essential to the Fraternity's existence. Although these programs vary from chapter to chapter and from generation to generation, each must be a sound and effective means of bringing the greatest possible benefit to the individual pledge. However much a given program may be different in its form, scope, emphasis, or intensity, it must be consistent with the principles of the Fraternity and the ideals of a civilized society. In light of these convictions. Phi Kappa Psi refuses to tolerate hazing the physical or mental abuse inflicted on pledges. Whatever form it takeshumiliating pranks, stunts, or attire; "road trips," "snipe hunts," and other hazardous, antisocial, or unlawful activities; deprivation of sleep and food; personal servitude; harassment at "line-ups" and work sessions; punitive calisthenics; paddling or any other action intended to degrade or intimidate a personhazing subverts and corrupts the true experience of fraternity. In its more extreme forms hazing risks human lives, brutalizes everyone involved, and jeopardizes the very existence of the chapter and, moreover, of the entire Fraternity. Hazing is a recurrent blight that can attack any chapter whenever a few persons attempt to substitute force for reason, and expediency for understanding. Such persons seem to believe that arbitrarily subjecting pledges to a series of ordeals will make them fit to become brothers; that fear will somehow make them disciplined and mature. Even though such methods may seem efficient in the short run, there canfinallybe no justification whatsoever for hazing, for it destroys the values of kindness, generosity, and compassion that the Fraternity's teaching of brotherly love affirms. Accordingly, the Executive Council of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity directs all members, chapters, and alumni organizations to oppose hazing and to stop it immediately wherever it may now exist. Any member who engages in hazing risks expulsion from the Fraternity, and any chapter that practices or condones hazing risks suspension or revocation of its charter. Chapter officers, alumni advisers, and directors of house corporation boards should be alert to take firm action against hazing. Further, the Executive Council holds the house corporation board of each chapter particularly responsible for making sure that hazing is prohibited. The moral integrity of Phi Kappa Psi is inseparable from the conduct of its members. It is not enough for the Fraternity to celebrate the dignity of man in its teachings; each member must accept as a personal obligation the upholding of basic human rights. As men of honor and good will, the members of Phi Kappa Psi cannot allow the Fraternity to be debased by so mean a practice as hazing. Both deceny and honor require that the principles of the Fraternity be borne out in the actions of its chapters. The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

17 The Phi Kappa Psi Statement On Fraternity Education (Adopted at the 1980 Grand Arch Council) Pledgeship, freely offered by a Fraternity Chapter and freely accepted by an individual, is the period of education, training, and service that prepares one for initiation into a fraternity. Initiation into full membership and Brotherhood is a privilege, not a right, conferred on a pledge by the members of a private, voluntary society. The pledge is expected to prove himself worthy of the privilege by demonstrating academic competence, good character, knowledge of the Chapter and the Fraternity, and loyalty to the Fraternity and its members. He is expected to fulfill whatever requirements may be asked of him, provided that these are legal, ethical, and moral. It must be understood that no pledge is automatically entitled to be initiated. He must prove himself personally acceptable to the members of his Fraternity Chapter. If a pledge is found unsuitable for whatever reason, the Fraternity Chapter should either ask him to resign or cancel his pledgeship as soon as incompatibility becomes evident. In that event the separation of a pledge from the Fraternity Chapter should be carried out humanely and discreetly. The pledge should always bear in mind that his conduct reflects not only on himself and his Fraternity, but on his college and the Fraternity movement at large. 1. The pledge shall be assured that his Fraternity Chapter will conscientiously foster and safeguard his health, safety, and well-being. 2. The pledge shall be enabled to pursue his academic studies and educational interests through the help and support of his Fraternity Chapter. 3. The pledge shall be properly housed, fed, and provided with adequate facilities for study, if he lives in a house operated by his Fraternity Chapter. 4. The pledge shall be free to associate with whomever he chooses, provided that such associations do not bring disrepute to the Fraternity. 5. The pledge shall be prepared for initiation into his Fraternity throughout the course of a period of education, training, and service as conducted by his Fraternity Chapter. He will be eligible for initiation upon the satisfactory completion of the stated requirements. 6. The pledge shall not be subjected and cannot consent to being hazed; that is, any physical, mental, or emotional indignity or objectionable activity that might be required under the threat of dismissal from the pledge class, whether implicit or explicit. 7. The pledge shall not be required to perform any duty or take part in any activity that violates any law, ordinance, or university regulation, or is contrary to the dictates of his own conscience. 8. The pledge shall be entitled to inform the officers of his Fraternity Chapter, officers of the House Corporation, alumni and faculty advisors, officers of the national Fraternity, or responsible persons, of any action or practice that he believes illegal or immoral; no penalty or reprisal of any kind shall be taken against him if the report is made in good faith. 9. The pledge shall enjoy the full rights and privileges as well as the obligations and responsibilities of any other student at the university. 10. The pledge shall be entitled to a satisfactory explanation and adequate arrangements for resettlement in the event that his Fraternity Chapter decides to dismiss him. Phi Psi Autliors If you've written a book, the Fraternity Headquarters would be honored to receive a copy, autographed if possible, for inclusion in the Woodrow Wilson Library of Heritage Hall. Our library of books by and about Phi Psis can only grow with your help. Also, we would like to include from time to time a SHIELD column devoted to Phi Psi authors and their recent work. Titles, author and publication information, and brief reviews of 100 words or less will be printed. Submissions may be made to the Fraternity Headquarters. January

18 THOMAS R. BUELL, Columbia '02. died on June 20, AUVERGNE WILLIAMS, Mississippi '03. died on September 5, Brother Williams was a member of the Fralernlly's distinguished Diamond Council, honoring Phi Psis whose membership has spanned 75 years or more. EDWARD A. LESLIE, Brooklvn Polv '0.\ passed away. FREDERICK P. SMITHMEYER, kansas '06. died May 26, J. NELSON JACKSON, Virgmia '06. died July 29, He helped start the Cloth of Gold Fine Fabrics under the name of Jackson & Jackson in Tryon, N.C. and through the years helped form various community organizations in Tryon. He is survived by his wife, Laura Chapman; a daughter, Mrs. Rachel Jackson Bunte; two sons. Nelson, 11 and the Rev. James C; a sister, Mrs. Genevieve J. Grimes; 11 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren. JOHN S. HODGSON, Brown '07. passed away. KARL C. INGRAM, Stanford '07. passed away. WILLIAM W. LEFFLER, Gettvsburg '07. died January 12, WATSON F. BUHLER, Bromi '10. died March 11, Brother Buhler spent 40 years in the advertising profession, both as a writer and account executive. He is survived by his daughter, Jeanne B. Gross. RAYMOND W. McCLAIN, DePauw '12. died March 23, Brother McClain was an insurance agent in Colorado Springs for several years. He is survived by his wife, Isabel; three sons, Charles J., DePauw V/, Rev. William A., DePauw '4S. and Robert W., DePauw Vy.a sister; and five grandchildren. WILLIAM J. BLACKMAN, CorneU 7.?. died May 1, AUSTIN H. GEDNEY, Columbia 7.?, died April 23, He is survived by his daughter, Mrs. Gordon P. Rowe; and his son, Austin H. Gadney, Jr. D. BLIGH GRASETT, Northwestern 7.?. died July 11, C. SERVERIN BUSCHMANN, Indiana '14. died October 10, Brother Buschmann was a lifelong Indianapolis resident. He attended Yale School of law and was the senior partner in the law firm of Buschmann, Carr and Meyer. He served as an army captain in W.W. I and retired with the rank of Colonel after W.W. II serving on the staff of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower. Survivors include his wife, Betty J.; a son, C. Severin, Jr., Indiana '40: and a daughter, Joan B. Hicks. U CARL B. GALLAWAY, Texas 7.\ died June 20, CARLYLE W. BURGESS, Case Western Reserve '16. died October 16, ROBERT N. DOSSER, JR., Svraciise 76, died October 26, JOHN RABB EMISON, DePauw 76, died June 19, 1980 in Sun City, Arizona, where he had been living since his retirement in A graduate of the Harvard Law School, he began practicing law after serving in World War 1. He was named the firstjudgeofthe Superior Court in Knox County in Vincennes, Indiana in 1925 at the age of 27, becoming the youngest judge in the state. Survivors include his wife, Catherine S. Stanbro; a son, James, DePauw '43;an(i a daughter, Mrs. Shirley Morgan. ELLIOTT NUGENT, Ohio State 76, died August 10, Brother Nugent was a television personality in the early days of that medium, a stage manager, and producer, a writer, an actor, a director, a theater executive, and a comic. He was best known for "The Male Animal," which he wrote with James Thurber, 0/7/0 Slate 'IS. He is survived by his wife. Norma; two daughters, Lee Gerstad and Nancy Crawford; and eight grandchildren. J. CRAIG RUBY, Kansas 76. died September 8, Brother Ruby was a former basketball coach for the University of Missouri-Columbia from He was personnel manager for Hallmark Cards, Inc. from 1937 to 1946 and operated the Friendships Gift and China House from 1946 to Survivors include his wife, Dorothy; a son, J. Whitney, Missouri '.i.i.a daughter, Mrs. Joyce Fowler; and four grandchildren. ELMER F. STRAUB, Indiana 76, died August 29, Brother Straub served as Adjutant General of Indiana from During his career in the service he received the American Bronze Star and Legion of Merit, as well as several high foreign decorations. He is survived by his wife Thelma; two sons. Jack and Peter, Indiana '54;toat grandchildren including Steve Straub, Ohio State '77. LEONARD B. TUTTLE, Colgate 76, died August 7, JOHN M. ANDREWS, Colgate 77, died April 8, GEORGE F. DECKERT, Iowa State 77, died October 15, PAUL REUBEN KEMPF, Michigan 77, died May 27, 1980 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He served in the U.S. Navy during Worid War 1. He organized and was president of the Dixie Terminals Oil Company. When he retired in 1952, he became director and, later, an officer of the Ann Arbor Bank. He is survived by his wife, Edith; his daughter, Mrs. Lome Block; seven grandchildren; and a great grand-daughter. JOHN M. KLEPSER, Dickinson '17. passed away. He was a retired president judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Blair County, California. Brother Klepser is survived by his wife, Mary; four sons, John Mark, Jr., Frederick Linn, Eric Aldon and Alan Warren; and three grandchildren. LEWIS C. PAISLEY, Michigan 77, died May 13, JOSEPH N. SPIKES, Texas '17, died May 24, ALAN VALENTINE, Swarthmore 7 7, died July 14,1980. He won an Olympic gold medal in rugby in Brother Valentine was one of the youngest men to head a major university, becoming president of the University of Rochester in 1935, at the age of 34. In 1950 he was appointed administrator of the Economic Stabilization Agency under President Truman. In addition to his wife. Brother Valentine is survived by two daughters, Annie Laurie Buffinton, and Sarah McKim Valentine; a son. Garrison N.; and seven grandchildren. DONALD N. VAN ARDSDALE, Nebraska 77, passed away. LORENZ J. AHLSTROM, Illinois 7,V. died July 15, ANDREW W. COLMERY, Ohio Slate 'IH. died June 5, JOHN M. MUMAW, Allegheny 7.V, died October 13, CARLOS W. EVANS, Kansas 7<^. died June 20, PHILIP N. PETERSON, Iowa 7V, died April 18, JAMES B. TRACY, Iowa Stale '!<). died August 10, JEROME WEST, Brown 7y.died May 29,1980. He was past president and director of Crimmins Realty Corp. While attending Brown University, Brother West was the New England pole vault champion for three years. He is survived by his wife, Harriett; daughter, Noel Dingman; a brother, Russell, Brown '21; and a sister, Meriam. LAWRENCE B. JONES, Texas '21. died August 22, 1980, after a brief illness. Brother Jones began working with Mosher Steel Co. in 1924 as an engineer and held various positions including chairman of the board and chairman of the executive committee. He was instrumental in helping Texas Alpha raise funds when in a financial bind in making payments on the house note. A few years later he was invited to attend the mortgage burning party at Texas. Survivors include his wife, Bobbie and a brother, Howard, Te.xas '29. EDMUND H. WALDORF, Columbia '22. died December 14, HOWARD C. BAUR, niiiiois 7.?. died March 15, EDWARD R. BOWSER, Wisconsin '23, died May 4, GREGORY E. HODGES, Kansas '23. died September 28, JOHN A. JOHNSTON, JR., Svracuse '23. passed away. CUSHMAN S. RADEBAUGH, Vanderbilt :.?, died August 29, WALTER M. RANKIN, Dartmouth '23. passed away. RICHARD E. ROMEY, Iowa '.'.f. died July 16, WILLIAM S. STEPHENS, Bucknell 7.?, died March 4, WILLIAM F. ALBRIGHT, Syracuse '24. passed away. DAVID E. GRING, JR., Bucknell '24. died December 3, WALTER B. HORN, Brown '24. died October 6, LOUIS BOTTINO, Beloit 76, died April 5, HARRY F. DIETRICH, M.D., Stanford '26. died June FREDRICK L. ROBINSON, Ohio Wesleyan 76. died May 22, FRED W. TISDELL, Brown 76. died January 28, IVIN S. BEAR, Franklin & Marshall 77. died December 15, WALTER B. CAMPBELL, Washmgton '27. passed away in MILTON M. INMAN, Southern California 77. died September 14, ROBERT E. KRUMM, Wittenberg '27. died May 30, WILLIAM P. MURDOCH, Carnegie 77. died June 4, J. DONALD REEKE, Wisconsin 77. died June, ROBERT K. RENFRO, DePauw 77. died February 8, ALBERT L. SHELDON, Southern California '27. died July 25, GEORGE S. STEWART, Southern Cali/ornia '27. died July 17, SAMUEL G. TIEMANN, Cornell '27. died November 22, GEORGE E. HUTCHINGS, Allegheny 7,V. died May 15, JOHN R. COURTNEY, Case Western Reserve '2fi. died July 25, CHARLES A. BENEDICT, Cornell '.'.V. died June 19, FRANCIS M. BENNETT, JR., Missouri 79. died October, WILLIAM H. ANDERSON, Mississippi '30. died June 17, Brother Anderson served as Chancery Court Judge in Jackson, Miss, for 25 years. He was also owner and publisher of the SOUTHERN SENTINEL for 42 years. When Mississippi Alpha was re-chartered in 1930, Brother Anderson was a member of the chartering group, also serving as Chapter President. He is survived by his wife, Lois M.; two daughters, Mrs. John Hopkins and Mrs. Ray McClain; and one grandson. JOHN P. CHARTERS, Indiana '30. died April 10, HARRY H. GRAVES, Mississippi ',?«, died August 1, JOHN W. DOW, Piiidue '30. died March 31, He is survived by three sons. Dr. William W., Stayton L., and John W. II; and a brother Thomas W., Purdue 'i.\ DAVID R. WOOD, Pennsylvania '31. died August 6, He is survived by his wife and a brother John J., Pennsylvania '39. WINFRED C. BARNES, Te.\as '.J/.died September 19, JAMES A. THOMPSON, Kansas '32. died March 19, EVERETT E. COOK, Mississippi X'.died September 23, Sdrvivors include his wife, Irene G.; two brothers; and three sisters. DR. THOMAS H. HAMILTON, DePauw '33. died December 25, LESTER A. LAKE, DePauw '3.\ died in EVAN D. PEARSON, Dickinstm 7.\ died February 17, 1980 FRED J. FURMAN, JR., Stan/bid '3.\ died May 23, 1980 JOHN J. DAVIS, JR., Washington & Lee '3.\d\ed Julv 1, ROBERT L. BELL, Swarthmore.f6, died September 2l', 1980 SAMUEL D. CLYDE, JR., Cornell '.f7. died July 20, DONALD R. MATTIUS, DePauw '37. died March 21, 1980 JAMES W. SCHMIDLEY, Washington & Jejferson '37. died April 6, (Continued on page 19) The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

19 Virginia Beta l\/lortgage Burning Fund Highlights 125th Year Early in 1855 a few Phi Psis from Va. Alpha at the University of Virginia crossed the Blue Ridge Mountains and travelled up the Shenandoah Valley to Lexington and established Va. Beta at little Washington College. It was the first fraternity there and 125 years later it's the leading Chapter at Washington & Lee with a new house built 10 years ago and more undergraduate members than at any time in 125 years. Va. Beta's original Charter, dated February 19, 1855, hand lettered by Thomas Cochran Campbell, now under protection in the archives in Indianapolis, is the oldest original *K^ Charter in existence and was signed by representatives of Pa. Alpha and Va. Alpha. It has been suggested that the President of Washington College in the 1850's, Dr. George Junkin, may have adopted his anti-fraternity bias as a result of Va. Beta's "annual symposium" in 1857 which was held in the Lexington House Hotel and apparently was a pretty wild party. In any event. Dr. Junkin later was forced to leave Lexington because of his pro-union sympathies and Va. Beta survived. The entire Chapter and most alumni fought in the Civil War with nine members killed and many wounded. Notwithstanding that tragedy and only an average of 2.4 initiated between 1870 and 1887, somehow Va. Beta hung in there marks the beginning of real success for Va. Beta for in those two years Hale Houston and John W. Davis were initiated. Hale Houston became a professor at W&L and helped the Chapter greatly for the next 50 years and it was he who influenced John W. Davis to pledge in John W. Davis went on to become one of Phi Psi's most important and devoted alumni. Democratic nominee for President of the United States in 1924 and world famous public servant and corporate lawyer. He was in Lexington on and off" for about 10 years as student and professor, and undoubtedly his influence was important in attracting the many students who pledged Va. Beta from 1890 to 1900 who later became outstanding alumni, several nationally known. Va. Beta has been at the same location at 301 East Washington Street for about 55 years. Originally, an old Victorian mansion was rented from W&L, then purchased and remodeled in 1938 at a total cost of $25,000. After World War II plans were made for a 15-year fund raising campaign to build a completely new house in Construction was delayed until 1968 by which time $115,000 had been accumulated and with $60,000 borrowed from W&L at 4% interest, contracts were let to design and build a $175,000 house. At today's prices it would cost $400,000. It was designed by a leading Virginia architect, Marcellus Wright of Richmond, a Phi Psi (Pa. Iota '25). Va. Betans have worked hard over the years to make the Chapter successful. It hasn't just happened. W&L is still a small school and there have been perhaps too many fraternities on campus which has meant intense competition for members and relatively small undergraduate membership. Currently the House Corporation Board of Directors meets twice a year at the Chapter House with Chapter Officers and reviews all Chapter operations carefully. Every effort is being made to continue the Chapter's successful operations to its second century mark. All Va. Beta alumni are now being asked to contribute to a MORTGAGE BURNING FUND which will pay off" the remaining $35,000 owed W&L and make Va. Beta independent of all economic upheavals, declining college population or other problems. VA. BETA ALUMNI-PLEASE SEND YOUR CONTRIBUTION NOW. Contact the Chapter for details on the 125th anniversary celebration: 703/ Charles G. Gilmore, ' Briarwood Ave. Pittsburgh, PA In Chapter Eternal, continued HAROLD H. NEALE, JR., Dartmouth '3S. died May 11, FRANK W. MYERS, JR., Brown '39. died June 4, DANIEL E. BOSWORTH, Penn State '39. died October 17, JAMES E. DEETS, DePauw '39. died June 4, ELMER L. BAUDER, Alleghenv '40. died May 8, SPENCER D. GARDNER, Ohio Slate '40. passed away. DONALD R. BARKER, Oregon '40. passed away January 5, LEONARD ANDREWS, Southern California WO, died May 31, JOHN C. DEACON, Chicago '41. died April, JAMES C. HICKEY, JR., Washington W7 died June, JACK O. KYLEN, Washington '42. died September, ROBERT E. ANDERSON, Penn State '43. died July 10, CHESTER W. HOLSINGER, Northwesiern '4.\ died June 9, JAMES B. HUNTLEY, Washington <& Jefferson V6, died March 14, MICHAEL BOEKE, DePauw '47. died October, Brother Boeke was executive vice president and general manager of Davidson Industries and former president of the Metropolitan Development Commission of Indianapolis. Survivors include his wife. Brooks; four daughters; and two sons. RICHARD F. CAFFEY, California '47. died March 18, JAMES M. PETERSON, Stanford '47. died March 31, VIRGIL C. RUSH, Te.xas '47. died August 7, CHARLES E. JEANNE, Swarthmore W,V. died September 14, RICHARD B. HENNEY, Virginia '49. died May 30, ALAN PANCEREY, Penn State '.^7. passed away. CHARLES M. SCHREY, Penn State '.^4. died January 14, ALLAN D. FAULKNOR, Franklin & Marshall '57. died January 23, DAVID L. EDWARDS, Ohio Wesleyan '61. died April 28, Brother Edwards was employed by Honeywell Information Systems, Phoenix, as a manager in Marketing Analysis. Survivors include his wife, Nadeen; his parents Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Edwards; and a brother, James A., Ohio Weslevan '67. JAMES T. COOGAN, Stanford '61. died April 6, JEFFREY L. MILES, West Virginia '61. died July 4, ALAN P. SHEPARD, Dartmouth '6.?. died September 12, KARL M. JORGENSEN, Washington '69. died September 21, RICHARD K. EARICKSON, JR., Missouri 7Z died September 19, ELMER F. HINNER, Penn State '72. died August 9, Brother Hinner was former chairman of the board of Hercules, Inc. He was credited with much of the impetus for developing and commercializing low cost, quality poly propylene plastics for use in America. He is survived by his wife, Mae Thelma Yost; three daughters, Nancy H. Miller, Virginia Hook, and Susan Brown; eight grandchildren; and three great grandchildren. CHARLES EDWARD COLE, JR., Washington & Jefferson '74. was killed in an automobile accident on June 21, DAVID BOMKAMP, Creighton '79. died October 24, Brother Bomkamp, a recent initiate, was a junior at Creighton at the time of his death. The Chapter has set up a memorial fund to install a Chapter Room to be named after him. Contributions may be sent to the Chapter in care of the David Bomkamp Memorial Fund. January

20 n_n F(o)Dlfl]^(SD=^ D n D /AiM TGi](iP GEORGE M. PHILPOTT, SR., Colorado '26, was honored by the Golden Beaver Award for Service-Supply. Brother Philpott is Chairman of the Board of George M. Philpott Co., and of Philpott-Close Equipment Company of the Northwest. His dedication to the construction industry earned him this award. WHITNEY HARRIS, Wasltington '30, and his wife, Jane, were awarded the 1980 National Humanitarian Award by the National Jewish Hospital and Research Center/National Asthma Center. The award, based on humanitarian concern and outstanding community service, was presented to the couple on Valentines Day, their 16th wedding anniversary. JOHN O. PARKER, Colorado '38. was appointed Vice President of Human Resources at the Mountainside Hospital, Montclair, New Jersey. He is also named in Wfio's Who in the East. EDWARD L. "Larry" WINN, Kansas '38. is running for his eighth consecutive term in Congress, representing the 3rd Congressional District in Kansas. He has served longer in office than any other U.S. senator or representative from his state. If he is reelected, he will become the ranking Republican on the Science and Technology Committee. That panel handles all energy legislation. Editor's note: He won! RICHARD H. CAMPBELL, West Virginia '47, was named Project manager of the Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Actions Project Office by Herman E. Roser, Manager of the U.S. Department of Energy's Albuquerque Operations Office. This program is to provide remedial actions at inactive uranium mill tailing sites in order to eliminate potential health hazards. CAPT. EDWARD BRYANT, Brown '48. was elected President of the New England Safe Boating Council. The Council coordinates the efforts of many groups who are interested in promoting boat safety RICHARD J. HAAS, Bowhng Green '50, is serving his second consecutive two-year term as Mayor of Trotwood, Ohio. Brother Haas has served on the Trotwood City Council for 5 years, and is also a Guidance Coordinator for Belmont High School in Dayton, Ohio. He drew national and international attention by cosponsoring the first anti-noise municipal regulation in the nation to control noise pollution. HAROLD MINICK, Micliigan '50. and his wife, Jacqueline, were selected to receive a Volunteer Leadership Award from the state of Michigan. Since moving to Marshall in 1955, the couple have set a high standard for community involvement through city beautification and historic preservation. FRED W. KIEMLE, Ohio Slate '54. joined Technomic Consultants as an associate in the firm's Construction and Building Materials Group. He most recently served as general manager of marketing research at Armstrong Cork Company. Technomic Consultants specializes in corporate growth planning and strategic marketing and product planning. THOMAS G. KUHN, Norihwestei'n '54, has been named West Coast Staff Vice President for RCA's Selectavision Videodisk Division. His responsibilities will include program acquisition and planning for new videodisk productions. ROY SCHEIDER, Franklin & Maisliall '54. star of the play, "Betrayal," was presented with the Delia Austrian Medal of the Drama League of the City of New York for the most distinguished performance for the year on Broadway. Brother Scheider was also nominated for an Academy Award for his starring role in the movie, "All That Jazz." ROBERT DUHME, Ohio Wesleyan '.T7, was named a product manager for Phoenix- Hecht Incorporated, a Chicago-based cash management consulting firm. He is responsible for product development in the Float Analysis Group. Prior to joining Phoenix- Hecht, Brother Duhme was an operations officer with the First National Bank of Chicago. C. T. (TED) LONG, Purdue '57. has been made an Associate of the Tippetts, Abbett, McCarthy, Stratton Firm. Brother Long is a professional engineer and registered architect. His past projects Include the renovation of the Eastern Airlines Terminal at JFK Airport and designing towns for the Tehran Airport and the Saudi Arabian Airforce Maintenance depot RICHARD K. YOUNG, Nebraska '60. and KARL J. YEHLE, Missouri '57. were both named officers of the National Advertising Agency Network (NAAN) at the network's annual spring convention. Brother Young was named Chairman of the board of directors of NAAN and Brother Yehle was named Secretary. STEVE MURPHY, Washington '63. assistant vice president of his bank's multinational lending division, staged his fourth annual party for poor and abandoned children of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Brother Murphy made his first visit to Brazil in 1972, on a student exchange program working for the First National Bank of Boston. He lived for a time with a family on the poor side of the city, where he made many friends and became interested in helping their plight. ROSS A. RAINWATER, Vanderbih '65. was appointed Division Manager of Philip Morris U.S.A., in Huntsville, Alabama. He will be responsible for the sale and marketing of Philip Morris tobacco products in northern Alabama. DR. THOMAS HELLING, Kansas '66, was featured in the "Kansas City Star" for performing his first liver transplant. He hopes to eventually perform a heart transplant. He participated in a number of heart transplants while on a fellowship to the University of Colorado Medical Center in Denver. ROBERT D. MacKELLAR, Ashland '66. was named Vice President and Trust Officer by the Hibernia Bank and will be responsible for business development for the bank's Trust Department. GARY E. MURPHY, Oregon Slate '67, was recently named by the Fraternity to serve as Area Director for both Oregon Alpha and Oregon Beta in District VI. Brother Murphy is no stranger to the world of Phi Psi, as he served in the National Headquarters from , leaving as the Assistant Executive Secretary in the fall of Brother Murphy resides in Oregon, where he is a professional Realtor and managing partner in the firm of Bolster & Associates, Inc., Realtors. JAMES L. PANCOAST, Oklalioma '67. is employed as a pilot for American Airlines, based in Nashville, Tennessee. When he retired from the Air Force in March, 1979, Brother Pancoast was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for his work as a faculty member of the USAF Officer Training School. DAVID M. DRENAN, Wittenberg '74. was named president of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) during the Association's annual meeting. After his discharge from the U.S. Air Force Veterinary Corps, Dr. Drenan practiced for 2 years as an assistant before establishing his own practice. He is a nationally recognized authority on unwanted and stray animals. KEITH McNATT, Mississippi '77. dropped out of school in December 1978, to run for office in the Mississippi House of Representatives. Brother McNatt was elected to his position in November, 1979, becoming the youngest representative at age 21. He has since re-entered the University of Mississippi to pursue his undergraduate degree in political science. 20 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

21 One of the distinctive features of being a Phi Psi is how the bonds of brotherhood are maintained after leaving the college cam Often, the prime vehicle for sustaining those friendships is the A lumni Association. Listed below are the times and locations of the nity's Alumni Association meetings. Check for the association nearest you and attend their next meeting. You will enjoy seeing fa faces and will become active in "Something of Value. " Arizona (Phoenix) Call Don Nordlund at Arizona (Tucson) Call Dave Grant, Atlanta-Call Bert Fridlin at Austin First Wednesday, 5:30 p.m., at Scholz Garden, 1607 San Jacinto Birmingham First Friday, 11:45 a.m., Tara House Restaurant. For reservations call Dennis Cameron Buffalo-Call William Brennison at Charleston Last Thursday, Noon, Charleston House Cincinnati-Call Irle R. Hicks, , Ext. 541 Cleveland Monday, Noon, Mid-day Club, Union Commerce BIdg. Columbus Every Friday, Noon, Athletic Club. Call Joe DeVennish, Concord Calif., Last Thursday, Noon, TR's Restaurant. Corner of Concord Ave., and Salvio Sts. Dallas First Tuesday, Noon, Dallas Bar Association Club, Adolphus Hotel Delaware Luncheon every Friday at noon in the Brandywine Room of the Hotel Du Pont, Wilmington, Delaware. Call John A. Shanks at (309) Denver-Third Wednesday, 11:45 a.m., Continental Broker, 235 Fillmore, Denver. For reservations call Frank Middleton, Office Home: Detroit Second Monday of each month. Noon, The Rafter's-, Stouffer's at Northland Center, Southfield, call John Rexford, at Findlay-Second Friday, Imperial House & State Route 12. Houston Third Wednesday, Noon, Petroleum Club, Humble BIdg. Indianapolis First Wednesday, Noon, Country Oven Restaurant-Downtown Hilton Kansas City-Thursday, Noon, The University Club, 918 Baltimore Los Angeles Last Thursday of each month, 11:30 a.m., Taix French Restaurant, 1911 West Sunset Blvd. Other Thursdays, Noon, Bullock's Heritage Restaurant, 7th and Hill Streets Minneapolis First Thursday, Noon, Minneapolis Athletic Club Northridge First Tuesday each month. Love's Wood Pit Barbeque, Balboa Blvd., Northridge. For information call Chapter house ( ) or John Ciccarelli ( ) Oklahoma City Second Tuesday, Noon, call John L. Powell at the First Nat'l Bank & Trust Co. Omaha-Call Dr. Theodore J. Urban at Philadelphia Wednesday, 12:30 p.m.. Engineers Club, 1317 Spruce Pittsburgh First Thursday, Noon, Downtown University Club, Wm. Penn Hotel Portland Meets 3rd Wednesday of each month (excluding June, July and August) from 12 noon to 1:00 p.m., at Multnomah Athletic Club, 1849 S.W. Salmon, Portland, Ore. Call M. J. Garvey, 2264 N.E. Cleveland, Gresham, Ore (503) Rhode Island First and Third Thursdays, Noon. The Chapter House, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Tel.: Donald Brien-(401) San Francisco First Friday, 12:15 p.m.. The European Farmer, 441 Washington St. Call Guy Minardi, (415) San Luis Obispo Monthly, First Tuesday, 11:30-1:00 at the 1865 Restaurant, 1865 Monterey St. Santa Barbara, Calif.-Call Dr. Luin K. Thatcher, 515 E. Michelterena St., Phone Seattle Second Wednesday of every month, 6:00 p.m.. Chapter House, 2120 N.E. 47th St., Seattle, Wash South Bend, Ind. Tuesday, Noon, Loft Restaurant South Carolina Last Thursday of each month, Happy Hour-5:00 p.m. Call A. C. Flora ( ) or Smitty Harrison ( ) St. Louis Each Third Friday (Monthly), call: Steve Scheidker, 122 W. Sarah, Kirkwood, Mo : Home: , Office: Syracuse First Wednesday, 12:15 p.m.. University Club Washington, D.C.-Third Thursday, 11:45 a.m., Capitol Hill Club, 300 1st. St. S.E. For more information call Dave Fenstermaker at January

22 ]fl(^m D(il^i^(iR Repeated requests and reminders for newsletters don't always elicit response. "Newsletter not received" may indicate copy was not received by the deadline. Please contact the Chapter directly to encourage better participation. Akron Newsletter not received Alabama "New" Chapter After a short absence. Phi Kappa Psi has proudly returned to the University of Alabama with the reviatilization of the Alabama Alpha Chapter. The Chapter was reviatilized through the help of Chapter Consultants Lou Hoff'man and Don Durbin, who sat through over 100 interviews to form a group of 22 enthusiastic gentlemen. An informal cocktail party was held on October 18, 1980 at the University Club, giving the Brothers-to-be a chance to meet each other and also to talk with Alumni and learn more about Phi Psi. We are then a Chapter of pledges, with officers as follows: Earl Stafford, GP, from Jasper; Chris Hill, VGP, Birmingham; Jerry L. Pulliam, AG, Chickasaw; Ed Mundy, BG, Oxford; Jack Rooks, P, Pisgah; Alan King, SG, Pell City; Tim Magnusson, Hod, Ardmore and Doug Canada, Phu, Haleyville. The remaining membership is: Bobby Gains, Huntsville; Clint Chalkey, Jackson; Johny Harvison, Cullman; Todd Krout, and Max Ray, Birmingham; Bob Quarles, Decatur; Alan Sanderson, Hamilton; Terry Sides, Jasper; Bob Sittason and Jerry Templeton, Hartselle; Eric West, Huntsville; Larry Edwards, Miami, Fla.; Alan James, Jackson, Miss.; and Greg Jones, Little Rock, Ark. We are very active in campus leadership and activities. Our GP Earl Stafford is an Off Campus Student Gov't. Senator, Chris Hill, VGP, is a student dorm representative governmental director of Palmer Hall, and is also a member of the Freshman Forum. Max Ray is the Student Union Programs Director, and Alan King and Jerry Pulliam are members of the University of Alabama's "Million Dollar Band." Bob Quarles is our Summerfield Scholar nominee. We have had 3 social events since the rebuilding took place: a Halloween Costume House Swap with Sigma Gamma Sorority, a Country/Western House Swap with Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, and a cocktail party held after our Homecoming game at Alumnus Jay Massingill's home. The Alabama Alpha Chapter is presently organizing, for it's community service project, the Tuscaloosa branch of "Big Brothers," through which the members spend time with young fatherless children and serve not only as "Big Brothers" but as friends also. A retreat is also being planned at Brother Fred Clay's lake house. The purpose of the retreat is to bring the pledges closer together, and to learn about Fraternity Education. We are looking forward to soon joining you as full Brothers in the Fraternity. Roll Tide! Jerry L. Pulliam, Correspondent Allegheny Building Fall term is traditionally known as rush term at Pa. Beta. This year we have had the full range of traditional parties and activities; most notable among these were the gold fish "pigdown" and a Sunday outing to Buffalo for a football game. The term is winding down and we are regrouping and preparing for the short formal rush in January. Homecoming this fall saw more alumni coming back than in other years. The brotherhood would like to think that the newsletter we are sending out again had some influence. We have had some alumni response but would like to hear more for our next publication in February. The Phi Psi "500" went off well this year, and we raised more money than in the recent past. A special feature to this year's event was the inclusion of a Greek team to help improve interfraternal relations. This "500" was marked by a particularly high incidence of old eggs and Karo syrup. Fortunately the day was fine and a good time had by all. Scholarship has been a particularly active committee as it implemented more programs which will encourage strong performance. Phi Psi's do better than non-greeks but we need to improve our standing among the other fraternities. Housing is of particular concern to lis al Pa. Beta. The improvements done to the house last fall are holding up well and we will do no more than painting this year. The college has donated a few trees and the improved appearance and condition of the house is helping rush. Founders day will be celebrated on February 20th with as many Phi Psi's as we can collect. Please join us at the chapter house after dinner. Brinton L. Hyde, Correspondent Arizona Housing Change With winter fast approaching, the men of Arizona Alpha are in the process of relocating to a permanent home for Phi Psi at the University of Arizona. After the initial transition problems, we are still holding strong. This semester we initiated Brothei^s Mark Hill Taylor from Litchfield Park, Francis Leo Bidleman from Tempe, Richard Alan Whitford from Boulder; Colorado, and George William Swilzer from Wilcox. During the semester's course, the Chapter strived to maintain its high scholastic achievement, its sense of strong community service, and its hearty unity. Individual brothers' achievements include: Pat Duffy's election to the president of Sophos, the sophomore men's honorary, and his subsequent initiation of several new programs to that organization's agenda. Brother Jim Engle's selection to one of the three finalists for Outstanding Greek man. And Brother Francis Bidleman's fine work as treasurer. We would also like to commend Br. Jim Ehrenreich's accomplishments as Greek Week and social chairman for the Chapter. Arizona Alpha also owes much to Brothers Dud Daniel, Bob Gibson, Don Gooder, Dave Grant, Dave Sanborn, and Jay Spurgeon, who as alumni provided the Chapter a steady hand during its housing transition. We look forward to reuniting with several Brothers at our reunion celebrating the 33 years of Arizona Alpha, which will take place November 15, 1980 at the Double Tree Inn. We also look forward to our Founder's Day Celebration Saturday, February 21st, which, with luck, will take place at our new home. Mark H. Taylor, Chapter Correspondeni Arizona State Coming Up! Greetings from the valley of the sun in Tempe, Ariz.! The men of Arizona Beta are looking forward to another terrific semester of outstanding accomplishments. In May of 1980 we initiated four pledges into the Chapter Ken Bates, Bristol, England; Curt Havens, Marblehead, Mass.; Mike Shriver, Phoenix; and Otto Timmons, New Canaan, Conn. Our officers leading us into an exciting fall semester were Brian Weinberger, GP; Brent Oesterblad, VGP; Robert Carrillo, AG; Dave Riley, P; Rick Napolitano, BG; Harmon Anderson, SG; Chuck Tapert, Hod; Mark Abramson, Phu; and Mike Klepper, Hi. At the closing ceremonies of Greek Week last spring semester, it seemed that Phi Kappa Psi was always on top. Our Greek Sing and Greek Games teams each captured a third place trophy, but it was the scholarship award that was most impressive. Not only was the chapter awarded the scholarship trophy for the Chapter with the highest grade point average, but our pledge class also received a trophy for the highest grade point average! 22 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

23 Athletics at the Chapter have excelled, especially in basketball, volley ball, and football. Four members of the Chapter were invited to play on the ASU Fraternity All- Star Team. Representing Phi Psi were brothers Darren Gray, Rick Napolitano, Howard Scheuner, and Bob "Stills" Spexarth. Brother Greg Nord has been accepted in the Order of Omega, a Greek honorary organization; Brother Lenny Drucker was accepted into Eta Kappa Nu, an engineering honorary fraternity; and Brother Robert Carrillo was accepted into Alpha Lambda Delta, a sophomore scholastic fraternity. Some other fine achievements include the acceptance of Brother John Cummerford to Colombia University Law School and the acceptance of Brother Brad Hunt to the law school at Puget Sound. Last spring semester ended with a bang thanks to our annual Phi Psi "500," under the direction of Brother Weinberger. After the traditional tricycle relay between the sororities and the cycling relay between the fraternities, the evening was capped off with our Phi Psi "500" Party which drew in over 1500 people from all over the Phoenix area. Fall of '80 brought some new faces to Arizona Beta. Johnnie Diaz, Cary Glickstein, Curt Grandia, Randy Gregg, Lance Johnson, Tom Hunts, Bill Mamola, Kevin Russ, and Steve Schulman have all accepted bids to pledge Phi Kappa Psi. We would also like to acknowledge a Phi Psi transfer from Nebraska Beta, John Edmondson. We hope he will bring many new ideas and traditions from his fine chapter at Creighton to share with us. Our Founders Day Celebration this year will be a Bar-B-Que to be held here al the house. All interested alumni are asked to contact the Alumni Association for details. We would like to thank our alumni, under the direction of Don Nordlund for their advice and contributions throughout the year. Wishing everyone a super year, this is Arizona Beta signing off. Robert E. Carrillo, Correspondent Arkansas Past and Future With the first anniversary of the Arkansas Alpha Chapter coming up December 8th, things arefinallylooking up for our Chapter. Even though we lost many members with graduation, we more than made up the loss with the addition of our seven spring initiates: Paul Colwell, Jeff Penson, Brian Campbell, Ken Harper, Kenneth Voise, Thomas Sulephen, and Michael Reynolds. We also achieved our largest pledge class this year with twenty-one men. Membership was not the only area in which we did well. We have had some really great parties including a Boxer Short Function with Phi Mu Sorority, a Country and Western Hoe-down with the Kappa Kappa Gamma's, the 2nd Annual Halloween Bash with Delta Gamma, a Punk Rocker Party with Zeta Tau Alpha, and lastly this semester, a Favorite T-shirt party featuring wine and cheese, with Delta Delta Delta Sorority. Life is not all party here though; we have had several community projects to fill the spaces in our calendar. Some of the projects include: restoration of a building for the Arkansas Women's Center with the help of the Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority; a Chinese Auction for the March of Dimes; The Sorority President Kidnap to get needed can goods for the poor; andfinishingoff the semester, was the 3rd annual Richardson Center Halloween Carnival for handicapped children, done with the help of the Delta Delta Delta Sorority. Currently we are putting together another great homecoming float. We are planning on winning first place for the second year in a row. Spring rush is moving right along with many new pledges expected. Also on the future agenda is our first major campuswide party called the "Phi Psi Fall Festival" in which beer, bands, and barbecue will be featured. As can be seen from the information in this newsletter, the men of Arkansas Alpha are trying to make ourselves known on the campus of the University of Arkansas and this time next year, we will be right in the thick of things here in Razorback Country. Virgil A. HoUoway, Correspondent Ashland Philanthropy and Athletics The Brothers of Ohio Theta are getting back on track at Ashland College. Our first step in the right direction was the addition of six super pledges for the fall of '80. The men pinned to Ohio Theta after upperclassmen rush were: Tom Cowles, Bay Village; Rob DiDonato, Pittsburgh, PA; Jay Billy, Twinsburg; Tom Spatafora, Huntington, NY; Payam Raouf, Ashland; and Sam Miranda, Pasadena, CA. These soon-to-be- Phi Psis are under the expert leadership of pledge masters Jeff Schumacher, Tom Johnston, and Chris Brickner. Our social chairman, Benny Bissman has kept us well entertained. Several classic "Bissman Blowouts" have highlighted our autumn semester. Other social successes have included our all-campus Halloween party, bi-weekly "Thursday Night Clubs," and our annual Mystletoe Mystery party. Phi Psi philanthropy on the hilltop continues to shine. The Brothers held a Halloween Happening for Ashland's Head Start children. We also conducted a canned food drive for Thanksgiving to benefit the needy. And rounding out the semester's activity was our Christmas Parly for all the special kids from the Dale-Roy School. This year's Heartland Conference football champs were led by Brothers Wayne Carroll and Bob Schneider, both four year lettermen. "The Master of Disaster" and "Boom-Boom" spearheaded the leagues most awesome defense from their strong safely and defensive end positions, respectively. Other Eagle gridders sporting the Phi Psi Pride were: tailback and kick return specialist Jeff Schumacher; fullback Tad Rose (who led the team in yards per carry); and the defensive tackle tandem of Mark Franklin and Doug Murray. Other Phi Psi fall athletes were soccer stars Dan Sexton and Sam Miranda along with grapplers, Tom Johnston, Danny Sexton, John Heffernan, Scott Hiemstra, and Jay Billy. Chuck Forthofer is Ohio Theta's Solon E. Summerfield winner this fall. Chuck is completing a four year degree in only three and a half to get a B.S. in marketing and Management. "Hoover" is also our Chapter treasurer and has played number one singles for three years, and was also the captain of the Eagle tennis team. And finally. The Brothers of Ohio Theta send our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of brother Don Corsetti who passed away recently. Keith Connors, Correspondent Auburn Successful Rush Fall quarter began on a good note this year as it brought eight associate members into the Chapter. These fine men include from Alabama John Evans, Russelville; John Farris, Phoenix City; Tony Barber, Pell City; Chip Clark, Phoenix City; and from Florida Robert Makofske, Cocoa Beach; Stan Henderson, Keith Bolen, and Cliff Cheney, from Pensacola. These men have all been active in the Chapter's spirit committee. They built and carried an outstanding float in the Wreck Tech Parade and will be carrying the Phi Mu Sorority's float in the Burn The Bulldogs Parade. The associate members have been very active in the Chapter's intramural sports program also. We are once again participating in football and volleyball without the aid of practice. However, our attitudes remain positive at the beginning of every game and the Alabama Beta tradition is being preserved; we all have a good time. Although our sports program has not developed any awesome teams, our scholarship program has continued to be strong. Last winter quarter the Chapter won the scholarship trophy for the highest gradepoint average on campus. Spring quarter, we fell to only third place. We hope that this year will bring the Brothers of Al. Beta equally high grades. Individual honors went to Doug Hertha, initiated into Beta Alpha Psi, accounting honorary, and Beta Gamma Sigma, business honorary; Dale Geeslin, initiated into Beta Alpha Psi; Robert Bell, initiated into Omega Chi Epsilon, chemical engineering honorary and Tau Beta Pi, engineering honorary; and Jerry Weed, initiated into Tau Beta Pi. David Gross was elected President of IEEE. Doug Hertha was elected Summerfield Scholar for Scholarship has never prevented the members from having a good party though. More notable among parties this quarter was the Halloween party. By the time it ended the inside of the house looked like a garbage dump and the outside was sporting a new decoration of toilet paper presented by the little sisters. Another enjoyable party was Homecoming. Several alumni found time to join us for that party including Mike Jernigan, Sam Webster, Dwight New, John Dozier, Pete Hofmann, Eric Likos, Lee Nash, Barney Burns, and Bryan Oliver. Next quarter, the weekend we hope our January

24 alumni will plan to visit is January 23, 24, and 25. We will be celebrating the Chapter's birthday and will also conduct initiation ceremonies. This quarter we had the pleasure of initiating Dale Keith Geeslin, Steven Allen Willoughby, and Joe William Baughan. Robert V. Bell, Correspondent Beloit 100 Years of Growth This fall term marked the beginning of a new century for Wisconsin Gamma at Beloit. From our start in 1881, to our few years of inactivity in the early '70's, to our subsequent "rebirth" in 1977, we at Wisconsin Gamma are here to uphold one of Beloit's finest traditions. Homecoming on Oct. 11 marked the official kickoff party with the creation of a special 8' tall birthday cake. The show of support from our alumni couldn't have been better; this support will help keep our tradition alive and as strong as ever. Socially, there is much, in the planning stage for our Chapter. Aside from the usual amount of all-campus functions and activities that we sponsor, there is our big project, the Centennial. The proposed schedule of events for our year-long party is as follows: 1) Dec. '80 alumni census mailing 2) Jan. to July '81 compilation of the Centennial issue of The Drover with our chapter history, an alumni directory, and general news. 3) Nov. '81 Banquet at Beloit's Holiday Inn. 4) Year long open house for all and any of our Brothers. Along with our celebrating we also took time out to do some rushing. With the firm guidance of Stuart Ginsberg, our Rush Chairman and Pledge Educator, we formed a group of 16 men waiting to join our ranks, they are: Dirk Damrau, Random Lake, WI; John Stone, Sterling, IL; David Bizzaro, South Bend, IN; Lincoln German, Fairfax, VA; Douglas Weiss, Glastonbury, CT; Stephen Creden, Niles, Ml; Joseph Coyne, Flint, MI; Gregg Powell, Palatine, IL; Ajay Menon, Napersville, IL; Holman Pettibone III, Glenbrook, NV; Gary Diamond, Bethesda, MD; Kenneth Matheis, Jr., Drayton Plains, MI; John Szczepanski, Portage, MI; Philip Jones, Worthington, MA; and Courtney Ellis, Arlington, VA. Of note in this pledge class is Holman Pettibone. Even with the pressures of being a 3 time Beta Theta Pi legacy at Beloit, he opted to pledge Phi Psi breaking with a long standing family tradition. To help spark some interfraternity relations, we held a joint party with the Beta Theta Pi's down the block. With the 50 or so men in attendance an amazing quantity of libations were consumed in a 5 hour stretch. The night was considered a success by Social Chairman Keith Fetzner. Another such party is planned with another Chapter, our relations with the neighbors have never been better. Scholastically, Phi Psi holds one of the highest G.P.A.'s on campus among the greek houses. Our G.P. Marcus Smith says we owe this honor in great part to our new class of initiates. (A subtle hint for the older members to shape up maybe!) On the athletic side, we also have a lot on the ball. Bob Symonds and Terry Jones helped boost the cross country team to a 3rd placefinishin Conference. Charles Day, Jim Graaskamp, Ron Vlaskamp, Peter Kozelka and Jai Balkissoon aided the soccer team (along with several pledges) to an overall winning season. Tom Sklenar and pledge Holman Pettibone will help the swim team dominate the pools and Pat Esposito along with several pledges will make the hockey team a powerhouse this season. We appreciate the support shown to us in the past and strive to ever uphold the good name of Phi Kappa Psi here in Wisconsin. With the amount of support our alumni have shown us already we can only anticipate an even brighter future at Beloit. Thomas A. Sklenar, Conespondciu Bowling Green Awards and more Awards! As the school year begins, the Ohio Zeta Chapter proudly boasts last years' achievements along with this year's accomplishments. In the area of membership we are happy to welcome eight new Brothers along with ten new pledges. Our new Brothers include Scott Ebersole, Perrysburg; Ray Farley, Middleburg Heights; Steve Fuller and Greg Kinder, Bowling Green; John Bonko, Elyria; Steve Dean, Columbus; Bill Costlow, Taiwan; and Bob Gorr, Findlay. Included in this Fall's pledge class is Jim Fritz, Perrysburg; Brian Boucher, Fremont; Steve Dintzer, Akron; Jim Dartt, Perrysburg; Steve Stotz and Matt Shanahan, Fremont; Dave Ribit and Eric Greissler, Marion; Dave Fisher, Perrysburg; and Vassilios Liarakos, Athens, Greece. On May 2, 1980, our Chapter again sponsored the Miss Bowling Green State University Scholarship Pageant. Just as last year, the pageant was a huge success. For the most part, a five man crew consisting of Mark Davis, Pageant Advisor; Andy Smith, Pageant Producer; Dave Brown, Pageant Director; Jeff Raker, Associate Producer; and Keith Reinke, Associate Director, spent a lot of time making the show bigger and better. Then at the end of the evening. Miss Dawn Meadows, a Phi Mu, was selected as Miss Bowling Green State University and went on to the Miss Ohio Scholarship Pageant held in Mansfield. In the area of Scholarship the Chapter again did very well placing first among all the fraternities. Several Brothers did great jobs getting 4.O's, and special recognition is due to David Brussee who was awarded Trustee Scholarships for both the and years. The Trustee Scholarship is a full fee waiver awarded due to outstanding academic achievement. Along with Dave's individual awards, the Chapter itself received many awards. The first award was the "Clayton G. Kohl Fraternity Scholarship Award" given by the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity for highest active grade point average. The second award was "The Dean's Scholarship Award" given by Mr. Wayne Colvin, Fraternity Advisor, for highest accumulative grade point average. The final scholastic award was the "Outstanding Achievement in Scholarship" awarded by the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity for highest grade point average among campus fraternities. In addition to the scholastic awards the Chapter received three additional awards for efforts made during The first award was the "Outstanding Membership Development Program" given by the Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity for a pledge program that is a truly meaningful pre-initiation experience. The second award was "The Ralph R. Haney Award" for excellence in financial management given by the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. Along with the above mentioned awards, the Chapter also received honorable mention for "Most Improved Chapter" given by the Oxford Alumni Association of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. On a more physical note, the Chapter athletics are also in very good shape with the tennis and football teams making it to the playoffs this year. The tennis team consisting of Scott Sachs and Jeff White went 4-0 for the season. The football team also went undefeated throughout the season, but unfortunately lost the playoff game Jeff" White again was a major factor throwing 8 touchdown passes to star receivers Mark Seidel and Jeff Swint. Jeff White also organized the I.F.C. all-star football game that both Seidel and Swint participated in. Now that the playoffs are over the Chapter will try to defend the hockey championship won last year. This year's Homecoming also proved to be a smashing success; the festivities were planned by Keith Reinke who deserves a great deal of credit. To start off, the Phi Psi's and the Chi Omega's put together the winning float. After Bowling Green defeated Kent State in the football game. Brothers and about 40 alumni met at the house for a Greek dinner prepared by Bill Pappas. Along with homecoming. Parents Day went exceptionally good. This year's event was due to the magnificent efforts of Greg Moyer. After the football game, the house wasfilledwith parents of both Brothers and friends of the Chapter for a potluck dinner. A great time was had by everyone meeting parents and boasting of their mothers' great dishes. In conclusion a note of congratulations is given to Chris Geib, this years recipient of the "Solon E. Summerfield Award." Congratulations Chris! Jeff Rowley, Convspondciu Bucknell Newsletter not received Butler Largest Pledge Class Ever Indiana Zeta is pleased to report the largest pledge class in its history twentyone men. They are: Robert Bailey, Plainfield, Ct.; Peter T. Brady, Indianapolis; John L. Brand, New Haven; J. Anthony Bushnell, Evansville; John Harrell, Indianapolis; Casey Hayes, Indianapolis; Stuart Jerris, N.Y., N.Y.; Robert Kelly, Indianapolis; Roger Malcom, Olney, II.; Paul G. Martin, 24 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

25 Elk Grove Vil., II.; Darren T. Matthias, Indianapolis; Gary W. McPherson, Indianapolis: Charles Oei, Indianaapolis; Kevin O'Shaughnessy, Pekin, IL; Jeff Pappas, Cincinnati, Oh.; Bruce A. Phillips, Sunbury, Oh.; Jeff Stoner, Libertyville, Oh.; Brian R. Strautman, Aurora; James Sweeney, Cincinnati, Oh.; Darryl Wells, Bellbrook, Oh. Phi Psi's had a very busy Fall at Butler, gaining not only a large pledge class, the over-all Homecoming Trophy, a strong I.M. basketball finish, and the first Phi Psi football team in many years, as well. For the eleventh year in a row the Indiana Zeta chapter had tlie highest G.P.A. of all male housing units. During this time we have never had a study table or any other form of mandatory study. As any one who has had contact with our Chapter knows, we have been looking for a permanent home since our founding on this campus. Two Brothers have worked especially hard on this project; Mark Elliot and David Grimshaw. Due to their persistence it looks as though the Chapter will soon have a new home. Butler has approved (tentatively) a loan to the Chapter so that we may begin construction. David J. Bramley, Conespondent California New Home During the summer of 1979, California Gamma was in what could easily be termed "dire straits." The house we were leasing for the school year was bought by another party, and forty Phi Psis left for summer vacation knowing that there was a chance that we would not be together come fall quarter. Through the heroic efforts of President Keith Chrestionson and alumni Terry Home and Carl Stoney, we found and secured a great house in the heart of the greek system. With our new house and a revitalized spirit the Phi Psis of California Gamma were ready to role into fall quarter full force. Things started out with a bang as we initiated seven men the week before classes resumed. The seven new Brothers welcomed into Phi Kappa Psi are: Rich Stanaro, Saratoga; Doug Lusk, Sunnyvale; Mick Hellman, Wayland, Mass.; Eric Mackey, Piedmont; Bob Gerstenberger, and Jim Parsiano, Castro Valley; and Peter Salgado, Haiti. Having just become members, these men played a vital role in our fall rush program, after which we found ourselves with five new pledges. Dave Shevick, Todd Hirsch, Jon Rosso, Jim Orr, and Sean Collins are hard workers who have proved to be very valuable assets to the house. At this point in time we at California Gamma are anxiously awaiting the Cal- Stanford Big Game luncheon in San Francisco. It is an event everyone enjoys no matter how the football teams are doing. The Brothers especially enjoy this day because it affords us the opportunity to meet and talk with our alumni. With much improved social and other programs, and increased alumni contact, we at California Gamma are eagerly awaiting the months to come. Mike Loscavio, Correspondeni California, Davis Building for the 1980's The seventeen remaining Cal Iota Brothers returned from their summer vacations full of energy and eager to establish a successful rush program. Brothers John Caire and Mark Skreden, who had visited Cal Epsilon during their rush week, came back with new ideas for a strong rush. These ideas, in conjunction with the fine efforts of Rush Chairman Tony Perkins, contributed to attaining the largest pledge class on campus. The rush functions included everything from a 500 person dance to an intimate poolside brunch. Our ten enthusiastic pledges are: Joshua Chariat, Menlo Park; Jean-Paul Kozicki, Jackson; Mickael Begovich, Penryn; Steven Garrett, La Jolla; Gregory Franco, Santa Barbara; and Charles Greer, Storm Jenkins, San Francisco; Barry Schaeffer, Fremont; Bernard Flandez and Alan Flandez, Vallejo. John Caire received the Solon E. Summerfield Award for scholarship and leadership. Congratulations to John for his outstanding academic efforts. The social life has continued since rush with a wine tasting exchange and Phi Psi Lady rush party. For the future, the Brothers are looking forward to the annual ski trip/retreat in Lake Tahoe where the pledges are initiated. Donald J. Sajor, Correspondent California, Los Angeles 50 Years at U.C.L.A. Winter rains will bother none of the Phi Psis at UCLA, for this Founder's Day marks thefiftiethanniversary of the chartering of California Epsilon. In this relatively short span, Cal Ep has initiated almost 1000 Brothers and now more than ever represents a guiding force in many areas of campus life. We look forward to the next fifty years with great enthusiasm. We started the year off with a retreat to Palm Springs for the Brothers and the spring pledge class at which we prepared for rush, traded stories about the summer, and generally had a great'time. The weekend before rush we proudly initiated the 15 gentlemen of our spring pledge class. The new initiates are: Andrew and Raymond Center, Torrance; Robert Chamberlain, Hawthorne; Kevin Clarke, Los Angeles; Michael Di Roma, Los Angeles; Kip Long, Malibu; Paul and Peter Pellizzon, West Covina; Michael Prestridge, Lancaster; Thomas Reinecke, Placerville; Eric Sand, Whittier; Randall Schnack, Honolulu, Hawaii; John Shepherd, Glen Ellyn, Illinois; Christopher Williams, Santa Barbara; and John Woodhead, Riverside. A hard-working rush week was rewarded with eleven pledges: Eric Bernd, San Diego; Don Bohay, Fountain Valley; George Brenseke. Thousand Oaks; Vincent Cameron, Gardena; Scott Delaplane, Beverly Hills; Joseph Huhn, Coronado; Robert Morse, La Jolla; Laird Perkins, Rolling Hills; Robert Wallan, San Dimas; Kevin Wardrop, Torrance; and John Wasley, Orinda. The strength of our athletic program has continued despite the graduation of many fine athletes. We have equaled or improved our record in every sport so far this year in our quest to surpass our second place finish in intramurals last year. Homecoming was a time of great fun and hard work, and resulted in a second place finish for our float with Kappa Kappa Gamma, and first runnerup in the banner competition. To report on a few of our recent graduates, brother Jerry Kurland, former UCLA undergraduate president and last year's national Solon E. Summerfield award winner, is now attending Boalt Hall Law School at U.C. Berkeley. Former GP Bill Itiff and Brother Ray Hoyt are both attending UCLA Dental School. We wish them all well. Founder's Day this year will include the initiation of this fall's pledge class in honor of Cal Ep's 50th anniversary. Scheduled for the weekend of January 31st, it promises to be an exciting time for Brothers, alumni, and the new initiates as well. All Brothers are warmly invited and welcome to join us in this (:elebration. Mark H. Evans, Correspondent The 29th "National" initiation class of Cal Poly pose for the photographer the morning of their installation. January

26 yards from the campus police station. In our new Chapter house we renewed our desire for becoming the number one fraternity on CSUN, So for a pledge to be named later and an undisclosed amount of beer, we received transfer Scott Chambers from the Cal Epsilon Chapter. Scott has already made a deep impression on us and is now famous for his saying, "piece of cake." Rush went off very well in the fall. Twenty-five men accepted the offer of Brotherhood in our fraternity. A new era began as the Beta Alpha pledge class was installed. Our crowning event of the fall has been Homecoming. With the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority we won the first place award for our joint effort in the float building. All our efforts currently are being directed toward our Las Vegas Night fund-raising event. This always popular event will be held on Nov, 22 and we are looking forward to a successful night of fun, Ronald D. Goldberg, Cotrespondeni The Greek Men of the Year at Cal Poly are Ken Pedersen (left) and Ed Freitas. Cal Poly Active on Campus Greetings from Cal Poly. Since our last correspondence we initiated our 300th Brother, and installed a pledge class of 14. The secrets of Phi Kappa Psi were made known on June 7, 1980 to the men of Cal Eta's 29th National. These men are: Charles Kenneth Hall II, Byron Quentin Lilly, Mark Damian Braun, James Christopher Mc- Cann, Bryan Steven Corcoran, Christopher Eric Seymour, Bruce Thomas Birt and Scott Allan Harris. The installation banquet was blessed by Cal Eta's #1 John Macy. The 30th National Pledge Class installed as pledges on October 8, 1980, consists of: George Jeffrey Adam, Richard Martin Byrd, Andrew Thomas Gentile, Christopher John Gentile, Daniel Joseph Hayes, John Charles Hess, Jack Raymond Holke, David Roy Lemieux Jr., Charles Robert McCallum, Patrick Martin McNerney, Paul Eugene Niday, Fredrik Gustof Nicholas Rooth, Mark Franklin Swimmer, and David Louis Weiland. As usual, the Phi Psis at Cal Poly are quite involved. Cal Poly's Greek Men of the Year, for '79-'80, are Cal Eta's Ken Pedersen and Ed Freitas. Spring also saw the reinstitution of the annual Easter Egg Hunt, and the birth of the run for charity, the Royal Run. The '80 '81 school year has us active all over campus. The executive board of Cal Poly's annual open house has four Brothers sitting on it. Two Brothers are on the Associated Student Senate. Seven Brothers are involved in Poly's orientation program, including the executive board's treasurer. Finally, four Phi Psis are charter members of a new business club on campus. GP Devitte Charles has a fine cabinet. The officers are: Jim Tracy, VGP; Lane Curtis P; Douglas Morrisey, AG; Stan Pang BG; Bill Spence, SG; Tom Durant, Hi; Kevin Fox, Hod; Blake Bender, Phu; and Brad Sher, Pledge Educator. 26 Finally, when watching the new movie. Personal Best, say hello to your Brothers at Cal Poly. Douglas Morrisey, Conespondent Cal State, Northridge New Beginnings Even as the learned and aged alumni bespoke the truth, Calvin, the all seeing wonder being, was unable to keep his dark prophecy from occurring. The old lady in Bakersfield died and the humble acreage of Cal Theta was sold and we were forced to vacate our happy home of many years. But being truly Brothers, we had to close out the house with a truly deluxe event, "THE END" party. Invitations were sent to all Phi Psis who ever pledged our Chapter. And so on July 26 the strangest collection of beings, since the Alpha Tau Pledge active, gathered for one last time. We will all truly miss Devonshire. Earlier in the spring then pledges Scott Braden, Dave Friedman and Robert Livernois traveled to Arizona Beta to help them celebrate that Chapter's Phi Psi "500," While in Arizona they learned many things about our Fraternity, and enjoyed a dinner and casual conversation with then Fraternity president, Sandy Chamberlain. In Arizona they learned of the love and respect each Phi Psi holds for another. Pledge Educator Ron Goldberg expressed it;.. we really thank Arizona Beta for showing our pledges a grand Phi Psi Chapter, and much more thanks for showing them the grip." With the summer of course came the GAC, with Brothers from the sunny realm of Cal Theta proudly once again winning the "man-mile award." GP John Soukup called the GAC, ".. the best time of his Phi Psi experience" and urged our younger brothers to attend whenever possible. Just before leaving for the GAC our Chapter settled down in our new Chapter house, just seconds from campus and mere Case Western Reserve Progress The evening of October 23, 1980 saw nine initiates welcomed into active Brotherhood at Ohio Epsilon Chapter. The class of '80 consists of Howard James Aube, Alpena, Mich; Jaechang Cho, Strongsville; John Theodore Ciolek Jr, Cleveland; Todd Elliot Crumbaker, Saint Clairsville; James Mosser Csonka, Leechburg, Pa; David Joseph Gondek, Brecksville; Klaus-Markus Peters, Sheffield Lake; James Frank Rozsits, Chesterland; and John Fredrick Schindler Jr, Chagrin Falls. Ohio Epsilon is truly gratified to count these men as Brothers and expects much of them in the years ahead. Ohio Epsilon also expects much of our chapter officers for the fall term, and rightly so: Mike Wahl, GP; Rich Mihran, VGP; Monte Nagy, P; Jerry Drda, AG; Mike Kertes, BG; Jeff Riskin, SG; Bob Antenucci. Hod; Joe Kang, Phu; Barry Fuhrmann, Hi and our committee chairmen provide the dynamic leadership needed for success and continual progress. Contributing to our Chapter from a new position is Sandy Rich, Ohio Epsilon '77, who became House Corporation President early this semester. So far under Sandy's guidance the Chapter has purchased a twokeg cooler. Major improvements to the rec room, living room, and bar are currently in design. We look forward to productive collaboration with Sandy and the House Corporation. Phi Psis continue to make themselves known on the CWRU campus in a variety of media. Bob Antenucci is serving ably as President of the Junior Class of Case Institute of Technology. Dave Gondek appears on the university radio station (WRUW), as does Mike Wahl, who hosts a weekly jazz program. The foursome of Eric Bright, Todd Crumbaker, Bernie McCafferty, and Monte Nagy won the intramural golf championship, while intramural tennis saw Bob Antenucci place first in both singles and mixed doubles competition. The intramural volleyball team is also undefeated heading into post-season play. Notable campus occurrences include the The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

27 establishment of a colony of Alpha Psi Sorority; this increased the number of sororities al CWRU by 50%. Dr. David Ragone, formerly of Michigan State, was inaugurated President of the University November 15. (We had the privilege of his presence at dinner November 10; a most unique honor was President Ragone's tapping of the first beer from our new cooler!) This semester marked the second anniversary of two popular Ohio Epsilon social events; the Second Annual Wine and Cheese Party featured live jazz and provided a relaxed atmosphere for rush. The Second Annual Wales Tales Competition assembled alumni and undergraduates for an evening of artful articulation. Our first Casino Night was held to benefit the Leukemia Society. Bernie McCafferty, Marc Pinotti, and Solon E. Summerfield Scholar Andy Steurer attended the '80 GAC and reported (with a "Hi! Hi! Hi!" to the Brothers at Ohio Alpha) that they had "a hell of a time." McCafferty and company gained from the GAC and shared with us an appreciation of Brotherhood beyond the confines of a single Chapter. Ohio Epsilon's Founders' Day Dinner will be held Saturday, February 21, in the midst of our 75th Anniversary Celebration. "The more the merrier" will never be truer; Brothers, please do not hesitate to contact the Chapter if you'd like to help us celebrate! Jerry Drda, Conespondent Colgate Active Brotherhood This new semester involves a great amount of enthusiasm and participation in the activities of the New York Epsilon Chapter. Last spring, we initiated seventeen pledges under the guidance of pledgemaster Tom Beecher '80. These new brothers, who come from such faraway countries as Canada and Brazil, are diligently maintaining the excellence of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. The Brothers are involved in a great amount of activities involving all facets of university life. Sports are well represented with Brothers on the Varsity soccer, basketball, wrestling, and baseball teams. Notable positions on campus include photography editor for the Colgate News, accountant for the Colgate Travel Agency, and assistant manager for the Colgate Orchestra. Other activities are well represented with Brothers involved with the Debate Club, the Jazz Band, the Harlequin, the Record Co-op, and the Student Pub. These campus activities show that the energy and spirit of our Brotherhood extends beyond the Fraternity. These numerous activities do not detract from our education as New York Epsilon continues to maintain academic excellence. Joe Berlinger, '83, Tom losso, '82 and Bob Dedio, '81 all maintain GPA's over 3.7. Of special mention is Brother Dedio, who was the recipient of the award given to the premedical concentrator with the best overall academic record. Our Fall officers are using their experience and enthusiasm to lead the Chapter. Bill Gunner, '81, is using his extensive January 1981 knowledge from past positions as Treasurer and Corresponding Secretary to further the goals of New York Epsilon. Don Walker, '82, our summer President, is doing an excellent job as Treasurer. Ken Torres, '82 doubles as Recording Secretary and IFC Representative while Bob Navarino, '83, Vice-President, and Jon Shames, '83, Corresponding Secretary, compensate for their lack of experience with their fervent participation. Our house is well guarded as our new Phu is 6'10" Chuck Garey, who doubles as the starting Varsity center on the basketball team. Our homecoming was a big success with many alumni coming to our party or just dropping in to say hello. Most of them were impressed with our new renovations. Under the careful supervision of House Manager Joe Berlinger, '83, the whole house was redecorated and painted. At present, plans are underway for a Christmas party for underprivileged children and our first annual "Five Days of Phi Psi" to be held in January. Jon P. Shames, Correspondent Colorado Greetings from Boulder. Probably the biggest news here at Colorado Alpha is our pledge class. Eleven new men will be joining the ranks this December: Kevin Krause, Alex Sommers, Ken Dulin, Mark Evans, Mike Hudecheck, John Gillespie, Robert Lefond, Steve Morris, Dave Iseri, Marshall Mayer, & Jordan Cavanaugh. Besides working on the pledge class, we have also started a new alumni program for better relations. So far the response has been pretty good, but we still need greater support. We encourage all alumni NOT TO FORGET FOUNDERS DAY ON FEB. 19. Dinner and drinks are planned, and everybody is invited to attend!!! In other news: Mr. Sperz hopes that rocks are found on Titan. Rasta Van sends rats Grant & Henney thru a mystery maze. Mazi declares war on Iraq. Mel makes an investment: "I think she needs more oil." Dr. Dover loses a tomato. SALT talks to considerfishemulsion next session. -A CLUE IS FOUND!!! Well that's about all for now Vince Precht, Coriespondent Columbia Newsletter not received Have you taken a ^?Nt good look at your life insurance lately? Z^ ^p You might do a double take. If you bought your life insurance some time ago even last year it's no longer worth what it appears at first glance. It's because of this persistent pest called inflation. You know how much it gnaws away at your food budget, your housing expenses, and your transportation costs. But, did you know how it eats up your life insurance policy benefits? Going by the Consumer Price Index, a $30,000 policy purchased in 1970 is not even worth half that today. Now, take a good look at the group term life insurance plan sponsored by Phi Kappa Psi. It off"ers supplemental coverage (in $10,000 amounts, up to $100,000) to eligible fraternity brothers under age 60. By building up your protection in sensible, inexpensive amounts ($10,000 coverage costs under $25 a year for a brother age 34, for example), you can meet inflation eye to eye. And win. So take a good look at your life insurance protection. Then look to us to protect you. For more information on the Phi Kappa Psi Group Term Life Insurance Plan, call or write the plan administrator: Mid-America National P.O. Box 896 Shawnee Mission, Kansas (913) C Bankers Security r^* ^ LIFE I lire- INSURANCE IMc:i IDAKIC^P CiOf^lp-fv SOCIEfv Executive Office: Washington, D.C. Home Office: New York, City 27

28 Cornell Looking good! The Fall semester has been a busy one for New York Alpha as the Brothers set about their various athletic and academic pursuits (not usually in that order) and tackle the task of how best to spend the money raised during last Spring's successful fund drive. Through the concerted efforts of the current brotherhood and the generous contributions of numerous Alumni, a total of about $20,000 dollars was raised. In a close vote, the Brothers decided against having a giant celebration road-trip to Bermuda, opting instead for various much-needed house improvements including new dining and living room furniture, new carpeting and extensive roof repairs. These improvements, along with several other house improvement projects planned for the near future, should make living through an Ithaca winter a more comfortable proposition for many years to come, as well as improving the appearance of the house substantially. Phi Psi athletes continue to play a central role in Cornell athletics, both on varsity and intramural levels. On the varsity side of things. Phi Psi boasts two managers, (Mark Goldberg, Basketball and Ken "Fudge" Sargent, Football) and a Captain, (Mike Grogan, Track). Alex Hodge, who graduated last year, is now coaching the Water Polo team. A host of other Brothers are also competing in the following sports: Football, Swimming, Crew, Lightweight Crew, Cross- Country, Hockey, Fencing and Sailing. Phi Psi's intramural competition has gotten off to an excellent start under the guidance of Intramural Chairman Hank Camuso. So far this year, Phi Psi has won two University championships, the first in Cross-Country and the second in Golf, and is in second place in the "All Sports Trophy" race at the midpoint of the semester. This is particularly impressive in view of the fact that there are 48 other houses vying for the title, but Phi Psi isn't pausing to rest on its laurels as we continue to work hard preparing for the upcoming hockey and basketball seasons. The Chapter's rush activities are proceeding smoothly under the expert guidance of Rush Chairman Doug Kirk, and the Brothers have been kept well entertained by the Chapter's two active Social Chairmen, Mike Feit and Tom Porta, who have come up with an astonishing variety of parties, date nights and other social activities. In addition to these planned events, there have been more than the usual number of spontaneous visits to/visitors from other Chapters around the country including New York Epsilon, Pennsylvania Lambda, Tennessee Delta, and Indiana Beta. While the Brothers aren't busy studying, playing sports, rushing, or taking road trips, some of them find time to do other things.. such as becoming members of honorary societies. Our congratulations to Mike Grogan and GP Ron Rejda, New York Alpha's latest additions to Cornell's Sphinx Head Society. In closing, we would like to extend our best wishes to our Brothers nationwide, and remind them that all donations for our Bermuda road trip are gladly accepted and should be sent to Duncan Scott, Cortespondent Creighton Continued Strength This fall's rush netted a successful return for Nebraska Beta as we pledged three fine men. They are Peter Zarse of Kansas City, MO; Mark Genovesi of Brooklyn, NY and John Cancroft of Northport, NY. If all goes well, the mysteries of the fraternity will be revealed to them on, or near, November 21, Our GAC delegates returned from Indiana with some good news for the Chapter. For the second year in a row Nebraska Beta leads the fraternity in undergraduate membership. At the rate we're growing, our charter members will live to see us hit the 1000 mark! Another distinction has been bestowed upon us as a result of the GAC; a distinction matched only by the brothers of Kansas Alpha. We presently have two Brothers on the Executive Council, the most recent addition being Rev. John P. Schlegel, S.J., who accepted a position as Chaplain to the Fraternity. He joins Attorney General Paul LaPuzza and former District V Archon Rich Nelson as the third Brother fromthis chapter to serve on the council. On the local front, the officers for this semester are Jim Simpson, GP; Steve Paul, VGP; Tim Byrne, AG; Kevin Fitzmaurice, BG; Joe Coleman, P; T. Kelly Ryan, SG; Jim Urban, Hod; Pat Cahill, Phu; and Pete Turek, Hi. Our Rush chairman for next semester is John Donlevy. If you know of anyone you would like to recommend for membership please be sure to contact us by writing to the lodge. Unfortunately, all has not been going as good as it may sound. Earlier in this semester, we lost one of our brothers to cancer. Brother Dave Bomkamp will be missed by all whose life he touched. More than half the Chapter traveled to Cedar Rapids for the funeral. A memorial service was celebrated on campus by our advisors. Rev. Neil Cahill, S.J. and Rev. Dick Hauser, S.J., and the president of the university Rev. Matthew E. Creighton, S.J. It was truly a magnificent service with representatives from all of the greek organizations on campus in attendance. Scholastically, Nebraska Beta is still high above the 3.0 mark as a Chapter and continues to have Brothers involved in academic concerns. Brothers Paul Miller and John Baccala have recently been installed as charter members of Alpha Beta Chi, the newly formed Association of Business Communicators. There are also seven Brothers who serve as resident advisors in the dormitories and a number of Brothers who are representatives to the Student Board of Governors, the Arts Senate and the various legislative bodies in the dormitory system. Hopefully, next semester will be as prosperous as this one has been! Timothy M. T. Byrne, Correspondent DePauw Social Fall Fall has come again to Phi Psi at DePauw University. The Brothers would like to recognize and welcome thirteen new Pledges: Rob Britigan, Andy Burns, Tom Gibson, Paul Geyer, Jack Letts, Pat Moody, Tom Noonan, Dave Reidy, Joe Rohs, Kurt Voigt, Mike Wallace, Steve Walters, and Jeff Westhoven. The Pledges are under the guidance of Greg Gibson and Brad Fuson the two Junior Pledge Trainers. Old Gold Day, Dads Day, and Monon Bell weekend were all successful events this Fall. The Brothers of Phi Psi are eagerly awaiting the initiation of the new Pledge class, Littie "500," and an active social calendar in the Spring of David M. Schrier, Correspondeni Dickinson Back-Aching Effort The Brothers of Pennsylvania Zeta would like to offer a bona fide greeting to all of their fellow Phi Psis. Despite a shortened rush period mandated by the faculty and a decreasing number of incoming freshmen males, we are still enjoying a successful rush program this fall. Our rug hockey game, a traditional rush function here, was again a major bone-breaking, back-aching, and face-scraping success. A good time was had by all freshmen as well as the Brothers who are still recovering from bruised bodies. Rush Chairman Steve Lowry continues to work hard as several bids have been given and we can expect another impressive pledge class. We are not going to let a curtailed rush period and a shortage of freshmen affect the future of our Chapter! In an effort to see more of our alumni return on homecoming weekend, the 25th of October, we have decided to have our fourth annual symposium the same weekend. We all look forward to seeing our returning alumni. Last spring, we initiated 18 new brothers. Of these 18, three took after their older brothers in joining Phi Psi. The new initiated are: Gregory M. Alman, Harrisburg, PA; Charles D. Atkinson, State College, PA; Hugh H. Braithwaite, Bala Cynwyd, PA; Peter L. Clarke, New Brunswick, NJ; D. Edward Cangialosi, Emerson, NJ; Christian S. Daghir, Downingtown, PA; Eric M. Dull, Bogota, Colombia; David J. Ellis, Bethesda, MD; David K. Garrett, Wayne, PA; David L. Harnish, Mechanicsburg, PA; Robert C. Hudson, Hershey, PA; David A. Krueger, Hewlett Harbor, NY; Jeffrey S. Linsen, West Chester, PA; James E. Pennington, Jr., New Providence, PA; Kenneth D. Rigby, Mechanicsburg, PA; Douglas L. Soder, Camp Hill, PA; Robert M. Stern, Vineland, NJ; and Glenn W. Zeiders, III, West Chester, PA. These men are sure to retain the reputation of Phi Kappa Psi that Dickinson College expects. The officers who were elected to govern the house this year are: Bob Harrop, GP; John Newcomer, VGP; Scott Silverwood, AG; Rich Biletta, P; Jay Grossman, BG; Rob Hudson, SG; A.C. Pecker, HOD; Bob Stern, PHU; and Andy Klinghoff"er, HI. Of equal importance are Bill Schoener and Chip Woerner who are the social chairmen and Duane Takahashi, House Manager. Congratulations to all of you! 28 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

29 Our increased effort in working with the community of Carlisle and contributions to charity have been recognized by the administration of Dickinson College. Our second Tennessee Farm Night complete with a live bluegrass band and live farm animals was one foot stompin' good time, and we managed to collect a commendable contribution that night which was donated to the United Way. Earlier that same day, many of the Brothers voluntarily spent the afternoon assisting in a bike-a-thon held in Carlisle to benefit the Children's Cancer Fund of the St. Judes Childrens Hospital. Rick Leonard, Bob Harrop, and Hugh Coxe rode in the bike-a-thon. With deep sorrow, I must inform you of the sudden death of Brother Harry W. Gill, 111, '73, that occurred on the 10th of July, Many of the alumni remember Harry as an energetic and amiable friend. Please feel free to stop in and pay us a visit during the academic year. Penn Zeta wishes all Chapters and Colonies every success for a shipshape year. Scott D. Silverwood, Cotrespondeni Duke Good Fun With Friends The Brothers of North Carolina Alpha have enjoyed a highly successful fall term. Thus far, we've escaped the scrutiny of Chancellor Pye's retrenchment committee and continued at our normal frenzied pace. Although somewhat hampered by unseasonable weather, our annual Celebrity Auction was once again a resounding success. Under the direction of Peter Groth and Lenny Lewis, the Auction raised over $2000 to benefit children's cancer research at Duke. With twenty-seven new Brothers carrying on rush for the first time, the semester-long rush period has posed a dual challenge: getting to know the rushees, and acclimating the new Brothers to the system. The transition has been accomplished with little drama. Our rush schedule has again been highlighted by a series of innovative theme parties, including an Insane Asylum party and yet another edition of the infamous Red Light District affair. Homecoming 1980, held in conjunction with Lambda Lambda Lambda week, produced the largest turnout of alumni in recent years. The Banquet featured a speech by assistant basketball coach Bobby Dwyer, who revived our sagging hopes for the Blue Devils. John McCall announced his intention to abandon the sybaritic life of the legal profession and enter a monastery. In other alumni news, Ed Posnak has opened an exterminator service near Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania. The officers serving in the fall semester are: Tim Simpson, GP; Wayne McNeilly, VGP; Steve Parman, AG; Steve Meyers, BG; Kurt Uphoff", P; John Tyson, SG; Dave Mahanes, Hod; Paul Pickard, Hi; and Robert Satloff, Phu. The leadership of Tim Simpson has been exceptionally inspiring; even the local gendarmes have warmed to his considerable charms. It is with high hopes indeed that we look January 1981 forward to the fun (and occasional torture) of the spring semester in Durham. Steve Parman, Conespondent Eastern New Mexico Optimistic New Mexico Alpha began this fall semester with the pledging of two very fine young men from California. Samuel Alpha Wheeler III of Eureka, and Douglas Jay Swanson of Los Angeles have made us proud of them as pledges with their enthusiasm and spirit, and we are looking forward to their initiation at the end of the semester. Our fantastic brothers from Texas Beta in Lubbock made their semesterly road trip to our chapter to visit with us and to help in rush. With the increase in numbers and the all-out Fraternalistic spirit they provided, along with the attendance and help of the Zetas, Chi-Os, and ADPis we were able to line up ten prospective pledges. We hope to have a majority of these men pledge for the spring semester. The night of October 31 was our annual Halloween Party, attended by a variety of grand and terrible living and dead creatures. Other upcoming annual events we are planning include Preferrential, in honor of our pledges, and the combination end-of-finals, going home, and Christmas celebration. In the spring we will be celebrating Founders Day with dinner and dancing, and we would like to take this opportunity to invite all of our alumni to join us if at all possible. Officers elected for this semester are as follows: GP, Ray Burguess; VGP, Daniel McDonald; P, Ron Darling; AG, Gary Oty; BG, Mickey Porter; SG, Andy Hoffman; Hod, Al Hill; Phu, Al Hill; Hi, Daniel Mc Donald. In closing, all of the Brothers here at New Mexico Alpha wish to express their deep appreciation and gratitude to our alumni for working to help us through our time of need. In particular, we wish to thank Robert Keller, U.C.L.A. '45. Dr. Jack Secor, Eastern Mexico '69, and Al Hill, Eastern New Mexico, '72, for their work and determination which easily goes beyond the call of duty for alumni. G. Oty, Conespondent Florida Proud of Growth Florida Beta is proud to announce the initiation of four outstanding men into the Phi Psi Brotherhood; Bruce Field, Jerry Fredette, Andy Houtz, and Bob Thomas. These new Brothers have been an inspiration to the whole Chapter by the spirit they've shown in working on Fraternity projects. The Brothers of Florida Beta began the fall quarter in fantastic style with eight dedicated pledges: Dave Branch, Scott Clinton, Wes Dunn, Ed Field, Tom Harris, Scott Morgan, Joe Nordmann, and Bill Rubin. We had quite a successful Homecoming this year with the return of many alumni. They were very pleased at the continuous progress Florida Beta has made over the last few years. Several activities are still planned for the remainder of this fall quarter. The Brothers and pledges are looking forward to an upcoming social with the Alpha Xi Delta sorority, along with two more service projects and an end of the year Christmas celebration. The Brothers are very proud of the growth Florida Beta has experienced since its return to the University of Florida campus in We look forward to 1981 as our most successful year yet. James L. Matthews, Conespondent Franklin and Marshall Renewed Alumni Support This fall Pennsylvania Eta has been very busy. We've had a number of very successful parties and programs. Our party themes, such as "Heaven or Hell," or "The October Revolution," were very popular on campus, as was the band "No Dues" which we featured at our Freshman Mixer. Brother Lew Bryson played Saxophone in the band. Six new Brothers were initiated early this semester from our spring pledge class. They are Paul Cunningham, Scott Fasnacht, John Franzese, Nick Hopkins, and Larry Tighe. They bring our brotherhood to 23. Our officers for this term are: Alan Sutter, GP; Dave Nalle, VGP & AG; Skip Soulier, P; David Abernethy, BG; Scott Russell, Hi; Tom Curtin, Hod; Rich Gessner, Phu; Jim McMahon, SG; and Lew Bryson, Rush Chairman. The Brothers are very active in campus activities. We count among us officers in almost every major organization and the presidents of four. Last week we accepted four new pledges for the fall. They are Scott Christern, Jeff Dunham, Bill Farrand, and Bob Gryce. As usual we are looking forward to a strong Spring rush yielding a large pledge class. Rick Gessner and John Brown have done a marvelous job of reinvigorating our alumni. This has been connected to our project of looking into getting a new house, under the direction of Eric Noll. Their efforts peaked in a large homecoming celebration and the beginning of a new alumni corporation. They are planning another get-together for alumni this spring. Alan Sutter and Keving Sullivan, who attended the GAC this summer, have been helping update our Ritual procedures. They have also brought in some new ideas on rush and chapter organization. They ran a very successful workshop on rushing techniques for the Brotherhood with the help of our Rush Chairman Lew Bryson. We are through mid-terms here at F&M and approaching our exams. We are all working hard on strengthening our Chapter, and hope that alumni Brothers will keep in touch this year. Dave Nalle, 'Correspondeni Georgia Progress with Quality The days here at Georgia Alpha are filled with enthusiasm and promise as we welcome 5 first-class new pledges. They are: Will Bosbyshell, Clearwater, Fla; David Gilbertson, and Chap Drayton, Atlanta; Chris Van Sickle, Chicago; and Phillip Milam, Sandy Springs, S.C. These men are already involved in Chapter activities and 29

30 have already shown themselves to be an asset to Georgia Alpha. Our new pledges are under the care of Fraternity Educator chairman Phil Curran. We are looking forward with great anticipation to our fifth anniversary banquet which will be held on November 21 at the Sheraton Inn here in Athens. The featured speaker will be our national president, John Donnell, Jr. A post-banquet party will take place at the House afterwards. The banquet will definitely be one of the main highlights of Fall Quarter. Elections are just around the corner here and all of the Brothers are taking a great deal of interest in this year's nominees. The Chapter has done well andflourishedunder the current leadership of G.P. Jeff" Smith. Jeff will be graduating at the end of the quarter, as will our B.G., Lanny Langley. Brother Merritt Sink has announced his plans for marriage to Miss Anne Tyler, a sister of Alpha Chi Omega sorority and a three-time member of the UG A homecoming court. The couple plan to marry in early December. Homecoming 1980 was a smashing success for the Phi Psis as wefinishedin the top five for the 2nd year in a row. Presently, the Housing Corporation is making plans to do several thousand dollars in repairs to the Chapter house. These repairs should further enhance our rush program. Best wishes to all the Chapters and Colonies from Georgia Alpha and everyone is invited to stop by at any time. Onefinalnote from Bulldog country: How Bout Them Dawgs?! Scott Peacocke, Conespondent Gettysburg Excellence in Chapter Management Pennsylvania Epsilon has been very honored and lucky to be the recipient of awards, both nationally and locally. We received (with some astonishment) the Ralph D. Daniel Award for Excellence in Management at the GAC this past August. The Chapter is proud of this award and hopes to live up to its expectations. We also received the 1980 GAC Award for Outstanding Achievement for our House Corporation, due only to our tremendous alumni support. Locally, last semester the chapter was recognized at the IFC banquet for having the highest GPA on campus, and the most improved. At this point in time we find ourselves in first place for the All Sports trophy, and also for the Major Sports award, with only bowling, and basketball left to play. We also won the Delta Gamma "Anchor Splash" this year. This is a contest composed of different swimming events (humorous and serious) with fraternities competing against one another. The money raised by the event goes to the Pennsylvania Association for the Blind. Elections were held this past semester for alumni corporation president and treasurer. Steven Shrader '75 and Richard Edwards '75 were elected president and treasurer respectively. They replace Jack Ziegler '49 and Ramsey Jones '34. Both of these alumni The Brothers of Illinois Delta Class of 1955 had their reunion on November 1st. Pictured (from left to right) are Brothers Harlan Burges, Chapter Advisor; Jim Acheson and All-American football player Al Tate. Brothers served the Chapter for many years and our brotherhood will always be grateful for their work. The brotherhood would like to note the passing on of alumni brothers, Edward Adler '18, Charles Rebuck '24, and Victor Emmanuel '15. Their lives have been, and always will be an inspiration to each of us. As a sign of our gratitude to alumni Brother Donald Weiser '21, the brotherhood commemorated him by naming our house Weiser Hall, and dedicated a plaque in his honor which is displayed on the front of the house. Brother Weiser was also honored nationally as runner up Alumnus of the Year. Chris Eichorn, Conespondent Illinois A Great Fall Semester Phi Psis at Illinois Delta are riding high on 'the wave' of success. Fall is always a busy semester at Illinois and especially at Phi Psi, but somehow we've been able to excel socially, academically, athletically, and as a brotherhood. It all started New Student Week with the initiation of ten great Brothers; Joe Hudgins, Murphysboro; Paul Kilgallon, Chicago; Mike Regli, Crete; Randy Harmer, Chicago; Dale Todd, Morton Grove; Henry French, Elmhurst; Kevin Bontemps, Morton; David Pasquinelli, Flossmoor; Jim Downes, Champaign; and Joe Green, Morton. Under the guidance of pledge trainer Tim Walters, these Brothers learned what it means to be a Phi Psi, and they have proved it, so far, with their energy and hard work in the Chapter. Socially things have been more phenomenal than usual. The island paradise in Champaign during Labor Day weekend, known as the Give Me Samoa Party, was as usual, the envy of campus and a great time. Social Chairman Tom Connolly has kept us keg-natized with exchanges. Tri-Delts, Delta Gammas, Kappa Alpha Thetas, and Alpha Chi Omegas have kept us entertained this semester. John Munger, External Vice President, made this fall's Phi Psi '500' a menagerie of fun for the 23 sororities who entered. A good, strong fall formal rush and informal rush program have left us with an amazing class of 20. David Baecklandt, Chicago; Ted Breckenfelder, Elmhurst; Tom Broeren, Champaign; Andy Corcoran, Hinsdale; Dean Dalesandro, Addison; Bill Hamrick, Champaign; Mike Hanratty, Champaign; Bob Kane, Palantine; Jeff Keck, O'Fallon; Dan Kelley, Glenview; Jeff" Kenyon, Villa Park; Brian Kernan and Mark Picchiotti, Park Ridge; Jack O'Donnell, Glenview; Paul Raymond, Barrington; Joe Ruggiero, Evergreen Park; Pete Satrun, Fairmont; Bill Schuler, Olympia Fields; Larry Smith, Quincy; and Brian Wexler, Skokie. This is a great pledge class and our expectations for them as brothers is equally as great. Half way through the semester the chapter roll was moved up to On October 16th we proudly initiated John Chiodo, Chicago and Kerry Crain, Chicago Heights. We're proud to have these two in the brotherhood. Homecoming 1980 will be remembered by all the brothers of Illinois Delta as a rekindling and building of friendships, as a time for awards and honors, and a good 'old fashioned'/'new wave' fun time. Alumni Jim Acheson and Harlan Burgess staged the Class of '55's twenty-fifth reunion. The undergraduate Brothers were most impressed with this super class, and we all had a great time. The weekend was highlighted by the combined alumni and honors banquet. The purpose was to show-off the alumni to the undergrads and visa-versa. For the record, it was a tie. Awarded were Warren Raybould ('68), Alumnus of the Year; Mike Jacobs, Solon E. Summerfield Award recipient; and Steve Nieslawski, honored with the Stephen Acheson Memorial Award. This new award is given to the Brother who best exemplifies the ideals of Phi Kappa Psi, in his every day life, and incorporates this with involvement and scholarship. Awards were also given for the chapter scholastic achievers. The Brothers have also been a powerhouse to be dealt with in intramurals. We captured a 2nd place finish in the 30 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

31 prestigious Dooley's tournament. We compiled a 5-0 season record in Fraternity Blue division football. In softball we obtained a 5lh place finish in the Alpha Epsilon Pi tournament, out of 16 teams competing. In water polo and wrestling we are currently in the playoffs. And next semester promises to be even better. The Chapter is currently very strong and seems to be getting better all the time, so come by and see us. David Wesolowski, Correspondent Indiana "Hi-Bazoo" to Return On Sept. 20, Indiana Beta had the pleasure of initiating its nineteen hundred and sixty fifth Brother these new Brothers include: Russ Jackson, Jeff Echelberger, Guthrie Carr, Mark Albertson, Brian Hicks, John Tuerff, Steve Smith, Bob Koch, Jack Hayes, Jeff" Hemmeger, and Mark Siebert. Mark has been preceded by his father and three brothers, making him the fifth Indiana Betan in his family- There has been and will be many changes this year; Kent Owen has been elected chapter advisor for the school year. The House Corporation has a new president, Kent Agness; the entire outside of the house will be resided and painted this year. Many more items will be included in the new issue of the "Hi-Bazoo" that should be printed in January. On Nov. 30 the Chapter will host its first annual Career Day. Leaders in business and other professionals will be speaking and advising the Brothers in their various fields. As mentioned earlier more specific information will be reported in the upcoming "Hi- Bazoo." Gary Ross, Coriespondent Indiana, Pennsylvania Ever Striving The Fall Semester here in Indiana, Pa. has been a very good for Penn. Nu. With the help of our Alumni the semester began with the addition of a much needed new roof, saufit and facia for our Chapter house. Our good fortune continued with the Homecoming celebration. Among the day's activities were the parade in which we along with the Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority won third place, the election of Brother Donald Thomas as lup's first homecoming King, and most importantly, the winning of the Deans Cup by our Chapter for the unprecedented third consecutive year on our Campus. The Dean's Cup is awarded to the Fraternity which in the last academic year has best displayed excellence in scholarship, campus activities and community service. With eleven fraternities submitting applications we excelled with service projects such as a Dancethon, collections for local charities, and our annual Phi Psi "500," the third highest grade point average, and the awards we received at the GAC in Indianapolis. The semester continued with the addition of fifteen initiates under the direction of Pledge Trainer, Dan Mack. They are Michael Bova, Erie; John E. Boy, Ellwood City; Rodney Bullman, Franklin; James January 1981 Candelmo, Allentown; William Garvin, East McKeesport; Robert Kasperski, Cabot; George Kostik, Pittsburgh; Jeff Regula, Latrobe; Edward Rombach Jr., Saltsburg; Randy PoUick, Clearfield; Gary Pugliano, Pittsburgh; Scott Schricker, E. Allegheny; Daniel Stroup, Erie; Jeff" Thomas, Reeders; and Jeff Wallitisch, Allentown. The addition of these fine men has added greatly to an already good semester. We at Penn Nu are looking forward to next semester with new officers Dan Mack, GP; Wally Patterson, VGP; Mark Trageser, BG; Tim Perkey, Hi; Don Thomas, Phu; Bob Marchesani, Hod; and Ernie Soter, Asst. P. Under the leadership of these officers we are sure this coming semester will be better than the last. Michael L. Hertrick, Correspondent Iowa #1 in Scholarship Iowa Alpha started off its 95th year at the University of Iowa with the pledging of fifteen men. This fall's pledge class includes: Randy Ross, Sioux City; Bryan Harlan, Green Bay, Wis.; John Falb, West Union; Kurt Osmundson, Rock Island, 111.; Bart Halverson, Grinnell; Troy Blodgett, Mason City; Steve Olson, Tom Foley, and Dick Keough, Iowa City; Mike Soener, Des Moines; Paul Hibbs and Mark Melbostad, West Des Moines; Gary Johnson, Waterloo; and Steve Fleagle, DeWitt. Rush chairmen Ross Dickinson and Elliot Smith had a very successful fall and should be commended for their effort. Our fall began with the election of chapter officers in early September. This fall semester we will be under the leadership of Michael Richards, GP; Michael Doan, VGP; Jeffrey Niemann, P; Daniel P. Bartlett, AG; David Lind, BG; and Gregory Kline, SG. Summer remodeling has made a significant improvement in the basement of our chapter house. Andrew Hansen, Greg Harscher, and Scott Giles spent a good deal of time this past summer paneling and carpeting our T.V. room. In addition, they installed a new ceiling and built an attractive bar to serve the remodeled room. Their hard work was greatly appreciated and they were lauded for their fine efforts. Our social calendar has thus far been one of the best ever and much thanks goes to Social Chairmen Steve Flood and Steve Jordon, both of whom have worked hard in setting up all our parties. Hopefully they will continue to plan many great parties for us into the new semester. The Interfraternity Council recognized a significant accomplishment of our Chapter this fall by awarding us with a plaque for having the highest gradepoint average among all the fraternities on campus. We received this award for the school year and in doing so, ended a five year domination by the Sigma Pi's. We will be striving very hard to retain this honor and are confident that our efforts will be rewarded. The Chapter is also very proud to see six recent graduates enrolled in professional schools at the University of Iowa. These include James Bartlett and Timothy Kenney, Medical School; Brent Erwood and Charles Jensen, Law School; and Larry Long and Bob Smith, Dental School. Their success is highly regarded and serves as a fine example for all our Chapter. On the intramural scene. Phi Psi is once again on top. Our intramural participation has improved tremendously over last year and the resulting enthusiasm has pushed us into the lead in fraternity standings. Much of this success can be attributed to our ever dominant swim team which again won the fraternity championship. Also, Dave Eckland and Steve Flood placed 1-2 in fraternity racquetball competition while the flag football team made it to the final four, only to be eliminated by the eventual champions. Significant contributions to varsity athletic teams are being made by two of our undergraduate members. Mark Radosevich is a pitcher on the baseball team, and Dave Cobb participates in the long jump for the track team. Brad Stutesman is in the process of organizing an Alumni Newsletter which will be mailed out in February. Any information you wish to include is welcomed and greatly appreciated. We at Iowa Alpha are looking forward to a very fine year and extend our best wishes to all Phi Psi Chapters across the nation. Daniel P. Bartlett, Correspondent Iowa State Onward and Upward Once again Iowa Beta, situated in the sprawling metropolis of Ames, Iowa, endures another school year. During Work Week '80, two worthy men, Mark Wilson of Forest City and Scott Wiggins of Ames, were initiated into Phi Kappa Psi. Following work week, fall rush, under the direction of Rush Chairman Randy Maakestad, provided us with 20 pledges: Brad Benson, Omaha; Kevin Bussard, Des Moines; Bob DeGowin, Iowa City; Steve Frank, Dubuque; Rob Hermsmeier, Freeport, 111.; Marty Hoffey, Iowa City; Dave Ingwerson, DeWitt; Wade Johnson, West Des Moines; Mike Kelley, Urbandale; Rick Larsen, Cedar Rapids; John Lesh, Arlington Heights, III.; Miles Moore, Omaha; Tyler Nagle, Iowa City; Ron Pelton, Clarendon Hills, 111.; Kim Peters, Omaha; Steve Rogers, Clarendon Hills, 111.; Mark Scherer, Rock Island, III.; Jeff Smart, Des Moines; Doug Stearns, Cedar Rapids; Kevin Thorton, Bartonville, III. Iowa Beta's officers for 1980 are; GP, Mark Kilmer; VGP, Dave Reed; BG, Doug Hull; P, Tom Fischer; AG, Craig Marr; Hod, Tom Nedved; Phu, Mark Hahn; and HI, Scott Reichert. Phi Psi is becoming a dominant name on the ISU campus. Several individuals hold campus positions, the most important of them are held by these three brothers; Mark Kilmer is the President of the Fraternity Buyers Association as well as Greek Week Advisor for 1981; Mike Gilhooly is an Interfraternity Council (IFC) Court Justice and the Traffic and Transportation Director for the Government of the Student Body. Bob Mohr is the vice-president of IFC and the Business Manager for the Iowa Engineer, an Iowa State publication. 31

32 Two large projects were completed at the house this last year. In the Spring of last year, our swimming pool underwent a major overhaul which included a new concrete bottom. Unfortunately, the pool was not ready for the unseasonably hot Spring. The other project that took place this summer was the expansion of the dining room. The wall to the chapter room was partially knocked out and the room was redone. This could not of been possible without the help of Lon Friesth, Our "Alumnusof the Year" recipient. John W. Bennett, Correspondent Johns Hopkins Progress With the graduation of 21 Brothers and the initiation of 12 last May, Maryland Alpha's roll dropped to 42. Our loss in quantity is easily balanced by the quality of our new Brothers, though. We are proud to welcome to our ranks, if somewhat belatedly: Lee Beckwith, Sioux City, Iowa; Peter Berman, Media, Pa.; Dale Fike and Rich Gibbs, Riverside, Calif; Amir Halevy, Houston, Texas; C. Darryl Jones, Portsmouth, Va.; Mark Lahner, Madison, Conn.; Daniel Lee, Bloomfield, N.J.; Stephan Pavlos, Timonium, Md.; Ashvin Ragoowansi, Beaver, Pa.; Joel Weber, Lawrenceville, N.J.; and Conrad Wong, RockviUe, Md. While on the subject of belated news, it is worth mentioning our five Phi Beta Kappas of last year, who have all gone on to either medical or graduate studies: Charlie Abrams '77, John CuUeton '78, Mike Dale '78, Barry Michelson '77, and Larry Rothenberg '77. In addition, we are proud to announce our new officers: Brian Powers, GP; Danny Schwartz, VGP; Kevin Murphy, P; Ernie Breitinger, AG; Brian Hall, BG; Phil Newell, SG; Jeff Heidelberg, Hod; Mark Lahner, Phu; and Joel Weber, Hi. In terms of activities, the fall semester has been productive. We managed to raise a good deal of money towards house improvements by selling beer and soda at local baseball and football games; part of this money will go towards paying off loans accrued in the initial acquistion of the house in Our participation in Marathon Football in November helped raise funds for Santa Claus Anonymous, a charity for needy children. Additionally, plans are currently under way for our very first Phi Psi "500," which is slated for sometime in April. Proceeds will go to a local fund for handicapped children. Our social calendar of late has been stimulating, to say the least, thanks to the dedicated efforts of Social Chairman John Dudek and his committee. The first open party and the subsequent Halloween Party came off without a hitch. Also, we have combined efforts with the two newlyinstalled colonies of the Phi Mu and Alpha Phi Sororities, the first at Hopkins in its history, and those joint parties have also worked out well. The high point of the year will no doubt be Rush, and we're planning accordingly. It begins during the first week of February, and will include our immensely popular Beach Party, a recent Maryland Alpha tradition. Speaking of traditions, our long-standing Chapter sport of Killer Ping- Pong appears to be giving way to the more mundane pastime of Killer Pinball, thanks to our recently-acquired set of machines. So it goes. The semester has been productive for the Chapter in other ways as well. After careful deliberation under the conscientious leadership of Brian Hall and his committee, we succeeded in ratifying a new Constitution, which was put into effect in the past month. In intramural sports, our record has been outstanding. Despite the loss of our most brilliant athletes in May, we managed to show our teeth in soccer, cross-country, and tennis, flinging us into second place. We look forward with evil glee to the upcoming basket-ball and softball seasons. Many of our Brothers are involved and productive in areas outside the Chapter. The President of The Blue Key Society on campus is Charlie Anderson, '78; Gregg Hawes, '78 and Dale Fike, '80 are the Special Tours and Tours Chairmen, respectively. Ernie Breitinger, '78 has been working with diligence as Student Council Social Director, and Amir Halevy, '80, the Sophomore Class Representative, has just finished drafting the new University Judicial Code. Two of the Brothers are not even in Baltimore this year, having apparently thought better of it: Noel Kirnon, '78 is studying International Relations in Bologna, Italy, and Conrad Wong, '80 is spending the year in England, engaged in similar occupations. We hope they miss us, and wish them a speedy return to Baltimore. Negotiations for the purchase of our house are unfortunately still tied up in legal proceedings, which will hopefully be cleared up by spring. At least the house hasn't been taken from us yet, and the prospects look good for settlement in our favor. To be brief, it's been a decent semester, and we look forward to even more excitement as the next one rolls around. Ernie Breitinger, Correspondent Kansas The Alpha Review After a restful summer, the Brothers of Kansas Alpha returned to Lawrence happy to be back and eager to start the school year. The chapter officers this fall are: GP, Jon Blogewicz; VGP, Jay Donohue; P, Steve Steimer; AG, Scott Kenefake; BG, Bill Doering; SG, Tim Burke; Hi, David Dyer; Phu, Bob Bennett; and Hod, David Gillenwater. On August 16, four men were initiated into the mysteries of Phi Kappa Psi: Bill Doering, Mission Hills; Corey Smith, Overland Park; Dan Simons, Lawrence; and Mark Howard Prairie Village. Our Rush Chairmen, Mark Faber and Phil Reinkemeyer, did an outstanding job in forming a class of 26 pledges: Jeff Adair, Topeka; Phil Andre, Overland Park; David Ball, Kansas City; Don Barker, Attica; Keith Cutler, Papillion, Neb.; Derek Davenport, Wichita; Mike Doering, Mission Hills; Bill Farrar, Lenexa; Herb Feilds, Kansas City; Doug Frigon, Dodge City; Brent Gallup, Kansas City; Pat Green, Wichita; Stacey Harding, Wellington; Doug Huber, Paola; BBOok Neinstedt, Kansas City; Jeff O'Neill, Mission Hills; Bob Paden, Overland Park; Mike Patterson, Lenexa; Jon Petree, Overland Park; Jim Pope, Olathe; Mark Rainey, Overland Park; Matt Rester, Overiand Park; David Shapiro, Clayton Mo.; Tracey Smith, Kansas City, Brad Stanley, Kansas City, and Matt Warman, North Kansas City. This year's intramural football team was a great success because we were division champs with a record of 4 wins and one loss. Unfortunately, we lost to Phi Delta Theta in the playoffs. Also, this year's intramural basketball team is looking strong with the addition of some new players from the pledge class. Under the direction of Dante Gliniecki, the Brothers are preparing for the 1981 Rock Chalk Revue with the women of Alpha Gamma Delta. Hopefully, our script will be one of the four chosen from sixteen for the annual fraternity/sorority revue in March. On October 19, the Brothers, with the help of the women of Gamma Phi Beta sorority, sponsored the third annual Jayhawk Jog. Co-directors Steve Miller and John Patterson did a great job to make the 6.2 mile run a success. Also, newly elected Rush Chairmen Kyle Eldred and Ellis Rainey held a highly successful rush party on November 8. Kyle and Ellis entertained 42 rushees to a pig roast and party with our Little Sisters. Social Chairman Mark Gunter has kept us busy with many functions and parties. On September 21, we held our Yell-In party and on October 29, we held our semi-annual Oktoberfest party. Also, on December 6, we will have our annual Christmas Buffet. We congratulate brother Jon Blogewicz on his selection as Kansas Alpha's Summerfeild Scholar and we support Bart Coleman in his bid for Student Body President. Also, Brother Jay Miller returned this year as a member of the K.U. Spirit Squad and Brother Jay Donohue still holds the office of District V Archon. We look forward to the Founders Day banquet to be held with the Kansas City Alumni Association and the Brothers of Missouri Alpha. We are also looking forward to holding this years ELC/DC here in Lawrence next semester. Finally, we would like to thank Brother Paul Brooker for donating two new tables and chairs for the T.V. room. We thank Brother Brooker and all the alumni for their support in our efforts to repair the house. Scott Kenefake, Correspondent Lafayette Most Pledges Greetings from the Brothers of Penn Theta. This fall improvements continue on the Old Gray Barn. We wish to thank alumni for the new kitchen floor. Brothers Brundage, Cicetti, Weiss, Pierce and Crouse did a beautiful job painting the kitchen. As of this writing, Phi Psi has 14 pledges, more than any other Chapter on campus and more should be coming! Rush Chair- 32 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

33 men Cole Brundage, Steve Berg and Steve Buschel are doing an outstanding job. Social Chairmen Mark Kellett and T. J. Holden have made Phi Psi parties "the place to be" at Lafayette. We've also seen some intense competition for the Volkman award this semester. Rumor has it that Brothers Stretch, Magoo, and Dutt are among the leading contenders. I.M.'s started off weakly, but Phi Psi's traditional strong sports are yet to come. Volleyball under Dave Wilson, Ed Opatkiewicz and Tom Clark is undefeated and should go to the finals. Raquetballers Monty Service and Tito Fernandez are also undefeated. Basketball, Softball, Soccer, and Darts all look strong. Our congratulations go to Mike Harrington, our Summerfield Award winner. Not bad for a history major! The Brothers of Penn Theta take this opporutnity to repeat our invitation to alumni to come back and visit the Old Gray Barn. Steven Literati, Conespondent Louisiana State Growth Growth has been the byword of Louisiana Alpha since it's last report in the SHIELD. Within a year's time Chapter size has nearly tripled. This semester, nine new pledges were welcomed into the LSU chapter of Phi Psi. They are; Lance Udhe III (elected pledge president), Scott Lane, Scott Thomas, Randall Little, and Chris Randazzo all of New Orleans; Joseph Dinapolis, Chalmette; Charles Suter, Bellvue, NB; Steve Richardson, Gulfport, MS; and Scott Blanchard, Chalmette. Also, on September 14, 4 men were initiated into Phi Kappa Psi. They were; Matt Dell and Joe Quartararo of New Orleans, Keith Matulich, Gretna; and David Smith, Metarie. Our Chapter held elections recently, and the results were; GP, Keith Lapyuade; VGP, Charles Salvaggio; and P, Joe Quartararo. We also participated in a football marathon for the Muscular Distrophy Association sponsored by LSU. The game was played on a rain-soaked evening as the Brothers, led by the running of Doug Beckman and the passing of Mike Bell, easily defeated the pledge class by a score of At the time of this writing, the outlook for getting the Chapter house back for spring is promising. It still remains the major goal of our chapter as our membership nears 30. Hopefully, by the next report, I will be able to say that the Phi Psis are back in their house and that we are continuing to prosper and grow. Keith M. Matulich, Correspondent Miami Good Fall Moving in this semester was a bit easier for the Brothers of Ohio Lambda. The Brothers were able to spend more time on their rooms instead of the necessities of getting the house in liveable condition. This paid off as many of the rooms have really shaped up. As soon as we got back we turned our attention to the second annual "Dance of the Arabian Knights" The party turned out to be a great success for the second year. Highlights of the part were a Belly Dancer (and I do mean Belly Dancer), a magician, the country ribs and of course the good-looking maidens of our harem. The house was decorated as an Arabian Palace and brought interested stares from everyone passing by. After "Arab," next on the agenda was "Greek Week." Things went much better for us this year as we had plenty of time to prepare. We performed respectably in every event placing fifth overall. The high point of the competition was the celebrated "Puddle Pull" event where a well-practiced Phi Psi team finished a strong third defeating our rival neighbors. Homecoming this year saw another Phi Psi tradition here continue as Derek Lennington was elected to the Homecoming King court following Greg Clements '80, Chuck Shubert '79, and King Gregg Grimme '78. We built a great float with the help of the Kappas; unfortunately the judges didn't know it! We were very pleased with a large turn out of Ohio Lambda alumni. It was great to see the men that created this Chapter here at Miami as we try to keep their goals and ideals in mind. We've been able to make several substantial improvements on the house this semester. The front of the house is boasting a new coat of paint. The old green carpet has been replaced by thick gold carpet. The carpet Ln the foyer was taken out and the wood underneath was sanded and finished. We still plan to remodel the living room before rush '81. This will include removing old wallpaper and hopefully acquiring new furniture. On the social scene, besides 'Arab' we've had a "Lock-in" party with the Thetas, an "Election" party with the Tri-Delts and a "Dating Game" party with the DZs. We had a great "Camp Out" party with the Delta Gammas involving a cook-out in the country complete with beer, burgers, a pond, canoes, bonfire and lots of good-looking DGs! We are looking forward to a second semester of parties every bit as good as first semester's. We are proud to announce Ohio Lambda's newest Brother, Mitch King, who was initiated November 14. Mitch is from Upper Arlington, Ohio. A pre-med major, Mitch has maintained a 3.8 grade point. He is also a former Miami wrestler. Our hats are off to Brother Scott Gibson who carried on yet another Phi Psi tradition here at Miami winning the second annual Mr. Miami contest with a combination of singing and joke-telling. Turning over the title from last year was Ohio Lambda's Al Kmiecik. Congratulations to Tom Nagy who was selected to be master of ceremonies at the annual Miss Miami Pageant which will held February This year Phi Psis had the opportunity to watch one of their Brothers play football for Miami. Jeff Stone, Miami's first string kicker, was in the middle of good season when a muscle injury sidelined him requiring surgery. Wait till next year! Kevin S. Parker, Correspondent Mankato State Newsletter not received Memphis State Newsletter not received January 1981 The 1980 Pledge Class of Kansas Alpha. 33

34 Mississippi Alpha Chapter proudly hosts (left to right) Alvin Klotz-1930; Robert Shaw-Chapter Pres.; Walter Murphey-1933; Bill Barrett-1930; and John R. Donnell, Jr.-Fraternity President. Michigan State Rocking Along Michigan Beta started the term off with a well organized Rush. Rush Chairman Dave Tworek did afinejob which resulted in the pledging of four men: Paul Highfield, Oscoda; Al Swartzmiller, Chesaning; Glenn Baccus, Oregon; Ron Gendrich, Illinois. These men will be valuable assets to the Chapter's future. Rush also gave us a chance to use our new patio. We thank those Brothers who worked on it this summer. This term's officers are Edward Sadiiek Jr., GP; Jonathan C. Moran, VGP; Edward Mitchell, P; Michael D. Martin, AG; Edward G. Mooney, BG; Steph Swartzbek, SG; Eric Foss, Hod; Michael D. Rankin, Phu; and Nick Tallarico, Hi. This summer Jonathan C. Moran and Stephen F. Ezop represented Michigan Beta at the GAC in Indianapolis. They met many Brothers from throughout the country at this important event. This term marks the twentieth year that our cook, Mrs. Ora Obleton, has been with us. We would like to thank her for her year's of faithful service. She has put many a pound on the Phi Psis at Michigan Beta! In sports, while our football team has had its difficulties, the bowling team is doing very well. Hopefully we will repeat last year's first place finish. Besides being active athletically, the Phi Psis have maintained a respectable academic standing by placing fifth among the twenty-five fraternities. This year's homecoming festivities were marked by the return of the homecoming parade. Our addition to the parade was a float, built with the help of the Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority. Although our entry was far from a first place finish, the project can be considered a success because of the friendships and good times that emerged. We would also like to thank our more than generous House Corporation board for all the house improvements they have financed throughout the year. We are now looking forward to our Founders Day celebration. This year it will be held on the eighteenth of February at the University Club in Detroit. We urge all alumni in the area to attend; it should be a very enjoyable time. Michael D. Martin, Correspondeni Minnesota See feature article, page 3 Mississippi 50th Anniversary A successful fall term is coming to a close at the University of Mississippi. We took an excellent pledge class of 24. I began at homecoming with our 50th anniversary since our last chartering (we were first chartered in 1857). We celebrated by having a steer roast and progressive country band on Friday night followed by a brunch for parents and alumni and after the game, a champagne social; then closing the day with a campus-wide party. We also had the privilege of hosting two 50 year alumni Alvin Klotz and Bill Barrett. Fraternity President, John R. Donnell Jr. also joined us in the festivities. The Mississippi Alpha Chapter closed the semester with an 85 mile run to Memphis Tennessee, as a benefit for St. Jude Children's Hospital. This was a joint pledge project with the Phi Delta Theta pledge class. Between the two fraternities, we raised over $10, We are proud of our pledge class for co-hosting such a fine project, under the guidance of Brother Nick Bragorgos. On the athletic side, the Mississippi Alpha Chapter doesn't fall short in any event. With the football season behind us we are now moving into basketball looking toward a successful season. We are in the process of renovating and adding on the house. This is a change that everyone is looking forward to in anticipation, h is to be started in early spring of '81. We began the new decade with a bang and are looking forward to a successful future. Lantz P. Foster, Correspondeni Missouri Expansion Brothers of Missouri Alpha returned before the start of the fall semester to witness the initiation of three new Brothers on August 23: Jeff Beason, Pleasant Hill; Ken Jacobs, St. Louis; and Jim Verhoff, Kirkwood. In addition to initiation, we put the finishing touches on our recently acquired annex, which has allowed us to take another large fall pledge class consisting of 25 men. They are: Bob Adelmann, Scott Gilmore, Steve Maass, Mike Mann, and Tim Staelens, St. Louis; Gregg Archambault, Arcadia; Tom Brown, Grand view; Karl Dickhaus, Columbia; Scott Diener, Arcadia, Calif; Mike Ellenberger, Festus; Greg Griffle, Independence; Ted Huff, St. Charles; Kevin Kohler, Richard Nixon, and Tim Rogers, Pleasant Hill; Mark McDonald Marshall; Clayton Mowry, Raytown; Ken Newman, Heidelberg, West Germany; Bill Osthoff, Kansas City; Rick Reiners, Chesterfield; Joe Salva, Sugar Creek; Mike Sawicki, Boulder, Col.; John Tootle, Overland Park, Kans.; and Howard Wolfgang, Independence. Phi Psi "500" was held September 19, with Kappa Delta claiming the overall winner trophy by placing first in the skit and queen competitions. In an effort to bridge Greek-Independent relations. Mo. Alpha participated with a dormitory floor in Homecoming. In addition to a float and banner, Scott Debandt and Scott Emmons chaired our Homecoming Pride Project as we raised money for the Woodhaven Learning Center. On campus, Jamey Underhiss returned to the thirteenth-ranked baseball team and Roger Wendel has been working out with Norm Stewart's basketball squad. Politically, Kevin Copeland is serving as the College Republican treasurer. Officers last fall were: Terry Nichols, GP; John Abbott, VGP; Bill Nachtsheim, P; Ted Barr, AG; Scott Stephenson, BG; John Bowman, SG; Randy Reiners, Hod; Bill Krauss, Phu; Dwight" Canning, Hi; Bill Richerson, Pledge Trainer. Rush chairmen, Jeff Bruens, Kansas City, and John Bowman, St. Louis, encourage alumni to send names of prospective rushees for the fall semester. In intramural competition, we once again look forward to a strong spring semester to propel us into the top ten. Last year we finished seventh out of 32 fraternities. Stephen O'Rourke, Missouri '74, was awarded the Ben Brown Outstanding Alumni Award at Chapter Day activities last April, Ted Barr, Correspondent Monmouth Rebuilding New Jersey Beta faced the toughest challenge of its brotherhood this year. The house we lived in for so long was lost 34 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

35 through heavy public and school pressure. Our one hundred and twelve year old house had many structural problems. No Brothers seemed to mind, but unfortunately the city of Long Branch did. We were faced with the problems of raising $30,000 for the rehabilitation of our entire house or vacate it. For a time we were confused and seemingly had no where to turn to. Through positive action of all the Brothers we became one strong unit again and rallied behind our pledge of loyalty to the fraternity. This fall we are proud to announce our new look on campus. We have two smaller houses closely located right on the Jersey shore. We are the closest and most highly admired Chapter on campus. Members of our Chapter are prominent campus leaders. Pat Browne a pledge of last year is the Student Government President, and Craig Glickstein and Howard Wishnia are SGA senators. Several other members of our Chapter are prominent in campus clubs. Brian Flynn and Mitch Stillman are seniors members of the accounting club. Ed Kivior, Bob Lesser, Marc Palfy and Ken Engel are all members of the College Center Council. This semester, we have five very psyched pledges, who will themselves be an asset to our Chapter. Our Chapter is well on its way to a productive future at Monmouth College. In the past, we have funded through our parties money for police vests, muscular dystrophy, cancer research, and a fund to reimburse student government of past debts. We welcome all Brothers to come to our Chapter and exchange ideas on Fraternal matters. Hope to see you soon. Craig Glickstein, Coriespondent Montana Newsletter not received. Nebraska Promising New Year The Brothers of Nebraska Alpha returned to school to take part in the initiation of four new members: Rich Bene, Omaha; Neil Williamson, Hampton; Dave Goos, Omaha; Jim Filers, Nebraska City. We're glad to have these new Brothers join the Nebraska Alpha tradition, which now numbers over 1325 strong. Officers elected for this fall semester are: GP, Clark Rasmussen; VGP, Morgan McCain Polk; AG, Kevin Hopp; P, Kirk Hovendick; BG, Jeff Kohrs; Phu, David Mitchell; SG, Tim Euteneuer; and Hi, Mitchell Hansen. Edward McClymont and Michael Rasmussen are Pledge Educators. Nebraska's homecoming this year was again a great success. We worked with Pi Beta Phi sorority in constructing our homecoming display, receiving and honorable mention for our efforts. Our house has undergone mnay repairs over this past summer and during this school year. Thanks to our Alumni Association, we now have a new underground sprinkler system. A great deal of work has gone into putting bricks down next to the The Nebraska Alpha third annual Phi Psi 500 was a great success. street, helping to beautify the south side of the house. Our third annual Phi Psi 500 was held on Oct. 5; this year it was recognized as one of the top sorority pledge activities. We had a large amount of campus involvement, helping to make it a great overall success. Our social calendar is full this semester with our annual Shipwreck party highlighting the planned activities. We just had our Halloween party, which helped to show the creativity of our members in the decoration of their costumes. Nebraska Alpha is also involved with many activities on and around campus. Michael Rasmussen is chairman of this year's judicial board. Tonn Ostergard is again on Publications board and is this year on the Student Advisory board. Scott Milliken is the captain of the University's speech and debate team. Mark Fessler is this year's treasurer for the University's Accounting Association. We are looking forward to a happy and fruitful year, and wish all concerned a happy new year. Kevin R. Hopp, Correspondeni Northwestern Strong and Active Northwestern's beautiful campus is usually at its best when wearing its fall colors, and this year is no exception. In addition to gorgeous weather, this fall has brought an outstanding pledge class to the Illinois Alpha Chapter. Thanks to the efforts of rush chairmen Rob Glesener and Rick Shedd, Phi Psi's fall, 1980 pledge class consists of the following seventeen men: Paul F. Burtis, Glen Ellyn; John L. Enquist, Marshall, Minn.; Thomas R. Errath, London, Ontario; Robert F. Goldrich, Harrison, NY; Chris D. Heifer, East Lansing, Mich.; James M. Kolbe, Muskegon, Mich.; Blake T. Lynch, Joliet; Mark W. McArthur and William J. Meyer, Edina, Minn.; Lawrence S. Michel, Highland Park; Paul G. Nordstrom, Wheaton; Thomas S. O'Neill, Champaign; Thomas H. Peckham, Bloomington, Minn.; Robert G. Rosenbaum, Cleveland Heights, Ohio; Mark D. Steele, Shawnee Mission, Kans.; Paul E. Tichy and John H. Trautwein, Jr., Barrington. Leading the Chapter into the new school year are our newly elected officers: Doug Moffitt, GP; Mike Roy, VGP; Robb Rauth, P; Jim Highland, AG; Tim Joranko, BG; Kip Perry, SG; Mike Pierce, Hod; Neal De Young, Phu; and Dave Goddard, Hi, This fall Phi Psi was honored by Northwestern's Interfraternity Council, receiving its oldest and highest award, the Service Bowl. Phi Psi's many philanthropic efforts included Superstars for M.S., which netted $7200 for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Plans have been in the works since this summer to make next year's bigger and better. Several Brothers have received high individual honors recently. Spring, 1980 saw prestigious Deru and Mortar Board honors go to senior Ricky Jadin. Senior Chris Shaner is the 1980 International Harvester Scholarship winner. This scholarship is awarded annually to the school's outstanding engineering student. GP Doug Moffitt was a finalist in NU's Homecoming King competition. Selection was based on consistent campus involvement and leadership. Bob McMurray was one of two campus ROTC's to receive an Outstanding Midshipman Award in spring, October, 1980 saw the election of junior Rob Glesener as president of Northwestern's Interfraternity Council. IFC president is the highest leadership position in the fraternity system and one of the most important student positions in the University. Within the chapter, Mark Lillie was awarded this year's Solon E. Summerfield Award. Last year's winner, Mike Hitchcock, '77, received an honorable mention in the January

36 national Summerfield competition. Dave Goddard and Paul Huckelberry were the fllinois Alphans attending last summer's GAC in Indianapolis. Phi Psi is well represented in athletics again this year: Varsity baseball players include sophomores Doug Blake, Tim Joranko, and Mark Kirby, as well as freshmen Paul Tichy and John Trautwein; playing defense for the hockey team is freshman Mark McArthur; junior Jim Morris is captain of the la crosse team; freshmen Chris Heifer and Mark Steele have both earned spots on the varsity reserve tennis team; and sophomore Doug Banister and freshman John Enquist swim for the Wildcat swim team. In the performing arts, senior Jim Lillie portrayed Reverend James Morel in George Bernard Shaw's Candida, a campus production which was the premier performance at the new Speech and Interpretation Center's main theater. Some recent alumni have quickly achieved distinction. Jon Newcombe, '76, was named to the Northwestern Law School's Law Review for his outstanding work during the '79-'80 school year. Ed Crane, '76, is presently News Director for WBBM-FM in Chicago. Phi Psi's social calendar has included exchanges, TGIF's, the homecoming dinner-dance, and was highlighted by the fall formal held November 7 at the Sheraton in Northbrook. As usual Phi Psi's have been very active in intramurals. Brothers Mike Pierce and Neal DeYoung, and pledge Paul Burtis participated in the IM wrestling meet, taking first, third, and second in their respective weight classes. Fall quarter also saw two football teams competing and an indoor soccer team. As of this writing, the first team is ranked fourth in the university, and is headed into the playoffs. Illinois Alpha looks forward to the rest of the year, and to a continued strengthening of our Chapter and our Brotherhood. James P. Highland, Correspondeni Ohio State Successful Spring and Fall quarters With Buckeye fever in the air, Ohio Delta is busy again after completing a successful spring Centennial celebration. The mysteries of Phi Psi were revealed to fourteen new members during the celebration; they are: Stefan Anderson, Bowling Green; Jeff Baily, Elmira, N.Y.; Greg Boggs, Dublin; Doug Carter, Tipp City; Steve Eisenaugle, Columbus; Tom Franchina, Brecksville- Broadview Hts.; Dave Gieger, Westerville; Ken Klingenberg, Upper Arlington; Jerry O'Neil, Toronto, Canada; Jeff Plunket, Upper Arlington; Jon Rankin, Dublin; William Steele, New Knoxville; Rick Steere, Ashland; and Chris Zane, Upper Arlington. Moreover, many Brothers were recognized for their outstanding service to OSU and the Greek system. They are: Kirk Warner, Ross Gainer Award, Buckeye award, co-chairman of Greek week. Palmer C. McNeil Award and Sigma Beta Award; Chris Vlahos Ross Gainer, Greek Archon, IFC Executive Board; Thom Parke Buckeye Award, IFC Executive board, Sigma Beta Award; Malcolm Taaffee Buckeye Award, recognized for completing one of the most successful terms of any USG president; Kyle Andrews for Sphinx; Mark Steele O.D.U.A. board. Bucket and Dipper, Scarlet and Gray Show; Thomas Franchina and Steve Eisenaugle for Romophous; Don Schaefer for a Buckeye Award; Bob Pritchard Legislative Affairs Director for USG; Charlie Wertz for OSU Marching Band. Fall quarter has been very exciting with our Twenty-six new pledges. They are: Scott Van Patten, Dick Noble, Dean Schipero, Mike Milligan, Tim Bull, Scott Harris, Bob The Chapter house is ready for Ohio Lambda's second annual "Dance of the Arabian Knights." Hafner, Scott Walton, Gilbert Dannemiller, Fred Ishler, Bob Barnes, Rick Swingle, Bob Wiseberg, Steve Crandall, Jim Gates, Dave Noffsinger, Dave Yeager, Doug Washeck, Tom Capuana, Kirt Clark, Frank Amorese, Doug Mesi, Kelly Feasel, John Poole, and John Gerzema. Homecoming was also a busy weekend here at State. Plans included a float with the Kappa Kappa Gammas and an alumni brunch here at the house before the game against Illinois. Ohio Delta welcomes two former Ohio Thetas Greg Cyrus McCormick and David Kessler but says farewell to fall graduating seniors Roy Grove, Mitch Grant, Mike Aukerman, Chris Vlahos, and Dwain Burgess, and Jeff Mazer. The Chapter would like to thank all the alumni that participated in the Centennial celebration. We look forward to seeing all of you at the Founders Day activities. Finally, as visions of finals dance in our heads, we look forward to hopefully spending some time in Pasadena again! Mark A. Steele, Correspondent Ohio Wesleyan Active in the Community Ohio Alpha at Ohio Wesleyan is proud to announce, that for the second time, in 1980 we have raised the largest amount of money for the United Way Fund on campus in interfraternity competition. We are also proud to present our new pledge class: John Reams, OH; Bradford Dimeo, Rl; Donald Bowditch, MA; Henry White, MA; William Jennings, NJ; Kevin Corcoran, CT Christopher Shepler, MI; John Glynn, CT: Paul Mitchell, MA; Christopher Berking Rl; Scott Nelson, NJ; Taft Moore, MA Richard Spybey, OH; Jeffrey Young, OH Michael Petty, DE; Joseph Gorman, OH Stephen Finical, OH; Thomas Hague, CT Howard Hart, MA; Micheal Klonsky, NY. Our new Chapter officers this winter are James A. Young, GP; Joel C. Alsup, VGP Paul C. Van Wart, AG; Mark A. Huddle, BG; Jeffrey A. Jex, Hod; R. Patrick McGraw, Phu; Jeffrey H. Wagner, Hi. An alumnus, brother James Wagner, '77, has been named Secretary to the Housing Corporation. The house is looking better than ever. Another sidewalk has been added to the front porch and a new mixer and juice machine have been purchased for the kitchen. Plans are set to repanel and insulate the basement over the upcoming break. A new, more efficient tap system for the bar is soon to replace the previously ailing one. As Ohio Wesleyan progresses into the Division III NCAA playoffs in soccer. Brother John Gower, '80, has the distinction of being the third highest goal scorer on the varsity squad. Last August Brothers Jeffrey Eisnaugle '80 and Jeffrey Jex attended the GAC in Indianapolis. Brother Eisnaugle has since been elected Alumni Chairman. Ohio Alpha alumni should be hearing from him in the very near future. On an academic note. Brother James Callahan, '78, has been hired as an assistant to the Treasurer of the Board of Trustees to compile a computer program to analyze the 36 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

37 values of the University's Endowment Fund. Both he and Brother Douglas Brown, '78, will receive honors from the department of Economics in the spring of Beginning in January, we will resume our tradition of having a guest speaker to the house at Monday evening dinners. We would be most honored to have any alumnus attend. If anyone is interested in visiting, please do not hesitate to get in contact with myself or any officer. Paul Van Wart, Conespondent Oklahoma Alpha Proud Fall 1980 marks the 60th year of Phi Kappa Psi on the University of Oklahoma campus and we are Alpha Proud to be here!! We had a very fine dinner and reception for our alumni on October 23. Stanley Catlett, Oklahoma '20, and James Wise, Oklahoma '54, were very helpful with their financial gifts and the mortgage on 720 Elm will no longer exist by January, We would like to take a moment to thank these two fine gentlemen for their support. Brother Catlett was also "reinitiated" as #1000 "bump" in an inspirational ceremony that evening. We are certainly Alpha Proud, but we are awfully strong, too. Our Spring 1980 pledge class was initiated after a summer-long vacation from pledge house duties on September 6. The new initiates are Brothers Richard Beal, Atlanta, Ga.; John Wilkins, Peoria, III.; Terry Earls, Hollis; Alan Schroeder, Mark Davis, Kevin Foreman, Oklahoma City; and Edward Giddens, St. Louis, Mo. Our Fall 1980 pledge class is composed of twenty-two active and vital men who will someday become assets to Phi Psi. Socially, Phi Psis at OU have been extremely active. Brother Giddens and his date won the Phi Kappa Sigma Sorority-A- Go-Go. The Phi Psi "500" had full sorority support this year: Alpha Gamma Delta took 1st place, Sigma Sigma Sigma took 2nd, and Delta Delta Delta, 3rd place. Over $3000 was raised for the American Diabetes Association. Our first three functions were with the top sororities on campus: the Delta Delta Deltas, the Chi Omegas (a western function), and the Kappa Kappa Gammas (The Champagne Jam). In December, we had a great function with the Pi Beta Phis. The annual Halloween party was interesting, to say the least. Brothers Joe Troncoso, David Aitken, and Mark Singer and their dates each received awards for their costumes. November 14 and 15 saw the second annual Buffalo Bill's Wild West Homecoming Party (the 14th consisted of a hay ride; the 15th a western stomp with a live band). December was Christmas time and we philanthropy-minded Phi Psis at Oklahoma University held a party for underprivileged children in the Norman area with the help of the Pi Beta Phis. Oklahoma Alpha took many awards at the 1980 Grand Arch Council. Our housemother, Melba Snow, was awarded Outstanding Phi Psi Housemother, and OK-AIpha was runner-up in the Most Improved Chapter category. Brother Tim Kincaid was awarded the Edgar Fahs Smith award for outstanding Shield correspondence (OK-Alpha alumnus Slade Hanson won this honor in 1978). Fall 1980 chapter officers are: Richard Todd Rushton, GP; Michael Eckert, VGP; Kenneth DeBell, BG; Mark Singer, AG; Dany LeRoy, SG; Daniel Mitchell, P; William Ross Ryan, Hod; John Wilkins, Phu; and Timothy Sheehan, Hi. Mark Singer, Conespondent Oklahoma State Up and Coming! Oklahoma Beta returns this year with a totally redecorated house. Much thought, hardwork, and skill were involved in our remodeling. Thousands of dollars and many man hours were contributed in order to accomplish our goal. We owe a great deal to our fantastic Parent's Club and especially Dad Kembel. Thanks to everyone that made it possible! Along with a new house we have elected new officers: James R. Wiederholt, GP; Scott W. French, VGP; Kent R. Appleman, P; David B. Draper, AG; Allen Staples, BG; A. J. Bisson, SG; Art McGowen, Phu; Jeff Stewart, Hi; and Kevin Muschinske, Hod. We have a strong pledge class this year of whom we have great expectations. Pledges Include: Ted Coatney, Mike Meredith, Steve Montee, Ryan Moore, and Steve Ray, all of Tulsa; Danny Bellamy and Don Wheeler of Okla. City; Eddie Kyle and Joe Hopkins of Vinita; Ronnie Smith from Big Cabin; William Burdett of Checotah; and Tim Laughlin of Collinsville. This year the pledge getting top badge will have the distinction of being Badge #200, or "Bicentennial Badge" as we call it. Many activities have filled our fall semester this year. The Phi Psi 500 was held on October 5 and it continues to be the biggest Greek sponsored event at Okla. State University. Sororities and women's living halls participated in the annual week long event that invades Stillwater every fall. The week consists of an all week Spirit contest, which was won by Alpha Delta Pi sorority, a Drink-a-thon Fundraiser on Wednesday, the famous "500" Party Saturday night, and finally the big race on Sunday Afternoon. This year the winning team that managed to survive the mud pit, cave, shaving cream, tires, and whatever else we could think of, was the women of Bennett Hall. This year's 500 netted well over $1,000 for the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. The Bloodbowl, the annual rivalry between the members and pledges, saw the members triumphant once again, Never in the history of Oklahoma Beta have the Brothers lost. In intramurals. Phi Psi made A-team football playoffs beating Beta Theta Pi to take 4th place of 26 fraternities. We are looking forward to a great basketball and softball season. Once again, Phi Kappa Psi rates as one of the best scholastic fraternities at O.S.U. We are consistently ranked in the top 5 on campus. We are now making plans for the Annual Founders Day Celebration, Parents Weekend and Alumni Weekend, all to take place this spring. We would also like to invite everyone to come and see us here at Oklahoma Beta! David B. Draper, Correspondent Oregon Awards Oregon Alpha Chapter celebrated the start of the school year by gaining 22 fall pledges, the largest pledge class since the chapter reorganized in The fall pledge class is: Brad Attig, Darren Carr, Brett Graboyes, Steve Kokes, Bob Komin, Larry Kubes, Dean Larson, Howard Lees, Doug Miller, Greg Mitchell, John Murakami, Mike O'Connell, Fred Paintner, Dave Rabbit, Jim Richards, Allen Scarce, Gary Semling, Don Stelle, Rob Webb, Brad Wilson, Todd Woodruff, and Tim Zwber. Going through initiation in January will be the 1980 spring pledge class which includes: John Dimmer, John Ghilarducci, Jack Gradwohl, Kenmar Bual, Don Martin, Pat Mowry, Stan Wong, Dave Lukem, Mark Pearcy, Jay Gilbaugh and Paul Bain, who is a member of the Oregon varsity basketball team. Oregon Alpha was the big winner at the Interfraternity Council Awards Banquet, capturing five individual awards and one of three house awards presented. Dave Eaton, '77, presently student body president, received the Bogan Award, given to the one individual who has contributed most to student government and University affairs. In the four year history of this award, Oregon Alpha members have received it three times. Mark Vidulich, '76, received the Sorenson Award, presented to the one individual who has contributed the most to the Greek system, IFC, University, and his individual Chapter. Eaton, Vidulich and George Glass, '79, received the Certificate of merit given to individuals who have contributed to the Greek system, IFC, University and their individual Chapters. The Chapter won the IFC Scholarship Award, given to the Chapter on campus with the highest grade point average for the year. Mark Hallquist, former GP, was recently named as Interfraternity Council President. Over the past year Oregon Alpha has been heavily involved in public services. This past Halloween, the Chapter put on a haunted house for the local YMCA youth group. This winter, the chapter will sponsor the 2nd annual Phi Kappa Psi Smoker for Multiple Sclerosis, which is a boxing tournament between the fraternities on campus. Last year, Oregon Alpha took both weight classes it entered. Jordan K. Yospe, Correspondent Oregon State Continued Growth Greetings, it has been six months since the last article and there is a lot of catching up to do. Last Spring, during Mom's Weekend, OSU held their annual All-University Sing. Directed by the talented Steve Finn, a group January

38 Pledges from Oregon Beta gather for a group photo. of Phi Psis entered the men's competition and sang their way tofirstplace. The group's repertoire consisted of three songs, Swanee, The Whiffenpoof Song, and Summertime. It certainly was the weekend highlight! On into Summer. Oregon Beta was well represented at the GAC in Indianapolis during August. Undergraduates Russ LogerweU and Tim McLaughlin and alumni Dick Ong '55-149, and Gary Muphy ' were also present. Oregon Beta won Honorable Mention-Most Improved Chapter, and, most notably, our newsletter the "Orange Peel" won the NYAA award for best Fraternity newsletter. This was the second year in a row and the third time in four years. Also, congratulations are in order for Dick Ong. He received the Outstanding Area Director award for his work with Virginia Alpha, Beta, and Zeta. We are already looking forward to seeing everyone in Atlanta in 1982! This past summer was no picnic for Bro Mike Love. Our hardworking Rush Chairman spent last spring and summer channeling all of his energy towards a successful Rush program. His efforts did not go unrewarded as we pledged 19 outstanding men at the end of Formal Rush Week. Already hard at work developing a sense of pride and Brotherhood, the new pledges are as follows; Andy Rux, Hillsboro; Dave Prater, Gresham; Gary Change, Beaverton; Paul Jones, and Mike Skrip, Klamath Falls; Vernon Smith, North Bend; Brad Wilcox and Eric Heath, The Dalles; Bernie Hopwood, Canby; Mitch West, Arlington; Sean Dryden, Woodburn; Mike Whitmarsh, Pete Eisen and Greg Edens, Lake Oswego; Walt Collins, Calabasas, CA., Steve Long, Portland; Scott Roberts, Tigard; and Phil Allen, Los Angeles, CA. We are continuing to grow and this group of men will play an important part in Oregon Beta's future direction. Congratulations Mike Love! While continually striving for the betterment of our Chapter, as a whole and as individuals, we have reached another one of our goals. We were in the top 5 in grades for the scholastic year Sept. '79 to May '80. Out of 27 Chapters on campus, we finished 3rd Fall, 3rd Winter, and 4th Spring Term. We have no intentions of relinquishing our position, and if we buckle down. Number One is within our reach. Homecoming 1980 is the highlight of an active Fall Term social calendar. Homecoming is November 15. We are expecting a large turnout, especially since it will be Civil War weekend with OSU taking on the U of O. A dinner and house activities are planned for after the game. It will be a grand gathering of Phi Psis indeed! New officers were elected as spring term 1980 came to an end. They are as follows: Steve Tedesco, GP; Ray Peters, VGP; Dave Schmidt, P; Dave Anderson, AG; Matt Knox, BG; Steve Kaufman, SG; Dave Boone, Hod; Scott Hufstader, Phu; and Dan Briscoe, Hi. We welcome our new Resident Advisor, Roger Morris. Roger hails from Dallas, Or. and is a second year graduate student working in the field of higher educational services. Any and all Phi Psis in the area please stop by and check things out. There are a lot of new faces around and we have done some remodeling. Have a great school year! Dave Anderson, Correspondent Pennsylvania Newsletter not received Penn State $25,000 for Charity As the Brothers of Pennsylvania Lambda return for another school year, we welcome back seven new initiates. They are: Tim Sommer, Tom Thompson, Randy Repcheck, Pittsburgh; Phil Quatrini, Sayre; Barth Getto, Jeannette; Bill Kesack, North Wales; and Rob Meves, Horsham. They are a group of outstanding men and will be valuable members to the Phi Psi Brotherhood. Also, we have two pledges for the fall term. They are: Dean Donnellon, Ogego, NY; Dan Mackley, Mechanisburg. Last spring's rush was conducted by John DeSanti. Spring term was a very busy and rewarding one for the Penn Lambdans. The annual spring event, the Phi Psi "500," was held and raised a net amount of $14,000. This, together with our second place finish in the Interfraternity Council Dance Marathon, raised our total philanthropic efforts to $25,000 for the school year. Once again, the Phi Psi "500" was blessed with beautiful weather. Penn State's basketball coach Dick Harter was the official starter of this year's race. There were 1,450 runners, as an estimated 25,000 students, faculty and residents of State College lined the 1.1 mile course to cheer. The week before the race was filled with sorority chugging contests and sororities competing for the coveted spirit award. Undergraduate delegates Dave Dixon and Paul Martin represented the Chapter at this summer's GAC. In addition to bringing back many happy memories of good times and good friends, the pair also brought back to Penn Lambda the Community Service Award. All the Brothers are very honored to receive this award and would like to take this opportunity to thank the selection committee. In May, elections for the leadership of the Chapter were held. Clayton Wells was elected GP; Dick Wood, VGP; Gary Hitechew, AG; John Rommel, BG; Rich Evans, SG; Mark Melio, Hod; tnd Brad Scovill, Phu. As in the past, Phi Psi men are always among the leaders in many campus activities. In the Interfraternity Council Dave Dixon is the Administrative vicepresident and Rob Schmidt is in charge of Public Relations. Also, Paul Martin was named a Senior Reporter on the school paper TIte Daily Collegian, an award winning daily with a circulation of 21,000. Leading the Penn State football team this year is Brad Scovill. Brad, a tight end who walked on the team his freshman year, is a three year starter. Cheering Brad and the football team on the sidelines are two outstanding cheerleaders. Captain Bob Moore and Joe Shulman. This year also promises to be an excellent one for intramural sports, as the Chapter strives for the overall intramural championship. As Autumn is upon us, we have a wide range of activities planned. The Homecoming game is with Syracuse this year, and we invite all alumni to join us in a Homecoming bash. The traditional football tailgates, post game cocktail party, combines and socials are a big part of our social life here at the Lodge. We cordially invite all other Phi Psi's to join us and see Penn Slate first hand! Gary C. Hitechew, Correspondeni Purdue New Things Happening New seems to be the most descriptive word of the fall semester activities here at Purdue. It began with the initiation of six- 38 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

39 teen new Brothers from the spring pledge class on September 26. They are already heavily involved in Chapter activities. They are: Bradley G. Allen, Covington; James R. Boucher, Joliet, III.; Brett W. Buck, Fort Branch; Robert N. Canty, Elmhurst III.; Steve Decker, Greencastle; Daniel W. Fisher, Fulton, N.Y.; James H. Johnson, Woodbridge, Va.; Bradley McKean, Anderson; Brian Pearson, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Todd Riley, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.; Thomas Roush, South Bend; Pat Settle, Crown Point; Marvin Short, Covington, Ky.; David S. Steriing, Skaneateles, N.Y.; Michael Struble, Saline, Mich.; John Bardwell, Greenwich, N.Y.; and McKinney Jones, Rushville. Due to the outstanding efforts of Rush Chairman Bill Schilling and his committee, we have sixteen new pledges this fall. We feel that they will also be a great asset to our Chapter. They are: Grant Besing, Elberfeld; Pete Connolly, Flossmoor, 111.; Dave Dewitt, Highland, N.Y.; Jeff Fisher, Lafayette; Ron Foster, Fort Wayne; Tom Golightly, Pittsburg, Pa.; Chris Harmon, Fort Branch; Paul Jackson, Fort Wayne; Rob Johnson, Anderson; Kurt Menner, Jasper; Greg Parker, Monticello; Buddy Phillips, Fort Wayne; Bill Sheley, Columbus, Ohio; Doug Skidmore, Cincinnati, Ohio; Mark Turk, Indianapolis; and Kevin Vasconi, Anderson. The night before national elections, we elected our own new officers. The ballots cast resulted in the following: Gregory J. Stuart, GP; James R. Smart, VGP; Thomas C. Roush, P; R. Todd Riley, AG; Michael Hoch, BG; Robert N. Canty, SG; James H. Johnson, HI; Brad McKean, HOD; and McKinney Joves, PHU. It is easy to see that we have a lot of new blood at Indiana Delta. After placing second in intramurals the past two years, we are currently in first place and hope to stay there. The extra efforts of Athletic Chairman Bryan Winslow and all the participants have paid off well. Homecoming brought many alumni back to our Chapter. Some had not seen the house for years and were excited about the changes in evidence. We urge any of our Bob Reed, Purdue, displaying the Whiting Low Net Trophy which he won at the 19th Annual Closed Invitational Golf Outing of the Chicago Alumni Association. alumni to drop in any time. In September, one of our most notable alumni, Ivan C. (Ike) Uland and his wife, donated a new Kimball grand piano for the Great Hall. It is impossible to express our degree of gratitude for this gift, but we wish to express our thanks! Our plans for the holidays are in full swing. We will be holding a party for underprivileged children as well as our Winter Formal. The committees for these events are putting their time in to making them a success. In closing, the Brothers of Indiana Delta would like to wish all Phi Psi's Happy Holidays and best wishes for a prosperous year. R. Todd Riley, Correspondent Rhode Island Progress, Pledges, and Pigskin R. I. Beta welcomed the forty new Brothers and Brothers-elect of the Fall '79 class to the chapter house. This years' activities started the very first day of classes with our fifth annual "Welcome Back To School Block Party." Open to the whole campus community, the party attracted a large crowd and radio coverage by local station WPJB-FM. Bloody-Marys and Hot Dogs were awaiting the Phi Psi alumni when they returned to R.I. for Homecoming Day. A crowd of over a hundred met and reminisced at the pregame tailgate party. After the game all Brothers gathered in Newport, R.I., for a formal social at the Viking Hotel. Elections were held and the new positions are as follows: Neal Fitzpatrick, GP; Vin Prattico, VGP; Bill Guglietta, AG; Jim Velino, BG; Larry Bernhardt, SG; George Milhalidies, HOD; Tony Johnson, PHU; Dean Wilson, HI; Rich Brown and Tom Healy, social chairmen. R.I. Beta pledged 28 new men in the fall semester. They are; Steve Brehio, Lincoln; Jim Chapman, Storres, Ct; Tony Carlucci, Franklin, Mass; Mark Carnavalle, Joe Casimero, and Mike Caveretta, Warwick; Mark Dennan, Norwalk, Ct.; Gary Gumowitz, Great Neck, N.Y.; Robert Hayes, N.Prov.; Terry Hermans, Rutland, Vt.; Martin Herring, Richfield, Ct.; Mike Kinch, Pawtucket; Dave Laska, Branford, Ct.; Anthony Marseglio, Westerly; Richard Martin, Cranston; Andy Miller; Paul Nasser, Manchester, Mass.; Tom Niles, Elmira, N.Y.; Emile Poisson, Manville; Norb Schulz, Pawt; Bill Sheek, Westerly; Steve Solazzo, White Plains, N.Y.; John Turchetta, Warwick; John Volano, Branford, Ct.; Scott Whatmaugh, Pawt; and Bruce Wilcox, Coventry. R.I. Beta was well represented at the W.W.L.S. held at N.Y. Beta. The two delegates were Jim Velino and Bill Guglietta, but five more Brothers came along to show the Phi Psi spirit. We would like to thank our gracious hosts for providing an educational and funfilled weekend in Syracuse. On the subject of house improvements, we would like to extend our appreciation to Tom Leach '79 for adding a second glass case for our beer can collection. This fine piece of craftsmanship will be the talk of the town for our chapter house. Also, bids are being taken on new rugs for the house. For Penn Zeta's Tennessee Farm Night provided genuine entertainment for the Dickinson College campus and contributions for the United Way. January

40 the first time, two Brothers were chosen as house managers. Scott Masterson and Paul Silverstein have the job of keeping R.I. Beta in top shape. As the leaves begin to fall, one can hear the Brothers warming up for another intramural football season. But this was not to be just another season. The Phi Psi A team led by a power packed defense pounded their way into the playoffs. Mike Douglas, Mark Princevalle, Mark Wawer, Bill Guglietta, and Rob Douglas led the defense that allowed only 52 pts. in nine games. Once in the playoffs, the offense took over and led the team to the semi-finals. Steve Froncillo and Tom Gaipa quarterbacked the team. Catching the passes were Dick Stott and Frank "General" Lee. Dave Griffin and Harold Horvat provided the blocking needed for victory. The semi-finals was the farthest any Phi Psi football team has gone here at R.I. Coach John Leahy guided the team to third place out of 43 teams. On the varsity fields, Mike Miller, Jim Miller, Tony Johnson, and Richard Pelzer strive for victory each week for the football Rams. Pete Boggs and pledge Jim Chapman are members of our Nationally sixth ranked soccer team. We welcome all Brothers to stop in and see what R.I. Beta is all about. Bill Guglietta, Correspondem Rider Progress New Jersey Alpha is moving forward into the eighties. Our Fall Rush was the most successful in years. The new pledges are Tom Comer Pres. of the class; Billy Ireland Vice Pres.; Rich Black and Larry Starkman Sgt.-at-Arms; Paul Ettlinger Treas.; Roger Bassett, Dewey Carlson, Tyrone Conshue, Chuck Ewell, Bob Moffett, Gary Pappas, Tom Patullo, Gary Simko, Bob Simon, Kenny Wenk, and Lou Wisnowskix. Rush Chairmen Steve Saxton and Tim Bradley should be commended for their fine work. The Chapter has received an excellent job from our Chapter Officers: Greg Lazicky- Pres.; Pete Ciszek Vice Pres.; Mike Falzone Treas.; Bob Schotz-Rec. Sec; and Andy Brody Corr. Sec. We are proud to announce the appointment of two new Chapter Advisors, Robert Dunn, '80, and Billy Hernandez, '79. In addition, Pete Manetas, Sports Information Director, Rider College, is our new Faculty Advisor. Congratulations are in order to Greg Lazicky as winner of the Summerfield Award for outstanding leadership and scholarship. Pledge Paul Ettlinger and Brother Sean Looney were voted into Omicron Delta Kappa, the national honor fraternity. Also, Bill Dooner had the highest G.P.A. in the house with a 4.0. Good job men! In intramurals, the "A" league softball team won the crown for the second consecutive year. Ivan Prefer and Carl Oberst led the outstanding effort. The team has now won twenty consecutive games over the last two seasons. Last spring's Greek Week was full of fun and excitement. Our chapter combined with the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority to win the overall competition. We captured first in seven of the fourteen events. This semester's FUBAR got a big turnout as Pete Kepes and Jim Canning shared top honors with Pledge Tom Patullo and Alumnus Ron Wagner. Looking down the road, our annual bus trip to Atlantic City has been scheduled for later in the semester. For next semester we are planning as a service project a compus Beer Chug contest, with all proceeds going to Multiple Sclerosis. Andy Brody, Conespondent South Carolina On The Move Greetings from S.C. Alpha. The Chapter has survived yet another semester's rush, with the sleepless nights, long meetings, and constant rushing paying off with the pledging of eight sharp men. They are: George Littlejohn, N. Augusta; Lewis Johnson, Simpsonville; Tom Meilinger, Mauldin; Ken Stearns, Wilmette, III.; Alvin Lee, Camden; Jody Dekle, Florence; Bruce Smith, State College, PA; and Steve Wallace, W. Hartford, CT. We are happy to have these men in our group and are looking forward to their initiation. These new Brothers will help offset the loss of Brothers Tom Payne, '79 and David Pearson, '76, who will graduate in December. We wish the best to them! The social scene at the house is coming along nicely, with a slate of theme parties with the use sororities. September saw the lounge transformed into a jungle, complete with vines, snakes, tiki gods and natives, as the Brothers, along with the Sisters of Delta Zeta sorority, had the First Annual "Jungle Party." Our Second Annual "Red Light District Party" kicked off October with a bang. Pi Beta Phi sorority, along with the Brothers from North Carolina Alpha, made the event better than expected, as the lounge rocked. The big event for SC Alpha in the fall is the annual "Tigerburn" before the Clemson Game. Each year the Brothers build a huge paper tiger, load it on a truck, and with its 150-ft. tail in tow, march off to a Pep Rally at the Capitol Building with about 5000 students on hand. Then it's down to the Intramural Field, where the tiger is set aflame. This is the biggest pep rally at the USC campus and this year's should prove to be better than ever. Come February, SC Alpha will join the other Chapters in honoring our founders, Letterman and Moore. This year, our Founders Day celebration will be on Saturday, Feb. 21. As of this printing date, the details have not been worked out, so if you wish to attend, please drop us a line and we'll get the information to you. This invitation to Founders Day is mainly directed to the Phi Psis who are not from SC Alpha, yet wish to once again be a part or our beloved Fraternity's proudest day. That's about it from SC Alpha for now. As usual, any Phi Psis in the area are invited to drop by the lounge, and meet with the Brothers. Also, alumni of SC Alpha will get the Founders Day information in the monthly newsletter, and if you are not getting the newsletter, please drop us a line at Box 85118, Columbia, S.C , and we will get you on the mailing list. James W. Brockenfelt, Correspondent Members of the South Carolina Alumni Association pose with their Phi Psi Ladies prior to the Homecoming Football Game. Southern California Reorganized The Cal Delta Chapter at USC has started off another successful year. Many thanks are in order to our Fall rush chairmen. Bill Kramb and Don Stevens, for their hard work in making it a successful Fall rush. We are proud to announce that we have pledged 24 men into Phi Psi. Our Chapter welcomes Marc Neff, Andy Morrow and Mark Yusin as new members of Phi Kappa Psi. Their initiation was topped off by a great party held at the NefTs house. 40 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

41 Under the organization of our fearless leader. President David Cordova, Phi Psi at USC has been working hard to reorganize and make the Chapter more productive. With the help of President Cordova's cabinet: VGP, Kurt English; AG, David Bell; BG, Steven Hori; P, Tom Bowden; SG, Dominic Accetta; HOD, and Jim Reilly, the Chapter has greatly improved. President Cordova has set up sub-committees to better help our reorganization. Every Brother is required to participate on one of the eight committees. The committees have been set up to help the load of handling a job by just one person. The committees also get every member involved in the betterment of the Chapter. USC has just celebrated its 100th Birthday. The University set up a week long celebration in Alumni Park. Among the highlights of the week were a pre-game parade and a 100 foot birthday cake. The celebration was topped off with a cocktail party at the house after USC's victory over Arizona. David R. Bell, Correspondeni Southwest Texas State Successful Rush This fall has been quite an active one for us here at Texas Gamma. We began the semester with fourteen new initiates: Jay Hart, Karl Means, Ryland Brem, Robert Escobedo, Russell Mitchell, and John Haecker, San Antonio; Robert Santos and Richard Santos, Larado; Dennis Hamilton, Copperas Cove; Steve Grace, Houston; Dennis Fewell, La Marque; Lee Wilcox, Freeport; Scott Siegel, Dallas; and Greg Pyle, Round Rock. We were very successful during fall rush in acquiring fifteen sharp pledges: Greg Flinn, Alan Barron, Micheal Toomey, Steve Schoelman, Larry Head, and David Terrell, Houston; Randall Jenkinson and Lee Kainer, San Antonio; Robert Slavic and John Slavic, Fort Worth; Joe Dunn, Aspermont; Doug Peterman, Dallas; James Skinner, Humble; Bret Montgomery, Missouri City; and Jim Ellis, Galveston. This should assure us of an all time high Chapter membership next semester. Our house took on a whole new look this semester with the remodeling of the entire downstairs area. With the help of Brother Bill Taylor, we were also able to add two new showers to the house. This semester we organized our first Parents Weekend, to allow our families to look over the fraternity as well as the S.W.T. campus. With the efforts of Brother Jot Hodges the event was a huge success. We were also very proud of the good turnout for Homecoming activities. Brother Steve Edwards organized an exciting weekend as we cheered S.W.T. on to victory over then unbeaten San Angelo State. A number of our Brothers are currently involved on and off campus. Brother Danny McClung was elected local president of the national greek honor society, the Order of Omega, as well as being selected head cheerleader. Equally as impressive is Brother Russell Mitchell's campaign for a seat on the city council in San Antonio. We are looking forward to an even more January 1981 successful spring semester with plans now being made for Founders Day as well as for our second annual Phi Psi Fandango all campus party and basketball tournament. Joe O'Connell, Correspondeni Southwestern Louisiana New House The fall semester started with a series of events. First, the Chapter purchased a new house. The house is in a good location next to campus and belongs completely to us. Second, the fall rush was excellent. Our Chapter, picked up ten pledges. The pledges are: Troy Broussard, President; Mark Mangan, Vice-President; Jay Gremillion, Treasurer; Steve Sarradet, Secretary; and Greg Boudreaux, Leon Centeno, Scott Gordon, Pat Smith, Kurk Rogers, and Bill Metcalf The pledges have been instrumental in helping to keep our new house in great condition. Homecoming 1980 for our Chapter produced many good times and happy spirits. The theme that we chose was "Give The Dogs a Bone." Our house decorations and floats were based on this theme. Intramurals for La. Beta have proved to be quite fun and continued hard work, and practice may one day lead to a championship team. The socials of the fall have all been most successful. The themes have ranged from a hat social to a punk rock social. The Chapter has been honored with the achievements of one alumnus, Jim Slatten. A graduate of 1980, Jim is presently attending graduate school and has been nominated to the Rhodes Scholarship. Both the campus of USL and the Chapter are extremely proud of this fine Brother. We expect a great Spring and look forward to the semester ahead of us. George W. Lamperez, Correspondent Stanford The "Mobile" Fraternity Lives On! This Fall, Cal Beta begins a new era of resurgence, possible only through the official recognition which the University has given to our group. After careful negotiation and evaluation, Cal Beta has once again gained the recognition which it lost in the early 70's. With official recognition by University administrators, the Brothers of Cal Beta are now able to use on-campus facilities for meetings and other Phi Psi functions. Along with University recognition came a fantastic Spring pledge class of seven. Since Spring, they have now been initiated into the Brotherhood of Phi Kappa Psi. Our new Brothers are: Andrew Beal, Edina, Minnesota; Andrew Johanos, Honolulu, Hawaii; Craig Henry, Hamden, Connecticut; Mahesh Mankani, Honolulu, Hawaii; Curt Winn, Sunnyvale; Jeffrey Kirkpatrick, Longview, Washington; and Harry Johnson, Los Angeles. After the initiation, a celebration was held at the Holiday Inn in Palo Alto for the Chapter, alumni, and dates. The new Brothers look forward to the Annual Phi Psi Big Game Luncheon, held in San Francisco with the Cal Gamma Chapter before the Big Game football contest between Stanford and Cal-Berkeley. Tentative plans have been made for a ski retreat weekend and the Phi Psi "500," to be held at the end of March. Informal Rush in the Winter will also keep the Brothers busy. Cal Beta has accomplished a lot in the last few months. Brother Jim Rice was elected Phi Beta Kappa and Brothers Ken Kesslin, Jeff Wright, Tom Girlich, Jeff Kirkpatrick, and Jim Curry were all selected as Resident Assistants (R.A.'s) for the year. And of course, a strong, working relationship with the University has been established. However, the main accomplishment of the last few months has been the unity and dedication of the Chapter which has been maintained under what many would consider to be adverse conditions. E. Scott Fraser, Correspondent Syracuse Carrier Dome Opens As New York Beta Brothers are returning to the snows and cold weather characteristic of a Syracuse second semester, we are looking forward to continuing the accomplishments that have been gaining momentum since the fall. In October, New York Beta was pleased to host the District I Woodrow Wilson Leadership School (formerly ELC). Brothers from Colgate, University of Pennsylvania, University of Rhode Island, Rider College, and Johns Hopkins attended workshops ranging from Ritual to Social to alumni relations. Brother Taylor Obold, an alumnus from Ohio Alpha who lives in Syracuse, helped conduct the alumni relations workshop. The WWLS program was coordinated by Brother Charles Bantis. The first weekend in November marked New York Beta and SU's biggest Homecoming in years, due in part to the opening of the 50,000+ seat Carrier Dome stadium. Over 150 New York Beta alumni attended the Chapter's festivities, which included a pregame Sour Hour at our Chapter House and a dinner following the Syracuse Pitt game at the University Club. Over $800 was raised for our newly established Chapter House Contingency Fund (see our Alumni Association report for more information on the Contingency Fund). The undergraduates thank all the returning alumni for making the weekend a success. While the opening of the Dome brought SU much publicity, the Brothers of N.Y. Beta constructed a miniature scale model of the Dome on our front lawn. The brainchild of Brother Dave Finkelstein, our Dome was made of plywood, with a parachute blown up by two box fans serving as the roof The Phi Psi Dome received coverage from all three local network affiliates, and it was mentioned in an article the New York Daily News did on the Carrier Dome. New York Beta is also increasing in numbers, with 13 pledges last semester: Charies Dobrow, Chip Holmes, Bill Kotelly, Joe Chesky, Bill Yorston, Bryan Leonard, Jim Diaz, Rich Goren, Rich Wald, Chris Moore, Bill Bornstein, Henry Tabenfield, and Doug Corrigan. We also received a transfer Brother from Michigan Beta, Howard Saslow. 41

42 Brothers from the New York Beta Chapter celebrate a close softball victory over ZBT. The Phi Psi dome, constructed on the lawn of the New York Beta Chapter, received coverage on three network affiliates and was mentioned in an article in the New York Daily News. It was constructed for the opening of the Carrier Dome. This semester's rush chairmen, John Steinkraus and Paul Coleman, are looking forward to another productive rush. In addition to the weekly parties we have had with sororities and other friends of the Chapter, N.Y. Beta sponsored two campus wide parties last semester. In September, many students attended our annual band porch party. We also sponsored our yearly Drumlins Halloween Party, organized this year by Brothers Bantis, Dave Wanzor and Bob Picks. New York Beta is looking forward to another successful semester! Paul R. Coleman, Correspondent Tennessee Successful Fall Another Fall Quarter has descended upon Tennessee Epsilon and we are greeting it with hard work, disciplined study, and high hopes for the coming year. We have new officers, new pledges and a wide variety of social and community activities to look forward to. We started off the year with a successful fall rush and eight new pledges. They are all fine young men who, when initiated, should prove to be vital assets to our Chapter and Phi Kappa Psi as a whole. The most outstanding of our achievements this quarter was our contribution to the University's United Way drive. We donated one of the highest amounts on campus to this worthy cause. The winner of the prestigious Solon E. Summerfield Award was A. Anthony Burzese, 79. Throughout the year Brother Burzese has displayed enthusiasm, scholarship, and has made countless contributions to our Chapter. We take this time to salute and congratulate him. We are presently planning our Founders' Day celebration which will be held Saturday, February 21st. We extend invitations to come and celebrate in the Phi Psi tradition. For the future, all our Brothers nationwide are encouraged to stop and visit if they are ever in the area. Until then, best wishes to all from Tennessee Epsilon! Duncan Winter, Corresponding Secretary Texas First Again Texas Alpha continues its proud tradition on the UT campus. After a successful 75th year, we took our first step toward our centennial with the pledging of 35 outstanding men. We expect them to add much to our brotherhood. The Spring semester left us all in high spirits as Phi Psi finished strongly. Two more trophies graced our expanding case as we finished first in the SAE "Tug-n-Suds" all-campus tug-o-war competition and first in the annual UT Blood Drive that we cosponsored with the Kappa's and APO. The semester ended appropriately with the initiation of the Spring pledge class. They are: Robert E. York, Corsicana; Steven Craig Burrus, Irving; Jon Phillip Carlson, San Antonio; Wade William Goodwyn, Durham, N.C; Kevin Andreas Jacobson, Austin; Steven Hoke Kight, Houston; Mark Daniel Leyendecker, Laredo; John Reese Rothgeb, Austin; and Grant Anthony Specia, San Antonio. The traditional pledge project came in the form of new ceiling tiles for the game room. The new semester started where the old one left off. Texas Alpha welcomed back and initiated Richard Wayne Carpenter of Houston. After a hectic and highly successful rush week, the Chapter prepared for another active semester. Socially, Phi Kappa Psi ranks with the best. So far, we have had mixers with the ADPi's, AChiO's, AEPhi's and KD's, a chapter that recently re-chartered at UT. We also participated with the KD's in the OU Pep Rally, resulting in a third place finish. Parties have included our annual Halloween and World War II extravaganzas. Still to come are the Tri-Delt mixer and Christmas formal. Texas Alpha is no slouch when it comes to athletics. We have fielded teams in football, volleyball, tennis, and have entered individuals in other specialized sports. Philanthropies are receiving more emphasis this year. So far, the Chapter has taken the children of the local state school to a special carnival and other events are planned, such as sponsoring the Blood Drive again. Our alumni have been active and we expect a large number of them for the Alumni/Active Tennis Tournament scheduled for November 22. The annual Dad's Day celebration and buffet was the largest in recent memory. Plans are already under way for our annual Founder's Day celebration, slated for February 21 at the house. The Chapter has been active in many areas and the awards we have received are indicative of our diversified talents. Brothers finished second in the first annual Moosehead Calling Contest with an array of creative sounds. On the serious side, Texas Alpha took home the first place trophy in Sing Song for the second straight year against an expanded field with the theme "A Salute to Enchanting Mexico." All this has been accomplished under the leadership of our fine officers. They are: Bill Cheney, GP; Gil Eastland, VGP; Ken Sandoval, P; Dave Sheehan, BG; Mark Snell, SG; John Carlson, Phu; Robert York, Hod: Mark Leyendecker, Hi. Brothers deserving special mention are Doug Throckmorton, editor of the Greek Monthly, and Scott Fossum: Ex-president, Summerfield Scholar for , and a December graduate. Two other Brothers have a different distinction marriage. Darrell Carpenter weds Marcie Robinette, an 42 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

43 AChiO, in January, and Joe Anderson will marry Sydney Tippitt, A ChiO and daughter of Bert Tippitt, Texas Alpha '50, in June. We wish them well. We've been fortunate to have out-of-state Brothers visit the house on their way through Austin. Any Brother or alumnus wishing to stop by is always welcome. Charles S. Williams, Jr., Correspondent Texas Tech Mean Green Outlook Texas Beta would like to welcome all Phi Psi's back to school for Fall 80 and the upcoming Spring semester of With the Fall semester, events and activities like Homecoming, football mixers, soccer, and roadtrips are anticipated. Texas Beta Chapter also acknowledges its participation in service projects. Even with this busy schedule we managed to haul in ten new pledges. Rush started with a bang as Gamma Phi Beta sorority helped with their lovely assistance during our 50's mixer. Other parties included Country and Western night that included two (count 'em) hayrides, an outside Lonestar bar, hay bales and a water tank for the Brothers to water their horses. Another theme party and a football after-game party were also thrown this semester. The pledges were also treated to their first road trip with the Chapter. As usual, the trip was too short and everyone enjoyed the mixer with the three sororities. New pledges this semester are: Mark Bahr, Racine, WI; Bill Cato, Richardson; Shawn Christopher, Beeville; Garry Harris, Dallas; Chris Hoopes, Lubbock; John Meroney, Midland; Bob Reister, Sherman; Mike Simpson, Lubbock; and David Webb, Lubbock. Since last year's Sports program garnered almost twice as many blanket points than the previous year, the Phi Psi's eagerly awaited the arrival of football. Under the guidance of 'Coach' Tim Stephens the "Mean Green" cruised to a 3-3 season. This marked the first time since 1974 that the Phi Psi's posted a winning football record. Steve Bohney, Chip Davidson, Randy Park (the only senior on the team). Brad Carse, Doug McCartney, Steve "Beak" Yandell, and pledge Gary Harris paced the offense and defense. Soccer will be starting soon and the "Mean Green" has lost only one starter from last year's 3-3 squad. Homecoming is scheduled for Nov. 15, after the SMU victory, and there will be a reception for all alumni and Brothers. Following the Champaigne Reception there will be the usual celebration out at Sir Williams with Junior's Farm providing the entertainment. Phi Psi's are working with Sigma Kappa's for the building of a Homecoming float which will undoubtedly win first place. Officers for this semester include: Steve Purser, GP; Randy Park, VGP; Barry Hendricks, AG; Jerry Simmons, P; Steve McNaughton, BG; Matt Harrell, SG; Steve Park, Phu; Wendell Peacock, Hi; and Steve Yandell, Hod. Brian Barkley is Pledge Trainer, Darryl Sanders, Faculty Advisor, and Mike Chappell is Chapter Advisor. Founders Day is set for Thursday February I9th. A dinner meeting is planned for Alumni and Brothers. Good luck to all Phi Psi's. Till next year Barry K. Hendricks, Correspondent Toledo 30th Anniversary The Ohio Eta Chapter celebrated its 30th anniversary October 21, The real celebration will be held at our Founder's Day Dinner, so we would like to see all of our alumni there. It promises to be something special. We started the year with a successful rush, chaired by Sung Chul-Kim. Our new pledges are: Mike Hamman, Dave Hummel, J. Steve McCormack, Dave Sargeant, Jim Schaloske, Dan Stroh, and Dave Tough. Rush led right into the Homecoming festivities, which were topped off with a great float built with the women of Chi Omega. Also with the Chi-O's, we are sponsoring a party for all Greek pledges to meet each other. This has never been tried before and looks very promising. The Chapter would like to congratulate our graduates of Spring 1980; Mark T. Tappen and J. Keith Toothaker. Also, congratulations to Winter 1979 graduate Steven Allen, who somehow got missed before. All three are past officers. It is now my pleasure to announce the newly elected officers of the Ohio Eta chapter: Scott K. Williams, GP; Bernard J. Nawrocki, VGP; Nicholas J. Daudelin, P; Wesley W. Schaub, AG; Brian J. Coughlin, BG; Mark J. Bohnsack, Hod: Steven W. Hartsell, Phu; and K. William Swonger, Hi. We wish all Chapters the best of luck this year and all that follow.. hope to see all the alumni at Founder's Day! Daniel R. Morrison, Correspondent Valparaiso Champs Twice Under the leadership of this year's officers: Rick Bucher, GP; Bob Reuter, VGP; Bob Kramer, AG; Hans Lichtfuss, BG; Tom Bolgert, P; Leon DeBolt, Hi; Doug Jacques, Hod; Al Rose, Phu, Indiana Epsilon has continued its growth and has become one of the more respected Chapters on campus. A significant accomplishment this fall was the attainment of our first major intramural sports championship since the complete reorganization of the Chapter three years ago. Phi Psi emerged as the "dark horse" in the intramural football league and enroute to the championship, a climatic semiinal overtime victory was witnessed by the Brothers, as well as a pulsating one point win in the finals against last year's incumbent champions. The soccer team performed admirably as well, losing to the eventual tournament victors after three hard fought overtime periods in semifinal playoffs. With the impending graduation of thirty seniors, an important responsibility has been placed in the hands of Mike Moore our rush chairman. A large pledge class is desirable in order to maintain the Chapter's strength. Nearly twice as many freshmen are attending rush functions this year as opposed to previous years so the aforementioned goal appears to be feasible. This year's house manager, Ron Rapp, has spear-headed several successful attempts to upgrade the Chapter's living quarters. An underground sprinkler system was installed in the completely relandscaped front lawn (last year's project) and just recently the bar room floor was retiled. Our community service project this fall consisted of partnering with the Phi Beta Chi sorority and visiting a nearby nursing home in order to sing familiar tunes to the elderiy. Then we spent a little bit of time talking to them and it seemed to make them feel as though someone still cared. We are also sponsoring a needy child from Guatemala in the program, "Compassion," where in our case eighteen dollars a month is sent to a young girl in order to help provide the essentials required in her upbringing. Finally, for the second straight year, we were again victorious in the contest for "best float" in the annual homecoming parade. With the help of the Chi Sigma Xi sorority during the actual construction of the float, a winning tradition has now been established at the Indiana Epsilon Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi. Robert D. Kramer, Correspondeni J i - The Valparaiso Intramural football champs are: Front Row: (left to right) Eric Weyland, Dave Busher, Dave Gring, Mark Schnorr, Mark Yeager, (back row): Steve Oien (quarterback), Bob Reuter, Frank Sailer, Chuck Trevor, Chris Pitman, Mark Masepohl, Tim Bradley. January

44 Vanderbilt Continued Success Thus far this fall semester has been nothing less than outstanding for Tennessee Delta. Beginning with a promising Upperclassman rush early this fall, the Chapter has attained one accomplishment after another. Fall pledges include Joseph Renzo Basili, Jeffery Todd Cook, Mark Lee Corbett, and Richard Warren Flowers. The second annual Phi Psi "500" was again a great success. Fifty teams participated, including all major fraternities and sororities, freshman halls and faculty groups. Under the leadership of Brett Combs, the Chapter was again able to benefit the American Diabetes Association. Following in the great Phi Psi athletic tradition, our soccer team is now entering the playoffs, finishing the regular season in second place with a record. Basketball promises to follow last year's championship with another strong showing. Fall Chapter officers, elected last April, have provided superior leadership over the semester. They include: Gary Steier, GP; Rob Ayerst, VGP; David Stolle, P; Jim Decker, House Manager; Charlie Davison, Pledge Educator; and Joe Estes, AG. Even in the area of academics, Tennessee Delta is filling its roll of excellence. Following the lead of Scholarship Chairman Don Ellsworth, the Phi Psi Scholarship team placed high on the University fraternity grade point average ranking. How about those book worms. Homecoming was also a great success. The Phi Kappa Psi Alumni Club held its annual pre-game brunch as well as a dinner later that evening. Special thanks to those alumni Brothers that spent the weekend with us. Unfortunately, we were unable to provide a Commodore victory. Nonetheless, the loss did little to dampen the festivities of the weekend. All points considered, the Chapter looks to an even more successful Spring semester. We invite all Tennessee Deltans, past and present, to come share it with us. Joseph H. Estes, Correspondent Virginia Newsletter not received Virginia Tech Newsletter not received Wabash Always Improving The beginning of school at Wabash College brought Indiana Gamma a very successful rush. Setting a goal of sixteen pledges we closed rush with nineteen fine men: John Albright and Greg Britton, Highland; Joe Baily, Franklin; Tom Cooper, Jeff Dziacko, Bill Keeling, Denis Kelly, and Eric Roth, Indianapolis; Nick D'Angelo, Hammond; Kevin Hartman, Bainbridge; Ed Hibshman, Elkhart; James Kwiecien, La- Porte; Dave Lazarek, Michigan City; Merlin Nice, Wabash; Cyril Oake, Rolling Prairie; Scott Pierce, Danville; Greg Kajfez, Carmel; Tim Thobe, Cincinnati; Page Wig- 44 gins, Poseyville. These young men are already involved in many Chapter and school activities. Homecoming 1980 was October 18th and a number of Alumni returned for a visit. Among them were Brothers Dick Regnier, Robert Mouser, and Jim Purdy who each received twenty-five year recognition pins. The highlight of the weekend came when our new house library was named. The Dr. Robert W. Mouser library. Bro. Mouser accepted a plaque commemorating the occasion after Bro's Greene, Cooper, Clymer, and Stephens gave speeches outlining his many achievements. New officers were elected for the 1980 fall semester. They are J. James Cooper, G.P.; John Clymer, V.G.P.; Kenneth Didat, A.G.; Keven Hibner, B.G.; John VanNuys, S.G.; Mark McCabe, Hod.; Fredrick Roetter, Phu.; and John Gunnum, Hi. These officers have been doing a fine job of leading and setting examples for the rest of the chapter to follow. Indiana Gamma has Brothers in almost every club and organization at Wabash. There are ten Brothers and four Pledges on the Student newspaper, the Bachelor. Bro Clymer is the vice-president of the student senate and three other Brothers in the senate. We have nine Brothers in the famous Chewing Tobacco Club. The Wabash Glee Club has six brothers and one pledge among its ranks. The house received some fixing-up over the summer, thanks to donations and hard work from a number of Brothers, who came back for a summer work-weekend. The house has a new library, a redecorated recreation room and fresh paint in our dining room. A number of ideas are being considered as we go about improving Phi Kappa Psi's Indiana Gamma Chapter. Kenneth Didat, Correspondent Bro. Robert W. Mouser '49 received two honors in recent months for his dedication and loyal service to Phi Kappa Psi. Mouser was presented with the Edward H. Knight Award for Alumni Service to the Fraternity at the 1980 Grand Arch Council, and was honored at a ceremony on Oct. 18 dedicating Indiana Gamma's new Chapter library in his name. Well over 100 people crowded into the Wabash Chapter's Great Hall to hear rousing speeches and watch Brother Mouser accept a plaque commemorating the occasion. Dr. Mouser's Phi Psi work includes serving as president of the Indianapolis Alumni Association, assistance in planning for the Fraternity Headquarters, aiding the Indiana Zeta Chapter, cochairing the 1980 GAC, as well as serving Indiana Gamma as House Corporation president. The Indiana Gamma Chapter is proud of Dr. Mouser's many achievements and remain eternally grateful for his support and guidance throughout his years in Phi Kappa Psi. Washington & Jefferson Newsletter not received Washington A Chapter on the move best describes the tight knit group of men that reside at Washington Alpha this fall. The membership is smaller (46) than in recent years and is led by a core of dedicated officers: Tim Mc- Court, GP; Dan Crayne, V.G.P.; Kurt LaForest, AG; Jim Schnelz, P; Chris Browne, BG; John Welch, SG; Indy King, HOD; Blaine Davis, Hi; and Jim Mc Donough, PHU. One of the reasons for an obvious increase in involvement is the enthusiasm found in the new pledges. Mark Crisler and Steve Fawthrop, our rush chairmen, recruited during the summer and placed under the guidance of pledge trainer Bryan Byles, our pledges: John Bigley Renton (Renton); Eric Hipke, Bellevue (Interlake); Doug Hora, Scappose, OR. (Scappose); Dwight Johnson, Seattle (O'Dea); Tom Kennedy, Bellevue (Bellevue); Sam Loss, Glendale, AR. (Woodway); Joe Pruss, Bellevue (Sammamish); Chris Simons, Bothell (Inglemoor); Mark Stevens, Kent (Kent- Meridian); Matt Ohlinger, Seattle (Queen Anne); Ed Taylor, Vancouver (Evergreen); Tom Vanourek, Othello (Gonzaga Prep); Mike Williams, Kent (Kentridge); and Mark Wood, Spokane (University Heights). Pledge Loss is the grandson of Alvin Dorkin of Ohio Wesleyan (Ohio Alpha) and Pledge Taylor is the son of Lavor Taylor of the University of Oregon (Oregon Alpha). This year Washington Alpha is expanding into several student activities. In sports, sophomores Greg Olson and Mark Crisler are both on crew, junior Steve Spring is kicking for the football team, sophomore Jim Stampalia has returned to golf, sophomore Chris Hall is swimming, and Pledge Hipke is playing hockey. Up in the main part of campus, pledge Dwight Johnson is working as the administrative aide to the ASUW president, junior Steve Fawthrop is a member of the Student Public Relationship Society and several members are in ROTC. Special congratulations goes to senior Blaine Davis who was voted executive vive-president to the Interfraternity Council on October 28th, and Tim McCourt serves as chairman of the IFC Judicial committee. In honors, senior Tim McCourt, GP, has been named winner of the Solon E. Summerfield Scholarship, juniors Fawthrop and Craig Wittenberg have been named winners of Pi Omicron Sigma for outstanding Greeks at UW, and pledge Johnson is one often finalists in the Northwest competition for the $20,000 Truman Scholarship. Founders Day has been tentatively set for Thursday, February 19th, at the College Club. Confirmation notes will be sent in December. One last note, we'll be glad to see the Brothers of California Epsilon when we go down to win the Rose Bowl. Tequila! Kurt LaForest, Correspondeni Washington and Lee Greetings from Va. Beta! A new year has arrived and the hard work necessary to maintain Va. Beta's strong rep- The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

45 (^^^ U^i While Mouser listens, Indiana Gamma VGP John Clymer outlines Mouser's service to Phi Psi. utation as a leader at W&L is proceeding uneridlessly. The brothers' most important duty this fall was the overhaul of the Chapter house and preparation for Rush. President Tony lerardi and Brother Joe Paletta organized the general house clean-up, including the repainting of the dining and living rooms, a monumental task. Brothers Willie Mackie and Denny Cancelmo took charge of the Rush procedures enabling us to conduct a smooth and extremely successful recruitment of new brothers. Twelve freshmen pledges now consider themselves future brothers and the screening for more worthy candidates continues with uninterrupted diligence. Va. Beta hopes to find at least eight more qualified pledges before January's initiation. The Chapter is proud to announce an overhaul of its entire cooking staff with the exception of Houseman Fred Jackson. Meals are now delicious and the complaining of old is no longer heard among brothers. Treasurer Craig Burns has done an outstanding job managing the complex financial responsibilities of Va. Beta. Thanks in part to Brother Burns careful control of house finances, and brothers Bruce Sammis and Brad Scholtz dedication to our social schedule, fall parties will never be remembered. Several brothers have contributed to the success of the intercollegiate sports teams. The football team is 5-4 with one game left this season while the soccer teamfinishedits season at 9-4. Brother Jon Kelafant has done an outstanding job for the cross-country team. Va. Beta has an intensive party schedule for the cold and dreary winter months. The Brothers welcome all Phi Psi's, past and present, any time. W. Cope Moyers, Corresponding secretary stronger. The fall semester officers are: Dave Hanna, GP; Dave Strait, VGP; Paul Schulte, P; Steve Talbott, AG; Phil Compton, BG; Mark Vasilko and Bill Barkley, SG; John Yochum, Hod; Bob Burkhardt, Phu; and Vince Nowell, Hi. Under the leadership of these officers. West Virginia Alpha has maintained its excellent standing on campus. On September 20, eleven pledges from the spring 1980 joined the Brotherhood. These men are William Smallwood, Morgantown; Anthony Finamore, Fairmont; Brian Brawdy and Michael Sullivan, Milton; Chris Gilette, Weirton; Theodore Pauls, Bethany; Nicholas Lash, West Miffiin, PA; Crosby Healy, Timonium, MD; John Bowyer, Green Bank; Hugh O'Donnell, Scottsdale, AZ; and Timothy McGinnis, Beverly, NJ. These new initiates have already begun their hard work as active Brothers. Several Brothers have assumed positions of leadership on campus this year. Cam Siegrist was promoted to the rank of Batallion Commander for the W. Va. University ROTC, Jeff Hohman is on the homecoming steering committee. Bob Burkhardt and Phil Stevens were chosen for the Mountain, outstanding men's honorary, and Zach Mendelson is student assistant and sports promoter for the head basketball coach. Fall rush was very successful. With Greg Jewell and Paul Hornor as rush chairmen, we obtained a fine pledge class of twentysix, by far one of the best on campus. Fraternity Educator John Yochum has charge over the following Brothers-to-be: Larry J. Cavallo, John W. Hornor, Michael W. Robinson, Patrick R. Parill, John T. Miesner, Timothy W. Dyer, Thomas G. Dyer, R. Todd Furbee, Jeffrey Douglas and Thomas C. Kennedy, Clarksburg; Robert Maiolo, Kevin S. Massie, Thomas Johns, and W. David Vazquez, Morgantown; Charles Shelton, Huntington; Timothy R. Hoffman, Mt. Lebanon, PA; Steven Hamer, Kenova; Edward R. Stike, Ripley; BreU A. Pritt, and Dean E. Dawson, Charleston; Kent Muscaro, Weirton; Douglas Carl, Wheeling; G. Edward Harrah, Newport News, VA; Donald G. Klinestiver and Craig A. Clark, Milton; and Thomas C. Giovanelli, Reisterstown, MD. These pledges are working hard in anticipation of their Founder's Day initiation. During the fall, our Chapter was involved in a Red Cross blood drive. The semi-annual event is also sponsored by Alpha Xi Delta Sorority and Scabbord and Blade, ROTC honorary. During the fall 122 pints of blood were donated, a significant gain from last year. We are looking forward to a good alumni turnout for our annual Founders Day celebration and initiation to be held on February 21. Stephen B. Talbott, Correspondent Wittenberg New Pledge Program A very important year is at hand for the Brothers of Ohio Beta. In recent years, we have been faced with increasing financial difficulties and decreasing membership. To devise plans to combat these and other problems, a reorganizational conference was held June 28, 1980, on the Wittenberg campus. Present on this retreat were Todd Millard, GP; Mike Dowds, VGP; Jim Lentz, P; Rico Beynon, Asst. P; Dan Walker, AG; Paul Billman, BG; Jamie Draper, House Manager; Harry Cashy, GAC Delegate; and Doug Smith, Vice-President of IFC. Alumni in attendance were Terry Kilgore, Dick Bittner, Gene Simone, Dave Rudoy, Bob Mc- Gonigle, Dr. Robert Remsberg and Kenneth Benne. Representatives from the Phi Kappa Psi National Office included Lou Hoffman, Senior Chapter Consultant; Don Durbin, Chapter Consultant; and Mark Ricketts, District III Archon. Perhaps the single most important issue stressed at our conference dealt with Pledgeship. A brand new Pledge program was devised by the Brothers over the summer and has been successfully implemented this term. It is the only Pledge program on campus that is based on the individuality of each of the pledges, rather than upon the traditional concept of treating the pledges as a group and ignoring the unique personalities of the men involved. Under the leadership of Tim Griffen, a successful Fall Rush pro- West Virginia Growing Even Stronger We the Brothers of West Virginia Alpha are in the midst of another fine year. With consecutive successful rushes and increased brother participation in chapter functions, our Chapter continues to grow even January 1981 Following their September 20th initiation, West Virginia Alpha's Spring 1980 pledge class pose for a picture. 45

46 gram our first in many years has been completed and our Winter program is progressing very nicely. We would like to welcome 3 new pledges to the ranks of Ohio Beta Chris Kunkle, Pittsburgh; George Smith, Allentown, Pa.; and Dave Strongosky, Richfield. Dave Keefer is our new Pledge Advisor and Todd Millard is our Pledge Educator. Both men have been working hard to insure that Pledgeship moves smoothly this term and that a positive pledging experience is had by all who pass into our Brotherhood. House improvements is another area which is taking top priority on our list of goals and future plans. New carpet was laid throughout the entire House during the last academic year. Repairs have recently been made to the second and third floor bathrooms as well as to the ceiling on the first floor. Our next project will be to repair the parapets. Homecoming was a big success this year. The cocktail party and buffet at the House were both fun and we would all like to sincerely thank all Brothers alumni and undergraduate for attending the reunion. We must reiterate, however, our need for alumni support in the future. Our Chapter is undergoing monumental changes in all areas. We are all dedicated to our new goals and to the future we hope is in store for Ohio Beta, but we do need your help. We would welcome contact with all of our alumni for any suggestions you might have. As a final note, we would like to congratulate Jim Lentz, who is to be married May 16, and to Bill Miller, who is to be married June 27. Also, hello to Bucky, who is cruising for adventure on an around-the-world cruise. Dan Walker, Correspondeni Michigan Newsletter not received Z^DMDTfQDi] Arizona The Arizona Alumni Association of Phi Kappa Psi announces Founders Day plans*** Saturday, February 21, 1981, at the chapter house on the Arizona State University campus, 418 Adelphi Drive, Tempe, "cocktails" at 7:00 PM and Arizona style barbecue at 8:00 PM. We will be contacting you again*** During the past year the alumni association purchased $2500 worth of furniture for the chapter house at ASU. Smart buying on the Chapter's part stretched those dollars into handsome additions to the house. Joanna and Sandy Chamberlain hosted the Chapter and the alumni at their home prior to the ASU Houston game on September 13. Old friendships were renewed and new friendships made. Several of us attended the Arizona Beta Chapter's fall reception for ASU administrators and fraternity and sorority presidents on September 19. This outstanding annual event puts Phi Kappa Psi on everyone's list of favorite places. Consider copying the idea. Arizona Beta, I'm sure, will be happy to share their ideas with you. Lastly, the alumni association funded the production and distribution of a membership directory for Arizona Beta. For those who will be visiting the Valley of the Sun at Founders Day time, come join us. Either call Rudy Jarolim at or Don Nordlund at Donald E. Nordlund, Correspondeni Birmingham Founders Day activities for area alumni and the Alabama and Auburn chapters will be held on Sunday, February 15. Activities will include a 1:00 PM social hour and 2:00 PM luncheon at the Sheraton Motor Inn Downtown, th Street North. Reservations may be made by contacting Fred Stakes at Alumni Association members have recently attended several functions centered around the revitalization of the chapter at the University of Alabama and are much encouraged by the progress seen. Present at a recent formal pledging ceremony were brothers Sam Harris, Tommy Gunter, Dennis Cameron, Ben Dennis, Drew Peterson, Fred Stakes, Fred Clay, and Bill Banks. Several events are now being planned and the Association looks forward to increased activity. John F. Stakes, Correspondeni Northern California We are looking forward to another fantastic Founders Day celebration. At the time of this writing, we have not made definite plans for Founders Day. However, we plan to have a dinner on Thursday, February 19th. We are looking forward to seeing you and your Phi Psi Lady this year. Last year over 100 Phi Psi's and Ladies attended the dinner at the Maya Azteca Restaurant in Oakland. We enjoyed a fine dinner and it was nice to have the Phi Psi Ladies present at this traditional celebration. We hope to have a fun time again this year, so please mark your calendars now! If you are on the Northern California Alumni Association mailing list, you will be receiving all of the details soon. If you would like to attend the Founders Day Dinner, please call Denny Jones (phone # ) or Guy Minardi (phone # ) for all the details. At the time of writing this newsletter we are looking forward to another great Big Game Lunch. For those Phi Psis in the Bay area who have not attended this traditional lunch, we encourage you to join us next year. The lunch is on the Friday before the Cal-Stanford football game at the University Club, which is located at the corner of Powell and California streets in San Francisco. You just might meet a longost pledge Brother or an executive officer of the Fraternity. For your information Cal Gamma Chapter has moved to 2430 Piedmont Avenue; Berkeley, Cal The new chapter house is located at the southwest corner of Haste and Piedmont Avenue in Berkeley. Please stop by and say hello to the Brothers. The alumni association is trying to promote more activities during the year and we encourage you to attend the Founders Day Dinner and the Big Game Lunch. If you have any suggestions for activities, please contact me. Dennis L. Jones, Correspondeni Chicago The Founder's Day Banquet, sponsored by your Chicago Alumni Association will be held on Friday evening, February 20, Plan to join us at the Union League Club of Chicago on this important date. A regular flyer with all the details will go out to the membership early. Send your name and address to Thomas Whiting, Treasurer, 2245 Drury Lane, Northfield, Illinois 60093, and you will be sure to be notified. Our 19th Annual Closed Invitational Golf Outing was held at Itasca Country Club on August 18th. You may recall that there was plenty of rain last summer and the course was so wet that no electric carts were permitted and only a few putts ran true. Low Gross winner was Tom McCaysland, Wisconsin Gamma and Low Net winner was Bob Reed, Indiana Delta. Because of the humidity, we were quite tired and wet at the 18th hole. Other winners were Tom Mc Causland, Longest Drive on the fairway; Kent Yowell, Colorado Alpha, Closest to the Pin on #4; Bill Novak, Illinois Alpha, Closest to the Pin on #17, and Bill Novak, High Gross. Your Association was represented at the G.A.C. by Greg Knapp, Frank Whiting and Paul Coulis. Since it was held in Indianapolis, all of us had a chance to visit the fraternity headquarters. The display case that was built with your contributions was finished. The Chicago Alumni Association section attractively displayed the Maclntyre Golf Trophy (now retired), programs of our former Founder's Day banquets and a badge presented by Bob Showers, Iowa Alpha, among other items. All contributors and their chapters are listed in colorful. Old English script and will be permanently displayed there. The Association has paid in $1,981,00 on a pledge of $2,000.00, so if you wish to take part, please hurry. Herb Jones, Illinois Delta, was nominated by the Association for the Eddie Knight award, as the alum who had done much for his chapter. At the G.A.C, the undergraduates expressed displeasure with the actions of the Executive Council in economizing during the past two years. Although the mandate to balance the budget from the previous G.A.C. was clear, the steps taken were painful. The undergraduates exercised their majority control to elect two of the National Officers and a Trustee of the Endowment Fund in the place of the men who would have otherwise been chosen. As we approach Founder's Day, think back to your initiation. If it was more than 25 years ago, you are probably eligible for the Silver Council. These awards will be made at the Banquet, so let us know so we can have yours crafted. Frank S. Whiting, Jr., Correspondent 46 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

47 Cleveland Cleveland Alumni gathered on September 11 for our first golf outing in two years. It was held at the exclusive Shaker Country Club in Shaker Heights, Ohio. The day's highlights were led by Bill Carran, Colgate, who took home the low gross trophy with an 84. Bruce Jackson, Case Western Reserve,finishedwith a respectable 74 low net to win the award. Wade Helms, Ohio Wesleyan. ended the day closest to the pin; while Mark Bixby threw some heavy hip action into the ball to win the longest drive award. A special thanks goes out to Walt lllingworth and Bruce Jackson for organizing the festivity and making it a success. In October, we wished good luck and farewell to our faithful treasurer, Bruce Jackson, who moved to Madrid, Spain. Muchas gracias, Bruce, for your services and companionship. This year. Founders Day is going to be very special. The Cleveland Alumni Association and the Brotherhood of Case Western Reserve University will combine forces to celebrate Ohio Epsilon's 75th Anniversary on Founders Day weekend. The festivities will begin Friday, February 20 and continue Saturday, and will include a dinner with guest speaker Fraternity President John R. Donnell, Jr. We are looking forward to a good turnout and a nice time. For hotel reservations and other information, please contact the Brotherhood of Ohio Epsilon at (216) We hope to see some new faces at our monthly luncheons. They take place the first Monday of each month at the Mid-Day Club in Downtown Cleveland. Any Brothers moving into the Cleveland Area, who want to get involved in the Cleveland Alumni Association, please contact Walt lllingworth (216) or Dave Arter (216) David M. Arter, Jr., Correspondeni Detroit The Detroit Alumni Association Officers and the Board of Directors recently welcomed Jacque Cousteau's Calypso and crew as it traveled up the Detroit River on its journey through the Great Lakes. This honor was shared when the Phi Psi's held their Annual Summer Sailing Celebration. Aboard the Asamara, Skipper and Brother Quent Sickels along with Brothers Bob Colter, Jack Klein, John Rexford, Ralph Sandt, and Jef Farland toasted the courageous Calypso as it sailed towards Lake St. Clair. The weather, wind and sail were perfect and all ended with an enjoyable dinner at the Bayview Yacht Club. Al the time of this writing the arrangements for the annual Phi Psi Holiday Cocktail Party were being finalized. The celebration is to be hosted by Brother Hyatt Eby on Sunday, December 7th, at his home in Birmingham. Based on past performances we are looking forward to another joyous time. The Detroit Alumni Association has chosen the University Club in Detroit to again be the site of the upcoming Founder's Day. This year's celebration will be held on Wednesday, February 18th at 6:30 p.m. For reservations and further information, please contact Robert Riess at Phi Psi Luncheons are continually held the second Monday of each month at noon at The Rafter's, Stouffer's at Northland Center. Please contact John Rexford for further information at Phi Psi Alumni from all chapters, please come and join us! Jef Farland, Correspondeni South Central Kansas We are in the process of trying to reestablish an alumni group in the Wichita area. Thanks to Paul Brooker's fine help we have had several initial meetings to get organized. At the present time we are planning our Founders Day Banquet for February 20th at the Wichita Country Club. Several other social activities are planned for the months to come. If you would like further information, or would like on our mailing list, (in case we missed you) please contact me at, (316) John J. Ziegelmeyer, Jr., Correspondent Central New York The return of Syracuse football to the Carrier Dome made for the biggest and best Homecoming in years for New York Beta. Approximately 150 alumni, wives, and friends returned to enjoy the comforts of the new domed stadium. The only thing missing was a victory, as Syracuse suffered a disappointing defeat to Pittsburgh. A new Homecoming feature for 1980 was a formal dinner at the University Club following the game. It was felt that the dinner would be a good opportunity for the alumni and undergraduate Brothers to get to know one another better, and this proved to be the case. It will now be an annual event. The weekend also served as the kickoff for the Phi Kappa Psi Contingency Fund. The fund will be used for major repairs and improvements to the Chapter House, which is now almost ninety years old. The need for such a fund was apparent to everyone, and we are looking forward to a solid addition to the financial base of the Chapter. On a sadder note, all New York Betas will mourn the loss of Brother Roy O. Sykes, class of 1913, who passed away recently. Roy was a familiar face at Founders' Day, the monthly luncheon, and many other Fraternity and University events. He will be missed greatly. Richard Driscoll, Correspondent Orlando Fall is here, and our Brothers are enjoying some beautiful Central Florida days. Tom Sells, Bucknell. spends lots of time watching his son play soccer. Paul Porter, Iowa State. was recently immersed in the activities of the Sanford art show. Barry Smith, Ohio Slate, is kept busy by AT&T, working on their special project here in Orlando. Jim Lormann, Florida, is up to his ears in the appraisal business. Jack Campbell, Ohio State, has been seeing Gene Cawood, Ohio Wesleyan from time to time and, of course. is trying to keep Gene on the right track. Jack also reports a very pleasant surprise visit recently from Phil Wagner, also Ohio Slate. Your correspondent, Errol Greene, Florida Stale keeps real busy trying to keep up with SHIELD deadlines. Best wishes to all for a very happy 1981 Errol L. Greene, Conespondent Portland Plans are currently underway by Mike Garvey and Bill Bloodworth for the 1981 Founders's Day celebration. The upcoming event will be held Saturday, February 21, 1981 at the Oswego Lake Country Club in Lake Oswego, Oregon and will be attended by both Oregon and Oregon State University actives and alumni from all Chapters and their dates/wives. A considerable number of Oregon Alpha alumni spent September 27th watching the University of Oregon football team "manhandle" the University of Washington Huskies in Seattle. It was a long time coming and earmarks what should be a very good football season at the U of 0. Very encouraging reports are coming out of both chapter houses concerning their rush activities. Once again, the motto of "quality" not "quantity" has proven to be a successful ingredient in the Phi Kappa Psi rush program. All alumni are encouraged to visit their chapter houses and see "firsthand" how intense these undergraduates are at remaining "#1" on campus. Michael J. Garvey, President Rhode Island The year began for the R.I.A.A. on February 22, when we held our annual meeting at our Founder's Day Dinner. The results of our elections that night saw the slate of: Steve Carter Pres., John Wagner V. Pres., John Spagnolo Treas. Tom Dacey Social Chairman, and Secretary Carl DiSanto elected. Reported membership for the year reached 165. An improvement over last year, we are also searching for other Phi Psi's in Little Rhody. If you live in R.I. and are a Phi Psi from elsewhere we're looking to get you together with the rest of the alumni. Our social events were again diversified so as to please all the grads. We started out in March with a volleyball match against the u- grads; Alumni/Senior Night at the chapter house; softball v. the U-grads in Sept. and the most successful Homecoming festivities to date on Oct. 4th. It was the biggest turnover yet! Thanks are in order for all the alumni who helped to make Homecoming the outstanding event it was. Some of the other social events that took place were our annual Pop-Top Open Golf Tourney; and a trip up to Schaffer Stadium to see the N.E. Patriots v. the L.A. Rams, on Nov. 16th. Any Phi Psi in the area is more than welcome. We're eager to meet any Penn Lambda's or N.Y. Alpha's who are living in R.I. The person to contact for information is Carl DiSanto, 55 Edgeworth Ave., Prov., R.I At this time we would like to acknowledge the Brothers from America's heartland in Kansas for the bestowal of their annual January

48 alumni award upon the Rhode Island Alumni Association. We hope that in the years to follow the R.I.A.A. will uphold this great honor. In closing we would like to invite any Phi Psi who is going to be in the area to our annual Founder's Day Dinner to be held at Rhode Island College in Providence. The person to contact is Steve Carter, 10 Roffee St., Barrington, R.I. tel The Dinner will be held Friday, February 20th starting at 6:00 pm. in the formal dining room of the Student Union BIdg. We hope to see and hear from you all in the coming year. Carl G. DiSanto, Correspondeni St. Louis The St. Louis Alumni Association continues an active schedule of new and exciting events. Since Founder's Day we have helped with the Missouri Alpha Rush effort, had representation at the G.A.C. in Indianapolis, hosted Phi Psi night at the Baseball Cardinal game and have attended a dinner theater for our Christmas Party We continue to look forward into 1981 for more of the same. The first event of the new year will be a St. Louis Steamer Indoor Soccer League game. This will be January 23rd. Please contact Rick Curtis at for more information. Founder's Day will be held on February 20th at a local establishment. Plans are now being firmed up for the location. For more information please contact Steve O'Rourke at (work) or (home). You may also contact Jim Naylor at We continue to see new faces at the events and wish to see more. If you have been inactive or have recently moved to the area please call us at and have fun with the area Phi Psi's. Remember to set the date for Founder's Day aside. See you February 20th. James Naylor, Conespondciu South Carolina Despite busy careers and hectic family lives, the Phi Psi Alumni in Columbia are always ready to party. Every month the Association meets for Happy Hour to keep in contact. Periodic officers' meetings are also held to plan activities. Since the last newsletter, the Association has held several parties. Connor Harrison hosted a Rush Party that the Alumni held to assist the Chapter. Phil and Karen Harkey invited the Alumni into their home for a cover dish dinner. Because tickets to the annual Carolina-Clemson Game are difficult to get, the Phi Psi Alumni rallied at the home of A. C. and Marylin Flora to listen to the game, drink beer, and roast a pig. One of the highlights of the Summer was a bachelor's party for Frank McGwier. Frank has always taken an active role in planning and hosting such events. Although Frank was transferred to Ohio last year and was unable to attend his own party, the Association held it anyway. In addition to Brother McGwier, several other Brothers have "bit the dust." David Steele was married this Summer and has now returned to live in Columbia. Joe Morris has also tied the knot. The Official Rumor Mill has informed us that Al Donaldson was married in Maryland. Rick Jones announced that he is scheduled to be done in next Spring. Homecoming '80 was another grand event. This weekend started with dinner at A. J.'s. Early Saturday morning, the Alumni rallied for a tail-gate party. The Association secured a travel van with complete facilities. It was a welcome sight to all Phi Psis partying before and after the game. Later that night, the Brothers attended the IFC Beach Music Party. Early the next morning, a Bloody Mary Breakfast was held at the home of Tommy and Mimi Dail. With a variety of goodies available, everyone enjoyed a relaxing morning. This function adjourned to allow the Brothers to attend the Annual Meeting of the Housing Corporation. Four members of the Association were present and took an active role at the 1980 GAC. Smith Harrison served as the Association Delegate. Rick Jones was the Alternate. Flynn Brantley was selected as the Alumni Delegate from S. C. Alpha. Tim Heup was Chairman of the State of the Fraternity Committee. With the leadership of the Atlanta A. A., the S. C. Association cohosted a very popular hospitality suite. During the GAC, it was announced that our association was the Fist Runner-up in the Top Alumni Association Award. We see this as an honor and as a challenge to win in If you are interested in having a good time and helping us win this award, please call A. C. Flora ( ) or Smith Harrison ( ). Another big weekend is planned for Founders' Day. If you did not get a letter, please call Brother Flora or Brother Harrison. J. Smith Harrison, Jr., Correspondeni Central Texas Central Texas alumni have been meeting regularly during the Summer, despite the 100 temperature, and have enjoyed several joint affairs with members of Texas Alpha chapter. We meet on the first Wednesday of the month at Scholz Garten and invite all Phi Psis to join us. In May we had a golf party at Lost Creek C.C. hosted by Col. Bob Pugh. Thirty-two Brothers dubbed through 18 holes, but had fun. Afterward, Phi Psi wives joined at a party hosted by Robert Johnson. It was quite a lovely affair for 40 couples. On August 25th a rush party was hosted by Larry Latour and was attended by 150 alumni, undergraduates and rushees. The next day Russ Pruitt was the gracious host of a party attended by over 100. In July a rush party was held at Doug Danforth's ranch where 80 guests had a delightful outing. Rhett Stone, our President, urges all Phi Psis in our Central Texas area to become active in our Alumni group and enjoy the companionship of these fine and friendly Brothers. Don't forget Founders Day at the Chapter House, 2401 Longview, Austin, Texas Call Mark Snell and tell him you'll be there!! Charles L. Harris, Correspondent Moving? Q} CT (D "~" 3" CD <D O Q} Q. O. -^ mai ing ess cha 3 (Q CD T) CD 0) CO CD a> (U o IT 3 v^ US5 o -a " Z ^"D ^ CD 03 A -«0)0- ~0 gc5«2. ^^ C/J "n (0 Please notify us in advance V) N o o )^ z (D i ^ a <b 9- %^ at Z 3 (D o =r fi) (D 48 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

49 The Chapters Institution, chaptername, founding year, district, and mailing address: Akron-Ohio lota (1970), II, 284 Wheeler St., Akron, Ohio Alabama-Ala. Alpha (1964), IV, P.O. Box 4054, University, Ala Allegheny-Pa. Beta (1855), 11, 491 Highland Ave., Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa Arizona-Arizona Alpha (1947), VI, P.O. Box 9195, Tucson, Ariz Arizona State-Ariz. Beta (1962), VI, 418 Adelphi Dr., Tempe, Ariz Arkansas-Ark. Alpha (1979), V, Univ. of Arkansas, P.O. Box 2365, Fayetteville, Ark Ashland-Ohio Theta (1966), III, 642 Broad St., Ashland, Ohio Auburn-Alabama Beta (1974), IV, 231 South Gay St., Auburn, Ala Beloit-Wis. Gamma (1881), III, 840College Ave., Beloit, Wis Bowling Green-Ohio Zeta (1950), 111, Old Fraternity Row, Bowling Green, Ohio Bucknell-Pa. Gamma (1855), II, Box C2758, Bucknell Univ., Lewisburg, Pa Butler-Ind. Zeta (1971), III, Box 9, Butler Univ., Indianapolis, Ind Califomia-Berkeley-Califomia Gamma (1899), VI, 2430 Piedmont Ave., Berkeley, Calif California-Davis California Iota (1979), VI, Univ. of Calif., College Stat. A, 10 Lower Freeborn, Davis, Calif California at Los Angeles-Calif. Epsilon (1931), VI, 613 Gayley Ave., West Los Angeles, Calif California Poly-Calif. Eta (1966), VI, 1439 Phillips Lane, San Luis Obispo, Calif California State-Northridge, Calif. Theta (1967), VI, 9624 Etiwanda St., Northridge, Calif C^e Western Reserve Ohio Epsilon (1906), II, 2265 Murray Hill Rd., Cleveland, Ohio Colgate-N.Y. Epsilon (1887), I, Box 342, 100 Broad St., Hamilton, N.Y Colorado-Colo. Alpha (1914), V, 1131 University Ave., Boulder, Colo Columbia-N.Y. Gamma (1872), \, 529 W. 113th St., New York, NY Cornell-N.Y. Alpha (1869), I, 525 Stewart Ave., Ithaca, N.Y Creighton-Neb. Beta (1965), V, 3122 Cass St., Omaha, Neb DePauw-Ind. Alpha (1865), III, 502 So. College Ave., Greencastle, Ind Dickinson-Pa. Zeta (1859), II, Dickinson College, Box 851, Carlisle, Pa Duke-N.C. Alpha (1934), IV, Box 4681, Duke Station, Durham, N.C Eastern New Mexico-N.M. Alpha (1969), V, 300 South Ave. J., Portales, N.M Horida-Florida Beta (1967), IV, P.O. Box 14008, Gainesville, Fla Franklin and Marshall-Pa. Eta. (I860), II, c/o Frankim & Marshall College, Box 17, Lancaster, Pa Georgia-Georgia Alpha (1976), IV, 398 S. Milledge Ave., Athens, Ga Gettysburg-Pa. Epsilon (1855), U, Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pa Illinois-Ill. Delta (1904), III, 911 S. Fourth St., Champaign, III Indiana-Ind. Beta (1869), III, 1200 N. Jordan Ave., Bloomington, Ind Indiana (Pa.)-Pa. Nu (1970), II, 220 S. Seventh St., Indiana, Pa Iowa-Iowa Alpha (1867), V, 363 N. Riverside Dr., Iowa City, Iowa Iowa State-Iowa Beta (1913), V, 316 Lynn Ave., Ames, Iowa Johns Hopkins-Maryland Alpha (1879), I, 3906 Canterbury Rd., Baltimore, Md Kansas-Kai^s. Alpha (1876), V, 1602 W. 15th St., Lawrence, Kans Lafayette-Pa. Theta (1869), I, P.O. Box 4011, College ^tntinn Rasion. Pa LouSa sse-la. Alpha (1966), IV, P.O. Box 16096, Baton Rouge, La January 1981 Mankato State-Minn. Gamma (1969), V, 227 Lincoln, Mankato, Minn Memphis State-Tenn. Zeta (1970), IV, 3596 Midland Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 38J11 Miami-Ohio Lambda (1972), III, 122 South Campus Ave., Oxford, Ohio Michigan State-Mich. Beta (1954), III, 522 Abbott Rd., East Lansing, Mich Minnesota-Minn. Beta (1888), V, 1609 University Ave., S.E., Minneapolis, Minn Mississippi-Miss. Alpha (1857), IV, P.O. Box 8168, University, Miss Missouri-Mo. Alpha (1869), V, 809 S. Providence Rd., Columbia, Mo Monmouth-N.J. Beta (1967), I, c/o Edward J. Kivior, Jr., 416 Ocean Ave., Long Branch, N.J Montana-Montana Alpha (1975), VI, P.O. Box 2989, Missoula, Mont Nebraska-Neb. Alpha (1895), V, 1548 S. St., Lincoln, Neb Northwestern-III. Alpha (1864), III, 2247 Sheridan Rd., Evanston, III Ohio State-Ohio Delta (1880), II, 124 East Fourteenth Ave., Columbus, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan-Ohio Alpha (1861), II, 15 Williams Dr., Delaware, Ohio Oklahoma-Okla. Alpha (1920), V, 720 Elm St., Norman, Okla Oklahoma State-Okla. Beta (1967), V, 308 S. Hester, Stillwater, Okla Oregon-Ore. Alpha (1923), VI, 729 E. 11th, Eugene, Ore Oregon State-Ore. Beta (1948), VI, 140 N.W. I3th, Corvallis, Ore Pennsylvania-Pa. Iota (1877), I, 3934 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa Pennsylvania State-Pa. Lambda (1912), II, 403 Locust Lane, State College, Pa, Purdue-Ind. Delta (1901), III, 359 Northwestern Ave., West Lafayette, Ind Rhode Island-R.l. Beta (1966), I, 4 Fraternity Circle, Kingston, R.l Rider-N.J. Alpha (1965), I, 2083 Lawrenceville Rd., Lawrenceville, N.J South Carolina-S.C. Alpha (1857), IV, Box 85118, Univ. of South Carolina, Columbia, S.C Southern California-Calif. Delta (1927), VI, 642 W. 28th St., Los Angeles, Calif Southwest Texas State-Texas Gamma (1969), IV, 331 W. Hopkins, San Marcos, Texas Southwestern Louisiana-La. Beta (1969), IV, HI Mildred St., Lafayette, La Stanford-Calif. Beta (1891), VI, P.O. Box 9989, Stanford, Calif Syracuse-N.Y. Beta (1884), 1, 113 College Place, Syracuse, N.Y Tennessee Tenn. Epsilon (1967), IV, 1817 Melrose Ave., Knoxville, Tenn Texas-Texas Alpha (1904), IV, 2401 Longview, Austin, Texas Texas Tech-Texas Beta (1953), V, Box 4225, Tech Station, Lubbock, Texas Toledo-Ohio Eta (1950), III, 2007 Robinwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio Valparaiso-hid. Epsilon (1953), UI, 801 Mound St., Valparaiso, Ind Vanderbilt-Tenn. Delta (1901), IV, Box 1730-Station B, Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville, Tenn Virginia-Va. Alpha (1853), I, 159 Madison Lane, Charlottesville, Va Virginia Tech-Virginia Zeta (1976), II, P.O. Box 803, Blacksburg, Va Wabash-Ind. Gamma (1870), III, 602 W. Wabash Ave., Crawfordsville, Ind Washington-Wash. Alpha (1914), VI, 2120 N.E. 47th St., Seattle, Wash Washington and Jefferson-Pa. Alpha (1852), H, 253 East Wheeling St., BIdg. A, Washington, Pa Washington and Lee Va. Beta (1855), I, 301 E. Washington St., Lexington, Va West Virginia-W. Va. Alpha (1890), II, 780 Spruce St., Morgantown, W. Va Wittenberg-Ohio Beta (1866), III, 134 W. Ward St., Springfield, Ohio Colonies Michigan Michigan Alpha Colony, HI, c/o Joe Peterson, 418 High St. #1, Ann Arbor, Mich Alumni Associations Location, name of A. A. if different from location, district, correspondent, and mailing address: Akron-II, Beala M. Goncy, 6546 Olde Eight Rd., Peninsula, Ohio Arizona VI, Robert W. Chamberiain, 525 East Wesleyan Dr., Tempe, Ariz Arkansas V, Frank M. Potter, 6 Ranch Valley Road, Little Rock, Ark Ashland, Ohio-North Central Ohio, III, Steven W. Pool, Route 7, Wooster, Ohio Atlanta IV, No correspondent Austin Central Texas, V, Charies J. Harris, 3604 Enfield Road, Austin, Texas Birmingham IV, Fred H. Clay, 217 Oxmoor Circle, Birmin^am, Ala Buffalo-Western New York, I, Joseph Rich Jr., 144 W. Winspear Ave., Buffalo, N.Y Charleston II, A. Ross Tuckwiller, 4308 Kanawha Ave., Charleston, W. Va Chicago-Ill, Frank S. Whiting Jr., 206 Country Club Place, Geneva, III Clarksburg II, James M. Wilson, Steptoe & Johnson, Union Bank BIdg., Clarksburg, W. Va Cleveland-ll, David Arter, Jr., 4710 Waldamere, Willoughby, Ohio Columbia, S.C.-IV, J. Smith Harrison, 2812 Wheat St., Columbia, S.C Columbus-II, Howard N. Bullock, 3376 Abbey Rd., Columbus, Ohio Dallas-North Texas, IV, Lloyd W. Harmon Jr., 2442 Fairway Dr., Richardson, Texas Denver Rocky Mountain, V, No correspondent Detroit III, Robert C. Riess, Fargo, Livonia, Mich, Findlay, Ohio-Ill, John R. Murray, 3237 North Main St., Findlay, Ohio Houston South Texas, IV, Daniel F, Flowers, 513 River Oaks Tower, 2001 Kirby Dr,, Houston, Texas Indianapolis-III, Kent E, Agness, 3425 Bando Ct. W., Indianapolis, Ind Johnstown, Pa. II, John B. Stockton, 401 Johnstown Bank & Trust BIdg., Johnstown, Pa Kansas City-V, David Fields, 8805 W. 98th Terr., Overland Park, Kans Los Angeles Southern California, VI, John V. Ciccarelli, Chauworth St., Granada Hills, Calif Louisiana Lafayette, IV, Wayne P. Hyman, 312 Silverbell Parkway, Lafayette, La Lubbock-Texas South Plains, V, James R. Ratliff, P.O. Box 6418, Lubbock, Texas Memphis-IV, Michael A. Hannah, Mary Alice, Ariington, Tenn Miami Southeast Florida, IV, Mark A. Warnicki, 631 North 68 Terr., Hollywood, Fla Morgantown, W. Va,-II, Robert B, Stone, Citizens BIdg,, Morgantown, W. Va New York City-I, Ernest H. Garbe, 101 W. 12 St., New York, N.Y Northridge Northridge-San Fernando Valley, VI, John V. Ciccarelli, Chatsworth St., Granada Hills, Calif Oklahoma City-V, John L. Powell, 1502 Drury Lane, Oklahoma City, Okla Omaha-V, Dr. Theodore J. Urban, 6269 Glenwood Rd., Omaha, Neb Oxford, Ohio III, Thomas Ulrich, 1565 Alum Creek Dr., Columbus, Ohio Philadelphia-I, William C. Allen, R.D. 1-Box 98, Ottsville. Pa Pittsburgh-II, James M. Snediker, 9384 Hilliard Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa Portland-VI, Michael J. Garvey, 2264 N.E. Cleveland Ave., Gresham, Ore Rhode Island I, John J. Spagnolo, 46 Mayfair Rd., Warwick, R.I Rockford, Ill.-Greater Rockford, III, Chet Otis, 8526 Spring Brook Rd., Rockford, III St. Louis V, James Naylor, 864 LaBonne Pkwy, Manchester, Mo San Francisco Northern California, VI, Dennis L. Jones, 119 Valdivia Cir., San Ramon, Calif San Luis Obispo Gold Coast, VI, Correspondent, P.O. Box 1027, San Luis Obispo, Calif Seattle-VI, John May, Place W., Edmonds, Wash Syracuse Central New York, I, Richard Driscoll, 3504 James St., Syracuse, N.Y Tulsa Eastern Oklahoma, V, John D. Dorchester Jr., 8455 S. College, Tulsa, Okla, Washington District of Columbia, I, David W. Fenstermaker, 1600 South Joyce-CN15, Arlington, Va Alumni Clubs Aberdeen, Wash. Greater Gray's Harbor, VI, Thomas A. Brown, Professional BIdg., 100 West First St., Aberdeen, Wash Albuquerque V, Greg Hughes, 2916 Avenida Nevada, N.E., Albuquerque, N.M Amarillo Texas Panhandle, V, Joel Lackey, P.O. Box 130, Gruver, Texas Baltimore II, No correspondent Boston I, No correspondent Cedar Rapids-V, Robert Vernon, c/o R. D. Vernon Co., P.O. Box 713, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Charlottesville-II, Barry Marshall, 1870 Wayside PI., Charlottesville, Va Cincinnati-ll, trie R. Hicks Jr., Kroger Co., Treasury Dept., 1014 Vine St., Cincinnati, Ohio

50 Colorado Springs V, Robert B. Newman, 1811 Wood Ave., Colorado Springs, Colo Dayton-II, Gerald D. Rapp, Court House Plaza N.E., Dayton, Ohio Des Moines V, No correspondeni Durham, N.C.-North Carolina Alpha, IV, Keith A. Upchurch, 2906 Erwin, 10-B, Durham, N.C Eugene, Ore. VI, Dr. Robert M. Glass, 2186 University, Eugene, Ore Fairmont, W. Va.-II, Harry R. Cronin Jr., McCrory BIdg., Fairmont, W. Va Forth Worth-V, Scranton Jones, 5817 El Campo Terr., Fort Worth, Texas Great Falls Montana, V, No correspondent Greensboro, N.C.-North Carolina, IV, No correspondeni Harrisburg Southeastern Pennsylvania, II, Inaciive Hartford Connecticut Valley, I, John H. Barter, 41 South Main St., P.O. Box 64, West Hartford, Conn Honolulu-Hawaii, VI, John R. Pyles, 4398 Kahala, Honolulu, Hawaii Huntsville, Ala.-IV, Lee Woolf, 2510 Skyline Dr., Huntsville, Ala Hutchinson, Kans.-V, William M. Kline, 204 W. 29th, Hutchinson, Kans Indiana, Pa.-II, No Correspondent Jacksonville-lv, Harry W. Mills, 3900 Richmond St., Jacksonville, Fla Klamath Falls, Ore. Southern Oregon, VI, David S. Drew, c/o Shaw Stationery, 729 Main St., Klamath Falls, Ore Knoxville East Tennessee, VI, No correspondent Long Beach VI, Norman Masterson, 510 Monrovia Ave., Long Beach, Calif Mason-Dixon-II, N. T. Washburn, 106 Lincoln Way W., New Oxford, Penna Midland-West Texas, VI, Gerald Fitz-Gerald, 2007 Shell St., Midland, Texas Milwaukee-Ill, Gordon F. Leitner, P.O. Box 23421, 9055 H North 51 St., Milwaukee, Wis Minneapolis-Twin City, V, David C. Darell, 4701 Wilford Way, Minneapolis, Minn Muncie, Ind. Eastern Indiana, III, No Correspondeni Nashville-IV, Nashville Phi Kappa Psi Club, P.O. Box 2941, Nashville, Tenn New Orleans Gulf Coast, IV, No correspondent Orlando Central Florida, IV, Errol L. Greene, P.O. Box 4011, Lake Mary, Fla Peoria, Ill.-III, Gordon S. Peters, Bouriand & Co., 1010 Lehmann BIdg., Peoria, III Portales Eastern New Mexico, V, Jack B. Secor, Eastern New Mexico Univ., Dept. of Biological Sciences, Portales, N.M Reading, Pa.-II, Harry W. Speidel, 4312 Sixth Ave., Temple, Pa Richmond II, Lawrence A. Creeger, 7309 W. Franklin Ave., Richmond, Va St. Paul-V, See Minneapolis St. Petersburg-Florida West Coast, IV, Edmund T. Shubrick, Parkview BIdg., Suite 211, St. Petersburg, Fla San Antonio IV, Dr. James H. Strauch, 610 Medical Professional BIdg., San Antonio, Texas San Diego San Diego County, VI, H. Bailey Gallison, 7940 Avenida Alamar, La Jolla, Calif Santa Barbara-Vl, Raymond McCoy, Box 809, Santa Barbara, Calif Sarasota IV, No correspondent South Bend-Michiana, 111, William Fox, 1002 East Jefferson Blvd., P.O. Box 778, South Bend, Ind Springfield, Ohio-II, Robert G. Remsberg, 515 North Fountain Ave., Springfield, Ohio Tampa IV, See St. Petersburg Toledo-Ill, Michael M. Brown, 872 Cherry Lane Walerville, Ohio Tucson-VI, Andrew D. Lauver, 1216 N. Bedford PI., Tucson, Ariz Wheeling-Ohio Valley, II, Hentry S. Schrader, 816 Central Union BIdg., Wheeling, W. Va Area Directors District I William A. Bowers, 6 Paul Ave., R.D. #3, Wakefield, R.I Rhode Island Thomas H. Landise, Jr., 121 Ashland Rd., Summit, N.J Columbia, Lafayette, Monmouth, Rider John D. Watt, 105 Gateway E., Richmond, Va Virginia, Virginia Tech, Washington & Lee Disirici II 3. Kenneth Potter, 110 Georgetown Dr., Columbus, Ohio Ohio State, Ohio Wesleyan John A. Ulrich, 4857 Columbia Rd. #202, North Olmsted, Ohio Allegheny, Case Western Reserve Steven C. Brizius, 5921 Woodbury Hills Dr., Parma, Ohio Akron, Ashland District III Robert C. Riess, Fargo, Livonia, Mich Michigan, Michigan State Mark Kraner, 1917 Viva Dr., Bloomington, Ind De Pauw, Indiana David A. White, 1330 Easlgate #B6, Toledo, Ohio Bowling Green, Toledo Frank S. Whiting, Jr., 206 Country Club PI., Geneva, Northwesiern, Valparaiso John F. Kannenberg, 453 N. Main-Box 181, West Bend, Wis Beloit District IV Donald R. Bonine, 4845 Golfview Ct., Chariotte, N.C Duke, South Carolina, Tennessee Robert A. Wolter, 111 Sorenson PI., Athens, Ga Florida, Georgia J. French Hill, 5937 Milton, Apt. 235B, Dallas, Tex Southwest Texas State, Texas Disirici V Mark A. Gruss, Fremont Industries Inc., P.O. Box 67, Shakopee, Minn Mankato State, Minnesota James M. Patchett, 1809 North Duff, Ames, Iowa lowa, Iowa State John J. Ziegelmeyer, Jr., Marsh & McLennan, Inc., 10 Kiva, 220 W. Douglas, Wichita, Kans Kansas Jeffrey P. Abbott, Bramblewood Ct., Chesterfield, Mo Missouri David L. Batchelder, 5817 Lafayette Ave., Omaha, Nebr Creighton, Nebraska Brian D. Carr, th St., Lubbock, Tex Eastern New Mexico, Texas Tech Paul S. Buck, 6267D E. Reno, Midwest City, Okla. 731 ID- Oklahoma, Oklahoma State William G. Baldry, Jr., Baldry Assoc, 3020 W. Mississippi Ave., Denver, Colo Colorado District VI Gary E. Murphy, 3833 S.E. Sandy Circle, Troutdale, Ore Oregon, Oregon State Bruce F. Dearborn, th Ave. W. Seattle, Wash Washington Guy L. Minardi, 444 Chollo Ct. #21, Pleasant Hill, Calif California-Berkeley, California-Davis, Stanford John V. Ciccarelli, Chatsworth St., Granada Hills, Calif California Poly, California State-Northridge George W. Humphries, 411 North Central Ave., Glendale, Calif U.C.L.A., Southern California Donald M. Gooder, 6901 E. Edgemont, Tucson, Ariz Arizona, Arizona State Editor's Note: The Executive Council has met once since the last issue of THE SHIELD, on November 8, 1980, at the Fraternity's Indianapolis Headquarters. Space limitations do not allow printing the 13 pages of minutes from that meeting, but they are available to any Phi Psi through the Headquarters, at a cost of $3.50 to help defray costs of copying and postage. Minnesota Beta, continued from page 3 Individuals of Minnesota Beta have made several contributions to the University as a whole. Tim Tapper and Dennis Dassow made the cheerleading squad for Kurk Halva acted as overall committee chairman of Campus Carnival in the spring of Rick Sorenson and Jon Wiens are members Phi Psi's home at the University of Minnesota decorated In award winning fashion. 50 of the executive committee for Greek Week which is held this winter. The officers for fall quarter 1980 are: Pete Bennet, GP; Blake Omlie, VGP; Kevin Smith, P; Todd Hilgenkamp, AG; Tom Markert, BG; John Gabos, SG; Dave Hoy, Hod; Rich Hanton, Phu; and Dan Boulay, Hi. The Brothers of Minnesota Beta are extremely proud of the growth of the chapter since The new life instilled by the initial rebuilding Brothers of Minnesota Beta local alumni and national help from Gary Angstadt and Mike Wittern have brought together many close friendships. Throughout these rebuilding years the Chapter has grown substantially and is now a strong and influential part of the Greek System and the University. Many goals for growth and participation have now been accomplished and Minnesota Beta expects to continue as a leader of the Greek System for many years to come. The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

51 PHI KAPPA PSI FRATERNITY Founders Day 1981 February 19, years Host Chapter Alumni Association Location Date Contact for information or reservations Arizona Beta Birmingham Alumni Association California Epsilon (also 50th Anniversary) Central Texas Alumni Association Chicago Alumni Association Cleveland Alumni Association (also 75th Anniversary of Ohio Epsilon) Columbia (S.C.) Alumni Association Denver/Rocky Mountain Alumni Association Detroit Alumni Association Indianapolis Alumni Association Minnesota Beta Nebraska Beta New Mexico Alpha Northern California Alumni Association Ohio Lambda Omaha Alumni Association Pennsylvania Beta Peoria Alumni Club Pittsburgh Alumni Association Rhode Island Alumni Association St. Louis Alumni Association West Virginia Alpha Wichita, Kansas- South Central Kansas Chapter House Sheraton Motor Inn Downtown Chapter House Texas Alpha Chapter House The Union League Club Ohio Epsilon Chapter House To be announced Rolling Hills Country Club University Club Murat Shrine Club Minneapolis Athletic Club Venice Inn Omaha Chapter House To be determined To be determined Venice Inn Chapter House Country Club of Peoria Pittsburgh Press Club Rhode Island College Student Union Building To be determined Ramada Inn, Morgantown Wichita Country Club February 21 February 15 Jan. 30-Feb.l February 21 February 20 February 21 To be announced February 20 February 18 February 28 February 20 February 20 February 21 February 19 To be announced February 20 February 20 March 5 February 20 February 20 February 20 February 21 February 20 Rudy Jarolim-602/ Don Nordlund-602/ John F. Stakes-205/ James Roth-213/ MarkSnell-512/ Frank Whiting, Jr. 312/ (office) David Arter, Jr. 216/ (home) J. Smith Harrison, Jr. 803/ (office) 803/ (home) William (Biff) Baldry 303/ (office) 303/ (home) Robert Riess 313/ (home) Kent Agness 317/ (home) Pete Bennett 612/ (chapter house) Pete Turek 402/ Ray Burguess 505/ Denny Jones 415/ (office) Tim Patrick 513/ (chapter house) Gene Connelly 402/ (office) Brit Hyde 814/ (chapter house) Gordon S. Peters 309/ (office) Jim Snediker 412/ (office) Steven Carter 401/ (home) Steven O'Rourke-314/ James Naylor-314/ Stephen B. Talbott 304/ John J. Ziegelmeyer, Jr. 316/ (office) January

52 PHI PSI BUYER'S GUIDE (COIVTIIVUED) (O) Phi Pal paper napkins. Cocktail size (0-1), 250 per box. Dinner napkins (0-2), 150 per box. (P) 1. T-Shirt. Same as described in H-3, pictured here in Columbia Blue. 2. Running Shorts. 100% Nylon tricot for super running comfort, with liner and pocket. Navy only. Choice of lettering styles no. 3 and no Rugby Shirt. Superb quality, durable, 100% cotton shirt designed exclusively for Phi Kappa Psi, in bold Cardinal Red and Hunters' Green. Modified collar allows maximum comfort. 4. Trimmed Shorts. Same as described in H-4, pictured here Scarlet with White trim. (Q) 1. Jersey, comfortable, absorbent, durable practice jersey of 100% cotton. Quarter-length hemmed sleeves, V-neck with rib-knit trim. Dark Green, Scarlet, Navy; Choice of lettering styles no. 4 and no Trimmed Shorts. Same as described in H-4, pictured here White with Scarlet trim. 3. Golf Shirt. Our very finest, Etonic Shirt with comfortable 65% polyester 35% cotton blend, featuring the Phi Psi monogram to subtly display your pride in the Fraternity. Available in Navy, Green or White. (R) Bound Shields, Volumes I and II. Very limited supply of this re-printing of SHIELDS first published in Black leather with gold leaf trim. True collectors item. (May have some slight moisture damage on cover.) (S) Lead Printing Plates, from the 1952 publication of The Centennial History of Phi Kappa Psi. Once these are gone, there'll be no more! Time and advances in the printing industry have made these unique items available first come first served. 1. Offered framed with white and gray linen matting, 2" deep "Shadow Box" silver toned frame, 13"x15" 2. Available unframed, 4y2"x7y2". Comes with page printed from your purchased lead plate. Sorry, we cannot honor requests for specific page plates. 52 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

53 Brass Plaque Bound Shields Bound Shield Vol. 1 and II Cross Pen-1 OK Gold Filled with Coat of Arms Felt Tip Pen Pen and Pencil Set Grand Catalogue Lead Printing Plates Framed Unframed Golf Shirt Hooded Sweatshirt Jacket Lined Unlined Jersey Rugby Shirt Running Shorts T-Shirts Long Sleeve Cross Creek Shirt Cross Creek Golf Shirt PRICE LIST SIZES AND LETTERING STYLES ON PAGE 54 MISC. $ SPORTSWEAR Matches Book (500 per carton) Box (40 boxes) Napkins Cocktail (250 box) Dinner (150 box) Needle Point Kit Paperweight Phi Kappa Psi Creed Ties Striped Unstriped Toddler Jersey Trimmed Shorts EMBROIDERED ITEMS Sweater Nylon Jacket Payment must accompany order. Prices include shipping. Fill in address form. Do not list Post Office Box as address. Send order blank and payment (made payable to Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity) to: PHI KAPPA PSI FRATERNITY 510 LOCKERBIE STREET INDIANAPOLIS, IN Item Name Size Color Letter Style Quantity $ Total Name _ Chapter Street _ City _ State _ Zip Phone _ January


55 From The Road The Phi Psi Perspective by Lou Hoffman Arizona '77 When I arrived at the Fraternity headquarters for the Chapter Consultant training, I was given a tour of the building. It was impressive, but one item stood out in my mind the chair that belonged to William Henry Letterman. The chair is roped off. Like any antique, the best way to preserve it is through no use. I spent the summer wanting to sit in the chair, but I never did. I thought sitting in it would activate a greek muse in the form of Brother Letterman's voice. And he would whisper to me the true meaning of Phi Kappa Psi and what makes a successful Chapter Consultant. I started traveling at the end of August, '79. Countless questions were directed to me, but one particular question was asked consistantly. What type of person is a typical Phi Psi? I had trouble answering that question for a long time. Being from Arizona Alpha, I had the misconception that three-fourths of all Phi Psi's were under 5'8". I kept searching for a pattern, but couldn't find one. After visiting 45 chapters and 4 colonies, I realized there is no pattern. A typical Phi Psi can be a marketing major on the basketball team, or a special education major who favors fussball and backgammon. I never walked into a chapter house that didn't have at least three different types of music filling the halls. We are truly a group of diversified individuals. It's a tribute to our Founders that the ideals of Phi Psi can be coveted by so many people of varied interests. It's only natural that fraternity January 1981 chapters as a whole have similarities. A person could sit in any fraternity house in the late afternoon and hear the laughter generated from a rerun of "Mash" on television, followed by groans at the dinner table when macaroni is served. Our ideals are what set us apart. It is no coincidence that on many campuses across the country, Phi Psi's are known as gentlemen and a "classy group." I encountered problem areas also, but as a rule, Phi Psi's were well-rounded and a cut above the general student. People often wonder how I can eat, sleep and breathe (not necessarily in that order) fraternity 24 hours a day when I'm on the road. I admit to times when I thought revamping another fraternity-education program would drive me to the mystic asylum, but I never tired of the people. I was treated as a friend the minute I walked past the chapter house door. When it was time to leave, I left as a brother, not a guest. In addition to the friendships, my chapter visits provided me with many unforgettable moments. An eastern chapter treated me to a variation of the common cook-out. At two in the morning, we drove to a house that had its front yard converted to an open-pit barbeque. A man with a chef's hat appeared moments later, and we placed our order. He coated the chicken and ribs so violently with his special hot sauce, my shirt was speckled with red spots. Another time I needed a bed to sleep in at one of our midwestern chapter houses. A brother offered me his dormitory bed, located in a corner with another bed beside it. News of this temporary arrangement never reached the brother who slept in the bed next to me. I was awakened at three in the morning by a deliriously happy brother jumping on top of me. From what I could make of his shouts, he had an entertaining date. I've now spent my second summer in the Fraternity headquarters doing office work. My desire is gone to sit in Brother Letterman's chair. There's no need to. I heard his voice thru the hundreds of Phi Psi's I met during the past year. 1 experienced the common bonds that make friendships in a short period of time possible with people I never saw before. My scope of Phi Psi has gone from a tunnel to a landscape.. As a pledge, I learned two facts that took on significance during my travels. Phi Kappa Psi is a national fraternity and is a lifelong experience. I participated in the Ritual in places ranging from a century old chapter room in Pennsylvania to a Student Union room with the windows papered in Arizona. My feelings were almost identical in both instances. I also met many alumni burning with the same pride they had while in school. It is their dedicated efforts that shape the Phi Psi experience on the college level. I think if Brothers Letterman and Moore were called on to talk on the state of the Fraternity today, no speech would be written. They would be content to let our actions speak for themselves. 55

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58 THE OF PHI KAPPA PSI FRATERNITY Vol. 101/No. 2/May, 1981 Founded February 19, 1852, at Jefferson CoUege, Canonsburg, Pa., by CHARLES PAGE THOMAS MOORE Born Feb. 8, 1831, in Greenbrier County, Va. Died July 7, 1904, in Mason County, W. Va. WILLIAM HENR Y LETTERMAN Born Aug. 12, 1832, at Canonsburg, Pa. Died May 23, 1881, at Duffau, Texas The Executive Council Officers President. John R. Donnell, Jr. 134 Lindbergli Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga Vice President. John K. Boyd HI 849 West 52nd Terr., Kansas City, Mo Treasurer, John A. Burke 235 South East St., Medina, Ohio Secretary, Bryan P. Muecke 2222 Rio Grande, Suite D-104, Austin, Tex Archon. District I Todd M. Ryder 3741 Gunston Road, Alexandria, Va Archon. District II D. Randolph Drosick Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, 780 Spruce St., Morgantown, W. Va Archon, Disirici HI Mark R. Ricketts 2508 Mt. Holyolse Rd., Columbus, Ohio Archon, District IV-Larry L. Light Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, P.O. Box 14008, Gainesville, Fla Archon. District V~Gerald "Jay" Donohue. Jr. Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, 1602 West 15th St., Lawrence, Kans Archon. District VI Jack P. Eckley 938 West 28th St., Los Angeles, Calif Attorney General, Paul J. LaPuzza 6910 Pacific, Suite 320, Omaha, Nebr Scholarship Director, Dr. John W. Oswald 639 Kennard Rd., State College, Penna Director of Chapter Finance John W. Dickinson 484 West Cambourne, Ferndale, Mich Asst. Dir. of Chapter Finance J. Smith Harrison. Jr Wheat St., Columbia, S.C Director for House Corporations John J. Ziegelmeyer, Jr. Marsh & McLennan, Inc., 10 Kiva, 220 West Douglas, Wichita, Kans Coordinator for Area Directors Eari W. Friend. Jr. 47 Meadowlark Ln., Chariotte, N.C Director of Membership John V. Ciccarelli Chatsworth St., Granada Hills, Calif Director of Fraternity Education Byron W. Cain, Jr Windsor Pkwy., Dallas, Tex Director of Alumni Associations and Clubs Warren A. Raybould 6300 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1202, Los Angeies, Calif Chaplain. Rev. John P. Schlegel-S.J 2500 California St., Omaha, Nebr Editor, THE SHIELD. Gary B. Angstadt Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, 510 Lockerbie St., Indianapolis, Ind Mystagogue-Kent Christopher Owen 611 South Jordan Ave., Bloomington, Ind Mystagogue Emeritus Walter Lee Sheppard. Jr. 923 Manoa Rd., Havertown, Penna Executive Director Emeritus Ralph "Dud" Daniel 3324 East Second St., Tucson, Ariz Fraternity Headquarters 510 Lockerbie Street Indianapolis, Ind / Executive Director-Gary B. Angstadt Chapter Consultani Louis M. Hoffman Chapter Consultant Donald H. Durbin, Jr. Director. Endowment Fund Kent C. Owen Endowment Fund Trustees Ruddick C. Lawrence (1984) Lawrence Associates, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Suite 4515, New York, N.Y Philip M. Cornelius (1982) Lake Shore Manor^ Apt. C, 5010 Allisonville Rd., Indianapolis, Ind Ralph D. Daniel (1986) 3324 E. Second St., Tucson, Ariz Permanent Fund Trustees G. Kent Yowell (1982) 899 Skokie Blvd., Northbrook, III W. Arthur Batten (1984) 184 Hillcrest Lane, Grosse Pointe, Mich John R. Donnell (1986) Marathon Oil Co., 539 S. Main St., Findlay, Ohio Fraternity Placement Bureau New York Area: Frank M. Holbrook, Jr. Employment Associates, Inc., 176 Chestnut Dr., Wayne, N.J Washington, DC. Area: David W. Fenstermaker Folger Nolan Fleming Douglas, th St., N.W., Washington, D.C ^^m 100 Years at Beloit 59 Phi Psi Buyers Guide 60 The American Dream 62 Animal House Revisited 64 Homecoming Reunion Phi Psi in the Heart of Country! 69 Chapter Rush Chairmen 70 Chapter and Alumni Association Newsletters.. 71 Phi Psi Luncheons 99 In Chapter Eternal 103 On the cover: The movie "Animal House" gave renewed interest to toga parties and food fights, but shining through it all was Phi Psi's beautiful Oregon Alpha Chapter home, pictured here. Ours was the "good guy" fraternity house in the movie filmed on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene, home to the Fraternity's award winning 1976 "Most Improved Chapter." In this issue "Animai House Revisited" provides a thoughtful inspection of today's fraternity experience. THE SHIELD (USPS ) was established in It is published four times each year, fall, winter, spring and summer, under the authority and direction of the Executive Council of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. Produced and printed by Compolith Graphics and Maury Boyd and Associates. Gary B. Angstadt, 510 Lockerbie Street, Indianapolis, Indiana is Executive Director to whom all material, subscriptions, and changes of address for THE SHIELD should be sent. Subscription price is $2.00 per year; single copies, 50 cents. Life subscriptions available at $ Secondclass postage paid at Indianapolis, Indiana, and additional mailing offices. Member of College Fraternity Editors Association

59 100 Years at Beloit The home of Wisconsin Gamma since by Ronald H. Vlaskamp, Beloit '78 Editor's Note: The Wisconsin Gamma Chapter proudly celebrates their Centennial this coming November... but had not John Lind, Beloit '61, with the help of Dr. Warner Mills, Beloit '78, persuaded the Fraternity that Beloit could once again successfully host Phi Kappa Psi, there would have been no festivities this fall. This Chapter was reorganized by hard working undergraduates, alumni, and Fraternity staff. Your contributions to Phi Psi's Alumni Support Program help us fund the work needed for success stories like Wisconsin Gamma...have you sent in a gift yet this year? We appreciate it! Wisconsin Gamma is about to complete its first one hundred years. At a November 7 banquet, the undergraduates, alumni, and friends will celebrate a long and unique life into which 1,070 have been initiated. The installation of Wisconsin Gamma occurred on December 15, 1881, but the idea of the chapter dates to 1879 it was in that year that Beta Theta Pi, which had existed secretly at the Wisconsin college since 1860, was discovered by the faculty. Fraternities were not allowed at Beloit, but when Beta was exposed, the possibility for fraternal organizations gained a new but cautious interest. Theodore G. Lewis, a freshman at Beloit in 1879, was one of those interested in starting a new fraternity. His cousin, W. H. Lewis was a Phi Psi at Wisconsin Alpha at the University of Wisconsin, and the Fraternity was wellestablished at area schools: the University of Chicago, Northwestern, and Racine. But the time was not right, however, for a Chapter of the Fraternity to form at Beloit. The faculty was far from recognizing any fraternity. In a breach of Fraternity rules, Lewis and two friends, W. A. Knapp and Elmer E. Heg, initiated into Wisconsin Alpha's chapter as Beloit College members in January By spring they claimed eight more men who were initiated into the branch Chapter on May 16 in Beloit. The Beloiters had much difficulty in securing a charter from the Fraternity, which they had sought since January There were two reasons for the denial. First, in the eyes of Phi Psi Chapters from large universities, the Beloit men were too few and the college was too small to support a Chapter. The members at Beloit called this outright prejudice. Second, it was considered unwise by the Fraternity to begin sub-rosa Chapters a Phi Psi Chapter should always be sanctioned by the college, most existing Chapters felt. After many delays, a charter was finally secured and the members were formally installed by Wisonsin Alpha on December 15, There were ten of the original eleven founders, plus eleven more, in the chartering group, now officially Wisconsin Gamma, Phi Kappa Psi. After chartering, Wisconsin Gammans lived together in rented rooms in several locations, but never held one residence for more than five years. In 1889 the membership rented what was the first chapter house at Beloit College, which gave them room to entertain, and other advantages. Two years later, however, the Chapter was growing andflourishingand the time was right for a new house. The undergraduates and alumni worked together to buy a lot on Chapin Street, a few blocks east of campus, and had a modern three story house built. It was a costly endeavor for the still-young Chapter, but the chance paid off. The house at 1125 Chapin Street became the darling of almost sixty years of Wisconsin Gammans. In 1903 the Chapter secured its first housemother, thirty-four year old Mrs. lola Truesdall, affectionately called Ma "T" by two generations of Wisconsin Gammans. Ma T cooked for and counseled members until her death in 1947; her service of 44 years still stands as the longest for any Chapter in the country. Memories of the Chapin Street house and Ma T are virtually synonymous for many alumni. The Chapter flourished until the coming of World War I, and after one year of low membership due to enlistments, rebounded strongly to enter the 1920's. The twenties were good years for Beloit, and the depression years did not seem to affect the group adversely. World War II was one of the most difficult times for fraternities across the country, and Wisconsin Gamma was no exception. The school year was that which the war visibly changed the structure and character of Wisconsin Gamma and Beloit College. In that year the war became more than just headlines the services began calling up its reservists. Even before the final Chapter meeting in April 1943, Phi (continued on page 69) May

60 THE PHI PSI BUYER'S GUIDE (A) The Phi Kappa Psi Creed (not shown), beautifully printed, suitable for framing. 9"x12". (B) Embroidered Sportsware, with detailed Coat-of-Arms. 1. Cross Creek, 100% 2-ply cotton, 3 button long sleeve shirt. Navy only. 2. Sweater, long sleeve, 100% Orion acrylic. Navy only. 3. Cross Creek, 100% 2-ply cotton, 3 button short sleeve golf shirt. White. 4. Sportsmaster Nylon Jacket, medium weight lining, snap buttons, tie string at waist. Navy only. 5. Same golf Shirt as B-3, in Navy. (C) Paperweight. Gold toned relief of Coat-of-Arms embedded in lucite. 2"x2" (D) Phi Psi solid brass plaque. Can be displayed flat or on wall. 6" diameter. (E) Cross felt pen. 10K gold filled, with Phi Psi Coat-of-Arms. (F) Cross pen and pencil set. 10K gold filled, with Phi Psi Coat-of-Arms. (G) Needlepoint kit, detailing the Fraternity Coat-of-Arms. Includes no. 12 mono canvas with the outline of the Shield only hand drawn on for a starting point, chart of crest, Persian yarn, needle and instructions. Finished size 1iy2"x15". (H) 1. For future Phi Psis, or future Phi Psi sweethearts, toddler size football Jersey. 50% polyester, 50% cotton. Navy with white lettering. 2. Sweatshirt, hooded, 100% cotton, front pocket-pouch. Gray, Navy, White, Red. Choice of lettering styles no. 4 and no T-Shirt. All cotton, full-cut with straight-cut shoulders, non-sag neck. Navy, Scarlet, Columbia Blue, Gold. Choice of lettering styles no. 4 and no Trimmed shorts. All-cotton twill with vented legs and bound elastic waistband. Trimmed with sanforized colorfast trim on sides and legs. White with Navy trim; Navy/White; Scarlet/White; White/ Kelly Green; White/Scarlet. Choice of lettering styles no. 3, no. 5 and no

61 (I) Official Phi Psi Watch, with 14K gold-finished dial featuring the Coat-of-Arms. The Bulova Accutron Quartz time place is available in wrist watch (1-2) and pocket watch (1-1) styles. Limited number available. (J) Nylon Jacket. 1. durable, water-repellent, 100% Nylon taffeta with color-matching snaps on front. Full, pre-shrunk kasha lining. Modified collar, set-in sleeves with elastic cuffs. Hemmed waistband with drawstring. Navy and Gold. Choice of lettering styles no. 2, no. 6 and no Same Jacket as J-1, but unlined. Navy, Scarlet, Kelly Green. Choice of lettering styles no. 2, no. 6 and no. 7. (K) Phi Psi Ties. Silhouette of the Crest in muted gold on a Navy Blue background. Choice of Plain (K-2) or Stripes (K-1). (L) Fraternity Matches. 1. Crested match books. 500 per box. 2. Gold tipped wooden matches in black and gold crested boxes. 40 boxes per order. (M.) Grand Catalogue. For the first time since 1939, the Fraternity has published a complete listing of its members, current through the 125th Anniversary year. Brothers are listed alphabetically, by Chapter, and in geographic areas. Now offered at a special reduced price! (N) Bound issues of THE SHIELD, past volumes. Limited supply includes most recent years: Volume 99 ( ), 98, 97, 96, 95, 94, and 93. (continued on page 100) 61

62 THE AMERICAN DREAM This is a scenario that could have been itself fabricated in tliose celebrated hills of Hollywood... a skinny kid born in Yugoslavia, raised in the grit of East Chicago, attending a pleasant midwestern college on a wrestling scholarship, writing about a bicycling hero who likes to pretend he's Italian! Nonsense, you say? Absolute truth, Brother Tesich would respond. "I was born in the old country but my dreams were born in America. The dream... it lives!" The words are from Steve Tesich's play, "Division Street," but are autobiographical. Stojan "Steve" Tesich was born September 29, 1942, in Titovo Uzica, Yugoslavia, and remembers entertaining his elders as a child with fanciful tales about America. When he and his friends played in the wartorn streets, their favorite toy was an abandoned army truck. "We'd pretend it was an airplane that was taking us someplace" he recalls. "When it was my turn, I always told the other kids we were going to America." The films he loved best were American "the Westerns, with those endless prairies and the cowboy heroes'' and he knew that 62 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

63 one of his grandfathers had crossed the ocean to hunt for gold. When at last he arrived here as a bewildered teenager with his mother and sister, en route to East Chicago, Indiana, to meet his father a man separated from his family by war and politics for 14 years he looked in vain for prairies and buffalo, and stared dubiously at a bowl of something called "cornflakes" sitting next to a strange little wax-covered box that contained, of all things, milk. In addition to writing for the theater, Steve has also been working on his newfilmprojects. Thanks to "Breaking Away," a low-budget sleeper that was a perfect blend of writing, casting and directing, Brother Tesich has become one of the most sought after screen writers in the business. He and Peter Yates, who directed "Breaking Away," teamed up on the mystery film "Eyewitness," which was completed last fall in New York. Another Tesich screenplay, "Four Friends," is being filmed in Chicago by Arthur Penn, and Steve is also at work on the screen adaption of John Irving's best seller novel, "The World According to Garp." Steve still marvels at how moviegoers reacted to "Breaking Away." "I only write about what I know," he said. "It was kind of a personal thing from my life and I just didn't think it would resonate for others. When I saw the final cut and really liked it, I was positive nobody else would. So it was a wonderful shock when we had our first audience and they loved it." The hero of "Breaking Away" is Dave, a teenage bicycle racer whose admiration for an Italian championship bicycle team and all things Italian knows no bounds to the near despair of his parents until he is abruptly disillusioned. With Indiana University in Bloomington as its setting, and the conflict between fraternity college students and "townies" as its connecting thread, the film was a humorous and affectionate portrait of life in Middle America. It had green lawns and ivy covered campus buildings constructed fortress-like from limestone carved in quarries near- May 1981 by. It even had an idyllic country swimming hole. Its central character loved his parents and they loved him. And its climactic scene, a bicycle race between the collegians and the outclassed "townies" touched basic emotions in a way that brought even the most jaded moviegoers to their feet cheering and applauding. The story is based upon Steve's real life experience at I.U. and Indiana Beta, and in particular, his friendship with a real life Dave, David K. Blase, Indiana '60. Steve was counseled by his friends in the movie industry that no one would believe an obviouslyfictitious name like Dave Blase for a bicycle racer! Why did audiences embrace "Breaking Away?" Brother Tesich now thinks he knows the answer. "People find their own parallels in things they see," he said. "Everyone's been some kind of an outsider, like Dave and the other 'townies.' And, again like Dave, everyone's experienced that time in their life when it's time to move on, and yet painful to break away. I really think that if you're honest about your own feelings, those feelings will affect others. Mostly we share the same feelings. "And then there was something about that little town and the family's life. 'Breaking Away' was full of things that a lot of people assumed were part of the past the family unit, respect for the father, family love. But you don't have to go back to the Depression and the Wahons to find it. It still goes on. And that swimming hole is there, I didn't have to make it up or idealize it." Steve's first year in America fell considerably short of his fantasies. "First of all, I couldn't speak English, so I was the butt of a lot of jokes and was put way back in school. There I was, this idiot who couldn't say anything. That was kind of hard. Besides, East Chicago was pretty ugly to a kid who'd just come from a European town with a clean river flowing though it, and with mountains and trees on the horizon. Suddenly there I was in this polluted place, with its refineries, factories and smokestacks. "But as soon as I started learning English, it was almost as though 1 had a tuning fork in me that could respond to the language and the country. I started looking at the incredible variety of American Ufe, the nationalities, the people who would never be living next door to each other in any other nation, and somehow they were getting along. It was such a unique feeling to see that kind of flexibility in an enormous country, and to watch it function. It got to hie, and made me love the place very much." "And the English language! I don't think I ever would have started writing in my own language. Serbo-Croatian was something you spoke, but you never saw it from the outside as a tool. The rhythms of English were exciting. It took a year, but once I learned the language they put me in the right class again. Later I found that being able to speak two languages gave me a special vantage point when I began writing." And write he has done, and done so well... his plays "The Passing Game," "The Carpenters," "Division Street" and his severalfilmsall are thoroughly Tesich. And all are closely scrutinized by Steve's most enthusiastic fan, wife Rebecca, who some consider the real Phi Psi supporter in the family. Be sure and ask Mrs. Tesich to tell the story of their meeting another outstanding talent, Roy Scheider, Franklin and Marshall '54, and of that moment of amazement when in unison could be heard, "You're a Phi Psi too!". So the story of a Serb in Middle America, writing about a Phi Psi Brother who emulates all that is Italian, as the basis for a film that netted Steve a 1980 Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, is all true. Overcoming such unlikely circumstances is second nature to Brother Tesich. Now that he is at home in the theater and film element of New York and Hollywood, what future stage and film successes can't we expect from him! From Riley, to Thurber, to Tesich... The Phi Psi literary tradition has added yet another notable generation. 63

64 LnJou Rewist^ed by Tim Downs Reprinted with permission from Collegiate Challenge, a publication of Campus Crusade for Christ, Inc. My research is done. The facts are in. I've read books, gathered periodicals, tracked down quotes and conducted personal interviews. My conclusion: No American institution has ever been so badly misunderstood as the fraternity. My study began at the local university library. There the current research on fraternities is located under "Anthropology." The titles were predictable. My personal favorite, 77?^ Rites of Passage in a Student Culture, includes such fascinating chapters as "Gross Subsystems of Relationships Among Members of the Fraternity." Further information on fraternities was available under the sub-listing, "See Secret Societies." Here the local Greek house is listed along with the Mafia and the ancient families of Chinese assassins! It seems that the majority of studies on fraternal life are conducted with all the congeniality of Tim Downs is also creator of the syndicated comic strip "Downstown." A member of Phi Beta Kappa, Tim graduated from Indiana University in an autopsy. Researchers tend to view the fraternity as one would view a tribal culture. This is obviously an inadequate perspective; by its nature the fraternity is an exclusive group that cannot be adequately understood from the outside alone. Perhaps this oversight has been a contributor to our misunderstandings. I left the "Anthropology" section of the library and moved to "History." Has the fraternity always been so widely scrutinized and so badly misunderstood? Most fraternities were not destroyed by the persecution; they simply continued to practice their "pranks, mysticism and diversions" underground. They began to surface and gain acceptance again in the mid-1880s. Administrators had not totally lost their suspicions; they were simply forced to admit, by this time, that fraternities were here to stay. Some of the strongest misunderstandings of fraternities are surfacing today, and not all are without reason. Fraternity initiation ceremonies include "hazing" practices that have on occasion become so severe that they have resulted in the deaths of pledges. Though these situations have been rare, they have become more frequent in recent years. Perhaps it is in this context that the fraternity has earned its classification with the Chinese assassins. At best, these practices allow the misunderstandings of the overall fraternity system to continue. Despite these misunderstandings, fraternities are now in the midst of a virtual Renaissance. In 1978, more than three million college men belonged to 406 national fraternities in the United States, almost a 20% increase in the last 10 years.' This fall, approximately a million men will pledge. Why the rush to become a Greek? "The fraternity has given me a larger circle of friends on campus," says Bill Holl, a former president of Sigma Chi at the University of Southern California. "And it's given me a chance to assume leadership, to prepare myself for outside the school." John Labinski, fraternity member at the 43,000-student University of Texas, centered on the need to belong."in the '60s there was unity in protest. Now students need a group to associate with, and Greek organizations provide a social base." The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

65 Rise of the Greeks The first fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa, was founded at William and Mary College in Virginia in The idea quickly spread and was originally well received by faculty and administrations. But with reports of increasing "pranks, mysticism and diversions," the college establishment began to take a dim view of social organizations. In 1855, Princeton University required all entering freshmen to sign a pledge promising not to join any fraternity under penalty of dismissal. In 1875, a photo was discovered of several men wearing the equivalent of Gucci loafers; they were summarily suspended from Princeton. Various other reasons are cited for joining fraternities: better housing, better food, or the urging of parents who were in college during the resurgence of fraternities in the 1950s. The strongest reason may be simply the desire for lasting friendship in an otherwise transient atmosphere. Esquire magazine speculated that "the fraternities and sororities provide the strongest strand of social continuity in an atmosphere of flux and instability. Which may be why 53% of all upper-classmen (at Dartmouth) still belong to them."^ Mark Bertram, a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon at Indiana University, adds, "The biggest benefit is the common bond, where you feel obligated to get to know people you might otherwise avoid. It expands you. It's just like the world; you can't always pick your friends." The fact that men are flocking to fraternities as never before led me to a final question: Do fraternity members themselves understand the fraternity? Three-dimensional Unity The most comprehensive and authoritative reference work on the American Greek system is Baird's Manual of American College Fraternities. William Raimond Baird, himself a fraternity man, first published the manual in Revised, updated and republished almost 20 times in the last century, it remains the recognized authority on American fraternities. In addition to statistics and chapter memberships, the manual also contains information on the founding purpose and philosophy of many modern fraternities, such as Delta Tau Delta: "The primary purpose of the fraternity is to serve as a constructive adjunct to the system of higher education, contributing to moral, spiritual and social development of its members."^ The original goal of Kappa Alpha Psi was to "promote the social, intellectual, and moral welfare of its members."'* The Sigma Chi's were "established upon a broad ideal of manhood and upon the principle that true strength lies in a wellrounded symmetrical development of individual character."^ These statements reflect that the earliest fraternities began with a commitment to brotherhood through social, intellectual and spiritaul unity. Each element was believed to be vital for true brotherhood to exist. Samuel Eells, founder of Alpha Delta Phi, wrote that the fraternity "must be national and universal in its adaptations so as not merely to cultivate a taste for literature or furnish the mind with knowledge, but with a true philosophical spirit looking to the entire man so as to develop his whole being moral, social and intellectual." In the modern fraternity, a strong commitment to brotherhood remains, but the means have become predominantly social, with little attention given to the moral and intellectual. James Epperson, a professor of English at Dartmouth College, has proposed that the college's board of trustees abolish fraternities from that campus. His stinging charges against the fraternities include "uncivilized behavior" and a social overemphasis that encourages "anti-intellectualism" across campus.^ But are fraternities the sole culprit at Dartmouth? Author Andy Merton, in his article, "Hanging on to Tradition at Dartmouth," comments: "But the problems of Dartmouth only begin with the fraternities. There are many who charge that it is not just the Greeks but the entire college that is racist, sexist, hedonistic, anti-intellectual."* The introduction to Baird's manual takes the comment one step further: "...It may be seen that one of the real obstacles to fraternity strength is hedonism with the larger society of which fraternities are a part."' Apparently, as modern fraternities become more and more social, they are simply reflecting the superficiality that has become characteristic of our society as a whole. Christopher Lasch, author of the best-seller The Culture of Narcissism, offers a concise diagnosis of our society's value system: "Permissive society is in; guilt and punishment are out. Self-help is in; authority is out. Leisure is in; working is out. Spending is in; saving is out... Therapy is in; religion is out. Superficiality is in; depth is out. Nonbinding relationships are in; commitments are out."'" Lasch concludes, "The stress is now on the legitimacy of immediate gratification."'' Early fraternities were committed to the building of lasting relationships by meeting the needs of the total man socially, intellectually and spirituauy. Because people still have deep needs in each of these areas, a sense of real and enduring brotherhood will elude them until they can relate to one another in each of these areas. Will the fraternity provide this opportunity, or will it continue to follow the rest of society by exchanging lifelong relationships for superficial social bonds? Perhaps the strongest question for the modern fraternity comes from its own alumni and founding fathers: Can true unity continue when its basic precept of building total men has been denied? 1. Hank Nuwer, "Dead Souls of Hell Week," Human Behavior Magazine, October, 1978, p. 53; 2. Andy Merton, "Hanging on to Tradition at Dartmouth," Esquire, June 19, 1979, p. 65; 3. Baird's Manual of American College Fraternities, ed., John Robson, 17th ed., Menasha, Wise, George Banta Co., 1963, p. 257; 4. Ibid., p. 287; 5. Ibid., p. 257; 6. Ibid., p. 222; 7. Merton op. cit., pp. 57, 58; 8. Ibid., p. 58; 9. Baird's op. cit., p. 30; 10. Christopher Lasch, interviewed by Barbara Rowes, People, July 9, 1979, p. 35; 11. Ibid., p. 35. May

66 Homecoming Reunion These Illinois Deltans were all smiling in 1955 because they knew that in 1980 they would gather again for a 25 year reunion. The remnants of today's time-tested group are pictured immediately right. For over 75 years, Phi Kappa Psi has been a leading fraternity on the University of Illinois campus. This year's Homecoming weekend showed Phi Psis young and old exactly why that statement is true. A revamping of the Alumni Reunion in conjunction with the C. F. "Dab" Williams Scholarship banquet brought over 150 Brothers and their wives to experience homecoming a tradition started by Illinois Deltan Clarence F. "Dab" Williams in The Class of '55, thought to be the largest (33) pledge class (and the best by their own admission), decided to celebrate their 25th anniversary at Homecoming to show the undergraduates what REAL Phi Psi spirit was made of. The effort was organized by Brothers Harlan Burgess, a Chicago envelope manufacturer, and Jim Acheson, current Chapter Advisor, 66 who felt the key to gathering the Brothers was plenty of advance notice. On October 31, 1979, exactly a year to the day before the reunion, they called each of the 27 pledge Brothers they had located to invite them personally to a weekend of fun and Brotherhood. The strategy paid off, as none could say they were "busy that night" or "we can't get a sitter," a year ahead of time. As the year wore on, the Brothers were contacted by mail to confirm arrangements and reservations. Tom Mayes joined the fray in the spring and those who wavered in the slightest received 3 or 4 phone calls from classmates all over the country. Specially invited to join in were those Brothers who shared old "911" during '55's years on campus, even the tolerated sophomores and pledge boss Herb Jones. Finally the weekend arrived and so did the alumni-all Fnday afternoon. They came in: 7 from California, 2 from Washington, D.C; from Wisconsin, Connecticut, Denver, Dallas, Duluth, Davenport, Pittsburgh, Iowa, Indiana, lots from Illinois, and even an "old bird" colonel from Ft. Huachuca, Arizona named Strom. In the evening they gathered in the home of Jill & Jim Acheson, and immediately proceeded to get caught up on lost time, recall college days, and sing the old songs until well, until it ended. Then came Saturday. By 11:00 a.m. new arrivals had swelled the crowd to over 150 Brothers for the traditional tailgate before the game. The undergraduate Chapter turned out in strength to host, thus beginning the first real exchange between young and old, and the beginning of a togetherness that would grow as the activities went on. Even a tough loss to the Golden Gophers couldn't The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

67 inois Delta Style dampen the spirits as the Marching Illini were greats the weather was perfect, and Phi Psis, Pi Phis, Sigs and Kappas walked off with first place in the float competition. But it was the banquet Saturday night ^ the Ramada Inn where the young and old really began a mutual admiration society. The hot shots of the fifties "cleaned up" as well as they could, but couldn't match the confident and friendly groups of "thinframed" young men in their "3 pieces" who kept joining the crowd. The '55 Jazz Band featuring two Californians; Dr. Dave Bruce, Piano; Jim Gillium, Trumpet; and Chicago Tribune writer Clarence Peterson, Clarinet, were joined by undergraduates Frank Whiting, Base; and Frian Kernen, Drums, entertained during the pre-dinner festivities. The alumni were "on" first featuring welcomes from brother David D. Henry, President of the University in the fifties and sixties, and Paul Bresee, Illinois Delta's Mr. Phi Psi for years. Next came the usual lies about the good old days, andfinallya serenade to the undergraduate chapter as led by basketball star, Johnny Kerr. But the most impressive part of the program was orchestrated by "Dab" Williams Foundation President Jim Neckopulos as he and board members passed out certificates and cash awards to 33 young men who had achieved 4.0 grades or better during the past semester. Finally, everyone was moved as Todd Salen and Bill Acheson presented the first annual Stephen Walter Acheson award to Steve Nieslawski. The alumni realized that these undergraduates were every bit as good maybe even better than that great class of the fifties. Chapter President Chris Nieman, acknowledging that just maybe the Class of '55 was as good as advertised, closed the affair by inviting young and old to the Chapter house to enjoy the new-found Brotherhood that spanned 25 years as if it were yesterday. (continued on next page) May 198! 67

68 Stephen Walter Acheson Award Steve Nieslawski, far right, winner of the first Stephen Walter Acheson Award. The C. F. "Dab" Williams foundation was established some years ago for the purpose of encouraging scholarship at the University of Illinois and Illinois Delta of Phi Kappa Psi. Tax deductible contributions have been placed in the general fund with proceeds used primarily to stage a scholarship banquet each semester, honoring those undergraduates who have achieved a 4.0 or better. Much of the work and cost in establishing the foundation was shouldered by Jim Neckopulos, CPA, Illinois '74 and Kent Yowell, a laywer, Colorado '46. In March of 1980, tragedy struck Illinois Delta when Stephen Acheson, an initiate of only eight weeks, was killed in an auto accident in Georgia which also involved eleven Phi Psi Brothers. Because Steve had already developed strong ties to the Fraternity, due in part to a family Phi Psi background (brother Bill is a senior in the Chapter and his father, Jim, is Chapter Advisor), the family requested that any memorial donations be made to the "Dab" Williams Foundation. The response was overwhelming. Over $5, was received in the next few weeks. The Foundation Board, at a special meeting and with the blessing of Steve's family, decided to establish a Stephen Walter, Acheson award to perpetuate the memory of Steve and his dreams for Phi Psi. It was decided that the undergraduate Chapter would select by secret ballot, which were sealed and given to the Foundation Board, he who during the past year had best demonstrated the ideals of our Brotherhood and the University of Illinois. Each year at homecoming the recipient would be announced, his name placed on a plaque in the Chapter House, and he would receive a cash award from the interest accrued in the fund. This year at the 1980 Homecoming banquet, Steve Nieslawski received a $ check from the Foundation as the winner of the Stephen Walter Acheson Award. Gifts to the Williams Foundation are welcomed. For further details contact Foundation President, James M. Neckopulos, 848 Washington, Elmhurst, IL The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

69 Phi Psi is in ttie l-ieart of ttie Country! James P. Zerface was initiated into Plii Kappa Psi by the DePauw University Chapter in Here he shares with THE SHIELD his personal experience in the more popular than ever industry of Country Music. I became interested in playing the guitar my sophomore year at DePauw and learned a few chords with the help of Brothers Mike Evans and Fred Roberts. My senior year I organized a rock group called the "Unbelievables," aptly named for the "unbelievability" that anyone would listen to us, let alone pay us for playing. My interest in composing developed as a guitarist with a rock group while working on my doctorate in Counseling Psychology at Indiana University In 1969 my brother, Bill Zerface, was employed by Indiana University. He had a talent for lyrics, which was my weakness, and, in addition, he was a country music fan, which I was not. Anyway we started working on country songs together and really found it enjoyable. Eventually we deluded ourselves into thinking we were pretty good. In 1973 I moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where my wife. Tad, began a nurse practitioner program at Vanderbilt University and where I began working as a school psychologist. Playing basketball in 1975 I met Bob Morrison, a writer for Combine Music, and subsequently showed him some of our material. He liked it and suggested that he, Bill and myself try collaborating. That's when things really came together. Our first collaboration was a tune called "Buckeye Jackson" that didn't hit the charts, but received a lot of air play. Then in 1976 we cowrote a song, "Angels, Roses, and Rain," that reached number one on the national country music charts. Since that time we've had five other chart songs with "You'd Make an Angel Wanna Cheat" by the Kendalls which reached #5, "Shoulder to Shoulder" by Roy Clark reaching #26, "Last Night Every Night" #30 by Reba McEntire, "All the Sweet" #39 by Mel Mc Daniels, and currently "She Lifts Me Up to Heaven" by Reba McEntire which was #9 last week and climbing. Since January I've had songs recorded by nine different country artists and am currently trying to find more time to write. This isn't easy because in addition to my work as a psycologist, I coach Little League baseball and Junior Pro basketball teams. We have two children, Cris, our ten year old son, and Janie aged eight. 100 Years at Beloit (continued from page 59) Psis realized that there would be no hope of keeping the house open the following fall, although they would make every effort to keep the organization functioning. With the help of the alumni and Gene W. Vogel, Beloh '39, the first undergraduate to return after the war, Wisconsin Gamma sprung back in the fall of The remainder of the 1940's and 1950's were good years for Phi Psi at Beloit. On June 5, 1954, the Chapter moved out of its old house and into a newly-built facility at 815 College Street, on campus. The building was constructed and owned by the College, and the Chapter's House Corporafion rented it until The middle to late 1960's brought trouble for the Chapter, first from the Fraternity itself, and then, at the end of the decade, from the changes within society. May 1981 In the fall of 1967 Wisconsin Gamma pledged an exceptionally good class, including Ernest Gregory George, a top-flight athlete, a superior student, and a black. The GP of one southern Chapter, upon discovering this, visited Beloit under false identity and pretenses to verify Greg's pledging, and without any mention to Wisconsin Gamma, filed a complaint with the Executive Council. The Beloit Chapter was shocked, not so much by external meddling in the affairs of the Chapter, but especially by the deceit with which the complaintant went about it. Fortunately, at the 1968 G.A.C, the Fraternity's concept of the Founders original membership requirements prevailed, and Ernest George was initiated. This is a bit of trailblazing of which the Chapter is proud. The victory was tremendous, but it could not give the Chapter enough momentum to survive the growing disinterest in fraternities on campus. In the summer of 1970, Phi Kappa Psi at Beloit went the way of many fraternities and folded. For six years the Chapter remained inactive. In the fall of 1976, several seniors developed a renewed interest in the Fraternity, and the challenge of beginning a new organization seemed a worthy one. After two years of hard work the Colony organized by Fraternity staff established a good reputation and firm standing on campus. In September 1978, the Chapter was officially installed and has continued to grow since. With a successfully negotiated lease and full house, the Chapter now finds itself in a strong and lasting position as it looks to its Centennial birthday next November. Wisconsin Gamma is proud of its history and its durability. We all look forward to making and sharing history at the celebration. 69

70 RECOMMEND A RUSHEE Cut Out and Mail This Form to the Rush Chaitman Concerned. (Chapter Rush Chairmen Listed below.) To the Brothers of (Chapter) I recommend (Name) as a prospective Phi Psi Rushee. His home address is: (No. and Street) (City) (State) (ZIP Code) and he will enter (College or Univ.) on or about (Date) Remarks: Fraternally Submitted: (Name) (Chapter and Year) (Address) Recommendation Acknowledged By: (Name) Recommendations to a chapter not listed should be sent to the Rush Chairman at the mailing address given in the Directory. Institution Akron Allegheny Arizona Arizona State Auburn Beloit Butler California Poly California-Davis Cal State-Northridge Colorado Columbia Eastern New Mexico Florida Franklin & Marshall Gettysburg Illinois Indiana Iowa Iowa State Johns Hopkins Kansas Louisiana State Mankato State Michigan State Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Nebraska Ohio State Ohio Wesleyan Oregon State Penn State Rhode Island Southwestern Louisiana Stanford Syracuse Texas Toldeo Wabash Washington Washington & Lee West Virginia Rush Chairman Jim Shulte Martin P. McGough Pat Duffy Richard Napolitano Keith Bolen Jamie HoUensteiner Steven E. McKenzie Daniel Gilfry & Charles Hall Alan Flandez Richard Fong & David Friedman Ken Dulin Phil Ozdemyer Douglas Swanson & Samuel Wheeler Thomas Harris Eric W. Noll Ed Partenope & James Blodgett Chris Hallen Greg Davis Kurt Knutson & Chris Porter Scott Wiggins Thomas E. Cox Ellis Rainey Douglas W, Becknian John Hinrichs Neil G. Sikora David Hunt Barry Brooks Jeff Bruens Steve Rogers John W. Palazzo, Jr. Randy Roessle David Burger & David Prater Charlie W, Dent Chris Conti & Peter Boggs Steve Murphy Bill Dwann Howard Saslow & Charles Bantis Barry Jones & John Rothgeb Rick Clegg David H. Soper Dale Linder Denny Cancellmo Brian Brawdy (Date) Address 284 Wheeler, Akron, OH Allegheny College, Box 49, Meadville, PA North 2nd St., Phoenix, AZ Adelphi Dr., Tempe, AZ Route 1 Box 742 G, Cantonment, FL Beloit College, Box 647, Beloit, WI Butler Univ., Box 9, Indianapolis, IN Phillips Ln., San Luis Obispo, CA Serra Court, Vallejo, CA Etiwanda St., Northridge, CA Univ. of Colorado, 206 Hallett Hall, Boulder, CO West 113th St., New York, NY South Ave. J, Portales, NM P.O. Box 14008, Gainesville, FL Franklin & Marshall, Box 17, Lancaster, PA Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA South 4th St., Champaign, IL East Navajo Dr., West Lafayette, IN North Riverside Dr., Iowa City, IA Lynn, Ames, IA N. Charles St., Apt. 4, Baltimore, MD Craig, Overland Park, KS P.O. Box 21098, Baton Rouge, LA Lincoln St., Mankato, MN Abbott Rd., East Lansing, MI University Ave., S.E. Minneapolis, MN P.O. Box 8168, University, MS Continental, Harrisonville, MO Kirkwood Dr., Lincoln, NE E. 14th Ave., Columbus, OH Llewellyn Rd., Summit, NJ N.W. 13th St., Corvallis, OR Locust Lane, State College, PA Fraternity Circle, Kingston, Rl Mildred St., Lafayette, LA Phi Kappa Psi, P.O. Box 9989, Stanford, CA College PI., Syracuse, NY Longview, Austin, TX Robinwood, Toledo, OH Green Braes East Dr., Indianapolis, IN N.E. 47th Ave., Seattle, WA E. Washington St., Lexington, VA Spruce St., Morgantown, WV Phone Number 216/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

71 Repeated requests and reminders for newsletters don't always elicit response. "Newsletter not received" may indicate copy was not received by the deadline. Please contact the Chapter directly to encourage better participation. Akron Academic Accomplishments The Ohio Iota Chapter is proud of its academic accomplishments at The University of Akron. The Chapter had the highest percentage of members on the Deans List than any other Fraternity on campus. Also, the Chapter had the highest grade point average among the smaller chapters. The members of Ohio Iota are proud of this achievement of academic excellence and will continue to strive in their endeavors. On February 20, 1981, the Chapter had a very successful Founders' Day. This event provides an excellent opportunity for the undergraduate members to become better acquainted with alumni. Dinner was held at Young's Restaurant and was followed by a party at the house. Through the efforts and donations of undergraduates and alumni, the house has acquired a new look. There has been much work done to the first floor and the basement. In the basement we added a pool table, weight room and a much needed paint job. Also, improvements have been made to the rest of the house. The Chapter is currently re-establishing its presence on campus by getting involved in many campus activities, including participation in IFC and many intramural events. Rush for both the Spring and Fall of 1981 looks promising, and we are hoping to increase our membership with good men. William E. Gould, Jr. Correspondent Alabama Newsletter not received. Allegheny Favorable instability Greetings from the zipper city! The weather of Meadville continued its traditional path of cold, snow, rain, and fog throughout winter term, but our spirits remained high. This term at Penn Beta saw the pledging of 13 unique and diversified gentlemen. They include: Robert C. Carlson, Richmond Hts., Ohio; R. Gregory Chiles and David L. Edwards, Pittsburgh; Barry A. Enterline, Erie; Christopher R. Foster, Whitehouse Sta., N.J.; Norman P. Haywood, Pittsburgh; William R. Jahos, Rumson, N.J.; Peter J. Polliard, Harrisburg; Kurt P. Schober, Silver Creek, N.Y.; Theodore A. Socher, Cochranton; Michael K. Smullen, Bainbridge, Ohio; Jonathan D. Usdin, Rochester, N.Y.; and Mark I. Weckerley, Shinglehouse. Our Chapter has been relatively active in campus affairs. We have participated in all interfraternal athletic competitions. Strong finishes were seen in swimming and wrestling. Ten Brothers are currently active in the college radio station. Special recognition for outstanding achievements go to Brothers Brit Hyde and Mike Slotsky, who were honored for their scholastic abilities in the social sciences, Bob Michelini, who is vice-president of the wind symphony, and Tom Guenther, who is the financial controller of Allegheny Student Government. The new chapter officers include: Brinton L. Hyde, GP; RusseU E. Spanard, VGP; Thomas E. Guenther, P; David B. Lasher, AG; Steven E. Morgan, BG; Michael T. Darrell, Hod; Michael B. Fryling, Phu; and Alan H. Redfern, Hi. On Jan. 31, 1981, the following alumni were inducted into the Allegheny College sports Hall of Fame: Glenn A. Beckert '59, William M. Bishop '52, Dr. Raymond H. Cox '55, Gov. Raymond P. Shafer '35, and James C. Villa '56. Congratulations! Governor Shafer also held the distinct honor of moderating a public affairs program at Allegheny, titled, Islam: Three Perspectives, which will be airing this spring on P.B.S. Our latest improvement in the house was the painting of the halls by the Brothers and pledges, and the painting of our lobby by the pledges. The committee system is showing definite signs of improvement, and among those most active are scholarship and rush. We have also been working very closely with our faculty advisor. Dr. Steven Lyons. The Chapter is looking forward to spring term, but will miss those seniors graduating. These include: Edward A. Adatepe, Physics; David L. Allman, Economics; William J. Brennan, Political Science; Mark J. Hollenbeck. Psychology; Timothy P. Loftus, History; David K. Lush, Environmental Resource Management; Charles J. McBride Jr., Computer Science; Benjamin S. Pitkin, English, and Roger O. Wilcox, English. The best of luck to all of them! David Brian Lasher Correspondent Arizona Looking Forward Beginning the semester with new pledges Brian Ray Kenny of Tucson; Raymond D Herron, II of Denver; Jonathon Michael James of Sierra Vista, AZ; and Joel George Mona of South Burlington, VT; Arizona Alpha looks for a strong spring. Spring Fling, the University's annual carnival, is the biggest spring event on campus, and Minsky's put on by the Phi Psis is the biggest event of Spring Fling. Four our burlesque booth this year we are paired with 160 beautiful Kappa Kappa Gammas. The expansion and improvement of the booth and the addition of new acts promises to make this year's Minsky's the best ever. If Minsky's is our crowning event of the spring, our "Wine Tasting Tour," "Hayride in Hog-Heaven," and "DaVinci's Delicious Dinner Date" must be considered as part of the royal social procession. Despite our active social calendar, we have found time to study. We placed second in scholarship. Also, many Alphans were recognized individually. Pat Duffy was elected to the student senate. Dave Morgenstein was awarded a pilot slot in the Air Force. Francis Bidleman chaired the University Elections Committee. And Jim Engle was accepted by several law schools. We would like to thank GP Steve Smith and VGP Dave Clair for their contributions as Chapter officers. And we would again like to thank alumni Dud Daniel, Bob Gibson, Don Gooder, and Dave Sanborne. With their help, the Chapter has made great strides and will make even greater ones in the future. Jim Engle Correspondent Arizona State Staying On Top After a busy and most successful fall semester has drawn to a close. Phi Psi at Arizona State finds itself still on top. In December we initiated 8 outstanding men: Lance Johnson, Fairfield, Iowa; Curtis Grandia, Oskaloosa, Iowa; Tom Hunts, Phoenix; John Diaz, Caguas, Puerto Rico; Bill Mamola, Orange, CA; Randy Gregg, Nappa, CA; Steve Schulman, Miami, FL; and Cary Glickstein, Philadelphia. The Chapter would also like to welcome Bob Malone, a transfer from Creighton University. He has brought with him many fine ideas which are sure to strengthen our Chapter. With the addition of these fine Brothers, our total chapter role is up to 241. The Spring officer election results are: GP, Brian Weinberger; VGP, Michael Mongelli; P, Michael Shriver; AG, Carl Geringer; BG, Chuck Tapert: HI, Steve O'Brien, Hod, Art Gross; Phu, John Edmondson; and SG, Tom Hunts. With these officers. Phi Psi will continue to be on top at Arizona State. During our Winter Formal at the Playboy Club, the following awards were given: Outstanding Actives; Brian Weinberger, and Carl Geringer; Outstanding Pledge, Bill Mamola; and Sweetheart, Laura Kreider. Our Founders' Day celebration held at the Chapter house was a most successful and enjoyable event. Special thanks to Rudy Jarolim, Sandy Chamberlain, and Don Nordlund for putting the whole thing together. And special thanks to all of the alumni who showed, from as far away as May

72 Honolulu, to help celebrate Phi Psi. Their constant support year after year gives us all another reason to say that "we're proud to be a Phi Psi!" The second annual Phi Psi Calendar is now in print. It contains pictures of 12 lovely sorority girls and ads from alumni such as Rob Brunswick, Les Ksieski, William Swanson, and Richard Rogers. To these and other alumni who helped us out, thank you. Also, thanks to all of the undergraduate Brothers, whose constant help and support made it possible. As Spring is upon us, many exciting honors have been given to our Brothers. Brian Weinberger has been selected as a Devils Advocate, and Robert Carrillo as an alternate. Devils Advocates is a top honorary group here at Arizona State. Also, Robert Carrillo was selected to the Student Foundation, another honorary group. Greek Sing and Greek Games are now upon us. We have selected the women of Delta Delta Delta, and the men of Sigma Chi to be our partners in sing. It is a fantastic show, to be performed March 31, and we are all eagerly awaiting it, especially Brother Carrillo's solo. As for Greek Games, the team of Phi Psi, Delta Gamma, and FIJI is certain to be the powerhouse and winner. In intramurals, special note goes to our strong wrestling team which captured third overall, and to Howard Scheuner for his second place in one-on-one basketball. Also, best wishes to our softball, track, golf, and tennis teams which are preparing to capture a berth in the playoffs, and hopefully the championship. Our house is always open for any Brothers passing by, and to our alumni who haven't stopped in recently, come on by and see "your" house. May the bonds of Brotherhood grow ever stronger. Carl J. Geringer Correspondent down on our parties in April, so we could start with the planning and construction of a combination T.G.I.F. and Barbeque site, called the "Piazza Del Phi Psi." The plans look great and we will begin work immediately. It should help the looks of our adopted Phi Psi house tremendously. Ah, but let's not forget our future project, the "Phi Psi FaU Festival." We are still looking forward with intense anticipation to next October when that long sought after dream finally becomes a reality. So, overall, this Spring has been going smoothly and we are all looking forward to a bright future for the men of Arkansas Alpha. Virgil A. HoUoway Correspondent Ashland Initiates and Pledges The spring semester for the Brothers of Ohio Theta was a great one; we started it off by initiating six Brothers from the fall rush. Larry Schuman, Jay Billy, Tom Spatafora, Bob DiDonato, Sam Miranda, and Payam Raouf, all became active Brothers this semester. This year our numbers will increase after a fantastic spring Freshman Rush. Pinned to Ohio Theta are Dan Monacelli, Bob Houska, Bill Pucciani, J.R. Milligan, Dave Morell, Jack Leonti, Tom Himes, Bob Petrina, Gil Holmes, Scott Bontempo, Bob Zak, Steve Keller, Eric Monchecourt, Mike Burkholder, Dave McNally, Jimmy Hague, Ron Bajorek, and Dave Ferguson. These 18 future Phi Psis are under the direction of Fraternity Educators Bob Schneider, Bob Black and Geoff Mills. Earlier this semester the Brothers elected new officers with Tad Rose receiving the honor and duties as the new GP; VGP, Mike Cunningham; Frank Fraas, AG; Keith Connors, P; Dick Smith, BG; Bob Schneider, SG; Frank Mancini, Phu; John Heffernan, Hod; and Abdul Holderman as the Hi. Philantropy on the hilltop included helping the Ashland College television station, WRDL, with their annual auction. Projects to benefit the community included planting a living memorial of trees and bushes for the city. Collecting canned food for the needy at Easter time took place, as did the Annual Easter party for the Head Start Children of Ashland. Athletics, and participation by the Phi Psis, are stronger than ever. Brothers Tommy Johnston, Scott Heimstra, John Heffernan, Jay Billy and Pledges Morell, Leonti, and Houska led the Eagle grapplers to an outstanding 15-0 season and a national ranking of sixth in Division II. Unfortunately the season had a damper when Brother Heimstra suffered a knee injury, but he is recovering from surgery nicely. On the bright side. Brother Billy placed third in the Mid-East regionals. The Ashland lacrosse team was led by Phi Psi captains Frank Mancini and Kevin Rose. Other members of the team included Mark Wyland, Rick Sorkow, and new comer to the sport John Dorsey. The AC stickers will also have the services of pledges Ferguson, Hague, McNally. Joe Bettura, and pledges Monacelli and Houska wiu lead the Eagle hard bauers on the diamond, while Bob DiDonato will lead the tennis team. The rest of the Brothers of Ohio Theta would like to send our congradulations and best wishes to all our graduating seniors. Our congratulations also go out to Brothers Mills, Carroll, and Connors for being chosen as Outstanding Greek Men on the Ashland College campus. Arkansas Running Smoothly Spring has finally made its presence known here at the University of Arkansas, and the Phi Psi's of Arkansas Alpha meet it with no regrets. We have just initiated eleven fine men Scott Scrieber, Greg Burgess, Bill Doshier, Kevin Daily, Richard Waddell, Casey Shell, Jon Gregory, Gary Thorton, Bobby James, Mike Sparks, and Bob Shores into the "Secrets of Phi Kappa Psi," and have another thirteen men as pledges. Elections have come and gone, and we were left with a great group of new officers: Gregg Fisher, GP; Grant Downer, VGP; Brian Campbell, P; Virgil HoUoway, AG; Greg Garland, SG; Timothy Hogue, BG; Timothy Scott, HI; Kenneth Harper, HOD; and Shannon Hodges, PHU. We hope these men lead us well. The parties have turned great this semester, the more memorable ones being, a "Little Kid's" party with Kappa Alpha Theta, and a "Suppressed Desire" function with Alpha Delta Pi. An unusual idea evolved this semester, that being the Chapter's decision to cut 72 Jay Billy, Ashland '81 placed third in Mid-East Division II Regional Wrestling. The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

73 FinaUy, our Chapter turned a ripe old 15 years on April 16th. We would like to send our best to our Alumni across the nation.. by the way, drop us a line, we would love to hear from you. Frank Fraas Correspondent Auburn Scholastic Excellence Continues For the fourth straight quarter the Chapter has ranked among the top three fraternities on campus in scholarship. Last winters efforts placed the Chapter number one and this past fall the Chapter fell only to number two. The associate member class of fall quarter continued to exhibit themselves as fine all around gentlemen, taking the number one ranking in scholarship among fraternity pledge classes. Sic of these men were initiated into the Chapter on our birthday, January 26, They were John Evans, Chip Qark, Tony Barber, Robert Makofske, Keith Bolen, and Stan Henderson. Winter quarter saw the Chapter continue to grow with the addition of three associate members. They are Dixon Allen Land of Pensacola, Florida, Waylon Robert Thompson of Russelville, and Gary William Storie of Birmingham. The Chapter is presently at the stablenumber we are so used to of 26. The house is full and shows no signs of having a vacancy in the near future. Everything is great except that there are still more things to do than we seem to have money for. Most of the things can wait, however, two cannot. The fire department is requiring installation of a completely new fire alarm system in the house. Also, the pile of whatever in the back yard which we acquired with the house must now be removed at our expense. I think the request has been made before so I'll keep it simple this time. Help!! Spring quarter the Chapter hopes to see everyone at A-day on May 9 and then the following weekend. May 16, we will all be recuperating in Pensacola. Finally, I must sadly inform you of the death of charter member Joseph Anthony Amaro, Jr. Brother Amaro died of cancer on January 7, Robert V. Bell Correspondent Beloit 100 Years and More With the beginning of the new year, Wisconsin Gamma initiated twelve outstanding new members. This new class consists of: Dirk W. Damrau, Random Lake; John B. Stone, Sterling, IL; David A. Bizzaro, South Bend, IN; Lincoln A. German, Fairfax, VA; Douglas M. Weiss, Glastonbury, CT; Stephen T. Creden, Niles, MI; Joseph A. Coyne, Flint, MI; Greg R. Powell, Palatine, IL; Holman D. Pettibone III, Glenbrook, NV; Gary B. Diamond, Bethesda, MD; Kenneth J. H. Matheis Jr., Drayton Plains, MI; and Courtney Ellis, Arlington, VA. Each new member is happy and eager to go to work for the chapter.. needless to say we are eargerly looking forward to their new ideas and spirit. Athletically, Phi Psi has a lot to contribute to the winter and spring scenes. One of the most promising of our athletes is Holman (Chip) Pettibone who is dominant in the swimming pool. So much so that when asked what event Chip swims, most people say any event that has to be won. Pat Esposito, Pete Kozelka, and Steve Creden add a very dynamic effect to Beloit's hockey team. The Baseball team, organized this spring, consists of Guy Oberwise, Blaine Kloeckner, Mark Underwood, and Lincoln German. These men form the back bone of the team. Last, but certainly not least, are the Phi Psi runners; the track team members are Bob Symonds, Jamie HoUensteiner and Terry Jones. Phi Psi has athletic prowess as well as academic excellence as our better than 3.0 house average for the fall term of 1980 attests. Scholarship Chairman Dan McKee reports that about 40% of the house made the Dean's list last term. Way to go PHI PSI! In the social lives of the Beloit Phi Psis there is never a dull moment; this is due in part to the hard work of our Social Chairman, Guy Oberwise, who has provided us with a great variety of entertainment from parties to swing bands. Let us not say, however, that any Phi Psi would have to take on such a burden without any help from his Brothers. Steward Lyie Kula did his part by sponsoring several study breaks and one of Phi Psi's best formal dinners yet. Leading up the Public Service end of our social lives is Andy Schumacher, Social Service Chairman, whose pet project this spring is to help in the sponsorship of a marathon race through downtown Beloit, all proceeds going towards the city's Community fund. The highlight of the 1981 social agenda is our Centennial Celebration. Much credit should be given to: John W. Lind, Plato Leeson, Bill Korst, Terry Jones, Mark Lee, and Jay Byers, the members of the Centennial Committee. They have worked very hard in preparation for the big bash, our Centennial Banquet, which will be held Nov. 7,1981 at the Holiday Inn, in Beloit. A very special thanks is given to all those who have made this possible through donations, hard work, and returning our Alumni Census Forms. Phi Psi has always thrived because of the genuine concern its members have given her, and I am happy to say this has not changed. Despite the increase of book prices and other academic expenses our GP, Ron Vlaskamp, still expects a 100% participation rate among donations made by undergraduate members. And so as this year comes to a close, Wisconsin Gamma can remain confident in its future and its members. Here's to another ONE HUNDRED years of Phi Psi at Beloit! Edmund G. Lowrie Correspondent Bowling Green IVIuch to Celebrate As Winter Quarter draws to an end, the Bowling Green Phi Psis reflect on a terrific quarter. During the quarter we initiated six new Brothers and four new Pledges. The new Brothers include Dan Dessum, a transfer from Ohio Eta; Steve Dentzer, Akron; Jim Dartt, Perrysburg; Matt Shanahan, Fremont; and Dave Ribet and Eric Geissler, both from Marion. Included in this winter's pledge class are Keith Ritterhouse, Urbana; Scott Hedden, Arcadia; John Fischer, Toledo; and Brian Rock, Bowling Green. This quarter's leadership has come from the outstanding officers elected Nov. 18: Keith Reinke, GP; Steve Curliss, VGP; Mike Bennett, P; Jeff Rowley, AG; Greg Moyer, BG; Reiner MeuUer, SG; Dick Smith, Hod; Chip Camiscione, Phu; and Ray Farley, Hi. Credit is also due to the hard working committee chairman. During the Founders' Day celebration the Chapter initiated two new chapter awards. The "Scott David Morrison Award" and the "Outstanding Alumni Award." The first award was named in honor of one of our seniors, Scott Morrison, and is awarded yearly to the Brother that best exemplifies the ideals of our Fraternity. The second award is given to an outstanding alumnus who gives unselfish work towards our Chapter to realize goals at Ohio Zeta. This year's recipient is our own Chapter Advisor, John Ulrich. Congratulations Scott and John! In conclusion a special congratulations goes to Brad Hanson for being selected as the new Captain Phi Psi, replacing senior Chris Geib. Chris created this green-caped crusader as a spirit booster for many of our activities. Jeff Rowley Correspondent Bucknell 50 Year Old House This second semester brought with it thirteen strong pledges: George Billings, Norrisburg; Tom Gertsner, Liverpool, N.Y.; Kerry Johnson, Wayne, Pa.; Dave Kenzie, Baltimore, Md.; Pete Matoon, Radnor, Pa.; Mike Scalzone, Millstone, N.J.; Craig Toland, Timonium, Md.; Mike Walmark, Westport, Ct.; Craig Waters, Carmel, N.Y. We are looking forward to what they promise will be a good Shipwreck. At the end of last semester we were in the lead for the Pangburn Intramural Trophy by a smau margin. Only one month into this semester that lead has been strengthened considerably with a strong showing in basketball. The social scene is in full swing with Friday cocktail parties and the upcoming Formats, Roman Orgy and Shipwreck. House Party promises to be the usual good time with the Phi Psi "500", band parties, and a cook-out. House Party is the weekend of May 8 & 9 and all alumni are welcome. Officers elected for this semester are Rob Mathai, President; Steve McFarland, Vice President; Doug Rotatori, Treasurer; Eddie Wannamaker, Corresponding Secretary. These officers along with those from last semester met with the Founder's last Feb. 16 and the meeting brought many forthcoming improvements to the house. The major improvements are in the form of new chairs for the dining room, new furniture for the living room and paint for the outside trim... all of which were badly needed and greatly appreciated on this the 50th anniversary of the house. We are looking forward to a great spring semester and as always, alumni are welcome. Eddie Wannamaker Correspondent May

74 Butler Housing Project Rolling The beginning of the semester saw the men of Indiana Zeta welcome fourteen new members into the Chapter. They are Robert Bailey, Plainville, CT.; Peter Brady, Indianpolls; John Brand, New Haven; J. Anthony Bushnell, Evansville; Stuart Jerris, New York; Paul Martin, Elk Grove Village, IL.; Darren Matthias and Charles Oei, Indianpolis; Kevin O'Shanghnessy, Pekin, IL.; Bruce Phillips, Sunbury, OH.; Brian Strautman, Aurora; James Sweeney, Cincinnati; Tim Tobias, Crown Point; and Darryl Wells, Bellbrook, OH. Pledge Trainer Jon Strautman led the ceremony in the Brothers Only Room at the National Headquarters. The Brothers are very excited with the prospects of getting a new house (see boxed insert below). Presently we are organizing several fund raisers, shopping for furniture, andfinalizing the house design. Socially, we have had at least one party with every Butler sorority. We have also begun the now famous, invitation only "kicker" socials. Future events include a social with the women's dorm and a pledge dance. Our philanthropy efforts have proved to be very rewarding. The Chapter hosted over fifty adoptive children, using the Butler gym for games and then treating them to dinner. We also won campus competitions for a blood drive and a canned-food drive. Scholarship continues to be a chapter strong point. Four members received a 4.0 g.p.a. Brian Lundeen was voted as the Chapter's nomination for outstanding student at Butler. In closing, Indiana Zeta would like to thank all of the alumni who have helped us this past year, especiauy with regard to our prospective new house. We also extend best wishes for a great 1981 to all the Brothers nationwide. Ralph W. Blessing Correspondent California Moving Up Having settled into our new house, we at California Gamma are eagerly awaiting spring quarter. We move into spring with six new Brothers: Craig Mickelson, Sunnyvale; Dave Shevick, Riverside; Todd Hirsch, Alamo; Jon Rosso, Berkeley; Jim Orr, San Diego; and Sean Collins, Walnut Creek. These most recent initiates are a very energetic and active part of Cal Gamma. As pledges these men compiled the third best grade point average of the 38 fraternities on campus. The Chapter as a whole was ranked an impressive fifth, with a commitment to try to improve. Athletically we hope to do as well in spring as we did in fall and winter. Cal Gamma enters the IFC Basketball Tournament ranked the number one fraternity team on campus. We are also gearing up to defend our swimming title, and establish competitive volleyball and softbau teams. Founders' Day was a tremendous success for California Gamma. With over 150 Ten years after receiving their charter, the men of Indiana Zeta are beginning construction on a permanent Chapter house in early April. The house will be built due in large part to a loan from Butler University. Move-in should be completed prior to the fall '81 semester. Throughout the past ten years the Brothers of Indiana Zeta have moved from a small, ramshackle house to the men's dorm and then to a tenman university owned lodge. Although numerous attempts have been made to build in the past, none had provided adequate funding to complete these endeavors. The new Chapter house will hold 38 Chapter members and a graduate assistant. The house will be two stories tall with a semi-completed third floor and will be located next to the Alpha Phi Sorority. We would appreciate any suggestion, questions or support from undergraduates or alumni concerning the new house. Address all inquires c/o Housing Chairman, Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, Box 9, Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana Brothers attending things were bound to turn out well. We would like to give special thanks to Ralph "Dud" Daniel for attending. His speech made our banquet all the more festive. Founders' Day was a tremendous celebration, but it does not mark the end of California's social calendar. After having our most successful social quarter in recent years, Cal Gamma looks ahead to an equally exciting spring quarter. Numerous exchanges and parties are planned including our always amazing Luau, which features an in house waterfall and several tons of sand. The officers elected to keep things rolling in the spring are GP, Jeff Polsky; VGP, Joe Jackson; P, Don Larson; AG, Mike Loscavio; BG, Rich Stanaro; SG, Brandon Baum; Hod, Mike Ward; Phu, Bob Gerstenberger; and Hi, Jeff Schrager. We would like to take this time to thank our alumni for all their support and enthusiasm. Through hard work and alumni support we have been able to make much needed house improvements. We extent an open invitation to all alumni (and all other Brothers for that matter) to drop by any time. Cal Gamma alumni are reminded to keep an eye out for our alumni newsletter. We will attempt to keep you informed of what is going on in the house, and highlight important dates to look for, such as the undergraduate-alumni softball game. With a revitalized committee system and rush program we look forward to a very exciting spring and fall. We would like to thank Gary Goldstein for his help as Chapter Advisor and his continued support and encouragement. Mike Loscans Correspondent California, Davis Growth Continues February 27th the Brothers of Cal Iota gathered formally at the elegant "Olympic Club" below San Francisco for our annual Winter formal. We celebrated the January initiation of 10 gentlemen, the pledging of 6 in February and the recent election of new officers. Our fine group of new brothers includes Mike Begovich, Josh Chariat, Alan Flandez, Bernard Handez, Greg Franco, Steve Garrett, Charlie Greer, Storm Jenkins, John- Paul Kozicki, and Barry Schaeffer. By the time this is printed we will have added February pledges Jim English, Tom Healy, Drew Peterson, John Schneider, Doug Smith, and Greg Stone to our membership roster. The chapter officers: Brett Holt, GP; Alan Flandez, VGP; John-Paul Kozicki, P; Josh Chariat, Asst. P; Doug Adamson, AG; Charlie Greer, Hi; and Storm Jenkins, Phu, got the ball rolling soon after the election. Our new president, Brett Holt led the Brothers enthusiastically through an ambitous Spring rush program, including a couple of cocktail parties, an Hawaiian bash with band, keg baseball, a champagne brunch, and a potluck. The rush results are not in at this time, but we feel very confident that our efforts will be rewarded with the pledging of many quality gentlemen. Plans for the Summer and next Fall include finding a house, working on establishing a local alumni organization, and running a rigorous Fall rush program. The Cal Iota Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi is now more vital than ever and our future looks Jacqueminot rosie! Doug Adamson Correspondent California, Los Angeles Celebration and Leadership CaUfornia Epsilon would once again like to take this opportunity to give our warmest regards to all in the Phi Psi family. The quarter began in celebration. On January 31, we were honored by the presence of Brothers representing fifty years of tradition. Some of our most respected Brothers were present at our 50th anniversary celebration. We began our celebration early that day at the Chapter house. Alumni mingled with undergraduates as they recaued many memories on their tours. Later that evening, the party moved to the Riviera Country Club where we enjoyed an evening of dining, dancing and speeches. The speeches were inspiring not only for the undergraduates, who received a firsthand history of the Chapter, but also for the alumni, who traveled back to their college day, recalling friendships and precious experiences. Especially touching was the speech by Bob Kerr, a charter member of the Chapter. In his speech he explained the foundation on which Cal Ep grew. The speeches contined with one speaker from each of Cal Ep's five decades. The evening was highlighted by an emotional round of "Come Back to Phi Psi", sung by the undergradu- 74 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

75 Cal lota shown in heavy deliberation. ates, after our current president, Jeff Lewis, spoke. Saturday night was a dual celebration; as we welcomed back alumni, we also welcomed a newly initiated group of Brothers. The previous evening eleven pledges were initiated into the halls of Phi Kappa Psi. Our new members are: Eric Bernd, San Diego; Don Bohay, Fountain Valley; George Brenseke. Thousand Oaks; Vincent Cameron, Gardena; Scott Delaplane, Beverly Hills; Joseph Huhn, Coronado; Laird Perkins, Rolling Hills; Robert Wallan, San Dimas; Kevin Wardrop, Torrance; and John Wasley, Orinda. On January 12, the Chapter held its bi-annual election. The newly elected officers are: Jeff Lewis, GP; Peter Pellizzon, VGP; John Fenady, AG; Thomas Reineke, BG; Thomas Middleton, P; Biff Hallin, SG; Kevin Clarke, HOD; Dave Byrd, PHU, and Craig Harison, HI. In keeping with the Phi Psi tradition of leadership, we are happy to say that Peter Reikes is among the top ranking school leaders. Peter, Chief Justice of the Interfraternity Council and Judicial Board, recognized not only in the house but on campus, is an important source of inspiration to the younger Brothers. Another leader is Brian Ten who was spearheaded a major UCLA community service program the Special Olympics for the mentally retarded. The Special Olympics is a nationwide effort to raise money to help mentally handicapped youths. Brian's selfless devotion has been constructive to the character building of our men. Another of our leaders is Mark Byrne. Mark was the chairman of UCLA's Greek Week. Mark and his committee raised well over ten thousand dollars for the American Heart and Lung Association. Another Phi Psi extrascholastic activity is intramurals. Phi Psi is presently ranked number one in UCLA's intramural competition. We participated in football, raquetball, and squash, and are now engaged in soccer, rugby and basketball. Spring sports will consist of waterpolo, baseball and track. The chapter also has members participating in May 1981 varsity sports. Louis Averill is on the gymnastics team, and Andy Center is UCLA's starting pitcher. Another constructive activity we participate in is Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is an annual carnival on the grounds of UCLA. It is a major fund raiser for Uni-Camp. Phil Schneider has already put in many hard hours of work organizing the building of our "House of Horrors". In the past our booth has been among the top ranking money raisers. Mardi Gras is a time when the entire Brotherhood pulls together and works side by side realizing that this is our opportunity to give what we can in thanks for what we have. Mardi Gras will be held on May 8, 9, 10, and is always a fun time. If any one is in Los Angeles, please come by and join in the festivities. John A. Fenady Correspondent California Poly Great Group of Pledges Greetings from sunny California. The gentlemen we installed as pledges on October 8, 1980, are now Brothers. Having the secrets of Phi Kappa Psi revealed to our 30th National Pledge Class on January 31, 1981 were: Patrick Martin McNerney, Jack Raymond Holke, Nicholas Gustof Rooth, Christopher John Gentile, Daniel Joseph Hayes, Andrew Thomas Gentile, George Jeffrey Adam, and Paul Eugene Niday. Athletically, for the Cal Etans, things are going as usual. The football season saw us reach the playoffs for the fourth consecutive year. We ended our basketball season undefeated, and are waiting for the playoffs to start. Spring quarter elections proved quite rewarding. Jim Tracy advanced from VGP to GP. Succeeding him is Lane Curtis, our past P. Rounding out the cabinet are: P, Jeff Marrs; AG, Doug Morrisey; BG, John Hansen; Hi, Kevin Fox; Hod, John Swanstrom; Phu, Teo ZeoUa; Social, Chuck Hall; and Pledge Educator to the 31st National, Jim Field. Installed as pledges, on March 4, 1981, making up the 31st National Pledge Class were: David Henry Baugher, Douglas Lee Blankenship, Peter Jonathon Bowman, Michael Robert Boyer, Mark Alan Chase, Timothy Brian Gill, Steven Wayne Goby, Roger Greggs, Reid Gordon Goldenstein, Gregory Martin Heiss, Jonathon Mathew Hermle, Craig Anthony Janzen, Jay Stewart Johnson, Robert Alan Layne, Stuart Mills Lee, Johathon Sebald Monfort, Jeffrey Paul Murdy, Richard James Regan, Mark Alan Troth, William Howard Wayne, Gregory Ansel Wolff, and Jeffrey John Zoria. This is the biggest pledge class Cal Eta has installed since the 16th National in Highlighting the spring calendar this year will be the 6th Annual Phi Psi Easter Egg Cal Eta's 30th National Pledge Class, after their January 31 initiation. 75

76 Moving? 0) CT CD 3" CD CD O 0> Q> u. O Q. 3^ ^ mai ing ess cha 3 CO CD "D CD 0} 0) CD Q} 5-01:02 O T5.. ^ CD CO"n CD. Please notify us In advance CO 0> (D N 5' O )S z <D (0> (D Q- (A Z 3 (D o fi> T3 (D Hunt, the 2nd Annual Royal Run, Cal Poly's Poly Royal, Greek Week '81, and the initiation of 3Ist National. The Cal Eta's will be ready to defend our Crew Race and Chariot titles during Greek Week. Cal Poly's open house. Poly Royal, is April 24th and 25th and Greek Week is the first week in May. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood. Douglas D. Morrisey Correspondent Cal State Northridge Moving Forward As we begin our spring semester, we look back on one of our most successful and eventful semesters in Cal Theta's history. Twenty-one men were initiated in November: James Aamoth, Michael Alcalay, Howard Borenstein, Tim Bower, Paul Cohen, Kirby Furlong, Joseph Gonzales, Damon Grate, Robert Haney, Mark Kappico, Myles Koplow, Jeffery Maltzman, David Mann, Joseph Pavone, Michael Reek, Danny Rosen, David Smith, Michael Springer, Gary Stark, Michael Uberstine, and Dean Woo. Also a great deal of credit should be given to Michael Epler for his tremendous efforts as Fall Fundraising Chairman. Over $1600 was raised this Fall. Our Spring semester has already started out with a lot of excitement. Under the new leadership of GP Ken Kottenbach and VGP John Tostado, we installed fifteen pledges (our largest ever for a Spring pledge class). Our athletic program has been greatly improved with the addition of our new initiates and the Spring pledge class. This semester a new pastime has come to Cal Theta... billiards. On almost any night a small group can be seen in our garage huddled around watching Cal Theta's greatest "pool sharks" battle it out on the felt. Coming up this semester will be our 14th annual Phi Psi "500" to be held on April 10th. AU of the proceeds from our "500" will be donated to the American Diabetes Association. This will be the first time the "500" will be held at our new location. Many new and unusual obstacles are being added to the race track. In conclusion, our Chapter appears to be one of the fastest growing on campus. After just one year, we have almost doubled our undergraduate membership. Our theme for this year is "The One in Eighty-One", which means we intend to shoot for the number one position on campus. Brian C. Sharaga Correspondent Case Western Reserve 75th Anniversary Winter's wicked winds subside to surliness; snarling skies are subdued to slategray silence. Snow becomes slush, and suddenly a glimmer of green whispers the promise of renewed life. Spring semester seems the proper time to begin a pledge class; the mood of the season is hopeful and full of expectation. As seeds are planted with thoughts of the harvest, so men are called to accept the challenge of becoming Brothers of Phi Kappa Psi. Though seedlings may struggle against the elements, they grow and flourish if tended well. Carefully nurtured, pledges overcome many obstacles as they progress towards Brotherhood. This spring's pledge class is under the care of pledgemaster Monte Nagy and pledge educator Mark Peters, and consists of: Jeff Bierce, Marion; Greg Blanck, Baldwin, N.Y.; Mark Glogowski, Mansfield; Tom Duchar (Secretary), West Mifflin, PA; Dana Mehnert (President), AUiance; Bob Oswald, Mount Orab; Gary Powers, Glenview, IL; Dave Samuels, Newton, MA; Mike Shatz, Canton, MA; Gregg Sheldon, Gelen Rock, NJ; Chip Shew, Massilon; Dave Steppan, Lawrence, NY; Dennis Youn, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI; and Jeff Vekony, Toledo. These fourteen men possess a spirit and enthusiasm that is refreshing and promising indeed. The spirit of several Brothers will be felt this spring as they move into positions of leadership within the Chapter. Ohio Epsilon's new officers are: Bob Antenucci, GP; Jim Csonka, VGP; Mark Peters, BG; Dave Gondek, Hod; Jae Cho, Phu; Howard Aube, Hi; and Jeff Riskin, SG. Phi Psis have done well in CWRU intramurals this semester. Eric Bright and Marc Pinotti emerged from racquetball competition with second place in doubles; third place in bowling tournament play was taken by the Phi Psi team. The Chapter looks forward to intramural softball and especiauy to Greek Week as the Cleveland climate thaws. As in the past, the Chapter is involved in volunteer work at Margaret Wagner House of University Hospitals; this semester, the pledges will be participating for their community service project. Congratulations are in order for Barrett J. Fuhrmann, '77, and the former Rhonda Jean Riffle, who wed on March twenty-first. May Barry and Rhonda enjoy many happy years together! The banquet celebrating Founders' Day and Ohio Epsilon's seventy-fifth anniversary was held in Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum on February twenty-first. Put on by the Chapter and the Cleveland Alumni Association, the event was truly memorable. Superb dining amid vintage automobiles and with excellent company including distinguished guests John R. Donnell and John R. Donnell, Jr. made the evening a grand occasion. Hearty thanks are extended to all who attended to share our Brotherhood. This semester marks the passage of eight Brothers from undergraduate to alumnus status in Phi Kappa Psi; Eric Bright, Jerry Drda, Gerry Hallahan, Alejandro Jiminez, Joe Kang (outstanding senior), Bernie Mc Cafferty, Keith Smith, and Andy Steurer (outstanding senior) will graduate from CWRU this May. Although the years and miles may separate us from Ohio Epsilon Chapter, our Brotherhood in Phi Kappa Psi will remain... our strong band can ne'er be broken, formed in old Phi Psi. HI! HI! HI! Jerry Drda Correspondent Colgate "5 Days of Phi Psi" Spring semester has been an active one for New York Epsilon during January Special Studies period. The Brotherhood was a 76 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

77 leader in campus activities. One of the successful events sponsored by the Brotherhood under the new regime of President Jon Shames, was our campus-wide charity function "Five Days of Phi Psi" Under the guidance of charity function chairmen Chuck Gary, '83, Burnie Resnick, '83 and Joe Chadditz, '82 the Five Days of Phi Psi completed many activities resulting in a sizeable donation to local charities. Opening the Five Day celebration was a bond fire rally proceeding a crucial Colgate Dartmouth basketball game. Incidentally, New York Epsilon boasts Colgate 6'10" center Chuck Gary. One of the most popular events was a casino night held in Bartons Hall under the leadership of Chip Henson, '81 and Pete Easton, '81. Despite heavy snow fall which threatened cancellation, a semi-formal dance under the direction of Joe Dipola, '83 and Chris Bergmann, '83 was a great success. Music was provided by a band from Syracuse. House manager Jeff Hatcher, '83 did a great job in getting the house whipped into shape. The spirit at Phi Psi grows daily with active participation in a broad range of campus activities. Paul Nuti will be leaving early for varsity baseball practice in Virginia during Spring break. Other areas of participation include varsity basketball, wrestling and soccer, the Colgate News, the Maroon, the Colgate Harlequin, debate, the Student Pub, and the Senate. Needless to say rush went as well as expected and a sophomore pledge has already been initiated due to extenuating circumstances. The Governing Board of New York Epsilon: Jon Shames, Chris Bergmann, Jeff Hatcher and Mick CosteUanos send their best Fraternal regards to all Phi Psis nationwide. We hope the alumni will be able to attend the upcoming May Jam festival in late April. Joseph A. Berlinger Correspondent Colorado Spring Thaw After a surprisingly mild winter, the brothers of Colorado Alpha again prepare for Springtime in the Rockies. The highlight of our winter activities had to be Founders' Day, celebrated at Rolling Hills Country Club, Golden Colorado. It was the largest local gathering of Phi Psi undergraduates and alumni in recent years. Alumni Director "BifF' Baldry, Colorado '59, deserves a special thanks for his part in this year's festivities. Colorado Alpha is proud to announce that three new pledges have begun the arduous but rewarding Pledge Training program. They are: Christopher Butler, New York City; Mark Butler, Syracuse, NY; and Mike White, Los Angeles, CA. We welcome these young men to the Brotherhood of Phi Kappa Psi. As usual, our early Spring social calendar has been a crowded one, capped by a campus wide "Mad Hatter" party that has promise of becoming an annual Colorado Alpha tradition. On the sports front, our Basketball team, league champs last season, has fallen in its first two games but the season is a long one and Coach Hogle has promised we will show up for every game. With a full house and a vigorous schedule under GP Phil Odell, Colorado '79, Spring gives promise of following in the Colorado Alpha and Phi Kappa Psi tradition of excellence as a way of life. J. Thomas Hogle Correspondent Columbia Big Plans for Spring All the Brothers here at New York Gamma send out a hale and hearty "Hello!" to our fellow Phi Psis. We're happy to report that Chapter alumni generously contributed $950 in our last fundraiser towards our goal of $40,000. That was the figure cited by a contractor as an estimate of the cost of rewiring, and of repairing the plumbing. We thank those who were able to help out and encourage other New York Gamma alumni to follow their lead. These repairs are desperately needed! All the Brothers hope to put in a good showing at the upcoming Spring Block Party '81. A good time was had by all at last year's party, which is part of tradition of fraternitysponsored block parties here at Columbia. Social Chairman Brian Doherty is organizing the Chapter's booth at the upcoming campus crafts fair. As Gamma has a long and proud tradition of artistic abuity amongst its members, all involved are very optomistic about the prospect of a highly successful Gamma exhibit. Marco de Sa e Silva Correspondent Cornell Alive and Kicking Through the relentless efforts of Rush Chairman Doug Kirk, New York Alpha began its spring semester with 22 outstanding new pledges. They are: Sophomores Gregory Chapkowski, Edison, NJ; Scott DowdeU, Olean; David Hicks, Port Jervis; Angel Milanes, West New York, NJ; John Skinner, Willingboro, NJ; and freshmen Robert Stiles, Providence, Rl; Craig Clickenger, Springfield, NJ; Joseph Culler, West Hartford, CN; Gregory DiLisio, Chester, VT; Stephen Gesell, North Caldwell, NJ; Joseph Kabel, State College, PA; David Kaptein, Clifton, NJ; Thomas Knight, Bethlehem, PA; Robert Keeshock, Clifton, NJ; Daniel Mahoney, Schenectady; Philip Seaman, Crown Point, IN; Peter Shalvoy, Ridgewood, NJ; William Sherbon, Lansing; James Taschetta, Wakefield, MA; M. Brooks Turkel, Yardley, PA; John Wasserbauer, Lakewood, OH; and Marc Weinstein, Pittsburgh, PA. Pledgemaster David Winterling has done an admirable job of uniting the pledges in such activites as Frankel Cup Sports (pledges vs. the Brotherhood) and various big brother-little brother projects. A fau initiation is planned. Duncan Scott, GP, has brought enthusiastic progress to the Chapter this semester, ably aided by Dave Pace, VGP; Steve Spokane, P; Hans Bauer, AG; Jim Gast, BG; Dave Winterling, SG; Steve Hammer, Hod; Ed Kleppe, Phu; and Scott Heiser, Hi. As is said and substantiated every year, this year's Phi Psi "500" promises to be the most exciting and successful ever. Under the direction of "500" Chairman Scott Heiser, the Chapter hopes to raise over $10,000 for the Special Children's Center, which serves many handicapped children in the Ithaca area. The race is planned for Saturday, May 9, to be followed by the "500 Party," featuring "Dakota," later that evening in Barton Hall. The rain date is May 10. Ken Johnson, House Manager, has kept the house in excellent condition all semester. Improvements have included a new dining room floor, reupholstered living room furniture, and storm windows and new door frames for the entire house. The social calendar has always been busy, with Jim Latshaw and Mike Feit at the helm. A pajama party with Kappa Delta, our annual "Purple Passion" party with Pi Phi, and a formal gathering at the Ithaca College Towers highlighted a semester of date nights, theme parties, happy hours, and "Fluids." With Hank Camuso as Intramural Chairman, New York Alpha is again right in the thick of things in the race for the coveted All-Sports Trophy. Valuable points have yet to be awarded in bowling, track, volleyball, softball, and lacrosse, all very strong sports for Phi Psi. In an extramural event in February, Dave Clark, Ron Rejda, Keith Wilson, Dave Pace, Paul Tomiczek, and Doug Kirk took sixth place in the annual 24-mile Yukon Jack Snowshoe Race, edging out Delta Tau Delta and Sigma Nu to place second among Cornell teams. As always. Phi Kappa Psi is alive and kicking at CorneU. Hans H. Bauer Correspondent Creighton Newsletter not received. DePauw Anticipating Little "500" As spring begins to peek through the ominous clouds in Indiana, we here at Indiana Alpha reflect upon an exciting past year. The highlight, as all Brothers know, was the initiation of 15 new Brothers on February 14. Initiated were Rob Britigan, Kalamazoo, MI; Andy Burns, West Lafayette; Paul Geyer, Oklahoma City, OK; Tom Gibson, Cincinnati, OH; Scott Kuiper, Louisville, KY; Jack Letts, Shawnee Mission, KA; Pat Moody, Hobart; Rick Mott, Minnetonka, MN; Tom Noonan, Springfield, IL; Dave Reidy, Lake Bluff, IL; Joe Rohs, Springfield, IL; Mike Wallace, Warsaw; Steve Walters, North Olmsted, OH; Jeff Westhoven, Naples, FL; and Kurt Voigt, West Lafayette. The presence of many of our alumni Brothers enhanced that fine day. The Phi Psis of DePauw have also been very active in sports. In addition to having several Brothers on varsity teams we are currently in first place in intramurals. In addition to sports, our scholastics have been outstanding. We placed second in scholarship for all fraternities on campus last May

78 semester. Four Brothers were also initiated into the esteemed order of Phi Beta Kappa. These were seniors Jeff Conner, Jeff Flynn and Randy Pavlick, plus junior Tom Dugan. Jeff Flynn was also honored with the chapter's Solon E. Summerfield award. Indiana Alpha recently partook in a Chaplain's Living Unit Council work project. This consisted of an overnight at Pine Creek Church Camp in northern Indiana. The work mainly involved lumberjacking and was a very big success. We've recently thrown some very successful house parties. The largest was our Christmas Formal where the pledges spent over 400 man hours decorating the house. Working together to build a beautiful waterfall down the front stairs and a fish pond with a fountain, they managed to build some strong Fraternal ties which will never be broken. We also threw a New Orleans party in which senior Eric Hynden and his date won an all expense paid trip to New Orleans. We are presently anticipating our famous "Little 500" week coming in April which should prove to be a great success. Twelve members of Indiana Alpha recently attended the annual Founders' Day dinner in Indianapolis. We got together with our other Indiana brothers and enjoyed a very memorable evening. Subsequent to the initiation of our 15 new Brothers was the election of our new officers. The position alterations include Todd Roberson, GP; Frank Roberts, VGP; Erik Hafkey, P; Rick Mott, AG; Jeff Westhoven, BG; Andy Burns, SG; Pat Moody, Hod; Duarte DaSilveira, Phu; and Paul Geyer, Hi. In addition to our Chapter elections. Rick Mott was recently elected to the student senate. Our alumni have continued to show outstandingfinancialand leadership support for our Chapter. In addition to our Home Corp. making much needed repairs on the "of Rock Pile" our Parents Club recently bought us a foosball table. Winter here at Indiana Alpha has been very memorable and we eagerly anticipate an exciting Spring. Good luck, brothers, in all your endeavors. Rick Mott Correspondent Dickinson Cooperation Greetings, once again, from all the brothers at Penn Zeta. I should mention that we are following a modified pledge program reached in agreement with the Interfraternity Council and the administrators of Dickinson CoUege. This is just one example which proves that resolutions can be reached between fraternities and the adrriinistration. This year, it can be said that Penn Zeta has become significantly involved with affairs in and around CarUsle and has participated in campus-wide events. Fortunately, the administration of Dickinson CoUege has become increasingly aware of the fact that fraternities here do have a purpose to serve, and Phi Kappa Psi is no exception. Much of this enthusiasm can be ascribed to the seventeen pledges who are also involved with Fraternity activities. Under the guidance of Bill Schoener, our pledgemaster, the pledges have been able to experience much of the traditional pledge program of Penn Zeta in accord with new regulations. Those pledging are: Philip M. Bleezarde, Williamstown, MA; Andrew J. Bloom, Edison, NJ; Scott H. Colby, Birdsboro; Kevin Conti, Mt. Laurel, NJ; Craig E. Eaton, Mechanicsburg; James B. Edson, Cheshire, CT; William J. Fisher, Rosemont; David B. Frengel, Harrisburg; Thomas H. Gerber, Swarthmore; Kenneth S. Greenblatt, Vineland, NJ; David S. Isaac, Briarcliff Manor, NY; Matthew H. Katz, Potomac, MD; Andrew J. Kressley, Allentown; Frederic I. Lasday, New Castle; William B. Newman, Madison, NJ; Frederick S. Paradise, Parsippany, NJ; and Michael R. Stein, Williamsport. It is worth mentioning that two of the pledges, Craig Eaton and Mike Stein, have older brothers who are members of Penn Zeta. John Newcomer was elected as the Pledge Liaison, a new position that both the Fraternity and college agreed upon to assist the pledges with their academics and Fraternity education. Just like last year. Founders' Day was celebrated with a beach party, and it was a success. Seven tons of sand, beach chairs and umbrellas, a lighthouse, a pier, and steamed clams turned our social floor into a beach which the Brothers claimed to be as good as Atlantic City's or Miami's. All of the recently elected officers have been busy at work trying to do their best. The new officers are: Rich Biletta, GP; Jeff Eaton, VGP; Steve Lowry, P; Scott Silverwood, AG; Andy Don, BG; Doug Ewertsen, Phu; Eric DuU, Hod; and Dave Parish, Hi. Working just as hard are Stu Fisher and Doug Ewertsen, the Social Chairmen. Good luck to all of you with your duties. Phi Psi athletes have played a key role in Dickinson athletics. On the varsity level are Scott McFarland and one of our pledges, Fred Paradise, who had a successful season of basketball. In ice hockey, Penn Zeta boasts Hugh Coxe, coach of the team. A cluster of brothers and pledges are also competing in swimming, cross-country, lacrosse, baseball, tennis, and golf Keep up the hard work, gentlemen. In conclusion, Penn Zeta would be honored if you could come visit us during the academic year. We offer true hospitality and would like to challenge you to a game of fussball which was recently purchased. Scott D. Silverwood Correspondent Duke Trial by Jury The Spring semester began on a positive note for North Carolina Alpha with the addition of seventeen pledges: Ben Bonifant. Silver Spring, MD; Dave Bradley, Minneapolis, MN; Bill Brennock, Gainesville, FL; Will Carrington, Durham; Keith Coleman, Vineland, NJ; Mike Gritton, Louisville, KY; Dan Hipps Nashville, TN; Doug Horner, Charlotte; Bill Hunt, Cambridge, MA; John Janka, Moorestown, NJ; Paul Lohrey, Baltimore, MD; Ed Mc- Iver, Atlanta, GA; Scott Oates, Laguna Beach, CA; Doug Peterson, Mequon, WI; Scott Picker, Kew Gardens, NY; Tod Shur, Silver Spring, MD; and Chip Wendler, Phoenix, MD. Rush Chairmen Bill Haynes and Rob Slade are to be commended for their effort in netting this strong pledge class, which includes a first for the Chapter: Tod Shur is the first man under five feet tall ever td' pledge Phi Psi at Duke, The future of on-campus housing for Fraternities appears uncertain at present. A plan currently under consideration would seek to redistribute selective housing more evenly among the various residential areas. However, under any of the criteria thus far proposed. Phi Kappa Psi would appear likely to retain its excellent location on the Main Quad of West Campus. The officers serving in the spring semester are: Charles Bobrinskoy, GP; Doug Stanford, VGP; Steve Parman, AG; Bob Beckler, BG; Kurt Uphoff, P; John Tyson, SG; Pete Groth, Hod; Forrest Howse, Hi; and Paul Stillwell, Phu. Charles Bobrinskoy had the opportunity to preserve and expand the burgeoning Phi Psi tradition of legal expertise in the office of President. In a stirring courtroom performance, Bobrinskoy reached new heights of eloquence and mendacity. Autographed "briefs" are available upon request. On the athletic scene, IM chairman Wally Mensinger continues to lead the Phi Psi efforts, both by example and by sheer force of intimidation. Of particular note has been the emergence of the "Raging Bulls," Phi Psi's contribution to the sport of boxing at Duke. Our social calendar this semester is highlighted by a Jack Daniel's Birthday Party, the Pledge Formal at the Villa Teo in Chapel HiU, and of course, the spring trek to Myrtle Beach. Some things never change. Steven D. Parman Correspondent Eastern New Mexico Regaining Strength New Mexico Alpha has been busily regaining strength. The Chapter initiated two new pledges on December 6, Samuel Alpha Wheeler III, of Eureka, California, and Douglas J. Swanson, of Chatsworth, California, were welcomed into our group with badge numbers 134 and 135, respectively. Both are freshmen here at Eastern. Mr. Wheeler is majoring in Marketing and minoring in Military Science, while Mr. Swanson is majoring in Radio/TV Communications. The results of our semester elections are as follows: Ray Burguess, GP; Gary Oty, VGP; Doug Swanson, AG; Sam Wheeler, BG; Steve Yardman, P; Doug Swanson, SG; Sam Wheeler, Hod; Al HiU, Phu; and Gary Oty, Hi. We are proud to announce the resuus of our spring rush. Roger Kilgore, of Eureka, California, and Robert Baran, of Los Alimos have chosen to pledge Phi Kappa Psi. We congratulate them, and we know they will be fine additions to our group. The annual Phi Psi Free-Lei was held February 6th. For this annual event, the house was decorated hawaiian style with ferns, flowers, and tropical fruit. A very 78 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

79 unusual fruit punch was served to the crowd, who were all dressed in beach-going attire. It turned out to be a very enjoyable evening. Our Founders' Day celebration was held February 21st. An enjoyable evening of dinner, drinks, and dancing was had by all. We regret that more of our alumni were not with us to enjoy this special night. The Phi Psi Student League Bowling team is continuing its winning ways, as is our Racquetball team. We find that, despite our small size, we can compete very well against chapters many times larger than ourselves. We would like to congratulate Brothers Gary Oty and Al HiU on their acceptance into the Phi Kappa Phi Scholastic Honor Society. Unfortunately for our Chapter, we are losing many fine members to graduation. Ronald Darling graduated last semester, and Gary Oty will be leaving us this spring. Both of these Brothers will be sorely missed. We wish them well. As we pass the half way point in this crucial semester at New Mexico Alpha, we would once again like to thank some of our alumni who have been especially helpful to us. Robert Keller, U.C.L.A. '45. Dr. Jack Secor, E.N.M.U. '69, and Al HiU, E.N.M.U. '72; all the Brothers here at New Mexico thank you very much for all your assistance. There are several events left to go before we all take off for the summer. Our Bacchanalia (toga party) will be held in March, followed by Phandango and a Chapter road trip later in the semester. All of us are very proud of the growth our Chapter has shown this semester. As we look forward with anticipation, we look back on a very happy and productive year. D. Swanson Correspondent Florida Espirit de Corps Winter quarter, a notorious time for poor rushing, proved to be very successful for Florida Beta. With the rush events planned by Jeffery Spitzer, and a helping hand by all the Brothers, we were able to pledge more men than the niajority of other fraternities on campus. Our smokers included Bourbon Street, games nite, and a Snowed Inn party. We are proud to welcome the following men to the '81 winter pledge class: David Berringer, Hollywood; Ian Jones, Seminole; John Sabin, Clearwater; Irvin Smith, Orlando; and Mike Turner, Sarasota. They are under the guidance of Pledge Educator Joseph Russo, and they are working hard to complete their requirements before spring vacation. The brothers of Florida Beta wish to congratulate our six high-spirited initiates. They are: Wesley Dunn, Ormond Beach; David Branch, Merritt Island; Joseph Nordmann, Daytona Beach; Thomas Harris, Delray Beach; Scott Morgan, Plantation; and Scott Clinton, North Palm Beach. They have proved to be tremendous assets to the Chapter, and we are confident that they will uphold the high values of Phi Kappa Psi. Our annual retreat, arranged by Brothers Wood and Elzey, rekindled Brotherhood among old and new members. Firecracker raids, football games, pledge skits, and spaghetti fights helped to release academic tensions; as well as, a little pledge/brother rivalry. The retreat also served as a time for the organization of the chapter's calendar for the winter months. We were glad to resume classes so that we could rest up from our weekend. The winter pledges have amazed the Brothers with the pledge dinner cuisine. Never before have so many, been so disgusted, by so much, cooked by so few. Although the meals were close to unpalatable, we recognize their efforts and commend them on their wholehearted attempt. This year's Founders' Day symbolized the pride that we hold in Phi Kappa Psi. Our weekend began on Friday with a casual barbecue, where we entertained parents and alumni. Saturday's events were highlighted by our formal celebration of Founders' Day. Dr. Goodale, Dean of Student Affairs at the University of Florida, gave an impressive speech on Brotherhood at the banquet. The weekend closed with an Open House for all family and friends. We wish to congratulate Phi Psi for another birthday, and thank the alumni that shared this festive time with us. The dauntless men of our soccer team have viciously subdued all their opponents, and now face the finals in intramural competition. With the splendid goal-keeping of Glen Winograd and the fleetness of James Wood, we have proven ourselves to be champions of the Blue Division in intramural sports. The tradition of a strong Phi Psi soccer team grows yearly as we continue to defeat our rivals. Thomas Harris has accepted the vital role of Rush Chairman for the spring quarter. Another Bourbon Street night, Jimmy Buffett, and raw bar nite have been chosen as possible themes for rush week. Excitement grows daily as spring nears, an excitement we hope to share with spring rushees. To date, our social calendar includes socials and happy hours with Sigma Kappa, Phi Mu, and Kappa Delta. Brother Gates is doing and excellent job in maintaining Florida Beta as a social contender. Bruce Field isfinishingthe final preparations for this year's rendition of the Phi Psi "500" We expect some 50 teams to compete in our scooter race. The "500" has become a major service function at the U. of F. and this year's turnout is expected to be greater than ever. We urgently request assistance from our Brothers. During the last weekend in February, we journeyed to the beach, and our Brothers and pledges have acquired painful cases of sunburn. Any home remedies are much appreciated. The officers of Florida Beta are: GP, John Creswell; VGP, Craig Braun; P, Christopher Carey; AG, Andrew Houtz; BG, James Wood; SG, Jeffrey Spitzer; Hod, David Hines; Phu, Bruce Field; and Hi, Joseph Russo. Special recognition goes to our winner of the Solon E. Summerfield award Steven Birchett. ^n^rew W. Houtz Correspondent Franklin and Marshall On The Move As spring moves closer here at F&M, so does the initiation of our fall 1980 pledge class. The four pledges are: Scott Christern, Alpine, NJ; Geof Dunham, Melville, NJ; Bill Farrand, Long Valley, NJ; and Robert Gryce, Montclair, NJ. All of us look forward to accepting these fine pledges into our Chapter. Leading us into our spring semester are our newly elected officers: John Brown, GP; Lew Bryson, VGP; Skip Soulier, P; Larry Tighe, AG; David Abernethy, BG; Scott Fasnacht, SG; Tom Curtin, Hod; John Franzese, Phu; Scott Russell, Hi; and Eric NoU, Rush. Since the livelihood of any Chapter rests on the involvement of it's alumni, we have made an effort to reach out to our alumni through our newsletter, THE RECORD. Written by Brothers Brown, Fasnacht, and Russell, THE RECORD contains information about our Chapter, our alumni, and our college. So far, we have gotten a positive response from those Brothers that have received the newsletter, and we are looking forward to hearing from the rest. Another project, involving alumni, was the forming of a Housing Corporation under the assistance of Grover Holder, '41. Brothers Brown, Cunningham, and Russell were present when the corporation was signed into existence. Now we can direct our efforts towards obtaining the necessary funds for a new Penn Eta home! With the steady growth that we have experienced over the last year we go into this spring looking for several good pledges. Under our Rush Chairman, Eric Noll, it looks as if we shau meet our expectation, for the spring, but only through hard work. With impending initiation, our four pledges will be participating in the traditional Brothers/Pledges football game. This year's game should prove to be the Brotherhood's best in years, for with the passing of L. Tighe, the receiving of S. Fasnacht, the blocking of J. Franzese, and of course, the running of E. Harris, the pledges won't have a chance! Several other activities such as. Big Brother/Pledge basketball game, a semiformal, and several road trips have tentatively been scheduled for late spring. Our congratulations go out to Lew Bryson, our Summerfield award winner. It just goes to show that anything is possible! Also, we would like to wish our graduating Brothers the best of luck and happiness in the future. These Brothers are: John Brown, Lewis Bryson, Robin Cochrane, Richard Gessner, and David Nalle. Thank you Brothers! In closing, we at Penn Eta wish to thank our alumni for their support this past year and we are looking forward to their support in the future. Laurence B. Tighe Correspondent Georgia Newsletter not received. May 19f!^ 79

80 Gettysburg Captures Sports Trophies Pennsylvania Epsilon is very proud to report the retiring of both the All Sports and Major Sports intramural trophies. The last time a Gettysburg Chapter won the All Sports trophy was in Both trophies have never been won in the same year by Phi Psi at Gettysburg. We competed against ten other fraternities and several other independent teams. Officers elected for second semester are: Richard Kunkle, GP; Andrew Katz, VGP; Robert Neducsin, P; Harlan Daubert, AG; Michael Winter, BG; Richard Chambers, SG; Joseph Brown, Hod; Tom O'Rourke, Phu; and Andrew Patton, Hi. We also have completed a very successful rush program under the co-chairmanship of Edward Partenope and James Blodgett. Nineteen freshmen took on the title of pledge. They are: Louis Chiarlanza, Elkins Park; Joseph Conti, Hawthorne, NJ; David Crandall, Jr., Darien, CT; Andrew Dickinson, Avon, CT; James Erickson, Northbrook, IL; Christopher Finn, Bronxville, NY; Todd Klafehn, Hamlin, NY; John Lauri, Commack, NY; Dane Lynn, Stamford, CT; John Maney, Albany, NY; James Marino, Dix Hills, NY; Kirk O'Connell, Blue Bell; Charles John Poliero, Haddonfield, NJ; John Regan, Montville, NJ; David Sautter, Jr., Newtown Square; Ray Scott Schoner, Maplewood, NJ; Joseph Silhavy, Easton, CT; Roger Thoet, Garden City, NY; James Watts, Colts Neck, NJ. In % of the freshmen pledged fraternities at Gettysburg, however, this year only 63.0% of the freshmen pledged. We are not certain of the reasons for the decline, but surmise that a change in rush rules may have been the reason. Our philathropy committee is presently working on plans for a community spaghetti dinner to be held at the house. We have also looked into the possibility of starting a Phi Psi "500" here at Gettysburg. Any suggestions from Chapters with the "500" would be appreciated. Upcoming social events include a Sweetheart pledge formal in April. Alumni news includes the 126th Anniversary Alumni Weekend on April The Brothers are also looking forward to and preparing for the 100th Anniversary celebration of the building of Miller Hall in the spring of This will be held in conjunction with the 150th Anniversary of Gettysburg College. We are very proud of Miller HaU and invite all Brothers to come and see this Phi Psi monument. Any brother will be happy to give you a tour. The building is important to the Fraternity and is a very worthwhile visit. Finally, the Brotherhood of Penn Epsilon wish our Brothers everywhere a happy and successful semester. Harlan B. Daubert Correspondent Illinois The '80's Belong to Phi Psis There's a saying here at the U of I that the '80's belong to the luini. Well, it's designed for our improved football and great basketball teams, but Illinois Delta thinks it holds true for us as well. The semester's initiation put our Chapter roll over Our 13 new Brothers are Bill Schuler, Olympia Fields; Tom Broeren, Champaign; Dan Kelley, Glenview; Jeff Kenyon, VUla Park; Jeff Keck, O'Fallon; Jack O'Donnel, Glenview; Joe Ruggiero, Evergreen Park; Bill Hamrick, Champaign; Mark Picchiotti, Park Ridge; Mike Hanratty, Champaign; Larry Smith, Quincy; Brian Wexler, Skokie; and Ted Breckenfelder, Elmhurst. These men are a fine addition to our Brotherhood thanks to the fine work of Pledge Trainer Joe Scarpelli. The Chapter has run smoothly thanks to the leadership of our fine house officers: Steve Nielslawski, GP; Bill Corry, VGP; Nick Kokoris, External VGP; Ron Davies, P; Dave Wesolowski, AG; Drew Bernabie, BG; Paul Kilgallon, SG; Joe Hudgins, Hod; John Picchiotti, Hi; and Dave Nettleton, Phu. Here at Illinois, we believe our Chapter has added a new dimension to the words social fraternity. When Jim McNichols was elected Social Chairman we expected something different.. a lot of fun, but different. So far, we've been Iranian Hostages with Phi Mu's, International spies with Alpha Chi Omega, and The Love Boat crew with Alpha Delta Pi. Our last exchange is with Alpha Gamma Delta. What's next? Who knows? Wefinishedlast semester with a psuedo-barn dance in exciting Philo, IL; and our 1984 Pledge Class had their pledge dance 'Middle Earth'-it was a riot, but we're not going to make a Hobbit of it. This semester we had our infamous PJ party with Jimmy Jones kuler punch and a new twist, a champagne breakfast. Still to come is our entising Spring Formal which is always great fun. Our Spring Pledge Class of '84 currently has 9 members: Tom Bahn, Staunton; Mike Blueher, Villa Park; Mark Ebbeling, Aurora; Dan Hartnett, Chicago; Tom Kay, Oak Park; Andy Mansel, Chicago; Dan Rudd, Deerfield; Reid Tennant, Rockford; and Steve King, Bloomington. These pledges have proven themselves so far, and under Pledge Trainer Randy Conte's guidance they should hopefully make great Brothers. At the eight week mark of the semester the Chapter initiated the following six Brothers; Dave Baecklandt, Chicago; Andy Corcoran, Hinsdale; Dean Dalesandro, Addison; Brian Kernan, Park Ridge; Bob Kane, Palantine; and Paul Raymond, Barrington. The Chapter is proud to welcome these fine men to our Brotherhood. Sports are an intricate part of Illinois Delta and of course we have our share of winners more, lately, than usual. Our waterpolo team captured the Fraternity Blue Divii Psi Authors If you've written a book, the Fraternity Headquarters would be honored to receive a copy, autographed if possible, for inclusion in the Woodrow Wilson Library of Heritage Hall. Our library of books by and about Phi Psis can only grow with your help. Also, we would like to include from time to time a SHIELD column devoted to Phi Psi authors and their recent work. Titles, author and publication information, and brief reviews of 100 words or less will be printed. Submissions may be made to the Fraternity Headquarters. 80 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

81 sion championship. Our 5' 9" and under and our Fraternity Blue 'B' basketball teams are both doing very well. The seasons are still ahead for soccer, softball and football and we should do great! In rush and on campus the Chapter is known for its diversity and yet, it is one of the strongest Brotherhoods around. We have Brothers involved in all facets of the University. As varsity athletes we have Kevin Bontemps, basketball; Randy Conte and Bill Hamrick, basebau; and Jim Mc Nichols and Paul Kilgallon, waterpolo. Chip Cirillo is the Daily luini's assistant sports editor; Pete Bulgarelli is president and Ryk Holden is treasurer of Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Fraternity; Dan Tynan is president and Joe Hudgins is secretary of Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Med/Pre-Dent Fraternity; Romain Cluet is president of the Marketing Assoc; Rob Jaret is IFC Rush Chairman; Mike Jacobs is Mid-American, Interfraternity Vice-President; Henry French is performing in the play "The Princess Bride"; and Dave Wesolowski is in the University Bands. We also have Brothers involved in Ad Club, A.S.M.E., Commerce Council, Daily Illini staff writers. Engineering Open House, Insurance Society, Interfraternity Council, James Scholars, Knights of St. Patricks, Navigators, U of I : luini Greek, lifeguard and Taekwon-do Club; and many Brothers are YMCA Community Service Volunteers. As the Brothers scatter all over the country for Spring Break, we wish all Chapters the best and have a great semester! Dave Wesolowski Correspondeni Indiana New Honorary Housemother The Brothers of Indiana Beta are happy to announce the new addition of an honorary housemother, Polly LaRauche. She was recognized on February 14th at the annual Sorority Housemothers banquet. On January 24th Indiana Beta initiated nineteen new pledges: Steve Trick, Indianapolis; John Karich, Champaign, IL; Dave Rowland, Kokomo; Greg Davis, W. Lafayette; Dave Autry, Indianapolis; Vint Moore, Indianapolis; Douglas Prange, Indianapolis; David Wilhelm, New Castle; Douglas Mohr, Kokomo; James Morton, Indianapolis; Edwin Meyer, Indianapolis; Barry Brisben, Columbus; Tom McKaig, Marion; David Bowker, W. Lafayette; John Moos, Crown Point; James Ruddell II, Indianapolis; Douglas Bergman, Tipton; David Taylor, Chicago, IL; Dean Lehmkuler, Jasper. A banquet was held at the Holiday Inn. Spring Pledge trainer Fred Cunningham is now in charge of the new class that already consists of ten pledges: Dave Porter, Eric Forester, Dan White, Chris Speltz, Brian Rude, Jeff Yu, Tom Cunningham, Jim Kirk, Dave Shorr, and Rob Oyler. We currently rank fourth in intramural sports. Winning was a part of the basketball season with six teams finishing with a nineteen win, nine loss, overau record. Brothers Jeff Brisben and Mark Richards are advancing in handball doubles. SheUy Zieger and Dave Autry finished strong in raquetball doubles. May 1981 The 1981 Little "500" team has been training hard for the race. The race will be covered by Wide World of Sports. Team members include: Paul Berg, Sr., Riders Council Chairman; Scott Everroad, Sr.; Lou Plumlee, Sr.; Joe Gehris, Jr.; Greg Gilles, Jr.; and Brad Beaman, Soph.; An announcement will be made at the race as to whether last year's rider Doug Moody will be inducted into the riders hall of fame, the highest individual honor in Little "500" racing. After the race there will be a party with Kappa Alpha Theta. The band late show will perform at the party. Bradley D. Beaman Correspondent Indiana University, Pennsylvania Busy Spring The brothers of Pa. Nu are looking forward to a relaxing summer, after a very busy spring semester. One of the highlights of the term was the initiation of eight new Brothers under the guiding hand of Pledge Trainer Mike Hertich. The new Brothers are: Bill Cook, Avalon; Bill Firestone, Harrisburg; James Jenkins, Glenshaw; Randy Krakoff, Pittsburgh; Ray Kraus, Erie; George Novak, Johnstown; Jim Quick, Rushville; and Scott Rosbaugh, Coopersburg. We are sure they will all contribute to the progress of Penn Nu. Prior to the start of the spring semester, several Brothers returned early to renovate our basement. The additions include a new ceiling, new light system and a fresh coat of paint. The Brothers of Penn Nu, along with the Residence Hall Association, sponsored the second annual Superdance. Under the direction of Brothers Maurice Small and Ernie Soter, $2,000 was raised for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Other community service projects planned for this semester include a collection in the Indiana area for lup's New University Museum. A 24 hour basketball marathon is also planned for later in the semester, which will benefit an area drug and alcohol crisis intervention center. The climax of the year will be our annual Phi Psi "500," which benefits the American Leukemia Society. The Brothers of Penn Nu are very proud to have the highest GPA of all fraternities at lup. After a one semester absence, we are sure this position can be maintained. Some of the campus leaders from our brotherhood include: Smitty Boros, Student Government Association president; Tim Steinour and Gary Beswick, starters on lup's varsity baseball team; Gary Lesnick and Rod Bullman, varsity track; Dave Mason and Bill Cook, varsity swim team; and Mark Wescoat, varsity volleyball. In intramural competition, Penn Nu is currently fourth in the fraternity standings and tenth overall. Despite intense competition from other fraternities and athletic clubs, we feel our standing will rise because our strong sports are approaching. On the social scene, the Brothers of Penn Nu have enjoyed many special events, along with our weekly Friday night Happy Hours. Highlights include the spring formal, the rush date party and several mixers with sororities and residence halls. As the spring semester draws to a close, the Brothers of Penn Nu would like to wish the best of luck to all graduating Phi Psis. And to au the undergrads, we hope you have a relaxing summer and return in the fau ready to work. Robert F. Marchesani, Jr. Correspondent Iowa Three in a row The men of Iowa Alpha started off the second semester with the election of their new Chapter officers. The new officers include: Steve Flood, GP; Jeffrey Niemann, VGP; David Lind, P; Bart Halverson, BG; Gregg Erwood, AG; and Scott O'Neill, SG. On January, 1981, Iowa Alpha took ten new men into our Brotherhood. The new initiates are: Randy Ross, Sioux City; Bryan Harlan, Green Bay, WI; John Falb, West Union; Kurt Osmundson, Rock Island, IL; Bart Halverson, Grinnell; Troy Blodgett, Mason City; Paul Hibbs, West Des Moines; Mark Melbostad, West Des Moines; Steve Fleagle, De Witt; and Pete Vorhes, Clear Lake. Rush chairmen Kurt Knutson and Chris Porter began working on our next pledge class with the pledging of Tom Glavan from Joliet, IL. Tom's older brother Lou transferred to Iowa Alpha from the Nebraska Beta chapter at Creighton. We are all very sure Kurt and Chris will continue to work hard and will produce a fine pledge class for "81." For the third semester in a row, the Chapter earned the number one ranking in grades among fraternities at the University of Iowa and we are trying hard for number four. We are also proud to announce the acceptance of Gregory Kline into dental school, and several other Brothers who are awaiting word from the medical and law schools. We are all sure our Brothers will do well in their professional school years. Another first place was claimed by our swim team, which cruised to an all-university championship as well as captured first place at the annual Delta Gamma Anchor Splash swim meet. This marks the Phi Psi's third consecutive victory, which entitles us to make the Anchor Splash trophy a permanent addition to our trophy cabinet. Once again Steve Flood and Dave Ekiand have put forth an outstanding effort in raquetball as they are now preparing to compete in the all-university finals in racquetbau doubles. Chairmen Bob Harris and Dave Ekiand are planning our fourth annual Phi Psi golf tournament, which is expected to be bigger and better than ever. Finally, the men of Iowa Alpha would Uke to wish all our Brothers the best of luck in the future. Gregg A. Erwood Correspondent Iowa State An Ascending Trek Iowa Beta celebrated the beginning of Winter quarter welcoming fourteen new Brothers to the mysteries. The new initiates include: Stephen Frank, Mark Scherer, Tyler Nagle, Doug Stearns, Bob DeGowin, Mike Kelley, Brad Benson, Rob 81

82 Hermsmeier, Kevin Bussard, Miles Moore, Kim Peters, Kevin Thornton, John Lesh, and Ron Pelton. Brother Tyler Nagle held the honors of most outstanding pledge with a 3.5 GPA and scores of 100% on all his pledge tests. Iowa Beta would also like to acknowledge the fine work of Spring and Summer Rush Chairman, Scott Wiggins, in the pledging of two fine young gentlemen, John Sandez and Joel Seaton, both of Wheaton, IL. Our officers for Spring '81 are: GP, Jim HiU; VGP, Craig Marr; AG, Burns Davison; BG, Rob Hermsmeier; SG, Kevin Roberts; P, Tom Fischer; AP, Mark Wilson; Hod, Kevin Thornton; Phu, Bob DeGowin; and Hi, Tyler Nagle. Greek Week at Iowa State is marching to the tune of Phi Psi as 6 brothers are diligently involved. Brothers Mark Kilmer, Scott Reichert, Burns Davison, Craig Ringstad, Randy Maakestad and Tom Fischer have helped Iowa Beta become the best represented fraternity on the Greek Week Committee. Iowa Beta has also made its mark in intramurals. The Phi Psi Flyers took the Class-B hockey championship by storm. The players include: Steve Rodgers, Scott Reichert, Burns Davison, Randy Maakestad, Scott Wiggins, Kim Peters, Lee Batchelder, and Scott Pfeifer. Our Spring calendar includes Greek Week, which we are doing with the Gamma Phi's, and VEISHEA, which we are doing with the A O Pi's. Iowa Beta would like to invite all of the Brothers to Ames for Iowa State's VEISHEA parade and our celebration afterwards commonly referred to as May Daze (that's Sat. May 9, 1981 and with 50 kegs and a band, DAZED is the name of the game!). With the recent heat wave, Iowa Beta is anticipating the early opening of Beaver Lake, our imfamous pool! Burns H. Davison III Correspondent Johns Hopkins Expanding Horizons Maryland Alpha is expanding, not only in size but in character. Rush '81, led by chairmen Tom Cox and Mark Lahner, brought amazing results: the new pledge class, 26 in all, is the largest any of us can remember. But quantity did not compromise quality; there is surprising diversity in interests and aptitudes among the pledges, which contrasts their relatively homogeneous regional representation. And now, the pledges: Daniel Lavery, Roxbury, CT; Mark Lazarus, Parsippany, NJ; Paul Rubery, Palmyra, NY; Gary Shuman, Farmingham, MA; Douglas Ende, Princeton, NJ; Sean Hunkler, Slippery Rock, PA; John Steers, Westminster; Michael Schechter, Melville, NY; David Forester, Fairfax, VA; David Franchina, Plainview, NY; Andy Kierstead, Portland, OR; Dennis Chien, Brooklyn, NY; Kush Handa, Singapore; Jack Strauss, Rockaway, NJ; Spencer Liu, Charleston, SC; Paul Murphy, Bethesda; Gary Kao, Colonial Heights, VA; Eric Strauch, Bethesda; Seth Kaye, New York, NY; Anthony Fiore, Bethany Beach, DE; Robert Mamet, Chicago, IL; Dean Murphy, Sykesville; Eric Mentzell, Severna Park; Scott Hirschman, Brooklyn, NY; Brendan Conroy, Allegheny, NY; Theodore Hill, Skokie, IL. The social scene, under the chairmanship of John Dudek, '82, has kept up its good reputation, with the resumption of roadtripping to out-of-the-way places, and spontaneous social visits to other Chapters. The second annual Beach Party (dubbed "Son of a Beach") has cemented another Chapter tradition and contributed immensely to the success of Rush. The rest of the semester will bring a renewal of our traditional postlacrosse-game barbecues, coming to a blazing finish with the Initiation Semiformal in May. A note of interest: John Dudek will be expanding his social horizons and those of the University as well, in replacing Ernie Breitinger, '81 as Student Council Social Director in the fau. (Another Chapter tradition is keeping things in the family). The Chapter has been maintaining its athletic reputation, too, ranking second in intramural sports at the start of this semester. Contributing to this high status are Walter Cook, '82, winner of the bicycle race; the soccer team, featuring selfless defense by Greg Urban, '82, Ernie Breitinger, and pledge David Forester; and the footballers, whose names and attributes, other than Phil NeweU, '81 (speedy, if not skillful, quarterback), are too numerous to mention. We look for further success in lacrosse (our specialty), which is soon to begin. This year has been a good one for medical school hopefuls, with 100% acceptance among the 9 senior pre-meds. Of these, spcial mention goes to Laszlo Trazkovich, '81, winner of this year's Solon Summerfield Scholar Award. Laszlo will begin his studies at the University of Maryland in the fall. One final note: legal proceedings for the purchase of the house have been showing steady progress, and we look forward to a favorable outcome at the approaching court date in April. If all goes weu, we can expect further growth and expansion for Maryland Alpha in the years to come. Ernst R. Breitinger Correspondent Kansas The Year for Kansas Alpha We here at Kansas Alpha are having one of our most productive semesters ever. The newly elected officers this spring are: GP, Mark Faber; VGP, Sam Stuckey; P, Steve Steimer; AG, Tim Cadden; BG, Andy Flynn; SG, Tim Burke; Hi, Russ Munyan; Phu, Bob Bennett; and Hod, Bill Doering. On February 7, fifteen men were initiated into the mysteries of Phi Kappa Psi: Phil Andre, Overland Park; Keith Cutler, Papillion, NB; Derek Davenport, Wichita; Mike Doering, Mission Hills; Herb Feilds, Kansas City; Stacey Harding, Wellington; Doug Huber, Paola; Brook Neinstedt, Kansas City; Bob Paden, Overland Park; John Petree, Overland Park; Matt Rester, Overland Park; David Shapiro, Clayton, MO; Tracey Smith, Kansas City; Brad Stanley, Kansas City; and Matt Warman, Kansas City. Mike Dick, 6'2" power forward for Kansas Alpha drives in for a basket during a recent intramural game. Our Rush Chairmen, Kyle Eldred and Ellis Rainey, pledged four new men: Scott Carlbon, Pattenburg, NJ; Mike Greenberg, Omaha, NB; John Keightley, St. Louis, MO; and Paul Tremonte, Overland Park. Currently, Kyle and Ellis are arranging Rush parties for March and April. We just held a Casino party where 35 rushees attended. Both Rush Chairmen are expecting even larger turnouts in the future. This year's Intramural basketball team, while compiling the league's only undefeated record, won the University of Kansas intramural basketball league. Jess Arbuckle, Mike Dick, Dave Dunmire, Keven Murray, Steve Steimer, along with help from the pines by Bill Meyer and Greg Sims, defeated the Phi Beta Sigmas in thefinals,enabling us to claim the hill championship. At K.U.'s largest basketball tournement we dropped a quarter finals game to the eventual winners, but we went on to finish fourth and win the consolation bracket. Jess Arbuckle finished the tournament with over a 20 pts. per game average, and was voted the number one player to the all tournament team. Our softball team is also expected to better it's second place finish from last year. Under the direction of Dante Gliniecki, the Brothers teamed up with the Alpha 82 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

83 Gamma Deltas to reach the finals of the Rock Chalk Review. All the Brothers have been working non-stop on set and prop construction. Over 20 Brothers practice 5 hours a day in order to learn their parts by the March 6 and 7 performances. We were able to sell the most tickets for both shows, allowing us to get the best seats for our parents and alumni. On April 25, the Brothers will host the annual Phi Psi "500." According to chairmen John Knightly and Kevin Mebust, this year's "500" promises to be the largest and most exciting ever. Not only has the event been enlarged to an all campus party at night, but Kevin and John have also travled throughout Kansas in order to attract other campus chapters to participate. Social Chairman Carl Frenkel has our social calendar filled for the entire semester. On February 7, we held our Initiation party, followed by an Alpha Chi Omega 50's function a few weeks later. Coming up we have a Heaven and Hell function with the Chi Omegas, and on April 3, our Spring Formal will be held at the Granada Royal in Kansas City. We would like to congratulate Brother Bert Coleman on his election to the office of student body president here at K.U. Herb Feilds was named to the K.U. baseball team, and Bill Dare was named to the K.U. golf team. We would also like to congratulate Brother Ralph Miller, the basketball coach at Oregon State, on his No. 1 ranking in the basketball polls. Brother Jay Donohue still holds the office of District V Archon. On February 13, we held our annual Phi Psi Founder's Day along with the Brothers of Missouri Alpha. Both Chapters are looking very strong. Finally, we would like to thank Brother Lester M. Combs, class of '36, for his financial contribution. The support from all the alumni is greatly appreciated. Thanks again to all the contributors. Tim W. Cadden Correspondent Lafayette Helpful Alumni The Penn Theta Chapter burst out of the frigid winter prepared for a spring season of fun and charity. Our final rush netted eighteen pledges; ten from N.J., four from CT., two from MD., and two from PA. These eighteen pledges have a tough path to follow. In essence, they are replacing nineteen seniors who have become the backbone of our Chapter. We will miss them but are well prepared to continue on and improve. Brothers Prevoznak and Walko share the honors of being pledgemasters. Our winter and spring IM Teams provided formidable competition in pool, darts, volleyball, basketbau and softball. One team noting special mention are the Barbarians hoop team. Bros. Trout, Page, Walko, Prevoznak, Barnett and Panas thrill the crowd while terrorizing the opposition and the refs. March 28 was our annual Cherry Alley Weekend where alumni come back to the Old Gray Barn to reminisce. Cook Paul Cherney prepared a wonderful six course meal and Bros. Harrington and Wilson kept the spiritsflowingall evening. As usual, stories were swapped back and forth while sides ached upon hearing old Phi Psi lore. It was great to see all of the alumni who made the Chapter what it is today. we hope to see even more next year. Thanks to Brothers Wilson and Prevoznak, we are holding our first Phi Psi 500 on April 25. This has proved to be a difficult task but the rewards should be well worth it. A special thanks goes out to Brother Craig, '59, for donating his time and guidance for the last three years as Alumni President. We wish him the best of luck with his new job in Florida. Also, a special thanks to Brother Fayer, '44, for helping us to obtain eighteen new dining chairs which were badly needed. Finally, for all of our Volkmann competitors, may the luckiest? man win! AU of us would like to wish the Chapters a restful summer and the graduating seniors a hearty congratulations. Michael Sutka Coirespondent Louisiana State Progress Louisiana Alpha kicked off the spring semester with the initiation of two new Brothers: Randy Little, New Orleans; and Joey Dinapolis, Chalmette. A "pajama" party introduced potential pledges to the Fraternity just before the rush season. Pledge trainer CharUe Salvaggio is doing a great job with the new group of first-class pledges: Peter Vetters (pledge president), Jude Cambise, Mike Hunnicutt, Chalmette; and Kirk Andrews, Ruston; while four fine holdover pledges: Chris Randazzo, Todd Laudun, New Orleans; Scott Blanchard, Chalmette; and Charles Suter, Bellvue, NB, await initiation. The pledges plan to hold "A Night at the Movies" as their project to raise money for the Chapter. Chapter officers for 1981 are: Keith Lapuyade, GP and Hi; Charles Salvaggio, VGP (rush); Matt Dell, VGP (admin.); Joe Quartararo, P; Joey Dinapolis, AG; Randy Little, BG; Mike BeU, SG; Dave Smith, Hod; and Keith Matulich, Phu. And once again our Chapter had the highest GPA of all fraternities on campus. Our FOUNDERS DAY festivities were celebrated with the roasting of an 80 pound pig. Brothers stayed awake through the night slaving over burning coals in order for members, alumni, pledges and friends to compliment them on their superb culinary skills. The presence of a keg enhanced their dedication. A "Mardi Gras Eve" party, complete with king cakes, was held at Brother Bell's house in New Orleans. Everyone arrived early in order to grab a drink before dashing off to one of the many parades held during the pre-lenten season. After the parade, the party resumed in full swing. A softball game against Louisiana Beta was held at Southwestern in mid February. The Beta Brothers greeted us with a keg and then just barely defeated us in the semi-annual match. Being good sportsmen, they challenged us to a rematch to be held later in the semester; only this time we're going to practice! Our visit climaxed when the Beta's composite was found mysteriously hidden in the car belonging to one of the Alpha's. Truly the work of the supernatural! Brothers Dinapolis and Vetters hosted a "Bermuda" party for LSU Phi Psi's and friends to end the week of midterms and begin the spring season. Joseph K. Dinapolis Correspondent Mankato State Struggling Upward With newly strengthened Brotherhood and strong alumni support we are moving again after the recent campus consolidation in At the end of winter quarter, thanks to Dan Young's striving effort as Rush Chairman, we initiated two fine men: John Hinrichs, Rapid City; Nacho Plata, Panama. In addition to initiation newly elected officers for this year are: Steve Dubbs, GP; Jeff Oelfke, VGP; Dean Fulmer, P; John Hinrichs, ag, bg; Doug Dahlke, SG; Dan Young, Phu; Nacho Plata, Hod; and Greg Hanson, Hi. Thanks go to alumni Brothers Abrams, '69, McKinney, '70, Wheatly, '71, and Krammer, '75 for both the financial and physical help in remodeling of the bathrooms and kitchen ceiling. Thanks also to Jeff Oelfke for the donation of the pool table. Since this spring's graduation will decrease the Chapter to a mere hand full. Dean Fulmer, Pledge Trainer, and Wade Wallen, Rush Chairman, are working very hard with alumni towards a strong spring and summer rush. Activities for spring quarter are our Founder's Day Celebration, Charity Carnival, and the initiation of the upcoming pledge class. We would like to encourage as much alumni support as possible in our surge upward. John Hinrichs Coriespondent Memphis State Newsletter not received. Miami Picking Up Where We Left Off! After one and a half years of having to make adjustments around our new home, 1 think we can safely say that Ohio Lambda is finally settled in! AUhough there are always adjustments and improvements to make, we have made the essential ones resulting in an excellent Fraternity house, one of which we are all proud to call "our home forever." Our winter rush this year was a great success! Having moved from 205 E. Vine which was off the beaten path, we again, this year, were right in the mainstream of traffic hosting over 600 men to the first two nights of rush. As the two week ordeal came to a close, we knew we had come out of it with great success as we took twenty-seven outstanding men. They are: Russ Ackerman and Mark HermiUer, Hudson; Brad Brogan, Maumee; David Cash, Pomona, CA; John DeTar, Traverse City; James Dietz, Valley City; John Dunkas, Chicago; Joe Fischer, Wilmington; Tom Goss and Brian Smith, Indianapolis: James Jones, Westerville; Steve Yarcusko and John Kinsley, Rocky River; Todd Knouse and Tim Sullivan, Co- May

84 The 1981 pledge class of Ohio Lambda. lumbus; Steve Leonard, Dan Willman, and John Schafer, Cincinnati; Scot McArtor, Springfield; Lee Miner, Westfield; Robert Norwick, Chargrin Falls; Andy Oliver, Brookfield, WI; Ray Schnur, Louisville; John Shepherd, Stow; Ron Strauss, Marietta; Joe Tanner, Winchester; and James Wood, New Concord. This pledge classfinishedsecond in points and first overall in the Third Annual Alpha Phi Icicle Antics competition for fraternity pledge classes. After three months of a positive and anti-hazing pledge program, one can be reassured that these fine young men will be a big benefit to Phi Psi and proud bearers of the badge. The Pledges also took the Brothers by surprise February 27, as they began kidnapping for a well-planned walkout. Everyone had a great time and we all extend our thanks to the Brothers of Illinois Delta for being especially good hosts to us! Also Kevin Hake and Derek Lenington deserve a lot of credit for being the pledge trainers, and they did a fine job of installing the beliefs and values that comes with being a Brother of Phi Kappa Psi! After a long year of devoted leadership, Tim Patrick handed over the presidential gavel to William Voegele, our former social chairman, after our February elections. In the last three months Will has done an excellent job of leading our Chapter and in helping us maintain our reputation as one of Miami's finest fraternities! Other newly elected officers who will be working with Will are: Jeff Stone, VGP; William Putnam, P; Dave Lewis, AG; Scott Edson, BG; Mark Ricketts, SG; Shawn MacRitchie, Hod; Alan Kmiecik, Phu; and Patrick Kenney Hi. The former officers Chip Weiant, Andy Kratt, Kevin Parker, Mike Murray, Ben Sutton, Rick Slovenic, Doug Stewart, and Jeff Windhal, respectively, deserve our thanks for a job well done! This semester, we also saw Brother Alan Kmiecik take 1st place in the annual Delta Gamma "Anchor Splash Beauty Contest." Along with this, coach Barry Goldstein put together the Fraternity swim team this year and they finished second out of twenty fraternities. Congratulations are in order for all those who contributed to Anchor Splash this year! As second semester started, we continued an excellent social pace with a Pi Phi "Lockin" party and a Kappa Kappa Gamma "ERA" party. We are also looking forward to the Alpha Phi pajama party, a "Wrong" party with the Gamma Phi Betas and a square dance with the Alpha Chi's. We are planning our formal this year to be on April 10. This years theme is "Love Boat," which seems appropriate since it is on a riverboat on the Ohio River. It should be adventurous for all of us "Mark Twains" at heart and an affair to which all alumni are invited! In athletics this semester, we saw our basketball team, coached by Tom Bath, finish its season with a perfect 5-0 record, good enough for first place in our division. This record enabled us to compete in the campus tournament which saw us end up rated third in the overall fraternity division whilefinishingfourth in the overall campus division. Our hockey teamfinishedwith a 5-3 record to finish fifth in the league and good enough to place us against the Sigma Nu's in the first round of the tournament which we lost 7-3, but a hard fought game! Also Phi Psi's have been training for this years 20/20 bike race, an event which Phi Psi won last year. Phi Psi's have a tradition of having more teams qualifying to compete in the event than any other fraternity on campus. This year seems to be no different since we want the trophy to stay at the Phi Psi house! Despite all the confusion of our move and rennovation, we moved to fifth place in scholastic rankings among the fraternities last semester and we are also planning a new philanthropy to take place in October. It will be a "soapbox derby" event and the money raised will go to a charitable organization. Also planned is our upcoming 10 year anniversary and Founder's Day celebration, which will take place next spring. Ohio Lambda also continued its tradition of campus leadership with Pete Darin being victorious in his bid for vice-president of business affairs in the recent A.S.G. elections. Also congratulations are in order for Brothers Phil Holdrieth, Mike Kelly, Jerry Beigal, and Steve Kassebaum for their induction into Miami University Student Foundation. Our living room this semester had a "facelift" as we wallpapered and added new furniture, thanks to the contributions of our Parent's club. It looks beautiful and we hope to take one room at a time and do the same thing. Congratulations are in order for Brother's Kevin Parker and Mark Dunlap who were recently accepted to Kent's School of Law and Chase Law School, respectively; Bill Ball for being accepted to University of Illinois Graduate School of Business; and to Jim Greiner for being accepted to Case Western Reserve Dental School. Finally, as the semester comes to a close, we wish all our Ohio Lambda seniors the best of luck as they enter a new and exciting part of their lives. Remember, as you joined Phi Psi, it was just a dream, but as you leave, it has become a reauty! David Lewis Correspondent Michigan State Getting Prepped The Brothers at Michigan Beta returned to East Lansing after a very relaxing break to the important tasks of rush and elections. Winter term rush chairman Stephen Ezop organized the week that resulted in the pledging and initiation of one of our finest pledge classes: John Bogdiewicz and Victor Cavataio, Grosse Point Woods; James H. Wardlaw III, Dowagiac; and Mark Miller, Plymouth. Jim is not new to Phi Kappa Psi as his father, grandfather, and uncle are all Phi Psis. These new Brothers were very active as pledges and will continue to do so as Brothers. We would also like to welcome fall pledges Al Swartzmiller and Paul Highfield to our ranks as they were initiated at the end of fall term. Paul is already showing his leadership abilities by being elected Hod and by serving on the publications committee of Greek Week. In sports we were in a tie for third place in our division at the start of winter term. However, by not placing in basketball and volleyball we are sure to drop a few places. We also competed in the DeUa Gamma's Anchor Splash contest; an annual event with the proceeds from admissions going to the Michigan School for the Blind. All the Brothers enjoyed themselves and also managed to keep their eyes off of the sorority women long enough to make a second place finish in the synchronized swim event. This year the Brothers at Michigan Beta showed up in force for the Founders Day celebration in Detroit. This year it was held at Vladimirs dining hall. This is one of the best events of the year and we would like to thank the Detroit Alumni Association for having us. This term elections went well. Jonathan Moran replaced Edward Sadiiek as GP. Jon is well qualified having served as BG and VGP. The other new officers are: Gary Peare, VGP; Stephen Swartzbeck, BG; The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

85 Thomas Drainville, SG; Paul Highfield, Hod; Stephen Ezop, Phu; and Dave Barry, Hi. Michigan Beta is now getting prepared for spring and next term's rush. Neil G. Sikora was selected as our new rush chairman. Previous to Neil's initiation last winter term he served on the student judiciary and was president of his resident hall. Since his membership he has been active on the finance and membership committees, serving as chairman of membership. This has been an area in which we have been very weak for the last few years; we hope Neil can turn this around for us. We urge Brothers who know students here to let them know about us and us about them. We are now getting keyed for Greek Week. This year we have three Brothers on Greek Week committees: Jon Moran and Paul Highfield, publications; and Eric Foss, advertising. Song master Gary Peare is working hard on our program for this year's songfest. This year's theme is "Fun in the Sun." We will be teaming up with the Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority. We hope to better our third place finish from last year. We would like to thank our Corporation board for their continued support. We would also like to invite all Brothers who might be in the area to drop in Michael D. Martin Correspondent Minnesota Look Out; Here We Come Again! After wrapping up two of the finest quarters that Minnesota Beta has encountered in the past few years, we are on the move again, eagerly looking forward to the spring and summer functions that await us. While growing stronger with each rush period, we shall start out our new term with six new pledges: Dave Arnason, Stillwater; Marty Basset, Mankato; Joe Gilly Pearson, St. Paul; Joe Hayes, Edina; Tom Niedes, Duluth and Tom Venable, Edina. Surely they will be of great value to the continuing growth and success of the Chapter. They have already shown great enthusiasm and expressed ideas to benefit the whole of Minnesota Beta. Founders Day celebrations took place at the Minneapolis Athletic Club this past February. A rather large turnout proved to be very encouraging and beneficial to all that attended. Both undergraduates and alumni felt the true meaning of Brotherhood as they came together to share stories and advice pertaining to the future of the Chapter. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and the undergraduate Brothers are eager to participate in alumni and undergraduate functions later this Spring. The big event in the Greek System this next quarter is Campus Cariiival; a local fund raiser in which all fraternities and sororities take part. After finishing on top last year, bringing home five trophies, a feat never accomplished before, and being paired with last year's second place sorority. Kappa Kappa Gamma, we look towards repeating our previous performance. Already in the planning stages. Summer Rush '81 hopefully will prove to be as successful as those that we have experienced the past two years; each aquiring 20 pledges or more. There shall be many get-togethers for all Chapter Brothers and rushees to attend, and we anticipate good turnouts from both. The following Brothers have been elected to fulfuu the Spring quarter offices: Dennis Dassow, GP; Hugh Kennedy, VGP; Micheal Schroeder, P; Paul Mason, AG; George Crawford, BG; Joe Blauert, SG; Bill Sharpe, Hod; Brad Boisen, Phu; and Rogers Donnelly, Hi. They so far have done fine jobs and promise to continue following and expand the guidelines set down by the former administrations that really brought the, "High, high, high.," back to Minnesota Beta. Once again, the halls of Minnesota Beta are full of the love, pride, and enthusiasm characteristic to Phi Psi chapters abroad. This rekindled spirit is due to the strong and rapid growth, and we have seemed to dominate among the other 25 fraternities here at the U of M. We are a leader here at Minnesota, and that leadership is always growing stronger due to that Fraternal spirit, born by Lettermen and Moore, that is known only to the loved Brother of Phi Kappa Psi. Paul D. Mason Correspondent Mississippi Successful Year We began our Spring semester at Mississippi Alpha with our Initiation-Alumni Appreciation Banquet held Jan. 24, We are proud of our new initiates who are as follows: Kirk Brown, Jody Bruscato, Mark Carroll, Ronnie Henderson, Andrew Ketchings, Lance Line, Rob Malone, Darrel Oliver, David Stout, Lee White, and Scott Willhite. Brother Lee White received the scholarship pledge award and Brother Andrew Ketchings received the model pledge award. The Solon E. Summerfield Award was presented to our Chapter president Shaw. Our annual spring formal was March 21, 1981 in Memphis at the Ramada Inn Downtown. We have a big rush weekend scheduled for our annual Ole Miss Red & Blue Spring game April 11. The activities will begin on Thursday night with a band and campus-wide party. On Friday afternoon, we will attend the annual shrimp boil at Lake Sardis. Friday night brings our theme party entitled "South of the Border." Saturday starts with a brunch before the game and a bar-b-q chicken party afterwards. Brother Les Kerr, an alumnus, will play the guitar and sing that afternoon after the game. Saturday night brings with it another band and campus wide party. This is our biggest rush event to be held during the spring semester and we hope for great success. We are proud to have Brothers Robert Shaw and Mike Sullivan accepted into Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities. Brother Brad Mallow received an honorable mention for Who's H^Ao. The officers for the 1981 Spring Semester are as follows: Robert Shaw, GP; Rush Mosby, VGP; Mike SuUivan, AG; John Dodd, BG; Martin Dunagin, P; Richard Wadsworth, VP; Jack Hill, SG; CUff Smith, Hod; Jeff Skinner, Hi; and Bill Ward, Phu. We are looking forward to a successful semester. We are still working with our House Corporation on our addition and renovation plans for the chapter house. In the area of Campus Politics, Phi Psi is very active. Brother Mike Sullivan is serving out his term as Student Body Vice President. Brother Rush Mosby is serving as Corresponding Secretary for the Interfraternity Council. Brother Brad Mallow is serving as a Mortar Board officer and Brothers Rick Coogler and Ben Williams have recently been selected as Mortar Board members. In the area of sports, it looks like our basketball team is headed for the play-offs. Our Soccer Team, who won the 1980 overall fraternity soccer championship, is striving for that title again this year. Our softball team will begin competition soon. Mississippi Alpha was pleased to have Don Durbin, Chapter Consultant, visit our Chapter this semester. Don met individually with each Chapter officer and committee chairman. His visit was very beneficial to our Chapter. Mississippi Alpha is having an active semester on the Ole Miss Campus and we will continue to strive for exceuence in the future! Michael J. Sullivan Coriespondent Missouri Housing Renovations Returning from Christmas vacation, the Brothers of Missouri Alpha initiated the following fourteen men: Scott Diener, Arcadia, CA; Mike Sawicki, Littleton, CO; Mark McDonald, MarshaU; Mike Mann, St. Louis; Kevin Kohler, Tim Rogers, and Richard Nixon, Pleasant Hill; Tom Brown, Grandview; Greg Griffle and Howard Wolfgang, Independence; Mike Ellenberger, Festus; Clayton Mowry, Raytown; Gregg Archambault, Arcadia; and Scott Gilmore, St. Louis. Two new pledges, Dave Dupn, Manchester; and Mike Smiley, Ballwin; were the results of the rush effort under the direction of John Bowman and Jeff Bruens. We are currently gearing up for another summer of parties and events, which will hopefully include outings with the St. Louis Alumni Association. Officers for the spring semester were: Bill Nachtsheim, GP; Tim Mankus, VGP; Ted Barr, AG; Kyle Chadwick, P; Scott Wade, BG; John Bowman, SG; Rick Hahn, Hod; Kevin PoweU, Phu; Craig Trautman, Hi; and Dave Case, Pledge Trainer. Brothers and pledges of Missouri Alpha traveled to Kansas City on February 13, to participate in Founders Day with the KC Alumni Association and the Brothers of Kansas Alpha. After taking the scholarship award, we were soundly thrashed in the song competition by Kansas Alpha. Other spring activities included Mom's Weekend, a formal at Rock Harbor Resort at the Lake of the Ozarks, and Greek Week which included performing a skit on Russia with the Alpha Phi Sorority. "Cabaret," our largest and best rush party of the school year, was held March 14. The theme of the party was "That's Entertainment!" As the spring temperatures gradually rose, so did Missouri Alpha's standing in intramural competition. Keith Dobbins paced May 19! 85

86 the swimming team with high placings in several events. Soccer promises to be exciting, as we have defeated several teams, including last year's second place team in preseason games. On cmapus, Steve Spadarotto was selected to be on the Greek Week steering committee for the second straight year. He also earned a place on the Alumni Association Student Board. Gary Pener was assistant sports editor for a campus newspaper. Ted Barr was selected to be a Summer Welcome Orientation Leader, a program in which incoming freshmen students receive an introduction to Ufe at Mizzou. Scott Debandt was a member of Student Foundation and Scott Wade landed a part in Stephen College's production of Leonard Bernstein's MASS. Much needed renovations to the house are on the drawing board and we are looking forward to seeing the funds made available for the project. With seven home football games this fall, we encourage all alumni to stop by and visit. Ted H. Barr Conespondent Monmouth Newsletter not received. Once again, we're looking forward to this summer's rush activities. We have many good prospects from across the state, and are already getting our rush program into gear. If any alumni have ideas or suggestions about rush, please contact our rush chairman. Our undergraduate membership is very excited about the things going on and would like to have our alumni stop by and see what's happening. We are looking forward to our well deserved vacation, and are hoping everyone concerned has a great summer. Kevin R. Hopp Correspondent Northwestern Newsletter not received. Ohio State Dana Vogt Award With the end of winter coming and impatiently awaiting the arrival of spring, the Brothers of Ohio Delta find themselves becoming increasingly involved with the Ohio State Campus Community. Brother Bob Pritchard is in the process of campaigning for the office of President of the Undergraduate Student Government. Also, we are preparing for Greek Week which will be the first week in May. This year we are doing it with the A E Phi sorority. President Mark Steel is the chairman for the Greek Week Talent Show. On January 23, Ohio Delta opened the portals of secrets of Phi Kappa Psi unto 20 initiates. They were: Scott Van Patten, Dick Noble, Dean Shapiro, Scott Harris, Bob Hafner, Scott Walton, Gibby Dannemiller, Fred Ishler, Bob Barnes, Rick Swingle, Steve Crandell, Jim Gates, Dave Noffsinger, Dave Yeager, Doug Washeck, Tom Capuano, Kirt Clark, Doug Mesi, John Poole, and John Gerzema. Ohio Delta is also proud to announce that our wrestling team placed first in the intramural program this winter. The participating Brothers were Chuck Stoup, Don Swingle, Rick Swingle, Bob Hafner, and John Palazzo. Founder's Day came and went with festivities and the presentation of the Dana Montana Newsletter not received. Nebraska Looking Good We here at Nebraska Alpha are proud to announce the initiation of 13 new Brothers into the ranks of Phi Kappa Psi. They are: Wayne Reinwald, Brad Eaton, Dan Zariski, Steve Corder, Doug DeBolt, Chuck Synder, Tim Kuhn, Joe Casey, Jim Mount, Kurt Williamson, Jeff Johnson, Mike Guenther and Scott Williamson. We're glad to have them joining the great tradition here at Nebraska Alpha. In university intramural sports, our teams have again been placing very well. Our "A" football team placed first in Greeks, beating the Sig Alphs in thefinals.our "B" football team finished the season second in the Greek "B" league. Both our "A" and "B" volleyball teams placed first in their respective leagues, our "A" team going to the All University finals before finally bowing out. A lot of work has been done to the Chapter house in the past few months. We've cleaned out the basement, repaneled the walls and tiled the floor. AU of the halls and bathrooms are now sporting a new coat of paint. RemodeUng the first floor is now in the plans, and will hopefully be done very soon. We owe a big thank-you to our Alumni Association for the great deal of time and effort in the work being done. At our recent initiation banquet we presented some of our annual awards. Our Pledge of the Year for is Kurt, "Wilber," Williamson of Arapahoe. Our Active of the Year award is this year presented to Dave Eskra of Beatrice. The award in memory of our late Brother Tim Martin was given to Kirk Hovendick of Beatrice. We're glad to have these Brothers honored for the work and effort they've put into the Chapter this year. 86 The first place wrestling team of Ohio Delta. The new Executive Administration of Ohio Delta The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

87 Vogt Award. Chapter Advisor Samuel D. Rife received the award for outstanding service and dedication to the Chapter during the year and for his efforts in preparing the Chapter for our Centennial. Past National President Ken Potter joined us in the events that occurred during the day. Recently two Brothers were elected to the Interfraternity Council. Steve Eisnaugle is the Scarlet Rep., and the Community Service Coordinator is Alec McCurry. Ohio Delta would like to announce the new administration of Phi Kappa Psi at Ohio State: GP, Mark Steele; 1st VGP, John Palazzo; 2nd VGP, Stef Anderson; P, Bill Steele; AG, Doug Carter; BG, Alec McCurry; SG, Ken Metka; Phu, Herb Postle; Hod, Scott Harris; Hi, Rick Hardin; Social Chairman, Jim Blazer; and Scholarship Chairman, Chuck Stoup. Winter and Spring Rush is underway and we are looking forward to the completion of the Spring Pledge Class. As winter draws to a close and spring is fast approaching, we the Brothers of Ohio Delta, extend to Brothers everywhere continued success in school and best wishes for an excellent summer. Douglas H. Carter Correspondent Ohio Wesleyan Getting Bigger Every Year Greetings from Ohio Alpha! Things have been hectic since the last letter, and we are most pleased to announce the addition of six more pledges, bringing our total number of pledges to our anticipated goal of twentyfive. They are: Robert W. Macnamara, MA; Terrence B. Pendergast, Rl; Micheal G. Phelan, CT; Timothy B. Dill, CT; Robert F. Armington, OH; James D. Austin, PA. Our latest two initiates are Michael Oliver, and David McHugh. This brings the current membership to over 1520 Brothers. As spring rapidly approaches, several of the Brothers lead nationally ranked sports teams into Division III competition. Brothers Gower and Borcina, with pledges White and Pendergast lead the O.W.U. lacrosse squad into what they expect to be their best season ever. Brother Norm Lewis and pledge Dick Spybey begin their golf season with a team trip to sunny North Carolina. Brother William Crisp is Co-captain of the tennis team, and this year Brothers Huddle, Craig and Crisp (John) will be lending him a hand. Brothers Tall and Lewis are co-chairmen of the social committee for the Interfraternity Council. They are busily preparing for the Greek Weekend coming up in April. This event will mark the first time in recent years that every fraternity will participate in a joint social occasion. Mark your calendars for the Cannon Banquet which will be held on May 1-3. A specific date has not yet been settled upon for the "500," but it wiu be about the middle of May. We wish to extend our condolences to the wife and family of Brother Lonnis Denison, '12, who passed away on March 5, If you haven't received a copy of "The Alphan," then please drop us a line, or give us a call, and we would be most happy to inform you of the latest happenings around the Chapter. May 1981 If you're in the neighborhood, please don't hesitate to drop in and say hello. The undergraduates relish the opportunity to meet and talk with the alumni. Paul C. Van Wart Correspondent Oklahoma Thank You, Alumni! This has been an exciting year for the Brothers at Oklahoma Alpha! Perhaps one of the greatest accomplishments for us has been the union of Brothers, past and present. We have heard from Brothers across the world from Thailand to our own backyard, Norman. The tremendous support from our 60th Anniversary in October was followed by an equally tremendous Founder's Day Celebration in February under the direction of Stanley Hopper, Oklahoma '47, the Oklahoma City Alumni Association, and Brother Alan Wright, Alumni and Public Relations Chairman. We have found that our alumni are true Brothers with a great sense of humor, and we will be forever grateful for everything that they have done for us. Another important accomplishment has been the visibility of the Phi Psis in intramurals. After a slow start in the first semester, we have stunned the campus with our victories in the second! Our president, Mike Eckert, led the way with an overwhelming victory as campus bowling champion. And, after marathon weight losing efforts by our brothers, the Phi Psis entered a strong wrestling team with entrants in nearly every category. Brother Juergen Daniel, after losing 20 agonizing pounds, decisively won the championship at 134 pounds. We were proud to hold first and second place at 118 pouds as Brother Kevin Peterson and Brother JoeTroncoso fought it out for the championship. Kevin emerged as the victor, but both fought a hard battle. Our team placed second overall. Oklahoma Alpha's specialty sport, softbau, is at its usual degree of exceuence. Under the direction of Brothers Scott Ohio Alpha pledges for Stephenson and Ted Hopper, our team has not faced defeat. They are the early favorites for the softball championship at OU. We are extremely proud to have initiated 18 new men as Brothers. They are: Tom Ruggerio, Sherard Manning, Mike Joyce, Alan Wright, Rick Waters, David LeBlanc, Kevin Peterson, Jess Sims, John Cuaderes, Grant Hawkins, Pat Eisel, Ted Hopper, Mark Scholfield, Rhodes Bolton, Lee Purvis, Scott Stephenson, Brooks Smith, and Andy Shidell. They proved to be an excellent pledge class that is sure to be equally excellent Brothers. We have had some great parties, also. After several sorority functions and dinners with the Kappas and Thetas, we held our own private party at the Skirvin Plaza in Oklahoma City on Valentine's Day. We had an eighteen piece jazz band to supply the music, and it proved to be the best party of the year! This has been our most prosperous year in a long time at the University of Oklahoma. We really have a house and brotherhood to be proud of, and hope that as many of you as possible can give us a visit. We are looking forward to meeting you. Mark Davis Coirespondent Oklahoma State On the Move The spring semester for Oklahoma Beta has proven to be very promising with the initiation of 7 new Brothers: Don Wheeler, Okla. City; Mike Meredith, Ryan Moore, and Ted Coatney, of Tulsa; Tim Laughlin, CollinsviUe; Eddie Kyle and Joe Hopkins of Vinita. They have already proven to be an asset to the Chapter. This spring we also have the largest spring pledge class we've had in several years. These nine men whofiuour rolls are: Danny BeUamy, Okla. City; Steve Montee, Steve Ray, and Mitch Maurer of Tulsa; Rick Schuhr, Ft. Myers, FL; Steve Plaster, Bartlesville; Scott McGarry, Edmond; Phil Vasquez, Midwest City; and Ronnie Smith 87

88 of Big Cabin. Membership is higher than it has been in several years. The spring semester was highlighted with a Founder's Day celebration on February 19, this year held outside on the annex veranda due to unseasonably warm weather. This was followed by the annual Founder's Day Formal held here in StUlwater on February 21. The following week was the initiation of 7 new Brothers on February 28. Many alumni attended this semester's initiation and celebration afterward. We would like to thank them for coming. We all had a great time welcoming in our new Brothers to Phi Kappa Psi. The spring semester officers are: Steve Cooper, GP; Jamie Dulaney, VGP; Kent Appleman, P; David Draper, AG; Jeff Stewart, BG; A. J. Bisson, SG; AUen Staples, Hod; John Steen, Phu; and Scott French, Hi. In intramurals basketball B-team made playoffs and expectations are great for our softball team, former AU-Greek champs. Big plans are now being made for summer rush. An alternative rush system is in the works here at O.S.U. and for us at Phi Psi too. Plans are being made for a whole renovation in our rush system. With a good summer rush our Chapter wiu be bigger than it's ever been. Socially this has been an active semester. Functions with the Tri-DeUs, Zetas, and women of Drummond Hall have all turned out weu. A "Mash" party and other theme parties are on the agenda for this spring. Scholastically, Phi Psis rate in the upper half in the Greek System here at O.S.U. We pride ourselves on our scholastics and are constantly striving to do better. Here at Oklahoma Beta we are not only looking back at a great spring semester but forward to an even better fall semester. David Draper Correspondent Oregon Continued Strength Oregon Alpha Chapter has maintained its strong showing on campus by continuing its high leadership qualities. We will be initiating our largest pledge class since the Chapter reorganized in Those going through initiation will be: Brad Attig, Darren Carr, Brett Graboyes, Steve Kokes, Bob Komin, Larry Kubes, Dean Larson, Howard Lees, Greg Mitchell, John Murakami, Mike O'Connell, Fred Paintner, Dave Rabbitt, Jim Richards, AUen Scarce, Gary Semling, Don Stelle, Ron Webb, Brad Wilson, Todd Woodruff, and Tim Zweber. Barney Siri is our first spring pledge. Gradewise, we have continued to be first on campus and have also been active in student government. Dave Eaton is presently student body president while Mark Hallquist is Interfraternity Council president. Hallquist, along with Jay Altenhofen, were cowinners of the Sturgeon award for most outstanding senior. This award was presented at our Founder's Day banquet which had 200 Brothers present, possibly the largest turnout in the country. Our fundraising activities have been extremely successful this last term. The second annual Phi Kappa Psi boxing smoker, organized by George Glass and Tom Louris, grossed over $2,000. Over $800 of this went to Multiple Sclerosis. Brothers Matt Presjak and Mike Maples came infirstand second in their respective weight classes. We are also planning our first Phi Psi "500," which is being organized by Brother Mark Walker. Oregon Alpha also is the proud host of the Educational Leadership Conference for district VI. Above all. Brother Fred Poust, along with alums Bob Danielson, '61, and Roger Rutan, '66, is beginning a major fundraising drive to remodel the house. This year, over $1,500 has been spent on refurbishing the living room. This is just the beginning in our efforts to raise over $100,000 for the house. Jordan K. Yospe Correspondent Oregon State Still Growing and Improving Oregon Beta Chapter has had a very productive year so far. Much has happened since the last SHIELD article, so let me take this opportunity to fill you in. Activities began with O.S.U.'s Homecoming on Nov. 15, The pledge class put forth a great deal of effort and constructed a sign for the annual homecoming sign contest. After the O.S.U. vs. U. of O. football game, the chapter put on a dinner party for all of the alumni who attended the activities. As always the Brothers found talking to the alumni both enjoyable and informative. Thanks to all of the alumni who came and showed their interest and support. The chapter had a Christmas party on the Friday between dead and finals week. All the Brothers exchanged gifts and had a great time. It was an excellent way to start off finals week. On January 10, 1981 ten new members were initiated. Beginning with badge number 444 the new initiates were: Dave Prater, Gresham; Philip Allen, Los Angeles; Erick Heath, The DaUes; Mike Skrip, Klamath Falls; Andy Rux, Hillsboro; Paul Jones, Klamath Falls; Brad Willcox, The Dalles; Greg Edens and Mike Whitmarsh, Lake Oswego; and Shawn Dryden, Woodburn. Shortly after initiation, elections for Chapter officers were held and the new members wasted no time in getting involved in their work. The new officers are as follows: GP, Ray Peters; VGP, Bart Macomber; P, Mike Skrip; AG, Paul Jones; BG, Shawn Dryden; SG, Mike Whitmarsh; Hod, Phil Allen; Phu, Doug Bratz; Hi, Dave Schmidt. The Chapter had its annual retreat at Camp Rilea, in Seaside. Much was accomplished and the ideas which were brought back have helped to strengthen our Chapter and bring the Brothers closer together. Our informal rush chairman Dave Anderson has brought us three outstanding pledges: Dave Burger, Salem; Casey Leach, Lake Oswego; and Mike Pierson, The Dalles. They are a welcome addition to our Brotherhood. Dave Burger and Dave Prater were elected co-rush chairmen for next year. The two Daves have already started the rush process and have assured us that next year we will once again have a fantastic pledge class. With a change of officers also came a change of scholarship policy. Study hours have been extended and the atmosphere for studying has been improved. This Chapter owes much to Bob Zochert, who is trying to help us become number one in grades on campus this term. With a lot of hard work the goal is within our reach. February 21, was Dads Weekend here at Oregon State University. It's hard to say who had a better time, the Brothers or the dads. Our sister house, the Alpha Xi Deltas, and their dads joined us for a barbecue. After dinner we had a casino night in the basement. We hope all the dads wul come and join us again next year. Our intramural program is as strong as ever. The football team gave an au out effort but was defeated in the playoffs. Both the A and B basketball teams made it to the playoffs, and although they gave it their best effort, both were defeated. the A team only losing by two points. Everyone is extremely proud of all the teams and hope that we will be number one next year. Great job guys! Every year our Chapter raises money for cystic fibrosis research, by dribbling a basketball from Corvallis to Portland. This year the Chi Omega sorority has agreed to help us in this worthwhile event. We have already raised three hundred and fifty dollars for the cause by seuing "Gifts of Love" certificates on Valentine's Day. The Dribble is scheduled for sometime early in spring term. The Oregon Founder's Day Celebration was held at the Oswego Lake Country Club, in Portland. At the banquet, Steve Tedesco, '77-#388, received the Kenneth A. Shwartz Award for outstanding service to Oregon Beta Chapter. The Edward T. Sturgeon Award went to two outstanding seniors, John Scanlon, '79-#415, and Dan Briscoe, '78-#401. The Don McNiel Scholarship Award went to Dave Schmidt, '80-#425, and Bob Zochert, '80-#426. Steve Finn, '77-#390, was chosen as alumnus of the year. We would like to thank Byron Schriever for 10 years of service on the Oregon Beta Corporation Board and congratulate John Seal, our new board member. Over 200 people attended this year's event making it one of the largest in the nation. Other activities included a Valentine dance and ski weekend. Much thanks to Erick Rathe for doing such a great job as social chairman. The IFC sing competition is coming up soon and we are looking forward to taking first place again. As always we would like to invite all Phi Psis in the area to stop by and visit anytime. Paul W. Jones III Correspondent Pennsylvania Five Miler This spring will, it seems, produce a Penn Iota first a Phi Psi Five Miler. This event will differ from the ever popular 500's in that it will be a five mile road race around the Penn campus. We think this innovation will prove quite successful. The race is scheduled for April 5, and is expected to raise a good sum for the American 88 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

89 Leukemia Society. As a result of the efforts of Chuck Gumas, Rush Chairman, and Jeff Bittner, Pledge Educator, we warmly invited five new men into our Brotherhood this February. They are: Michael Viland, Phoenix; Eli Zinner and Martin Gelfand, Philadelphia; Robert Mostel, Stamford, CT; and Richard Brandwein, Bayside, NY. We were all privileged to have Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr., Cornell '29, at this initiation, who made it a more significant ceremony for au present. Our fall semester officers elected in November were as follows: Raghu Rangachar, GP; Michael Goldman, VGP; Neil Harris, P; Joseph Neglia, AG; Joel Steinberg, BG; Jeff Brenner, SG; Chuck Gumas, Phu; Andrew Weiss, Hod; and Andrew Mamrol, Hi. Leading us this semester are: Neil Harris, GP; Chuck Gumas, VGP; Michael Goldman, P; Jeffery Bittner, AG; Joel Steinberg, BG; Raghu Rangachar, SG; Andrew Mamrol, Phu; EU Zinner, Hod, and Michael Viland, Hi. We were all pleasantly surprised to return this fall to find that a $20,000 bequest to our Chapter had been made by Livingston Smith, Pennsylvania '99. This is to be a permanent memorial fund, with the interest generated to be used by the undergraduate Chapter. Much posthumous thanks to Brother Smith. This fall we purchased a new set of furniture for our chapter room, and are considering a possible doubling in the size of our house. More will be forthcoming on this as details are worked out. Thanks to the efforts of Joel Steinberg, Pennsylvania Iota is looking forward to having a meal plan next year. We expect that eating together will strengthen our Fraternal spirit here, in addition to strengthening our rush, as rushees will now be able to dine occasionauy with us. Penn Iota was easily the most represented Chapter at the Founder's Day dinner in Philadelphia this year. In addition to our alumni, undergraduates Neil Harris, Joseph Neglia, Raghu Rangachar, Randall Ringer, and Jordan Wetstone participated in the festivities. In other University events. Brothers Andrew Feigenberg and Tod Nassar have been named President and Vice-President, respectively, of the Pi Mu Epsilon mathematics honor society. Numerous other Brothers are members. In addition. Tod, Andy, and Martin Gelfand will comprise Penn's entire Putnam math team, competing for honors for the University as well as the Fraternity. Michael Goldman has been successfully competing on the forensics team here, and has been appointed its captain for next year. We will be bidding farewell to two seniors this year who have distinguished themselves commendably. Randy Ringer has been active as a member of the Student Activities Council Steering Committee, and President of the Transfer Students' Association. He has recently been named to Wfio's Who in American Colleges and Universities. Dave Penzias is on the Undergraduate Assembly, and was named to the Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society. Our Chapter Advisor, Carl Sheppard, Pennsylvania '68, who has been putting as much effort into our Chapter as any undergraduate, was unfortunately in an auto accident this February. Carl and his family are in good condition, however, and we are wishing them a speedy recovery. Joseph Neglia Correspondent Penn State Looking Forward Pennsylvania Lambda is looking forward to a promising spring term in Happy VaUey with the start of a new pledge class: Andy Cutler, Oil City; Dan Martone, Fox Chapel; Doug Moyer, Reading and Bob Teitt, Butler. These young men display the qualities necessary to live up to the ideals of Phi Kappa Psi and will make a fine addition to the Brotherhood. Fall rush chairman Charlie Dent, after building an 11 man pledge class this past winter, will take on the responsibility again this term. His enthusiasm and dedication will help ensure a fine fall pledge class. Under the guidance of winter pledge trainer Paul Martin, Penn Lambda welcomes 11 new initiates to the Chapter: Steve Richard, Allentown; Mike Hallinan Mt. Lebanon; Joe Mikita, Pittston; Fred Kelly, Oil City; Scott Gardiner, Falls Church Virginia; Steve Blumenthal State CoUege; Tom Aichele, Lancaster; Mike Smoyer, Allentown; Carl Suffredini Santa Ana, CA; Tim Zillifro, Oil City and Chris Thomson, Butler. These men are already involved in many chapter activities and will prove to be valuable assets to the chapter. Elections were held recently and guiding Penn Lambda throughout the remainder of the school year will be: Douglas Laderer, GP; John DeSanti, VGP; Robert Meves, P; Thomas Thompson, AG; Mark McSteen, BG; WiUiam Kesack, Jrs., Phu; Clark Murphy, Hod; David Dixon, Hi and J. Randall Repcheck, SG. Once again our winter sports teams finished with very impressive records. Phi Psi's Bowlers reached the semi-finals after easily capturing the section title for the second year in a row. The basketball and volley ball teams along with the swimmers all finished competition with winning records. Softball, track, soccer, golf and tennis are the upcoming spring intramural sports and the Phi Psis are gearing up for a strong finish. Social chairman Pat Naughton has organized a very exciting social calendar for the upcoming weeks. Sorority socials with Delta Gamma, Alpha Chi Omega and Pi Beta Phi along with cookouts, happy hours and dual parties with other fraternities are just a few of the items on the agenda for spring. The Brothers are looking forward to the traditional Mother's Day weekend, the 13th annual Phi Psi "500" and the Spring Formal as highlights of a very busy spring term. Alex Bell, chairman of this years' Phi Psi "500," has been hard at work for months coordinating all th^ plans for the charity event, and gives the checkered flag for the April 25th race. With an excellent response from out-of-town participants, our goal of 1800 runners should be easuy obtainable. We are looking forward to another large alumni turnout on April 25th, since this year's race promises to be a memorable event. We send a hearty tri-high to two of our Brothers who are studying abroad this term. Paul Martin is attending the University of Manchester, England while Tom Aichele is studying in Cologne, Germany. The Brotherhood wishes them much success during their travels. Phi Psi's own Dave Dixon was recently elected Interfraternity Council president. Dave's decisive victory in the election exemplifies Phi Psi's leadership amoung the 50 fraternities at Penn State. Around the lodge special appreciation should be extended to Bob Dayton for working hard in the kitchen this winter term. Also, after a year's absence from school, Kevin Stahl has returned to the lodge, lifting the Brotherhood's spirit during the long winter months. We would like to extend an invitation to all Phi Psi's to visit our house whenever in Nittany Lion country. We always have a great time kicking back with Brothers from other Chapters and exchanging Phi Psi stories. Penn Lambda is recognized as a top chapter on campus and a leader in academics, sports and activities. Our strong Brotherhood strives to exemplify the high ideals of Phi Kappa Psi as we continue our studies here at Penn State University. Thomas A. Thompson Correspondent Purdue Take a Short Break Spring break finally arrived and it has given us a chance to look back over the busy winter and ahead to a hectic spring. Our semi-annual Phi Psi Dribble ended on the day of the Purdue vs. Indiana basketball game, with our efforts raising over $3000 for Purdue Cancer Research. We secretly transported our fall pledge class to Indianapolis on February 16th and initiated them at National Headquarters. Congratulations are extended to our new Brothers. Our Chapter wiu continue to grow due to the outstanding efforts of Rush Chairman Mike Pelligra, as we will be pledging ten new men this spring. Drivers and crews have eagerly begun work on the spring's big event, the Purdue Grand Prix. We will be entering two karts again this year, and we must thank alumni Al Leewood and Gregg Newell for their generousfinancialhelp.. it would not be possible without you. We wish all our race team members the best of luck as that important day draws near. R. Todd Riley Correspondent Rhode Island $2,100 Raised for Cancer The 10th annual "Bounce-a-thon," held February 7, started off a successful Spring Semester for R.I. Beta. Brothers and pledges bounced basketballs along the 40-mile route from Kingston to Providence, where donations were collected for the American Cancer Society. Along the way stops were made in Warwick and Cranston where May- May

90 From R.l. Beta, in loving memory of our departed brother Bob Hayes, whose Phi Psi friendship we cherish. Pictured from left to right and top to bottom are: Bill Guglietta, Bob Vincent, Martin Hering, Joe Conely, Joe Natale, and Bob hiayes. or Joseph Walsh and Mayor Edward DiPrete awarded proclamations declaring February 7 "Phi Psi Bounce-a-thon Day," throughout the state of Rhode Island. Behind the organization of Vinny Prattico, $2,100 was collected. New officers for the spring semester are: Vincent Prattico, GP; Joseph Conely, VGP; Martin Hering, AG; John Peterson, BG; Tony Johnson, P; Jim Miller, Phu; Curt Rapp, Hod; Dean Wilson, Hi; and Larry Bernhart, SG. The spring pledge class consisting of Bob Hayes, Martin Hering, Emile Poisson, John VeUano, and Dave Laska were initiated January 31. Bob Hayes was tragically killed in a car accident during the winter break and was initiated posthumously. This semester had a successful rush led by Chris Conti and Pete Boggs, where 22 were pledged. Phi Psi is well represented in the Student Senate this year with Brothers Mike Pfeiffer and Pete Laprade. Bill Guglietta, also a member of the Senate, is running for the office of president. On the athletic scene,firstbeasemen Tom Healy, pro prospect and All-American candidate is looking forward to another outstanding season on the varsity baseball team. Meanwhile Rich Brown was named intramural wrestling champion in the heavyweight class. The Phi Psi A volleyball team also captured first place in their league. At the present time three teams have a good chance at winning the crown in the basketball and waterpolo tournament. We wish all the seniors the best of everything in their future endeavors. Those graduating are: Tom Healey, Erik Viens, Mike Durkin, Vinny Prattico, Dick Stott, Steve Cancillieri, Scott Masterson and Kevin Delaney. Martin C. Hering Correspondent Rider Healthy Membership New Jersey Alpha is at present, enjoying it's largest membership in recent years, with 50 active Brothers. In late November, the Interfraternity Council elections were held with two Phi Psi's being elected to office. Sean Looney was elected president and Stephen Saxton was elected vice president in charge of rush. Our own Chapter elections were held in early December with these results: Sean Looney, GP; William Kolatac, VGP Michale Falzone, P; Thomas Comer, AG Richard Black, BG; Donald Petroski, SG Rayfield Dobbins, Hod; Matthew Bradley, Phu; and William Bowman, Hi. Also in early December, a bus trip to Atlantic City went over very well. Approximately 40 Brothers and alumni attended. Unfortunately there were no big winners at the casinos. On January 27th, a campus wide dart tourneyment was won by the Phi Psi team of William Kolatac and Louis Wisnowski. A Chapter foosbau tourneyment was held on February 25th. It was great fun, and was won by Rayfield Dobbins and Michael Gensinger. March 5th was the date of our "new wave" party with Delta Zeta Sorority. We will be paired with Delta Zeta in the greek week activities as we defend our championship. The dated rush was held on March 6th and it was a huge success. Many potential pledges attended. Congratulations are due to Douglas Zucker who achieved the highest grade point average in the chapter with a 3.8. A Chapterfishingtrip has been scheduled for mid April. Also in April, a series of softball games will take place between ourselves and New Jersey Beta. Thomas M. Comer Correspondent South Carolina Getting Solid As usuai, spring has come early to South Carolina, and we are enjoying it to the fullest. The spring semester also brought about one of the most productive rushes in S.C. Alpha's history, as twelve fine men pledged our Chapter. These are: Kim Bradley, Easly; Scott Burden, Rock Hill; Mike Davis, Greenville; Jim Delk, Summerville; Dean Foster, Greenville; Pat McCormick, Columbia; Dean Salabury, Sumter; Jay Spateholts, Charleston; Kevin Thomas, Laurens; Dave Tolston, Charlottesville, VA; Steve Eure, Portsmith, VA; and Jim Cottier, Geneva, IL. This pledge class brings the membership of S.C. Alpha to over 30, which is an increase of 100% from last year. Much of the credit for this rise goes to Chapter Consultant Don Durbin, who spearheaded rush for us this spring, and did a super job. Thanks Don. Founder's Day 1981, was one of the best anyone could remember, as Brothers, pledges, and alumni, gathered to honor our Founders. Some alumni, who had not been back since their college days, were on hand, and the Brothers delighted at finally meeting, "the faces on the composites." At the awards ceremony fouowing dinner, the following Brothers were honored: Gene Nelson, Summerfield Award; Bob Knudsen, Outstanding Alumnus Award; John Steinberger, and Ken Sterns, top pledges for the last two semesters. The evening was enhanced by the presence of Brother James W. Scott, Cornell '45, S.C. Alpha's first alumni advisor, and the man for whom our Outstanding Alumnus award is named. Brother Scott was an intricate part of S.C. Alpha from our start, and we are very pleased to have him back with us. Brother Scott also made a donation of $500 to the Chapter, which we are very thankful for, and will be a great help for Chapter house improvement. The semester is going along right well, as the Brothers are just getting over midterm exams, and we are happy to report, no one perished form the strain. The hard scholastic work payed off, as the Fraternity rose, from an unaccustomed 12th place, to 4th highest GPA on the quad, and look forward to challenging for the top spot this semester. The social scene this and every spring is the same; THE BEACH! These weekends at Myrtle Beach are mixed in with theme parties, like our "Toga Party," with FIB*, as the last vestigial of Animal House were kept alive a while longer by the Brothers. While our Pajama Party, with KKf, gave us the chance to show off the latest styles in late evening attire. The spring also means one other thing, SOFTBALL. The terrible ten are looking forward to the season, as au the vets from last year are returning, as well as some promising rookies. In our first game, the Brothers stung AOA, 9-2, and shouts of softball champs could be heard. One more vote of thanks, before we close, goes out to our alumni, whose invaluable services to us got us over a rough part of our history. If any S.C. alumnus is not receiving the newsletter, please drop us a line at U.S.C. Box 85118, Columbia, S.C , and we will get you on the mailing list. Also the phone number in the lounge has changed, we can now be reached at That's about all the news from S.C. As always, any Phi Psis in the area are invited to drop by the lounge and enjoy a little southern hospitality from the Brothers of S.C. Alpha. James W. Brockenfelt Correspondent Southern California Newsletter not received. Southwest Texas Record Year The spring semester has been an enthusiastic one here in San Marcos with active membership for Texas Gamma at an all time high of over forty men. We began the semester with fifteen new initiates: Greg FUnn, Alan Barron, Mike Toomey, Steve Schoelman, Larry Head, and David Terrell, Houston; Randall Jenkinson and Lee Kainer, San Antonio; Robert Slavic and John Slavic, Fort Worth; Joe Dunn, Aspermont; Doug Peterman, Dallas; James Skinner, Humble; Brett Montgomery, Missouri City, and Jim Ellis, Galveston. Rush chairman Steve Pierce organized a very successful spring rush which produced a pledge class of thirteen men, the largest 90 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

91 pledge class on campus. They are: Pat Brooks, San Marcos; Roy Ribelin, DaUas; Richard Raley, Jasper; Richard Brown, Houston; Mike Chapman, El Paso; Craig Steele, Houston; Brad Moore, Austin; Kevin Pillsbury, Missouri City; Joe Saye, Grand Prairie; Billy Ray Robbins, Mariin; Mike Williams, Heidelberg, West Germany, Tim Gigliotti, Amherst, OH; Randy Hormuth, Bettendorf, 10. The semester was highlighted by our Second Annual Phi Psi Fandango AU-CoUege Party held February 5th at Hays County Civic Center. The party was successful largely due to the hard work of Ben Franklin, the organizer of the event. Following the party we held the Second Annual Phi Psi Invitational Basketball Tournament. The sixteen team, double elimination tournament included fraternity teams from the University of Texas, Texas A&M, and Southwest Texas State, as well as independent teams from central Texas. Our Founder's Day festivities were held February 21 beginning with an outdoor barbeque at University Camp and climaxing with an open bar party in the evening. With the help of Bobby Santos, a good time was had by au. Phi Psis are becoming more and more involved in areas of campus leadership. Two of our brothers, Danny McClung and David Miller were recently chosen to become members of the Student Foundation. David Miller was also selected to join the national greek honor society, the Order of Omega. We are also proud of John Haecker who was elected to a seat on the Associated Student Senate. All of us here in San Marcos are looking forward to a successful end to the spring semester, as we attempt to win our third straight fraternity championship in intramural basketball, and also to an even more successful fall. Joe O'Connell Correspondent Southwestern Louisiana Compromise The Brothers of Louisiana Beta have been quite involved with activities since the start of the spring semester. To begin with, the Louisiana Alpha chapter from Baton Rouge surprised us and kidnapped our 1981 composite. A week later we were still unaware of who stole it and we were suspicious of the other greeks on campus. Finally we received a letter in the mail from Baton Rouge which contained a ransom note asking us for a social and beer. With this note. Beta decided that we would have to take action and get the composite back. The Brothers then decided that a trip to Baton Rouge was necessary. We arrived at the apartment of the president of Alpha and found our composite. Alpha then grouped a large number of their members and together we hit the night life of Baton Rouge. Through a series of events and misfortune. Alpha stole the composite back and escaped into other parts of the campus of Baton Rouge. Although they still had the composite we had one of their undergraduate members that happened to live with their president. We took him back and contemplated the idea of taking him with us back to the campus of U.S.L. Instead we borrowed their phone and returned to U.S.L. That Sunday following the adventures. Alpha came to U.S.L. and we played a softball game. We won and after the game the negotiations began. Alpha got back their phone and we put our composite back on our wau. Founder's day was a lot of fun for us this year. The Chapter had a chicken barbecue at the house and relaxed while drinking our favorite beverage. It was a great gathering for au of the Brothers and pledges. We were even treated by a visit from a few alumni. Our formal is in the planning and the date of March 28, 1981 has been chosen. The spring formal this year will be held in Lafayette and all of the Brothers are getting ready. The second annual Florida extravaganza is in the planning and arrangements are presently being made. By the way, the four pledges for the spring semester are doing fine and it looks as if they will become proud future Brothers of Phi Psi. Louisiana Beta would like to wish to all the other Chapters luck of the Mid-Terms ahead and on the final exams which follow soon after. George W. Lamperez Correspondent Stanford Spring Arriving on the Farm Finals are upon the proud and vigorous members of Cal Beta. Following late winter rains. Lake Lagunita isfillingand the sun is once again parching our backs. Sunbathing and studying for exams weren't meant to coincide, but such signs of an early California Spring tempt our otherwise unyielding souls. This Winter four Autumn initiates were elected to offices: Andrew Beal, GP; Craig Henry, VGP; Mahesh Mankani, P; and Andrew Johanos, AG and BG. Not owning a Chapter house, our group is a unique fraternity on campus. We must make special efforts to make ourselves known and keep the group growing. After an informal Winter rush, two fine pledges joined our ranks: Kenneth Chu, Los Angeles; and Jeffrey Shaw, Encino. Winter activities included broom hockey with Alpha Phi sorority at the local ice rink, a weekend retreat to Santa Cruz, and a brunch honoring four seniors who are graduating early. Kirk Henry, Ken Kesslin, Ken Koontz and Bill Shirley played an important role in keeping our group together in its younger days. Their devotion will be missed. With numerous members graduating this Spring, Cal Beta plans an active rush in hopes of an unusually large pledge class. In addition to the traditional daiquiri parties and beer/softball games, we're scheduling at least one beach trip and a day at the races. If everything Rico says does come from the horse's mouth (some horse!), we might take home enough to cover our Spring dues! Andrew M. Johanos Correspondent Syracuse Lonergan Award Founder's Day and Casino Phi Psi for muscular dystrophy highlighted the spring semester's activities at New York Beta. Two new awards were presented at this year's Founder's Day dinner in addition to the presentation of the coveted Founder's Cup. The first Clarence A. "Pops" Lonergan award for outstanding alumni participation in the Chapter was given posthumously to Burr Blodgett. Brother Blodgett had been active in the Chapter's alumni association as well as community youth projects until his death in The Neophyte Scholarship award for maintaining the best scholastic average during the pledge period was presented to Brother Joseph Chesky, who had a 3.8 GPA during his pledge period last fall. Solon E. Summerfield winner Nelson C. Tears received this year's Founder's Cup award, given to the Brother who best embodies the qualities of a Phi Psi. All New York Betans worked hard with Alpha Xi Delta sorority on our ninth annual Casino to raise money for the muscular dystrophy dance marathon. The four nights of casino were organized by Brothers Dave Finkelstein, Chip Holmes, Bob Picks, Paul Kenworthy and Mark Alexander. Last year's Casino Phi Psi raised over $2500 for MDA. Our slate of officers, elected last December, is headed by GP Michael C. Nedder. Other officers include John Steinkraus, VGP; Christopher Casazza, BG; John S. Healey, SG; Joseph Chesky, Hod; WiUiam Bornstein, Phu; and Michael Mojo, Hi. Brothers James Grace, P, and Paul Coleman, AG, continue in their one year positions. Fraternity Educator Leonard Walczyk is working hard with his twelve pledges: Philip Caporusso, Smithtown; Jonathan Cohen, Camp Hill, PA; Gary Halpern, Wynnewood, PA; Daniel Leyden, Holmdel, NJ; Eric Mandelbaum, Mansey; Stephen Mercer, Troy; Ross Posner, Wantaugh; Scott Price, Glyndon, MD; Peter Roberts, Bristol, Rl; Gordon Smith, Auburn; Ben Waters, Hanover, NH; and George Wolke, East Meadow. We also received a transfer from Ohio Alpha, Michael Stern. As of the SHIELD deadline. New York Beta has forty-four undergraduate Brothers, with 1429 Brothers initiated since our Chapter's charter was granted in Next fall's rush chaiman, Howard Saslow and Charles Bantis, anticipate a successful rush as the Greek system on the Syracuse University campus is getting stronger. Paul R. Coleman Correspondent Tennessee New Initiates Winter Quarter is coming to a close here at Tennessee Epsilon and we are anxiously awaiting Spring with eagerness and anticipation. This quarter we initiated six new Brothers: Samuel M. Stickney, Asheville NC; Dennis J. Voulopos, Lancaster PA: D. Ryne Johnson, Richmond, VA; John Curry, MD; and Stanley R. Boyd and Joel R. Johnson, from KnoxvUle. We gladly welcome these men confident that they will contribute both their knowledge and good spirits to our beloved Fraternity. May 198! 91

92 The Brothers of Tennessee Epsilon. Our Founders Day celebration turned out to be the best one in years. We had several alumni join us for the festivities including Robert Clark, '67, the first Chapter GP. We wish to thank them au for their time and enthusiasm. Spring Quarter always proves to be the most exciting at Tennessee Epsilon and this year will be no exception. We have a variety of social events planned such as the annual Pajama Party, the Scavenger Hunt and the biggest of them all, the Spring Orgy. We invite all our Brothers across the nation to stop by and take part in this major campus event. As always, we urge all our Brothers nationwide to come and visit us if they wander this way and celebrate the glory of ole' Phi Psi. Duncan G. Winter Conespondent Texas Psi-Dogs: Ahead of the Pack With the initiation of 32 Fall pledges and a welcoming of 10 Spring pledges, Tx. Alpha can now boast of a 90-man Chapter, abundant with spirit and drive. Our athletic endeavors have placed us in the UT spotlight; we took 3rd place in the 2nd Annual A E Pi Olympiad benefitting Muscular Dystrophy; we have 4 Basketball teams, one of which has a chance at the Intramural Playoffs, and; Softball season is upon us we warmed our arms up at the Southwest Texas State Kappa Alpha Invitational Softball Tournament in San Marcos. More emphasis has been placed on our Scholarship program headed by Bro. Mark Leyendecker. The pledges have a tight grip on their study hours and th& Brothers are benefitting from this attitude, too. Once again. Phi Psi is active in the Philanthropy Dept.; we are hosting the Spring Campus-wide Blood Drive at the house, assisted by the girls of Zeta Tau Alpha, and sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega, the service organization. The pledges are assisting the Multiple Sclerosis Society by selling restaurant coupon books on campus to raise money for the Society. Our morale-boosting Social program has entailed mixers with our neighbors, the SDTs, an all-weekend party with the Chi-Os from NTSU, and planned mixers with KD, AXn, ADPi, and ZTA. We blasted out Feb. 14 with our Annual St. Valentine's Day Massacre Party attended by gangsters and molls from the '20s. Also in the planning stages are our Round-Up activities Round- Up is the kick-off for our Summer Rush program. The Bermuda Formal, Casino Party and a trip to Mexico are also on the slates. Our new Officers, elected in Nov., are Douglas A. Throckmorton, GP; Thomas A. Dewree, VGP; Charles Williams, AG; Grant Specia, BG; Mark Snell, SG; David Roberts, P; Mike O'NeiU, Phu; Jay Reed, Hod; and David Rowlett, Hi. Our Founders' Day celebration inspired the Brothers immensely, with Bro. Joel Smith giving the address. But our spirits dropped the next week with the sad news of the death of Bro. DonneU Michael Rhody, '74. Bro. Rhody was a much respected man with many ties to Phi Psi. Wefinallygot a new stove for the Phi Psi kitchen and are in the purchasing stages of a new microwave oven and many utensils for Annie, our cook. The pledges (now Brothers) gave the house a gift of 3 new couches for the "Library" to brighten the common areas of the house. Bro. Ken Sandoval wiu be doing a bit of repair work on the ceiling due to his foot coming through it while he was working on repairing the heating duct in the attic. Love has struck the Phi Psi house and we have three engaged Brothers: Bill Cheney is engaged to Chrissy Groves; John "Brownie" Bryant is engaged to Camille Mason, Alpha Phi; and Bennett Roberts slipped a ring on Noel Duvic, KD. With many thanks to Treasurers and Financial Advisors past and present, the Chapter is totally debt-free and owes no one a back balance. Recent changes in our House Corporation find Bro. Floyd Saxon replacing Mike Mc Kinney as President and Gary Rodgers replacing Doug Danforth as Treasurer and Financial Advisor. Also, Bro. Bryan Muecke was appointed to the Board as Advisor. Thanks and Congratulations are in order for our outgoing and incoming Board members. Texas Alpha is looking ahead to the forthcoming Summer and Fall for a great rush and outstanding internal and external support. Charles S. Williams, Jr. Correspondent Texas Tech Future Thoughts Hello Brothers once again from Texas Beta. With the coming of the Spring semester of 1981 there has been the excitement of our own Phi Psi Phandango, the basketball season and rush. Yet there is more to come like softbau, volleyball, and Sing Song along with the annual Food Drive and Dinner Dance. Phi Psi Phandango, in its illustrious 5th year, enjoyed three live bands and 3000 spectators. Lone Star was a sponsor and there were fantastic ski give-aways and armadillo races. Founders' Day was held at the Lubbock Women's Club and attended by twenty alumni. Rush also turned out eight new Phi Psi prospects: Gerald Caldwell, Abilene; Glenn Carnell, Irving; Doug Cowie, Houston; Tom Dykes, Midland; Richard Giese, Fondulae, WI; Greg Hansen, Richardson; Greg Hodgkinson, Richardson; and Chris Walther, Houston. The new spring initiates are: Mark Bahr, Racine, WI; Bill Cato, Richardson; Shawn Christopher, Beeville; Mark Ramsey, Lubbock; Bob Reister, Sherman; and David Webb, Lubbock. New spring officers include: Brian Barkley, GP; Jerry Simmons, VGP; Barry Hendricks, AG; ^teve Yandell, P; Steve McNaughton, BG; Brad Carse, Phu; Matt Harrell, SG; Steve Whipple, Hod; Steve Purser, Hi. Texas Beta is excelling not only socially but also athleticauy. The Chapter has already mixed with the Gamma Phis and also Sigma Kappas with Chi O and Alpha Phi mixers yet to come. The 'A' basketball team finished 2-2 with resounding victories over Sigma Nu (71-7) and ATO (55-38). The softball teams (A and B) are prepared and the volleyball team which went to the playoffs a year ago returns with five starters. Sing Song, long a pride of Texas Beta is doing "The Best Little Whore House in Texas" with the Gamma Phi Betas. Needless to say there has been no lack of participation. Food Drive, sponsored annually by the Chapter, has excellent support campus wide. FinaUy, congratulations to alumni Joe Stanley, Bill CoUins, Bill Whiteside, Jim Ratliff, Darryle Sanders, Alan Henry and Tony Whittington, who were honored at Founders Day, for 10 or more years service to the Fraternity. We appreciate the support of alumni as we continue the struggle for land on Greek Circle... Barry Hendricks Correspondent Toledo Mortgage Burning February 20 was a big day for Ohio Eta. This date marked the burning of our mortgage. After 13 years, our house is paid off On February 15 we initiated 4 new Brothers. They are Michael J. Hamann, from Toledo; J. Steve McCormack and David J. Tough, from Sylvania; and James L. Schalaske, from Parma. And on March 1, we took 4 new pledges. They are Matthew Krushenski and Todd M. Shealy, from Toledo; Mark P. Phillips, from Defiance; 92 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

93 and Timothy W. Smith, from Fayette. Congratulations, gentlemen. In sports. Phi Psi took 1st in swimming. Dhuey M. Cronk and Nicholas J. Daudelin are both members of the Varsity Volleyball team. Daudelin is also on the Varsity Swimming team. He was the holder of the best time for the 50 ft. Freestyle in the M.A.C., but, due to a foot injury, he may not be able to defend his title. Ohio Etans have also obtained other positions on campus. This year, two Brothers are involved with the Freshman Advising and Registration Program, F.A.R.P. They are Daniel R. Morrison, who is co-director, and Wesley W. Schaub. They also hold offices in I.F.C. Morrison is secretary and Schaub is Rush chairman. We are also happy to announce that Larry C. Brack, Mike C. Smith, and Scott K. Williams are new members of Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, and Morrison has been tapped into Blue Key. Blue Key is an honorary fraternity for people who excell in leadership, academics, and community service. Good luck to all Colonies, Chapters, and Alumni Associations. Wesley W. Schaub Correspondent Valparaiso 31 Pledges! Spring semester at Valparaiso University brings with it another fine pledge class for Indiana Epsilon. The largest pledge class on campus includes the following respectable young men: Tom Ehrhardt, Kokomo; Mitch Johnson, Duluth; Steve Thompson, Rockton; Steve Schroeder, Zionsville; John Strege, St. Louis; Todd Walker, Milwaukee; Mike Van Boxtel, Neenah; Matt Stiles, East Aurora; Bob Schlak, Bradley; John Ruhe, Wethersfield; Daryl Caneva, Lockport; Jeff Swinehart, Goshen; Joe Schmidt, Traverse City; Mark Schroeder, Normal; Mike Speca, Chicago Hts.; Paul Schnorr, Altoona; Larry Groenewald, South Holland; Mark Vander Ploeg, Chicago; Andy Herbach, Hobart; Jim Boerger, Racine; Dave Brege, St. Clair Shores; Mark Schmidt, Hawthorn Woods; Steve Rickus, Birmingham; Steve Nichols, Girard; Jay Schaefer, Oak Creek; Chris Thielo, Fairview Pk.; Scott Gabrys, Griffith; Kevin Wallace, LaGrange; Craig Johnson, St. Louis; Brian Robinson, Germantown; Doug Rigoni, Iron Mountain; This Spring, Phi Psi is making its first bid at the "all sports" intramural trophy with strong showings in all categories, especially bowling and ping-pong. Victories here, along with last fall's football championship, have helped to establish Phi Psi athletically. An equal balance between work and play is indicated as the Brothers boast the second best grade point average of all the fraternities on campus. A camping trip is planned for the Brothers sometime in the near future, although the site for the excursion has not yet been determined. This appears to be a worthwhile attempt to increase Brotherly unity, which in our case is important since next year we will have the largest fraternal membership at Valparaiso. Finally, some of the Brothers found time to attend two Founder's Day banquets, both Chicago and Indianapolis. It was a good experience for those who participated and we hope to have a large turn out for both banquets next year. Robert D. Kramer Correspondent Vanderbilt Successful Rush Tennessee Delta entered its 80th year with unprecidented enthusiasm and excellence. Rush proved successful with the pledging of 23 fine men. These pledges include: David Allen, GaUatin; David Atkinson, Northfield, IL; Ken Berry, Cincinatti, OH; Bob Boone, Basking Ridge, NJ; Brian Brakke, St. Petersburg, FL; George Brown, Winston-Salem, NC; Paul Cushing, Vineland, NJ; Steve Dix, Manchester; Scott Draper, Viginia Beach, VA; Michael Duncan, Louisville, KY; John Ford, St. Louis, MO; David Kleinfelter, Knoxville; Matt Lowe, Columbus, GA; Jim Maher, Westfield, NJ; Andy Mindlin, Prairie Village, KY; Roy Perrin III, Metairie, LA; Andy Rosenman, Annapolis, MD; Tom Sheedy, Dunwoody, GA; Barry Sorrells, Little Rock, AR; Chris Temme, Madison, WI; Al Thrasher, Griffin, GA; Kevin Troy, New Canaan, CT; and Scott Winne, Andrews AFB, MD. The tradition of excellence in intramural athletics remained strong. The basketball team provided us with another winning season (5-3), and the basebau team is expected to continue in its role as a perennial power. Under the guidance of Service committee chairman Jon Utterback, planning for another Phi Psi "500" has begun. Our third annual Phi Psi "500" wiu be held next fau to benefit the American Diabetes Association. This has now grown into a campus wide event. Spring semester officers are: Charlie Davison, GP; Byron Norfleet, VGP; Dan Barrett, P; Brian Grove, AG; Peter Bolvig, Pledge Educator; Jim Decker, House Manager; Doug Reighart, BG; Jon Utterback, SG; HoweU Russ, Phu; Sam Harman, Hod; and Don Ellsworth, Hi. Phi Psi also has many campus leaders. Ted Parris is Secretary of the Inter-fraternity Council, David Allen is Drum Major of the band, Chris Temme is Sports Editor of the university newspaper, and Chris Hageman is a member of the Vanderbilt football team. The highlight of this semester's activities was our Founders' Day celebration. It began Friday night with a Roman feast put on by our pledges. Saturday night, pledges, undergraduates, and alumni enjoyed an excellent band party. Then our traditional Founder's Day Luncheon was held Sunday morning in conjunction with The Nashville Alumni Club. Brother Kent Owen, The Fraternity Mystagouge, was our honored guest and speaker. Brother Bob Camahan was this year's winner of the H. Fort Flowers outstanding alumnus award. Tennessee Delta continues to set campus trends. Recently the administration began a campaign to improve the physical appearance of Fraternity row. Phi Psi was the first to respond with a new fence and landscaping. Tennessee Delta continues to grow and improve. Next year we wiu initiate our 1,000th Brother. We invite all of our alumni and other interested Phi Psi's to join us on this momentous occasion when we will become members of a truly select group. Brian A. Grove Coirespondent Virginia Active Spring Another fall rush season came and went with the addition of a diverse and fine group of pledges. Although the number of pledges was down from the previous year, we feel this group will continue in maintaining Va. Alpha's reputation as one of the finest fraternities on the grounds. The new pledges are: Greg Coyle, Doug Felker, Eric Landau, John Madden, Jerry Marcus, Jeff Mester, Chris Meukow, and Andrew Whisnant. The Brothers at Phi Psi were involved in a number of activities. Brothers Bill Rolle, Bob Horan, and Don Ashburn, danced for two days to raise money for Madison House, a local charitable organization. Brother Mike Culp starred in a university play, and Brother Brad Felker was among a select group to be chosen as a senior resident assistant. Two of the Brothers, Mike Marsh and Mark Alliston, have formed a band that is getting increasingly popular in the Charlottesville area. At a recent Phi Psi party, the band drew a packed house, and kept the crowd dancing till the end of the night. Phi Psi is planning for their best Easters ever. Easters is a University-wideparty in the spring. Thus far, two bands have been booked for the weekend. We have also collaborated with four other fraternities to obtain the services of the hottest band in town on Sunday afternoon. All Phi Psi's are welcome. Academically, the Fraternity continues to excel. Several Brothers received Intermediate Honors rewarding their academic achievement during their first two years of undergraduate study. In addition, many Brothers have been accepted, to graduate school, including Brother Clurman to medical school. The Intramural season has been one the most successful for the Chapter. We are currently heading towards a third straight basketball championship, a feat never before accomplished. During a recent weekend, we were honored with the presence of Mr. Henry Davidson, a 1950 initiate. We also received visits from former brother^ Egan, Cook, McCarty, Scher, Skelly, Spadafore, and Speer. New officers were elected recently. The new officers are: Greg Case, GP; Chris Rodgers, VGP; Christopher Meyer, BG; Robert Wold, AG; Mike Meaney, Social Chairman; and John Baldwin, Rush Chairman. The Chapter's future looks as promising as ever. Our diversified plans for the spring semester reflect this confidence. In addition, we hope to initiate a Phi Psi "500" here at U. Va. I would Uke to end this newsletter with a personal note to a Phi Psi at New Jersey Beta, Monmouth College, and a hometown friend: Craig Glickstein, keep that house on the beach. Robert Wold Correspondeni May

94 Virginia Tech Service Virginia Zeta is finishing up an exciting Winter Quarter with six fine pledges: Kenneth Cole, Wayne Crawford, Russel HUlsley, Shane Moses, Chris Roper, Robert Sismour. These men have brought a valuable new excitement to our Chapter. They have already shown us the major asset that they will be in the future. During this past quarter, our Chapter performed its third annual Dribble-a-thon. This is our major service project of the year. We bounce a basketball for approximately forty miles along back roads from Roanoke to Blacksburg. The money collected for this project is given to a local charity. For the past two years the local Easter Seals center has been chosen for this charity. In order to get the children of the center directly involved, a small party was given for them along with the donation. Dribbling a basketball for the past three years hasfinallypaid off for our local Chapter. We increased our record of straight loses in the intramural basketball matches to a grandfifty fiftyrecord. This poor basketball record does not imply our Chapter is non-athletic. Our President, Jerry Kane, won the Virginia Tech Pentathlon. Our Chapter continues looking for a house to call its own. We have rented for the past few years, but we would like to own a house. We have had several possibilities this past year but none seem to work out. Brothers James Schuh and Bob Wendt represented Virginia Zeta and Virginia Tech at Western Tennessee State regional fussball championships. Jim and Bob arefinalistsin the State of Virginia. Brother Barney Roger is the managing editor of the Virginia Tech Greek newspaper, Greek Exchange. He is also in the running to become IFC Presi-' dent. And finally, alumnus Robert Wagner is now our Chapter Advisor. Dwight Bowen Correspondent Wabash Busy Spring Spring semester at Wabash College has been a busy one for Indiana Gamma. To start things off, Founders' Day '81 served as the initiation.day for seventeen new Brothers. They are; John Albright and Greg Britton, Highland; Joe Baily, Franklin; Tom Cooper, Jeff Dziako, Bill Keeling, Denis Kelly, and Eric Roth, Indianapolis; Nick D'Angelo, Hammond; Kevin Hartman, Bainbridge; Ed Hibshman, Elkhart; Dave Lazarek, Michigan City; Merlin Nice, Wabash; Cyril Oake, Rolling Prairie; Greg Kajfez, Carmel; Tim Thobe, Cincinnati; and Page Wiggins, Poseyville. Following the initiation ceremony fifty-seven Brothers made their way to the Founders Day banquet in Indianapolis. We placed second in the song competition behind Indiana Zeta, but we'll get them next year. In December the Chapter decided who would lead the Chapter for the spring semester. John Clymer was elected GP; Doug Fraser, VGP; David Soper, BG; Clyde Dawson, P; Craig Yoder, Hod; Gerald Myers, Phu; and Timothy Gulden, Hi. Wabash College is known for it's tough 94 comprehensive exams, and seniors are required to pass these exams before they are auowed to graduate. Some of our seniors did quite well and received a Distinction citation for their efforts. Those hard wording seniors are: H. Marshall Greene, Econ.; Mark Mc- Grady and Steve Riggs, Poly. Sci.; and Douglas Coplen, Chem. The Chapter received an award for raising the most money at a dance-a-thon recently. The event sponsored by the Circle K Club, a service organization, also gave Doug Faser the award for the top individual money raiser. Doug Haywood, president of the club, told us the money was raised to combat Cerebral Palsy. Since the beginning of the semester, the Phi Psi's have moved up five places in the intramural standings. The basketbau and bowling teams contributed to this by placing second against ten other teams. Activities Chairman Walt Olgy attributed the success to hard work and great enthusiasm. In closing, Indiana Gamma would like to wish everyone a successful spring and an even better summer. Kenneth Didat Correspondeni Washington New Faces With the presence of spring fast approaching, the Brothers of Washington Alpha are taking off their winter coats and getting down to business at Washington. New officers were elected for winter and spring quarters; Steve Fawthrop, GP; Kent Leyde, VGP; Jim Scnelz, P; James Mc Donough, AG; Sam Loss, BG; Chris Wiklof, SG; Mark Crisler, Hod; Ed Taylor, Phu; and Steve Spring, Hi. Dale Linder has been elected as the new rush chairman for spring and summer. Dale is currently a senior, and graduated from Friendly High School in Fort Washington, MD. He has just been accepted into the School of Architecture. He is forming plans for this summer and would appreciate any input for his program. The phone number for Washington Alpha is (206) The Brotherhood welcomed six new pledges into our house this winter: Steve Blackstone, Kirkland (Juanita); Robert Estes, Bellevue (Interlake); Dave MUler, Tacoma (Clover Park); Glenn Olarte, Tacoma (Lakes); Dave OUing, Jr., Seattle (Shorewood); and Alex Veress, Seattle (RooseveU). Ten new members were initiated into the mysteries of Phi Kappa Psi in January: Joseph Pruss, Douglas Hora, Edward Taylor, Matthew Ohlinger, Sam Loss, Mark Wood, Eric Hipke, and Mark Stevens. On Founders' Day, Thomas Vanourek was initiated, bringing the total number initiated at Washington Alpha to 1,213 Brothers. Founders' Day came, bringing with it a revitalized spirit to the Brotherhood. The day turned out to be a great success. We started with the assembling of the Brothers together to sing "Amici" in the cold, Seattle rain. The dinner, later that night, was held at the College Club in downtown Seattle. One hundred sixty persons showed. The guest speaker was Joseph Taller, Washington '58, the new budget director for Governor SpeUman. The annual Fire Dance was held Feb. 28 and was a blazing success. This dance commemorates the 51st anniversary of the Chapter house burning to the ground on November 29, Washington Alpha would like to recognize the fouowing: Dwight Johnson on his election to the Board of Control Position Number Five in the Student government at the University of Washington. Dwight was by far the most qualified candidate for his position and was endorsed by the Greeks and Dorms. James McDonough for winning the Individual Drill with Arms division at the annual NROTC H.D. Powell Northwest Navy Competition at Moscow, Idaho. Steve Fawthrop for being appointed to the IFC Finance and Budget Committee. Other activities this year have been the annual Toilet Bowl football game between Brothers and pledges. This hard fought game was won by the Brothers Brother Steve Spring won the Tidy Bowl Trophy as the MVP. The Spring Formal was on AprU 18 at the Seattle Aquarium. Greek Week is scheduled for May 3-May 9. the men at Phi Psi are getting psyched to soak all competition off the field in the funnelator contest. James McDonough Coriespondent Washington and Jefferson Unity and Diversity The mother Chapter of Phi Psi at W & J remains the most respected Chapter on campus. Our domination here is longsighted and the future looks only better. Twenty-five new initiates were welcomed into the Fraternity this year. The October ceremony included: Barry Cuneo, Connellsville; John Kelly, Allison Park; Timothy Bracken, Corry; Richard Finoli, Greensburg; John Glusica, Uniontown; Thomas Krahe, Pleasant Hills; Chris Dunn, Girard; Michael Patrick, Connellsville; Peter Soom, Uniontown; Ernest deleon, Pleasant Hills; Robert Geary, Latrobe; and Paul Schofield, Aliquippa. The Founders' Day ceremony included: Jeffery Mills, Ligonier; Bradford Warden, Morgantown; Bradford Warden, Morgantown, WV; Christopher King, Mt. Pleasant; Theodore Zierden, Coraopolis; Michael Sisk, Center Twp.; Michael Thomas, Pleasant Hills; Michael Barbour, Rochester; Thomas Westenberger, Boonton, NJ; Clayton Hardon, Fox Chapel; Scott Petri, Downington; Max Regula, Latrobe; David Beveridge, Erie; and Kenneth Jaynes, Connellsville. Chapter elections were held in February. The results were as follows: William T. Dymond Jr., GP; Theodore W. Zierden, VGP; Dominic R. Papalia Jr., P; John T. Kelly, AG; John M. Barry, BG; Jeffery A. Mills, SG; Edward N. Welte, Hod; Thomas P. Krahe, Phu; Ernest P. deleon, Hi. The spring 1981 pledge class is very promising, and there can be no doubt as to their worthiness. Each is a talented individual and will carry on our fine tradition here at W & J The pledges are: James J. Lomeo, Mc Keesport; Howard C. Storer Jr., Boonton NJ; Joel K. White, Melcroft; Louis M Dayich, Waynesburg; Thomas E. Noble The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

95 DuBois; Patrick L. Shields, BlairsviUe; Jeffery A. Doyle, Pittsburgh; Gary L. Bilotta, Pittsburgh; Gary M. Wilson, Girard; John R. Lungren, Jefferson Boro. The Phi Psi's at W & J have traditionally dominated both intercollegiate and intramural athletics. In Varsity Football Brothers Daniel F. Doyle, a senior captain from Pittsburgh and Michael F Barbour from Rochester, were selected as Honorable Mention AU-Americans. All Presidents Athletic Conference honors when to Brothers Lance P. Mondock and Max A. Regula along with Doyle and Barbour. Second team AU-PAC honors went to Brothers Franklin H. Yoho (captain), Joseph C. Calvini and David A. Herchko. In Varsity Wrestling David M. Krivus, placed second in the Division III Wrestling Championships held at John Carroll University and pledge John Lundgren placed seventh in the same. Both received All- American status and Krivus will compete in the Division I Championships in Princeton, NJ., held March 13, 14. Thomas P. Morrell placed first in PAC competition and John R. Walton along with Krivus and Lundgren placed second in PAC competition. Phi Psi domination of intramural sports was apparent again this year. We won football and tennis and placed second in volleyball and basketball. We have a good chance of winning the Intramural Trophy again this year. Our Chapter is also well represented on student government committees: WUIiam T. Dymond, Educational Planning Committee; Barry Cuneo and John Bucciarelli, Student Activities Advisory Board; Lance P. Mondock, Paul Lomeo, and Peter M. Matgouranis, Judicial Board. Matgouranis is also Interfraternity Council President. Four Brothers were selected into the Who's Who Among American College and University Students: Max A. Regula, William T. Dymond, Peter M. Matgouranis, and David A. Beveridge. Pennsylvania Alpha again took first place at the Annual Greek Sing here in Washington. We also took first place for au Greek Week activities. Carnival Weekend, the biggest celebration of the year is set for April Senior Brother Mike George wiu attempt to win the pie eating contest for the fourth consecutive year. This will be the first time in W & J's history that anyone has done this. Any area Brothers or alumni are enthusiastically invited to visit! A number of Brothers attended the Pittsburgh Area Founders' Day Banquet at the Press Club. Among the many prestigious alumni was Fraternity Treasurer John Burke. The Brotherhood here at W & J is currently planning our Biennial Dinner to be held at the Meadowlands Hilton on April 4. John T. Kelly Correspondent Washington and Lee 125th Anniversary Spring at Washington and Lee is probably the students favorite time of the year. This holds especially true for Virginia Beta. The Chapter has fourteen pledges so far who add to the high quality of members of Phi Psi. They are: Pledge President, Eric Campbell; Paul Chapman, William Foster, Jay Hoyt, Richard Jones, Glenn Kirschner, James Koenig, Mark Lukes, Joseph Mamo, Marcus Martinez, Sean McNulty, Donald Richardson, Ray Scerreca, and Eric Storey. Virginia Beta is looking forward to having these men join its Brotherhood. A major event taking place this spring is Fraternity Alumni Weekend. Our Chapter is even more enthusiastic about this because we will be celebrating our 125th Anniversary. We are truly looking forward to hosting our Brothers from past classes. Alumni Weekend will take place May 7, 8, and 9. Virginia Beta invites all members for a very festive and proud occasion. As in past years, Virginia Beta is again excelling in all areas of college life. In academics, the Chapter completed itsfirstterm with a 2.5-f grade point average. One of our top students, Lonnie Nunley, received an NCAA Post Graduate Scholarship for his excellence both in academics and athletics. In sports, the Chapter has many varsity athletes including Mike Fogarty, a football standout. Mike was chosen First Team All Old Dominion Athletic conference at tight end. He is also a captain on next year's squad. Other standouts are Ken Robinson and Don Kellerman in football. Herb Gresens, swim team captain, Mike Lewers and Jim Knudson in lacrosse, and Frank Brower and Charles Harris in baseball. Virginia Beta is also proud of its many leaders on campus. Lonnie Nunley and William Mackey are members of the Interfraternity Council, and Frank Brower is a member of the Executive Committee. Also, 9 out of 27 dormitory councelors are members of Virginia Beta, and recently four more were chosen to hold positions next year. These are Mark Anderson, Steve Corbeille, Anthony leradi, and David Stevens. Recently the Chapter played a very important role in a Muscular Dystrophy Dance Marathon where almost all members actively participated. Also James Hemby and Frank Brower were chairman and co-chairman of the marathon, respectively. With quality leaders and involvement in worthy causes like the latter mentioned, Virginia Beta has been able to uphold its high quality and status at the University, and it is apparent with the talent of our new pledge class, that it will continue to do so. Steven Corbeille Correspondeni West Virginia Keeping Busy As another school year comes to a close, the Brothers of West Virginia Alpha are busy with our many activities of the spring semester. Under the superior leadership of Zach Mendelson, GP, a great many improvements have been made within the Chapter. Among these are increased alumni support in the Morgantown area which had been dwindling for the past few years. Our alumni have really pulled together at a time when we need their support. Other improvements are a more structured committee system for such functions as Founder's Day and our civic projects. Founder's Day was celebrated on February 14 this year for our Chapter and was highlighted by a good alumni turnout. Herschel H. Rose, '32, was the principal speaker for the banquet held at the Morgantown Holiday Inn; George Daugherty, '51, served as Symposiarch. Among the award recipients that day: Zach Mendelson was presented with the Harlan B. Selby Award for the most enduring contribution by a senior; Cam Siegrist received the Solon E. Summerfield Award for scholastic excellence; Abe Key was presented with the Jeffrey C. Carmichael Award for the greatest contribution to intramural sports; Tom Dyer received the Corson-Brashear Award for scholarship within the newly initiated pledge class; Eddie Harrah was given the Best Pledge Award; and Brad Williams was presented with the first annual Most Active Phi Psi Award. We'd like to congratulate these Brothers for their outstanding accomplishments. Another highlight of our recent Founder's Day Celebration was the initiation of these 24 men: Thomas G. Dyer, Larry J. Cavallo, Thomas C. Kennedy, Timothy W. Dyer, Patrick R. ParriU, John W. Hornor, John T. Miesner, Michael W. Robinson, and J. Todd Furbee, Clarksburg; Donald G. Klinestiver and Craig A. Clark, Milton; Robert N. Maiolo, W. David Vazquez, and Kevin S. Massie, Morgantown; Dean E. Dawson, and Brett A. Pritt, Charleston; Timothy R. Hoffman, Mt. Lebanon, PA; Charles I. Shelton, Jr., Huntington; Kent Muscaro, Weirton; Edward R. Stike, Ripley; Stephen A. Hamer, Kenova; Thomas C. Giovanelli, Reistertown, MD; G. Edwin Harrah, II, Newport News, VA; and David ^'^,^ii'mhvi e f ; West Virginia Alpha's newest members pose after their Founders Day initiation. May

96 A. Finamore, Fairmont. These new initiates, which put us in the 1500 club, have a great deal of leadership potential. We are confident they will carry on the longstanding tradtions of which West Virginia Alpha is so proud. The Brothers are currently busy planning the fifth annual leukemia Radiothon scheduled for AprU 4 and 5. The fund-raiser was initiated in 1977 after Brother C. B. Shingleton, '75, died of leukemia at the age of twenty. Since then, we have raised over $60,000 for Leukemia Research. Last year, our total of $22,000 was good enough to earn us recognition for raising more money per capita than any other Radiothon in the country. We are looking to better that amount this year with the addition of a 10 kilometer distance race with the proceeds going to Leukemia. The addition of the race will also increase the participation within the Chapter in the raising of money by getting all the Brothers involved by either running, or planning and setting up for the race. Other money raising events include a dance and an all Greek night at a local bar with all the proceeds going to Leukemia Research. AU the Brothers are excited about this year's Radiothon and race and are working hard to make it the best ever! Another service project which we cosponsor each semester is a blood drive in conjunction with the Red Cross. The most recent drive was held in February. The amount of blood donated has consistently increased with each drive. Co-sponsors in addition to our chapter are Alpha Xi Delta Sorority and Scabbard and Blade, ROTC honorary. Cam Siegrist was recently named outstanding Greek on campus, an award which reflects on his many accomplisments. As the Spring semester comes to a close, such activities as spring formal and parents' day as well as our quest for the intramural championship should keep us more than busy. Stephen B. Talbott Correspondent Wittenberg Making Progress As winter term begins, the major concern of the Brothers of Ohio Beta turns toward rush. Under the splendid leadership of Rush Chairman Tim Griffen, winter rush turned out to be a tremendous success. We would like to welcome 17 new pledges to the ranks of Ohio Beta: Brian Jose, Pittsburgh; Bob Newton, John Scatterday, Scott Taylor, and Derek McKelvey, Rochester, NY; Dave Rhudy, Morgantown, WV; Dan McNichol, Philadelphia; Steven Pendergast, Paoli, PA; Greg BiUstone, Warren, PA; Bruce CUffe, Saganaw, MI; John Dicke, Lima, OH; Steve Trinter, Vermilion, OH; Mark McHugh, Newark, NY; Jay Ferguson, Plain City, OH; Chuck Jenkins, Lake Forest, IL; Steve Steele, Geneva, NY; Chris Entler, South Vienna, OH. The new pledges have been placed under the guidance of Pledge Trainer Dave Keefer and the Pledge Educators Doug Smith, Mike Dowds and Todd Millard. These four men have worked diligently to assure the success of our new pledge program. New officers were elected in January and have thus far provided the Chapter with the motivational leadership it needs. The new officers are Tim Griffen, GP; Carl Murray, VGP; Paul Billman, P; BiU Gaddis, Asst. P; Jim Cantrell, AG; Jep Bloor, BG; Tom Grabowski, SG; George Smith, Hod; Harry Cashy, Phu; and Dave Keefer, Hi. Throughout the year many house improvements were made. The most opulent is the newly refurbished pool room. Brothers Dave Conklin and Chris Kunkle replaced the old paneung with new and painted the wall behind the bar. Brother Jim Lesko laid the carpet down and installed new light fixtures. Brother Chris Campbell added his own personal touch to the pool table itself Thanks to these people, the house has a central place of activity where Brothers can congregate and discuss the many Fraternal matters of the day. Other house improvements include the creation of a T.V. lounge on thefirstfloor,repairs to the ceiling on the firstfloorand repairs to the first and second floor bathrooms. Many Ohio Betans exceued in sports at Wittenberg. Most notably was Mike Dowds, co-captain on this year's football team and named to the Kodak All-American Team. AU Ohio Betans are proud of this accompushment. Doug Brandewiefinishedan outstanding four year career as a member of the Wittenberg basketball team. Doug is a four year letterman and was also co-captain of this year's squad. Pledge Jay Ferguson was also a member of the varsity basketball team. Doug Smith and Pete Flint also capped off their soccer careers this year, both are four year lettermen and both were named to the conference All-Star team. Dough was also a co-captain of this year's team. Other Phi Psi's who competed on the Tiger soccer team are Kirk Duncan, Fabian Kusminski, Jim Cantrell, Bill Gaddis and pledges Brian Jose, Dan McNichol, Bob Newton and Chuck Jenkins. Carl Murray is also a member of this year's varsity track team. Congratulations are in order for Jim Lentz who is this year's winner of the Solon E. Summerfield Award and finauy, the Brothers here wish to say "Hi" to Brother Kirk Duncan who is at this moment exploring the Swiss Alps. J. Cantrell Correspondent Michigan Newsletter not received Arizona "... and a fine time was had by au." The Arizona Alumni Association had the pleasure of being hosted by the Arizona Beta Chapter for the 1981 Founder's Day celebration. A cocktail hour (or two) at the house was followed by a steak dinner. Our thanks to those who put on the evening and to those who attended. The Arizona Alumni Association invites all Arizona Betans andaw Phi Psi's presently in Arizona to partake in the activities now being planned in support of the local Chapter. Included will be events which wul allow all to renew old contacts and enjoy some Phi Psi camaraderie. Craig Tribken Correspondent Southern California The Southern California Alumni Association enjoyed a fine turnout of area Phi Psis at its 1981 Founder's Day dinner at the University Club in downtown Los Angeles. The program included Twenty-Five and Fifty year pin presentations to loyal Phi Psi Brothers. The key note speaker Brother Stuart Russel, Southern California '65, gave an interesting account of his experiences as a former hostage on the U.S.S. Pueblo during the Korean crisis in District VI Archon Jack P. Eckley reviewed upcoming District plans and recolonization efforts at CaUf Zeta, U.C. Santa Barbara this fall. Officers for elected at Founder's Day include President John Nootbar, 1st Vice President James Eddy, 2nd Vice President Homer Griffth, Secretary John Ciccarelli, and Treasurer George Humphries. Special thanks are in order for outgoing President George Humphries for his tireless efforts to promote the Southern California Alumni Association and its activities. Monthly cocktail gatherings are being planned for the last Thursday of the month at the brand new Verdugo Club, Glendale, Calif. For any information concerning Alumni activities please contact George Humphries at his office number (213) or John V. Ciccarelli Correspondent Chicago Founder's Day was observed at a banquet at the Union League Club of Chicago through the courtesy of Bob Halliday, our vice president. The assembled brothers were pleased to hear from Gary Angstadt, Phi Psi's Executive Director, and Ben Polk, Majority Whip of the Illinois House of Representatives. The undergraduate Chapters at Beloit, Northwestern, Illinois and Valparaiso sent representatives who shared a few minutes of campus experience with us. Silver CouncU memberships were awarded to Bud White, Michigan, Dick Telander, luinois, Phil Leekley Northwestern, and BiU Stocking, Rlinois. Our treasurer reported a positive bank balance of over two hundred dollars. A proposal to replace the Alumni Association banner which was stolen at the GAC at the Edgewater Beach Hotel was made. It seems as though our new pennant should hang among the others when we convene the GAC in Atlanta in Your ideas are solicited insofar as colors, design, size and cost. CaU Frank Whiting at The following were elected as officers for the year: President Joseph Quilici 1st V.P.-Jim Novak 2nd V.P.-Bob Halliday Chaplain Kent YoweU 96 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

97 3rd V.P.-Pat Kirby 4th V.P.-Jim Humphrey Treasurer Tom Whiting 5th V.P.-Paul Coulis 6th V.P.-Jerry Piper Secretary Frank Whiting Jr. Dues of $3.00 are now payable to the treasurer, Thomas Whiting. His address is 2245 Drury Lane, Northfield, The important part of dues is that it keeps you on the mailing list and lets you know when the events occur. That way you will have a fair chance to take part in the Closed Invitational Golf Tourney this summer. Defending champion Tom McCausland is in the process of selecting the place for this classic right now. Frank Whiting, Jr. Correspondent Cleveland The Cleveland Alumni Association held its annual Founders' Day Dinner on February 21st at the Crawford Aviation Museum. This year's event was extra special, since we celebrated Ohio Epsilon's (Case Western Reserve) 75th anniversary. The festivity included excellent food and company along with guest speaker. Phi Psi President John Donnell, Jr. A special thanks goes out to Eli Seagle and John Ciolek for a well done job in planning the event. Election of officers followed the dinner. The new officers for 1981 are Jerry Newmark, President; Walt lllingworth. Vice President; Bruce Jackson, Treasurer; Dave Arter, Secretary. Congratulations and good luck gentlemen! This summer we will hold our annual Phi Psi Alumni Golf Outing. A definite date and location have not yet been set, but information will be sent to Cleveland Area Alumni as soon as plans are made. If anyone has suggestions for future events or wants to get involved in the Cleveland Alumni Association, contact Dave Arter, Jr. (216) or WaU luingworth (216) Dave Arter, Jr. Correspondent Indianapolis The Indianapolis Alumni Association is pleased to report a successful Founders' Day meeting in Indianapolis on Saturday evening, February 28, The meeting featured a full buffet dinner, song contest and elections for the Indianapolis A. A. All six of Indiana's undergraduate chapters were represented at the meeting and a spokesman from each Chapter reported commendable scholarship, intramural and campus accomplishments. Gary Angstadt, Indiana '70, Executive Director of Phi Kappa Psi spoke to the assembled Brothers, reminding all of the great foundation upon which the Fraternity has been built. The Butler University Brothers rated first prize in the traditional song contest with tough competition coming from the Wabash College Chapter. Indianapolis Alumni Association officers for were elected as follows: Bob Fanning, Indiana '70, President Brad Osborne, Miami '76, Vice-President Dave Showaiter, Indiana '45, Secretary- Treasurer All central Indiana alumni and undergraduate members are reminded of the Indianapolis Alumni Association monthly luncheon. The luncheons are held at Noon on the first Wednesday of each month in the main floor dining room of the downtown Indianapolis Hilton. Please plan to attend and enjoy these monthly opportunities to see old friends and meet other brothers. Bob Fanning Correspondent Michiana Eleven Phi Psi Brothers of the Michiana Phi Psi Club celebrated Founders' Day at a supper gathering, February 11, at the University Club on the Notre Dame Campus, Notre Dame, Indiana. An attitude adjustment period preceded the meal, which allowed the Brothers to get their stories together so that not too many tall tales were retold. W. H. "Mose" Bruner, Indiana, '19, filled the younger one's minds full of yarns as to "how it was in the old days." He found an attentive audience in Frank S. LaPierre, Indiana '77; Craig A. Taelman, Indiana '73; William J. Lee, DePauw '62; and Jon M. Templin, Wabash '58. Meanwhile, outgoing club President, Bruce J. BonDurant, DePauw '62, encouraged the Brothers assembled to attend the regular Tuesday noon (Phi Psi lunch) gathering at the Loft Restaurant in downtown South Bend. His plea fell mostly on the ears of James H. Pankow, Purdue '43; Alan E. Nelson, Purdue '45; Robert E. Dunbar, Indiana '53, and David C. Olson Wabash '59. In the meantime, William Fox, Indiana '40, was busy taking photographs of the Brothers individually as they talked, listened, and drank. After an enjoyable supper the mention of an election came up and rather hurriedly it was agreed by mutual consent that since the officers had done such an outstanding job that they be allowed to continue (where they originally "took-up"), thus. Brother Bon Durant continues as President, Brother Taelman as Secretary/Treasurer and Brother Fox as Corresponding Secretary. A Treasurer's report was delayed until Brother Taelman could locate the bank book (possibly next year). It was noted, with some degree of regret, that several Brothers had made reservations but the cold and icy weather (-5 degrees accompanied with hazardous road condition warnings), as well as "cold and flu season" being upon us, their absence could be condoned. Brothers Roland Obenchair, Indiana '34; Theodore A. Blake, Pennsylvania '20; Louis S. LaPierre III, Michigan '45; William E. Voor III, Indiana '72 and Harry E. Gates, Indiana '46, were among those so excused. Brothers Nelson and Dunbar announced that they would host a "Co-educational gathering" (preferably the Brother's own wife or girlfriend) at their condominium at New London Lake this summer. The date of June 25 was set, and a committee wiu be appointed and get to work on the details in the very near future. Upon the urging of the staff and management of the University Club, it was agreed that we adjourn early and dispense with all of the normal group singing, since au wished to get home early (and safely). William Fox Correspondent Western New York On Friday, February 20th, 1981, our 27th annual "Founders' Day Dinner" was held at the Three Coins Restaurant in Buffalo. It was a gala affair for the many Brothers that attended. There was fine food, super spirits, a productive meeting, door prizes farthest Brother; G. Zilliox and youngest Brother (again): Dr. S. Pecoraro, and entertainment a representative of the film industry previewed some new, exciting films of the 80's. Thank you. Brother J. Sansone! New officers elected are: President, Carl Millerschoen; Vice President, Art Helfenstein; Treasurer, John Sansone; Corresponding Secretary, J. R. Rich; Sargent-at- Arms, George Zilliox; Chaplin, Mike Blontnik; and Messenger, Greg Sommers. Many thanks go out to past president Pete Longo for hisfineservice and good luck at your new eating establishment, Peter's Pub. Once again (3rd annual Pilgrimage), the Alumni Brothers went to their "Condo" in West Palm Beach (Fla.). It was a super 4-day holiday in the sun! For the 5th year in-a-row, the Buffalo Alumni will be going to Las Vegas on another gambling junket (April '80) hope ya "break a leg." A "Hello" goes out to Brother Prince in Austin, Texas we missed ya! We're talking proud! J. R. Rich Correspondent Omaha A crowd of about one hundred Brothers gathered for cocktails and dinner at the Venice Inn on Friday, February 20th to honor our Founders. Afinelarge representation was there from Nebraska U. to honor Gene Conley, our outgoing president. Another good group was present from Creighton to honor the new president, Mark Weber. Neil Cahill, S.J., Creighton, opened the banquet with a stirring invocation. This was followed by the usual toasts. Chapter reports by Nebraska U. and Creighton representatives were given that outlined a successful rush at both chapters this year and other activities these strong Chapters have engaged in. The alumni seemed impressed with the quality of the programs at both schools. Dick Hauser, S.J., Creighton, gave a short memorial service for those of both Chapters involved in a tragic accident in rural Nebraska. It makes one proud to see how Phi Psis react as a group to personal tragedy of individuals in our bond. Attorney General Paul LaPuzza, before he introduced the main speaker, announced that Creighton Phi Psi alumni would soon be contacted by close friends or pledge brothers, for a fund drive was being initiated to put the Lodge in decent operating shape. Paul then introduced Vice President John Boyd who spoke on the uniqueness of our Fraternity and how it relates to campus life today. John was afforded a fine ovation for an impressive speech. John Crane, Penn State, intoduced the slate of officers with comments concerning the necessity of future planning of goals for our association. John's nominees were all elected. They included: Mark Weber, Creighton, President; Dallas Foucht III, Iowa State, Vice President; Bud Rohr, Creighton, Treasurer; and May

98 Ted Urban, Northwestern, Secretary. Councilors selected were Greg Jahn, Sam Amato, Dr. Jim Gerner, John Herdzina, Jeff Modica, Paul LaPuzza Creighton; and Dave Batchelder and Ted Foster /owa State. Pins for 10 years (bronze) in Phi Psi were presented to Dr. Jim Gerner, Creighton, and Jeffrey E. Jackson, Kansas. The evening ended with our traditional songs and a return to private conversation with old and new friends. It is fortunate Paul LaPuzza announced the fund drive for Creighton's Chapter because within the week a furnace blew in the Lodge, a bul for structural work was received and a house committee has assessed a need for new plumbing, wiring, etc.! All this and the place looking better than ever particularly upstairs where the Memorial Room has added much class to the house! So please, men of Nebraska Beta, be generous and quick with your response because a serious crossroad has been reached at this Chapter as to whether we can keep up a presentable Lodge without alumni participation. Our Association has been active in trying to keep in contact with the undergraduate Chapters. Some of us attended a retreat at Nebraska concerning house management. This was a fine seminar. At Creighton, meetings have been held, too. Some because of Lodge needs and many to respond to chapters' needs because of the tragic deaths of Peter Phelan and Christopher Harris that occurred after a party. Also, David Bomkamp died of cancer this fall, so the Phi Psi burial Ritual was used often. Current Brothers and the alumni were drawn together because of our deep feelings for each other during this moving Ritual. In civic affairs. Phi Psi's are very active, too. Gene Conley, Nebraska, helped raise $6.8 mulion for our area by running the United Way of the Midlands drive. Paul Strawhecker, Creighton, and Ted Urban were chairmen of the drive for Boys Town and Creighton U. respectively. Before this group, Ted Foster and John Crane had held high positions in this civic endeavor. Area short bits: John Herdzina is married! Bud Rohr won a free trip to Jamaica. Dr. John Gerner and Dr. John Seminara have new beautiful baby daughters. Dick Shugrue, Nebraska, has appeared on local TV with law and election commentaries. Dr. Dennis Monnig, Creighton, opened a dental practice in Omaha. Steve Olsen, Nebraska, is the Board of Trustee attorney for the famous Omaha Community Playhouse. Jack Savage, Nebraska, received an Alumni Distinguished Scholar Award at Nebraska U. Jack Evans, Iowa State, is on the Metropolitan Area Planning Agency Board coordinating developmental planning throughout our area. Dr. Walter Key, Nebraska, was honored for 50 years of service at Creighton's Dental School reunion. Ted Urban Correspondent Orlando After reading the last issue of THE SHIELD, Bob Goldman, Washington & Jefferson, called and said he lives in the Orlando area. He is in financial planning, with an office in Winter Park. He is keeping himself trim by playing plenty of racquetball. Ron Pease, Gettysburg, is Dean of Student Affairs at Rollins College in Winter Park. He is especially enthusiastic over the prospects of a get-together for Phi Psis in the Central Florida area some time soon. Barry Smith, Ohio State, is kept busy by his employer running from Orlando to D.C. He recently caued and reported that he is occupied maintaining three children at three different colleges, and enjoying quiet walks near his home in Windermere. Those of you who read the article from time to time, please keep calling, and soon Orlando will have a Phi Psi get-together. Errol L. Greene Correspondent Portland A total of 205 Brothers and wives/dates attended our annual Founders' Day celebration at Oswego Lake Country Club February 28, 1981 and were treated to a great meal and enlightening dinner program. In addition to Chapter and corporation officer reports, numerous awards were presented to outstanding undergraduates and alumni. Brother Bill Bloodworth, Oregon '46, representing his class at the University of Oregon, presented the Oregon Chapter house with a new set of institutional pots, pans and mixing bowls. The undergraduate members from our Oregon Beta Chapter provided a presentation of songs after dinner as a warm-up for their annual IFC Sing competition at Oregon State. In addition to Oregon Alpha and Oregon Beta Chapters, attending alumni represented such chapters as Missouri Alpha, Minnesota Beta and Ohio Zeta. All attendees were very enthusiastic about the continued growth of Phi Kappa Psi at the two Oregon schools and are already looking forward to next year's gathering in Eugene. As a final note, all best wishes were extended to the nation's #1 basketball team, the Oregon State Beavers, as they continue to build their unbeaten record and attempt to capture the NCAA championship. Mike Garvey Cortespondent Rockford The Rockford Alumni Association has had another fine year. A summer party was held in August at the home of Bob Ross- Shannon, DePauw '47, on the banks of the mighty Rock. A similar gathering is now scheduled for this summer. Founders' Day saw the men of the Rockford Alumni Association gathered with representatives of the Beloit College Chapter at the University Club in Rockford. The evening provided all present to reflect on the merits of our Fraternity and also to appreciate the growing bond between the Rockford Alumni Association and Beloit College. Our Founders' Day dinner was also the last hurrah, for the moment, of Rick Bushnell, Iowa State '71, who has been our esteemed president for the past two years. he's done a marvelous job in that capacity. The Founders' Day attendance prize was taken by the Brothers from Indiana Alpha. Bruce Ross-Shannon Correspondent South Carolina Founders' Day '81 was an exciting weekend in South Carolina. Once again, the Alumni Association joined the S. C. Alpha Chapter in this annual event. A dinner was held for all Brothers, pledges, and Phi Psi ladies at Swain's Restaurant. During the dinner, a glowing report on the progress of the Chapter was given. Following the dinner, a disco party was held. A special highlight of the evening was the presentation of the James W. Scott Outstanding Alumnus Award to Robert W. Knudsen, Jr. for efforts on behalf of the Chapter and the Housing Corporation. The award was presented to Bob by Jim Scott, A^. Y. Alpha '45. Brother Scott served as Alumni Advisor to S. C. Alpha when it was a Colony and also during the first few years as a Chapter. During his comments on the Chapter, Brother Scott made a surprise announcement. In recognition of the growth that has taken place in the Chapter, Jim made a sizable donation to the Housing Corporation. He then challenged the Chapter and Alumni Association to raise an equal amount for the Housing Corporation. If the fund raising is successful, Jim Scott will double his donation. On behalf of all of the S. C. Alpha Phi Psis, a special thanks goes out to Jim Scott. Not just for the donation, but his constant support and encouragement! After such an exciting night, the Alumni met at the home of Karen and Phil Harkey for a Bloody Mary Breakfast. Following this delightful brunch, the Winter Meeting of the Housing Corporation was held. During the many activities of Founders' Day Weekend, the Association annual business meeting was held. Elected to office were Phil Harkey, President; Tommy Dail, Vice President; Connor Harrison, Secretary; and A. C. Flora, Treasurer. Smith Harrison was reappointed as Correspondent for THE SHIELD. J. Smith Harrison, Jr. Correspondent SL Louis An active social calendar is planned for The events scheduled are: Casino Night in May, A Cardinal Baseball Game (the Bullpen Room) on Friday, June 12, A Summer Rush/Picnic, A Steamer's Soccer Game in January, and Founders' Day on Friday February 19, Other events are being considered and we welcome any suggestions and ideas. Founders' Day was held at Schneithorst's Hofamberg Inn on Friday, February 20. Our guest speaker was Jack Dolen who discussed effective communications. Twenty-five year pins were awarded to Ken Thorpe Missouri '55. William Spencer, Purdue '51, and John Barnes, Purdue '52. We also awarded two Fifty year pins. The recipients were Alfred Stover, Purdue '18, and Sam Greenland, Michigan '31. Congratulations to all for the many great years of service!! The Second Annual President's Award was presented to Sam Greenland for outstanding service during the past year. "Bottle Awards" were presented to Bryan Foulk (most distant chapter-arizona Alpha) and Alfred Stover (oldest in attendance-initiated 1918). Based 98 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

99 on an outstanding "track record" Eric Ruegg was named "Keeper of the Taps" for the coming year. Elections for new officers were held. The new officers are: Rick Curtis, President, Greg Abbott, Vice-President, and Steve O'Rourke, Treasurer. New Governing Board Members are: Patrick O'Brien, John Warakomski, Rand Hale, Wayne Naro, and Glen Buttrey. The final award of the evening was the Traditional Gavel presented to Jim Naylor in appreciation for two outstanding years as Association President. The St. Louis Alumni Association wishes to extend special congratulations to Timm Supranowich and his wife Donna on the birth of Timothy Joseph, February 26. Looks like another Tiger Linebacker (81bs 7oz.). We are looking for more St. Louis Phi Psis to take an active role in our Association. Area Brothers and Undergraduates home for the summer contact us and get involved. WE'LL GUARANTEE A GREAT TIME!!!! Rick Curtis Correspondent Central Texas More and more Brothers are attending the monthly meetings at Scholz Garten. Last month 17 Brothers enjoyed beer and nochos while the nominating committee prepared its recommendations for the election of the Association's new officers. Prior to the Founders' Day celebration at the Texas Alpha house, the following were elected: President, John Meadows Vice-President, Bryan Muecke Secretary, Charles Harris Treasurer, Robert Pugh Floyd Saxon was elected president of TxA Educational Foundation. A cocktail hour preceded the Founders' Day luncheon which was attended by over 100 undergraduates, pledges and alumni. Joel Smith, Texas, was our speaker, and a good one, too. Joel shared some of his experiences as a lobbyist at the State Legislature, proving that politics can be very interesting and rewarding. Perhaps more Phi Psis should get involved in State politics. Plans are being made for several social events in the next few months, including rush parties, golf and tennis. Charles J. Harris Correspondent Tucson Many Tucson Phi Psi Alumni and Undergraduates get together regularly. Other Phi Psis (new or old residents, or summer or winter visitors) in Tucson are always welcome. We meet in the historic Arizona Inn at 5:00 P.M. on the first Monday of every month. Mark your calendars for June 1, July 6, August 3 and September 7. Plan to attend. No reservations required, but call (602) if you would Uke further information. Bob Gibson Correspondent ^m ^A ^fiv^ ^ One of the distinctive features of being a Phi Psi is how the bonds of brotherhood are maintained after leaving the college campus. Often, the prime vehicle for sustaining those friendships is the A lumni Association. Listed belo w are the times and locations of the Fraternity's Alumni Association meetings. Check for the association nearest you and attend their next meeting. You will enjoy seeing familiar faces and will become active in "Something of Value. " Arizona (Phoenix) CaU Craig Tribken Arizona (Tucson) Call Dave Grant, Atlanta-Call Bert Fridlin at Austin First Wednesday, 5:30 p.m., at Scholz Garden, 1607 San Jacinto Birmingham First Friday, 11:45 a.m., Tara House Restaurant. For reservations cau Dennis Cameron Buffalo-Call William Brennison at Charleston-Last Thursday, Noon, Charleston House Cincinnati-Call Irle R. Hicks, , Ext. 541 Cleveland Monday, Noon, Mid-day Club, Union Commerce BIdg. Columbus Every Friday, Noon, Athletic Club. CaU Joe DeVennish, Concord Calif.,-Last Thursday, Noon, TR's Restaurant. Corner of Concord Ave., and Salvio Sts. Denver Third Wednesday, 11:45 a.m.. Continental Broker, 235 Fillmore, Denver For reservations call Frank Middleton, Office Home: Detroit Second Monday of each month. Noon, The Rafter's, Stouffer's at Northland Center, Southfield, call John Rexford, at May 1981 Findlay-Second Friday, Imperial House & State Route 12. Houston Third Wednesday, Noon, Petroleum Club, Humble BIdg. Indianapolis First Wednesday, Noon, Country Oven Restaurant-Downtown Hilton Kansas City Thursday, Noon, The University Club, 918 Baltimore Los Angeles Last Thursday of each month, 11:30 a.m., Taix French Restaurant, 1911 West Sunset Blvd. Other Thursdays, Noon, Bullock's Heritage Restaurant, 7th and HiU Streets Minneapolis First Thursday, Noon, Minneapolis Athletic Club Northridge First Tuesday each month. Love's Wood Pit Barbeque, Balboa Blvd., Northridge. For information call Chapter house ( ) or John Ciccarelli ( ) Oklahoma City Second Tuesday, Noon, cau John L. PoweU at the First Nat'l Bank & Trust Co. Omaha Call Dr. Theodore J. Urban at Philadelphia Wednesday, 12:30 p.m.. Engineers Club, 1317 Spruce Pittsburgh First Thursday, Noon, Downtown University Club, Wm. Penn Hotel Rhode Island-First and Third Thursdays, Noon. The Chapter House, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Tel.: Donald Brien-(401) San Francisco First Friday, 12:15 p.m.. The European Farmer, 441 Washington St. CaU Guy Minardi, (415) San Luis Obispo Monthly, First Tuesday, 11:30-1:00 at the 1865 Restaurant, 1865 Monterey St. Santa Barbara, Calif.-Call Dr. Luin K. Thatcher, 515 E. Michelterena St., Phone Seattle Second Wednesday of every month, 6:00 p.m.. Chapter House, 2120 N.E. 47th St., Seattle, Wash South Bend, Ind. Tuesday, Noon, Loft Restaurant South Carolina Last Thursday of each month, Happy Hour 5:00 p.m. Call A. C. Flora ( ) or Smitty Harrison ( ) St. Louis Each Third Friday (Monthly): call Steve Scheidker, 122 W. Sarah, Kirkwood, Mo : Home: , Office: Syracuse First Wednesday, 12:15 p.m.. University Club Washington, D.C.-Third Thursday, 11:45 a.m., Capitol Hill Club, 300 1st. St. S.E. For more information call Dave Fenstermaker at

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103 DR. GOETHE LINK, Indiana '96, died on December 31, Brother Link received a special award at the 1980 GAC in Indianapolis in tribute to his 84 years of active Phi Psi service. His life's worli is best recapped in the following editorial from the January 5, 1981 Indianapolis Star: Dr. Goethe Link's life was a gift of exceptional merit to mankind. He was surgeon, astronomer, ballonist, student of bird life and other close-at-hand wonders of nature, floriculturist. That spark of curiosity, love of learning that is one of humankind's prisms for sharing in the divine, stayed with him long into his very advanced years. The heavenly visions, glimpses of immortality available from his observatory in Morgan County, he chose to make available to the young and others for many decades in the future, by donating the observatory years ago to Indiana University. For he was teacher, too. A reporter, fortunate enough to help in Dr. Link's successful battle to prevent a routing of new Ind. 67 so close to the observatory that its usefulness would be stunted, got the bonus of having his children meet the physician, then in his 80s, on a summer excursion to the splendid woods of that area in the 1960s. Dr. Link extended not only the hospitality of his home and gardens but also an impromptu life-laboratory lesson on hummingbird metabolism to the wide-eyed youngsters, there among the feeders and the dozens of darting, multi-colored, miraculous wisps on wings. He still was observing, learning, teaching, living to the full of his powers. Tlie lesson of his person was the more powerful one. Goodbye, Doctor, and thank you for the lifelong splendor that shines as an astral beacon. Brother Link is survived by his wife, sons William Hall Link, DePauw '36 and Goethe S. Link^Jr., Indiana '61. and a sister and daughter. RALPH E. WAGNER, Syracuse '0/, died October 26, FRENCH P. SARGEANT, Dartmouth '05. died November 2, JULIUS A. LEMLER, Mississippi '05, died December 4, Brother Lemler was presented a 75 year pin earlier in THOMAS J. SPROUL, Swarlhmore '05. died November 25, Brother Sproul was a member of the board of directors and treasurer of Atlantic Steel Casting Co. from 1915 until he retired in He was elected to Pennsylvania's state House of Representatives in 1935 and served two terms. He is survived by a daughter, Mary Caroline Brinkley. ROY O. SYKES, Syracuse '09, passed away. ENDERS M. VOORHEES, Dartmouth '10. passed away. BLANCHARD RANDALL, Jr., Johns Hopkins '10, died December, LOUIS A. FOSTER, Chicago 'II. died on January 7, Brother Foster founded an engineering contracting firm in He is survived by his wife of 51 years, Ruth. CARLETON G. BATES, Syracuse 7/. died on April 29, WALDO R. MYERS, Illinois '13. died April 8, WILLIAM F. NOBLE, Nebraska '13, passed away. GEORGE W. TRAVER, Chicago '14. died July 21, DR. DONALD A. FUSIA, Gettysburg '14. passed away. PHILIP H. POTTER, Illinois '/ #, died April 27,1980. Brother Potter was a farm manager. He is survived by his wife Margaret and their three children. WILLIAM R. VIVIAN, JR., Michigan '14. died December 27, GORDON T. MALAN, Penn Slate '14. died October 2, HERBERT L. BOWMAN, Cornell '15. died April 3, Brother Bowman was one of the finest clay-court tennis players in the nation following World War 1. He is survived by his wife Kathryn; a daughter, Mrs. Wallace LaMonte; a grandson and a sister, D. VICTOR EMANUEL, Gettysburg '15. passed away. PAUL W. NEFF, DePauw 77, died September 15, CARLTON P. HERSHEY, Franklin i Marshall '17, died on November 1, KENNETH S. THORPE, Vanderbill 77, died January 20, EDWARD ADLER, Gettysburg '18, passed away. HARRY W. MILLER, Gettysburg '18, passed away. ROBERT J. DUNNE, Michigan 7«, died May 18, HOWARD E. NEWCOMER, Penn Slate 'IS. died March 12, CHARLES F. BELLOWS, Wisconsin '20. died November 3, Brother Bellows was an office equipment sales representative as well as co-owner with his wife, Jane, of the C. F. Bellows & Associates. He was a past president of the Cleveland Alumni Association. Survivors include his wife, Jane; two daughters, Sally Hahn and Susan Harrison; five grandchildren and a sister. SAMUEL H. WILLARD, Brown '2/, died September 7, VICTOR H. P. JOHNSON, Chicago '21. died July 14, DAVID G. GRANT, Iowa 7/, died November 13, CECIL N. COOK, Texas '21. passed away. LESLIE B. RYDER, Brown 72, died December 15, W. VERNE WILKIN, Kansas '22, passed away. WILLIAM G. YOUNG, Indiana '23. died June 10, CARL W. SIEGWARTH, Penn State '23. died March 2, He is survived by his wife Helen; a son, Carl, Jr., Wittenberg '48; and a daughter. HJALMAR S. ANDERSON, Allegheny '24. died September 7, LAWRENCE A. WEBER, Amhersi '24. died January 26, CHARLES L. REBUCK, Gettysburg '24. passed away. THOMAS V. CARTER, Oklahoma '24. passed away. WILLIAM N. KENNON, Bucknell '25. passed away. HENRY E. HARNER, Dickinson 76, died November 8, Brother Harner was the former secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and served as special assistant to the U.S. Attorney. JOHN T. MCGREER. JR., Nebraska 7(5, died July 18, DAVID E. LAWSON, Case Western Reserve 77, died October 5, Brother Lawson was connected with Chase Brass & Copper Co., and later became vice president of Hupp May 1981 Corp. He was executive vice president of Detroit Brass and Malleable Co. until his retirement in He is survived by his wife Ruth F., and a brother. EDWARD W. BLAINE, Southern California 77, died January 1, ALBERT KASER, Southern California '27. died October 17, JOHN E. HASKINS, Southern California '27. died July 21, CARLOS S. WAGNER, Texas 77. passed away. ALLEN E. KOLB, Chicago '28. died October 23, During World War II Brother Kolb served with the American Red Cross as Assistant Director for the entire Southwest Pacific. After the War he was with the American Cancer Society, serving as Director of a 32 county area in Northern California. He is survived by two brothers, Myron D., Chicago '29, Leiand S. and a sister. Marguerite. LOWELL R. ALSTRIN, Michigan '28. died October 7, Brother Alstrin was a field representative for William Wrigley Co. for 35 years. He is survived by three sons, and one daughter. CHESTER E. CRIST, Ohio Stale 7«.died November 5, PAUL E. CHAPMAN, Colgate 79, died December 27, ROBERT L. HAZLETT, Colorado 79,died January 31,1981. Brother Hazlett joined Marathon Oil Co. in 1946, where he edited the company's employee publication. He retired in Prior to working for Marathon Oil he edited and published the "Inland Oil Index," a trade publication issued weekly covering oil and gas activities in the Rocky Mountain states. At the time of his death he was engaged in design and development of energy conservation devices. He is survived by his wife, Effie; and a son, Scott. HUGH C. LEININGER, Southern California 79 (Brown 75/died November 15, In 1950 Brother Leininger started his own business, Casa Pura Laundry & Cleaning Co., in Newport Beach, Calif. He retired in 1970 and moved to Chicago. He is survived by his wife, Eugenia N., and two nephews. NORRIS J. GRAHAM, California-Berkeley '30. died July 9, KENNETH E. NIELD, Colgate '30. died October 26, RANDOLPH M. ARNOLD, Colorado '30. died June 2, GERALD FITZ-GERALD, Kansas 'JO, died December 1, Brother Fitz-Gerald was a partner in Kerr, Fitz-Gerald, Keu law firm since 1964, and served as president of the Midland County Bar Association from Survivors include his wife, Elizabeth; a son, Gerald Fitz-Gerald, Jr., Kansas '61; two grandchildren; and a sister. HOWARD B. WALLACE, Mississippi 70, died February 12, DAVID R. ALLEN, Brown 'J/,died October 10,1980. Brother Allen was assistant superintendent of inspections for Factory Insurance Assn. of Hartford. He also served as a member of the Slate Board of Education in Connecticut. He is survived by his wife, Emily; two sons, James and Richard; and a brother, John C. Allen, Brown '32. WILLIAM J. NUGENT, JR., California-Berkeley '31. died February 29, GEORGE R. GLOVER, DePauw 7/died December 6,1980. Brother Glover was manager of Gregory and Appel Credit Bureau of Danville, Indiana. He also owned Glover Ford Sales. He was a Navy veteran of World War II. Survivors include his wife Ann; a daughter Suzie Areddy; and two sons, Michael and David. COL. HERBERT L. CRISLER, Illinois 72, died December 23, ROBERT F. LAMAR, Kansas '32. died October 3, JOHN T. LAMONT, Purdue '32. died March, RICHARD C. EMMONS, Indiana 7J, died January 12, WILLIAM YOUNGREN, Iliinois 74, died July 19, RUSSELL S. MCCLURE, Slanford '34. died October 8, THOMAS F. SAUNDERS, California-Berkeley 75, died September 29, WALTER A. VANE, Cailfornia-Berkelev '35. died April 26, HORACE M. CLARK, DePauw '35. died April, VERNON W. HENTSCHEL, Missouri 75, died November 23, Brother Hentschel took over the operation of Hills-Hentschel Ink Co. in 1958 and ran the company until it was sold in He is survived by his wife, Theda; a son, Thomas D., Missouri '60: a daughter, Barbara Whiteaker; and a sister, June Von Derherde. GILMER K. SHINGLE, Slanford '35. died September 18, CHARLES E. KELSEY, Syracuse 75. died May 28, GEORGE M. WILSON, JR., Penn State 76, died September 30, DAN R. LANE, Colorado 77, died July 6, ROBERT G. BEAR, Northwesiern 77, died August 5, WALTER C. MUELLER, Case Western Reserve '38. died November 28, Brother Mueller was chairman of the board of Mark K. Inc. He was the past commander of Ralph D. Cole Post, American Legion, he was also a veteran of World War II. He is survived by his wife, Helena; a son, Mark K., Ohio Stale '70; two daughters and two sisters. RAYMOND H. JOHNSON, Colgaie '39. died November, HOWARD H. UNANDER SCHARIN, Amhersi '40. passed away. GEORGE V. GALLENKAMP, Amherst '41, died March 30, Brother Gallenkamp's publication on French 18th Century portraitures are major contributions to the literature of art history. He is survived by two sisters, June Gallenkamp and Mrs. Lawrence Perry. EDWARD E. NEWTON, Southern California '42. died October 8, MARTIN C. CRANDELL, Syracuse '48, died July 4, LT. COL. WILLIAM N. HAMMOND, Wittenberg '49. passed away. EDWARD A. REIDER, III, Pennsylvania Stale '50. died August 1, WILLIAM J. KAITSCHUK, Wittenberg '50. passed away. THOMAS K. MAYES, Iliinois '53. died January 11, 1981, MONROE D. THIGPEN, Mississippi '69. died October 10, ROBERT L. LARCHER, Creighton 'II. died December 14, Brother Larcher was coowner of the Larcher Food Market. He is survived by his wife. Sue; two daughters. Lacy and Kelly; mother, Mrs. Normal Greever; three brothers and a sister. JAMES P. WOOLLEY, Mississippi 72. died in DONALD B. V\. CORSETTI, Ashland '73. passed away. 103

104 ader in recognizing peopk Please write quantity in box. Please send order form. f-i T, I ^n- IT. J,/M.r,1 11 */-, with full payment A. D Rep accmentoffiadbadgc.lok yellow gdd.. $65.00 ^^^^^^^ made out to Phi U Replacement Official Badge, Balclad (»o/j«ott'«j Kappa Psi) to B. D Plain Sweetheart Pin, lok yellow gold C. D Crown Pearl Sweetheart Pin, lok yellow gold OC D. D Sweetheart Pin, Qown Pearl with Ruby' points, 1 OK yellow gold 125. E. D Sweetheart Pin, Crown Pearl with Sapphire* points, lok yellow gold Name F. D Sweetheart Pin, Crown Pearl with Garnet* points, lokyellowgold 125.0P^ Street G. n Official Recognition Button, Balclad 5.00 H. n 10 Year Member Button, City/State/Zip Code Bronze finish (notshown) 4.00 D 25 Year Member Button, Silver finish 4.00 n 50 Year Member Button, Gold finish (notshown) 4.00 I. D Official Ring, lok yellow gold D Official Ring, lok white gold (notshown) D Official Ring, Sterling Silver f»o/j^oww) Ring Size: "Indicates simulated stones. ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOl Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity 510 Lockerbie Street Indianapolis, IN 46202

105 THE OF PHI KAPFA PSI FRATERNITY September 1981 Annual Report Issue

106 ON THE COVER: Limited Edition Serigraph, commissioned by Phi Kappa Psi and signed by the artist, William Albert Ware, is photographed here in tones similar to the finished wortc. The 16" x 24" parchment print is available for purchase on a first come, first served basis, at a cost of $19.75 each, which includes $1.75 postage and insurance fee. The print arrives suitable for framing. The artist's works include covers or illustrations in publications such as the Saturday Evening Post. Sports Illustrated, Time Newsweek. Mr. Ware's serigraphs normally sell in the $150 price range, but the Fraternity was fortunate to utilize his talents when the oil portraits of Founders Letterman and Moore were commissioned for the new Fraternity Headquarters, Heritage Hall. when Mr. Ware helped display the portraits in Heritage Hail, the concept of a serigraph combining the Founders' portraits and Heritage Hall came forward and the significantly reduced price resulted. Each print purchased will contribute financially to the Fraternity. We anticipate the prints selling out quickly, so you may wish to order now to insure availability. Phi Kappa Psi Print Name Address.. Chapter print(s) at $19.75 each. Total $ Make checks payable to Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity Return Order To: Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity 510 Lockerbie St. Indianapolis, IN CHAPTER CONSULTANT POSITION AVAILABLE One position of Chapter Consultant is open, to any Brother who has recently graduated and can meet special leadership qualifications. It is a position of responsibility and requires an understanding of sound chapter operations, an interest in meeting and working with people, and a desire to help better the Phi Kappa Psi fraternal experience in colleges and universities across the United States. The work is demanding, exciting and challenging, but also rewarding. He travels thousands of miles a year and meets hundreds of people. If you are interested in this position as an immediate placement opportunity, please write or call Gary B. Angstadt, Executive Director, Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, 510 Lockerbie St., Indianapolis, Indiana 46202; telephone 317/

107 THE \ ^ OF PHI KAPPA PSI FRATERNITY Vol. 101/No. 3/Annual Report mrnwc OP PH KAPm PSFfWJER NTTV Soplembef 18B1 r.^ ji^^^* s^j Annual Report Issue [ffl^^d 5[a( On the cover 106 Rush: A Renewable Resource 108 Annual Report 110 Introduction 110 Membership Ill Fraternity Headquarters 113 Meetings 115 Alumni Support Program 115 Letters to the Editor 117 From the Archives 117 Honor Roil of Contributors 118 Founders Fellows 128 Tutors in Residence 129 Summerfield Scholars 129 Directory 132 Phi Psi Authors 134 Luncheons 136 Chapter Eternal 136 Tennessee Delta's 1,000th Initiate Grand Arch Council August Omni International Hotel Atlanta, Georgia Plan now to attend! 129 Member of College Fraternity Editors Association THE SHIELD (USPS ) was established in It is published four times each year, fail, winter, spring and summer, under the authority and direction of the Executive Council of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. Produced and printed by Compolith Graphics and Maury Boyd and Associates. Gary B. Angstadt, 510 Lockerbie Street, Indianapolis, Indiana is Executive Director to whom all material, subscriptions, and changes of address for THE SHIELD should be sent. Subscription price is $2.00 per year; single copies, 50 cents. Life subscriptions available at $ Secondclass postage paid at Indianapolis, Indiana, and additional mailing offices. Sept. r

108 A ^tmejuaome "Re^cjunc by: John V. Ciccarelli Director of Fraternity Membership California State, Northridge '72 A basic salesmanship rule of thumb that is applicable to Fraternity RUSH is that the person who contacts a prospective buyer first all things being equal will be the one who makes the sale. In a recent survey of Phi Psi Chapter RUSH from across the country, a high percentage of individuals pledged were first introduced to Phi Kappa Psi through a friend who was an active member in the Chapter. It is not uncommon to meet several members of various Chapters who pledged and were initiated into Phi Psi without ever looking at another fraternity. This fact should not be taken lightly, for the earlier a Chapter can contact prospective members, the better are the chances of that person eventually becoming a pledge of the Chapter. While traditional RUSH week activities satisfy the membership goals of some Chapters, there exists throughout the remaining year a tremendous untapped resource of potential rushees and new members. Too many Chapters limit their membership opportunities and concentrate all their efforts on RUSH week solely. In the past couple of years Phi Kappa Psi has enjoyed remarkable growth. 108 Nationwide the average Chapter membership, not including pledges, has grown from approximately 35 members to now nearly 50. It is important, however, to point out that in the near future, certain social and economic factors will affect our current membership standing as well as the rest of the Greek community. In the 1980's, prospective pledges will not be stampeding to our doorways to pledge. Declining college attendance due to smaller high school enrollment, higher tuition costs, "Too many Chapters limit their membership opportunities and concentrate all their efforts on RUSH week solely." etc., will increase competition for potential members. Ih view of future trends. Chapters should plan ahead and place new emphasis on more effective methods of membership recruitment. Year round RUSH is not a new concept; rather, it is one that requires good planning and effective application. The intent of this article is to focus attention to various RUSH opportunities that exist throughout the year. Chapters that stop rushing after RUSH week and do not encourage one-to-one contact during open RUSH miss their best opportunity to build a heahhy and strong membership. Regardless of how successful a Chapter may be in RUSH, it can discover how it can be just as effective with less expense. Informal RUSH during the school year is one of the most natural forms of rushing. There are many opportunities for meeting prospective members. Classes, dormitories,. clubs, athletic events and a host of other activities are a natural part of an undergraduate's daily life. Whether the conversation of Fraternity membership takes place over lunch, library study, intramural games, or whatever, the personalized one-to-one contact has proven to be very effective in presenting the benefits of Fraternity membership. The data on RUSH strongly supports the fact that individuals are best recruited by individuals. In reality, the Traditional "RUSH event" is probably the most ineffective vvay to present what fraternities are all about friendship. The membership recruitment program of each Chapter should place a stronger erriphasis on personalized, individual recruitment. Throughout the calendar year there exists various opportunities to locate and RUSH good men. Starting in the The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

109 spring, unless RUSH activities are restricted by the Interfraternity Council or University policy, RUSH planning should include an aggressive follow-up on students who expressed an interest in fraternities during fall RUSH; as well as contacting college transfers and high school seniors. "Throughout the calendar year there exists various opportunities to locate and RUSH good men." Many Chapters make a concentrated effort to invite high school seniors to visit the college for a weekend in the spring as guests of Phi Kappa Psi. Having high school seniors visit your Chapter is one of the best ways of getting them inlerested in Phi Psi and solidifying their interest in your college or university. With the proper follow-up, a Chapter will enjoy great success in recruiting new members. Spring is also an excellent time for alumni involvement in RUSH. It can be a positive element in any Chapter's recruitment efforts. Alumni RUSH recommendations are a good and reliable source of RUSH leads. If a Chapter wishes to obtain good results in receiving RUSH recommendations, it must do its solicitation in a professional and organized fashion. The best time for securing RUSH recommendations is in the spring as alumni are usually more aware of good incoming students at the dme of high school graduation. It is important to emphasize that all alumni RUSH recommendations should be pr6mptly acknowledged without delay. This courtesy will bring attention to the fact that the Chapter needs and appreciates its alumni RUSH support. It also helps guarantee future alumni recommendations! Alumni recommendations are increasingly important in today's one-to-one approach in rushing. Creating that important initial and personal contact with a rushee is much easier if you can mention to the prospective member that he was recommended by a friend. Summer RUSH is really just a continuation of spring RUSH activities. Because of the nature of summer RUSH, organization by the membership chairman and committee is vital. Special attention should be given to keeping in close contact with all members during the summer. An effective way to RUSH during the summer is during freshman summer orientation; it is a great chance to meet potential rushees. By having Brothers volunteer to assist in orientation sessions, many good contacts can in turn become a great source of summer RUSH leads. Summer RUSH is also very important in its relationship to fall RUSH week. The "momentum" of RUSH activity created during the summer can help get the ball rolling for the fall. Those freshmen who accept their bids in summer and become involved with Phi Kappa Psi and Chapter activities early, can be invaluable in getting other freshmen interested in joining. From my own RUSHING experience I have often wondered why for example it is easier in many cases to pledge the last five members of a ten man pledge class than the first five individuals. Whilp the question raised has several possible conclusions, the underlying reason is simple and to the point: individuals are more inclined to pledge when they see other people accept their bid and become involved. The enthusiasm and excitement is contageous! The earlier the "RUSH momentum" is created, the better. Successful Chapters will testify that the amount of success it has during RUSH week is directly related to the amount of work done before RUSH week. Fall RUSH and the traditional RUSH week activities can either be regarded as a painstaking chore with little results or an enjoyable and productive experience. The difference between success and failure lies in the manner in which the Chapter approaches the membership drive. In many cases traditional RUSH events are created to become entertainment for the Brothers rather than to meet and get to know who the Chatper is rushing. The emphasis seems to be one of only creating events which draw large numbers of people to the Chapter house. That part of RUSH strategy is fine, but once the prospective members come by, we in all too many cases using a salesman's analogy, "fail to close the sale." The contact we do make is too superficial, and amounts to little more than an exchange of names and a handshake. Our RUSH activities should be natural ones that are enjoyable and enable us to meet and get to know our guests. "It is time for Chapters to reexamine their RUSH program and take advantage of a yearround resource with a yearround program." From my own experience in evaluating RUSH programs of various Chapters, one of the major stumbling blocks to successful membership recruiting whether it be in the spring, summer or fall lies in the fact that we simply do not contact enough people. A basic rule of thumb regarding the size of your pledge class, is that for every five men personally contacted by the Chapter, on the average, we will pledge one. Using this as a guide, a 20-man pledge class will require the names and contact of 100 men. When you come right down to basics, the only reason a spring pledge class is smaller on the average is directly related to the smaller amount of men contacted. By increasing the number of contacts, the Chapter equally increases its number of bids extended and ultimately accepted. In order to improve our chances for rushing success it is important that every member of the Chapter participate and get involved in the RUSH process. All too often it is very easy for a member of a Chapter to neglect his RUSH responsibilities and rely on the Chapter RUSH chairman and membership committee. RUSH requires the total commitment and involvement of the entire Chapter. Proper follow-up after the Chapter function is necessary. If possible, try to get a commitment from the rushee to meet him again before he leaves. If this is not possible, follow-up with a phone call or visit a few days after. A rushee wants to know where he stands after he has attended one of your functions. Effective followup can help in his forming a very positive impression. Rushing is another form of selling. Our customer is the rushee and our product is an intangible known as BROTHERHOOD. As in all selling, the more we believe in our product and our willingness to share its benefits with others, the greater will be our ultimate success. Over the past' 129 years, RUSH has changed in style and dimension, but the purpose and need remain the same; that is the making of friends and the invitation to join the membership of Phi Kappa Psi. It is time for your Chapter to re-examine its RUSH program and take advantage of a year-round resource with a year-round program. The need for small group association is as real today as it was at the time of our founding. The future of Phi Kappa Psi depends on each Chapter's ability to recruit high quality men each year. The participation of both undergraduates and alumni in conjunction with a RUSH program based on sincerity and integrity will keep our Fraternity strong and viable for the next 129 years. Septc

110 Introduction. "Once upon a time, joining a fraternity was one of the extra luxuries that went toward making college life pleasant. Today 1 believe a college man should look at fraternity life as a vital part of his education a part the college does not officially have time for, but a part more necessary than ever before if he is to take his place in modern professional or industrial life armed with all the required tools." President Ronald Reagan The President of the United States, himself a member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, knows of what he speaks, and the undergraduates and alumni of Phi Kappa Psi have shown their consent... evidence abounds that Phi Psi enjoyed a productive and successful membership year in review, March 1, 1980 February 28, The Alumni Support program, following the membership year, is reported as ending February 28, This 129th rendering of the annual report is overall "good news." The Fraternity is healthy and experiencing development within its Chapters, and again this year finds itself in a strong financial position (audited reports for the financial year ending May 31, 1981, were not available for this issue, and will be highlighted in the next SHIELD). Certainly Phi Psi's most outstanding achievement for the year was the dramatic increase of total initiates, nearly 200 more than last year, up 17%. Coupled with a 6% increase in numbers of men pledged, the Fraternity is poised for a successful school year upcoming. Problems? We have them. There are Chapters in need of additional alumni guidance... there are Chapter homes whose years of service are beginning to show in unfortunate but predictable ways... there are Chapters whose number of members are not as large as to be considered competitive. But for every "problem" in Phi Kappa Psi, we have many times as many superior performances. If we noted a trend this year, it was in Universities' bent to establish "minimum standards" for their Greek system. We applaud those institutions who are truly programming to help and assist Chapters in need. However, we regret to report that some schools are designing a mechanism to search and destroy Chapters whose main off"ense is being small in number. Nearly all Chapters of every college fraternity have experienced feast, and famine, years. To go about ridding a campus of small Chapters is the easier approach to the situation... programming a successful rebuilding eff"ort is more difficult, and preferable in our opinion. On one campus where Phi Psi has enjoyed its experience continuously for 121 years, the current college administration has decided that, each year, it will issue permission to operate the campus fraternity chapters for one more year. The stated purpose of the annual review brings with it notification that failure to gain permission to operate results in loss of College recognition; in other words, the College only commits its support for a 12 month period, and the conclusion is that one bad year results in loss of recognition. The problem is compounded when we recognize that returning to a campus to re-establish a Chapter is often difficult in seeking IFC or institution permission, staffing a recruiting effort, securing competitive housing, motivating alumni participation all are hurtles to overcome. While we hesitate to label this additional observation a trend, we have noted in more than one instance House Corporations and Chapters evaluating a return of the Housemother, more popularly called now House Director. Physical plants built originally to house them, kitchen operations in need of more direct supervision, and inadequate house maintenance all are considerations some groups are making for the return of the House Director after absences of years or more. Both undergraduate and alumni leadership who put a careful measure to the costs of a House Director vs. the savings and superior product of today's inhouse Phi Psi experience are likely to find the right House Director to be quite a value. The decade of the 80's has a strong start in Phi Kappa Psi. With continued and improved support from all of us, undergraduate and alumnus alike, "We shall live and we shall flourish!" 110 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

111 Membership Membership The year in review broke a ten year record of new initiates, reporting 1,397 new Brothers, up from 1,199 placed on the Grand Membership Roll last year. The Chapters pledged an average of 20 men per Chapter, initiating on the average 17 of them. The 1,679 men pledged this year increased from last year's 1,582 recruits. In addition, we're pleased to have back on our rolls nearly 1,500 men whose addresses had become "lost" over the years. We thank the many Brothers who helped track down their Chaptermates! Colonies The Fraternity operated one Colony this past year, at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, for the purpose of regaining the Michigan Alpha Chapter. This outstanding Chapter was a powerhouse in Phi Kappa Psi, initiating 1,096 men from 1876 to No Loss of Chapters During the year under review, no Chapter charters were revoked or suspended. Numbers in Chapters For the third year in a row, Nebraska Beta at Creighton University, with 118 members, led all other Chapters in undergraduate strength at February 28, Ohio Alpha at Ohio Wesleyan University, 107 Brothers, was second, with West Virginia Alpha's 105 man Chapter at West Virginia University third in size. The Illinois Delta 99-man Chapter at the University of Illinois was next, followed by 95 Brothers in Rhode Island Beta at the University of Rhode Island. Both Tennessee Delta at Vanderbilt University and Texas Alpha at the University of Texas listed 90 men on the roll. Only the Pennsylvania Gamma Chapter, Bucknell University, listed membership in the 80s with their 80- man roster. Nine Chapters reported membership in the 70s: Ohio Delta, Ohio State (76); Indiana Gamma, Wabash (75); Oregon Alpha, Oregon (75); California Delta, USC (74); Kansas Alpha, Kansas (73); Ohio Lambda, Miami University (73); Indiana Alpha, DePauw (72); Indiana Epsilon, Valparaiso (72); and Indiana Beta, Indiana (70). Twelve Chapters recorded membership in the 60s: Pennsylvania Zeta, Dickinson (67); Indiana Delta, Purdue (66); Iowa Alpha, Iowa (65); Iowa Beta, Iowa State (65); California Epsilon, UCLA (65); Mississippi Alpha, Ole Miss (64); North Carolina Alpha, Duke September 1981 (64); Nebraska Alpha, Nebraska (64); Virginia Beta, Washington & Lee (61); Missouri Alpha, Missouri (61); Minnesota Beta, Minnesota (60); and Pennsylvania Nu, Indiana-Pennsylvania (60). There were three Chapters reporting members, and 17 Chapters had Brothers recorded. Five Chapters had less than ten members. Please see page 00 for complete statistics on the membership of each Chapter and Colony. District III Has Largest Chapters For the third straight year. District Ill's 15 Chapters had the largest average size, with men per Chapter, just barely edging out District II's 14 Chapter average District V posted a man average for 14 Chapers. The 13 Chapters in District VI each listed men on average, followed by District I's men for the 12 chapter. District IV reported an average of men for its 14 chapters Club Chapter L Indiana Beta.. 2. Kansas Alpha. 3. Ohio Alpha.. 4. Permsylvania Gamma 5. West Virginia Alpha.. 6. Pennsylvania '. Beta 1500 Club Undergraduates Total Initiates & Transfers The exclusive 1500 Club, open only to those Chapters claiming 1,500 or more initiates, welcomed three new Chapters in their ranks. Pennsylvania Gamma founded in 1855 at Bucknell University, the fourth member of the Club, reported 1,524 initiates as of this report year. The fifth member is West Virginia Alpha at West Virginia University, founded in 1890, with 1,522 initiates. And the sixth newest member is Pennsylvania Beta at Allegheny College. Founded in 1855, Penn Beta reported 1,500 initiates, exactly. Indiana Beta, with 1,965 initiates, will soon be eligible for the 2000 Club, of which it will be a founding member. Kansas Alpha joined the 1500 Club in 1976, and now records 1,616 Brothers, and Ohio Alpha joined in 1980, with now 1,528 initiates. Indiana Beta was founded in 1869, Kansas Alpha in 1876, and Ohio Alpha in Ill

112 1000 Club Under- Total graduates Initiates & Chapter Transfers 7. New York Epsilon New York Alpha Illinois Alpha Ohio Delta U. Indiana Delta New York Beta Indiana Alpha Texas Alpha Iowa Alpha California Delta Nebraska Alpha Illinois Delta Ohio Beta Pennsylvania Alpha Washington Alpha Pennsylvania Zeta Missouri Alpha Pennsylvania Epsilon Pennsylvania Iota Virginia Alpha Pennsylvania Theta Minnesota Beta Pennsylvania Lambda Michigan Alpha Colony Iowa Beta Virginia Beta Pennsylvania Eta Ohio Epsilon Wisconsin Gamma Oregon Alpha California Beta Club There were no new additions this year to the 1000 Club, made up of Chapters with 1,000 to 1,499 members. The club roster includes 30 active Chapters and the Michigan Alpha Colony. It is interesting to note that nearly one half of Phi Psi's current Chapter roster has initiated more than 1,000 men. Initiates As reported above, the Chapters initiated or transferred 1,397 men during the period, up 198 from last year. The West Virginia Alpha Chapter at West Virginia University recorded the largest number of initiates with 69, followed by the Nebraska Alpha Chapter at the University of Nebraska with 45. Mississippi Alpha at Ole' Miss reported 43 initiates while Kansas Alpha at the University of Kansas and Nebraska Beta at Creighton University tied with 37 new Brothers each. Pledges This year, the Fraternity's 82 Chapters pledged a total of 1,679 men, compared to 1,582 last year. Two years ago, 1,419 men pledged, and the year before that, 1,378. Fraternity law provides that pledgeship terminates: 1) upon initiation into the Fraternity; or, 2) upon expiration of two semesters or three quarters grade reporting periods from date of pledging. Housing The California Gamma Chapter at the University of California, Berkeley purchased a home new to them this report year, their first permanent housing since rechartering in And, for the first time in 18 years, a Phi Psi House Corporation is building a brand new home for its Chapter, Indiana Zeta at Butler University. The new home will be Indiana Zeta's first permanent house since chartering in 1971, and is being financed through the University's discretionary funds. This brings to a total of 50 Chapters whose homes are owned by Phi Psi House Corporations. Fifteen Chapters occupy houses owned by the college or university, 15 rent houses privately, two are provided dormitory sections, and two occupy lodges. Years Average Chapter Membership for Last Ten Years (not including pledges) Average No. of Chapters , , , Undergraduate Members... 3, , , , , , , , , , ,859 Average Chapter Membership by District (Colonies not included) Undergraduate Brothers Only District I II III IV V VI No. of Chapters Undergraduates ,, , TOTAL 82 3, ,284. Average Membership , ,, ,..,36.78,, , ,, , ,. 47, The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

113 Top 10 Pledges Chapter Number of Pledges 1. West Virginia Alpha Ohio Lambda Ohio Delta Tennessee Delta Texas Alpha California Gamma New Jersey Alpha Pennsylvania Beta 37 Pennsylvania Zeta Texas Beta 34 Ohio Alpha Pennsylvania Gamma 33 Illinois Delta 33 California Theta 33 Top 10 initiates Chapter Number of Initiates 1. West Virginia Alpha Nebraska Alpha, Mississippi Alpha Kansas Alpha 37 Nebraska Beta Indiana Alpha 35 Arizona Beta Texas Alpha Indiana Beta Indiana Epsilon Pennsylvania Gamma 30 Texas Beta 30 Washington Alpha California Theta 29 Wisconsin Gamma 29 Year Number , ,291 Total Initiates, Including Transfers Since 1931 Year Number , , , , , , , , , ,013 Year Number , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,397 Fraternity Headquarters. Phi Psi's Headquarters marked its third anniversary in Historic Lockerbie Square on June 1, Our Indianapolis home at 510 Lockerbie Street continues to provide an outstanding facility from which to operate. In an area where property values have doubled and tripled, the Fraternity is fortunate to have a permanent Headquarters facility with operating costs increasing at a rate far less than rented space would offer. Heritage Hall has welcomed over 3,900 Phi Psis and friends SepK iber 1981 from across the country since opening, including over 400 visitors during the 1980 GAC held in Indianapolis August Chapter Visits During the academic year, the Fraternity's two Chapter Consultants conducted 89 visits to Chapters and the Colony. In addition, extensive reorganization was undertaken at Alabama Alpha and Tennessee 113

114 Total Initiates & Trans.-Feb. 28 Initiates & Trans. Mar. 1-Feb. 28 Undergraduates Feb. 28 Pledges Feb. 28 n ni IV VI District I Chapters & Colonies Maryland Alpha, Johns Hopkins New Jersey Alpha, Rider New Jersey Beta, Monmouth New York Alpha, Cornell New York Beta, Syracuse New York Gamma, Columbia New York Epsilon, Colgate Pennsylvania Theta, Lafayette Pennsylvania Iota, Pennsylvania Rhode Island Beta, Rhode Island Virginia Alpha, Virginia Virginia Beta, Washington & Lee District II Ohio Alpha, Ohio Wesleyan Ohio Delta, Ohio Stale Ohio Epsilon, Case Western Reserve Ohio Iota, Akron Pennsylvania Alpha, Washington & Jefferson Pennsylvania Beta, Allegheny Pennsylvania Gamma, Bucknell Pennsylvania Epsilon, Gettysburg Pennsylvania Zeta, Dickinson Pennsylvania Eta, Franklin & Marshall Pennsylvania Lambda, Penn State Pennsylvania Nu, Indiana of Pa. Virginia Zeta, Virginia Poly West Virginia Alpha, West Virginia District III Illinois Alpha, Northwestern Illinois Delta, Illinois Indiana Alpha, DePauw Indiana Beta, Indiana Indiana Gamma, Wabash Indiana Delta, Purdue Indiana Epsilon, Valparaiso Indiana Zeta, Butler Michigan Alpha, Michigan" Michigan Beta, Michigan Sute Ohio Beta, Wittenberg Ohio Zeta, Bowling Green Ohio Eta, Toledo Ohio Theta, Ashland Ohio Lambda, Miami Wisconsin Gamma, Beloit District IV Alabama Alpha, Alabama Alabama Beta, Auburn Rorida Beta, Rorida Georgia Alpha, Georgia Louisiana Alpha, Louisiana State Louisiana Beta, Southwestern Louisiana Mississippi Alpha, Mississippi North Carolina Alpha, Duke South Carolina Alpha, South Carolina Tennessee Delta, Vanderbilt Tennessee Epsilon, Tennessee Tennessee Zeta, Memphis Slate Texas Alpha, Texas Texas Gamma, Southwest Texas District V Arkansas Alpha, Arkansas Colorado Alpha, Colorado Iowa Alpha, Iowa Iowa Beta, iowa State Kansas Alpha, Kansas Minnesota Beta, Minnesota Minnesota Gamma, Mankato State Missouri Alpha, Missouri Nebraska Aipha, Nebraska Nebraska Beta, Creighton New Mexico Alpha, Eastern New Mexico Oklahoma Alpha, Oklahoma Oklahoma Beta, Oklahoma State Texas Beta, Texas Tech District VI Arizona Alpha, Arizona Arizona Beta, Arizona Slate California Beta, Stanford California Gamma, California-Berkeley California Delta, USC California Epsilon, UCLA California Eta, California Poly California Theta, Cal. State-Northridge California Iota, California-Davis Montana Alpha, Montana Oregon Alpha, Oregon Oregon Beta, Oregon State Washington Aipha, Washington TOTAL 'Colony ,450 1,473 1,410 1, ,485 1,485 1,142 1,156 1, ,138 1,069 1, ,498 1,528 1,434 1,460 1,069 1, ,243 1,480 1,494 1,146 1,195 1,063 1, ,453 1,256 1,500 1,524 1,170 1,213 1,079 1, ,522 1,450 1,467 1, ,379 1,414 1,932 1, ,429 1, ,096 1, , ,041 1, , ,335 1, ,330 1,354 1,091 1,093 1,579 1,616 1,110 1, ,156 1,173 1,293 1, ,001 1, ,298 1, ,008 1, ,182 1,212 64,501 64, I ,199 1, , , , , The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

115 Zeta. Numerous other new Chapter development and special visits were made. There were 24 other visits made by Fraternity officers, not counting the several personal visits made by Phi Psi's active Area Directors. Staff Appointments Phi Psi has been very fortunate to attract outstanding young men to the ranks of Chapter Consultant, and this past year was no exception. Chapter Consultant Louis M. Hoffman, Arizona '77, retired in May, having served since July 16, Consultant Donald H. Durbin, Jr., Miami '78, likewise left thefiteldstaff, ending duty begun on June 16, But as we congratulate and thank Lou and Don for their outstanding work on behalf of the Red and Green, we welcome new Chapter Consultants Timothy P. McCourt, Washington '78, and Gary M. Goldstein, California '78. Tim reported for Field staff training on June 22, and Gary joined us July 6. Meetings. In the year under review, the 1980 Phi Psi at the Crossroads Grand Arch Council met in Indianapolis, at the Hyatt Regency, August 6-10, with President Robert W. Chamberlain presiding. Please refer to the January, 1981 SHIELD for further details. The 60th GAC, with 446 participants, was the largest since the Centennial GAC in 1952 in Pittsburgh. The 61st GAC will be held in Atlanta, August 11-15, 1982 at the Omni International Hotel. The Executive Board of the Fraternity composed of the four senior officers the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, did not meet separately from the full Executive Council during the report year. The Executive Council, composed of the four alumnus Executive Board members and six undergraduate Archons, serves as the chief governing body of the Fraternity between meetings of the Grand Arch Council. The EC had two meetings, immediately preceding the 1980 GAC on August 6 and immediately following the 1980 GAC on August 10. The August 10 meeting was held in the Fraternity's Headquarters, Heritage Hall, and the August 6 meeting was conducted in the GAC hotel, the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis. As always, minutes of Executive Council meetings are available to any Phi Psi, through the Fraternity Headquarters, for a charge of $3.50 to cover photocopying and postage. Minutes of the 1980 GAC are available at a charge of $ February 28, 1981 Initiates, through Living: Deceased: Expelled, resigned, etc.: Lost: Active Chapters 42,626 16, ,088 Inactive Chapters 4,225 3, Total 46,851 20,519 1,055 3,545 ACTUAL INITIATES THROUGH Transfers received: 62,975 1,366 8, ,970 1,638 TOTALS: 64,341 9,267 73, Alumni Support Program Recognizing Gifts received March 1, 1980 February 28, 1981 Thank you! For the eighth year in a row. Phi Psi's generous alumni have broken the year's previous giving record. The final roster listed 4,400 gifts from 4,338 alumni (we thank especially those Brothers who gave twice!), totalling $123,835. The average gift received was $28.14, up considerably from the $24.76 reported last year. Every Phi Psi on our Honor Roll of Contributors is to be thanked for his participation in last year's program, and special thanks goes to those 26 Brothers who founded our "Order for the 80's" giving club, recognizing donations of $250 or more! The 1981 Alumni Support program currently underway runs from March 1, 1981 through February 28, Sep. Tiber

116 The Fraternity has asked for voluntary alumni contributions for 30 years. And for most years, alumni response has been steadily increasing. The overall grand total of contributions received through the support program stands at $1,256, \ Alumni Support Vital The Fraternity's finances operate to minimize the expense borne by our undergraduate Brothers. For even though most of Phi Psi's resources are plowed back into services rendered to Chapters and Colonies, the undergraduates fund less than half of the Fraternity's operating budget... this is in large part thanks to the high level of alumni participation in making dollar gifts to the Fraternity. In thefiscalyear ending May 31, 1981, the Alumni Support program provided a full 24% of our funds! Alumni Support money sustains such ongoing programs as Chapter Consultant work with the undergraduates, Fraternity publications, and undergraduate seminars such as the Woodrow Wilson Leadership School $ 12, , , , :... 13, , , , , , , , , , , Alumni Support Program Contribution Record , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Total 1,256, A. Revenue 1. Indiana Beta 2. California Delta 3. Texas Alpha 4. West Virginia Alpha 5. Ohio Epsilon 6. Indiana Delta 7. California Epsilon 8. Missouri Alpha 9. Kansas Alpha 10. Pennsylvania Lambda 1. New York Zeta 2. New Mexico Alpha 3. Louisiana Beta 4. Texas Gamma 5. Arizona Beta 6. Texas Alpha 7. Louisiana Alpha 8. Minnesota Gamma 9. California Beta 10. Missouri Alpha C. Average Gift (# Gifts) $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $5,620 $5,160 $5,075 $4,117 $4,086 $4,080 $4,072 $3,655 $3,490 $3,163 (1) (6) (5) (5) (14) (132) (11) (6) (46) (107) B. Number of Donors/Gifts 1. Indiana Beta 2. California Delta 3. Indiana Delta 4. West Virginia Alpha 5. Pennsylvania Lambda 6. Ohio Epsilon -Texas Alpha 7. Ohio Delta 8. California Epsilon 9. Kansas Alpha 10. Missouri Alpha (199) /(160) (152) (132) (130) (133) (132) (122) (122) (112) (107) D. Percent Participation (Total Population) 1. New York Zeta 100% (1) 2. Wisconsin Alpha 19.13% (115) 3. Pennsylvania Lambda 18.86% (689) 4. Indiana Beta 18.8% (:i,042) 5. Indiana Delta 6. Ohio Epsilon 7. Pennsylvania Mu 18.35% 18.06% 16.92% (817) (714) (65) 8. California Delta 16.51% (969) 9. California Gamma 16.4% (518) 10. California Epsilon 16.38% (720) 116 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

117 Announcing... Letters to the Editor Over the normal course of our Phi Psi communications, we often get letters from Brothers whose comments and questions are of interest to the general readership of THE SHIELD. When the issue is timely and appropriate, with the permission of the Brother involved, and when printing space permits, we would like to print a "Letters to the Editor" column sharing the observations via THE SHIELD. This new feature is being ushered in by a letter from Peter B. Spivak, Ohio Wesleyan '53, circuit judge for the Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan in Detroit. We thank Brother Spivak for his remarks. But just as we don't call a Phi Psi badge a "pin," and we and we don't label the Coat-of-Arms the "crest," we can't have our "Letters to the Editor" column running about so unornamented! So a contest is in order. THE SHIELD is mailed to 47,000 households, colleges, and universities. For both of you readers who are still following along with rapt attention, please consider submitting titles for this column. Other fraternities affix diamonds.and stardust and moonglow and sunburn to their similar columns... I'm not certain Phi Psi has reached that point yet. But, we would like to clever heading (accompanying art work will be considered) for the new SHIELD column. Please submit suggestions to: Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, 510 Lockerbie St., Indianapolis, IN (Our zip code is still by the way, although we did get our "voluntary" additional dash and four digits from the post office the other day. In fact, we got two! And they're not even close there's a difference of 6285 between the two, and believe me, there are not that many mailboxes in our neighborhood. The mail gets here anyway.) Brother Spivak's well stated letter follows. We hope this will be the first of many letters from interested Brothers. Dear Brother Angstadt: I am in receipt of my January 1981 copy of THE SHIELD. I am pleased with the magazine as I usually am. But I want to write expressing particular pleasure at the editorial on "hazing" which appears on page 16. My own experience at Ohio Wesleyan was not an unpleasant one. We were deprived of sleep (something wisely mentioned in your editorial) that was for the purpose of painting the interior of the Fraternity House not for any of the other rather ugly manifestations of relationships that so frequently characterize "hazing. " I am aware that in the 195O's at least and at other times our Fraternity and others have received extremely bad publicity in certain sections of the country for actions which seemed associated with "hazing." The editorial makes some mention of the fact that some believe ' 'that fear will somehow make them (the pledges) disciplined and mature.'' Well whatever it may make the pledges in somebody elses mind it certainly does not make the person putting the pledges through these things ' 'mature.'' There are in fact, some very unhealth psychological aspects to the attitudes of those who would inflict "discipline" or some far less attractive things on pledges. As one who regretted deeply the decline of fraternities during the 1960's and 1970's and as one who is very happy to see the resurgence of them in the late 70's and 1980 's I would hate to see this kind of wrong rediculous conduct return to plague us. Thank you J'or speaking out as you have. From the Archives... The Fraternity is pleased to be the recipient of gifts related directly to Phi Psi, or art and furnishings of the founding era. The Fraternity's Headquarters, Heritage Hall, provides a setting designed to appropriately display these items related in some way to the Fraternity or to society circa We are pleased to share with you here details of a handsome pocket watch donated by Ivan C. "Ike" Uland, Purdue '26, of Louisville, Kentucky. Ike, who the undergraduates of Indiana Delta know to be one of their most loyal alumni, informed us when he made the gift that the Coat-of-Arms was painted on the face of the watch by an older gentleman using a brush with a single hair. Ike remembers the artist as a familiar figure at the Chapter occasionally, making his living by traveling from campus to campus, fraternity house to frater-. nity house, custom working as called upon on different items. A talented artisan he was indeed, and we are indebted to the craftsman for his work in the 1920's, and to Brother Ike Uland for making the gift. By the way.. a color photograph of the watch would show artistic license, as the coat-of-arms colors mysteriously were painted in Purdue's colors of black and gold! Sepi. rnber

118 Honor Roll of Contributors-March l, 1980-February 28, 1981 Each year, the names of those who participated in the preceeding year's Alumni Support Program are published in THE SHIELD. This year's Honor Roll is led off by our newest giving Club, the "Order for the 80's," honoring Phi Psis who have contributed $250 or more to the Fraternity between March 1, 1980 and February 28, We congratulate the founding members of this loyal group! The current 1981 Program is still open for contributions, until February 28, 1982, and all alumni and undergraduates are invited to participate. Those desiring to give may forward their contributions to the Fraternity Headquarters in Indianapolis... give now to reserve your proper place in the 1981 Honor Roll of Contributors in next year's annual report. The new record set by the 1980 Alumni Support program was due to larger gifts than received in the '79 support year since the total number of participants was 68 fewer. More than one contribution was received from 62 brothers, and 188 Phi Psis contributed $100 or more. The "Order of the Golden Shield" Club, honoring gifts of $50-99, grew to 587 donors this year. Order for the 80's gifts of $250 or greater '4 p p Beverly C. Adams Mississippi Alplia Larry J. Bell New Mexico Alpha Jack R. Bingham Ohio Beta Jerry Chambers California Gamma Jack B. Corey Pennsylvania Beta John R. Donnell Jr. Ohio Epsilon Joseph H. Erkenbrecher Oregon Alpha Robert J. Fegan Kansas Alpha David T. Hayward Ohio Beta Harold W. Hofman Jr. Oregon Beta Robert E. Houk Indiana Alpha George W. Humphries Oregon Alpha Benjamin King New York Zeta Frank E. McNally California Beta Edward H. Miller Missouri Alpha Webb M. Mize Mississippi Alpha Jerry Nelson California Epsilon Virgil S. Rabb IV Texas Alpha Clyde M. Reedy Minnesota Beta Austin D. Rinne Indiana Beta Colonel Henry S. Schrader West Virginia Alpha William T. Stokes Jr. Texas Alpha Ivan C. Uland Indiana Delta Carl T. Ultes Ohio Beta Thomas J. Watts Louisiana Beta Roger A. Weiler Illinois Beta 118 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

119 Founders Order-gift s of $100-$249 Richard M. Adams West Virginia Alpha Ralph P. Agnew Colorado Alpha William R..Allen Jr. Kansas Alpha Eugene L Ames Oklahoma Alpha Burdell W. Baker Indiana Beta Lyie S. Baldridge California Delta William G. Baldry Jr. Colorado Alpha Hosea C. Ballou New York Alpha George E. Bitner Ohio Alpha Robert L. Bland Jr, West Virginia Alpha Theodoric E. Bland West Virginia Alpha Warren R. Bowman Pennsylvania Lambda Lt. Col. Charles L. Broadwell Kansas Alpha Henry D. Bronson Indiana Delta William E. Brook Wisconsin Gamma Paul K. Brooker Kansas Alpha Walter P. Buckthal Oklahoma Alpha William W. Bunge Wisconsin Gamma Captain Robert F. Burnett Oregon Alpha Arthur B. Carlson III Indiana Delta Donald P. Carter Missouri Alpha The Hon. Latham Castle Illinois Alpha Edward L. Cawood Ohio Alpha Arthur E. Chapman Indiana Beta Edward W. Claar Ohio Delta Clarence W. Coleman Kansas Alpha E. David Coolidge Jr, Illinois Alpha Randall W, Hillman Iowa Beta Robert W, Hoffman California Delta Howard L. Hopkins Ohio Epsilon Donald F, Houser Jr, Tennessee Delta John D, Howard California Epsilon Frank B, Hubachek Minnesota Beta Jary J, Hunnicutt Texas Alpha Charles F. Irons^ California Beta Ira J. Jackson M.D, North Carolina Alpha Tom James Texas Alpha Richard Lynn Johnson Iowa Beta Howard A. Jones Texas Alpha Lawrence B. Jones Texas Alpha Arthur Jorgensen Nebraska Alpha S, Ray Karr Ohio Delta Dan A. Kaufman Illinois Alpha George M. Keffer California Gamma Donald R, Keith California Delta John T, Kemper Indiana Gamma Robert W, Kerr California Epsilon Thomas N. Kier Jr. California Eta David Edgar Lambert Indiana Beta A, Donald Lauder Washington Alpha Ruddick C, Lawrence Washington Alpha Harry W, Lawson Jr, California Delta Robert 4. Leber Pennsylvania Epsilon John W, Lehman II M,D, Pennsylvania Beta Philip M, Cornelius Indiana Beta Dr. Louis D. Corson West Virginia Alpha Ralph E. Crump California Epsilon Gary D. Davidson Arizona Beta Richard B. DeMars Indiana Delta John R, Donnell Ohio Epsilon Robert E, Douglas West Virginia'Alpha Don B, Earnhart Indiana Beta Joe Eidson Texas Alpha Richard I. Eidson Ohio Delta William H. Ellis Kansas Alpha Thomas P. Field Jr, Texas Alpha Fred F, Flowers Tennessee Delta Robert C, Floyd Texas Alpha Streeter B, Flynn Jr, Oklahoma Alpha James B. Franklin Texas Alpha Curtis P. Franks Oregon Alpha George Geisel New York Gamma Joseph W, Gilbert Kansas Alpha Olaf N. Gjellefald Iowa Beta George K, Gosko Minnesota Beta Joseph W. Greer Ohio Eta Robert P. Grindle Ohio Beta Mark L Gruss Minnesota Gamma Richard W. Hansen Indiana Delta Reggie A, Hasbach California Delta Thomas B, Hazard Arizona Beta Robert W, Henry Oklahoma Alpha Dr. Gordon S. Letterman Missouri Alpha Holger A. Lollesgard Illinois Beta Edward D. Loughney Oklahoma Alpha Christopher J, Mahon Louisiana Alpha A. Kenneth Maiers Pennsylvania Lambda Ray Marr Indiana Beta Robert F. Mast Illinois Delta William Y. Mathers Illinois Alpha Raymond McCoy Jr Minnesota Beta Jack T. McCarthy California Delta Charles H, McFarland West Virginia Alpha Maj, Gen. Richard L, Meiling Ohio Beta J. Robert Meserve California Beta Rex C. Moody D.D.S, California Delta Harry C. Moore Illinois Alpha Robert G, Morgan Pennsylvania Lambda Stephen E, Murphy Washington Alpha Wade Newbegin Oregon Alpha Charles R. Newpher Ohio Epsilon Russell R, Nicholson California Gamma Evan W. Nord Ohio Epsilon Jerome J. O'Brien California Epsilon William B. O'Brien Texas Alpha Patrick J, O'Hornett Oklahoma Alpha Jarrell B. Ormand Texas Alpha Rogers Palmer Pennsylvania Kappa Charles N. Peck Missouri Alpha Dr. Donald M. Pell Indiana Beta Adelard J. Perreault Jr, Minnesota Beta Laurence I, Peterson North Carolina Alpha Dr, Harold S, Pettit West Virginia Alpha John T. Pickens Oklahoma Alpha Lawson V, Poss California Gamma Hale J. Posten West Virginia Alpha J. Kenneth Potter Ohio Alpha Paul A. Powell Pennsylvania Epsilon Thomas J, Price Pennsylvania Alpha William M. Quackenbush California Beta Melvyn R, Queler Pennsylvania Eta Donald C. Raymond Washington Alpha William Recht Jr, New York Alpha Allan E, Rein Washington Alpha W. Glasgow Reynolds Tennessee Delta Gerald A, Riessen Illinois Alpha Martin J, Rini Ohio Beta John S. Roberts Jr. Virginia Alpha Bruce M, Robertson Iowa Alpha Edward J, F, Roesch Indiana Delta Dickinson C, Ross California Delta John S. Routh Jr. New York Alpha Victor 0, Schinnerer Pennsylvania Lambda Jon C, Schrader California Epsilon Lloyd J, Schroeder Arizona Alpha John J. Schumann Indiana Beta Robert Showers Iowa Alpha Karam D, Skaff Ohio Beta Frederic H, Smith Missouri Alpha Carl A. Stutsman Jr. California Delta William Swanson Washington Alpha Charles W, Swift California Epsilon John R. Tappan Indiana Beta David L, Thelen New Mexico Alpha John T. Thompson California Gamma Paul W, Trousdale California Delta Tinkham Veale II Ohio Epsilon Richard H, Volk Ohio Eta H. Carl Wagner Pennsylvania Gamma George B, Walker Mississippi Alpha James L. Walker California Delta Robert P. Warmington California Delta Carlton D, Weaver West Virginia Alpha Joe E, Wheeler M,D. Texas Beta Frank D, White Pennsylvania lota Jack W, Whiteman Washington Alpha John J, Wickham California Epsilon U, Haskell Williams Pennsylvania Gamma Clem R. Winkler Jr. Texas Alpha Edward L Winn III Kansas Alpha Donald W, Wiper Jr, Ohio Delta Craig T. Wright Iowa Alpha David Young IV Pennsylvania Theta Earl F, Young Iowa Alpha Dennis R, Zavadil Texas Gamma Ser cr

120 Order of the Golden Shield- gifts of $50-$99 Edwin D, Abel Oklahoma Alpha Dr, Cecil R, Adams Jr, Virginia Beta Charles Vi/, Adams Pennsylvania lota Donald P. Adams Pennsylvania Lambda John E, Agnew Oklahoma Alpha Edgar R, Ahrens Texas Gamma J, W, Akin Jr, Texas Alpha Jeffry M, Allchin New Yorl< Alpha Franl< D, Allen Colorado Alpha Robert K, Allen Oregon Alpha Robert E, Alshuler California Epsilon George M, Amerman Pennsylvania Zeta Herschel V, Anderson North Carolina Alpha Ira T, Anderson Jr, Maryland Alpha Randlof C, Anderson Illinois Alpha Robert Craig Anderson Indiana Beta Norwood H. Andrews New York Alpha Gary B, Angstadt Indiana Beta Renato M, Antolini New York Epsilon Lemmie L Armor Texas Alpha James Richard Arnett California Delta Daryl Arnold California Delta George Arquilla Jr, Illinois Beta Frank D. Atkins Jr, California Epsilon Aubrey E, Austin Jr, California Beta Stephen E, Avoyer California Delta Allan W, Babcock West Virginia Alpha Lee B, Backsen Iowa Beta John W, Bailey Indiana Delta Robert T. Bair Jr, Pennsylvania Lambda Paul C, Baldwin New York Beta Peter W, Baldwin Texas Alpha Winfred C, Barnes Texas Alpha Ernest E. Batman Jr. Tennessee Epsilon William M, Batten Ohio Delta Dr. Earl A. Bauer Jr, California Delta Jeffrey W, Baus California Epsilon Murphy H, Baxter Texas Alpha Frederick M. Beal Jr, Kansas Alpha Charles W, Beckman M.D, Iowa Alpha Robert L Beckman Jr, Arizona Beta Brooks Bell Jr, Oklahoma Alpha Merton J, Bell Minnesota Beta Samuel J, Bell, California Gamma Tony John Benich Texas Gamma Walter R, Berger Jr, Oklahoma Alpha Edward R, Bergstrom California Epsilon Michael S, Biehn Pennsylvania Epsilon James M, Biggar Ohio Epsilon John C, Bigham Jr, Pennsylvania Lambda Edward H, Bindley Pennsylvania lota Charles D, Binning Pennsylvania Lambda Walter R, Blackwood Pennsylvania Beta Lt, Col, Jack W. Blair West Virginia Alpha Ross B, Blumentritt Texas Alpha William B, Blundin Virginia Beta Richard H, Bohr Ohio Alpha Donald R, Bonine Michigan Beta Robert I, Boose Ohio Delta Fred E, Bourn Jr, Mississippi Alpha Jack L. Bouse Kansas Alpha Charles P, Bowman Illinois Beta John C. Brainerd California Epsilon Flynn Ervin Brantley South Carolina Alpha Charles R, Brown Indiana Alpha Ricklin Brown West Virginia Alpha Harry Bruce California Epsilon Barry E, Bruton Missouri Alpha David R, Buck Oklahoma Beta Howard N, Bullock Ohio Delta Richard L Buntrock Indiana Epsilon Ferdnand E. Burger Jr, West Virginia Alpha Harlan H, Burgess Illinois Delta John W. Blrkhart Indiana Alpha Richard T. Burns Jr. Pennsylvania Theta Irwin G, Burton Pennsylvania Kappa Willis M. Bywater Iowa Beta Fillmore R Calhoun California Gamma Gerald P, Campbell Ohio Eta Robert Bruce Campbell New York Alpha E, Daniel Capell III Pennsylvania Gamma J, Robert Carney California Gamma Robert S, Cash Indiana Beta David W, Cassidy Missouri Alpha Stanley B, Catlett Oklahoma Alpha William W. Chadwick Wisconsin Gamma J, Boatner Chamberlain Virginia Beta Robert W, Chamberlain Jr, Arizona Beta Charles J, Chase Indiana Delta Cortlandt 1. Clark Washington Alpha Henry B, Clark Jr, Illinois Alpha Reginald K, Coe Minnesota Beta Gerald J, Colangelo Illinois Delta Arthur F, Collins Wisconsin Gamma Bill E, Collins Texas Beta Wade H, Collins Texas Beta George B, Cook Nebraska Alpha John W, Coolidge Illinois Alph^a Dr, W, Thomas Cooper III Washington (Alpha Edward G, Cope Texas Beta Franklin T, Cope Ohio Epsilon John P, Courtright Jr, Ohio Alpha John P, Courtright Ohio Delta Benjamin G, Cox Michigan Alpha Dan C. Crane Ohio Epsilon James N, Crawford Ohio Epsilon Buell F, Crisler Washington Alpha George B. Criteser Oregon Beta Ralph E. Cross Jr, Michigan Alpha John M, Crouse Pennsylvania Epsilon Keys A, Curry Jr, Texas Alpha Howard Curtis Pennsylvania Alpha Kenneth M, Damsgard Alabama Alpha Roger D, Darnell California Delta Beryl W, Davis Washington Alpha/- Dr, Joseph B, Davis Indiana Beta Burns H, Davison II Indiana Beta George S, DeArment Pennsylvania Beta Armando J, DeLeon Oregon Beta Dr. Howard E, Denbo Indiana Alpha Walter A, Denney Ohio Alpha William R, Deutsch Pennsylvania Lambda Richard B. Dickey Texas Beta Sanders Lee Dix Alabama Beta Craig K, Dixon California Epsilon David R, Dodge Ohio Delta Harlan B, Dodge Illinois Delta James David Dolaway Indiana Delta Dr, Arthur F, Dorner Ohio Alpha Gordon W, Douglas Pennsylvania Kappa Lauren J, Drake Illinois Beta William H, Dudley California Epsilon Henry W, Dunn California Gamma Leslie Hyatt Eby Pennsylvania Kappa James W, Econn California Delta Donald K EdIer California Delta Leonard W, Ely Jr, California Beta James W, Emison III Indiana Alpha Leo E, Enggasser Ohio Epsilon Roger W, Erkert Illinois Alpha Harold D, Evans Jr, Kansas Alpha Alfred C, Eynon II Ohio Epsilon George H, Fancher Jr, Texas Alpha Edgar A, Fayer Pennsylvania Theta Fred M, Fehsenfeld Indiana Delta Lawrence G, Fell Pennsylvania lota E, Mark Ferree Indiana Beta Edward W, Fischer Ohio Epsilon George N, Fisher Pennsylvania Lambda Paul W, Flournoy Jr. Missouri Alpha Daniel F, Flowers Tennessee Delta Robert H, Foerschier Kansas Alpha Paul H, Folwell New York Epsilon Edward Dennis Forbes California Theta John P, Fox New York Epsilon James K, Francis Texas Alpha James F, Frenzel Indiana Beta Edward F, Freund Maryland Alpha James R, Fry Indiana Beta Stewart C. Gaumer Iowa Alpha Roy V, Gavert Jr, Pennsylvania Gamma Bruce A, Gibson Indiana Beta Fred C, Gilchrist Iowa Alpha Hugh L. Gilmore Ohio Beta John E, Glover Kansas Alpha Dennis Scott Goellner Ohio lota Calvin A, Gongwer New York Gamma Richard H, Grabham Jr, Indiana Delta Hampton D, Graham Jr, Missouri Alpha David G, Grant Iowa Alpha Donald H, Graves California Delta John P. Green Illinois Beta Paul V, Greene California Delta George H, Greer Virginia Beta Robert J, Griesser Indiana Gamma Robert A. Griffith New York Epsilon Frederick H, Grim Ohio Delta Jerry W. Gunn Texas Alpha J, Robert Gutgsell Illinois Delta Ralph V, Hadley Massachusetts Alpha Stacy A, Haines Missouri Alpha Charles W, Hair Pennsylvania Lambda Douglas J, Halbert California Gamma Don L Halsey Texas Beta Warren J, Hancock Minnesota Beta Willard K, Hanner Pennsylvania Alpha Glenn E, Hanson Wisconsin Gamma Wallace C, Harberson Pennsylvania Lambda James J, Hardcastle New York Gamma Dr. Robert W. Harger Indiana Beta John R. Harman Illinois Delta Victor L Harris California Delta Richard W, Hart Illinois Delta Stephen C, Hatch III California Theta Francis L Haveron Jr. Pennsylvania Eta Robert L, Heidrick North Carolina Alpha Karl T. Hellerman Indiana Epsilon William S. Hellyer California Beta Jack C. Helms California Epsilon William D, Helprin Virginia Beta David J, Hennicke Wisconsin Gamma Jerry E. Herbst California Delta Thomas J, Hern Ohio Alpha Hayes Hertford California Epsilon Colonel Kenneth R, Hesse Ohio Alpha Charles E. Heyward Wisconsin Gamma Irle R, Hicks Jr, Virginia Alpha William R, Hicks California Epsilon John H. High Oregon Alpha Cecil B, Highland Jr West Virginia Alpha Gary W. Hill California Eta John G, Hill Michigan Alpha Kenneth A, Hill Texas Alpha Lawrence W, Hitchcock Jr. Illinois Alpha David H. Hoag Pennsylvania Beta James E. Hoffer Pennsylvania Gamma Gary D. Holcomb- Texas Alpha Robert V, Holland Jr, Texas Alpha Barry M, Hollander New York Beta John C. Holmes Indiana Alpha J, Mark Holmquist Indiana Beta Dr, Walter G. Hopkins III Alabama Alpha John M. Houchin Oklahoma Alpha Richard C. Hubbell California Epsilon Jack R Huber California Delta Arthur D. Hudnutt Ohio Alpha David R Hull Jr. Louisiana Alpha James L Humphrey Ohio Epsilon Eber J. Hyde Ohio Epsilon Philip Joseph Immel Nebraska Beta Ward W. Ingalsbe New York Beta Bruce A. Jackson Ohio Epsilon Lloyd W, Jary Texas Alpha George A, Jedenoff California Beta Philip P, Jefferis Ohio Alpha Joseph J. Jerkins Michigan Alpha Don A, Johnson Missouri Alpha Thomas Lee Johnson Virginia Zeta Gaston C. Jones Mississippi Alpha A, Bob Jordan Oklahoma Alpha David L. Joyce Indiana Alpha Randall R, Kampfe Nebraska Alpha David R, Kane Kansas Alpha Ronald M. Katzman Pennsylvania lota Joseph Jerome Keip New Jersey Beta H, Franklin Kemp Iowa Alpha Roland G, Kemper Ohio Beta James R, Kennedy Iowa Beta, Captain Otto B, Kiehl Kansas Alpha Theodore J. Kiesselbach Nebraska Alpha Michael E, Kiester Missouri Beta Dr, John H, Kilmer West Virginia Alpha John R, Kilpatrick Ohio Delta 120 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

121 Preston King Minnesota Beta Steven C. King Iowa Alpha John S. Kirby Ohio Beta Henry L, Kirkpatrick Colorado Alpha Harold C, Kirschler West Virginia Alpha Richard P, Klein Texas Beta Harold A, Kline Pennsylvania Zeta Sidney D, Kline Pennsylvania Zeta Kenneth J, Kolkmeier Missouri Alpha John J, Kortlander California Delta Dr, Warren W, Krett Illinois Delta Alan P, Kruse New York Epsilon Thomas H, Kuchel California Delta Nolan A, KuehnI Missouri Aipha Joseph David Labus Indiana Gamma Charles D, Lagemann Massachusetts Alpha Dr, Edward R, Lambert Iowa Alpha Harold J, Lamm Ohio Epsilon Edwin J, H, Larkin Wisconsin Alpha Richard P. Laster Iowa Alpha Lawrence A, Latour Jr, Ohio Alpha John R. Lauricella Arizona Alpha William G, Le Fevre Indiana Beta Edward J. Lea Indiana Alpha William E, Lee Indiana Alpha Elwood J, Leep Kansas Alpha Darwin E, Leiand New York Epsilon Gordon Roscoe Letterman West Virginia Alpha Robert S, Lewin New York Alpha George D, Leydic Jr, Pennsylvania Lambda Charles 0, Lindgren Illinois Alpha David D, Lindsey Louisiana Alpha Fredric R, Uoyd Indiana Delta Fred B, Lockwood Oregon, Alpha John D, Lopas Pennsylvania Eta George W, Lusk New York Gamma Ronald L, Luther California Delta Charles M, Lynch Jr, Virginia Alpha Frank G, Lyon Oregon Alpha Fred Machetanz Ohio Delta Victor A, Mack New York Beta Jack E, MacKay Missouri Alpha John H Magoon Jr, California Gamma Kenneth E, Mahan Alabama Alpha James R Martin Missouri Alpha Joseph 0, Martin Tennessee Delta William C. Martin Ohio Beta Norman W, Masterson Illinois Beta Dean C, Mathews Ohio Epsilon A, Rudd McAllister Ohio Epsilon Robert E, McCall Jr, Florida Beta Dr, Duane K McCarter Kansas Alpha Ross L,-McClelland Ohio Epsilon Dr, Warren N, McClure Indiana Beta Dr, David R, McConahay Nebraska Alpha James R McGann California Delta Robert M, Mclntyre California Epsilon Thomas L McKay Arizona Alpha Robert Wayne McLauglilin Tennessee Delta Nicholas A, McManus New York Gamma William G, McMillan Jr Texas Beta William T McNeill Illinois Delta John W, McRoskey California Epsilon Garland T, Meador Oregon Alpha Anthony P, Meier California Beta Dr. Louis A, Meier Ohio Alpha Jan L Menuez Ohio Epsilon Edwin A, Meserve California Delta Richard A, Michel California Delta Richard W, Millar California Gamma James Ross Miller Iowa Beta Robert B, Miller Oklahoma Alpha Steven J, Miller West Virginia Alpha Barton S. Mitchell Virginia Beta Dr, Kenneth J, Monson Wisconsin Gamma Robert M, Moore Texas Alpha Charles H, Morrow California Delta Glenn L, Morrow Pennsylvania Lambda Jack T, Morton New York Beta Dr, Robert W, Mouser Indiana Gamma Harris P, Moyer Ohio Epsilon John R Murphy Jr, Arizona Alpha Harold William Mutz Indiana Beta Robert M, Nady Iowa Beta Wayne E, Naro Tennessee Zeta Roscoe C, Nash Iowa Alpha Roger B, Neighborgall North Carolina Alpha Clifford J, Nelson Ohio Epsilon Kenneth J, Nelson Kansas Alpha John D, Neuhoff Tennessee Delta Don M. Newman Indiana Delta Donald L, Niewold D.D,S, Arizona Alpha Thomas M. Niles Wisconsin Alpha Donald L Norman Indiana Delta Gerald T. Norman Ohio Epsilon George F. Norton Jr, Pennsylvania Gamma Robert E, O'Connell Nebraska Alpha Michael G, O'Donnell Iowa Alpha Henry F, Oates Illinois Alpha Taylor H, Obold Ohio Alpha Charles R, Oehrle Nebraska Alpha Milo E,-Oliphant Michigan Alpha Richard R Olson Oregon Alpha Donald R, Ong Oregon Beta Alvin T, Owen California Delta Byron W, Parker Iowa Beta Howard Ives Parks Tennessee Delta J, Donald Patton Pennsylvania Alpha William M, Peck Jr, Oklahoma Alpha Rollin M, Perkins II Iowa Alpha Samuel E, Perkins IV Indiana Delta John M, Petroff Pennsylvania Alpha Luster G, Pettrey West Virginia Alpha Frank L Phillips Virginia Beta John D, Phillips West Virginia Alpha William C, Pickens Oklahoma Alpha Donald A, Pierce Ohio Alpha Lewis B. Pierce Iowa Beta Dale B, Platzer Texas Alpha Richard A, Plumlee Nebraska Alpha Frederick T. Poll Ohio Delta Thomas W, Pomeroy Jr, Pennsylvania Theta Christopher H, Porter Ohio Kappa Edwin W, Potter California Epsilon Frank M, Potter Jr, Pennsylvania Theta Robert C, Potts Ohio Delta Major David C, Prahler U,S,A.R New York Eta David G. Price California Delta Nelson Puett Jr. Texas Alpha Franz L, Ralston Pennsylvania Kappa Gerald D, Rapp Missouri Alpha Horace M. Redditt Tennessee Delta John Gilbert Reese Ohio Delta Thomas G, Reynolds Nebraska Alpha Stuart W, Rhodes Indiana Beta Robert W. Rockwell Pennsylvania Beta Thomas E, Rodman Texas Alpha Vincent M. Rogers Kansas Alpha Robert S, Rogge Ohio Epsilon Harold K, Ross Texas Aipha L, Clayton Ross Pennsylvania Alpha Dr, Richard K. Rounsavelle California Delta Hugh B, Ruckman Jr. Texas Alpha James H. Ruddell Indiana Beta Campbell G. D, Ruff Texas Beta Don F, Russell Texas Alpha Robert M. Rybolt Ohio Alpha Raymond J, Sampson Illinois Beta David L, Sanford Indiana Zeta Ferd J, Sauereisen Pennsylvania Beta Scott Scammell III Louisiana Beta Kenneth G, Scheffel Missouri Alpha Hillis B. Schieber Ohio Alpha Frederick N. Scholtz New York Epsilon Texas E, Schramm Jr, Texas Alpha James W, Scott New York Alpha Mortimer W, Scott Wisconsin Gamma John R. Seal D.M,D. Oregon Beta George B, Seifried Ohio Epsilon Erik H. Serr Michigan Alpha William D, Serven California Epsilon Roy Alvin Stetzer Jr, West Virginia Alpha Robert W. Severs Nebraska Alpha Dr, Lee W, Shaffer Jr, West Virginia Alpha Arthur Shapiro Indiana Gamma Hugh H, Shellenberger California Zeta David A. Sheperd Indiana Alpha Edward R Sibbert Jr. New York Alpha Robert L Siebert Indiana Beta Eugene P. Simard Rhode Island Alpha Frederick H. Simpson Nebraska Alpha William A, Simpson Jr. California Delta Randolph C, Slone Louisiana Alpha Arthur P. Smith Jr. Minnesota Beta Howard H. Smith California Delta Michael R, Smith Indiana Beta Robert A. Smith Iowa Beta Dr. Stuart W, Smith Pennsylvania Beta Roger L, Smithpeter Oklahoma Alpha Ivan H, Sorensen Texas Beta John S. Spencer Iowa Beta Paul R, Stabler Jr, Texas Aipha John F, Stakes Alabama Alpha Stephen F. Staley Missouri Alpha George M. Stanfield Illinois Beta Lawrence D, Stanley Ohio Delta Robert J, Stark Jr, Massachusetts Alpha John W, Starr Kansas Alpha John A, Steele Jr Texas Alpha Samuel B, Stein Pennsylvania Eta Clark R, Steinberger Oklahoma Alpha John L Stephens California Delta Charles A, Stewart Minnesota Beta John H, Stewart California Delta Harold A, Stone California Gamma Wilton R, Stone Texas Alpha William A, Street Missouri Alpha William M, Strough Ohio Beta Gordon L, Stuart Rhode Island Alpha Robert W, Stuart North Carolina Alpha Frank A, Stuckey Kansas Alpha Kenneth G, Sturtevant Wisconsin Gamma Philip L Sullivan California Epsilon J, R, Sutherlin Indiana Alpha Charles E, Swain Jr, Tennessee Zeta Horace C, Swannell Illinois Delta John P. Swanson PennsylvaTiia Gamma Leiand E, Sweetser California Beta Edward Switaj Jr, Arizona Beta Oliver B, Taylor Maryland Alpha Brian D. Thiessen North Carolina Alpha Albert L Thomas Pennsylvania Gamma Billy Wayne Thomas Texas Beta John M. Thompson Virginia Alpha John E, Thompson Michigan Alpha John V. Thompson Wisconsin Gamma Richard J, Thomson M.D, Texas Alpha Fletcher Thorne- Thomsen Indiana Delta J. Garland Thurman Missouri Alpha Keith G. Troutman Pennsylvania Nu John B, Turner Iowa Alpha Dr, Luther D, Turner Mississippi Alpha G. Willis Upp Ohio Epsilon Harry T. Vallery Ohio Delta Robert C, Vallery Ohio Delta Charles T. VanDusen Michigan Alpha Guernsey VanRiper Jr, Indiana Alpha John T, Vaughan Ohio Epsilon Thomas F. Vaughan Iowa Alpha George W, Veale IV Ohio Epsilon Dr, Thomas W, Verth Indiana Beta Julian 0, Von Kalinowski Virginia Alpha Walter G, Vonnegut Indiana Beta De Forest B, Voorhees New Hampshire Alpha Walter A, Voss Jr, Ohio Beta Arthur E, Wade Ohio Epsilon Donald H, Walker Indiana Delta Fisk H, Walker Indiana Alpha James F, Walker MD, Pennsylvania Beta John A. Wallace Indiana Beta Victor G, Wallisa Illinois Delta John A, Walsh Pennsylvania Lambda Gene F, Ward Arizona Alpha William James Warren Illinois Delta John R, Weatherly Texas Alpha Donald R, Webber Maryland Alpha Manning D, Webster Ohio Delta Warren S, Weiant Jr, New York Alpha Lt, Col, Arthur J, Weir Jr, Iowa Beta Donald R, Weldon Texas Beta Donald Wells Pennsylvania Beta Nicholas M, Welter Oregon Beta Haldeman S, Wertz Pennsylvania Zeta Bert S, West California Epsilon Jerry K. Wester Texas Beta Henry F, Wey Jr. Pennsylvania Theta John W. Weyerbacher Indiana Beta (continued on p. 135) Sen: :'-iber

122 Honor Roll of Contributors -March l, 1980-February 28, 1981 All donors to the 1980 Alumni Support Program are listed under school name,, * denotes members of the "Order of the Red and Green," honoring contributors of $25-$49, Brothers giving $50-99 are listed separately in the "Order of the Golden Shield." Gifts to the "Founders Order," ranging from $100-$249, and members in the "Order for the 80's," recognizing contributions of $250 or greater are likewise separately honored. The school name is followed by the number of this year's participants. The Chapter designation beneath the school name is followed by year of founding. AKRON 8 Ohio lota 1970 '70 David Fantini' '70 Richard),Kury" '70 Joseph William Lenehan Jr, 70 Ronald A, Shreffler '72 Daniel Raymond Schwitzgable * '73 Edward William Agvent Jr, '73 Dennis A, Boylan '74 Dennis Scott Goellner AUBAMA 14 Alabama Alpha 1964 '64 Kenneth M. Damsgard '64 Walters, Hopkins III '64 Donald G, Williams' '65 Kenneth E. Mahan '66 James D, Armstrong III' '66 Samuel J, Harris III' '66 John F. Stakes '67 Fred H, Clay Jr,* '67 Eugene F, Glass '68 John H, Masingill III '69 Timothy P, Price-Williams 70 James H, Webb '71 John W, Harris V, '75 Gordon Thomas Carter * ALLEGHENY 62 Pennsylvania Beta 1855 '09 Charles S, Hendricks '21 Donald P. Bird '21 Leroy C, Devore '21 Kenneth 8, Fry " '22 Francis A. Drake '24 J, Hicks Baldwin ' '24 Frank W, Wicks * '28 Laurence C, Boylan '28 George I. Minch' '29 Merwin R, Blanden '29 Charles Robert Burr '29 GeorgeC,Heffrin* -29 Nicholas R, Varano * '30 Franklin A. Robblee' '31 Frank B, Pope '31 William K. Unverzagt * '32 Kenneth F. Fishel * '33 George S, Oe Arment '35 W, Bentley Burr '35 ThomasW,Jones' '35 Stuart W.Smith '36 Elmer R, Swanson '37 William C, Heilbrun '37 James H, King '38 EdgarG,Weber* '39 Jack B, Corey '39 Robert F. Devine III 42 Donald W. Mogg * 42 Donald Wells 43 James F, Walker 43 William E. Walker '44 Elmer G.Grant Jr. 45 Werner H. Baum '46 Harold R, Walton '48 Charles A. Cochener' '48 James B, Pond III * '49 Willard J. Tillotson Jr. * '50 Paul R, Zavarclla * '51 John W. Lehman IIM. D. '51 Perry F. Reininga * 53 Peter E. Boorn 53 Robert A, Gibson ' '53 Charles A. Rice III 53 Ralph E, Tafel Jr. 54 Ferd J, Sauereisen 57 David H, Hoag 58 Richard E. Fulton * 58 David W. Pugh '58 Lewis W. Shollenberger Jr, 58 Robert C, Stephenson 59 F, Martin Perry * '60 Walter R, Blackwood '60 Jerome A. Messina * '62 Wayne R, Abbott * '62 William R. Smucker '64 Robert W. Rockwell '65 David N, Terhune * '68 Ronald S. Altemus * 72 EricJahn Allen * '72 John Ramsey Cale * '72 Victor Alexis Francis '77 Karl William Steinkraus' AMHERST 12 Massachusetts Alpha 1895 '07 Harold A, Whitney '12 Lee B. Wood * '17 Harry Disston '19 Robert B, Freeman * '21 Francis H. Insley * '29 Thurston Harrison '35 Frank A, Robinson Jr, '37 Ralph V. Hadley '37 Robert J. Stark Jr, '39 John C, Goodridge * '42 Sumner C. Powell -43 Charles D. Lagemann ARIZONA 24 Arizona Alpha 1947 '47 Ralph D. Daniel' '47 Paul D. Neuenschwander * '47 Lloyd J. Schroeder '48 William C. Fork '48 Thomas L. McKay '48 John F. Murphy Jr. '49 John R, Hart * '50 Bradford Hall '50 Donald L, Niewold '52 Byron V, Davis Jr,* '53 Henry F, Kupper * '53 Walter M, Vreeland * '55 Bruce W.Meier '56 Gene F. Ward '58 Samuel R. Blakesley' '58 Richard A. Nickey * '59 Charles K, Adams * 59 Philip H, Davidson III 60 John E. Paquette * 60 Harry R, Rolle * '61 John R. Lauricella '77 Richard John Christ '77 Michael S. McClintock '77 Thomas William Oxnam * ARIZONA STATE 14 Arizona Beta 1962 '62 Robert W. Chamberlain Jr. '64 Larry F, Felix * '64 Robin L Wallace '66 Alan D, Boeve * '66 Thomas B. Hazard '67 Robert L, Beckman Jr. 67 Barry L Butter '68 William R Brunswick Jr. '68 Gary D, Davidson '72 Jon Joseph Antonson ' '72 Edward Switaj Jr. '72 Craig Lewis Tribken * 73 Pat Minton May * '74 David Brian Weekly* ASHLAND 18 Ohio Theta 1966 '66 Kenneth R. Oberim * '66 Ralph E. Thauvette '67 Richard S. Lynch * '67 Robert S, Visci * '68 David A, Vitaz '68 Richard L. Weber '69 Dennis E. Box '69 Rookie Natoli '70 Jon M. Daup * '70 Dennis J. Marcell * '70 Eric W. Wiedenmann 71 Jeffrey T. Whitesel '72 Philip E. Brugge * '72 Earle Smith III '73 Clayton R. Jones * '73 Robert Raymond Roman '74 Scott Carran McGill '74 Frederick H. Zurn * AUBURN 3 Alabama Beta Ben Ralph Byrd Jr. * 74 Sanders Lee Dix '74 Gera Samuel Webster Jr.' BELOIT 49 Wisconsin Gamma 1881 '09 Arthur F. Collins '12 Llewellyn G. Wilford '14 Gordon C. Bennett '16 Raymond E. Beimer* '16 Earl N. Van Ornum '17 John V, Thompson '20 Lynn 0, Stewart 21 William W. Bunge 22 Kenneth G. Sturtevant 26 John M. Sorenson 27 Edwin K. Vaughn 28 Peter J. Black * '30 Mortimer W. Scott '30 Edward A. Twerdahl Jr. 31 John M. Ekeberg * 31 Daniel A. Schaefer 33 Thomas G. Miller '34 William E. Brook '35 James W. Larson * '36 William L. Davidson '36 Prentice H. Manning '37 Ronald B. Millard '37 Robert E. Zimonick '39 William W. Chadwick '41 John L, Palmer * '41 Edward L St, Peter * 42 William H.Joslyn* '42 William 0, Nelson * 43 Elliott C. Timme * 45 Gale R. Miller * 45 David W. 0. Shea * 47 Frederick R. Warner 49 Walter J. Fratt '49 Glenn E. Hanson '51 John E. Benson * 51 Mortimer G. Huber 51 Glenn L Nelson ' '52 Charles E. Heyward '53 Thomas J. McCausland Jr. '54 Michael P. McCarthy '55 Philip M Burno * '55 Gary M. Fuchs '55 Kenneth J. Monson '55 Thomas F. White * '56 David J. Hennicke '58 Thomas G. Clark * '59 Douglas L. Davis * '61 John W. Lind* '62 Richard M. Niemiec BOWLING GREEN STATE 20 Ohio Zeta 1950 '50 Richard A. Kelly '50 Kostantinos A. Kocoves * '50 Gerald L. McGill * '50 Robert L. Pettegrew Jr. '50 Robert A. Whaley * '51 Robert W Livengood * '51 Edward J. Sullivan Jr. 51 Eugene G. Turek * '54 Willis Ch Woodruff '56 Robert R. Harman * '57 David Thomas Boyer '60 Leon J, Yoder* '61 Jerald L Fenstermaker * '61 Michael H, Suckley * '65 Thomas C, Bailey III * '66 David L, Guilford '67 Ralph E, Peppard '67 Samual J, Snyder '76 Andrew Patrick Smith ' '77 Steven Matthew Hartsock * BROOKLYN POLYTECHNIC 1 New York Zeta 1893 '06 Benjamin King BROWN 32 Rhode Island Alpha 1902 '10 Chester A, Files * '17 Frederick E. Scboeneweiss' '17 Edward B, Stnngham '26 Fillmore L Hall '28 Alden R. Walls '30 Roger D. Elton '30 Thomas F. Gilbane * 33 John F. Pottle * '35 Donald V. Vines '35 William F. Whitehouse Jr. '37 Reuben F. Reynolds Jr. 41 Francis J. Boyan '45 Gordon L, Stuart '45 Milton F. Wines '46 Mars J. Bishop * '46 Eugene P. Simard '48 John F. Gibney '48 Richard M. Gibney' '48 James R. Hebden * '50 James M. Fernald * '50 Charles G. Newell * 50 Frederick C, Ulbrich Jr. 51 John C. Going Jr. * 57 William J. Gost 58 Jack D. Fisher '65 Richard A Berkson '65 Edwin H. Jessup '68 John J. Reinke '69 Charles G. Thalhimer Jr. * '72 Anthony Edward Higgins '73 Steven Conner Ramsey * '74 David Kesten Wilbur BUCKNELL 75 Pennsylvania Gamma 1855 '18 William E. Balliet 20 Albert H. Gille '21 Herbert W. Henning * 22 FrankL. Frost Jr. * '22 Albert L, Thomas '22 H. Carl Wagner '25 Richard F. Peden 26 Thomas W. Kredel 27 Ralph G. Keller * '28 Ralph D. Dunkle 28 Arthur H, Stone '29 MartinB, Christy Jr,* '31 Edgar L. Fendrich '31 John H, Richards Jr,* '31 Clayton M. Steward * '38 William R. Brown '39 Joseph P. Conlon ' '40 Earl P Wickerham Jr. '40 Findley P. Wolffe III '41 Charles CBrogan Jr. * '41 C. Jack Rodgers '41 Leonard R. Smith '42 Douglas M Brown * '42 John E. Freemann Jr. '42 Kermit W. Lewis * '42 William T. Watkinson Jr, '43 Erik J. BlomqvistJr. '43 Robert D. Hunter '43 Edward K. Lank '43 Charles S. Stults '43 William W. Wickerham '46 James E. Hoffer '46 Donald A, Montgomery 47 George F, Norton Jr. '47 OavidM. Trout Jr. '49 Dahn E. Cappel '49 Lee E, McCloskey * '49 John P Swanson '50 Gilbert A, Friday Jr, '50 Charles E, Swope '51 Robert K. Haynes * '52 Roy V Gavert Jr, '52 Richard F. Gehle '53 David D. Ekedahl * 53 Paul R. Pigman * 55 John P. Battin Jr. '55 William J. Sponaugle * '57 Daniel B. Hooven '58 Wallace N. Seward * '59 William E. Weydemeyer Jr, '61 John R Smart * '61 U. Haskell Williams '62 Ronald I Baroody '62 Frank W. Bowen Jr. * '62 Larry E. Hepler '62 Robert G, Shepherd Jr. * '64 Gregory A. Weiss * '65 E. Daniel Capell III '65 Richard A. Frick '65 Frederick W. Hertrich III '66 Ward A. Bower '66 Jeffrey B. Rettig '66 DaleF.ShughartJr. '68 Norman L. Morris * '69 David B. Henry '69 Richard M. Salisbury '69 Alan J. St. Vincent* '70 John H. Darnall Jr. * '71 John Gerard Byram '72 Robert Peter Dunne Jr. 73 John Garrett McManigal * 73 Stephen David Reddy '74 Smith Wesley Kalita '74 William-Andrew Ofrichter * '77 Matthew Curran Fraser BUTLER 7 Indiana Zeta 1971 '71 Michael D. Austin 71 Thomas R. Miller * '71 David L. Sanford '72 Kenneth Weaver Cleveland '73 David Walter Buck '73 Randall C. Lawson II '73 William Walter Pond CAUFORNIA POLY 22 California Epsilon 1966 '66 Kenneth R. Bitting '66 Brian J. Fidler '66 Donald E. Pease '66 Harold A. Rosewall * '66 Charles E. Tucker * '66 David R. Woodrell * '67 2Nd Gustav W. Nelson '68 King R. Janes '68 Richard E. Lusby * '69 Peter W. Cancssa '70 David W. Ashby.* '70 Stephen G. Stagnaro '71 Thomas C. Belcher '71 Gary W.Hill '71 Thomas N. Kier Jr. '71 Raymond A. Ratto Jr, * '72 Peter James Svendsgaard * '72 Gary Michael Zeiders '74 Richard Rene Garza '74 Jose Antonio Lopez' -74 Russell Clayto ffilson * '76 Frank Hamilton Dugan CALIFORNIA STATE- NORTHRIDGE 11 California Theta 1967 '67 Stephen C, Hatch 111 '67 Geoffrey H. Heathcock * '67 Lawrence R. Rowe * '67 Allan M.Weil '67 Russell C. Widmar '68 Anthony C. DeLongis '69 Robert D. Winston Jr. '72 John V. Ciccarelli * 73 Jerry Leroy Mowery '74 Edward Dennis Forbes '75 Jay Andrew Babchuk CALIFORNIA-BERKELEY 85 California Gamma 1899 '13 Henry W.Dunn '15 Ray M. Alford '16 E. bomingo Hardison * '17 Clement B. Brake '18 Lawson V. Poss '19 Samuel J. Bell 19 John P. Ferri '19 Edwin A Flinn Sr, * '19 Richard W Millar '20 H. Allen Kelley '20 Donald T. Saxby '21 F. Howard Evans 21 Edwin W. Pauley * 21 Walter F. Rau Jr.* 21 William LRenickJr, 22 Jerome 0, Baumgartner' '22 Godfrey Rueger Jr,* '23 George M, Keffer '24 J, Robert Carney '24 William W GiddingsJr. * '25 Jerry Chambers '26 Ross E, Lang * '27 James S, Gilstrap '27 William C, Plant '27 Roger Williams * '28 Lawrence L Jeffries * '28 Harold T, Odmark '29 George L. Guthrie 29 Paul I Renius * '31 Otis D. Brown * 31 Marcus A. Peel Jr. * '31 W. Odie Wright Jr.' '32 Ehrsam H. Chase * '33 Franklyn S. Donant '33 Milton L. Stannard Jr. * '34 Edward J. Gilmore * '34 William G. Holly' '35 Homer G. Angelo '35 John H. Magoon Jr. '36 Albert Philip Merrill * '37 Ted Willson '38 C. Paul Semmens '38 Charles T. Yerxa '39 Robert W. Buckles Jr. * '39 Gervies L. Semmens * '40 John H. Cleave * '41 JohnG. Hopkins '42 Roger C. Bliss '42 David M. Turner * '45 Robert M Hoenisch '45 Joseph E. Murphy '46 Gerald B. Cullinane' '46 Edwin A. Flinn Jr. * 47 Richard B. Lamer Jr. * 49 Charles F. Erb III * '49 Frank W. Lamb '49 Chester E. Martin '49 Robert H. Ransohoff * '49 Harold A Stone '49 John T. Thompson '50 William C. Miller * '51 Russell R. Nicholson '52 Madison A. Davis * '52 Frederick W. Hellman * '53 Roald D. Waraas 55 Paul E. Bruderer 56 Douglas J. Halbert '56 Henry E, Vierregger * 57 Burch H. Fitzpatrick Jr. * '57 Kent P. Newmark '61 Philip D. Mortenson '63 Warren K. Davis * '63 John T.Grant '64 Peter T. Smoot '66 Arthur C. Bradley * 66 Bobby R. Damron * '66 Eugene D, Thompson Jr. '67 Daniel P. Buhler * '67 Fillmore F Calhoun '67 Gregory P. Hahn * 67 William t Hull '67 Richard M. Theile '68 Albert H. Kugler '69 Gary K. Simpson * '69 Martin L. Spear CALIFORNIA-SANTA BARBARA 8 California Zeta 1964 '64 Steven W. Hellman * '64 Christopher V. Lamberl '64 Maxwell C. Pellish * '64 Hugh H, Shellenberger '64 Henry W. Walther * '66 Dennis C. Schepman * '67 Gerald J. Scott Jr. '70 Robert E. Munoz CARNEGIE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 11 Pennsylvania Mu 1927 '27 William A McGill '27 Conrad T. Schwartz * '27 Lawrence J. Snyder '28 Neal M. Russell' '29 Lewis K. Cooksey * '29 Oliver A Wood Jr. '30 Albert H. Scott * '31 William W Johnston* '31 Arthur S, Schai * '31 Gideon W. Wien '34 Spenser Britlain Jr. CASE WESTERN RESERVE 130 Ohio Epsilon William A McDowell* 18 Clarence H. Hale '18 Harold J, Lamm 20 J, Reynolds Konold 20 Ross L McClelland 24 Maurice F, Crass Jr, 25 Creighton A. Brashares 25 G. Willis Upp 27 Lorence W. Fraser 27 Howard L. Hopkins 27 W.Rollin Johnston Jr.* 27 Francis P. Whalen '28 James N. Crawford '28 Robert E. Haas * '28 Howard A. Pennington '29 Leonard W. Turner * 30 Dan C, Crane '30 Clifford J. Nelson '30 Arthur E, Wade '31 Edward S, Bale '31 John R, Donnell '31 John R, Kaiser * '31 Walter B, Rust '32 Charles E. Leader * 32 Harris P. Moyer 33 Eber J. Hyde 33 HarryB. MatzenJr. 34 William R. Kraus '34 Charles R. Newpher '34 John T, Vaughan '34 Tinkham Veale II '34 Charles G, Wistar '35 Franklin T, Cope '35 Ross B, Hopkins '35 Glenn R, Hornke '35 Spencer B. Maurer * 36 Theodore C, Johnson 36 Eric T Nord * 36 William S, Schellentrager * 37 Robert S, Rogge 38 Evan W. Nord 39 Dean C. MaUiews -39 Merrill H. Shaeffer -40 A. Rudd McAllister 40 James Nassau. '41 Willard C.Hays '41 Richard T. Richmond '41 Robert A. Roth * '41 George W. Veale IV '42 Karl F. Juengling Jr. '42 Sherwood Nassau * '42 Francis W. Neville * '42 Neil T Sawdey Jr. * 42 George H.Tulk Jr. 43 James A. Conant * '43 Louis F. Jagucki * '43 Jack R Kullman 44 Donald E. Tanger * '46 Paul C. Menster '47 Hamilton F. Biggar Jr. * '47 James M. Biggar '47 George A. Fort '47 Don B. Hill '47 George B, Seifried '48 Donald A, Zalimeni '49 Freman A, Ericson * '49 Edward W. Fischer '49 David F. Hahlen '49 Paul R Layman * '50 Coulson M. Scheuermann * '52 Robert A. Wilkens '53 Juan J. Amodei * '53 Jan L. Menuez '53 Dean M. Pierce * '53 Eugene A. Stecca' '54 Donald A Bean * '54 Frank E. Hardgrove * '54 Roy A. Nutt * '55 Robert E. Haas Jr.* 55 James K. Hildebrand * '55 Robert A. Leeper * '55 William T. Martin* '55 William H. Tuppeny Jr. 55 David L. Wagner '56 Leo E. Enggasser '56 G.Kenneth Willis Jr. '57 Carl E. Bochmann * '57 Allred C, Eynon II '57 Robert W, Stalder '58 Lawrence F. Draper '58 Paul A. Feick '58 James L. Humphrey '58 WaldemarJ. Krewedl '58 Charles B, Zehnder '59 John R, Donnell Jr, '59 Gerald R, Draper * '59 Michael A. Grozdanoff' '59 Phillip D, Meeker * '59 John C. Milliken '60 Dennis M Bench '60 Jan S. Litton * '60 Paul W. Pangborn '60 Hendrick S. Smith '60 James M. Snediker * '61 Donald J. Devine * '61 Victor L, Genberg '61 Ronald W. Teeple * 62 David M. Oakes 65 Robert C. Dolezal 65 David A Foster 66 John E. Allers 66 Robert F. Trinka* 66 Richard B. Spivak 66 James M. Yoder '67 George L. Weir '68 R.CIayHaubert' '68 Robert M. Hurley' '68 Gary J. Olsen '69 Walter lllingworth * '69 JonJ. Schneider' '70 Charles E. Brandman * '70 Bruce A. Jackson '70 Christopher M. Kauffman '70 Michael S. Nemser * 70 Gerald T Norman 71 CasimirJ. Matuszewski * '71 Richard N, Mendelson * '71 Christopher J. Zoller '72 Terrance L Nugent '73 Michael Joseph Oeloye * CHICAGO 46 Illinois Beta 1865 '12 Holger A Lollesgard 15 Percy E. Wagner * 15 David Wiedemann '18 Chalmer C. McWilliams '23 Lauren J. Drake 23 CarlVWisnerJr * '25 Charles J. Harris * '25 James Eddy Munro * 25 Wade H. Schroeder * 25 Thomas B Stephenson 26 Virgil J. Gist* 28 Allen E, Kolb * '28 Scott C, Rexinger 29 Louis C, Sass * 30 William N. Walling '31 Charles P. Bowman '31 Howard S. Young Jr. * '32 Louis R. Miller '33 Gilbert C. Hilbrant '33 Norman W. Masterson '34 Hamion Meigs * '35 Bille Hennan' 35 Chester M. Himel 35 James B. Phelps * 36 Max E. Freeman * 36 James B. Meigs Jr. 37 William J. Welter* '38 Victor H. P. Johnson '38 WilliamH.LovellJr.* '39 George Arquilla Jr. '40 ViniliamE.Self* '41 Wayne H. Meagher * '42 Orrin G. Franks '42 John P. Green '43 Guy E. Millard '43 Ralph F. Pasek * '43 Charles M. Smit *46 Raymond J. Sampson 47 Albert Sjoerdsma * '48 Roger B. Klein '48 William C. Schwartz * '49 George M Stanfield '51 Roger A. Weiler '54 Charles J. Wong* '57 Max R. Clay '62 Larry R. Taylor COLGATE 56 New York Epsilon 1887 '09 John R. Slndlinger '12 William W. R White '14 Harold M. Cherry '14 Hugh H.Turner '15 H, Hastings Reddall '16 Clarence L Marsh * '18 Frank S. Baker '18 Rush F, Carrier '21 William N, Singley '23 Darwin E. Leiand '24 Emerest L Gartman '24 Frederick N. Scholtz '25 Paul H. Folwell '25 Scott M.Long Jr. * '27 Carlton P. Morris * '27 Stewart S. North * '27 Edward W.Sloan Jr. '29 Earl W. Springborn '30 Renato M, Antolini '31 Kenneth M, Alford * '32 Vernon K. Cushman * '32 Lawrence C. Jones' '33 Daniel B, Chaffee '36 Robert M, Levy '37 John P. Fox '37 Blake McDowell Jr,' '39 John M. Lefevre * '40 Raymond C. Ingham '42 Edgar L. Feininger Jr. * 42 Wayland W. Williams * 122 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

123 '46 Rolwrt E, Jones * '46 Richard M. Wirth * 48 John A. Yaeger.-49 David C, McMahon * -50 William M, Carran Jr, -50 Alan P. Kruse -51 William C, King * '52 Richard R. Streeter -54 Malcolm T. Dale * 58 Thomas P, Huntington '64 Thomas H, Clynes Jr. '64 William R, Gamble * '65 Charles J. Westerberg '69 Paul L. Kennedy * '70 Robert A, Griffith '72 Thomas Van Benno '72 Bruce Neil Lederman '72 Paul Anderson Luck * '72 Neil Brace Vroman '72 Peter Francis Yacavone Jr. '73 Lee Clayton Cuthbert '74 Stephen Clark Allsopp ' '74 Thomas Mark Bona '74 Richard Thomas Conti ' '74 Norman M. Ledbetter 75 Richard Joseph Duell COLORADO 67 Colorado Alpha 1914 '14 Frank D. Allen '14 Clarence W. Rainey '14 Barton E. Smith * '14 Jack W. Vaughn '16 Frank J. Maier '17 William C. Kneale '20 Basil R. Creighton '20 Dwight L. Nichols '21 Ralph P. Agnew 21 Rolla R. Maier '22 Edward B. Ellison * '22 James F. Scott * 23 Earl M. Kelly ' '23 Frank W. Mayborn * '24 Val C. Zimmer '26 George M Philpott '27 Henry K, Anderson * '27 Charles W. Fletcher * '27 James L. McDowell Jr. 29 Robert L Hazlett * '29 William M. Thach '30 Edwin D. Watson '32 Henry L Kirkpatrick '32 Robert W. Shay * '35 William G. Gentry '35 Jack R. Kinnard '35 Rex W. Perry Jr. * '35 Don F. Tobin * '36 Heber K. Beardmore Jr. '36 George Allan Smith '36 John R, Welch * '37 Harvey A, Proctor. '38 Stanley Applegate * '38 William E. Long Jr, * '38 Sinon P. 0, Rourke '38 John 0. Parker * '39 Walden E. Bush '39 Vernon H. Timm '40 Leiand M, Knapp '40 Paul L, Nelson * '41 Howard A Parker * '46 Charles R. Butler '47 Merle L. Beach * '48 James T. Buchanan * 48 Robert K. Thorp * 49 Robert G, Boggs * 49 James J, Haworth '49 Robert D. Haworth * '49 Brian A Rusk '50 James L Spiker * '52 Dale 0. Braddock * '53 Linden G, Sharp * '54 William C, Gilbert * '55 Robert P, Bergendoff' '59 William G, Baldry Jr. '60 William J, Wolfe '61 Gary B, Ashley * '61 Henry S, Imada ' '61 Gordon D. Smith * '62 Richard G, Peny '65 Michael R, Becker * '65 Robert W. Hudson Jr. * '65 Daniel A. Kullas '65 Michael M. Mitchell 68 William R. Clark * '71 Terrence John Cuny * 72 Paul David Shafer III COLUMBIA 28 New York Gamma Thaddeus W. Veness '19 Warren F. Anderson * '19 Marshall D. Raymond '19 Warren M. Squires * '19 James H. Turner '21 George Geisel '23 Philip B. Holmes '24 Thomas Embury Jones * '26 David K. Bouton '27 John A. Guy '28 George W. Lusk 31 John J. Keville * 32 Walter Suydam * 33 Carl M. Relyea '34 Calvin A Gongwer '35 William J. Millard * '35 William V Sitterly '37 Nicholas A. McManus '38 Kenneth G. Von Der Porten '39 William L Cartwright * '43.Willard A Crandall * '49 Leonard A Stoehr *" '50 James J. Dooley '50 James J. Hardcastle '50 John W. Hicks '50 Thomas M. Sagges 57 James ). Collins * 59 Frank A Giargiana Jr. M, D, CORNELL 92 New York Alpha Charles P. Clark * 13 William J. Blackman '16 David P. Ayars Jr, '16 Hosea C, Ballou 17 Walter 0, Archibald * '17 Joseph E Doan Jr. '17 Warren S. Weiant Jr. '18 Norwood H. Andrews '19 William A. Schreyer * '19 Edward F. Sibbert Jr. 20 Glen L Logan '20 Dawson F. Zaug '21 Robert C. Ludlum * '21 George L Stringham DVt^ '21 Harold M. Zaug * '23 William J. Joyce Jr. 23 Kenneth D. Owen * '26 James A. Merrill '27 Theodore W. Brooks * '27 George B. Emeny '27 William H. Harder * '28 FoIke Becker '28 Fred E. Hartch * '29 Roger E. Higgins '29 Harry T. Welty Jr. * '31 Paul MacDonald * '33 Peter V. Roberts * '34 Paul F. Hartzsch Jr. '34 Alfred W. Wolff 35 Charles B. Mosher 35 Thomas H. Paterson * 35 Charles D. Stanley * 36 Eugene C. Batchelar Jr. ' 37 William Dixon * 38 William T. Hagar '39 Marcellus H. McLaughlin Jr. '39 Hugh K. Stevenson * '40 John W. Furrow Jr. ' '40 John S. Routh Jr. '41 John J. Driscoll Jr. * '41 William E. Zieman '42 Douglas C. Archibald ' '42 Paul T. Atteridg '42 Robert F. Fritch * '42 James B. Moore * '42 Harold G. Townsend Jr. * 45 Robert W. Farrell * '45 Robert R. Kaemmerer * '45 Robert T. McKay * '45 Charles W. Prey '45 John F. Robinson * '45 James W. Scott '45 Vernon 0. Shumaker '46 Newton H. Green * '47 Joseph B. Hill11 ' '47 Charles L. Sweeney Jr. * '48 Herman A. Hanemann Jr. * '48 Donald W. Richter * '49 William Recht Jr. '50 Winthrop W. Grice ' -52 Charles S. Stubbe -53 John R. Anderluh * '53 William J. Hudson Jr. * 53 George W. Leighow * '54 Charles A, Kenyon Jr, * '55 Harold T. Graves III '55 John 0. Jay * '55 George D. Mathias '55 Richard M. Stormont * '56 John B. Dalton Jr. * '56 Richard H. Hurd * '56 Carl D. Prohaska *. '58 Jerry L Acosta '59 Jon H. Rehnberg * '62 Robert Bruce Campbell '62 Robert C. Everett '62 Robert S. Lewin '62 James M. Ramsey '63 John N. MacDonough * '63 John R. Shelton '66 John S. Adams * '66 Adam E. Sieminski Jr. * '70 Eugene V. Phillips '71 Gary Felsten * '71 Stephen Robert Phillips * '72 Richard Alan Hauptfleisch * '72 Robert Paul Marks * '74 Jeffrey Allen Paiste '75 Jeffry M. Allchin '75 Jeffrey John Hornung " '75 Joseph Marietta * '75 Peter William Schoenberger CREIGHTON 14 Nebraska Beta 1965 '65 Gary A. Ludwin ' '65 James R. Machacek '65 James M. Shebl ' '66 Paul J. Lapuzza * '66 John F. Seminara ' '69 Bradford J. Manatt '69 Urban E. Rohr * '69 Paul J. Strawhecker '71 Mark A. Weber * '72 Robert Edward Rech '74 Terence P. Carr '74 Patrick James Fitzpatrick '74 Philip Joseph Immel '77 David Cimpl DARTMOUTH 26 New Hampshire Alpha 1896 '05 French P. Sargeant '10 John J. Remsen '16 Karl G. Stillman -17 Nathaniel H. Whiteside Jr. -18 Frederick D. Bornman * '20 Gorham Bliss * '20 Russell P. Carpenter * '20 Lester F. Stevens Jr. '22 Arthur C. C. Hill Jr. ' '23 Charles S. Bishop ' '26 Christian E. Born * '27 Roger W. Clark '27 Harold W. Knight Jr. '27 Nicholas F. Vincent '27 Sylvester L Weaver Jr. * '30 Walter L. Farley Jr. '30 De Forest B. Voorhees '33 Richard H. Spencer * '33 John S. Stiles * '35 William H. McMurtrie * '37 Irvin L Chipman Jr. '39 C. Bateman Ewart Jr. * '46 Louis A. Harris '50 Alan K. Jackson * '54 John C. Palmer Jr. * '55 John R. Hanne * DE PAUW 75 Indiana Alpha 1865 '11 Joseph S. Lessig '14 Donald U. Bridge '14 Edwin H. Randle * '16 John Rabb Emison * 22 Floyd E. Heiss 22 James T. Mountz '23 Albert M. Campbell * '24 John W. Puckett '25 John W. Burkhart '25 John C. Marshall * '25 Carl R. Turner '26 Cyrus L. Gunn '27 Guernsey Van Riper Jr. '28 Edward J. Lea '29 William E. Lee '29 Warren T. Ruddell * '29 Robert H. Webb '31 William D. Robertson '32 Charles R. Brown '32 J. R. Sutherlin 33 Don M. Bollinger '33 John M. McKinstray '35 Ephraim Banning IV '36 Kennard K. King '37 Charles J. Arnold * '39 Donald F. Brandt '39 Robert E. Houk '40 Donald F. Elliott Jr. * '40 Richard H. Schaffer * '41 John R. Jewett * '43 Thomas R. Carter * '43 John C. Holmes '43 Robert Ross-Shannon Jr. * '43 Erwin E. Schuize '45 Philip D. Sloan '46 Robert A. Bennett * 47 William E. Gamble * '47 Fisk H. Walker '48 Richard F. Conner '48 James R. Everard '48 David A Sheperd '49 James W. Emison111 '49 Robert E. McGinn Clu * '50 Howard E. Denbo '50 Bruce Walker * '51 William A. Pendl '51 Rodney R. Petterson 52 Jack F. Perfect '53 Clinton R. Allison * '53 William H. Bradshaw * '54 John R. Gislason '54 Nicholas L. Jones '54 Robert D. West '55 Daniel R. Seism * '55 Robert M. Seward II * '56 Robert D. Britigan Jr, * 56 James W, Wood 58 John M. McCutchan * '59 Ronald L Randall * '59 William J. Vesey IV * '63 Theodore F. Hegeman '63 David L. Joyce '64 John H. Huneke III * '65 Richard M. Faner '65 Joseph E. Pierce * '68 James W. Emison '70 Mark A. Robertson * '70 Gary H. Wright * '71 William G. Whitehead * '72 Jon Riley Keep * '73 Richard Scott Neville * '75 Douglas Scott Hynden * 75 Donald Scott Smith '76 Douglas Paul Conner '77 Jeffrey John Pomtt * DICKINSON 44 Pennsylvania Zeta 1859 '15 Clayton R. Willis * '21 Charles P. Hoy * 22 Newell C. Bradway -23 Sidney 0. Kline '24 Charles F. Irwin Jr. -26 George M Amerman -26 Blame E. Capehart -26 Henry E. Hamer * -27 Harold A Kline -27 James K. Nevling -29 John W. Oler ' -30 Fred E. Crosley -31 Benjamin 0. James -31 Dale F. Shughart * -32 Thomas S. Lehman 32 Robert D. Wayne * 33 John H, James * 33 Alan L Kahn 33 R. Edward Steele ' 35 Haldeman S. Wertz '36 Robert H. Griswold '36 Harry E. Mangle '37 William L. Dentler * '38 John B. Carroll 38 Cortland R. Pusey 39 James H. Lee Jr. ' '47 Hampton P. Corson ' '47 Jules D. DIstel '47 David R. Houck * '48 Horace M. Fredericks Jr '48 Paul L. Strickler * '52 Thomas A. Beckley * '52 Arthur W. Freeman * '57 Lee R. Supper * '59 James N. Acton Jr. '59 Joseph A. Feraco * '59 Edward W. Holmes * 59 James A. Strife Jr. '60 Bruce C. Beach Sr. * '60 Gordon N. Crosby '61 Alexander S. Frazier '62 Lee R. Cordes '70 Bernard A. Clark III * '74 George B. Shore DUKE 42 North Carolina Alpha 1934 '34 James B. Allardice ' '34 George R. Bailey Jr. * '34 Richard P. Bellaire * '34 Joseph S. Schieferly Jr. '36 David F. Bew * '37 Richard F. Johantgen '38 Ira J. Jackson '38 Charles W. Shiimbaum '39 Bacchus B Byrd Jr. '41 Russell R. Clements '41 Edwin E. Preis '42 Wasson Baird * '42 Everett Coutant * '45 Lester K Kloss '45 John P McCoy ' '46 Roger B. Neighborgall '47 Charles T. Alexander Jr. '47 Jack W. Bergstrom '48 Donald S. Robbins '49 Robert W. Miller * '51 Herschel V. Anderson '56 Edward A. Grimm '57 Laurence I. Peterson '57 Brian D. Thiessen '60 George M. Grills * '60 Jon B. Hagadorn '60 Robert L. Heidrick 60 Louis S. Purnell 67 Roy D. McAfee* '68 John H. Rudd * '68 Robert W. Stuart '69 R. Macon Phillips Jr. * '70 James D, Henderson * '70 Charles 0, Umberger Jr. * '71 Donald M. Etheridge Jr. '72 Christopher R. Long * '73 John Franklin Elder * '73 Steve Allen Fris * '73 Stuart Jay Heyman '74 Rhys Thaddeus Wilson * '75 John Dillard Watt * '76 Robert Thomas Watral Jr. EASTERN NEW MEXICO 6 New Mexico Alpha 1969 '69 Larry J. Bell '69 Kenneth W. Hare * '69 Jack B. Secor * '70 David L Thelen '72 Sterling K. Flynn '75 Robert Grant Morper * FLORIDA STATE 6 Florida Alpha 1962 '62 Errol L Greene* '63 Samuel G. Ashdown Jr. * '63 James G. Heisler * '64 Edward R. Lee * '65 Robert F. Weideman '67 Thomas E Heisler FLORIDA 7 Florida Beta 1967 '67 Lloyd C. Chesney '67 Everitt W. Howe Jr * '67 Edward N. Orr IV '67 Robert N. Rile '71 Robert E. McCall Jr. '77 James Gerard Giordano ' '77 Garry Ray Matlow FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL 42 Pennsylvania Epsilon 1860 '08 Philip H. Bridenbaugh * '14 John P. Feagley * '20 Henry K Schaffner * '20 Richard C. Snyder * '24 William A. Bishop '28 James K. Bowman '28 George C. Crudden Jr. '28 Samuel B. Stein '29 Raymond C. Albright Jr. '29 C. William Fellows 30 Gregory R. P. McNab * 31 John S. Herbein 31 Harry 0. Weiler Jr. * '32 Thomas Omer Cannon * 32 Samuel W S. Stauffer * 35 Francis L. Haveron Jr. 36 Lawrence B. Henneberger '37 Francis C. Pope Jr. ' '41 Charles S. Hosier '42 William R. Blank '42 Jay N. Gingrich '42 Robert M. Hewes III * '42 Robert L Pollack '43 James V McMiname '46 Harry A Van Brocklin Jr. * '47 John Jacob Hess II * '47 Herbert S. Long '47 Jeremiah J. Sullivan Jr. * '48 Edward G. Walton * '49 Hampton P. Abney III '49 William E. Wimble Jr, '51 Robert C. Park * '53 John K. Wentzel * '55 Daniel R. Create Jr. * '56 John R. Lewis ' '58 Robert C. Houston * '59 Melvyn R. Queler '61 William E. Bates '61 John D. Lopas '62 Robert Clark Aber * '64 Joseph R. Takats III' '66 Daniel N. Shellhamer GEORGIA 4 Georgia Alpha 1976 '76 Robert David Cohen '76 William Ralph Harper '76 Allen Whitmore Pitts '76 Michael Scott Sheppard * GETTYSBURG 48 Pennsylvania Epsilon 1855 '15 D. Victor Emanuel * '19 David A, Yohe '21 Donald K Weiser * '23 Alfred L Mathias * 25 Harold G, Evans * 27 R, Donald Clare 27 George R, Griggs Jr, * '34 William R, Compton * 35 Henry M. Hartman * '35 Samuel A. Kirkpatnck '36 Bert T. Kobayashi * '40 Henry K. Bowman * '40 John M. Crouse '40 Frederick B. Dapp Jr. * 40 Robert W. Weaner * '41 Wayne A. Bucher * '41 Paul A, Powell '42 Milton E. Stces * '42 John H. Yerkes Jr. * '43 Fred G. Stambaugh 46 William C. Carson ' 46 Robert E. Leber 46 Fred H. Rudy '47 William J. Albright III * '47 William R. Ogdcn 48 Henry S. Belber II * '48 Robert M. Grove * '49 Richard 0. Carson 49 George N. Proctor 49 John T. Ziegler * '50 Howell S. Foster Jr. '52 William S. Carboy '53 Leonard G. Jewson '55 Edward W. Marsden Jr. * '55 Russell H. Oursler * '56 James E. Reid * '57 James M Moyer * '57 Ronald A. Venturini * '58 David W. Sickels * '59 Joseph C. T. Wang * '61 Stephen D. Gelfond * '62 Arthur J. Johnsen '62 Carl F. Sternal * '64 Michael S. Biehn '64 Elvy Pettit Jr. '68 Peter A. Beucler * '75 Robert Jeffrey Drummond ' '75 Jonathan Clark Hanna * ILLINOIS 67 Illinois Delta 1904 '07 Horace C. Swannell '13 Roger R. Schnitker * '25 Eugene L Destaebler * '26 Harold A. Boling * '26 William T. McNeill '27 Albert E. Kremer '28 Charles F. Coleman '28 John W. McElroy * '29 Richard W. Hart '30 Charles A Gallup * 31 Joseph E. Zwisler Jr. ' 34 J. Robert Gutgsell '34 Ira F. Twist * '38 Everett H. Moore ' '39 August L Huber '40 Harlan B. Dodge '40 John R. Harman '40 Warren W. Kreft '40 Charles C. Spencer * '41 Dale 0. Davidson '41 Warren H. Olson * '42 Mendel E. Hart '42 Gordon F. Leitner * 42 Victor G, Wallisa 43 Robert W. Bilhora '43 Joseph W. Quilici * 43 Howard L Wallin * 44 John E. Barthel 44 Walter A. Hagen 45 John E. Hagen * 47 William E. Anderson ' 48 Donn Kemble ' 49 Richard A. Eriey * 49 Thomas H. Hall * '50 Donald R. Buske * '50 Edward W. Collins * '50 William E. Hagen * '51 James R, Fischer '51 Carl J. Lane * '52 James S. Acheson * '52 Donald E. Tate '53 Harlan H. Burgess '53 Robert F. Mast '53 Thomas K. Mayes * '53 Joseph J. Stephens Jr. '55 John G. Cummings * '55 Walter A. Doyle '56 John A Ravencroft '56 Lawrence S. Tribbey '59 Gerald J. Colangelo '59 Raymond P. Gibson * '62 Herbert L Ross * '63 Walter F. Uske * '67 Thomas M. Gunkelman '68 Warren A. Raybould '69 Steven E, Bishop * '70 Gregory J, Gundlach * '70 John F. Hoffman -71 Thomas F. Bacon -71 James H. Dowland Jr. * -71 Glenn F. Fend * '73 William James Warren '74 David Hartman Fullerton ' '75 Scott William Langlee ' '75 Mark Raymond Sauer '75 Mark Signoretli '76 Philip Roxy Meisinger INDIANA 196 Indiana Beta 1869 '07 Maynard A. Loughry '17 William W. Purcell '17 John J. Schumann '19 Willis H. Bruner '20 Burdell W. Baker '20 Burton Y. Berry * '20 Linn S. Kidd '20 John E. Stempel '20 William E. Young * '21 James H Ruddell '21 George F. Stevens * '23 E. Mark Ferree '23 Henry S. Rothrock * '23 Paul F. Thompson * '24 George E. Kidd '24 Clarence B. Way '25 Philip M. Cornelius '25 Joseph M. Howell * '25 James N. Johnson * '26 John C. Blizzard Jr. '27 Byron H. Brenton * 27 Donald H. Hansen * 27 Thomas E. Hubbard * 27 Thomas L Metsker * '28 Richard W. Holdeman 30 George H. Challis 30 Wilson N. Cox Jr. * 30 Harley R, Ireland III 30 Louis L Watson 31 Fredenck E, Bryan Jr, 31 Frank A, Ellis * 31 Curtis G. Scofield 32 James M. Burk* 32 Thomas F, 0, Haver 33 John T, Alden 34 Carl R. Bailey ' 34 Roy S Eads * 34 Allen W, Meier 35 Robert L Boyd * 35 William C, Curry Jr, * 35 William G. Le Fevre 35 F. Griflith Marr * '35 Philip W. Rothrock '36 Harvey J. Breeding * '36 Joseph B. Davis '36 Robert L SiebenUial * '37 Robert C. Hedges '37 Joseph A. Klemeyer '37 John B. McFarlan * '37 Jack T. Snyder * '37 Donald E. Stephens * '38 Robert S. Cash 38 Robert 0. Denny * 38 Philip E. Green Jr. * 39 Elliott Hickam * '39 Austin D. Rinne '39 Chester A. Stayton '39 Rex Wiseheart Jr. * '40 George R. Ellis '40 William Fox * '40 Jerrod J. Gerard * '41 Robert W. Harger 41 Ray Marr 41 Ralph S. Prickett '42 George T. Lukemeyer '42 John L Rowe 42 Richard J. Waters 43 Don B. Earnhart 43 Davis W. Ellis Jr. 43 James R. Fry 43 Robert E. Gramelspacher " 43 Warren N. McClure '43 James D. Shake * '43 John A. Wallace '43 William B. Whitaker '44 Edgar J. Rennoe Jr.' 44 Zane E. Stohler * '45 William D. Elliott '45 Frank E. Gilkison ' '45 Eugene Lundy * 45 Thomas N. Ringo ' '45 Kenneth M. Smith '45 Walter G. Vonnegut '46 Edward C. Berry 46 Anthony N. Francescon 46 Wilbert W. Gasser Jr. * '46 Harry E. Gates * 46 Donald E. Moulden 47 Charles L Arnold * 47 James E. Schram * 47 Herbert 0. Tietzer 48 Arthur E. Chapman 48 William Earnhart 48 Phillips B, Johnson * 48 Robert L Siebert 49 Ted T. Teegarden * 50 George L. Gaston 50 Eric U. Wainscott 51 Burns H. Davison II '52 James F. Frenzel '52 Robert H. Owens * '52 William E. Shields * '52 Richard B. Smith '53 N. Eugene Kelley * '53 Carl L. Meyer '53 James M. Rogers '54 Walter Mac Marks ' '54 Peter G. Sttaub * '55 David W. Carlton * '55 John Collie Jr '55 Jack A. King * '55 Gene E. Maddock * '55 Joseph D. Wampler '55 Richard K. Wertz * '55 Vern R. Young * '56 Robert W, Gray '56 Wayne 0, McHargue '56 Millard M, Morrison * '56 James L, Wellington * '57 Lewis D, Dellinger Jr. * '59 Thomas C. Bigley Jr. * '60 Tom C. Huston '60 John B. White '61 Robert B, Christopher Jr, * '61 Donald M, Pell '61 Thomas W. Verth '62 Charles R, Casper Jr. '62 Kelly M. Harrington * '62 Joseph D, Holt '63 Thomas P, Ewbank ' '63 Paul C. Raver Sr, * '64 George W, Shanks * '65 Gregory L, Mikkeiscn '65 Bruce H, Sheetz * '66 Alfred E. Field * '66 Robert M, Kramer' '66 James A. McCoy * '66 Steven R. Young * '67 David D. Adams '67 Dale A. Chattin * '67 Ted R. Pfeifer * '67 Michael R. Smith '67 John R. Tappan '68 Paul S. Buchanan '68 David E. Greene * '68 Thomas M. Hedderich '68 Gary C. Lamey * '68 Mark A, Malangoni '68 James A, Weddell '69 Kent E, Agness '69 Steven R, Bone '69 Paul S. Coulis * '69 Bruce A. Gibson '69 Timothy S Kulik '69 James L. Mohr '69 Stuart W. Rhodes '69 Kirk R. Wilhelmus '70 Gary B. Angstadt '70 Peter F. DeWitt * '70 Robert A. Fanning * '70 ). Mark Holmquist '70 Don R. Scheldt * '71 Randall R. Benner * '71 Michael J. Bosch * '71 Alan S. Brown * '71 Dennis W. Carmichael * '71 John S. Coulis '71 Robert A. Dorman 71 Charles H. Sparrenberger Jr. 71 John W. Weyerbacher '72 Scott Darryl Billingsley * '72 John C. Bush '72 Scott Kennedy Foncannon '72 Charles P. Garrison '72 Frank Edward Herran II '72 William Colema Maddox ' '72 John Woodward Painter '73 Terry Bruce Angstadt 73 Steven Charles Brizius '73 Brian Kerth Hawks '73 David Edgar Lambert '73 Harold William Mutz '73 David Frances Schlemmer '73 Craig Arthur Taelman '74 Robert Andrew Babbs ' 74 Chris Duane Monroe * 75 Kevin Douglas Baker '75 Marvin Douglas Brown * '75 Jerome Wallace Israel * '75 Douglas Edward Pond 75 Daniel Thomas SmiUi 76 Robert Craig Anderson '76 Kurt Allan Kahio ' '76 Glenn Edward Soger '76 John Wilbur Siebert '96 Goethe S. Link INDIANA UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA 9 Pennsylvania Nu 1970 '70 Robert E Dyer '70 Stephen E. Frank 70 Evan M. Jones * '70 Keith G. Troutman Septc I

124 Honor Roll of Contributors (continued) '72 James Paul Dalpra Jr. '72 James. Emerson Hyatt ' 73 Raymond John Gump 75 Kevin Joseph Liszewski 76 Randall George Tony IOWA 102 Iowa Alpha 1867 'U Laurence B. Stephenson* '12 Theodore G. Garfield * '13 Robert Showers '16 Edward A Kopp '17 Homer S. Brown '17 Fred C. Gilchrist 18 Benjamin S. Naven 19 Dwight C. Ensign '19 John A. Stroh '20 Roscoe C. Nash '20 George W. Turner '21 David G. Grant 22 Edward F. Howrey * '23 Richard W. Ballard * '23 Charles R. Harrison * '23 William Larrabee III '23 John A. Schirmer * '24 Frederic 0. Larrabee * '24 John E. Tilton '25 Earl F. Young 26 H. Franklin Kemp 26 William B. Miller 28 Montague A. Hakes '28 Orville H. Tousey '28 John B. Turner '29 Charles S. Holsteen '29 Ohio Knox '29 Robert J. Tarpy Jr. * '30 Raymond L Bywater * 31 Howard T. Grimes * '31 Robert M. Uw Jr. * '31 Charles E. Van Epps * 31 Otis D, Wolfe 32 William F, Drake 33 Carlton W. Crosley * 33 Richard Jessup '33 Rudolph A, Leytze * 33 Rollin M, Perkins II 34 Robert H. Dunkelberg * 34 Edward R, Lambert 34 Richard M, Westerheld * '35 Byron H. Evans * '35 John E. Fouling '35 Franklin N. Law 35 Edwin Lisle * 35 Bruce M. Robertson 37 Elmer P. Bratten * '37 Stewart C. Gaumer '37 Ernest E. Mohr * '38 Robert C. Huffman '38 William L Humphrey * '38 Neil D. Naiden * '38 John J Williams '39 Charles W. Beckman 39 James D. Robertson 39 William C. Stuart ' 41 Volney R, Evans 41 H Clark Houghton * '42 John M. Klein '42 Howard R. McCollister '43 James C. Cozad '43 William W. Hansen * 43 Charles F. Kent 43 David H. Steinle 46 Howard C. Butler 46 Richard P. Laster 46 Howard M. Madole * 46 Robert W. Phinney 47 George W. McBurney ' 47 Evan E. Smith '47 Thomas F. Vaughan 48 James G. Brecunier '48 James R. Dow 48 Richard K. Moeller' 49 David J. Bullock * 51 Craig T Wright 52 Richard J. Cook * 52 James G. Milani 53 Wayne J. Barnes* 54 James F. Dougherty '54 Willard W. Holman Jr.* 54 Claire P. Neiby '54 James M. Sealy* '54 Gary L. Thompson '55 John D. Hagan 55 Michael G. 0. Donnell '56 George R. Tiedens * '57 David R. Miller '58 George F. Keefner '58 William M. Taylor * 59 Charles D. Jons '59 Randall C, Mather 59 Robert B. Mulder * '60 Stephen P. Vanhouten '66 John R. Strief * '67 John F. Fieselmann 67 Steven C. King '67 William H, Newland * '67 Bruce A, Yates '68 David W. Brown * '72 Scott Alan Sunner ' '77 William Dale Smith IOWA STATE 83 Iowa Beta 1913 '13 Olaf N. Gjellefald '15 Deane G. Carter '15 Gilbert Denfeld 17 Armour C. Galbraith * 19 Charles M. Putnam Jr. * 21 Frederick R. Bushnell 21 Frank S. Pereboom * 21 Ralph A. Prunty * '22 Lynton H. Chambers 24 Donald R. Paul * '24 Lewis B. Pierce '25 John S. Crary '25 Henry W. King * '25 Harold T. Myers '28 Andrew L. Pontius '31 Howard B. Capwell * 31 Ward D. Harrison * '31 Robert G. Welden * '33 William H. Blackledge Jr. * '33 Bruce W. Robinson * '35 John L. Evans * '36 John H. Gleason '38 Donald R. Evans '38 Frank J. Jayne Jr. '39 Melvin R. Beemer * '39 Peter K. Carrell * '39 Reynold C. Derrer ' '39 George H. Gitz III '39 Jack E. Halsey 39 John R. James * '40 Thomas C. Hinrichsen 40 James R. Kennedy 41 George H Andrew * 41 John J. Moriarty Jr. 41 Arthur J. Weir Jr. 4J Charles B. Wells * 43 Robert M. Nady 44 Ross M. Carrell * '44 Eugene E. Harrison '45 Robert A. Smith '46 James H. Anderson * '46 Richard N. Peters * '46 William H. Reinhardt Jr. * '46 Daniel J. Slater '48 James L Atherton * '48 Bruce A. Carlson * '48 Ralph David Van Eaton '49 Fredenc R, Bushnell Jr, '50 Byron W. Parker '52 Richard M, Whiteside * 53 Robert M Clark * '53 David A Taft '54 Donald E, Blinn ' 54 John P. Jensen ' '54 Robert W, Sackett * 57 Richard Lynn Johnson '57 Vance L Nimrod '58 Lee B, Backsen '58 Willis M. Bywater '59 James H. Fitzgerald * '60 David L. Evans '61 John S. Spencer '63 Scott C. Schaupp ' '63 Frank J. Steinmetz III '63 Stephen K. Stout '65 Douglas P. Carlson '68 Simon Casady * '68 Richard C. Runner * '68 Douglas R. Spriggs * '69 Lynn R. Friesth " '69 William J. Good '70 Thomas D. Blyth * '70 Richard E. Garrett * '70 Randall W. Hillman '70 Samuel Kennedy III 70 Dennis L. Stanley * '71 James Ross Miller 71 Robert A Wolter '73 Glen Robert Breuer * 73 Mark Leonard Hall * '73 Richard Lester Havran '73 Ensign Brian R. Keim 74 David Michael Parisot' JOHNS HOPKINS 34 Maryland Alpha 1879 '07 George W. Corner* '12 George D. Penniman Jr. '26 James C. Willison * '27 John B. Lotz Jr. 29 James R. Tippett Jr. '31 Daniel McCabe ' '33 William A. Hazlett * '35 Oliver B Taylor '37 Robert G. Brown '40 William R, Dick Jr, '50 John A. Astin * '50 Ronald B, Berggren * '50 Allen F, Gates * 50 Ray A Wilson 51 George F. Bass 51 Gilbert F. Sellers 51 Gerrit S Van Straten * 52 William J. Biunno ' '52 Donald R. Webber '53 Charles H. Baker Jr. '53 Rudolph C. Walch Jr, * '54 Edward F. Freund '54 Robertson Rushton '55 Ira T. Anderson Jr. '55 Gene W. Coakley * '55 David J. Dumin * '56 Michael L. Hodge * '59 David W. Doupe * '63 Robert W. Messmer '64 James F. Mongiardo '65 John W. Blotzer '65 John R. Hauser '66 James W. Stone Jr. * '76 James Charles Scheller Jr. KANSAS 111 Kansas Alpha 1876 '09 Samuel Bierer Jr. '12 Frank E, Bolin * '13 Bryan L Davis * '15 Edward L. Winn '16 Harold J. Shelley '18 Joseph W. Gilbert '18 Hubert 0. Sheidley * '19 Carlos W. Evans ' 19 Forrest D. Stout '21 Mayol H. Linscott '21 J Wallace Miller * '22 Dolph C. Simons * '22 Jack M Thompson * '23 Vincent M. Rogers '24 John W. Starr '27' Robert A. Grimes '27 Orville M. Nash * '27 Laurence E. Olson * '28 Paul K. Brooker '28 Burton E Lyman ' '29 Bennett Wh Bubb * '29 Clarence W. Coleman '30 Fred B. Anschutz * '30 Robert J. Fegan '30 Gerald Fitzgerald * '30 Elwood J. Leep '30 John I, Woodcock '31 Homer C, Jennings '31 Edward P, Ripley '33 Russel H, Beatie 33 Guy E, Stanley Jr, '33 Clarence H. Steele '33 John R. Wells * '34 Raymond B. Anderson '34 Charles W. Cooke * '34 Ben F. Copely Jr. '34 Harry H. Kanatzar Jr * '35 Linton Bagley * '35 Edwin M. Bramwell '36 Robert H. Busier '36 Lester M. Combs 37 Harold D Evans Jr. 37 William 0. Lenhart * '37 Arthur K. Owen Jr. * '38 Frank E. Bolin Jr. '38 Edward L Winn III '38 Jonathan T. Yoe 39 James P. Brown ' 39 Stewart W. Devore ' 39 Chett A. Eckman ' 39 John C. Krum * 39 Kenneth J. Nelson 40 William J. Hodge 40 Otto B. Kiehl 41 William R. Allen Jr. 4i Frank A. Stuckey 42 William L Chestnut * '42 William H. Ellis '42 John E. Glover '42 Dwight C, Horner '42 Gene R, McLaughlin * 42 Dean S, Sims ' 43 Hugh G. Bayles XX 43 Jack L Bouse 43 John E, Gosnell '44 John C, Umbach Jr. * '45 Joe A. Dunmire * '45 Roy L. Frost '46 William C. Bolin '46 Robert H. Foerschier '46 Duane K. McCarter XX '46 James A. Tilson * '47 Robert W. Arbuckle * '47 William M. Linscott '47 Eugene R. Sabin * '48 Jack D. Gillum '48 Floyd J. Grimes II '49 James R, Davidson 50 Damon G. Simpson 51 Ralph C. Wesley 52 Carl D Ambler * 52 Fred A. Dunmire * 52 C. Milton Wallace 53 Robert C. Anderson * 53 David R. Kane 53 Jon E. Tucker * 54 Thomas S. Davidson ' 55 Edward J. McKernan III * 55 Jack C. Thomas * 56 Charles L. Broadwell '56 Herbert S. Weldon * 57 David L Schmidt * '58 James P. Broyles '59 John K. Boyd III '59 Gary M. Jones* '60 Patrick J. Maloney '62 Meade 0. Davis 111 '62 Bruce G. Ferris * '62 J. Stephen Jennings '63 Lawrence N. Johnson ' '65 Frederick M. Beal Jr. '65 Allen B. Hague '65 Timothy M. Vaughan * '65 Douglas S. Winn '66 John M. Horner '68 Frederick V. Plapp '69 Gregory A. Smith * '70 John J Ziegelmeyer Jr. '71 Philip Steven Harness '73 Jeffrey Grant Jones ' '73 Richard J. Lind KENT STATE 3 Ohio Kappa 1971 '71 Larry G. Disbro * '71 Christopher H. Porter 71 Frank E. Yusko Jr. * LAFAYEHE 43 Pennsylvania Theta John E. Williams 16 Frank W. Cortright 21 Frank M. Potter Jr. 22 John H. Follansbee * 24 Henry F. Wey Jr. 26 Thomas W. Pomeroy Jr. 31 Reese Lloyd' 32 Thomas Sproule * 33 Norman A. Hill * 34 John 0 Whitman * 35 Frederick A. Robinson * '36 David J, Smith '46 Jerome D, Sullivan * '39 Allan L Slocum '46 John E. Thompson '41 John J, Bustraan '47 John R. Barney '41 Watson W. Maget '47 Harold W. Rehm Jr. '42 Irving E. Shaffer '48 John R. Driver * '44 Edgar A. Fayer '49 Edwin H. Coriett * 49 James M. Ensign * '46 Fredenck J. Trumpbour * 50 Harold N. Minick * '47 George S Butz * 52 Ralph E. Cross Jr. '48 William C. Filbert Jr. 53 James E. Fritts II * '48 Peter H. Wolfe ' 53 William G. Husted '49 Ernst H. Hesterberg 56 Joseph J Jerkins '49 Thomas A. Rodgers '56 Robert R. Radell' '49 Frederick Stelwagon Jr. '56 John P. States * '51 John T. Rightor * '57 Charles Kohler Champion * '51 George W. Wolfe Jr. ' '57 William T. Fritts * '52 Leonard Young ' '58 Charles H. Matthews '54 Harry D Culley '58 William J. Rau * '54 Richard G. Masters 59 David H. Kibler '54 George L Tiger 59 Frank L. Lenzotti '58 Stephen R. Flynn 59 Perry W. Morton '62 David Young IV 61 Erik H. Serr '63 Allred H. Shotwell III ' '62 Donald R. Frerichs * '63 Robert L. Stewart 62 Alden B. Glidden * '64 Sdott M. Finney ' '63 William F. Graham Jr. '67 David F. Choate III ' '64 Paul S. Williams '67 Glen G. McConky '65 Harry D. Heist '69 Frederick S. Blackall IV '66 John H. Shuey Jr. * '71 Richard T. Burns Jr. '67 James H. Spalding Jr. * '73 Robert Rudy Werkmeister * '68 Randy L. Hammond * '75 Gary William Hill *. '69 Craig L. Haines '75 Stephen Joseph Prevoznak ' '76 Michael C. McDonough LOUISIANA STATE 11 Louisiana Alpha 1966 '66 David F Hull Jr. '66 Robert M. Johnson * '66 Christopher J. Mahon '66 Randolph C. Slone '68 Kenneth J. Johnson * '69 E, Daniel Burt Jr. * '70 Alton J. Blunschi * '70 Richard A. Hazel '70 Gary T. Jenkins * '70 David D. Lindsey '71 John T..Laborde * MANKATO STATE 6 Minnesota Gamma 1969 '69 Mark L. Gruss '69 Thomas C. McCammon * '69 Peter R. McEwen * '69 David M. Neve '71 Donald L. Wheatley * '75 David Francis Burns * MEMPHIS STATE 8 Tennessee Zeta 1970 '70 Ernest L Lancaster' 70 Richard W. Lounsbury 70 Wayne E. Naro 71 Charies H. Stilz' 71 Charies E. Swain Jr. 73 John Gordon Perry '75 Bing On Seid Jr. 75 Brian Keith Weisfeld MIAMI 17 Ohio lambda 1972 '71 David James Weir '72 Carl Hillman Bennett '72 Michael Terry Brown " '72 John Andrew Burke '72 Tom Walter Carpenter' '72 W. Robert Goldman Jr.' '72 Jack Richard Kullman Jr. '72 Thomas Joseph Ulrich ' '72 David Arthur White 72 Charles P. Yost U. S.' '73 John Charles Demler' '73 Jeffrey S King * '76 Stephen Wayne Balinski '76 Bradford Scott Osborne ' '77 James Tracey P. Hickey Jr. '77 Gary John Iskra '77 George 0. Jonson MICHIGAN 65 Michigan Alpha 1876 '16 Charles T. Van Dusen '17 Robert A. Curran ' '18 John G. Hill '18 Robert C, Vail ' '21 Milo E. Oliphant '23 William B. Cudlip '24 William F. Graham '24 Duane C. Salisbury * '24 Orville V Vaughan* '25 Louis J. Kelly '25 Maxwell E. Nickerson Jr, * '26 Edward H. WachS * '27 Paul T. Kelly * '28 Wallace Wessels * 31 Frederick W. Batten * 31 Harold T. Ellerby Jr. 31 Samuel W. Greenland Jr. * 32 Robert C. Vanderkloot * '32 Robert R, Wessels * '33 W. Arthur Batten * '34 Benjamin G, Cox '34 Robert 0. Watts 37 Philip E. Newman '38 William T. Dobson * '38 Dirk Van Der Burch '39 John R, Bachman '40 Robert H, Bellairs * '40 William R, Candler '40 Ray A. Pittman * '41 John B. Hadley '42 James F. Brooks * '42 Walter L Brown ' '42 Herbert Of Jose Jr, * '44 Richard D, Slocum MICHIGAN STATE 29 Michigan Beta William C. Ebersole * '54 Paul L Janice * '54 Karl F, Kaub '54 John J, Mikoliczeak * '54 Paul J, Orloff' 55 David R, Towar * 59 Henry M Hey 59 David H, Orr 59 Wayne W. Wilson 60 John W. Beatty 60 Donald R. Bonine '60 Allen N. Schmelter * 61 Robert W. Carrigan 62 Charles D. Bayless 62 James L Chandler * 64 John A. Barnes 64 John a Chidester * 66 Stephen 0, Schrader * 67 Lawrence J. Burnagiel 67 James W Forkner * 67 Randall A. Rinna * 67 Kenneth C. Yeager 70 Edward A. Dudgeon * 70 John E. Farland ' 72 Gary Wayne Diehl ' 72 Stephen Arthur McLelland * 73 Philip Douglas Downs * 74 Mark Andrew Chapin * 76 Roger Thomas McCombs MINNESOTA 72 Minnesota Beta Willard A. Morse * U Carl I. Hall * 11 Frank B. Hubachek 15 Larcom Randall '17 William W. Moorhead * 20 Ralph B. Dunnavan '20 Stephen R. French '22 Allred W. Partridge * 23 J. Norvy Mulligan '25 Merton J. Bell '25 John H. Coolidge '25 Marshall 0. Crowley ' '25 Edwin G. Pickler '27 John A^ Moorhead * '27 Thomas W. Von Kuster * '28 James H Tyler * '30 Donald L Trenary * 33 Richard W. Giertsen *, 'X Orrin M. Ernst 36 Msgr Frederick W. Putnam Jr. * '36 George T. Sedgwick * '37 John R. Borchert * '37 Warren J. Hancock '37 Arthur P. Smith Jr. '38 Harold G. Hitchcock * '38 Lee J. Sutton Jr. ' 39 Robert T. Dacy '39 Harold D. Wamer * 40 Richard T. Hart * 40 Clyde M. Reedy 40 William C. Steiner * 40 Charles A Stewart '41 Harrison G. Gough '41 Thomas G. Hartley * '41 Charles D. Leckie * '41 Richard F. Saunders * '42 Frederick 0. Conrad * '43 Rollis J. Bishop ' '43 Robert M, Linsmayer * '43 John H, Parker * '43 John T, Richter '45 Neil E. McGraw * '45 Donald F. Swanson * '46 Howard W. Bishop '46 George K. Gosko '46 Edward A. Hurley Jr, '46 Preston King '46 Victor G. Nordley * '46 Theodore A. Ofstedahl '46 Kenneth C. Poehler Jr. * '47 Warren A. Brekke '47 Eugene, F. Huse Jr. * '47 Gerald M. Remole * '48 Raymond McCoy Jr. '48 Paul W. Neff Jr. * '48 Adelard J. Perreault Jr '50 William R. Mordaunt * '51 Robert L Westlake 52 Reginald K. Coe 53 Robert G. Hagemeister '56 Marvin J. Midfhun '58 James G. Burr '60 Kenneth E. Ellenberg 61 Harry L Newby jr. * '62 Louis R. Hosking * '62 Clyde R. McCullough * '62 Gene C. Rindlaub * '64 John F. Maloney * '68 Norman C. Arit '68 David S, Kennedy ' 68 Daniel J. McGraw ' 70 Howard N, Trotter * MISSISSIPPI 34 Mississippi Alpha Ernest 0. HoUoway* '30 Beverly C. Adams 30 Carl H, Butler Jr,* 30 Alvin L, Klotz* 30 Webb M. Mize 30 George B. Walker 30 Edward F. Zwingle 31 Guy R. Casper 33 Louis W. Pennington '33 Gerald G, Wheat* '36 Charles H, Elliott '37 Gaston C, Jones '39 Edward M, Fant II ' '39 William P. Treacy '42 James E, Brooks ' '47 Luther D. Turner '52 Christopher D, Martin '54 Duncan B. Campbell '56 Herman Tillman Jr,' '58 Richard K, Jacobson ' '59 Jerry W, Whittington ' '60 Charles J. Smollen '61 John L, Daniel * '61 J. Vickers Hill ' '62 William C, Hopper Jr. ' '62 Jimmie C, Reed Jr, '63 Fred E, Bourn Jr. '65 Bruce E. Atkinson * '66 Joseph E. Bass '66 James D. Henderson '67 William 0. Smothers * '68 Jack F. Speed Jr. '70 Rhondie H. Bums * '74 Michael Angelo Eatman * MISSOURI 105 Missouri Alpha 1869 '08 Clifford H. Johnson ' '13 Edward H. Miller '14 Charles N. Peck 17 Joseph L Haw '20 Orlo W. Bond ' '20 Chalmers R. Wood 22 Fredenc H. Smith '23 John S Snyder * '24 Taylor 0. Wright Jr. '25 Fred W. Board Jr. '27 W. Marshall Giesecke * '27 Joseph D Paisley '28 Floyd R. Gibson ' '29 William F. Jackson ' '30 Kirwan Buchele '30 Joseph F. Wood ' '31 Philip E. Chandler * '31 Nolan A. KuehnI 32 Charles C. Allis * 32 William R. Cockefair Jr. * 32 Charles L Hoover * 32 William J. Randall * '33 Rexford G. Carter '33 William E. Misselwitz '34 George C. Marquis Jr. * '34 William M Snyder '36 Stacy A Haines '37 Robert W. Willits * 38 Robert C Fowler * 38 Gordon S. Letterman '38 Harry H. Mattox * '39 John W. Galbraith '39 Jack E. Mackay '41 David P. Barry '41 John E. Keith * '42 Arthur J. Riedesel * '43 Harold Bailey Gallison ' '43 William A Street '46 Andrew Brown Jr. * '46 Paul W. Flournoy Jr. '46 Don A. Johnson '47 Donald P. Carter '47 John U. Gall * '47 Robert D. Gall '47 Charles E. Maupin '47 John L. Morrissey * '47 James C. Noonan * '47 Curtis C. Williams * '47 Charles R, Willits' 48 Lester C, Webb ' 49 Max P, Dean '49 Thomas H, Hocker' '49 William L, Pence * '50 Clay T, Davis Jr. * '50 Kirk M. Dodge * '50 Charies G. James' '50 Robert M Leonard 50 Leo G. Piper * '50 James C, Quinly * '50 Richard R, Rogers * '50 Dale E. Thorp '52 Bennett L, Bruton' '52 Kenneth J. Kolkmeier '52 Gerald D. Rapp 53 Teddy M. Bell 53 James W. Hill * 53 William H. Hodges * 53 Kenneth A. Thorp ' 53 David B, Zoellner * '54 Kenneth G. Scheffel 54 Edward C, Scheider * 55 Robert P Ashlock * 55 Gerald T. Moseley * 55 Jay W. Ruby 55 Thomas B Wheeler * 56 James B, Weber * 58 Barry E. Bruton 59 Joseph F. Agnew II 59 David W. Cassidy 59 Robert L Hoy Jr. * 61 Edward L Krueger * 62 William P. Tempel * 63 Robert B. Kidd * 64 James F. Martin 64 Randal B Short 65 Hampton 0, Graham Jr. 66 Peter T. Cacioppo 66 William K. Shepherd * 66 Thomas P. Wehrle ' 67 Michael T. Calkin * 67 Roger D. Gabelman * 67 Dwight E. Hall 67 Michael J Pund 67 Stephen F. Staley 68 J. Garland Thurman 69 Joseph P. Greco 70 William L Southworth Jr. 71 James E. Naylor * 72 Robert Vernon Agee * '73 George Hoyt Lucas Jr. * 73 John Michael Morrissey '74 Joel Ethan Cansler * '74 Stephen Robert O'Rouriie * '74 Wynn Huff Wiegand * '76 Thomas Joseph Fitzgerald MONMOUTH 6 New Jersey Beta 1967 '68 Jeffrey A. Buchner '68 Robert B. Markey * 69 Joseph J. Dimarco * 69 Samuel H Ostrander * 70 Scott M Sutheriand * 72 Joseph Jerome Keip MONTANA 2 Montana Alpha Jeffrey Scott Lund * 75 Mark Dean Sokol * NEBRASKA 82 Nebraska Alpha 1895 '05 Arthur Jorgensen 15 Reginald D, Woodruff 17 Irving D. Augustine * 18 William CKenner Jr. 18 Lyman B. Mead 20 David G. Noble 21 Winslow M. Van Brunt 23 Wilmer J. Beerkle * '23 Hans F. Michelmann '24 Kari H. Nelson * '24 Gilbert B. Reynolds '25 Emerson M. Mead '25 Arthur R. Sweet '26 Joseph McVicke Hunt '28 Forest D. Gaskill * '29 George B. Cook '29 Edwin J. Faulkner Jr. * '29 Theodore J. Kiesselbach '31 Walter S. Henrion ' '33 Lansing Anderson '34 Donald N. Wiemer * '35 J. Rowland McClymont * '35 Herbert T. Weston Jr. * 37 Richard K Armstrong * 37 Richard L. McClymont * '38 Robert P. Brust' 38 Robert E, 0, Connell 38 Stanley H, Southwick '41 James B, Townsend Jr, '42 Charles R, Drake '42 Charles M, Hauptman ' '43 Frederick W. Hecox '43 John C. Wilson '44 Robert E. Hamilton ' '44 Richard A Koch ' '45 Howard A. Esser Jr. '45 Mearl C. Moser * '46 Warren F. Howard ' 47 Eugene A. Conley ' '47 Charles R. Oehrle '47 Frederick H, Simpson '47 Norman S, Williams '47 Reese 0. Wilson '48 Mark A, Boettcher Jr, '48 Donald L, Hovendick' '48 Thomas G, Reynolds '49 Elliott E, Gilmore Jr. '49 William J, ScoU '49 James P, Stephenson ' 50 Robert C. Reynolds' '51 Dwight H, Fritts Jr. 51 Nelson S. Harding '51 Thomas L. Miller * '51 Lee R, Thompson * '52 Robert W, Severs '55 Arthur K, Lewis '56 William H, Ashley '56 James W. Good III '57 James A, Eastman '57 Ronald E, Voss * '58 David R, McConahay '60 Michael G, MacLean '60 Robert J, Overgaard * '61 Stephen M, Beachler '62 Michael L Barton Phd '62 Thomas D. Henrion 124 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

125 '63 Travis S, Hiner * '66 Mark T, Gilles 66 Mark T Schreiber * 67 Thomas V. Boehm * 68 Richard K. Armstrong Jr. * 68 Randall R. Kampfe 68 Daniel C. Pappas * '68 Stanley J. Scheurman Jr, ' '71 Richard A. Plumlee '72 Richard Evans Gilmore ' '72 Steven DeWitt McClymont * 72 Fredrick S. Spady * 74 Michael David Herman * 74 James Daniel Roberts ' 76 Richard Heath Hovendick * 76 James Marvin Reinert * NEW YORK AT BUFFALO 25 New York Epsilon Albert W. Burch 50 John J. Starr '50 Walter H. Willoughby '50 Robert E. Zicht 51 Karl W. Brownell 51 Harry H. Wiltse Sr. * '52 Raymond J. Jankowski * 53 Michael A. Cerrone '53 Robert B, Kager * 54 Ralph G, Griffin Jr, * '54 Richard V, Martin * '55 Richard E, Herrick '55 William C, Rapp '56 Paul E. Samulski '56 Eugene M, Sullivan 57 Richard C. Hall * '58 William C. Farner * '58 Henry C. Hueber III ' '61 Peter G. Greenlaw '61 Robert B. Harper '61 John L Uoyd '61 David C. Prahler '64 Lee J. Schweichler' '64 Gregory D. Sommer '68 Phillip P. Knapp NORTHWESTERN 82 Illinois Alpha 1864 'U Henry F. Oates '12 Bruce W. Thayer '18 Hiram D. Fargo Jr. '20 Latham Castle 21 Lawrence Hass ' 25 David L Kempf * '25 Lyman Moore '26 Henry N. Bassett '26 Ellis G. Bovik '27 Howard B. Noonan '29 James W. Good Jr. * '30 George A. Meigs '31 Edgar J. Catlin * '31 E. David Coolidge Jr. '31 Dan A. Kaufman '31 Frank W. Shriver '31 Robert F. Smith * '32 Dunreath L Hawkins '32 Harry C. Moore '32 Vernon R. Olsen "32 Charles W. Stevens * '33 William P. Niemann * '34 John W. Coolidge '34 Loring M. Fiske '34 Ronald T. Woodbury '35 Henry B. Clark Jr. '35 Robert G. Link * '36 Ralph E. Stouffer '36 Charles K. Zelle '37 Joseph R. Buell Jr. '37 L. Yager Cantwell * '37 Orville C. Wetmore '38 John W. George '38 Lawrence E. Kelley '38 Ernest C. Wieder '39 James R. Ward '41 Charles J. Bevan Jr. '41 John E. Ellis '42 Lawrence W. Hitchcock Jr. '42 John B. Whitehead * 44 Bayard M. Graf * '44 John M. Vickers '45 William Y. Mathers '46 John H. Burlingame III * '46 Leonel I. Hatch Jr. '46 Charies 0. Lindgren '46 Theodore J. Urban * '47 Eugene D. Johnson '47 Philip A. Leekley * '48 John Van Cleave ' '49 Roger L Sharpe '49 John G. Steeb ' 50 Roger W. Erkert 53 Robert Milligan Jr. * '54 Rollo E. Christensen * '54 Donald R. Fraser * '55 George E. Riseborough '55 Malachy Whalen * '56 Edwin B. Bosler * '56 Larry K. Van Dusen '59 James A. Jackson * 59 James A. Morton 111 ' 60 James C. Skelton * '61 Jon L. Elsea '61 Peter S. McChesney '62 John Ruan III * '63 James L. Funk * '63 James F Runnion * '64 Frank C Leichliter '64 Robert R. Olson '64 Gerald A. Riessen '65 James L Martin * '68 Robert L Wilson '69 Randlof C. Anderson '69 Robert E. Earley' '72 Edward Philip Hermann 73 James Leslie Budd 74 James Thomas Brown 74 James Patrick McGehrin 74 Kurt William Nelson ' 74 Robert Stephen Weiler '76 Harlow Drake Stevens Sr. OHIO STATE 121 Ohio Delta 1880 '09 Henry L. Bradford ' '15 John P. Courtright '16 E. Whitney Dillon '16 Daniel M. Hoyt * '20 John R. Kilpatrick '22 Gansey R. Johnston Jr. '22 Gerald P. Seeger '23 Van G. Harkrader' '24 Donald F. Shifflette '24 Lawrence D. Stanley '24 Minor K Wilson '25 Frederick H. Grim '25 Manning D. Webster '25 John M. Zuber 27 Fred Machetanz 27 Joseph J. 0. Shaughnessy 27 John D. Rockaway ' 27 J. Robert Snypp 28 Elmer J. Meyers '28 Robert C. Stegner * '29 William M, Batten '29 Ralph W. Hinklin * '29 Philip S. Johnston 30 Edward W. Claar '30 James W. Zuber * '31 Alexander M. Meyer * '31 Stephen A. Stepanian * '31 J Robert Swartz * 32 William M. Chambers 32 Robert C. Potts 33 Danforth E. Ball Jr. 33 William L. Kumler 33 Norman M. Spain ' '33 Charies L Stoup * '34 William G. McQuigg '34 Nolen E. Mills '34 Robert C. Vallery '35 Robert I. Boose 35 David F. Clark * 35 Charles E. Fry '35 John B. Nordholt Jr. 35 Ben W. Perks ' 35 John W. Shrontz '36 Richard T. Baker * 37 Howard N. Bullock 37 John H. Gardiner * 37 Harry T. Vallery 38 Kenneth W. Cross * '38 Paul H. Stone Jr. " '39 J. James Hur * '39 Robert S. Neese * '40 J. Cheney Humphreys '41 Dudley W. Jordan * '42 Jack Leon * '42 Robert C. Pekarek * '42 Paul S. Schmidt Jr. * '42 Henry E, Zimmerman * '43 Patrick W. Doyle '43 William H. James ' '43 William C. Kiefer * '44 Thomas G. Kuhn * '45 John W. Barnes * '45 Kyle I. Mcintosh Jr '46 George S. Frost " '46 Frank M. Root Jr. * '46 William B. White * '46 Richard L. Wunderlich '47 John Gilbert Reese 48 Whitney D. Dillon * 48 Warren S. Weiant III * 49 Lyie Bruce Barnes * '49 Robert D. Diehl '49 Frank P. Hall '49 David H. Timmons ' '50 William M. Black * '50 Sherwood H. Davis '50 David M. Drenan '50 Donald F. Shifflette Jr. * 50 Donald W. Wiper Jr. 51 Richard T. Lehmkuhl 52 Robert G. Courier '52 Richard I. Eidson '53 Wayne E. Gardiner '58 James H. Frazier Jr '59 George W. Atkinson '59 Jon D. Boyes '59 Bruce W. Ewing Jr. * '60 John C. Gray '60 Richard L Lancione * '61 Craig M. Stewart '61 Steve D. Thomas '62 Gilbert J. Farrell '62 John P. Gordon * '62 Warner P. Simpson '62 Robert E. Smith * '63 Byron W. Gustin '63 Frederick A. Hegele * '63 William M. Hildebolt '63 William R. Leiand '63 Thomas W. Ulrich '63 J. Eric Vandemark '64 Jeffrey R. Neel '64 Robert C. Ross * '64 Frederick I. Stimpfle '65 Timothy B. Frost '65 Timothy K Shift * '66 David R. Dodge '66 Gary E, Gumz * '66 Gerald L. Kavka * '66 Stephen H. Witwer '67 Ronald T. Dillard * '68 Robert E. Miles * '68 Douglas L. Witwer '71 S, Ray Karr '72 Ronald Eugene Dawson ' '72 Scott Sidney Thompson * '73 Alexander I Boeriu '73 Frederick T Poll '76 Glen Thomas Chutsky '76 Jay Robert Fuller '76 William W. Vogelgesang OHIO WESLEYAN 79 Ohio Alpha 1861 '12 Lonnis Denison '13 Wilfred Schaffner '17 James E, Breece * '18 Robert L. Milligan * '20 Arthur F. Dorner '20 Lawrence T. Thomson '21 Robert E. Hamilton '21 George B. Rector '24 Allan A. Dowds Jr. ' '24 Lincoln F. Parker' '24 Elmon A. Starr '25 Walter L Kyle ' '26 Robert A. Atkinson ' '26 Edward L. Cawood '27 Richard R. Crass * '28 Frank D. Beebe ' '29 James Oliver Brown '29 Howard L. Ginaven ' '30 Laverne G. Bolton * '30 Donald A. Pierce '31 Robert H. Ross '32 Robert M. Rybolt '32 Howard W. Smith ' 33 Wade C. Helms * 33 Philip P. Jefferis 33 William R. Ross ' 35 James R. Hart 38 Walter A Denney 38 Ralph E. Monroe '38 Robert D. Woodmansee " '40 Richard H. Bohr '40 Asahel G. Bryan ' '40 Hillis B. Schieber '40 John C. Shelton ' '41 Nelson H. Case * '41 Lawrence A. Latour Jr. '41 Eugene J. Quackenbush '42 John E. Vestal '43 Judson W. Graab '43 Ralph L Hoffhines " '43 Robert A. Mowbray '43 William C. Mulroney Jr. '43 John P. Timmons '43 Donald B. Watkins Jr. * '46 David E. Gardner III '46 Alexander R. Milne '48 Arthur D. Hudnutt '48 Paul B. Littmann * '49 John P. Courtright Jr. '49 L. Wallace Cross * '50 Robert S. Olson ' '51 Daniel R. Butler '51 J. Kenneth Potter '52 Taylor H. Obold '53 Kenneth R. Hesse '55 Clarence W, Blanton * '56 A. Barry Leonard '56 Louis A. Meier '57 Robert M. Duhme ' '57 Thomas G. Grau ' '58 George E. Bitner '58 Robert 0. Ginaven * '58 William F. Knoble '58 Ronald B. Koch * '60 William W. Ellsasser '60 Richard W, Pierce * '63 Scott V Barron * '63 William C. Bassett '63 Herbert W. Carey ' '63 William M. Stanton '64 James R. Thieser '66 V»illiam R, Rylander '69 Thomas J. Hern '69 Christopher Stearns * '70 James W. Hart '71 Stewart G. Perrin '72 David Kennard Jolley * '74 Joseph Pierre Costabile * '74 Richard James Pera * OKLAHOMA 65 Oklahoma Alpha 1920 '20 Stanley B. Catlett '20 Robert W. Henry '21 Homer L Keegan '22 Lynn K. Lee * '23 Eugene L. Ames '23 Clark R. Steinberger '24 J. Maurice Dysart '24 Edward D. Loughney '26 Joseph F. Trigg '26 Mac D. Wallace * '27 Wendell L. Smith. '28 Robert L. Berry * '28 John M. Houchin '28 John W. Lee '31 Warren A Cline '31 Lewis B. Jackson * '31 Howard E, West * '32 Denny W. Falkenberg * '32 James D. Fellers * '33 Philip S. Mason * '33 Thomas 0. Miller * '35 Jerry B. Beckett * '35 James M. Hewgley Jr. * '35 George D Kuhn '35 James T Tennery Jr. ' '36 Floyd A. Sooy * '38 Patrick J. 0. Hornett 40 Thomas E. Bartlett * 41 Walter R Berger Jr. '41 Norval L. Covington * '41 G. M. Fuller Jr. '42 William J. Wolff' '43 Bill N. Barnes '43 Sidney F. Schiff Jr. * '46 Robert L Cash * '47 Walter P. Buckthal '47 Robert C. Marquiss '48 William F. Ewing Jr. * '48 David A Maytubby * '49 Alex R. Hafer Jr. ' '49 Allen N. Keegan '49 Llewellyn L Keller II ' '50 Streeter B. Flynn Jr. '50 John H. Gardner '50 A. Bob Jordan '50 Robert B. Miller '51 James R. Egelston ' '52 Larry L. Ewing '52 Robert C. Jeffries '53 Dennis L Evans ' '53 Roger L. Smithpeter '54 John 0. Dorchester Jr. ' '54 Willard M Glasco Jr. ' '54 William C. Pickens '54 Don E. Schultz ' '54 James W. Wise ' '55 Bobby W. Coleman * '56 Jack M. Bowman ' 57 Brooks Bell Jr. 57 Mervin D. Clements Jr. * '57 Morris S. Curry' '57 David L Gilmore * '57 Donald D. Litchford * '57 Everett R. Nolle 57 Philip L. Sisney ' 59 Joseph P. Calvert ' 59 Robert W. Foushee ' 59 Warren C. McManus Jr. * 59 Charles G. Palmer ' '60 Peter S. Hendy '61 Edwin D. Abel '61 Daniel W. James '61 William M. Peck Jr. '62 John T. Pickens '63 Gary L. Nichols ' '64 John E. Agnew '64 Claude D. McDoulett Jr.' '66 Robert J. Kerby * '57 John W. Barksdale * '67 James L Pancoast '67 Owen R, Stanley * '68 James C. Hoffman * '69 Bryan E. Valentine ' '70 Donald M. Davis * '76 Robert Wayne Stansbury * OKUHOMA STATE 8 Oklahoma Beta 1967 '67 David R. Buck '67 Robert J. Goodman * '67 Daniel R. Uvengood ' '67 Harry F. Robertson Jr. ' '67 Roger D. Ruehl '68 Jack G. Nichols Jr. ' '74 Steven Kent Sinclair '74 John Charles Wride OREGON 65 Oregon Alpha 1923 '23 Glenn S. Campbell' '23 John Dierdorff '23 John H. High '23 Lloyd F. Lalonde '23 R. Adm Eugene B. McKinney '23 Garland T. Meador '23 James C. Say '23 Myron E. Shannon '23 Walter J. Taylor "23 Maurice J. Warnock ' '23 Don Z. Zimmerman ' '24 Philip T. Bergh ' '24 Fred B. Lockwood '26 Albert H, Cousins Jr. * '26 Robert S. Foster '26 Robert V. McGee '26 Wade Newbegin '27 James H. Rogers '28 Walter T. Williamson '29 L Graham Covington * 30 Robert F. Burnett 31 Alton C. McCully 32 Alexander F. Eagle Jr. * '32 Edwin A. Meserve ' '33 Edward G. Warmington ' 35 John M. Brunton '37 Howard W. Eagle ' '40 Paul H. Uvesay ' '42 Frank G. Lyon '43 Donald C. Frisbie 47 Kenneth M. Allen '47 Robert K Allen '47 Paul L Morris ' '47 Maunce 0. Callaghan ' '47 Calvin R. Smith '48 John W. Broome * '49 N. Ray Hawk * '49 Gregory A. Mardikian * '49 Richard F. Olson '50 Richard W. Bjornstad * 50 Willard K. Carey ' '50 George W. Humphries '50 Donald S. Rudd '52 Neil B. Dwyer ' '52 Donald H. Mclntyre '52 Angus B Stewart '53 Howard W. Ball ' '53 Douglas C. Liechty '54 Lawrence A. Barnes * '54 Joseph H. Erkenbrecher '56 Kenneth R. Hart * 57 Walter G. Gamer * '58 Howard I. Hansen '58 Donald H. Wilson '61 Hugh R Oliphant * '62 Michael G. Estey * '63 Lawrence R. Derr * '64 Stephen W. Cole '64 James H. Depass * '64 Michael P. Richards * 65 Vernon L. Peck Jr. 66 Curtis P. Franks 68 Martin D. Alter* '69 Leon D. Meekcoms* '74 Stephen Kerry Beard* OREGON STATE 33 Oregon Beta 1948 '48 George B. Criteser '48 Howard A. Edwards * '48 Lawrence T. Fisher * '48 John C. Gearhart * '48 Gay M. Heath * '48 Morns C. Hoven ' '48 Lloyd M. Landwehr * '48 Donald J. McNeil * '43 Elton G. Nelson '48 Otto F. Peters * '48 Elmer C. Rossman * '48 Richard C. Stockman '48 Nicholas M. Welter '49 Charles W. Peters '50 Richard L Graham '50 Robert G. MacDonald Jr. '50 John R. Seal '50 Robert S. Seal '55 Richard E. Ong * '57 Donald R. Ong '58 John D. Fontaine ' '58 Harold W. Hofman Jr. '58 Gary P. Laugen '58 Donald A. Moar' '58 Carl W. Stucki '59 Maurice Kurtz ' '60 Phillips S. Murray '64 Peter Arth Jr. '66 David L, Haack '66 Frank G, Williams '67 D Mark Kable11 '69 David S, King * '71 Armando J, Deleon PENNSYLVANIA 44 Pennsylvania lota 1877 '15 Ralph C. Vonnegut * '15 Henry F. Walton Jr. '16 Lawrence G. Fell '19 George M. Hillman Jr. '19 Robert R. Riley * 20 Theodore A. Blake 21 Alfred W. Jones * 21 Henry C. Smyth '22 Frederic M. Campbell '22 Frank D. White '22 Henry Coit Williams '23 Charles W. Adams '23 John A. Anderson * '26 Talbot D. Gittins * '26 Robert F. Morris 26 John K. Wampler * 27 Robert E. Kissel * 27 George L. Whyel * '28 Edward H. Bindley '29 Howard H. Sheppard * '29 Henry M. Weeks III * '30 Ralph W. Chaffee * '31 John C. Howard * '31 Richard G. Leonard * '32 Stuart E. McMurray * '33 Joseph P.Johnson '33 Clifford G. Stanford '33 Ward A. West * '35 Edgar S. Baum * '35 Benjamin F. Hormel Jr. '35 William F. Miller III '36 Charles A. Vogt * '39 Richard B Fox Jr. * '39 Michael Waris Jr. * '40 John W. H. Miller ' '41 Thomas A. Martin '41 Oscar Nelson Jr. '42 William Jackson Jr. * '49 Richard M. Dolan * '50 Oscar F. Spicer 53 Ronald M Katzman '57 Theodore L Purnell Jr. '58 Marvin M. Wodlinger' '59 Marshal H. Larrabee III PENNSYLVANIA STATE 130 Pennsylvania Lambda 1912 '12 George N. Fisher '12 Jacob B. Wyckoff '14 William R. Stewart ' '17 Warren R. Bowman '17 Henry T. Waller * '18 Robert Sh Furst '18 Henry G. Goehring '18 Robert K. Reeder Jr. * '19 James W. Crookston * '20 Frederic F. Dickmann * '20 Edward J. Stern * '22 Thomas M. Malin * '23 Carl W. Siegwarth * '24 Horace Macvaugh Jr. * '25 Wheeler Lord Jr. * '25 Alfred A McLean '25 John H Reish * '25 J Randall Thomas * '26 Lewis L Gwin * '26 Victor 0. Schinnerer '27 John W. Batdorf * '28 William H. Schinnerer * '29 Robert A Young '31 George J. Blackham '32 Hanrey W. Hulfman '32 Henry S. Klock '33 Henry K. Beard * '33 George E. Bell '33 Fred M. Drothler ' '33 A. Kenneth Maiers '33 Paul M. Mowry 33 Seth W. Russell * 34 George W. Robinson 35 John C. Bigham Jr. 35 Henry A. Body '35 Bruce Butler '35 Herbert V. Gerding '35 George H. Gromel * '35 Charies W. Hair '35 Jo Hays '35 Richard V. Uncoln ' '35 Miles H. Sucher * 35 Edward L Van Sickel '35 B. Carl Wharton '35 Charles M. Wheeler Jr. ' '36 Donald P. Adams '36 Robert E. Frankenberry ' '36 George A. Guyer '36 Robert G. Morgan '36 Kenneth H. Taylor '37 Edward W. Bastian ' '37 John 0. Home * '37 George D. Leydic Jr. '37 Charles N. Smith '38 Charles D. Binning '33 Ben C. Kline '38 John E. Moore '40 James W Smith * '41 Walter R. Schwab * '42 Robert T. Ban Jr. '42 Robert J. Bastian '42 John F. Byrom *, '42 James E. Morgan Jr. ' '43 Arthur R. Huggler '45 William R. Deutsch '46 Charies W. Calhoun '46 Glenn L Morrow '48 Craig M, Elliott '48 Thomas E, Morgan ' '48 David F, Owen Jr. * '48 Tom M. Reese ' '48 Oscar A. Schmitt '48 Walter H. Stauffenberg '48 Jacob R. Thomas Jr. * '48 John E. Willson '49 Harold L. Ludwig Jr. * '49 E. Lincoln Van Sickel '49 Walter F. Vilsmeier * '50 John H. Allison '50 Robert Banks Smith * '50 John A. Walsh '50 Harold S. Wnght '51 Russell S Keen Jr. '51 John P. McCabe ' '51 Robert B Porter * 52 Conrad F. Nagel III 52 Cari W. Shaner * 53 Alec J. Beliasov * 53 Lawrence D. Huntsman * 53 Willard F. Townsend * '53 William D. Ziegler Jr. '54 William M. Schumacher * '54 Burton E. Watkins Jr. * '57 David D. Henry * '57 Glenn C. Rosenberger '58 George E. McTurk 59 Ronald P. Evelhoch * '59 Chester C. Lucido Jr. '61 Dean W. Wharton '62 Donald F. Morabito '62 John S. Rothermel '64 Robert W. Blackham '65 John M. Bellinger Jr. * 65 James C. Elliott * '65 Michael A. Mowrey '65 David H. Reese * '67 James W. Hedrick Jr. * '68 Thomas L. Ashbaugh * '68 Thomas J. Frenier ' '68 Oscar W. Johnston '68 Joseph C. Korsak '69 Chalmers L. Millin '69 Kenneth L. Urish '70 Thomas R lies '70 Fred A. Richenderfer Jr.' '70 Robert 0. Spiegle Jr. ' '70 Jacobus J. Van Dop '70 Zachary L Zenbower 71 Mark V. Monkhouse ' 71 Charles A. Turack ' '72 Wallace C. Harberson '72 Elmer Francis Hinner ' '73 David Hanscom Farrand '73 James Wray Gunip ' '73 Raymond M. McCormick '73 Arthur Roy Woolever '74 John Francis Hummel Jr. '74 Kevin Peter 0. Leary 77 John Andrew Blair 77 Robert L Campotongo PURDUE 150 Indiana Delta Borden C. Booth '17 Robert F. Reeves '18 Walter C. Hiser' '18 Edgar C. Schreyer '18 Alfred C. Stoever' '19 John T Andrews ' '20 Walter George Eversman * '20 Donald H. Walker '21 James P. Hosier * 21 Oliver S. Hulley * 21 Nelson K. Hunter * 21 Wallace R. Vawter * 22 Robert M. Ward ' '23 Robert F. Williams ' '25 A Wallace Denny * '25 Thomas W. Dow * '25 Maurice W. Johnson '25 Kari K. King * '26 Ivan C. Uland '27 Earl H. Kelsey '28 Richard H. Dickson * 28 Sumner S Kittelle ' 28 William C. Otto 28 Samuel L Perkins IV '29 Leslie 0. Parker Jr. * '29 Edward J. F. Roesch '30 John A. Alexander ' '30 Edwin E. Charles * '30 Edward R. Parker * '31 John P. Fredrick * '31 Richard Y Moss ' '31 Robert M. Seward '32 Clark A. George '32 Hugh E. Rhodes ' '32 Jack K. Williams ' '34 Otto W. Buenting Jr. '35 Glenn F. Fearheiley * '35 Glen W. Martin 35 George E. Simonton 36 John W. Bailey 36 David W. Clugston 36 John S. Griftin * 36 Dick H. Meissner 36 George W. Yeoman * 37 Richard B. De Mars 37 Dan T. Fisher * '37 Edwin J. Kroeger '37 John A. Richardson ' '38 Donald C. Rhodes '40 Thomas Baldwin * '40 Wirt Farley Jr. * '41 John R. Amold '41 Floyd H. Lawson Jr. * '42 Gordon A. Goodrich '42 Paul E. Hoffman 42 Fredric R. Lloyd 42 Allan W. Moorman * 42 Don M. Newman '42 Neil V. Robertson Jr. '42 Fletcher Thorne-Thomsen '43 Kenneth E, Elliott '43 Jerome Jones * '43 Mariin D. Reed * 44 Edward B. White '45 John a Harrell '45 Thomas E. McMurray ' '45 Robert B. Nutt * '45 Paul W. Smeltzer * 45 Phillip D. Thompson '46 Fred M. Fehsenfeld '47 Kenneth C, Wiles 47 Deke Wright '48 Robert G, Moore Jr. '48 Robert G. Rettig * '48 Robert W, Theobald * '48 Phil G. Wallace '49 Robert S. Leiley111 '49 Charles W. Shook * '49 Donald S. Speer * '49 J. Howard Storm * '50 James L. Rainey Jr. * '50 Richard D. Youngflesh '51 Donald M Bell * '51 Jack C. Cnm ' '51 Gerald Skidmore '51 Raymond R. Snyder' '51 William F. Spencer IV * '51 Lyie E. Sundquist * '52 J. Ray Barnes * '52 Casper Wickemeyer III * '53 John R. Donahue '53 Charies V. Fiemming '53 Bart R. Psaila ' '53 Richard M. Reasner * '53 John R. Schmit '53 John C. Wardlaw Jr. ' '54 Jean P. Bailleux '54 Henry D. Bronson '56 David R. Everhart ' '56 Richard W. Hansen '56 Lawrence A. Wheeler '57 Donel Bruce Smith II '58 Thomas G. Karter ' '58 Richard E. Pigman ' '59 Franklin E. Alan * '59 Alan D. Anderson ' '59 Thomas E. Beefy '59 Richard H. Sowenwine * '59 John C. Winters ' '60 William f. Earhart * '60 David R. Forville '60 William E. Hiatt Jr. '60 Howard Joseph Klein '60 William K Millholland '60 Dennis J. Schwartz * '61 Arthur S. Carlson III '61 Harry V. Huffman * '61 Albert E. Kremer Jr. ' '61 James E. Sigmund * '62 Charles J. Chase '62 John A. McCarthy * '62 Max P. Tatman '64 James C. Jones * '64 Jack G. Smith '65 Gregory C. Robinson ' '65 Richard A. Wagner '66 Dale E. Sherman * '67 Richard H. Grabham Jr. '67 David K. Much '67 David M. Rowles * '68 Stephen R. Buschmann '68 Robert Stephen Qualkinbush September

126 Honor Roll of Contributors (continued) '68 Larry L. Wharton * '69 Rand F. Bergeson 69 Robert Calhoun Dew Jr. * '69 David Bruce Navikas '70 Stephen Ward Dillon * '70 James J. Miller '70 Donald L Norman '72 Ira Joel Jackson Jr. ' '74 Michael Wayne Muncy '75 Scott Alan Haag " '75 Michael Joseph Haney ' 75 Patrick M. O'Toole '76 Mark George Danly '76 James David Dolaway '76 Bert Hoadley Fell Jr. '76 Louis Peter Ninios '76 Dennis Richard 0. Brien * '76.Vernon Eugene Petty * RHODE ISLAND 24 Rhode Island Beta 1966 '66 Peter E. Allen * '66 Lee H. Arnold '66 John E. Blomstedt '66 William A. Bowers III ' '66 Paul E. Ingraham '66 Bruce B. Manchester * '66 Emil S. Meyer' '66 Clittord H, Snow '66 Bradley H. Spooner '68 David G, Chace '69 Reed K Holden '69 Robert H, Pease Jr,' '69 Stuart A. Robinson '70 Dennis E, Angelone. '70 Stephen Ball* '70 Donald D, Schollin '72 Guy Lawrence Minardi ' 73 Peter Thomas Fella Jr. '73 Robert Arthur Goulet * '73 Chester Robert Stott '74 Patrick F. Rossoni '74 Charles Scimecca '75 James Henry Gilman III '77 Donald James Berndt '77 Bryan Keith Tremblay ' RIDER 28 New Jersey Alpha 1965 '65 William J. Butler * '65 Norman Lehrer '65 Bertil N. Nelson Jr. '65 Richard E. Ottalagana 65 Michael J. Risavy 65 Donald L Rodger 65 Robert E. Sutton 65 Bruce H. Theuerkauf 66 Michael B. Bell '66 Larry J. Evans '65 Hany B. Gallun * -66 William R. Giaimo '66 John E. Storms '67 Thomas R. Koester '67 Charles P. Mastroberte '68 Peter Maffetone '70 Robert G. Keithler '70 Craig W. Uoyd * '71 Louis V. Melini '71 Marc P. Palker * '71 James 0. Pomponi III '72 John James Graziano * 72 Donald E. Shain ' '72 Benjamin Ira Tabatchnick '72 Gary J. Werner '74 Roger James D'Alessio '74 Stephen C. Ginter '74 David Lawrence Mueller SOUTH CAROLINA 8 South Carolina Alpha 1857 '72 Flynn Enrin Brantley '72 James Smith Harrison Jr '72 Timothy Jon Heup ' '72 Frank Grattan McGwier Jr, '72 Joseph N. Morris '73 Richard Blair Funk II ' '74 William Riley Jones Jr,' '76 Michael F, Capen * SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 160 California Delta 1927 '27 Lyie S Baldridge '27 Carl H, Bonham ' '27 Frederick H, Breylinger '27 Leo B, Calland '27 Hugh E. Edwards ' '27 Lewis I, George '27 Charies E, Graham ' '27 Paul V, Greene '27 Ellis C. Hampton '27 G, Paul Kirman '27 William K, Kreiger '27 Theodore B. Kuchel ' '27 J. Burke Long ' '27 Charles H. Morrow '27 Edwin C. Purtell '27 Carroll A. Sagar' '27 Alvin R. Schaub ' '27 George J. Smith ' '27 John L Stephens '27 Ronald E. Stever ' '27 George A. Thurner '27 Leonard W. Towner' '27 Lester L, Wasserburger ' '27 Nelson P, Whittier 28 Fitzhugh B, Allderdice Jr, 28 Edward G. Bautzer * 28 Albert S, Blatz 29 Winston R, Fuller * '29 Dixon W. Kelley Jr, * '29 Thomas H. Kuchel '29 Harold H. Neithart '30 Homer 0. Griffith Jr. * '30 Frank 0. Hopkins '30 Harry W. Lawson Jr. '31 Clarence L Berry * 31 Jack F. Huber 31 Albert Vignolo Jr, * 32 George D, Blewitt * 32 J, Reed Gattmann * 32 Carl A. Stutsman Jr, '33 H, Eames Bishop * '33 Carl E, Lautz '33 Leavitt W, Thurlow Jr, '34 Gerald F, Millea * '34 Leiand M. Rice * '34 Paul W. Trousdale '35 George C. Bettinger * '35 Hugo M. BurgwaTd Jr. * '35 Daniel W. Humfreville * '36 Lloyd A. Fry Jr. * '36 John J. Kortlander '37 Leon C. Covell Jr. * '37 Richard J. Keefe * '37 William A. Simpson Jr. '38 William S. WatSins '39 George S. Barton * '40 Thurston H. Ross Jr. * '40 Kenneth A. Westlund ' '41 Fred G. Doan 42 Donald K. EdIer '42 John G. Monkman * 42 Robert L Mueller * '42 J, B Youngblood Jr. * '43 Daryl Arnold '43 John L Balzer * '43 James W. Econn '43 Robert C. Harner * '43 Eugene R. Lablond '44 Victor L. Harris '44 G. Joseph Lorenzi '44 Dickinson C. Ross '45 James F. McGann '45 Alvin T. Owen '45 James L Walker '46 Samuel D. Boyer * 46 Wells 0. Deloach ' 46 William H. Wallace '47 Charles H. Black Jr. * '47 Richard H. Hart '47 William C. Varney ' '48 Robert P. Flower * '48 Donald R. Keith '48 George P, Stearns '49 Gerald B Brewer * '49 James A. Eddy '49 Jerol R, Hodges '49 Leroy B, Taft Jr, * '50 Frank L. Floras 50 James M. Hunsaker * '50 Jack T. McCarthy '50 Robert E. Rakestraw * '50 Robert G. Reordan '50 Richard L. Stever '50 Richard D. Wineland* '51 Eari A. Bauer Jr. '51 Fionald L. Luther -51 Richard A. Metzger '51 Donald L Platz ' '51 David G. Price '52 John H. Beal ' 52 Robert P. Clifford 52 Richard S Huston *, ^52 Douglas J. Teulie ' '54 Gary G, Geronimi '54 Donald H, Graves '54 Geoffrey B, Shaw 55 Howard H, Smith 55 Daniel G, Sweet * 56 Euston T. Benz * 56 Jerry E, Herbst 56 William P, Keane * 56 Henry B. Marvin * Se Richard A, Michel 56 David E, Ryan *. ^56 M, Carter Shrum * '56 Richard C, Truesdell '56 Robert S, Winet '58 John B, Coyne * '58 Daniel R, Ficca '58 Albert C, Martin 111 * '58 Craig C. Scott '60 Robert W. Hoffman '60 Stephen S. Marvin * '60 Mark R. Schmidt * '60 Harold H. Scott '61 Judson E. Kehl * '62 bnce Boswell '62 Kenneth G. Doesburg * '62 Robert P. Warmington 53 Bradley M. Brown ' 63 Roger D, Darnell '63 Eric S, Godfrey 63 Henry L. Mead 63 Ronald P, Merickel * 63 Richard K, Rounsavelle 63 Kenneth G. Senratius * 63 John J. Sullivan * '63 Kenneth G. Wilson * '64 Cary S. Alexander * '64 Stewart C McPherson * '64 Frank D. Stiefel * '65 William J. Bettingen * '65 Walter H. Coursen ' '65 John H. Stewart '66 Edwin A. Meserve '66 Thomas J. Metzler' '66 Tod W. Ridgeway '66 Anthony R. Yary '67 John M. Adamson * '67 Paul D. Gregg '67 James T. Lloyd * '68 Stephen E. Avoyer '68 Howard B. Chapman * '68 Rex C. Moody '69 Reggie A. Hasbach '72 Lindsey Sears Smith * '73 James John La Manila * '75 Armando Joel Acosta ' '75 Gregory L. Prickett * '77 James Richard Arnett SOUTHWEST TEXAS STATE 5 Texas Gamma 1969 '69 Edgar R. Ahrens '69 James 0. Bunt III ' '69 Dennis R. Zavadil '70 Dennis W. Teichelman * '72 Tony John Benich SOUTHWESTERN LOUISIANA 5 Louisiana Beta 1969 '69 Scott Scammell 111 '69 Thomas J. Watts '71 Michael Gillard '72 John Dwight Leach '76 Calvin Wayne Humble * STANFORD 46 California Beta 1891 '09 Charies E. St. Goar * '11 William R. Ouderkirk '14 Weymouth M, Roberts '15 Hugh E. Harris '15 Benjamin F. Springsteen '16 Myron C. Hall '16 Frank E. McNally '21 Raymond P. Genereaux ' '21 William W. Swayne * 22 Willis B. Clayton Jr. ' '25 Graeme S, Doane ' '27 William L. Shattuck '29 Ned B. Johns '29 Lewis J. Wood ' '30 William A. Wood Jr. * '31 Charles F. Irons 31 Carlos A. Monsalve '32 Harold R. Beckwith * '32 Robert L. Buftum ' '34 William S. Hellyer '34 J. Robert Meserve '35 George W. Veness '36 John F. Wilson * '37 William E. Boyd * '37 George A. Jedenoff '38 Lloyd A. Pflueger * '39 Aubrey E. Austin Jr. '40 William E. Cunha '41 William M Quackenbush '43 William J. Freeland '43 William P. Gregg '43 Richard H. Marquette * '43 Robert C. Mills '45 Oe Witt G. Mastick * '46 William K Kelley * '47 Leonard W. Ely Jr. '47 Douglas M. Murray * '48 John G. Colton * '48 James L Hayes * '50 Leiand E. Sweetser '51 Curtis L. Polzine * '52 John L Robb '54 Anthony P. Meier '57 Richard A. Royds 57 Raymon A. York * '63 Charles H. Kendall Jr. SWARTHMORE 26 Pennsylvania Kappa 1889 '08 Philip J. Carpenter * '12 Leslie Hyatt Eby '16 David B. Fell '16 Clarence H. Yoder * 17 Paul W. Chandler' '18 Paul W Neuenschwander '20 Cari F. Knauer '20 Franz L Ralston '21 Skipwith R. Coale * '21 Charies B. Humpton '22 Rogers Palmer '22 Edward D. Parrish * '26 Thomas McP. Brown * '26 Howard J, Wood '26 John S, Worth ' '28 Irwin G, Burton '28 Robert H Douglas 32 Robert L, Bell' '32 W, Frank Persons Jr, " '32 Howard S, Vernon '35 Gordon P, Tapley '38 Donald G, Parker '41 Gordon W, Douglas '45 H, Warren Jacobs '46 Donald'G. Cyler '47 Edward Mahler SYRACUSE 62 New York Beta 1884 '09 Chester A, Beckley '12 Jay M, Van Benschoten '14 Robert D. Post * '17 Harold G. Rice '19 Robert N, Hunter '23 Hugh Woodworth '24 Charles M, Stafford '25 Earl R. Jewell '25 John M. Keese111 '25 Frederick N. Marty '25 Kenneth S. Parmelee '27 Edward S. Prescott '28 John B. Mains * '28 Henry F. 0. Neil '29 Frederick S. Webster * '30 Richard F. Reeves * '31 John H. Seileman '33 Paul C. Baldwin 33 James H. Mahany '33 Vincent P. Matasavage * '34 John W. Dupont * 34 Robert B. Fiske * '35 William H. Dwinelle * '35 William F. Stafford * '38 John F. Maxfield '38 John C, O'Byrne Jr, * '39 Donald W, McCuen '40 James H Gilroy Jr, '41 Walter G. lies * '43 Robert W, Cranshaw * '46 Donald G. Lederman * '46 Vincent L. Ricci * '47 Charles A. Pechette * '49 Robert P. Crosby * '49 Augusto A. Espaillat * '49 Charles B. Murphy Jr, * '50 George F, Davis '50 Jack T, Morton '51 James Michael ' '52 Ward W. Ingalsbe '54 Christopher Dotterweich Jr.* '59 David A. Renner' '60 Victor A, Mack '64 Barry M. Hollander '64 Wayne P, Sayatovic' '65 John C, Kelly ' '66 Roscoe B, Starek III '67 Roger T, Jackson ' '68 Gregory L, Bock * '70 Charles A, Adams II ' '70 Stanley U, North III ' '71 David T, Snyder '72 Richard M. Bayersdorter '73 David Lee Houlihan ' '74 Craig Robert Martens '74 Peter K, Menkes' '74 James Anthony Neri '74 George Grover Wood '75 Andrew William Chalanick 11 '75 John Welsh Drayton Jr, '75 Jonathan Allen Eddy * '75 John Edward Hess Jr, TENNESSEE 10 Tennessee Epsilon 1967 '67 Edward C, Ater '67 Walton C, Bendell' '67 Scott E, Leonard III * '67 Richard J, Ott '68 Jack D, Ducsay '68 Kenneth M. Landgren * '69 Ernest E, Batman Jr, '69 Michael J, Fields '69 Dana F, Hamilton * '72 Michael Colvin Glass TEXAS 129 Texas Alpha 1904 '16 J, W, Akin Jr, '17 Lemmie L, Armor '20 E, Bass Royce '21 Lawrence B, Jones '21 Smith B Wootters '23 James E. Pitts Jr. '24 George N. Kelly * '26 Frederick J. Mac Kie Jr, * '26 Robert L, Oglesby '29 Howard G. Chilton * '29 Howard A. Jones '29 Hugh B. Ruckman Jr. 30 Charles J. Lowndes Jr. " 30 William B. 0. Brien 31 Winfred C. Barnes 31 William E. Bell * 31 Harold K. Ross 32 William E. Allen * '32 William C. Best ^32 Edward M. House II * '32 Jack W. Roach '34 Lee Williamson '35 Joe Eidson '35 Ramsey L. Moore * '35 Pat T. Wilkirson * '37 Robert P. Baxter * 37 John W. Rhea '38 Lewis V. Labenske * '38 William Roger Mood * '38 Nelson Puett Jr. '38 Thomas J. Wood Jr. '39 Ben C, Duffie * '39 Holt Malone * '40 Texas E. Schramm Jr, '41 Jary J, Hunnicutt '41 Allred E, Shepperd ' '41 William K. Teasdale '42 Murphy H. Baxter '42 William J. Wooten' '43 David T. Bryant' '43 James B, Franklin '43 Luther E. Keeney '43 Oscar L, Wilkirson '44 William R. Hampton ' '44 Donald E, Hockaday Jr. * '45 Carl T. Hester * '45 John A, Steele Jr. '45 B, Mac Works * '46 Courtney R. Clark " '46 William T. Stokes Jr. '46 Clem R. Winkler Jr. '47 Edward H. Andrews * '47 Raymond W. Harrah Jr, '47 Kelly R, McAdams * '47 Irvin Wall * '48 Robert W, Hamilton Jr. '48 Tom James '48 McCelvey Jones '48 Clarence L. Sledge * '49 Ross B. Blumentritt 49 Thomas E. Rodman '49 Newton J. Steele * '50 Henry A. Chapman '50 Richard G. Cunningham * '50 Wilbur E. Notestine Jr. '50 Dale 6. Platzer '51' Peter W. Baldwin '51 Paul J. Manslield * '52 Robert M. Billings Jr. * '52 William D. Dockery Jr. * '52 Frederick A. Saied * '52 Wilton R, Stone '53 Robert C, Floyd '53 Virgil S, Rabb IV '53 Richard D. Ricketts '53 Richard J, Thomson '54 Keys A, Curry Jr, '54 Clint Hurt * '54 James H, McGuire * '54 John R, Weatherly '54 John W, Zant * '55 Joe P, Edwards * '55 Uoyd W, Jary '56 Charles D, Culver * '57 Thomas P, Field Jr, '57 Kenneth A. Hill '57 John E, Martin * '58 James D, Culver * '58 Robert M. Moore '58 Gerald L Sewell * '58 George W. Swain III * '59 Robert C. Demler Jr. * '59 George H. Fancher Jr. '59 Sam Everard Kinch Jr. '59 Robert L. Patterson * '60 Herschell L. Atkinson '60 Robert R.Johnson * '60 Jarrell B Ormand '60 John L. West * '61 Jerry W. Gunn '61 Paul R. Stabler Jr. '62 William C. Cobb '62 Jack C. Irwin * '62 Patrick A. Moore * '64 Hugh a Ruckman III '65 Lennox C, Bower * '65 James K. Francis '65 Michael G. Lane * '66 John E. Stokes ' '67 James 0. Futterknecht Jr. '67 Robert V. Holland Jr, '67 James K, Malernee Jr, ' '67 John B, Meadows ' '68 Vincent C, Bash III' '68 Jeffry B, Davis '68 Henry W, Wells ' '68 Robert C. Zivney Jr. '69 Tony R. Davis ' '69 Royce L. Harwell ' '69 Gary D. Holcomb 69 A. Frank Klam ' 69 Don F. Russell 69 David L. Townsend ' 70 William H. Orr 72 Stephen Adrian Smith ' '74 Byron Wilson Cain Jr. ' 'IA David Paul McKee '75 Bryan Patrick Muecke 77 John Pollan Wilkirson TEXAS TECH 40 Texas Beta Bill E. Collins 53 Richard B. Dickey 53 Russell H. McCaleb ' 53 Joseph A. Stanley Jr.' 53 Robert N. Watson ' '54 Herschel E. Holman Jr. ' '54 William G. McMillan Jr '54 Ivan H, Sorensen 55 Henry A, Sessions Jr.' 56 Darryl P. Sanders * 57 Robert F. Rodgers '58 Edward G. Cope '58 George E, Dawson '58 Robert H,Johnson '58 Darrell D, Shepard ' '58 J, C, Sticksel ' '58 Dan G, Webster III' '59 John C, Porter '59 Joe E, Wheeler '60 Wade H, Collins '60 William L, Robertson '62 Richard P, Klein '62 Donald R. Weldon '62 William H. Whiteside 63 Campbell G. D. Ruff '64 Joseph F. Fuchs '65 Johnny B. Walker '66 Don L. Halsey '66 Thomas E. Pitts * '67 Larry H. Senkel * '68 Hugh P. Harbert III * '69 Kenneth W. Jones '69 Stephen R. Pendleton * '69 Jerry K, Wester '69 Walter T, Winn Jr. * 70 David A, Archer " '71 David W. Kurz * '72 Bradley Lynn Peters 73 Billy Wayne Thomas 73 Waddy Gene Wadkins TOLEDO 41 Ohio Epsilon 1950 '50 William L. Alexander '50 Curtis W. Davis, Jr. '50 Dale F. Espen* '50 George E. Flavell '50 Robert E. Meeker '50 Frederick L. Miller 50 Delos M. Palmer Jr. * 50 Walter W. Ritzman 50 Phillip G. Robinson * '50 Richard Sanner 50 Edward C. Schmakel 50 Jack E. Striggow * 50 Dorrence C. Talbut '50 Richard H. Volk '50 Charles G. Yeager * '51 William C. Booth * '51 Frank J. Comte '51 Clarence D. Pawlicki * '51 Mariin D, Winkleblech 52 Walter A. Churchill Jr, * 52 William H, Kirwan * 52 Edward N. Pfefferie 52 Edward H, Schmidt * 52 Carl R, Schmuhl * '52 Roger- L. Trinkner '53 Edward W, Jackson '56 Joseph G. Traudt '59 Raymond C. Radabaugh '59 Ralph R, Roshong '59 David G, Van Horn * '60 Thomas H. Brymer * 60 Richard E, Bush * 60 Larry D, Ulrich 61 Joseph W, Greer 61 Jeffrey P, Robinson * 63 James A, Koch 64John,W, Potter Jr,* '64 Thomas M. Willoughby * 66 William F. Bray 69 Peter D. Malone * 70 Gerald P. Campbell TRINITY 3 Connecticut Alpha Donald E. Seastrom 63 Michael Dearington * 66 Richard S. Grinnell * U.C.LA, 118 California Epsilon Robert J Blake * '31 Eugene P, Conser * '31 Caswell J, Crebs ' '31 William G, Cunningham '31 Andrew C, Davis '31 Samuel Niles Gates * '31 Webster K, Hanson * '31 Edward R, Henselman * '31 Hayes Hertford '31 Norvel V Jones 31 Robert W. Kerr 31 Bayley E. Kohlmeier 31 Richard B, Laver ' SI Paul Ludman ' 31 Loyd D, McMillan ' 31 Frank M, S. Miller' 31 J, William Miller '31 Rex J. Morthland 31 Jerome J. 0, Brien '31 Edwin W, Potter '31 Haskell C, Shelton ' '31 Harold W, Smith '33 Roderick V, Brendlinger '33 Ralph J, Cunningham ' 33 Lyie L, Graves ' '33 Richard M, Taube ' '34 Robert B Farrow '34 John P, Ruby ' '35 John C, Brainerd '35 Louis C. Brooks ' 35 William R, Cowell '35 Donvel W, Ferguson '36 Harlesy J, Gunderson '38 John M. Cole ' '38 Walter C, Davison Jr. '38 Jack C. Helms '39 Robert E. Alshuler '39 Dudley W. Burke '39 John D. Howard '40 Lynn Compton ' '41 Richard B. Bardwil '41 William F. Janeway * '41 Werner H. Marti * '42 Harry L. Dickinson Jr. * '42 John W. McRoskey '42 John G, Peetz * '42 Donald A. Sandison '42 Philip L. Sullivan '43 Jack E. Acker '43 Sven W, Lokrantz '44 William M, Shelton Jr. * '44 Bert S. West '45 Craig K. Dixon '46 Donald D. Haskell * '46 Irving J, Heinen * '47 Harry Bruce '47 Ralpii E. Crump '47 William H. Dudley '47 James R. Hutter" 47 Paul J. Mitchell * '47 William D, Sen/en 47 John J. Wickham '48 John J. Harris * '48 William R. Hicks '48 Kenneth E. Lae * '48 Robert M. Mclntyre '48 Jerry Nelson '49 Jack E. Gosch * '49 Wilber F. Hartman * 49 William W. McBlaine * '49 Jack W, Shoemaker * '49 Henry D, Sunderland * '49 Charles W, Swift '50 Charles Lee Brady * '50 Jaye L, Hunter * '50 Paul M. Menfield '50 Tom H. Turner * '51 Eugene 0. Hare * 52 Michael A. Cornwell * 52 Richard C. Hubbell '52 James G. Up De Graff * 53 Gerald C, Eckermann ' 53 Stratford L, Whiting 54 Dale K, Brudvig 55 Norman C, Abbey * 55 Frank D. Atkins Jr, 55 Richard E, Barnard * 55 John M. Cranston * 55 William A. Mills ' 55 Gerald M, Needle' 55 Peter P, Passanisi * 56 Jeffrey W, Baus '56 William T. Cunning * '56 Jon C. Schrader '57 Gary G. Petersen '57 Michael B. Sanson * '58 Lawrence A. Aabel * '58 Anthony J. Longo * 58 John A Miehls, 59 John K, Wade * 60 Terence W, Brigham ' 60 Richard K. Bushey * 60 Donald W. Koch 61 Richard P. Allen ' 62 T. Hunt Payne * 62 Charles E. Rumbaugh * 63 Michael J. Howard 64 Ned H. Patrick * 66 Peter V. Stoll * 67 Douglas M. Anderson 67 Edward R. Bergstrom 67 Richard W. Lyman Jr. 68 John S. Perkins 72 Ronald Alan Grimes 73 Christopher J. Inrin 76 Kevin Chase Coombs * 76 James Francis McCarty ' 77 David Vernon Shatz VALPARAISO 21 Indiana Epsilon Paul W. Freitag Jr. '53 Royal G. Ridgway * '53 Robert L Stover * '53 William R. Strutz '53 Meriyn C. Vocke '53 Ray A. Walters * 55 Karl T. Hellennan 56 Joseph E. Hoetzel' 59 Raymond F. Widmer 62 Paul A Bradtmiller' 62 Richard L Buntrock 62 John C. Ruck ' 63 Stephen E. Hartman 65 Roger C. McNeill 65 Cari G. Schroeder '66 Richard E. Reiter Jr.' '69 William J. Kusnierz '71 Salvatore Ordino ' '72 Richard John Jozwiak * '73 Frank Edward Arute 76 Norman Oliver Geuder Jr.' VANDERBILT 56 Tennessee Delta Edward Swaim 18 Turman 0. Beasley * '20 Philip M. Harrison '21 Milton J. Jackson * 21 Richard D. Kuhn * 21 Herndon S. Scobey 23 Joseph 0. Martin 25 John F. Hanna '26 Howard B. Kerr * '26 Williford M. 'Mann * '29 Paul W. Holman Jr. * '29 W. Glasgow Reynolds '29 Charies M. Stewart '31 John D. Neuhoff '31 Russell E. Sloan 34 Ernest C. Finch 34 Richard B, Matthews '40 Walter L, Stone Jr, '44 Joseph T, Sharpe * 45 Horace M, Redditt '46 Harry L, Frith Jr, * '47 Canoll H, Bitting 47 Oscar D, Glaus Jr, '48 Raymond R. Witt * '49 Gerald L Delung * 49 Daniel F, Flowers 50 Charles L, King '55 John R. Niles Jr,' '56 Walter G, Elliott Jr, * 57 Wilbur G. McClurkan Jr. '58 James E Hagler '59 Richard A. Daley '60 Donald F. Houser Jr, '60 Chester N, Sittel Jr, '61 Morris L Cranor' '64 William W, Cawood Jr, '64 Richard W. Raney Jr. ' '64 Jerry A, Steinberg '65 Larry E. Matthews * '66 Robert L. Higgs '67 Charies S. Higgins Jr.' '68 Douglas L. Hirt * '68 David B. Trowbridge * 70 Lawrence G, Brown 70 Fred F, Flowers 70 Henry M. Gaither III * '70 John A. Hoganson '70 Calvin R. Shaffer * '71 Joseph D Baker Jr, * '71 Spencer L. Grover '74 Warren Harold Hunt Jr., * '74 Howard Ives Parks '75 Robert Edgar Harrison '75 James Elton Kropp' 75 Robert Wayne McLaughlin '76 Mark Edwin 126 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

127 VIRGINIA 23 Virginia Omega 1853 '21 Charies M. Lynch Jr. '25 Lawrence D. Gilmer * '25 John M. Thompson '26 E, Fontaine Broun * '29 William H, FiU-Hugh 29 Robert B, Nelson Jr,' 30 John R, Fitz-Hugh * '34 Harry T Taliaferro Jr, * '37 Andrew J, Brent * '37 George L Pitzer * '38 John S, Roberts Jr, '38 Julian 0, Von Kalinowski '43 George P, Stacy II '46 Emory L Jarrott '46 John R, Sheffield '48 Eugene P, Black '48 Irte R, Hicks Jr, '49 Charles B, Walden Jr, '52 David S, R, Clark 52 Peter M. McPeak 53 Gaylord C. Whipple Jr, * 54 Sidney W. Anderson Jr. * 65 John J, 0, Keefe Jr, VIRGINIA POLY 5 Virginia Zeta 1976 '76 Donald Edgar Fletcher ' '76 Gregory Thomas Fulton ' '76 Thomas Lee Johnson '76 Alan Wayne Uvingstone ' 76 David Chester Stump WABASH 25 Indiana Gamma 1870 '48 Joseph L Daszek Rs '48 Richard 0, Regnier ' '49 Robert W. Mouser '49 Gordon S, Peters ' '53 James E, Purdy' '53 Larry B. Slagle '54 Robert J, Griesser '54 Kenneth G, Groskopf '54 Raymond L Hayes '57 Richard K Schmitt II ' '57 Larry V, Senders * '60 John M, Nootbaar * '60 Arthur Shapiro '62 Byron W. Kemper '66 Donald P, Bennett * '67 Charies F, Scherer Jr, '67 Michael F, Wittich '69 John T. Kemper '69 Terry L, Weston '72 William Terry Ashby '72 Joseph David Labus '72 Thomas Roscoe Thomburg '72 John David Van Lue '73 Daniel James Broughton * '73 Ronald Edward Izynski WASHINGTON 83 Washington Alpha 1914 '14 Harry J, Mclntyre * '15 Anson B, Moody * '15 Arthur M, Strandberg '17 Lewis R, Frazier * 20 Lawrence L, Hick * 20 Burton W, Pickard ' 21 Vernon A. Bellman ' 22 Beryl W, Davis 23 John D, Macewan ' 25 Robert C, Rose ' 25 John W, Spencer * 26 A Donald Lauder 26 James B. Parrott * '27 W, Anthony Arntson * '29 Norman A. Gates * '29 William Swanson '30 S, Kenneth Dickinson 30 Walter E, Fallon '30 Whitney R, Harris '30 Daniel L, McCaughan * '31 Richard E, Dibble '31 Ruddick C, Lawrence '31 Walter R. Riem '32 Leo F, Erkkila ' '32 Allan E, Rein '33 Robert D. Bloxom '33 Jack W, Whiteman '34 Fridolf Huleen '34 Edward J, Morse * '35 Cortlandt I Clark '35 George S, Gray '36 Daniel R, Mulrine Sr. * '38 Martin G. Burkland * '38 Donald C. Raymond '39 Maurice H. Needham Jr. '43 Frank W. Nolan Jr. '43 James B. Slayden ' '43 Samuel D. Watkins '45 Ted F. Bullard '46 Buell F. Crisler '46 Edwin H. Ledum ' '46 John E, Watkins * '47 Robert 0, Blecken * '47 Donald H. Linderoth '48 William H, Ahrens * '48 David G, Puckett * '50 John E, Johnson * '51 Dale L Yates * '53 Harold J. Burton " '53 Douglas E Chatfield * '54 Michael I. Gamble * '54 Richard W, Van Pelt '55 Wayne T. Browne * '55 Roderick V, Williams * '56 William S. Moser '56 Richard K Troyer *,57 George H. Richardson '58 James M. Bingman '60 Gary W. House '60 Gerald Mowat * '60 Robert Wendel 61 David G. Bezanilla 61 Steven M. Block * '61 Edward A. Lawrence * '62 Michael T. Kelly * '63 Stephen E. Murphy 64 Louis H, Goldmann Jr. 66 Bruce W. Goldmann 66 Steven S. Marquard * 67 Richard A. Austin '68 Kenneth 0. Oswell * 69 Timothy Austin 69 W. Thomas Cooper III 70 Kyle J. Crews 70 Dennis P. Glass 70 King R Janes 70 John L, May 70 Thomas F. Moquin * 70 Jeffrey A. Sherry 74 Stanley Scott Hageman 74 Mark Robert Wise 75 Dennis Lee Schreckendgust 76 Martin Eari Wyekoff * WASHINGTON AND JEFFERSON 38 Pennsylvania Alpha Howard Curtis 12 John F. Wiley 19 Luther J. Jensen 21 Louis F. Kirchner' 22 Fulton I. Connor 23 J. Donald Patton 24 Wylie T. Scott 75 Charles R. Schaefer 26 Joseph M. Thompson 27 William B. Davison 27 L Clayton Ross 27 George C. Wilson Jr. 29 Robert A. Fry * 35. Melvin D. Brewer * 37 Arthur W. Llewelyn Do 39 Richard G. Johnston 39 Leonard W. Kirby * 39 Charies K, Lee 41 Willard K, Hanner 42 Howard J, Ashford Jr, 44 John H, Belgrade 46 Neal W, Fuhr' 46 Richard Harris * 47 Thomas J, Pnce 47 Howard P. Smith Jr, 48 Charies F, Campbell 48 Byron S, Mavrelis 53 James W. Condrin 57 Stephen J, Mihalek Jr, * 61 Akiyoshi Yamada * '62 Thomas Bruce Carpenter Jr, '62 R. Douglas Yajko '63 James D. Pareso * '65 Dennis M. Betz' '66 John M. Petroff '68 James C. Denny * '71 Richard J, Federman * '77 Michael Louis Mastic * WASHINGTON AND LEE 41 Virginia Beta 1855 '23 Emmett W. MacCorkle Jr. * '25 Joel B. Stratton '25 Samuel C. Strife * '26 J. Boatner Chamberlain '26 William B. Lett * '27 Robert B. Justice 30 Allen D. Symonds * 31 Thornton G. Berry Jr. * 31 Robert B. Safford 32 George E. Crisp * 33 Harry L. Bowman 33 Randolph W. Tucker * 34 Harold C. Magoon * 36 Charles G. Gilmore '37 Franklin A. Nichols * '38 N. Charlton Gilbert * '38 Alex F. Hancock * '38 Macauley Howard '39 Chariton T. Fuller * '47 Charles R. Lemon * '47 Millar B. White Jr. * '48 Arthur Hollins III * '49 William E. Daniel Jr. * '49 Thomas G. Gardner * '49 George H. Pierson Jr. * '50 William D, Helprin '51 Cecil R, Adams Jr, '52 George H. Greer '52 Frank L Phillips '54 Jan C, Koontz * '56 Henry H, Bohlman * '56 Thomas H, Broadus Jr. * '57 William a Blundin '57 John C. Hisley * '57 John M. Kirk '60 Barton S. Mitchell '63 Charles R. Grant '68 Stephen H. Kerkam '70 Robert P. Boyd '74 Paul James Larkin 75 James G. Houston WEST VIRGINIA 131 West Virginia Alpha Bradford B. Laidley * '21 Theodoric E. Bland '21 Hale J. Posten '22 Gram P. Hall Jr. * '22 Howard R. Klostermeyer '23 James S. Conley * '24 Robert L Bland Jr. 24 Ernest H. Gilbert Jr. * 24 George W. Jackson * 25 Joseph L Keener Jr. * 26 Frederick P. Kopp 26 Charles H. McFariand 26 James S. Phillips '27 W. Lyie Jones * '27 John D. Phillips '28 Henry S. Schrader 29 John H. Kilmer 29 John F. Wilson * 30 William W. Parriott 30 Luster G. Pettrey 33 Harold S. Pettit 33 Martin L Wachtel Jr. * 33 John McLain Wilson * 34 W. Stephen Ailes 34 Louis D. Corson 34 William R. Downs '34 EtIey P. Smitti Jr. 34 George B. Vieweg Jr. * 34 Arch A. Wilson * 36 Ernest W. Hutton 37 Del Roy Davis * 37 Cecil B. Highland Jr. 37 Ralph S. Marshall Jr. 39 Dorsey 0. Cole Jr. * 39 Ralph A, Courtney Jr. * 39 George M, Dugan 39 George A, Hunter 39 William'fl, Lewis Jr, 40 Robert L, Brock Jr, * '41 Allan W, Babcock '42 William M. Bowers '42 Don R Duncan * 42 Raymond M. Fisher Jr.' '42 Louis a McKinley '42 Robert E. Richard '42 Jack H. Samples ' '43 Charles W. Cox ' '44 William R Maxwell ' '44 Lee W. Shaffer Jr. '45 Paul E. Parker Jr. '45 Philip R. Robinson '46 William N. Poundstone ' '46 Cariton D. Weaver '47 Richard H. Campbell ' '47 Charies V. Critchfield * '47 Benjamin W. Hancock ' '47 Lemuel N. John Jr.' '47 Kenneth E. Kincaid * '48 John S. Darst '48 William B. Derenburger '48 Harold C. Kirschler '48 Clarence J. Moore ' '48 Thomas C. Seckman '48 Frank M. Winterholler ' 49 Robert M. Beal * 49 James R. Holt * 50 Robert L Douglas 53 Donald R. Bruyneel' 53 VKilliam G. Conley III * 53 John F. Hiehle * 53 William E. Johnson ' 53 Arch F. Meredith Jr. * 53 Thomas P. Rogers * 53 Louis A. Schmidt * 53 James A. Smith * 53 Rex K. Snider 54 White Bourland * 54 Paul A. Hornor Jr. 54 William D. McWhorter' 54 John J. Stoetzer Jr. 55 Ferdnand E. Burger Jr. 55 Philip a Hill * 55 W. Hale Watkins ' 55 William R. Yagle 56 James E. McCoy Jr. ' 57 Franklin H. Lyons Jr. 57 Charles S. Mahan' 58 Steven Dodd ' 58 Jerry Z. Kendrick ' 59 Joseph R. Haden Jr. ' 59 Han/ey J. Simmons III 59 Ward D. Stone Jr. ' 59 Raymond K Yagle ' '60 James A. Matthews ' '60 Stephen D. McWhorter * '61 David L Woodrum '62 Jack W. Blair Jr. U. '62 Murhl L Flowers * '62 George C. Hughes * '63 Frederick H. Morgan * '64 David C. Hardesty Jr. '64 Paul G. Lowe '65 Richard M. Adams '65 Gary M. Ault '65 Ricklin Brown '66 James M. Brown '67 Nicholas W. Conger 68 Steven J. Miller '68 Michael C. Sudduth * '69 John W. Dailer II '69 Larry G. Lewis * 70 John M. Bush * 70 David S. Haden 70 Richard M. Papp * 70 John L Thomas 71 Raymond S. Spicher 72 Thomas Richard Douglass * 72 Robert Leo Fox * 72 John Michael Jacobs ' 72 Gordon Roscoe Letterman 72 Mario James Marra ' 73 Robert Bradley Bird * 73 Wayne Willis Hall * 74 Roy Alvin Setzer Jr. 74 Eugene A. Tuckwiller III 75 Terry Wilson Bowden 75 Douglas Keith Schetzel * 76 Rodney Lane Hannah * 76 Patrick Daniel Whalen 77 William Joseph Boss 77 Stephen Aloysi Spencer WESTMINSTER 10 Missouri Beta 1960 '60 Paul L Joenk 60 William E. Noyes * '60 Thomas W. Powers '60 Edward J. Pundmann Jr. '61 Tom P. Wilson '67 Michael E. Kiester '68 Kent T. Schroeder '69 Bradbury R. Crumpecker * '73 Michael Lee Schaefer' 74 Richard Howard Nierenberg WISCONSIN 22 Wisconsin Alpha 1875 '11 Edward B. Williams '14 Edward W. llett ' '16 Ernest E Barklow ' '18 Frederick G. Smith '19 Lew G. Coit' '20 Thomas M. Niles '20 Stephen a Reichert 20 George A Sprackling * '23 Gordon Aller * '23 Eugene F. Crawford * 23 Edwin J. H. Larkin 24 Richard L. Pearse * 25 Richard L McKee * 25 Felix J. Tomei Jr. * 26 Robert A. Jung 27 W. Wade Boardman * 27 John W. McBrady * '27 Donald W. McDermaid * '27 Donald W. Morrison '27 George N. Reeke '28 William F. Bindley * 32 Robert W. Dudley WinENBERG 71 Ohio Beta Charies S Passavant III * '14 Boyd B. Young 15 Robert F. McKinney * 17 Chester K Hayes 18 Robert R. McGregor Jr. 19 John S. Kirby 22 Lyie H. Franks * '22 David I Hayward '23 Walter W. Becker '24 Robert D. Arthur '25 John M. Larimer Phi Psi Autliors '26 Roland G. Kemper '26 Eari P. Schneider * '27 Richard L Meiling '27 Thomas J. Nelson '28 James W. Bricker * 30 Jack R. Bingham 30 John R, Culler 30 Thomas J. Millikin * 30 Robert G- Remsberg 32 Howard M. Culp * 32 Theron D. Green 33 Robert L Bowsher * '34 William H, Bachert Hugh L Gilmore 35 Boris Bambaloff ' 35 Richard a Hardy * 35 Carol L Sundberg * 38 Paul C, Buchanan * 40 Martin J, Rini '41 Richard S, Budd * '41 James A, Neuman * 42 Don E, Flath 42 Thomas H, Smith * '43 Vincent B, Duncan '45 Kenneth E, Neville ' '47 Sam T, Knappenberger * '47 Robert C, Vonachen '47 Walter A, Voss Jr. '48 Karam D. Skaff '50 Robert P. Grindle '50 Robert E. Rankin D. D. 51 Frederick W. Hoffman * 52 Fredrick A Sakel 53 Daniel F. Grieb 56 Charies K. Stroh Jr. '59 Robert H. Bayer Jr. '59 William C. Martin '60 Philip E. Louden '61 John P. Dozier * 62 Jerry C. Mclnnes ' 63 Richard B, Hardy Jr, ' 63 John R. Mihocik 63 James P, Schucard * 64 Robert L. Ratchford Jr. '65 Joel M. McCuen * 65 Jay S. Reis 65 Jan W. Spitzer 65 Cart T. Ultes 66 Terrance A. Castor 66 Timothy A. Linck * 66 William M. Strough 67 Richard A. Frye * '67 James Y. Jusfice 69 John T. Archer 70 Howard S. MacMillan 72 James Robert Clark * 72 Charies Wesley Edgar III * '75 James McDonald Brugler ' '75 Robert Brian McGonigle '75 Jeffrey Roger Shipman If you've written a book, the Fraternity Headquarters would be honored to receive a copy, autographed if possible, for inclusion in the Woodrow Wilson Library of Heritage Hall. Our library of books by and about Phi Psis can only grow with your help. Also, we would like to include from time to time a SHIELD column devoted to Phi Psi authors and their recent work. Titles, author and publication information, and brief reviews of 100 words or less will be printed. Submissions may be made to the Fraternity Headquarters. Septenr r

128 Founders Fellows Founders Fellows Twenty-two Phi Psi seniors competed for the 1981 Founders Fellowships, and five of their number were awarded $2,000 prizes for graduate or professional study. For the first time in the four-year-old program all applicants were considered in open competition without regard to specific categories. As it happens, the decision to drop the restrictions came just at the right time, because four of this year's Founders Fellows are medical students (and chemistry majors) and the fifth a business student. Nonetheless, the prizes will continue to bear the names of the illustrious Phi Psis of yore, although which prize goes to whom may occasionally seem rather arbitrary. This year the winners of the Founders Fellowships and of the Outstanding Summerfield Scholar awards were selected by the Endowment Fund's scholarship advisory committee: Louis D. Corson, West Virginia '34; David F. Hull, Jr., Low/- sra/7(7 Store /66;. and Theodore J. Urban, Northwestern '46, chairman. Their recommendations were subsequently confirmed by. the trustees of the Endowment Fund: Ruddick C. Lawrence, Washington '31, chairman; Philip M. Cornelius, Indiana '25; and Ralph D. Daniel, Arizona '47, secretarytreasurer. The Sion Bass Smith Prize Douglas Edward Coplen, Indiana Gamma. Brother Coplen of Fort Wayne, Indiana, majored in chemistry at Wabash College, winning most of the department's major awards. He served Indiana Gamma as president, treasurer, rush chairman, and chaplain and led the chapter's delegation to the student alumni board. On campus he played in intramural sports and was for two years general manager of the Wabash Glee Club. An honors scholar with a nearly straight- A grade-point average, Brother Coplen will enroll in the Indiana,University School of Medicine in Indianapolis with the intention of pursuing a career in medical research. The William Henry Letterman Prize Mark William Elliott, Indiana Zeta. Brother Elliott of Clarksville, Indiana, graduated from Butler University with a degree in chemistry and will enter the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, Tennessee. At Indiana Zeta he served as president and chaplain as well as chairman of the chapterhouse fundraising campaign. In addition to numerous academic awards, his accomplishments at Butler include membership in Phi Kappa Phi, Mortar Board, and Sphinx, and he participated in several musical, religious, and civic organizations. The Charles Thomas Page Moore Prize James Allyn Engle of Arizona Alpha. Brother Engle is from Phoenix and graduated in general studies from the University of Arizona near the top of his class. He served Arizona Alpha as president, vice-president, corresponding secretary, rush chairman, and as chair-, - man of several major committees. Among his academic honors is his membership in both Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi. At Arizona he was active in Blue Key, the University's service honoraries, the yearbook, and other campus organizations. Brother Engle will enter the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and later intends to study laiw. The C. F. "Dab" Williams Prize Kirk Luther Jacobson, Wisconsin Gamma. Brother Jacobson of Milwaukee, a graduate in chemistry of Beloit College, will enter the University of Wisconsin Medical School at Madison. A member of Phi Beta Kappa, he served Wisconsin Gamma as president, treasurer, and corresponding secretary. He was the captain and most valuable player of Beloit's track and field team, and he served in the collegecommunity senate as well as on the Interfraternity Council. Brother Jacobson was instrumental in the rechartering of Wisconsin Gamma. The W. Grant Shockley Prize Michael John Oechsel, California Delta. Brother Oechsel of North Hollywood, California, graduated in chemistry from the University of Southern California and will enroll in the Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington, D.C. Initiated into Phi Beta Kappa as a junior, he was active in Alpha Epsilon Delta (the premedical honorary) and in the university health center's student advisory committee. At California Delta he served as recording secretary and was a leading member of the rush, social, and athletic committees. Brother Oechsel also served as an emergency room and children's camp volunteer. 128 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

129 Tutors in Residence For the academic year the trustees of the Endowment Fund have decided to expand the Tutorsin-Residence program. Ever since its introduction a few years ago Phi Psi graduate and professional students have made their good counsel available to undergraduate chapters throughout the country. The result, by any standard of measurement, has been a resounding success, enabling the chapters to gain the benefit of different, more experienced perspectives on fraternity affairs. Whatever the overall condition of a chapter, strong, fair-to-middling, or struggling, the Tutor-in-Residence is in an excellent position to encourage higher standards of academic achievement, to strengthen chapter operations, and to stimulate individual members and the chapter as a whole to fulfill their best potentialities. Each tutor receives substantial support from the Endowment Fund toward the costs of tuition and academic fees, and the house corporation board of each chapter usually if possible provides room and board. This year for the first time the newly appointed Tutors met in Indianapolis at the Fraternity Headquarters to confer with executive director Gary B. Angstadt, chapter consultants Gary Goldstein and Tim McCourt, and several other Fraternity worthies. The overnight session provided intensive training for the Tutors before they set off to take up their new posts on Phi Psi's frontiers. Once again the meeting was underwritten in part by a grant from the Endowment Fund. The Tutors-in-Residence Charles L. Abbott, New Mexico Alpha, will return to his chapter and alma mater. Eastern New Mexico University, to undertake a masters of business administration degree. For the last two years Brother Abbott has taught vocational distributive education courses at West Mesa High School in Albuquerque. He has remained greatly involved in the affairs of New Mexico 1981 Summerfield Scholars The winner of the 1981 Outstanding Summerfield Scholar competition is Camden Paul Siegrist, West Virginia Alpha. Brother Siegrist of Clarksburg, West Virginia, graduated in accounting from West Virginia University and will enter the University's School of Law. The recipient of numerous scholarships and academic awards, he is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, Sphinx, and other university honoraries. His contributions to West Virginia Alpha include terms as treasurer and recording secretary, and leadership in rush, intramurals, and community service projects. An outstanding R.O.T.C. student. Brother Siegrist was chosen as battalion commander at West Virginia and was decorated on several occasions for his high achievements. Alpha, where he had served as president, treasurer, and fraternity educator as well as in other positions of leadership. John Alan Dille of Tennessee Delta is going to Pennsylvania Iota and to the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business, where he will study for a masters of business administration degree in health care management. Brother Dille graduated from Vanderbilt in 1980 with a major in molecular biology and a minor in mathematics and then worked last year at St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville. A former Summerfield Scholar, he was chairman of Tennessee Delta's governing board and an active participant in a wide range of academic, service, and honorary activities at Vanderbilt. Enrico Angel Hernandez of California Beta is moving northward to California Gamma and the University of California's business school. A Stanford economics graduate. Brother Hernandez was a leader in the reorganization of Cal Beta, serving as president, vicepresident, and fraternity educator. Apart from his travels abroad, he has also journeyed far and wide to the G.A.C. and to several Woodrow Wilson Leadership Schools, always with his enthusiasm and good humor intact. Jeffrey John Horner of Tennessee Delta, now in his second year at the University of Virginia School of Law, will be taking on the rare duty and privilege of Tutor at Virginia Alpha. A former Founders Fellow, he was a summa cum laude graduate in history of Vanderbilt University and a Phi Beta Kappa to boot. He served Tennessee Delta as president and scholarship chairman and was a spirited intramurals jock. Brother Horner has kept up his extra-curricular activities record at Virginia, participating in the Legal Assistance Society, the Post-Conviction Assistance program, and the Student Legal Forum. Among his activities at the university was his participation in the student-administration research and development committee. His award is $3,000. Second-prize winner in the Outstanding Summerfield Scholar competition is Brian Edward Lundeen, Indiana Zeta. Brother Lundeen of Elgin, Illinois, will study for a fifth year at Butler University in an unusual pre-medical course, majoring in both chemistry and economics, and then will enter medical school one year from now. He served as president and treasurer of Indiana Zeta, chaired the social and intramurals committees, and represented the chapter in many all-campus events. A member of Phi Kappa Phi, he was the recipi- (continued on page 130) Septem

130 ent of several major scholarships. At Butler Brother Lundeen was president of the Y.M.C.A. and chairman of the all-campus student judicial board; he also served on the IFC, the student union committee, and several other university-wide committees. He is a member of Mortar Board, Sphinx, and local honoraries. His award is $2,000. Third-prize winner in the Outstanding Summerfield Scholar competition is Michael Lee Richards, Iowa Alpha. Brother Richards of Omaha graduated in accounting from the University of Iowa and will enter the University of Nebraska School of Law. His. record of activities at Iowa Alpha includes terms as president, treasurer, fraternity educator, and corresponding sec Solon E Lane P. Curtis Cal Poly Andrew M. Steurer Case Western Reserve Robert M. OeDIo Colgate Phlliii S. Odell Colorado Phillip N. Ozdemlr Columbian Jeffrey P. Flynn DePauw Scott R. Eckenrode Dickinson Michael L. Richards Iowa Mark C. Kilmer Iowa State Laszlo R. Trazkovich Johns Hopkins Jon A. Blongewicz Kansas Michael J. Harrington Lafayette Keith D. Lapuyade Louisiana Douglas S. Dahlke Mankato Christopher J. Vlahos Ohio State Joel C. Alsup Ohio Weslyan Jose C. Troncoso Oklahcma >'.;:.: ^A VK..-4^ James R. Wiederholt Mark C. Hallquist Oklahoma State Orei John M. Scanlon Oregon State Neil I. Harris Pennsylvania Nelson C. Tears Syracuse Alfred A. Burzese Jr. Tennessee Scott J. Fossum Texas Michael S. Smith Toledo Jerome F. Brandt Valparaiso Robert B. McNeal Vanderbilt 130 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

131 retary. A member of Beta Alpha Psi and Phi Eta Sigma academic honoraries, he held major scholarships in the Iowa School of Business. In addition to his' positions of chapter leadership. Brother Richards represented Iowa, Alpha in intramurals and participated in the all-university service project for muscular dystrophy. The following 1981 Summerfield Scholars are not nmmerfield Winners pictured: Paul A. Bresson, Akron; Gregory M. Nord Arizona State; Edward A. Kleppe, Cornell; Brian H. Hardin, Creighton; Ronald R. Darling, Eastern New Mexico; Thomas M. Mashburn, Georgia; Peter E. Bennett, Minnesota; Eugene G. Nelson, South Carolina; Wayne S. Williams, Texas Tech; and Timothy P. McCourt, Washington. Chris A. Geib Bowling Green Michael R. Loughead Bucknell Brian E. Lundeen Butler Keith I. Chrestionson California-Berkeley John Caire III California-Davis Brian D. Ten UCLA Seth L. Cinamon California State- Northridge Charles K. Bobrinskoy Duke Steve T. Birchett Florida Lewis M. Bryson III Franklin & Marshall Carl E. Gullbrand Gettysburg Michael B. Jacobs Illinois Gregory D. Cozad Indiana Timothy L. Michael Indiana of PA Robert B. Evans Miam i John D. Stoll Michigan State Robert S. Shaw Jr. Mississippi Terry W. Nichols Missouri Brian L. Boespflug Montana Kirk D. Hovendick Nebraska Mark S. Lillie Northwestern ^P^ ^_^j^f 1^ Alexander L. Bell Penn State Patrick G. Curry Purdue Gregory E. Lazicky Rider Michael J. Oechsel Southern California Patrick J. Mangan Southwestern Louisiana Steve A. Peirce Southwest Texas William A. Shirley Stanford Christopher P. Meyer Virginia Gerald K. Kane Virginia Tech Douglas E. Coplen Wabash John A. Bucciarelli Washington S Jefferson Camden P. Siegrist West Virginia A James 0. Lentz Wittenberg Septen ber

132 Moving? 03 CT CD ^^ 3" (D CD O Q} Q. O. -^ mai ing ess cha 3 (Q CD T) Please notify us in advance CO 0 a> &} o 3- CO O i~ 0) ^ f-f o O T3 - ~~ a> o> ro CO :^ CD (0 N "5" O 5S (D (D Q. (0 3 o 3" DI (D Founded February 19, 1852, at Jefferson College, Canonsburg, Pa., by CHARLES PAGE THOMAS MOORE Born Feb. 8, 1831, in Greenbrier County, Va. Died July 7, 1904, in Mason County, W. Va. WILLIAM HENR Y LETTERMAN Born Aug. 12, 1832, at Canonsburg, Pa. Died May 23, 1881, at Duffau, Texas The Executive Council Officers President. John R. Donnell. Jr. 134 Lindbergh Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga Vice President. John K. Boyd, III 849 West 52nd Terr., Kansas City, Mo Treasurer, John A. Burke 235 South East St., Medina, Ohio Secretary. Bryan P. Muecke 2222 Rio Grande, Suite D-104, Austin, Tex Archon. Disirici I Todd M. Ryder 199 Gregory Blvd., Norwalk, Conn Archon. District II D. Randolph Drosick Box 92, Thorpe, W. Va Archon, District III Mark R. Rickeits Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, 122 Campus Ave., Oxford, Ohio Archon. Disirici IV Larry L. Lighi 420 McKinley Ave., Cocoa Beach, Fla Archon, Disirici V Gerald "Jay" Donohue. Jr Sagamore Rd., Mission Hiils, Kans Archon. Disirici VI Jack P. Eckley 3717 Cardiff Ave. #308, Los Angeles, Calif Attorney General, Paul J. LaPuzza 6910 Pacific, Suite 320, Omaha, Nebr Director of Chapter Finance John W. Dickinson 484 West Cambourne, Ferndale, Mich Assl. Dir. of Chapter Finance J. Smith Harrison. Jr Wheat St., Columbia, S.C Director for House Corporalions John J. Ziegelmeyer, Jr. Marsh & McLennan, Inc., 10 Kiva, 220 West Douglas, Wichita, Kans Coordinator for Area Directors Eart W. Friend, Jr. 47 Meadowlark Ln., Charlotte, N.C Director of Membership John V. Ciccarelli Chatsworth St., Granada Hills, Calif Director of Fraternity Education Byron W. Cain, Jr Phoenix #32, Dallas, Tex Director of Alumni Associations and Clubs- Warren A. Raybould 6300 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1202, Los Angeles, Calif Chaplain. Rev. John P. Schiegei-S.J California St., Omaha, Nebr Edilor, THE SHIELD. Gary B. Angsiadi Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, 510 Lockerbie St., Indianapolis, Ind Mystagogue-Kent Christopher Owen 611 South Jordan Ave., Bloomington, Ind Mystagogue Emeritus- Walter Lee Sheppard. Jr. 923 Manoa Rd., Havertown, Penna Executive Director Emerilus Ralph "Dud" Daniel 3324 East Second St., Tucson, Ariz Fraternity Headquarters 510 Locl(erbie Street indianapoiis, Ind / Execuiive Direclor Cary B. Angstadt Chapter Consultant Timolhy P. McCourt Chapter Consuilant-Gaty M. Goldstein Director. Endowment Fund Kent C. Owen Endowment Fund Trustees Ruddick C. Lawrence (1984) Lawrence Associates, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Suite 4515, New York, N.Y Philip M. Cornelius (1982) Lake Shore Manor, Apt. C, 5010 Allisonville Rd., Indianapolis, Ind Ralph D. Daniel (1986) IIU E..Second St., Tucson, Ariz Permanent Fund Trustees G. Kent Yowell (1982) 899 Skokie Blvd., Northbrook, III W. Arthur Balien (1984) 184 Hillcrest Lane, Grosse Pointe, Mich John R. Donnell (1986) Marathon Oil Co., 539 S. Main St., Findlay, Ohio Fraternity Placement Bureau New York Area: Frank M. Holbrook, Jr. Employment Associates, Inc., 176 Chestnut Dr., Wayne, N.J Washlnglon, D.C. Area: David W. Fenstermaker Folger Nolan Fleming Douglas, th St., N.W,, Washington, D.C Arizona-Arizona Alpha (1947), VI, SUPO 9204, Tucson, Ariz Arizona State-Ariz. Beta (1962), VI, 418 Adelphi Dr., Tempe, Ariz Arkansas-Ark, Alpha (1979), V, Univ. of Arkansas, P.O. Box 2365, Fayetteville, Ark Ashland-Ohio Theta (1966), III, 642 Broad St., Ashland, Ohio Auburn-Alabama Beta (1974), IV, 231 South Gay St., Auburn, Ala Beloit-Wis. Gamma (1881), III, 840 College Ave., Beloit, Wis Bowling Green-Ohio Zeta (1950), III, Old Fraternity Row, Bowling Green, Ohio Bucknell-Pa. Gamma (1855), II, Box C2758, Bucknell Univ., Lewisburg, Pa Butler-Ind. Zeta (1971), III, Box 9, Butler Univ., Indianapolis, Ind California-Berkeley California Gamma (1899), VI, 2430 Piedmont Ave., Berkeley, Calif California-Davis-California Iota (1979), VI, Univ. of Calif., College Stat. A, 10 Lower Freeborn, Davis, Calif California at Los Angeles-Calif. Epsilon (1931), VI, 613 Gayley Ave., West Los Angeles, Calif California Poly-Calif, Eta (1966), VI, 1439 Phillips Lane, San Luis Obispo, Calif California State-Northridge, Calif. Theta (1967), VI, 9624 Etiwanda St., Northridge, Calif Case Western Reserve-Ohio Epsilon (1906), II, 2265 Murray Hill Rd., Cleveland, Ohio Colgate-N.Y. Epsilon (1887), I, Box 342, 100 Broad St., Hamilton, N.Y Colorado-Colo. Alpha (1914), V, 1131 University Ave., Boulder, Colo Columbia-N.Y. Gamma (1872), I, 529 W. I13th St., New York, N.Y Cornell-N.Y. Alpha (1869), I, 525 Stewart Ave., Ithaca, N.Y Creighton-Neb. Beta (1965), V, 3122 Cass St., Omaha, Neb DePauw-Ind. Alpha (1865), 111, 502 So. College Ave., Greencastle, Ind Dickinson-Pa. Zeta (1859), II, Dickinson College, Box 1406, Carlisle, Pa Duke-N.C. Alpha (1934), IV, Box 4681, Duke Station, Durham, N.C Eastern New Mexico-N.M. Alpha (1969), V, 300 South Ave. J., Portales, N.M Florida-Florida Beta (1967), IV, P.O. Box 14008, Gainesville, Fla Franklin and Marshall-Pa. Eta. (1860), n, c/o Franklin & MarshaU College, Box 17, Lancaster; Pa Georgia-Georgia Alpha (1976), IV, 398 S. MiUedge Ave., Athens, Ga Gettysburg-Pa. Epsilon (1855), II, Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pa Illinois-Ill. Delta (1904), III, 911 S. Fourth St., Champaign, Ul Indiana-Ind. Beta (1869), III, 1200 N. Jordan Ave., Bloomington, Ind Indiana (Pa.)-Pa. Nu (1970), II, 220 S. Seventh St., Indiana, Pa Iowa-Iowa Alpha (1867), V, 363 N. Riverside Dr., Iowa City, Iowa Iowa State-Iowa Beta (1913), V, 316 Lynn Ave., Ames, Iowa Johns Hopkins-Maryland Alpha (1879), I, 3906 Cancerbury Rd., Baltimore, Md. 2I2I8 Kansas-Kans. 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Alpha (1864), III, 2247 Sheridan Rd., The Chapters Evanston, III Insliimion. chapier name, founding year, disirici, and mailing Ohio State-Ohio Delta (1880), II, 124 East Fourteenth address: Ave., Coluriibus, Ohio Akron-Ohio Iota (1970), II, 284 Wheeler St., Akron, Ohio Wesleyan-Ohio Alpha (1861), 11, 15 Williams Dr., Ohio Delaware, Ohio Alabama-Ala. Alpha (1964), IV, P.O. Box 4054, University, Ala Okla Oklahoma-Okla. Alpha (1920), V, 720 Elm St., Norman, Allegheny-Pa. Beta (1855), II, 491 Highland Ave., Oklahoma State-Okla. Beta (1967), V, 308 S. Hester, Stillwater, Okla. Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

133 Oregon-Ore. Alpha (1923), VI, 729 E. llth, Eugene, Ore Oregon State-Ore. Beta (1948), VI, 140 N.W. 13th, Corvallis, Ore Pennsylvania Pa. Iota (1877), I, 3934 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa Pennsylvania State Pa. Lambda (1912), II, 403 Locust Lane, State College, Pa Purdue-Ind. Delta (I90I), III, 359 Northwestern Ave., West Lafayette, Ind Rhode Island-R.l. Beta (1966), I, 4 Fraternity Circle, Kingston, R.I Rider-N.J. Alpha (1965), I, 2083 Lawrenceville Rd., Lawrenceville, NJ South Carolina-S.C. Alpha (1857), IV, Box 85118, Univ. of South Carolina, Columbia, S.C Southern California-Calif. Delta (1927), VI, 642 W. 28th St., Los Angeles, Calif Southwest Texas State-Texas Gamma (1969), IV, 331 W. Hopkins, San Marcos, Texas Southwestern Louisiana La. Beta (1969), IV, 111 Mildred St., Lafayette, La Stanford-Calif. Beta (1891), VI, P.O. Box 9989, Stanford, Calif Syracuse-N.Y. Beta (1884), I, 113 College Place, Syracuse, N.Y Tennessee Tenn. Epsilon (1967), IV, 1817 Melrose Ave., Knoxville, Tenn Texas Texas Alpha (1904), IV, 2401 Longview, Austin, Texas Texas Tech-Texas Beta (1953), V, Box 4225, Tech Station, Lubbock, Texas Toledo-Ohio Eta (1950), III, 2007 Robinwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio Valparaiso-Ind. Epsilon (1953), III, 801 Mound St., Valparaiso, Ind Vanderbilt-Tenn. Delta (1901), IV, Box 1730-Station B, Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville, Tenn Virginia-Va. Alpha (1853), 1, 159 Madison Lane, Charlottesville, Va Virginia Tech-Virginia Zeta (1976), II, P.O. Box 803, Blacksburg, Va Wabash-Ind. Gamma (1870), III, 602 W. Wabash Ave., Crawfordsville, Ind Washington-Wash. Alpha (1914), VI, 2120 N.E. 47th St., Seattle, Wash Washington and Jefferson-Pa. Alpha (1852), II, 253 East Wheeling St., BIdg. A, Washington, Pa Washington and Lee-Va. Beta (1855), I, 301 E. Washington St., Lexington, Va West Virginia-W. Va. Alpha (1890), II, 780 Spruce St., Morgantown, W, Va Wittenberg-Ohio Beta (1866), III, 134 W. Ward St., Springfield, Ohio Colonies Michigan Michigan Alpha Colony, III, c/o Joe Peterson, 418 High St. #1, Ann Arbor, Mich Alumni Associations Location, name of A.A. if different from location, disirici. correspondeni, and mailing address: Akron-II, Beala M. Goncy, 6546 Olde Eight Rd., Peninsula, Ohio Arizona VI, Craig Tribken, 10 E. Orange, Phoenix, Ariz Arkansas V, Frank M. Potter, 6 Ranch Valley Road, Little Rock, Ark Ashland, Ohio-North Central Ohio, III, Steven W. Pool, Route 7, Wooster, Ohio Atlanta-IV, Bert Fridlin, 929 Todd Rd. N.E., Atlanta, Ga Austin Central Texas, V, Charles J. Harris, 3604 Enfield Road, Austin, Texas Baton Rouge IV, Anthony Salvaggio, Jr., 1078 Oak Hills Pkwy., Baton Rouge, La Birmingham-IV, Fred H. Clay, 217 Oxmoor Circle, Birmingham, Ala Buffalo-Western New York, I, Joseph Rich Jr., 144 W. Winspear Ave., Buffalo, N.Y Charleston-II, A. Ross Tuckwiller, 4308 Kanawha Ave., Charleston, W. Va Chicago-m, Frank S. Whiting Jr., 206 Country Club Place, Geneva, III Clarksburg-U, James M. Wilson, Steptoe & Johnson, Union Bank BIdg., Clarksburg, W. Va Cleveland II, David Arter, Jr., 4710 Waldamere, Willoughby, Ohio Columbia, S.C.-IV, J. Smith Harrison, 2812 Wheat St., Columbia, S.C Columbus-II, Howard N. Bullock, 3376 Abbey Rd., Columbus, Ohio Dallas-North Texas, IV, Craig C. Hughes, 556 Bedford- Euless Rd., Suite D, Hurst, Tex Denver Rocky Mountain, V, No correspondeni Detroit-Ill, Jef Farland, 8769 N. Territorial, Plymouth, Mich Findlay, Ohio-Ill, John R. Murray, 3237 North Main St., Findlay, Ohio Houston South Texas, IV, Daniel F Flowers, 513 River Oaks Tower, 2001 Kirby Dr., Houston, Texas Indianapolis-III, Robert A. Fanning, One Indiana Sq., Suite 2120, Indianapolis, Ind Johnstown, Pa.-II, John B. Stockton, 401 Johnstown Bank & Trust BIdg., Johnstown, Pa Kansas City-V, David Fields, 8805 W. 98th Terr, Overland Park, Kans ,, ^ x, ^ Los Angeles-Southern California, VI, Johtt V Ciccarelli, Chatsworth St., Granada Hills, Cahf Louisiana-^Laf"?ette, IV, Wayne P. Hyman, 312 Silverbell Parkwa\' Lafayette, La Lubbock-Texas Souih Plains, V, Brian D. Carr, th St.. Lubbock, Tex Memphis-IV, Michael A, Hannah, 9134 Fletcher Trace, Memphis, Tenn Miami Southeast Florida, IV, Mark A. Warnicki, 631 North 68 Terr., Hollywood, Fla Morgantown, W. Va II, Robert B. Stone, Citizens BIdg., Morgantown, W. Va New York City-I, Ernest H. Garbe, 101 W. 12 St., New York, N.Y Northridge Northridge-San Fernando Valley, VI, John V. Ciccarelli, Chatsworth St., Granada Hills, Calif, Oklahoma City-V, John L. Powell, 1502 Drury Lane, Oklahoma City, Okla Omaha-V, Dr. Theodore J. Urban, 6269 Glenwood Rd., Omaha, Neb Oxford, Ohio-Ill, Thomas Ulrich, 408 Knob Ave., Reynoldburg, Ohio Philadelphia-I, Bayard M. Graf, 1214IVB BIdg., Philadelphia, Pa Pittsburgh-II, James M. Snediker, 9384 Hilliard Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa Portland-VI, Michael J. Garvey, 2264 N.E. Cleveland Ave., Gresham, Ore Rhode Island I, John J. Spagnolo, 46 Mayfair Rd., Warwick RI Rockford, Ill.-Greater Rockford, 111, Chet Otis, 8526 Spring Brook Rd., Rockford, III St. Louis V, James Naylor, 864 LaBonne Pkwy, Manchester, Mo San Francisco Northern California, VI, Dennis L. Jones, 119 Valdivia Cir., San Ramon, Calif San Luis Obispo Gold Coast, VI, Correspondent, P.O. Box 1027, San Luis Obispo, Calif Seattle-VI, John May, Place W., Edmonds, Wash Syracuse Central New York, I, Richard Driscoll, 3504 James St., Syracuse, N.Y Tulsa-Eastern Oklahoma, V, Stafford G. Davis, 302 S. Cheyenne, Tulsa, Okla Washington District of Columbia, I, David W. Fenstermaker, 1600 South Joyce-CN15, Ariington, Va Wichita-South Central Kansas, V, Walter F. Jones III, 547 N. Belmont, Wichita, Kans Alumni Clubs Aberdeen, Wash. Greater Gray's Harbor, VI, Thomas A. Brown, Professional BIdg., 100 West First St., Aberdeen, Wash, 98520, Albuquerque V, No Correspondeni Amarillo-Texas Panhandle, V, Joel Lackey, P.O, Box 130, Gruver, Texas Baltimore II, No correspondent Boston I, Stephen E, Murphy, 100 Charles St. #A, Boston, Mass Cedar Rapids V, Robert Vernon, c/o R. D. Vernon Co., P.O. Box 713, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Charlottesville-II, Barry Marshall, 1870 Wayside PI., Chariottesville, Va, Cincinnati II, Irte R. Hicks Jr., Kroger Co., Treasury Dept., 1014 Vine St., Cincinnati, Ohio Colorado Springs V, Robert B. Newman, 1811 Wood Ave,, Colorado Springs, Colo, Dayton 11, Gerald D, Rapp, Court House Plaza N.E,, Dayton, Ohio Des Moines V, No correspondent Durham, NC North Carolina Alpha, IV, Keith A, Upchurch, 2906 Erwin, 10-B, Durham, N,C Eugene, Ore.-VI, Dr. Robert M. Glass, 2186 University, Eugene, Ore Fairmont, W. Va.-II, Harry R. Cronin Jr., McCrory BIdg., Fairmont, W. Va Forth Worth-V, Scranton Jones, 5817 El C^mpo Terr., Fort Worth, Texas Great Falls Montana, V, No correspondent Greensboro, N.C.-North Carolina, IV, No correspondent Harrisburg Southeastern Pennsylvania, II, Inactive Hartford-Connecticut Valley, 1, John H. Barter, 41 South Main St., P.O. Box 64, West Hartford, Conn Honolulu-Hawaii, VI, John R. Pyles, 4398 Kahala, Honolulu, Hawaii Huntsville, Ala.-IV, Lee Woolf, 2510 Skyline Dr., Huntsville, Ala Hutchinson, Kans.-V, William M. Kline, 204 W. 29th, Hutchinson, Kans Indiana, Pa.-II, No Correspondent Jacksonville-IV, Harry W. MUls, 3900 Richmond St., Jacksonville, Fla Klamath Falls, Ore.-Southern Oregon, VI, David S. Drew, c/o Shaw Stationery, 729 Main St., Klamath Falls, Ore Knoxville East Tennessee, VI, No correspondent Long Beach VI, Norman Masterson, 510 Monrovia Ave., Long Beach, Calif Mason-Dixon-II, W. Ramsey Jones, Rt. 1, Orrtanna, Pa. Midland-West Texas, VI, Kelly Fish, P.O. Box 10293, Midland, Tex ,_ ^^ Milwaukee-Ill, Gordon F. Leitner, P.O. Box 23421, 9055 H North 51 St., Milwaukee, Wis Minneapolis-Twin City, V, David C. Darell, 4701 Wilford Way, Minneapolis, Minn Mimcie Ind. Eastern Indiana, III, No Correspondent Nashville-IV, Nashville Phi Kappa Psi Club, P.O. Box 2941, Nashville, Tenn New Orleans-Gulf Coast, IV, No correspondent Oriando-Central Florida, IV, En-ol L. Greene, P.O. Box 4011, Uke Mary, Fla Peoria lll.-iil, Gordon S. Peters, Bourland & Co., 1010 Lehmann BIdg., Peoria, III Portales-Eastern New Mexico, V, Jack B. Secor, Eastern New Mexico Univ., Dept. of Biological Sciences, Portales, N.M Reading, Pa. II, Harry W. Speidel, 4312 Sixth Ave.,Temple, Pa Richmond II, Lawrence A. Creeger, 7309 W. Franklin Ave., Richmond, Va St. Paul V, See Minneapolis St. Petersburg Florida West Coast, IV, Edmund T. Shubrick, Parkview BIdg., Suite 211, St. Petersburg, Fla San Antonio IV, Dr. James H. Strauch, 610 Medical Professional BId'g., San Antonio, Texas San Diego San Diego County, VI, H. Bailey Gallison, 7940 Avenida Alamar, La Jolla, Calif Santa Barbara VI, Raymond McCoy, Box 809, Santa Barbara, Calif Sarasota IV, No correspondeni South Bend-Michiana, lu, William Fox, 1002 East Jefferson Blvd., P.O. Box 778, South Bend, Ind Springfield, Ohio-II, Robert G. Remsberg, 515 North Fountain Ave., Springfield, Ohio Tampa IV, See Si. Petersburg Toledo-Ill, Michael M. Brown, 872 Cherry Lane Waterville, Ohio Tucson-VI, Robert A. Gibson, 441 W. Yucca Ct., #207, Tucson, Ariz Wheeling-Ohio Valley, II, Hentry S. Schrader, 816 Central Union BIdg., Wheeling, W. Va Area Directors District I William A. Bowers, 6 Paul Ave., R.D. #3, Wakefield, R.L Rhode Island Thomas H. Landise, Jr., 121 Ashland Rd., Summit, N.J Columbia, Lafayette, Monmouth, Rider John D. Watt, 105 Gateway E., Richmond, Va Virginia, Virginia Tech, Washington & Lee District II John A. Ulrich, 4857 Columbia Rd. #202, North Olmsted, Ohio Allegheny, Case Western Reserve Steven C. Brizius, 5921 Woodbury Hills Dr., Parma, Ohio Akron, Ashland District III Robert C, Riess, Fargo, Livonia, Mich, Michigan, Michigan State Mark Kraner, 102G Parkridge Rd., Bloomington, Ind De Pauw, Indiana David A. White, 1330 Eastgate #B6, Toledo, Ohio Bowjing Green, Toledo Frank S, Whiting, Jr,, 206 Country Club PI., Geneva, III Northwestern, Valparaiso John F. Kannenberg, 453 N. Main-Box 181, West Bend, Wis Beloit District IV Donald R. Bonine, 4845 Golfview Ct., Chariotte, N.C Duke, South Carolina, Tennessee Robert A. Wolter, 111 Sorenson PI., Athens, Ga Horida, Georgia J. French Hill, 5937 Milton, Apt. 235B, Dallas, Tex Southwest Texas State, Texas Kenneth E. Mahan, 3513 Carter Hill Rd., Montgomery, Ala Alabama, Auburn Disirici V David Fish, 3606 N, Garden Blvd., Oakdale, Minn Mankato State, Minnesota James M. Patchett, 1809 North Duff, Ames, Iowa lowa, Iowa State John J. Ziegelmeyer, Jr., Marsh & McLennan, Inc., 10 Kiva, 220 W. Douglas, Wichita, Kans Kansas Jeffrey P. Abbott, 18B San Miguel Apartments, St. Charies, Mo Missouri David L. Batchelder, 5817 Lafayette Ave., Omaha, Nebr Creighton, Nebraska Paul S. Buck, 1325 Verna Marie, Midwest City, Okla Oklahoma, Oklahoma State William G. Baldry, Jr., Baldry Assoc, 3020 W. Mississippi Ave., Denver, Colo Colorado District VI Gary E. Murphy, 3833 S.E. Sandy Circle, Troutdale, Ore Oregon, Oregon State Bruce F. Dearborn, th Ave. W. Seattle, Wash Washington Guy L. Minardi, 444 Chollo Ct. #21, Pleasant Hill, Calif California-Berkeley, California-Davis, Stanford John V. Ciccarelli, Chatsworth St., Granada Hills, Cali'f California Poly, California State-Northridge George W. Humphries, 411 North Central Ave., Glendale, Calif U.C.L.A., Southern California Donald M. Gooder, 6901 E. Edgemont, Tucson, Ariz Arizona, Arizona State Editor's Note: The Executive Council lias met once since the last issue of THE SHIELD, on May 9, 1981, at the Fraternity's Indianapolis Headquarters. Space limitations do not allow printing the several pages of minutes from that meeting, but they are available to any Phi Psi through the Headquarters, at a cost of S3.50 to help defray costs of copying and postage. Septem^~ '"^Sl 133

134 Books written by or about Phi Psis, donated recently to the Woodrow Wilson Library of Heritage Hall... "A Guide to Historic Galveston"; DOUGLAS R. ZWIENER, Texas '39, was written for the Galveston visitor who wishes to tour the city and see the historic homes, buildings and sites which still exist. The places listed here are still standing although only a few are open to the public. This guide includes a map giving a detailed tour route with numbers corresponding to the name and address of each place. Using this map, visitors may see fiftytwo of the locations which are consecutively numbered on this route. Copyrighted by Zwiener & Darst. The Amazing J. Z. Briggs; ROBERT Q. BARR, Washington & Jefferson '39, is a biography on Dr. Janet Zaph Briggs, a metallurgist. Dr. Briggs devoted long hours to her chosen profession, possessing a rare quality that enabled her to extract that elusive last ounce of pleasure and knowledge from every experience. Her technical accomplishments, her writing and her stature in the metallurgical community are undeniable facts. This book's objective is to document a most interesting and unusual human life, published by Climax Molybdenum Co. Astro-cycles & Speculative Marliets; L. J. JENSEN, Washington & Jefferson '19, is a major contribution to scholarship in the field of economic forecasting. The chaff of vague theory is eliminated. It is not a formula book of simple data, but procedures coordinating several key factors with explanatory examples. Here the hit-or-miss, random walk world of business and finance trends become secondary to the trend timing stimuli of Natural Law often rejected because they never are so precisely revealed in such an array of historical applications included in this work. Published by Lambert-Gann Publishing Company, Inc. Bibliography of Tennessee Speleology; LARRY E. MATTHEWS, Vanderbilt '65, was written to make more readily available information of reference value to persons studying Tennessee caves. The Tennessee Cave Survey as an Internal Organization of the National Speleological Society. The Tennessee Cave Survey compiles data concerning Tennessee caves and is dedicated to the study and preservation of Tennessee caves and karst, published by the Tennessee Cave Survey. Descriptions of Tennessee Caves; LARRY E. MATTHEWS, Vanderbih '65, compiles information on all Tennessee caves that have been discovered since 1959, when Dr. Thomas C. Barr ended the field work on his Caves of Tennessee. The writer hopes that this work will stimulate other states to reactivate their cave surveys and keep their published information current with occasional supplements of this type. Another goal has been to encourage all Tennessee cave explorers to contribute their finds by acknowledging under each new cave the source of the information. This book is provided by the State of Tenneseee Department of Conservation. Farm Broadcasting: The First Sixty Years; JOHN C. BAKER, Purdue '27, is the first book dealing with radio and television programs for farmers nationwide. The panorama of farm broadcasting begins in 1920 with the first radio programs for farmers and unfolds through the 1970s. Baker profiles the people who have most influenced the art of farm broadcasting through the years and gives his peers an account of their heritage. Farm Broadcasting: The First Sixty Years continues with a discussion of the National Association of Farm Broadcasters and concludes with suggestions for young people who are considering a career in contemporary farm broadcasting. Published by the Iowa State University Press. For the Love of Man; JAMES C. NOONAN, Missouri '47, presents a layman's commentary on the Old Testament Book of Ruth. The Book of Ruth tells a story about ordinary people but it also imparts a lesson of greater significance. Through perceptive insights and fascinating details exploring the story's historical and religious background, the author demonstrates that the Book of Ruth really articulates the story of Christ Jesus and his redemption of mankind. The Book of Ruth is the only book in the Bible which links the Kinsman and redeemer concepts. The story of Ruth also demonstrates that true happiness can only be found within God's plan. Published by Dorrance & Co. Full Circle; TIM GILLIN, Kansas '69, is a collection of his thoughts in poetic form, published by Flying Gypsy Press. In God We Should Trust; R. THOMAS DICKMAN, Missouri '61. is a book which probes the eternal questions: "Why are we born?" "Why are we living?" "What can we expect in the Hereafter?" And, says the author, what emerges from such a discussion is a greater awareness of the Divine Principles of Grace and Justice; and how each comes, at some point, to shape our perspective and resulting activities in a cosmic fulfillment of the Golden Rule. Other, more secular questions are also probed. Why, for example, in politics, the conservative thinks as he does; or the liberal; or the radical. The author then offers a cogent statement on what both America and the world needs now. Published by Libra Publishers, Inc. The Irish Terrier; GEORGE KIDD, Indiana '24, is a book which attempts to illumine the traits of Irish Terriers. Included is history of the breed, guidelines for selecting a puppy, the personality of the Irish Terrier and an assortment of photographs and illustrations for the reader. Published by Denlinger's Publishers, Ltd. Lincoln Center: The Building of an Institution; EDGAR B. YOUNG, DePauw '27, brings the story of the creation of Lincoln Center to life. The institutional aspects of this history involve the formation of a federation of autonomous artistic and educational organizations as well as the creation of new nonprofit corporation to plan, finance and build the center and to coordinate its continuing operation. The story of urban renewal and of collaboration between the leaders of a private, nonprofit organization and the officials of city, state and federal government reveal actions vital to the creation of the center. The strategies used in raising the 80 percent in voluntary grants and gifts constitute a case study in philanthropy. This book is about the remarkable group who never wavered from their objective to foster the arts of live performance and to enlarge the public enjoyment of those arts, published by New York University Press. 134 The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

135 The Little Engineer That Could; RALPH E. HERSEY, Beloh '16, is an autobiography using information extracted from his personal papers by his wife, Beatrice, and brought to the attention of one of his four sons, Paul Mersey, Beloh '52. Published by the Center for Leadership Studies. "Lord, I want to Celebrate"; RICHARD W. BIMLER, Valparaiso '59, geared toward young people, contains prayer thoughts and exercises. Topics include specific areas of daily life. Published by Concordia Publishing House Summer of Eagles; JACK HUTTIG, Kansas '37, is a special achievement in re-creating the excitement that surrounded the early flights, bringing to life the brief but shining time when a small group of airmen became the world's heroes. It was a unique period in.history when a few air pioneers with comparatively little financial backing risked everything on a dramatic bid for world fame. The reader can retrieve a glimpse of the undying glory of that magic summer's epic flights; vicariously share in moments of victory, defeat, and despair; and comprehend both the environment and the personal drives which made these airmen among the most famous legends and martyrs of aviation history. Published by Nelson-Hall, Inc. Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours; AMBROSE SARICKS, Bucknell '36, is a book about the first Du Pont de Nemours, and about his relationship to some of the major events of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. When Eleuth^re Irenee du Pont established his first power mills on the Brandywine in 1802, he could not know that he was laying the foundation for one of the modern world's industrial marvels and for one of America's most famous families. Because his strenuous and diligent labor did lay such foundations, the story of the company and the family has often been told. Published by University of Kansas Press. "Pray, Praise, and Hooray"; RICHARD W. BIMLER, Valparaiso '59, is a prayer book for youth and adults, dealing with the common, everday aspects of life, published by Concordia Publishing House. "Prayers"; THE REV. R. DONALD CLARE, Gettysburg '27, is a booklet for those who find difficulty in expressing themselves adequately in their times of prayer, provided by the Religious Life Committee, Central Florida^ Production Control Desk Book; ROBERT L. JANSON, Purdue '50, provides a cornucopia of ideas and solutions to these problems which occur in most plants and which are urgently in need of attention. The effective control of production is one of the most important responsibilities of operations management. Here you will find the latest techniques, organization analysis, systems and procedures in manufacturing planning and control explained in depth, dissected and analyzed, with many practical examples and illustrations provided. Published by Prentice-Hall, Inc. Purchasing Agent's Desk Book; ROBERT L. JANSON, Purdue '50, presents business-tested systems and techniques to achieve profitable purchasing by translating theoretical concepts into practical aspects for immediate implementation by purchasing through better buying, superior organization, and effective design of systems and procedures. This desk book provides methodology of the modern technique in purchasing for profit in a manner that can be used by both the advance practitioner and the neophyte buyer. Moreover, this book shows how the purchasing function can truly be a potent profit contributor not merely an order-placing department. Published by Prentice-Hall, Inc. Saddles; RUSSEL H. BEATIE, Kansas '33, is the first complete work on the subject to appear in print. It explains the construction of the basic saddle, describes the different saddle types, and explains how they have been altered to meet the changing needs of riders down through the centuries. Saddles covers virtually every aspect of saddlery, saddle measurement, selection, and care, plus tips from a knowledgeable horseman on the intricacies of fitting horse, rider, and saddle into a dynamic whole. One of the author's underlying purposes has been to enhance interest in the few surviving old saddles as collectors' items and as artifacts of American history. For, as he says, "Much of that history was made on horseback." Published by U- niversity of Oklahoma Press, Norman. Sail by the Sun; NEAL T. WALKER, Stanford '53, is a workbook in celestial navagation. This book is used as a text in several California community colleges as well as adult education programs, copyrighted by the Passagemakers^ "77 Ways of Involving Youth in the Church"; RICHARD W. BIMLER, Valparaiso '59, is a practical tool for involving youth in the life of their parish. Given are ideas, strategies, and suggestions for involvement of youth and adults in ministry together. Published by Concordia Publishing House. Strategic Advertising Campaigns; DON E. SCHULTZ, Ph.D., Oklahoma '54, is a text providing information in the field of advertising. This book includes outlines for developing an advertising plan, information sources, problem solving techniques and marketing goals. Also contained in this text are checklists and case histories as well as model campaigns to aid one in the advertising field. Published by Crain Books. Y.O.L.: Your Own Law; WALTER E. HEMPSTEAD, JR., Oregon '25, is a complete guide for Laymen. By virtue of the written U.S. Constitution it is appropriate therefore to view, portray and outline in plain language the characteristics and principles of federal and state, civil and criminal law. This layman's handbook comprises an essential summary of American law plus a guide to gainful thought and action for wiser understanding and vitauzed participation in both Law and Politics, published by Hempstead House. Winter at Old Faithful; FRANK S. BALTHIS, Univ. of Calif.-Santa Barbara '67, was published in 1980 and serves as a guide to the natural history and ski trails of the Old Faithful area in Yellowstone National Park. Written by Ranger Naturalists at Old Faithful, this publication gives details on topics ranging from changes in climate and sunburn prevention to rules and safety in the wilderness as well as maps, trail descriptions and wildlife tracks. Published by the Firehole Press. Order of the Golden Shield (continued from 121) Jeffrey T. Whitesel Ohio Theta Dr. Earl P. Wickerham Jr. Pennsylvania Gamma Dr. Raymond F. Widmer Indiana Epsilon Robert A. Wilkens Ohio Epsilon Oscar L. Wilkirson Texas Alpha Henry Colt Williams Pennsylvania lota Walter T. Williamson Oregon Alpha G. Kenneth Willis Jr. Ohio Epsilon Robert L. Wilson Illinois Alpha Wayne W. Wilson Mictiigan Beta Robert S. Winet California Delta Douglas S. Winn Kansas Alpha Edwrard L Winn Kansas Alpha Charles G. Wistar Ohio Epsilon Michael F. Wittich Indiana Gamma Findley P. Wolffe III Pennsylvania Gamma Robert A. Wolter Iowa Beta Oliver A. Wood Jr. Pennsylvania Mu Thomas J. Wood Jr. Texas Alpha John I. Woodcock Kansas Alpha Reginald D. Woodruff Nebraska Alpha David L Woodrum West Virginia Alpha Taylor 0. Wright Jr. Missouri Alpha Dr. R. Douglas Yajko Pennsylvania Alpha Anthony R. Vary California Delta Charles T. Yerxa California Gamma John J. Ziegelmeyer Jr. Kansas Alpha Robert C. Zivney Jr. Texas Alpha September 1*^81 135

136 ''!& ^PSW'^ One of the distinctive features of being a Phi Psi is how the bonds of brotherhood are maintained after leaving the college campus. Often, the prime vehicle for sustaining those friendships is the A lumni A ssociation. Listed belo w are the times and locations of the Fraternity's Alumni Association meetings. Check for the association nearest you and attend their next meeting. You will enjoy seeing familiar faces and will become active in "Something of Value. " Atlanta-Call Bert Fridlin at Austin First Wednesday, 5:30 p.m., at Scholz Garden, 1607 San Jacinto Birmingham First Friday, 11:45 a.m., Tara House Restaurant. For reservations call Dennis Cameron Buffalo-Call William Brennison at Charleston, West Virginia Last Thursday, Noon, Charleston House Cincinnati-Call Irle R. Hicks, , Ext. 541 Cleveland Monday, Noon, Mid-day Club, Union Commerce BIdg. Columbia, South Carolina Last Thursday of each month, Happy Hour-5:00 p.m. Call A. C. Flora ( ) or Smitty Harrison ( ) Columbus Every Friday, Noon, Athletic Club. Call Joe DeVennish, Concord Calif., Last Thursday, Noon, TR's Restaurant. Corner of Concord Ave., and Salvio Sts. Dallas First Tuesday, Noon, Dallas Bar Association Club, Adolphus Hotel Delaware Luncheon every Friday at noon in the Brandywine Room of the Hotel Du Pont, Wilmington, Delaware. Call John A. Shanks at (309) Denver Third Wednesday, 11:45 a.m.. Continental Broker, 235 Fillmore, Denver. For reservations call Frank Middleton, Office Home: Detroit Second Monday of each month. Noon, The Rafter's, Stouffer's at Northland Center, Southfield, call John Rexford, at Findlay Second Friday, Imperial House. I- 75 & State Route 12. Indianapolis First Wednesday, Noon, Country Oven Restaurant-Downtown Hilton Kansas City Thursday, Noon, The University Club, 918 Baltimore Los Angeles Last Thursday of each month, 11:30 a.m., Taix French Restaurant, 1911 West Sunset Blvd. Other Thursdays, Noon, Bullock's Heritage Restaurant, 7th and Hill Streets Minneapolis First Thursday, Noon, Minneapolis Athletic Club Northridge, Calif. First Tuesday each month. Love's Wood Pit Barbeque, Balboa Blvd., Northridge. For information call Chapter house ( ) or John Ciccarelli ( ) Oklahoma City Second Tuesday, Noon, call John L. Powell at the First Nat'l Bank & Trust Co. Omaha Call Dr. Theodore J. Urban at Philadelphia Wednesday, 12:30 p.m.. Engineers Club, 1317 Spruce Phoenix, Arizona Call Craig Tribken Pittsburgh First Thursday, Noon, Downtown University Club, Wm. Penn Hotel Portland Meets 3rd Wednesday of each month (excluding June, July and August) from 12 noon to 1:00 p.m., at Multnomah Athletic Club, 1849 S.W. Salmon, Portland, Ore. Call M. J. Garvey, 2264 N.E. Cleveland, Gresham, Ore (503) Rhode Island First and Third Thursdays, Noon. The Chapter House, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Tel.: Donald Brien-(401) San Francisco First Friday, 12:15 p.m., The European Farmer, 441 Washington St. Call Guy Minardi, (415) San Luis Obispo, Calif.-Monthly, First Tuesday, 11:30-1:00 at the 1865 Restaurant, 1865 Monterey St. Santa Barbara, Calif. CaU Dr. Luin K. Thatcher, 515 E. Michelterena St., Phone Seattle Second Wednesday of every month, 6:00 p.m.. Chapter House, 2120 N.E. 47th St., Seattle, Wash South Bend, Ind. Tuesday, Noon, Loft Restaurant St. Louis Each Third Friday (Monthly), call: Steve Scheidker, 122 W. Sarah, Kirkwood, Mo : Home: , Office: Syracuse First Wednesday, 12:15 p.m.. University Club Tucson, Arizona Call Dave Grant, Washington, D.C.-Third Thursday, 11:45 a.m., Capitol Hill Club, 300 1st. St. S.E. For more information call Dave Fenstermaker at RALPH D. WADSWORTH, Indiana '0/, died in JOSEPH A. MURPHY, Nebraska '03. passed away, April 30, ANGUS G. WYNNE, Texas '04. passed away. DAVID M. JONES, Minnesota, '05, passed away. WILLARD C. MILLS, JR., Nebraska '05, died June 8, FREDERICK M. FULLER, Syracuse '05, passed away, February, IRA B. GORHAM, Allegheny '08. died February I, He is survived by his wife of 63 years, Gertrude P. CHARLES H. STEELE, Gettysburg '10, passed away. HENRY C. SWASEY, Amherst 'II. died June 30, RICHARDS HALE, Columbia 'II, died May 18, HARVEY J. PHELPS, Illinois 'II, died January 27,1981. He is survived by his daughter, Mrs. Frances English; a son H.J., Jr.; four grandchildren and four great grandchildren. CHARLES v. ALLSHOUSE, Allegheny '12. died January 14, LONNIS DENISON, Ohio Wesleyan '12. passed away. MAURICE B. COOKE, Bucknell '14, died February 14, Surviving is one daughter, Bettie C. Metcalf. HAROLD F. BIDWELL, Dartmouth '14. died August 20, HORACE O. WESTMEN, DePauw '14, died February 4, GORDON McCRINDLE, Lctfayetie '14, died February 1, 1981, after a long illness. LEWIS C. CONNER, Washlnglon '14, passed away May 4, DR. ARTHUR J. GREENLEAF, Bucknell 75, died March 26, ROSS G. CALDWELL, Purdue '15, died April 16, JOSEPH T. THOMPSON, Johns Hopkins '16, died January 6, THEODORE W. ANTHONY, Ohio State 76, died May 5, HARRY B. PATTERSON, Allegheny '17, died August 27, CHARLES L. CRUIKSHANK, Dartmouth '17, died February 13, MUIR W. LIND, Dartmouth '17, died June 13, ROBERT G. MOORE, Indiana '17, died February 20, WOODBURN B. WALBRIDGE, Michigan '17, passed away. EUGENE M. STALLINGS, Swarthmore '17, died in WILLIAM E. HALSTEAD, Syracuse '17, passed away April 24, The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

137 MARS P. BISHOP, Brown 'IS. died April, ELMER W. FRANKHOUSER, Bucknell '18, passed away October 10, LEON M. MESSNER, Bucknell '18, died April 15, HARRY G. SULLIVAN, Chicago 'IS, died March 30, I98I. DR. WILLIAM K. FORD, Illinois '18, died July 19, ROBERT C. VAIL, Michigan '18, died April 4, I98I. EDGAR H. BICKNELL, Minnesota '18, passed away. CLIFFORD E. HORTON, Ohio Wesleyan '18, passed away. HAROLD M. MANSER, Virginia '18. died October 27, CHARLES E. HOLCOMB, Wisconsin '18, died September 17, He is survived by his wife Bernice; and sister, Josephine Holcomb Mullen. FRANK B. HOWES, Iowa 79, died March 7, DREW R. MARTIN, Lafayette '19, died June 27, 1979, after a short illness. DONALD T. DILLON, Ohio State '19, died September 1, ' JOHN H. HEBERLING, Wittenberg '19, passed away April 1, ROBERT L. STEVENSON, Cornell '20. died March DAVID W. ELLIS, Indiana '20. died April 9, ORRIN S. McCORISON, Northwestern 70,.died December 30, WILLIAM F. DEUSCHLE, Ohio State '20, died February 22, GRANT W. SPANGLER, Oklahoma '20, passed away December 4, PHILIP W. McENTEE, Washington '20, died October, DR. THOMAS O. NUZUM, Wisconsin '20, died January 19, DR. DONALD P. BIRD, Allegheny '21. died September 25, EDWIN L. REED, California '21, died February 22, WALTER W. PYPER, Colorado '21, died in DAVID F. DAVIS, Cornell '21, died March 22, REYNOLDS S. JUDAH, Indiana '21, died March 12, FRANK S. JACOBSEN, Lafayette '21, passed away. THOMAS R. RAU, Stanford '21. died June 13, GEORGE H. MARLOW, Colorado '22. passed away. GEORGE F. STEWART, Bowling Green '23. died April 18, ALTERT R. ENSOR, Johns Hopkins '23. passed away July 2, DONALD R. COOK, Oregon '23, passed away. PAUL O. MARSH, Penn Slate '23, died October 20, JOSEPH H. KETTLESTRINGS, Washington '23, passed away. WILLIAM A. ADAIR, Washington & Jefferson '23, died April 26, JAMES T. McFARLAND, Bucknell '24. died July 28, FRANK B. SULLIVAN, Columbia '24, died August 19, DONALD T. SECOR, Cornell '24, died February 20, ALBERT B. DEERING, Iowa '24, died October 29, FREDERICK M. MOLT, Purdue 7< passed away. FANNING M. HEARON, Washington & Lee '24, died November 19, LESLIE O. BYRNE, Brown '25. died September 28, WILLIAM H. PATTON, Michigan '25. died April 25,1981. Brother Patton was associated with the First National Bank of Springfield, Illinois for 40 years. He was president of the bank from 1957 to 1967 and chairman of the board until his retirement. Survivors include his wife, Octavia Hatch; two sons, William W. and Dr. Charles H.; and a sister, Mrs. Leonora M. Blossom. LAWRENCE E. McGONIGLE, Stanford '25. died April 17, EDGAR I. BOSTWICK, Virginia '25. died April 4, SAMUEL H. BOYDER, Wisconsin '25. passed away. HAROLD C. SMITH, Amherst '26. died February 21, WENZEL S. THOMPSON, Beioii '26, died in March of DR. JOHN R. LAADT, Brown '27. died December 13, Brother Laadt was a faculty member of Northwestern University Medical School. He served twice in the military, including four years as a captain in the Medical Corps during World War II. He is survived by his wife, Gertrude; three sons, John B., Jeffrey and Charles; and a brother, James A., Brown 28. RAYMOND A. BROOMFIELD, JR., Southern California '27. died March 11, CHARLES H. MORROW, Southern California '27. died March 1, Brother Morrow recently lived in LaJoUa, California. Prior to then he resided in Brawley, California where he was a partner with his brother in Morrow Lumber Co., and Morrow Farms. He was also active in civic affairs. A charter member of the California Delta Chapter and the first of many Morrow family members to be initiated into Cal Delta, including his brother Andrew, '27; Joseph A., Jr. '33. both deceased; his son John E. '62: nephews Andrew, Jr. '53. Howard C. '57, Gordon C. '58. and.grand nephew Andrew Morrow III '80. ALBERT E. KERN, Stanford '27, died February 17, 1981, after a long bout with cancer. NICHOLAS R. BALD, Colgate '28, died February 17, Surviving are his wife Gertrude, and two sons, including Capt. William G. Bald, Colgaie '52. JOHN R. SCHACKNE, Dartmouth '28. died May 6, JOSEPH H. ANDERSON, Syracuse '28. passed away. DR. FRANK P. MORSE, Allegheny '29, died in December, GEORGE L. NICHOLAS, Gettysburg '29, died January 9, BYRON M. CLARK, Iowa '29, passed away. JOHN REINHART, Lafayette '29, died December 29, LA VERN D. SPRAGUE, Nebraska '29, passed away^ CHARLTON J. HINMAN, Colorado '30, died March 16, DONALD E. HARMAN, Lafayette '30, passed away in JOHN M. BAYLY, Minnesola '30, died September, J. HODGE THOMPSON, Mississippi '30, died February 3, Brother Thompson worked for the city of Corpus Christi from 1949 to 1955 as prosecuting attorney, assistant city attorney, and corporation court judge. During World War II he presented a radio program called "Tall Tales of Texas." He is survived by his wife Alma; two sons, Robert R. and John H., Jr.; and five grandchildren. JOHN J. CRABILL, Ohio State '30. died July 31, JACK C. HIBBERT, Ohio Wesleyan '30. died December 4, MYRLE F. HENNINGER, M.D., Pennsylvania State '30. died September 8, WILLIAM F. SYMONDS, Washington & Lee '30. passed away in JOHN R. CLARK, JR., Columbia '31. died July 13,1980. Brother Clark was a retired president of Technicolor, Inc. and a past president and tournament chairman of the Bob Hope Desert Classic. He is survived by his wife Marion; his parents; a son; a daughter; and a FRANK B. HACKSTAFF, Come//'5/, passed away. HAROLD H. GRAFFENBERG, Wittenberg '31. died November 30, 198U. JOHN K BARDEN, Colgate '32. died December 22, He is the son of the late George L. Barden, Colgate '98. He is survived by his wife Rorence; a son and a daughter; brothers G. Bryce, Colgate '26and his twin Richard R., Colgate 32. EDWARD F. DONNELL, JR., Dartmouth '32. died November 13, ROY N. JAMES, Northwestern '32. died March 21, ROBERT O. LARIMER, Stanford '32. passed away March 14, GEORGE F. CAUSEY, Illinois '33. died April 23, Brother Causey was a prominent landscape architect in Southwest Florida. He is survived by his wife; five children; one grandchild; two brothers and three sisters. BENTON R. HARGREAVES, Oregon '33. passed away. GEORGE H. PABST, JR., Southern Caifornia '33. died November 18, JOHN M. MAERSCH, Wisconsin '33. passed away. DR. CHARLES W. CASHMAN, JR., Brown '34. died February 8, Brother Cashman was a member of Rhode Island Hospital's staff since In the mid-1960s he developed a new method for transplanting mammary arteries to relieve coronary insufficiency. Survivors include his wife, Katharine, and three daughters, Susan, Patricia, and Katharine. WARREN J. GODDARD, Iowa '34. passed away. JOHN H. STOCKMAN, Lafayette '34. died October 11, WILLIAM G. ANDREWS, Minnesota '34. passed away. ROBERT W. CAHILL, Stanford '34. died December 10, EDWARD D. LEONARD, JR., Amherst '35. died in CLARENCE R. GREER, Oklahoma '35, died August 13, EDWARD L. VanSICKEL, Pennsylvania State '35, died September 6, MARCUS T. PERRY, JR., Washington '35, died in KYLE R. MORRIS, Northwesiern 'is, died September 17, THOMAS W. APPLEGATE, Oliio Slate '36, died January 18, WALTER L. EATON, Pennsylvania State '36, passed away December 20, COL. JOHN B. O'ROURKE, JR., Colorado '37, died August 3, WILBUR R. SPARKS, Pennsylvania. '37. died in November of CHARLES WEISBECKER III, Brown '38. died October 26, Brother Weisbecker was one of Brown University's most active workers and served as president of the Brown Clubs of Atlanta, Detroit and Philadelphia. He is survived by his wife, Jayne, and a daughter, Lynn. PAUL H. STONE, JR., Ohio Stale '38. passed away January 2, CHARLES KIM GREENOUGH, Indiana '39. died April 14, He is survived by a son Kimball E.; two daughters Karin Croan Cox and Katharine Hough Greenough; and a brother, William Croan, Indiana '32. JAMES C. GRAHAM, Iowa '39. died December 3, STEELE L. SELLERS, Lafayelle '39. passed away. ARNOLD G. KLEIN, Iowa '40. passed away November 17, GEORGE F. ELLIOTT, JR., Penn Siaie '40. died June 12, RUDY J. HUMES, UCLA '41, died January 3, JACKSON E. O'CONNELL, Purdue '41, died March 28, Survivors include his wife, Faye Tyler; three sons and one daughter. He was Regional Marketing Manager-West for Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation in Denver, Colorado at the time of his death. DAVID P. POWERS, Virginia '41. passed away. DANIEL M. ROOP, Bucknell '42 (Swarthmore '41). died December 27, Brother Roop was one of the early leaders in hospital maintenance and engineering and a fellow of the American Association of Hospital Consultants. Survivors include his wife, Dorothy; four children; and two grandsons. HOWARD J. ASHFORD, JR., Washlnglon &. Jefferson '42, died February 17, JAMES W. WELLS, Wiiienberg '42. passed away. DAVID delima, Syracuse '43. died March 24, HOWARD W. VINEYARD, Texas '43. passed away. MARION S. ALLEN, JR., Syracuse '45. died August 10, DON C. HANOVER, JR., Ohio State '46. died March 6, LEON H. ROBICHEAU, JR. Oregon '46, passed away in May, HENRY T. CANNON, Oklahoma '47, died October 1, RAYMOND M. ANKA, Dartmouth '48, died July 30, JAMES W. CORNMAN, Dartmouth '48, died May 31, RICHARD E. CONNER, DePauw '48,d'\ed April 6, Brother Conner was a manufacturer's agent for oil equipment and owned the company for 26 years. Survivors include his wife, Janetrielle; a daughter, Elizabeth Neff; and a son, John Conner. MAURICE E. HAMLIN, Oklahoma '48. passed away. ELLIOTT W. EAVES, Washington & Lee '49. died May 1, WILLIAM L. KERR, Texas '49. died in July, ALAN K. JACKSON, Dartmouth '50. died in January, DAVID J. BENDER, Toledo '50. died July 23, STANLEY C. BROWN, Toledo '50. died February 25, WILLIAM J. FIELD II, Cornell '51. died November 1, RICHARD F. MILLS, Ohio Slate '51. passed away November 30, ROBERT H. PALMER, Pennsylvania State '51. passed away. PHILIP J. FERRIS, Johns Hopkins '52. died June 3, BENNETT L. BRUNTON, Missouri '52. died April 25, Survivors include his wife Joan; three daughters; and a granddaughter. GUY R. TORIN, Allegheny '53. died August 16, He is survived by his wife; and three children. REV. R. BROOKE GIBSON, DePauw '54, died in March, JAMES R. WESTBO, Washlnglon '54. died January 2, WILLIAM EMIL USINGER, Colgaie '55. died February 7, Brother Usinger served in the Army from 1958 to 1960 and was a Marketing Advisor in New England at the time of his death. Surviving are his wife, Janice Lindblad; three sons; a daughter; his parents; a sister and a brother, Emil E., Colgate '59. DONALD B. HAYDEN, Ohio Slate '56, died in May, RONALD L. MILLER, Indiana '59. passed away. LAWRENCE R. LARSEN, Washington '62, died March 20, CHARLES S. STONE, Trinity '65, died September 9, JERRY L. BEAVENS, Nebraska '70, passed away. ROBERT W. COOK, Rider '70, passed away. JAY M. HAYES, Soulliwest Texas 7/, died November 13, JOSEPH A. AMARO, JR., Auburn '74, died January 7, Brother Amaro was employed by the city of Birmingham. He is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Amaro, Sr.; a brother Ross V.; and a sister, Marianne Zopfi. DONNELL M. RHODY, Texas 7< died March 1, JEFFREY H. BARR, Washington & Lee '75, passed away. WILLIAM B. HOWARD, Michigan State 79. passed away. PETER J. PHELAN, Creighton '80. died February 7, 198i, when struck by a car after attending a fraternity-sorority function involving Creighton University and University of Nebraska students. Survivors include his parents of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. September

138 RECOMMEND A RUSHEE Cut Out and Mail This Form to the Rush Chairman Concerned. (Chapter Rush Chairmen Listed below.) To the Brothers of. (Chapter) I recommend (Name).as a prospective Phi Psi Rushee. His home address Is: (No. and street) (City) (state) (ZIP Code) and he will enter (College or Unlv.).on or about (Date) Remarks: Fraternally Submitted: (Name) (Chapter and Year) (Address) Recommendation Acknowledged By: (Name) (Date) Recommendations to a chapter not listed should be sent to the Rush Chairman at the mailing address given in the Directory. Institution Akron Allegheny Arizona Arizona State Auburn Beloit Butler California Poly California-Davis Cal State-Northridge Colorado Columbia Eastern New Mexico Florida Franklin & Marshall Gettysburg Illinois Indiana lovi'a Iowa State Johns Hopkins Kansas Louisiana State Mankato State Michigan State Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Nebraska Ohio State Ohio Wesleyan Oregon State Penn State Rhode Island Southwestern Louisiana Stanford Syracuse Texas Toldeo Wabash Washington Washington & Lee West Virginia Rush Chairman Jim Shulte Martin P. McGough Pat Duffy Richard Napolitano Keith Bolen Jamie HoUensteiner Steven E. McKenzie Daniel Gilfry & Charles Hall Alan Flandez Richard Fong & David Friedman Ken Dulin Phil Ozdemyer Douglas Swanson & Samuel Wheeler Thomas Harris Eric W. Noll Ed Partenope & James Blodgett Chris Hallen Greg Davis Kurt Knutson & Chris Porter Scott Wiggins Thomas E. Cox Ellis Rainey Douglas W. Beckman John Hinrichs Neil G. Sikora David Hunt Barry Brooks Jeff Bruens Steve Rogers John W. Palazzo, Jr. Randy Roessle David Burger & David Prater Charlie W. Dent Chris Conti & Peter Boggs Steve Murphy Bill Dwann Howard Saslow & Charles Bantis Barry Jones & John Rothgeb Rick Clegg David H. Soper Dale Linder Denny Cancellmo Brian Brawdy Address 284 Wheeler, Akron, OH Allegheny College, Box 49, Meadville, PA North 2nd St., Phoenix, AZ Adelphi Dr., Tempe, AZ Route 1 Box 742 G, Cantonment, FL Beloit College, Box 647, Beloit, Wa Butler Univ., Box 9, Indianapolis, IN Phillips Ln., San Luis Obispo, CA Serra Court, Vallejo, CA Etiwanda St., Northridge, CA Univ. of Colorado, 206 Hallett Hall, Boulder, CO West 113th St., New York, NY South Ave. J, Portales, NM P.O. Box 14008, Gainesville, FL Franklin & Marshall, Box 17, Lancaster, PA Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA South 4th St., Champaign, IL East Navajo Dr., West Lafayette, IN North Riverside Dr., Iowa City, IA Lynn, Ames, IA N. Charles St., Apt. 4, Baltimore, MD Craig, Overland Park, KS P.O, Box 21098, Baton Rouge, LA Lincoln St., Mankato, MN Abbott Rd., East Lansing, MI University Ave., S.E. Minneapolis, MN P.O. Box 8168, University, MS Continental, Harrisonville, MO Kirkwood Dr., Lincoln, NE E. 14th Ave., Columbus, OH Llewellyn Rd., Summit, NJ N.W. 13th St., Corvallis, OR Locust Lane, State College, PA Fraternity Circle, Kingston, Rl Mildred St., Lafayette, LA Phi Kappa Psi, P.O, Box 9989, Stanford, CA College PI., Syracuse, NY Longview, Austin, TX Robinwood, Toledo, OH Green Braes East Dr., Indianapolis, IN N.E, 47th Ave,, Seattle, WA E, Washington St., Lexington, VA Spruce St., Morgantown, WV Plione Number 216/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi

139 Tennessee Delta 1000th Initiate The Brothers of Tennessee Delta at Vanderbilt University will soon be celebrating the initiation of badge number 1,000, and hereby issue an invitation to all alumni of the Chapter, and Phi Psis in the Nashville area, to join in the festivities. The undergraduates of this outstanding Chapter have worked hard to provide an interesting weekend to commemorate the important milestone in the Chapter's history. Wives and guests are cordially invited. The tentative schedule is as follows: Vanderbilt Homecoming Weekend October 30-November /, 1981 Location: The Tennessee Delta Chapter House Corner of 24th Ave. South & Kensington Place Lodging: The Nashville Maxwell House Friday, October 30 Welcoming Dinner Saturday, October 31 Pre-game brunch hosted by undergraduates and alumni Vandy Homecoming Football Game Vanderbilt vs. Memphis State -Banquet at Maxwell House Band Party at Chapter House Sunday, November I Initiation (Brothers only) Dinner For further details and reservations contact: Howell Russ, Chairman 1000th Initiate Committee Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity Vanderbilt University Box 1730-Station B Nashville, TN Phone: 615/

140 1 ^Balfour, The recognized leader in recognizing people. Please write quantity in box. H Please send order form r-, 11 ij */ ««with full payment A. D Replacement Official Badge, lok yellow gold... $65.00, (checks made out to Phi D Replacement Official Badge, Balclad ('«o/j-^ow«; : Kappa Psi) to: B. D Plain Sweetheart Pin, lok yellow gold \ D Crown Pearl Sweetheart Pin, lok yellow gold... II5.OO2 D Sweetheart Pin, Crown Pearl with Ruby * points, lok yellow gold 125.OC D Sweetheart Pin, Crown Pearl with Sapphire * i F points, lok yellow gold Name n Sweetheart Pin, Crown Pearl with Garnet' points, lok yellow gold Street G. D Official Recognition Button, Balclad 5.00 : H. D 10 Year Member Button, City/State/Zip Code Bronze finish {notshown) 4.00 D 25 Year Member Button, Silver finish 4.00 D 50 Year Member Button, Gold finish {notshown) 4.00 j I. D Official Ring, lok yellow gold \ Official Ring, lok white gold (notshown) ; D Official Ring, Sterling "iavzi {notshown) j Ring Size: * Indicates simulated stones. ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. j Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity 510 Lockerbie Street Indianapolis, IN 46202

141 THE OF PHI KAPFy\ PSI FRATERNITY INDEX TO VOLUME 101/ Acheson Award, Stephen, 68 Adatepe, Edward A., photo, 130 Alsup, Joel C, photo, 130 Alumni Newsletters, 46-48, Alumni Support Program Contribution Record, 116 American Dream, The, 62 Animal House Revisited, 64 Average Chapter Size, 112 Bell, Alexander L., photo, 131 Billy, Jay, photo, 72 Birchett, Steve T, photo, 131 Blongewicz, Jon A., photo, 130 Bobrinskoy, Charles K., photo, 131 Boespflug, Brian L., photo, 131 Boyd, John K., Ill, photo, 12 Brandt, Jerome, E, photo, 130 Bryson, Lewis M., Ill, photo, 131 Bucciarelli, John A., photo, 131 Burke, John A., photos, 9, 11 Burzese, Alfred A., Jr., photo, 130 Caire, John, HI, photo, 131 California Eta, photos, 25, 26, 75 California lota, photos, 7, 75 Campbell, Brian L., photo, 130 Chamberlain, Robert W. (Sandy), photos, 11, 12 Chapter Consultants, photo, 7 Chapter Consultant Position Available, 106 Chapter Eternal, 18-19, 103, 136 Chapter Newsletters 22-46, Chrestionson, Keith 1., photo, 131 Cinamon, Seth L., photo, 131 Coplen, Douglas E., photos, 128, 131 Cornelius, Mrs. Cecelia, photo, 7 Cozad, Gregory D., photo, 131 Curry, Patrick G., photo, 131 Curtis, Lane P., photo, 130 Dahlke, Douglas S., photo, 130 Daniel, Ralph D. "Dud", photos, 10, 11 DeDio, Robert M., photo, 130 Dick, Mike, photo, 82 Directory, 49-50, Donnell, John R., Jr., photos, 6, 12 Duffy, Patrick J., Ill, photo, 130 B D GENERAL INDEX Eckenrode, Scott R., photo, 130 Edict of the Executive Council of Phi Kappa Psi, An, 16 Elliott, Mark W., photo, 128 EUiott, Robert R., photo, 8, 10 Engle, James A., photo, 128 Evans, Robert B., photo, Club, 111 Flynn, Jeffrey P., photo, 130 Forthofer, Charles X, photo, 130 Fossum, Scott J., photo, 130 Founders Day 1981, 51 Founders Fellows, 128 Founders Order, 119 Fraternity Headquarters, Fraternity Headquarters, photo, 8 Friend, Dr. Earl W., Jr., photo, 8 From Here and There, 20 From the Archives, 117 GAC Award Table, photo, 7 GAC Award Winners, 11, 12 GAC 1980, Phi Psi at the Crossroads, 6 GAC Registration, 13, 15 Garbe, Ernest H., photo, 10 Geib, Chris A., photo, 131 Gullbrand, Carl E., photo, 131 Hallquist, Mark C, photo, 130 Harrington, Michael J., photo, 130 Harris, Neil I., photo, 130 Hertha, Douglas J., photo, 130 Honor Roll of Contributors, 118, Hovendick, Kirk D., photo, 131 Illinois Delta, Class of '55, photos, 30, Illinois Delta Homecoming Reunion, 66 Indiana Epsilon, photos, 9, 43 Indiana Zeta, photo, 12 Introduction to Annual Report, 110 H Jacobs, Michael R., photo, 131 I E Jacobson, Kirk L., photo, 128 James, Tom, photo, 11 K Kane, Gerald K., photo, 13 Kansas Alpha, photo, 33 Kilmer, Mark C, photo, 130 Lapuyade, Keith D., photo, 130 Lawrence, Ruddick C, photo, 10 Lazicky, Gregory E., photo, 131 Lee, Mark W., photo, 130 Lentz, James D., photo, 131 Letters to the Editor, 117 Lillie, Mark S., photo, 131 Link, Dr. Goethe Link, photo, 12 Loughead, Michael R., photo, 131 Lundeen, Brian E., photo, 131 M Mangan, Patrick J., photo, 131 McNeal, Robert B., photo, 130 Meetings, 115 Membership, Meyer, Christopher P., photo, 131 Michael, Timothy L., photo, 131 Minnesota Beta Chapter House, photos, 3, 50 Minnesota Beta Phi Psi Brotherhood Rekindled, 3 Mississippi Alpha, photo, 34 Mouser, Dr. Robert W., photo, 8, 45 Nebraska Alpha, photo, 35 New York Beta, photo, 42 Nichols, Terry W., photo, 131 Nieslawski, Steve, photo, Alumni Support, GAC, photos, Summerfield Scholars, Odell, Phillip S., photo, 130 Oechsel, Michael J., photos, 128, Club, 112 Ohio Alpha, photo, 87 Ohio Delta, photo, 86 Ohio Lambda, photo, 36, 84 N O

142 )hio Zeta, photo, 12 )ng, Richard E., photo, 8 )rder for the '80's, 118 )rder of the Golden Shield, , 135 )regon Alpha Chapter Home, photo, 57 )regon Beta, photo, 10 )regon Beta pledges, photo, 38 )zdemir, Phillip N., photo, 130 Recommend A Rushee, 70, 138 Reed, Bob, photo, 39 Regnier, Richard O., photo, 8 Rhode Island Beta, photo, 90 Richards, Michael L., photo, 130 Rush A Renewable Resource, R Texas Alpha, photo, 10 Top 10 Initiates, 113 Top 10 Pledges, 113 Total Initiates, 113 Trask, Robert V., photo, 8 Trazkovich, Laszlo R., photo, 130 Troncoso, Jose C, photo, 130 Tutors-in-Residence, 129 'eirce, Steve A., photo, 131 Pennsylvania Epsilon, photo, 10 Pennsylvania Zeta, photo, 39 'hi Kappa Psi Statement on Fraternity Education, The, 17 'hi Psi Authors, 17, 80, 'hi Psi Buyers Guide, 45, 52-54, 60-61, 'hi Psi in the Heart of Country, 69 'hi Psi Luncheons, 21, 99, 136 'hi Psi Perspective From the Road, The, 55 Juarles, Robert P., photo, 130 Scanlon, John M., photo, 130 Serigraph, Limited Edition, 105 Shaw, Robert S., Jr., photo, 131 Sheppard, Walter Lee, Jr., photo, 7 Shirley, William A., photo, 131 Siegrist, Camden P., photo, 131 Smith, Michael S., photo, 130 Snow, Mrs. Melba, photo, 8 South Carolina Alumni Association, photo, 40 Steurer, Andrew M., photo, 130 Stoll, John D., photo, 131 Tears, Nelson C, photo, 130 Ten, Brian D., photo, 131 Tennessee Delta 1000th Initiate, 139 Tennessee Epsilon, photo, 92 Urban, Dr. Theodore J., photo, 12 Virginia Beta Burning Fund Highlights 125th year, 19 Vlahos, Christopher J., photo, 130 Vogt, Mrs. Christine, photo, 8 U V W West Virginia Alpha, photos, 45, 95 What the GAC Did, 15 Wiederholt, James R., photo, 130 Wisconsin Gamma Chapter Home, photo, 59 Wisconsin Gamma 100 Years at Beloit, 59 Vkron, University of, 71 Uabama, University of, 22 ^Jlegheny College, 22, 71 Arizona Alumni Association, 46, 96 mzona. University of, 22, 71 mzona State, 22, 71 Arkansas, University of, 23, 72 k.shland College, 23, 72 auburn University, 23, 73 teloit College, 24, 73 lirmingham Alumni Association, 46, 96 lowling Green State Univ., 24, 73 lucknell University, 73 iutler University, 24, 74 Jorthern California Alumni Assoc, 46 outhern California Alumni Assoc, 96 California, Univ. of Berkeley, 25, 74 California, Univ. of Davis, 25, 74 California, Univ. of Los Angeles, 25, 74 California Poly, 26, 75 California State Northridge, 26, 76 Case Western Reserve, 76 Chicago Alumni Association, 46, 96 Cleveland Alumni Association, 47, 97 Colgate University, 27, 76 Colorado, University of, 27, 77 Columbia University, 77 Cornell University, 28, 77 Creighton University, 28»ePauw University, 28, 77 etroit Alumni Association, 47 lickinson College, 28, 78 luke University, 29, 78 astern New Mexico Univ., 29, 78 NEWSLETTERS Chapte rs, Colonies and Alumni Associations Florida, University of, 79 Franklin & Marshall College, 29, 79 Georgia, University of, 29 Gettysburg College, 30, 80 Illinois, University of, 30, 80 Indiana University, 31, 81 Indiana University of Penn., 31, 81 Indianapolis Alumni Association, 97 Iowa, University of, 31, 81 Iowa State, 31, 81 Johns Hopkins University, 32, 82 South Central Kansas Alumni Assoc, 47 Kansas, University of, 32, 82 Lafayette College, 32, 83 Louisiana State, 33, 83 Mankato State University, 83 Miami University of Ohio, 33, 83 Michiana Alumni Club, 97 Michigan State, 34, 84 Minnesota, University of, 85 Mississippi, University of, 34, 85 Missouri, University of, 34, 85 Monmouth College, 34 Nebraska, University of, 35, 86 Central New York Alumni Assoc, 47 Western New York Alumni Assoc, 97 Northwestern University, 35 Ohio State, 36, 86 Ohio Wesleyan University, 36, 87 Oklahoma, University of, 37, 87 Oklahoma State, 37, 87 Omaha Alumni Association, 97 Oregon, University of, 37, 88 Oregon State, 37, 88 Orlando Alumni Association, 47, 98 Pennsylvania, University of, 88 Pennsylvania State, 38, 89 Portland Alumni Association, 47, 98 Purdue University, 38, 89 Rhode Island Alumni Assoc, 47, 98 Rhode Island, University of, 39, 89 Rider College, 40, 90 Rockford Alumni Association, 98 South Carolina Alumni Association, 48, 98 South Carohna, University of, 40, 90 Southern California, Univ. of, 40 Southwest Texas State Univ., 41, 90 Southwestern Louisiana State Univ., 41, 91 St. Louis Alumni Association, 48, 98 Stanford University, 41, 91 Syracuse University, 41, 91 Tennessee, University of, 42, 91 Central Texas Alumni Assoc, 48, 99 Texas, University of, 42, 92 Texas Tech University, 43, 92 Toledo, University of, 43, 92 Tucson Alumni Club, 99 Valparaiso University, 43, 93 Virginia, University of, 93 Virginia Polytechnic State Univ., 94 Wabash College, 44, 94 Washington, University of, 94 Washington & Jefferson College, 94 Washington & Lee University, 44, 95 West Virginia, University of, 45, 95 Wittenberg University, 45, 96

143 Adair, William A., 137 Adler, Edward, 103 Ahlstrom, Lorenz J., 18 Akana, Raymond M., 137 Albright, William F., 18 Allen, David R., 103 Allen, Marion S., 137 AUshouse, Charles V., 136 Alstrin, Lowell R., 103 Amaro, Joseph A., Jr., 137 Anderson, Hjalmar S., 103 Anderson, Joseph H., 137 Anderson, Robert E., 19 Anderson, William H., 18 Andrews, Leonard, 19 Andrews, John M., 18 Andrews, William G., 137 Anthony, Theodore W., 136 Applegate, Thomas W, 137 Arnold, Randolph M., 103 Ashford, Howard J., Jr., 137 Austin, Jack C, 137 Bald, Nicholas R., 137 Barden, John K., 137 Barker, Donald R., 19 Barnes, Winfred C, 18 Barr, Jeffrey H., 137 Bates, Carleton G., 103 Bauder, Elmer L., 19 Baur, Howard C, 18 Bayly, John M., 137 Bear, Ivin S., 18 Bear, Robert G., 103 Beavens, Jerry, 137 Bell, Robert L., 18 Bellows, Charles F, 103 Bender, David J., 137 Benedict, Charles A., 18 Bennett, Francis M., Jr., 18 Bicknell, Edgar H., 137 Bidwell, HarlodE, 136 Bird, Donald P., 137 Bishop, Mars P., 137 Blaine, Edward W, 103 Blackman, William J., 18 Boeke, Michael, 19 Bomkamp, David, 19 Bostwick, Edgar I., 137 Bosworth, Daniel E., 19 Bottino, Louis, 18 Bowman, Herbert L., 103 Bowser, Edward R., 18 Boyer, Samuel H., 137 Brown, Stanley C, 137 Broomfield, Raymond A., Jr. 137 Bruton, Bennett L., 137 Buell, Thomas R., 18 Buhler, Watson F, 18 Buting, Clarence H., 137 Burgess, Carlyle W., 18 Buschmann, C. Serverin, 18 Byrne, Leslie O., 137 Caffey, Richard F., 19 Cahill, Robert W., 137 Caldwell, Ross G., 136 Campbell, Walter B., 18 IN CHAPTER ETERNAL Cannon, Henry T, 137 Carter, Thomas V., 103 Cashman, Charles W., Jr., 137 Causey, George F, 137 Chapman, Paul E., 103 Charters, John P., 18 Clark, Byron M., 137 Clark, Horace M., 103 Clark, John R. (Jack), 137 Clyde, Samuel D., Jr., 18 Cole, Charles E., Jr., 19 Colmery, Andrew W, 18 Conner, Lewis C, 136 Conner, Richard E, 137 Coogan, James T, 19 Cook, Cecil N., 103 Cook, Donald R., 137 Cook, Everett E., 18 Cook, Robert W., 137 Cooke, Maurice B., 136 Cornman, James W., 137 Corsetti, Donald B., 103 Courtney, John R., 18 Crabill, John J., 137 Crandell, Martin C, 103 Crisler, Col. Herbert L., 103 Crist, Chester E., 103 Cruikshank, Charles L., 136 Davis, David F., 137 Davis, John J., Jr., 18 Deacon, John C, 19 Deckert, George F, 18 Deering, Albert B., Jr., 137 Deets, James E., 19 delima, David, 137 Denison, Lonnis, 136 Deuschle, William F., 137 Dietrich, Harry E, 18 Dillon, Donald X, 137 Donnell, Edward E, Jr., 137 Dosser, Robert N., Jr., 18 Dow, John W, 18 Dunne, Robert J., 103 Earickson, Richard K., Jr., 19 Eaton, Walter L., 137 Eaves, Elliott W, 137 Edwards, David L., 19 EUiott, George E, Jr., 137 EUis, David W, 137 Emanuel, D. Victor, 103 Emison, John R., 18 Emmons, Richard C, 103 Ensor, Albert R., 137 Evans, Carlos W., 18 Faulknor, Allan D., 19 Ferris, PhUip J., 137 Field, WiUiam J., II, 137 Fitz-Gerald, Gerald, 103 Ford, Dr. William K., 137 Foster, Louis A., 103 Frankhouser, Elmer W, 137 Fuller, Frederick, 136 Furman, Fred J., Jr., 18 Fusia, Dr. Donald A., 103 Gallaway, Carl B., 18 Gallenkamp, George V., 103 Gardner, Spencer D., 19 Gedney, Austin H., 18 Gibson, Rev. R. Brooke, 137 Glover, George R., 103 Goddard, Warren J., 137 Gorham, Ira B., 136 Graffenberg, Harold H., 137 Graham, James C, 137 Graham, Norris J., 103 Grant, David G., 103 Grassett, D. Bligh, 18 Graves, Harry H., 18 Greenleaf, Dr. Arthur I., 136 Greenough, Kimball, 137 Greer, Clarence R., 137 Gring, David E., Jr., 18 Hackstaff, Frank B., 137 Hale, Richards, 136 Halstead, WiUiam E., 136 Hamilton, Dr. Thomas H., 18 Hamlin, Maurice E., 137 Hammond, Lt. Col. William N., 103 Hanover, Don C, Jr., 137 Hargraves, Benton R., 137 Harman, Donald E., 137 Harner, Henry E., 103 Haskins, John E Hayden, Donald B., 137 Hayes, Jay M., 137 Hazlett, Robert L., 103 Hearon, Fanning M., 137 Heberhng, John H., 137 Henney, Richard B., 19 Henninger, Myrle F, 137 Hentschel, Vernon W, 103 Hershey, Carleton P., 103 Hibbert, Jack C, 137 Hickey, James C, Jr., 19 Hinman, Charlton J., 137 Hinner, Elmer F, 19 Hodges, Gregory E., 18 Hodgson, John S., 18 Holcomb, Charles E., 137 Holsinger, Chester W, 19 Horn, Walter B., 18 Horton, Clifford E., 137 Howard, William B., 137 Howes, Frank B., 137 Humes, Rudy J., 137 Huntley, James B., 19 Hutchings, George E., 18 Ingram, Karl C, 18 Jackson, Alan K., 137 Jackson, J. Nelson, 18 Jacobsen, Frank S., 137 James, Roy N., 137 Jeanne, Charles E., 19 Johnson, Raymond H., 103 Johnson, Victor H.P., 103 Johnston, John A., Jr., 18 Jones, David M., 136 Jones, Lawrence B., 18 Jorgensen, Karl M., 19 Judah, Reynolds S., 137 Kaitschuk, WiUiam J., 103 Kaser, Albert, 103

144 Kelsey, Charles E., 103 Kempf, Paul R., 18 Kennon, William N., 103 Kern, Albert E., Jr., 137 Kerr, William L., 137 Kettlestrings, Joseph H., 137 Klein, Arnold G., 137 Klepser, John M., 18 Kolb, Allen E., 103 Krumm, Robert E., 18 Kylen, Jack O., 19 Laadt, Dr. John R., 137 Lake, Lester, A., 18 Lamar, Robert F, 103 Lament, John T, 103 Lane, Dan R., 103 Larcher, Robert L., 103 Larimer, Robert O., 137 Larsen, Lawrence R., 137 Lawson, David E., 103 Leffler, WiUiam W, 18 Leininger, Hugh C, 103 Lemler, Julius A., 103 Leonard, Edward D., Jr., 137 Leslie, Edward A., 18 Lind, Muir W., 136 Link, Geothe, 103 Maersch, John M., 137 Malan, Gordon T, 103 Manser, Harold M., 137 Marlow, George H., 137 Marsh, Paul O., 137 Martin, Drew R., 137 Mattius, Donald R., 18 Mayes, Thomas K., 103 McClain, Raymond W., 18 McClure, RusseU S., 103 McCorison, Orrin S., 137 McCrindle, Gordon, 136 McEntee, PhiUp W., 137 McFarland, James T, 137 McGonigle, Lawrence E., 137 McGreer, John T, Jr., 103 Messner, Leon M., 137 MUes, Jeffrey L., 19 Miller, Harry B., 103 MUler, Ronald L., 137 MiUs, Richard E, 137 Mills, Willard C, Jr., 136 Moeller, Walter E, 137 Molt, Frederick M., 137 Moore, Robert G., 136 Morris, Kyle R., 137 Morrow, Charles H., 137 Morse, Dr. Frank P., 137 MueUer, Walter C, 103 Mumaw, James M., 18 Murdock, WiUiam P., 18 Murphy, Joseph A., 136 Myers, Frank W, Jr., 19 Myers, Waldo R., 103 Neale, Harold H., Jr., 19 Neff, Paul W., 103 Newcomer, Howard E., 103 Newton, Edward E., 103 Nicholas, George L., 137 Nield, Kenneth E., 103 Noble, William F, 103 Nugent, Elliott, 18 Nugent, William J., Jr., 103 Nuzum, Dr. Thomas O., 137 O'ConneU, Jackson E., 137 O'Rourke, John B., Jr, 137 Pabst, George H., Jr., 137 Paisley, Lewis C, 18 Palmer, Robert H., 137 Pancerey, Alan, 19 Patterson, Harry B., 136 Patton, William H., 137 Pearson, Evan D., 18 Perry, Marcus T, Jr., 137 Peterson, James M., 19 Peterson, Philip N., 18 Phelan, Peter J., 137 Phelps, Harvey J., 136 Potter, Phillip H., 103 Powers, David P., Jr., 137 Pypes, Walter W, 137 Racey, Charles R., 137 Radebaugh, Cushman S., 18 Randall, Blanchard, Jr., 103 Rankin, Walter M., 18 Rau, Thomas R., 137 Rebuck, Charles L., 103 Reed, Edwin L., 137 Reeke, J. Donald, 18 Reider, Edward A., Ill, 103 Reinhart, John, 137 Renfro, Robert K., 18 Rhody, DonneU M., 137 Robicheau, Leon H., Jr., 137 Robinson, Frederick L., 18 Romey, Richard E., 18 Roop, Daniel M., 137 Ruby, J. Craig, 18 Rush, VirgU C, 19 Ryder, LesUe B., 103 Sargeant, French P., 103 Saunders, Thomas F, 103 Schackne, John R., 137 Scharin, Howard H.U., 103 Schmidley, James W., 18 Schrey, Charles M., 19 Secor, Donald X, 137 Sellers, Steele L., 137 Sheldon, Albert L., 18 Shepard, Alan P., 19 Shingle, Gilmer K., 103 Siegwarth, Carl W, 103 Smith, Harold C, 137 Smithmeyer, Frederick P., 18 Spangler, Grant W., 137 Sparks, Wilbur R., 137 Spikes, Joseph N., 18 Sprangue, Lavern D., 137 Sproul, Thomas J., 103 Stallings, Eugene M., 136 Steele, Charles H., 136 Stephens, William S., 18 Stevenson, Robert L., 137 Stewart, George E, 137 Stewart, George S., 18 Stockman, John H., 137 Stone, Charles S., 137 Stone, Paul H., Jr., 137 Straub, Elmer R, 18 Sullivan, Frank B., 137 Sullivan, Harry G., 137 Swasey, Henry C, 136 Sykes, Roy O., 103 Symonds, William F, 137 Thigpen, Monroe D., 103 Thompson, J. Hodge, 137 Thompson, James A., 18 Thompson, Joseph X, 136 Thompson, Wenzel S., 137 Thorpe, Kenneth S., 103 Tiemann, Samuel G., 18 Tisdell, Fred W, 18 Torin, Dr. Guy R., 137 Tracy, James B., 18 Traver, George W, 103 Tuttle, Leonard B. 18 Usinger, William E., 137 Vail, Robert C, 137 Valentine, Alan, 18 Van Arsdale, Donald N., 18 Van Sickel, Edward L., 137 Vane, Walter A., 103 Vineyard, Howard W., 137 Vivian, William R., Jr., 103 Voorhees, Enders M., 103 Wadsworth, Ralph D., 136 Wagner, Carlos S., 103 Wagner, Ralph E., 103 Walbridge, Woodburn B., 136 Waldorf, Edmund H., 18 Wallace, Howard B., 103 Weber, Lawrence A., 103 Weisbecker, Charles, III, 137 Wells, James W, 137 West, Jerome, 18 Westbo, James R., 137 Westmen, Horace O., 136 Wilkin, W. Verne, 103 Willard, Samuel H., 103 WUliams, Auvergne, 18 WUson, George M., Jr., 103 Wood, David R., 18 WooUey, James P., 103 Wynne, Angus G., 136 Young, William G., 103 Youngren, William, 103

NSTC COMPETITIVE AREA DEFINITIONS. UIC Naval Service Training Command (NSTC), Great Lakes, IL

NSTC COMPETITIVE AREA DEFINITIONS. UIC Naval Service Training Command (NSTC), Great Lakes, IL NSTC COMPETITIVE AREA DEFINITIONS UIC 00210 Naval Service Training Command (NSTC), Great Lakes, IL UIC 00210 NSTC, N8, Pensacola, FL UIC 0763A Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, IL NSTC Pensacola Programs,

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College Profiles - Navy/Marine ROTC

College Profiles - Navy/Marine ROTC Page 1 of 6 The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps are a team that provides for our national defense. The men and women who serve are called on to provide support at sea, in the air and on land. The Navy-Marine

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National Bureau for Academic Accreditation And Education Quality Assurance


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Sears Directors' Cup Final Standings

Sears Directors' Cup Final Standings 1 Stanford 662.5 5 59.5 2 63.0 4 61.0 3 61.5 1 64.0 57 0.0 54 0.0 971.5 2 North Carolina 565.0 53.0 17 44.5 19 46.0 8 57.0 41 17.5 16 0.0 7 58.0 9 54.5 789.5 3 UCLA 485.5 118.0 7 58.0 1 64.0 5 58.5 3 61.5

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Final Award Listing

Final Award Listing 2012 2013 Final Award Listing INDIVIDUAL ATHLETIC AWARDS: George Trautman Award: Winner: Kyle Cook, Kentucky Alpha-Delta Harmon-Rice-Davis Award: Winner: Grant Poston, Kentucky Alpha-Delta AWARDS OF RECOGNITION:

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National Bureau for Academic Accreditation And Education Quality Assurance ACTUARIAL SCIENCE


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U.S. Psychology. Departments

U.S. Psychology. Departments Table of Contents Department Ratings Links Home U.S. Psychology Distinguished Strong Good Departments This page ranks United States doctoral programs in psychology based on the 1995 study conducted by

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Employment Outcomes, New York / Metro NYC Law Schools

Employment Outcomes, New York / Metro NYC Law Schools State and % employed Univ of Pennsylvania (PA 18%) Employment Outcomes, New York / Metro NYC Law Schools NYU (NY 68%) Duke (NC 11%) Columbia (NY 61%) Cornell (NY 54%) Univ of Virginia (VA 12%) Harvard

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DOCTORAL/RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS RECEIVING FULBRIGHT AWARDS FOR DOCTORAL/RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS RECEIVING FULBRIGHT AWARDS FOR 2015-2016 Those institutions highlighted in blue are listed in the Chronicle of Higher Education Institution State Grants Applications Harvard

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ANNUAL AWARD WINNERS FOR THE 2017 CALENDAR YEAR ANNUAL AWARD WINNERS FOR THE 2017 CALENDAR YEAR Undergraduate Chapter Awards Baker Cup Awarded to the chapter which most effectively focuses attention upon religious, ethical, and social service activities

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US News and World Report Rankings Graduate Economics Programs Ranked in 2001

US News and World Report Rankings Graduate Economics Programs Ranked in 2001 The following list reports the rankings done in 1995 by William H. Kaempfer and Chao Jing of the University of Colorado at Boulder. Their list compiles six earlier studies into an aggregate ranking. Rankings

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41/95/2 Student Affairs ATO Chapters Chapter Composites File,

41/95/2 Student Affairs ATO Chapters Chapter Composites File, 41/95/2 Student Affairs ATO Chapters Chapter Composites File, 1867-2015 Note: Due to preservation considerations, pre-1950 and modern composites have been separated. Please be aware that older composites

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The MetLife Market Survey of Nursing Home & Home Care Costs September 2004

The MetLife Market Survey of Nursing Home & Home Care Costs September 2004 The MetLife Market Survey of Nursing Home & Home Care Costs September 2004 Mature Market Institute The MetLife Mature Market Institute is the company s information and policy resource center on issues

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FBI Field Offices. Louisville Division Room Martin Luther King Jr. Place Louisville, Kentucky (502)

FBI Field Offices. Louisville Division Room Martin Luther King Jr. Place Louisville, Kentucky (502) FBI Field Offices Alabama Kentucky North Dakota Birmingham Division Room 1400 2121 8 th Ave. North Birmingham, Alabama 35203-2396 (205) 326-6166 Mobile Division One St. Louis Street, 3 rd Floor Mobile,

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Listed below are the states in which GIFT has registered to solicit charitable donations and includes the registration number assigned by each state.

Listed below are the states in which GIFT has registered to solicit charitable donations and includes the registration number assigned by each state. Listed below are the states in which GIFT has registered to solicit charitable donations and includes the registration number assigned by each state. Alabama: AL16-188 Consumer Protection 501 Washington

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NSSE 2013 Selected Comparison Groups

NSSE 2013 Selected Comparison Groups NSSE 2013 Selected Groups IPEDS: 170082 Customized Groups NSSE 2013 Selected Groups Interpreting Your Report The NSSE Institutional Report displays core survey results for your students alongside those

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Austin Peay State University. Birmingham-Southern College Bridgewater State University Bryant University California State University, San Marcos

Austin Peay State University. Birmingham-Southern College Bridgewater State University Bryant University California State University, San Marcos The chapters listed below took in their full complement (3% of FSL community), or more than 75 new members during the 2016-2017 academic year, and are eligible to have 3 members apply for our Fall Please

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CHAPTER CHAPTER DUES CANDIDATE & NEW REGULAR RETIRED DESIGNEE DUES Listed below are the chapter dues associated with each member type. Chapter dues pricing is set by each chapter and is subject to change. CHAPTER CHAPTER DUES CANDIDATE & NEW REGULAR RETIRED Alabama Central

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REPORT ON THE STATUS OF FACULTY SALARIES AT KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY Attachment 1 REPORT ON THE STATUS OF FACULTY SALARIES AT KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY Prepared by the Office of Planning & Analysis June 2009 Staff: Kelli Cox, Director Nancy Baker, Computer Information Specialist

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P-Cards on Campus 2016 Attendee List A.title A.school A.city A.state

P-Cards on Campus 2016 Attendee List A.title A.school A.city A.state Account Manager, Amazon Business Amazon Business Seattle WA Accountant Johnson County Community College Overland Park KS Accountant Northwestern University Evanston IL Accountant Polk State College Winter

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Dashboard. Campaign for Action. Welcome to the Future of Nursing:

Dashboard. Campaign for Action. Welcome to the Future of Nursing: Welcome to the Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action Dashboard About This Dashboard: These graphs and charts show goals by which the Campaign evaluates its efforts to implement recommendations in the

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U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association

U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association Men Arizona State University Belmont University Binghamton University Boston University Bradley University Brigham Young University Brown University Bucknell University Central Michigan University Colgate

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Compensation Data Colleges & Universities Participant List

Compensation Data Colleges & Universities Participant List Compensation Data Colleges & Universities 2017 Participant List 2017 National Participant List Arizona State University - Tempe, AZ Auburn University - Auburn, AL Auburn University - Fairhope, AL Auburn

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Ethnic Studies Asst 55, ,755-2, ,111 4,111

Ethnic Studies Asst 55, ,755-2, ,111 4,111 A&S Prof 99,202 163 112,307-13,105-11.67 2,136,071 2,210,459 Asso 69,100 115 74,200-5,101-6.87 586,572 648,916 Asst 60,014 78 62,194-2,181-3.51 170,088 256,767 Total 80,892 356 89,017-8,126-9.13 2,892,731

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All-Time College Football. Attendance. All-Time NCAA Attendance. Annual Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) Attendance. Annual Total NCAA Attendance

All-Time College Football. Attendance. All-Time NCAA Attendance. Annual Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) Attendance. Annual Total NCAA Attendance Attendance Records All-Time College Football Attendance... 2 All-Time NCAA Attendance... 2 Annual Conference Attendance Leaders... 3 Largest Regular-Season Crowds... 10 2012 Attendance... 11 Annual Team

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2017 Competitiveness REDBOOK. Key Indicators of North Carolina s Business Climate

2017 Competitiveness REDBOOK. Key Indicators of North Carolina s Business Climate 2017 Competitiveness REDBOOK Key Indicators of North Carolina s Business Climate 2017 Competitiveness REDBOOK The North Carolina Chamber Foundation works to promote the social welfare of North Carolina

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North Carolina Central University Contact Information for Filing Student Complaints

North Carolina Central University Contact Information for Filing Student Complaints North Carolina Central University Contact Information for Filing Student Complaints Please click on the appropriate state for information regarding the process for filing a student complaint within the

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Outlook for. Year in Review.  ACADEMICS I LEADERSHIP I CHAPTER EXCELLENCE I HERITAGE 2010-2011 Year in Review & Outlook for 2011 2012 ACADEMICS I LEADERSHIP I CHAPTER EXCELLENCE I HERITAGE Reflecting on this past year we have to admit, it wasn t a good year for Chi Phi. Thanks to the support

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APPENDIX c WEIGHTS AND MEASURES OFFICES OF THE UNITED STATES APPENDIX c..... :.................:...... LIST OF, COMMONWEALTH, AND DISTRICT WEIGHTS AND MEASURES OFFICES OF THE UNITED S This list of State, Commonwealth, and District Weights and Measures Offices provides

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Decline Admission to Boston College Law School Fall 2018

Decline Admission to Boston College Law School Fall 2018 Decline Admission to Boston College Law School Fall 2018 We are sorry to hear that you will not be attending Boston College Law School. Please complete and submit this form to formally decline your admission

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The following Final Actions were taken by the CCNE Board of Commissioners at its meeting on April 28-30, 2015.

The following Final Actions were taken by the CCNE Board of Commissioners at its meeting on April 28-30, 2015. The following Final Actions were taken by the CCNE Board of Commissioners at its meeting on April 28-30, 2015. UPDATED - June 11, 2015 Initial Accreditation Accredited Program(s) Abilene Christian University

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CSCAA NCAA Division I Scholar All-America Teams

CSCAA NCAA Division I Scholar All-America Teams College Swimming Coaches Association of America- For Immediate Release March 5, 2014 Contact: Joel Shinofield, Executive Director (540) 460-6563; joel@cscaa.org CSCAA NCAA Division I Scholar All-America

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Mike DeSimone's 2006 College Football Division I-A Top 119 Ratings Bowl Schedule

Mike DeSimone's 2006 College Football Division I-A Top 119 Ratings Bowl Schedule 2006/2007 College Football Games Page 1 of 8 Mike DeSimone's 2006 College Football Division I-A Top 119 Ratings Schedule Predictions Last Modified: Tuesday, 12, 2006 Record: 0 Correct 0 Incorrect (%) Download

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Online Job Demand Up 169,000 in August, The Conference Board Reports

Online Job Demand Up 169,000 in August, The Conference Board Reports News Release For further information: Frank Tortorici (212) 339-0231 Gad Levanon (212) 339-0317 June Shelp (212) 339-0369 For Immediate Release 10:00 AM ET, Monday, August 31, 2009 Release #5362 Online

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CONNECTICUT: ECONOMIC FUTURE WITH EDUCATIONAL REFORM CONNECTICUT: ECONOMIC FUTURE WITH EDUCATIONAL REFORM This file contains detailed projections and information from the article: Eric A. Hanushek, Jens Ruhose, and Ludger Woessmann, It pays to improve school

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Fiscal Year Tuition and Fee Comparisons for UNC Peer Institutions

Fiscal Year Tuition and Fee Comparisons for UNC Peer Institutions Fee Comparisons and 1 California State University at Fresno $2,933 $13,103 2 California State University at Chico $3,370 $13,540 3 Appalachian State University $3,436 $13,178 4 Georgia Southern University

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Online Job Demand Down 83,200 in October, The Conference Board Reports

Online Job Demand Down 83,200 in October, The Conference Board Reports News Release For further information: Frank Tortorici (212) 339-0231 Gad Levanon (212) 339-0317 June Shelp (212) 339-0369 For Immediate Release 10:00 AM ET, Monday, November 2, 2009 Release #5378 Online

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Ethnic Studies Asst 54, ,315-3, ,229 6,229. Gen Honors/UC Asso 64, ,402-4, ,430 24,430

Ethnic Studies Asst 54, ,315-3, ,229 6,229. Gen Honors/UC Asso 64, ,402-4, ,430 24,430 A&S Prof 99,280 157 110,954-11,674-10.52 1,832,807 2,010,866 Asso 70,144 112 73,921-3,777-5.11 422,998 603,376 Asst 60,165 82 62,465-2,300-3.68 188,570 269,597 Total 80,845 351 87,809-6,964-7.93 2,444,375

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Online Job Demand Up 255,000 in December, The Conference Board Reports

Online Job Demand Up 255,000 in December, The Conference Board Reports News Release For further information: Frank Tortorici (212) 339-0231 Gad Levanon (212) 339-0317 June Shelp (212) 339-0369 For Immediate Release 10:00 AM ET, Wednesday, January 6, 2010 Release #5397 Online

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Saudi Government Scholarship Program - USA. Statistical Presentation For Student Enrollment in US Universities As of February 2007

Saudi Government Scholarship Program - USA. Statistical Presentation For Student Enrollment in US Universities As of February 2007 Saudi Government Scholarship Program - USA Statistical Presentation For Student Enrollment in US Universities As of February 2007 Distribution of Saudi Students by Region & Institution Number of Saudi

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TROJAN SEXUAL HEALTH REPORT CARD. The Annual Rankings of Sexual Health Resources at American Colleges and Universities. TrojanBrands.

TROJAN SEXUAL HEALTH REPORT CARD. The Annual Rankings of Sexual Health Resources at American Colleges and Universities. TrojanBrands. TROJAN SEXUAL HEALTH The Annual Rankings of Sexual Health Resources at American Colleges and Universities PRESENTED BY TOP 10 1 UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA 2 OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY 3 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN

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Online Job Demand Up 106,500 in November, The Conference Board Reports

Online Job Demand Up 106,500 in November, The Conference Board Reports News Release For further information: Frank Tortorici (212) 339-0231 Gad Levanon (212) 339-0317 June Shelp (212) 339-0369 For Immediate Release 10:00 AM ET, Wednesday, December 2, 2009 Release #5390 Online

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Candidate Application

Candidate Application Candidate Application Planned CPCU Completion Date (Month and Year): Name: Employer: Position/Title: Preferred Mailing Address: Preferred Address? q Home q Office Preferred Phone: Is Preferred? q Home

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Case 1: 2/26/2015 Case 2: 5/28/2015 Case 3: 7/23/2015 Case 4: 7/23/2015 CA UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA-BERKELEY

Case 1: 2/26/2015 Case 2: 5/28/2015 Case 3: 7/23/2015 Case 4: 7/23/2015 CA UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA-BERKELEY List of sexual violence investigations open at the postsecondary level including the dates the specific investigations were initiated. As of April 20, 2016, there are 224 sexual violence cases under investigation

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The Conference Board Reports Online Job Demand Drops 507,000 in December

The Conference Board Reports Online Job Demand Drops 507,000 in December News Release For further information: Frank Tortorici (212) 339-0231 Gad Levanon (212) 339-0317 June Shelp (212) 339-0369 For Immediate Release 10:00 AM ET, Wednesday, January 7, 2009 The Conference Board

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District 86 College Fair April 19, 2018 Hinsdale South High School

District 86 College Fair April 19, 2018 Hinsdale South High School Albion College Alma College Alverno College American Academy of Art Andrews University Aquinas College Arizona University Augustana College Aurora University Ball University Baylor University Belmont University

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List of Association of American Universities (AAU) Member Institutions

List of Association of American Universities (AAU) Member Institutions List of Association of American Universities (AAU) Member Institutions 1997/98 PUBLIC University of Arizona - Tucson University of California - System Administration University of California - Berkeley

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Illinois Higher Education Executive Compensation Analysis

Illinois Higher Education Executive Compensation Analysis Illinois Higher Education Executive Analysis July 2015 Illinois Board of Higher Education Notes on sources and methods: The peer information used in this analysis was obtained from the Chronicle of Higher

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Table 2 Overall Heterodox-Adjusted Rankings for Ph.D.-Granting Institutions in Economics

Table 2 Overall Heterodox-Adjusted Rankings for Ph.D.-Granting Institutions in Economics ing Economics Departments in a Contested Discipline 23 Heterodox-Adjusted ings for Ph.D.-Granting Institutions in Economics ) ) Harvard U 43 1 (1) 5.47 1 (1) UC Berkeley 56 2 (2) 4.08 4 (4) Princeton U

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Single Family Loan Sale ( SFLS )

Single Family Loan Sale ( SFLS ) Single Family Loan Sale 2015-1 ( SFLS 2015-1) U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Sales Results Summary Bid Date: July 16, 2015 Seller: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Transaction

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College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences College of Arts and Sciences The Actuarial Science Program at Maryville is recognized by the Society of Actuaries (SOA) as an Advanced Undergraduate Program. In the preparation of young professionals,

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FDP Expanded Clearinghouse Participants (as of February 8, 2018)

FDP Expanded Clearinghouse Participants (as of February 8, 2018) Arizona State University Augusta University Research Institute, Inc. Ball State University Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope Boston College Boston University (Charles River Campus) Boston

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For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5486

For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5486 News Release Follow The Conference Board For further information: Carol Courter 212 339-0232 / courter@conference-board.org Release #5486 For Immediate Release 10:00 AM ET, Monday January 31, 2011 Online

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NSSE 2017 Selected Comparison Groups Ohio University

NSSE 2017 Selected Comparison Groups Ohio University NSSE 2017 Selected Groups IPEDS: 204857 About This Report Groups The NSSE Institutional Report displays core survey results for your students alongside those of three s. In May, your institution was invited

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For further information: Carol Courter / Release #6016. Online Job Ads Decreased 69,300 in April

For further information: Carol Courter / Release #6016. Online Job Ads Decreased 69,300 in April News Release Follow The Conference Board For further information: Carol Courter 212-339-0232 / courter@conference-board.org Release #6016 For Immediate Release 10:00 AM ET, Wednesday, May 2, 2018 Online

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University of Maryland-Baltimore County

University of Maryland-Baltimore County Selected Comparison Groups August 2008 Reviewing Your NSSE 2008 Selected Comparison Groups Report NSSE participants are able to customize their Institutional Reports by tailoring up to three comparison

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Application for Retired Member Status

Application for Retired Member Status Application for Retired Member Status Name: CPCU ID#: Home Address: City, State, Zip: Home Phone: Email Address: Regular Retired Members Members who have reached age 62 and are retired from full and active

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For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5952. Online Job Ads Increased 195,600 in May

For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5952. Online Job Ads Increased 195,600 in May News Release Follow The Conference Board For further information: Carol Courter 212-339-0232 / courter@conference-board.org Release #5952 For Immediate Release 10:00 AM ET, Wednesday, May 31, 2017 Online

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For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5990. Online Job Ads Increased 229,700 in December

For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5990. Online Job Ads Increased 229,700 in December News Release Follow The Conference Board For further information: Carol Courter 212-339-0232 / courter@conference-board.org Release #5990 For Immediate Release 10:00 AM ET, Wednesday, January 3, 2018 Online

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For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5942. Online Job Ads Increased 102,000 in March

For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5942. Online Job Ads Increased 102,000 in March News Release Follow The Conference Board For further information: Carol Courter 212-339-0232 / courter@conference-board.org Release #5942 For Immediate Release 10:00 AM ET, Wednesday, April 5, 2017 Online

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For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5996. Online Job Ads Increased 1,200 in January

For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5996. Online Job Ads Increased 1,200 in January News Release Follow The Conference Board For further information: Carol Courter 212-339-0232 / courter@conference-board.org Release #5996 For Immediate Release 10:00 AM ET, Wednesday, January 31, 2018

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Online Labor Demand up 232,000 in June

Online Labor Demand up 232,000 in June News Release Follow The Conference Board For further information: Peter Tulupman 212-339-0231 / peter.tulupman@conference-board.org Release #5594 Jonathan Liu 212-339-0257 / jonathan.liu@conference-board.org

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For further information: Carol Courter / Release #6029. Online Job Ads Increased 170,800 in July

For further information: Carol Courter / Release #6029. Online Job Ads Increased 170,800 in July News Release Follow The Conference Board For further information: Carol Courter 212-339-0232 / courter@conference-board.org Release #6029 For Immediate Release 10:00 AM ET, Wednesday, August 1, 2018 Online

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Key Vocabulary Use this space to write key vocabulary words/terms for quick reference later

Key Vocabulary Use this space to write key vocabulary words/terms for quick reference later Block Name Today s Date Due Date Intro to US History & Regions of the United States USII.2c Special Note: page 3 is the Essential Knowledge of this SOL. It is your responsibility to study this information,

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Appalachian State University L500030AppStUBlkVinyl. University of Alabama L500030AlabmaBlkVinyl. Arizona State University L500030ArizStBlkVinyl

Appalachian State University L500030AppStUBlkVinyl. University of Alabama L500030AlabmaBlkVinyl. Arizona State University L500030ArizStBlkVinyl University of Alabama at Birmingham L500030AlaBirBlkVinyl University of Alabama L500030AlabmaBlkVinyl Appalachian State University L500030AppStUBlkVinyl Arizona State University L500030ArizStBlkVinyl University

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For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5963. Online Job Ads Decreased 157,700 in July

For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5963. Online Job Ads Decreased 157,700 in July News Release Follow The Conference Board For further information: Carol Courter 212-339-0232 / courter@conference-board.org Release #5963 For Immediate Release 10:00 AM ET, Wednesday, August 2, 2017 Online

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Adlai E. Stevenson High School December 15, 2017

Adlai E. Stevenson High School December 15, 2017 Adlai E. Stevenson High School December 15, 2017 Student Outcome Statistics Detail Settings: Start Class Year/Grade: class of 2017; End Class Year/Grade: class of 2017 Total White Black Asian Hispanic

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For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5985. Online Job Ads Increased 137,100 in November

For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5985. Online Job Ads Increased 137,100 in November News Release Follow The Conference Board For further information: Carol Courter 212-339-0232 / courter@conference-board.org Release #5985 For Immediate Release 10:00 AM ET, Wednesday, December 6, 2017

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AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION FACULTY SALARIES AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION 1999-2000 FACULTY SALARIES Contents Page Summary Data for 1999-2000 Faculty FTEs by Region Nine-month appointments (Table 1)...2 Twelve-month appointments

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1. The University of Alabama 2. Alvernia University 3. American University 4. Appalachian State University 5. Arcadia University 6.

1. The University of Alabama 2. Alvernia University 3. American University 4. Appalachian State University 5. Arcadia University 6. 1. The University of Alabama 2. Alvernia University 3. American University 4. Appalachian State University 5. Arcadia University 6. Arizona State University 7. The University of Arizona 8. Auburn University

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Drink Mats Grill Mats

Drink Mats Grill Mats Alabama A&M Alabama State Alabama-ALogo 14000 12115 15500 Alabama at Birmingham Alabama at Huntsville Alabama-Elephant Logo 9064 Appalachian State Arizona 10328 Arizona State 10329 Arkansas 14015 12116

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For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5967. Online Job Ads Decreased 125,900 in August

For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5967. Online Job Ads Decreased 125,900 in August News Release Follow The Conference Board For further information: Carol Courter 212-339-0232 / courter@conference-board.org Release #5967 For Immediate Release 10:00 AM ET, Wednesday, August 30, 2017 Online

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Scoring Algorithm by Schiller Industries

Scoring Algorithm by Schiller Industries As of June 28, 2017 MEN'S CUP STANDINGS Points WOMEN'S CUP STANDINGS Points 1. Ohio State 111 1. Stanford 175.5 2. Florida 105 2. USC 129 3. North Carolina 100 3. Florida 87 4. Stanford 94.5 4. Oregon

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For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5980. Online Job Ads Increased 81,500 in October

For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5980. Online Job Ads Increased 81,500 in October News Release Follow The Conference Board For further information: Carol Courter 212-339-0232 / courter@conference-board.org Release #5980 For Immediate Release 10:00 AM ET, Wednesday, November 1, 2017

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For further information: Frank Tortorici: / board.org Release #5458

For further information: Frank Tortorici: / board.org Release #5458 News Release Follow The Conference Board For further information: Frank Tortorici: 212 339 0231 / f.tortorici@conference board.org Release #5458 For Immediate Release 10:00 AM ET, Wednesday, September

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2013 Sexual Health. Report Card. The Annual Rankings of Sexual Health Resources at American Colleges and Universities BRAND CONDOMS

2013 Sexual Health. Report Card. The Annual Rankings of Sexual Health Resources at American Colleges and Universities BRAND CONDOMS BRAND CONDOMS Report Card The Annual Rankings of Resources at American Colleges and Universities TOP 10 Report Card 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Princeton University Columbia University University of Arizona University

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Graduate Schools Class of 2015 Air Force Insitute of Technology Arizona State University Arrhythmia Technologies Institute ATI, Greenville, South

Graduate Schools Class of 2015 Air Force Insitute of Technology Arizona State University Arrhythmia Technologies Institute ATI, Greenville, South Graduate Schools Class of 2015 Air Force Insitute of Technology Arizona State University Arrhythmia Technologies Institute ATI, Greenville, South Carolina Auburn Ball State Boston University Boston University

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Institutions Ineligible for AREA Grants April 2016 March 2017

Institutions Ineligible for AREA Grants April 2016 March 2017 Institutions Ineligible for AREA Grants April 2016 March 2017 See AREA Program Ineligible Institutions website and Part 2, Section III of the Funding Opportunity Announcement for more information about

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Its Effect on Public Entities. Disaster Aid Resources for Public Entities

Its Effect on Public Entities. Disaster Aid Resources for Public Entities State-by-state listing of Disaster Aid Resources for Public Entities AL Alabama Agency http://ema.alabama.gov/ Alabama Portal http://www.alabamapa.org/ AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL Alaska Division of Homeland

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NATIONAL DEBATE TOURNAMENT NATIONAL DEBATE TOURNAMENT Fall 2017 Report Fall 2017 Report PREPARED BY Dr. Jim Hanson Climb the Mountain Speech & Debate Foundation Email: jim@climbthemountain.us Based on the tabroom.com Results Page

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CAIR Conference Anaheim, CA, Nov. 6-9, 2012

CAIR Conference Anaheim, CA, Nov. 6-9, 2012 CAIR 2012 Best Presentation CAIR Conference Anaheim, CA, Nov. 6-9, 2012 John Stanley Institutional Analyst University of Hawaii at Mānoa jstanley@hawaii.edu Presentation Outline What are peers and why

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NATIONAL DEBATE TOURNAMENT NATIONAL DEBATE TOURNAMENT Spring 2017 Report Spring 2017 Report PREPARED BY Dr. Jim Hanson Climb the Mountain Speech & Debate Foundation Email: jim@climbthemountain.us Based on the tabroom.com Results

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MapInfo Routing J Server. United States Data Information

MapInfo Routing J Server. United States Data Information MapInfo Routing J Server United States Data Information Information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of MapInfo or its representatives.

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APRIL 9-11, Team Win Loss Rank

APRIL 9-11, Team Win Loss Rank RESULTS 4.6132 APRIL 9-11, 2015 Pool A (A1) U of California-Berkeley 3 0 Gold (A2) Penn State University 2 1 Silver (A3) University of Alabama 1 2 Bronze (A4) Sam Houston State University 0 3 Copper 1.

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University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities. Organizational Charts

University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities. Organizational Charts University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Organizational Charts November 2011 Centers Attached to University Administrative Offices, such as the President, Vice President, Provost,

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For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5916

For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5916 News Release Follow The Conference Board For further information: Carol Courter 212-339-0232 / courter@conference-board.org Release #5916 For Immediate Release 2:00 PM ET, Monday, November 7, 2016 Online

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For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5931

For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5931 News Release Follow The Conference Board For further information: Carol Courter 212-339-0232 / courter@conference-board.org Release #5931 For Immediate Release 10:00 AM ET, Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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Summer II. Fall I. Spring I Yr Yr Yr Boston MA May 17-Aug 17 x Sep 13- Dec 15 x Jan 17-Apr 26

Summer II. Fall I. Spring I Yr Yr Yr Boston MA May 17-Aug 17 x Sep 13- Dec 15 x Jan 17-Apr 26 I 1. ASHLAND UNIVERSITY Ashland OH Jun 13-Aug 10 Aug 22-Dec 14 Oct -Dec Jan -May BALL STATE UNIVERSITY 2. Muncie IN May 9-Jul 6 Aug 14-Oct 11 Oct 15-Dec 11 Jan 3-Feb 28 BOSTON UNIVERSITY 3. *Enrollment

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For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5862

For further information: Carol Courter / Release #5862 News Release Follow The Conference Board For further information: Carol Courter 212-339-0232 / courter@conference-board.org Release #5862 For Immediate Release 10:00 AM ET, Wednesday, February 3, 2016

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2 All-Time College football Attendance. All-Time NCAA Attendance. Annual Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) Attendance

2 All-Time College football Attendance. All-Time NCAA Attendance. Annual Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) Attendance Attendance Records All-Time College Football Attendance... 2 All-Time NCAA Attendance... 2 Annual Conference Attendance Leaders... 3 Largest Regular-Season Crowds... 10 2009 Attendance... 10 Annual Team

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2015 Major Field Test Comparative Data Guide Major Field Test for Physics

2015 Major Field Test Comparative Data Guide Major Field Test for Physics 2015 Major Field Test Comparative Data Guide Major Field Test for Physics The annual Comparative Data Guide (CDG) contains tables of scaled scores and percentiles for individual student scores and institutional