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2 LEADERS AN APPOINTED OFFICERS OF CHAPTER 158 KOREAN WAR VETERANS COMMANDER Frank Cohee...FlRSR VP Bill McCraney...Secretaryflreasuer Jim Bradford CHAPLIN Red Antolick...ScT AT ARMS Dick Champion...FUND RAISING BillMcCraney...EDlTOR Walt Benton t**i*r*** rirl*t**- tt* ** ***i ***iri*r*- *)$ COMMA$SEB FHF.]IIEE"C*?-SEE jr. $-rrrq "T.F{EF{ e FfC$V,i. _ I o tg E s G (e

3 nllryr CHARETTE MOH Kl+,vA CHAPTER 158 MINUTES OF THE GENERAL MEETING OF JULY 18,2015 THE WR CHAREflE MOH Chapter 158 of the KWVA met this date in the skills room at the Polk County Summerlin Military Academy in Bartow, Florida. Vice Commander McCraney called the meeting to order at 10:35 AM. All Officers were present with the exception of Commander Cohee. There was a quorum of officers and members. The attendance list is attached.in order to expedite the meeting today, the membership voted to wave the prayers and pledge to the flag. The minutes to the meeting of June 20,20L5 were published in the newsletter and approved as pu-blished. Thank you to the Champlons for coffee. INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS There were no guests today. REPORTS 1. Financial: Treasured Jim Bradford gave the report. The current balance is $ A detailed report is attached to these minutes. The report was approved pending audit. 2. Cornespondence: None today 3. Chaplain's Report No present to report. 4. Fundraising Chairman's Report: Bill McCraney reminded that out fall fundraiser is set for Sat Oct 31 from 10 AM until 2 PM at Sam's Club North. 5. Membership Report: Commander Cohee not present to report. 6. Veteran's Affairs Repor{: No report. T.Yeterans Council Report: No report. 8. Newsletter Report: Editor Benton reported that there are three subscribers whose payment is due, however only two plan to re-subscribe. 9. Social Report: No report. OLD BUSINESS 1. Walt and Nancy Benton plan a 158 cookout at their home at noon on the third Sat in Oct. There will not be a meeting that month. L

4 2. Walt Benton's request that we earmark some of our donated money to pay the $400 for the companions for the Veterans who take the Honor Flight in the future remains tabled until Commander Cohee is present. h[ew BUSINESS 1. Bill Mc Craney reported that the Estates at Carpenters in Lakeland has started a monthly Veterans meeting, and suggested that we ask to provide a "show and tell" of the Korean War in an effort to meet and recruit other Korean War Veterans to 158. He noted that Veterans from all over the States live there. GOOD OF TIIE ORDER 1. Bill McCraney won the 5Ol5O and donated it back to the Chapter. 2.Lauie McCraney won the door prize provided by Editor Benton, a cookbook; A Taste of the Marne. 1. ADJOUR}IMENT There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:55 AM. The next meeting witl be on August at 10:30 A1![. at Summerlin Military Academy in Bartow. Refreshments and social time at 10 AM. Recorded by Laurie McCraney Submitted by James Bradford Secretary/Treasurer 2

5 s-za,6 -l \IASILEWSKI Susan D. Wasilewski, npn, crr. ccp, cmrs, FpR Realtime Systems Administrator 2005 South FloridaAvenue Tel: (865) l-akeland, l.-,egrolrq, t Florida rgrlso ddoud Fax:. s. (865) \uvel Toll Free: (888) www. WasilewskiCourtReportinE!. com S$tsfrr;tin Gwnteed on Serrre $ Mt* Commercial & Residential *":"j::::lh:-l Korea, Vietnam, Gulf and the Cold War's (863) 646-6r08. Exclusive Fraternity of Honor THE CHOSIN FEW / ;rrovrmarn - reso - DECEMBER RESER\.O R - NORTH KOREA l-2016 JCHOSIN Walter C. Benton First Sergeant U.S. Army (rer.) President Lakeland. FL Chapter Pu blix" STEVE WELLSLAGER Vice President l/s Architecture & Security ln{ormation Systems PUB[tx super MARKETS, lnc. P.O. Box 320'15 Lakeland, FL [ext] lfaxl [cell] steve.we lls la ge lix. co m PRO.FORM PAINTING r-4563 May be vwm to any meeting of the i(wva Chager 158 ' Navy or black trousers.white short sleeved (militaryl shirr with all service ribbons, medals and patches ' Overseas cap KWVA Dress Uniform Oficers ctndmembers maywear the &ess uniform to any KWAformal or importont event; Chapter Oficers ma)) wear dress unifotms to c*ty Chapter meeting or meetings of the Assrciation ior the Depwtrnent otflorifu. 'Navy or black trousers.white dress shirt ' Navy or black tie and socks 'Black dress shoes ' 'I(orea blue" Blazs (light blue) ' Overseas cap (a cap is not worn to dinner) pro-form painting 6wnei S Lincoln A' Lakeland FL CUTRALE, CITRUS JUICES USA, INC, 602 McKean Street Auburndale, FL Seryices Offered: lnterior and Exterior Painting Staining; Pool Decks, Driveways Mr, Joe Birge Thank you fol r.,cnr.

6 FOR THE GOOD OF THE ORDER. " slrgpsi, t$tre- th*.,fuad"slr.. +roiods'' Phon (863) ' ?t$c"SG Dlseases of the Skln WLBUR n. nrscnly M.;., P.A. Diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology 4316 Highland Park Boulevard. Lakeland, Florida 3gB19-167g WEEKLY POOL MAINTENANCE *\-- ikilli --., s 1*"'-t Care ",%lw, PAT MOSHIER ffi" O*el lnn Bookstore \* Bill andbarbarakelly I on 8-2o: *;sxr?;,j y:i% "A stable church for unstable times." Rev. William H. McCabe, pastot 5330 LerruNo HrcnlaNns Ro LexnaNo, FL P: F: www. SournsrorLaxtuNo. cora fr [RRPE]{IRY.,, "WHIRT OURTITY MERSURTS UP" WE SPECIRTIZE ITI HTT HSPECTS OF CONSTRUCTIO}I (863) { (863) For Those Who Fought For It Freedom Has A Flaaor The Protecteil Will Nezter Know Fll aas-aa6-ta.u 't South Florida Ave. Books, Bibles, Music and more Laketand, Florida 3381s Clrprstp &orher Siop Barber - Style Cuts **dtu* I035 S. FloridaAve. Lakeland, FL Steve Marvel ii'0wner Tuesday and Thursday= - 5:00 Saturday...g:00-4:0O CLOSED ON Sun...Mon...Wed GAPE, tto ILEWSKI urt Reportin Trina B. Wellslager, RpR Full service lawn and o landscape maintenance Besidential and commercial o Licensed and insured. Free estimates South FloridaAvenue. Suite 4 Tel: (g6j) 6g6-9g9g l.akeland, Florida 3J803 Fa-r: (g6j) 6S6-97g,a Toll Free: isasi OA6-gSd0

7 THIS AND THAT THIS...is not much of a Newsletter. {my computer is on the blink.} THAT..."and that's the way it is." L. Charles and Margaret is back in the hills of NC. This may be there last year if they can sale that house. Hope they will be back for the big doing's at the October get- to- geather at The Benton's Twanted to tell you before, but then I couldn't remember what I wanted to tell you...uh, know what I mean? (sorn"daysitpaystoptanahea/ a.) 3. To date, the coppers has received a total of for the good of the order. 4. Next meeting of the Kwv is saturday August 15th :00 am