The beauty of SSP is that it transforms. the lives of students and Sponsors.

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1 The beauty of SSP is that it transforms the lives of students and Sponsors. Annual Report 2007

2 Mission Statement Student Sponsor Partners mission is to provide as many of New York City s at-risk high school students as possible with the opportunity to receive a quality, non-public high school education, through the financial support and one-to-one guidance of a four-year Sponsor. In doing so, Student Sponsor Partners strives to help disadvantaged youths earn their high school diplomas, and thus makes a direct and meaningful impact on their lives. Table of Contents A Letter from the Board Chair...1 Students...2 Partner Schools...4 Sponsors...6 Financial Summary...7 Special Thanks...8 Contributors...10 Financial Statements...27 SSP Board, Advisory Council and Staff...40 SSP makes every effort to ensure that all information is accurate. We apologize for any errors.

3 A Letter from the Chair of the Board At SSP, we know that high school graduation is a life-changing accomplishment that opens doors to a world of possibilities. Because of the lasting value of a high school diploma, it was a great honor to see a record-breaking 89% of SSP s Class of 2007 graduate from high school this year, and 98% of those students move on to the college level this fall. Yet the troubling fact remains that only 43% of students in New York City s public school system complete high school a rate that is less than half of SSP s. There is a very pressing need among our city s most at-risk youth for access to an affordable, quality high school education. SSP strives to meet that need using a model that works. Equipped with a quality education and a committed Sponsor, our students become far more likely to graduate from high school. As a result, their lives are unquestionably changed for the better. Graduation is the goal that our students focus on for four years, and it is an achievement that we celebrate in this report. Of course, our students experience the success of graduation quite literally when they receive their diplomas. Symbolically, however, graduation represents what SSP is all about for our supporters as well to see this 21- year-old organization grow, evolve and advance to new levels of accomplishment each and every year has been a year of important and exciting changes for SSP. We were pleased to announce the appointment of Margaret Minson as Executive Director, and are confident in the strong leadership she will bring to our organization and its important mission. SSP also expanded its cadre of Partner Schools with the addition of Bishop Ford High School in Park Slope, further strengthening our presence in Brooklyn. Our efforts to track college outcomes data among past students continued, revealing this year that 72% of SSP s 2006 graduates are attending colleges classified by Barron s as competitive or better. SSP saw important financial growth this year as well. Our Eighth Annual Founder s Dinner raised a record-breaking $2 million for SSP. We were proud to recognize Goldman, Sachs & Co. as our Corporate Honoree, with President and Co-Chief Operating Officer Gary Cohn accepting the award on the company s behalf. The relationship between SSP and Goldman Sachs is strong and longstanding; GS is currently our number-two firm for Sponsor support (with nearly 140 Sponsors, four Goldman employees who serve on the SSP Board, and four SSP alumni who currently work at the firm). SSP also recognized the contributions of Steven Klinsky, C.E.O. of New Mountain Capital, who received the Founder s Award for his support of SSP and the cause of education reform in New York City. All of these achievements would not have been possible without the generous support, determination and enthusiasm of our Sponsors, Committed Friends, Time Sponsors, Circle members, and additional supporters. This year, Sponsor contributions reached a record breaking high of $4.9 million, and our average Sponsor donation level continues to grow, standing now at $3,934. SSP benefits from a network of donors who are committed to our students success at a variety of levels, and we have been pleased to watch that network grow. We know that you remain committed to SSP because the need for an educational alternative in New York City has never been greater, and educational costs have never been higher. For your generosity, you share the gratitude of the nearly 4,000 students who know the power of a high school diploma because of SSP, and of the families who have watched them achieve so much. As Student Sponsor Partners evolves and grows, I look forward to continuing this important work with you now and in the future. Robert H. Niehaus Annual Report

4 Students commit to the educational opportunities that are given to them. Learning in the Perfect Environment life to be great is an idea and a solid example of what or what not to do. In being accepted to Student Sponsor Partners, Nikko followed in the footsteps of his brother, John, who was also sponsored by Brant. Nikko and his mother were looking for a better option than the local public high schools, and were pleased to see him accepted to both SSP and Mount St. Michael. The rest, he says, is history. Over 21 years, nearly 4,000 New York City students have earned high school diplomas through SSP. At Mount St. Michael Academy, Nikko Dessereau is in the midst of his senior year. As one might expect, he s thinking about what might be next for him: college, travelling the world, helping out in the community. Nikko s contemplations stem largely from guidance he received from his Sponsor, Brant Brooks: Mr. Brooks taught me that all a person needs in Since embarking on his high school education, Nikko has taken advantage of numerous opportunities. He was invited to participate in the National Young Leaders Conference in Washington, DC last spring, and he also traveled to Ecuador through Centro del Muchacho Trabajador, where he improved housing areas and spent time with children in the community. It seems easy to play with children, he says. But when you are dealing with kids who never have fun because they are literally working ten to twelve hours a day to support their families, it s a totally different story. In addition to focusing on completing his final year of high school, Nikko is definitely thinking about his future. I would love to go to college in the city. My reach schools are NYU, Columbia, and Fordham. I would love to go away for college, but I want to stay close to my mother and to my Kung-Fu school. 2 Student Sponsor Partners

5 Family is important to Nikko, and he s grateful for the support shown by his mom, aunt and brother along the way. He s also thankful to his Sponsor, Brant Brooks, saying, He allowed me the opportunity to receive a high school education that, without him, would have been truly impossible. If I had gone to my local public high school, I would have received my diploma, but that would have been all. Because of SSP, I was placed in the perfect environment for me to fully appreciate and enjoy my time in high school. Graduation Guidance From One of Our Own Like many of SSP s Partner Schools, Catherine McAuley High School celebrated the graduation of the Class of 2007 with a June commencement ceremony at the school s auditorium. But this ceremony hosted a speaker with a particularly strong connection to Student Sponsor Partners: Vivian Chabrier, SSP s own Associate Director of Admissions. Said McCauley Co-Principals Jo Valente and Peggy Lake, Vivian s service to others through her work at SSP sends a great message to any young person: work hard, overcome any obstacle in your path, and if you can help someone else along the way, go for it! Located in Brooklyn, McAuley is a small, all-girls school that is currently serving 36 SSP students. Vivian has been a member of the SSP staff for the past six years, and she works closely with Partner School leaders during the application process. She has gotten to know the McAuley co-principals well through their years of work together. I was honored to have been chosen to address the graduating Class of 2007, said Vivian. I hope that my simple advice to them will resonate throughout their lives. Annual Report

6 SSP s average graduation rate is 80%; 95% of graduates continue on to college. A Place to Call Their Own APartner School since 1990, St. Raymond Academy for Girls has seen more than 100 young women graduate through the support of Student Sponsor Partners. Now the Academy s students are celebrating a turning point in the school s history. They finally have a place to call their own, says Sister Mary Ann D Antonio, principal of the school. After 47 years of sharing building-space with St. Raymond Elementary School, the high school students moved into a completely refurbished school building this fall. SSP has a tradition of success at St. Raymond Academy, with two SSP graduates now returning to their alma mater as Sponsors. Why do the school and program work so well together? SSP and the Academy share a common vision to make a direct and meaningful impact on the lives of these young women, and to challenge them to become successful and accountable in a dynamic society, says Sr. Mary Ann. Over the years, more than 100 young women at the Academy have benefited personally from the financial support and one-to-one guidance of a four-year SSP Sponsor. St. Raymond Academy has long been respected by its community of students and their families for its ability to successfully educate at-risk young women. As I see it, our students are at-risk for a number of reasons, says Sr. Mary Ann. Most come from low-middle-class-income families, most of which are single-parent households. Because most of the parents are working, and some are continuing their education while they are doing that, many parents 4 Student Sponsor Partners

7 Partner Schools equip students with the knowledge they need to successfully make their way in the world. look to the school for financial and emotional support. As they juggle schoolwork and plans for the future, the students of St. Raymond Academy are particularly enthusiastic about their new building, which boasts technologically sophisticated classrooms, state-of-the-art science labs, and a physical fitness center. Sr. Mary Ann says of the school s students, They thrive on the attention and excellent education that they receive at the Academy. They are respectful of teachers and administrators and have always been proud of their school, their extracurricular activities and now, their new school building. SSP is made up of more than 1,300 students, 1,700 Sponsors and 20 Partner Schools. Annual Report

8 Sponsors provide access to education and forge lifelong relationships with students. Guiding Students as a Team Merrill Lynch investment banker Geoff Blythe began sponsoring students through SSP in His wife, Tess, got involved after they were married in 2001, and they have been sponsoring students together ever since. As Scholars Circle members, Geoff and Tess currently sponsor two students financially, and regularly spend time with one of them. While we remain very busy raising our three young daughters, we deliberately carve out time as Time Sponsors, too, Geoff says. It is so fulfilling and inspiring to see your student walk down the aisle during high school graduation. That feeling is only eclipsed when you attend the college graduation! Separately or together, Geoff and Tess have sponsored four students over the past ten years. One of their past students, Jesus Muñiz, graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in accounting and is now employed by Deutsche Bank. Now Geoff and Tess are working with Jesus younger sister, Maricela. Currently a senior at St. Pius V in the Bronx, Maricela has interned for two summers at Merrill Lynch. A fine, top-tier university is on the horizon for her, predicts Tess. She, too, is destined for great things. The Blythes have enjoyed their experience as SSP Sponsors, negotiating the challenges that come with advising young people who often face struggles. They have learned how to strike a balance, motivating and encouraging their students, without letting them get deflated by issues that may arise. Tess says, We have sponsored both studious and less driven students. Each has had his or her own needs. Nevertheless, all have made us very proud. Geoff also encountered a different challenge before Tess s involvement, he had only worked with boys. Maturing young men and ladies certainly face different issues and have their own unique needs, says Geoff. Having Tess s active involvement with these young women has been wonderful and very impactful. Says Geoff after ten years of sponsoring students, We will forever be changed by our experience with SSP. We know that young people can achieve wonderful, glorious things if given the opportunity, guidance and inspiration. We have seen firsthand how this program can change lives. 6 Student Sponsor Partners

9 Financial Summary For fiscal year 2007, SSP s general operating expenses were $7,577,956, with 90% directly funding tuition and program expenses. We are pleased to announce that our network of generous Sponsors contributed $4,939,640 directly toward students tuition. We are also grateful to the foundations, corporations and non-sponsor individuals who contributed to SSP s additional annual funding needs. Representing another successful and record-breaking year in the organization s history, 2007 saw SSP s Eighth Annual Founder s Dinner raise an unprecedented $2,080,090, continuing an upward trend in contributions made through this exciting annual event. The average contribution for individual SSP Sponsors also saw an impressive increase of 23% this year, and now stands at $3,934. Through increased fundraising success and effective cost management, SSP concluded fiscal year 2007 with a surplus of $1,128,117. This financial strength would not be possible without the continued generosity of our supporters. Fiscal Year 2007 General Operating Revenues Total: $8,706,273 Founder's Dinner 24% $2,080,090 Individuals 4% $377,546 Corporations 5% $418,975 Foundations 9% $807,644 Other benefits 1% $82,378 Sponsors 57% $4,939,640 Reserve Fund for Tuition Liability SSP commits to funding the four-year high school education of each and every student accepted into the program. To ensure that our financial obligations will always be met, SSP s Board of Directors established the Reserve Fund for Tuition Liability in At the conclusion of fiscal year 2007, the Reserve Fund stood at $3.6 million. SSP relies on the Reserve Fund as we anticipate an unfunded tuition liability in future years. With 1,359 students currently enrolled in the program, SSP is projected to spend over $18.4 million in tuition costs over the next four years. We expect the generous commitments of current Sponsors to partially offset these costs, by approximately $10.4 million. The $8 million difference in unfunded future costs represents a tuition gap that SSP must close by fiscal year 2011 the year our current freshman class graduates from high school. Fiscal Year 2007 General Operating Expenses Total: $7,577,956 Other fundraising 4% $277,587 Founder's Dinner 3% $260,803 Other program 11% $833,163 Other benefits 1% $52,055 Support services 2% $162,066 Tuition 79% $5,992,282 Annual Report

10 Special Thanks SSP is grateful for the inspiring commitment shown by many of our donors, who contribute to the tuition of multiple students through four years of high school. Our Extraordinary Supporters are tremendously generous individuals who fund the education of as many as 100 SSP students. EXTRAORDINARY SUPPORTERS Anonymous Scott & Roxanne Bok The Carson Family Charitable Trust David J. & Marilyn B. Dunn Peter M. Flanigan Robert & Kate Niehaus Members of the Founders Circle commit to financially assisting five students through high school. FOUNDERS CIRCLE Richard & Lisa Cashin Clifford Chance US LLP Dee & Kevin Conway Wesley & Lynn Edens The Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. Foundation William Janetschek Phyllis & David Komanksy Howard Rubin & Mary Henry Dwight Sipprelle John Stossel Margie & Nate Thorne Tim & Lise White Meryl & Chuck Witmer Scholars Circle members generously cover the tuition of two to four students over four years. SCHOLARS CIRCLE Anonymous (3) Mary Bernard Melanie Bialis Geoff & Tess Blythe Nathan Boynton Michael Brandmeyer Corinne & Jeff Buckalew Enrico Caso Jonah M. & Shannon K. Cave James T. & Elizabeth Chandler Mayree C. Clark Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP Betsy Cohen & Marc Devorsetz Maureen & Jim Cooney Dan & Maureen Cummings Anthony DiCaprio & Lee Flanagan James Dinan & Elizabeth Miller Mr. & Mrs. James Dunne Jeffrey N. Edwards Brian Finn Colleen Foster Mary Lou Frick John Gardiner Mark Gerson Charles G. Goetz John & Maureen Graf Peter & Cynthia Herbert James F. Higgins Andrew Horrocks Alfred F. Hurley, Jr. James & Suzanne Jesse Erica & Michael Karsch Rob & Pam Kindler Steven B. Klinsky Mrs. Angie Kozlowski The Kurr Foundation Joan Lacagnina Renee & Carl Landegger Patrick J. Landers Tim & Jennifer Landers Aren LeeKong & Aliya Tejpar Steve & Amy Lipin Todd Lippincott Peter J. Lyon Cat MacRae Fund Stephen Maharam Douglas & Lisa Mallach Adele & David Malpass Beth & Bob Mancini Patrick McBrien Arthur McEwen Thomas R. Mercein Marlene Mieske & Neal Goldman Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Niehaus Christopher B. O Malley & Wendy Flanagan Thomas F. O Neill Donald Parker Michael J. Petrick Charles & Carole Pieper Louise Pitt Edward & Rose Poletti Frank & Leslie Pottow Fred D. Price RBS Greenwich Capital Jeff & Debbie Resnick Leo A. Ressa, Jr. Matthew Sandschafer John & Heather Shemilt Matthew & Lisa Sippel Scott & Tracy Sipprelle Six Talents Foundation, Inc. James Stone James T. Sugrue Hugh & Julie Sullivan Owen & Jennifer Thomas Greg & Mary Beth Usry Paul D. Van Cura Douglas & Bonnie Weill Marlissa & John Westerfield John H.T. Wilson Peter L. Woicke Young Family Foundation Molly & Matthew Zola 8 Student Sponsor Partners

11 Setting a Strong Example Scott Bok, President of Greenhill & Co., first got involved with Student Sponsor Partners almost 20 years ago, when he worked for Morgan Stanley. Having served both as a financial supporter and Time Sponsor, he lost touch with the program after relocating to London. About five years ago, he was reintroduced to SSP through his friend and colleague at Greenhill, Bob Niehaus who also serves as SSP s Board Chair. Because we have young children of our own now, I ve chosen to be a financial Sponsor and leave the mentoring of the students to others, says Scott. One of the things I like about the program is that your support is welcome and needed whether you have money, time or both to contribute. Scott and his wife Roxanne currently cover the tuition costs of seven students through SSP. He says, The program works because it combines financial support and mentoring, to enhance opportunities for kids who are primed to benefit from that. Over their many years of involvement with SSP, Scott and Roxanne have made high school graduation a reality for five students. One of those students, Gianni Javier, graduated this past year from La Salle Academy and was named a Gates Millennium Scholar. It s great that SSP has developed some star students over the years, Scott says. That kind of achievement can be inspirational to everyone, both supporters of the program and other SSP students. He s also seen the effect that SSP supporters can have on their friends and colleagues, once they learn about the organization and its important mission. I ve seen at both Morgan Stanley and Greenhill how support for SSP can spread. Greenhill is a very small firm, but we have a large number of Sponsors in our New York office. It s good to have a cause you and your colleagues can rally around, apart from day-to-day work responsibilities. And it sets a strong philanthropic example for the next generation. 39% of the paying Sponsors whose students graduated in 2007 immediately signed up to work with a new student meaning their commitment to the program will span eight consecutive years, and in some cases, more. SSP will rely on Sponsors to contribute a projected $5.12 million toward students in fiscal year To date, approximately 30 SSP alumni have returned to become Sponsors themselves. With more than 1,300 students currently in the program, SSP s enrollment is at its highest level in four years. 50% of paying Sponsors for the incoming Class of 2011 have worked with a student through SSP in the past; some are sponsoring their third or even fourth student. Annual Report

12 SSP Contributors for 2007 To the Sponsors, individuals, foundations and corporations who supported the students and mission of SSP in 2007: Thank You. Without your generous contributions we would not be able to continue providing a quality high school education to the New York City students who need it the most. Your gifts of time and money are what made it possible for SSP to serve nearly 1,300 deserving students in 2007; we look forward to watching that number grow in years to come. Contributions made in fiscal year 2007 (September 1, 2006 August 31, 2007) are listed below. $200,000+ Anonymous Credit Suisse David J. and Marilyn B. Dunn Peter M. Flanigan Goldman, Sachs & Co. $100,000 - $199,999 The Carson Family Charitable Trust Richard and Lisa Cashin The Endowment for Inner-City Education Robert and Kate Niehaus The Peter Jay Sharp Foundation William E. Simon Foundation, Inc. John Stossel $50,000 - $99,999 Anonymous Sarah L. Boles and Joseph R. Zimmel The Louis Calder Foundation Dee and Kevin Conway Deutsche Bank Sid and Amy Goodfriend Beth and Bob Mancini Merrill Lynch & Co. Joseph H. and Carol F. Reich Howard Rubin and Mary Henry Margie and Nate Thorne Tiger Foundation $20,000 - $49,999 Herbert Allen Foundation Altman Foundation Rose-Marie and Jack R. Anderson Foundation Rose M. Badgeley Residuary Charitable Trust Dmitry Balyasny Mary Bernard Scott and Roxanne Bok James T. and Elizabeth Chandler Citi Foundation Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, Inc. Clifford Chance US LLP Gary Cohn Debevoise & Plimpton LLP Wesley and Lynn Edens Jeffrey N. Edwards Colleen Foster The Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. Foundation, Inc. Jim Healy Peter and Cynthia Herbert Roger and Susan Hertog Andrew Horrocks Paul Joseph Kehoe Larry and Lauryn Kellerman Steven B. Klinsky Patrick J. Landers Latham & Watkins LLP The Lincoln Fund Morgan Stanley Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Niehaus Christopher B. O Malley and Wendy Flanagan Michael J. Petrick Leo A. Ressa, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Nathan E. Saint-Amand Sandler O Neill & Partners, LP SAP America The Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund Stephen M. Schiller & Elizabeth A. O Brien Sullivan & Cromwell TD Bank USA, N.A. Gregory Tebbe Alice M. & Thomas J. Tisch Foundation Travelers Foundation Greg and Mary Beth Usry Paul D. Van Cura Meryl and Chuck Witmer $10,000 - $19,999 Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, LLP Anonymous (3) Archbold Charitable Trust The Bank of New York Leslie & George Biddle Blue Hill Troupe, Ltd. Geoff and Tess Blythe The Boisi Family Foundation Nathan Boynton Broadridge Brunswick Group LLC Corinne and Jeff Buckalew Roando G. Bunster Calyon Enrico Caso Caxton-Iseman Capital The Central National-Gottesman Foundation CIBC World Markets Corp. Mayree C. Clark Betsy Cohen and Marc Devorsetz Maureen and Jim Cooney Dennis Cornell & Ruth Povat Patricia Nixon Cox and Edward F. Cox John J. Coyle Crestview Advisors LLC Dan and Maureen Cummings Sharon Davis Dewey Ballantine LLP Anthony DiCaprio and Lee Flanagan Isabelle Ealet FactSet Research Systems, Inc. Fenway Partners, Richard C. Dresdale Brian Finn Rose-Marie Fox Jeff Frase and Roy Salame 10 Student Sponsor Partners

13 Mary Lou Frick Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP John Gardiner Mark Gerson Joseph & Carson Gleberman Charles G. Goetz Mitchell Gordon and Julie Appel John and Maureen Graf Michael and Valerie Grant The Hagedorn Fund Hermine & David Heller Alfred F. Hurley, Jr. Innisfree M&A Incorporated William Janetschek Michael Karsch Doug Kimmelman Rob and Pam Kindler Timothy M. Kingston Phyllis and David Komansky Mrs. Angie Kozlowski Renee and Carl Landegger Timothy Landers Brian Levine Steve and Amy Lipin Todd Lippincott Peter J. Lyon Cat MacRae Fund Douglas and Lisa Mallach Adele and David Malpass Maverick Capital, Ltd. Eric Mayer Arthur McEwen Stephen J. McGuinness Marlene Mieske and Neal Goldman Thomas Montag Donald Mullen NBC Daniel Och Mr. & Mrs. George D. O Neill Thomas F. O Neill Donald Parker Sheila Patel David and Yesim Philip Charles and Carole Pieper Louise Pitt Fred D. Price PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP RBS Greenwich Capital Jeff and Debbie Resnick Helena Rubinstein Foundation Richard Ruzika Matthew Sandschafer Janice Savin Williams Shearman & Sterling John and Heather Shemilt Rebecca J. Simmons Scott and Tracy Sipprelle Six Talents Foundation, Inc. Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP Stroock & Stroock & Lavan James T. Sugrue Hugh and Julie Sullivan Paul J. Taubman Thelen Reid Brown Raysman &SteinerLLP Owen and Jennifer Thomas James Truman Tom&DianeTuft John & Amy Weinberg Dietrich Weismann Jack Welch George Wellde Marlissa and John Westerfield Williams Trading, LLC John H.T. Wilson Peter L. Woicke Young Family Foundation $5,000 - $9,999 Anonymous Herbert A. Allen III & Monica De La Torre AllianceBernstein Jennifer Anderson James A. Attwood Charles Baber Paul Bachman Christopher Baine Stacy Bash-Polley John A. Beckelman Mrs. Kim Bepler Matthew C. Bernstein Josh Borg Michael Brandmeyer Stephen Bujno Brian Burke Sierra Burnett Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP Scott A. Carlson Elizabeth L. Carr Samuel R. Chapin E. Graham Clark Lawrence M. Clark Chelsea V. Clinton Isobel Coleman Mary Ann Coleman and Clemson Smith Muniz Peter Colquitt Mark W. Connelly Romy Coquillette Christopher Crain John Dalsheim Anthony L. Davis Mary Ann Deignan Theodore B. Deinard Christie & Anthony denicola Bill and Janet Dickey Thomas Diflo James Dinan and Elizabeth Miller Anthea Disney Kevin Dolan John F. Donahue Carolyn Downey Mr. & Mrs. James Dunne Katherine Dwyer Elizabeth C. Economy Jane Eddy R. Christopher Errico Kate and Jonathan Ezrow David Faber Fred and Linda Fiddle Kevin J. Finnerty Donna M. Fontana Fortis Merchant & Private Banking Thomas C. Franco Matthew and Samantha Fremont-Smith Thomas Gahan Robert J. Giuffra Irwin Goldberg Sarah Greenhill Handelsbanken Markets Securities, Inc Benjamin P. Harris Deborah Hart The Class of 2007 achieved a graduation rate of 89% the highest in SSP s history 98% of these graduates are now attending college Graduates garnered over $12 million in scholarships and grants for college 3 members of the Class of 2007 received the prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship 1 graduate won a New York Times Scholarship Numerous 2007 grads were members of the National Honor Society SSP congratulates the Class of 2007! Annual Report

14 Diana Haskell Christian B. Malone Julian Robertson Rome G. Arnold Thomas J. Healey Robert Martin Bradley A. Robins Thomas P. August Michael Herzig Marie Mayer David S. Ross Neil and Kimberley Augustine Douglas M. Hitchner Joe Mazzella Rowan Family Foundation Thomas Babcock Mr. & Mrs. Franklin W. Hobbs Patrick McBrien Edward M. Rubin Scott S. Bacigalupo Brian Hoffmann Daniel R. McConvey Jason Safriet Robert Baer Charles J. Honara Sean McCooey Mimi Santry Rajay Bagaria Timothy Hughes Brian McGuire Tom Selleck Bank of America Donald Humphreys Michael McKeever Dhiren H. Shah Alison Barbi The Hyde and Watson Foundation Ish and Aloysius McLaughlin Gregory Shaia David Barden Denise Incandela Mary Ellen McPhelim Kimberly Ayers Shariff Lindsay M. Barth Robert Jain Mark Miller David M. Skatoff Julia F. Bator James B. Jenkins Harvey Miller Courtney Smith Daniel Bautch Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Inc. Leah Modigliani Keisha Smith Steven Beck Paul A. Smith Chris Becker Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith Jerry Bedingfield Gregory Sorensen Elizabeth Bell Lee Stettner Gary Belsky Daniel Strack Sara Benson Sykes Family Foundation Darcy Bentley DavidL.Taub Billy Berghold Robert Taylor & Edith Cooper Rich Berlin Catherine Tharin The Milton Berlinski Foundation Walter E. Thorman Fran Bermanzohn Richard E. and Cornelia Thornburgh Mel Berning Thomas A. Thurston Jay L. Bernstein Laurence A. Tosi Brian Bertonazzi Stephanie Whittier Sarah Betancourt Michael M. Wiseman Preeti Bhatnagar Brian Wycliff Nikesh Bhuta Hans P. Ziegler JeffreyM.Birnbaum Kevin & Karen Kennedy Nancy King Roger Kline Kit Konolige Michael Kramer Rosanne Kurmaniak The Kurr Foundation Peter A. Labonski Joan Lacagnina Tom and Kathy Lamont Catherine A. Lawton Stephen Lazarus Robert and Nora Leary Aren LeeKong and Aliya Tejpar George A. Leiva Eric Levengood Vincent Lima Lawrence H. Linden Linklaters Kenneth Lohsen Diana Lopo M. Katherine Lynch Dariush Maanavi Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Mosley The Philip D. and Tammy S. Murphy Foundation Eileen K. Murray Meghan Nelson William A. Nichols Thomas M. O Brien Megumi Oka Linda and Timothy O Neill Trisha Ostergaard Darlene Pasquill Nancy B. Peretsman Julie Persily H. Elizabeth Mitchell Pestcoe Maria Petrocine Gregory P. Place The Pumpkin Foundation, at the request of Wendy and Jason Block Paul and Sara Recktenwald Robert D. Redmond Michael and Nicole Reeber Joseph L. Rice William D. Roberti Robert Zimmer $1,000 - $4,999 Anonymous (10) Gizman Abbas Keith W. Abell Jerrold Abrahams Hilary Ackermann Patrick Adelsbach Anne Adler Michael Aglialoro Lorri Ahl and Michael Edsall Saleem Ahmad Garth Ainslie Robert B. Albertson Paul A. Allan Alliance Capital Management Corp. Steven Alper American Express Mary E. Amor William D. Anderson Lisa Angelastro Stephanie J. Anzivino Katherine Armstrong Susan Bishop-Copeland Arthur Black Julian A. Bobb Murray Bodine Jacob F. Boeding Celeste Boele Philip A. Bonanno Douglas P. Borkowski Jill and Peter Borst Brian Bowden Timothy J. Bowler Christopher G. Boyle James Boyle Michael Brabant Sean Brady James M. Braselton Ann Brashares Andrew Breiner Anne and Mark Brennan Daniel Brennan Andrew Brenner Michael Brewster Craig W. Broderick Michael W. Broderick 12 Student Sponsor Partners

15 Brant Brooks Russell A. Broome Cynthia A. Brower Zach Buchwald Peter J. Buck William F. and Mary Buckley William J. Buckley Andy and Maryann Bugas Lisa Buhain Steve M. Bunkin Leigh Burdick Arthur J. Burke Jim Burns Yovanka Bylander Frank C. Byrd John E. Byrne Mirtha Cabral Lauren Cacciapaglia Amanda Cahill Jeffrey Camp Jennifer Campbell Laurie G. Campbell Simon Canning John Carey Kevin Carey Lisa and David Carnoy Beck Carpenter Robert Carr Aimee Carroll Jennifer A. Caruso Elaine Casaprima Janina A. Casey Sarah C. Cashin Robert J. Castano John K. Castle Robert P. Castrignano Kathleen Castro Amy Catlin Anthony S. Cattarina Justin J. Caulfield Jonah M. and Shannon K. Cave Eric Cesnik Marion Chan and Tina Bose-Chan Peter and Carolyn Chapman Linda Chavez Martin E. Chavez Rakesh and Cathleen Chawla Helen Cho Oya Christopher Gary W. Chropuvka Ann Church Michelle Ciulla Lipkin Nancy A. Closs Pamela A. Codispoti Melissa L. Cohn Susan Cohn Gianni A. Colella Erin S. Colello Anastasia Coleman Stephanie Coleman Peter M. Collery Jennifer Colville John J. Conefry Thomas V. Conigliaro Daniel Conn Carl A. Contiguglia Brian P. Convey Stephen J. Conway Maggie and John Cooley Copper Arch Capital LLC Andree Corroon Emily M. Corry Peter L. Corsell Myra L. Cortado Raymond Cosman Kathryn Costello Francis J. Coughlin Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Coughlin Frank Coulson Singleton Cox Laurie Craighead Amy E. Cram Edward A. Crawford Christopher M. Crevier Andrew D. Criqui Thomas O. Criqui Elizabeth Crowell & Robert Wilson Fund Brian Cumberland William J. Cunningham Jason Curran Mark Curtis Edward John Cushing David Cyganowski The Cypress Foundation Christa A. D Alimonte Emmett J. Daly Alyson D Ambrisi P.J. D Amelio The Dammann Fund Julie Daum Nancy Davies Robert B. Davis Davis Polk & Wardwell Jerome C. Day Danielle De Maio Raymond Debbane Kevin F. Deignan Elizabeth A. DeProfio John and Jenna DeRosa SSP PARTNER SCHOOLS All Hallows High School Monsignor Scanlan Aquinas High School High School Bishop Ford Central Mother Cabrini High School Catholic High School Mount St. Michael Academy Bishop Loughlin Memorial Preston High School High School Rice High School Cardinal Hayes High School St. Agnes Boys High School Cathedral High School St. Jean Baptiste High School Catherine McAuley St. Michael Academy High School St. Pius V High School La Salle Academy St. Raymond Academy Martin Luther High School St. Raymond High School for Boys Edward Desmond Noreen Doyle David DesRosiers Jonathan J. Doyle Robert Devereux Jean-Francois Dreyfus Sarah W. Devine Rohit D Souza John H. Devlin Moira Duclos BrianP.Dias Thomas Duke David M. Dickson Michael Durbin Molly Dillon Charles P. Durkin Jill Amann DiLosa Constance A. Eagan Michael S. Dinger David Edlin Rene Dittrich Kevin Edwards Michele Docharty Erin E. Egan Michael M. Dolan Liete Eichorn Stephen J. Dondero Jerome M. Ellis Barbara Donnelly Robert D. Ellis Elisabeth A. Donohoe Karen Haycox Eltrich Jonathan L. Dorfman Richard Ely Kenneth E. Dougherty Jr. Laura Entwistle Annual Report

16 Mario Epelbaum Paul Germain Vicky Hayes Jerome P. Kenney Christine Erb Anupam Ghose Sherri T. Haymond Frank Kenny Shaun P. Fallon Brian Giebel The Healy Family Foundation Peter Kenny Graig Fantuzzi Craig J. Gilbert John A. Healy Kepler Equities Inc. Tara A. Farrelly Edward Gilhuly Susan Healy Jeannine Kiely Christine Fasano Peter Gillis Hearst New Media Dennis Daniel Kiely Michael D. Fascitelli Barry J. Gilman George W. Hebard Joel G. Killion Anthony Fasone Sallie Giordano Daniel B. Hebert Tracy Kimmel Sara E. Fay Judith Glaser Nicholas Heilbut King & Spalding LLP Federated Department Stores Diana Glassman Laura Heiman Nicole L. Kirby Nicole Felton Edward Gonzalez Adam C. Hemlock Kirkland & Ellis Foundation Juan Fernandez Denise Fiacco Nadja Fidelia Anne Marie Fields Financial Security Assurance Karl and Susan Finegan Peter F. Finnerty Mark T. Fitzgibbon Kevin Fitzsimmons Marc Flaster Steve Fogarty Fred W. Fogg Charlotte A. Ford Philip R. Forlenza Fortress Investment Group George B. Foussianes AnnaMaria Freeman Joyce Frost Scott A. Frumhoff David Gallagher Ivan Gallegos Rivas Marina Galli Lee W. Galvis Kyle Gardner Sean M. Gelston Emanuel Gerard Steven H. Goodman Google Ann M. Gorman Matthew Gorman Joanne V. Graham John L. Graham Elizabeth Byrne Grant Betsy Graseck Jill Greenwald Ginevra Guarducci Heidi P. Guldbrandsen Boris Gutin Olivia Ha Patricia Haegele Paul R. Haklisch The Frederic C. Hamilton Family Foundation Dennis Hands Tamara Hanford Matthew Hansen Chris Hardart Jeanine Hartnett Tim Hartzell Grace Harvey Fotis and Dorian Hasiotis Edward W. Hayes, Esq. Margarita & John Hennessy Family Foundation Preston Henske and Min Jung Kim John D. Heppolette Daniel Herbert Thomas Herbig Laurence Herman Susan Herold William H. Heyman Thomas Hoatson John Holmes Mr. Homan Robbie and Lisa Huffines Jean C. Huggard Joseph D. Hughes Anne Huneke Robert Huntington and Katherine Frost Huntington Kenneth G. Hurwitz Rodney Hutter Jennifer L. Hynes Institutional Investor Karie R. Jabe Antoine Jaccon Timothy W. Jandovitz Jockey Hollow Foundation Bradford Johmann Barclay G. Jones Kevin Jordan and Kristin Kearns Jordan Elizabeth M. Jost JPMorgan Chase & Co. Andrew Kanarek Schuyler Kane Roland N. Karlen Robert M. Karner Richard Katz and Heidi B. Lipton Valerie Kay Thomas F. Keefer Michael Kelapire Neil A. Kell Lauren M. Kelley Suzanne Kelley Thomas E. Kelly Caroline V. Kitidis David Klafter Jan R. Kniffen Page S. Knox Jeffrey J. Kobylarz Elizabeth R. Koch David Kogan Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. Kristin M. Kohler Kathleen Koltes Bob Koncelik Christopher Korczowski Elana Krieger Vivienne C. La Borde Michael Lacovara Stan Lai Alexa Lambert and Chauncey Parker Laura LaVelle Sandra Lawson Tom Lee Lehman Brothers David A. Lehman Alexander Lehmann Donald Leitch Gregg R. Lemkau Patrick Leonard Sally Lepow Chris Leupold Michael Levy Richard P. Libretti Steven Lieblich Doreen E. Lilienfeld Scottye D. Lindsey Stephen M. Lipscomb Erik L. Lisher James W. Little Bartley F. Livolsi Jill Lohrfink Maria T. Lopez-Ona Sherif Lotfi Cindy Loudenslager Janice Luddy John Luppo James Lyle 14 Student Sponsor Partners

17 Christopher J. Lynch Donald C. MacNeil Gerald Madigan Paula Madoff James Magidson Arash Mahdaviani Miles Mahony Arielle Maltese Elaine Mandelbaum Claire Svetlik Mann Terry L. March Catherine E.S. Marciano Alain Marcus Mona Marquardt Nazar Massouh Blythe S. Masters Bruno Mastropasqua Daniel Matheson Michael Mauboussin William H. May Paul J. McAuliffe Patti McCabe Dennis McCauley Herbert McCooey Maria Slavin McCullough John J. McDermott Paul McEvoy Michael G. McGovern John P. McGrath Maureen McGrath The McGraw-Hill Companies Alfred McKeon Andrew T. McLellan Joseph A. McMillan Helen Meates Craig S. Medwick David Melian David and Debbie Memmott Jessica Mennella Thomas R. Mercein Michael and Kathleen Merrigan David Meyer Pete A. Meyers Timothy Michel James G. Millard Bruce T. Miller Matthew Miller Pamela Miller Steven and Maria Miller Thomas Miller Michele Moffat and Todd Cassan Valerie Mogul Christopher S. Moore Thomas E. Moore John D. Moriarty Mary Ann Mottola Peter Mulderry Vincent Mulford Foundation Tobin W. Mulshine Gregory and Aimee Munsell Yumiko Murakami Debra Murphy Susan H. Murphy Gerald Murray Jonathan L. Murrell Daniel G. Nelson Joseph E. Neuhaus Thomas L. Newberry Gray E. Newman Gerrit Nicholas Joanne C. Nimmo The Nola Foundation William Nolan Laura M. Norman Emmie E. Nostitz Cara K. O Brien Jacqueline O Brien Robert O. O Brien SSP and JPMorgan Team Up Through team IB SSP Executive Director Margaret Minson, SSP Graduate and Leadership Committee Member Henry Flores, SSP Director of Sponsor Recruitment Kristen Harley, and JPMorgan Employee and SSP Leadership Committee Member John Witherspoon. On August 27, 2007, Student Sponsor Partners was the focus of a team IB information session at JPMorgan. Pursuing a tradition of corporate citizenship around the world, JPMorgan has developed team IB, a global comprehensive program to support a philanthropic culture aligned to the Investment Bank s business priorities. Through team IB, employees are provided opportunities to get involved in the community, while celebrating those who give their time to support worthy causes. John Witherspoon, an SSP Leadership Committee Member, current Sponsor and JPMorgan investment banker in Real Estate & Lodging, kicked off the team IB-sponsored session by sharing his own personal experience working with SSP students. SSP graduate Henry Flores, who is now sponsoring his second student, discussed his involvement in the program from both the student and Sponsor perspectives. And SSP staff members educated the group about how they could become involved. Partnering with team IB and Student Sponsor Partners was incredibly rewarding, said John Witherspoon. My colleagues and I were inspired by SSP s work and immediately wanted to get involved to help positively impact the lives of young people in New York. As an example of one of SSP s most successful partnerships in 2007, twenty new Sponsors and Time Sponsors from JPMorgan have joined the SSP team since the team IB event in August. Annual Report

18 LEADERSHIP COMMITTEE Kimberly Ayers Shariff, Co-Chair John Kelly, Co-Chair Ricardo Watson, Co-Chair Jen Caruso Jonah Cave Sara Fay Matt Feeney Katie Flood Henry Flores William J. O Brien Charles Duffy O Connell Dave Ogrin and Vicki Cherkas Michael J. O Leary Matthew Olim James J. O Meara Christopher M. Oosterhuis Lisa F. Opoku Philip V. Oppenheimer Lauren Ordogne Peter Orr Christopher Ortega The P.T.M. Charitable Foundation Jack Pace Douglas G. Parker Mr. & Mrs. Francis C. Parson, Jr. Nishita Patel Thomas Patrick Nicholas B. Paumgarten Timothy Peach Ralph L. Pellecchio Sharon T. and Paul A. Pepe Art J. Peponis Nicole Perez Denise R. Person Joseph M. Perta Anne-Marie Peterson Barnet and Sharon Phillips Frank H. Pinkerton Steven M. Pinkos Jason Pircher Thomas S. Pluta Michael Pohly Edward and Rose Poletti Sue Portelli Frank and Leslie Pottow Jeff Pribyl Lora Price Chris Lentz Chris Nicolaou Anne-Marie Peterson Natalie Pica Charles Rockefeller Nate Thorne Evan Uhlick Conway Walthew John Witherspoon The Progressive Insurance Foundation Francisco Pujol Dennis Purcell Philip Purcell Kevin A. Quinn Lorin P. Radtke Vladimir Ragulin Jeffrey Raitz John Ramsay Seth Ramsey Kenneth Ranieri Marc Ranieri Preetam Rao Prasanth B. Rao-Kathi David Rawlings Richard Repetto Suzanne Rice Howard S. Rich David Richeson Thomas S. Riggs Earl G. Rix Abid Rizvi Kari S. Roberts William Roberts Andrew Robson Charles P. Rockefeller Rockefeller & Company Inc. Harold Rodriguez Sara Rodriguez Alice Roper Gretchen C. Rubin Rita Rubin Robert L. Ruple William and Erin Russell Guy Rutherfurd Renee Ryan Marc Sabino Peter Sack Justin Sadrian Ilana Safer Roy J. Salame Michael L. Santini Aine Santry Robert W. Savage Mary Savino Stephen Scala Kathleen M. Scanlon Susie Scher Erica Schlaug Richard Schneider Jon Schoen Jan B. Scholes Brooke Schooley Douglas B. Schoppert Alex Schrantz Thomas K. Schulte Kevin Schultz Susan E. Schulz Karen D. Seitz Richard L. Selvala Alisa K. Seminara Charles M. Shaffer Simon Shannon Daniel Sharfman John Shaughnessy Jackson Shepard Scott Shevick Kristin Shevis Showtime Networks, Inc. Bruce D. Simon Earlton C. Singleton Dwight Sipprelle George and Megan Skakel Emanuel Slater Ellen Slipp Sherwood T. Small Lynne Tryon Smalley Edward A. Smith Kerry Smith Simon Smith Karen Snow David Solomon Nicholas E. Somers Stephen Sparkes Thomas J. Spoto Scott Stackman Suzanne Stamm Robert Steffens Harold & Miriam Steinberg Foundation Frederick Steindler Lillian H. Stern Michael Sternberg Mike P. Stewart James Stone Macie A. Stratton Raymond B. Strong Mary E. Stroth The Stuart Family Foundation Michael B. Stubbs Lawrence J. Studnicky III Walter Stugis Steven Su Silvia Suarez Elizabeth Sullivan Ram Sundaram Mary Ellen T. Sweeney Syska Hennessy Group Theodore Tabasso Louis T. Terlizzi Stephanie Thomas Monica Thurmond Judy Tieh Michael P. Tierney Chris Tofalli Sussie Tokushige Peter Tomozawa Juan E. Torruella Francois Trahan Kenneth Tremain Michael Troy Geralyn J. Trujillo Sean Turner UBS Warburg Lieta Urry Sashi A. Valtz Carrie Van Syckel and Steven Page Lee and Cynthia A. Vance E. Grace Vandecruze Edward J. Vickers David Viniar Nicholas R. Vorhoff Wachovia Securities LLC Leon M. Wagner Fred Waldman Robert Walker Anne Walker-Ruiz Patrick Walsh Thomas Walsh Harry T. Walters Paul Wasinger Carroll Watson Peter Webel Douglas Weill Ed Weis Wellfleet Foundation Ted Westhelle 16 Student Sponsor Partners

19 Elizabeth K. Weymouth John Weyrens Benjamin J. Whitfield Lee R. Whitley Joshua H. Wiener Rory Wilfork Charlotte A. Williams Kenneth Willman Mark Wiltamuth Donna Winston George Witeban The Women s Syndicate Association Phillip J. Won Nadine Wong Julie Wood Adam Yarnold Jack Yee David Yong Karen M. Young Nicholas P. Young Sam and Rachel Zabala Brian and Elisa Zied John Ziegler Mark A. Zurack Suzanne Zywicki $0 - $999 Anonymous (32) Jay Richard Peter Pattugalan Abbariao Ashton Abbot Marta Abbott Carrie Abramson Dora Maria Abreu Barbara E. Abseck Alexander Acquavella Craig Heckman Addeo Benny Adler Lisa Adler Shalini M. Aggarwal AIG Sun America Asset Management Arun Alagappan Frank Alagia Anthony Alexandre Priscilla Alexandre Michele A. Allong Steven D. Altemus Milagros Alvarado Andres Alvarez Bruno Ambar Caroline Anderson Elizabeth A. Anderson Halsey Anderson Jessica Anderson Randolph Anderson Susan D. Anderson Alexandra Andrews Lindsey L. Andrews Mark Andrews Constance W. Appel Lindsay Aquilina Michael Ardisson Frank Arlinghaus Christina Armentano Amanda B. Armstrong Andrew Armstrong Christine Arzeno Julia Atwood Jeanne Austin Avery Pix Inc. Edward R. Backer Deirdre Bader Julie Baine Kalpana Bains Tyler Bak Kathleen A. Baker CeCe Barfield John A. Barone Ian Barsotti Michelle Barton Oscar Bate Nicholas R. Battista Jon R. Bauer Rob Bauer Page Beacham James M. Beale Meredith Beck John E. Beckwith Julie Bedard Justin Beeber Alexander Beinfield Justin Belmont Warren Bender Christina Bennison Christine M. Benson Allison Berardino Andrea A. Berardino Kathy Bergsteinsson A Dedicated Partnership: SSP and Credit Suisse Student Sponsor Partners is proud of its longstanding partnership with Credit Suisse and the many dedicated Sponsors and supporters who are employees of the firm. Over the past decade, the relationship between our two organizations has grown, and today SSP is extremely grateful for the variety of ways in which Credit Suisse demonstrates its commitment. In FY 2007, 86 Credit Suisse employees served as traditional SSP Sponsors, contributing time, money, or both to the quality education of one or more students. In addition, SSP has been very fortunate to benefit from the unique Credit Suisse FID Challenge, through which more than 400 employees of the Fixed Income Division have pledged a total of nearly $1.4 million over 4 years to fund the education of 69 SSP students in the Class of SSP is also extremely grateful for the generous grants given by the Credit Suisse Americas Foundation, in support of their employees volunteerism and involvement with SSP; last year the Foundation contributed a tremendous $150,000. Credit Suisse is the perfect example of an SSP corporate partner, says Margaret Minson, Executive Director of Student Sponsor Partners. We are thankful for the many ways in which Credit Suisse is supportive of SSP and our mission. Student Sponsor Partners is an organization that Credit Suisse is proud to support, says Anne Marie Fell of the Credit Suisse Foundation. By donating their time and financial assistance, our employees have the opportunity to unite in the name of an important cause educating the young people of New York City. Annual Report

20 Dana Berlin Alexander Budney Cynthia Cavalie Christine Conway Eleanor Berlin Jackie Burka Gregory M. Cedrone William Cooling Jennifer Berlin Lindsey Burnett Andrew Celli Frank Corcoran Jeffrey Berman May Burns Elena M. Cestra Joseph Cornell Kathleen Berman Talley Burns Timothy Champagne Melissa Cornick James Bertoni Jessica Burriss Maureen Chang TC Cosby Bridget Best Sarah Rolston Burrows Marty Cheatham Andrew Cott Nadeen M. Best John Buttrick Catherine Chen Allyson Tucker Cowin Elizabeth Bibb Deenah Byramjee Brinda Cherian Jeanne Cox Chip Bierbaum Emily Cabrera Kay Chernush Adrienne M. Coyle Jerome Bierbaum Leslie Cacciapaglia Daphne Chester Cathy Cramer Thomas W. Bilzi Sergio Calabrese Billy Cheung Mary Ellen Cravens Matthew Birdseye Barbara Callao Pamela Cholankeril Charles T. Crawford Clay Bischoff Kimberly Callet Nicholas Christopher Catherine E. Crews BlackRock Inc. Nina Camera Caroline Churchill Dorothy E. Crocker Duff Blair Cheryl Camp Joshua and Maura Cianciolo Suzanne M. Crosby Barbara Blake-Galeazzi Deirdre M. Campbell Matt Cino John Crotty Evan Bloodgood Jeffrey Crowell Kerry E. Blum William A. Blumstein Ryushique Bodrick Matthew W. Bonanno Mario Bonilla Plern Bonython Phoebe W. Booth Jennifer Bornemann Richard Boudria Amy Bowen Bridget Boyle Jenna H. Boyle Kara Boyle Melissa B. Bradley Keri E. Brady Peter Braverman Alexa Brazilian Nancy E. Brennan Barbara J. Briggs Moriah Britt Mitchell Broder Alexander Brodsky Carissa Brody Regina Bronson Colin Brooks Tory Brooks Andrew D. Brown Christopher Brown Hobson Brown Hunter M. Brown Stephen D. Brown Stephanie Bruckner Dudley Brundige Robert Bryan Mark H. Bryant Alexandra Buckley Susan Buckner Donovan Q. Campbell Elizabeth L. Campbell Nina Campbell Annabel Caner Maura C. Cannon Charlotte Canzonetti Cynthia Capone Eduardo C. Cardoso David M. Carlos Brett Carlson Ty Carmichael Tracy A. Carolonza Leslie A. Carranza Antero Carrillo Margaret Carrington Andrew Caspersen Samuel Caspersen William Cassano Elizabeth A. Cassino Katherine Catalano Julie Cataudella James F. Ciquera Allison Clark Perrin Clark Sherrese A. Clarke Kat Clements Nicole Clopton Daniel Cohen Evan J. Cohen Jennifer C. Cohen Debra Coleman Kristen A. Coleman Payson Coleman Reed Coleman Sarah Coleman Patrick J. Collins The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region Bianca Compagnoni Greg Concodora Kensey Cone Todd H. Conklin John and Merrill Crowell Family Fund Caroline Cummings Nievalyn Cummings Catherine Curley Vincent Curotto Patrick Manning Curtis Alexandra S. Curtiss Kim Cushny Peter and Miriam Daneker Florence Danforth Iris Dankner Heather M. Daur Douglas S. Davies Kerith Davies Laura E. Davis Kathleen Davy Lauren Elizabeth Day Mr. de Barros Eric De Cholnoky Christopher J. De Cresce Edrizio De La Cruz Celia A. de la Llama Lilliana Dealbert Heather Dean Nathan Deasy Joseph DeBono Jennifer C. DeMarco Gabrielle DeMatteis Julia Deming Lindsay DeNardo Christina Denihan Elizabeth Derby Cortes DeRussy Ishita Deshmukh Ignatius L. DeSimone Anne B. Detwiler 18 Student Sponsor Partners

21 William S. Detwiler Itohowo E. Ekpoudom Nina Devlin Lorri Elder Christine Di Benedetto Caroline Taylor Ellerson Jackeline Diaz Alexandra Elliott Nelson O. Diaz James Elrod John Dickinson Ryan P. Engle Bryant Dieffenbacher Catherine H. English Christopher M. Dillon Lisa Marie Enochs Kylie A. Dixon Pablo Escobar Nadia Doh Elena Esnaola Timothy Donaldson Laura K. Esposito Brett and Kristen Donelan Omar Esposito David Doppelt Ashley Estabrook Anne Dougherty Ashley Simmons Evans Jessica Dowd Marissa Evans Justin Doyle Aurelia Drackett Frances M. Drake Chris Draska Diana Dreyfus Alexa Driansky Emily C. Driscoll Jean-Xiaojing Duan Farrell Dubak Matthew Dunn David A. Duque Alexandra J. Dwyer Matthew Dwyer Tanya M. Eastman Sandra Echeverry Sage B. Edson David Eisman Serra Eken Julian Eyles Mollie and Jack Fadule Alissa Fagadan Alex Faherty Nancy Fahmy Molly Fahner David Farber Patricia Farman-Farmaian Catherine D. Farmer Catherine H. Farrell Nicole Fasolino Allison Fast Kristin Faucette W. Morgan Fauth Willa Fawer Alison R. Fealey Garth Fealey John Febles David Feigenbaum Peter E. Feinberg Victoria Feldman/Melissa Hayes Quincy Fennebresque William Fennebresque Fenway Partners Mercedes Fernandez Betsy Fischman Adam Fisher Brian Flanagan Joseph Fleury Caitlin Flint Katherine Flood Carey Floyd Katie Flynn Barbara Brennan Ford Lori Forlano Michael J. Forrestal Viktoria Garby Vikas C. Garg Colby Gargano Virginia Garmendia Courtney Garriga Elizabeth Garriga F. Patricia Garrity Vipul Gautam Daniel Gaviria Salma Gaya Gaetana Gazzara Angus Gephart Robin Germany Lisa Gerovich John Michael Getz Ronald and Cathleen Giancristofaro Tom Gibbons Denise D. Gilchrist Tate Forrester Valerie M. Gill Mary Beth Forshaw Nigel Gillah Kevin Foster Alexandra Ginnel Susan Foulds Bryan A. Gitomer Chakana V. R. Fowler Lara Glaister Sean A. Frankenberg Tom Glanfield Adam J. Freedman Stephen Glassgold Anson Frelinghuysen Charlotte Glessner Louisine Frelinghuysen Benjamin Glover Deborah Friant Michael Glynn Jason Fritz Rodrigo Godoy David Froelich Laura Goebel Sharon Fuchs Ambika Goel Miguel A. Fuentes Paul Gojkovich Chrissy Gaffney Ingrid Goldberg Carlos Gallardo Jonathan Goldberg Carolina Gallegos-Anda Karen Goldfeder Courtney Galligan Nader Golosorkhi Jessica Gallinaro Chris Gonyer Tai Garber Eileen J. Q. Gonzalez Samantha K. Garbus Chris Gooding Annual Report

22 Kathryn A. Gorman Alexandra Harris Jeff Holiday Jennifer Joseph Whitney J. Gosden Brian Harrison Matthew Holt S. Shaw Joseph Brayton Gove Peter Harrison Carla Holtze Miriam Julkowski Mark Govoni Carolyn Harrold Julie Hong Mark Jury Mark Grabowski Lewis Hart Damien Hooper-Campbell Michael J. Kahan Michael Gramins Shannon Hart Eric W. Hopp Ilunga Kalala Jacqueline Grant Francis J. Harvey Louis Hornick Fatmata E. Kamara Kim Gravette Shannon Harward Christian Horrocks Kevin R. Kane Lily Gray Salman Hasnain Meghan Horstmann Leslie Kane Dana L. Greenberg Austin Hassett and Alice Murphey Katherine Horvitz Margaret Kao Kate H. Greenthal Anne Hassler James M. Hosking Ambika Kapoor Jim Gregory Brad Hathaway Elizabeth Hossfeld Stella Kapur Mary J. Grendell Sally Hawkins Denny Hou Keleigh Karl Wade Griggs Kevin M. Healy Eliza Howard Kay Kashef Madeline Groman John Heffers Julia Hoyt Yusef M. Kassim Matthew Grunwald Matt Heineman HSBC Dave Kassling Julianne Guariglia Said S. Hejal Nancy Huang Robert J. Katz Ryan Hubbard Robert M. Kay Paula D. Guedes Sebastian Guerra Lisa Haas Lorraine Hack Kirsten Hagen Barry G. Haimes Mark Haley Erik L. Hall Robin Halpern Shepard Halsey Deborah K. Hamel Kevin Hammond Chrystalle Hannon Jessica Hans David E. Hansen Jennifer M. Hanson Meg Harjes Ashley A. Harmeling Harris Nesbitt Shannon Henry Giovanna Henson Megan Henze Brad Heritage Todd Herlihy Emily Hermance Lindsey Hess Ashley Higgins Claire F. Higgins Richard A. Hightower Christopher Hill Ashley S. Hilton Ronald Hing Alexa Hirschfeld Elizabeth Hoffman Eleanor Hogan Constance M. Hoguet Laura B. Hoguet Farrah Holder Susan Flannery Huffman and Minor Huffman Alec Hufnagel Timothy J. Hufnagel Ashley Hughes Julie L. Huhn Steven Huish Megan Humphreys Andrew Hunt Laura Hunt Claire E. Hunter Amelia Hutchinson Thomas Huth Catherine Hyland Alanna M. Hynes Michael Hyun Sabrina Idy Beatriz Inigo Jennifer Ioli Natasha Irani istar Financial Inc. Peter M. Iwancio Bruce K. Jackson Candice D. Jackson Deborah E. Jackson Kevin Jackson Layla Jafar Scott Jaffe Nicholas Jakobson Anita Johal Cynthia L. Johnson Eliza Johnson Enda Johnson Lauren Jonas Robert P. Jones III Sarah Jones Holly Jordan Matthew J. Keating Patrick Keeley Susan Kelleher Jennifer Kelling Scott Kellman James C. Kelly John Kelly John C. Kelly Michael K. Kelly Tyler Q. Kelly Jane Kelsey Kristina Kendall Susanne Kenna Andrew L. Kennedy John F. Kennedy Moriah Kenyon Diana Ketchum Alexandra Khouri Sarah Kiernan David Kim Grace Kyu Kim Scott Kinum Hilary Kivitz Jennifer Kivitz Collis Klarberg Caroline G. Kling Tyler Dillon Kneisel Sunny Kneissl Christopher Knight David Knott Kristin M. Koch Alexandra Koegel Anne Kofol Yumi C. Koh Alexander W. Kohn Kristopher Koka Kelly Koltes 20 Student Sponsor Partners

23 Joseph Konzelmann Catherine Littlefield Pravin Manglani Ernesto Meier Jonathan Koplovitz Yang Yang Liu Christopher Manice Amanda Meigher Kloe Korby Maria Livadiotis Susan K. Manuelle James Mekovetz Mathias W. Korder Ewing Lloyd Philip Marinello Elizabeth M. Mera Toral Kothari Caroline Lo Faro Jessica Marr Harriet Mercati Michael Joseph Kozoriz Sarah Lohmann Kelly Marshall Meredith Corporation Michele Krasner Ayanna London Kimberly Marshall Jillian Merns Wendy L. Krayer Joseph Longino Jennifer Marsico Joanna Merrill Carolyn Kreek Anthony A. Lopez Anita Martignetti John Messina Michael Krupa Piper Loving James W. Martin Laura Mestre Isabelle B. Krusen Allison Lowenstein Kelley Martin Stephen Meszkat Amar Kuchinad Damaris Lugo Whitney Martin Elizabeth A. Meyer Dana Kugelman Tiffany Lu-Heda Helena C. Martinez Emily Meyer Jack Kuhns Erin Lui Karla Martinez Debra A. Meyn Nisha Kumar Jeffrey Lui Javier Martinez Miroslaw Michalski Richa Kumar Ginwing Lum Sameer Maru Lee Michel Peter Kunhardt Kathleen Lungren Sarah Mason Michael Miele Karl Kyriss Elizabeth and Kevin Materne Betsy Miller Daer (Tito) Labarta Jeff Matsu Christine Miller Nicholas Lacaillade Emily Matthews Lea Miller Adeline Lai Carly L. Mattson Susan Miller Sandra T. Lan Palma Mazzolla Victoria Miller Sara L. Lander Trina McAlister Iliana Mindlin Sarah Lane David McBride Stephanie R. Moeller Meghan Lang Brian McCabe Ashley Mohr Paul Lanks John C. McCabe Dana Monaco Allison K. Larkin Jason A. McCann Nina Monell Kirsten Larsen Alice McCarthy Christina Montero Allegra Laviola Katherine McCarthy Avery Moore Marc Lawrence-Apfelbaum Kathleen McCarthy Barbara Moore Joanna Leathers Maureen W. McCarthy Georgiana Moreton Rickey Lee Christina McCaughey Luke Morgan William Lee Sara McCooey Tara Morley Mike Leffler The Harrison T. LeFrak Charitable Foundation Lauren Legendre Erica Lensink Christopher Lentz Matthew J. Leone Stephen and Melissa Lessar Shirley Leung John F. Levert Dalya H. Levin Ms. Deborah Levy Lexis Nexis John Li Xue Li Edward Liberman Victoria Lika Timothy Lim Tina L. Lin Rachael Lindsay Maria K. Lingnau Sophie Lippincott F. L. Lunson Lisa Lurie Amanda Rae Lynam Kingsley Lynch Rebecca Lynch Sally Lynch Lisa M. Lyons Ellie MacColl John MacIntosh Meredith Mackey Christine MacLaughlin Lavinia Macovschi Ann MacRae Charles Maddock Julie Maguire Rose Maguire Michael W. Malafronte Brian Malkerson Morgan Mandeville Rakesh Mangat Douglas C. Mangini Bailey McCool Laura McCullough Julie McDermott Michael and Maureen McGinn Jarrett McGovern Danielle M. McGrath Kim McGuire Danielle McHugh Molly McInerney Campbell McKellar Tiffany McKinney Chantal McLaughlin Caitlin McMullen Andy McNicol Tiffany C. McQueen Dachell McSween Christopher R. McTammany Cameron McVey Justin Meadlin Karina Meckel Xaviera Medero Alec Mehran Cecilia Mortimore Brett C. Mosely Alexandra Moser Christopher B. Motley Alexandra Mousavizadeh James Moye Cindy C. Mueller Sumit Mukherjee Eric Mulkowsky Sarah Mullin Devon Munnelly Robert C. Munroe Hunter Murchison Ryan Murphy Kristin Murray Marc Murray Douglas Musicaro Ali Namvar Rishi Nangalia Shilpa Narayan Mark Neff Scott Neff Annual Report

24 Denise M. Nelson Mary Dailey Pattee Robert Rafter Taylor Robinson Rebecca Nelson Alison Patten Thomas Rafter Lauren Rodbart Sarah E. Nelson Katherine A. Peachway Atif Rahim Alfonsina Rodriguez Mark Newfield Thomas C. Peer Salim Ramji Elizabeth Rodriguez Kedra Newsom Amy Peloquin Mary Ramsey Karl A. Roessner VanTrang Nguyen David M. Perkal Lilly Rand Rachael Roewe Virginia Nicholson Leslie Perkins Camille Rankin Alexander Rogers Jeffrey Nicklas Ashley Peterson Michael Ranson Christian G. Rogers Christopher G. Nicolaou Sibyl Peyer Lekha Rao Lynn Rogers Mariana Nolan Daniel Phillips Charlotte Reardon Quinne Rogers Robert B. Nolan Natalie Pica James Ashe Reardon Melody Rollins Carly Noland Christina K. Pickett Siobhan Redmond Bryan Romano Franklin M. Norce Joshua Pierce Brooks Reece Christopher P. Ronan Dana Norris Sarah Rooney Patricia Norton Diane Rosen Lauren Nugent Josephine Rosenberg Matthew Oak Susan A. Roskell Jason M. Obenhaus Adam Rosmarin Corinne O Brien George Ross Jim O Brien Ivan Ross Tiffany Obser Meredith Ross Henry O Connell Emily Roth Idowu O. Odedosu John Royall Cornelia Oehler Christine Ruane Ike Ofodile Delores Rubin Kelechi Ogbunamiri Ludwig Rudel Jessica Ogilvie Lauren Rudic Cindy Ogrin Taylor Rudisill Emeka Oguh Richard Ruffino Emi Oki Sara Olsen Sam O Malley Andrea O Neal Erin O Neill Kara Oppenheimer Daniel O Reilly Susan C. Ortega Declan O Sullivan Sarah Otto Matthew Ouderkirk Charisse C. Padilla William Page James Pagnam Erik Palfrey Greg Panayis Karen M. Paneggiante Alexandria Papageorgiou Alexandra Papanicolaou Candace Park Christie Park Julie H. Park Adam S. Parker Joanie Parker Emily Parsons Fritz Pascale Nicholas Pike Elizabeth C. Pilkington Thomas Pilla Rick Pinkham Piper Jaffray Kerry Planer Cavan Pohlschroeder Mary Polichino Christopher Pollack Juan Ponce Elliott L. Pool Wallis Post Louise Pottle Margaux Powers Jeff Preston Derrick Preuss Michael Putnam II John Pyne Stephanie Quan Courtney Quick Caroline Quinn Patricia Raciti Joseph Radic Nicholas Rafferty Sarah Rafferty Kirk Reed Jeffrey Reemer Debra Regan Julia Reid Lizzie Reifenheiser Stephen Reinhard Philippa Renwick Jolene Resnick Maria Reuter Peter Reynolds Daniel Rhoads Marisa Ricciardi Cameron Rice Kate Richard Leslie A. Richartz Jennie Ripps Christine A. Rivera Jose Rivera Anthony Rizzi Hayden Roach Lauriston Roach Schuyler Roach Jules Roberts Jim and Kristin Robillard Elizabeth B. Robinson Nicoletta Ruhl Mayank Ruia Leah Rumely Kristin Runco Robert W. Russell Susan Russell-Smith Eliza Ryan Jessica Saar Ashley Safronoff Annunziata F. Sahid Marguerite Saint-Preux Motoko Sakurai Ashley-Brooke Sandall Peter Santoro Robert A. Saperstein Melissa Sargeantson Christopher S. Sargent Robert Sargent Pamela Sartorius Sarah Schaffer Andrew Scharf Alia Schattauer Dawn Stephanie Scheirer Jessica Scher Teddy Schiff Cassia Schifter 22 Student Sponsor Partners

25 Robert Schimmel Tatiana Sotiriou Katharine Tremaine Adam Navarra Williams Paul Schnell David Souccar G. Allen Trew, Jr. Caitlin Williams Eliza Schnitzer Nicholas Spahr Charles A. Tribbett, IV Jennifer Williams Luke Schroeder Dian L. Schuler Monique Schumacher Scott P. Schundler Catherine D. Schwartz Melissa H. Scollans Nell Scott Lisa Scovotti Sarah K. Scully Marshall D. Sebring Abigayle L. Seidel William Seifert Michael Sellman Linwood Sessoms Stephanie Setyadi Carolyn and Tarek Sharaway Sanjay Sharma Mary Shaw Alexandra Shear James M. Sheehy Mark Sheehy Colby Shergalis Emily Sheridan Olympia Shields Zach Shillingford David Sibley Kirsten A. Sichler Michael Siegel Bruce Simmons Scholarship Fund Edward Simmons Sara Simmons Marc C. Simpson John Sparacio Joseph Spieczny Jason Spinnel Brennan Spry Alexandra Stabile Samantha Stam Vera Stamm Paul Steinborn William Stephens Anne Stephenson Olivia Sterns Joseph and Marianne Stineman Nancy Stuebe Jonathan Sturges Andrew Stuttaford Ellen Sugrue James R. Sullivan III Patrick Sullivan F. S. Swann Chris Swon Brooke A. Szostak Derek E. Taff Sabrina Tamraz Georgia Tapert Eugenie G. Taylor Loren Taylor Sabrina Taylor Timothy E. Taylor William L. Taylor Clifton Teagle Diana B. Tebbe Mara Lise Terlizzi Serena Tufo Anna R. Tye Laura Tysoe Evan W. Uhlick Nancy Unsworth Mia Vachon Dan Vallejo Jacqueline Valls Anne Vance Anna Varshisky Michele Vella Ryan Vetter Timothy Vieira Anna Vietor Maariana Vikse Ariane Vinograd Carlo Vittorini Anne Volk Wesley W. von Schack Alexa Von Tobel Lee Wadeton Jennifer Walk Mayokia Walker Brendan Wallace Rob Walsh Cary Walthew Melissa Washington Elizabeth Watson Ricardo A. Watson Stephanie Wayne Marian L. Weber Julia Weidinger Phyllis Casolaro Williams Scholarship Fund R. Eric Williams Rufus I. Williams IV Seran Williams Jason Wilson Kathleen Wilson Whitney R. Windmiller Wells Winfrey John R. Witherspoon Elizabeth Wolgemuth David A. Wolkowitz Sun H. Won Julie Wong Kenny Wong Walter Wong Brooke Wood Elise Wood Chris Wright Kelly Wright Daniella Yacobovsky Mindy Yajko Zhebei Yang Vivian Yee Alyssa Young Courtney Young Sage Zaheer Sarah Zambrelli Kelly Zaremba Robin Zhang Matthew and Molly Zola Andrew R. Zook Roger D. Singer Alyssa Tesei Jeremy Weinstein Travis Skelly Christine Thelmo Justin Weinstein Jack Skirkanich Amy Thoelen Deborah L. Weinswig Dani Skollar Darren Thomas Keeley Weir Katherine H. Slattery Elizabeth Thomas Matthias Weisheit Matt Slootsky Lisa Thomas Craig Weiss William G. Smart Lisa A. Thomas Joseph Weiss Sanjin Smiljanic Lowell Thomas Alison Weisser Charles K. Smith Samantha Thompson Tracy Welch Graham Smith Nate Thorne Brian Welsh Lindsay Smith Thomas J. Thornton Robert Wertheimer Meverette Smith Olivia Tiernan Jeffrey H. Westcott Jim Smithwick Jonathan Timmons Carroll Wetzel Kate Snyder William Toce Jennifer Wharton Lauren Sokolowski David Toomey Lily Whitall Blanka Solta Robert L. Tortoriello Scott Whitworth Caglar Somek Diana B. Townsend-Butterworth Wendy Wichern Albert J. Song Alondra Tracy Isabel Widdowson Genevieve C. Sonsino Elizabeth D. Trafelet Alicia Wilfork Alicia A. Sontag Susan Tranbaugh Meggan B. Willersdorf Annual Report

26 2007 Contributors to the Credit Suisse FID Challenge SSP is extremely grateful to the more than 400 employees of the Credit Suisse Fixed Income Division, who have pledged nearly $1.4 million to fund the education of 69 SSP students in the Class of Among the participants in the CS FID Challenge, which was spearheaded by SSP Board Member Jim Healy, are a number of traditional Sponsors who are also working with a student. We are tremendously thankful to Jim Healy and to the individuals in the Credit Suisse Fixed Income Division listed below, who contributed the following amounts for fiscal year $25,000+ James Healy $10,000+ Andrew and Eleanor Kimura $5,000+ Pedro Beroy and Jacinta Hayne Timothy Blake Timothy Bock Lance Leener and Jamie Nicholson-Leener Jason Manske Bob and Suzanne McMinn Eric Miller Thomas and Constance Newberry Gregory and Nina Richter Joseph Rosner Douglas and Margaret Simons Trevor and Julie Woods Steven and Amelia Feinberg John Gans and Irina Tolstoy Seth and Lisa Garrett John and Beth Anne Giannotto William Gleason Alexander Hack Francis and Kathleen Hager Carol Healey James Jaxon Brendan Keane and Susanne Toes Rob Nydegger Wayne Olson and Sandra Miller Norman Parton and Ellie Becker Craig Puffenberger Susan Romo Neal and Dana Roodin Andrew Rosenburgh Paul Scheufele Robert and Leah Schiffman J. Christopher and Melissa Schoen Sean Brady Robert P. Brennan Stephen Chapin Gael and Shannon De Boissard D. Wilson & Lili Ervin Robert Franz Vikram Gandhi Robert and Tara Griffith Daniel and Amy Jurkowitz Martin Keating Michael and Whitney Marriott Jonathan McHardy Dara and Timothy O Hara Thomas Pascale Donald and Anne Pollard Sudip Thakor and Joan Button James and Juliann Toya Alan and Donna Tyson Gabrielle Danek Winnert $1,000 - $1,999 Vincent Albanese Jeremy Bennett Anthony Blasi Michael Burke Timothy Carey Eric Honor and Maureen Coen Andrew and Karen Dephillips Jerry DeVito Joseph and Judy Donovan Derek and Madison Doran Edward and Ellen Dougherty Jean-Francois and Susan Dreyfus Molly A. Duffy Lawrence Dyer Gregory Kennedy Campbell Kidd Charles Kirtley Scott Kramer Jacquelyn Krese Deborah Langiulli Russell Lazarus and Stephanie Gentile Alan R. Leiderman Peter Little Ian McAllister Christina McCaughey Henry and Marianne McLaughlin John and Deborah McWilliams Edward Moran Michael and Deborah Murray Michael and Kathleen Schoen John Sipp Albert and Jennifer Sohn Neal and Sarah Soss Eugenie Gabriella Taylor Aaron Tighe Edward Berman and Anna Titarchuck Paul and Barbara Tregidgo Steven Yanez and Ann Sommella-Yanez Charles Zahringer $500 - $999 Lawrence and Lynn Abrams Charles and Valeria Achoa Mark and Gloria Altherr Felipe Ascencio Jon Baker George and Monica Barry $2,000 - $4,999 Hans Bald and Laurie Walters Jason Bonanca The Carol M. Burke Scholarship Fund Jeffrey and Valerie Cohen Alex Dubitsky Kenneth M. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Harmon Daniel and Luciana Hyman Dominic Konstam and Sarah Yaeger-Konstam Michael and Diane Barston James Bernard Thomas and Mary Bilzi George Boudouris Frederick and Theresa Brasco Andrew and Pamela Brooks Elizabeth Bryson Russell Burns Stephen and Ellen Byrne Salvatore Cangialosi Neil Carragher Todd Cassan Paula W. Lavitt Jackson Chou Keenan Choy 24 Student Sponsor Partners

27 Jodi Cohen Scott Corman Andrew Costello Olivia Curran Charwyn David David and Lynn Dinanno Timothy P. Doern Alex Guo and Sue Peng Dong Li Daniel and Jennifer Driscoll Rod Dubitsky Damien Dwin John and Carolyn Eknoian Andrew and Donna Erskine Paul and Jean Faust Daniel Fitzgerald Anthony and Sylvia Giordano Joseph McHugh Eve Merckaert Jason Miller Bernard Moody Francine Mozer Peter Mullany Allen and Robin Oppici Douglas Paul James Perry Patrick and Anyssa Remmert Nicole Robinson Brian and Joyce Rogers Scott and Bridget Roose Gregory Rosen Mark Rosen Michael Saron Dennis Blysick and Maryann Schettino Ethan Bronsnick Jon Castaldo Chiuyi Chan Timothy Chapin Marc Chouchani Michael Cummings Kumaran Damodaran Michael Daniel Elizabeth Danilek Ian and Jennifer Davis Jessica Donofrio Hiren Doshi Wendell Dowrich Ryan Fennelly John Keighley Michael Kelly Omar Kiggundu Marie-Louise Kirwan Stephen J. Krooth Christopher Kulina Brian La Rosa Lawrence Latimer Vladimir Lebedev and Anna Eliseenkova Shinghoi Lee Mikel Lehrman Richard Lerner Franklin and Anna-Marie Lin Aryeh Liwschitz Lavinia Macovschi William Glaser John Sheehan James and Wendy Glavin John Slonieski and Kim Healey David Goldman Stephen Smigel Mark and Rebecca Golombeck Baldwin Smith Boris and Marina Grinberg Joseph and Ashley Soave Shane Hadden Scott and Alison Spiegel John Hammond David and Wendy Steinberg Steven and Rorri Heller Mark Styslinger John and Stephanie Herbert Timothy Sullivan Paul Herman William and Rosemary Supik Steven and Kyle-Beth Hilfer Irvindjit Suri David Hinton Mahesh and Gomati Swaminathan Cary Ho Marc and Marie Tabah Andrew Humphrey Matthew Tehan Kurt Jacobson Dirk Tenzer Peter Joel Neal Thompson Alexander and Isa Johansen Dominick Totino Steven Kaiman Robert M. Kay and Kimberly A. Whitfill Guy Kearsley Jeffrey Kim Michael and Francoisel Koenitzer Ira Krulik Galit Kursman Greg Langa Stephen Lazarus Chi-Wai Lee Gail G. Lee Thomas Lehrkinder Mark Lengel Maria Lopez-Ona Adrienne Lucier Gennady Lvovsky Satish and Anjali Mansukhani Peter A. Matousek John and Michaela McCabe Christopher and Susan McDonough Michael McHale Joseph Turck Robert and Margaret Ullman John Vibert Richard Viton Charles Weilamann Choudhary Yarlagadda Richard and Rachel Yemm Alex Zilberman and Dyan Hes $200 - $499 Ravinath Aekambaran Marten Agren Fredrik Akesson Jeffrey and Karen Altabef Drew Anderman Christopher and Karen Anderson Kirsten Anderson Peter Armetta Samuel Baker Derek and Carolyn Barcelona Suzanne Baricevic Daniel and Catherine Biron Christopher Fenske Paul Fitzsimmons Anand N. Gajjar Stephen and Ourania Gellos Lawrence Gelman Glenn Goldstein and Michelle Paretti Patrick Gorman Naresh Gurbuxani Olivia Hafner Jessica Hans Joshua and Nellie Harmon Joseph Harvier Elizabeth Hewitt John Hiser Greg Holden James and Priscilla Horning Andrew Hubbard Julie Ju Sooyoung Kang Andrew Karsh Steven Makai Brian Mangum Howard Mansell Reese F. Mason Angelo May Keith McDonald James McDonnell Anton Merlushkin Stanley Mrose William Naphin Anthony Napoli Sameer and Archana Nayar Anthony and Julieann Orso Brian Owen Viral Patel Edward and Lisa Petti Barry and Amy Polen Leah Pozsgay Adam and Amy Raboy Tina Rafii Manuel Ramos Annual Report

28 Kenneth and Deborah Rivkin $20 - $199 Pamela Hastings Amit Rametra Kenneth Rosenberg Azhar Abdul-Quader Sergei and Tatiana Ivanov Ellen Rankin Robert and Elizabeth Russell Jared Anderson Garret Jankowski Sumana Rao Rodney and Maria Schiffer Priya Anthunadan James Jerabek Maryanne Richter Vijay and Parimala Setty David and Mary Barbrack Ira Jersey Ariadna Rodenstein Stephanie Setyadi Kristofer Bayha Louise Kittle Zachary Rose Faisal Siddiqui Jason Bell Howard Koh and Lo Bunna Emily Rose (Lao Chua) Chuck Siegel Melanie Berliet Jordan Konicek Marat Sadykov Mark and Alyssa Silverstein Nate Bohn Case and Alexandra Korpan David Salinas Julie Singletary Chafia Boukhtouche Rhidoi Krishnakumar Salvatore Seguna Mahesh Sinkar Lora Branz Julie and Won Kwak Sudhir and Bindu Shrotri Nicole Byrns and Lloyd Spencer Meredith Brodbeck Patricia Landi Andrew Simon Michael Stallmeyer Stuart Brown Aye Aye Leadbeater Samarendra Sinha Mark Stedman Donald Bussmann Michael Lee Robert Smearman Matthew Stockert Angela Capron Robert Leichter Alex Smith Megan Storz Thomas Carey Edwin Lin Jess Sodaski Edmund and Diane Taylor Yale Chang Joseph Lovell Yuri Solodukhov Justin and Amy Tisler Frances and Richard Cohen Alisa Margulies Srini and Christine Srinivasan Ann Tran Erin S. Colello Andrew Martin Seth Timen Jonathan and Christine Trauben Bradley Critchell Heather Masciotti Robert Wainwright Serif Ustun Joram Cukierman Kealey Mayer Ladie Whitaker Benedict Munger and Jennifer Varrone Joseph Vassallo Elizabeth Verri William Weinstein and Adrienne Perkov John Wemple John Whitman Andrew Winer and Elizabeth Ward Daniel Wolins Shyanshi Wu Yong Yan Lihong and Li Yang Michelle Zeccola Alberta Zonca Vinay and Seema Datta Adam Delligatti Marisa Devincentis Christine Dillon Brett and Lilah Dima Renee Emmet Truls Engelbretsen Lisa Fallace Fernando and Edna Fernandez Brian Fitzsimmons Carlos Garza John Gilson Sachin Goel Carla Hall Michael Mead Danielle Melchione David Metzger Paul Morgan Dave Neugebauer John Niccolai Oliver Nisenson Labeja Nyeko Eddie Othman Giovanni Petrella Antti Pihlaja Caleb and Ericka Pitters Thomas Plante and Kara Mackenzie Kapil Rajaraman Christopher and Kathryn Wren Marc Yannaco Jennifer Yuen David Yuttal Amy Zelnick Jiang Zhu and Yixuan Gong 26 Student Sponsor Partners

29 Annual Report

30 28 Student Sponsor Partners

31 Annual Report

32 30 Student Sponsor Partners

33 Annual Report

34 32 Student Sponsor Partners

35 Annual Report

36 34 Student Sponsor Partners

37 Annual Report

38 36 Student Sponsor Partners

39 Annual Report

40 38 Student Sponsor Partners

41 Annual Report

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