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1 M3 Global Research Overview M3 Global Research, part of M3 Inc., provides market research recruitment, data collection, and support services reaching respondents in 248 markets across 70 countries worldwide with a strong emphasis on the healthcare space. Working in highly regulated industries, M3 maintains ISO and certifications, providing data collection and project management capabilities covering a broad spectrum of quantitative and qualitative techniques.

2 OUR SERVICES More than Market Research... as part of the M3 Group we have deeper relationships and connections with health care providers around the globe. These relationships translate into engaged members which leads to better access, response rates, and quality data. M3 Services Include Physician Marketing & Ethical Drug Promotion Physician Training, Research & Engagement Gamification Journal Updates & Aggregation Clinical Development & Recruitment Board Exam Prep Market Research Physician Career Center & Recruitment Medical Conference Coverage KEY DIFFERENTIATORS Reach: Executing quantitative and qualitative projects in over 70 countries using our healthcare and patient communities that comprise the largest worldwide healthcare panel. Diversified: More than just a panel provider, M3 maintains deep relationships with stakeholders. These relationships lead to greater accessibility for primary market research and robust data within our syndicated products. Sometimes more is more. Dedication: Account managers that accurately assess project feasibility and provide helpful guidance when quoting hard-to-reach targets, tapping into our on-staff physicians to help provide medical guidance. Experienced: With over 15 years of experience in building the largest healthcare community in the world, on-staff physicians to assist our clients and internal team, and over 195 years of combined experience from our senior level team, M3 have the ability and experience to complete the project. Compliant: You worry about strategy and knowledge creation, we worry about the rest. Delivery utilizing high quality data following ISO research standards which meet or exceed ISO27001 data collection, pharmaceutical, and government compliance guidelines and requirements. KOLs M3 Global Research has an extensive network of global KOLs and specialized Elite Panels within highly targeted specialties. NEUROELITE M3 USA Corporation. All rights reserved. 2

3 GLOBAL REACH China 1,269,183 France 113,480 Sweden 20,799 Norway 9,842 Croatia 2,878 Japan 450,000 India 72,026 Netherlands 19,034 Poland 8,525 Lithuania 2,347 United States 415,000 Mexico 71,782 Belgium 17,852 Australia 7,734 Slovakia 2,275 Spain 292,371 Korea 56,140 Switzerland 14,517 Denmark 7,569 Hungary 1,582 Great Britain 233,744 Italy 35,776 Austria 13,334 Romania 6,502 Estonia 816 Russia 150,400 Canada 22,456 Brazil 12,580 Czech Republic 5,609 Latvia 445 Germany 146,132 Rest of EU5 21,221 Finland 11,794 Bulgaria 5,233 Luxembourg 260 STAKEHOLDER ACCESS Physicians Nursing Executives Payers General Practitioners All Medical Specialties / Subspecialties Surgeons KOLs Nurses / Nurse Practitioners Physician Assistants Professional Caregivers P&T Members C Suite Executives Department Heads Directors Hospital Payers Insurance Payers Medical Directors Pharmacy Directors National & Local Level Governmental Payers (Europe) Pharmacy / Lab Hospital Pharmacists Retail Pharmacists Lab Directors / Managers Others Mental Health Professionals Physical Therapists Educators Medical Technicians Allied Healthcare Professionals Administrators Procurement/ Purchasing Information Technology Patient Affairs Consumers of Healthcare Patients Caregivers OTC Users Rx Users M3 USA Corporation. All rights reserved. 3

4 METHODOLOGIES M3 Global Research offers a broad spectrum of quantitative and qualitative techniques. Qualitative Studies Focus groups Telephone IDIs Online Chat Ethnographies In-person IDIs Video Chat Discussion Mobile Global Studios Quantitative Studies Online Market Research CAPI CATI Mobile Intercepts To complement our extensive online and phone qualitative offering, we provide global studios located in London, Gothenburg, and Philadelphia, with more to come soon. We ve designed our studios with a focus on quality over quantity, limiting the number of rooms per location to ensure you are not lost in the crowd. COMPLIANCE When you work with M3 Global Research, you work with an experienced, professional team that adheres to all pertinent compliance guidelines. First physician panel to be ISO Certified by CIRQ (CASRO Institute of Research Quality) First US Market Research Company ISO Certified North America First to be ISO Certified by CIRQ US Sunshine Act Canadian Can-spam Law EU-US Privacy Shield US IRS Income Reporting Law US HIPAA Law EphMRA Code of Ethics Bank Teller Verification IA Professional Researcher Certification Philadelphia London Gothenburg More studios coming soon! Europe First to be ISO Certified by CIRQ Registered with European ICO BHBIA Adverse Events Training French Loi Bertrand and Loi Anti-Cadeaux law (Sunshine Act) General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) Asia Japan Privacy Mark Japan PII China Data Collection License China Internet Survey License China PII South Korea PII Global Model Clauses Patented Survey Router Triple Verification Post-survey Duplicate Check Zero Cost Data Cleaning Russian Federal Law on Personal Data M3 USA Corporation. All rights reserved. 4

5 GLOBAL COVERAGE medical FLEXIBILITY M3 Global Research doesn t take a cookie cutter approach to research. Do you have a special type of patient need? We will build it! Need access to a certain country? We will build it. M3 Global Research hears what you need and responds accordingly by working collaboratively with you to build the panels you need for your studies. STANDING OUT IN DATA COLLECTION Physical presence and proprietary panel in Americas, APAC, Europe, and LATAM Three years running, ranked in top 10 Most Innovative Growth Company by Forbes ISO and ISO27001 Certified Publicly-traded company audited annually by Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP Engage our HCPs in seven distinct areas beyond MR which strengthens the responsiveness for our panels Attend 100+ medical conferences across the globe each year and conduct research, among other things Source 98% of our own sample in our proprietary countries Screen for 110 ailments within our consumer/patient panel Provide a proprietary app in our studios to aid in successful on-site research M3 USA Corporation. All rights reserved. 5