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1 a b Going Further a philanthropic health portfolio How your entrepreneurial philanthropy will reach the world s most under-served communities. Photo credit Living Goods

2 Children s healthcare crisis in numbers: 1 billion people go their entire lives without access to healthcare, including 270 million children. 1 6 million children die every year of preventable causes million children in the world are not immunized against treatable or preventable diseases. 3 Up to 80%... of births are unattended in rural areas. 4 60%... of deaths in children under five are related to malnutrition. 5 Introducing the Going Further philanthropic health portfolio We know that access to healthcare in many remote communities is either non-existent or dysfunctional. In some of these areas, children are 20 times more likely to die before the age of 5 than in the UK or the US. This should not be happening solutions exist to drastically reduce this reality, but are not being financed or scaled. The Going Further portfolio is dedicated to solving this problem by investing in proven interventions to bring sustainable and high-quality care to those who need it most, such as: Community Health Workers Mobile Technology Health Facility Technology By delivering these tested solutions to the communities that need them, small changes can achieve transformational impact. Our goal is to help these interventions go to scale by shaping national policy and attracting international funding to demonstrate that it is possible to save millions of children s lives. By contributing to our portfolio, you can support our carefully chosen, ground-breaking programs and reach the communities that are in most need of effective healthcare. Photo credit Last Mile Health Philanthropic investments are gifts to the UBS Optimus Foundation 1 WHO. Universal Health Coverage: Report by the Secretariat. January UNICEF. The UN Inter-Agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation. Levels and trends in child mortality: report. September UNICEF. Why are children dying? Available at: index_why.html. Accessed 31 August Montagu et al. Where Do Poor Women in Developing Countries Give Birth? A Multi-Country Analysis of Demographic and Health Survey Data. PLoS One. 2011: e UNICEF. Improving Child Nutrition. April

3 Your philanthropy will have a measurable impact on children s lives $26,000 can pay to train and support two Community Health Workers in a new area (page 8) $66,000 can provide light and energy to 25 health centers (page 10) $264,000 can deliver healthcare to an entire region 1 Your philanthropic investment will go even further. 100% of your donation will reach our UBS Optimus Foundation programs as UBS covers all administrative costs of the Foundation. In addition, through donation-matching, your philanthropic investment could be worth so much more meaning it can have the greatest possible impact. To find out more about leveraged giving, please turn to page These figures represent the indicative amounts of funding healthcare interventions and innovations across the portfolio. Please speak with your UBS Financial Advisor and fill out the Donor Form to make your philanthropic investment that will save children s lives. 3

4 Photo credit Liz Hale and We Care Solar 4

5 Your philanthropic investment will fund some of the most effective and self-sustaining programs Our goal at the UBS Optimus Foundation is to deliver the maximum social return for your philanthropy, applying the same rigorous approach and deep insight to philanthropic giving that characterizes every other UBS investment. Some programs are proven, others have great potential, and all bring an innovative approach to entrenched healthcare problems. It is this approach that has earned the UBS Optimus Foundation a world-renowned reputation, including being awarded the 2015 Clinton Global Citizen Award for Leadership for our response to the Ebola crisis. Your philanthropic investment can fund innovative programs like We Care Solar, which brings power to remote health centers using Solar Suitcases like the one you see in the background of this image taken in a maternity ward in Ethiopia. Working with leading experts in the field has enabled us to understand the health challenges facing neglected communities and identify programs and interventions that can transform healthcare and reduce mortality, such as: Community Health Workers (CHWs) the backbone of the portfolio. Increasing the reach effectiveness of CHWs has proven to reduce mortality of children by 25%, increase vaccination rates, and in recent experience, eradicate Ebola quickly and safely. Mobile Solutions transforming the way that health information is shared and used to provide better care. Health Facility Technology enabling technology to improve the care and services that patients receive. 5

6 How we select the portfolio programs The portfolio is comprised of two types of programs: 1. Scaling partners programs that have demonstrated double-digit social returns and a clear, dominant positioning in their field of expertise. Our support will enable them to grow their impact and demonstrate transformational change. 2. Innovation partners programs with significant potential to solve global problems, developed by outstanding social entrepreneurs. By using a portfolio approach, we combine tried and tested programs that we know will deliver significant, lasting impact with those that are highly promising but are yet to be proven. The result is a diverse range of programs that spread philanthropic risk and increase the probability of backing successful, transformational programs. We share our skills and expertise with all of our partners to help them expand and implement their programs to provide the innovative healthcare solutions of the future. Key criteria for our program selection include: Innovation we look for the smartest solutions, many featuring new technologies and original approaches to longstanding problems. Scalability we look for ideas that, with the right resources and support, can multiply their reach and impact many times over. Sustainability we look for programs that can demonstrate they are financially viable and able to be self-sustaining over the long-term. Please contact your UBS Financial Advisor and refer to your Donor Form to make a philanthropic investment that has the power to save children s lives and transform entire communities. 6

7 7 Photo credit Living Goods

8 You can fund the training and employment of life-saving Community Health Workers Photo credit Last Mile Health Community Health Workers are at the core of the programs within the Going Further portfolio and provide healthcare where there is no support or existing systems are dysfunctional. They are recruited from local communities and play a critical role in providing good quality, cost-effective treatment of diseases as well as home-based pre- and post-natal care. This results in improved infant and maternal survival rates and overall health. For many people living in remote areas, a UBS Optimus Foundation-funded Community Health Worker might be the first health professional they have ever met. The Community Health Worker intervention will be slightly different according to such factors as the location and needs of the communities. However, they are all critical to improving lives. With your help, we can expand successful programs like Last Mile Health and Living Goods, as well as others like them, to reach more people in underserved communities. In this way, there is significant potential to save countless children s lives. Last Mile Health recruits, trains and pays Community Health Workers to identify and treat common diseases in some of the most remote communities in rural Liberia. During the 2014 Ebola crisis, the Last Mile Health model was proven to be highly effective, managing not just to control the virus locally but also continuing to deliver routine health services to communities. Living Goods (previous page) is a micro-entrepreneurship program tackling malnutrition in peri-urban areas. They recruit unskilled men and women from local communities to sell affordable, healthy food and medicines door-to-door. The provision of these supplements and medicines has reduced child mortality by up to 27%. 8

9 Using mobile technology to improve healthcare delivery Photo credit mcare Mobile technology, such as the use of smartphones and tablets, can transform the way that health information is collected, shared and used. Technology also enables Community Health Workers to reach more people, share information with health professionals and gain a big picture view of an individual s health needs so that they can provide the right care. Mobile technology can strengthen maternal and neonatal healthcare systems, make it easier to maintain and update medical records, register births and contact expectant and new mothers with reminders of health appointments. The use of technology to reach more children and their families can have significant, long-term impact and with your help, we can continue to support innovative programs that can change health systems on a bigger scale. mcare works in the Gaibandha district of Bangladesh where newborn mortality contributes to over 55% of preventable deaths of children. Much of this is due to the lack of timeliness and reach of existing interventions. mcare is solving this problem by training Community Health Workers in the use of mobile technology. Their pilot program, focused on improving care to expectant and new mothers, was responsible for a 260% increase in the level of care provided before and after childbirth. Rehana is a Community Health Worker for mcare and she has been using technology to remind pregnant women of their health appointments and antenatal classes. This has helped her to identify women who have higher risks during their pregnancy. The early identification of risks, helped by the use of technology, increases the chances of both mother and baby surviving. 9

10 You can help provide Health Facility Technology, such as solar power and safe birth kits, to improve the efficacy and safety of healthcare Photo credit Liz Hale and We Care Solar Approximately 70% of health centers in rural areas lack access to reliable electricity. As you can imagine, when power cuts happen at critical times such as during childbirth or a medical emergency the results can be fatal. Solar power is just one solution that can help improve healthcare. Providing light so that Community Health Workers can see their patients clearly, power to charge mobile phones and enabling the use of basic medical equipment this simple intervention can change and save lives. We Care Solar is one portfolio program that trains Community Health Workers to use their innovative Solar Suitcase. This portable and easy to use suitcase includes lights, mobile phone chargers and a fetal monitor. The Community Health Workers are also trained in neonatal care to ensure that they can provide the best care possible in remote communities in Ghana, Liberia, Nepal and the Philippines. Together, we can ensure that more health centers have the technology they need to work safely and prevent needless deaths. 10

11 The UBS Optimus Foundation feels like a real partner, and that is unusual. The help they give us in thinking about strategy and direction has been transformative. And this helps us to constantly improve our maternal and child health services. Dr. Laura Stachel, Co-Founder and Executive Director of We Care Solar Photo credit We Care Solar 11

12 Your gift goes further How your philanthropy can have the maximum possible impact When you give to the UBS Optimus Foundation through this opportunity, your donation is worth much more. Every dollar of your contribution will be matched by our partner organizations, doubling your philanthropic investment. 1 In addition, because UBS pays the administrative costs of the Optimus Foundation, all of your philanthropic giving reaches the programs in our portfolio. The matching will be applied once the funding has been allocated to where it is needed most within the portfolio. $26,000 can pay to train and support two Community Health Workers in a new area $66,000 can provide light and energy to 25 health centers $264,000 can deliver healthcare to an entire region 1 These figures represent the indicative amounts of funding healthcare interventions and innovations across the portfolio. Example of how your philanthropy will have the maximum possible impact $78,000 Stage 2 Our partners will match the total value of your donation, resulting in funding of $52,000 or more. $52,000 $26,000 Stage 1 Your initial $26,000 donation to the UBS Optimus Foundation. $0 Please note that donations made to the UBS Optimus Foundation, which are not in connection with this specific opportunity will not be matched. The matching will be applied once the funding has been allocated to where it is needed most within the portfolio. These figures are shown for illustrative purposes only. Tax treatment is dependent on individual circumstances, and may be subject to change in the future. UBS does not give tax advice. 12

13 Photo credit Last Mile Health How the performance of your philanthropic investment is measured Detailed reporting from our partners, regular reviews by our team and assessments by external experts enable us to rigorously measure the effect on the communities and children s lives. With this clear understanding of how each program is performing, we make adjustments where necessary and advise on the best way forward. We will keep you informed about the progress of the Going Further portfolio to give you a clear picture of the impact of your donation. I have been involved in philanthropy for over a decade and know from experience how difficult it can be to identify effective charities. Every cause can tell a good story, but very few can actually provide evidence that what they do works at scale. Researching and assessing charities thoroughly is a full time job, which very few of us have time to do, particularly with the range of causes and issues concerning us. I have found the UBS Optimus Foundation unique in that it does a lot of this background due diligence for me. Its extremely thorough and academic approach gives me the confidence to make donations to the projects they recommend, which resonate with me, with a greater degree of certainty that they really have the best possible chance of delivering long-term sustainable change. Dr Patricia Turner, Researcher and Philanthropist 13

14 Make a philanthropic investment that can save children s lives By investing in ground-breaking, strategic philanthropy, you have the power to create scalable lasting change for children living in poverty. There are a number of ways to give to the Going Further portfolio through the UBS Optimus Foundation and to learn more about the difference your philanthropy can make. Complete your Donor Form You can make your philanthropic investment through your UBS Financial Advisor and by completing the Donor Form. By phone If you have any questions or wish to discuss making your philanthropic investment, please contact your Financial Advisor. On our website You can find more information about the Going Further health portfolio on our dedicated website at This publication has been prepared by UBS Optimus Foundation. No representation or warranty, either express or implied, is provided in relation to the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the information contained herein. The information and opinions contained in this publication are provided for personal use and information purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Views and opinions of authors external to UBS Optimus Foundation expressed in this material are those of the author and are not those of UBS Optimus Foundation. This publication is not directed at or intended for use by any person resident or located in any jurisdiction where the distribution of such information or functionality is contrary to the laws of such jurisdiction. Nothing contained within this publication constitutes investment, legal, tax or other advice nor should it be relied upon in making a decision. Before making a decision it is recommended to seek the advice of an independent tax or legal consultant. UBS Optimus Foundation is an independent grant-making foundation established by UBS AG in Neither UBS Optimus Foundation, nor UBS AG nor any of its affiliates, nor any of UBS Optimus Foundation s or any of UBS s or its affiliates directors, employees or agents accept any liability over the content of this material or any claims, losses or damages arising from the use or reliance on all or any part thereof. UBS Optimus Foundation prohibits the redistribution or reproduction of this material in whole or in part without the prior written permission of UBS Optimus Foundation and UBS Optimus Foundation accepts no liability whatsoever for the actions of third parties in this respect. UBS The key symbol and UBS are among the registered and unregistered trademarks of UBS. All rights reserved. 14

15 Your gift to bring healthcare to the most under-served communities Give to the Going Further portfolio and you can help transform the lives of children and families living in poverty. Donor Form Complete this form to make a contribution to the Friends of UBS Optimus Foundation Fund (the Fund ), a foundation advised fund administered by National Philanthropic Trust (NPT). If you need assistance completing this form, please contact your UBS Financial Advisor. 1. Donor Information Identify all registered owners of the account from which assets are being donated. Note: The NPT gift substantiation letter, which is provided for federal tax reporting purposes, will be sent to the Donor(s) listed below. Donor(s) Name (First, Middle Initial, Last) Address City, State, Zip Joint Donor(s) Name (First, Middle Initial, Last) Address City, State, Zip Organizational Donor(s) If you are making a contribution from your donor-advised fund (DAF), please contact your DAF provider about how to make the donation from your DAF account. Name of Entity Type of Entity (Foundation, Corporation, Trust, Donor-Advised Fund) Address City, State, Zip Page 1 of 3

16 2. Gift Information Please transfer the cash and/or securities from my UBS account number to the Fund account JGA6585 as directed below (minimum contribution $5,000): Cash $26,000 $66,000 $264,000 Other Stock Name of Stock Trading Symbol # of Shares Name of Stock Trading Symbol # of Shares Name of Stock Trading Symbol # of Shares Mutual Funds Name of Mutual Fund Trading Symbol # of Shares Name of Mutual Fund Trading Symbol # of Shares Name of Mutual Fund Trading Symbol # of Shares Bonds Name of Bond CUSIP Quantity or Face Amount Name of Bond CUSIP Quantity or Face Amount Name of Bond CUSIP Quantity or Face Amount Page 2 of 3

17 3. Acknowledgement of terms (Each Joint Donor named in Section 1 must sign below): By signing below, I agree to each of the following: i. I understand that my gift described in Section 2 is an irrevocable and unconditional contribution when received and accepted by National Philanthropic Trust (NPT), that NPT retains exclusive legal control over the contributed assets, and my gift will be used to support a granting program through the Fund. ii. I acknowledge that as the Fund s Advisor, UBS Optimus Foundation has sole discretion to make grant recommendations, and will consider the Donor s donation suggestion in recommending grants to NPT, with NPT having full investment and grantmaking discretion over the assets. I agree that once donated, I will not have the ability to direct or recommend how my donation will be applied. iii. I understand that UBS Optimus Foundation supports the projects of external organizations with the donations it receives, but does not conduct any projects on its own. With respect to any donation suggestion in support of a specific project, I declare that neither I, nor any persons related or connected to me, will obtain a direct or indirect financial advantage as a result of my donation. iv. I confirm that UBS did not provide tax or legal advice regarding this donation. v. I certify that, to the best of my knowledge, all information provided is accurate. Donor Signature/Authorized Individual Date Donor Signature/Authorized Individual Date 4. Return this completed form to your Financial Advisor 5. Details concerning future contact: By signing below, I agree to each of the following: I would like to receive future information about the activities of the UBS Optimus Foundation: Yes No Please send information to me by at the following address: Information will be sent to my Financial Advisor to pass on to me. UBS Financial Services Inc. Branch use only I confirm that I have complied with the principles and measures for the prevention of money laundering, corruption and the financing of terrorism (Wealth Management Americas Compliance Policy Against Bribery and Corruption and Anti-Money Laundering Policy). I have no evidence or positive knowledge that the funds to be donated lack the required legitimacy (e.g., but not limited to any tax offense). Financial Advisor Name Financial Advisor Signature Date To complete Donor contribution: Scan and to: Where Donor has elected to receive future information from his or her Financial Advisor, information should be sent via UBS The key symbol and UBS are among the registered and unregistered trademarks of UBS. All rights reserved. Page 3 of 3