Civil Society Empowerment Programme (CSEP)

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1 Civil Society Empowerment Programme (CSEP) Call for proposals for alternative and counter narrative campaigns supporting the prevention of radicalisation leading to violent extremism ISFP-2017-AG-CSEP DG HOME- Unit E

2 General disclaimer The call for proposals for alternative and counter narrative campaigns supporting the prevention of radicalisation leading to violent extremism ISFP AG-CSEP is published on line. All examples and annotations are only for illustration purpose regarding how to apply. Any proposal shall respect all provisions of the call document. 2

3 Conditions: e.g. call text Documents: e.g. guide for applicants 3

4 Submission period : The submission for proposal is opened: as of 5 October 2017 to 11 January 2018 (5 p.m. Brussels time). Budget : EUR

5 Priorities of the call (1/2) The goal of this Call for Proposals is to support projects of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) that pursue all of the objectives below: address target audiences in the EU susceptible and vulnerable to radicalising and terrorist content online, those on the brink of radicalisation as well as those who have already been radicalised (target audiences' perceived or real grievances should be addressed); provide the target audience with credible alternatives and positive narratives or expose and challenge terrorist and extremist online propaganda ; address push and pull factors of terrorist and extremist content online; actively contribute to promoting tolerance and EU/democratic fundamental rights and values. 5

6 Priorities of the call (2/2) The projects should result in the following deliverables: online communication campaign(s) developing an alternative or counter narrative for a well-defined target audience that is vulnerable to radicalisation, combined, where appropriate, with off-line activities designed to maximise the impact of the campaign; a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the reach and impact of the campaign, accompanied by a set of lessons learned and good practices for future similar campaigns, to be shared amongst the CSEP and RAN network. 6

7 Eligibility criteria (1/2) The Applicant and the Co-applicants must be: legal persons; applications from natural persons are not eligible; public bodies or private entities ; established in a Member State of the European Union participating in the ISF Police instrument (All MS, excluding UK an DK). In duly justified cases where their participation is necessary to achieve the objectives of the programme, the Coapplicants may also be established in a third country. For this call, eligible third countries are those highlighted as priority countries in the European Agenda on Security: Turkey, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, countries in the Western Balkans as well as EFTA countries; member of the CSEP network registered in the database: To be read in parallel with priorities of the call!!! 7

8 Eligibility criteria (2/2) In order to be eligible for a grant, applications must be: submitted by a consortium between a civil society organisation and at least two other co-applicants; seeking EU co-funding equal to or more than EUR and equal to or less than EUR ; activities must not have started prior to the date of submission of the grant application.!! Transnation ality is not required At least 3 partners!!! 8

9 Eligibility activities development of the communication strategy for the alternative or counter narrative campaign, "offline" activities, a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the success of the communication campaign, including at least the assessment of its reach and impact, development of lessons learned and good practices of the communication campaign to be actively shard shared within the CSEP and RAN network, training for staff managing the campaign to have the necessary skills and resilience to engage in controversial/hostile online environment, capacity building to ensure sustainability of the campaign and online efforts to provide alternative narratives, management of the project.!! To be read in parallel with priorities of the call!!!!! Measure ment of the result!!!! Transfera bility!!! Dissemina tion!! 9

10 Award criteria Award Criteria Maximum Points Threshold 1. Relevance Quality of the project Cost effectiveness European added value Expected results, dissemination, sustainability and long-term impact 10 TOTAL

11 Golden rules Read carefully the text of the call; Read carefully the guide for applicant; Submit proposals on line only; Do not wait until the very last day of the deadline for submitting your application. NB: you can submit you proposal several times before the deadline, e.g. to make updates or changes. 11

12 Thank you for your attention 12