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5 UNCLASSIFIED SECUjRI TY CLASS, CA ON OF S PAGE REPORT DOCUMENTATION PAGE."~ *la REPORT SECURITY CLASSF CATION ~brestrictive MARKINGS "e UNCLASSIFIED a" 2a SECURITY CLASSIFICATION ALUTHORITY 3 DISTRIBUTION, AVAILABILITY OF REPORT Approved for public release; 2b DECLASSiFiCATION, DOWNGRADING SCHEDULE distribution is unlimited * N/A since UNCLASSIFIED 4 PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPORT NUMBER(S) 5 MONITORING ORGANIZATION REPORT NuMBER(S) DNA-TR--84-l12 6a N4AME OF PERFORMING ORGANIZATION 6bOFFICE SYMBOL 7a NAME OF MONITORING ORGANIZATION Harriet Fast Scott [6(if applicable) Director * WiliamF. cottj Defense Nuclear Agency 6c. ADDRESS City, State, and ZIP Code) 7b ADDRESS (City, State, and ZIP Code) 918 Mackall Ave. Washington, D.C McLean, Va a. NAVE OF ;-%DING, SPONSORING 18b OFI.CE SYMBOL 9 PROC-REMEN- NS7RUMENT DENTIFICA7!ON NUMBER *ORGANIZATION j(if applicable) DNA C c ADDRESS (City. State, arid ZIP Code) 7, (include Security Classification) BIBLIOG;RAPHIC INDEX OF SOVIET MILITARY BOOKS, '0 SOURCE OF FUNDONC NUMBERS PROGRAM PROjECT -17ASK 1',oWORK -N-T :EEVENT NO0 NO NO IACCESSION NO 62715H V99QAXN L DH PERSONAL A-S)Harriet Fast Scott, William F7. Scott 'latve O R~OT 1b hm COERD 4.DA;E OF REPOR- Year Month Day) 15 PAGE COUNT0 1 6 S PPLEVENTARY NOTATION This work was sponsored by the Defense Nuclear Agency under Z L RO, B-R~P Soviet Military Affirsc Soviet Military Dorcties Soviet Military Publications 19 as-pact Continue on reverse if necessary and identify by block number) Soviet Military Strategy This bibliography identifies books and pamphlets identified in Soviet literature in the category of "Military Science" or "M~ilitary Affairs," published from , inclu1s ive. Books are grouped by year published and by the subcategories in which0 they, are listed in Soviet bibliographic publications. 13DSRI1BUTION A\/AiLA8ILi Y OF ABSTRACT 121 ABS, RAC~ EUr ASFCTO CE,NCLASSIF EJNLIMIrED [0 SAME AS RPT O DTC * SERS I UNCLASSIFIED 22a N4AVE OF RESPONS,BLE INDIVIDUAL 220 TE LE PHONE (include Area Code) 22c OFFICE SYMBOL *Betty L.. Fox (21) 325-7(042 DN\/iSTTI DO FORM 1473,84 MAR 83 APR edition mray Oe..Sed until exhausted SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF THIS PAGE All other ed't ors are obsolete UNCLASSIFIED

6 UNCLASSIFIED SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF THIS PAGE 18. SUBJECT TERMS (Continued).n. Soviet Military Tactics Soviet Military History Soviet Armed Forces Soviet Civil Defense Soviet Navy Soviet Ground Forces Soviet Air Defense Soviet Air Forces Strategic Rock~t Forces Soviet Military Training ~NT 7 DT r By-. Avalla ' Ctes *Dist S* ~t A1 DU o- -.. ~ ' t

7 M M IT V ~~ V - 7. T.. -o PREFACE - BIBLIOGRAPHY OF SOVIET BOOKS AND PAMPHLETS ON MILITARY AFFAIRS Since the mid-1970s Western scholars have shown increased interest in 4 all aspects of the Soviet Armed Forces. This interest ranges from under-.1 standing Soviet military doctrine and strategy to reasons for the apparent trend of militarization of Soviet society. As long as the Soviet Union maintains its military superpower status, this interest can be expected to ALI continue. Information about the Soviet Armed Forces and the military concepts of the Soviet leadership requires a variety of sources. Much of the necessary data can best be obtained through a careful reading of Soviet open publications; often these publications will be the only source. Despite its obsession with secrecy, the Soviet leadership must openly communicate with its millions of men in uniform and in reserve forces, as well as with the Soviet populace as a whole, about military matters. Annually, Soviet bibliographies list approximately 40,000 book and pamphlet titles. Between 300 and 700 of these are specifically identified under the general heading, "Military Science, Military Affairs." Scattered elsewhere in bibliographic publications are the titles of other books and pamphlets that also deal with military and military-related subjects. These may be under headings such as "international relations," "science," "cybernetics," "physical-mathematical sciences," "chemical sciences," "technology," "construction," "transport," and the like. However, the single group most useful to Western researchers interested in Soviet military power and armed forces is that given under the general heading of "Military Science, Military Affairs." The purpose of this bibliography is to identify those 2,500 books and pamphlets identified in Soviet bibliographies in the category of "Military Science, Military Affairs," published from 1970 to 1974, inclusive. Books will be grouped by year published and by the subcategories in which they i, are listed in Soviet bibliographic publications. ""..,."

8 SOVIET BIBLIOGRAPHICAL PUBLICATIONS Two basic Soviet publications were used in the preparation of this bibliography, as follows: The Knizhnaya Letopis' (Book Chronicle) This is a weekly publication, giving book and pamphlet titles appearing during the particular week. It is divided into 31 general subject headings, beginning with "Marxism-Leninism." "Military Science, Military Affairs," is one of the general headings. Between 600 and 1,000 titles are carried each week, of which between 5 and 15 will be in the military section. Yezhegodnik Knigi SSSR (Annual of Books USSR) Book and pamphlet titles for each year, after initially appearing in the weekly Knizhnaya Letopis', are consolidated into the Yezhegodnik Knigi SSSR. This is published annually in two volumes, each containing approximately 20,000 titles. For example, book and pamphlet titles published in the 52 issues of the Knizhnaya Letopis' for 1970 were consolidated in the Yezhgodnik Knigi SSSR, 1970, volumes 1 and 2. There is a two to four-year delay between the time the weekly Knizhnaya Letopis' appears and publication of the annual Yezhegodnik Knigi SSSR. As of 1 March, 1983, the Yezhegodnik Knigi SSSR for 1980 was not available. SUBCATEGORIES OF "MILITARY SCIENCE, MILITARY AFFAIRS" The general category, "Military Science, Military Affairs," is divided in the annual Yezhegodnik Knigi SSSR as follows: o General Questions. Some of the most significant Soviet writings on military doctrine and strategy are found in publications listed in this section, such as Colonel Skirdo's The People, the Army, the General, Colonel Savkin's Basic Principles of Operational Art and Tactics, and General Lomov's Scientific-Technical Progress and the Revolution in Military Affairs. -' o Military Art, M1ilitary Equipment. This category was dropped in 1972., it contained only a small number of books. Among them are Colonel Sidorenko's The Offensive, and Fundamentals of Troop Control. o Military Equipment, Military-Technical Sciences. This category re-. placed the one above in It is a most valuable section and contains most of the more interesting Soviet military writings publi.thed, such as Idea (Concept), Algorithm, Decision, introduction to the Theory of Decision-Making, and Mathematics and Armed Combat...-..

9 o Armed Forces USSR. Many books of considerable value are found in this category, such as the series Tactics in Combat Examples. There also are some books in this section that are of interest only to a specialist in some aspect of Soviet military affairs. o History of the Armed Forces USSR. This is one of the subcategories of Armed Forces USSR. Most of the writings are about the Civil War. There are also many biographies of military leaders. J - o Armed Forces USSR in the Great Patriotic War. This is a subsection of History of the Armed Forces USSR. A number of books in this. group appear to have been written simply to keep the memory of the Great Patriotic War alive in the minds of the Soviet people, especially the youth. Some of the books, however, are to teach members of the Soviet Armed Forces about contemporary warfare, using lessons from the Great Patriotic War as examples. The researcher interested in contemporary Soviet military affairs cannot afford to overlook books and pamphlets in this section. Party-Political Work in the Armed Forces USSR. Soviet Military affairs today cannot be understood unless attention is given to this subcategory of Soviet military publications. Books such as Defense of the Fatherland--Sacred Duty of the Soviet Citizen or General Yepishev's Mighty Weapon of the Party should be studied carefully. The impact of the political indoctrination of North Vietnamese soldiers during the Southeast Asian war of the 1960s and early 1970s was a surprise to Washington's political and military leadership. Soviet political officers were the teachers of the Vietnamese. o Services of the Armed Forces USSR, Fighting Arms and Branches There are various subcategories in this group, each dealing with a specific service, arm, or branch. These are listed in the following order: o Rocket Troops o Ground Forces o Troops of National Air Defense (PVO) o Air Forces (VVS) o o Navy (VMF) Border Guards and Internal Troops. This is a subcategory of Armed Forces USSR, of which they are considered a part. The Bord r Guards are part of the KGB and the Internal Troops are part of the MVD. They are not services of the Armed Forces USSR which are under the Ministry of Defense. o Rear Services and Supply of the Armed Forces. This is a supporting service of the Armed Forces. Books in this subcategory are about food handling, finances, military highways, etc. S iii".'"

10 Civil Defense (GO). o Armed Forces of Foreign Socialist Countries. These include the nations of Eastern Europe and other socialist states such as Cuba, Mongolia and Vietnam. Despite the rift between the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, the Yugoslavian Armed Forces also are placed in this category. o Armed Forces of Other Foreign Countries. This category was split in 1972 into the two categories below. Only six books were listed in this section for 1970 and One was entitled Armed Forces of Capitalist States. o Armed Forces of Developing Countries. Only two books are listed in - this subcatergory, one of them most interesting. It is entitled Latin America and the Liberation Movement. o Armed Forces of Countries of the World Capitalist Ssystem. The majority of books in this subcategory deal with the NATO nations. Some 4". provide factual accounts of Western weapons systems. Others, such as Come to Parris (Island) and Die, are for the military-political indoctrination of the readers. ORGANIZATION OF THE BIBLIOGRAPHY Abbreviations. In order to provide the maximum information about each book or pamphlet, abbreviations are used for those works or expressions that are repeated throughout the bibliography. All abbreviations used are found on pp. ix - xii. Transliteration System. Names, book titles and other data transliterated from the Russian alphabet are according to the U.S. Board on Geographic Names Transliteration System. the list of abbreviations. This system is shown in p. xii, following Table of Contents. This lists the categories and subcategories of Soviet books and pamphlets as are given under the section in Soviet biblioqraphies entitled "Military Science, Military Affairs." Each is preceded by a numerical designation, used in Soviet bibliographies, which corresponds in many ways to the Dewey Decimal System used in the United States. The various categories of books under the general headinq "Military Science, Military Affairs," are explained above. " Basic Bibliographical Data. Books and pamphlets identified are divided according to year published, with subject categories and subcategories for each year, given in the order explained under the previous heading, SUR- CATEGORIES OF "MILITARY SCIENCE, MILITARY AFFAIRS." An explanation of the iv :N4'-'

11 information given in each entry is found in the example on page xvi. Name Index. This section gives the names of the authors listed in alphabetical order, followed by an assigned index number which corresponds to the index number preceding each of the book and pamphlet entries. Title Index: Russian. Transliterated titles of books and pamphlets - are listed alphabetically, with each followed by its assigned index number. Title Index: English. Exact wording of the translation of a title from the Russian language to English will differ among translators. Since transliterations are standard, the section listing the transliterated titles is given first, followed by a section giving the English translation. The common index number given to each entry Zollows the English translation of the title. Index of Non-Russian Books. Many of the books listed in the "Military Science, Military Affairs" sections of Soviet bibliographies are not written in the Russian language. Some are in the languages of the various minority,;roups in the Soviet Union, such as Armenian, Estonian, Georgian, Ukrainian and Uzbek. Others are in non-soviet languages, such as French, Spanish and English. These books generally are for propaganda purposes, to show the strength of the Soviet Armed Forces and the just nature of Soviet policies. It should be noted that only the Russian language is used in the Soviet Armed Forces and in the pre-military training of Soviet youth. Subject Index. This shows general categories only, and does not specify the individual topics that might be found in a particular book. Unit histories, series, such as Military Memoirs, and textbooks of military academies and schools,re some of the subjects indexed. Keywords. This index lists broader categories than the subject index. Examples are books dealing with artillery, aviation, tanks, city-fighting, nivil landings, naval infantry (marines), and the various operations and battles of the Great Patriotic War. "BEfSPATNO" BOOKS AND PAMPHLETS Many of the titles in the bibliography are followed by the notation "NC," which in the Russian lanquage is besplatno--no ( lrqe. With very few exceptions, books and pamphlets in this category are unavailable. Most are v ::S:. -...

12 textbooks or summaries of lectures used in Soviet military schools. The practice of including the besplatno titles in Soviet bibliographies did not begin until the late 1960s. Their inclusion may have simply been due to the desire of Soviet authorities to increase the number of titles published annually in the Soviet Union. Even though the besplatno books and pamphlets listed are published in the closed press, the titles and other data provided may be of some interest to Western researchers, since they indicate some of the subjects that are taught in Soviet military schools, for example, and reflect changes in instructional priorities. SOVIET BOOK PUBLISHERS The publisher of the book or pamphlet is noted in each entry. Researchers will quickly recognize, at least in part, something of the significance and purpose of the work if the publisher is known. Some of the publishing houses for books in the "Military Sciences, Military Affairs" section of the bibliography are as follows: Voyenizdat. This is the publishing house of the Soviet Ministry of Defense. The most important books on military affairs that are available to Western readers are Voyenizdat publications. DOSAAF. (Voluntary Society for Cooperation with the Army, Aviation, and Fleet). According to Soviet statistics, DOSAAF annually issues 25 million copies of books, brochures, and pamphlets. Most of its publications listed in the "Military Science, Military Affairs" section are for military-patriotic education, and for use as textbooks for pre-military training. Military Schools and Academies. Publications by these institutions generally are besplatno or "NC," and are unavailable to the general public. Many are less than fifty pages. "Znaniye" Society. This is an "all-union society," whose purpose is to spread scientific and political knowledge among the Soviet population. The majority of those Soviets who hold advanced degrees are members of this society. A "Znaniye" society is found in each of the republics. The study of military affairs and the military-patriotic _ indoctrination of the populace are major tasks of this organization. Many of the titles of its publications reflect these missions. Progress Publishers. This publishing house specializes in the publication of non-soviet language titles, such as French, Spanish, English, and Arabic. Works published in these languages and sent abroad are carefully selected to enhance the image of the Soviet state. vi." "- -' " ": -"" "' -. " """ " '" " - ' "- - -, l-_ - I i.-<s

13 I Politizdat. (Political Literature Publishing House). Politizdat publishers are found in the various republics as well as in Moscow. Its 4 publications, when listed in the "Military Sciences, Military Affairs" sections of bibliographies, are primarily for military-patriotic indoctrination. Regional Book Publishers. Publishing houses in the various Soviet republics issue many books on military and military-patriotic themes. Often these are idealized accounts of the Great Patriotic War, giving the story of a local war hero. Regional publishers frequently issue books in the language of the local nationality, such as Armenian, Bashkir, Chechen, Uzbekand others. A number of their publications are on civil defense, published in the local language. A commonly held view in the West is that all writings in the Soviet Union about military affairs are accomplished by and for the military themselves, and that the views of the civilian populace and the military differ. An examination of military books issued by Soviet publishers, from Voyenizdat down to a local publishing house in a remote region, demonstrates the fact that only one view on military matters is permitted in the Soviet press... AVAILABILITY OF SOVIET BOOKS AND ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS Except for those books identified in the bibliography as being "NC," meaning besplatno or no charge, most of the books listed should be in the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Many probably also are available in institutes and centers specializing in Soviet studies. Copies of key Soviet military writings also are likely to be held by those researchers who work with original Soviet sources. Some of the Soviet military books listed probably can be obtained from outlets for Soviet publications, such as Four Continents Bookstore in New York City, and Victor Kamkin, Inc., in Rockville, Maryland. English translations of current Soviet military books and pamphlets are few. In May, 1973, the Soviet -overnment signed the International Copyrigfht Agreement. Prior to that time r-portant Soviet military writings, such as Marshal V.D. Sokolovskiy's Military Strategy, could be translated and published c')mmercialiy. Since 1973, however, approval of the Soviet government must be obtained before any S oviet book, pamphlet, or journal can be translated and published outside of the Soviet Union. work, Even when Soviet permission is given to translate and publish a Soviet the Soviet government may stipulate as part of the agreement the right to edit the translation and to remove any portion of the translation it vii

14 wishes. This poses problems for those scholars concerned with Soviet military affairs who do not read Russian. As previously noted, a number of books in the bibliography are in non- Soviet languages, such as English, Spanish, Arabic, and French. While some of these might be useful to researchers, it should be recognized that Soviet officials directed the translations for purposes of their own. Books published in the Soviet Union in non-soviet languages should be used with care " AL S.. Vii-,.S -- I viii O

15 11.1 General Questions (C0056) Miftiyev, G.K., Rut'kov,V.L. Subject of Military Economics.-- (Predmet Voyennoy Ekonomiki)Lecture. Rostov Hgr Mil Cmd Sch/Nedelin. - Rostov/Don, p. Free of Charge (C0057) Military Art in the Second World War. (Voyennoye Iskusstvo vo Vtoroy Mirovoy Voyne)Strategic & operational art. Textbook for students at the Acad of the Gen Staff. S.P.Ivanov, N.A. Fokin, N.A.Antonov et al. Moscow, p. Free of Charge (C0058) Military History and Sociology.(Voyennaya Istoriya i Sotsiologiya)Collection of articles. Inst Mil Hist. Moscow, p. NC (C0059) Mudragelya, A.S. Subject and Content of Military-Historical Science. Its Role and Place in the Formation of High Moral-Fighting and Professional Qualities of the Soviet Officer. (Predmet i Soderzhaniye Voyenno-Istoricheskoy Nauki. Yeye Rol' i Mesto v Forrnirovanii Vysokikh Moral'no-Boyevykh i Prof essional'nykh Kachestv Sovetskogo Ofitsera) Introductory lecture on the discipline "History of Military Art". Mil Acad/ Dzerzhinskiy. Moscow, p. Free of Charge (C0060) Philosophical and Socio-Political Problems of War and Army. (Filosofskiye i Sotsial'no-Politicheskiye Problemy Voyny i Arinii) Coll sci articles. Nil Polit Acad/Lenin. Moscow, p. NC (C0061) Ponomarev,N.A. Criticism of Contemporary Bourgeois Views on Army. (Kritika Sovremennykh Burzhuaznykh Vzglyadov na Armiyu) Lecture. Nil Fac of Phys Cult & Sport at GDOIFK/Lesgaft. Leningrad, p NC (C0062) Questions of Military Construction Activities in the Course of Scientific Communism. (Voprosy Voyenno-Stroitel'noy Deyatel'nosti v Kurse Nauchnogo Kominunizma)Textbook. F.A.Khomenok, A. A. Tomashevskiy, ~ P.r'.Dem'yashok et al. Hgr Mil Eng-Tech Sch. Leningrad, p. NC C006. Rykine.I. War nd Plitcs i themoden 7Epch 68o6n C063 Politika ~l EpPuMsoliic Wa aornenuy VoynizdteModer l4pc k pku)ocw oeidt1.1 3p oiiavSveeny 71k. 4 Scetii-etooogclMaeiaso5RsachOeatos (acho0mtocihentiyi-e Mterialygca Matsseovalni Reeap hoerat).ations. yeva.f.goerasichnovy V..Griin et aled Yu..Mil'gra. i ir EngVsi' Acad/Zhukovsly. No place, N( C0065. Scientific-Technical Progress and the Revolution in Military Affairs.(Nauchno-Tekhnicheskiy Progress i Revolyutsiya v Voyennom Dele) ITI.Anureyev, V.M.Bondarenko, V.V.Voznenko et al. Officer's Library. Moscow,Voyenizdat, ,. 40,000 lr.49k (C0066) She,,tov,V.V. MAilitary Art in the Epoch of: Imperialism; Capitalism; Slaveholding; Feudalism.(Voyennoye Iskusstvo v Epokhu: Imperializma; Kapitalizma; Rabovladeniya; Feodalizma)Lecture. Nil Inst of Foreign Languages. Moscow, p. NC

16 11.1 General Questions (C0045) Demidov, M.P. Philosophy of Freedom and Its Military Aspect.(Filosofiya Svobody i Yeye Voyennyy Aspekt) Mil Acad Armored Forces/ Malinovskiy. Moscow, p. NC (C0046) Development of Soviet Military Science After the Second World War.(Razvitiye Sovetskoy Vayennoy Nauki Posle Vtoroy Mirovoy Voyny) Lecture. D.M. Dmitriyev. Nil Acad Chem Def/Timoshenko. Moscow, p.NC (C0047) Dmitriyev,A.P. Questions of Methodology and Methods of Miiitary-Scientific Work.(Voprosy Metodologii i Metodiki Voyenno-Nauchnoy Raboty)Textbook) Mil-Polit Acad/Lenin. Moscow, p. NC f (C0048) Gurov,A.A. Military Economics.(Voyennaya Ekonomika)Lecture. Mil Acad Chem Def/Timoshenko. Moscow, p. NC (C0049) Historical Materialism and Soviet Military Science.(Istoricheskiy Materializm i Sovetskaya Voyennaya Nauka)Textbook. A.A.Dremkov, V.F.Zamorskiy, V.V.Kadykov et al. Nil Acad/Frunze. Moscow, p.NC (COOSO) I1'ichev,N.M. Laws and Categories of Dialectics and Their Methodological Significance for Military Theory and Practice [According to the Classics of Marxism-Leninism].(Zakony i Kategorii Dialektiki i Ikh Metodologicheskoye Znacheniye Dlya Voyennoy Teorii i Praktiki [po Proizvedeniyam Klassikov Marksizma-Leninizma])Textbook. Rostov Hgr Nil Cmd Sch/Nedelin. Rostov/Dori, p. NC (C0051) Kapustin,A.M. Evolution and Revolution in the Development of Military Affairs.(Evolyutsiya i Revolyutsiya v Razvitii Vayennogo Dela)Lecture. Khar'kov Hgr Nil Sch/Krylov. Khar'kov, p.NC (C0052) Lukava,G.G. Strategic and Operational-Tactical Training of the Armed Forces for Military Actions as an Object of Methodological Analysis.(Strategicheskaya i Operativno-Takticheskaya Podgotovka Vooruzhennykh Sil k Voyennym Deystviyam kak Ob"yekt Metodologicheskogo Analiza)Texthook. Mul Acad/Frunze. Moscow,1973, 40p. NC C0053. Marxist-Leninist Methodology of Military History. (Marksistsko- Leninskava Metodologiya Voyennoy Istorii)Ed: P.A. Zhilin. Inst Nil Hist. Moscow,Nauka, p. 4,300 lr.50k (C0054) Marxist-Leninist Philosophy and Its Methodological Significance for Military Theory and Practice. (Marksistsko-Leninskaya Filosofiya i Yeye Metodologicheskoye Znacheniye Dlya Voyennoy Teorii i Praktiki) Textbook for students of the Nil Acad of the General Staff. V.K.Abramov, Mf.f.Galkin, V.I.Morozov et al. Ed:V.T.Morozov, T.R.Kondratkov. Moscow, p. NC C0055. Meshc_,herviknv,G.P. Russian Military Thought in the XTX Centtrv.(Russkava Voyennaya >i:.l' v XIX v.)inst Nil lust. Moscow, Nauka, ilap. 3,500 lr.54k

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20 MILITARY SCIENCE% MILITARY AFFAIRS (11.1) General Questions (C0001) Criticism of Bourgeois Theories and Views o-i :.itarv Ques- - tions.(kritika Burzhuaznykh Teoriy i Vzglyadov po Voyennym Voprosam) Coil sci articles. Mul Polit Acad/Lenin. Moscow, p. NC*71-O6834 C0002. Grigor'yev, B.C. Economic and Moral Potentials in Contemporary - War.(Ekonomicheskiy i Moral'nyy Potentsialy v Sovrernennov Voyne) Pop Sci Lib. Moscow, Voyenizdat, p. 20,000 34k (C0003) Ivashchenko,M.A., Vasil'yev, Ye.M. Relationship of Objective and Subjective Factors in the Development of Military Science.(Sootnosheniye Ob"yektivnykh i Sub"yektivnykh Faktorov v Razvitii Voyennoy Nauka) Textbook. Mul Eng Acad/Kuybyshev. Moscow, p. NC C0004. Korotkov, G.I. Criticism of Bourgeois Falsifiers of Military IHistory.(Kritika Burzhuaznykh Fal'sifikatorov Voyennoy Istorii)To Help4 the Lecturer. Moscow,Znaniye, p. 33,000 7k C0005. Matsulenko, V.A. Embodiment of Leninist Ideas in Building Armies of States of the Warsaw Pact.(Voploshcheniye Leninskikh Idey v Stroitel'stve Armii Gosudarstv Varshavskogo Dogovora)To Help the Lecturer. Znaniye Soc RSFSR. Council on Prop of Mil Knowledge. Moscow,1970, 4 8 p. 15,000 7k C0006. Semiryaga, M.I. Liberating Mission of the Soviet Armed Forces in the Second World War.(Osvoboditel'naya Missiya Sovetskikh Vooruzhennykh Sil vo Vtoroy Mirovoy Voyne) Znaniye Soc RSFSR; Inst Mul Hist; DOSAAF. Lib Prop Mil Knowledge. Moscow,Znaniye, p. 6,000 8k C0007. Skirdo, M.P. People,the Army, the General. (Narod,Armiya, Polkovodets) Moscow,Voyenizdat, p. 16,500 89k C0008. Sulimov, Ye.F. Defense of the Socialist Fatherland--General Regularity of Development of the World Socialist System. (Zashchita Sotialisticheskogo Otechestva--Obshchaya Zakonomernost' Razvitiya Mirovoy Sotsialisticheskoy Sistemy) Sci Communism Series. Moscow,Znaniye, p. 66,700 9k (C0009) Zykov,Ye.M. Socio-Political Consequences of the Modern Revolution in Military Affairs.(Sotsial'no-Politicheskiye Posledstviya Sovremennoy Revolyutsii v Voyennom Dele) Caspian Hgr Naval Sch/Kirov. Baku, p. NC = (11.1) General Questions C0010. Bartenov,S.A. Economics--Rear and Front in Modern War.(Ekonomika--Tyl i Front Sovremennoy Voyny) Moscow, Voyenizdat, p. 10,000 80k *NC means Not for open sale, unavailable. 1%

21 KEY TO ENTRY EXAMPLE: MILITARY SCIENCE MILITARY AFFAIRS History of the Armed Forces USSR Zhukov, G.K. Reminiscences and Reflections.(Vospominaniya i Razmyshleniya)Frwd Vasilevskiy,A.M. 3rd ed. Moscow,Novosti Press Agency, ,000 Vol p. 2r.40k. Also in Armenian(Ayastan, 40,000) Vol p. 2r.50k. Also in Armenian(Ayastan, 40,000) BASIC CATERGORY: Soviet Category Number: MILITARY SCIENCE. MILITARY AFFAIRS Subject of Category: History of the Armed Forces USSR - Year of Publication: 1978 SCOTT Index Number:* Author(s): Zhukov, G.K. S- Title, in English: Reminiscences and Reflections * - (Title, in Russian transliteration): (Vospominaniya i Razmyshleniya) Foreword author,if any; editor: Edition, other than first: 3rd ed. Explanatory notes (series, etc.): Where published: Publisher: Moscow NOVosti Press Agency Date of publication: 1978 Number of books printed: 200,000 Multivolume information: Vol 1. Number of pages: p. Price in rubles and kopeks: Language, if not in Russian: Secondary publisher: (Ayastan, 2r.40k. Secondary number printed: 40,000) Knizhnaya Letopis' Yezhegodnik: Frwd Vasilevskiy, A.M. Biog of G.K.Zhukov Also in Armenian (Year--KLY index number): (19) (Soviet "Books in Print" Annual) *Index numbers in parenthesis,(), followed by notation "NC", mean that *O the item is not available to the general public. These are usually textbooks or lectures for military schools. In Russian, "Besplatno," No Charge xvi S F II."-. -'.. 2.-",' -o.." "" " " ' ' '..'" " '-. - -'. " ". " -., ;. " " " '. ;. -. " ' -.., -- -

22 - 7 viw U ~ ' 7'--. ~ -.a - TABLE OF CONTENTS (concluded) Border Guards and Internal Troops Rear Services and Supply of the Armed Forces Rear Services and Supply of the Armed Forces Rear Services and Supply of the Armed Forces Rear Services and Supply of the Armed Forces Rear Services and Supply of the Armed Forces Civil Defense (GO) Civil Defense (GO) Civil Defense (GO) Civil Defense (GO) Civil Defense (GO) Armed Forces of Foreign Socialist Countries Armed Forces of Foreign Socialist Countries i Armed Forces of Foreign Socialist Countries Armed Forces of Foreign Socialist Countries Armed Forces of Foreign Socialist Countries Armed Forces of Developing Countries Armed Forces of Developing Countries Armed Forces of Other Foreign Countries Armed Forces of other Foreign Countries Armed Forces of Countries of the World Capitalist System Armed Forces of Countries of the World Capitalist System Armed Forces of Countries of the World Capitalist System NAME INDEX TITLE INDEX - RUSSIAN TITLE INDEX - ENGLISH INDEX OF NON-RUSSIAN BOOKS * SUBJECT INDEX KEYWORDS xv

23 Wrv-Twt I. *. TABLE OF CONTENTS (continued) i Party-Political Work in the Armed Forces USqSR. Cultural- Educational Work Party-Political Work in the Armed Forces USSR. Cultural- Educational Work Part%7-Political Work in the Armed Forces USSR. Cultural- Educational Work Services of the Armed Forces USSR, Fighting Arms & Branches Rocket Troops Rocket Trcuops Rocket Troops Rocket Troops Rocket Troops Ground Forces Ground Forces * Ground Forces Ground Forces * Ground Forces Troops of National Air Defense (PVO) Troops of National Air Defense CPVO) Troops of National Air Defense (PVO) Troops of National Air Defense (PVO) Troops of National Air Defense (PVO) * Air Forces (VVS) * Air Forces (VVS) Air Forces (VVS) Air Forces (VVS) Air Forces (VVS) Navy (VMF) %% Navy (VMF) LA3.3 Navy (VMF) Navy (VMF) Navy (VMI * Border G-uards and Internal Troops Border Guards and Internal Troops _ Border Guards and Internal Troops * Border Guards and Internal Troops xiv

24 W' z -W -..., i I-'W ~ W TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface List of Abbreviations ix U. S. Board on Geographic Names Transliteration System.... xii Key to Entry xvi... MILITARY SCIENCE--MILITARY AFFAIRS 11.1 General Questions General Questions General Questions General Questions General Questions Military Art. Military Equipment Military Art. Military Equipment Military Equipment. Military Technical Sciences Military Equipment. Military Technical Sciences Military Equipment. Military Technical Sciences Armed Forces USSR Armed Forces USSR Armed Forces USSR Armed Forces USSR Armed Forces USSR U History of the Armed Forces USSR " History of the Armed Forces USSR History of the Armed Forces USSR History of the Armed Forces USSR History of the Armed Forces USSR History of the Armed Forces USSR Armed Forces USSR in the Great Patriotic War History of the Armed Forces USSR Armed Forces USSR in the Great Patriotic War History of the Armed Forces USSR Armed Forces USSR in the Great Patriotic War History of the Armed Forces USSR Great Patriotic War History of the Armed Forces USSR '.. Great Patriotic War '" Party-Political Work in the Armed Forces USSR. Cultural- Educational Work Party-Political Work in the Armed Forces USSR. Cultural- Educational Work xiii -,

25 '-4 LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS (concluded) VLKSM - All-Union Leninist Commu- VUZ - Institutions of Higher Learning, nist Union of Youth, the Komsomol Military Institutions of Learning VMA - Military Medical AcademyirovVVA - Military Air Academy/Gagarin VMA - Naval Academy/Grechko VVIA - Military Air Engineering VMF - Navy Academy/Zhukovskiy VMURE - Higher Naval School of VVMKU - Higher Naval (Red Banner) Radioelectronics/Popov School/Frunze. VNOS - Air Observation,Warning & VVMU - Higher Naval School/Frunze Communication (historical) VVMUPP - Higher Naval School of Under- Vost Sib - Vostochnyy Sibirskiy, water Navigation/Lenin's Komsomol Eastern Siberian VVS - Air Forces VPA - Military-Political Academy/ VVUZ - Military Institutions of Lenin Higher Learning VPU MVD - Higher Political School VVVAUSH - Voroshilovgrad Higher Miliof Ministry of Internal Affairs tary Aviation School for Navigators/ VSOK VMF - 6th Higher Special Offi- Donbas Proletariat cers'classes of the Navy VTsIK - All-Russian Central Execu- Yuzh - Yuzhnyy, southern tive Committee (historical) VTsOK GO - 37th Higher Central Of- Zap - Zaporozh'ye ficers' Courses of Civil Defense Zap-Sib - Zapadnyy Sibirskiy, western VTUZ - Institutions of higher tech- Siberian nical learning U. S. BOARD ON GEOGRAPHIC NAMES TRANSLITERATION SYSTEM Aa Aa PP Rr 6 B b C c S s BB Vv TT Tt r r Gg Yy Uu A D d F f E e Ye ye; E e* X x Kh kh - X )K Zh zh I I Ts ts 3 3 Z Z q 14 Ch ch HH Ii [ W Sh sh H Y y 1 u Shch shch Km Kk 'b " MM Mm b ] ' HH Nn E3 Ee 0 o Oo 10 0 Yu yu.- -nl P H Ya ya *ye initially, after vowels, and after-b, b: e elsewhere. 3] n Li 1 Yy -..- xii- * "-" " " -.''" " '" "..- "" - "/.''"" " ' ' ' ' ' o ' - ".. ''.- -,' ''"'<-,- -'" '---0"

26 LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS (continued) PVKURE -Pushkin Higher Command TsBNTI MSKh - Central Bureau of Sci- School of Radioelectronics of entif ic-technical Information of 4 Air Defense the Ministry of Agriculture -I PVSTU - Pushkin Military Builders Tsentr - Tsentral'nyy, central Technical School (1975) TSSR - Turkmenistan Soviet Socialist PVVISU - Pushkin Higher Military Republic Engineering Ccnstruction School TU - Tbilisi University (since 1978) TurkSSR - Turkmenistan Soviet Soci- PVIVSKU - Pushkin Higher Military alis,:t Republic Construction School( ) V J-Tula Higher Artillery Engi- Q& A -Question and Answer neering School/Tula Proletariat Qual -Qualifications UkrSSR - Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Railiotech - Radioteci,nical Rpbi Req ReculaconsUniv -University Res ResarchUzSSR -Uzbekistan Soviet Socialist RFT - Riga 'Thytechnical Institute Rpbi PSFSR - Russian Soviet Felerated VAA - see: VAOLKA Socialist Republic VABTV, VABV - Military Academy of PVSN - Rocket T1rn(ops of Str 'eqic Armored Forces/Malinovskiy Desi-Ination, Strate-iic R~ocket VAF - Military Academy/Frunze Forces VAGSh - Military Academy of the P'!r'AIt- P i-a liiqher Mil1ii-ary Avia- General Staff tion Enqine.?rir,-o S-hoo 'Alksnis VAKhZ - Military Academy of Chemical RVVI(KYU - Ri.ii Hilhet Militiry Con- Defense/Timoshenko mandl School 'Rxry_z (ri 1978) VAOLKA - Military Artillery(Order of RVVKU - Rostov Hill Mill *ry Com- Lenin,Red Banner)Academy/Kalinin mai School 'Nedeli.. VAS - Military Academy of Signals/ RVVPKU - Riqa Hiqhc-r Military-Poli- Budennyy tical SchoolJBiryuzov. (af ter 1978) VATT - Military Academy of Rear Ser- Sch - choolvices and Transport Serv - Serhocl Verkh - Verkhniy, upper Soc - Social, society Vets -Veterans Soy SoietVGU -Vil'nius State University! Spec -Special, Specialist Kpua Sred- lwervi Sedni, - Military Institute SSR-USSR VIA - Military Engineering Academy!/ Sub -SubmrineKuybyshev Supboy- SuparemeSve VIFK - Military Institute of Physi- SVVKU - Saratov Higher MilitarycaCutr Commnd ShoolLizykovVIKI - Military Engineering (Red o ~~SVVKUS - Stavropol' Higher Military Bne)AaeyMzasi ComandScholof ignlsviniti - All-Union Institute of Sci- SVVMIU - Sevastopol' Higher Naval etfi&tchcaino ain Engieerig ScoolvIRTA - Military Engineering Radiotechnical Academy of Air Defense/ TadzhSSR - Tadzhikistan Soviet Govorov Socialist Republic Visi - Vil'nius Engineering Construc- 1. Theo -Theoretical tion Institute Trans -Translated VKA - Military Academy of Air De- Trng -Training fense/zhukov 4 xi '&I'A 0

27 7 T. < * ,-,.-- LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS (continued) Kaf - Kafedra, department Mat - Materials Kalm- Kalmyk Autonomous Soviet Mem - Memorial Socialist Republic, NW of Cas- Meth -. ±.hodological pian Sea in the RSFSR MGU - Moscow State University - KazSSR - Kazakhstan Soviet Soci- Mil - Military alist Republic Mil-Pat Ed - Military-Patriotic KGB - Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Education Bezopasnosti, Committee of Min - Ministry State Security M-L - Marxism-Leninism KhVVKU - Khar'kov Higher Military MO - Ministry of Defense Command School/Krylov Mol Gvardiya - Young Guards Publishers. KNR - Chinese People's Republic Mosk -Moscow Koms - Komsomol, see VLKSM MSSR - Moldavian Soviet Socialist KPI - Kalinin Polytechnical Insti- Republic tute MSU - Marshal of the Soviet Union Kursant - Cadet 5-star rank KVIRTU - Kiev Higher Engineering MVD - Ministry of Internal Affairs Radiotechnical School of Air MVIZRU - Minsk Higher Engineering Defense Zenith Rocket School of Air De- KVOKU - Kiev Higher Combined Arms fense Command School/Frunze Nat'l - National KVVAIU - Kiev Higher Military Avia- Nay - Naval tion Engineerinq School KVVIU - Kazan' Higher Military NC - No Charge (Not for sale, not available to public, closed press) Engineering School NIl - Scientific Research Institute KVVIUS - Kiev Higher Military Engi- *.'. neering School of Siqnals/Kalinin Nizh - People's Coir KVVMKU - Caspian Higher Naval Com- NKVD - People's Commissariat of Inmand School ternal Affairs (historical) KVVMU - Kaliningrad Higher Naval NVVPOU - Novosibirsk Higher Military- School Political Combined Arms School KVVPAU - Kurgan Higher Military- Ob - Oblast, province or region Political Aviation School Obl - Province or region Lang - Language Obkom - Oblast Committee LatSSR - Latvian Soviet Socialist Org -Organization Republic Pat - Patriotic Leg - Legal Ped - Pedagogical LGI - Leningrad State Institute/ Peo Rep - People's Republic Zhdanov Phil - Philosophical LGU - Leningrad State University Philol - Philology Lit - Literature Phys - Physical LitSSR - Lithuanian Soviet Social- PNR - Polish People's Republic ist Republic Pol - Polish LVPU - Leningrad Military-Politi- Polit - Political cal School of Air Defense Pres - Presidium LVVISU - Leningrad Higher Military Probs - Problems Engineer Building School/Komarov- Prof - Professional sky Prop - Propaganda, Propagandist LVVIUS - Leningrad Higher Military Pub - Publishers Engineering School of Signals PVAIU - Penza Higher Artillery Engi- LVVMIU - Leningrad Higher Naval neering School/Voronov Engineering School/Lenin PVO - Air Defense x

28 LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS! ~ ~~~Cen A&N - Army and Navy Def - Defense Acad - Academy Det - Detached, detachment Admin - Administration Dir - Directorate Agit - Agitation Direc - Directing Agric - Agriculture Dis - District Alt - Altay Region in Siberia Disc - Disciplinary where Altay Mountains lie Donbass - Donets Basin, Donets Coal C Ann -Anniversary Fields Arch - Archeology DOSAAF - Volunteer Society for Coop- ArmSSR - Armenian Soviet Socialist eration with Army,Aviation & Fleet Republic DVVPU - Donets Higher Military-Poli- Art'y - Artillery tical School of Engineer & Signal ASSR - Autonomous Soviet Socialist Troops Republic Econ - Economy, economics ASU - Automatic System of Control Ed - Eon Auto - Automotive Auton - Autonomous; see: ASSR Elect - Electrical Avia - Aviation Eng - Engineer, engineering AVVAUL - Armavir Higher Military Equip - Equipment Aviation School of Air Defense Ethnog - Ethnography AzSSR - Azerbaydzhan Soviet Social- Exam - Example ist Republic Fac - Faculty BAM - Baykal-Amur Mainline (Rail- Fin - Finance Frces - Forces road) FRG - Federal Republic of Germany BIIZhDT -Belorussian Institute of FRWD/Fwd - Foreword Railroad Transport Engineers Biog - Biography/Biographical Gaz - Gazette, newspaper Bldg - Building Gds - Guards BSSR - Belorussian Soviet Socialist G/A - General of the Army, 4-stars Republic G/C - General Colonel, 3-stars e-erg/l - General Lieutenant, 2-stars Ceorn Com - -Central Committee CG/M G - General ii ees Major 1-star rank ' ChVVMU Black Sea Higher Naval GO - Civil Defense GPW - Great Patriotic War SSchool/Nakhimov GSSR - Georgian Soviet Socialist [ Cm - ComandRepublic Cmdr - Commander CO - Commander Hgr - Higher Coll - Collection Hist - History Cong - Congress HSU - Hero of the Soviet Union Coop - Cooperation Imeni - Named for * Corr - Correspondent Inst - Institute CP - Communist Party inst - instruction CPSU - Communist Party of the So- Int'l - Internal viet Union IVI - Institute of Military History Cult - Culture of Ministry of Defense, Academy Czech- Czechoslovakia Socialist Republic of Sciences, USSR Jap - Japanese F- Dag - Dagestan Autonomous Soviet Jap - Jpanese Socialist Republic located in d the North Caucasus, RSFSR ix

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214 !,Qicmyakov, I.F. C1460 Kobrin, N.T Khorenkov, A. V. C1473 Kochetkov, A , 00773, Khorev, A , , c16l6 Khoroshiy, P. C0423 Kochnev, M.A. C0412 Khorosho, V.V. C0128 Koglukov, K.G. C2231 Maryashchev, Yu. C0423 Kokurkin, V.V. C1969 Khryashchev, Yu.K. C0520 Koldashev, S.P. C0505 Khudalov, Kh.A. C1140 Kolesnik, A.D. C1048, cia4,- Khudoleyev, Yu.F Kolesov, V , Khvostikov, M.P Kolgushkin, A.N. C0133 Khvostov, N. N. C2175 Kolker, I Kibardin, V. C1046 Kibrik, A.G Kolodnyy, L.Ye Kolomiyets, T.K Kiknadze, M.G Koloskov, T.M Kiladze, V. BC0916 Kolosov, Yu. C1618 Kiilcheriko, V.G Kolosovskiy, M Kireyev, N.A Kolov, 0.Ya Kireyeva, M.Ye Koltunov, G.A , Kirichenko, N.V. C10154 Kolychev, V Kirichenko, S.N Kolyshkii, l.a Kirillov, A. A , Kolyzayev, B.A Kir*11,:Dv, V. M Komarov, A.N Kirpich, V Komarov, A. V , Kirponos, M.P. BC0627 Komarovskaya, N.V. 020'31, Kirsanov, N. A. C1141 Komassarik, S.F Kirsanov, N.V. C1544 Koniissarov, V.I. C1237, 01262, Kirshin, Yu. Ya , Kiryashov, N.I. C0411 Komxnunarov, V.G Kiselev, A. C0616, Kompaneytsev, S.A , C1588 Kiselev, I. P. C1317 Kiselev, L Konasov, F.I Konchits, V.V Kiselev, P. P Kondakov, N.A Kiselev, V.M. C1545 Kondrashov, A.A Kiseleva, L Kondratas, Yu Kiseleva, L.V Kondratkov, T.R Kiselevskiy, V Kondratovich, A o Kislovskiy, Yu.G Kondrat'yev, N.D Kisiyakov, M.S Kondrat'yev, P Kitayev, S Kondrat'yev, Ye.G Kitoshvili, Sh.I Kondyurin, V.V * Kitov, A.I Konev, 1.S , 00776, Kiesha, Ye , 01546, , Klirnenko, P.M Konin, V.A Klimov, M.I. BC1636 Kon'kov, N.G Klirrovich, Ye. S. C1615 Kononovich, Yu.A Klubov, B01837 Konoplev, V.K *Kdyuchnikov, I.S Knyaz'kov, V Konoplya, P.I li Konoplyanik, V.M , Kobaladze, D Konovalov, S Koblikov, A.S Konovalov, V. C

215 Kadobnov, V.V. C1777 Karimov, K. C0771 Kadykov, V.V. C0042, C0049, Karimov, M. C1476 C0501 Karmashov, N.A. C1330 " Kadyrov, S. C1041 Karpenko, A.S. C1451 Kadzhaya, K.K. C1471 Karpenko, P.I. C1235 " Kakhidze, Z. C0950 Karpov, V.V. BC1483 Kakho, I. C0615 Karpushin, I.S. C2155 Kalachnikov, A.V , C0315, Karryyev, A. C1092 C1297 Kartunova, A.!. C0590 Kaladze, N. C0869, C1042 Karyshev, M.Ye. C0324 * Kalagurov, Yu.N. C2309 Kashanskiy, B.R. C1566 Kalashnik, M. C0207 Katasonov, Yu.V. C2302 Kalashnik, M.Kh. C0870, C1136 Katerinich, V , C0317 * Ka~ayda, V.I. c0407 Katukov, M.Ye. C1722 Kalert, A.A. C2152 Kavaler, V. C1723 Kalinayev, A.A. C1284 Kayunov, N.T. C1885. Kalinichenko, A.F. C1884 Kazakov, A.I. C1541 Kalinin, D.S. C2310 Kazakov, D.F. C0318, C1724 Kalinin, F. C1043 Kazakov, I.Ye. C1389 Kalinin, M. C0475 Kazakov, K.P. C1613 Kalinin, M.P. C0240 Kazakov, M.I. C0872 Kalinin, N.V. C0871 Kazakov, P.D. C1137, C1138 Kalinin, V.V. C0770 Kazaryan, A. C0210 Kalinovskiy, P.N. C1445 Kazar'yan, A.V. C1419, C1542 Kalitskiy, V. C0569 Kazayev, A. BC Kaliyev, S. C1044 Kazhukauskas, V. BC1101 Kalmykov, M.V. BC0604 Kaz'min, M. C0953 Kalmykov, V. C0604 Kenzhebayev, T. BC1186 Kal'vc, A. C0952 Khakuashev, Ye.T. C0873 Kalutskiy, N.V. C0951 Khalipov, I.Kh. C1789 Kamalov, G.Kh. C1540 Khaamrayev, N. C0409 Kamkov, I.A. C0316, C0502 Khandazhapov, S. C1725 Kammerer, Yu.Yu. C2174, C2230 Kharchenko, N.F. C2136 Kamyshanov, I.G. C2147 Kharchenko, V.K. C1614 Kanachadze, G. C0503 Kharitonov, A.P. C1389 Kanayev, I.P. C2294 Kharitonov, N.P. C1726 Kandykin, V.M. C1611 Kharkevich, A.Ye. C2174, C2230 " Kanevskiy, B.M. C0042 Khatukayev, A.T Kapilov, A.Ya. C0292 Khaydarov, S. C0772 Kaplan, L.M. C1418 Khayrullin, R. C0954 * Kapustin, A.M. C0051 Khiye, F. C1531 Kapustin, V.Ya. C1566 Khlebnikov, N.M. C0591, C1727 Karapetyan, A. BC1025 Khmel', A.Ye. C1255, C1260 Karapetyan, G. BC0908 Khodtseva, T. C0863 Karashchan, V.A. C0408 Khodtseva, T.M. C0735 Karavayev, A.V. C1475 Khodzhayev, U. C1045 Karayev, N.I. C0623 Khokhryakov, S. BC1622 Karaykoza, I.F. C1612 Komenko, I. C1139 Karbyshev, D.M. BC0588 Khomenok, F. C0519 Kardashov, V. C0640, C0675 Khomenok, F.A. C0062, C15) '':'-. J, ',.' '."..,,.- -. '. - " " "....- ",. '. '. -,.. '......" '" ","... ' :

216 , Grishin, A.Ya. C0311 Inozemtsev, I.G Grishin, S.V. C0025, C0037 lodko, V.V. C2172 Grishin, V.I. C0064 lonaytite, V. co868 Gritchenko, A. C1030, C2056 Irtyuga, M.V. C1001 Gritsenko, A.P. C1934 Irving, D. C1967 Gritsevets, S. BC1913 Isachenko, S.M. C0402, c0403 Gromadskiy, E.S. C0215, C0336 Isakhanov, B. BC0807 Gromov, A.A. C2228 Isakov, I.S. C1947, BC1999, Gromov, 0.V. C2285 BC2016, BC2039, BC2070 Gromova, V.V. C0117 Isakov, P.F. C1262, C1319, Gromozdov, G.G. C2196 C1338 Groshev, V.N. C1920 Isayev, I.P. C1538 Grubnik, G.A. C0157 Ishchenko, I.S. C0404 Grudinin,!.A. Coo14 Iskenderov, G. C1217 Grushevoy, K.S. c0498 Iskritskaya, L.I. C1374 Grylev, A.N. C0130, C0931, Ismailov, S. BC0918 C1202 Istomin, V.P. C1411 Gubanov, N. c1844 Ivanov, A. C1370 Gubarev, A.V. C1768 Ivanov, A.M. C1609 Guchmazov, A. C0861 Ivanov, A.P. C0405 Gudym, Z.Ye. C0148 Ivanov, D.A. C0153 Gudz', P.D. C0077 Ivanov, G.N. C0079 Guk, P. C1375 Ivanov, I. C1416 Gulevich, D.I. C0203, C0386 Ivanov, I.I. C1897 Gulidov, A.Ya. C0499 Ivanov, I.Ya. C1359 Gulyashinov, A.N. C0501 Ivanov, I.Ye. C0985 Gummer, I. C2113 Ivanov, K. C1539 Gurov, A.A. C0048 Ivanov, M. C1417 Gurvich, L. C1234 Ivanov, N.I. C1259 Gur'yev, M.V. C1604 Ivanov, P.N. C Gusak, P.A. C0312 Ivanov, S. C0406 Gusev, V. C1365 Ivanov, S.P. C0026, C0057, Gvaliya, K. C1535 C0070 Gvazava-Sanadze, L. C0763, Ivanov, S.S. C0413 C1031 Ivanov, V.N. C0093 Ivanovskiy, B.A. B01762 Ivashchenko, A. C0947 Idrisov, T. C0614, C0944 Ivashchenko, M.A. C0003 Ignatova, A.A. C0659 Ivashkin, A.P. C2275 Ignat'yev, A. C0639 Ivashkyavichyus, A. C1474 Igoshev, I.A. C1257 Ivashnev, N.N. C0457 Ii'ichev, N.M. C0050 Izbekov, D.D. C0948, c1810 Il'in, A.A. c1452, C1577 Izmaylov, N. C1948 Il'in, N.G. C1883 Ill'in, V. C2057 Il'in, V.A. C0165 Kabanov, P.A. C1610 Ii'in, V.G. C2244 Kabanov, S.I. C1968 ll'nitskiy, A. C2024 Kabulov, BC0772 Illyash, A.G. C1536 Kachulin, C2173 Ill'yasov, N. BC1765 Kachulin, M.V. C " -.. " " I. I..... I u n n,. 193

217 -IN-, I A - - Gil'manov, Z.1. C1544 Ginaadiyev, M. C0857 Gordeyev, N.P. C1965 Gordiyenko, M.K Gitkovich, V.K Gordiyevskiy, A. C0759 Gladkov, D.I Gordon, Yu.A Gladkov, V.F. C1534, Gorelov, L.T Glagolev, A.N Gorlinskiy, A.K Glazunov, N.K Gornyy, A.G , C0395 Glotochkin, A.D , 00432, Gorobets, I.Ye c0440, C1259, Gorodetskiy, B.Yu Glubotskiy, M.I. C0933 Gorodov, P.N Glushchets, V. S. C0436 Gorodovikov, 0.1. BC0596, C0711, Glyazer, M.I , BC1493 Gnarovskaya, V. BC0759 Gorokhov, V.A Gnedoy, I.L Gorshechnikov, I.F Gnezdilov, F. S Gorshkov, A. P. BC2125 Godievskiy, G.F Gorshkov, L.M Godun, V.S Goryunov, V Gogolidze, G Goryunov, V.V. C0309 Gol'dberg, A.M Govorov, BC0584 *Gol'din, A.G Govorov, L.A. BC0668 Goletiani, A Govorukhin, A.M. C0179, c1414, Goloborod'ko, Yu.K. C Golobova, G.N Govorukho, V.F Golodnyak, A Grachev, A.V *Golokolenko, Grachev, Yu.P Golombovskiy, A.K Gradosel'skiy, V.V. C2170 Golovatyy, N Grebel'skiy, Z.V Golovin, A.P Grebnev, A.P , 00939, Golovin, N.M , Golovkin, A.V Grechko, A.A , C0152, Golovnin, M.I. C0263 Gol'tsev, V.P. C0394, , 00310, C0398, 00496, 00879, 00904, 00940, 01027, Golubev, A.N. C , Golubev, V.V Grechukha, V.N Golubev, Ye Grechukhin, V ' *Golubeva-Teres, 0.T Grekov, V.A Golubnichiy, I Grernin, V.P Golubykh, M. C0604 Grev-tsov, N.G Golyak, V.K Gribanov, I. V Golyshev, M.I Gribov, S. BC0974 Gomankov, I.P. BC2105 Grichenko, I.T , Goncharov, A.A Grigoryan, G.M Goncharov, N.L Grigor'yev, A.T Gongadze, B Grigor'yev, A.M Gonta, S Grigor'yev, B.G Gorbatenko, D.D , C1297, Grin', V.A. c0460 C1335 Grinchenko, I.T. C0860 Gorbunov, B Grinin, N.A. C0601 Gorbunov, m Grin'ko, A.I Gorbuov,.N. 0674Grishehuk, P.A

218 Fedorets, I.V. C1711 Gabdullin, M. BC1165 Fedorov, A. G. C1842, c1843, Gabedankas, Ch.A. C , C2153, c188o, C1912, C2139 C2154 Fedorov, G.S. C0074 Gal'der, F. C2295 Fedorov, 1.1. BC1111 Galitskiy, K.N. C0127, C1024 Fedorov, L.M. C22o4, C22)49, Galkin, F. C1600 C2266 Galkin, G.P. C1316 Fedorov, V. C0)423, C0520 Galkin, M.I. C0054, C1335 Fedorov, V. N. C2062 Galochkin, P.V. C1261 Fedoseyev, Ye.N. C1~411 Gamezo, M.V. C0179. Fedotov, A.S. C0505 Gainmer, Ye. C2052 Fedotov, V. C0125 Gangardt, V.I. C21140, C2141 Fedotov, Ye.S. C1314 Ganichev, A.N. C0307 Fedurin, A. S. C2312 Ganotskiy, N.G. C0623 Fel'chnan, S.F. C1712 Ganulich, A.K. C0176 Fen', V.I. C1791 Gaponenko, L.S. Co686 Fendrikov, N.M. C0150 Garan, A. C0210 Fesenko, M.N. C1529 Garashchenko, K. C1413 Fetisov, A. C0613 Garbuz, G.I. C1533 Filimonov, I. C0331 Gareyev, M.G. C186o, c1881 Filippchuk, A.I. C2166 Garibyan, Ts.L. C1025 Filippov, A.I. C1787 Garkavi, N.G. C1714 Filonov, A. P. C 0399 Garkusha, N. C1861 Firsov, V.F. C1123 Garret, R. C0075 Firsov, Z.P. C0386 Gass, I.P. C0307, C2031, C2065 Fisenko, P.1. C2322 Gastil.ovich, A.I. C1125 Flankin, V. C1713 Gatsolayev, V.A. C1715 Flerov, I. A. BC1373 Gavrikov, A.G. C2064 Fokin, N.A. C0057 Gavrikov, F.K. C0308 Fokin, Yu.G. C0126 Gavrilenkov, I.N. C1257- Folomeyev, Yu.V. C1548 Gavrilin, V. C04939 Fomichev, M.G. BC1740 Gavrilin, V.M. C0386, C0390 Fomicheva, K. BC18)48 Gavrilov, F.P. C2182 Fomin, A.S. C1703 Gavrilov, V.G. C1257, C1266 Fomin, I.N. C1619 Gaydar, T. C0391 Frantishev, I.A. C Gellman, I. C Frantishev, I.M. C1196 Gema, V.I. C0855 Frayinan, A. L. C2047 Gemanov, V. C19141 Freydin, V. C0844 Georgadze, I. C1126 Frolov, B.P. C1124 Georgiyev, M.R. C2292 Frolov, G.A. C0235, C01492, Gerasimenko, L. C2054 *C1788, C2205, C2206 Gerasimov, A.F. C0064 Frolov, V. M. C Gerasimov, Yu.V. C1312 Frolov, V.S. C0167 Gerasimova, A.A. C1385 Frumson, S.G. C1792 Gerbachevskiy, V. C2125 Frunze, M.V. BC0580, BC0629 Gerginov, G.D. C1716 Furmanskiy, Ya.S. C2166 German, V. C Getman, A.L. C0201, C1601 Getinanov, S.I. C0560 Gabarayev, B. C0854 Gevorkyan, U.T. C

219 Denisov, V Dubinin, T. C1407 Denisyuk, V.N. C1704 Dubinskiy, I.V. C0487 Denyushkin, A. C01L99 Dubitskiy, A. C1408 Derbenev, N.Ye. ct,-44 Dubok, P.I Derevyanko, K.N. BC0609 Dubravin, K.0. C2011 Derevyanko, V.K. C0609 Dubrov, B. C0742, C1017 Derevyanko, V.M Dubrovin, M.A. C2179 Deryugin, Yu Dudarev, S.N Deryugin, Yu.I. C1254, Dudko, A.S. C1240 Detkin, P. B03608 Dudnikov, A.F Devyat'yarov, A.A Dukachev, A.S Devyat'yarov, D.K. C1469, Dukov, R.G , 00453, C1523, Deykin, A Durdyyev, K. BC2634 Didusev, B.A , Durov, V.R Diyev, D. C06ii, C0671 Dushen'kin, V Dmitrenko, V.S D'yachenko, F.T Dmitrishin, I Dlyachenko, M.I , C0488 Dniitriyava, G D'yachenko, Ye Dmitriyev, A.P D'yachkov, L.G Drnitriyev, D.M. Co046 Dlyakonov, A.A Dmitriyev, L.A Dyusheyev, D.D Dmitriyev, N.A Dzhandzhgava, V. C1598 Dmitriyev, V.I Dz.havadov, U.A Doborodzhginidze, K Dzhayzakov, M Dobrodey, N Dzheffers, Kh Dobrushin, D Dzhenalayev, I Dobskiy, V Dzhetpysbayev, B Dokolina, G Dzhilkishev, S.D Dokuka, S.S Dzhurayev, N. C1997 Dolgopolov, Ye.I , Dzhurayev, T.D Dolgopyatov, G.M Dolinato-vskiy, Ye Domnikov, V.M Elbakidze, G.M Doxnoratskiy, 0.A Ergashev, L. C1041 Donskova, T Ernazarov, T Dorogeyev, Yu.P Eros, Z Dcrokhov, A.? Esel'son, T.M * Doronin, P. C1116 Doroshenko, V.M 'Ovator, L. BC1664 Fabrichnyy, N.I. C0848 *Dovbysh, Ye.F Fabritsius, Ya.F. BC0619 Doyriikov, N.V Fadeyev, N.P Drachev, I.M Falaleyev, F.Ya * Dragan, I.G Faletskiy, V.P Dragunskiy, D.A Fan'yan, D Dremkov, A.A , Fayziyev, Kh VDruzhinin, M.T Fayznev, Kh. C0745 Druzhinin, V.V. C0166 Fedenko, N.F. 0040, Druzhinin, Yu Fed'ko, I.F. BC0685, BC

220 . - * *. - -.*. I r-r-r -.,;AA- Buyakhchev, A.I. C02146 Chukhnin, V.N. C1390, Buyskikh, B.N Chukreyev, V. C1964 Buzhkevich, N.E. C0078 Chulkov, G.S. C1580 Buzunov, V. K Chumakov, V.I Bychevskiy, B.V. C0584, Chunayev, N.I. C1388 Bykov, L.T. BC1602 Churbanov, Ye.V. C1592 Byzov, B.Ye. C0180 Chuyev, Yu.V. C0121 Chuykov, V.I. BC0795, 00922, 00923, 0101l4, C1113, Chakhvashvili, N. C0585 Chalaya, Z Dadabayev, N.Kh Ohalbash, E.-U. C1838 Danchenko, A.M. C0378, Chanyshev, Ya.D. C1591, Danchevskiy, V.I. C0023 Chapayev, V.I. BC0591, B00655, Danil'chenko, S.F. C0670 BC0670, BC0698, B00699 Danilov, A. C1702 Chaykovskis, A Danilov, F.V. C0867 Chechel'nitskiy, G.A Dariilovskiy, A.P Chechnewi, M.P Danilyuk, Ye.P. C2275 Chekalin, V.S. C1700 Danskin, Dzh.M Chelyshev, B. C0423 Dashtseren, B Chemezov, V.N Davidenko, A.A. C1703 Chepaykin, I.G Davidenko, V.I Cherepanov, A.I. C0586 Davidov, Yu Chereshnev, A.I. C1839, Davydenko, A.A Cherevatenko, A.T. C18140 Davydov, G.A Chermashentsev, K. Ya Davydov, I Chernousov, S , Davydov, I.Yu Chernov, Yu.I Davydov, P Chernyakhovskiy, I.D. B00616, Davydov, V.P B00625, B006514, B00676, Davydov, Yu B00694 Dazhin, D Chernyakov, V.A Debal-yuk, A.V. C Chernykh, V.N Dedov, V.N. C1548 Chernyshev, M.T Degtev, V Chernyshev, V.V. C0482 Degtyarev, B.N. C0427 Chernysheva, T.A Delerzon, B.S , Chertkov, A.A Del'tsnv, P.A. BC18143 Cheshenko, A.V. C0483 Dement'yev, V.D , Chestnov, S Demidov, L.I Chibisov, V. D Demidov, M.I Chibrikov, L.P Demidov, M.P. C0045 *Chikurov, N. C0608 Demidov, V.P Chiradze, K Demin, A.F Chistov, A.A Demin, N.S '.Chistyakav, I.M. C08146 Deinin, P.A , Chistyakov, N.F Deinin, V.D Chivilev, M.G Demin, V.G *Chizhov, M.A. U2019 Dem'yashok, P.G Chuguenko, L Denisov, N , 00582, 00700,i

221 Bezlepkin, B.G. C1250 Borovkov, N.D. C2103 Bezrodnyy, G. BC1063 Borovykh, A.Ye. C0293 Bezuglov, I.G. C1254, C1321 Borovykh, P.P. C1302 C2095 Borshchev, S.N. C1009, C1402 Bibik, G. C2089 Borsoyev, BC0762 L Bibik, M.G. C1309 Borzenko, S. C0375, C0582, Bibilashvili, A.N. BC1694 C0700 Bikmukhametov, R.A. C1006 Borzunov, S.M. C0843 Bilyk, S.T. C1403 Boyev, M. C1590 Biryukov, F.G. C1521 Boyko, I.M. C0011 Biryukov, G.F. C1589 Boyko, I.N. c1698 Biryukov, N.I. C0853, C1007, Boyko, V. C1876 C1522 Bozhatkin, M. C1993 Biryukov, P.I. C1411 Braga, V.G. C1899 Biryukov, S.M. C0476 Bragin, E.D. C2103 Biryukov, Yu.M. C0389 Bragin, M. C0701 Biry-ulin, I. C0919 Bragin, M.G. C1211 Biryuzov, S.S. BC0702, C0782 Bronevitskiy, G.A. C1359 Blazhey, A.K. C0920 Brusentsev, N.A. C1825 Blizny-ak, I.I. C1339 Bublik, A.A. C1260 Bliznyuk, S.G. C1008 Bublik, L , Blok, A.G. C2142 Bublik, L.A. C0294, C1250, Blyukher, V.K. BC0590, BC0672 C1283, C1285, C1310, C1311 Blyumberg, L.Yu. C0181 Bublik, P Bobin, V.P. C1796 Budennyy, S.M. BC0582, C0631, Bobkov, N.K. C0733 C0667, B0689, BC0700 Bobrushkin, Ya.G. C1672 Budkin, V.Z. C1247 Bobylev, S.A. C1228 Bugayev, V.I. C0473 Bochenkov, S.G. C0319 Bukhanov, M. C1837 Bochkareva, M.A. C0921 Bukharov, S.P. C0479 Bochkov, V.S. C1537 Bulakh, K.G. C2023 C Bodrov, I.S. C1791 Bulatov, A.A. C1297 Bogatrev, Kh. C1465 BuLatov, A.S. C0295 Bogdanov, A.I. C0292, C2198 Bulatov, F. C0736 Bokarev, V.A. C0177 Bulgakov, G.N. C0044 Bokov, F.Ye. C1466 Bulkin, S. C1906 Bolotov, G.L. C0477 Bulkin, S.P. c1468 Bol'shakov, N.V. C2049 Bunyayev, A.F. C1808 Bondarenko, G.N. C1244 Buranov, Yu. C0597 I. Bondarenko, V. C1801, c1836, Burinda, I. C Burlyay, A.A. C0737 Bondarenko, V.M. C0065 Burov, A. C1907 Borbatenko, K.M. C0181 Burov, A.V. C0845 Borchenko, N.A. C1223 Burov, M.A. C1364 Borisenko, G.Ya. BC1501 Buryachko, V.R. C1464, C1530 Borisoglebskiy, A.I. C1796 Bushuyev, G.I. C0376 Borisov, B. C0241 Butakov, G.A. C0583 * Borisov, I.S. C1111 Borisov, L.P. C0266 Butskiy, I. C1277 Butskiy, I.M. C126, C1261, Borisov, Yu.N. C0078 C1283 *, 188

222 Badmayev, B.Ts. C0287, C0329, Belan, P. Ci0 C1343 Belan, P.S. C1002 Bagirov, M. C1107 Belashchenko, T.K. C1224, C1335, Bagirov, N.T. C1759 C1339, C2299, C2318 Bagramyan, T.Kh. BC0531, C0841, Belavin, N.I. C1963 C0842 Belevitnev, R. C0815 Bagrov, V.I. C1938, C2035 Belikov, M.A. C0231, C0274, Baka, M.M. C0472 C0452, C0474, C0564 Bakalenko, C0473 Belikov, N.V. C0115 Bakalenko, V.S. C0011 Belitskiy, G. C2213 Bakayev, M.I. BC20-0 Beloborodov, A.P. C'00, C1519, A Bakhshi, A.E. C0246 C1586 Baksheyeva, G. C0998, C1695 Belogolovtsev, A.F. C0731 Balabeshko, V.N. C0372 Belokon', K.F. C1834, C1875 Balandin, S.S. C0231, C0274 Belonovskiy, A.S. C1529 Balashov, L.S. C0537 Belonozhko, S.Ye. C0290 Balashov, P.I. C1001 Belostotskiy, Yu. C Baloyan, N. BC1171 Belous, N.G. C0193 Baluyev, V.M. C1641 Belov, M.V. C0373 Balykov, N.P. C1273 Belov, P.M. C1530, C1464 Bannykh, S.A. C2094, C2123 Belov, Ye. BC1926 Barabanshchikov, A.V. C0440, Belozertsev, V. C1003 C0542, C1294 Belyakov, S.A. C1274, C1307 Baranov, A.A. C2160 Belyakov, V.S. C1275 Baranov, B.I. C0453 Belyavskiy, V.A. C1004, C2161, Baranov, S.V. C0262 C2197 Baranov, Ye.F. C2327 Belyavskiy, V.G. C0344, C0374 Baranyuk, V.A. C2319 Belyayev, A. C1520 Baranyuk, Yu.V. C0288 Belyayev, A.A. C0043, C0441, Barbash, I.P. C2300 C1308 Bardadym, I.D. C1681 Belyayev, I. C0732 Bardin, S. C1108 Belykh, C0475 Barkovskiy, I.V. C2112 Belykh, G.A. C0240, C2246 Barmin, K.M. C0185 Berdyyev, R. C1005 Barnes, P. C2320 Berezin, L.V. C0178 Barsukov, V.A. C0917 Berlov, V.I. C1276 Bartenov, S.A. C0010 Berman, A.B. c1697 Baryfhev, N.I. C1676 Beruashvili, G. BC0968 Basistyy, N.Ye. C1939 Berzin', V.M. C0665 Basov, A.V. C2049 Beshentsev, A.V. C0117 O Basovich, Ya.I. C0984 Beshkurov, M.P. BC1643 % Batov, P.I. C0730, C1109 Beskrovnyy, L.G. C0071, co666 Batushev, V.A. C1696 Bespakhotnyy, A.D. C1587, C1588 Baulin, Ye. C1855 Bespalov, A.A. C0291 Baykov, M.A. C0473 Bessarab, A.N. C1401 Bazarov, Yu. C0289, C2224, Bevz, S.S. C2035 * C2264 Beylin, M.Z. C2225, C2226 Bazhinov, A.G. C2195 Beynarovich, A.L. C1330 Bazhora, P.I. C0581 Bezdenezhnykh, I. C2162 Begel'dinov, T. C1833 Bezlepkin, B. C0194 * '-', '. ','.-t,.'.i ---' if "... - ". -- "..:i--,... <') i i-

223 . *Aronin, Andronov, I.J. C0852 Arutyunyan, A.0. C0605 Andrukhayev, BC0836 Arutyunyants, G.M. C1255, C1259, Andrukhov, I.I. C1854, C2292 C1261, C1290 Andrushevich, A.I. C1312 Arvasyavichyus, I.Ya. C1583, Andryushchenko, S.A. C0996 c1694 Anfilov, V.A. C0149, C0782 Arykbayeva, K. C1874 Anikovich, V.I. C1339 Aryngaziyev, B. C0997 Anisimov, V. C1692 Arzhanukhin, G.V. C1775 Anisin, I. C0191 Arzumanov, G.A. C2318 Anisin, I.!. C1224 Arzumanyan, A. C2016 Aniskov, V. C0748 Ashirov, S. BC1106 Annenkov, V.N. C1330 Ashkerov, V.P. C1790 Anpilogov, V.V. C2327 Ashrafian, E.A. C2045 Antipenko, N.A. C0840 Ask-rava, D. C0606 Antipov, A.I. C0366 Askurava, Sh. BC0606 Antonenkc, A.I. C0705 Aslan'yan, A.S. C0263, C0537 Antonov, A.G. C1537 Aslezov, S. C2194 Antonov, A.S. C1397, C1398 Astakhov, N.N. C1247 Antonov, D.A. C1693, C1775 Atakin, F.V. C0849, C1120 Antonov, G.P. C2297 Atoyan, BC0687 Antonov, N.A. C0057 Atrazhev, M.P. C0165 Antonova, S.G. C2223 Atyunin, N.R. C2263 Antosyak, A Avaliani, G. C0369 Antosyak, A.V. C0879 Avaliani, L.T. BC0950 Anureyev, 1.1. c0065, C0441, Avdeyev, M.A. C0370 C1369 Averchuk, S.I. C1250 Apal'kctr, A.K. C0849, C1120 Averina, E.G. C0184 Apollonova, A.M. C1104 Avramov, I.F. C1584 Aprelkov, A.V. C1220 Ayashev, Zh. C0918 Arakelyan, M. C0726 Aynutdinov, S.Kh. C1585 Ardashev, A. C0819 Aysarakunova, Zh. C0980 Ardashev, M.A. C1034 Aytbayev, U. C106 Arisov, R.N. C0236, C0367 Azarov, l.i. C2017 Aristov, I. C0727, C1582 Azarov, Ts.B. C2018 Arkashev, V.I. C1105, C1154 Azhimov, T. BC1044 Arkhangel'skiy, A.M. C2196 Azin, BC0643 Arkhangel'skiy, V. C0580, C0629 Azirov, A. C1937 Arkhipov, P. C1832 Azov, D. C0371 Arkhipov, V.I. C1524 Azov, D.S. C0239, C0263, C0537 Arobelidze, A. C0916 G.S. C1920 Arro, Kh. C1531 Babadzhanov, M. C0553 Arsenidze, I.T. BC1595 Babadzhanyan, A.Kh. BC1451, Arsenii, N. C0728 C1518, c1605 Artamonov, N.V. C0470 Babakov, A.A. C1224, C1284 Artamoshchin, Yu.N. C0262 Babashev, Sh. C0729 Artemenko, Ye.A. C2300 Artemov, Ye.N. C0698, c0699 Babikov, Yu.N. C0749, C1399 Babkin, A.G. C1306 " Artyukhin, V.V. C1391 Babynin, Ye. C "..' '- "".'''." "-.'.. '"".. ",. '- -" "i ',..':'- '' -J. "". '''. '"-..,.-'''.*- '".-... ''.'."'.-.-'-.,. ''-.' -.

224 NAME INDEX Aaba, A Alekseyenko, P Abadzhan, A.V Alekseyev, A.T. C1374 Abchuk, V.A Alekseyev, A.K Abdul, G Alekseyev, D. C0604 Abeulov, M. BC0911 Alekseyev, D.F. C2211 Ablamonov, P , 01962, C2043 Alekseyev, N.I. C0778 Abramavichy-us, G. C1101 Alekseyev, Ye Abramov, A. C1800 Alekseyeva, L.I Abramov, V.K Alekseyeva, V.I. C0181 Abugov, A. Ye Aleshchenko, N Abutalipov, A. BC0997 Aleshkov, M.N Abutaliyev, N. C1461 Alibayev, S.R Achkasov, V.I , 02015, Alibekov, Ye , Adam, V Aliyev, G.G Adenin, A.S Aliyev, M Adgamov, A.M , C0466 Alksnis, Ya. BC1886 Adorinskiy, V , Alliaks, K Afanasov, A.G Al'tgovzen, M.L , 00238, Afanas 'yev, A.T , 00368, Afanas 'yev, G.F Altukhov, P.K Afanas 'yev, I Altukhov, V.A Afanas'yev, N.M Altunin, P Afanas'yev, T.K Altunin, V.P Afanas 'yev, V. BC1160 Amanzholov, K Agarkov, B.M Ambarov, K.M Ageykin, Ya.S Amirov, K.V Agibalov, I.V Amirshoyev, S. BC1655 Akatov, Ye.1. C1464 Aniitin, M.B Akhmadzhanov, Sh.K. BC1476 Anan 'in, l.a Akhmedov, T Anan 'in, M Akhnaetshin, Kh.M. C0282, Anan 'in, M.P. C1090 Akhtamov, A Anan 'ma, A Akimov, N Anan'ko, A.V Akimov, N.I , Anan 'yev, G Aksyuto, L.I Anan 'yev, I.M , Akunishnikov, P.A , Anaparte, E Alabin, N Andreyev, A.A Alabin, N.T Andreyev, G Alekhnovich, Ye.S Andreyev, V.I *Aleksandrov, E.I. C0184 Andreyeva, G.I Aleksandrov, I.F , Andreyeva, G.K , Aleksandrov, S.S Andronikov, N.G , 01153, Aleksandrov, V.V *Note: This index includes all names found in the bibliographical reference: authors, coauthors, compilers, etc. It also includes names of persons in biographical entries (indicated by the letter * "B" before the entry number). * 185

225 Malkin, V.1M Matyulin, V.A. C a1'kcv, B. N. C0177 Mal'kov, D Mavletov, D. Cl1159 ldaykov, N.A. C1549 Mal'kov, D.K Mayorov, S.I Mal'kov, V.I. C0087, C0088 Mazayev, Yu.I Malopurin, 1.I Mazhayev, F.A. C1241 Mal'tsev, Ye.Ye Mednikov, I.S Malysheva, V.P. C0645 Mednikov, N.S. C1242 ',amadzhanov, A. C0325, Medvedev, V Mamayev, A.L Medvedev, V.A Marnedsakhatov, D Medvedeva, Z.M. C1492, C1554 Maminov, Ye.K Mekvabishvili, S. C1741 Mamykin, S.M Mekvabishvili, V , Manda-ovskiy, V.P Mandryka, A.P. C0158 Melentlyev, V.D. C2155 Manets, F.I. C2212 Mel'riik, A.S *Man'ko, Yu.V , C0090 Mel'nikov, G.V , YP4,rakhov, M.M. C1-153 Mel'nikov, P. Ye Maramzin, -v.a Mellnikov, V.I Marchenko, A.D , lmendybayev, A. C-1160 Marchenko, A.T Nen'shikov, V.V Marchenko, A.Ya. BC1814 Meredov, T Marchenko, I.M Meretskov, K. A. C05013, 00594, Marchenko, Ye.T , 00620, BC0657, *Mardosas, R.S , BC0720 Marlin, N.P Merkulov, V.N Markov, A. C2296 Merkur'yev, V. c1864 Markov, S.1. C1797 Merzhanov, M.I Markov, Ye.F Meshcheryakov, G.P *Markova, G , Meshcheryakov, N.V Martinenis, A Mcshkov, V.A *Martynchuk, N.N Meshkov, Ye.A Martynenko, G.A. C1490 Meyerovich, Ye , C2056 Mar'yamov, A.M Miftiyev, G.K. C Maskayev, M4. BC1003 Mikhal'chuk, A.K Maslakov, A. C1974 Mikhaylik, Ya.D Maslerinikov, P.S Mikhaylov, K:I: Masleniko, P.e. C2,1 Mkhayov,.A.01976,C20 *Maslov, P.D Mikhaylov, 0. C0679 Maslyukov, S. C0863 Mikhaylovskiy, N , *Matrosov, A. BC1080, BC1446, Mikhaylovskiy, N.N BC1571 Mikhaylovskiy, V. C1161 Matrosov, P.A Mikhaylovskiy, V.A. C0431 l~atsulenko, V.A , 00784, Mikhaylovskiy, Yu.V. C1768 C2286 Mikhno, Ye.P Matsyuk, F.N Mil'gotin, V.S * Matveychuk, F.A. C0168 Mil'gran, Yu.G. C0064 Matveyev, A.I Mil'ner, R.I , Matveyev, N , Milovidov, A. S , C

226 Minchev, V Moskvin, 1.I. C Minin, R.A. C0425, 01427, Motovilin, G.V. C Mozharovskiy, G.M. C1893 * Minyushev, F.I , C1331 Mozhayev, V.N Mir.onov, A.A. BC1417 Mozzhukhin, A.S *Mironov, A.K. C1576 Mubarakshin, R.V. C1641 Mironov, G , Mudragelya, A.S *Mironov, N.M Mugalev, P.M. BC01695 Mironov, N.N. C0215, Mukanov, S. C1165 Mironov, N.Ya Mukhina, Ye Mironov, V Mullas, Miroshnichenko, G Mullo, i.m. co6oi Mirzakhanyan, K.Zh Munder, A.I *Mirzoyan, A. 0787, Muratov, Kh.I Mirzoyan, S Muratov, V. C1166 Mitin, V.I Muratov, V.V. C1068 Mitrofanov, A.I Muravlev, K.A Mityanin, A.A Muriyev, D.Z , 00964, Mizambekov, T Mnatsakanyan, G Murmantsev, V p.mogilevskiy, M.M. C1746 Musatov, A Moiseyenko, Ye.A Myakov, A.I Moisevev, A.P Myasoyedov, P.G Molchanov, V.F Myrzakhnietov, T Molchanov, V.L Myuller, V Moldabayev, Y Molodchiy, A.I. C1816, 01892, Nadin, V.A Molodtsov, V.A Nadysev, G.S Momotov, A.K. C1668 Nagornyy, A Momysh-Uly, B Nagurskiy, V.K Monin, M.Ye. C0884 Nakhimov, F S Monsik, V Nasonov, V Mordvinov, V.S. C2200 Naumenko, I Morev, 0.G Naymushin, V.S Morev, V.A Nazarov, 0. C1818 Moroz, ie.m Nechayev, N , Morozov, K.V , 02055, Nechiporenko, A. C Nedbaylo, A.D. C1865 Morozov, M Nedosugov, A *Morozov, N.I Nefedov, Ye.M Morozov, V.I , C0054 Nekhoroshkov, F Morozov, V.P. C1163 Nelyubin, L.L Morozova, S.P Nemchinskiy, A.B Morshchinin, A Nenarokomov, A.D Moskalenko, K.S , Nenarokov, A.P , Nepran, N.I Moskalev, F Neroslev, S Moskvin, A.I Nersesyan, M ,

227 VP 7F I IT 0 Nersesyan, N.G Ognev, I.G. C1808 Nesin, A.A. C0379 Ogul'chanskiy, I * Nesterskiy, A.S. C043)4 Okun, B.V. c164)4 Neupokoyev, F.K. C1367 Oleshev, N.N. BC0513 Neustroyev, S. C0791, C1170 Neustroyev, S.P. C0684 Oleynik, V.V. C0995 Oleynikov, A. C17)49. Nikanorov, A. C2219 Olovyanishnikov, N.P. C2233 Nikiforov, Yu.D , 'shevskiy, R. C1)439 Nikiforova, N.A. C0418 Onilova, N. BC1606 Nikitenko, A Onisimov, V.G. C1558, C1750 Nikitin, B.V. C2252 Opalev, V.N. BC1867 Nikitin, G. C0331 Opekunov, M.P. C1291 Nikitin, I.I , C Orazbekov, N. C1i168 Nikitin, N.S , C2323 Orekhov, Ye.M Nikolayev, B.D Orentlikherman, M.G. C0334 Nikolayev, N.S Orlov, A.S Nikonorov, A. C2165 Orlov, I. C1)4353 Noga, N.F Orlov, M. BC1058 Norman, E.M. C1065 Ortenberg, D.I. C0688 Noskov, I. c16)43 Osadchenko, I. C2165 Nosov, M.V. C1924 Oshurkov, L.N. C0436 Novak, A.I. C1269 Osipenkov, Ye.F Novgorodov, A.A , Osipov, S.A Osipov, Yu.M Novichkov, 0.A Osterman-Toistoy, A.I. BCo6)42 Novik, V.K. C047)4 Novikov, A.A Ostroumov, M.N Ostryakov, BC1844 Novikov, A. N. C1334 Ostryakov, N.A. BC1919 Novikov, B. V Ozenbashly, A Novikov, M. C0161 Ozolin, K.I. BC1346 Novikov, M.V Novikov, V.K r. Novikov, Yu Paderin, I. C0795 C. Nuriyev, M.K Paderin, T.G Nurmamnbetov, B , Padorin, Ya.A. Nysanbayev, B. BC1)461 Padzhyev, M.G Pakhtusov, V.V Pakilev, G.N Obertas, I.L , Pally, A.I Obukhov, V.T. 006)48 Paliy, G.Ya. C1)436 * Ochkin, B.P Panfilov, T.V. BC0889, B01064, Ochkin, B.R BC1071 Odintsov, A.I. C0231,00274, Panfilova, V , )452, C0564 Panov, B.V. 001)40 Odoyeva, V.P Pan~pv, B P Oganesyan, G.Kh Panteleyev, Yu.A Oganezov, G Pantyukhov, G.G. C08)46 Ogeynik, V.V Pantyukhov, V.A. C05)40 Ogloblin, K.S , Papidze, Sh

228 Paramonova, G. C2028 Pis'mennyy, G.G. C0265 Parastayev, A. C0968 Piterskiy, N.A. C1979 Parfenov, M. BC0903 Platitsyn, V.M. C1706 Parot'kin, I.V. C0135, C0147, Platonov, K.K. C0408 C0879, C153 Platonov, V.V. C1516 Parovoy, N. C0467 Platonov, Yu. C1926 Parshin, M.Ya. C0264 Platonov, Yu.V. C0437 Pasechnikov, A.K. C1930 Pleshakov, V.I. C2234 Pashkin, I.P. C2136 Pliyev, I.A. C1496 Pashkina, T.N. C2088 Pliyev, I.S. c1647 Paspopin, M.P. C2090 Plotnikov, G.K. C0015, C2278 Paul'man, F. C1072 Plotnikov, M. C2116 Pavlichuk, K.I. C1669, c1670 Piotnikov, V.A. C1372 Pavlov, A.V. C1645 Plotnikov, Yu. C0970 Pavlov, L.S. C0078 Plotnikov, Yu.V. C0140, C1179 Pavlov, M. C1370 Pluzhnikov, V.A. C1292 Pavlov, V.S. BC0985 Plyashkevich, V.I. C0438 Pavlov, Yu.A. C0541 Plyaskin, V.Ya. C1559 Pavlovich, N.B. C2015 Pobedonostsev, Yu.A. C1378 Payusov, K.A. C2324 Podlesnyy, G.N. C1517 Pen'kov, N.Ya. C1415 Podorozhnyy, N. C1560 Perekrest, T.P. C1954 Podumka, B.A. C1385 Perepelitsa, D.G. C0453 Pokhil'ko, P. C2218 Perepelkin, A.N. C0335 Pokrovskiy, S.N. C1648 Peresada, S.A. C1387, C1787 Poleshchuk, V.T. C2214 Peresypkin, I. C1437 Polevik, I.N. C1672 Peresypkin, I.T. C1646, C1753 Polevoy, B. C0712 Pershin, A.A. C1340 Polevoy, B.N. C1180 Pershin, M.N. C2145 Politov, V.A. C1639 Perskiy, B.I. C2255 Polonnik, K. C1075 Pervomayskaya, Ye. C0210 Polozhenko, V.A. C0690 Per -ushin, A.11. C0890. C1176 Poltoratskiy, V. C1076 Pervushin, A.P. C1396 Polukarov, N. C1894 Peskov, N.G. C0512 Polyakov, M.I. C1649 Petrov, D.A. C1438 Polyakov, Ya.C. C1147 Petrov, G.Ye Polynin, F.P. C1866. Petrov, O.A. C0515 Pombrik, I.D. C0171 Petrov, S.M. C1754 Pomortsev, V.A. C2182 Petrov, V.M. C1223 Ponizovskiy, V. C C1955, C2007 Pidpalyy, S. C0543 Ponomarev, N.A. C0061, C0099 Pikha, D.D. C0265 Popel', N.K. C1605.'"'.- Pinchuk, V.M. C1341 Popel', N.N. C1181 Pinyayev, I. C1495 Popikarov, N.D. C2256 Pirogov, A. C1178 Poplavskiy, S.G. C1182 Pirogov, I.G. CL71 Popov, A.S. C0649 Pisarev, A. C0478, C1311 Popov, I.S. BC1922 Petrukhin, V. C1177 Ponomarenko, R.M. C0505 Petrukhin, V.S. C0969 Ponomarev, I. C023, C0519, Petrusenko, T.N. C

229 Popov, P Rakhnat, A Popov, S.Ye. C1497 Rakov, V.I Popov, V.V. C1104 Raspopin, M.P Porokhin, A.P. C0417 Rasstrigin, V Portugal'skiy, R.M Ratnikov, A.N. C1184, C2279, Potapov, A Potapov, I.G Rayev, V.M Potaipov, I. K Paygoroaetskiy, Ye.Ya. C0892 Povelitsyna, P.F. C1092 Raykov, V.R. C1668 Povilavichyus, A. C1650 Razuxnovskiy, V.I Pozdyshev, S.I. C1460 Razuvayev, A.P Pozharov, A.I. C0100 Redanskiy, V Poznanskiy, D.P. C1342 Redzhebov, P. C1440 Poznanskiy, V.S. C0650 Remishevskiy, V. C0211 Prangishvili, Sh. C0354 Rendulich, L. C0104 Praporshchik, BC1643 Repin, G.K. C0917 4Prasolov, S. K. C2032 Reznichenko, V.G Preobrazhenskiy, Ye.N. BC1864 Rodimtsev, A.I. C1185, Pridybaylo, A.I Rodionov, A.I Prilepskiy, P Rogac'nev, A.M Prishchepa, 1.M. C0180 Rogozinskiy, P Proektor, D.M Rokossovskdy, K.K. B00640, Prokhin, V B00675, 00799, Prokhorov, Z. BC0859 Ronianchuk, N.P. C0598 Prokof'yev, V.I Romanov, A.N Prokcpovich, Ye.V Romanov, D.K Prokop'yev, N.P Romanov, N.I Prostakov, A.L Romanov, P Prosvetkin, Ye.D Romanov, R Protasov, M.M Romashko, A.I. C1564 Protsenko, V.T Roinashova, T.N Prozorov, V. S. C1398 Roshchin, I Prussakov, G.K Roskill, S , Pryakhin, Yu.D Rospasiyenko, Ye.S Puchkov, Ye.V Rotar, F Puntus, V Pupko, A.B , Rotmistrov, P.A , C1565 Rozhkov, V Purkayev, M.A. BC0612 Rozhnev, B *Putse, Rozmaan, Ye Puzik, V.M. C0016 Ruban, M Rubert, Ya.A. C0665 Bud', D. BC0719 Radchenko, N Rudenko, V Radovskaya, N.N Rudnyy, V Eadvik, B Rukavishnikov, G Radziyevskiy, A.I. C0400, Rulin, V.P , Rumyantsev, B.P Paftopullo, A. C1652 Rakhimov, S Runiyantsev, F.K Ruinyantsev, N.T. C0455,

230 Rumnyantsev, P.A. BC0692 Savitskiy, V.F Rupasov, N.A. C0713 Savkin, L.S. C1758 Rusakov, Z.G Savkin, V.Ye Rusanov, R Sayf'iyev, Kh.G. C0445 Rusin, L. C1567 Sayko, V.M. C0511 Rut'kov, V.L. C0056 Sazanov, Ya. C0973 Ruvinskiy, V.A Sazhin, N.L Ruzhin, V.I Sazhin, V.P Ryabov, D.I Sazonov, I.F. C1533 Rybak, Ye.D Sedykh, N.T Rybakov, K.V Seitov, S Rybiri, S.V Sekirin, M.K , Rybin, V.A Sekistov, V.A Rybkin, V Seleznev, l.a. C0106 Rybkin, Ye.I Selikhov, K Rychkov, M.M Selimov, V Ryl'nikov, V Selivanov, F Rysbekov, M. C1186 Selivanov, F. T Rytov, Selivanov, P Selivanov, P.A Semanov, S Sadovskiy, V.V , Sexnashko, Safarov, R. C1655 Senienkov, V *Safiullin, G Setnenov, A. C1851 TL *Safonov, A Senienav, A.P Safronov, A.M Semenov, G.G. C0804 Safronov, B.V. C0547 Semenov, M Sakhnevich, L. C0801 Semenov, M.S Sal'nikov, N.A Semenov, N.V , Salomykov, A.I Senienov, V.I. C0581, ~.~ Salukvadze, K.V , C1568 Sernenovich, K. BC1474 Saxnchuk, l.a , Sarnoylenko, V.F ,00548 Semeyko, N.I. BC1923 Semin, V Samnoylov, F Semiryaga, M.I. C0006 Samsonov, A.M , 00965, Seinke, A , Senchakova, L.T Sandalov, L.M Senkevich, I. C1660 Sangadzhiyeva, B. C0651 Senotrysov, S.A. C1661 Sannikov, V Senyavin, D.N. BC Saprykin, P.S. C0444 Serdyuk, A Sarlisyan, V Serebryannikov, V.V , *Sarychev, N.G , *Saval'yeva, T.S Serebryanyy, L.S *Savel'yev, V.P , Sereda, G *Savichev, G. C0414 Serezhenkin, B.I *Savichev, G.A Sergeyenko, B.I Savichev, N.P Sergeyenko, S Savin,N.V Sergeyev, A.N Savin, Sergeyev, L.V. C1451,

231 .. '.~ Sergeyev, P.I , C2321 Shegeryan, V.M. C1556 Sergiyenko, A. C0806 Shekhovtsov, N.I. C0131, Serov, A. BC1802 C0143 Serov, V. C0211 Shelyag, V.V. C0329, C0440. Sevortyan, R.E. C2291 Shemagin, K.I. C1355 Sevost'yanov, P.F. C2212 Shemanskiy, P.V. C0153, Seydametov, S. C1079 CI181 Sezonov, V.I. C1714 Shemyakov, A. C0224 Sgibnev, A. C0957 Shepelev, A.L. C1928 Sgibnev, A.A. C0343, CIi146 Shesterikov, B.A. C0173 Sgilevskiy, A.I. C2231 Shestov, V.V. C0066 Sgrabilov, V.V. C0221, C0222 Shevchenko, A.M. C2285, C2318 Shabalin, A.0. BC1951 Shevchenko, I.N. C1445 Shadrin, I. BC1683 Shakhanov, A. C1379 Shevchenko, N.A. C0171, C1760 Shevchenko, V. C1861 Shakinko, C0597 Shevchuk, I. C0554 "hakirov, G.Sh. C0270, C0551, Shibanov, B.V. C1570 C0552 Shikin, S.T. C0018, C0099, Shalin, M.A. C1605 C0107 Shamshiyev, N. C0807 Shilin, A.P. C0225 Shamshurov, V.K. C1707 Shilingovskiy, I. C1501 Shangin, N.A. C1348 Shilo, V.N. C0151 Shanin, V.I. C0344, C0388, Shimanskiy, A.N. C C0389 Shimanskiy, V.P. C1663 Shanina, R. BC1633 Shimuk, V. c1664 Shanshashvili, D. C0808 Shindel', A.D. C2029 Shapiro, G.S. C0733 Shingarev, S.I. C1852 Shaporev, Yu.N. C1569 Shinkarev, I.I. C0853 Shaposhnikov, B.M. C0715, Shipov, B.V. C1372, C1409 BC0721 Shironin, P.I. BC0962 Shapran, I.A. C1384 Shiryayev, A. C2185 Sharifov, E. BC1578 Shishkin, V.I. BC1034 Sharikov, P.N. C2101 Shishov, L.M. C1929.* Sharipov, A. C0654, C0694 Shishov, V. C0342 Sharipov, A.A. C0625 Shiyan, I.S. C2071, C1984 Sharipov, B. C0553 Shiyan, N.S. C2071 Shash, V.I. C0446 Shkadarevich, I.I. C1080, Shatilov, V.M. C0809, C0810, 1446, C1571 c1444 Shkurikhin, D.V. C1221 * Shatuno-, G. C0223 Shlepakova, Ye.K. C0362 Shatunov, G.P. C0345 Shlevko, G. C0975 Shcherbakov, A.M. C0946 Shlyakhov, I. C2261 Shcherbatykh, Yu.A. C0366 Shlyakhov, I.A. C2192, C2200 Shcherbina, L.G. C2150, C2158 Shlykov, F.I. BC0592 Shchesbakov, V. C0211 Shmelev, A.N. C0182 Shchetnini, V.F. C0561 Shmelev, N.A. c1868 Shchukin, M.M. C1397 Shmelev, V.V. C1388, C1761 _ Shchuklin, F.P. C1867 Shorin, N.A. BC2085 Shebunin, A.I. C2138 Shostak, V.I. C0097 n ~hnhh~lihd 'g~ld~nl H II~...".

232 - -w*. v-r-.-rr, w.-, ww,-, i-,-~~r~w ~w~ ~ WV ~ - - j P.v-- Shovkolovich, A.K. ;1503 Skorobogatov, V. C1447, Shramchenko, A.F. C0067, 01448, C Skorobogatov, V.Ye. C0977 Shramov, N.N. C1665 Skorokhod, Yu.V Shtakhariovskiy, A.P. C0917 Skozobtsev, A.S, C1282 Shtan'ko, Yu.F Skripkin, V.A Shtemerko, S.M , 00976, SkUgarev, V.D , 0182, Skurarev, V.D Shteydle, L Skvortsov, A.N Shtuchkin, Skvortsov, Ye.P. C2232 Shubin, B.F Sladkov, D.I Shuktomov, P Slavin, M.M Shuktomov, Slepchin, Z Shuilgovskiy, A.F Sleperikov, Z.F Shulyachenko, R.I Slobodenko, A.K Shumakov, Yu.N Slyunin, N.F Shuravlev, D.A Slyusarenko, Z.K Shurganov, M.M Srnagulov, T Shurygin, A.P Sn'ekalov, A.F Shustov, B.K Sinetanin, A.I. c0466 Shutov, Z.A Snirnov, N.K , Shutoy, V Srnirnov, S.S , Shuvalov, N~. C1666 Sirnov, V Shuvyrin, D.I , 02257, Smairnov, Ye Smirnov, Ye.Ye Sibilev, M.U , 00274, Sxnirnov, Yu , C0564 Srnol'nikov, V.Ye. C0558 Siddikov, R Smaol'nyy, M.K Sidel'nikov, I.. C00556 Smorigo, N.I Sidenko, Sniotritskiy, Ye.A Sidorenko, A.A. C01415 Smukul, A Sidoenko YeG. C415Snushkevich, Ya.V. BC00628 Siciorov, Snezhko, V.N , 01316, Simonov, A.S Simonyan, R.G Sny-tkov, V.V Sinanin, V.Ye Sokolov, A.F. C0160 Sine1'yn'kov, I.F Sokolov, G Sirinikow, L.?T Sokolov, I.A Sirota, B.I Sokolov, V. C ivakov, A.M. C0187 Sokolov, V.A Livkcv, G.F. C1896 S,'okolov, V.D z (-9v, P..J. 0188) Sokolov, Ya kachkr, P.G. C0111, C0749 Solnyshkav, Yu.S ka'kovskiy, I Solov'yev, B 'karinkin, I Solov'yev, B.G , 01049, :,Kbah-kuxmidcv, A. C089L 01086, 01087, C kircic, M.P. C0007, Solov'yev, G.A ko Ik, SJolov'yev, V. BC0859 Zk',rkin, 'L.Ya. 02?142 Somnov, V. C0818,

233 -1-7-F-T- 7 ' Sorkin, N.S Sulimov, Ye.F. C0008, CO2Q Sorokin, A Sulimov, Yu.V. C0114 Sorokin, G. C1449 Sundakov, I.*Ya Sorokin, L.A Sungorkin, N.F. C1938 Sorokin, V.N. C0272, Sunt~.ov, N.P Sorokin, Z. C1824 Supakov, N. K. C1380 Sorokoletov, F.P Surikov, B. T. C2315 Soshnev, V.G. C1248, Surovtsev, P.V. C2132 Cotnikov, I.M. C1825 Sushkov, Yu.N. C0175 Sozonovskiy, V.S. C1933 Suslov, L. C0919 Spatarel', T.K. C1870 Suvorin, V.V Spiridonov, V.G Suvorov, A. V. BC0679, B00692 Spivak, T. C1573 Suzdal', V.G. C0168 Starikov, V Sverdlov, F Starostin, M.P Sviridov, I. C0978 Starshinov, N.V Svitko, P Startsev, I.S Svitov, Stefanovskiy, P.M Syrma, G.T Stel'rnakh, M Sysoyev, A Stepariov, A.P Sysoyev, V.D Stepanov, D.A. C1668 Sysoykin, B.V Stepanov, F.S Syzdykov, K. C1106 Sterlin, R.N Stolyarenko, A.M. C0230, C 1359, Talalay, V.P Strekhnin, Yu.F , Tarakanov, K.V C 2073 Taranenko, V.T S.trel'bitskiy, 1.S Tarasenko, A.A Strel'tsov, V.S. BC1876 Tarasenkov,A.M Streshinskiy, M.P Tarasov, N.P Strizhachenko, A. c1450 Taratorin, N.N. C045-1 Otrokolev, V Taube, A.A. B00650 Strokov, A.A Tuvartkiladze, N , 00979, Stroykov, Yu.N Stroynov, N.A Tavkayev, M Stsepuro, i.i Teleshenko, A.I Studentov, V.F Tel'kanov, S.A * Stukalov, P.I. C0561 Terekhov, A.F Subbotin, M.P Tikhomirov, V.M Sudakov, A.K , Tikhomolov, B.Ye * Sudzilovskiy, G.A. C0068 Timofeyev, N.A Suin-ogly, V-S. C1354 Tiuiofeyev, V Sukhambayev, A. B0l16o Timofeyeva, A.A. BC1910 5ukhan, Yu.V Timon'ki., G.N c;khinin, Yu.N Timon'kin, N.M Sukhodoil'skiy, V.F Timorin, A.A. C00h1 * Sukhoznlin, T.M Tinioshenko, A.P S;ukriotskiy, V.I Tipugin, V.A Sul1eymanov, R Titkov, N.D. ('

234 7 z- TF w~c 7j 79 Thach, S.T Ubaydullayev, A. C1093 * *Tkachenko, A. C1827 Udalov, A.G. C1006 *Tkacheva, L.I Ufimtsev, L.Ya. C1300 Tkachun, A.I. C2074 Ugulava, I. C0827 iokarev, N.I. C0598 Uldukis, E. C1061 *Tclkonyuk, L.A. C0823 Ultanbayev, R. C1094 Tolkunov, L Urakbayev, Y. BC1733 Tolubko, V.F Uralov, A.A Tiornashenko, 0. V Usanov, A.A. C0115 Tornashevskiy, A.A Ushakov, A.V. C13742 Tornich, M.A Ushakov, L.N Tornilin, G.V. C0566, C2189, Ushakov, P.F , C2190,,2217 Ushakov, V.M. C1768 UTomilov, S.A. C2045 Usvyatsov, S.S. C2038 cnkikh, A.V Utlik, E.P. C0456 Tcnkikh, F.P Uvarov, M.A T, pil'skiy, V. C0423, Uvarov, 0.? , Th v.stuiu-, I.S. C0581 Uvarov, V.V. C1588 TZrazkunov, 14. C0861 Uzakov, M Zret'yakov, V. C1454 Uzhviyev, K.A. C2145 ributs, V.F Trubchannikov, M 'irushin, V.N. C0157 Vaganov, I. C0829 Tsaritsyn, A.M. C0101 Vakurov, I. C0627 Tsar'kov, , Vakurov, I.D Tsekhanovich, V Valeyev, B.L. C0567 Tsernkalov, I.M Val'tsefer, V.N Tsirlin, A.D Vankov, B.S Tsivilev, M , Varankin, V.G Tskhovrebov, I.N Vardapetyan, A.V Tskitishvili, K. C0861 Varenyshev, B.F Tsokota, P.Ye. C1129 Varenyshev, B.V fsopa, T. C1511, Varfolomeyev, V.I Tsotniashvili, M. C0968 Varnashov, F.P Tsuynarev, A.F Varvarov, V.I Tsunts, M Varzakov, V.N Tsupov-Shapil'skiy, A.? Vasilenok, V.Ye Tsyganov, I Vasilevskiy, A.M Tsyplenkov, Vasilevskiy, M Tuxnalar'yan, V.M Vasilevskiy, M.L 'iurrnarkin, Ya.:.' Vasil'yanov, P Tunas,, V.A. C0037 Vasil'yev, B00684 *Turarbekcv, Z Vasil'yev, A.A. C1897.urivnerikc:, N.I. C1198 Vasil'yev, A.M Turkin, K.D. C185B Vasil'yev, B.A Turuntayev, V. C0903 Vasil'yev, F.?. C2120 ':uz,,v, A.-V. Ci456 Vasil'yev, G lyrkova, Ye. C2162 Vasil'yev, G.M. C1227 'Yuieniev, L.V. C0658 Vasil'yev, G.V '1yul'nlkov, L.3....K. C0984 Vasil'yev, I.F , C0266 Tyuriri, V.I. C1356 Vasil'yev, I.1. C

235 Vasil'yev, V.N. Coo6h Volkov, V.Ye. C1689 Vasil'yev, Ye.M Volkovskiy, S.A Vasilyuk, A.V Volodikhin, Ya.A Vasin, N Volovich, V Vasyutin, Yu.S. C0)419 Volovich, V.K. C0)459 Vatsiyetis, 1.1. B00665, Vol'skiy, S.A B00691 Vorob'yev, A.M. C1302 Vayder, V.A Vorob'yev, F.D. C01)47 Vaynshteyn, L.M Vdovyuk, V.I Vorob'yev, F.M , c1673 Vorob'yev, I.N. C0148, Vdozyik, V.I. C05)42 Vorob'yev, V.I. C2319 Vedernikov, D.N. 020)40 Vorob'yev, Ye. C0989 Velyugin, A.S. C1154 Voronin, K Velyugo, V.M Voronin, Yu.N. C1773 Venkov, B. S. C0986 \ T oronov, B.V. C16)41 Verbilo, A.N , C1316, Voronov, N.V C1537 Vorontsov, M Verbinskiy, M.V. C1680 Vorontsov, T.F. C0853 Verevkin, I Verevkin, I.F. C1513, Voronyuk, A. C0801 Voropay, A.V. C0)460 Veytsel', V.A Vorotnikov, M Vidzeins, E Vorozheykin, A.V Vigman, B.A Vorzhev, V.V. C00116 Vikhirev, K. A. C140)4 Vostretsov, S.S. BC0613 Vikhrenko, V.A Vovk, V.V Viktorov, A. Ya Voynov, A.A Viktorov, I.M. C0457 Voytenko, Yu.V Vilyunov, V.N Voytik, G.Ya Vingranovskiy, N Voznenko, V.V Vinogradov, A.P Vozovikov, V Vinogradov, Yu , Vukolov, V , Vintser, B Vukolov, V.S Vishnyakov, A.P Vyalykh, L.D Vishnyakov, I.A Vydrigan, Z.P. C0660 Vishnyakov, V.A. 01)457 Vydrin, I.F. C0432, Vladimirov, B Vylitok, V Viadimirov, M Vyrodov, I.Ya Viasenko, A.T Vlasov, G.1. BC1702 Vlas'yevich, Yu.Ye Yagodinskiy, Ye.A Vnotchenko, L.N , 00238, Yakimenko, A , 00368, 00)469 Yaiiinov, G Vokkov, L.I. C1364 Ya-kover'lo, Yu , 022)45 Vokrachko, Yu.G. C1)452, vakovlev, F.Ya Volkenshteyn, SO.S. BC1)431 Yakovlev, V.I Volkogonov, D.A , 00)458, Yakovlev, Yu.A C12)47 Yakubov, V.Ye Volkov, A. M , Yakubovskiy, , Volkov, G.T Yakupov, M. BC0910 Volkov, V. N Yanguzov, Z.Sh

236 Yanov, N.P Zagranichny-y, N.A Yaremenko, M. C0719 Zakharov, A.F. C0462 Yarotskaya, A.P. C2191 Zakharov, M.V , C0782, Yarotskiy, 1.I. C i, c1148 Yasnyy, Ye. C2104 Zakharov, S.Ye. C1269, c19)45, Yefanov, G Yefimov, A.S Zakharova, N. A , C2065 Yefimov, K.Ye Zakotin, M.M. C1688 Yefimov, V.I. C206)4 Zakrutkin, V.A Yefremov, A.Ya. BC1890 Zakurenkov, N. K Yefremov, M.G. BC0659 Zalesskiy, M.D Yegorov, A.I. BC0683 Zamorskiy, V. F. C0049 Yegorov, A.V Zangiyev, T.N. C1905 Yegorov, F.G. C2211 Zanin, K.N Yegorov, P Zapryagayev, M.M Yegorov, P.T , Zarembo, N.P Yegorov, P.Ya Zarubin, A.I Yeleusizuly, T Zaurenbayev, K Yeliseyev, IN.S. C1684 Zavizion, G.T. 01)451 Yeliseyev, Ye.P. C0164 Zav'yalov, B.V Yemel'yanov, D.Ye Zav'yalov, V.I Yemel'yanov, L.A. C0168 Zayara, V.A Yernel'yanov, V.I Zaynullin, K.Sh Yepifanova, A.P Zaytsev, P.P Yepishev, A.A , 01226, Zaytsev, V. C1)458, C1514 C1249, 01303, Zaytsev, V.P Yeremenko, A.I Zelenskiy, V.D Yeremenko, l.a Zel'venskiy, D Yermolayev, V.A Zerakevich, N.I Yerovoy, F.M Zen'1kovich, N , Yershov, A.G Zeynalov, R.E Yershov, D.I Zhakypbayev, T Yerykalov, Ye.F. C1227 Zhane, K. C0836 Yevdokimov, I.F Zharov, Yu.V Yevlampiyev, P.S Zhdanova, N.A Yezhkov, A.M Zherebtsov, Ye. 0. C2262 Yezhkov, V.F. BC1432 Zhezher, A.Ye. BC1504 Yunak, I.Kh Zhidilov, Ye.T Yunoshev, A Zhigalov, I Yunoshev, A.V Zhilin, P.A , Yurovskiy, I Zhivilov, V.M Yur'yev, A.A. C1686, Zholudev, L.V Yusifov, A Zhoshkina, L.D Zhuk, N.M. 022)43 Zhukov, O.K , 00722, Zabolotnyy, G.M Zadumkin, N Zhukov, I.A Zagoruykov, V.A Zhukov, 1.I. C1377 Zagoskin, A.G. 021)43 Zhukov, M.V

237 ZhluJ-ov,:.. Zhukcv, 1.. izc~, Zhuk,d Yi.AXiJ: -hulin t V , Zmitrenk-, V 2. C01209 Znamrenskiy, Ye.A. 0, 177 Z olotar', l.a Zolo)tarev, l.a. C1524 Zolotarev, V.I.C07 Zolotnitskly, V.A Zc~zulya, A.I. C1808 Ziuhakov, V Zubakov, V. Ye. C 0992 Zubanov, S. '01935 Zubkin, A.S Zubkov, A.I Zubrev, V.N. C1796 Zufarov, M. C1581 Z.uyev, M.F. C1684 Zuyev, N1.D Z'enigorodskaya, E.Ya. C05886 Zverev, B.A Zveynek, G. BC1234- Zykov, Ye.M Zyryanov, B.P , Zyubiri, M.V AI 211 * ~ ~ ~ - ~ * --. ~ ~. - ~ ~- ~ *\1 ~ *- ~... ~ ~ ~. t

238 TITLE INDEX RUSSIAN A v Boyu Yeshche Vazhney C1437 Atakuyet: "Chernava Smert' 01894; Admiral Flota Soy Soyuza I.S.Isakov Gornostrelkovaya C1534; Podvod niki C202l Admiral'skaya Vakhta Atlas Ofitsera C0184 Aerodinarnika i Dinamika Boyevogo Avariynyye Raboty na Kommunal'nvkh Manevrirovaniya....C1873 Setyakh... C02230 Agitator Podrazdeleniva Avianostsy i Vertoletonostsy C2303 Agressiya i Katastrofa Aviatsiya Protiv Podvodnykh Lodok Aktual'nyye Metod Problemy Operativ- C1825 nogo Iskusstva i Taktika Aviatsiya v Bitve pod Moskvoy C1842 Aktual'nyye Problemy Sovet Voyenno- Avtomatizirovannyye Sistemy Uprav- Eticheskov Teorii C0360 leniya Shtabov i Voyen Uchrezh- A1'bom Skhem': po Distsipline "Finan- deniy (Kapitalist Gosu) C2319 Khoz Voin Chasti" 02153; po Orga- Avtografy Pobedy C0927 nizatsii i Vooruzh....C2327 Avtomobil'naya Podgotovka C1517 Aleksandr Ignat'yevich Molodchiy Avtomobil'nyye Perevozki v Intere- C1906 sakh Grazhdan Oborony C2274 Alleva Gerovev C1187 Avtozavodtsy Amtirtsv--Geroi Vel Otech Azin Anatoliv Serov Antennv Smotryat v Nebo C1692 Anuar Abutalipov Bakinskiy Okrug Protivovozdushnoy.rhitry Ognevykh Ruhezhey Oborony C1796 Arkhangel'skiv Komsomol--V'M SSSR Bakteriologicheskove Oruzhiye i (01272 Zashchita ot Nego Arktiki Rvad ovov. C1981 Ballisticheskiye Rakety Strategiche- Arrnevskive Avtomobili: Konstruktsiva skogo Naznacheniya iraschet 01397; Teoriya Baltika PomniL Armii Stran NATO C2318 Baltiyskaya Yunost' Moya Armiya Bratstva Narodov C0284,00285 Baltiyskiye Moryaki v Bor'be za Armiva i Sots Revolyutsiva C0027 Vlast' Sovetov Armiva i Sots Obshchestvo Cf0041 Baltiytsy Shli Leninskim K~ursom. Armiva Nasha Moguchaya C Armiva Sovetskava 00238,00286,00368, Baltivtsv Vstupayut v Boy 1941 C20-00A69Batal'on v Morskom Desante A\rmiva Stranv Sovetov Batal'on v Oborone Morskogo Pobere- Armiva v Politicheskom Rezhime Stran zh'va Sovremen Vostoka Batareya Idet na Zapad A.rmva,,ne: Polkovodtsy 00647; Vovena- Belortisskiv Voyennyy Okrug: C0664; chalniki Soy Arrii C0630 Budrti Belorusskogo Krasnoznamen- Artilleriya: C1556; Ogon' C1541; v nogo osohvkh Uslovivakh C1409 Beroch' Sotsialisticheskuyu Sobst-.- rtillerivskava Razvedika vennost'--svyashch Dolg...C0232 Artillerivskive Opticheskive Pri- Bergen Tsakhanov C0807 borv Berlinskiy Epilog Art illerivsko-st relkovv%, Bicknot Besedy o Orazh~danskov Oborone C2245 Ofitscra Nazem A\rtilleril C.1516 Besedv s Naselenivem o Grazhidanskov Art illerivskove: 1 Raketnove Oruzh Ohorone 02173,C2207 Korablev 01978; Mfatcrialovedenive Belspokovnvve Serdtsa C C1587; Vooruien iye i Osnovy Bo- Besprimernyv Podvig C1007 vevegoil Primeneniva Artillerii Bessmennava Vakhta (

239 747~ Organy Narodnogo Kontrolya v Vooru- Osnovy: Sovetskogo Voyennogo Zakonozhennykh Silakh SSSR C0277 datel'stva C0389: Takticheskogo Orlyata Uchatsya Letat' C0381 Manevrirovaniya Odinochnogo Kora- Oruzhiye Massovogo Porazheniya i blya (72019; Teorii i Konstruktsii Zashehita 01 Nego C2232,C2246 Kontrol'no-Proverochnoy Apparatury C2255 Avia LUprav Raket C71391; Teorii Vos- Oruzhlye Pobedy C0661 pitaniya Voyskqmi C0523; Upravie- Oruzhiye Protiv Tanka C1421 niya Voyskami C0153; Voyennoy Peda- Oruzhiye Protivoraketnoy i Protivo- gogiki, Metodika Provedeniyla Zanyakosmicheskoy Oborony C1369 tiy i Organizatsiya Uchebnogo Pro- Oruzhiyem Pravdy C1229 tsessa v VUZ (70306 Osetin Otvazhnyye Syny C1167 Osobaya Krasnoznawennaya Dai'nevos- f Oshtinskaya Tetrad' C1573 tochnaya Armiya na Strazhie Mira i Osnovaniya Ustroystva Zenitnykh Bezopasnosti. SSSR (7603 Artilleriyskikh Orudiy C1689 Osobennosti: Tvorchestva Politrabotniki Osnovnoy Zakon Partiynoy Zhizni C1250 (71347; Upraviencheskoy Deyatel'- Osnovnyye Kategorii: Dialektiki i nosti Politrabotnika C71308; Vosikh Proyavleniye v Voyennom Dele pitatel'noy Raboty s Ofitserskim C0105; Voinskov Etiki i ikh Zaa- Kollektivom Chasti (71299 chenfye v Vospitanlii Soy Voinov Osobyy Variant ( C0353 Ostorozhno, Miny! (71642 Osnovyye Napravleniya Ekonomicheskoy Osushchestvleniye Mechty ( Raboty Organov Soobshchebiy na Osvoboditel'naya Missiya Sovetskikh Zheleznodorozhnon Transporte C1545 Vooruzhennikh Sil vo Vtoroy Miro- Osnovnyye Printsipy: Operativnogo voy Voyne C0006,C0879,C1153 Iskusstva i Taktiki (70038; So'zet- Osvoboditel'naya Missiva Sovetskoy skoy Votnskoy Distsipliny (70367 Arnii v Bolgarli C1198 Osnovnyye Zakony Voyny C0099 Osvobozhdeniye: Beicrussii (71154; Osnovy: Analiza Operatsiy na More 1944 C0781,(71155 (70075; Avtomatlzatsii Sisteniy Osvohozhdeniye: Donbassa 1943 (71098: 6 Upravlenlya (71788; Ekspluatatsii Kiyeva (71028; Krymna 1944 C1124; Artillerfyskogo Vooruzlieniya Pravoberezhnoy Ukrainy i Krvma (71726: Ekspluatatsii Vooruzhenlya C1138; Sovetskoy Pribaltiki (71193; (70151; Fotografirovanlya i Ispol'- Yugo-Vostochnoy i Tsentral'noy zovaniye Fotosredstv v Polit-Vosp Yevropy Voyskami 2-go i 3-go Rabote....C1306: Metodiki Vayenno- Ukrainskikh Frontov ( Nauchnogo Issledovaniye (70077 Ot B'iynakska do Berlina Cl1Th7 Truda v Osnovv Nauchnoy Organizatsil: Ot Dnepra do Visly (70878 Vo enino-uchebnykh Zavedeniyakh 0t (7roznogo do Pragi C1609 C70473; VoInskogo Truda (70335 Ot Kaunasa do Vil'nvusa 1502 Dnya 0snovy: Obuchenlya i Vospitaniya Slu- (71101 shatelev i Kou-santov (70269; Po- 01 Kubani do Pragi (71532 stroyeniya Privodov Navedeniya 01 Moskvy do E1'by C71624 Zenitnykh Artilleriyskikh Komplek- Ot Moskvy do Pskova (71207 soy (71757; Pravovykh Znaniy C0307, Ot MPVO--K (razhdanskoy Oborone '2231 C70388; Radioupravleniya Reaki iv- Ot Nevy do El'by c1009,01402 nymi Snarvadarni i Kosmicheskirni Ot Sihiri do Pribaltiki ( Apparatami (70178; Rascheta Pro- 01 Tallina do Seligera (71467 ti 'otankovykh (ranatcmetov i Bez- 01 Tulv do Kenigsherga (71538 otkatnykh Orudiy (71742; Setevogo 01 Vis'lv do Odera ('1137 Flanlrovaniya i Upravlleniya (70030 Ot Volgi do Baltikt C

240 Obslichestvenno-Politicheskiye i Lich- Oni Osvobodili Yuzhnuyu Estoniyu nostnyye Osnovy Avtoriteta Polit C0952 rabotnika C1340 Oni-Panfilovtsy C0902 Obshchestvennvy Aktiv--Vazhnoye Zveno Oni Pobezhdali pod Znamenem Lenina v Voyenno-Patrioticheskoy Rabote C0822 C0545 Oni Proslavili Rodinu C1194 Obs!,chevoinskiye Ustavy Vooruzhen- Oni Zashchishchali: Odessu 1941 nvkh Sil SSSR C0196,C0297 C0724; Rodinu C0811; Tvoye Nebo Obshchimi Putyami C2277 C1905 Obsluzhivaniye Voyn i Voyennogo Dela Operatsiya: "Iskra" C1070; "Malyy --Odna iz Sot'sial Funktsiy Nauki Saturn" C1069; "Tank" C1439; - C0018 "Tereblya" C Ohucheni'e Sovetskikh Voinov v Cody Opticheskaya Razvedka C1386 Vel Otech Voyny C1114 Opyt Nastupatel'nykh Operatsiy ()huchenive Strel'be po Dvizhushchin- Frontov v Velikoy Otechestvennoy sva T selvam C1423 Voyne C0026 Obvknovennyve Gvardeytsy C1482 Opyt Peredovikov--Vsem Kollektivan ochie-ki fo Voyennvkh Moryakakh C1947 DOSAAF C2202 Ochtrki Istorii Partiynoy Organiza-- Oraniyenbaumskiy Platsdarm C0887 tsii Akademit C1227 Ordena Lenina Moskovskiy Voyennyy Ocherki Sovetskoy Voyennoy Istorio- Okrug C0263 grafii C0073 Organizatsiya i Metodika: Politiche- Odnopoichane C0953 skikh Zanvatly v Chastyakh i Pod- Ofitser Razvedki C1739 raz Voysk PVO Strany C1309; Pro- Ognem i Taranom C1493 Ognennava Duga C1049 vedeniya Uchebnykh Strei'b iz Pistoleta Makarova i Avtomata Ognennoye Nebo C1812,C1907 Kalashnikova C1685; Provedeniya Ognennvv Bastion C1053 Zanyatly po Grazhidanskov Oborone Ognennyv Ostrov C0881 s Komandno-Nachal'st Sostavom... Ognennvy Podv'.g C1921 C2181,C2236,C2254 Ognennyy Sneg C1740 Organizatsiya i Provedeniye: Trena- Ognennyve Godv C1418 zhey po Obshchevoinskim Ustavam gnnyvekeot 17 Voor Sil SSSR....C0515; Ucheniy Ognennyye Rubezhi C0688 po Grazlidanskoy Ohorone na Oh" Ognennyye Vertsy C0747,CIl1S vektakh Narod Khozyaytsva C2211 Ognevaya Podgotovka C1471 Organizatsiya i Sudeystvo Strelko- Ognevoy Shchit Moskvv C1793 vykh Sorevnovaniy C2172 Ogni Dalekoy Zastavy C2084 Organizatsiya i Vedeniye Grazhdan- Ogon' na Sebya C0851 skoy Oborony v Kolkhoze i Soy-. Ogon' s Neba C1868 khoze C2204 Oka CGorodovikov C0711 Organizatsiya, Podgotovka i Metodika Oka Ivanovich Gorodovikov--Vidnvy Provedeniya Zanyatiya po Taktike Sovet Voyen Deyatel' C1493 (O0511 "Okean" Manevry Voyen-Mor Flot SSSR Organizatsiya, Vooruzhenive i Osnovy Proved 1970 C1953 Boyevogo Primeneniva Sukhoputnykh Okhotnik za "Yazykami" C1483 Voysk Arrnii: FRG C2329; SSfu% C2328 Okopnyve Budni C1203 Organizatsiya, Vooruzheniye i Taktika Oktvahr'skaya Revolyutsiya i Armiya Podrazdeleniy i Chastey Armii SShA C0686 IIFR(; C2310 Oni Borolis' za Dnepr C1031 Organizatsiya Zanyativ po Ognevoy Oni Budut Dostoynymi Voinami C0565 Podgotovke C0425,C

241 Ne Zarastayut Soldatskiye Tropy 0 Boyakh-Pozharishchakh, o Druz'yakh- C 1413 Tovarishchakh C1150 Nebo Odessy 1941 C Boyevykh Traditsiyakh Zheleznodo- Nebo Ostayetsya Chistym C1815 rozhnykh Voysk C1460 Nebo Ostayetsya Nashim C Nauchnoy Organizatsii Voinskogo Nebo Pokoryayetsya Otvazhnym C1846 Truda C0132 Nebo Zovet C Sluzhbe i Dolge Voinskom C0535 Nekotoryye Problemy Metodologil i 0 Stanovlenii i Razvitii Sistemy i Istorii Sovet Voyenno-Filosof- Soderzhaniya Professional'noy skoy Mysli C0116 Podgotovki Voyennykh Politrabot-.- Nekotoryye Voprosy: Internatsional'- nikov C1273 nogo Vospitaniya Sovetskikh 0 Tekh, Kto Zashchishchal Stalingrad Voinov C1344; Kommunisticheskogo C1048 Vospitaniya Moryakov C1225; Or- 0 Vas, Frontovyye Tovarishchi C1435 ganizatsionno-partiynoy Raboty 0 Voinskom Dolge i Soldatskoy Sluzhv Sovetskikh Voor Silakh C1304; be C0201 Partiyno-Politicheskoy Raboty 0 Vospitanii Sovetskogo Soldata C1226; Psikhologii i Pedagogiki C1255 Vysshey Voyennoy Shkoli C0378; 0 Znameni, Kotoromu Prisyagayen Sovetskogo Voyennogo Stroitel'- C0524 stva v Svete Reshenly XXIV S"yez- Obelisk nad Vartoy C1504 da KPSS C0350; Voyennoy Ekonomiki Obespecheniye Bezopasnoy i Bezavav Svete Trebovaniy XXIV S"yezda riynoy Raboty s Vooruzheniyem C0399; Zashchity i Vedeniya Sel'- C0186S skokhozyaystvennogo Proizvodstva Obespecheniye Chastey i Sayedineniy v Usloviyakh Priineneniya Protiv- Artilleriyskim Vooruzheniyem i nikom Oruzhiya Massovogo Porazhe- Boyepripasami v Boyu C1708 niya C2215 Obespecheniye Strel'by s Pomoshch'yu Nemerknushchiye Zvezdy C0828 Radiolokatsionnykh Stantsiy Na- Nemetsko-Russkiy Raketno-Kosmiche- zemnoy Artillerli C1761 skiy Slovar' C1374 Obespecheniye Ustoychivoy Raboty Ob"- Nepobezhdennyy Oreshek C1095 yektov Narodnogo Khozyaystva v Nepobezhdennyye C2017 Voyennoye Vremya C2160 Nesem pa Sibiri Legendu C2008 Obezzarazhivaniye Ob'yektov Podverg- Nesgibayemyy Kavkaz C1042 shikhsya Vozdeystviyu Oruzhlya Nespokoynaya Tishina C2118 Massovogo Porazheniya C2193 Net Neizvestnykh Soldat C1801,C1856 Oboronnaya Rabota na Zavade C2189 Nevskiy Pyatachok C0731 Obaronno-Massavaya Rabota v Pervich- Neytral'naya Polosa C1709 nay Organizatsii DOSAAF C0326, Nezabvennyye Moi C0775 C2209 Nezabyvayemoye. Vosporninaniya a Vel Oboronno-Massovyye Organizatsii Uz- Otech Vayne C1201 bekistana v Gody Vel Otech Voyny Nezabyvayemyye Dni C C0289 Nezabyvavemyye Darogi C1202 Obrabatka Poletnoy Informatsii,Ana- Ni Shagu Nazad! C0966 liz Deystviy Letchika i Funktsio- Nikolay Illarionavich Semeyko C1923 nirovaniya Oborudavaniya Samoleta Nochnaya Zastava C2091 v Palete C1933 Novaya Tekhnika, Oruzhiye i Chelovek Obshchestvenno-Politicheskaya Aktiv- C0293 nast' i Yeye Vaspitaniye u Kursantoy Vvsshiikh Voyenna-Politicheskaya tuchilishch C

242 Na Startovoy Pozitsii C1383 Nash Budennyy C07000 Na Sluzhbe Voyennoy C0254 Nash Svyashchennyy Doig C0217 Na Strazhe Granits Rodiny C1244 Nash Tsel'--Komniunizm, C1257 Na Strazhe Granits Sovetskogo Gosu- Nash Zemlyak Aleksandr lmatrosov darstva C2087 C1571 Na Strazhe Mira C0317 Nasha Sed'maya C1691 Na Strazhe Mira i Stroitellstva Nashi Geroi C0794 Kommunizina C0251 Nashi Zemlyaki--Polnyye Kavakery Na Strazhe Rodiny G1224,C1335 Ordena Slavy C1172 Na Strazhe Velikogo Mnogonatsional'- Nasledniki Geroyev C0517. Na C1147 Na Tsentral'nom. Napravienil C1179 G1441,G1442,C1488,C1630,C1631, nogo C1256 Trekh Frontakh Nasledniki Slavy Boyevoy C2171 Nastavleniye pa Strelkovomu Delu Na Ucheniyakh, Kak v Boyu C1236 C1631a Na Ukrainskoy Zemle C0763 Nastupayet Udarnaya C0804 Na Yugo-Zapadnom. Napravienii C1066, Nastupleniye C0144 Na Yugo-Zapadnom. Napravienii Nauchno-Metodicheskiye Materialy po C09 63 Issledovaniyu Operatsii C0064 Na Yuzhnom Flange C1676 Nauchno-Tekhnicheskiy Progress i_ Na Yuzhnom Fronte C1050,C1620 Razvitiye Voyennogo Dela C0136 Na Zare Zhizni C0606 Nauchno-Tekhnicheskiy Progress i Nachal'naya Voyennaya Podgotovka Revolyutsiya v Voyennom Dele C0312 C0065 Nachal'nyy Period Voyny C0070 Nauchno-Tekhnicheskiy Progress i Nad Kartoy Bylykh Srazheniy C0872 Voprosy Dal'neyshego Sover-. Nadezhnost' pri Ekspluatatsii Tekh- shenstvovaniya Podgotovki nicheskikh Sredstv C0126 Polirabotnikov.. C1345 Nadezhnoye Nebo C1850 Nauchno-Tekhnicheskaya Revolyutsiya - Nadezhnyy Rezerv C2208 i Revolyutsiya v Voyennom. Dele Nadezhnyy Rezerv Sovetskoy Armii C0155 C2213 Nauchnoye Predvideniye v Voyennom Nadzor Vayennogo Prokurora za Ispol- Dele C0082 neniyem Zakonov...C0497 Nauka Pobezhdat' C0137 Nagi I1'yasov C1765 Nauka Upravleniya i Flot C2011 Naglyadnaya Agitatsiya:v Chasti Navechno v Stroyu G0852,C1022,C1023 C1243; v Organizatsiyakh DOSAAF Navigatsionnoye Obespecheniye Kora- C2206 bley VMF C2076 Nagrazhden v Mirnoye Vremya C0197, Navstrechu Pobede C0778 C 0198 Navyki Partiyno-Politicheskoy Raboty Nakhimov C1212 Kazhdomu Kursantu C1316 Nam Otboy ne Sygrali Truby C0352 Nayti Svoyu Zvezdu C0491 Napisano v Nebe C1818 Nazarmat C1169 Narod, Armiya, Polkovodets C0007 Nazemnaya Navigatsiya C1414 Narod i Armiya--Yediny C0528,CO548 Nazemnoye Oborudovaniye Raket C Narodnoye Opolcheniye Gorodov-Gero- Ne Dovedennyy do Kontsa Put' Soldata yev C1143 C0985 Narodnyy Kontrol' v Vooruzhennykh Ne Pomerknet Nikogda C0959 Silakh SSSR C0459 Ne Slavy Radi C1954 Nas Zhdali Rodnyye Berezy C1650 Ne Stareyut Dushoy Veterany C1047 Naseleniyu o Grazhdanskoy Oborone Ne Ver' Tishine C0903 C2222 Ne Ver' Tishine na Granitse C

243 Molodezhi a Voyennoy Sluzhbe C0236 My Tvoi Ryadovyye, Rossiya! C0278 Molodast' i Zrelost' Polkovodtsa Mfy Utverzhdali Sebya Tak....C1206 C0616,C0676 My Vstrechalis' v Boyu C1105 Molodyye Ceroi Velikoy Otechestvennay Voyny C0921 Mongol'skaya Narodnaya Arniiya C2278 Na Bastionakh--Chapayevtsy C1420 Moozund v Ogne C1990 Na Belostokskom Napravienii C0164 Moral'no-Politicheskaya i. Psikholo- Na Beregakh Dunaya G0996,C1177 gicheskaya Podgotavka: Lichnago Na Boyevom Kurse C1959 Sastava k Boyevym Deystviyam v Na Boyevykh Traditsiyakh C0499 Sovremennoy Vayne C1325; Sovet- Na Dal'nikh Podstupakh C1968 skikh Voinov k Sovremennoy Voyne Na Dorogakh Bayevoy Druzhby C0713 C175Na Farvaterakh Baltiki C2027 Moral'na-Politicheskiye i Pedagogicheskiye Kachestva Ofitsera-Polit- Na Flotakh Boyevaya Trevoga C1973, C2059 rabatnika i...c1271 Na Frontakh Nevidimykh i Vidimykh More i Bereg C1939 C0957 Morskiye Desantnyye Sily C1988 Na Glavnom Napravienii C0840,C1146 Moshch' Neodolomaya C0401 C1174 Moskovskaya Bitva C0933 Na Grozovom Vetru C1408 Moskva--Stalingrad--Berlin--Praga Na Kerchenskom Platsdarme C1598 C0156,C1054 Na Khar'kovskom Turbinnom C0543 Maskva--Stalingrad C1164 Na Krayu Zemli Zapolyarnoy C2088 Mosty, Cherez Kotoryye Oni Shli Na Krutykh Virazhakh C1901 C0J998 Na Kryl'yakh ADD C1826 Motivatsiya Voinskikh Prestupleniy Na Kryl'yakh Muzhestva C1895 C0522 Na Levom Flange Fronta C0886 Motostrelkovoye Otdeleniye v Boyu Na Linii Ognya C0706 C1597 Na Malay Zemle C1984,C2071 Motostrelkovyy Batal'on v Boyu C1533 Na Moskovskam Lokomotivno-Remontom Matastrelkavyy Vzvod(Otdeleniye) v C0479 Boyu C1690 Na Moskovskom Napravlenii C0142 May Otets C0889,C1071 Na Nezrimtn Postu C0695 Maya Yunost' C0594 Na Ognennon Platsdarme C1040 Mukatay Abeulav C0911 Na Ognennoy Duge C1039 Muzey: Boyevoy Slavy,Ivano-Frankavsk Na Ognennykh Rubezhakh C1522 C0680; Ghernomarskago Flata C2028; Na Ognevykh Rubezhakh C1497 M.V.Frunze G0595;M.V.FrunzeFrunze Na Okhrane Yugo-Vastachnykh Rube- G0681,G0682; Pagranichnykh Voysk zhey C2126 C2127;Vystavka Aviatsionnoy Tek- Na Orbite Bol'shay Zhizni C0628 niki VVS,Manino C1817 Na Ostriye Atak C1698 Muzhestvo C0924 Na Ostriye Glavnago Udara C1722 My Idem k Tebe,Prut C1763 Na Ostriye Tankavago Klina C1602 My Otstaivali Sevastopol' C2041 Na Pagranichnoy Zastava C2098 My--Rodiny Soldaty C0926 Na Polyakh Uchenly C0533 My s Atomnykh[Podvodnykh Lodok]C2012 Na Raketnay Startovay C1392 My s Budennyy Khodili....C0689 Na Rumbakh Sredizemnogo C My--Soldaty C0874 Na Sluzhbe Narodu C0593,C0620, My Srazhalis' Pod Odessoy Cl492,G1554 C0710 My Stanovlmsya Soldatani C1666 Na Sluzhbe Radine C0553 My--Suvorovtsy C0577 Na Sluzhbe Shtabnoy C

244 Materialy: Nauchnoy Konferentsii Akademii pa Teme "Leninskiy Metodika Podgotovki i Provedeniya Polevykh Zanyatiy pa Obshchey Printsip Partiynosti Nauki... Taktike.. CG0426 C1222; po Grazhdanskoy Oborone Metodika Provedeniya Zanyatiy pa: C2182; v Pomoshch' Kursantu-Sta- Tnzhenernoy Podgotovke...C0407 zheru C1223; Yubileynoy Vayenno- Takticheskoy Podgotovke v Pod- Nauchnoy Konferentsii,Posvya- razdelenii C0372 shchennoy 50-Letiyu Sovetskogo Metodika Razrabotki Zadaniya na Vayennogo Iskusstva C0012 Kursovoye i Diplomnoye Proyek- Matrosskiye Byli C1985 tirovaniye C0320 Matrosy Skhodyat na Bereg C1958 Metodika Rukovodstva Samovaspita- Mekhanicheskoye Oborudovaniye Voy niyem Ofitserskogo Sostava Polka Iskovykh Stolovykh C2141 [Korablya] C1326 Mera Muzhestva C0829 Metodika Strayevoy Vyuchki C0327 Mesto Naznacheniya--Front C0796 Metodika Takticheskoy Podgotavki: Mesto v Stroyu C0280 C0370; Artilleriyskikh Podraz- Mesyachnik Oboronno-Massovoy Raboty deleniy C1562 C0492 Metodika. Tekushchego Kontrolya Uspe- Meteorologicheskaya Podgotovka C1385 vayemosti i Priyema Zachetov i Meteorologiya. i Strel'ba Artillerii Ekzamenov C0549 C1758 Metody i Formy Poznaniya v Voyenno- Metodicheskiye Ukazaniya pa Izuche- Tekhnicheskikh Naukakh C0177 niyu Uchebnoy Distsipliny "Avto- Metody i Sredstva Avtomatizatsii matika Vayennoy Tekhniki Svyazi" Upravleniya C0170 C1773 Metody Obucheniya Sovetskikh Voinov Metodicheskoye Posobiye po: Kursu C0212 tpartiyno-politiches(aya Rabota Metody Otsenki Bezotkaznosti Sistem v Soy Voor Silakh" C1318; Nachal!- pri Proyektirovanii [Bronetankonay Voyennoy Podgotavke Molodezhi vykh Voysk] C1526 C0258; Organizatsii i Provedeniyu Metody Raschetov Boyevoy Effektiv- Kompleksnykh Zanatiy s Artillerly- nasti Vooruzheniya C0150 skoy Batareyey C1570 Mgnoveniye Reshayet Vse C2033 Metodologicheskikh Osnovy Nauchnogo Mgnoveniya Zhizni C0532 Upravleniya Voyskami C0090 Mify i Deystvitel'nost' C0039 Metodologicheskiye Voprosy Protsessa Minno-Torpednoye Oruzhiye C2063 Prinyatiya Komandirom Resheniya Minomety C1426 C0501 Minskoye Vyssheye Inzhenernoye Metodologicheskiye Voprosy Nauchnogo Zenitno-Raketnoye Uchilishche Upravleniya v Sovetskikh Vooru- Protivovozdushnay Oborony C1785 zhennykh Silakh C0093 Miusskiye Rubezhi C0877 Metodika: Ballisticheskogo Proekti- Modeli Parusnykh Korabley Russkogo rovaniya Vrashchayushchikhsya Flota C1976 Snaryadov C0182; Inzhenerno-Tak- Modeli Sovremennykh Voyennykh Koraticheskikh Raschetov C1736; Obu- bley C2005 cheniya i Vospitaniya Slushateley Modelirovaniye pri Reshenii Ekonomiko- C0328; Podbora. i Resheniya Zadach Strategicheskikh Problem C0031 pa Teorii Strel'by Artillerfy- Mogucheye Oruzhiye Partii C1303 skogo i Raketnogo Oruzhiya C1732; Moguchiy Splay C1992 Podgotovki i Provedeniya Nekoto- Mol Armeyskiye Tovarishehi C0298 rykh Form Agit-Prop i Kul't-Pro- Molnii v Nashikh Rukakh C1395 svet Raboty v PVO C1330 Molodezh' i Grazhdan Obarona C

245 Legendayni Perikhod l8iya Kavdivoz Lyudi Muesetag C1839,C1 C1073 Cherez Goderdzskiy Pereval Lyudi Muzhestva 1. Otvagi LekLsif po Kursu "Gruzopod"vemnyye Lyudi v Shinelyakh C0526 Ma~hiny Tankovykh Voysk" C1525 Lyudi Vysokogo IDolga Leningradskiv Voyennvy Okrug, Is- Lyuki Otkryli v Berline C1605 toriva C Leninsl ava Teoriya Otrazheniya C0084 1,eni~i-kiv Batal'on C0663 Magistrali Besstrashnykh C1487 M Leninskiy Komsomol--Shef Voyenno- Makarov Morskogo Flota SSSR C1269 Maksim Yakupov C0910 Leninskiy Printsip Partiynosti, Malik Gabdullin Kiassovosti v Prepodavanii Ob- Manevr v Obshchevoyskovom Boyu shchestvennykh i Voyennykh Nauk C0035 C 0086 Manevry "Dvina" C0138 Leninskiv Vseobuch C0223 Marksistsko-Leninskaya Filosofiya: * 1eninskiye Idey:o Moral'no-Politiche- i Yeye Metodologicheskoye Znaskov i Psikhologicheskoy ; cheniye Dlya Voyennoy Teorii i v Massy Voinov C1221 Praktiki C0054; Metodologiche- Leninskive Normy: Partiynoy Zhizni skaya Osnova Vospitaniya Slu- C1242; Zakon Zhizni Armeyskikh shateley Akademii 00085; Miro- *Partorganizatsiy C1285 vozzrencheskaya i Metodologi- -Leninskiye Printsipy Partiyno-Poli- cheskaya Osnova Sovetskoy Vo- *ticheskoy Raboty v....c1296 yennoy Teorii i Praktiki C0092 -SEE also: V.I.Lenin Marksistsko-Leninskaya Metodologiya *Letchiki na Voyne Voyennoy Istorii Lev Dovator C1664 Marksizm-Leninizm o Voyne i Armil *Leytenanty C0256 C0032,CO091 *L'goty Olitseram,Praporshchikarn, Marshal Govorov C0584 *Michmanam... C0470 Marshal Meretskov L'goty, Pensli i Posobiya Voyennoslu-Mashiny Inzhenernogo Vooruzheniya zhashchim Energosilovoye Oborudovaniye *Lichnost' i Vooruzhennyye Sily *Lichnyy Primer Kommunista-Voina Maskirovka v Boyevykh Deystviyakh Flota C ngvistika v Voyennom Dele Massovyye Formy Voyenno-Patrioti- Literatura p0 G7razhdanskoy Oborone cheskoy Propagandy C Massovyye Geroizm Sovetskikh Voinov *Litsom k Litsu s Opasnost 'yu v Cody Vel Otech Voyny *Litsom k Litsti, Vragam Matematicheskiye Metody Issledo- Litsom k Rossii vaniya Operatsiy v Vayennom Dele * Ltsom na Zapad *Loterel DOSAAF i Ukrepleniyc Materi- C0189 *al'no-tekhnicheskoy Bazy Oboron- Materialisticheskaya Dialektiki-- nogo Obshchestva Metodologicheskoye Oruzhiye... Sovetskogo Ofitsera

246 skoy Obarony "Evakuatsiya i Ras- Rake tc -Zezi-_t no, fekliqi'e C1384 skoy Obarany "Organizatsiya i Ve- Krepost'---Gerov C0861 deniye Razvedki...r"C2226; "Vayen- Krepost ' Soidat',kiih Serders C317,, nyye Komnutatsionnyye Sistemy Kreposti I~Iv P)'.,'14P) Svyazi i Telefoniya" C1611; "Vo- Kreposti na Kolesil. ti51! yennyye Sistemy Mnogokanal'noy Kritika Burzhi,iz', kfi Fa,'-:Iiikatorov Elektroprovadnoy Svyazi C1703 Voyennoy Istorii '..0:/ Kanstruktsii Strelkavoga Oruzhiya Kritika Burzhu.jLiv,kh c'->.riy i C1523 Vzglyadov pa ov~nr Konstruktsii Vayenno-Avtamobil 'nykh C0001 \opros a Darag C2152 Kritika Savremennykh BurzhuazrnIkh: Konstruktsiya (Voyennykh) Letatel'- Filosofsil i SotsiologicheskikhA nykh Apparatov C1858 Tearay...C0089:Sotsi,'Logicheskikh Kantrol' i Proverka Ispolneniya v Kontseptsiy Armil C0114; Vzglya- Partlynay Rabote C1248 dov na Armiyu. C0061 Koordinaty Druzhby C2043 Krav' Materi C0745 Karabli-Geroi C1944 Krupnaya Spiral' C 1046 Karabli Nashey Yunosti C2044 Krylataya Slava C1836 Karpus Krylatoy Gvardii C1916 Krylatyy Divizian C1637 Karpus Shel na Zapad... C1159 Krylatyy General C1844 Korsun'-Shevchenkovskaya Bitva C1148 Krylatyye Tanki C1831 Korsunskiye Zari C0892 Krylo Bayevago Druga C1932 Krasnoyarskaya Gvardeyskaya C1660 Kryl'ya: C1853; Kachi C1820; nad Krasnoznamennaya Amurskaya Flotiliya Marem C2025,C2069 C1938 Krymchane--Geroi Sovetskoga Soyuza Krasnaznamennaya Ladozhskaya C1982 C1065 *Krasnoznamennaye Oborannoye, C0266 Kul'turno-Prosvetitel'naya Rabata Krasnoznamennyy Baltiyskiy Flat v v Vooruzhennykh Silakh SSSR v Bitve za Leningrad C2034 Period Vel Otech Voyny C1274 Krasnoznamennyy Dal'nevostachnyy Kurbanbay Irisbekav C1168 *.C0626 Kurs na Sevastopol' C2051 *Krasnoznamennyy Odesskiy C0598 Kurs Lektsiy pa Finansovomu Khoz- Krasnoznamennyy Severo--Kavkazskiy yaystvu Voinskoy Chasti C2146, C0623 C2154 Krasnoznamennyy Severo-Zapadnyy Pa- Kursantam v Primer C0457 granichnyy Okruga C2117 Kursantskiye Budni C0421 Krasnoznamennyy Tikhookeanskiy Flat Kursanty v Tankavykh Shlemakh C1454 C2035 Kursam "Avrary" C1320 Krasnaznamentsy C0624 Kurskaya Bitva G0134,Cf)135,C0999, Krasnaya Armiya--Shkola Palitiche- C1000,Cl086,C1087,C1149,C1191 skaga,esteticheskoga i Fiziche- Kutuzav C0701,C1211 skaga Vaspitaniya... C1332 Kuybyshev na Frontakh Grazhdanskay Krasnyye Kamandiry C0677 Vainy C0696 Kratkiy Nemetsko-Russkiy Slavar' Kuybyshevskiy Dam-Muzey M.V.Frunze *Spetsial'nay Terminalagil. pa PVO C0618 C1792 Kvantavaya Elektranika v Vayenna- 9- Kratkiy Ocherk Savetskay Vayenna- Vazdushnykh Silakh C1871 Ekanamich Mysli C0083 Kratkiy Russka-Anikharskiy Vayennay * - Uchebnyy Slavar' C0108 * *. *..*

247 Kantemirovtsy C1486 Kibernetika v Boyu C0175 Kapitan Gvardii C1694 Kiyevskiy Krasnoznamennyy C0705 Karaul'naya Sluzhba--Zadacha Boye- Kiyevsko-Berlinskiy C1747 vaya C0402 Klyatva: imest'[voinov-uzbekov] *Karta Komandarma C1144 C1102; Soldata C0393; Soldat- Kashkadar'intsy b Boyakh za Rodinu skikh Serdets C0437 C0790 Klyuch ot Berlina C0728 Kaspiyskaya Krasnoznamennaya C2056 Kogda Edet Boy C0571 Katalog Zakladnykh i Pamyatnykh Do- Kogda na Kubani Shli Boi C0833 sok Korabley....C2048 Kogda Rodina Prizovet....C0224 Katastrofa Gitlerovskoy Armii C0994 Kogda Ryadom Druz'ya C0382 Katera Shturmuyut Proliv C1969 Kodga Strana Byt' Prikazhet Geroyem Kavalery Ordena Slavy: C0847,G0880; C0572 Gor'kovchane C0738 Komandarm Fed'ko C0685 Kavkaz Vystoyal.Kavkaz Pobedil C1012 Komandarm Krylatykh C1886 Kavkazskiy Front C0605 Komandir Divizil Prory-va C1431 Kazakhstanskiye Soyedineniya v Bitve Komandnyye Slova C1940 na Kurskoy Duge C1648 Komanduyushchiy Frontom C0668 Kazakhstantsy v Boyakh za Leningrad Kombrig P. Detkin C0608 C1002 Komdiv Atoyan C0687 *Kazakh'ya Gvardiya C1567 Komendant ReyV~staga C0757 Kazimir Senienovich i Yego Kniga "Ve- Komissar Lelyuk C1265 likoye Iskusstva Artillerii C1474 Komissar Shlykov C0592 Kerch' Geroicheskaya C1133 Komitet DOSAAF i Uchebnyy Punkt Kerchensko-Feodoslyskaya Desantnaya C0475 Operatsiya C2077 Komitet--Organizator Sotsialistichefi Kharakter i Sistema Zakonov Voyny i skogo Sorevnovaniya C0448 Vooruzhennoy Bor'by,Printsipov Konikor Sergey Gribov C0974 Voyenogo Iskusstva C0087 Kommunizm i Lichnost'...C1331 *Kharakteristiki i Analiz Signalov Konimunisticheskaya Moral': i Voin-- Voyennykh Kanalov Svyazi C1704 skiy Doig C0259; Nravstvennaya Khar'kov--Belgorod--Yakovlevo C0839, Osnova Prisagi i Voinskikh Usta- % C0995 vov C0567 Armii Khimicheskaya Sluzhba Krasnoy Kommunisty: C1230; Armii i Flota v C1682 C Khiinicheskoye Oruzhiye i. Zashchita Komsomol Krasnoznarnennogo Tikhoot Nego C2216 okeanskogo Flota C1220 Khimiya v Boyu C0120 Komsomola Boyevoy Otryad C1270 Khochu Letat' C1823 Komsomol'skaya: "Katyusha" C1375; Khodlli My Pokhodami C1450,C1527 Gruppa[v Vooruzhennykh Silakh Khozraschetnyye i Stoimostnyye Otno- SSSRI C1322; Rabota v Sovetskoy shenlya ii1kh Osobennosti v Sfere Arnii i Flote C1254,C1321 Oborony Strany C0512 Komsomol'skiy Komitet C1313 Khrabreyshiye iz Khrabrykh C0714 Komsomrol'skomu:Aktivistu Podrazde- Khrani Voyennuyu Taynu C0324 leniya C1350; Aktivu--Partiynuyu Khranit' i thnnozhat' Slavu Ottsov Zabotu C1240 C0334 Komsomol'skoye Porucheniye C1334 *- Khronlka Soldatskoy Slavy C0732 Konchanskoye-Suvorovskoye. Muzey- - Khudozhestvennaya i Voyenno-Memuar- Zapovednik A.V.Suvorov C0645 naya Literatura v...c.1290 Konets Fashistskogo Logova C1627 Khusen Andrukhayev C0836 Konets Tret'yego Reykha C

248 Ideologicheskaya Rabota: KPSS sredi Ispol'zovaniye Tekhniki Narodnogo0 Lichnogo Sostava Voyenno-Morskogo Khozyaystva Dlya Tseley Obezza- Flota C1357; v Sovetskikh razhivaniya C2263 Vooruzhennykh Silakh i Usileniye Ispytaniye na Prochnost' C1964 Yeye Roli v Sovremennykh Uslovi- Ispytaniye Ognem G0870,C1136 i yakh C1295 Ispytaniye Vernosti C1672 Ideologiyu i Politiku KPSS--V Massy! Ispytaniye Voli C1876 C1 356 Issledovaniye Operatsiy v Voyennom.1 Ideya,Algoritm,Resheniye C0166 Dele C0121 Ideynoye i Organizatsionnoye Ukrepleniye Partiynykh Organizatsii v Istorirheskiy:Podvig Stalingrada C1163; Materialism i Sovetskaya Vostochno-Prusskoy Nastupatel'noy Voyennaya Nauka C0049 Operatsii C1353 Tstoriya: Fizicheskoy Podgotovki Ideynoye Vospitaniye Armeyskoy Molo- Voysk C0295; Odnogo Portreta dezhi C1327 C1093; Otechestvennoy Artillerli Idu na Tsel' C1855 C1415; Tyla C2155; Voyenno-Mor- Ikh Imena Bessmertny C0980,C0981 skogo Iskusstva C1945; Voyennoy "II1" Ukhodit v Nebo C1867 Leksiki v Pusskom Yazyke XI- Imeni Leninskogo Komsomola C1289 XVIIvv C0145; Voyennoy Ordena Imeni Velikogo Vozhdya C0599 Lenina, Krasnoznamennoy Ordena Imi Gorditsya Turkmenistan C1092 Suvorova Akademii C0400; Voyn Imya, Vysechennoye na Shchite C1551 i Voyennogo Iskusstva C0131 Initsiativa i Samostoyatellnost v Itogi i Vyvody po Rasvitiyu Voyenno- Boyu C0128 Morskogo Iskusstva v Vel Otech i-- Internatsional'noye Vospitaniye Sovet- Vtoroy Mirovoy Voynakh C2067 skikh Voinov C0462 Ivan Shadrin C1683 Intemnatsional'nyy Kharakter Sovet- Ivan Stepanovich Isakov C1999, also skikh Vooruzhennykh Sib C0299 C2039 Internatsional'nyy Podvig Sovetskoy Iz Boya--V Boy C1552 Armii....na Kurskoy Duge C0855 Iz Bukhary v Berlin C1830 Inzhenernaya Tekhnika Sovetskoy Armii Iz Nenapisannogo v te Dni C0750 ' C1781 Iz Opyta Partiyno-Politicheskoy Inzhenernoye Obespecheniye Oboroni- Raboty v Sovetskikh Vooruzhennykh tel'nykh Operatsiy Voysk Sovetskay Silakh C1277 Armii v Vel Otech Voyne C1410 Iz Plemeni Otvazhnykh C1843 Inzhenernoye Obespecheniye Obshche- Iz Severa Dal'nego C1417 voyskovogo Boya C1559 Izbushka na Granitse C2104 * Inzhenernyye Meropriyatiya Zashchity ot Sovremennykh Sredstv Porazheniya C1707 K Zashchite Rodiny Bud' Gotov! C0418 *Inzhenernyye Raboty v Ochage Yader- Kak Organizovat' Svoy Trud C nogo Porazheniya C2165 Kak Postroit Protivoradiatsionnyye Inzhenernyye Voyska v Boyakh za So- Ukrytiya na Sele C2250 vetskuyu Rodinu"C1411 Kak Sokhranit' Prodovol'stviye ot... Ishchu Tebya, Moy Geroy C1041 Radioaktivnymi...C2175 Iskry ne Gasnut C0521 Kak Tebe Sluzhitsya, Vasilek? C0371 Iskusstvo i Dukhovnyy Mir Sovetskogo Kak Zhivut i Uchatsya Sovetskiye Voina C0547 Voiny C0252 Iskusstvo Ubezhdat' C1264 Kalendar' Voina: 1971 C0195; 1972r Ispansko-Russkiy Voyennyy Slovar' C0242;1973,1974 C0296;1975 C0480 C0044 Kamendor MZA C

249 Geroi: Chernomorskogo Neba C1996; Gotov'sya k Podvigu Segodnya C0422 Dunaya C0969; Grozovykh Let C1033; Gotov'sya k Zashchite Rodiny C0290 i Nasledniki C0725; i Podvigi Gotovyatsya Parni v Dorogu C0476 C0637; Karpat C0986; Karpatskikh Govoryat. Ghapayevtsy C0607 Srazheniy C1139; Komandarm C0659; Granitsa Rozhdayet Geroyev C2124 ne Umirayut C0764; Ognennykh Let Granitsa Ryadom C2122 C1132; Podvigov na Kharkovshchine Grazhdanskaya Oborona: C2192,C2199, C0770; Shironintsy C0962,G1738; G2200,C2248,C2251,C2261,C2265; Sorok Pervogo C1055 na Mashinostroitel'nykh Predpri- Geroi Sovetskogo Soyuza: Gor'kov- yatiyakh C2233; na Ob"yektakh chane C0984; Kirgizstansy C0802; Narodnogo Khozyaystva C2249; na Kirovchane. C1034; Tambovtsy C1117 Ob"yektakh Sel'skokhozyayatven- Geroi: Suarskogo Ushchel'ya C2003; nogo Proizvodstva C2244; Promyshv Bushlatakh C1966,C2022; Vozdush- lennogo Ob"yekta C2228; SSSR-- nykh Taranov C2004; Zemni Sakha- Vsenarodnoye Delo C2161,C2197; - linskoy C0848 Uzbekistana pri Likvidatsii Po- Geroicheskaya:Bitva za Leningrad sledstviy Stikhiynykh Bedstviy C1123; Oborona C0864 C2224; v Kapitalisticheskikh Geroicheskiy Leningrad C0992,G1210 Stranakh C2176; v Raketno-Yader- Geroicheskiye: Docheri Otchizny noy Voyne C2163 *C1075; Oboronitel'nyye Boi pod Grigoriy Bezrodnyy C1063 Porkhovom,Dno i Staraya Russa Groin nad Dvinoy C0146 C0865; Traditsii Soy Naroda C0614 Groznoye Nebo Moskvy C1869 Geroini Voyny G0765,G0866,G1035 Grud'yu Zaslonivshchiye Moskvu *. ~ Geroy: iz Yeredvi C0968; Melitopolya 1942 C0882 C1025; Pogranichnik V.V.Kondyurin Gruzinskiye Sokoly C0808 C2132 Gvardeyskaya Postup' C1718 Geroy Sovetskogo Soyuza: Gvardeyskaya Tamanskaya C1576 *.D.M.Karbyshev C0588 Gvardeyskiy Geroy C1762 *Nina Onilova C1606 Gvardeyskiye Zalpy C1399,C1713 V.A.Molodtsov [Badayevll--Yakov Gvardeytsy: C1581; Pliyeva C1769; Gordiyenko C1032 Stalingrada Idut na Zapad C0922; Geroyam Rodiny Slava! C0601 Stoyali Nasmert' C1654; v Voz- Gidroakusticheskiye Sredstva Flota dukhe C1883 C2325 Gvardii Polkovnik C1171 Glavkom Krasnousol'skiy, Komb rig Chon- Gvardii Polkovnik Borsoyev C0762 garskoy C0604 Glavnyy Ekzamen C0977 *Giavnyy Orientir C1528 I Pobedili Smert' C1161 Glubiny Okeana C2024 I Polk Nazvali Berlinskin C1447 Gnev Sil'nykh C1051 I.S. Isakov G2039,also C1999p God Yugp-Zapadnyy Front C I Shtatskiye Nadeli Shineli Goden bez Ogranicheniy C1926 G1108 Goden k Stroyevoy C0420 I Snova v Boy C0973 Gody: ilyudi Granitsy C2094 ; Ispy- I v Mirnyye Dni Yest' Mesto Podvigu taniy C1582; Surovykh Ispytaniy C C1024; v Brone C1596; Idealy i Budni C0208 v Shineli C0709 Idem v Ataku C1824 Gordost' Soldata C1365 Ideologicheskaya: Bor'ba pa Voyen- Gotovit' Molodezh' k Zashchite Rodiny nom Voprosam C0118; i Psikholog *C0226 Obrabotka Voysk NATO C2324 Gotovnost' Nomer Odin C

250 _2.7. T- 7'' Ekonomicheskaya Rabata v Voyskakh Eta--Na Vsyu Zhizn' C0355 C2157 Evalutsiya i Revalyutsiya v Razvi- Ekonomicheskiy i Maral'nyy Potentsi- til Vayennaga Dela C0051 aly v Sovremennay Voyna C0002 Ekonamicheskiye: Aspekty Save tskay Voyennoy Daktriny C0076;Faktary Faktar Vremeni v Savremennm Bayu i Voaruzheniye C2313; Osnavy Va- C0024L4 yennay Mashchi Gasudarstva C0518; Filasafiya Svabady i Yeye Vayennyy Osnavy Vayen Moshchi Gasudarstva Aspekt C0045 i Straitel'stva Vaar Sil C0405; Filasafskiye i Satsial'na-Paliti- Vaprasy Pavysheniya Effektivnasti cheskiye Prablemy Vayny i Armii Uchebnaga Protsessa a VUZ C0578 C0060 Ekonamika: Remanta Bayevykh i Trans- Final C0931 partnykh Mashin C1640; Tyl i Fizicheskaya Padgatavka:Armii SShA *Front Savremennay Vayny C0010 C2293; Prizy-vnikav G0215,C0336 Eksipluatatsiva: i Remant Artilleriy- Fizicheskiye Osnavy Raketnaga Oru- * *skikh Radiaelektrannykh Sistem i zhiya C1377 Pribarav G1536;Radiaelektrannaga Flat i Vayna C1957,G2326 Obarudavaniya Sainaletav Frantavay Flaty Osnavnykh Tmperialisticheskikh Aviatsii C1924; Sredstv Tekhniche- Gasudarstv C2309 skaga Vaar Zheleznadarazhnykh i Farmy i Metady Rabaty Reviziannay Darazhnykh Vaysk C1714;Ubezhishch Kamissii C0351 Grazhdanskay Obarany C2174 Fartifikatsiannaye Obarudavaniye Elektricheskiye Mashiny i Elektrapri- Mestnasti C1700 vady Padvadnykh Ladak C2001 Fatagrafichiskiye Sredstva Vazdush- Elektranna-Vychislitel'naya Tekhnika nay Razvedki C1889 v Vayennam Dele C0167 Frant Nad Zemnley....C1813 Elektrannyye Elementy Vayennay Tekh- Frantavaya Maladast' C1560 niki Svyazi C1696 Frantaviki, Naden'te Ordena! C0785 *Elektraabarudavaniye:Armeyskikh Ma- Frantavymi Daragami C0841 shin C1555; Spets Mashin Khimi- Frantavyye Vaspaminaniya C1205 q cheskikh Vaysk C1548;Tankav C1529 Frunze G0580,C0629 Elementy: Analiza Slozhnykh Sistem C2300; Prayektiravaniya Karabel'- nykh Artilleriy Ustanavak C2042 Gangut 1941 C2053 Energetika Vayennykh Ustanavak Svya- Garnizan Neset Vakhtu C0249 zi C1706 General: A.I.Osterman-Talstay C0642 Ergash Sharifav C1578 Kirpanas C0627 Eskadril'ya "Mangal'skiy Arat' C1851 Oka Garadavikav C0596 Estafeta Pakaleniy C2178 Panfilav C1064 *Estafetu Nesut Synav'ya C0559 Purkayev C Estetlcheskaya Kul'tura i Osabennasti Yakub Kuliyev C0587,C0673 Yeye Razvitiya v Say Vaar Silakh General-Palkavnik Kanstantin Lese-9 C0221 lidze C0585 Estetika: Ratnaga Truda i Vainskago General'nyy Shtab v Gady Vayny Byta C0509; VainskoySluzhbyCO321 C0162,G0976,G108l,G1082,Cll89 Etazhi Neba C1814 Genezls S.'ennay Raketadinamiki 9 Eti Chetyre Gada C1180 C0158 Etika Savetskaga Ofltsera C0458 Genrikh Zveynek C1234 Eta Dalzhen Znat' Kazhdyy C2220, Gerai-Belgoradtsy C0941 C2242,C2259,C2260 Gerai Bayev za Krym C * "A

251 achapayev C0698 Direktivy Kornandovaniya rno Chapayev and Chapayevtsy C0670 Krasnoy Armii C0610, Chasovoy Mira C2282 C0635,C0703 Chasovyye-, IDh'nykh Rubezhey C2083: Distsiplina: Faktor Pobedy C0508; Pyatogo Okeana C1789; RodinyC2O9O Voina-Komsomol'sta C1333 Chastotnyy Anglo-Russkiy Vayennoy Distsiplinarnyy tustav Vooruzhennykh Slovar'-Minimum C0098 Sf1 Soyuza SSR C0300,C0380 "Chatos" Idut v Ataku C1852 Dmitriy Rud' C0719 * *' ~ Chelovek i Tekhnika v Sisteme Uprav- Dnepr---Karpaty--Krym C0130 Ceniy Coykm C0102 Dnepr--Reka Geroyev C1060 C Dnevnik,Probityy Puley 13,72 Cherez Karpaty C0129,C0940 Do Sten Reykhstaga C1604 Cherez Morya i Okeany C1962 Doblest' C1476 Cherez Ognennyye Rubezhi C0939 Doblest' Soldatskaya CIllO Cherez Reki, Cherez Gory C1656 Dobrovol'tsy Urala....C0988 Cherez Seni' Granits C1515 Docheri Rodiny C0651 Cherez Tri Voyny C0658 Dolgoye,Dolgoye Plavaniye C2070 Cherez Vsyu Voynu C2102 Dom Soldatskoy Slavy C0723 Chernyakhovskiy C0625,C0654,C0694 Doroga:na Olimp C0292; Ukhodit Dal' Chest' Soldata Beregi Svyato C0404 she C0209; Vedushchaya v Berlin Chetvert' Veka na Tankakh Cl4l9JCl542 C mm Pekhotnyy Pulemet PKP C1405 Dorogami: Ottsov C2218; Pobed C0727; Chto Chitat' Soldatu i Matrosu C0362 Voyny C1142,C1546,C1647,C17296,vI- Chto Nado Znat' o Vedenii Spasatel'- Dorogi: Kotoryye My ne Vybirali nykh i Neotlozhnykh Rabot....C2219 C0890,C1176; Pobedy C1518 Chtoby Vter v Litso C1633 Dorogoy Ottsov C1018 Chuvstvo Rodiny C1020 DOSAAF: LatvSSR Ustav C0486; Patrioticheskaya Organizatsiya C0325; SSSR Materialy VII S"yezdc CC302; Dal'naya, Raketonosnaya[Aviatsiya] SSSR Ustav C0383 C1381 Dozornyye Zapadnykh Rubezhey C2103 Dal'niye Pashni C1479 Druzhba Narodov: Istochnik Mogu- Dan Prikaz Yemu C1723 shchestva Soy Voor S11 C0341; Delay, Kak Ya! C0261 SSSR--Ist Mog Soy Gos...C0244 Delo Vsey Zhizni C1096 Druzhba,Skreplennaya v Boyakh C0346- Den',Kotorogo ne Budet u Vraga C1472 Dvadtsat' Dva Coda v Nebe C1838 Desant na E1'tigen C1998 Dvadtsatyy Tsekh Zavoda C Maya 1945 C0792,C0965 Dvenadtsat' Taranov C1800 Devyataya Plastunskaya C Dney i Nochey Rybach'yevo C0824 Deyatel'nost' Politorganov i Partly- 225 Ceroicheskikh Dney C1078 nykh Organizatsiy VUZ....C1341 Dvesti Ognennykh Dney C0826,C1199 Deystviya Voyskovykh Razvedchikov Dvigateli Armeyskikh Mashin C1464, C0505 C1530 Dialektika i Sovrernennoye Voyennoye "Dvina" C0124 Delo C0014 Dykhaniye Okeana C1974 Dialektika Sredstv i Sposobov Vooru- Dykhaniye Pobedy C0734 zhennoy Bor'by C0072 Dzerzhintsey na Strazhie Sovetskikh Dinarnika Poleta i Boyevogo Manevri- Cranits C2121 rovaniya Letatel'nykh Apparatov C

252 Bessmertiye G0766,C1126,C1837 Boyevoye Primeneni-ye: i Boyevaya Ef- Bessmertiye, Podviga C0967 fektivnost' listrebiteley-perekh- Bessmertnyy Podvig: C0149; Aleksan- vatchikov C1859; Sovetskoy Artildra Matrosova C1080,C1446; Synov lerii v Operatsiyakh Vel Otech Azerbaydzhana C1466 Voyny C1603 Bessmertnyye: C0767; Podvigi Kara- Boyevoye Sodruzhestvo: C0646;[Arrniy kalpakskikh Voinov C0729 Stran Varshav Dogovora] C0021, Bezopasnost' Ekspluatatsii Raketnogo C2284; [Vooruzhennykh Sf1 Sots Oruzhiya C1380 Stran] C2286 Bibliotechka Budushchego Voina C0211 Boyvevyye: Budni Granitsy C2123; Dey- Bibliotechka Doprizyvnika C0423,C0519, stviya Motostrelkovogo Batal'ona C0520 v Gorode C1503; Deystviya Noch'yu Bibliotechka Prizyvnika C0210 C0148; Katera C1963; Kolesnyye Biografiya Rekordov C0347 Mashiny C1775; Kryl'ya C1835; Biologicheskoye Oruzhiye i Zashchita Marshruty C1866; Mashiny MB-13N, ot Nego C2195 BM-13NM,BM-13NMM C1701; Podrugi *Bitva pod?loskvoy 1941 ClOOl C2082; Spetsial'nosti Soidata ij Bitva pod Stalingradom C0970 Matrosa C0482; Sputniki Moi Bitva za Dnepr C1084 C1678; Traditsii Sovetskikh Po- Bitva za Kavkaz G0152,C1027 granichnykh Voysk C2095; Vympela Bitva za Vysotu "'171" C1462 nad Onego C1994;Zvezdy C0936 Bogatyr' iz Ludzey C1128 Boytsy i Komandiry C0391 Bogatyri C0894 Boytsy Ideologicheskogo Fronta C1216 Bol'shiye Manevry C0494 Bratskaya Drushba i Boyevoye Sodru- Boran Nysanbayev C1461 zhestvo Aviatorov....C1808 *. Bor'ba s Nizkoletyashchimi SredstvatiBratsvo pa Oruzhiyu C0015 * -Vozdushnogo Napadeniya C1787 Brat'ya Srazhayutsya Vmeste C1057 Bor'ba s Radioelektronnymi SredstvamliBrestskaya Krepost C0735,C0812,G1083 C0165 Brestskaya Krepost-Geroy C0844,C1O1O Bor'ba s Tankami C1521,C1589 Brodovskiy Kotel C1112 Bor'ba za Mir i Obespecheniye Bezopasnosti Rodiny C0556 Bronetankovaya Ordena Lenina Krasno- znamennaya C1396 Boy u Kosy Obitochnoy C0583 Bronirovannyye Kolesnyye Mashiny Boyevaya: Doblest' C0247; Kolkhoznaya Sovetskoy Armii C1403 S.. C2166; Moshch' Sovetskikh Voor SilBronya i Muzhestvo C0237 C0257; Ordenonosnaya...G2112;SiavaBronya v Ogne C1501 C1015; Slava Altaya C0748; SluzhbaBryanskiy Front C Nasha Glavnaya Zadacha C0305; Bud' Gotov k Podvigu C0342,G0551 Tekhnika i Vooruzhenniye C0122 Bud' Sil'nym,Vynoslivym! C0460 Boyevoy: Otryad Sovet PatriotovC0 2 65;Bud' Zhiv,Leytenant! C1636 Put' Pervyy Rev Armiil...C0638;Put'Budni: Frontovykh Let C0736; Polit- Soy Voor Sf1 C0671; Put' Sovet rabotnika Roty C1215; Voyennykh Voyenno-Morskogo Flota C2049; Put' Dorog C1125 Soy Armii C0611; Soyuz Bratskikh Budushchemu Voinu ob Inzhenernom Armiy C2285 Dele C0357 "Boyevoy! Tak Derzhat'!" C1890 Byl' o "Varyage" C2007 *Boyevoy Ustall: Artillerli....C1406; Byli Takiye Dni C1508 Sukhoputnykh Voysk....C1599 Boyevoye Ispol'zovaniye Avianostsev -. [Flotami SSha,Anglii,Yaponii] C 2305 * 213

253 Ot Volgi do Dunaya C1107 Partiynyy Komitet-Organ Kollektiv- Ot Volgi do E1'by i Pragi C0749 nogo Rukovodstva C1351 Ot Volgi do Veymara C2311 Partiynyy Uchet i Partiynoye Khoz- Ot Volzhskikh Stepey do Avstriyskikh yaystvo...c1352 A1'p C0853 Patriotichesky Podvig C0793 Ot Zastavy k Zastave C2116 Pedagogicheskaya Kharakteristka Otdeleniye i Vzvod v Boyu C2323 Rukhovodstva Prop i Agit v Voin- Otdel'naya Bashkirskaya Kavalerly- skoy C11 Ofiser-Poit skaya Brigada na Frontakh Grazh- Pedagogicheskiy Takt fteapldanskoy Voyny C1540 rabotnika C1268 Otobrazheniye Informatsil C0160 Pedagogicheskiye Osnovy Otsenki i Otryad Borody C2072 Ucheta Rezul'tatov Vospitaniya Otryad Okrylennykh C1861 Kursantov Voyennykh Uchilishch - Otsenka: Kachestva i 1 ascheta Para- C0396; Sovershenstvovaniye u metrov --stroychivosti Dvizheniya Ofitserov-Politrabotnikov Ka- Boyevykh Koles Mashin C1693; Vod- chestv Rukovoditelya...C1342 nykh Pregrad C1731; Vozdeystviya Pedagogicheskiye Problemy Vospita- Porazhayushchikh Faktorov Oru- niya Sovet Voinov C zhiya... C2262 Pedagogika Kornandirskoy Trebovatel'- Otvaga C1745 nosti C0411 "otvazhnyy-1' Ukhodit v More C2050 Perekop 1941 C0730 Otvazhnyye: Lyudi C2241; Ocherki o Persidsko-Russkiy i Russko-Persid- Geroyakh C1079; Sysy Dona C0740; skiy Voyennyy Slovar' C0022 Syny Osetin C0741 Pervichnaya Studencheskaya C0467 Pervichnyye Organizatsii i Kiuby DOSAAF C0434 P.A.Rumyantsev, A.V.Suvorov, M.I. Pervyy Glavkom C0665 Kutuzov C0692 Pervyy Salyut Rodiny C0805 Pamyat' M,,oya--Soldaty C1505 Pervyy Turkmen--Geroy C1634 Panfilovtsy-Uzbekistantsy C1484 Pervyye Sovetskiye Gvardeytsy C Parol'--Podvig C0876 Pervyye Starty C1378 Partiynaya: Distsiplina i Povyshe- Peshki C2320 niye Otvetstvennosti...C1286; Pesnya Muzhestva C1045 Inforinatsiya C1233; Organizatsiya Pike v Bessmertiye C1904 i Boyegotovnost' C1337; Rabota v Pishchevyye Kontsentraty i Sutoch- Sovetskikh Voor Silakh C1262 nyye Ratsiony... C2139 Partiyno-Politicheskaya Rabota: po Pis'ma s Fronta C Vypolneniyu Zadach Fizicheskoy Pis'ma Soldat C0780 Podgotovki....C1302; v Chasti,Pod- Pis'ma Zhivyn C1056 razdelenii po Vospitaniyu u Voi- Plamennoye Serdtse C0950 nov....c1324; v Oboronitel'nom Plamennyye Gody C0944 Boyu C1307; v Sisteme Grazhdan Plamya na Kholmakh C1616 Oborony C1217; v Sovetskoy Armii Planirovaniye Partiyno-Polit Raboty i Flote C1261; v Sovetskikh Voor v Chasti C1288 Silakh C1259,G1260,G1339; v Voor Planirovaniye Zamestitelem Komandira Silakh SSSR C1338; v Voy- po Politicheskov Chasti....C1281 skakh Pervogo Belorusskogo Fronta Platsdarm za Ekstergomom C2073 C1238 Platsdarm za Oblakami C1574 Partiynoye Porucheniye C1246 Plavayushchiye Mashiny C1507 Partiynoye Sobranlye: C1237; Vysshiy Plechom k Plechu C0716 Organ Partiynoy Organizats C1291 Plyvut Oblaka C

254 Po Dorogam Pervay Konnoy C1468 Pogranichnyye Vayska SSSR: Po Pervomu Signalu C2252 C2108; C2096; 1939-Iyun' *Pa Prikazu Revolyutsii C C2080 Po Prikazu Rodiny C0846 Poka. B'yetsya Serdtse C1893,C2075 *Pa Putyam-Dorogam Frontovym C1280 Pokhoronen Byl Dvazhdy Zazhivo C2105 Pa Signalu Vozdushnoy Trevogi C1795 Pakoleniye Besstrashnykh C Po Veleniyu Serdtsa C1192 Pokorites', Rekordy! C1575 Po Vayennym Dorogam C1463 Polet Skvoz' Gody C1811 Po Zalam Muzeya l-y Konnoy Armii s Polevaya Vyuchka i Palitrabota C1252 *.Velikomikhaylavka C0600 Palevyye Ballisticheskiye Stantsii Pa Zavu: Pamyati C2020; Radiny C1141 C1388 Pabeda na Dal'nem Vostake C0163 Paliticheskiye Zanyatiya: Organiza- Pabeda na Khalkhin-Gole C0621 tsiya i Metadika C1263 Pabyvay v Perrise i Umri C2307 Politrabata na Zakasplyskon Fronte Pod Gradom Svintsa C1997 v Godakh C1328 Pod Grakhot Saten Batarey C1727 Polk Imeni Lenina C1618 Pod Gvardeyskim Znamenem C0743 Polkovodets C0712 _Pod Kholodnymi Volnami C1970 Polkovodtsy i Voyenachal'niki Vel Pod Kryl'yami Radnaya Zemlya C1865 Otech C0751,G0856,C1016 *-Pod Nami Berlin C1828 Polveka. na Flote C2068 *Pod Odnim. Znamenem C1267 Polveka. na Strazhe Zavayevaniy Ok- - *.Podari Lyudyam Tsvety C0268 tyabrya C0207 Podarite Soldatam Odnu Noch' C0827 Pomni Vaynu C0907 Padarok Komandiru C0216 Ponyatiye i Osobennosti Pravovykh -.Podgatovka: Ofitserskogo Korpusa Aktov C0446 Voor Sil FRG C2322; Strelka- Post Prinyat C0554 Spcrtsmena C1645; Sud'i Voyennago Poslantsey Partii C1329 Tribunala....C0376; Znachkistov Posledniy: Brosok C1638; Patron-- Flzkul KoDipleksa GTO....C2240 Dlya Vraga C1857; Shturm C0147; Podmoskovnyy Karaul C0777,C1052 Vystrel C1764; Zalp,Konets C0613 Podrazdeleniya Inostrannykh Armiy Posabiye: dlya Ofitserov Zapasa Mo- C2301 tostrelkovykh i Tankovykh Voysk Podvig: C0746,G0860,C0930,G1029; G1509,G1673; dlya Studentov pa Kambata C1595; Komsorga C0937; Ognevoy Podgotavke... CG1719; pa Nachinalsya v Aprele C1805; Obucheniyu Molodykh Soldat C0453; *Novorossiyska C1121; Osvobazh- pa Organizatsii Partiyno-Palit deniya C1019; Pervykh Raketchi- Rabot v Podrazdelenii C1355; kay C1373; Permskikh Tankistav Serzhantu Voysk PVO C1791 C1412; Prodolzhayetsva C0245, Potret Vaina C1360 C0304,C0385,C1520; S-13 C1941; Poveliteli Strategicheskikh C1376 Severomortsev C1955; L Poverka C0340 *C1119; Zovet C0575 Pavest' a "Katyushe' C1366 Podvigi: Ognennykh Let C0850; vo Povest' a Kombate C2085 Imya Otchizny C0849,C1120 Pozovi Menya, Otchizna C0481 Padvigu Soldata Pakionis' C0983 Pozyvnyye Nashikh Serdets C1663 Podvodnyye Lodki lnostrannykh Praporshchik--Blizhayshiy Pomoshch- Flotav C2297 nik i Opora Ofitsera C1798 * Pagibshiye v Boyakh C1062 Praporshchiki i Michniany C0439 Pogranichniki. Sbornik C2107 Pravila Nosheniya Vayennoy Formy Pagranichnyy Dozar C2109 Odezhdy... CG %

255 MR -~..#F~nr *. r Pravila Strel'by iz Strelkovogo Prograunnirovaniye Artilleriyskikh. Oruzhiya: C1612; i Granatometov Zadach na ETsVM "Ural-liB" C1779 C1566 Proiskhozhdeniye, Sotsial 'naya Pravoflangovyye C0220 Sushchnost' i Zakonomernosti Pravovoye Vospitaniye Lichnogo Razvitiya Armii C Sostava Soy Armii i VMF C0344 Proletarskiy Marshal C0672 Pravovyye Osnovy: Natsional'nogo Propaganda Znaniy Grazhdanskoy.. Stroitel'stva v Soy Voor Si1 Oborona...C2235,C2271 Okt C0413; Stroitel'- Propaganda Voyennykh Znaniy ivoyennostva Soy Voor Sil v Patriot Vosp....C0318 C0507 Propagandisty Podviga C0337 Prazdnik v Gorakh C1067 Protiv Chernogo Barona C1870 Predannost' C1115 Protivolodochnoye Oruzhiye i Yego Predmet: imetody Konkretnykh Voyenno- Nositeli C2026 Sotsio Issled C0016; i Soderzha- Protivotankovoye Vooruzheniye C1734 niye Voyenno-Istoricheskoy Nauki Protivovozdushnaya Oborona C1790 C0059; Voyennoy Ekonomiki C0056, Protsessual'nyye Mery Preduprezh- *Psikhologii CO100; Zadachi i Metody Voyennoy deniya Prestupleniya C0504 C0416 Proval Operatsii "Tayfun" C0964 Preyemstvennost' v Vospitanli Voinov Proydennyy Put' G0631,C0667 C0229 Psikhologicheskaya Kharakteristika Preziray Smert' C1428 Protsessa Prepodavaniya Obshchest Prikazano Zastupit'! C2128 Nauk v VUZ C0287 Primeneniye Vychislitel'noy Tekhniki Psikhologicheskiy Analiz Boyevoy v Voyen Dele C0119 Deyatel'nosti Soy Voinov C0488 Printsipy Ustroystva Orudiy Nazemnoy Psikhologicheskiye: Faktory Obes- Artillerii C1594 pecheniya Vysokoy Boyevoy Gotov- Printsipy, Zadachi i Organizatsiya nosti....c0230; Osnovy Obucheniya * Prokurorskogo Nadzora za...c0485 Tankistov C1629; Osnovy Povyshe- "Prishlite Korrespondenta..." C0194 niya Effektivnosti Obucheniya Prisvoit' Posmertno C1058 Kursantov....C0484; Osnovy Ruko- Pritsel'no-Navigatsionnyye Sistemy vodstva Kursantskim Kollektivom C0176 C0456; Voprosy Upravleniya Voy- Pritsel'nyye Sistemy Strel'by C1641 skami v Boyu C0L47 Priyemy Tekushchego i Srednego Re- Psikhologiya Boyevogo Dezhurstva i monta Sredstv Zashchity C1635 Korabel'noy Vakhty C2013; Boye- Prizvaniye k Oruzhiyu C0213 voy Aktivnosti Operatora C0415; Proba na Muzhestvo C0563 Lichnosti Soy Voina C0366,C0568 Problemnoye Obycheniye v Prepodova- Psikhologo-Pedagogicheskiye Osnovy: nii Obshchest Nauk....C0431 Agit-Prop Raboty v Polku C1343; Problemy: Metodologii Soy Voyenno- Rukovodstva Voinskoy Ghast'yu Istoricheskoy Nauki G0036;Nravst.- C1294 Fvennoy Svobody v Deyatel'nosti i Psikicheskiye Protsessy v Usloviyakh I.Voyny Povedenli....C0364; Psikhologii Pedagogicheskoy Deyatel'nosti v Voinskogo Kollektiva C0440; VVUZ C0477 i Mira....C0lO1,C2283 Pulevaya Sportivnaya Strel'ba C1686 Prochnostnyve Raschety Detaley Brone- Pul's Granitsy C2089 tankovoy Tekhniki C1623 Pul's Obeliska C1151 Proektirovaniye: ifspytaniya Ballis Put': Admirala [M.I.Bakayev] C2040; KRaket C136,4; StaItS 'rd C2158 Boyevoy Slavy C0739; Komissara Professiya--Politrabotnik (1293 C1346;Soldata C0660,G Z,0

256 Put'v C495Razvitiye: Okan Natsional'nykh Otnoshenly Putevoditel': [Museum Moscow 'Y Gi pri Sotsializme... C0379; Pravo- C0202; pa Zalam~ Muzeya Geroya vykh Osnov SovVboyen Sluzhby C1543; Say Soyuza Yana Raynberga C1131 Sovetskoy Voyennoy Nauki Posle... Puti Soldatskiye C1730 Vayny C0046; u Kursantav Vayen Puti-Darogi Frontovyye C0854 Uchilishch... Interesov k Obshchest Pyat'desyat Let: na Strazhe Yuzhnykh Naukam C0410; Voyenno-Marskikh Rubezhey Otchizny C0246; v Stroyu Flotov v Poslevoyennyy Period C0639 C1980 Reaktsionnaya Sushchnost' Sovre Burzhuaznoy Voyen Psikhologii C2308 Rabochaya Karta Komandira C0171 Rekomendatsii p0: Izgotovleniyu 'Ucheb- Rabota s Komsomol'skim AktivomCl3O5 Naglyadnykh Posobiy pa Kursu "GO".f- Rabota s Part lynym Aktivam C1241 C2214; Padgotovke Znachkistov * Radi Nashega Schast'ya C0648 "Gotov k Trudu i Oborone" C2237 Radi Zhizni C0859 Remont Reaktivnykh i Artilleriyskikh Radi Zhizni na Zemle C0875,G0932, Sistem C1390 4C0975 Reshatushchiye Bitvy Vel Otech Vayny Radioaktivnoye Zarazheniye i Sposoby C0784 Zashchity at Nego C2266 Resheniya XXIV S"yezd KPSS--v Zhizn' *Radioelektronika v 1972 C0181 C1232 * Radioelektronnaya Bor'ba C1752 Resheniye Zadach Taktiich Manevriro- Radioperedayushchiye i Radiopriyem- vaniya C0115 nyye Ustroystva....C1751 Revizionnyye Komissi DOSAAF C0471 *C1615 Radiopomekhi Zenitnym Kompleksam Reviziya Finan-Khozyayst Deyatel'- nasti...predpriyatiya MO C2148 Raduga Gvardeyskago Znaka C0218 Revolyutsionnoye Dvizheniye v Russkoy Raketno-Yadernoye Oruzhiye i Yega Armii i Flate C0653 Porazhayush Deystviye C1370 Revvoyensovety v C0718 Raketnyye Spolokhi C1368 Rizhskiye Gvardeyskiye C1563 PD Raketnyye Sredstva Bor'by s Nizko- Rodina i Patriotizn C0354 *letyashchimi Tsel NATO C2315 Rodnoye Dela Millionov C0359 Ramushevskiy Koridor C0810 Rakossovskiy C0640,G0675 *Raschet Gazootvadnykh Ustroystv Rol' Esteticheskago Vospitaniya... *C1469 C0222 Raschetnaya Lineyka GO C2247,C2275 Rol' i Mesto Stroitel'stva v Ukrep- Al Raspalozheniye Voysk na Meste i Ikh lenii Oboronosposob SSSR C0311 Okhraneniye C0445 Rol' Material'nogo Faktora v Sovre- Rasskazy a Gerayakh C0900 mennoy Voyne C0017 *Rassvety ne Pagasnut C0199 Ral' Rabochego Kiassa....C0690 *Rastit' Patriotov C0483 Rol' Vayenno-Patriaticheskoga Vas- Ratnyy Podvig C1400,G1519 pitaniya... C1287 Ratnyy Podvig 78 -y Strel Divizil v Rosa Pogranichnvkh Trap C2131 Bitve Pad Mosvoy C1586 Razhdeniye Padviga C0837 Razgrom Fashistskikh Voysk v Bela- Razhdennaya na Zemlyakh Zaparazhskikh : russii 1944 C1209 C1749 Rozhdennyye Oktyabrem C0397 Razgram Konvaya PQ-17 C1967 Razvedchik Garnik Karapetyan C0908 Rubezhi*Muzhestva C0394; Polkovodtsa Razvedchik Mikhail Maskayev C1003 C0678 Razvedka v Bayevykh Primerakh C0037 Rumbani Muzhestva C

257 Russkaya Armiya i Flot: v XIXv Semiyazychnyy Voyennyy Slovar' C0011 C0666; v Voyne s Ottoman Turk Senyavin C1995] v C0644 Serdtsa, Chto Pamyat' Beregut C1448 Russkaya Voyennaya Mysl'v XIXv C0055 Serdtsa i Bronya C1475 Russko-Ital'yanskdy Voyen i Tekh Serdtsa i Zvezdy C Slovar' C0023 Serdtse, Otdannoye Nebu V1919 Russko-Vengerskiy Voyennyy Slovar' Serebryaniye Strely C C0029 Serebryanyy Yakor' C1942 Russkoye Voyennoye Iskusstvo XIXv Serebryanyye Kryl'ya C1862 C 0071 Sergey Gritsevets C1913 Ryadovoy Taynogo Fronta ClIii Serzhant--Brigadir Stroitel'nogo A Rytsari Pyatogo Okeana C1821 Proizvodstva C1651 Serzhanty i Starshiny Voor Sil SSSR C1 297 S Embiemoy TsSKA C0386 Setcvoye Planirovaniye na Flote *S Geroyami Ryadom C0843 C2037 S Marsha--V Boy C1659 Sevastopol'skiye Zapiski C0958 S Polkom v Vel Otech Voyne C1433 Severomortsy C2029 S Veroy v Pobedu C1776 Seytkasym Ashirov C1106 Sabel'nyy Pokhod C1725 Shagnuvshiye v Bessmertiye C0883, Safar Amirshoyev C1655 C1158 Samaya Krasivaya Ataka C Tysyach Pogran Kilometrov C2101 Samodistsiplina Voina C ya Vozdushnaya C1897 Samolet L-29. Ustroystvo....C y Istrebitel'nyy Avia Korpus PVO Samnorodok Rossii C0582 v Bitve pod Moskvoy C1930 Samostoyatel'naya Rabota Slushateley Shkoia: Krylatykh Geroyev C1847; (Kursantov) C0417 Muzhaniya C0569; Muzhestva C0893; Samyy Pamyatnyy Den' Voyny C0788 Patriotov C0270; Shturmuyushchikh Sbornik: Lektsiy po Noveyshim Dosti- Nebo C1927 zheniyam Nauki....C1688; Osnovnykh Shia Diviziya: na Zapad C1539; Rukovodyashchikh Dokumentov po Vpered C1495,C1544 Partiyno-Polit Rabote C1278; po Shia Voyna Narodnaya C0797,C0891 Grazhdanskoy Oborone C2227; Pro- Shli My k Reykhstagu C0791,C1170 tsessual'nykh Aktov C0576; Uka- Shli na Front Devchonki...C1006 zaniy po Osnovnym Voprosam Orga- Shli Orly na Smert' C1535 nizatsii....c2144; Zadach Takti- Shi Soldaty v Boy C1061 cheskogo Manevr Korabley C2038 Shtormovaya Pora C1952 Schastlivogo Plavaniya "Gremyashchiy" Shturm C0820 C2066 Shturm, Kenigsberga C1089 *Sektsiya Strelkovogo Sporta C2184 Shturmoviki Idut na Tsel' C1860,C1881 Se-'skaya Nov' C2185 Shuyskiy Memorial'nyy Muzey M.V. Sel'skaya Organizatsiya DOSAAF C0449 Frunze C0717 Sem' Futov Pod Kilem C1943 Sibirskiy Kharakter C1711 Sem' Granits C0821 Sibirskiy Krasnyy General C0650 7,000 Kilometrov v Boyakh i Pokho- Sila Voina Distsipiinoy Udvoyena *dakh C1572 C Geroichesklkh Dnya C1188 Silami Aktlva C2217 Semen Khokhryakov C1622 Slmferopol'skaya C

258 Sistema Politicheskoy Organizatsii Soldatskaya:(con't) C1190; Slava Sots Obshchestva....C0561 Tulyakov C1104; Zvezda C1438 Sistemy Obrabotki i Peredachi Raz- Soldatskiy Doig C0799,C0972 vedinformatsiy C189l Soldatskiy Khleb C0487 Sisteiny Upravleniya i Dinamika Nave- Soldatskiye Ocherki C1770 deniya Raket C1389 Soldatskoye Pole C0622,C01085 Siyaniye Zolotykh Zvezd C0801 Soldaty: Bratskikh Ariy C2280, iz Siyaniye Zvezd C1832 Khorezema C1162; Pobedy C0817; *.- Skol'ko Nami Proydeno....C2138 Prosyat Slovo C0803; Semidesya Skorustnaya Strel'ba po Siluetom tykh Godov C0375; Slavy ne Iskali C1756 C0814; Stalingrada C1116; Synov'ya Skvoz' Dyin i Plamya Cl429 Soldat C0514 Skvoz' Grozy C0783,C1059 Solntse na Pogonakh C0343 Slava: Baltiyskaya C1972; Khrabrym Solntse v Nochi C1436 C1175; Komsomol'skaya C1219; Sol- Sootnosheniye Cheloveka i Voyennoy data C0752; Soldatskaya C0815, Tekhniki v Voor Bor'be C0103 4C0816; Zavoyevannaya v Boyu C0960 Sootnosheniye Ob"yektivnykh i Sub"- Slaven Geroyami Severnyy Flot C2054 yektivnykh Faktorov... C0003 Slavoy Oveyannyy C1239 Sorevnovaniya pa Strel'be C Slavoy Oveyannyye Cl477 Sorok Pervyy Kiloinetr C0831 *Sleng--Ghto Eto Takoye? C0068 Sorok Pyatyy C0776,G0956 *Slovari Slovosochetanly i Chastot- Sotsoalisticheskaya Zakonnost' i nyye Slovari Slov....C0013 Voinskiy Pravoporyadok C0395 Slovo a Frontovikakh C0990 Sotsialisticheskiy Voinskiy Kollek- Slovo a Savetskam Soldate C0428 tiv C0330 Slushayte Colas Geroyev Voyny C1030 Satsialisticheskaye Sorevnovaniye: Sluzhat v Armii Pitomtsy DOSAAF v Armii i na Flote C0436; v Or- C0331 ganizatsiyakh DOSAAF C2205- Sluzhba Nachinayetsya s Zavoda C2169 Sotsial'naya Aktivnost' Mass i Za- *Sluzhim Sovetskomu Soyuzu! C0461 shchita Sotsializma. C0412 Sluzhu na Granitse C2097 Sotsial'naya Otvetstvennast' Sovet *Sluzhu Sovetskomu Soyuzu C0253,CO3l3 Voinov C1358 Snava v Stroyu C1702 Sotsial'no-Ekonomicheskaya Priroda *Sodruzhestvo,Rozhdennoye v Boyakh Voinskogo Truda i Kharakter Yego C0884 Kaaperatsii C0074 Sakollnaya Setn'ya C1849 Sotsial'na-Politicheskiye Posledst- Sakaly C1841 viya Sovremenoy Revolyutsii v *Sokoly Fergany C0771 Voyennom Dele C0009 Soldat, General, Diplomat C0609 Sotsial'no-Psikhologichesklye Oso- *Soldat, General, Marshal C0531 bennosti Kursantov 1...C0539 Soldat: i Voyennaya Tekhnika C0248; Sotsial'nyy Kharakter i Tipy Voyn i Voyna C1247; I Zakon C0558; Sovremennoy Epokhi C0096 Imya Znamenltoye C0349; Polko- Sotsial'nyye Osnovy i Sushchnost' vodets C0636,C0674; Trekh Armiy Initsiativy Sovet Voinov C0309 C2317; Vsegda Soldat C1156 Sotslal'nyye Problemy Nauchno-Tekh- Soldatskaya: Doblest' C0779,C0818, nicheskay Revolyutsii....C0043 C0898; Slava C0742,C0758,C0774, Sovershenstvovaniye Grazhdanskay C0857,C0896,G0897,C1017,C1130, Oborony C

259 Sovershenstvovaniye: Podgotovki i Sovremennyy Boy i Problemy Psikho- Vospitaniya Kadrov.. CG1292; logit. C0028 Upravleniya Voyskaini v Obshche- Sovremennyye Probleny Filosofskogo voyskovom Boyuv....C1183 Ucheniya: o Materii i Ikh Zna- Sovershenstvovat!: til? Raboty Komi- cheniye Dlya Voyennoy Teoriil ii tetov DOSAAF C2188; Voyenno-Pa- Praktiki C0081; o Soznanii i Ikh trioticheskuyu Rabotu v Organi- Znacheniye Dlya Voyennoy Teorii zatsiyakh DOSAAF C0454 i Praktiki C0110 Sovetskaya Armiya: C0273; Armiya Soyuz Mecha i Dollara C2316 Naroda C0463; Ukrainskomu Narodu Soyuz Monopoliy i Voyenshchiny C2306 C0275 Sozdaniye i Ukrepleniye Instituta Sovetskaya Aviatsiya v Bitve Pod Voyennykh Komissarov v Voyenno- Moskvoy C1912 Morskom Flote C1349 Sovetskaya Morskaya Pekhota C1983, Sozdaniye i Ukrepleniye Partiynykh C2058 Organizatsiy v Voyenno-Morskom Sovetskaya Voinskaya Distsiplina: Flote v Grazh Voyny C1300 i Pravovyye Sredstva Yeye Ukrep- Sozvezdiye Polkovodtsev C0633 4Leniya C0374; i Puti Yeye Ukrep-...Spetsial'nogo Naznacheniya C1614 leniya v Tylovykh ChastyakhGC2143 Spetsial'noye Elektrooborudovaniye Sovetskaya Voyenno-Transportnaya i Elektricheskiye Privody Aviastiya C1925 Spetsial'nyye Vidy Ugolovnogo Naka- Sovetskiv Of itser: C0193,G0228; kak zaniya, Primenyayeniyye k Voyenno- Pedagog i Vospitatel' Svoikh Pod- sluzhashchim C0363 chinennykh C0529 Sportivnaya Strel'ba: C1558; iz Vin- Sovetskiy Patriotizm i Patriotiche- tovki C1644; v Komplekse GTO C1750 skoye Vospitaniye Voinov C1354 Sportsmeny Sovetskoy Armii C0390, Sovetskiy Soldat v Velikoy Otech C0493 Voyne C0894 Spravochnik: Komsomol'skogo Aktivista Sovetskiy Voyenno-Morskoy Flot G1258,C1336; Letchika i Shturmana G1986,G2074 Sovetskiye: Istrebiteli C1902; Raket- C1920; Ofitserov C0262; po Inostrannym Flotam C1971; po Pensiyam ' nyye Voyska C1394; Sukhoputnyye i L'gotam.. CG0319; po Raschetu Voyska C1724; Tankovyye Voyska Marsha i Raskhoda Goryuchego C1430; C1667; Vooruzhennyye Sily po Voyennot Topografii C0179;Polit- C0227; Voor Sily i. Voyennoye Iskus- rabotnika C1283; Propagandista i *stvo v Gody Grazhdanskoy Voyny i... Agitatora Armii i Flota C1284; G0707;...Ikh Kharakter i Osobennosti Spetsialhsta Tyla Aviatsil C2142 C0234,C0474; Voyenno-Vozdushnyye Spravochnoye Rukovodstvo Dlya Vypol- Sily C1929 neniya Domashnego Zadaniya....C1755 Sovetskoye: Voyenno-Marskoye IskusstvoSpravochnyy Material k Lektsiyam po v Vel Otech Voyne C2015; Voyenno- Kursu "Artilleriyskoye Materialo- *Ugolovnoye Zakonodatel'stvo C0282; vedeniye" C1588 Voyennoye Iskusstvo v Vel Otech Sputnik Parthynogo Aktivista C1282 Voyne C0143; Zakonodatel'stvo ob Srazheniye v Vozdukhe C1833 Otvetstvennosti za Vohnskiye Pre- Sredstva Tekhnicheskogo Vooruzhenhya stupleniye C0560 Zheleznodorozhnykh Voysk C1632 Sovety: po lzuchenhyu Strelkovogo Sredstva Zashchhty i Profilakthki *Oruzhiya i Granatometov C1760; Radiatsionnykh Porazhenhy C2168 Predsedatelyu Komiteta DOSAAF SShA: Voyennoye Programmirovaniye C0358,C0566 C2302' Sovremennaya Artilleriya C1425 Stalingrad,Kursk, Berlin C

260 .7I7r - - Stai-ingradskoye Zarevo C1744 Tak Nachinalas' Voyna C08425 Stal'taya Eskadril'ya C1872 Tak Srazhalis' Chekisty C1195 Stal'nyye Peregony C1610 Takticheskaya Podgotovka Formirovanly Stavropol'skaya Imeni Blinova C1506 Grazhdanskoy Oborony C2234* Stendovava Srrel'ba. Pravila Sorev- Taktika C0025,C1668 novaniy C1671 Taktika v Boyevvkh Primerakh: C0562: Sto Voprosov--Sto Otvetov C0333, Vzvod C0466 C0435,C0538 Talgarskiy, Polk C1553 Sto Voyennykh Paradov C0537 Tam, Gde Prispuskayetsya Flag C ya S'nla Vpered C1494 Tank: "Bes;poshchadnyy" C1424; na Stoyali Nasmert' C1090 P'yedestale C1457; v Boyu C1658 Stoyat Zastavy na Granitse C2129 Tanki: C1619; i Tankovyye Voyska Stranitsy:Dnevnika C0915: Frontovoy C1451; Idut na Berlin I Zhizni C0888; Morskoy Slavy C1979; C1601; Idut na IMiny C1695; Idut Zhizni C1449 Vpered...C1626; Idut v Ataku Strategicheskaya i Operativno-Takti- C1465; na Voyne C1443; pod Vodoy cheskaya Podgotovka Vooruzhennykh C1235; Ustroystvo Cl777 Sil...C0052 Tankovyy Batal'on v Boyu C1549 Strel'ba: iz Tanka C1665; Korabel'- Tankovyye: Avtomaticheskiye Sistemy Snoy Artillerif C2000; na Pora- C1669,C1670; Voyska Sovetskoy zheniye Batarey C1491; po Dvi- Armii C1728 zhushchimsya Mishenyam C2201; Tekhnicheskav* Kul'tura Sovetskogo Vlet C1649; Zenitnymi Raketami Tekhnicheskaya Termodinamika i Vnu- C1367 trennyaya Ballistika C1661 istrelkovyy Sport: C1502; Pravila Tekhnicheskiye Sredstva Defektatsii *Sorevnovaniy C1653,C2186 Artillcriyskikh Orudiy C1568 Strely Skrestilis' na Shpree C1004 TekhnicheEkiye Sredstva Sluzhby Strod C0632 Prodovol 'stvennogo Snabzheniya Stroga-va Sluzhba C2106 C2149,C2150,C2156 Strogaya Sud'ba C0525 Tekhnicheskive Znaniye--Molodezhi IStroitel'nyye Materialy Dlya Voyenno- C04 Dorozhnykh Rabot C2145 Tekhnicheskoye Obespechenive Tanko- Stroitel'stvo Voyenno-Avtomobilnykh vykh i Motostrelkovykh Podraz- Stroo C1524, sagorslss Teni Prv odvan V ye C1580 S C0303,G0384VorSi SSRC000 Tekhnika v oi-d Voy t ysrl C1687 Sud'ba Geroye8G90 Temha od VMrssso-Lnin y Fi0-25 Sud'boy Stabye N00 18 ebo sofia-hiovozenheskaya..c007 *Sud'by SbatskiNeb C1880 TeoeicheskiyeosozrnovyPoskayaNeis-7 Sukhoputnyye Voyska Kapitalistiche- pravnostey v Tekh Sistom....C1716 skikh Gosudarstv C2321 Teoreticheskiye Osnovy Tekhnologii Surovoye Nebo C1834,C1875 Prigotovleniya Pishehi...C2151 * Surovyye Cody C0617 Teoriva: Maksimina i Yeye Prilozhe- Siivorov C0679 niye k Zadacham Raspredebeniya *Svet Mayaka C1961 Vooruzheniya C0123; Raketnykh *Svyashchennyy Doig C0365 Dvigateley C0169; Rascheta Avto- * Svyaz' Serdets Boyevykh C1753 raticheskogo Oruzhiya C1674; Svyaz' v Vel Otech Voyne C1646 Strcl'by iz Tankov C1675; Tanka SSydyk Ismailov C0918 C1662 Syny: Rodiny C1005; Tadzhikistana u Teplovove Oborudovaflive Voyskovykh *Sten Stalingrada C1077 Stolovykh C

261 Tormogazodinamicheskiye Osnovy Vnu- Tvoy Komandir C0191 trenney Ballistiki Stvol'nykh Tvoya Partiynaya Biografiya C1218 Sisteni C1768 Ty Sluzhbi Nesesh'v Zabaykal'ye C0573 Tezaurus po Atomnoy Nauke i Tekh- Ty Stanovish'sya. Soldatom C0451 nike C0190 Tyagachi UkhodyaL v Polnoch' C1379 Tikhivin, God 1941-y C1196 Tyl Voyenno-Morskikh Sil [Kapitalis- Timur Mikhaylovich Frunze C1874 ticheskikh Stran C2312 Tishine Doveryat' Nel'zya C2125 Tylovoye Obespecheniye Podrazdeleniy Tol'ko Krepche Vykhodili iz Ognya v Boyu C2147 C Dney v Boyakh G1583 Tomskoye Voyennoye Uchilishche Svyazi C1453 Topogeodezicheskaya. Osnova,Pribory U Kromki Kontinenta. C1140 i Prinadlezhnosti...C0185 U Oboyanskogo Shosse C1585 Topograficheskaya Karta i Mestnost' U Podstupov Kavkaza C1470 C0188 U Vorot Kavkaza C0917 Tropograficheskoye Deshifrircovaniye U Vysokikh Beregov Ainura C2110 Aerosnimkov C0183 Uchebnik: Mekhanika Voyenno-Vozdush- Torpednvye Podvodnyye Lodki C1950 nykh 511 C1900; Radiometrista Tovarishch Praporshchik C1643 Flota C2062; Set~zhanta Voyenno- Tovarishchi s Zapadnogo Fronta C0989 Vozdushnykh Sil.. CG1934; Voyen- Tovarislishi v Bor'be C1182 nogo-voditelyavtorogo Kiassa Traditsif Doblesti i Slavy C0243 G1452,C1577 Travers Muzhestva C0356 Uchebnoye Posobiye: dlya Politiche- Trenazhery i Tekhnicheskiye Sredstva. skikh Zanyatiy s Kursantami Ucheb- Obucheniya C0455 nykh Podrazdeleniy C1266; po Na- Trevozhnaya Sluzhba C2114 chal'noy Voyennoy Podgotovke 30 Let Velikoy Pobedy pod Moskvoy C0231,G0274,C0452,C0564; po Tak C0982 ticheskoy Podgotovke Dlya Stu- Trinadtsataya Gvardeyskaya C1500 dentov... C Trista Neizvestnykhi C1898 Uchebno-Metodicheskoye Posobiye po ya Petrozavodskaya C1481 Izucheniyu Kursantami "Osnov Vo- Trizhdy Proslavlennyye C0800 yennoy Psikologii i Pedagogiki" Tropa Akhnietova. C1422 C0516 Trud, Talant, Doblest' C0649 Uchenyy i Voin C0721 Trudnoye Resheniye C2298 Uchet Komandirom Moral'nogo Faktora Tsekhovaya Organizatsiya. DOSAAF CO5MO pri Vyrabotke Resheniya. na. Boy Tsel'--"Kaban" C1748 C0555 Tsenoyu Zhizni C1091 Uchiinsya. Zashchishchat' Zhizn' C0377 Tsentr Oboronno-Massovoy Raboty C2180 Uchis' Deystvovat' v Boyu C0139,C0332 Tsentr Vvzyvayet C1043 Uchis' Metko Strelyat' C1679 Tsentralinvy Muzey Voor 511 SSSR Udar'i Zashchita. C1766 C0669 Udarnaya Sila Flota. C19569 Tsentral 'nyy Strelkovo-Sportivlyy Ugolovnaya Otvetstvennost' Voyenno- Kiub DOSAAF SSSR C1712 sluzhashchikh za Soversheniye Tule Kenzhebayev C1186 Prestuplenly C0544 Tulebay Azhimov C1044 Ukhodili na Front Eshelony C1710 Tulen Kabulov C0772 Ukrepleniye Oborony Strany i DOSAAF Tvortsy Oruzhiya C0161 C0322 Tvoi Osvoboditeli,Donbass C0909,C1099 Ulitsa. Ukhodit v Okean C0450 Tvoi,Otechestvo,Syny C1185 Upravleniye Voyskami C

262 Upravlleniye Voyskani: C0104; s Po- V.K.Blyukher v Kitaye C0590 moshch'yu Setevykh Metodov C0111; V Kazarmakh Bundesvera C2296 v Gody Vel Otech Voyny C1181 V "Krylatoy Pekhote" C1608 Ural'skiy Voyennyy Okrug. Tstoriya V Nachale Puti C2276 C0589 V Nastuplenii Gvardiya C0867 Usilenive Partiynogo Rukovodstva V Nebe Baltiki C1884 Armeyskim i Flotskim Komsomolom V Nebe Donskon C1804,C1909 v Svete...XXIV S"yezda KPSSC1279 V Nebe Frontovom C1845 Usloviva Privema i Programmy Vstu- V Nebe i na Zemle C1923 pitel'nykh Ekzamenov v Voyen Avia7- V Nebe Leningrada C1819 Tech Uchilishcha VVS C1911 V Nebe--Letchiki Baltiki C1915 Ustanovka Massovogo Kontrolya "UMK-3" V Nebe Stolitsy C1478 C2030 V Nozov'yakh Dona C1197 Ustav DOSAAF USSR--Zakon Zhizni Obo- V Ogne C0787 ronnogo Pbshchestva C0345 V Ogne Ghetyrekh Voyn C0657 Ustav Garnizonnoy i Karaul'noy Sluzhb V Ogne Srazheniy C0478,C1311 Voor Sf1 SSSR C0219,G0267,C0338, V Ogne Trekh Voyn C0634 Ustav Vnutrenney Sluzhby Voor Sf1 V Ogne Voyny C1160,C1456 SSSR C0339,C0443 V Pervom Eshchelone C1721 Ustavy--Nerushimyy Zakon Voinskoy V Pervyy Chas Voyny C0773 Zhizni C0361 V Plameni Srazheniy C0946 Ustroystvo Podvodnykh Lodok C2032 V Plameni, v Porokhovom Dyinu C UvIechennost' C0552 V Podvodnyy Flot--po Prizyvu Komsomola C1253 V Pokhodakh C1455 V Armeyskom Shtabe C0920 V Pokhodakh i Boyakh C1.109 V Atake--"Mech" C1903 V Poyedinke s Abverom C0945 V Atake "Tridtsat'chetverki" C1652 V Pritsele--Svastika C2052 V Bitve za Kiyev C1038 V Pritsele--Tanki C1401 V Bor'be s Fashizmom C1184 V Pylayushchem Nebe G1816,C1892 V Boyakh za Belgorod 1943 C1590 V Sabel'nom Pokhode C1720 V Boyakh za Belorussiyu C0768,C1122 V Sorok Pervom Rigoy C1989 V Boyakh za Kabardino-Balkariyu C0873 V Srazheniyakh za Pobedu C1135 V Boyakh za Kavkaz G1068,G1166 V Stepi pod Kagulom C2086,C2100 V Boyakh za Osvobozhdeniye Rumynii, V Stroyu Krylatykh C1807 Vengrii,Chekhoslovakii C1496 V Trudnyye IDhi Stalingrada, C1113 V Boyakh za Rodfnu C0769,G1037 V Tu Trevozhnuyu Noch' C0536 V Boyakh Rozhdennaya C0586 V Tylu kak na Fronte C1786 V Boyakh Rozhdennoye C0581 V Tylu Vraga C1741 V Boyakh za Rzhev C1036 V Yedinom Stroyu na Strazhe Rodiny V Boyakh za Severnyy Kavkaz C1607 C2203 V Boyakh za Sovetskuyu Rodinu C0744 V Yedinoy Boyevoy Sem'ye C0283 Z - V Boyakh za Svobodi Rumynif C1103 V Yedinoy Sem'ye Sovetskikh Patri- V Boyakh za Ukrainu C0923 otov C0429,C0527 V Boyakh za Velikiye Luki C1072 Vas Razvskivayet Orden C0733 V Boyakh za Vostochnuyu Prussiyu Vashe Vrernya,Atomokhody! C0414 C0127 Vazhneyshiye Srazheniva Velikoy V Dal'nem Plavanil C2009 Otech Voyny C0140l V Deystvuyushchey Armii C1076 Vazhnyy Faktor Boyegotovnosti C V Glubinakh Polyarnykh Morey C1949 Vedeniye Rabochey Karty C1878 V.I.Chapayev na Zemle Saratov C0699 Vek May, Zhizn' May C

263 Vel Nas v Boy Nachdiv Vasil'yev C0684 Volgogradskiy 'Muzey Oborony C0987 Velikaya Bitva Pod Moskvoy C0789 Volny Gasnut u Berega C2119 Velikaya Osvoboditel'naya Missiya Vologzhane--Geroi Sovetskogo Soyuza C0726 C0832 Velikiy Osvoboditel'nyy PokhodGC0760, Volzhskaya Flotiliya v Vel Otech C0938 Voyne C2061 Velikiye Luki,Tekhumardi,Kurlyandiya Volzhskiye Plesy C1960 C1771 Vooruzhenniye Sily: i Ekonomika Velikoye Muzhestvo Maloy Zemli C1937 C0095; Kapitalisticheskikh - Vermakht na Puti k Gibeli C2314 Gosudarstv C2294; i Voyennoye Vernost' Dolgu G0683,C2111 Iskusstvo Sotsialisticheskikh Vernost' Voinskomu Dolgu C0498 Stran C2281; i Voyennoye Iskus- Veroyatnostnyye Osnovy Sistem Avia- stvo v Pervoy Mirovoy Voyne C0112; sionnogo Vooruzheniya C1922 Sovetskogo Gosudarstva C0496; Vertolety v Vooruzhennoy Bor'be C1854 Sovetskogo Soyuza na Strazhe Veter Baltiki C2006 Mira C0255; SSSR C0310,C0398, Veterany Pomnyat C1097 C0506; Yugoslavii C2279 Veterany Voyny Vospoininayut C0830 Voploshcheniye Leninskikh Idey v Vil'nyusskoye Voinskoye Kladbishche Stroitel'stve Armii Gosudarstv C0868 Varshavskogo Dogovora C0005 Vizhu Tsel' C1806,C2198 Voprosy:Metodologii i Metodiki6 Viasteliny Moguchey Tekhniki C0239 Voyenno-Nauchnoy Raboty C0047; Vliyaniye Ekspluatatsionnykh Fakto-- Metodologii Sovetskoy Vayennoy roy na Effektivnost' i Nadezh- Nauki C0034; Nauchnogo Rukovod-. nost' Fotograf Sredstv... CG1863 stva v Sovet Voor Silakh C0441; Vliyaniye Filosofii na Razvitiye Psikhologii v Upravienii Voy- Vayenno-Teoreticheskoy Mysli skami C0067; Taktiki v Sovet C0078 Voyen Trudakh C0141; Vneshnyaya Ballistika Zenitnykh Sna- Voyenno-Stroitel'noy Deyatel'- ryadov C1569 nosti v Kurse Nauch Kommunizma Vnimaniye: Granitsa! C2092 C0062 Vnutrennyaya Ballistika Artilleriy- Voronezhskiy Dobrovol'cheskiy C1579 skogo Orudiya C1592 Voronezhskiye Rubezhi C0919 Vnutrenniye Voyska Sovetskoy Respub- Voronezhtsy na Dorogakh Voyny C0761 liki C2099 Vosem' Ognennykh Dney C1774 Vo Ghto Obkhodyatsya Narodom Imperi- 82-ya Yatsevskaya C1584 alisticheskiye Voyny C0020 Voshedshiye v Bessmertiye C1129 Vo Tmya Nashego Schast'ya C0978 Vospitaniye:Bditel'nosti C0315; Vo ]Imya Zhizni na Zemle C1100 Molodykh Kommunistov C1231;0 Voditel'--Sluzhba Boyevaya C1705 Muzhestva C0279; Sovetskikh Voi- Voin--Osvoboditel' G0813,C0895 nov na Revolyutsionnykh Trudovykh Voinskaya Chast' kak Uchastnik i Boyevykh Traditsiyakh C1310; Grazhdanskikh Pravootnosheniy Voinov-Svyazistov v Dukhe Druzhby C0291 Narodov...G1301;Voinov v Dukhe Voinskiy Kollektiv i Povvsheniye Druzhb-: Narodov C0438; Vysokikh Yego Roli....C0442 Moral'no-Boyevykh Kachestv Voi- Voinskiye Avtomobil'nyye Perevozki nov-svyazistov C1537 C1754 Vospityvat' Pogranichnikov Umelymi Voiny-Cruziny v Bor'be za Zashchitu i Muzhestvennyhi Zashchitnikami Stalingrada C0979 Granits Rodiny C2133 Voiny v Stal'nov Brone C1416 Vospcminaniya:i Razmyshleniya C0662, C0722,C0912; Letchika C1882; Voyenno-Nauchnyve Trudy C0715 Vosstanovleniye Razrushennykh....C2270 Vovrashcheniye v Nebo C

264 Vovenizirovannyye Igry... CG0308 Voyennaya: Administratsiya C0214, Voyennyye Stroiteli v Otechestvennoy C0468; Ekonornika C0048; ]Istoriya Voyne C1404 C0159; Istoriva i Sotsiologiya Voyna: i Ideologicheskaya Bor'ba C0058; Istoriya i Sovremennost' C0106; i Lyudi C0925; i Politika C0094; Moshch' Gosudarstva C0107; v Sovremen Epokhu C0063; Istoriya, Obov? i Snaryazheniye C2135; Ideologiya C0117; Okean,Chelovek Pedagogika C0432; Psikhologiya C1359 C0329,C0408; Topografiya C0180; Voyska Protivovozdushnoy Oborony Topografiya dlya Svyazistov C0187 Strany C1797 Voyenno-Ekonomicheskoye Sotrudni- Voyskovaya Radiometriya C0173 chestvo Sots Stran C2287 Voyskovoye Khlebopecheniye C2136 Voyenno-Fizicheskaya Podgotovka Do- 'Ioyskovoye Tovarishchestvo--Slavnaya. prizyvnika i Prizyvnika C0472 Traditsiya C0250 Voyenno-Morskaya Literatura C2031, Vozdushnodesantnyye Voyska: NATO C2065 C2292; Sovetskoy Armil C1735 Voyenno-Morskoy Razgovornik C2064 Vozdushnyye Tarany v Nebe Leningrada - Voyenno-Patrioticheskoye Vospitaniye C1809 M1olodezhi: C0409,C0503; v Organi-- Vozhdeniye Boyevykh Mashin C1639 zatsiyakh DOSAAF C0430 Vozniknoveniye i Razvitiye Sovetskoy Voyenno-Politicheskiye Itogi Vtoroy Voyenno-Ekonomicheskoy Mysli Nirovoy Voyny....C0033 C0708 Voyenno-Prikladnoye Mnogobor'ye Vperedi Pekhoty C1512 C0203 Vperedi--Tanki C1434 Voyenno-Sportivnyy Lager' C0419 Vrernya i Tanki C1565 Voyenno-Sportivnyye Sostyazaniya Vsegda s Pekhotoy, Vsedga s Tankami C0260 C1613 Voyenno-Strategicheskiye Teorii Im- Vsegda v Stroyu C2093 perializma 1 1kb Krltika C0019 Vsemirno-Istoricheskaya Pobeda So- Voyennoye Iskusstvo: Nemetsko-Fashi- vetskogo Naroda C0904 stskoy Arrnii vo Vtoroy Mironoy Vsesoyuznoye Ordena Krasnogo Znameni Voyne C0040; v Bitve pod Moskvoy DOSAAF C0235 C1157; v Epokhu:....C0066; v Ope- Vspominaya Bylyye Pokhody C1591, ratsiyakh po Osvobozhdeniyu Ven- C1699 grii i....yugoslavii C0113; v Vspominaya Minuvshive Dni C0916 Yassko-Kishinevskoy Operatsii Vspomni, Tovarishch C0971 C1208; vo Vtoroy Mirovoy Voyne Vspomnim Vsekh po-imenno C0905 C0057 Vspomogatel'nyye Suda i Plavuchive Voyennoye Planirovaniye i Analiz Sredstva VMF C2060 Sistem C01172 Vstretimsya Posle Zadaniya C0697 Voyennoye Stroitel'stva v Belorussii Vsyu Zhizn' v Stroyu C0513 v Period Razgroma Pokhodov Antan- Vtoraya Professiya Polkovodtsa C0652 ty C0693 Vvedenive v Teoriyu Vyrahotki Re- Voyennoye Uchilishche Imeni A.V. sheniv C0168 Khrtileva C2137 V'yetnamskaya Narodnaya Armiya C2289 Voyennvy Dnevnik C2295 Vvkhozhu na Svyaz' C1743 Voyennyve: Akademii i Uchilishcha Vvpolnyayem Resheniya VII Vsesoyuz- C0316,C0502; Bazy SShA na Chu- nogo S"yezda DOSAAF C0387 zhikh Territoriyakh C2299; Komn- Vyru C1204 munikatsionnyye Sistemy Svyazi Vysokaya Nagrada C0272 i Telefoniya C1746; Stroiteli na Vysokiye Shiroty C2057 Stroykakh Moskvy C1564 Vvysokoye Prizvaniye C

265 "1,. Tr Vysakoye Zvaniye C1134 Zakon Yedinstva i Bar'by Prativa- Vysata C1829 palozhnastey i Yega Metadalagi- Vysaty Berut Lyudi C1245 cheskaye Znacheniye....C0109 Vy ssheye Vavenno-Morskove Inzhener- Zakonamernosti Razvitiya Armii C0088 nave Uchilishehe im.dzerzhinskogo Zakony i Kategorii Dialektiki i Ikh C2023 Metodologicheskoye Znacheniye... Vzaimadeys tviye Afferentnykh Sistem C0050 v Praktike Voyennoga Truda C0097 Zalpy Gvardeyskikh "Katyush" C1372 Zalpy s Berega C1975 Zamestitel' Kamandira: pa Palitiche- Ya--Doprizyvnik C0323 skoy Chasti...C1361; Raty pa Pa- -a Nashel Podlinnuyu Rodjnu C2288 litchasti C1319; Raty pa Paliti- Ya Soldat, 'Mama C0500 cheskoy Chasti C1312 M "Ya--153" C1935 Zapiski: Ad"yutanta C0602; Fronta- Yadernaye, Khiimicheskaye i Bakterio- vika C1547; Komanduyushchego logicheskaye Oruzhiye i Zashchita Frontom C0955; Puiemetchika C1737; ot Nega C2170 Shtabnaga Rabatnika C0615; Snay- Yakutyane v Nebe Frantavam C1810 pera C1458; Vozdushnoga Razved- Yaisska-Kishinevskaya OperatsiyaCil,45 chika C1827 Yedinonachaliye v Sovetskikh Voar Zapravka Gusenichnykh i Kolesnykh Silakh, Leninskiv Stil' v Rabate [Voyennykh] Mashin C1499 Ofjtserov C0574 Zarevo Nad Volnami C1987 Yedinstva Armii i Narada i Puti Yega Zarnitsy v Fiordakh C1951 Dal'neyshego Ukrepleniya C0541 Zashchishchat' Rodinu, kak Zaveshchal Yedinstvo Nauki i Politiki--Vazhney- Lenin C0271 shov Printsip Partiynaga Rukha- Zashchita Naseleniya--Glavnaya Zadavodstva C1323 cha Grazhdanskoy Obarony C2177, Yerezhepbay Maldabayev C1625 C2187,C2257 Yesen Urakbayev C1733 Zashchita Naseleniya: at Bakterio- Yesli Ostanus' Zhivym...C0947 logicheskaga Oruzhiya C2162; at Yesli Prikazhet Rodina C0205 Khimicheskaga Oruzhiya C2243; at Yesli Vdrug Nad Zemley....C2229 Oruzhiya Massavaga Parazheniya Yukums )Iaakim) Vatsiyetis C0691 C2267; at Radiaaktivnykh Osadkav Yunasha Stanavitsya Ofitseram C1489 C2239,C2258; at Yadernaga Oruzhiva Yunast' Ukhadit v Bay C1593 C2167 Yunast' v Ogne C1848 Zashchita Ot Oruzhiya Massavaga Parazheniya C2183,C2212,C2238,C2268,C2269 Zashchita: Otechestva--Svyashchennyy Za Kazhdyy Dam C1621 Daig Kazhdaga Grazhdanina SSSR% Za Muzhestva i Otvagu C1021 C0206; Otechestva--Svyashchennyy : a Radinu C0786 Daig Savetskaga Grazhidanina C1251; Za Sckundu da Vzryva C2210 Sel'skago Naseleniya at Oruzhiya Za Svahadu Radiny C0798 Massava Parazheniya C2179 Za Valgay Zemli dlya Nas ne Byla Zashehita Sotsialistielheskaga Oteclhe- C1514 stva: i Savetskaya Maladezh' C0294; Zabavkal'skiy Vayennyy Okrug C0656 Obshchaya Zakanamernast' Razvitiya Zabaty Saldatskiye C2120 Miravay Sats Sistemy C0008; Zakana- Zakavkazskiy Front Vel Otech Vayny mernast' Straitellstva Satsializma C0861 i Kammunizna C0534,C0540 Zakavkazskiya Zapiski [Vayennaga Zashchita Vaysk at Oruzhiya Massavaga Karrespandental C0835 Parazheniya C

266 Zashehitnik Rodiny C70369 Zvezdy nad Pribaltikoy C1888 Zashchitnyye Sooruzheniya fot Yader- Zvezdy ne Merknut (70899,C1088 nogo Oruzhiyalv Podzemnykh Vyra- Zvezdy Slavy C70819 botkakh (72256 Zastava, v Ruzh'ye! C72115 Zaveshchano Ottsami C70557 Zavetam Lenina Verny (70403 Zavetam Ottsov Verny C0276 Zavetnyye Slova Voinov (71013 Zavetnyye Zori C0951 Zavod i Armiya (70288 Zdes' Prokhodil Mius-Front C0993 Zdes' Zanimavutsya Budushchiye Voiny 0O24 0 Zdravstvuy, Chapayev! (70655 Zdravstvuy, Drug Broneboyshchik! C Zemetki Chiena Vayennogo Soveta (71298 Zemlva:Geroyev (70961; ne Terpit Robkikh C0795; Nebo---Zemlya (71628; Pod Kinylom (71879 "Zemlva-Vozdukh" Ustroystvo i Prin-- tsipy Deystviya Zenitnogo Raketnogo Kornpleksa (71382 Zenitki B"yut Broneboynymi C71407 Zenitki B"yut po Vedushchemu (71910 Zenitnyve Podrazdeleniya v Boyu C1715 Zenitnyye Raketnvye Kompleksy C1387 Zheleznyy Veter v Litso....C2113 Zhenshchiny c Soldatskikh Shinelyakh (70885 Zhivaya Pamyat' ( vut Geroi na Urale C0942 Zhivut Traditsii Boyevyye C71680 Zhivut Traditsii Patriotov C2221 Zhizn'--Rodine (70702 Zhizn' v Aviatsii (71917 Znamva nad Revkhstagom (70809,C1444 Znay Strelkcvoye Oruzhive C72191 Zolot,,-ye Zvezdv:C70948; Adygei C0934: Altava (70753; Checheno-Ingushetii (70754; Kurgantsev (70755; Poles ya C0935,(71026; Prikam'va (71127: Rechnikov (71991; Severvan (70858; Sverdlovchan (70756 Zorenostsv C70913 Zo-ri nad Okopami (71778 Zvezdnvv Chas M-avora Ktiznetsova (721I M0 7.vez(1v lna Brone C.1510( Zvezdv na Krvl'vakh C

267 -- ' - w. -, ". ' " 'fl U,* w " v- ' h : - - " " " ' Komsomol of the Red Banner Pacific Legend Without Fiction C0845. Ocean Fleet C1220 Legendary Chapayev C0591 Komsomol Work in the Soviet Army and Legendary Kombrig C0619 Navy C1254,C1321 Legendary March of the 18th Cavalry Komsomol's Fighting Detachment C1270 Division C1490 Konchanskoye-Suvorov Museum Estate Lenin's Battalion C0663 of A.V.Suvorov C0645 Lenin's Komsomol C1269 Korsun's Dawns C0892 Leninist Idea of Moral,Political & Korsun'-Shevchenkovsk Battle C148 Psychological Training...C1348 Krasnoyarsk Guards C1660 Leninist Ideas--To the Masses of I Kurbanbay Irisbekov C1168 Soldiers C1221 Kursants in Tank Helmets C1454 Leninist Norms:-Law of Life of Army Kursk Battle C0134,C0135,C1149 Party Organizations C1285; of Kutuzov C0701,C1211 Party Life C1242 Kuvbvshev at the Fronts of the Civil Leninist Principle of Party Spirit War C0696 Class Character...CO086 Kuybyshev House-Museum of M.V.Frunze Leninist Principles of Party-Politi- C0618 cal Work...C1296 Leninist Theory of Reflection,Meth- 0 odology & Lcgic...CO084 L-29 Airplane C1885 Leninist Universal Military Training Labor, Talent, Valor C0649 C0223 Land of Heroes C0961 Letters from the Front C1152 Landing at El'tigen C1998 Letters to the Living C1056 Last Assault C1638 Letters of Soldiers C0780 Last Round--For the Enemy C1857 Lev Dovator C1664 Last Salvo: End of One General's Liberating Mission: of the Soviet Venture C0613 Armed Forces in the Second World Last Shot C1764 War C0006; of the Soviet Army in Last Storm C0147 Bulgaria 1944 C1198 Latin America: Armies and the Libera-Liberation: of Belorussia C1154; of tion Movement C2290 Belorussia 1944 C0781,C1155; of Launches Storm the Strait C1969 the Crimea 1944 C1124; of the Law of Unity and the Struggle of Donbass C1098; of Kiev C1028; Opposites and Its Meth Signifi- of the Left Bank of the Ukraine cance for Mil Sci...C0109 and the Crimea C1138; Mission Lawfulness of Development of Army of the Soviet Armed Forces in C0088 the Second World War C0006,C0879, Laws and Categories of Dialectics & C1153; of Southeast & Central Their Meth Significance for Mui Europe by...2nd & 3rd Ukrainian Theory & Practice C0050 Fronts C0782; of Soviet Baltic Learn to Act in Battle C0139.C0322 Coast C1193 Learn to Shoot Accurately C1679 Library of the Callup C0210 Learning to Protect Life C0377 Library of a Future Soldier C0211 Legal Bases of Structuring the Sovi- Library of a Pre-Callup C0423,C0519,. et Armed Forces in C0507 C0520 Legal Basis of National Structure in Lieutenants C0256 the Soy Armed Forces Life in Aviation C1917 C0413 Life--for the Motherland C Legal Education of Personnel of the Light of the Beacon C1961 Soviet Army & Navy C0344 Lightning in Our Hands C

268 In Service to the People C , Into Submarines--at the Call of the C0710 Komsomol C1253 In the Sight--: a Swastika C2052; Introduction to the Theory of Deci- Tanks C1401 sion-making C0168 In a Single Family of Soviet Patriots Invincible C2017 C0429,CO527 Invincible Might C0401 In Single File on Guard Over the Iron Wind in the Face...C2113. Motherland C2203 It Will Never Grow Dim C0959 In the Sky: of the Baltic C1884; -- Ivan Shadrin C1683 Baltic Pilots C1915; of the Capi- Ivan Stepanovich Isakov C1999 See tal C1478; of the Don C1804,C1909; also: C2016,C2039 and on Earth C1928; of the Front C1845; of Leningrad C1819 In the Southwest Direction C0963, Jamming Zenith Complexes C1615 C1066 Jassy--Kishinev Operation C1145 In Staff Service C1557 Journey to the Ocean C0495 In the Steppes Near Kagul C2086,C2100 Judges of Firing Lines C1550 In the Struggle with Fascism C1184 Judicial Measures of Preventing In a Tight Turn C1901 Crimes...C0504 In the "Winged Infantry" C1608 Independent Work of the Student C0417 Inflexible Caucasus C1042 Kantemirov Men C1486 Influence of Exploitation Factors on Kashkadary Men in Battles for the... Photo Air Reconnaissance C1863 Motherland C0790 Influence of Philosophy on the De- Kazakhstan Formations in the Battle - velopment of Mil-Theoretical of the Kursk Bulge C1648 Thought C0078 Kazimir Semenovich and His Book Information Material for Lectures on "Great Art of Artillery" C1474 "Artillery Materiel Management" Keep Military Secrets C0324 C1588 Keeping the Working Map C1878 Inheritors of Combat Glory C2171 Kerch-Feodosiy Landing Operation S Initiative and Independence in Battle C2077 C0128 Key to Berlin C0728 Inspection of Bookkeeping Activities Khar'kov--Belgorod--Yakovlevo C0839, of Self-Supporting Industrial En- C0995 terprises of the Min Def C2148 Khusan Andrukhayev C0836 Instilling High Moral-Fighting Qual- Kiev-Berlin C1747 ities in Signal Soldier C1537 Kiev Red Banner C0705 Interaction of Afferent Systems in Killed in Battle C1062 Doing Military Work C0097 King of the Strategic C1376 Internal Ballistics of Artillery Knights of the Fifth Ocean C1821 Guns C1592 Know Firearms C2191 Internal Troops of the Soviet Repub- Komandarm Fed'ko C0685 S lic C2099 Komandarm of the Winged C1886 International Character of the Sov Komandarm's Map C1144 Armed Forces C0299 Kombrig P. Detkin C0608 International Education of Soviet Komdiv Ato an C0687 Soldiers C0462 Komkor Sergey Gribkov C0974 International Feat of the Soviet Komsomol.Assignment C1334; Committee S Army in Battles.. near Moscow, C1313; Glory C1219; Groups C1322; Stalingrad & Kursk C0855 "Katyusha" C

269 T I I Want to Fly C1823 In Battles for the North Caucasus Idea, Algorythm, Decision C0166 C1607 Ideals and Everyday C0208 In Battles for Riga C1036 Ideological: Education of Army Youth In Battles for the Soviet Motherland C1327; & Organizational Strength- C0744 ening of Party Organizations... In Battles for the Ukraine C0923 C1353; & Psychological Treatment In Battles for Velikiye Luki C1072 of NATO Troops C2324; Struggle on In Battles for Victory C1135 Military Questions C0118; Work of In the Belostok Direction 1944 C0164 the CPSU Among Navy Personnel... In the Blazing Sky C C1357; Work in the Soviet In Campaigns: C1455; and Battles Armed Forces & Increasing Its C1109 Role...C1295 In the Central Direction C1179 Ideology and Policy of the CPSU--To In the Channels of the Baltic C2027 the Masses! C1356 In the Compass Points of the Medi- If I Stay Alive...C0947 terranean C1946 If the Motherland Orders C0205 In the Depths of tihe Polar Sea C1949 If Suddenly Above the Earth...C2229 In the Difficult Days of Stalingrad "Il" Goes Into the Sky C1867 C1113 Immortal Feat C0149; of Aleksandr In a Duel with the Abver C0945 Matrosov C1080,C1446; of the Sons In the Enemy's Rear C1741 of Azerbaydzhan C1466 In the Fiery Arc C1039 Immortal Feats of Karakalpak Soldiers In the Fiery Bridgehead C1040 C0729 In Fighting Tradition C0499 Immortality C0766,C1126,C1837 In the Fire:C0787; of Battle C1311; Immortality of a Feat C0967 of Four Wars C0657; of Three Wars Immortals C0767 C0634; of War C1160,C1456 Important Factor of Combat Readiness In the First Echelon C1721 C0314 In the First Hours of War C0773 Improvement of Troop Control in Com- In the Flames of Battle C0946 bined Arms Battle in the Gr Pat In Flames, In Gunpowder...C1276 War Years C1183 In the Fleet Combat Alert C2059 In the Active Army C1076 In Forty-One Near Riga... C1989 In an Army Staff C0920 In Front of the Infantry C1512 In the Attack "34's" C1652 In Front--Tanks C1434 In the Barracks of the Bundeswehr In the Glowing Sky C1816 C2296 In the Heat of Battle C0478 In the Battle of Kiev C1038 In the Lower Don Area C1197 In Battle for Belgorod 1943 C1590 In the Main Direction C0840,C1146, In Battles for Belorussia C0768 C1174 In Battles for the Caucasus C1068, In Military Service C0254 C1166 In the Moscow Direction C0142 In Battles for Eastern Prussia C0127 In the Name of Life on Earth C1100 in Battles for the Freedom of Ruma- In the Name of Our Happiness C0978 nia C1103 In the Offensive of the Guards C0867 In Battles for Kabardino-Balkariyu In One Family of Soviet Patriots C0873 C0429,,C0527 in Battles for the Liberation of In One Fighting Family C0283 Rumania,Hungary,Czechoslovakia In the Orbit of a Great Life C0628 C1496 In the Ranks of the Winged C1807 In Battles for the Motherland C0769, In the Rear as at the Front C1786 C1037 In a Sabre Campaign C ilih ii i.:. :..

270 Hearts Which the Memory Preserves Historic Feat of Stalingrad C1163 C1448 Historical Materialism and Soviet Heating Equipment of a Soldiers' Military Science C0049 Mess C2140 History of Domestic Artillery C1415 Heirs of Heroes C0517 History of the First Revolutionary - Helicopters in Armed Combat C1854 Army of the Eastern & Turkestan - -. Hello, Chapayev! C0655 Fronts C0638 Hello My Armor-Piercing Friend! History of the Leningrad Military C1432 District C0704 Here Future Soldiers Study C0240 History of the Military, Order of Hero-Fortress C0863 Lenin, Red Banner, Order of Hero--Komandarm C0659 Suvorov, Academy C0400 Hero of Melitopol' C1025 History of Military Vocabulary in Hero-Ships C1944 the Russian Language C0145 Hero-Shironinites C0962 History of Naval Art C1945 Hero of the Soviet Union: D.M. Kar- History of One Portrait C1093 byshev C0588; Nina Onilova C1606; History of Physical Training of V.A.Molodtsov C1032 Troops C0295 Hero from Yeredva C0968 History of the Rear C2155 Heroes: of Air Rammings C2004; of History of the Ural Military Dis-. the Battles for the Crimea C0943; trict C0589 from Belgorod C0941; of the Black History of Wars and Military Art Sea Skies C1996; of the Carpathi- C0131 ans C0986; of the Carpathian Bat- Holiday in the Mountains C1067 tles C1139; Don't Die C0764; of Honor of a Soldier Keep Sacred the Dread Years C1033; of the C0404 W Dunay C0969; and Feats C0637; of House of Soldiers' Glory C0723 Fiery Years C1132; of Forty-One How to Build Antiradiation Shelters C1055; and Heirs C0725; of the in the Village C2250 Land of Sakhalin C0848; Live in How Much We Have Been Through C2138 the Urals C0942; in Pea-Jackets How to Organize Your Work C0392 C1966,C2022; of Shirokoye C1738 How to Protect Foodstuffs from Con- Heroes of the Soviet Union: From tamination...c2175 Gor'kiy C0984; From Kirgiz C0802; How was Service, Vasilek? C0371 from Kirov C1034; from Tambov How Soviet Soldiers Live and Study Cll17 C0252 Heroes of Suarsk Canyon C2003 Hunter for "Languages" C1483 Heroic:Battle for Leningrad C1123; Hydroacoustic Means of the Fleet Daughters of the Fatherland C1075; C2325 Deed is Calling C0575; Defense C0864; Defensive Battles near Porkhov, Don and Staraya Russa I Found a Real Homeland C2288 C0865; Feats of Khar'kov Citizens I Go Into Communications C1743 C0770; Kerch C1133; Leningrad I Go to the Target C C0992,C1210; Traditions I am Looking For You, My Hero C1041 of the Soviet People C0614 "I am 153" C1935 Heroines of War C0765,C0866,CI Am a Pre-Callup C0323 High Award C0272 I.S. Isakov C2039; See also C1999 High Calling C0204,C01134 I See the Target C1806,C2198 High Latitudes C2057 I Serve on the Border C2097 Higher Naval Engineering School I Serve the Soviet Union C0253,C0313 Named for Dzerzhinskiy C2023 I am a Soldier,Mama C

271 .;._ -... Fundamentals of Theory: and Construc- Great Liberation March C0760,C0938 tion of Control Verification Ap- Great Liberation Mission C0726 paratuses of Guided Missiles Great Maneuvers C0494 C1391; of Educating Soldiers Great March of Liberation C0760,COq38 C0523 Great Spiral C1046 Fundamentals of Troop Control C0153 Grigoriy Bczrodnyy C1063 "Ground to Air"...C1382 I - Ground Equipment of Rockets C1371 Gangut 1941 C2053 Ground Navigation C1414 Garrison Stands Watch C0249 Ground Troops of Capitalist States General: A.I. Osterman-Tolstoy C0642; C2321 Colonel Konstantin Leselidze C0585; Guard Duty--Fighting Task C0402 Kirponos C0627; Oka Gorodovikov Guard Near Moscow C1052 C0596; Panfilov C1064; Purkayev Guarding the Southeastern Borders C0612 C21?6 General Staff in the War Years C0162,Guards: in the Air C1883; Colonel C0976,CI081,CIO82,C189 C1171; Colonel Borsoyev C0762; General Yakub Kuliyev C0587,C0673 Hero C1762; Salvoes C1713,C1399; Generals and Military Leaders of the of Stalingrad March best C0922; Great Patriotic...: C0751; War Step C1718: Stood to the Death C0856,C1016 C1654; Taman' C1576 Generation of Fearless Ones C1315 Guardsmen C1581 Genesis of Modern Missile Dynamics Guide of a Komsomol Activist C1336 C0158 Guide of a Party Activist C1282 Genrikh Zveynik C1234 Guidebook C0202 Georgian Falcons C0808 Guidebook Through the Halls of the Georgian Soldiers in Battles to De- Museum of HSU Yan Raynberg C1131 fend Stalingrad C0979 Gunfiring Sport C1686 German-Russian Rocket-Space Dictionary C1374 Girls Went to the Front C1006 Habits of Party-Political Work to Give the People Flowers C0268 Each Kursant C1316 Give the Soldiers One Night C0827 Half a Century in the Fleet C2068 Glory of Baltic [Sailors] C1972 Half a Century on Guard Over the Glory to the Brave! C1175 Gains of October C0207 Glory of a Soldier C0752 Handbook: on Calculating Marches & Glory Won in Battle C0960 Expenditure of Fuel C1430; on Glow Over the Waves C1987 Foreign Fleets C1971; of a Glow of Stalingrad C1744 Komsomol Activist C1258; on Gold Stars: C0948; of Adygey C0934: Pensions and Privileges for Of Altay C0753; of Checheno-In- Servicemen C0319; of the Politigushetiya C0754; of the Kama Area cal Worker C1283; of the Propa- C1127; of Kurgan C0755; of the gandist and Agitator of the North C0858; of Peles'ya C0935; Army & Navv (1284: for Students of the River Fleet Men C1991; of for Firing Training "Directing A Sverdlovsk C0756; of the Wood- Fire of a Motorized Rifle Sublands C1026 unit C Gone to Immortality C1129 Hatches Opened in Berlin C1605 Great Battle Near Moscow C0789 Heart Given to the Sky C1919 Great Courage of Little Land C1937 Hearts and Armor C1475 Great Heroes C0894 Hearts and Stars C

272 Floors of the Sky C1814 From Moscow to Pskov C Flying Through the Years C1811 From MPVO to Civil Defense C2231 Food Concentrates and Daily Rations From the Neva to the Elbe C1009, C2139 C1402 For Courage and Valor C1021 From Outpost to Outpost C2116 For Freedom of the Motherland C0798 From Siberia to the Baltic C1780 For the Motherland C0786 From Tallinn to Seliger C For the Population about Civil De- From Tula to Koenigsberg C1538 fense C2222 From the Vistula to the Oder C1137 For the Sake of Life C0859 From the Volga to the Baltic C1657 For the Sake of Life on Earth C0875, From the Volga to the Dunai C1107 C0932,C0975 From the Volga to the Elbe & Prague For the Sake of Our Happiness C0648 C0749 For Us the Bugles Did Not Play Taps From the Volga Steppes to the Aus- C0352 trian Alps C0853 Forever in Formation [Service]C0852, From the Volga to the Weimar C2311 C1022,C1023 From What was Not Written in Those - - Forms and Methods of Work of a Re- Days C0750 vision Commission C0351 Front above the Earth C1813 Fortification Equipment of the Ter- Front Commander C0668 rain C1700 Front-line Youth C1560 Fortress of Soldiers' Hearts C1178 Front Recollections C1205 Fortresses Go Into Battle C1480 Front Roadways C0854 Fortresses on Wheels C1511 Frunze C0580,C0629 Forty-First Kilometer C0831 Fuelling Tracked and Wheeled Vehi- Forty-Five C0776,C0956 cles C1499 Fostering Courage C0279 Fulfil the Decisions of the VII All- 14.5mm Infantry Machinegun PKP C1405 Union DOSAAF Congress C0387 Fraternal Friendship and Combat Coop- Fundamental Laws of War C0099 eration of Aviators...C1808 Fundamentals: of Analysis of Opera- Friendship of Peoples--Source of tions at Sea C0075; of Automa- Might of Sov Armed Forces C0341 tion of Control Systems C1788; Friendship of Peoples of the USSR-- of Building Guidance Controls of Source of Might...C0244 Zenith Artillery Complexes C1757; Friendship, Strengthened in Battles of Design of Antitank Grenade C0346 Launchers...C1742; of Exploita- From Battle--to Battle C1552 tion of Artillery Armaments C1726; S From Bukhara to Berlin C1830 of Legal Knowledge C0307,C0388; From Buynaksk to Berlin C1767 of Maintaining Armaments C0515; From the Dnepr to the Vistula C0878 of Military Pedagogics, Methods From the Experience of Party-Polit of Conducting Studies...C0306; Work in Sov Armed Forces C1277 of Network Planning and Control From the Far North C1417 C0030; of Photography & Utiliza- From the Generation of the Coura- tion of Photos...C1306; of Radio geous C1843 Control of Rocket Projectiles... From Groznyy to Prague C1609 C0178; of Scientific Organization From Kaunas to Vil'nius 1502 Days of Military Labor C0335; of Soviet C1I01 Military Legislation C0389; of From the Kuban to Prague C1532 Tactical Maneuvering of Single From the March Into Battle C1659 Ships C2019; of Teaching & Educa- From Moscow to the Elbe C1624 ting Students & Kursants C " """ " -. "'. #." -"...".."....'" ".",... ' "".. J ".' '.J.""-'., -. """" '", ". '. '"

273 Experience of Offensive Operations Fiery: Bastion C1053; Borders C0688; of Fronts in Gr Pat War C0026 Bulge C1049; Feat C1921; For- Exploitation of Radioelectronic tresses C1677; Island C0881; Equipment of Aircraft...C1924 Miles C0747,C18; Shield of External Ballistics of Zenith Pro- Moscow C1793; Sky C1812,1907; jectiles C1569 Snow C1740; Years C1418 Fifty Years on Guard Over the Southern Border of the Fatherland C0246 Face to Face with Danger C0570 Fifty Years in Service C0639 Face to Face With the Enemy C1717 "Fighter! Hold Steady!" C1890 Face to the West C0929 Fighters and Commanders C0391 Facing Russia C0490 Fighters of the Ideological Front Factor of Time in Modern Battle C1216 C0024 Fighting: for Belorussia C1122; Col- Factory and Army C0288 laboration C0021; Collective Farm Faithfulness to Duty C0683,C2111 C2166; Cooperation C0021,C0646, Falcon's Family C1849 C2286; Days of the Border C2123; Falcons C1841 Decorated...C2112; Detachment of Falcons of Fergana C0771 Soviet Patriots C0265; Girl- Falcons Learn to Fly C0381 friends C2082; Glory of Altay Fate of Heroes C0906 C0748; Journey of the Soviet Feat C0746,C0860,C0930,Cl029 Armed Forces C0671; Service--Our Feat of Battalion Commander C1595 Main Task C0305; Stars C0936; Feat Began in April C1805 Traditions Live C1680; Traditions Feat Continues C0245,C0304,C0385, of Soviet Border Guards C2095; C1520 Valor C0247; Wings C1835 Feat of the First Rocketeers C1373 Finale C0931 Feat of a Komsomol Organizer C0937 Find Your Star C0491 Feat of Liberation C1019 Fire from the Sky C1868 Feat in the Name of the Fatherland Fire Support with the Aid of Radar C0849,C1120 Stations of Terrestrial Artillery 777 Feat C1119 C1761 Feat of Northern Seaman C1955 Firing:Competition C1561; to Destroy Feat of Novorossiysk C1121 a Battery C1491; at Me C0851; at Feat of Perm' Tankists C1412 Moving Targets C2201; Past and Feat of the S-13 C1941 Present C1531; of Ship Artillery Feats of the Fiery Years C0850 C2000; from Tanks C1665; Training Feats in the Name of the Fatherland C1471; with Zenith Rockets C1367; C0849,C1120 First: Commander in Chief C0665; 2 Features of Creativity of a Politi- Salute of the Motherland C0805; cal Worker C1347 Soviet Guardsmen C1485; Starts Features of the Directing Activities C1378; Turkmen--Hero C1634 of Political Workers C1308 Fit for Duty C0402 Features of Educational Work with Fit Without Restriction C1926 Officers...C1299 Flaming Years C0944 Feelings of the Motherland C1020 Flare on the Hills C1616 Filid Ballistic Stations C1388 Flares Over the Foxholes C1778 Field Manual of the Ground Forces: Fleet and War C1957,C2326 Platoon,Squad,Tank C1599 Fleets of Basic Imperialist States Field Training & Political Work [in C2309.'.. Soviet Army & Navy] C1252 Floating Clouds C

274 Driver--Fighting Service C1705 Embodiment of Leninist Ideas in Driving a Combat Machine C1639 Building Armies of States of the - "Dvina" C0124 Warsaw Pact C0005 Dynamics of Flight and Combat Maneu- Emergency Work on Comnmunal Networks vering of Flying Apparatuses in...nuclear Contamination C2230 C1899 End of the Fascist Den C1627 Dzerzhintsy [Graduates] on Guard End of the Third Reich C1014 Over the Soviet Borders C2121 Engineer: Support of Combined Arms. Battle C1559; Support of Defensive Operations of the Soviet Eagles Marched to Their Death C1535 Army C1410; Troops in Earth Does Not Tolerate the Timid Battles for the Soviet Motherland C0795 C1411; Work in Areas of Nuclear L Earth--Sky--Earth C1628 Destruction C2165 Earth Under the Wing C1879 Engineering Equipment of the Soviet Echelon Left for the Front C1710 Army C1781 Economic: Aspects of Soviet Military Engineers' Defense Measures from Doctrine C0076; Bases of the Mili- Modern Means of Destruction C1707 tary Power of a State C0518: Bases Engines of Army Vehicles C1464,C1530 of the Military Power of a State English-Russian Military Frequency and Structuring the Armed Forces Dictionary Minimum C0098 C0405; Factors & Armaments C2313; Ensuring Safety and Accident-free and Moral Potentials in Contem- Work with Armaments C0186 porary War C0002; Questions in Enthusiasm C0552 Raising the Effectiveness of Stud- Entrance Conditions and Programs of ving in VUZ C0578; Work in the Entrance Examinations into Mil- Troops C2157 Tech Avia Sch of Air Forces C1911 Economics--Rear and Front in Modern Equipment in the War Years C0125 War C0010 Ergash Sharifov C1578 Economics of Repairing Combat and Essays of Soviet Military Historio- Transport Machines C1640 graphy C0073 Educating Signal Troops in the Spirit Esthetic Culture and Specifics of '- of Friendship of Peoples C1301 Its Development in the Soviet, Education of:soldiers in the Spirit... Armed Forces C0221 C0438; Soviet Soldiers...C1310 Esthetics of Military: Service C0321; Education of Young Communists C1231 Work & Soldiers' Daily Tife C0509 Eight Fiery Days C1774 Ethics of the Soviet Officer C nd Yartsevskaya C1584 Evaluation of the Effects of the De- Electrical Equipment: of Army Vehi- structive Factors of Weapons of cles C1555; of Special Machines Mass Destruction...C2262 of the Chemical Troops C1548; of Evaluation of the Quality and Calcu- Tanks C1529 lation of Parameters of Stabilitv Electrical Machines and Electric of Movement...of Vehicles C1693 Drives of Submarines C2001 Evaluation of Water Barriers C1731 Electronic Calculating Equipment in Everyday Life of the Front Years Military Affairs C0167 C0736 Electronic Elements of Military Sig- Everything Decided in a Flash C2033 nals Equipment C1696 Evolution and Revolution in the De- Elements of Analysis of Complex Sys- velopment of Mil Affairs C0051 tems C2300 Existence in a Foxhole C1203 Elements of Design of Ship Artillery Experience of Foremost People--To Installations C2042 All DOSAAF Collectives C

275 Cultural-Educational Work in Armed Development of the Legal Bases of Forces USSR C1274 Sov Mil Service...C1543 Cybernetics in Battle C0175 Development of National Relations Under Socialism...C0379 Development of Naval Fleets in the Daily Life: of a Company Political Postwar Period C1980 Worker C1215; of a Kursant C0421;Development of Soviet Military Sciof Military Ways C1125 ence After Second World War C0046 Daughters of the Motherland C0651 Devotion C1115 Dawns Do Not Dim C0199 Dew of the Border Path C2131 Day Which the Enemy Will Not Have Dialectics and Contemporary Military C1472 Affairs C0014 Decisions of the 24th Congress CPSU Dialectics of Means and Methods of -- Into Life C1232 Armed Conflict C0072 Decisive Battles of the Great Patri- Diary of an Officer C0954 otic War C0784 Diary Pierced by a Bullet C1513, Decontaminating Objectives Which C1772 Have Suffered the Effects of Dictionary of Phrases and Frequency Weapons of Mass Destruction C2193 Dictionary of Words of Limited Decorated in Peacetime C0197,C0198 Military Sub-language C0013 * Decorated Posthumously C1058 Difficult Decision C2298 Defeat of Fascist Troops in Belorus- Directives of Front Commanders of sia 1944 C1209 the Red Army C0610, Defender of the Motherland C0369 C0635,C0703 Defense of the Fatherland--Sacred Disciplinary Regulations of the Armed Duty: of Each Citizen of the USSR Forces USSR C0300,C0380 C0206; of Each Soviet Citizen Discipline Doubles the Strength of a C1251 Soldier C0225 Defense of the Socialist Fatherland: Discipline--Factor of Victory C General Regularity of Develop- Discipline of a Soldier-Komsomol ment of the World Soc SystemCOO08; C1333 Regularity of Building Socialism Distant Fields C1479 and Communism C0534,C0540; and Dive to Immortality C1904 Soviet Youth C0294 Division Marched Forward C1495,C1544 Defense of Troops from Weapons of Division Marched West C1539 Mass Destruction C1684 Dmitriy Rud' C0719 Defense Work at Plants C2189 Dnepr--Carpathians--Crimea C0130, Defying Death C1428 Dnepr--River of Heroes C1060 Depths of the Ocean C2024 Do as I Do! C0261 I Deputy Commander: of a Company for DOSAAF: Alumni Serve in the Army Political Units C1319; for Polit- C0331; Committee & the Study Point ical Units--Organizer of Agit & C0475; LatSSR Regulations C0486; Prop...C1361; for Political Work C1312 Lotteries C0301; Lotteries and Strengthening the Material-Tech Design of Stationary Rations Ware- Base...C2164; Patriotic Org of the - houses C2158 Soviet People C0325; USSR Materi- Design and Testing of Ballistic als of the VII All-Union Congress Rockets C1364 C0302; USSR--Regulations C0383 Detached Bashkir Cavalry Brigade on Don't Trust the Silence: C0903; on * Fronts of Civil War C1540 the Border C2081 Development in Kursants of Mil Sch Drill Regulations of the Armed Forces Interest in Soc Science C0410 USSR C0200,C0303,C ~~~~~~~ * A,- --

276 Ra Combat Specialties of Soldiers and Construction of Military Highways Sailors C0482 C1524,C2152 Combat Union of Fraternal Armies Construction of Submarines C2032 C2285 Contemporary Artillery C1425 Combat Use of Aircraft Carriers [of Contemporary Problems of Philosophi- US,Brit,Japan Navies] C2305 cal Teaching: on Cognition and Combat Use and Combat Effectiveness Their Meaning for Mil Theory & -- o. of Fighter-Interceptors C1859 Pactice C0110; on Matter and Combat Use of Soviet Artillery in Its Significance for Mil Theory Operations of Gr Pat War C1603 & Practice C0081 Combatting Low-Flying Means of Air Continuity in Educating Soldiers Attack C1787 C0229 Combatting Radioelectronic Means Continuous Watch C1977 A. C0165 Control & Verification of Execution Combined Arms Regulations of the in Party Work C1248 ArmL.! Fnrces USSR C0196,C0297 Coordinates of Friendship C2043 Come to Parris and Die C2307 Corps Went West C1159 Command Words C1940 Corps of the Winged Guard C1916 Commandant of the Reichstag C0757 Cossak Guards C1567 Commander C0712 Cottage on the Border C2104 Commander of the Breakthrough Divi- Council of the Chairman of a DOSAAF sion C1431 Committee C0566 Commander in Chief of Krasnousol'skiy, Courage C0924, C1745 Kombrig of Chongarskiy C0604 Courageous C1079 Commanders and Military Leaders of "Courageous I" Goes to Sea C2050 the Gr Pat War C0751,C0856,C1016 Courageous Sons of the Don C0740 Commissar Lelyuk C1265 Courageous Sons of Ossetin C0741 Commissar Shlykov C0592 Course of Lectures on Bookkeeping Committee--Organizer of Socialist of a Mil Unit C2146,C2154 Competition C0448 Course Lecture "Tank Troop Load- Communications in the Gr Pat War Lifting Machines" C1525 C1646 Course to Sevastopol' C2051 Communism and Personality C1331 Covered with Glory C1239,C1477 Communist Morals--the Moral Founda- Creation and Strengthening: the Instition of Oath & Mil Regs C0567 tute of Mil Commissars in the Communist Morals and Soldiers' Duty Navy C1349; of Party C0259 Organizations in the Navy During 0 Crmmunists:C1230; of the Army & Navy the Civil War C1300 C1249 Crimeans--Heroes of the Soviet Union Computing Scale of Civil Defense C1065 C2275 See also: C2247 Criminal Responsibility of Service- Comrade Praporshchik C1643 men for Committing Crimes C0544 Comrades in Battle C1182 Criticism of Bourgeois:Falsifiers Comrades from the Western Front of Mil History C0004; Theories C0989 and Views on Mil Questions CO001 Constellation of Commanders C0633 Criticism of Contemporary Bourgeois:. Construction of Firearms C1523 Philosophical & Sociological Construction Materials for Military Theories.& Meth Basis of Bourge- - Road Work C2145 ois Mil Science C0089; Sociologi- Construction of [Mill Flying Appa- cal Concepts of Army C0114; Views ratuses C1858 on Army C0061 C r0 245

277 Calendar of a Soldier: 1971 C0195; Cherished Taps C C0242; 1973,1974 C0296; Cherished Words of Soldiers C C0480 Chernyakhovskiy C0625,C0654,C0694 Calculating Slide Rule of Civil Chronicles of Soldiers' Glory C0732 Defense C2247 Civil Defense:C2248,C2251,C2261, Calculation by the Commander of the C2265,C2192,C2199,C2200; in Moral Factor...C0555 Capitalist Countries C2176; of Calculations of Gas-Venting Mecha- an Industrial Objective C2228; nisms...c1469 at Machinebuilding Enterprises Call to Arms C0213 C2233; in Nulcear Rocket War Call Me,Native Land C0481 C2163; at Objectives of Agricul- Call Signs of Our Hearts C1663 ture C2244; at Objectives of the Camouflage in Combat Actions of the National Economy C2249; USSR-- Fleet C1965 Everyone's Business C2161,C2197; Captain of the Guards C1694 of Uzbekistan in Liquidating Re- Caspian Red Banner [Flotilla] C2056 suits of Natural Disasters Catalog of Original & Memorial C2224 Plaques of Ships...C2048 Collaboration Born in Battles C0884 Catastrophe of Hitler's Army C0994 Collapse of Operation "Typhoon" Caucasus Front C0605 C0964 Caucasus Held Out; the Caucasus Won; Collection on Civil Defense C2227 Veterans Remember C1012 Collection of Fundamental Guiding Caution, Mines! C1642 Documents on Party-Political Cavaliers of the Order of Glory: Work C1278 C0847,C0880; Citizens of Gor'kiy Collection of Instruction on Funda- C0738 mental Questions...of Housekeep- Center is Calling C1043 ing in Subunits...C2144 Center of Mass Defense Work C2180 Collection of Judicial Acts...C0576 Central DOSAAF Sports Shooting Club Collection of Lectures on the Latest C1712 Achievements of Science...C1688 Central Home of the Soviet Army Collection of Problems of Tactical Named for Frunze C0012 Maneuvering of Ships C2038 Central Museum of the Armed Forces Combat Actions of a Motorized Rifle USSR C0669 Battalion in a City C1503 Chairman's Council of a DOSAAF Com- Combat Actions at Night C0148 mittee C0358 Combat Alert in the Fleets C1973 " Changing of the Generations C2178 Combat Collaboration... C2284 Chapayev C0698 Combat Equipment and Armaments C0122 S Chapayev and Chapayevites C0670 Combat Glory CI015 Chapayev Men Talk C0607 Combat History of the Soviet Army Chapayev on Saratov Land C0699 C Character and System of Laws of War Combat Launches C1963 and Armed Conflict C0087 Combat Machines MB-13N,BM-13NM,BM- Characteristics and Analysis of 13NMN C1701 Signals of Mil Communications Combat Might of the Soviet Armed C1704 Forces C0257 "Chatos" Go Into the Attack C1852 Combat Pennant Over the Onega C1994 Chemical Service of the Red Army Combat Record of the Soviet Navy in C1682 C Chemical Weapons and Protection Combat Regulations of Artillery from Them C2216 C1406 Chemistry in Battle C0120 Combat Routes C

278 ' -. -A" Ballistic Rockets of Strategic Desig- Bergen Isakhanov C0807 nation C1393 Berlin Epilogue C0823 Baltic [Fleet] is My Youth C2046 Beyond the Volga for Us There Was Baltic Remembers C2018 No Land C1514 Baltic Sailors in the Fight for Soviet Biography of Records C0347 Power 1919 C2047 Biological Weapons and Protection Baltic Sailors Go Into Battle 1941 from Them C2195 C2014 Birth of a Feat C0837 Baltics Go By Lenin's Course C1948 "Black Death" Attacks C1894 Banner Over the Reichstag C0809,C1444 Bon Voyage,"Gremyashchiy!" C2066 Bases of Mechanisms of Zenith Artil- Boran Nysanbayev C1461 lery Guns C1689 Border Gives Birth to Heroes C2124 Bases of Scientific Organization of Border Guard Hero V.V.Kondyurin Labor in Mil Schools C0473 C2132 Basic Categories of Dialectics and Borders Guards: Collection C2107; Their Expression in Mil Affairs USSR C2108; USSR C C2096; USSR 1939-June,1941 Basic Categories of Military Ethics C2080 and Their Significance...C0353 Border Patrol C2109 Basic Directions of Economic Work of Borders of Courage C0394.Railway Transportation C1545 Born in Battles C0581,C0586 Basic Law of Party Life C1250 Born of October C0397 Basic Principles of Operational Art Born on Zaporozhe Land C1749 and Tactics C0038 Borod's Detachment C2072 Basic Principles of Soviet Military Bravest of the Brave C0714 Discipline C0367 Breath of Victory C0734 Battalion in Defense of the Coast- Breathing of the Ocean C1974 line C2036 Brest Fortress: C0735,C0812,CI083; Battalion in a Naval Landing C Hero C0844 Battery Marches West C1440 Brest Hero Fortress C1010 Battle in the Air C1833 Bridges They Went Across C0998. Battle for the Caucasus C0152,C1027 Brody Pocket C1112 Battle for the Dnepr C1084 Brother Soldiers C0953 Battle for Hill "171" C1462 Brothers in Arms C0015 Battle of Kursk C1086,C1087,C1191 Brothers Fighting Together C1057 Battle of Kursk 1943 C0999,CIOOO Bryansk Front C Battle of Moscow 1941 C1001 Buried One was Alive a Second Time Battle of Moscow C0933 C2105 Battle of the Spit of Obitochna C0583 By Common Roads C2277 Battle of Stalingrad C0970 By the Compass Points of Courage Be Ready for Feats C0342 C Be Ready for Heroic Deeds C0551,C0553 By the Course of the"aurora" C1320 Be Ready to Protect the Motherland! By Efforts of the Actives C2217 C0418 By Front Roads C0841 Be Strong, Hardy! C0460 By the High Shores of the Amur C2110 Beginning Military Training C0312 By Order of the Motherland C0846 Beginning Period of War C0070 By Order of the Revolution C0597 Behind Each House C1621 By the Road of the Fathers C1018 Belorussian Military District:C0664 By Roads: of the Fathers C2218; of Everyday Life...CO192 Victory C0727; of War C1142,C1546, 9 Bequeathed by the Fathers C0557 C1647,C1729 By Weapons of Truth C

279 Armed Forces and Military Art of At the Beginning of the Journey Socialist Countries C2281 C2276 Armed Forces of the Soviet State At a Border Guard Post C2098 C0496 At the Call of the Heart C1192 Armed Forces of the Soviet Union At the Call of the Memory C2020 on Guard Over the Peace C0255 At the Call of the Motherland C1141 Armed Forces of the USSR C0310, At the Dawn of Life C C0398,C0506 At the Edge of the Continent C1140 Armed Forces of Yugoslavia C2279 At the First Signal C2252 Armenian Military Leaders of the At the Gates of the Cuacasus C0917 * Soviet Army C0630 At the Head of a Tank Spearhead Armenians--Commanders C0647 C1602 Armies of NATO Countries C2318 At the Kharkov Turbine C0543 Armies in Political Regimes of Coun- At Little Land(Malaya Zemlva)C1984, tries of the Modern East C2291 C2071 Armor and Courage C0237 At the Moscow Locomotive Repair Armor in the Fire C1501 C0479 Armored Tank Order of Lenin Red At the Point of the Main Strike Banner C1396 C1722 S Armored heeled Vehicles of the At the Price of Life C1091 Soviet Army C1403 At the Signal of Air Alert C1795 " Army of Fraternal Peoples C0284,C0285 At the Starting Position C1383 Army of the Land of the Soviets C0489 At the Unseen Post C0695 Army and the Socialist Revolution Atlas for the Officer C0184 C0027 Attack of the Shock C0804 Army and Socialist Sociezy C0041 Attention: The Border! C2092 Army of the Soviets C0238,C0286, Auditing Commissions of DOSAAF C0368,C0469 C0471 Army Vehicles: Construction & Cal- Austere Fate C0525 culations C1397; Theory C1398 Austere Service C2106 Arrows Crossed the Shpree C1004 Austere Years C0617 Art of Persuasion C1264 Autographs of Victory C0927 Art & the Spiritual World of the Automated Systems of Control of Soviet Soldier C0547 Staffs & Mil Establishments Artillery C1556 [Capitalist Countries] C2319 Artillery Armaments & the Fundamen- Automatic Tank Systems C1669,C1670 tals of Combat Use of Artillery Automobile Plant Workers C2194 C1681 Automotive Training C1517 " Artillery, Fire C1541 Automotive Transportation in the Artillery Firing Notebook of the Interests of Civil Defense C2274 *.*.Ground Artillery Officer C1516 Auxilliary Ships and Floating Means Artillery Materiel Management C1587 of the Navy C2060 Artillery Optical Instruments C1617 Aviation Against Submarines C1825 Artillery & Rocket Weapons of Ships Aviation in the Battle of Moscow C1978 C1842 Artillery Scouting C1473 Azin C0643 Artillery in Special Conditions C1409 At the Approaches of the Caucasus Bacteriological Weapon and Protec- C1470 tion from It C2196 At the Bastions--Chapayev's Men C1420 Baku Air Defense District C ,

280 TITLE INDEX ENGLISH About the Banner to Which We Took Airborne Troops of the Soviet Army the Oath C0524 C1735 About the Battle-Scorched Ruins Aircraft & Helicopter Carriers C2303 C1150 Akhmetov's Path C1422 About the Fighting Traditions of Aleksandr Ignat'yevich Molodchiy Railroad Troops C1460 C1906 About Those Who Defended Stalin- All-Union Order of Red Banner Volungrad C1048 teer Society for Cooperation with About You, Comrades of the Front the Army,Aviation & Fleet C0235 C1435 Alley of Heroes C1187 Abstract of Lecture on the Civil Along Front Paths and Roads C1280 Defense Course: "Evacuation and Along the Roads of the First Cavalry Dispersion..." C2225; "Organi- C1468 zation and Conduct of Recon- Along Roads of War C1463 naissance..." C2226 Alongside the Border C2122 Abstract of Lecture on the Course: Altitude C1829 "Military Commutation Systems Always in Formation C2093 & Telephones" C1611; "Military Always with the Infantry, Always Systems of Multichannel Electri- with Tanks C1613 cal Wire Communications" C1703 Amphibious Vehicles C1507 Across the Carpathians C0129,C0940, Amur Heroes of the Great Patriotic Across the Fiery Borders C0939 C0806 Across Seas and Oceans C1962 Anatoliy Serov C1802 Across Seven Borders C1515 And Again in Battle C0973 Actions of Military Scouts C0505 And in Battle Still More Important -. Activity of the Political Organs & C1437 Party Organizations...C And Civilians Donned Greatcoats Actual Methodological Problems of C1108 -E: Operational Art & Tactics C0042 And in Peacetime There is a Place Actual Problems of Soviet Military for Heroic Deeds C0550 Ethical Theory C0360 And the Regiment was Called Berlin Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet C1447 Union I.S.Isakov C2016 And They Won Over Death C1161 Admiral's Watch C0281 Antennas Looking at the Sky C1692 Advice on the Study of Firearms & Antiaircraft Gunners Fight with Ar- Grenade Launchers C1760 mor-piercers C1407 Aerodynamics & Dynamics of Combat Antiaircraft Gunners Shoot at the 1 7 Maneuver of Flying Apparatuses Leader C1910 C1873 Antisubmarine Weapons and Their Aesthetics of Military Work & Sol- Carriers C2026 diers' Daily Life C0509 Again in Formation C1702 Antitank Armament C1734 Antitank Warfare C1521,C1589 Against the Black Baron C1870 Anuar Abutalipov C0997 Aggression and Catastrophe C2304 Arctic Ordinary C1981 '. Agitator of a Subunit C1363 Ardent Heart C0950 Aiming-Navigation Systems C0176 Arkhangel'sk Komsomol--To the Navy Aiming Systems of Fire C1641 USSR C1272 Air Defense C1790 Armed Forces of Capitalist States Air Rammings in the Skies of Leningrad C1809 C2294 Armed Forces and E~unomics C0095 i - Airborne Troops of NATO C2292 Armed Forces & Mil Art in WWI C

281 Lights of Distant Posts C2084 Marxist-Leninist Philosophy: and L~imits of a General C0678 Its Methodological Significance Linguistics in Military Affairs for Mil Theory & Practice C0054; C Methodological Basis of Educa-J Listen to the Voices of War Heroes! ting Students of the Academy C1030 C0085; --World View and Methodo- L~iterature on Civil Defense logical Basis of Soviet Military C2223 Theory & Practice C0092 L~iving Memorial C0424 Mass Control Installation UMK-3 Long,Long Voyage C2070 C2030 Long-Range,Rocket-Carrying C1381 Mass Defense Organization of Uzbeki- Loyalty to Military Duty C0498 stan in C0289g "L'vov" C2045 Mass Defense Work in the Primary Organization of DOSAAF C0326, C Michines of Engineer Armaments and Mass Heroism of Soviet Soldiers in Power Equipment C0157 the Years of Cr Pat War C0737 SMain TExamination C0977 Massive Forms of Military Patriotic Main Reference Point C1528 Propaganda C0510 Mainline of the Fearless C1487 Masters of Mighty Equipment C0239 Maintenance of Civil Defense Shelters Materialist Dialectics--Methodologi- C2174 cal Weapon of SoP Officer C0373 Maintenance of Means of Technical Materials for Civil Defense C2182 Armaments of Railroad & Road Materials to Help the Probationer- Troops C1714 Kursant C1223 Maintenance and Repair of Artillery Materials of Scientific Conference Radioelectronic Systems.. C1536 at the Academy "Leninist PrincinLakarov C2010 ples C0pirit..."C1222 of Party o -Makecs of Weapons C0161 Mathematical Methods of Research Maksim Yakupov C0910 operations in Mil Affairs C0174 Malik Gadullin C1165 Mathematics and Armed Combat 89 Man and Equipment in the System of Meaning and Specifics of Legal Acts MiTroops Control C0977 of Organs of Soy Mil Control Manual on Firing C1488,C1630,C1631, C0446 Cl 63 l1a Means of Protection and Prophylac- Manual: of a Fleet Radiometrist tics of Radiation Injuries C2168 C2062, on Military Toography Means of Technical Armaments of1 C0179; for Pilots and Navigators Railroad Troops C1632 C1920 Measure of Courage C0829 Maneuver in Combined Arms Battle Mechanical Equipment of a Soldier's C0035 Mess C2141 * Maneuver "Dvina' C13 Men of the FrontPut on Orders! C0785 Marching into Immortality C0883, Men of Kazakhstan in Battles for C1158 Leningrad C1002 Marshal Govorov C0584 Mental Processes in Conditions of... [i Marshal Meretskov C0720 Pedagogical Activity in VVUZ C179"for ilot Naiatr.an Railroad...oops...2 Marxism-Leninism on War and Army C0477? '[ C120 C0032,C091 Messengers Masur of Corg of the Party C082 Cl29.- Maeuverin Cobine ArmsBattl Mechnica Eqimn.f ode' Marxist-Leninist Methodology of Meteorology and Artillery Fire C1758 Military History C0053 Meteorological Training C

282 Methodical: Instructions for Studying "Automation of Mil Signal Equipment" C1773; Textbook on Beginning Military Training Militarized Games on Terrain C0308 Military Academies and Schools C0316,C0502 Military Administration C0214,C0468 C0258; Textbook for Course "Party Military-Applied All-Around Combined Political Work in the Sov Armed Tournament C0203 Forces" C1318 Military Art: in the Battle for Mos- - Methodological: Bases of Troop Con- cow C1157; in the Epoch of: Imtrol C0090; Questions in the perialism, etc C0066; in the Process of Decision-Making by Jassy-Kishinev Operation C1208; Commanders C0501; Questions of In Operations to Liberate Hun- Scientific Control in the Soviet gary & Eastern Yugoslavia C0113; Armed Forces C0093 In the Second World War C0057; Methods: of Ballistic Design of Ro- of Fascist-German Armies in the tating Projectiles C0182; of Cal- Second World War C0040 culating Combat Effectiveness of Military: Automobile Transportation Armaments C0150; of Conducting C1754; Builders at Moscow Con- Studies on Engineer Training... struction Jobs C1564; Builders C0407; of Conducting Studies on in Belorussia in the Period of Tactical Training in Subunits Defeat of the Entente Campaigns C0372; of Current Control of Pro- C0693; Builders in the Patriotic gress and Ways of Recording and War C1404; Collective and Rais- Examining C0549; of Drill Train- ing Its Role in Resolving Tasks ing C0327; of Engineering Tacti- Faci", ;.e Academy C0442; Commucal Calculations C1736; of Eval- nications Systems of Signals & uating Reliability of Systems in Telephones C1746; Comradeship-- Planning C1526; and Forms of Cog- Glorious Tradition C0250; Diary nition in Mil Tech Sciences C0177; C2295; Economic Cooperation of Guide for Self-Study of the Offi- Socialist Countries C2287; Ecocer Staff of a Regiment C1326; nomics C0048; Feat C1400,C1519; and Means of Automation of Con- Feat of the 78th Rifle Division trol C0170; Preparation and Con- in Battle of Moscow C1586; Hisduct of Some Forms of Agit-Prop tory C0159; History & Sociology and Cult-Ed Work in Air Defense C0058; History and Today C0094; Subunits C1330; of Routine and Might of the State C0107; Patri- Average Repairs of Means of Pro- otic Education of Youth C0409, tection C1635; of Selection and C0503; Patriotic Education of - Solution of Problems on Theory Youth in DOSAAF Organizations of Firing Artillery and Rocket C0430; Pedagogics C0432; Physi- Weapons C1732; of Tactical Train- cal Training of Pre-Callups and ing C0370; of Tactical Training Callups C0472; Planning and Sysof Artillery Subunits C1562; of tems Analysis C0172; Political Teaching and Educating Students Results of Second World War and -i C0328; of Teaching Soviet Soldiers the Gr Pat War C0033; Psychology C0212; of Training and Conducting C0329,C0408; School Named for Field Exercises in General Tac- Khrulev C2137; Shoes & Equipment tics with Academy Students C0426; C2135; Sports Camp C0419; Sports of Working Out Tasks in Course Competition C0260; Strategic The- & Diploma Projects C0320 ories of Imperialism & Their Crit- 0 Mighty Alloy C1992 icism C0019; Topography C0180; Mighty Weapon of the Party C1303 Topography for Signalmen C ,' -. " "*f '..- *...' - _.' *.1*.' ' " "* a

283 ).4. Military Unit as Part of Civil Legal Museum of M.V.Frunze C0595,C0681, Relation C0291 C0682 Mine and Torpedo Weapons C2063 My Army Comrades C0298 Minsk Higher Engineering Zenith Rock- My Century, My Life C0871 et School of Air Defense C1785 My Father C0889,CI071 * Mius Borders C0877 My Fighting Fellow Travellers C1678 Modelling in Solving Economic-Stra- My Memory--Soldiers C1505 tegic Problems C0031 My Youth C0594 Models of Modern Warships C2005 Myths and Actuality C0039 Models of Sailing Ships of Russian Fleet C1976 Modern Battle and Problems of Psy- Nachdiv Vasil'yev Led Us to Battle chology C0028 C0684 Moments of Life C0532 Nagi Il'yasov C1765 Mongolian Peoples' Army C2278 Nakhimov C1212 Month of Mass Defense Work C0492 Name Carved on the Shield C1551 Moonzund in the Fire C1990 Moral-Political: and Pedagogical Named for the Great Leader C0599 Named for Lenin's Komsomol C1289 Qualities of Officer-Political Native Birches Waited for Us C1650 Workers...C1271; and Psychologi- Naval Conversation Book C2064 cal Training of Personnel for Naval Landing Forces C1988 Combat Actions in Contemporary Naval Literature C2031,C2065 War C1325; and Psychological Navigational Support of Naval Ships Training of Soviet Soldiers for C2076 Modern War C1275 Nazarmat C1169 Mortars C1426 Near the Oboyanskiy Highway C1585 Moscow Guard C0777 Network Planning in the Fleet C2037 Moscow--Stalingrad--Berlin--Prague Neutral Zone C1709 C1054,C0156 Never to be Forgotten by Me C0775 Moscow--Stalingrad CI164 New Equipment,Weapons and Man C0293 Most Beautiful Attack C0433 Night Post C2091 Most Important Battles of the Great Nikolay Illarionovich Semeyko C1923 Patriotic War C0140 Nine May 1945 C0792,C0965 Most Memorable Day of the War C0788 Ninth Plastunskaya C1445 Motherland and Patriotism C0354 Northern Fleet Glorified by Heroes Mothers' Blood C0745 C2054 Motivation of Military Crimes C0522 Northern Fleet Sailors C2029 Motorized Rifle Battalion in Battle Not a Step Backwards! C0966 C1533 Not for the Sake of Glory C1954 Motorized Rifle Platoon (Squad) in Notes of an Adjutant C0602 Battle C1690 Notes of a Front Commander Motorized Rifle Squad in Battle C0955 C1597 Notes of a Front-line Soldier C Mountain Riflemen Attack C1534 Notes of a Machinegunner C1737 Mukatay Abeulov C0911 Notes of a Member of a Military Museum Exhibit of Air ForcesAvia- Council C1298 tion Equipment,Monino C1817 Notes of an Observer C1827 Museum of the Black Sea Fleet C2028 Notes of a Sniper C1458 * Museum of the Border Guards:Guide- Notes of a Staff Worker C0615 book C2127 Novels and Military Memoir Lit to Museum of Combat Glory, Ivano- Frankovsk C0680 Help those Studying Party- Political Work...C * o.., -

284 Nuclear, Chemical & Bacteriological On the Scientific Ocganization of Weapons & Protection From Them Military Labor C0132. C2170 On Service and Military Duty C0535 Nuclear Rocket Weapons and Their On the Southern Flank C1676 Destructive Actions C1370 On the Southern Front C1050,C1620 On Three Fronts C1147 On Ukrainian Earth C0763 Oath of the Soldier C0393 On the Wind of the Storm C1408. Obelisk Above Varta C1504 On the Wings of the ADD C1826 October Revolution and the Army 25 On the Wings of Courage C1895 Oct 1917-March 1918 C0686 One Hundred Military Parades C0537 Offensive C0144 One Hundred Questions--One Hundred Officer's Guide C0262 Answers C0333,C0435,C0538 Oka Gorodovikov C rd Marched Forward C1494 Oka Ivanovich Gorodovikov--Outstand Days in Battle C1583 ing Soviet Military Figure C1493 Only the Stronger Came Out of the "Okean" Maneuvers of the Navy USSR Fire C0991 in April-May 1970 C1953 Operation "Little Saturn" C1069 On that Anxious Night C0536 Operation "Spark" C On the Banks of the Dunai(Danube) Operation "Tank" C1439 C0996,C1177 Operation "Tereblya" C1008 On the Distant Approaches C1968 Optical Reconnaissance C1386 On the Edge of Arctic Land C2088 Oranienbaum Bridgehead C0887 On Educating the Soviet Soldier Order of Lenin Moscow Military C1255 District C0263 On the Establishment & Development Ordered to Protect! C2128 of Systems & Contents of Profes- Orders Given to Tt...C1723 sional Training of Mil Polit Ordinary Guardsmen C1482 Workers C1273 Organization,Armaments & Fundamen- On Exercises as in Battle C1236 tals of Combat Utilization of On the Fields of Exercises C0533 the Ground Forces of the: On the Fiery Borders C1497,C1522 FRG Army C2329; US Army C2328 On Fighting Course C1959 Organization,Armaments & Tactics On the Firing Line C0706 of Subunits & Units of US & West On Fronts Unseen and Seen C0957 German Armies C2310 On Guard Over: the Borders of the Organization & Conduct: of Civil Soviet State C2087; the Borders Defense in Kolkniozes... C2204; c_. of the Motherland C1244; the of Exercise on Civil Defense Great Multinational C1256; the at an Objective of the Nat'l " Motherland C1224,C1335; the Peace Economy C2211; of Training on -.- C0317; the Peace and the Build- Combined Arms Regulations of " '"ing of Communism C0251 the Armed Forces USSR.. C0515, On the Kerch Beachhead C1598 Organization and Judging of Shoot- On the Left Flank of the Front C0886 ing Competitions C2172 On a Long Voyage C2009 Organization and Methods of Con- On Military Obligation and Soldiers' ducting: Exercise,; in Civil Service C0201 Defense with Command & Staff On the Pint of the Attack C1698 Personnel ; Firing Prac- On Roads of Fighting Friendship tice...ci685 lessons on Civil C0713 Defense... C181,C2236,C2254 On the Rocket Launching[PositionI Organization and Methods of Politi- C1392 cal Studies... 1 roops of PVO Ci J3)c" 258.,. :!,i _."i'i- -, " i'. ' -- - ' ' - '.. ' '..-; '. - l -. '

285 Organization of Studies on Firing Party-Political Work: in Defensive Training C0425,C1427 Battle C1307; In Fulfilling the Organization,Training and Methods Task of Physical Training and... of Conducting Studies in Tactics C1302; in the Soviet Armed Forces by Group Exercise Method C0511 C1259,C1260,C1339; in the Soviet Organs of People's Control in the Army & Navy C1261; in the System Armed Forces USSR C0277 of Civil Defense C1217; in the Origin and Development of Soviet Troops of the First Belorussian Mil Economic Thought C0708 Front C1238; in Units,'ubunits Origin,Social Essence & Lawfulness On Fostering in Soldiers Communof Development of Army C0080 ist Feelings...C1324 Oshtinskaya Notebook C1573 Party Work in the Soviet Armed For- Our Budennyy C0700 ces C1262 Our Fellow-Countryman Aleksandr Password--Feat C0876 Matrosov C1571 Path of Admiral[M.I.Bakayev] C2040 Our Fellow-Countrymen--Full Cava- Path of a Commissar C1346 liers of Order of Glory C1172 Path of Fighting Glory C0739 Our Goal--Communism C1257 Path of a Soldier C0660,C0928 Our Heroes C0794 Path of a Soldier Not Followed to Our Mighty Army C0241 the End C0985 Our Sacred Duty C0217 Patriotic Feat C0793 Our Seventh C1691 Patrols of the Western Borders C2103 Outpost, Take Guns! C2115 Pawns C2320 Outstanding Sons of Ossetin C1167 Pedagogical: Bases of Evaluating & Over the Map of Past Battles C0872 Calculating Results of Educating Over Rivers,Over Mountains C1656 Kursants in Mil Schools C0396; Over the Years,Over Distances C1173 Bases of Perfecting Qualities of Leadership...C1342; Characteristics of Management of Prop & Agit P.A.Rumyantsev,A.V.Suvorov,M.I.Kutu- in Troop Units C1314; Problems zov C0692 of Educating Soviet Soldiers Pages of a Diary C0915 C0542; Tact of the Officer-Polit Pages of Front Life C0888 Worker C1268 Pages of Life C1449 Pedagogics of a Commander's Demand- Pages of Naval Glory C1979 ingness C0411 Panfilov Men from Uzbekistan C1484 People,the Army,the General C0007 Party Accounting & Party Housekeep- People and the Army are One C0528, ing[in Polit Organs] C1352 C0548 Party Assignment C1246 People and Business of Civil Defense Party Committee--Organ of Collec- C2272 tive Leadership C1351 People of Courage C1839,C1877 Party Discipline & Raising the Re- People of Courage and Valor C1794 sponsibility of Army Communists People in Greatcoats C0526 for Its Strengthening C1286 People of High Obligation C2273 N Party Information C1233 People of the Immortal Feat C1073, ' Party Meeting: C1237; Highest Organ C1074 of Party Organization C1291 People Protect the Heights C1245 Party Organization & Combat Readi- People Stronger than Granite C1094 ness C1337 Peoples Control in the Armed Forces Party-Political Work in the Armed USSR C0459 Forces USSR C1338 Peoples Militias of Hero Cities C *... '""".""-" "... " ""... '. ",%

286 Perekop 1941 C0730 Principles of Construction of Ground Perfecting Civil Defense C2264 Artillery GLns C1594 Perfection of Training & Education Principles of Methods of Militaryof Cadres of Polit Workers of the Scientific Research C0077 Red Army C1292 Principles,Tasks and Organization of Persian-Russian and Russian-Persian Procurator's Supervision...C0485 Military Dictionary C0022 Private of the Secret Front C1111 Personal Example of the Communist- Privileges for Officers,Warrant Offi- Soldier C1228 cers,extended Servicemen Armed. A Personal Psychology of the Soviet Forces USSR & Families C0470 Soldier C0568 Privileges,Pensions & Allowances Personality and Armed Forces C0069 for Servicemen of Regular and Philosophical and Socio-Political Extended Duty & Families C0264 Problems of War and Army C0060 Probability Bases of Systems of Philosophy of Freedom and Its Mili- Aviation Armaments C1922 tary Aspect C0045 Problem Education in Teaching Social Photographic Means of Air Reconnais- Sciences in Mil Schools C0431 sance C1889 Problems of Methodology of Soviet Physical Bases of Rocket Weapons Mil-Hist Science C0036 C1377 Problems of Moral Freedom in Activ- Physical Training:in the US Army ities & Conduct of Servicemen C2293; of Callups C0215,Cn336 C0364 Pilots in War C1908 Problems of Psychology of a Mili- Place in Line C0280 tary Collective C0440 Place of Assignment--the Front C0796 Problems of War and Peace:and the Planning by the Deputy Commander for Ideological Struggle...C0101; Polit Units & Party-Polit Work in in Contemporary Conditions C2283 the Regiment C1281 Processing Flight Information, Ana- Planning Party-Political Work in lyzing Actions of Pilots...C1933 Units C1288 Profession--Political Worker C1293 Pliyev's Guards C1769 Programming Artillery Tasks on the Political Studies: Organization and Computer "Ural-llB" C1779 Methods C1263 Proletariat Marshal C0672 " - Political Work in the Transcaspian Propaganda of Civil Defense Know- Front C1328 ledge--important Task C2235,C2271 Portrait of a Soldier C1360 Propaganda of Mil Knowledge and Mil- Post Standing on the Border C2129 Patriotic Education...C0318 Power Engineering of Mil Communica- Propagandists' Feat C0337 tions Installations C1706 Protect Socialist Property--Sacied Praporshchik--the Closest Assistant Duty of Soviet Soldier C0232 & Support of the Officer C1798 Protecting the Population:from Chem- Preparation of Military Tribunal ical Weapons C2243; from Nuclear Court for Examination...C0376 Weapons C2167 Prepare for Feats Today C0422 Protecting Structures[from Nuclear Present for the Commander C0216 Weapons]in Underground Mines Preserve and Enhance the Glory of C2256 the Fathers C0334 Protection from Weapons of Mass De- PLide of a Soldier C1365 struction C2183,C2212,C2238,C2268, Primary Organizations & Clubs of C2269 DOSAAF C0434 Protection of the Population from Primary Student C0467 Bacteriological Weapons C %: '- "....-"..-.."...-."..-.."..'. -.' "."

287 Protection of the Population: from Radiance of Gold Stars C0801 Radioactive Fallout C2239,C2258; Radiance of Stars C1832 from Weapons of Mass Destruction Radio Transmitting & Receiving C2267; --Main Task of Civil De- Equipment of Mil Radiostationfense C2177,C2187,C2257 C1751 Protection of Rural Population from Radioactive Contamination & Methods Weapons of Mass Destruction C2179 of Protection from It C2266 Psychological: Analysis of Combat Radioelectronic Warfare C1752 S activities of Sov Soldiers C0488; Radioelectronics in 1972 C0181 & Pedagogical Bases of Agit-Prop Raged the People's War C0797,C0891 Work in the Regiment C1343; Rainbow of the Guard's Pin C0218 Bases for Raising the Effective- Ramushevo Corridor C0810 ness of Teaching Kursants of Mil Reactionary Essence of Contemporary Schools C0484; Bases of Managing Bourgeois Mil Psychology C2308 a Kursant Collective C0456; Bases Readiness Number One C1896 of Teaching Tankists C1629; Char- Ready to Defend the Motherland C0290 acteristics of the Process of Realization of Dreams C0641 Teaching Social Sciences in Mil Rear Services of Navies[of Capital- Schools C0287; Factors of Main- ist Countries] C2312 taining High Combat Readiness of Rear Support of Subunits in Battle S SubunitsUnits C0230; Questions C2147 of Troop Control in Battle C0447; Recollections:of Bygone Battles -Pedagogical Fundamentals of Di- C1591; of Days Past C0916; recting a Troop Unit C1294 of Legendary Campaigns C1699; Psychology: of Combat Activeness of of a Pilot C1882 Operators C0415; of Combat Duty Recommendations for Preparing Visand Ship Watch C2013; of Person- ual Aids for "Civil Defense" ality of the Sov Soldier C0366 C2214 Public Active--Important Link in Nil Recommendations for Training Pin- Patriotic Work C0545 Wearers "Ready for Labor & De- Pulse of the Border C2089 fense" in "Civil Defense" C2237 Pulse of the Obelisk C1151 Reconnaissance in Combat Examples C0037 p Reconnaissance Officer C1739 Quantum Electronics in the Air For- Red Army--School of Political,Esces C1871 thetic & Phys Ed of Army Youth Quarter of a Century in Tanks C1419, C1332 C1542 Red Banner:Amur Flotilla C1938 Questions of Methodology: & Methods Baltic Fleet in the Battle for of Mil-Scientific Work C0047; Leningrad C2034; of Soy Military Science C0034 Defense C0266; Far Eastern C0626; Questions: of Mil Construction Ac- Ladoga C1982; North Caucasus tivities in the Course of Sci C0623; Northwestern Border Guard Communism C0062; of Psychology District C2117; Odessa C0598; in Troop Control C0067; of Sci Pacific Ocean Fleet C2035; Management in Sov Armed Forces Winners C0624 C0441; of Tactics in Soy Mil Red Commanders C0677 Works C0141 Reference Guide for Completing Homework Assignments in Courses 31 & 33 C1755 Reference Book of a Rear Aviation Specialist C

288 Regiment Named Lenin C1618 Road Stretches Further C0209 Regulations of DOSAAF,USSR--Law of Roads of Victory C1518 Life of Defense Society C0345 Roads Which We Did Not Choose C0890, 4. Regulations on Firing C1441,C1442 C1176 Regulations of Garrison & Guard Duty Rocket Flashes C1368 Armed Forces USSR C0219,C0267, Rocket Means of Combatting Low- - C0338 Flying Targets[NATO] C2315 Regulations of Internal Service of Rokossovskiy C0640,C0675 Armed Forces USSR C0339,C0443 Role of Esthetic Education in For- -. Regulations--Unbreakable Law of mation of High Moral-Fighting Military Life C0361 Qualities...C0222 Relationship of Man & Military Role of Material Factor in Modern Equipment in Contemporary Combat War C0017 C0103 Role of Military Patriotic Educa- Relationship of Objective & Subjec- tion in Forming an Orientation tive Factors in Development of in Youth for Mil Work C1287 Military Science C0003 Role and Place of Construction in Reliability in Operation of Techni- Strengthening the Defense Capacal Equipment C0126 bility of the USSR C0311 Reliable Reserve C2208 Role of the Working Class in Build- Reliable Reserves cl the Soviet Army ing & Strengthening the Soviet -. C2213 Armed Forces C0690 Remember, Comrade C0971 Roll-Call C0340 Remember the War C0907 Rout of the Convoy PQ 17 C1967 Reminiscences, Mil Science Works Rules for Firing:from Firearms C0715 C1612; from Small Arms and " Reminiscences and Reflections C0662, Grenade Launchers C1566.-' C0772,C0912 Rules for Wearing Uniforms by Ser- Repair of Rocket Artillery & Artil- vicemen of Army & Navy C0546 lery Systems C1390 Rural Organization of DOSAAF C0449 Representation of Information C0160 Rural Soil C2185 Research Operations in Military Russian Army & Navy:in the 19th Affairs C0121 Century C0666; in the War with Resign Yourselves,Records! C1575 the Ottoman Turks C0644 Restless Heart C2190 Russian-Hungarian Military Diction- Restless Silence C2118 ary C0029 Restoration of Destroyed[Mil & Civi Russian-Italian Military and Tech- Installations C2270 nical Dictionary C0023 Results and Conclusions of the De- Russian Military Art of the XIX velopment of Naval Art in the Century C0071 Gr Pat & Second World Wars C2067 Russian Military Thought of the Return to the Sky C1918 XIX Century C0055 Revolutionary Movement in the Rus- Russian Nugget C0582 sian Army & Navy C0653 Revvoyensovets in C0718 Rifle Sport,Rules of Competition Sabre Campaign C1725 C1653 Sacred Duty C0365 Riga Guard C1563 Safar Amirshoyev C1655 Right Flankers C0220 Safe Sky C1850 Road Leading to Berlin C0838 Safety in Using Rocket Weapons Road to the Olympics C0292 C ' v " " ".,-. -"

289 Sailors' Daily Life C1985 Service Begins in the Factory C2169 Sailors Get Off on the Shore C1958 Service of Wars and Military Affairs Salvoes from Shore C1975 One of the Social Functions of Salvoes of the Guards'"Katyushas" Science C0018 C1372 Sevastopol' Notes C0958 Schematic Album on the Discipline: Seven Borders C0821 "Finance Accounting of a Mili- Seven Feet Under the Keel C1943. tary Unit" C2153 Seven-Language Military Dictionary Schem-tic Album on the Organization CoOll & Armaments of Large Units..of 7,000 Kilometers in Battles & Ca- " US and West German Armies C2327 paigns C1572 Scholar and Soldier C Heroic Days C1188 School: of Conquerors of the Sky Seytkasym Ashirov C1106 C1927; of Courage C0893; of Man- Ships of Our Youth C2044 hood C0569; of Patriots C0270; Shock Force of the Fleet C1956 of Winged Heroes C1847 Shooting Sport C1502,C2186 Science of Control & the Fleet C2011 Shop Organization of DOSAAF C0510 Science to Win Victory C0137 Short Essay on Soviet Military Eco- Scientific Foresight in Military nomic Thought C0083 Affairs C0082 Short German-Russian Dictionary of Scientific-Methodological Materials Special Terminology of Air Deon Research Operations C0064 fense C1792 Scientific-Technical Progress: and Short Russian-Amkhar Military Study Development of Military Affairs Dictionary C0108 C0136; and Problems of Further Short Russian-Arabic Dictionary on Perfection of Training of Politi- Zenith Rocket Equipment C1384 cal Workers..C1345; and the Rev- Shots Fly C1649 olutioa in Military Affairs C0065 Shoulder to Shoulder C0716 Sciertific-Technical Revolution and Shturmoviks Go to the Target C1860, the Revolution in Military Af- C1881 fairs C0155 Shuyskiy Memorial Museum of M.V. S Scout Garnik Karapetyan C0908 Frunze C0717 Scout Mikhail Maskayev C1003 Siberian Character C Sea and Shore C1939 Siberian Red General C0650 Seaman Gunner of an MZA C2055 Silence Cannot Be Trusted C2125. Second Profession of the Commander Silver Anchor C1942 C0652 Silver Arrows C1887 Seconds Before Explosion C2210 Silver Wings C1862 Section of Shooting Sport C2184 Simferopol' C1759 Self-Discipline of Soldiers C0348 Sixteenth Air C1897 Self-Financing and Cost Relationships Sixth Fighter Aviation Corps of Air & Their Peculiarities...C0512 Defense in Battle of Moscow C1930 Semen Khokhryakov C ,000 Kilometers of Border C2101 "Send a Correspondent..."C0194 Sketches[of Sailors] C1947 Sentry of the Peace C2282 Sketches of the History of the Party Senyavin C1995 Organization of the Academy C1227 Sergeant--Brigadier of Construction Sky is Calling C1864 K, Production C1651 Sky of Odessa 1941 C1840 Sergeants & Starshinas of the Armed Sky Remains Clear C1815 Forces USSR C1291 Sky Remains Ours C1803 Sergey Gritsevets C1913 Sky was Destiny C hims '.;-" -. -.i. "" " i-.'i-- -. ""ii -i~ i-..--i'...i.. V -.: " -i.".,---.l - - L --. '..--'. -.'.---.;...

290 -- N Ko Z xr 7-7 T. 7 v ' ;-- - Sky Yields to the Courageous C1846 (Soldiers' Glory)Cl017,C1130, Slang--What Is It? C0068 C1190 Snout of the Neva C0731 Soldiers' Glory of Tula Citizens Social: Activeness of the Masses & C1104 Defense of Socialism C0412; Bases Soldiers from Khorezem C1162 & Essence of Initiative of Soviet Soldiers' Path C1730 Soldiers C0309; Character &Types Soldiers' Paths Never Grow Over of Wars of the Contemporary Epoch C1413 C0096; and Political Activeness Soldiers of the Seventies C0375 and Its Fostering in Kursants of Soldiers' Sketches C1770 Hgr Mil-Polit Schools C1317; Soldiers--Sons of Soldiers C0514 Political and Personal Bases of Soldie-s of Stalingrad C1116 the Authority of a Polit Worker Soldier's Star C1438 C1340; Problems of the Sci-Tech Soldiers in Steel Armor C1416 Revolution and Administrative Soldier's Valor C0779,C08-8,C0898, Activity of Mil Cadres C0043; CIIO Responsibility of Soviet Soldiers Soldiers of Victory C0817 C1358 Solving the Task of Tactical Maneu- Socialist: Competition in the Army vering C0115 and Navy C0436; Competition in Some Problems Of Methodology and DOSAAF Organizations C2205; Le- History of Soviet Military-Philogalitv & Military Law & Order sophical Thought C0116 C0395; Military CollectiveC0330 Some Questions: of Communist Educa- Socio-Economic Nature of Military tion of Sailors C1225; of Inter- Labor...C0074 national Education of Soviet Socio-Political Consequences of the Soldiers C1344; of Military Modern Revolution in Mil Affairs Economics in Light of...xxiv Con- C0009 gress CPSU C0399; of Organiza- Socio-Psychological Peculiarities tional-party Work in the Soviet of Kursants and Their Calcula- Armed Forces C1304; of Partytion in the Study Process C0539 Political Work C1226; of Protec- Soldier, Commander C0636,C0674 tion & Conduct of Agricultural % Soldier,General,Diplomat C0609 Production in Conditions of Use Soldier,General,Marshal C of Weapons of Mass Destruction Soldier is Always a Soldier C1156 C2215; of Psychology and Peda- Soldier and Law C0558 gogics of Hgr Mil Schools C0378; Soldier--I >erator C0813,C0895 Of Soviet Military Structuring in Soldier and Military Equipment C0248 Light of...xxiv Congress CPSU Soldier--Remarkable Name C0349 C Soldier of Three Armies C2317 Song of Courage C1045 Soldier and War C1247 Sons of the Motherland C1005 Soldiers Ask for a Word C0803 Sons of Tadzhikistan at the Walls Soldiers' Bread C0487 of Stalingrad C1077 Soldiers' Concern C2120 Sons Take the Baton C0559 Soldiers Don't Seek Glory C0814 Soviet Air Forces C1929 Soldier's Duty C0799,C0972 Soviet Armed Forces:C0227; Their Soldiers' Fate C0233 Character and Features C0234, Soldiers' Field C0622,C1085 C0474; and Military Art in the Soldiers of Fraternal Armies C2280 Civil War...C0707 Soldiers Go to Battle C1061 Soviet Army: C0273; --Army of the U Soldiers' Glory C0742,C0758,C0774, People C0463; -- to the Ukrainian C0815,C0816,CO357,C0896,C0897, People C " -- " "...- "

291 Soviet Aviation in the Battle of Squad and Platoon in Battle C2323 Moscow C1912 Squadron of the Inspired C1861 Soviet Fighter Planes C1902 Squadron "Mongolian Arat" C1851 Soviet Ground Forces C1724 Stalingrad,Kursk,Berlin C0869 Soviet Legislation on Responsibility Starry Hour of Major Kuznetsov C2130 for Military Crimes C0560 Stars on the Armor C1510 Soviet Military Art in the Great Stars over the Baltic Coast C1888 S Patriotic War C0143 Stars Do Not Grow Dim C0899,C1088 Soviet Military Criminal Legisla- Stars of Glory C0819 tion C0282 Stars on the Wings C1914 Soviet Military Discipline: and Stavropol'skaya Named for Blinov Legal Means of Strengthening It C1506 C0374; and Ways to Strengthen It Steel Spans C1610 in Rear Units & Subunits C2143 Steel Squadron C1872 Soviet Military Transport Aviation Stern Sky C1834,C1875 C1925 Stories About Heroes C0900 Soviet Naval Art in the Great Patri- Storm C0820 otic War C2015 Storm of Koenigsberg C1089 Soviet Naval Infantry C1983,C2058 Stormy Time C1952 S Soviet Navy C1986,C2074 Story of a Battalion Commander C2085 Soviet Officer:C0193,C0228; as a Story of the "Katyusha" C1366 Pedagogue & Educator of Subor- Story of a Soviet Soldier C0428 dinates C0529 Strategic and Operational-Tactical Soviet Patriotism & Patriotic Edu- Training of the Armed Forces... cation of Soldiers C1354 Methodological Analysis C0052 Soviet Rocket Troops C1394 Street Goes to the Ocean C0450 Soviet Soldier in the Great Patri- Strengthening the Defense of the otic War C0894 Country & DOSAAF C0322 Soviet Tank Troops C1667 Strengthening Party Leadership of Spanish-Russian Military Dictionary the Army & Navy Komsomol in C0044 Light of 24th Congress CPSU S Sparks Will Not Go Out C0521 C Special Designation C1614 Strike and Defense C1766 Special Electrical Equipment & Elec- Strod C0632 trical Drives of Combat Machines Stronger Than Armor C1362,C1600 C1697 Structural Design of Details of Special Kinds of Criminal Punishment Armored Equipment C1623 For Servicemen C0363 Struggle for Peace & Assuring the Special Red Banner Far Eastern Army Security of the Country C0556 on Guard Over the Peace Study Methods Textbook for Teaching C0603 Kursants "Fundamentals of Mil Special Variant C1931 Psych & Pedagogics" C0516 Speed of Fire at Silhouettes C1756 Subject and Content of Military- Springboard Beyond the Clouds C1574 Historical Science...C0059 -, Springboard Beyond Esztergom C2073 Subject and Methods of Specific '- Sport Firing from Rifles C1644 Mil-Sociological Research C0016 Sport Shooting C1558 Subject of Military Economics C0056, Sport Shooting in the GTO Complex COl00 C1750 Subject,Tasks and Methods of Mili- Sportsmen of the Soviet Army C0390, tary Psychology C0416 C0493 Submariners Attack C

292 7 "7 7 Submarines of Foreign Fleets C2297 Target--"Wild Boar" C1748 ' Subunits of Foreign Armies C2301 Teaching Firing at M!oving Targets Summer Lightning in the Fiords C1951 C1423 Sun at Night C1436 Teaching Vigilance C0315 Sun on the Shoulder-Boards C0343 Technical Culture of the Soviet Sol-- Supervision of the Military Procura- dier C0154 tor for...mil Inspectors C0497 Technical Knowledge--To Youth C0i4/ 4 1 Support of Units and Large Units Technical Means: of Flaw Detection with Artillery Armaments & Ammuni- of Artillery Guns C1568; of Ration in Battle C1708 Lions Supply Service C2149,C2150, Supporting Steady Work of Objectives C2156 of the Economy in Time of War Technical Support 017 Tank & Motorized C2160 Rifle Subunits in Modern,attlo Suvorov C0679 C1580 Swallow C0759,C0901 Technical Thermodynamics & Internal Sydyk Ismailov C0918 Ballistics C1661 System of Political Organization of Technique of Firing a Shot C1687 Socialist Society,Place&Role in Test of Courage C0563 it of Armed Forces C0561 Test by Fire C0870,C1136 Systems of Control & Dynamics of Test of Loyalty C1672 Rocket Guidance C1389 Test of Strength C1964 Systems of Processing & Transmitting Test of Will C1876 Reconnaissance Information C1891 Textbook for Air Forces Sergeants: Driver-Mechanics...C1934 Textbook on Beginning Military Train- Tactical Training of Formations of ing C0231,C0274,C0452,C0564 Civil Defense C2234 Textbook for Mechanics of the Air Tactics C0025,C1668 Forces C1900 Tactics in Combat Examples: Squad Textbook of the Military Driver C0466:Battalion. Regiment.Company. Second Class C1452,C1577 C0562 Textbook on the Organization: & Con- Take the Post C0554 duct of Complex Studies with Ar- Tale of the "Varvag" C2007 tillery Batteries C1570; of Party- Talgarskiy Regiment C1553 Political Work in Subunits C1355 Talks about Civil Defense C2245 Textbook for Political Studies with Talks with the Population on Civil Kursants of Study Subunits C1266 Defense C2173,C2207 Textbook for Reserve Officers of Tank Battalion in Battle C1549 Motorized Rifle & Lank Troops Tank in Battle C1.658 C1509,C]h73 Tank "Merciless" C1424 Textbook for Sergeants o, frocos of Tank on a Pedastal C1457 Air Defense C1791 Tank Troops of the Soviet Army C xtb,ok of Tactical Irainirg for ranks: C1619; Construction C2777 Students Studying in Military ranks Go Into the Attack C14F Kafedras C0427- Tank- Go to Berlin C1601 Tex!_6ook for Trlchiig Young.<,1di Tanks Co On the Mines C1695 C0453 Tanks Move Ahead...C1626 t m 1eir Names are Immortal C098 ),C0931 Tanks and Tank Troops C1451 f'ieme 1 "Marxist-Leninist Philocr.,, Tanks in War C World Outlook & "feth Base ot Tanks Under Water C1235 Mil Theory & Practice" C0079 Target Firing. Rules..,*C1671 Theoretical 1Bsses of Lhe Tochnolon z ol Prepar ing Food, ')66 "-"., i i-.f'-.,..]i. ".Zi'F_ ii.[ _]i...it.-i-. '[.,-.j2,li...,...

293 .O Tleoreti-,al Fundamentals of Search- Thunder Over the Dvina C0146 ing for Faihures in Technicual Thus Fought the Chekists C1195 Systems[of Artillery] C1716 Thus War Began C0842 Theory of Calculation of Automatic Ties of Fighting Hearts C1753 Weapons C1674 Tikhvin, Year 1941 C1196 Theory of Firing from Tanks C1675 Time and the Tank C1565., Theory of Maximin and ils Applica- Timur Mikhaylovich Frunze C1874 tion to...distribution of Arma- To the Attack--"Sword" CI903 ments C0123 To Bring Up Patriots C048, Theory of Rocket Engines C0169 To Educate Border Guards to be. - Theory of Tanks C1662 Skillful and Brave Protectors There Are No Unknown Soldiers C180.., of the Motherland...C2133 AL C1856 To the Feat of the Soldier Bow... There Were Such Days C1508 C0983 There Where the Flags are Lowuted To the Future Soldier about Engineer C1993 Work C0357 There Will be Worthy Soldiers C0565 To Heroes of the Motherland,Glory! Thermogas Dynamics of Internal Bal- C0601 listics of Barrel Systems C1768 To Improve Military-Patriotic Work Thesaurus on Atomic Science & Tech- in DOSAAF Organizations C nology C0190 To Improve the Style of Work of These Four Years C1180 DOSAAF Organizations C2188 They Defended the Motherland C0811 To Keep the Wind in the Face C1633 They Defended Odessa C0724 To the Komsomol Active: of a Subunit They Defended Your Skies C1905 C1350; -- Party Concern C1240 Thev Fought for the Dnepr C1031 To Kursants as Examples C0457 They Glorified the Motherland C7194 To Meet Victory C0778 They Liberated Southern Estonia 1944 To Prepare Youth to Protect the C0952 Motherland C0226 They are Panfilov's C0902 To Protect the Motherland, as Lenin They Prepared Lads for the Journey Advised C0271 C0476 To the Walls of the Reichstag C1604 [hey Stood to the Death C1090 Tomsk Military School of Signals Thev Were Victorious Under the Ban- C1453 ner of Lenin C0822 Topogeodetic Fundamentals,Instruments Thirteenth Guards C1500 and Accessories C0185 Thirtieth Anniversary of the Great Topographic Map and Terrain C0188 Victory at Moscow C0982 Topographical Interpretation of This--For All of Life C0355 Aerial Photographs C0183 Threatening Sky of Moscow C1869 Torpedo Submarines C th Petrozavodsk C1481 Traditions of Patriots Live C2221 Three Hundred Unknown C1898 Traditions of Valor anid r;iorv C70243 Thrice Renowned C0800 Training & Tech Means of Instruct 'n C0455 Through the Halls of the 'Museum of Training of Officer Corps of Armed I the Ist Cavalry Army... C0600 Forces of FRG C2322 Through Here Went the Mius Front Training Pin-Wearers of the Physical C0993 Culture Complex of CTO in section Through the Storms C0783,C1059 "Civil Defense" C2240 Through Smoke and Flames C1429 Training Rifle Sportsmen C1645 Through Three Wars C0658 Training Soviet Soldiers in the Years Through the Whole War C2102 of the Gr Pat War C ~

294 Transbaykal Military District C0656 Unity of Command in the Soviet Armed Transcaucasus Front of the Great Forces C0574 Patriotic War C0861 Unity of Science and Politics--the Transcaucasus Notes C0835 Most Important Principle of Party Traverse of Courage C0356 Leadership C1323 Traversed Path C0631,C0667 Universal Historical Victory of the Troop Bread-Baking C9136 Soviet People C0904 Troop Control: C0104; In the Years Unprecedented Feat C1007 of the Great Patriotic War C1181; US Military Bases on Foreign Terriwith the Aid of Network Methods tory C2299 C0111 USA: Military Programming C2302 Troop Dispositions on Location and Using Equipment of the National Their Protection C0445 Economy for Disinfection Purposes AIL Troop Radiometry C0173 C2263 Troops of National Air Defense C1797 Utilization of Computers in Military True to the Legacy of the Fathers Affairs C0119 C0276 True to Lenin's Behests C0403 Tule Kenzhebayev C1186 V.K.Blyukher in China C0590 Tulebay Azhimov C1044 Valiant People C2241 Tulen Kabulov C0772 Valor C1476 Turkmenistan is Proud of Them C1092 Velikiye Luki,Tekhumardi,Courland Twelve Hundred Days and Nights )f C1771 Rybachiy C0824 Veterans Remember C1997 Twelve Rammings C1800 Veterans Spirits Do Not Grow Old Twentieth Shop of a Plant C0406 C1047 Twenty-Two Years in the Sky C1838 Veterans of Wars Recall.. C0830 Two Hundred Fiery Days C0826,C1199 Victory at Khalkhin-Gol C Heroic Days C1078 Victory in the Far East C0163 Vietnam Peoples' Army C2289 Vil'nius Military Cemetery C0868 Unconquerable O-eshek C1095 Visual Agitation: in DOSAAF Organi- Under the (old Waves C1970 zations C2206; in Units C1243 Under Guards' Banners C0743 Vital Work of Millions C0359 Under a Hait of ioad ('1997 Volga Flotilla in the Great Patri- Under One Flag C1267 otic War C2061 Under the Thunder of One Hundred Volga Pools C1960 Batteries (1727 Volgograd Museum of Defense C0987, Under Us Berlin C[828 Vologda Citizens--Heroes of the Under the Wings Mother Earth C1865 Soviet Union C0832 Uneasy Service C2114 Volunteers of the Urals C0988 Unfading 'tars C0928 Voronezh Citizens on Roads of War Unforgcrctable.(Recollections of Gr C0761 Pat War)C1201 Voronezh Lines C Unforgettable Days C1200 Voronezh Volunteer C1579 Unforgettable Roads C1202 Vow of Soliers " Hearts Cr437 Union of Monopoly and the Military Vow and Vengence [of Uzbek Soldiers] C2306 C 1102 Union of the Sword and the Dollar Vyru C1204 C2316 Unity of the Army and the People & Ways to Strengthen It C


Ethnic Estonian Units in the Soviet Army during the Period

Ethnic Estonian Units in the Soviet Army during the Period 152 Ethnic Estonian Units in the Soviet Army during the Period 1940 1956 Peeter Kaasik After the Soviet Union on 17 June 1940, occupied Estonia, the Estonian armed forces remained intact, under the name

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November 30, 1987 Information on the 20th Session of the Committee of the Ministers of Defense of Warsaw Pact Member States

November 30, 1987 Information on the 20th Session of the Committee of the Ministers of Defense of Warsaw Pact Member States Digital Archive International History Declassified digitalarchive.wilsoncenter.org November 30, 1987 Information on the 20th Session of the Committee of the Ministers of Defense of Warsaw Pact Member States

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Chapter IV- 3: The Tables of Organisation and Equipment (TOE) for Soviet Land Combat Units from 22nd June to 31st December 1941 All combat capable org

Chapter IV- 3: The Tables of Organisation and Equipment (TOE) for Soviet Land Combat Units from 22nd June to 31st December 1941 All combat capable org Part IV The Soviet Armed Forces, Mobilisation and War Economy from June to December 1941 Chapter IV-1: Overview of the Structure and Terms Used in the Soviet Fully Integrated Land and Air Resource Model

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A Cardboard Castle? AN INSIDE HISTORY OF THE WARSAW PACT, Edited by VOJTECH MASTNY and MALCOLM BYRNE A Cardboard Castle? AN INSIDE HISTORY OF THE WARSAW PACT, 1955-1991 Edited by VOJTECH MASTNY and MALCOLM BYRNE Editorial Assistant MAGDALENA KLOTZBACH A/459541 ; CEU PRESS Central European University Press

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DBQ 20: THE COLD WAR BEGINS Historical Context Between 1945 and 1950, the wartime alliance between the United States and the Soviet Union broke down. The Cold War began. For the next forty years, relations between the two superpowers

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May 09, 1940 Memorandum to the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU on Troop Strength Orders for the Red Army, 9 May 1940

May 09, 1940 Memorandum to the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU on Troop Strength Orders for the Red Army, 9 May 1940 Digital Archive International History Declassified digitalarchive.wilsoncenter.org May 09, 1940 Memorandum to the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU on Troop Strength Orders for the Red Army,

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URUGUAY. 186,926 sq. km. Population (3I-XII-26). 1,720,468 Per sq. km. 9.2 Length of railway lines (1926) 3,000 km. Army.

URUGUAY. 186,926 sq. km. Population (3I-XII-26). 1,720,468 Per sq. km. 9.2 Length of railway lines (1926) 3,000 km. Army. URUGUAY GENERAL Area. 186,926 sq. km. Population (3I-XII-26). 1,720,468 Per sq. km. 9.2 Length railway lines (1926) 3,000 km. Army. A. SUPREME MILITARY AUTHORITY AND ITS ORGANS Under Constitution, President

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Bachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies Bachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies The Bachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies is designed to enhance your ability to research, analyze, and convert data into clear and coherent intelligence. This

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The Army Proponent System

The Army Proponent System Army Regulation 5 22 Management The Army Proponent System Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC 3 October 1986 UNCLASSIFIED Report Documentation Page Report Date 03 Oct 1986 Report Type N/A

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Chapter 6 Canada at War

Chapter 6 Canada at War Chapter 6 Canada at War After the end of World War I, the countries that had been at war created a treaty of peace called the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty of Versailles Germany had to take full responsibility

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The Military History of the Soviet Union. Edited by Robin Higham and Frederick W. Kagan

The Military History of the Soviet Union. Edited by Robin Higham and Frederick W. Kagan The Military History of the Soviet Union Edited by Robin Higham and Frederick W. Kagan THE MILITARY HISTORY OF THE SOVIET UNION Copyright Robin Higham and Frederick W. Kagan, 2002. All rights reserved.

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DETENTE Détente: an ending of unfriendly or hostile relations between countries. How? Use flexible approaches when dealing with communist countries

DETENTE Détente: an ending of unfriendly or hostile relations between countries. How? Use flexible approaches when dealing with communist countries Objectives 1. Identify changes in the communist world that ended the Cold War. 2. Examine the importance of Nixon s visits to China and the Soviet Union. VIETNAM In 1950 the U.S. begins to help France

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DBQ 13: Start of the Cold War

DBQ 13: Start of the Cold War Name Date DBQ 13: Start of the Cold War (Adapted from Document-Based Assessment for Global History, Walch Education) Historical Context:! Between 1945 and 1950, the wartime alliance between the United

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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Undergraduate Degree Programs Undergraduate Degree Programs VSU SEMESTER CORE CURRICULUM* *The following semester core curriculum and degree programs have been approved by all appropriate institutional committees and the Faculty Senate.

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CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. John N, McMahon Deputy Director for Operations

CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. John N, McMahon Deputy Director for Operations a ToTe ITTIST.1TT %IAN/. 1,0^T TT TIMTT^T,,,,T.T LA a. l.a 31,, N,SJS-1.1-oi VIA, /II N./ a La. 1AL. J'JL4 4-11-, CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY WASHINGTON, D.C. 20505 6 September 1978 MEMORANDUM FOR: The

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The Great Patriotic War of the Soviet People Stanford Overseas Studies, Fall 2007

The Great Patriotic War of the Soviet People Stanford Overseas Studies, Fall 2007 The Great Patriotic War of the Soviet People 1941-1945 Stanford Overseas Studies, Fall 2007 Marshal Zhukov Invincible Marshal Georgy Zhukov (1896 1974) Joined the Imperial Russian Army during WW I Commander

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1 Create an episode map on the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S.A.

1 Create an episode map on the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S.A. WARM UP 1 Create an episode map on the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S.A. 2 You have 15 minutes to do this assignment with one another before we review as a class 3 You will also turn in the JFK/LBJ Episode

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THE LESSONS OF MODERN WAR: VOLUME II THE IRAN-IRAQ WAR. By Anthony H. Cordesman and Abraham R. Wagner

THE LESSONS OF MODERN WAR: VOLUME II THE IRAN-IRAQ WAR. By Anthony H. Cordesman and Abraham R. Wagner THE LESSONS OF MODERN WAR: VOLUME II THE IRAN-IRAQ WAR By Anthony H. Cordesman and Abraham R. Wagner To David Boulton and Fred Praeger for their patient efforts and support. TABLE OF CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTIONI

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The Cold War Conflicts

The Cold War Conflicts Name: The Cold War Conflicts United States vs. Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.) Contrast Compare Contrast Cold War: United Nations: Formed in 1945 because many nations wanted to promote The Marshall Plan: UN: United

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LESSON 2: THE U.S. ARMY PART 1 - THE ACTIVE ARMY LESSON 2: THE U.S. ARMY PART 1 - THE ACTIVE ARMY INTRODUCTION The U.S. Army dates back to June 1775. On June 14, 1775, the Continental Congress adopted the Continental Army when it appointed a committee

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Memorandum, R. Malinovsky and M. Zakharov to Commander. of Group of Soviet Forces in Cuba, 8 September Personally

Memorandum, R. Malinovsky and M. Zakharov to Commander. of Group of Soviet Forces in Cuba, 8 September Personally Memorandum, R. Malinovsky and M. Zakharov to Commander of Group of Soviet Forces in Cuba, 8 September 1962 Top Secret Special Importance Copy #1 Personally To the Commander of the Group of Soviet Forces

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CURRICULUM VITAE PREVIOUS TEACHING AND COURSEWARE DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCE: Angelo State University ASU Station #10922 San Angelo, Texas 76909 Cell Phone: 325-262-1777 Email: pzimmerman@angelo.edu SPECIALTIES: CURRICULUM VITAE Intelligence, security, research, and analysis Organizational

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September 03, 1985 Military Exercise Druzhba-85 Plan to conduct a one-sided, multi-stage combined-arms army exercise codenamed "Druzhba-85"

September 03, 1985 Military Exercise Druzhba-85 Plan to conduct a one-sided, multi-stage combined-arms army exercise codenamed Druzhba-85 Digital Archive International History Declassified digitalarchive.wilsoncenter.org September 03, 1985 Military Exercise Druzhba-85 Plan to conduct a one-sided, multi-stage combined-arms army exercise codenamed

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International History Declassified

International History Declassified Digital Archive International History Declassified digitalarchive.wilsoncenter.org February 10, 1972 Agreement about Cooperation between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic

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Faculty Salary Data Report (prepared Nov. 16, 2009)

Faculty Salary Data Report (prepared Nov. 16, 2009) 2008-2009 Faculty Salary Data Report (prepared Nov. 16, 2009) Using the UT October 2008 payroll and data from the Oklahoma State University Faculty Salary Survey by Discipline (http://vpaf.okstate.edu/irim/facultysalary.html),

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Combatants in World War I quickly began to use total war tactics

Combatants in World War I quickly began to use total war tactics Combatants in World War I quickly began to use total war tactics Governments committed all their nation s resources and took over industry to win the war Soldiers were drafted, the media was censored,

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MODERN STRATEGIC THOUGHT A 378968 MODERN STRATEGIC THOUGHT Machiavelli to Nuclear Warfare by Dr. Shekhar Adhikari V Kilaso Books New Delhi-110002 Contents Preface (JCV) 1. Niccolo Machiavelli 1-18 War, War and Policy, Military

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Mss 100, Strom Thurmond Collection Military Series Description and Container List. MILITARY ( ) cu. ft.

Mss 100, Strom Thurmond Collection Military Series Description and Container List. MILITARY ( ) cu. ft. Collection MILITARY (1940-1959) 10.35 cu. ft. Strom Thurmond began his military career when he was an R.O.T.C. cadet at Clemson College from 1919-1923. He enlisted in the Army on December 11, 1941. However,

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The War in Europe and North Africa Ch 24-1

The War in Europe and North Africa Ch 24-1 The War in Europe and North Africa Ch 24-1 The Main Idea After entering World War II, the United States focused first on the war in Europe. Content Statement Summarize how atomic weapons have changed the

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09/13/2017 ZAPAD-2017 Q&A. The Warsaw Institute Foundation

09/13/2017 ZAPAD-2017 Q&A. The Warsaw Institute Foundation 09/13/2017 ZAPAD-2017 Q&A The Warsaw Institute Foundation WHAT IS THE ZAPAD-2017 MILITARY EXERCISE? The Zapad-2017 military drills fulfill two functions at the same time. On one hand, they constitute a

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*FM 6-40/MCWP

*FM 6-40/MCWP *FM 6-40/MCWP 3-1.6.19 i ii iii iv v vi vii viii ix x xi xii xiii xiv xv xvi xvii FOREWARD This publication may be used by the US Army and US Marine Corps forces during training, exercises, and contingency

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712CD. Phone: Fax: Comparison of combat casualty statistics among US Armed Forces during OEF/OIF

712CD. Phone: Fax: Comparison of combat casualty statistics among US Armed Forces during OEF/OIF 712CD 75 TH MORSS CD Cover Page If you would like your presentation included in the 75 th MORSS Final Report CD it must : 1. Be unclassified, approved for public release, distribution unlimited, and is

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School of Modern Languages Erasmus Study Guide

School of Modern Languages Erasmus Study Guide School of Modern Languages Erasmus Study Guide 2013-14 For Erasmus students from France,Switzerland and La Réunion Update November 2013 2 P a g e Welcome to Bristol! CONTENTS Introduction 3 Cultural courses

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The Cold War and Communism

The Cold War and Communism The Cold War and Communism Cold War What is a Communist, a Commie, or a Red? Communism : a: Theory advocating elimination of private property b: A system in which goods are owned in common and are available

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FLASHPOINT : CENTRAL FRONT VII Corps Defense of Hof Gap Situation: The deteriorating economic situation and political unrest in the Warsaw pact countries created a time of tension between NATO and the Soviet Union and its allies.

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ROTC. Army ROTC. Air Force ROTC. Partnership in Nursing Education. Veterans. Simultaneous Membership Program. Enrollment. Minor in Military Science

ROTC. Army ROTC. Air Force ROTC. Partnership in Nursing Education. Veterans. Simultaneous Membership Program. Enrollment. Minor in Military Science The University of Alabama at Birmingham 1 ROTC Both the United States Army and Air Force offer Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) at UAB. Air Force ROTC courses are taught on the Samford University

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5/27/2016 CHC2P I HUNT. 2 minutes

5/27/2016 CHC2P I HUNT. 2 minutes 18 CHC2P I HUNT 2016 CHC2P I HUNT 2016 19 1 CHC2P I HUNT 2016 20 September 1, 1939 Poland Germans invaded Poland using blitzkrieg tactics Britain and France declare war on Germany Canada s declaration

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OPNAVNOTE 1530 Ser N1/15U Jun 2015 OPNAV NOTICE From: Chief of Naval Operations. Subj: 2015 MIDSHIPMAN SUMMER TRAINING PLAN

OPNAVNOTE 1530 Ser N1/15U Jun 2015 OPNAV NOTICE From: Chief of Naval Operations. Subj: 2015 MIDSHIPMAN SUMMER TRAINING PLAN DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF NAVAL OPERATIONS 2000 NAVY PENTAGON WASHINGTON, DC 20350-2000 Canc: Sep 2015 OPNAVNOTE 1530 Ser N1/15U114070 OPNAV NOTICE 1530 From: Chief of Naval Operations

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RN-BSN TRANSFER PLANNING GUIDE Black Hawk College RN-BSN TRANSFER PLANNING GUIDE Black Hawk College PRE-ADMISSION ADVISING The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), in collaboration with Black Hawk College (BHC), offers pre-admission advising to students

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Reserve Officers' Training Corps Programs

Reserve Officers' Training Corps Programs Reserve Officers' Training Corps Programs Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps The purpose of the Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps program at Drexel University is to provide this nation with leaders

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Organization of Marine Corps Forces

Organization of Marine Corps Forces MCRP 5-12D Organization of Marine Corps Forces U.S. Marine Corps PCN 144 000050 00 DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY Headquarters United States Marine Corps Washington, D.C. 20380-1775 FOREWORD 113 October 1998 1.

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INTRODUCTION. 4 MSL 102 Course Overview: Introduction to Tactical

INTRODUCTION. 4 MSL 102 Course Overview: Introduction to Tactical INTRODUCTION Key Points 1 Overview of the BOLC I: ROTC Curriculum 2 Military Science and (MSL) Tracks 3 MSL 101 Course Overview: and Personal Development 4 MSL 102 Course Overview: Introduction to Tactical

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Programs in Australia and New Zealand

Programs in Australia and New Zealand : Charles Darwin : Macquarie : Southern Cross : Swinburne : of Canberra : of : of Southern : of Sydney : of Western New : Massey New : of New : International Study Semester Short Term Acting Art (Studio)

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Ch 25-4 The Korean War

Ch 25-4 The Korean War Ch 25-4 The Korean War The Main Idea Cold War tensions finally erupted in a shooting war in 1950. The United States confronted a difficult challenge defending freedom halfway around the world. Content

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MONSONh FILE COPY. Paper Prepared for the Conference on "Military-Political Affairs in the 1980s"

MONSONh FILE COPY. Paper Prepared for the Conference on Military-Political Affairs in the 1980s MONSONh FILE COPY ii I 00 ELECTE *' Christina F. She lton 2"98 Paper Prepared for the Conference on "Military-Political Affairs in the 1980s" Sponsored by The Assistant Chief of Staff/Intelligence, USAF

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USSR Ministries of Defence and Interior uniform regulations

USSR Ministries of Defence and Interior uniform regulations USSR Ministries of Defence and Interior uniform regulations 3 On January 1st 1943, new military uniform regulations were introduced and all military and paramilitary officers wore essentially very similar

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Military Affairs. Overview. Military Science (Army ROTC) Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC) University of California, Berkeley 1

Military Affairs. Overview. Military Science (Army ROTC) Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC) University of California, Berkeley 1 University of California, Berkeley 1 Military Affairs Overview The Military Affairs Program, within the Division of Undergraduate and Interdisciplinary Studies (UGIS), comprises the three distinct military

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Unit Six: Canada Matures: Growth in the Post-War Period ( )

Unit Six: Canada Matures: Growth in the Post-War Period ( ) Unit Six: Canada Matures: Growth in the Post-War Period (1945-1970) 6.4: Canada s role on the international stage: emergence as a middle power, involvement in international organizations Meeting the Aliens

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Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Field Artillery Cannon Battery

Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Field Artillery Cannon Battery FM 6-50 MCWP 3-16.3 Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Field Artillery Cannon Battery U.S. Marine Corps PCN 143 000004 00 FOREWORD This publication may be used by the US Army and US Marine Corps

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SSUSH19: The student will identify the origins, major developments, and the domestic impact of World War ll, especially the growth of the federal

SSUSH19: The student will identify the origins, major developments, and the domestic impact of World War ll, especially the growth of the federal SSUSH19: The student will identify the origins, major developments, and the domestic impact of World War ll, especially the growth of the federal government. c. Explain major events; include the lend-lease

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Dewitt C. Ramsey COLL/619

Dewitt C. Ramsey COLL/619 Archives Branch Naval History and Heritage Command 805 Kidder Breese Street, SE Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5060 Processor: (April 2010) Creator: Dewitt C. Ramsey Extent: Total boxes: 8 Cubic feet:

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School of Modern Languages Erasmus Study Guide

School of Modern Languages Erasmus Study Guide School of Modern Languages Erasmus Study Guide 2018-19 For Erasmus students from France, Switzerland and La Réunion Revised June 2018 Welcome to Bristol! CONTENTS Introduction 3 Cultural courses within

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MAGTF Aviation Planning Documents

MAGTF Aviation Planning Documents MCRP 5-11.1A MAGTF Aviation Planning Documents U.S. Marine Corps PCN 144 000131 00 MCCDC (C 42) 27 Nov 2002 E R R A T U M to MCRP 5-11.1A MAGTF AVIATION PLANNING DOCUMENTS 1. For administrative purposes,

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Reading Essentials and Study Guide

Reading Essentials and Study Guide Lesson 3 Cold War Conflicts ESSENTIAL QUESTION How does conflict influence political relationships? Reading HELPDESK Academic Vocabulary temporary lasting for a limited time; not permanent emerge to come

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OPNAVNOTE 1530 N12/16U Apr 2016 OPNAV NOTICE From: Chief of Naval Operations. Subj: 2016 MIDSHIPMAN SUMMER TRAINING PLAN

OPNAVNOTE 1530 N12/16U Apr 2016 OPNAV NOTICE From: Chief of Naval Operations. Subj: 2016 MIDSHIPMAN SUMMER TRAINING PLAN DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF NAVAL OPERATIONS 2000 NAVY PENTAGON WASHINGTON, DC 20350-2000 Canc: Dec 2016 OPNAVNOTE 1530 N12/16U114032 OPNAV NOTICE 1530 From: Chief of Naval Operations

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On 21 November, Ukraine

On 21 November, Ukraine Reforming Ukraine s Armed Forces while Facing Russia s Aggression: the Triple Five Strategy Stepan Poltorak Four years after Ukraine s Euromaidan Revolution and Russia s subsequent invasion, Minister of

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The Coat of Arms 1818 Medical Department of the Army

The Coat of Arms 1818 Medical Department of the Army WAR PSYCHIATRY i The Coat of Arms 1818 Medical Department of the Army A 1976 etching by Vassil Ekimov of an original color print that appeared in The Military Surgeon, Vol XLI, No 2, 1917 ii The first

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SPRING 2018 DSS CLASS SCHEDULE SPRING 2018 DSS CLASS SCHEDULE January 16 - May 17, 2018 TIME MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY 6-9 DSS 630-301 International Law and Global Security Berman CRN 27971 6-9 DSS 632-301 Survey and

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Handbook Of Infantry Tactics For Paintball: Based Upon US Army And Soviet Doctrine For Light Infantry Combat Operations By D. Wagner READ ONLINE

Handbook Of Infantry Tactics For Paintball: Based Upon US Army And Soviet Doctrine For Light Infantry Combat Operations By D. Wagner READ ONLINE Handbook Of Infantry Tactics For Paintball: Based Upon US Army And Soviet Doctrine For Light Infantry Combat Operations By D. Wagner READ ONLINE If you are searching for a ebook by D. Wagner Handbook of

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The Cold War and Decolonization. World History Final Exam Review

The Cold War and Decolonization. World History Final Exam Review The Cold War and Decolonization World History Final Exam Review Causes of the Cold War Differing Ideologies: Communism v. Capitalism/ Non-Communism WWII Conferences, Yalta and especially Potsdam, showed

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COURSE REGISTRATION REPORT UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI I AT MĀNOA SPRING 2010 TRATION REPORT UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI I AT MĀNOA SPRING 2010 Institutional Research Office University of Hawai i March 2010 File Reference: Management and Planning Support Folder, Courses Reports available

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Turn: Summer Economic Trend 0. Socialist Congress meets in Copenhagen and endorses strong anti-fascist stand. EAI: -2

Turn: Summer Economic Trend 0. Socialist Congress meets in Copenhagen and endorses strong anti-fascist stand. EAI: -2 Turn: Summer 1938 Random events Economic Climate European Aggression Index Support Effects Factories Income Expenditures Activity Counters Mobilizations Axis and Allied Forces Balance of Power Intelligence

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The Vietnam War. Nour, Kayti, Lily, Devin, and Hayleigh

The Vietnam War. Nour, Kayti, Lily, Devin, and Hayleigh The Vietnam War Nour, Kayti, Lily, Devin, and Hayleigh When did the war begin between North Vietnam and South Vietnam? Since there was never a declaration of war from either side the starting date of the

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Describe the picture. Who is responsible for the creation of the Iron Curtain? Which superpower s perspective is this cartoon from?

Describe the picture. Who is responsible for the creation of the Iron Curtain? Which superpower s perspective is this cartoon from? Describe the picture. Who is responsible for the creation of the Iron Curtain? Which superpower s perspective is this cartoon from? Write and respond to the following questions in complete sentences. What

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Global Languages Endorsement (GLE)

Global Languages Endorsement (GLE) Global Languages Endorsement (GLE) 2017-18 Last Updated: 12/19/2017 Table of Contents TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction... 3 Information and Processing Procedures... 4 GLE page on the Global Education Wiki...

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The Landscape of the DoD Civilian Workforce

The Landscape of the DoD Civilian Workforce The Landscape of the DoD Civilian Workforce Military Operations Research Society Personnel and National Security Workshop January 26, 2011 Bernard Jackson bjackson@stratsight.com Juan Amaral juanamaral@verizon.net

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FLASHPOINT : CENTRAL FRONT VII Corps Defense of Hof Gap Situation: The deteriorating economic situation and political unrest in the Warsaw pact countries created a time of tension between NATO and the Soviet Union and its allies.

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Commissioned Officer Professional Development and Career Management

Commissioned Officer Professional Development and Career Management Department of the Army Pamphlet 600 3 Personnel-General Commissioned Officer Professional Development and Career Management Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC 11 December 2007 UNCLASSIFIED

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URUGUAY. I. Army. Area... I87,000 sq. km. Population (XII. I932)... 1,975,000 Density per sq. km... Io.6 Length of railway system (XI'I ).

URUGUAY. I. Army. Area... I87,000 sq. km. Population (XII. I932)... 1,975,000 Density per sq. km... Io.6 Length of railway system (XI'I ). 879 URUGUAY Area... I87,000 sq. km. Population (XII. I932)....... 1,975,000 Density per sq. km...... Io.6 Length of railway system (XI'I. 1930 ). 2,746 km. I. Army. MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OF THE ARMED FORCES.

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abcd English for Military and Security Personnel Anglo-Continental Wimborne Road Bournemouth BH2 6NA England

abcd English for Military and Security Personnel Anglo-Continental Wimborne Road Bournemouth BH2 6NA England abcd Military and Security Anglo-Continental 29-35 Wimborne Road Bournemouth BH2 6NA England Telephone: National 01202 55 74 14 International (GB Code) +1202 55 74 14 Fax: National 01202 55 61 56 International

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The Cold War $200 $200 $400 $400 $600 $600 $800 $800

The Cold War $200 $200 $400 $400 $600 $600 $800 $800 CREDITS WWI WWII The 20 s $200 $200 $200 The Cold War $200 Principles of the Constitution $200 The American Revolution $200 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $600 $600 $600 $600 $600 $600 $800 $800 $800 $800

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Soviet Union. B%m m. -JPRS Report. Military History Journal JPRS-UMJ JUNE No 2, February 1988 DTK QUALITY INSPECTED 6

Soviet Union. B%m m. -JPRS Report. Military History Journal JPRS-UMJ JUNE No 2, February 1988 DTK QUALITY INSPECTED 6 16 JUNE 1988 224081 -JPRS Report Approved k-i p-abl:c rth-;«; Soviet Union Military History Journal No 2, February 1988 B%m m DTK QUALITY INSPECTED 6 REPRODUCED BY U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE National

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Timeline: Battles of the Second World War. SO WHAT? (Canadian Involvement / Significance) BATTLE: THE INVASION OF POLAND

Timeline: Battles of the Second World War. SO WHAT? (Canadian Involvement / Significance) BATTLE: THE INVASION OF POLAND Refer to the Student Workbook p.96-106 Complete the tables for each battle of the Second World War. You will need to consult several sections of the Student Workbook in order to find all of the information.

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RECORDS OF THE GERMAN FIELD COMMANDS : CORPS (Part V) XXVIII. Armeekorps ( XXVIII Army Corps) RECORDS OF THE GERMAN FIELD COMMANDS : CORPS (Part V) XXVIII. Armeekorps ( XXVIII Army Corps) The XXVIII Army Corps was formed in May 9*4-0 in Berlin, Wehrkreis III, and was immediately moved to the western

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Strength. COAST 4,719 1,134 5,853. Policy. Employment.

Strength. COAST 4,719 1,134 5,853. Policy. Employment. UNITED STATES - NATIONAL REPORT This report provides an overview of the United States policies and programs relat women in the military. Organization. The US military is organized into five branches of

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The Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics,

The Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Agreement Between the Government of The United States of America and the Government of The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on the Prevention of Incidents On and Over the High Seas Moscow, U.S.S.R.

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SSUSH20 The student will analyze the domestic and international impact of the Cold War on the United States.

SSUSH20 The student will analyze the domestic and international impact of the Cold War on the United States. SSUSH20 The student will analyze the domestic and international impact of the Cold War on the United States. The Cold War The Cold War (1947-1991) was the era of confrontation and competition beginning

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UNIT 8 TEST REVIEW. U.S. History UNIT 8 TEST REVIEW U.S. History SSUSH 20 U.S. History Era after WWII when the U.S. and capitalist nations competed with communist Russia over control of Europe? Cold War The idea that if one country fell

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HOUSE BILL NO. HB0177. Vietnam and veterans welcome home and thank you day.

HOUSE BILL NO. HB0177. Vietnam and veterans welcome home and thank you day. 0 STATE OF WYOMING LSO-00 HOUSE BILL NO. HB0 Vietnam and veterans welcome home and thank you day. Sponsored by: Representative(s) Jaggi, Blikre, Brown, Buchanan, Greear, Greene, Lockhart, Petersen and

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TITLE 14 COAST GUARD This title was enacted by act Aug. 4, 1949, ch. 393, 1, 63 Stat. 495

TITLE 14 COAST GUARD This title was enacted by act Aug. 4, 1949, ch. 393, 1, 63 Stat. 495 (Release Point 114-11u1) TITLE 14 COAST GUARD This title was enacted by act Aug. 4, 1949, ch. 393, 1, 63 Stat. 495 Part I. Regular Coast Guard 1 II. Coast Guard Reserve and Auxiliary 701 1986 Pub. L. 99

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COL (Ret.) Billy E. Wells, Jr. CIVILIAN EDUCATION. EdD Student Peabody College, Vanderbilt University 2010-Present

COL (Ret.) Billy E. Wells, Jr. CIVILIAN EDUCATION. EdD Student Peabody College, Vanderbilt University 2010-Present COL (Ret.) Billy E. Wells, Jr. Office University of North Georgia 82 College Circle Dahlonega, GA 30597 706-864-1993 Fax: 706-864-1689 E-mail: billy.wells@ung.edu Home CIVILIAN EDUCATION EdD Student Peabody

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A Global History of the Nuclear Arms Race

A Global History of the Nuclear Arms Race SUB Hamburg A/602564 A Global History of the Nuclear Arms Race Weapons, Strategy, and Politics Volume 1 RICHARD DEAN BURNS AND JOSEPH M. SIRACUSA Praeger Security International Q PRAEGER AN IMPRINT OF

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Standards in Weapons Training

Standards in Weapons Training Department of the Army Pamphlet 350 38 Training Standards in Weapons Training UNCLASSIFIED Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC 22 November 2016 SUMMARY of CHANGE DA PAM 350 38 Standards

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Estonian Units in the Wehrmacht, SS and Police System, as well as the Waffen-SS, During World War II

Estonian Units in the Wehrmacht, SS and Police System, as well as the Waffen-SS, During World War II 266 Estonian Units in the Wehrmacht, SS and Police System, as well as the Waffen-SS, During World War II Recruitment and Establishment of the Units Toomas Hiio In the course of the Second World War, Estonia

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FOUNTAIN-NEW LIBRARY Periodical Holdings. AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGIST NOT Currently Receiving Microfiche


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LITHUANIA. I. Army. Area... 6,000 sq. km. Population (XII. I932).. 2,422,000 Density per sq. km Length of railway system (193)... 1,566 km.

LITHUANIA. I. Army. Area... 6,000 sq. km. Population (XII. I932).. 2,422,000 Density per sq. km Length of railway system (193)... 1,566 km. LITHUANIA Area... 6,000 sq. km. Population (XII. I932).. 2,422,000 Density per sq. km..... 3... Length of railway system (193)... 1,566 km. I. Army. ORGANS OF MILITARY COMMAND AND ADMINISTRATION. The President

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Headquarters, Department of the Army

Headquarters, Department of the Army FM 3-21.12 The Infantry Weapons Company July 2008 Distribution Restriction: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Headquarters, Department of the Army This page intentionally left blank.

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UNDERGRADUATE AND PROFESSIONAL MAJOR CHANGE BULLETIN NO. 6 Fall COURSES--- UNDERGRADUATE AND PROFESSIONAL MAJOR CHANGE BULLETIN NO. 6 Fall 2017 ---COURSES--- The courses listed below reflect the undergraduate major curricular changes approved by the Catalog Subcommittee since

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Joint Tactical Ground Station Operations

Joint Tactical Ground Station Operations Field Manual Headquarters 40-1 Department of the Army Washington, D.C. 9 September 1999 Joint Tactical Ground Station Operations Contents Page PREFACE... v Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 OVERVIEW Purpose

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Chapter 17: Foreign Policy and National Defense Section 2

Chapter 17: Foreign Policy and National Defense Section 2 Chapter 17: Foreign Policy and National Defense Section 2 Objectives 1. Summarize the functions, components, and organization of the Department of Defense and the military departments. 2. Explain how the

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106. Infanterie-Division - Unit History 65. Activity. Activation, training. Transfer, prenaration for the eastern campaign. Offensive operations

106. Infanterie-Division - Unit History 65. Activity. Activation, training. Transfer, prenaration for the eastern campaign. Offensive operations 106. Infanterie-Division - Unit History 65 Date Location Activity Chain of Command 1940/12/10 Wehrkreis VI, (12.Welle) Westfalen 1941/06/25 Alytus, Lithuania Activation, training Transfer, prenaration

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