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2 Superb Performance Tailor Made to be Invisible Nobody need know you are wearing a Hearing Aid Initial Consultation is FREE Dublin Hearing Aid Centre 67 Lower Dorset Street, Dublin 1 Tel: Helping Dublin Hear for More Than 30 Years

3 Allowances & Entitlements Nutrition Caring for the Caregiver Technology Contents Support Services in the Community Dementia Care Home Care Nursing Home Care Legal Information End of Life Useful Contacts Directory Editors (Home Instead Senior Care): Maura McBride, Deirdre Donaghy Staff Editor (Ashville Media Group): Maev Martin Design: Jennifer Reid Production: Claire Kiernan Managing Editor: Mary Connaughton Creative Director: Jane Matthews Sales Director: Paul Clemenson Chairman Diarmaid Lennon Managing Director Gerry Tynan Published by: Ashville Media Group, Old Stone Building, Blackhall Green, Dublin 7. Tel: , Fax: ,, Web: In association with: Home Instead Senior Care, Q House, Furze Rd, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18. Tel: , Web: Opinions or comments are not necessarily those of Ashville Media Group or Home Instead Senior Care unless otherwise stated. While every effort has been made to verify the contents of this guide, no responsibility can be taken for errors or omissions.

4 Commercial Profile Caring in the Community Care to Comfort s goal is to fit the right bed to the right person, because the right bed improves the quality of sleep and boosts overall health. We offer hospital quality beds that don t look like hospital beds. Care to Comfort beds have built-in features that allow users to adjust them to the most comfortable possible condition. We care about our customers and we listen to their needs. The Care to Comfort customer base includes older people, people with disabilities and ongoing health conditions, and people who have difficulty sleeping. We believe that our beds can help people maintain their dignity and enjoy living independently in their own homes for longer. All of our beds are adjustable at the head and the feet and have the option of a high low mechanism (vertical lift). Another option is a built-in massage in the mattress. Most of our beds have a guarantee of five years on the mechanism. Our range of chairs varies from manual recliners to lift and tilt electric chairs. They are available in fabrics and colours of your choice. Care to Comfort won the Best Care Products in Business award in the 2016 Excellence in Business Awards, organised by The Public Sector magazine. Please see our full range on our website at We won t rest until you do! 2 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017


6 Because having fun is a serious matter. We re not joking when we say that fun is deadly serious. Happiness helps fight depression and ill health. Unfortunately, as we get older, many people can begin to feel lonely and isolated. With over 500 groups nationwide, Active Retirement Ireland is a registered charity that works hard to bring older people together to share their rich experiences, to feel connected and be active. A gift of just 30 would cover the cost of supports and programmes for one member for a year. A tiny price for such positive outcomes. Your generous support can help enrich the lives of communities all over Ireland. So please support us with a donation today. SUPPORT US WITH A DONATION TODAY CALL VISIT ACTIVE RETIREMENT IRELAND KINDLY SUPPORTED BY Charity Number CHY 15090

7 Allowances & Entitlements

8 Allowances and Entitlements Home Carer s Tax Credit A Home Carer s Tax Credit is a tax credit of R1,100 given to married couples or civil partners (who are jointly assessed for tax) where one spouse or civil partner works in the home caring for a dependent person. Carer s Allowance Carer s Allowance is a payment to people on low incomes who are looking after a person who needs support because of age, disability or illness (including mental illness). If you qualify for a Carer s Allowance you may also qualify for free household benefits (if you are living with the person you are caring for) and a Free Travel Pass. Carer s Allowance is not taken into account in the assessment of a medical card. Carer s Allowance is paid for12 weeks (previously 6 weeks) after the death of the person being cared for. To be entitled to a Carer s Allowance you must: Be living with, or in a position to provide full-time care and attention to, a person in need of care who does not normally live in an institution. However, you may continue to be regarded as providing full-time care and attention if you or the person being cared for is undergoing medical or other treatment in a hospital or other institution for a period not longer than 13 weeks. Be habitually resident in the State. Not live in a hospital, convalescent home or other similar institution. Be at least 18 years old and Not be engaged in employment, self-employment, training or education courses outside the home for more than 15 hours a week. During your absence, adequate care for the person requiring full-time care and attention must be arranged. 6 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

9 Allowances and Entitlements The person you are caring for must be: Over the age of 16 and so incapacitated as to require fulltime care and attention or Aged under 16 and getting a Domicilliary Care Allowance. The person receiving care is regarded as requiring fulltime care and attention where He or she is so incapacitated as to require continuous supervision in order to avoid danger to him or herself or continual supervision and frequent assistance throughout the day in connection with normal bodily functions, and He or she is so incapacitated as to be likely to require fulltime care and attention for a period of at least 12 months. Carer s Allowance rates from 9 March 2017 (for carers aged 66 or over) and 16 March 2017 (for carers aged under 66) LoCall for more information Maximum Weekly Rates Personal Rate Carer s Allowance Under Age 66 caring for 1 person Under Age 66 caring for 2 or more Aged 66 and over caring for 1 person Aged 66 and over caring for 2 people Increase for a Qualified Child (full rate) (half-rate) If you are providing care to more than one person you may be entitled to an additional 50% of the maximum rate of Carer s Allowance each week. FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

10 Understanding Needs Straight Stair Lifts Curved Stair Lifts Reconditioned Stairlifts Free Quotes Free Surveys Stair Lift Buy Back Scheme Providing Solutions FIRST SERVICE FREE Tel: Web:

11 Half Rate Carer s Allowance If you are getting certain social welfare payments and you are providing full-time care and attention to another person, you can keep your main social welfare payment and get a half-rate Carer s Allowance as well. If you are in one of the following situations you may qualify for Half-Rate Carer s Allowance: Already getting Carer s Allowance but also meet the qualifying criteria for another social welfare payment Changed from another social welfare payment to get Carer s Allowance Caring for someone and being claimed for by a spouse, civil partner or cohabitant Getting a social welfare payment other than Carer s Allowance and caring for someone. If you satisfy the conditions for Carer s Allowance it will be awarded at 50 per cent of the rate that would apply if you were not getting any other payment. You will also be eligible for the Carer s Support Grant, Household Benefits Package (if you are living with the person for whom you are providing care) and a Free Travel Pass. Allowances and Entitlements Maximum half-rate Carer s Allowance from 9 March 2017 (for carers aged 66 and over) and from 16 March 2017 (for carers aged under 66) Call for more information Half-Rate Carer's Allowance Caring for one person Caring for two or more Under 66 Age 66 and over R R R R Carer s Benefit Carer s Benefit is a payment made to insured people who leave the workforce to care for a person(s) in need of full-time care and attention. You can get Carer s Benefit for a total FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

12 Allowances and Entitlements period of 104 weeks for each person being cared for. This may be claimed as a single continuous period or in any number of separate periods up to a total of 104 weeks. However, if you claim Carer s Benefit for less than six consecutive weeks in any given period you must wait for a further six weeks before you can claim Carer s Benefit to care for the same person again. Carer s Allowance rates from 9 March 2017 (for carers aged 66 or over) and 16 March 2016 (for carers aged under 66) Carer aged under 66 Maximum weekly rate Aged under 66, caring for 1 person R Aged under 66, caring for 2 or more R Aged 66 or over and caring for 1 person R Aged 66+, caring for 2 people R Increase for a Qualified Child R29.80 (full-rate) R14.90 (half-rate) You are not entitled to the Household Benefits package and Free Travel under the Carer s Benefit Scheme. Carer s Support Grant The Carers Support Grant is an annual payment made to carers by the Department of Social Protection. Carers can use the grant in whatever way they wish. You can use the grant to pay for respite care if you wish, but you do not have to do so. Only one Carers Support Grant can be paid for each person getting care. It is not taxable. Domicilliary Care Allowance Domicilliary Care Allowance (DCA) is a monthly payment of a for a child aged under 16 with a severe disability, who requires ongoing care and attention, substantially over and above the care and attention usually required by a child of the 10 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

13 Allowances and Entitlements same age. It is not means tested. LoCall the Department of Social Protection on for more information. Rent Supplement Rent Supplement is paid to people living in private rented accommodation who cannot provide for the cost of the accommodation from their own resources. In general, you will qualify for Rent Supplement, if your only income is a social welfare payment and you satisfy other conditions. For more information, contact the Community Welfare Office. Community Welfare Office Community Welfare Officers (CWOs) are available through local Social Welfare Centres. If you are faced with an unexpected once-off or emergency financial need, you can go to your CWO who will assess and advise if you are eligible for financial assistance. Eligibility and entitlements vary depending on circumstances and the nature of the need. Call into your local Social Welfare office for more information. Tax Relief on the Costs of Employing a Home Carer Provided by Citizens Information You can claim tax relief on the cost of employing a carer either if you employ one for yourself, or for another family member. You can employ the carer directly or you can use an agency that employs carers. If you employ the carer yourself, you should register as an employer and you will be responsible for your employee s tax and social insurance (PAYE, Universal Social Charge and PRSI). You will also have other duties and obligations as an employer, for example regarding hours of work, contracts of employment, payslips, holidays and the minimum wage. If you pay an agency to provide the carer, the agency will employ the carer and be responsible for their tax and social insurance etc. You can still claim tax relief on the cost of paying the agency to provide a carer. FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

14 Allowances and Entitlements Rules If you employ a carer for yourself or on behalf of a family member, you can claim the tax relief on the cost of that care. A family member is a spouse, civil partner, child or a relative, including a relation by marriage or civil partnership. You must be totally incapacitated for the complete tax year (January to December) in which you are claiming the tax relief but the carer does not have to be employed for the full tax year. The term totally incapacitated means you are disabled and require a carer. You cannot claim tax relief for employing a carer if the carer only carries out housekeeper duties or if a Dependent Relative Tax Credit or an Incapacitated Child Tax Credit has already been granted. You may be asked by the Revenue Commissioners to get a medical certificate to confirm the nature of your disability but it isn t necessary to send one in with your application form unless you are getting home nursing for a serious illness. Home Nursing If you, or a family member has a serious illness and you employ a qualified nurse, you must provide the Revenue Commissioners with the following: Name, address and qualifications of each nurse providing care; Receipts for all payments made to the nurses; A medical certificate from the doctor (either your GP or consultant). The medical certificate must state the following: Name and address of the person with the serious illness; The nature of that illness; Confirm that constant nursing care by a qualified nurse in the patient s home is required; Cover the full period of time for which the tax relief is being claimed for home nursing. 12 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

15 Allowances and Entitlements Rates Tax allowances and reliefs reduce the amount of tax that you have to pay. The amount by which a tax allowance/ relief will reduce your tax depends on your rate of tax. You can find out more about how your income tax is calculated. You can claim tax relief (at your highest rate) on the lower of the following two amounts: The actual cost incurred or The maximum deduction of 75,000. You can get tax relief on the cost of employing a carer, less any amount recovered from the Health Service Executive (HSE). If two or more of you pay for the care, the relief is divided between you in proportion to the amount each paid. How to Apply You must claim tax relief on the cost of employing a carer each year. PAYE Taxpayer If you are a PAYE taxpayer, you can apply for tax relief for employing a carer on form HK1 or telephone Revenue Lo-call Service. Your certificate of tax credits will be increased to include the relief due. This means that you will pay less tax each week from your salary. Alternatively, you can claim relief at the end of the tax year by submitting your form P60 and that of your spouse or civil partner, if applicable, to your local Revenue office. Self-Assessment Taxpayer If you pay tax by self-assessment, the claim for tax relief for employing a carer should also be sent on form HK1 and attached to your annual tax return. Where to Apply Send your completed application form to your local tax office. FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

16 Allowances and Entitlements DID YOU KNOW... If you are paying for home care services you may be able to claim tax relief up to 75,000 per annum at your highest rate. Example: 40% income tax 1,000 cost per month 400 savings a month Almost 5,000 savings a year so if you re paying 1,000 a month you can claim back 400 per month. That s almost 5,000 a year. 14 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

17 Allowances and Entitlements A CASE STUDY Anna, 42: Tax Relief and Affordable Home Care Anna s father, Jim is living independently at home on his own. His wife recently passed away and he is experiencing some mobility issues. While Jim enjoys breakfast, his CAREGiver lights the fire, prepares a light lunch, and quickly tidies the house. Towards the end of her shift, Profesional CAREGiver, Louise, assists Jim with showering and dressing. She then helps him sit safely in his chair and leaves Jim for the day. All of this is completed in one hour per day and Jim avails of the service Monday to Friday. After applying the income tax relief for home care fees, this service cost per day. So for per week Anna is able to ensure that her Dad is cared for. Please note, clients must be totally incapacitated for the tax year in which you are claiming tax relief. The term totally incapacitated means a person is disabled and requires a carer. To learn more about professional home care services, contact , or visit FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

18 FREE TRIAL subject to terms and conditions. No shopping. No peeling. No chopping. No pots and pans. Isn t that a no brainer? If you could enjoy a tasty meal every day, without the hard work, why wouldn t you? Wiltshire Farm Foods offers over 300 ready meals, each made using tasty ingredients that are perfectly cooked then quick-frozen to lock the goodness in. Special dietary needs like gluten-free or low calorie? It s all available no-contract, no-commitment and with free delivery. Just order what you want, when you want. Chicken & Spring Vegetable Casserole 3.79 Call us today for your FREE brochure

19 Nutrition Nutrition FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

20 Nutrition Cooking Under Pressure As a family caregiver, you re under plenty of pressure. A demanding job, a growing family, a busy household and financial obligations can leave you feeling frazzled. Then, add the task of caring for an ageing relative, and you may often feel like you re reaching boiling point. With all of these responsibilities, mealtime can become a real challenge. Without good nutrition, health can deteriorate very quickly, making older adults more susceptible to disease and infection. To help keep older people happy, healthy and independent at home, it s important for family carers to prioritise nutrition when it comes to juggling caregiving duties. So how do you know if your ageing loved one s diet fits the bill? 1. Loss of appetite. If your loved one has always been a hearty eater but no longer eats as he or she used to, it s time to find out why. An underlying illness could be the root cause. Or it could be problems with illfitting dentures or other pain while chewing. 2. Stopped going out to eat. Ask yourself: Did Mum and Dad used to love eating out and now they rarely if ever go out to their favourite restaurant? If so, ask them about the change to determine if there is a problem. 3. Depression. Watch for signs of depression, this can be signalled by a change in appetite. 4. Sudden weight fluctuation. A weight change losing or gaining a lot of weight in a short time could mean that something is amiss. 5. Expired or spoiled food. Check the refrigerator, as your parents could be saving food until it s no longer safe to eat. If they end up eating something they shouldn t it could lead to illness that could severely weaken them. 18 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

21 Nutrition Sit Down and Have a Talk With Your Parent Tell them what you ve noticed and that you are concerned. Listen carefully to find out what they have to say. Also, be sure to let them know that their symptoms might be easily cleared up with some simple dietary changes. If you suspect medication or an illness might be to blame, suggest a visit to their GP and offer to go along. Be sure to take along a list of current medications, any recent illnesses they might have experienced, and signals of poor nutrition that you noticed. With this information in hand, the doctor can best diagnose the problem. The doctor may suggest some simple blood tests that can help reveal any potential medical problems. Consider nutritional supplements, including drinks and pudding. You might also ask your parent s doctor if a nutritionist or dietician would be helpful, especially if there are medical conditions, such as diabetes, that need to be taken into consideration during meal preparation. Suggest a visit to the dentist, if you think dental or jaw problems are to blame. FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

22 Nutrition Savvy Shopping Tips For Family Carers Before you think about the types of healthy meals you need to prepare for your ageing loved one, it s important to first overcome the obstacles of shopping. Here are some tips to help make your next trip to the grocery store a successful one: 1. Shop with others. Shopping can sometimes be seen as a chore make it more sociable by shopping with a friend or family member. 2. Look out for special price offers. Many local butchers, grocers and supermarkets run offers on nourishing produce that is in season. 3. Loyalty cards. Ensure you have a loyalty card for the store(s) you shop in so you can avail of their special offers and promotions. 4. Don t be afraid of freezing. When cooking for one it is easy to over-estimate portions. Instead of throwing away the excess food why not freeze it to use as a dinner option on another day. 5. Always make a shopping list. Have a standard shopping list with core items such as fresh, frozen and tinned foods that can be stored. This can save time and money. 6. Don t shop hungry. Shoppers are always tempted to buy more when hungry. So have a snack before hitting the aisles. 7. Think variety. It s easy to get in a rut. Don t be afraid to try new foods and recipes. 8. Try store brands. The most costly brands are often placed at eye level. Store own brands, which may be cheaper and just as good, are often placed higher or lower on the grocery shelves. 20 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

23 Nutrition A CASE STUDY Margaret, 41: Nutrition and the Benefits of Home Care Margaret was worried about her aunt Ellen not getting proper nutrition. Ellen is in her late seventies and lives alone and takes several medications every day. She has also lost half a stone over the last few months. Ellen doesn t cook for herself and relies on snacks and convenient food for fuel. Margaret lives nearby, but with three children under 10 and a part-time job, she has found it difficult to help her aunt improve her diet and stay healthy. Diabetes runs in the family and Margaret didn t want to see her aunt s sweet tooth lead to illness. A neighbour gave Margaret the number of Meals on Wheels to help ensure her aunt had a supply of healthy food. However, Margaret noticed that most of the meals ended up in the bin. When she asked her aunt why she wasn t eating, she simply replied that she didn t enjoy eating alone. Companionship was the missing ingredient to her meals. Margaret and her sisters now take turns cooking Sunday dinner and always ensure Ellen is there and enjoys her meals with loved ones. On these days Ellen wipes her plate clean! Her nieces have also arranged for a Home Instead CAREGiver to help with meals. FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK


25 Caring for the Caregiver Caring for the Caregiver FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

26 Caring for the Caregiver Physical Signs of Caregiver Stress If I could just get some good sleep, maybe I wouldn t feel so tired all the time and this headache would go away. -Michelle (57), Limerick. When you re a caregiver it s easy to forget about your own needs. After all, you re a caregiver not a me-giver. Right? Well, yes and no. As difficult as it might seem, you need to pay attention to yourself too. So how do you know if caregiver stress is affecting you? Look for these common physical signs of caregiver stress: Disturbed sleep Back, shoulder or neck pain, muscle tension Headaches Stomach/digestive problems (upset or acid stomach, cramps, heartburn, gas, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhoea) Weight fluctuation (gain or loss) Loss of hair Fatigue High blood pressure, irregular heart beat, palpitations Chest pain Perspiration Skin disorders (hives, eczema, psoriasis, tics, itching) Periodontal disease, jaw pain Reproductive problems/infertility Weakened immune system suppression: more colds, flu, infections Sexual dysfunction/lack of libido If you are experiencing some of the signs listed above, consider talking with a healthcare professional that can help you to evaluate your situation. You are not alone. Getting support will help reduce caregiver stress, as well as reduce the associated risks of ongoing stress. 24 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

27 Emotional Signs of Caregiver Stress I m so scared I m not going to be able to get everything done. I can t believe no one will help me! It makes me so angry. I ve never felt so alone and out of control before. -Anna (44), Kilkenny. The emotional experiences involved with providing care can strain even the most capable person. The resulting feelings of anger, anxiety, sadness, isolation, exhaustion and then guilt for having these feelings can exact a heavy toll. It s important to recognise the emotional signs of caregiver stress. Take a look at the following list and see if any apply to you: Anxiety Depression Moodiness/mood swings Butterflies Irritability, easily frustrated, road rage Memory problems and lack of concentration Feeling out of control Increased substance abuse Phobias Argumentative Feeling of isolation Job dissatisfaction Noticing the way stress affects you physically is sometimes easier than seeing how it is affecting you emotionally. You may want to think about how your spouse or children are reacting to you. If you re more grumpy than normal they may let you know or may just avoid you altogether. Consider talking with a healthcare professional that can help you to evaluate your situation. Remember, it is not selfish to focus on your own needs and desires when you are a family caregiver. In fact, it is important that you take initiative with your own physical and emotional care, or else it could make you less useful to the person for whom you are caring. Caring for the Caregiver FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK


29 Advice Provided by Danette Connolly, Director of Care, Home Instead Senior Care, Waterford 4 Ideas You Can Use Now to Feel Like Yourself Again Caregivers who insist on time for themselves within a busy life have more energy and are better able to weather stress. And that allows them to be more reliable to those who depend on them. Most caregivers like the idea of me time but are convinced they can t find it. You can! Start small, and dream big. 1Schedule it. Don t postpone personal time, making it an afterthought or reward after you finish the day s business. Instead, include yourself in your must-dos when you plan the day ideally, early in the day so the time doesn t get overlooked. Plus you ll be better able to face the day if you re fully energised. Pencil in even 15 minutes daily, for starters literally write it on your planner or daily to-do list. Commit to carving this same time out every day. Life coaches say it can take up to three weeks for a new habit to take hold. Devoting specific times to yourself helps you make me time a priority. Make the break feel like an indulgence. That means no laundry or paying the bills. Think of something you enjoyed when you had more time, before your life got crazy. Maybe it s savouring a cup of tea (in a fine china cup!) and a brand-new paperback. Caring for the Caregiver FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

30 Commercial Profile Delve Deep into the Real Ireland in Cavan Visitors to Cavan will encounter warm people, delicious food, tranquil lakes, and sweeping hills linked by a network of soothing waterways. The rolling, ancient drumlins of Cavan are alive with poetry and heritage, nowhere more so than amid the life-affirming beauty of Cavan Burren Park. Located on the slopes of Cuilcagh Mountain, the park is an enduring geological and archaeological wonder that provides an insight into our ancient heritage and boasts breathtaking views over Lough MacNean and the surrounding countryside. Ireland is a land of castles and conquest and Cavan has its fair share of ancient fortifications. For a tour with a difference, go to Cavan Canoe Centre and request a boat or kayak trip to the island castle of Clough Oughter, which stands like a silent sentinel on an island in the centre of a vast and charming waterway. Cavan Walking Festival (April 28th to May 5th) is a fun week of varying trails, rambles and hikes, all led by local trained guides. In recent years the Taste of Cavan food festival, which takes place in August, has become the perfect showcase for the country s best food producers. If history is your thing, then the World War One Trench Experience at Cavan County Museum in Ballyjamesduff, the largest WW1 replica trench in Ireland and the UK, is a must see. For more information and fantastic mid-week special offers, visit www. World War 1 Trench Experience at Cavan County Museum. 28 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

31 WAITING TO BE DISCOVERED For award-winning restaurants, fabulous hotels, panoramic landscapes, stunning heritage attractions, world-class fishing, breath-taking walks and the friendliest people in Ireland, visit Cavan in You ll be surprised at what you find here. Cavan Tourist Information Office Johnston Central Library Farnham Street, Cavan, Ireland. t: +353 (0)

32 Caring for the Caregiver Say no. Not all requests are draining, of course. If 2 you re tempted, get in the habit of replying, I m not sure; let me get back to you. Don t answer immediately; give yourself a cushion of time to reflect privately on whether the request will enhance your life or detract from it. But also practice building up your no muscle. The more you express regrets or bow out, the easier it becomes the next time. Create a personal space in your home, just for 3 you. It could be a whole spare bedroom (think man cave... or girl cave!) or a desk and comfy chair in a corner. Decorate your me zone with meaningful mementos, a comfy quilt, your favourite photos. Having your own personal retreat ensures you ll be more likely to head there to do something just for yourself watch a DVD, talk by Skype with an old college friend, run through some yoga moves, take a power nap. Ask others in the house to respect your privacy when you re in your personal space. (It doesn t always work, but it never hurts to ask!) Buy time. Don t underestimate the value of 4 outsourcing. Yes, it means spending money. But your time carries a price tag, too and your health and peace of mind are priceless. Definitely look into professional CAREGivers from Home Instead Senior Care to manage your loved one s care needs. Resist the excuse that nobody can care as well as you can; this may well be true, but many paid professionals do a wonderful job. The trick is to apply the time you buy toward yourself, not anything or anyone else. If a professional CAREGiver or a sibling spends time with your loved one on Saturday mornings, go out to do something personally meaningful during that block of time don t just run errands. 30 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

33 Caring for the Caregiver A CASE STUDY The McCarthy Family: Home Care Support Services The McCarthy siblings, Helen, Marie and Pat, care for their mum who has recently availed of a home care package from the HSE for 21 hours of care a week. After being approved for a grant, the family was visited by their local public health nurse and a home care provider. The nurse, caregiver and quality assurance manager discussed the family s needs and tailored a care plan that would keep their mum Geraldine cared for and healthy. She receives help bathing, getting dressed, taking medication and helping her with general mobility. Geraldine relies on an oxygen tank she is now housebound and needs a hand getting out of bed or the chair, as well as assistance with toileting. The home care package has helped the McCarthys in their caregiving role and they have peace of mind knowing their mum is being cared for. The public health nurse has a full grasp on Geraldine s care needs and manages the relationship with her professional caregiver to ensure her continued health and safety. FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

34 Commercial Profile Supporting Independent Living at Home Home Response & Assistance Ltd is a new company that helps elderly and disabled people who wish to live independently in their own homes. With over 35 years experience in the customer services market, we provide you and your family members with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a 24-7 personal mobile call out service is available. Call us today to arrange for a Customer Service Member to visit your home to discuss your requirements and see how our range of services can give you and your family the peace of mind you deserve. If you have a personal medical alarm and would like someone to respond in person - we can be there. If you don t qualify for the HSE Home Care Package but still need some assistance to live independently in your own home - we can assist you. If you have a difficulty or are concerned in any way in your home - we can visit you. If you live alone and have a small trip or a fall we can assist you. If your family members can t be available in the middle of the night, over weekends or are away on holidays we can provide daily or nightly welfare visits. Our Mobile Responder would call in person to your home on your request or that of a family member 24 hours, seven days a week. They would allow themselves access to the property with a set of keys (if previously provided by the family) and offer any basic nonmedical assistance or reassurance required. Should medical help be required, then we would remain with you until it arrived. We would give the emergency services access, provide them with the required medical\contact information, and keep family members updated. Your home would then be safely locked up by our Responder. IDA Business Park, Clonshaugh, Dublin 17. Tel: (01) Web: 32 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

35 Technology Technology FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

36 Technology Get Your Folks Online If your parents or older folks you know still haven t got to grips with the Internet, they re really missing out. That s why Google and Age Action have teamed up to create free bite-size courses that you can take them through, step-by-step. There s everything from how to use a mouse, right up to trickier things like making Skype calls or searching for shows on the RTÉ Player. And before you know it, they ll be up and running and chuffed you took the time to share your know-how. Go on, give it a go! Sample lessons include: Using Shopping online Video, TV, radio If you re ready to start teaching your older loved ones how to browse the web visit and browse the different courses available and select the one that s right for them. 34 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

37 Technology Online Resources for Family Carers: The website for the National Network of Voluntary Organisations supporting family carers. The alliance supports member organisations in their direct work with family carers through the provision of information, developing research and policy, sharing resources, and instigating opportunities for collaboration. A website dedicated to helping family carers support ageing loved ones through helpful resources, while also helping carers deal with stress as a result of the caregiving journey. You will receive help with family relationships and difficult conversations. You ll find training and resources on managing conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer s disease, and arthritis, as well as helpful tips and advice on senior housing, safety, nutrition, financial issues, and end-of-life planning. Home Instead Senior Care is Ireland s most trusted source of home care for older people. It is also a resource and comfort to family carers struggling to care for ageing loved ones. The home care provider has published valuable guidebooks and resources for family carers helping them with a range of senior care issues including: Alzheimer s and dementia; arthritis; osteoporosis; communicating with loved ones and senior care options. This is Ireland s one-stop shop for senior care information and support. Their blog provides information on a range of topics including caregiving; communication; elder abuse; entitlements for older people etc. They also provide news and the latest information from the senior care industry in Ireland, as well as discounts and specials available throughout the country. FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

38 Technology Useful Apps for Family Carers: Daily Companion App: A free app created by Home Instead Senior Care to help family carers cope with difficult dementia care situations. It is a pocket guide to dementia care providing access to quick, helpful tips from experts and other caregivers. Hello Brain: This innovative app brings together the latest information on brain health together with the latest brain research in an easy-to-understand format that encourages people to be more proactive about their brain health. You will learn practical tips on how to keep your brain healthy using a range of entertaining videos and online resources. It is available for smartphone (iphone and Android), as well as ipad. Jointly App: Developed by Carers UK, this app helps carers communicate, co-ordinate tasks and share updates among family members and others involved in an individual s care. Jointly is free to download. You can then buy a circle of care and invite others to join and share information, such as to-do lists, a calendar and details of current and previous medications. Skype: An online application that lets you stay in touch with friends and family. Skype lets you make free calls to other Skype users. If you are in a long-distance caregiving situation, Skype will help you save on expensive longdistance charges to landlines and mobiles. All you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet and, of course, an internet connection and you are ready to go. WebMD: This app is a mobile extension of Family carers can search for information on medications their loved one is using with the Pill ID function. There is also a symptom checker and a section that allows you to research different medical conditions. 36 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

39 Technology A CASE STUDY Gardai & Students Tec-sperts Programme The Tec-sperts programme is a pilot project to champion intergenerational training between secondary schools transition year students and Active Retirement groups in the local area. The project is managed jointly by Blackrock/ Dundrum Community Garda and Home Instead Senior Care in Leopardstown, Co. Dublin. The Garda Siochana Dublin West District have teamed up with Home Instead Senior Care on this initiative which offers one-to-one IT training to seniors. The Transition Year students at Newpark School in Blackrock were trained at their school with expertise from Home Instead Senior Care on how to assist older people in the use of technology. One-to-one training was provided during three training sessions at Newpark School by their exemplary Transition Year students who trained seniors in skills such as use of mobile phones, taking photographs, skype, researching on the internet, and other useful IT skills. One of the senior participants in the programmes said, It was excellent, a wonderful and worthwhile experience. I had two beautiful young ladies who were excellent teachers. I would love to take part again. Home Instead Senior Care aims to deliver this training throughout its 25 offices nationwide in partnership with local Community Gardai and TY Students from local secondary schools. FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

40 The new WIDEX BEYOND is the best sounding made-for-iphone hearing aid available. Make an appointment today for a free hearing test and demonstration of the Widex Beyond. Call Connect Hearing on our Freephone number for an appointment at a location near you. All latest technology including New Phonak Belong Rechargeable aids, no more need to change batteries. Tel: Locations: Locations: Unit 2B, Ardee Business Centre, Hale Street, Ardee Leavys Opticians, Clanbrassil Street, Dundalk Dexa Protection Clinic, 17 Fair Street, Drogheda Carlingford Medical Centre, Carlingford FREE WAX REMOVAL FOR OVER 65s

41 Support in the Community Support Services in the Community FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

42 Support in the Community Community Services The Health Service Executive has responsibility for the delivery of public health, community and home care supports at local levels in Ireland. One of the major challenges for the HSE is to support and develop community services which can help and support, both those people who are dependent at home, and also the family and informal carers who look after them. Public Health Nurses provide an essential link for carers particularly around referrals to other therapies and home care supports. Public Health Nurses Public Health Nurses provide free nursing care to Medical Card holders although the service is not exclusive to Medical Card holders. Public Health Nursing services are also free to all people aged over 65 and to those with a long term illness. Public Health Nurses can provide the following services: Home help for practical assistance with homemaking duties Home care, including help with dressing, feeding and other personal care Liaison service - for further care which may be needed at home after hospital Home visits, including practical advice on care techniques Referral for carer training lifting, handling and strategies for coping Advice and assistance on continence management Referral to day care, respite, meals on wheels and other local services Advice on women s health issues - breast care and cervical smear testing Information on local carer support groups Respite care, usually for a week or two, at local residential care facilities 40 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

43 Support in the Community Other HSE supports include: Occupational therapy Chiropody Speech and language therapy Social workers Psychological services Home Help Service The home help service aims to provide support and assistance to people to remain within their own homes for as long as possible. The service is especially aimed at older people, people with disabilities, health conditions, families under stress and carers in need of support. Currently, over 55,000 people living in the community benefit from a home help service on a weekly basis. Carers can find out more about this service from their local public health nurse or local health office. Home Care Packages A Home Care Package is an individualised package of community based services and supports provided to enable people, assessed as needing such supports, to return home from an acute hospital or to prevent admission to an acute hospital or long term residential care. Home Care Packages comprise of services and supports such as community health nursing, therapy services, home help services and access to both day and respite care. Home Care Packages are by their nature flexible and tailored to the individual and the changing needs of the recipient, taking account of his or her particular circumstances and the presence or otherwise of a carer. For further information on Home Care Packages contact your local health office or public health nurse. The HSE has also developed and expanded day centres and respite services. Respite services are recognised as hugely important for carers as it offers an opportunity for a break from the stresses of caring. Budget 2017 provided for 10m in new development funding for home care, including home help and home care packages, in addition to 3.8m to support the increased cost of existing services. FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

44 Support in the Community Training for Carers There are a number of voluntary organisations providing information, advice and support for carers in Ireland. Education and training contribute to easing the burden at home as well as establishing, maintaining and improving standards of care. The HSE, as well as voluntary agencies supported by the HSE, can provide training for carers. For example, Family Carers Ireland is a registered charity emerging from the coming together of two long standing charities of over 25 years The Carers Association and Caring for Carers in The organisation offers a range of services and supports to family carers, giving one national voice to represent fairness for carers. They provide national certified training courses such as Care in the Home for carers and people working in the caring profession. This course covers practical caring skills such as feeding, washing, dressing and personal skills such as communication stress management and coping skills. Other courses can include: Caring for Children with Special Needs Occupational First Aid Carers Support Programme Entitlement for Carers Patient Handling Course Medication There are two types of medication, those that require a prescription that you take to your chemist, and those that do not which can be bought over the counter. Here are some questions you or the person being cared for may want to ask their doctor or chemist about their medication: What is the name of the medication and what is it for? Are there any possible side effects? What should I do if there are any side effects? 42 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

45 Support in the Community How long will I need to take this medication for? Will this medication affect any of my other medical problems? What should I do if I forget to take my medication? Will this medicine interfere with any others that I take? Is there anything I should avoid while taking this medication such as alcohol, cigarettes, driving? Check that you are taking the lowest possible effective dose of medication. If the person being cared for is taking more than one type of medication, it can become confusing knowing when to take each one. The local pharmacist will be able to help you with this by dividing up the week s medication so it is easier to monitor the dosage. You can also buy a daily tablet box to remind you of what needs to be taken and when. Bereavement Counselling Everyone experiences loss during life. However, for carers many of the changes and losses experienced come quickly and can lead to feelings of grief. Other people may understand that you feel grief for the person who has died but they may not realise that you can also feel the loss of not being a carer anymore. Bereavement counseling offers the opportunity to explore, understand and work through feelings of grief. Although everyone s personal reaction to a bereavement is different, most people experience some of the following emotional responses when someone close to them dies such as disbelief, shock, anger, sadness, relief, guilt, depression, anxiety, despair, longing and loneliness. Carer support groups can also offer different types of support. Your general practitioner or local health office can provide advice on supports available in your area. For more information contact: HSE National Information Line Monday to Saturday, 8am-8pm Call Save: FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

46 Support in the Community Respite Care Respite care may involve providing alternative family or institutional care for a person with a disability in order to enable the carer to take a short break, a holiday or a rest. It can cover very short-term respite, for example, a carer for an evening, or a much longer arrangement for a holiday. Schemes of respite care are sometimes called Breakaway or Friendship schemes. Respite care or temporary care may be based in the community or in an institution. In practice, respite care is provided to a varying degree at a number of locations around the country - in some cases by your Health Service Executive (HSE) Area and in others by local or national voluntary organisations. Care is provided at a number of locations around the country for people with different disabilities. The person being cared for may be admitted to a HSE nursing home for a period of two weeks. Longer stays may be possible in some circumstances. Respite care is organised through your public health nurse or family doctor (GP). Alternative care with a family is sometimes available for children with disabilities, whereas insitutional care is usually provided for older people. Sometimes, summer camp arrangements can be made for children with disabilities. These are funded by local HSE Areas at no cost to individuals. Carer s Support Grant The Carer s Support Grant (formerly called the Respite Care Grant) is an annual cash payment of 1,700 made by the Department of Social Protection to certain carers for use as they wish. It is not taxable. Where to Apply Apply to the Disability Services Manager in your Local Health Office and/or to a voluntary organisation that caters for people with the relevant disability. The National Home-sharing and Short-breaks Network is an association of people and organisations engaged in using, promoting and providing host family-based services for Irish citizens with intellectual disability, physical disability and autism. Call FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

47 Arthritis Care at Home Arthritis Ireland is the only national charity working towards a future where everyone with arthritis and those caring for them is empowered to take positive action to manage the effects of arthritis on their lives. Many people see their carer s role as just part of what they do as a wife, husband, brother, sister, son or daughter. However, the value of your contribution should not be underestimated, and the role that you play individually and collectively is significant. Looking after someone with arthritis is a challenge. You need to achieve the right balance between providing support and motivation without being overprotective. Most people with arthritis will wish to retain as much control over their lives as possible, and you need to help them retain their independence. This can be difficult to judge and you must be sensitive to signs, which may not be verbal, that indicate you should stand back or you should insist on helping with a particular task or activity. There are 4 main ways in which you can help: Understand what arthritis means what causes it, how it develops, and how it affects people. In the same way that understanding their condition helps people with arthritis to cope with it, the more you understand arthritis, the more you will be able to provide successful care and support. Please log on to to learn more or call our Helpline on Communicate effectively. Good communication in both directions is essential. The person with arthritis needs to feel well supported and may also need reassurance that you do not resent the responsibility falling on you. Offer practical help with treatment. This may mean helping the person to take their medications or assisting with recommended exercises, activities or therapies that they have found helpful in reducing symptoms of their arthritis. Support in the Community FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

48 Support in the Community Support the person with arthritis in applying for any benefits and advice they may be entitled to. There are a number of benefits that they may not be aware of. Please log on to to learn more or call our Helpline on Arthritis Ireland and Home Instead Senior Care are working together in partnership offering a practical half-day workshop to provide carers with the skills and information needed to best help a person with arthritis, allowing them to maintain as much mobility, independence and control over their life as possible. Each workshop is delivered by a team comprised of a trained Home Instead CAREGiver and a person living with arthritis. This ensures that the knowledge and experience you receive is truly valid in the home care setting. Sign up today for the Arthritis Ireland Caring Hands Programme, call Arthritis Ireland on (01) FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

49 Support in the Community AWARDS Home Instead Senior Care Honours Public Health Nurses in Annual Awards At the recent Institute of Community Health Nursing AGM, five public health nurses were recognised for the exceptional care they provide and their commitment to promoting Public Health Nursing in the community. Nominees for the ICHN Annual Award are highly commended for their professional commitment to nursing in the community and for their work in the promotion and development of best practice and services for identified health needs of varying population groups. Those awarded have committed to their professional development ensuring that all practice delivered by them is evidenced based and will enhance the quality of care of their patients and the community at large. Clare Lewis, clinical care manager for the elderly in Dublin FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

50 Support in the Community North, was named the overall winner at the ICHN Annual Awards in addition to being named regional winner east for her dedication to the patients in her local community and also for the support and mentoring of community nurses in dealing with older clients with complex care needs. The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Violet Hayes, Director of Public Health Nursing, West Cork. Violet was awarded for always going that extra mile when dealing with the patients within her community. Violet was also recognised for the huge support she has given to her staff at both a professional and personal level. She epitomises what all nurses should aspire to be. The regional awards were presented to: Regional Winner: Midlands - Margaret Keogh, Public Health Nurse, Longford Westmeath; Regional Winner: West - Marie Chambers, Public Health Nurse, Achill Island; Regional Winner: South - Grainne O Brien, Clinical Care Manager, Cobh; Regional Winner East - Clare Lewis, Clinical Care Manager for Older Persons in Dublin North, CHO area 9. Speaking at the awards Ms. Johanna Downey President, commented On behalf of the ICHN and the Public Health Nursing service we would like to congratulate all of our winners today. Their initiative, motivation and care given in the workplace is inspirational. Those awarded continually go above and beyond in the care they provide within their community. Thank you and congratulations to Clare Lewis in her role as both public health nurse and clinical care manager for older persons. At the end of the day, we all want to remain in our own home and without the support and expertise of professionals like Clare this would not be possible. Ed Murphy, CEO and Founder of Home Instead Senior Care in Ireland, said that Violet Hayes work in the local community is invaluable. We have worked with Violet and other public health nurses through the years and Violet has always gone above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to keeping older people in the community feeling safe and at home, he said. On behalf of the Kerry and West Cork community, I would like to congratulate both Violet and Clare Lewis for making Ireland a better place to grow old. 48 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

51 2016 ICHN Public Health Nurse of the Year Awards sponsored by Home Instead Senior Care Support in the Community Jonathan Acton & Margaret Keogh Johanna Downey & Violet Hayes Dr Sinead Hanafin & Dr Keith Swanick Oonagh Cox & Marie Chambers Claire Lewis & Deirdre Tuohy Dr Keith Swanick FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK


53 Dementia Care

54 Dementia Care Dementia Care Services Home Instead Senior Care understands the worries Alzheimer s disease and other dementias can cause in the lives of older people and their families. In fact, many of the older people cared for by Professional Home Instead CAREGivers are living with a dementia. The leading home care provider has witnessed the distress and loss that older adults and family caregivers can face. These conditions can affect their energy, peace of mind and happiness. If you re living it now, you know all too well. If your loved one just received the diagnosis, you re likely anxious about the future for your loved one and yourself. You want your loved one to be safe and engaged in life. But given the memory and behavioural changes that sometimes accompany dementia, how can you ensure this happens? And how do you also take good care of yourself while providing excellent care to your family member? Wherever you are on the care journey, Home Instead Senior Care can help. Home Instead CAREGivers are trained in expert, person-centred Alzheimer s and Dementia Care. Such expert dementia care can help support your loved one to continue to live with a quality of life. The organisation also offers FREE dementia care workshops in the community for family caregivers. If you re worried please talk to your local office or call to set up a FREE Care Consultation or register today for a FREE dementia care workshop. You can also sign up online at 52 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

55 Dementia Care Professional CAREGivers Wherever you are on the journey, Home Instead Senior Care can help in a dramatic and positive way. CARE: Changing Ageing Through Research and Education is a unique research-based training approach for Home Instead s Professional CAREGivers. Designed by renowned experts in the field of Alzheimer s and Dementia Care, the approach focuses on personalising the care experience and looks at practical ways of dealing with some of the most common issues associated with dementia. Home Instead CAREGivers use techniques to help keep your loved one engaged in life, and are trained to understand and reduce behaviour that is a sign of unhappiness. So you can be assured your loved one is being cared for by a trusted professional who is up to date with the latest in Alzheimer s education and home care techniques. Professional CAREGivers are trained to: Create social interaction Maintain a safe environment Minimise cognitive and behavioural symptoms Provide meaningful activities Provide nutritious meals Supervise daily activities Professional CAREGivers can also provide assistance with enhancing and restoring the simple pleasures of life, such as a walk in the park, a ride in the car to get ice cream or spending time in the garden. These elder care activities are proven to maximise abilities and independence. The best place for a person with memory loss is in familiar surroundings, and thousands of families like yours have trusted Home Instead Senior Care to provide one-on-one home care for loved ones with Alzheimer s disease and related dementias. For more information visit Home or call FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

56 Dementia Care The Benefits of Professional Caregiver Training Testimonials From Industry Experts The Home Instead training programme addresses an important and growing need for older people and their families. Using principles of adult learning to instruct caregivers and incorporating state-of-theart research on behavioural approaches, this programme promises to raise the level of expertise in dementia care for a large group of caregivers. The behavioural issues addressed by this programme are among the most challenging for families. Caregivers who complete this training will be able to demonstrate, and teach how best to provide care for persons with dementia and also improve the quality of life for those individuals through sensitive and empathetic care. Jane Potter, MD, Home Instead Centre for Successful Ageing Too often in dementia care we seek to create a behavioural void. We focus on keeping the person with dementia from doing this and that unwanted behaviour. But living beings behave. So the best way to avoid unwanted behaviour is to focus on supporting wanted behaviours. What activities do we want to help the person do more often? I am honoured to be an advisor to this training programme because of its focus on what the person with dementia can do. Glenn Smith, MD, The Mayo Clinic 54 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

57 Dementia Care Alzheimer s & Other Dementias Daily Companion App: Your Onthe-Go Guide for Dementia Care Advice How do you deal with a mother who is always accusing you of stealing from her? That s a common question asked by many sons and daughters caring for a parent with Alzheimer s disease or other dementias. The accusation scenario could just as easily be replaced with: who won t eat her food, who refuses to shower, who hides her underwear in my purse, who curses at me, who urinates in the bedroom floor vent, or who doesn t recognise me. While the situation at hand may differ from day to day and from person to person, the core question remains: How do I deal? An App Designed to Help You Deal Home Instead Senior Care created the Alzheimer s and Other Dementias Daily Companion App as a pocket guide to help get you through all the dementia care situations you likely never dreamed you d have to face. You can download this free app now so when you have a question about the best way to handle a situation, you ll have quick, helpful tips from experts and other caregivers instantly at your fingertips. App Overview & Features The Alzheimer s and Other Dementias Daily Companion is a mobile app available for download at no cost from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It offers immediate advice with close to 500 searchable tips and practical solutions to help deal with behaviours and situations related to Alzheimer s and other dementias. FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

58 Dementia Care Features include: 25 topic categories containing close to 500 searchable pieces of advice from experts and caregivers regarding: Behaviours and situations Emotional support Helpful resources Ask a Question submission form if you can t find the answer you re looking for Functionality to share advice from your own experience for the benefit of other caregivers A built-in rating system for users to provide feedback on each tip so caregivers benefit from others insight and evaluation of the advice 24-hour caregiving assistance Access to free Alzheimer s and other dementias caregiver resources and training materials Ability to access all of the solutions and tips without internet connectivity A Companion to Confidence to Care This app serves as an on-the-go companion piece to the book Confidence to Care: A Resource for Family Caregivers Providing Alzheimer s Disease or Other Dementias Care at Home. The book combines personal stories with the same practical tips available through the app to help you confidently deal with the most common issues associated with Alzheimer s disease and other dementias. See more at: 56 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

59 Dementia Care Confidence to Care: A Resource for Family Caregivers Providing Alzheimer s Disease or Other Dementias Care at Home Home Instead Senior Care has created an essential handbook called Confidence to Care: A Resource for Family Caregivers Providing Alzheimer s Disease or Other Dementias Care at Home. The book has been created to support family caregivers become more confident in their ability to understand, manage and even help alleviate dementiarelated behavioural symptoms that their loved one may be likely to exhibit. This book combines personal stories with practical techniques drawn from decades of caregiving experience from family caregivers, Professional CAREGivers within the Home Instead Senior Care network, and internationally recognised experts. Confidence to Care also highlights the importance of caring for yourself while caring for others. Visit amazon. to order a copy of this book. Examples of topics include: Aggression and Anger Agitation and Anxiety Bedtime Struggles and Sleep Problems Confusion and Memory Loss Delusions False Accusations and Paranoia Wandering Confidence to Care also highlights the importance of caring for yourself while caring for others. All book profits will be donated to dementia-related organisations and causes. FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

60 Dementia Care DDEMENTIA DEMENTIA DF FRIENDLY PROUD TO BE DEMENTIA FRIENDLY In conjunction with Dementia Friendly Retailer Programme Home Instead Senior Care has launched a new campaign designed to make the community more dementia friendly. Through the Dementia Friendly Retailer programme, the home care provider will provide free training to businesses throughout the country to help equip employees with information and resources needed to welcome families who are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer s disease or another dementia. In a recent survey of Alzheimer s caregivers, 83% reported that they and their loved ones have become more isolated from the community as a result of the disease. Furthermore, 86% reported that they feel isolated and spend less time in the community as a result of caregiving responsibilities. For many caregivers, the unpredictable nature of the disease can make going out in public with their loved one intimidating, said Ed Murphy, CEO and Founder of Home Instead Senior Care in Ireland. Our research shows that family caregivers might be reluctant to frequent public places because of the behaviours that could be associated with the disease. Census forecasts predict the population of people with dementia will increase from an estimated 48,000 at present to around 140,000 by 2041 a 240% increase on the 2006 figure of 41,447. Given the statistics, most businesses that deal with the public will be serving people with dementia and their families, said Mr. Murphy. It s critical that businesses start working now to build dementia friendly communities to better serve their customers with Alzheimer s and other dementias. Businesses can work directly with the local Home Instead Senior Care office to coordinate in-person training. Once the training is successfully completed, businesses will receive a window cling with the Dementia Friendly Business designation. The designation will be valid for two years. Visit or call to sign up to become a Dementia Friendly Retailer. 58 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

61 Dementia Care Dementia: Top Ten Tips for Dealing With Symptoms STOP!! PLAN AND EXPLAIN Who you are; What you want to do; Why you want to do it etc. SMILE!! The person will mirror your relaxed and positive body language and tone of voice. GO SLOW!! You have a lot to do and you are in a hurry but the person you are caring for isn t. GO AWAY!! If the person is resistive or aggressive but is NOT causing harm to themselves or others, give them time to settle down and approach them later. GIVE THEM SPACE!! Any activity that involves invasion of personal space INCREASES THE RISK OF ASSAULT. STAND ASIDE!! Always provide care from the side not the front of the person, where you could be hit. DISTRACT THEM!! Whilst you are providing care, allow them to hold a towel or something that will distract them. KEEP IT QUIET!! Check noise level & reduce if possible. DON T ARGUE!! They are RIGHT and you are WRONG! The demented brain tells the person they can t be wrong. KNOW THE PERSON!! Orientate to their surroundings as necessary. If they become upset by this reality, validate and agree with their feelings. DO Dementia Communications Strategies: Do s and Don ts of Communication Talk to the person in a tone of voice that conveys respect. Keep your explanations short. Position yourself at the person s eye level. Identify yourself and explain what you propose to do. Use visual cues whenever possible. Attempt to interpret the person s non verbal communication. Paraphrase and use a calm and reassuring tone of voice. Speak slowly and say individual words clearly. Encourage talk about things that they are familiar with. Use touch if appropriate. FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

62 Dementia Care DON T Adapted from the Regional Dementia Management Strategy (Australia 2001) Talk to the person as if you are talking to a child. Use complicated words or phrases and long sentences. Glare at the person you are talking too. Begin a task without explaining who you are or what you are about to do. Try and compete with a distracting environment. Provoke a catastrophic reaction by asking the person to do more than one task at a time. Disregard your own non verbal communication. Disregard talk that may seem to be rambling. Shout or talk too fast. Interrupt unless it cannot be helped. Attempt to touch or invade their personal space if they are showing signs of fear or aggression. Clients and staff at Rose Cottage Day Care Centre, Tallaght Carers: Looking after yourself While quitting the hustle and bustle of work for a retired life of lounging around with a TV remote may seem enticing, research shows that a passive lifestyle is increasingly seen by researchers as a high risk factor for Alzheimer s - a still incurable disease of the brain that causes the progressive degeneration of brain cells. Mental decline as you age appears to be largely due to altered connections among brain cells. But research has found that keeping the brain active in retirement seems to increase its vitality and may build its reserves of brain cells and connections. Major risk factors for Alzheimer s are obesity, smoking, alcohol and physical inactivity. You don t have to turn your life upside down, or make extreme changes to achieve many of these benefits. Start with something small, like a daily walk. After a while, add another small change. 60 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

63 Dementia Care Keep your brain active every day Stay curious and involved - commit to lifelong learning Read, write, work crosswords or other puzzles Attend lectures and plays Enrol in courses Play games such as Bridge Garden Stay physically active Try memory exercises. The concept of use it or lose it is one which should continue to be applied to brain health after reitrement. A life full of mentally challenging activities, such as pursuing an education, working at a stimulating job, and meaningful volunteering, may contribute to building cognitive reserves. However, it is important to continue to boost your reserves to keep yourself mentally fit after you leave the world of work. Research has long found that intellectual stimulation and a sense of purpose can prevent a decline in mental abilities. Becoming a carer for a family member who has dementia is a life changing experience. Many people find themselves becoming carers slowly, over time, as the needs of the person with dementia change and increase. For others, change happens more quickly. If you are a carer who is caring for a person with dementia in retirement you also need to look after yourself. It is very common for people who are looking after a loved one with dementia to put their own needs to one side. Looking after a loved one can be both rewarding and stressful. If you are to be a family carer of someone it is important to understand, from the beginning, the importance of looking after your own needs too. So how do I look after myself as a carer? Make a conscious decision to look after yourself. Other people can help you and support you, but you are the only one who can make this decision. FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

64 Dementia Care Acknowledge your emotions. Your feelings about caring have a big part to play in your caregiving experience. You may be feeling sad, angry, resentful, frightened and alone. On the other hand, you may find caring a very rewarding and fulfilling role. Most carers experience both sides. It is important to recognise how you are feeling and to talk to someone a family member, friend or your doctor. Be nice to yourself. No one is perfect. There are days when you will lose patience or it feels like everything you do is wrong. Try to give yourself positive messages. Remind yourself of all the things you are doing well. Focus. One day, or even one hour, at a time. Build a support network. Looking for and accepting help is a positive step that will benefit you, your loved one with dementia, and your family. Take care of your health. See your GP regularly, eat a well-balanced diet, and take regular exercise. Take time out for you. As an individual it is important that you continue to have some time set aside for you to do the things you enjoy and help you relax. Establish a routine. Building a routine allows you to get a sense of how your day and week are going to go and gives you a sense of control. Keep up social contact. Do not isolate yourself. It is important to build time into your routine to meet other people. Focus on what is possible. Try to focus on the things you can do instead of what you can t. If you would like to find out more information or talk to someone, you can contact The Alzheimer Society of Ireland s National Helpline. It is free and confidential. Call or Information is also available on the website: 62 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

65 Dementia Care Understanding the Experience of Dementia By Sinéad Grennan, Chief Executive, Sonas apc When caring for a person living with dementia, it is helpful to be aware of the different challenges they might be facing and to tailor your support so that the person can maintain their autonomy for as long as possible. Dementia has been described as a journey because it changes over time and the damage to the brain that it involves is, unfortunately, progressive. It often begins with memory difficulties. Over time, as the dementia progresses, the person may experience a range of other cognitive, motor and sensory difficulties and challenges. The symptoms are variable, differing from person to person, and also depend on the type of dementia involved. A person may have a range of sensory and visual-spatial difficulties. The Scottish Dementia Working Group has produced an excellent booklet, with accompanying video, called Dementia and Sensory Challenges. The booklet can be downloaded free of charge at dementiacanbemorethanmemory.wordpress. com. It also pays to learn a little about how dementia affects communication. A person s thought processes may be confused, their short term memory impaired, and their language disjointed. Behaviour can be the most significant form of communication, especially as a person s language skills begin to falter. Understanding how your behaviour impacts the other person can be very helpful and facilitate easier communication. Consider exploring how to make the family home more dementia-friendly. Some small, inexpensive measures can make the home a safer place and facilitate independent living. FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

66 Dementia Care Communication Tips Be a warm, calm and reassuring presence. Use positive language. Try and eliminate words like shouldn t, can t and don t from your vocabulary as it can make a person feel that they are being dismissed and treated like a child. Try not to highlight and correct mistakes. Try not to contradict the person, even if what they are saying is factually wrong. Remember the person s communication strengths and retained abilities. Most communication is non-verbal. Even if a person doesn t understand what you are saying, they will quickly pick up on your body language, tone of voice and facial expressions. Don t take communication deficits personally. Believe there is sense within the conversation. It may seem irrational and illogical to you, but make complete sense to the person. Establish the person s reality. As dementia progresses, short term memory becomes transient, but memories from childhood and early adulthood can be quite clear. In order to understand what is happening now, the person will often use reference points from the past. Make Your Home More Dementia-Friendly Research has shown the impact of colour on a person with dementia. The colours of walls, floors and objects can affect a person s reality, orientation, mood and behaviour. As the person s colour perception may be weakened, strong colours can be used to emphasise what is important and compensate for any visual impairments. For example, a person may have great difficulty identifying a white toilet in a white bathroom. Using a toilet seat that is a different colour to the walls and floor can be very helpful. Similarly, in table settings, it is good to use plates that contrast with the table. Pale colours can be used to de-emphasise what is not 64 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

67 Dementia Care important. Floor coverings that have bold, contrasting patterns can be confusing to a person who may have difficulties with depth perception. If the person has difficulty identifying rooms in the house, put up pictures on the doors indicating their functions. This helps with reality orientation. For example, you might have a picture of a bed on the bedroom door or a bath on the bathroom door. Make sure you have good lighting throughout your home to offset possible visual difficulties. If you have a garden, consider how dementia-friendly it is. The outdoors can be a hugely therapeutic environment. Make sure it is safe and accessible. Places To Go for Support Talk to your GP about the type of dementia involved. The symptoms and effects of Alzheimers are quite different to, for example, Vascular Dementia or Lewy Body Dementia. Call your local public health nurse and find out what day and respite services are available to you. The Alzheimer Society of Ireland is a valuable resource for families. It is Ireland s leading dementiaspecific service provider, with more than 100 services across the country. Contact your local branch of the Alzheimer s Society or call the Alzheimer National Helpline for support and advice at See if there is an Alzheimer Café or other support group near you. The Alzheimer Café is a support group for people with dementia and their carers. It provides a combination of information and support, with an opportunity to meet others on the dementia journey. For information on an Alzheimer Café near you, go to Do some research of your own. Websites such as (the Alzheimer Society of Ireland) or the DSIDC ( and the Dementia Services FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

68 Dementia Care Development Centre based at Stirling University ( have a large amount of information and resources that can be very helpful. You will find lots of ideas there on how to make your home more dementia-friendly. Sonas apc is a dementia training and resource organisation and registered charity (CHY 11839). It is holding its ninth International Dementia Conference on 15th and 16th May, 2017 in the Citywest Hotel, Dublin. Its academic partner is Dublin City University and its primary sponsor is Home Instead Senior Care. Conference attendance costs 150 per day, with a reduced rate of 65 for family carers. To book a place, contact Sonas apc at (01) or book online at 66 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

69 Dementia Care A CASE STUDY Testimonial: Judy Williams, Alzheimer Café From The Alzheimer Society of Ireland When my mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 I returned from London, where I had been living for 24 years, to look after her and my father, who had been diagnosed with dementia and Parkinson s disease. Sadly my Mum died shortly afterwards so I began caring full-time for Dad. I needed to find services that could help us both, as Dad needed stimulation and interaction and I was feeling displaced having lost my mother, FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

70 Dementia Care given up my job and moved country. I linked in with a number of services to help us, including the Alzheimer Society of Ireland and the Alzheimer Café. The Alzheimer Café is on once a month in various locations in Dublin and around the country. Dad and I started attending the Café in Donnybrook in early 2012 and then we also went to the South County Alzheimer Café in Rathfarnham when it opened later in The Alzheimer Café is a fantastic place. The people there made Dad feel really special and I learned a lot from the talks and from chatting to other people. It provides great peer support for the person living with dementia, but also for their carers, families and friends. Dad had been a very active and out-going person he ran his own business in the motor trade and he loved racing cars, playing golf and socialising, so I was very conscious of Dad s need for company. I encouraged his friends to call and many were exceptionally good to us, but some of them found it hard to understand dementia and difficult to communicate with their old friend, so as some of them gradually made less contact, the Café was an important social outlet for Dad. Sadly, my lovely Dad died last year, but I am so grateful for the quality time I had with him, and for the help we received from the ASI and the Alzheimer Café. I still attend both of the Cafés and find them a great support. I am also on the Steering Committee of the Alzheimer Café in Donnybrook as the carer representative. I would encourage anyone affected by dementia to see if there is an Alzheimer Café near them and to go along to experience the warm atmosphere and the lovely tea and cakes. Alzheimer Cafés Alzheimer Cafés provide a warm and welcoming space for people with dementia, their families, friends and health and social care professionals to meet and exchange ideas. Contact our helpline at to find out more or visit to find your nearest cafe. 68 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017


72 Home Care The Home Care Solution Just because an older person is having more problems at home does not mean that it s time to recommend a move to a nursing home. Such a circumstance could, however, signal the need for more help at home. The first step in determining if care is necessary is to take your ageing loved one s needs and desires into account. Sometimes these are difficult conversations to have with a parent who is convinced that he or she does not need help. The best argument for a family caregiver may be to acknowledge their desire to stay at home: You know, Mum, I want you to stay at home, too, however that might be more difficult if you fall or get sick. A little extra help could keep you safe and independent at home for a longer time. Home care might be ideal for an older parent who is recovering from an illness or surgery, such as a knee replacement, and needs help around the home. The need for assistance can be just as much emotional as physical. An older person who loses a spouse can become depressed and lonely to the point where their own health suffers. Or a widower s increasing forgetfulness can put him at risk of forgetting to pay the bills, or worse, to take his medications. What is Home Care? While the definition is simple, the services that encompass professional home care are broad and varied. Simply put, home care is supportive care provided in an individual s home by professional CAREGivers. The most common services that CAREGivers typically provide include assistance with tasks such as meal preparation, light housekeeping, medication reminders, errands and shopping. These are designed to help an older person live a happy, healthy and independent life at home for longer than otherwise possible. Home care services should be provided by a recognised home care provider such as Home Instead Senior Care rather than a black market carer. 70 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

73 Home Care Some people prefer to hire a family member or friend in their locality, however there are some risks to bear in mind. For example, professional caregivers are trained to the highest standards and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. You will not receive the same standard and availability of care in the black market. Home Instead CAREGivers (costing approximately a11.74 per hour after 40 per cent tax relief) are: aproperly recruited includes two interviews, Garda-cleared and reference-checked aqqi trained as required by the HSE to include personal care, patient moving, specialised Alzheimer s and other dementia care and more aemployed by Home Instead Senior Care so they are PAYE and PRSI compliant ainsured, which covers both CAREGiver and clients amatched with each client to ensure clients medical and social needs are met asupervised by our nursing team to ensure our quality standards are adhered to abacked up by our 24/7 emergency phone support asupported by a team who can advise on issues affecting clients and families such as HSE and community supports, pension entitlements etc. FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

74 Home Care When More Help is Needed Family caregivers will often see signs that could signal that an older loved one needs more help or companionship at home than they are able to provide. These signs will trigger a call to Home Instead Senior Care. 1. Household bills piling up. Older people can feel overwhelmed by the simple task of opening and responding to daily post. 2. Reluctance to leave the house. Rather than ask for help, older people who are having trouble with functions such as walking, remembering and hearing will pull away from their community and isolate themselves. 3. Losing interest in meals. Older people who suddenly find themselves alone, perhaps after the death of a spouse, can be easily discouraged by tasks such as cooking and tend not to eat properly. 4. Declining personal hygiene. Changes in appearance, such as unkempt hair and body odour, are among the most obvious signs that a loved one needs assistance. 5. Declining driving skills. Look for evidence of parking or penalty points, dents and scratches on the car. 6. Scorched pots and pans. Cookware left forgotten on top of an open flame may be a sign of short-term memory loss or even Alzheimer s disease. 7. Signs of depression. Feelings of hopelessness and despair, listlessness, fewer visits with friends and family, a change of sleeping patterns and lack of interest in the usual hobbies and activities are indicators of depression. 8. Missed doctors appointments and social engagements. These can be signs of depression or forgetfulness. But they can also be the result of no longer having a driver s license and not knowing how to get alternative transportation. 9. Messy house. Changes in housekeeping may come about because the individual is physically tired. 10. Losing track of medications. Older people often take multiple prescriptions for various health conditions. Keeping track without reminders and assistance can be confusing. 72 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

75 Home Care The Companionship Component The companionship component of a caregiver s job can be just as vital as the physical assistance that is provided. People of all ages need conversation and one-on-one contact to keep their minds alert. Older people will thrive having someone to participate in their favourite activities such as gardening, baking, or whatever the activity may be. Many older people need help with showering, preparing breakfast and taking their medications to get their day started. Help before bedtime can be an important safety net for older people who often are more apprehensive at nighttime. A reputable home care organisation such as Home Instead Senior Care will provide professional CAREGivers that can meet all of these needs. Dementia Care Home care is most often the first choice for families caring for a parent with dementia as they prefer to keep their loved ones at home. Home Instead Senior Care enables people living with dementia to remain at home for as long as possible, providing them with that sense of familiarity that is crucial to providing expert dementia care. Home care offers less disruption than if they were being cared for in a care facility or nursing home. It also helps families eliminate worry, reduce stress and re-establish a degree of personal freedom which makes home care an attractive option. A report published in the UK reveals that people with dementia stay longer in hospital than other patients and leave in a worse condition. As a result, the UK Alzheimer s Society is urging hospitals to discharge people with dementia in hospital a week earlier. The society also conducted a survey revealing that half of all carers believed a period in hospital had a significant negative effect on the health of a loved one suffering from dementia, and additionally worsened their dementia. If you are caring for a loved one living with Alzheimer s disease or other dementia, register for a FREE Dementia Care Workshop with Home Instead Senior Care. Call or sign up online via FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

76 Home Care Home Care Myth Busters Despite increasing health problems, Dad wants to stay at home. He won t budge. One mention of the local nursing home and the conversation ends. But his home of 45 years is just too big for him to clean and you can t always get there to help when he needs it. Or perhaps it s your mother who just isn t interested in cooking anymore and even getting out of the house, for that matter. Talk of hiring extra help, though, falls on deaf ears. The simple fact is that most older people want to stay at home but some people seem wary of home care. Perhaps you are too. That may be because there are a few misconceptions that often surround care of older people at home. Check them out to learn if you know all you should about home care. Myth 1: Home care is only for the very ill Home Instead Senior Care provides non-medical home care such as personal care, medication reminders and companionship. The support provided usually revolves around the basic activities of daily living such as eating, dressing and bathing. The home care service provided by Home Instead Senior Care is tailored to meet the needs of your ageing loved one so they can live a happy, healthy and independent life at home. Myth 2: Home care costs too much Some families seem intimidated by the costs of home care. In reality, home care is one of the most affordable options, partly because of the tax relief that is available and home care grants. Myth 3: I have no say about who comes into my home At Home Instead Senior Care, we put relationship before task and match caregivers with older people of similar interests. For instance, many Home Instead CAREGivers are 65+ themselves who share the same hobbies and histories as their clients. All Home Instead CAREGivers are also Garda screened, trained, and insured. 74 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

77 Home Care Myth 4: Home care will take away my independence Unfortunately, it can be difficult to convince some loved ones that the opposite is true. However, experience has shown that older people who stay home alone run the risk of falls and other problems. A Home Instead CAREGiver can serve as a second set of eyes and ears to help keep ageing loved ones safer at home. A CAREGiver can also transport ageing loved ones to special events or even just the grocery store, which can help decrease isolation. Home Instead CAREGivers often enjoy activities with older parents such as gardening and concerts. Myth 5: All caregiving services are the same Let the buyer beware has never been more true than with home care. Not all caregivers or caregiving companies are the same. Home care is an unregulated industry and in the absence of regulation, only select providers, such as Home Instead Senior Care, provide guaranteed quality home care services. Tax Relief Tax relief of up to 40 per cent is available on home care fees. Call Home Instead Senior Care on for more information or visit our website FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

78 Home Care Where to Begin to Find Home Care Services People encounter senior care services in very different circumstances. Sometimes it is through a planned approach with a family member, or there comes a point as you age when you realise that a little extra support will enhance your life. Other times it may be when you encounter a more acute event such as a debilitating illness, or incident which can only be overcome with extra support. Very quickly a situation can become a crisis where immediate home care support is the only realistic option if you want to return or stay at home. The urgency of deciding at this point, who to speak to and which services to engage, can be extremely stressful and demanding. Talk to your local Home Instead Senior Care office to discuss your senior care needs and avail of a range of information and resources regarding ageing in Ireland. A trusted home care professional will also be able to explain the range of services provided, what you or your family require and the costs entailed. You may also wish to discuss your needs with your family, a health care professional such as a GP, public health nurse or hospital discharge planner. The internet is also a valuable resource with a host of information on care options. Helping Older People Stay Independent Home Instead Senior Care is a network of 25 locally owned franchise offices employing over 4,500 professional CAREGivers across the country. Each office is managed by people living in your community. Each employee of Home Instead is dedicated and passionate about helping older people live in their own home for as long as possible. Home Instead research shows that older people feel happier and healthier with a better quality of life when living at home, and we understand the enormous peace of mind this gives family members. Every day the organisation sees the positive changes Professional CAREGivers are making to the lives of older people who are struggling to maintain their independence and live at home. 76 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

79 Home Care As we age, things like grabbing a can of soup from the top shelf, doing laundry, tying shoelaces or shopping may not be as easy as they used to be. Certain health conditions may also mean we need extra support. Home Instead s professional CAREGivers are fully trained and understand that relationships with clients are based on compassion, dignity and trust. It is this devotion to provide professional high quality care that enables Home Instead Senior Care to enhance the lives of older people and their families. Home care services may include: Assistance with trips to the doctor Reminders to take the right medication at the right time Meal preparation Light housekeeping Errands and shopping Specialised Alzheimer s and Dementia Care The result is companionship and independence allowing older people to feel safe and independent while they age in the home they may have lived in for years. FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

80 Home Care A CASE STUDY Frances, 94: Senior Care at Home Frances Hurley, 94, lives in Clontarf and is a client of Home Instead Senior Care in Fairview. With 5 children, 11 grandchildren and 15 greatgrandchildren, Frances zest for good conversation and debate is infectious. Admitting to thinking she would never see 70 or three score and ten as she put it, Frances is happy to live at home and has never been tempted to move anywhere else. This is my home and this is where I will stay. I had a fall and spent nearly three months in hospital and I knew I needed someone to support me when I returned home. I am a perfectly ordinary woman and as a perfectly ordinary woman I want to live in my own home. IIona, the Home Instead CAREGiver, helps me to make this happen. Home Instead CAREGiver IIona Neparte enjoys working with Frances. Having worked in nursing homes prior to her role at Home Instead, IIona sees a real difference in how care is provided in the home compared to in nursing homes. You don t have as much time to talk to a person when they live in a nursing home. With Home Instead, the relationship is much more personal. Frances and I are comfortable with each other because we have had time to get to know each other. We even share common interests such as knitting. I am so happy Home Instead matched Frances and I. It is such a personal and fulfilling relationship. We have become a great team! For more information on senior care at home call or visit 78 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

81 Nursing Home Care Nursing Home Care FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

82 Nursing Home Care Nursing Home Care Choosing a Nursing Home and Financing Your Care By Nursing Homes Ireland A list of NHI member homes is available at The Nursing Home Support Scheme (Fair Deal) The Nursing Home Support Scheme is a scheme of financial support for people who need long-term nursing home care. Under the Nursing Homes Support Scheme, you will make a contribution towards the cost of your care and the State will pay the balance. This applies whether the nursing home is public, private or voluntary. Step 1 is an application for a care needs assessment. The care needs assessment identifies whether or not you need long-term nursing home care. Step 2 is an application for State support. This will be used to complete the financial assessment which determines your contribution to your care and your corresponding level of financial assistance ( State support ). Steps 1 and 2 must be completed by all applicants. Step 3 is an optional step which should be completed if you wish to apply for the nursing home loan (this is termed ancillary State support in the legislation). Your Contribution to Care The scheme is administered by the HSE. Having looked at your income and assets, the financial assessment will work out your contribution to care. You will contribute 80 per cent of your assessable income and 7.5 per cent of the value of any assets per annum. However, the first 36,000 of your assets or 72,000 for a couple, will not be counted at all in a financial assessment. Where your assets include land and property in the State, the 7.5 per cent contribution based on such assets may be deferred and collected from your estate. This is an optional nursing home loan element of the scheme which is legally referred to as ancillary State support. 80 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

83 A Quality Home Providing Quality Care The Marlay is a superb, purpose-built nursing home in Rathfarnham, Dublin 16. Located just off the M50 at junction 13 for Dundrum, it is within easy reach of Dublin City and the surrounding areas. Over the years we have built up an excellent reputation for providing quality person centred Long Term Care. Our highly trained and valued staff ensure residents are cared for in an environment which promotes independence while effectively managing safety. Plans: Long term care for the physically frail older person and those with Dementia / Alzheimer s. Facilities: Luxury en-suite single bedrooms with flat screen TV s, telephones and Internet access. Hairdressing and beauty salon. Oratory - Regular Mass and Church Services. Care: High staff to patient ratio. Individual Care Planning, 24 hour nursing care. Services of individual GPs, House Doctor and Doctor on-call services, along with attending Physiotherapist, Chiropodist, Dietician, Optician and Occupational Therapist. Catering: 5 star cuisine with our highly experienced chefs. Nutritious menu choices for all meals. Activities: A wide and varied daily activity programme of activities including Bridge, Pet Therapy, Cinema Club, Concerts, along with Activities especially beneficial for residents with Dementia. Cost: The cost of care at The Marley offers excellent value. TAX RELIEF AVAILABLE AND FAIR DEAL APPROVED. To take a virtual tour of the home, visit our website: For enquiries or to arrange a visit, please contact: Reception at The Marlay Telephone: (01) , or

84 !! CARING FOR THE! OLDER PERSON Care Centre & Nursing Home Mount Tabor, Sandymount Sheltered Housing Margaretholme, Sandymount & Ailt an Óir, Glenageary Mount Tabor, Sandymount Green, Dublin 4! D04 YT68 T 353 (1) F 353 (1) E W Live life to the full with Phelans Pharmacy Medical & Mobility Supplies Occupational Therapist instore daily for advice and consultation Phelans Pharmacy Medical & Mobility Supplies - CORK Kinsale Road Roundabout Grand Parade Skehard Road, Blackrock Phelans Pharmacy Medical & Mobility Supplies - DUBLIN 3 Lower Kilmacud Road, Stillorgan

85 Nursing Home Care To learn more about the Nursing Home Support Scheme (Fair Deal) and your eligibility contact the HSE Infoline on Important to Know! It is important to realise that Fair Deal covers the costs of bed and board and basic nursing care. It also covers costings for laundry and basic aids. The Fair Deal specifically excludes social programmes, therapies and dental treatments, chiropody etc. Choosing a Nursing Home The right to choose where to live is enshrined in the Nursing Home Support Scheme (Fair Deal). Before even beginning to choose the range of residential care settings available to you, make a list of the ideal attributes you want from the nursing home. For example, a long-term patient in a nursing home who pays tax under PAYE can apply to have the expenses allowed in his or her tax credit certificate. For additional information see Revenue s information leaflet IT 6 Medical Expenses Relief. You should apply for tax relief as soon as you start paying nursing home fees, as the tax relief can be applied to the current tax year. Nursing Homes Ireland Guide to Nursing Home Life Key Questions and Answers Choosing a nursing home is a hugely positive decision. You meet new friends with shared life stories and interests. You get roundthe-clock expert nursing care and support from dedicated staff. Your family and friends have the comfort and reassurance of knowing that you are getting the 24-hour specialist care you need. In the nursing home, you will be able to take part in a range of social and recreational activities that let you enjoy a better quality of life. You will live independently, take pleasure in your favourite pastimes and if you want learn new skills. It s all about choice. You choose the nursing home that best suits your needs. You make the decisions together with your family and the staff about your day-to-day life in the nursing home. FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

86 Nursing Home Care Will I lose my independence if I move into a nursing home? No. Nursing home care is designed to let you live independently and fulfil your potential. Before you move into the nursing home, staff will meet you to talk about your health and general needs. This meeting will focus on your abilities and your preferences. The staff will tell you if you need any aids or adaptations and assist you in obtaining such supports to help you stay independent. Will I be able to choose what I do day-to-day? Yes. When you first meet the nursing home staff, they ll prepare your care plan. This will include things such as what foods you like or don t like, and what time you want to get up or go to bed. Your preferences will be written down so that all the staff will know your likes and dislikes. Staff will review your care plan with you every three to six months, or more often if you want or if your needs change. It s important to know that in the nursing home, you have the right to choose what you want or don t want. Will I be able to see family and friends? Of course. Visitors are welcome. All nursing homes have comfortable visitor rooms where you can meet with family and friends, often in private. In addition, nursing homes can arrange other ways of keeping in touch such as telephone, , Skype and Facebook. What kind of facilities can I expect in a nursing home? Nursing homes generally have separate rooms for activities, visitors and watching television. Many have rooms for reflection and gardens where you can relax. You can even help in the garden, if you want. Some homes have education centres, gyms, spa areas and shops. Will I be able to go on holiday or stay overnight with my family and friends? Yes. The nursing home will arrange this, wherever possible, and will help you to prepare. All you have to do is ask. 84 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

87 Nursing Home Care Will I have to leave all my belongings behind when I go to live in a nursing home? No. You can bring treasured possessions such as photos, paintings, ornaments and, in some cases, furniture with you. The staff want you to have your personal belongings around you because they understand how precious these are to you. What activities are there in nursing homes? Nursing home staff try to make the home a happy, lively place to be. Residents, family and staff choose the activities. These may include gardening, cooking, music, shopping, exercise or any other activity that you and your friends enjoy. Many nursing homes employ people to organise activities to match residents needs, abilities and interests. As far as possible, staff will make sure that you continue to enjoy the pastimes you love. Nursing homes also give you the chance to try new leisure activities and learn new skills. Many take part in exchange programmes with local schools, where students visit the nursing home to help residents learn new skills such as how to use the internet and , or try out new arts and crafts. Nursing homes are also very pro-active in engaging with their local communities to bring local people and residents together for social outings. Share this valuable Q&A with older people in your life considering nursing home care What about food in nursing homes? Nursing homes employ chefs and catering teams to prepare meals to the highest standards. They change menus regularly to give greater variety guided by what residents ask for. Some nursing homes have their own restaurants and can arrange for you to talk with a dietician about your dietary and nutritional needs. Will anyone listen to me if I have a complaint? Definitely. Your views and opinions are very important to the nursing home. Managers need to know what you are not happy with so that they can improve the care you get. Each nursing home also has a formal policy on complaints management because, under Irish law, you have the right to make FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

88 Nursing Home Care a complaint and to have it dealt with. The nursing home will tell you about its complaints policy. Will I have any say in the running of the nursing home? Yes. Most nursing homes have residents and relatives councils and many have volunteer advocates who speak on behalf of residents who cannot speak for themselves. The councils meet to talk about issues that affect residents daily lives in the nursing home. Their suggestions and comments are given to management to improve services. Is a nursing home a good place to spend the final years of my life? Yes. Nursing homes respect your rights and dignity. They will write down your wishes about how they can help you cope with your final days. For example, this might include where, ideally, you want to die, who you want with you when you pass away, and your spiritual or religious wishes. Nursing homes provide accommodation for the family of a resident who is dying and give comfort, support and food. They are very conscious of people s religious and spiritual beliefs and will always try to take these into account. Nursing home staff will support your family and friends in their grief and will give you the option to be waked in the home. Nursing homes also have close working relationships with local hospices and palliative care teams. When needed, they will bring in these services to give specialist care and comfort. I ve heard some bad reports about nursing homes and am worried about my care if I go into a nursing home. Nursing homes are regularly inspected by the Health Information and Quality Authority to ensure that the highest standard of nursing and medical care is provided. Nursing homes are required to ensure that you are consulted about and participate in the organisation of the nursing home. As stated already, the views and opinions of residents are very important to the nursing home, and by law it must have a formal policy on complaints management in place. You have the right to make a 86 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

89 YOU CARE FOR THEIR NEEDS, WE LL CARE FOR YOURS When you re at a stage of life when reliable heat and warmth are absolutely vital, you re going to want to be somewhere where consistency of comfort is a given. That s why more and more nursing homes nationwide are partnering with Calor. We can offer an energy package tailored just to your business, providing your nursing home with everything from central heating and controllable cooking, to efficient laundry and instant hot water. CALL NOW FOR A CONSULTATION or visit


91 Nursing Home Care complaint and to have it addressed. By law, the nursing home must ensure that it has in place a procedure for making formal complaints and a nominated person assigned to investigate complaints. If you are not happy with how your complaint is addressed or managed by the nursing home, you can then refer it to the Office of the Ombudsman. Nursing Homes Ireland Nursing Homes Ireland is the representative organisation for the private and voluntary nursing homes sector. This sector, and the care our members provide, are intrinsic to healthcare delivery in Ireland. The wide-ranging services provided by NHI to its Members supports them in achieving best practice in care provision for the high dependency persons who require nursing home care. NHI s sustained lobbying and public affairs activity is focused on the requirement to create the framework that will place private and voluntary nursing homes in communities across Ireland on a sustainable footing. Required changes in the Nursing Home Support Scheme (Fair Deal) funding model are essential and critical for wider healthcare delivery. The true costs of providing this specialist care must be recognised within the funding model. A sustainable and viable nursing home sector has a key role to play in addressing the well documented difficulties in our acute hospital emergency departments and addressing the challenges of meeting the residential care requirements of an ageing population. On an annual basis, NHI celebrates the excellent care intrinsic within nursing homes across the country. The NHI Care Awards, in association with Homecare Medical Supplies, promote best practice within the nursing home sector and pay tribute to individuals who demonstrate outstanding excellence and dedication within their field of work. Details regarding the nomination process and the awards are available from NHI can provide information and support for persons considering, or making, the transition to nursing home care. Contact NHI or or visit the NHI website at FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

92 NCBI is the national sight loss organisation. We help people to maximise their remaining vision. Some of the services available include: Advice and information Low vision solutions Assistive technology Counselling and support Independent living skills Library For more information contact us: or National Council for the Blind of Ireland

93 Legal Information Legal Information FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

94 Legal Information Family Members and Advance Care Directives If a healthcare issue arises and the patient is incapable of making a decision, the practice is to consult with next of kin. It is not clear what legal basis there is for this, as next of kin have no general right to make decisions on behalf of adults. Medical ethics currently in force in Ireland state that consultation with next of kin is desirable if the patient is unable to make a decision or to communicate, and provides for a second opinion if there is a difference of opinion between your family and the doctor. Next of kin are (in order) spouses, children, parents, siblings. Partners have no legal status and may experience difficulties in seeing patients if family members object. Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) Capital Acquisitions Tax covers both gifts and inheritances and is payable at the rate of 33 per cent on the taxable value of a gift or inheritance by those receiving either. The taxable amount is the amount in excess of the relevant group threshold. Group thresholds are in the table on page 94. Any gift or inheritance over these thresholds is taxable at 33 per cent; anything under these thresholds is not taxable. Gifts and inheritances between spouses are totally exempt. These limits are cumulative of all gifts and inheritances previously received within each group after 5th December CAT can be a complex issue and if you feel you may come close to 80 per cent of the limits above, advice should be sought from your local tax office or solicitor. 92 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

95 Legal Information Current CAT thresholds (from 12 October 2016) Group A: 310,000 Group B: 32,500 Group C: 16,250 Applies where the beneficiary is a child (including adopted child, step-child and certain foster children) or minor child of a deceased child of the disponer. Parents also fall within this threshold where they take an inheritance of an absolute interest from a child. Applies where the beneficiary is a brother, sister, niece, nephew or lineal ancestor or lineal descendant of the disponer. Applies in all other cases. Historical CAT thresholds Group A Group B Group C 2009 (up to 7 April 2009) 542,544 54,254 27,127 8 April 2009 to 31 December January 2010 to 7 December December 2010 to 6 December December 2011 to 5 December December 2012 to 13 October ,000 43,400 21, ,799 41,481 20, ,084 33,208 16, ,000 33,500 16, ,000 30,150 15,075 On or after 14 October ,000 30,150 15,075 On or after 12 October ,000 32,500 16,250 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

96 Legal Information A Guide to the Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act 2015 Provided by SAGE Support & Advocacy Services for Older People Presumption of Capacity The Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act respects the right of everyone to make choices for themselves and at all times to be treated with dignity and respect. The old status approach to an individual s capacity to make decisions is replaced by a new functional approach which has at its heart a simple question: In relation to this specific issue, at this time, does this person have capacity? It follows that question with another: what level and type of support might be needed in order to assist this person make a decision? The focus is now on the positive, on enhancing whatever level of capacity exists, even where it is considerably diminished, and there is a statutory presumption of capacity unless there is clear evidence to the contrary. What Does Support Mean? Support may take the form of needing things explained in a clear easy to understand manner, a manner which is appropriate for the person. Support may alternatively mean that assistance is needed in gathering information to enable a person make an informed decision. Sometimes a person may need someone to make decisions with them. At other times, even when a person is not in a position to take part in the decision-making process, decisions may nonetheless have to be made. The person s input is still valuable and must be respected as the law states that the decision made must be one which the person would have made for themselves, if able. A person s desires, preferences, beliefs and values must be known and used when making decisions on their behalf. 94 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

97 Legal Information A Step by Step Guide Step 1 Unsure About Ability If you are not quite sure about a person s ability to make a decision for themselves, follow the approach below to support both of you in the decision-making process. 1 Before you begin make sure the person making the decision is aware that: It is their right to make the decision It is your duty to ensure they exercise that right You are concerned that they may be finding that difficult It is your role to support them in whatever way they need to ensure that they are helped to make the decision for themself. ALERT Establish the persons understanding of the decision(s) and choice(s) being asked of them by using the ALERT Method ASK LISTEN EXPLAIN REALITY CHECK TELL ME Example: ASK - tell me what is your understanding about X (particular issue), and the decision you are being asked to make about it? LISTEN - (to the words, the feelings and watch the body language) EXPLAIN - would you like me to explain X again to you? (explain/inform/clarify) REALITY CHECK (paraphrase, summarise, reflect back to check understanding & information retention) TELL ME tell me what is your understanding now about X? (listen again) FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

98 Legal Information Offer the person options in the context of choices available. Example: Do you realise that there are various different options available to you about X? Have all of the various options (such as A/B/C) and the information you need about them been given to you? Do you understand all of the options? Would you like me to go through them with you again OR what would make them easier for you to understand them eg writing it down/drawing it out? Do you need any further information in relation to any option? Would you like to appoint someone else to assist you in getting that information for you? Establish if the person has a reasonable understanding of possible foreseeable consequences. Example: Do you have particular fears or concerns about option A/B/C (go through each individually)? Ensure the person has voluntary choice and the ability to weigh up the information/options/ Example: What is of most importance to YOU right now? What do you wish to do to achieve that? Consider, with the person, if this is the right time for them to make this decision. Example: Are you happy to make this particular decision now or perhaps later when you feel more up to it/feel better/ have thought more about it/ have discussed it with your family? Is there any part of this decision that you fully understand and feel able to make now? 96 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

99 Gannon Kirwan Somerville Business Advisors & Registered Auditors Gannon Kirwan Somerville is a firm of independent accountants regulated by Chartered Accountants Ireland. We are a multi disciplinary practice and seek to provide a tailored solution to suit your personal or business needs. Please contact us by phone or to arrange a free consultation on any of our services. Our Services Income Taxes Capital Taxes Estate and Retirement Planning Accounting Outsourcing Audit and Advisory Business Start Up Services Payroll Insolvency Consultancy Services Company Secretarial Corporation Tax Value Added Tax Financial Services 85 Upper Georges Street, Dún Laoghaire Co. Dublin T: W: E:

100 Because having fun is a serious matter. We re not joking when we say that fun is deadly serious. Happiness helps fight depression and ill health. Unfortunately, as we get older, many people can begin to feel lonely and isolated. With over 500 groups nationwide, Active Retirement Ireland is a registered charity that works hard to bring older people together to share their rich experiences, to feel connected and be active. A gift of just 30 would cover the cost of supports and programmes for one member for a year. A tiny price for such positive outcomes. Your generous support can help enrich the lives of communities all over Ireland. So please support us with a donation today. SUPPORT US WITH A DONATION TODAY CALL VISIT ACTIVE RETIREMENT IRELAND KINDLY SUPPORTED BY Charity Number CHY 15090

101 Legal Information Consider and offer other assistance that may support the person to make decisions. Example: Would you like someone to assist you? For example a decision-making assistant or a co-decision maker (see more on this below) Clarify, with the person, if there is anyone influencing their decision. Example: Who thought of that solution? What were the other possible solutions you considered? How did you decide which was the right solution for you at this particular time? What do you feel deep down now about that particular solution now that I have repeated it back to you? Always remember: If a person can remember information for a short time only that is not an indication of their inability to make a decision. An apparently unwise decision made by a person is not to be regarded as a sign of their inability to make a decision. If the decision in question cannot be made at this point move to Step 2 Step 2 If A Person Has Planned Ahead People have the right to plan ahead and appoint another person to make future decisions on their behalf for a time when they may not have the ability to make decisions for themselves. If you are considering providing for your own future decisionmaking you could put an Advanced Healthcare Directive and/or an Enduring Power of Attorney in place. If you are supporting a person s decision-making process 2 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

102 Legal Information about their healthcare matters, you must first establish if the person has signed an Advanced Healthcare Directive. If they have, the content of that document may assist with the decision, or the document may appoint a Designated Healthcare Representative who has responsibility to make the decision. If there is no Advanced Healthcare Directive in place and the person has signed an Enduring Power of Attorney the attorney appointed may have the authority to make the decision in question, depending on whether or not the Enduring Power of Attorney has been registered (with a solicitor) and what kind of decisions the attorney is authorised to make. 3 Step 3 If a Person Has Not Planned Ahead A person may not have considered or planned in advance who may make decisions on their behalf should they have difficulty or be unable to do so for themselves. The Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act has created three separate decision support arrangements, depending on the level of decision-making support that a person requires. Each must be considered in turn. First establish if there is a decision-making representative appointed. If a person has a Decision-Making Representative who has been appointed by the Circuit court for the purpose of making this decision it is the responsibility and duty of the Decision-Making Representative to make the decision in question. If there is no decision-making representative appointed establish if the person has signed a co-decision-making agreement. A Co-Decision-Making Agreement is an agreement whereby a person has appointed another person (who has full capacity) to make decisions jointly with them. If there is 100 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

103 Legal Information such an Agreement check it covers the decision in question and consult with the Co-Decision Maker. If there is no relevant co-decision-making agreement establish if the person has signed a decision-making assistance agreement. A Decision-Making Assistance Agreement is an agreement whereby a person has appointed another person (who has full capacity) to assist them with certain specified decisions. The Decision Assistant will obtain/ explain relevant information, ascertain the desires and preferences of the person about the decision to be made and assist the person to make, express and implement their decision. If there is such an Agreement in place, check it covers the decision in question and consult with the Decision-Making Assistant. Finally at this point consider if the person could now sign either a decision-making assistance agreement or a co-decision-making agreement. If the decision in question cannot be made at this point move to Step 4 Step 4 No Capacity and No Plans in Place If the decision to be made is significant in terms of the change it would make to the person s life (for example where the person is to live) but not extremely urgent then consider either an application to the Circuit Court for the appointment of a Decision-Making Representative OR to the Decision Support Service for guidance. If the decision is extremely urgent OR is not significant in terms of the change it would make to the person s life, (for example with whom the person should go on holiday) then make the decision in accordance with the following principles: Take in to account: the person s own known past and present wishes and preferences so that the decision is as close as possible to the decision the person might have made for themself 4 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

104 Legal Information their beliefs and values any other factors which they would have been likely to consider if able to do so Consider the views of others as to who the person might wish to be consulted Act at all times in good faith and for their benefit only Consider all other circumstances which it would be reasonable to regard as relevant Consider the views of any carer/ person with a genuine interest in their welfare/ healthcare professionals Consider the likelihood of the person recovering the ability to make the decision for themself against the urgency of the matter to be decided All decisions (interventions) taken should be decisions which: least restricts the person s rights and freedom is most respectful of the person s dignity, bodily integrity, privacy, and continued right to have control over their financial affairs and property is proportionate to the significance and urgency of the matter shall be in place for as short a time as possible 102 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

105 Legal Information Key Terms and Definitions Decision-Making Capacity A person s ability to understand, at the time a decision is to be made, the nature and consequences of the decision in the context of the available choices at that time. This ability is to be distinguished from cognitive ability which is a medical assessment. Decision Support Service Supervisory and regulatory body for all those supporting decision-making. Advanced Healthcare Directive Planning ahead regarding decisions to be made about your healthcare at a time when you are unable to make them yourself. Designated Healthcare Representative A person appointed by another who has power to make healthcare decisions for the appointer. Decision-Making Assistant Agreement An agreement whereby one person appoints another person to assist them in making specified decisions. The person appointed is called a Decision-Making Assistant. Co-Decision-Making Agreement An agreement whereby one person appoints another person to make specified decisions jointly with them. That person is called a Co-Decision Maker. Decision-Making Representative A person appointed by the Circuit Court to make one or more specific decisions for another person who lacks the ability to make that specific decision/s. Enduring Power of Attorney An agreement whereby one person appoints another person to make certain decisions for them at a future date when they may themselves lack the ability to make those decisions. The person appointed is called an attorney. FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

106 Legal Information A CASE STUDY Lynne, 58: Exemption from Capital Acquisitions Tax Lynne (58), works as an administrator in a leading law firm in Limerick. Her parents have both passed on and she is an only child. She inherited the family home and was exempt from paying Capital Acquisitions Tax as she lived at home with her parents as she was their caregiver for six years. To save Lynne from paying Capital Acquisitions Tax her name was placed on the house ownership deed. The house must be owned by the disponer for three years prior to the gift. Lynne sold her semidetached house before moving in with her parents. She would otherwise have been obliged to pay CAT if she had an interest in any other residential property. Please note the tax relief will be withdrawn if the recipient disposes of the home within six years of the transfer. This is not applicable if the recipient is over age 55. Furthermore, a parent cannot gift free of CAT the family home they share with their child unless the parent has moved out of the home at least three years prior to the gift, while the child remained in the occupation of it as their principal residence. 104 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

107 Sound Advice Though acquired hearing loss can impact seriously on people s lives, there are steps you can take to improve your quality of life. Irish Hearing Aids is helping customers across the country to rediscover the joy of hearing. Commercial Profile According to Hearing Loss Ireland, one in every six people in Ireland suffers from some form of hearing issue. Those who suffer tend to be more socially isolated and less independent. Irish Hearing Aids offers discreet pre-made hearing aids or bespoke creations, depending on your needs. Managing Director Brian Coffey is a qualified hearing aid audiologist who has worked on hundreds of thousands of hearing aids over the past 31 years. With the latest models, Brian can remotely adjust the device if a patient is unable to make it into Hearing Loss Ireland s shop on Dorset Street in Dublin. The current generation of hearing aids feature 22 million transistors processing 300 million instructions per second, and include advances such as built-in Bluetooth receivers and the ability to control settings from your smartphone, such as volume and situational control, says Brian. Some of the latest models include a zoom feature that allows you to focus on just one person in a crowded environment, so we are actually enhancing rather than just restoring. One woman even complained that she was hearing too much. This women was profoundly deaf all her life! Brian prides himself on looking after each person who enters his shop. Initial consultations are free and testing begins there and then, with samples available for an extended trial. For existing customers, repairs are made at the company s nearby factory in Kilbarrack, which means that a two day turnaround time is the norm. Irish Hearing Aids can offer a pair of advanced hearing aids in any style for 999. That package includes a four year warranty, four years of batteries and four years of aftercare. Grants are also available from the Department of Social Protection for those who qualify, and tax relief is available for medical devices. For more information, freephone or visit www. irishhearing FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

108 Cystic Fibrosis Ireland 24 Lower Rathmines Road, Rathmines, Dublin 6 Tel: Charity No: CHY 6350 CRA Registered Number: Giving is not only about making a donation, It is about making a difference! Cystic Fibrosis Ireland supports and advocates to improve the lives of people with cystic fibrosis (CF). CF care is not just about hospital stays and treatment, it is about enabling and empowering people with CF to live full, rewarding lives. You can support this work into the future by leaving a gift to Cystic Fibrosis Ireland in your Will. Please send me a legacy information pack. Mr / Ms /Mrs / Other: Name: Contact Number: Address: Please send this completed coupon to Nuala Mc Auley, Cystic Fibrosis Ireland, FREEPOST F2304, CF House, 24 Lower Rathmines Road, Rathmines, Dublin 6.

109 End of Life Care End of Life Care FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

110 End of Life Care 4 Fears Surrounding End of Life Care - and How to Overcome Them Many families find conversations about end of life care difficult to broach with a parent or ageing loved one, but surely they have come up. Perhaps you were driving away from a nursing home visit with your mother when she told you she never wants to live in a place like that. Or, maybe you were sharing coffee after a family funeral when your father told you that he never wants to be hooked up to ventilators like Uncle Mark was. Statements like these open a window into their desires as they relate to end of life care, but they don t provide you with the full picture you need to adequately plan ahead. The Rule is a good rule of thumb: have an intentional conversation surrounding these concerns by the time you are 40 and your parent is 70. But no matter what age you are, it can bring immeasurable peace of mind to communicate openly with your family about end-of-life fears and wishes so you can plan ahead to ensure those wishes are honoured. Here are a few of some of the most common fears and ways to overcome them. Fear #1: I hate the thought of having feeding tubes and ventilators keeping me alive. What you can do about it: Consider establishing a living will. Living wills detail an individual s treatment preferences in the event that he or she is unable to make those decisions for him or herself. You should work with a solicitor on this. Fear #2: I m afraid I will end up in a nursing home, and I don t want to die in a hospital or institution. What you can do about it: There are many options for end of life care outside of nursing homes and hospitals. Make sure that you have a conversation with your parent about his or her wishes and look into home care options together so that you are prepared when the time comes. 108 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

111 End of Life Care Fear #3 What if I get dementia and can no longer make my own decisions? What you can do about it: It is wise to have your parents designate a trusted person with enduring Power Of Attorney (POA) who will act on their behalf in the event that they are no longer able to advocate for themselves. Designating a person with POA will give them peace of mind that their care wishes will be met, regardless of their mental acuity. Fear #4: I don t want to lose my independence. What you can do about it: Look into the home care options in your area so that your parent can have the help they need to continue living independently at home without feeling like they have to rely on you to help meet their daily needs. The best way to address the end-of-life fears your parent may be struggling with is to communicate clearly with them about their wishes in advance. If the topic doesn t come up naturally, set up a specific time to talk. Try to remain open and put yourself in your loved ones shoes to better understand their wishes and the reasoning behind them. Be sure to record your discussion by taking notes so you have something to refer back to when making plans and decisions in the future. For many, it s normal to feel anxiety surrounding this topic, but know that having open communication with your loved ones will likely give your family a sense of peace that will far outweigh any anxiety you feel broaching the subject. For additional guidance when it comes to discussing end-of-life wishes with your loved ones and developing a plan, call Home Instead Senior Care and request a free copy of the Rule: An Action Plan for Successful Ageing. FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

112 Commercial Profile 24 Hour Support, Wherever You Need It Fold s long-standing track record in supporting independence for older people sees the launch of a new service, which means that help is at hand inside and outside the home at the press of a button. Fold CareClip Fold s new CareClip service offers 24/7 support for users by harnessing the latest GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. Fold s CareClip, designed and manufactured in Ireland, is a wearable mobile device that ensures the user can easily access help when they are away from home. The CareClip is clipped discreetly onto an item of clothing or worn on a lanyard around the neck. It works in a similar way to an in-home TeleCare service; clients simply press a panic button on the device and are put through to Fold s Telecare Response centre where the call advisor is able to provide whatever reassurance and support is required, including calling nominated contacts to respond, if needed. We wanted to extend the home safety net beyond the home, into the outdoors, by supporting independent living, but with a mobile slant to it, says Kevin McSorley, Executive Director of Fold TeleCare. Fold TeleCare Fold TeleCare offers a personal alarm service for clients to call for assistance from their own home, providing support and peace of mind to their friends and families. Once the alarm is triggered, one of our TeleCare advisors will contact the individual, says Kevin McSorley. Our TeleCare advisors will offer immediate reassurance and organise whatever help is needed. This could be contacting a relative or friend or, in some situations, the emergency services. Fold have a regional response centre in Dublin to handle calls from clients throughout the Republic of Ireland. 110 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

113 Useful Contacts Useful Contacts A Active Retirement Ireland Tel: Web: Age Action Tel: Web: Age and Opportunity Tel: Web: Age NI Tel: Web: Alzheimer Society of Ireland (Head Office) Tel: National Helpline: Web: An Post Customer Services Helpline Tel: Web: An Post Household Budget Helpline Tel: Arthritis Ireland LoCall: Web: Aware Head Office Tel: National Helpline: Web: B Bethany Bereavement Support Group (no charge for service) Tel: Web: Bord Gais Energy Tel: Web: Bord Gais Networker 24 Hour Emergency Services Tel: Web: FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

114 Useful Contacts C Carbon Monoxide Information Line Tel: Web: Citizens Information Services Tel: Web: Commission for Energy Regulation Tel: Web: Competition & Consumer Protection Commission Tel: Web: Concern Worldwide Tel: Web: Crime Victims Helpline Freephone: Web: D Deaf Hear Tel: Minicom: Web: Dementia Services Information and Development Centre Tel: Web: Department of Health Tel: Web: Department of Social Inclusion Web: Tel: Department of Social Protection LoCall: Web: E Energy Action Ltd. Tel: Web: Electric Ireland LoCall: Emergency/Electricity Interruptions: Web: ESB Networks 24 Hour Emergency Services Tel: Web: F Family Carers Ireland Careline: Web: Financial Regulator LoCall: Web: FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

115 Useful Contacts Friends of the Elderly Tel: Web: G Gas Networks Ireland (formerly Bord Gáis Networks) 24hr Emergency Ph Line: Customer Enquiries: Web: GROW LoCall: Web: H Health Promotion Unit Web: Health Service Executive HSE Info Line: Web: Health Promotion Departments HSE South: Cork, Kerry Wexford Kilkenny Waterford Carlow South Tipperary HSE West: Galway Limerick City Limerick County Clare North Tipperary Mayo Sligo Letterkenny Donegal, Leitrim Roscommon HSE Dublin North East: Meath, Louth, Cavan, Monaghan North County Dublin North Dublin City Dublin North-East HSE Dublin Mid Leinster: South Dublin City Dublin South East/Wicklow Wicklow, Kildare Longford Laois, Offaly, Westmeath Web: Hearing Loss Ireland Tel: Web: Home Instead Senior Care LoCall: Web: I Independent Age Tel: Web: FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

116 Ingenuity Are you over 50 and have you an Idea that you would like to explore further? What is Ingenuity? Sponsored by Bank of Ireland, Ingenuity is a Start your Own Business programme targeted at individuals over the age of 50. The programme is led by ISAX (Ireland Smart Ageing Exchange) in partnership with the local Dublin Enterprise Offices and is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the more mature adult. The eight week programme includes workshops, bespoke mentoring and excellent networking opportunities. Who is it for? This programme is ideal for you if you: Are 50+, or nearly there! Have gained deep industry or sector specific expertise accumulated over a life time of work Have the basis of a good new business idea Would enjoy the autonomy of being your own boss and the challenge of starting your own enterprise What do I need to do to sign up? Apply now using application form available on-line or For more information call Antoinette Golden at ISAX ISAX (Ireland Smart Ageing Exchange) is an independent network of industry academia and government agencies focused on fast-tracking the R&D and commercialisation of innovations for the global smart ageing economy. To find out more, visit

117 Useful Contacts Irish Association of Pension Funds Tel: Web: Irish Heart Foundation Tel: Web: Irish Hospice Foundation Tel: Web: Irish League of Credit Unions Tel: Web: Irish Osteoporosis Society Tel: Web: Irish Patients Association Tel: Web: Irish Rural Link Tel: / Web: Irish Wheelchair Association Tel: Web: M MABS (Money Advice & Budgeting Service) Helpline: Web: Mental Health Ireland Helpline: Web: MS Ireland Tel: Web: Muintir na Tire Tel: Web: My Home from Home Web: N National Adult Literacy Agency Tel: Web: National Council for the Blind LoCall: Web: National Immunisation Office Tel: Web: Nursing Homes Ireland Tel: Web: P Parkinsons Association of Ireland Freephone: Web: FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

118 Useful Contacts Pieta House Tel: Web: Pensions Authority Tel: Web: Pensions Ombudsman Tel: Web: Sustainable Energy Ireland LoCall: Web: T Third Age Tel: Web: S Samaritans FreeCall: Web: Web: Senior Help Line LoCall: Web: Sonas apc Tel: Web: St. Francis Hospice, Dublin Tel: Web: St. Vincent De Paul Head Office Tel: Web: FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

119 Directory Directory Carlow Hospitals District Hospital Carlow Health Centres Carlow Community Services, Athy Road, Carlow General Number Bagenalstown Borris Carlow Clonegal Hacketstown Leighlinbridge Myshall Rathvilly Tullow Citizen Information Centres Carlow CIC Tullow CIC Outreach Social Protection Offices Bagenalstown Carlow Tullow Opticians Martin O Brien O Briens Opticians, Unit 1, 3 Barrack Street, Carlow Town Lorraine Kearney Kearney Opticians, Kilree Street, Bagenalstown Bernard Jennings Jennings Opticians, 2 Dublin Street, Carlow Town County Council Offices Carlow County Council Go For Life Centre Martha Jane Duggan (Local Sports Partnership) Nursing Homes Beechwood Nursing Home Rathvindon, Leighinbridge Borris Lodge Nursing Home Borris Hillview Convalescence & Nursing Home Tullow Road FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

120 Directory Riverdale Nursing Home Ballon Cavan Hospitals Cavan General Hospital Lisdarn, Cavan St Felim s Hospital Cathedral Road, Cavan Health Centres Health Centres in Cavan/Monaghan Cavan Community Services, Lisdaran, Cavan General Number Bailieborough Ballybay Ballinagh Ballyconnell Ballyhaise Ballyjamesduff Belturbet Carrickmacross Castleblayney Clones Clontibret Cootehill Gowna Killashandra Kilnaleck Kingscourt Lisdaran Scotstown Shercock Smithboro Stradone Swanlinbar Tullyvara Health Centres in Sligo/Leitrim & West Cavan Aclare Ballinafad, Public Health Nurse Ballinamore Ballymote Blacklion Carrick-on-Shannon Carrigallen Castlebaldwin Cliffoney Collooney Coolaney Curry Dromahair Dromod Dromore West Dowra Drumkeeran Drumshanbo Drumcliffe/Grange Easkey Enniscrone Geevagh Glenfarne Gurteen Kiltyclogher Kinlough Manorhamilton Mohill Newtowngore Riverstown Skreen Tubbercurry Citizen Information Centres Cavan CIC FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

121 Directory Bailieborough Outreach Ballyconnell Outreach Kingscourt Outreach Loughan House Prison Outreach Virginia Outreach Social Welfare Services Office Bailieborough Cavan Opticians Ian G McLeish I & V McLeish Optometrists, Church Street, Kingscourt, Co. Cavan Gerardine Sheehan Gerardine Sheehan Optometrist, 77 Main Street, Cavan Town County Council Cavan County Council Go For Life Centre Colm Casey (HSE) Nadine Crotty (Local Sports Partnership) Nursing Homes Castlemanor Nursing Home Billis, Drumalee Esker Lodge Nursing Home Esker Place, Cathedral Road Sheelin Nursing Home Tonagh Mount Nugent St Joseph s Nursing Home Lurgen Glebe, Virginia Clare Health Centres Clare Community Services, St Joseph s Hospital, Ennis General Number /6 Carrigaholt Clarecastle Ennis Kildysart Kilkee Kilmihil Kilrush Lisdoonvarna Scariff Shannon Sixmilebridge Kilmaley G.P Hospitals Cahercalla Private Community Hospital & Hospice Cahercalla, Ennis Ennis General Hospital Ennis Ennistymon District Hospital Lahinch Road, Ennistymon CLARE 2nd Floor, 5 Carmody St Business Park, Ennis, Co. Clare Tel: Liam Toland: FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

122 Directory Raheen Community Hospital Raheen St Joseph s Hospital Ennis Citizen Information Centres Cancer Support Centre Outreach Ennis CIC Ennistymon Outreach Killaloe/Ballina Family Resource Outreach Centre Kilrush CIC Lisdoonvarna Outreach Shannon CIC Social Welfare Services Offices Ennis Ennistymon Kilrush Tula Opticians Linda Brannigan Eye Candy Opticians, 25 Abbey Street, Ennis Louise Cremin Brogan Louise Cremin Brogan Opticians, Maurers, 26 O Connell Street, Ennis Morgan Cahill Cahill Opticians, 3 Cabey s Court, Parnell Street, Ennis Riona Grogan Grogans Pharmacy & Opticians, Main Street, Ballina, Killaloe Gregory Gilna Gilna Optimetrists Ltd, Church Street, Ennistymon County Council Clare County Council Go For Life Centre John Sweeney (Local Sports Partnership) Anne Costello (HSE) Nursing Homes Cahercalla Community Hospital Cahercalla Road, Ennis Carrigoran House Newmarket-on-Fergus St Dominic Savio Nursing Home Liscannor St Theresa s Nursing Home Leadmore East, Kilrush Cork Hospitals Bandon Community Hospital Bandon Bantry General Hospital Bantry Bon Secours Hospital College Road, Cork Castletownbere Community Hospital Castletownbere, Beara Clonakilty Community Hospital Mount Carmel Clonakilty Cork University Hospital Wilton Fermoy Community Hospital Tallow Road, Fermoy, Kanturk 120 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

123 Directory Macroom Community Hospital Macroom Mallow General Hospital Mallow Mercy Hospital Grenville Place Midleton Community Hospital Midleton St Joseph s Community Hospital Millstreet Mount Alvernia Hospital Mallow Our Lady s Hospital Lee Road, Shanakiel Schull Community Hospital Colla Road, Schull Mater Private Hospital CityGate Skibbereen Community Hospital South Infirmary Victoria Hospital Old Blackrock Road, Cork St Finbarr s Hospital Douglas Road, Cork St. Joseph s Hospital Mount Desert Lee Road, Cork City St Mary s Orthopaedic Hospital Youghal Citizens Information Centres Ballincollig Outreach Bandon Outreach Bantry CIC Bishopstown/Wilton Outreach Blackpool CIC Blackrock CIC Carrigaline CIC Charleville Outreach Citizens Information Phone Service /Lo-Call: Cobh CIC Cork City Centre CIC Cork Prison Outreach Douglas Library Dunmanway Outreach Fermoy CIC Hollyhill/Knocknaheeny CIC Immigrant Support Service Kinsale Outreach Macroom CIC Mallow CIC Mayfield CIC Midleton Outreach Millstreet Outreach Mitchelstown CIC NLN Hollyhill Outreach CORK South City, East, South 4 Nessan House, Riverview Business Park, Bessboro Road, Blackrock, Cork Tel: Fax: Noeleen Cronin: FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

124 Directory NLN Model Farm Road Outreach St Finbarr s Day Hospital Youghal CIC Social Protection Offices Clonakilty Cobh Cork City Dunmanway Fermoy Kinsale Macroom Mallow Midleton Newmarket Skibbereen Youghal Health Centres Health Centres in North Cork North Cork Community Services, Gouldshill House, Mallow General Number Ballydesmond Community Welfare Officer Buttevant, Public Health Nurse Charleville Community Welfare Officer Charleville Public Health Nurse PHN Family Resource Centre Doneraile, Public Health Nurse Fermoy Community Welfare Officer Fermoy, Public Health Nurse PHN Rathealy Road Glanworth, Public Health Nurse Kanturk Kanturk Community Welfare Officer Kanturk Public Health Nurse Kanturk Physiotherapy Clinic Kilworth Kiskeam Mallow Community Welfare Officer /5 Mallow Public Health Nurse Mallow Podiatry Department Millstreet Public Health Nurse Mitchelstown Courthouse Community Welfare Officer Michelstown Public Health Nurse Newmarket Community Welfare Officer Rockchapel Community Welfare Office Health Centres in Cork North Lee North Lee Community Services, Floor 2, Abbeycourt House, George s Quay General Number Ballymacoda Ballyvourney Ballingeary Community Welfare Officer Blackpool Community Welfare Officer Blarney Blarney Community Welfare Officer Carrigtwohill FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

125 Directory Castlemartyr Churchfield Community Welfare Office / Cloyne Coachford Cobh Bishop Street Cobh Bishop Street, Community Welfare Officer Cobh Bishop Street, Public Health Nurse Cobh Medicentre Public Health Nurse Dillons Cross Community Welfare Officer Farranree Community Welfare Officer Farranree Rents Office The Glen, 204 Comeragh Park Grattan Street Grattan Street Community Welfare Office / Inchigeela Community Welfare Officer Kilmurray Macroom Mayfield Old Youghal Road, Community Welfare Officer Mayfield Mayfield Old Boys School Rents Office Midleton Midleton Community Welfare Officer Riverstown Community Welfare Officer Riverstown Public Health Nurse Rylane Community Welfare Officer St Mary s Orthopaedic St Mary s Orthopaedic Community Welfare Officer Youghal, Catherine Street Health Centres in Cork South Lee Cork South Lee Community Services, Floor 3, Abbeycourt House, George s Quay, Cork Ballincollig Ballinspittle Ballintemple Ballyphehane Bandon Carrigaline Crosshaven Douglas Kinsale Mahon Passage West Shanbally Viaduct CORK North City & North Cork 37/38 Thomas Davis Street, Blackpool, Cork Tel: Mick O Driscoll: FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

126 Directory Health Centres in West Cork Bantry Marino Street Bantry Community Welfare Officer Bere Island Cape Clear Nurse Res Castletownbere Public Health Nurse Castletownbere Community Welfare Officer Clonakilty Clonakilty Community Welfare Officer Health Centres in West Cork West Cork Community Services, Coolnagarrane, Skibbereen, Co Cork General Number Dunmanway Dunmanway Community Welfare Officer Eyeries Goleen Leap Schull Skibbereen, Coolnagarrane Skibbereen Community Welfare Officer Opticians John Thornhill Thornhill Opticians Medical Hall, Main Street, Kildorrery Thomas C Thornhill Thornhill Opticians, George s Street, Michelstown Sue Ellen Doherty Suil Eile Optometrists, 125 North Main Street, Youghal Fiona M. Leahy Leahy Opticians, 3 Douglas Village, Douglas Deirdre Wyley Wyley-McGrath Opticians, 7 Connolly Street, Midleton Orlagh Burke Opticians Tus Abhaile, Time Square, Ballincollig Jill Farrell Close Cottage, Castletownroche, Mallow John E Daly Daly Optical Co. Ltd, 77 Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork City Siobhan Corkery Siobhan Corkery Opticians,Main St., Charleville Frank Kennedy Kennedy s Opticians, Pearse Street, Kinsale Arlene M. McCabe Blackberry Lodge, Ballyorban, Monkstown, Co Cork Pauline O Mahony Pauline O Mahony FAOI Optometrist, 7 Birch Vale, Kilbrittain Road, Bandon Mary Kenneally Kenneally Opticians, Off Townsend Street, Skibbereen Mary O Connor O Connor Poole Opticians, 1 Roxboro Mews, Main Street, Midleton John Forristal Forristal Opticians Ltd, 1 College Road, Clonakilty T.L Egan T. L. Egan & Co. Ltd, Optometrists, 5-6 Lavitts Quay, Cork City 124 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

127 Directory Leonie Lyons Leonie Lyons Optometrist, 7 Bridge Street, Cork City City & County Councils Cork City Council Cork City Council Go For Life Centres Jacinta Barry (HSE) Cork County (Local Sports Partnership) Nursing Homes Ardsley Nursing Home, Farran Beaumont Residential Care Ltd Woodvale Road, Beaumont Bishopscourt Residential Care Ltd, Liskillea, Waterfall Blair s Hill Nursing Home Blair s Hill, Sunday s Well Blarney Nursing & Retirement Home Killowen, Blarney Bridhaven Nursing Home Spa Glen, Mallow Brookfield Care Centre Leamlara, Carrigtwohill Cahereen Care Centre Condrum, Macroom Care Choice Ballynoe White s Cross Care Choice Macroom (formerly Aras Aoibhinn), Gurteenroe, Macroom Care Choice Montenotte Middle Glanmire Road, Montenotte Cramers Court Nursing Home Belgooly Deepark House Seafield, Bantry Douglas Nursing Home Moneygourney, Douglas Fairfield Nursing Home Quarry Road, Drimoleague Glendonagh Nursing Home Dungourney Grange Con Nursing Home Carraigrohane Haven Bay Care Centre Ballinacubby, Kinsale Maryborough Nursing Home Maryborough Hill, Douglas Norwood Grange Nursing Home Ballinora, Waterfall Oaklodge Nursing Home Churchtown South, Cloyne Padre Pio House Nursing Home Churchtown, Mallow Padre Pio Nursing & Convalescent Home Sunnyside, Upper Rochestown Rosenalee Care Centre Ltd Poulavone, Carrigrohave Bushmount Nursing Home Clonakilty FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

128 Directory Skibbereen Residential Care Centre Baltimore Road, Skibbereen St Joseph s Nursing Home Bon Secours Care Village, Lee Road, Mount Desert St Luke s Home Castle Road, Mahon Strawhall Nursing Home Strawhall, Fermoy Teach Altra Nursing Home Scarteen, Newmarket Clanmire Residential Care Glyntown, Glanmire Youghal District Nursing Home Gortroe, Youghal Cancer Research Cork Cancer Research Centre BioSciences Institute, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland. Breakthrough Cancer Research Fernhust Lodge, College Road, Cork, Ireland Donegal Hospitals Carndonagh Community Hospital Convent Road, Carndonagh Donegal Community Hospital Ballybofey Road Dungloe Community Hospital Dungloe Killybegs Community Hospital Donegal Road, Killybegs Letterkenny General Hospital Letterkenny Lifford Community Hospital Lifford Sheil Hospital College Street, Ballyshannon St Joseph s Hospital Stranorlar The Medical Centre, Community Hospital Dungloe Citizens Information Centres Aranmore Island Outreach Ballybofey Outreach Ballyshannon CIC Buncrana CIC Carndonagh CIC Donegal Town CIC Dungloe CIC Letterkenny CIC Milford CIC South West Donegal Outreach Social Welfare Services Offices Ballybofey Ballyshannon Buncrana Donegal Town Dunganaghy FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

129 Directory Dungloe Killybegs Letterkenny Health Centres in County Donegal Donegal Community Services, Isaac Butt House, Ballybofey, Donegal General Number Adara Health Centre Ark Medical Centre Arranmore Ballyraine Park Ballyshannon Bunbeg Buncrana Clinic Bundoran Carndonagh Carrick Castlefinn Clonmany Convoy Cresslough Derrybeg Doochary Dunfanaghy Dungloe Dunkineely Fahan Falcarragh Glenties Kilcar Killybegs Lifford Manorcunningham Milford Mountcharles Moville Muff Newtowncunningham Pettigo Quigley s Point Ramelton Raphoe Rathmullan Scally Practice / Letterkenny St Johnston Stranorlar Opticians Maire McQuaid Maire McQuaid, Unit 5A, Courtyard Shopping Centre, Lower Main Street, Letterkenny Andrew J Caulfield Caulfield Opticians, 1 Garden Court, Gweedore Road, Dungloe Irene Higgins Higgins Opticians, 16 Main Street, Carndonagh Edel McCann Opticians Tir Connaill Street, Donegal Town Brendan McCreesh Brady Opticians, Upper Main Street, Donegal Town DONEGAL Aisling House, Ballyraine Road, Letterkenny, Co Donegal Tel: Fax: Noreen McGlynn: FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

130 Directory Anne McLaughlin Optometrist Robertson Hall, Port Road, Letterkenny Lorcan McGarry Argus Opticians, Upper Main Street, Donegal Town David Ball Optometrist Main Street, Letterkenny Louis Walsh Optometrist Mount Southwell, Letterkenny Jeffrey McLaughlin Optician Chapel Street, Carndonagh, Inishowen Specsavers Port Road, Letterkenny County Council Donegal County Council Go For Life Centre Myles Sweeney (Local Sports Partnership) Geraldine Delorey (HSE) Nursing Homes Aras Gaoth Dobhair Meenaniller, Derrybeg, Letterkenny Aras Mhic Suibhne Laghey, Co Donegal Archview Lodge Woodlands, Letterkenny Brindley Group Beach Hill Nursing Home Lisfannon, Fahan, Buncrana Brindley Group Brindley Manor Private Nursing Home Letterkenny Road, Convoy Harbour Lights Nursing Home Townasligo, Bruckless Hillcrest House Nursing Home Long Lane, Letterkenny St Eunan s Private Nursing Home Ramelton Road, Letterkenny Dublin Hospitals Adelaide, Meath and National Children s Hospital Tallaght, Dublin 24 Baggot Street Community Hospital Upper Baggot Street, Dublin 2 Beaumont Hospital Dublin 9 Cappagh National Orthopaedic Hospital Finglas, Dublin 11 Cherry Orchard Hospital Ballyfermot, Dublin 10 Clonskeagh Hospital Clonskeagh, Dublin 6 Highfield Hospital Swords Road, Dublin 9 Incorporated Orthopaedic Hospital of Ireland Castle Avenue, Clontarf, Dublin 3 James Connolly Memorial Hospital Blanchardstown, Dublin 15 Leopardstown Park Hospital Foxrock, Dublin 18 Mater Misericordiae University 128 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

131 Directory Hospital Eccles Street, Dublin 7 Mater Private Hospital Dublin 7 Mount Carmel Private Hospital Braemor Park, Churchtown, Dublin 4 National Rehabilitation Hospital Rochestown Avenue, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin Peamount Hospital Newcastle, Co Dublin Royal Hospital Donnybrook Morehampton Road, Dublin 4 Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital Adelaide Road, Dublin 2 Simpsons Hospital Ballinteer Road, Dundrum, Dublin 14 St Columcille s Hospital Loughlinstown, Co Dublin St Edmundsbury Hospital Lucan, Co Dublin St James Hospital James Street, Dublin 8 St John of God Hospital St Luke s Hospital Rathgar, Dublin 6 St Mary s Hospital and Residential School Baldoyle, Dublin 13 St Michael s Hospital Lower Georges Street, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin St Vincent s Hospital Convent Avenue, Richmond Road, Fairview, Dublin 5 St Vincent s University Hospital Elm Park, Dublin 4 Stewart s Hospital Palmerstown, Dublin 20 Tallaght Regional Hospital Tallaght, Dublin 24 Citizens Information Centres Balbriggan CIC Ballyfermot CIC Ballymun CIC Ballymun Civic Centre Beaumont CIC Blanchardstown CIC Cabra Resource Centre Carmelite CIC Clondalkin CIC Connolly Hospital Ash Ward Connolly Hospital Main Foyer Donaghmede Drumcondra CU Outreach Dublin City Centre CIC Dublin City North East CIC Dublin North West CIS Dublin 12 & 6w CIC Dundrum CIC DUBLIN 2, 4, 6, & 8 60 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 Tel: Fax: Karl Schütte: karl.schü FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

132 Directory Dun Laoghaire CIC Finglas CIC Fr Bedoni Court Senior Citizens Greenhills Community Centre Greenhills Credit Union Harold s Cross Hospice CIC Inchicore CIC KARE CIC Liberties CIC Lucan/Ballyowen Castle CIC Malahide CIC Northside CIC Omni Park Shopping Centre Our Lady s Hospital for Sick Children Palmerstown Information Point Peamount Rathmines CIC Rialto CIC Ringsend Community Centre Skerries CIC Stillorgan CIC St James Hospital St Vincent s Hospital Swords CIC Tallaght CIC Tallaght Hospital Reception Area Tallaght Square CIC Social Protection Offices Balbriggan Ballymun North Cumberland Street Kings Inn Social Protection Offices Dublin 2, Apollo House Bishop Square Oisin House, Dublin 2 & Kilbarrack Navan Road Thomas Street, Dublin Ballyfermot Finglas Nutgrove Blanchardstown Clondalkin Tallaght Dun Laoghaire Malahide Health Centres Health Centres in North Dublin Dublin North Central Community Services, Civic Centre, Ballymun, Dublin 11 General Number Dublin North Community Services, Cromcastle Road, Coolock, Dublin 5 General Number Balbriggan / Baldoyle Darndale Donabate Edenmore Howth Kilbarrack Lusk Malahide Oldtown Portmarnock Raheny Rush FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

133 Directory Skerries Swords Domestic Violence Provides general advice, information and referral service. Referral to these services is through GPs, social workers, public health nurses, A&E, Gardai and family members. Women s Aid provide outreach services from: Swords Health Centre Coolock Health Centre Community Welfare Service The Community Welfare Service covers LHO Dublin North; this is a demand-led service for people who have no income or insufficient income and is open to the public via open clinics. Referral is via the Department of Social Welfare, public health nurses, social workers and selfreferral. Contact: Superintendent Community Welfare Officer, Coolock Health Centre Superintendent Community Welfare Officer, Kilbarrack Health Centre Health Centres in Dublin North Central Ballymun Clontarf East Wall Killester Millmount Larkhill Marino North Strand Summerhill Health Centres in Dublin North West North West Dublin Community Services, Rathdown Road, Dublin 7 General Number Ballygall Road, Finglas Wellmount, Finglas Health Centres in Dublin North West Benburb Street /8131 Botanic Avenue /4698 Quarry Road Corduff Lisburn Street Blakestown Road Roselawn, Castleknock /2064 Health Centres in Dublin South City Dublin South City Community Services, Carnegie Centre, Lord Edward Street, Dublin 2 General Number /6 Bride Street Irishtown Rathfarnham Rathmines Terenure /4148/9882/4597 Community Welfare Services /4148/9882/4597 Dolphin Barn House Health Centres in Dublin South East Dublin South East Community Services, Vergemount Hall, Clonskeagh, Dublin 5 General Number FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

134 Directory Baggot Street Community Hospital Ballinteer Avenue Donnybrook Dundrum /3200/2698 Ballyogan Health Centre Health Centres in Dublin South West Dublin South West Community Services, Old Country Road, Crumlin General Number Brookfield Cashel Road Curlew Road /6421 Killinarden, Tallaght Mary Mercer Centre Millbrook Lawns Old Country Road Parnell Road Limekilm Lane Health Centres in Dublin West Ballyfermot Ballyowen Boot Road /1558 Cherry Orchard Deansrath Inchicore /4700/4701 Lucan Palmerstown Rathcoole Rowlagh Health Centres in Dun Laoghaire Dun Laoghaire Community Services, Tivoli Road, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin General Number Blackrock /8423/5406 Cabinteely /6197 Dalkey /9233 Dun Laoghaire Our Lady s Clinic, Patrick Street, (Dental/ Social Work) Loughlinstown /2463 Sallynoggin /6754 Shankill Stillorgan General Number Blackrock /8423/5406 Cabinteely /6197 Dalkey /9233 Dun Laoghaire Our Lady s Clinic, Patrick Street, (Dental/Social Work) Loughlinstown /2463 Sallynoggin /6754 Shankill Stillorgan Opticians Thomas Carroll Opticians Pembroke Terrace, Main Street, Dundrum, Dublin 14 Fiona McKenna Opticians Bridge Street, Balbriggan, Co Dublin DUBLIN 1, 3, 5, 7 & 15 7 Marino Mart, Fairview, Dublin 3 Tel: Fax: Peter Taylor: 132 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

135 Directory Amelia Stein Stein Opticians, 4 Camden Market, Grantham Street, Dublin 8 Eugene O Reilly Optometrist 75 Palmerstown Drive, Dublin 20 Helen O Brien The Optical Shop, 9/11 Rock Hill, Blackrock, Co Dublin Derville Pitcher Eyeswise Opticians, 5 Castle SC, Swords, Co Dublin Norma Judge Spectacle Parade, 24 Stephen Street Lower, Dublin 2 James Tunney Tunney Opticians, 4 Main Street, Finglas, Dublin 11 Niall J. Murphy Niall J Murphy Optometrist, Unit 1 Nolan s SC, Vernon Ave, Clontarf, Dublin 3 Mairead O Leary Opticians Unit 2 Swan Centre, Rathmines, Dublin 6 John N. Brophy Brophy Optometrists, Fairview, Dublin 3 John R Manuel Optometrist DUBLIN 6w, 10, 12, 14, 16 Unit B09, Nutgrove Enterprise Park, Nutgrove Way, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14 Tel: Fax: Hugh McGauran: 358 North Circular Road, Phibsboro, Dublin 7 John Quill A Killester Avenue, Killester, Dublin 5 Kevin Prendergast Gilna s Opticians, 31 Thomas Street, Dublin 8 Ian Tighe Vision Opticians, Head Office, 199 Crumlin Road, Dublin 12 Donal MacNally MacNally Opticians, Huguenot House, St. Stephen s Green, Dublin 2 Henry Maude Optometrist St Lawrence Road, Clontarf, Dublin 3 Kevin Blake Optometrist Elton Park, Sandycove, Co. Dublin Graham P. Day Crystal Eyes Optometrists, Merrion SC, Merrion Road, Dublin 4 Margaret Barrett Optician C New Cabra Road, Dublin 7 Leonard Costello Costello Ophthalmic Opticians, Sundrive Road, Kimmage, Dublin 12 Diarmuid Keane Vision Opticians, Cornelscourt, Dublin 18 Joseph O Sullivan Swords Eye Centre, The Plaza Centre, Swords, Co Dublin Margaret Boylan / M M Boylan Opticians, 335 Ballyfermot Road, Dublin 10 Bronwyn D. Headon Northside Eyecare, Northside SC, Coolock, Dublin 17 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

136 Directory Mona B. McGarry / Anglesea Road, Dublin 4 Mary Cunningham FAOI Castle Crescent, Clondalkin, Dublin 22 Joseph A. O Connor O Connor Opticians, Dun Laoghaire SC, Co Dublin Michael Wyley Dixon Hempentsall, Opticians, 14 Suffolk Street, Dublin 2 Patrick Moore Patrick Moore Opticians, Ashleaf Centre, Crumlin, Dublin 12 Mary Eustace Eustace Opticians, 49 Adelaide Road, D2 Alan Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick Opticians, 96 Terenure Road East, Terenure, Dublin 6 P J McCartan Optometrist Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2 P J. O Brien The Foxrock Optical Centre, Foxrock Village, Dublin 18 DUBLIN 9, 17 & North Co Dublin 2nd Floor, Broadmeadow Hall, Applewood Village, Swords, Co. Dublin Tel: Fax: Kenneth O Brien: Tara Shortall: DUBLIN 11, 15, 20, 22 & DUBLIN WEST Unit 502C, Greenogue Business Park, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin Tel: Páraic Curtis: Neville Thom Opticians Lr. Kimmage Road, Dublin 6W Madeline O Brien Optometrist A Redmond s Hill, Aungier Street, Dublin 2 D Mulvey Opticians Ltd Crumlin Road, Dublin 12 Sally Cronan Optometrist Griffith Avenue, Glasnevin, Dublin 9 Gary E. McGuire Optometrist Howth Road, Dublin 5 Gerard Brady Opticians Upper Camden Street, Dublin 2 Paul Gill Opticians St. Patrick s Road, Dalkey, Co Dublin Jennifer Murphy Optometrist Rock Hill, Main Street, Blackrock, Co Dublin P J Connolly Opticians McKee Avenue, Finglas, Dublin 11 Mark P. Daly Daly & Manning Opticians, 6 Upper Drumcondra Road, Dublin 9 Alfred Vize Optometrist Cromwellsfort Road, Walkinstown Cross, Dublin FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

137 Directory Ciara A. O Sullivan O Sullivan Optical, Clare Hall SC, Malahide Road, Dublin 17 Harold Eppel, Eppel Opticians Crumlin Road, Crumlin, Dublin 12 City & City Councils Dublin City Council Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Fingal County Council South Dublin County Council Go For Life Centres Fingal Marion Brown (Local Sports Partnership) North Dublin Ailis Brosnan (HSE) South East Dublin Martina O Hanlon (HSE) South Dublin Caroline Peppard (HSE) Nursing Homes Aclare House Nursing Home /5 Tivoli Terrace South, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin DUBLIN 18 & other areas of South East Dublin 3 Brewery Court, Brewery Road, Leopardstown, Blackrock, Co. Dublin Tel: Fax: David Healy: Atladore Nursing Home Upper Glenageary Road, Glenageary, Co Dublin Annabeg House Meadowcourt, Ballybrack, Co Dublin Ashbury Nursing Home (The Grange/Gascoigne) Kill of the Grange, Blackrock, Co Dublin Ashford House Nursing Home Tivoli Terrace East, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin Beechtree Nursing Home Oldtown, Co Dublin Belmont House Nursing Home Galloping Green, Stillorgan, Co Dublin Brymore House Howth Co Dublin Carysfort Nursing Home Arkendale Road, Glenageary, Co Dublin Dalkey Lodge Nursing Home Ardbrugh Road, Dalkey, Co Dublin Fingal House Nursing Home Spiddal Hill, Seatown West, Swords, Co Dublin Griffeen Valley Nursing Home Esker, Lucan, Co Dublin Hamilton Park Care Facility Balrothery, Balbriggan, Co Dublin Harvey Group Harvey Nursing & Convalescent Home Glenageary, Co Dublin FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

138 Directory Harvey Group, Riverside Nursing Home Toberburr Road, St. Margarets, Co Dublin Howth Hill Lodge Nursing Home Thormanby Road, Howth, Co Dublin Lisheen Nursing Home Stoney Lane, Rathcoole, Co Dublin Lucan Lodge Nursing Home Ardeevin Drive, Lucan, Co Dublin Glengara Park Glenageary Road, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin Beechfield Manor Beechfield Manor, Shankill, Co Dublin Marymount Care Centre Westmanstown, Lucan, Co Dublin Mowlam Rush Nursing Home Kenure, Skerries Road, Rush, Co Dublin Mowlam Swords Nursing Home Mount Ambrose, Swords, Co Dublin Newpark Care Centre Newpark, The Ward, Co Dublin Newtownpark House Newtownpark Avenue, Blackrock, Co Dublin Our Lady s Manor Bulloch Castle, Dalkey, Co Dublin Silverstream Healthcare Killiney Grove Nursing Home Killiney, Co Dublin St. Mary s Centre (St. Olivers) Telford Limited, Merrion Road, Co Dublin Talbot Group Talbot Lodge Nursing Home Kinsealy Lane, Malahide, Co Dublin Tara Winthrop Private Clinic Nevinstown Lane, Pinnock Hill, Swords, Co Dublin St. Monica s Nursing Home Belvedere Place, Dublin 1 Clontarf Private Nursing Home Clontarf Road, Clontarf, Dublin 3 Shrewsbury House Nursing Home Clonliffe Road, Dublin 3 Ailesbury Nursing Home Park Avenue, Sandymount, Dublin 4 Mount Tabor Care Centre Sandymount Green, Sandymount, Dublin 4 St. John s House Merrion Road, Dublin 4 Garda Retirement Home Howth Road, Raheny, Dublin 5 St. Gabriel s Nursing Home Glenayle Road, Edenmore, Dublin 5 Harvey Group Harvey Nursing & Convalescent Home Terenure, Dublin 6 Missionary Sisters of The Holy Rosary Temple Road, Dartry, Dublin 6 Orwell House Rathgar, Dublin 6 Queen of Peace Centre Garville Avenue, Rathgar, Dublin 6 Silverstream Healthcare - Leeson Park Nursing Home Leeson Park, Dublin 6 Harvey Group Churchview Nursing Home FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

139 Directory New Cabra Road, Dublin 7 Santa Sabina House Dominican Sisters, Cabra, Dublin 7 Silverstream Healthcare Croft Nursing Home Inchicore, Dublin 8 Alzheimer Care Centre Highfield Hospital Group Swords Road, Whitehall, Dublin 9 Elmhurst Nursing Home Highfield Hospital Group Ballymun, Dublin 9 Silverstream Healthcare St. Pappins Nursing Home Ballymun Road, Dublin 9 TLC Centre Northwood Pk, Santry, Dublin 9 Beech Lawn House Nursing Home Drumcondra, Dublin 9 Firstcare Ireland Beneavin Lodge Nursing Home Glasnevin, Dublin 11 Marian House Nursing Home Kimmage Manor, Dublin 12 Cedar House Nursing Home (Soc of Sacred Heart) Mount Anville Road, Dublin 14 Holy Family Residence Little Sisters of the Poor Roebuck Road, Dublin 14 Bloomfield Care Centre (New Lodge) Stocking Lane, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16 The Marlay Kellystown Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16 Guardian Healthcare St. Doolagh s Park Malahide Road, Dublin 17 Cairn Hill Nursing Home Westminster Road, Foxrock, Dublin 18 Glenaulin Nursing Home Ltd Lucan Road, Chapelizod, Dublin 20 Maryfield Nursing Home Lucan Road, Chapelizod, Dublin 20 St. Joseph s Nursing Home Mount Sackville, Chapelizod, Dublin 20 Padre Pio Nursing Home a Cappaghmore, Clondalkin, Dublin 22 Glencarrig Nursing Home Firhouse Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24 Kiltipper Woods Care Centre Kiltipper Road, Dublin 24 Sally Park Nursing Home Sally Park Close, Firhouse, Dublin 24 Associations Parkinsons Association of Ireland Freephone: Carmichael House, North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7 Galway Hospitals Bon Secours Hospital Renmore Clifden District Hospital Clifden Merlin Park Regional Hospital Galway Portiuncula Hospital Ballinasloe FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

140 Directory University College Hospital Newcastle Road Galway Clinic Hospital Doughiska Citizens Information Centres Clifden CIC Galway CIC Gort Outreach Headford Outreach / Letterfrack Outreach Loughrea Outreach Oughterard Outreach Portumna Outreach Oranmore Rosmuc CIC Tuam CIC Social Protection Offices Ballinasloe Social Welfare Local Office Clifden Galway City Gort Loughrea Tuam Health Centres Galway Community Services, 25 Newcastle Road, Galway General Number Ahascragh An Ceathru Rua Adrahan Athenry Aughrim Ballinahown Ballinasloe Brackernagh Ballygar Ballymacward Ballynakill Camus Health Centre Carna Clifden Clonbur Craughwell Dunmore Eyrecourt Galway City Glennamaddy Gort Gorteeny Headford Hollymount Inishbofin Inishmore Killimor Kilmilkin Kiltormer Kinvarra Leenane Lettermore Loughrea Milltown Monivea Mountbellew Portumna Recess Rinvyle Ros Muc Roundstone Spiddal FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

141 Directory Tuam / Tynagh Williamstown Woodford Opticians Jade Duggan Oranmore Opticians, Oran Town Centre, Oranmore, Co Galway Miriam Kilgarriff Vision Care Opticians, Tuam SC, Tuam, Co Galway Ailbhe Ni Raighne Athenry Opticians, 3 McDonalds Lane, Athenry, Co Galway Fergal P. Friel Barna Opticians, Barna Village Centre, Barna, Co Galway Colette Kelly FAOI Optometrists Buttermilk Walk, Middle Street, Galway City Emma Lynch Ballinasloe Opticians, Dunlo Street, Ballinasloe, Co Galway Elizabeth Brogan Fahy s Opticians, Shop Street, Tuam, Co Galway Leo Wall Leo Wall Optometrist, Oirbsen, Monument Road, Menlo, Galway Veronice O Toole Claregalway Eyecare, 72 Cluain Dara, Knocknacarra, Co Galway Elaine O Sullivan Optique Opticians, Briarhill Shopping Centre, Ballybrit, Galway City Patrick J. Kilgarriff Kilgarriff Opticians, Vicar Street, Tuam, Co Galway Andrea Concannon Opticians Upper Salthill Road, Salthill, Co Galway Richard Hughes Opticians Corner House, 37 Wood Quay, Galway City Helen Walsh Opticians Middle Street Court, Middle Street, Galway City David Johnston Fallers Opticians, Williamsgate Street, Galway City Anne Salmon Galway Eye Clinic, Galway SC, Headford Road, Galway City Joseph Duane Duanes Pharmacy & Opticians, Society Street, Ballinasloe City & County Councils City & County Councils Galway County Council Go For Life Centres Paul Gillen (HSE) GALWAY Unit 9G Racecourse Business Park, Suite No. 4, Parkmore, Galway Tel: Fax: FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

142 Directory Galway City Jason Craughwell (Local Sports Partnerships) Nursing Homes Caiseal Geal Nursing Home Castlegar Carna Nursing Home (Teach Altranais Charna) /5 Carna Castleturvin House Nursing Home Castleturvin, Athenry Central Park Nursing Home Clonberne, Ballinasloe Coral Haven Residential Nursing Home Corrandulla Garbally Rest Home Brackernagh, Ballinasloe Greenpark Nursing Home Tullinadaly Road, Tuam Holy Family Nursing Home Magheramore, Killimor, Ballinasloe Little Flower Nursing Home Labane, Ardrahan Lough Corrib Nursing Home Headford Mountbellew Nursing Home Mountbellew Mowlam Kilcolgan Nursing Home Kilcolgan Mowlam Moycullen Nursing Home Ballynahallia, Moycullen Mystical Rose Nursing Home Knockdoemore, Claregalway Portumna Retirement Village St. Brendan s Road, Portumna Rosemount Nursing Home Gort Rushmore Nursing Home Knocknacarra Sacred Heart Nursing Home Crosspatrick, Johnstown, Co Kilkenny St. Columba s Nursing Home Ballinderreen St. David s Retirement Home Gentian Hill, Knocknacarra St. Francis Nursing Home Kilkerrin, Ballinasloe Stella Maris Nursing Home Cummer, Tuam Clarenbridge Nursing Home Ballygarriff, Craughwell Kerry Hospitals Bon Secours Hospital Strand Street, Tralee Caherciveen Community Hospital Gurrambawn, Caherciveen Dingle Community Hospital St Elizabeths, Dingle Kenmare Community Hospital Kenmare Kerry General Hospital Tralee Killarney Community Hospital Killarney 140 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

143 Directory Listowel Community Hospital Listowel St. Finian s Hospital Killarney St. Columbanus Home Killarney Citizens Information Centres Caherciveen CIC Caherciveen Occasional Outreach Castleisland CIC Dingle CIC Kenmare CIC Kenmare Shopping Centre Outreach Killarney CIC Killarney Outreach Killorglin CIC Listowel CIC Listowel Occasional Outreach Tralee CIC Social Protection Offices Cahersiveen Dingle Kenmare Killarney Killorglin Listowel Tralee Health Centres Kerry Community Services Main Office, Rathass, Tralee General Number Ardfert Annascaul Ballinskelligs Ballyduff Ballyheigue Ballylongford Brosna Caherciveen Castleisland Causeway Dingle Glenbeigh Gneeveguilla Kenmare Kilgarvan Killarney Killorglin Knocknagoshel Listowel Milltown Rathmore Sneem Tarbert Tralee Waterville Opticians Vincent O Doherty Opticians New Market Lane, High Street, Killarney Pat O Donoghue Urban Optics, Scotts Street, Killarnery Clarie Harty Optomotrist, C.H. Chemists The Mall, Tralee Maureen Murphy Opticians Newmarket Street, Cahersiveen O Domhnaill Opticians Dingle FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

144 Directory Don Stack Stack & O Brien Opticians Ltd, New Street, Killarney Jerry B. O Connor O Connors Opticians, 7 Market Street, Listowel O Regan, Tom Dr DRC Ophth Fairies Cross Medical Centre, Clounalour, Tralee Roger Harty Optometrist Boherbee, Tralee Bridget T. Tangney Tangney Opticians, 13 Upper Bridge Street, Killorglin Specsavers Castle Street, Tralee Tangney Opticians, 35 Main Street, Castleisland 20/20 Opticians Rock Street, Tralee County Councils Kerry County Council KERRY First Floor, Grosvenor Court, High Street, Killarney, Co Kerry Tel: / Tim Healy: Go For Life Centres Anne Culloty (HSE) Cora Carrigg (LSP) Nursing Homes Aras Mhuire Nursing Home Listowel Ashborough Lodge Nursing Home Milltown Cuil Didin Skahanagh, Tralee Heatherlee Nursing Home Lawlors Cross, Tralee Road, Killarney Kenmare Nursing Home Tir na nog, Tralee Road, Killarney Kilcara House Nursing Home Killarney Nursing Home Rock Road, Killarney Lystoll Lodge Nursing Home Listowel Oaklands Nursing Home Derry, Listowel Ocean View Nursing Home Knockglassmore, Camp, Tralee Our Lady of Fatima Nursing Home Tralee Our Lady of Lourdes Nursing Home Kilcummin, Killarney Riverside Nursing Home Abbeydorney St. Joseph s Home Killorglin 142 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

145 Directory St. Joseph s Nursing Home Kenmare St. Louis Nursing Home Clonmore, Tralee Valentia Nursing Home Valentia Island Kildare Hospitals Clane General Hospital Prosperous Road Naas General Hospital Naas St Vincent s Hospital Athy Citizens Information Centres Alienwood Information Centre CIC Athy CIC Celbridge Library Johnstownbridge Kilcock Community Network Kildare Town Leixlip Parish Centre Leixlip Youth & Community Centre Maynooth CIC Maynooth College Monasterevin Naas CIC Naas General Hospital Rathangan Social Protection Offices Athy Maynooth Newbridge Health Centres Kildare West Wicklow Community Services, Poplar House, Poplar Square, Naas General Number Ballymore Eustace Ballytore Carbury Castledermot Celbridge Clane Johnstown Kilcock Kildare Kill Kilmeage Leixlip Maynooth Monasterevin Naas Newbridge Rathangan Opticians Rachel Kelliher Kelliher Opticians, Claregate Street, Kildare Town Natasha Given Given Opticians, Clane Gerard P. Canty G. Canty Opticians, Moorefield Road, Newbridge Michael Mullins Mullins & Henry Optometrists, 9 Main Street, Leixlip Miriam Porter Optometrist Celbridge FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

146 Directory County Councils Kildare County Council KILDARE/LAOIS Main Street, Kilcullen, Co. Kildare Tel: Fax: Amanda Bohan: Nichola Kennedy FAOI Optometrist Main Street, Kilcullen Kieran D. McHugh McHugh Opticians, The Square, Kildare Town Patricia Kavanagh Optometrist Dublin Road, Naas Barry Lawler Optometrist Poplar Square, Naas Colette Norton Opticians, 55 Leinster Street, Athy Oliver Teahan Teahans Optometrists, 26 North Main Street, Naas Deirdre O Connor Mobile Eyes, 140 Sallins Bridge, Sallins Sarah Young Ballycullane House, Athy David Gildea David Gildea Opticians, Maynooth, Co Kildare Dermot B. Kelly Kellys Opticians, 14 Edward Street, Newbridge Go For Life Centres Richard Farrell (Local Sports Partnerships) Caroline Peppard (HSE) Nursing Homes Beech Park Dunmurray East, Kildare Town Brindley Group Mill Lane Manor Private Nursing Home Sallins Road, Naas Craddock Nursing Home Craddockstown Road, Naas Curragh Lawns Nursing Home Kinneagh, The Curragh Elm Hall Loughlinstown Road, Celbridge Glenashling Nursing Home Oldtown, Celbridge Guardian Healthcare Suncroft Lodge Nursing Home The Curragh Larchfield Park Nursing Home Monread Road, Naas Lourdsville Nursing Home Athy Road, Kildare Town Moyglare Nursing Home Moyglare Road, Maynooth Oghill Nursing Home Monasterevin Parke House Nursing Home Kilcock Ryevale Nursing Home Leixlip 144 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

147 Directory Kilkenny Hospitals Aut Even Hospital Freshford Road Castlecomer District Hospital Castlecomer Lourdes Orthopaedic Hospital Kilcreene St Canice s Hospital Dublin Road St Columba s Geriatric Hospital Thomastown St Lukes General Hospital Freshford Road Health Centres Kilkenny Community Services, James Green, Kilkenny General Number Ballyhale Ballyragget Bennettsbridge Callan Castlecomer Clogh Freshford Gowran Graiguenamanagh Marley Tinnahinch Inistioge Johnstown Kilkenny Stoneyford Kilmacow Mullinavat Paulstown Rosbercon Thomastown Urlingford Windgap Health Centres in Waterford & Kilkenny Ardmore Ballyduff Upper Bonmahon Cappoquinn Clashmore Dungarvan Dunmore East Glenmore Kereen Kilmacow Kilmacthomas Kilmeaden Knockanore Lismore Lemybrien Mooncoin Mullinavat Old Parish Piltown Portlaw Seskinane Tallow Tramore Some services also operate from Community Buildings: Ballybeg Butler Centre Ferrybank No Landline Kill No Landline FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

148 Directory Catherine O Loughlin (HSE) KILKENNY/CARLOW Butler Court, Patrick Street, Kilkenny City Tel: / Enda Bohan: Passage East No Landline An Rinn Stradbally No Landline Citizens Information Centres Callan Graiguenamanagh Kilkenny CIC Mooncoin Social Protection Offices Kilkenny Thomastown Opticians Michael M. Mahony Mahony s Pharmacy, 23 High Street, Kilkenny City Richard G Dore Optometrist High Street, Kilkenny City County Councils Kilkenny Borough Council Go For Life Centres Nicola Keeshan (Local Sports Partnerships) Nursing Homes Brookhaven Nursing Home Ballyragget Drakelands House Nursing Home Drakelands Gowran Abbey Nursing Home Gowran Mooncoin Residential Centre Pollerone, Mooncoin Mowlam Archersrath Nursing Home Archersrath Sacred Heart Nursing Home Crosspatrick, Johnstown St. Catherine s Nursing Home Freshford Strathmore Lodge Nursing Home Friary Walk, Callan Laois Hospitals Abbeyleix District Hospital Abbeyleix Portlaoise General Hospital Portlaoise St Brigid s Hospital Shaen, Portlaoise St Vincent s Geriatric Hospital Mountmellick 146 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

149 Directory Citizens Information Centres Abbeyleix CIC Cuisle Centre Midland Prison Portaloise CIC Portlaoise Prison Social Protection Offices Portarlington Portlaoise Rathdowney Health Centres Laois Community Services, Dublin Road, Portlaoise General Number Abbeyleix /1359/1649 Ballylinan Borris-in-Ossory /41778 Clonaslee /8170 Durrow /6133 Emo Mountmellick Mountrath /2203 Portarlington / Portlaoise Rathdowney Stradbally Opticians John Fogarty Infocus Optical Ltd, Mercantile House, 52/53 Main Street, Portlaoise Patricia Dunphy Optician Kelly Park, Portlaoise Elizabeth O Brien Opticians Main Street, Portarlington Bronagh Sheils Optometrist Main Street, Portlaoise County Councils Laois County Council Go For Life Centre Caroline Feehan (Local Sports Partnerships) Alan Coyne (HSE) Nursing Homes Ballard Lodge Nursing Home Borris Road, Portlaoise Leitrim Hospitals Our Lady s Hospital Manorhamilton St Patrick s Hospital Carrick-on-Shannon Citizens Information Centres Ballinamore Outreach / Carrick-on-Shannon CIC Drumshanbo CIC Manorhamilton CIC Mohill Outreach Social Protection Offices Carrick-on-Shannon Manorhamilton Health Centres in Sligo/Leitrim & West Cavan Aclare Public Health Nurse Ballinaglera Ballinamore FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

150 Directory Ballymote Blacklion Carrick-on-Shannon Carrigallen Castlebaldwin Cliffoney Cloghan Collooney Curry Dromahair Dromod Dromore West Dowra Drumkeeran Drumshanbo Drumcliffe/Grange Easkey Enniscrone Geevagh Glenfarne Glengevlin Gurteen Kiltyclogher Kinlough Manorhamilton Mohill Newtowngore Riverstown Skreen Tubbercurry Opticians Sylvester McDevitt Optometrist High Street, Ballinamore Brendan Kieran Kieran s Pharmacy, Main Street, Carrickon-Shannon County Councils Leitrim County Council Go For Life Centres Geraldine Delorey (HSE) Nursing Homes Lough Erril Nursing Home Mohill Mulross Nursing Home Kilclare, Carrick-on-Shannon St. Phelim s Nursing Home Dromahair Limerick Hospitals Limerick Regional Hospital Dooradoyle St Camillus Hospital Shelbourne Road St Ita s Hospital Newcastlewest St John s Hospital St John s Square St Nessan s Regional Orthopaedic Hospital Croom Citizens Information Centres Croom Outreach Kilmallock CIC Limerick CIC Newcastle West CIC Social Protection Offices Kilmallock Limerick City Newcastle West FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

151 Directory Health Centres Health Centres in Limerick Limerick Community Services, Ballycummin Avenue, Raheen Business Park, Limerick General Number Abbeyfeale Annacotty Askeaton Ballylanders Bruff Caherconlish Cappamore Castleconnell Croom Doon Foynes Glin Kilmallock Limerick City Health Centre, Bishop Street Ballynanty Health Centre, Kileely Road Health Centre, Moycross Roxtown Social Welfare Office Dominic Street Murroe Newcastle West Oola Rathkeal Health Centres in North Tipperary and East Limerick North Tipperary/East Limerick Community Services, Holland Road, Plassey, Castletroy, Limerick General Number /1 Ballina Borrisokane Borrisoleigh Cappamore Cloughjordan Galbally Littleton Newport Portroe Rathcabbin Rearcross Roscrea Templemore Thurles Toomevara Opticians Patrick Hartman Hartman Optometrists, 2 O Connell Street, Limerick City Michael Fine Fine s Opticians Ltd, 57 Catherine Street, Limerick City Orlaith M Ryan Vision 2 Opticians, 6 Henry Street, Limerick City Ursula Delaney LIMERICK Unit 8 Steamboat Quay, Dock Road, Limerick Tel: Fax: Liam Toland: FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

152 Directory Delaney Opticians, 23 Thomas Street, Limerick City City & County Councils Limerick City Council Limerick County Council Go For Life Centres Anne Costello (HSE) Limerick City Elaine Barry (Local Sports Partnerships) Limerick County Phelim Macken (Local Sports Partnerships) Nursing Homes Beech Lodge Nursing Home Kilmallock Road, Bruree Cahermoyle House Eidagh Catherine McAuley Old Dominic Street Corbally House Nursing Home Mill Road, Corbally Mowlam Adare Nursing Home Croagh Mowlam Caherass Nursing Home Croom Mowlam - The Park Nursing Home Castletroy St. Anthony s Nursing Home Kilduff, Pallesgreen St. Catherine s Nursing Home Newcastle West Thorpes Nursing Home Clarina Longford Hospitals Mount Carmel/St. Josephs Geriatric Hospital Dublin Road Citizens Information Centres Aughnacliffe Ballymahon Drumlish Edgeworthstown Granard Lanesboro Longford CIC Social Protection Office Longford Health Centres in Longford and Westmeath Longford/Westmeath Community Services, Primary Care Unit, St. Loman s Hospital, Mullingar, Co Westmeath General Number Athlone Ballinalee Ballymahon Ballymore Ballynacargy Castlepollard Castletown Geoghegan Colehill Delvin Drumlish Edgeworthstown FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

153 Directory Granard Killashee Killucan Kinnegad Lanesboro Longford Moate Mullingar, Longford Legga, Aughnacliffe Newtowncashel Smear Health Centre, Aughnacliffe County Council Longford County Council Go For Life Centres Alan Coyne (HSE) Nursing Homes Thomond Lodge Nursing Home Ballymahon Louth Hospitals Drogheda Cottage Hospital LOUTH/MONAGHAN Unit 1, Tenure Industrial Complex, Tenure, Dunleer, Co. Louth Dermot Bolger: Tel: or Scarlett Street, Drogheda Louth County Hospital Dublin Road, Dundalk Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Drogheda St Joseph s Hospital Ardee St Mary s Hospital Dublin Road, Drogheda St Oliver Plunkett Hospital Dublin Road, Dundalk Citizens Information Centres Ardee CIC Drogheda CIC Dundalk CIC Social Welfare Services Offices Ardee Drogheda Dundalk Health Centres in Louth Louth Community Services, Dublin Road, Dundalk, Co Louth General Number Ardee Drogheda Ballsgrove Drogheda Peter Street Carlingford Castlebellingham Dunleer Dundalk St. Alphonsus Health Centre Dundalk Redeemer Health Centre Iniskeen FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

154 Directory Knockbridge Health Centre Dundalk Muihevnamore Ravensdale Termonfeckin Opticians John Leavy Leavy Opticians, 90 Clanbrassil Street, Dundalk Malachy O Neill Grace & O Neill Opticians, Longwalk Centre, Dundalk Justine McGahon Optometrist Rathmount, Blackrock, Dundalk Robert McGrath Crilly & McGrath Opticians, 50 Laurence Street, Drogheda Niamh Keenan Keenan Optical, Unit 2 Corner Building, Dryer Street, Drogheda County Councils Louth County Council Go For Life Centres Yvonne Gilsenan (HSE) Mary Browne (Local Sports Partnerships) Nursing Homes Aras Mhuire Medical Missionaries of Mary Beechgrove, Drogheda Arbour Care Carlingford Nursing Home Dundalk Road, Carlingford Boyne Nursing Home Dowth, Drogheda Dealgan House Nursing Home Toberona, Dundalk Guardian Healthcare St. Peter s Nursing Home Sea Road, Castlebellingham Moorehall Lodge Hale Street, Ardee Talbot Group Blackrock Abbey Nursing Home Blackrock, Dundalk St Francis Mount Oliver Park, Dundalk Mayo Hospitals Ballina District Hospital Ballina Belmullet District Hospital Belmullet Mayo General Hospital Westport Road, Castlebar Sacred Heart Hospital Pontoon Road, Castlebar Swinford District Hospital Swinford Citizens Information Centres Achill Outreach Ballina CIC Ballinrobe Outreach Ballyhaunis Outreach Belmullet CIC Castlebar CIC Charlestown Outreach Claremorris CIC Kiltimagh Outreach FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

155 Directory Westport CIC Social Protection Offices Achill Ballina Ballinrobe Belmullet Castlebar Claremorris Swinford Westport Health Centres in Mayo Mayo Community Services, Westport Road, Castlebar General Number Achill /45295 Aughleam Balla / Ballina Ballindine / Ballinrobe Ballintubber Ballycastle /43339 Ballycroy Ballyhaunis Ballyvary Bangor Erris /83146 MAYO Unit 2a, Moneen Industrial Estate, Castlebar, Co Mayo. Oonagh Cox: or Belmullet /81673 Castlebar Cong / Charlestown Clare Island Claremorris / Crossmolina /31450 Finney Foxford Geesala Glenamoy Hollymount / Inishturk Inishbiggle Kilkelly / Killala /32177 Kiltimagh Louisburgh Newport /41256 Shrule Swinford Tourmakeady Westport Opticians Helen O Reilly O Reilly Hughes Opticians, Hill Street, Ballina Siobhan Quinn Quinn s Opticians, Castle Street, Castlebar Mark Deely Opticians Market Square, Castlebar Aine Higgins Mongey H B Opticians, c/o Mongey Opticians, Ellison Street, Castlebar Ciara McHugh Optometrist New Street, Ballinrobe FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

156 Directory Joseph Gavin Optometrist Garden Street, Ballina Ita Staunton Staunton Opticians, Teeling Street, Ballina County Councils Mayo County Council Go For Life Centres Charlie Lambert (Mayo Sports Partnerships) Paul Gillen (HSE) (Health Promotion) Nursing Homes Abbeybreaffy Nursing Home Dublin Road (N5), Castlebar Ave Maria Nursing Home Toereen, Ballyhaunis Blackrocks Private Retirement Home The Green, Foxford Brindley Group Brookvale Manor Private Nursing Home Hazelhill, Ballyhaunis Hollymount Nursing Home Kilrush, Hollymount Moy Ridge Nursing Home Ridgepool Road, Ballina Queen of Peace Nursing Home Churchfield, Knock St. Anne s Private Nursing ` Home Sonnagh, Charlestown St. Attracta s Nursing Home Hagfield, Charlestown Ti Aire Private Nursing Home Tallaght Road, Belmullet Ballinamore House Nursing Home Kiltimagh Meath Hospitals Our Lady s Hospital Navan St Joseph s Hospital Trim Citizens Information Centres Ashbourne CIC Kells Outreach Navan CIC Trim CIC Social Protection Offices Navan Trim Health Centres Meath Community Services, Dublin Road, Kells General Number Ashbourne Athboy Community Welfare Ballivor Clonard Drumconrath Dunboyne Duleek Dunshaughlin FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

157 Directory Enfield Kells Laytown Nobber Oldcastle Slane Wilkinstown Opticians Valerie Kennelly The Optical Centre, Patrick Street, Trim Hugh Hennelly Optometrist The Corner House, 26 Trimgate Street, Navan Angela O Neill M A O Neill Optometrist, Main Street, Dunboyne Chandika Reilly Optometrist Emmet Street, Trim Frank Weldon Optometrist John Street, Kells Paul O Sullivan Eyetech Opticians, Ashbourne Town Centre, Ashbourne County Councils Meath County Council MEATH/CAVAN 1 Emmet Court, Emmet Street, Trim, Co. Meath Tel Meath: Charlotte Reilly: Go For Life Centre Mary Murphy (Local Sports Partnerships) Yvonne Gilsenan (HSE) Nursing Homes Arbour Care Windfield Nursing Home Summerhill Road, Dunboyne Guardian Healthcare Gormanstown Wood Nursing Home Gormanstown Heatherfield Nursing Home Raynestown, Bushlane, Dunshaughlin Kilbrew Nursing Home Kilbrew Demesne, Ashbourne Knightsbridge Care Home Barchester Longwood Road, Trim Mowlam Kilmainhamwood Nursing Home Kilmainhamwood, Kells Riverview Nursing Home Dublin Road, Trim Sancta Maria Nursing Home Parke, Kinnegad Silver Grove Nursing Home Clonee Silverstream Healthcare Ratoath Manor Nursing Home St. Colmcille s Nursing Home Oldcastle Road, Kells St. Elizabeth s Nursing Home Kells Road, Athboy FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

158 Directory Nursing Homes Talbot Group Redwood Extended Care Facility Stamullen Talbot Group - St. Clare s Retirement Home Stamullen Woodlands Nursing Home Navan Monaghan Hospitals Monaghan General Hospital Monaghan St Davnet s Hospital Monaghan Citizens Information Centres Carrickmacross Castleblayney Clones Outreach Monaghan CIC Social Protection Offices Carrickmacross Castleblayney Clones Monaghan Health Centres Monaghan Community Services, Rooskey, Monaghan General Number Ballybay Carrickmacross Tullyvara Castleblayney Clones Clontibret Scotstown Smithboro Opticians Tiarnach Ronaghan Ronaghan Opticians, 2 Dawson Street, Monaghan Paula Farnan Farna Opticians, 28 O Neill Street, Carrickmacross Nigel Redmond Mill Street, Monaghan County Councils Monaghan County Council Go For Life Centres Michelle Murphy (Local Sports Partnerships) Colm Casey (HSE) Nursing Homes Arbour Care Sacred Hearts Nursing Home, Roslea Road, Clones Castleross Nursing & Convalescent Centre Carrickmacross Drumbear Lodge Nursing Home Cootehill Road Mullinahinch House Mullinahinch St. Joseph s Nursing Home Clones Road, Ballybay 156 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

159 Directory Offaly Hospitals Tullamore General Hospital Arden Road, Tullamore Citizens Information Centres Birr CIC Clara Community & Family Resource Centre Edenderry CIC Tullamore CIC Social Protection Offices Birr Edenderry Tullamore Health Centres Banagher Birr Blueball Borris-in-Ossory Clara Cloghan Clonbullogue Cloneygowan Cloughjordan Daingean Edenderry Ferbane Kilcormac Kinnity Moneygall Rhode Shinrone Opticians Aidan Walsh Optometrist Columcille House, William Street, Tullamore Patrick Fahey Chemist & Opthalmic Opticians, Tullamore Paul G. Smitth Smith & O Mahony Opticians, 9 O Connell Street, Birr County Councils Offaly County Council Go For Life Centre Eamon Henry (Local Sports Partnerships) Alan Coyne (HSE) Nursing Home Carthage Nursing Home Mucklagh, Tullamore Roscommon Hospitals Roscommon County Hospital Roscommon Sacred Heart Hospital Roscommon Citizens Information Centres Boyle CIC Ballaghadereen Outreach Castlerea Outreach Castlerea Prison Outreach Four Roads Outreach Roscommon CIC Social Protection Offices Boyle FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

160 Directory Castlerea Roscommon Health Centres Roscommon Community Services, Lanesboro Road, Roscommon General Number Aughrim Athleague Ballaghadereen Ballinlough Ballydangan Ballyforan Boyle Brideswell Castlerea Elphin Monksland Strokestown Roscommon Optician Sean Keady Maloney & Keady Opticians, The Square, Ballaghaderreen County Councils Roscommon County Council Go For Life Centres Noel Feeley (Local Sports Partnerships) Paul Gillen (HSE) Nursing Homes Costelloe Care Nursing Home Vale View Ballyleague, Lanesborough Drumderrig Nursing Home Boyle Oakwood Nursing Home Ballaghadereen Shannon Lodge Nursing Home Rooskey Sonas Care Centre Cloverhill Care Centre Cloverhill Tearmainn Bhride Nursing Home Brideswell, Athlone Sligo Hospitals Sligo General Hospital St John s Hospital Ballytivnan St Joseph s Private Hospital Garden Hill Citizens Information Centres Ballymote Outreach Sligo CIC Tubbercurry Outreach Social Protection Offices Sligo Tubbercurry Health Centres Health Centres in Sligo/Leitrim & West Cavan Sligo, Leitrim, West Cavan Community Services, Manorhamilton, Co Leitrim General Number Aclare FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

161 Directory Ballinafad, Public Health Nurse Ballinaglera Ballinamore Callymote Blacklion Carrick-on-Shannon Carrigallen Castlebaldwin Cliffoney Cloghan Collooney Coolaney Curry Dromahair Dromod Dromore West Dowra Drumkeeran Drumshanbo Drumcliffe/Grange Easkey Enniscrone Geevagh Glengevlin Kiltyclogher Kinlough SLIGO/LEITRIM/ROSCOMMON 44 High Street, Co. Sligo. Oliver McBride: Tel: or Manorhamilton Mohill Newtowngore Sligo Primary Care Centre Health Centres in Sligo/Leitrim & West Cavan Riverstown Skreen Tubbercurry Opticians Deirdre Cooke Optometrist Carroll House, 15/16 Stephen Street, Sligo Town Geraldine Guckian Mulreany Guckian Optometrist, Wine Street, Sligo Town Frank Sweeney Sweeneys Opticians, Shell House, Wine Street, Sligo Town County Councils Sligo County Council Go For Life Centres Deirdre Lavin (Local Sports Partnerships) Geraldine Delorey (HSE) Nursing Homes Bailey s Nursing Home (Oughram House) Mountain Road, Tubbercurry Mowlam Sligo Nursing Home Ballytivan FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

162 Directory Sonas Care Centre Ard Na Greine Enniscrone Summerville Nursing Home Tipperary Hospitals St. Joseph s Hospital Clonmel St. Joseph s Hospital Nenagh Hospital of the Assumption Thurles Citizens Information Centres Carrick-on-Suir Outreach Cashel Cahir Outreach Clonmel CIC Nenagh CIC Roscrea CIC Templemore Outreach Thurles CIC Tipperary CIC Social Protection Offices Cahir Carrick-on-Suir Cashel Clonmel Nenagh Roscrea Thurles Tipperary Town Health Centres in North Tipperary Ballina Borrisokane Borrisoleigh Cloughjordan Newport Roscrea Templemore Thurles Health Centres in South Tipperary South Tipperary Community Services, Western Road, Clonmel General Number Ardfinnan Ballyporeen Ballysloe, Thurles Bansha Cahir Cappawhite Carrick-on-Suir Clogheen Clonmel Clonmel Community Resource Centre Emly Fethard Killenaule Kilsheelan Mullinahone TIPPERARY 71 Liberty Square, Thurles, Co Tipperary Tel: Fax: Michael Wright: 160 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

163 Directory New Inn, Cahir Newcastle, Clonmel Cashel Tipperary Town Opticians Margaret C. Sheppard McDonagh Street, Nenagh Michael Fitzgerald Optometrist Church Street, Tipperary Town Conor G. Fleming Fleming Opticians Ltd, 53 Gladstown Street, Clonmel Roy O Connor Eyesight Opticians, Nenagh Michael Guerin Guerin s Pharmacy Ltd, 7 Mitchell Street, Nenagh Richard H. Major R. H. Major Opticians, 22 Main Street, Cashel Patrick J. Coghlan Optometrist /99 Main Street, Carrick-on-Suir Fiona Kavanagh Optometrist Jennings Opticians (Thurles), Thurles Patrick Casey Optometrist Nenagh County Councils North Tipperary County Council /44500 South Tipperary County Council Go For Life Centres Anne Costello (HSE) Tipperary North Elaine Cullinane (Local Sports Partnerships) Tipperary South Valerie Connolly (Local Sports Partnerships) Nursing Homes Acorn Lodge Cashel Cottage Nursing Home Rivervale Nursing Home Nenagh Padre Pio Nursing Home Graiguenoe, Holycross, Thurles Silverstream Healthcare Nenagh Manor Nursing Home Yewstown, Nenagh Waterford Hospitals St. Brigid s District Hospital Carrick on Suir St. Joseph s Hospital Dungarvan St. Partick s Geriatric Hospital John s Hill St. Vincent s District Hospital Dungarvan Waterford Regional Hospital Dunmore Road Citizens Information Centres Dungarvan CIC Gladstone Street CIC Tramore Waterford CIC FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

164 Directory Social Protection Offices Dungarvan Lismore Waterford City Health Centres in Waterford & Kilkenny Waterford Community Services, Cork Road, Waterford General Number Ardmore Ballyduff Upper Bonmahon Cappoquinn Clashmore Dungarvan Dunmore East Glenmore Kereen Kilmacow Kilmacthomas Kilmeaden Knockanore Lismore Lemybrien Mooncoin Mullinavat Old Parish Piltown Portlaw Seskinane Slieverue Tallow Tramore Some services also operate from Community Buildings: Ballybeg Butler Centre Ferrybank, Waterford Kill Passage East Ring Opticians Eyecatchers Arundel Lane Eyeworks Opticians John Street. Kjell Nolke Nolke Opticians, Dunmore Road. Dermot Dougan Dungarvan Specsavers Ltd, 46 Mary Street, Dungarvan Kolette Enright Eyes On The Road, 9 Garranbane Green, Ballinroad, Dungarvan Marita Kavanagh Adelphi Quay, Waterford Major Opticians Clyde HSE, The Quay, Waterford Specsavers City Square, Waterford WATERFORD Unit 3, Cleaboy Business Park, Old Kilmeaden Road, Waterford Tel: Dungarvan: Fax: Danette Connolly: 162 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

165 Directory City & County Councils Waterford City Council Waterford County Council Go For Life Centres Rosarie Kealy (Local Sports Partnerships) Catherine O Loughlin (HSE) Nursing Homes Care Choice Dungarvan (formerly Golden Meadows) The Burgery, Dungarvan Drum Hills Nursing Home Dungarvan Havenwood Retirement Village Ballygunner Killure Bridge Nursing Home Airport Road Maypark House Nursing Home Maypark Lane Mowlam Waterford Nursing Home Ballinakill Downes, Dunmore Road Padre Pio Rest Home Carrigeen, Cappoquin Rockshire Care Centre Rockshire Road., Ferrybank St. Joseph s Nursing Home Manor Hill Westmeath Hospitals Longford Westmeath General Hospital, Mullingar St Vincent s Hospital, Athlone Citizens Information Centres Athlone CIC Castlepollard Kilbeggan IWA, Clonbrusk Disability Centre Mullingar CIC S.W.E.E.T.S Westmeath Older People s Telephone and Befriending Service Social Protection Offices Athlone Mullingar Health Centres in Longford & Westmeath Athlone Ballinalee Ballymahon Ballymore Ballynacargy Castlepollard Castletown Geoghegan Colehill Delvin Drumlish Edgeworthstown Granard Killashee Killucan Kinnegad Lanesboro Longford Moate Mullingar, Longford Rd Legga Health Centre FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

166 Directory Aughnacliffe Newtowncashel Smear Health Centre Aughnacliffe Opticians Rena Elliot, Elliot Opticians Athlone Siobhan McManus Mullingar Opticians, 6 Dominick Street, Mullingar Orla B Cooney Cooney s Opticians, The Bawn, Church Street, Athlone Brendan Egan Optician Mullingar Eilis McManus Opticians Moate County Council Westmeath County Council Go For Life Centres Sonia Statham (Local Sports Partnerships) Alan Coyne (HSE) Nursing Homes Maple Court Nursing Home Castlepollard Mowlam Moate Nursing Home Moate Retreat Nursing Home Bonavalley, Athlone Sonas Care Centre Cloghanboy Athlone Wexford Hospitals Gorey District Hospital Gorey New Houghton Geriatric Hospital New Ross St John of God Hospital Enniscorthy St Johns Geriatric Hospital Enniscorthy Wexford General Hospital Citizens Information Centres Enniscorthy CIC Gorey CIC New Ross CIC Wexford CIC Social Protection Offices Enniscorthy Gorey New Ross Wexford WESTMEATH/ OFFALY/LONGFORD Marlinstown Office Park, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath Tel (Westmeath/Longford): Tel (Offaly): Fax: 164 FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

167 Directory Health Centres Wexford Community Services, Grogan s Road/George Street, Wexford General Number Adamstown Ballagh Bannow Ballindaggin Blackwater Bree Bridgetown Bunclody Camolin Campile Castlebridge Clonegal Clonroche Enniscorthy Ferns Gorey Killenagh Killanne New Ross Oylgate Rosslare Taghmon Wexford Brendan Foley Optician Wexford Town Larry Morgan Hanly s Pharmacy Ltd, 65 South Street, New Ross Matthew Murphy Optometrist North Main Street, Wexford Town Mary Donelan Opticians Gorey Gerardine Ryan Ryan s Medical Eye Centre, 57 The Bull Ring Wexford Town Andrew Kerr Optometrist Enniscorthy Martin Crowe Opticians Gorey County Council Wexford County Council Go For Life Centres Catherine O Loughlin (HSE) Fran Ronan (Local Sports Partnerships) Opticians Alison Jane Murphy FAOI Optometrist A North Main Street, Wexford Town Regina Duggan Vision Care, Wexford Town Lisa Maher Focus Opticians, Wellingtonbridge John Byrne Byrne s Opticians, New Ross WEXFORD Unit M, Wexford Enterprise Centre, Strandfield Business Park, Kerlogue, Rosslare Road, Co. Wexford Tel: Fax: Stephen Conway: FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

168 Directory Nursing Homes Carlford Nursing Home Ltd Enniscorthy Cherryfield Nursing Home Balleygarret Cherrygrove Nursing Home Priesthaggard, Campile, New Ross Kerlogue Nursing Home Kerlogue Knockeen Nursing Home Barntown Lawson House Enniscorthy Middletown House Nursing Home Gorey Moyne Nursing Home Enniscorthy Millhouse Care Centre & Retirement Village New Ross Oakfield Retirement & Nursing Home Courtown Valentia Nursing Home Enniscorthy Wicklow Hospitals District Hospital Glenside Road, Wicklow Baltinglass District Hospital Newcastle Hospital Greystones Citizens Information Centres Arklow CIC Bray CIC Baltinglass Outreach Blessington Outreach Carnew Outreach Glendalough Outreach Sunbeam House Services Wicklow Town CIC Social Protection Offices Arklow Baltinglass Bray Wicklow Health Centres Wicklow Community Services, Glenside Road, Wicklow Town General Number Arklow Aughrim Avoca Barndarrig Bray Carnew Delgany Enniskerry Greystones Kilcoole Knockananna Newtown Rathdrum Roundwood Shillelagh Tinahely Wicklow Opticians Nora Wickham Opticians FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK 2017

169 Directory Greystones David Cullinan Cullinane Opticians, Corner House, Main Street, Blessington Sean Dunne Optometrist Supervalu Centre, Wentworth Place, Wicklow Town Ken Willoughby Optometrist Bray Denis Costello, Costello Opticians Bray Triona Culliton Optometrist Bray Shane Duggan Optometrists Arklow County Councils Wicklow County Council Go For Life Centres Wicklow West Caroline Peppard (HES) Rest of Wicklow Martina O Hanlon (HSE) Dargle Valley Nursing Home Enniskerry Firstcare Ireland Blainroe Lodge Nursing Home Blainroe Firstcare Ireland Earlsbrook House Nursing Home Bray Kinvara House Nursing Home Bray Kylemore Nursing Home Bray Roseville Nursing Home Bray Shannagh Bay Nursing Home Bray Nursing Homes Aisling House Nursing Home Arklow Arbour Care Greystones Nursing Home Church Road, Greystones Asgard Lodge Nursing Home Monument Lane, Kilbride, Arklow Atlanta Nursing Home Bray Costelloe Care Bray Manor Nursing Home Meath Road, Bray WICKLOW 3B Southern Cross Business Park, Bray, Co. Wicklow Tel: Fax: Seamus Murphy: FAMILY CARER GUIDEBOOK

Caregiver Stress. F r e q u e n t l y A s k e d Q u e s t i o n s. Q: Who are our nation's caregivers?

Caregiver Stress. F r e q u e n t l y A s k e d Q u e s t i o n s. Q: Who are our nation's caregivers? Caregiver Stress Q: What is a caregiver? A: A caregiver is anyone who provides help to another person in need. Usually, the person receiving care has a condition such as dementia, cancer, or brain injury

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Using Your Five Senses

Using Your Five Senses (248) 957-9717 Using Your Five Senses To Assess Your Loved One s Care Needs Many holiday traditions tempt your five senses. These senses can also be used to evaluate the status of elderly family members.

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Wellness along the Cancer Journey: Caregiving Revised October 2015

Wellness along the Cancer Journey: Caregiving Revised October 2015 Wellness along the Cancer Journey: Caregiving Revised October 2015 Chapter 4: Support for Caregivers Caregivers Rev. 10.8.15 Page 411 Support for Caregivers Circle Of Life: Cancer Education and Wellness

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Is It Time for In-Home Care?

Is It Time for In-Home Care? STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE Is It Time for In-Home Care? Helping Your Loved Ones Maintain Their Independence and Quality of Life 2015 CK Franchising, Inc. Welcome to the Comfort Keepers Guide to In-Home Care Introduction

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Caring for you. Looking after yourself when you are a carer

Caring for you. Looking after yourself when you are a carer Caring for you Looking after yourself when you are a carer Most carers would agree caring can be hard work, both mentally and physically. Sometimes everything seems to focus on the person you are caring

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10: Beyond the caring role

10: Beyond the caring role 10: Beyond the caring role This section provides support if you no longer need to give the same level of care to a person with MND or your caring role has come to an end. The following information is a

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Your guide to gifts in Wills. Every family that needs one should have an Admiral Nurse

Your guide to gifts in Wills. Every family that needs one should have an Admiral Nurse Your guide to gifts in Wills Every family that needs one should have an Admiral Nurse We can help carers find solutions to the challenges they face. Sarah Hiscocks, Admiral Nurse A gift in your Will could

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Is It Time for In-Home Care?

Is It Time for In-Home Care? STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE Is It Time for In-Home Care? Helping Your Loved Ones Maintain Their Independence and Quality of Life 2015 CK Franchising, Inc. Welcome to the Comfort Keepers Guide to In-Home Care Introduction

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Care Plan. I want to be communicated to in a way I can understand. I would like to be able to express my needs and wants

Care Plan. I want to be communicated to in a way I can understand. I would like to be able to express my needs and wants Name: Katie Devaney My preferred name: Kate Care Plan My Birthday is: 16 th January My Room number is: 12 I am allergic to aspirin I am at risk of falls Social History: I grew up in a country town west

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Homecare Select for later life. The more flexible dementia service

Homecare Select for later life. The more flexible dementia service Homecare Select for later life The more flexible dementia service 1 Homecare Select the more flexible dementia service A range of flexible care options Asking for help can be difficult, but the right kind

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Chemotherapy services at the Cancer Centre at Guy s

Chemotherapy services at the Cancer Centre at Guy s Chemotherapy services at the Cancer Centre at Guy s This leaflet aims to give you an overview of chemotherapy services at the Cancer Centre at Guy s. Chemotherapy services are delivered in two areas: Chemotherapy

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How the GP can support a person with dementia

How the GP can support a person with dementia How the GP can support a person with dementia It is important that people with dementia have regular checkups with their GP and see them as soon as possible if they develop any health

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Home Care Packages Helping you make the right choice it s more you!

Home Care Packages Helping you make the right choice it s more you! Home Care Packages Helping you make the right choice it s more you! 1 PresCare Care that s about you For 90 years PresCare has been dedicated to being a compassionate Christian organisation providing

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Care on a hospital ward

Care on a hospital ward Care on a hospital ward People with dementia may be admitted to general hospital wards either as part of a planned procedure such as a cataract operation or following an accident such as a fall. Carers

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Toolbox Talks. Access

Toolbox Talks. Access Access The detail of what the Healthcare Charter says in relation to what service users can expect and what they can do to help in relation to this theme is outlined overleaf. 1. How do you ensure that

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Your guide to gifts in Wills. Every family that needs one should have an Admiral Nurse

Your guide to gifts in Wills. Every family that needs one should have an Admiral Nurse Your guide to gifts in Wills Every family that needs one should have an Admiral Nurse We can help carers find solutions to the challenges they face. Sarah Hiscocks, Admiral Nurse A gift in your Will could

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Let s talk about Hope. Regional Hospice and Home Care of Western Connecticut

Let s talk about Hope. Regional Hospice and Home Care of Western Connecticut Let s talk about Hope Regional Hospice and Home Care of Western Connecticut Hospice is about hope. There are many aspects of hope in the care Regional Hospice and Home Care of Western CT provides. Hope

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Maintaining your independence is at the heart of our services. Your health, our care, you're in Safehands... Your loved ones in Safehands

Maintaining your independence is at the heart of our services. Your health, our care, you're in Safehands... Your loved ones in Safehands Maintaining your independence is at the heart of our services Your health, our care, you're in Safehands... Your loved ones in Safehands WHAT IS HOMECARE 03 THE PROCESS OF STARTING PERSONALISED HOMECARE

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Dear Family Caregiver, Yes, you.

Dear Family Caregiver, Yes, you. Dear Family Caregiver, Yes, you. If you re wondering whether the term caregiver applies to you, it probably does. A caregiver is anyone who helps an aging, ill, or disabled family member or friend manage

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Welcome to Cedars-Sinai PATIENT AND FAMILY GUIDE

Welcome to Cedars-Sinai PATIENT AND FAMILY GUIDE Welcome to Cedars-Sinai PATIENT AND FAMILY GUIDE WHEN YOU NEED HELP DURING YOUR STAY SERVICES These services can be called directly from the phone in your room: Hospitality call 3-4444 Patient Relations

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...a touch...a smile...a kind word

...a touch...a smile...a kind word ...a touch...a smile...a kind word Homecare with excellence a very warm welcome to Caring 4 U In 2002 my Father worked in the care industry. Some of the horror stories that he used to

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Worcestershire Hospices

Worcestershire Hospices Worcestershire Hospices Our lives are a story and the ending matters. Dr Atul Gawande Worcestershire Hospices our year in numbers Support over 4,638 patients & loved ones Employ over 300+ staff Cost 10.2m

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Respite Care. The very best care for your loved one. A Care UK home

Respite Care. The very best care for your loved one. A Care UK home Respite Care The very best care for your loved one A Care UK home Time for both of you Respite care provides 24 hour expert care for your loved one, and enables you, the full time carer, to have an essential

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Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland Carer Responses Analysis: Summary of Findings

Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland Carer Responses Analysis: Summary of Findings Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland Carer Responses Analysis: Summary of Findings 1. Introduction Professors Jane Joy, University Teacher, Nursing and Health Care and her colleague Diane Willis, University

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Choosing a care home

Choosing a care home Choosing a care home Contents Introduction - Choosing a care home... 3 Decide what s important... 4 Is there any financial support?... 5 Who can help you?... 6 What to look for in a home... 7 & 8 Trial

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Ladydale Care Home. Aegis Residential Care Homes Limited. Overall rating for this service. Inspection report. Ratings. Requires Improvement

Ladydale Care Home. Aegis Residential Care Homes Limited. Overall rating for this service. Inspection report. Ratings. Requires Improvement Aegis Residential Care Homes Limited Ladydale Care Home Inspection report 9 Fynney Street Leek Staffordshire ST13 5LF Tel: 01538386442 Website: Date of inspection visit: 10 May 2017

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Mouth care for people with dementia. Coping with feelings of guilt. Caring for someone with dementia

Mouth care for people with dementia. Coping with feelings of guilt. Caring for someone with dementia Mouth care for people with dementia Coping with feelings of guilt Caring for someone with dementia 2 Dementia UK Feeling guilty when caring for someone with dementia People who care for someone with dementia

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Grandview House Ltd Accommodation

Grandview House Ltd Accommodation Grandview House Ltd Accommodation Grandview House Care Home is situated on the High Street in Grantown-on-Spey near to the River Spey, which is a renowned salmon river. Grantown is a small, picturesque

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National Patient Experience Survey UL Hospitals, Nenagh.

National Patient Experience Survey UL Hospitals, Nenagh. National Patient Experience Survey 2017 UL Hospitals, Nenagh /NPESurvey @NPESurvey Thank you! Thank you to the people who participated in the National Patient Experience Survey 2017, and to their families

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In Solidarity, Paul Pecorale Second Vice President

In Solidarity, Paul Pecorale Second Vice President Caregiving Guide Dear NYSUT Member: On behalf of the NYSUT officers and Board of Directors, we are proud to provide you with this publication, Caregiving Guide. In addition to providing information, referral

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A Guide for Post-Secondary Students Moving to the City

A Guide for Post-Secondary Students Moving to the City A Guide for Post-Secondary Students Moving to the City Quick Guide for First Nations Post- Secondary Students Moving to the City Congratulations on your acceptance to college or university! Deciding to

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Module 7. Tips for Family and Friends

Module 7. Tips for Family and Friends Module 7 Tips for Family and Friends The Heart Failure Society of America (HFSA) is a non-profit organization of health care professionals and researchers who are dedicated to enhancing quality and duration

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6: What care is available?

6: What care is available? 6: What care is available? This section identifies and explains the types of care on offer at end of life and who is involved. The following information is an extracted section from our full guide End

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National Patient Experience Survey South Tipperary General Hospital.

National Patient Experience Survey South Tipperary General Hospital. National Patient Experience Survey 2017 South Tipperary General Hospital /NPESurvey @NPESurvey Thank you! Thank you to the people who participated in the National Patient Experience Survey 2017, and to

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CENTACARE. Aged Care CENTACARE Aged Care At Centacare we re all about providing quality and caring support, that lets a person live their life the way they want to. With choice, flexibility and a dedicated team, Centacare

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We need to talk about Palliative Care. The Care Inspectorate

We need to talk about Palliative Care. The Care Inspectorate We need to talk about Palliative Care The Care Inspectorate Introduction The Care Inspectorate is the official body responsible for inspecting standards of care in Scotland. That means we regulate and

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What s your experience?

What s your experience? What s your experience? Martha Ed s Wife Sarah Mental health Nurse/ Dementia champion Josh Mental health Nurse Mr Hayes Isobel s husban d Insights Even family care givers who have a strong bond, tend to

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Our care service. The support we offer to children with life-limiting conditions, and their families

Our care service. The support we offer to children with life-limiting conditions, and their families Our care service The support we offer to children with life-limiting conditions, and their families make every moment count 3 Shooting Star Chase is a leading children s hospice charity caring for babies,

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Understanding Health Care in America An introduction for immigrant patients

Understanding Health Care in America An introduction for immigrant patients Patient Education Understanding Health Care in America An introduction for immigrant patients The health care system in the United States is complex. Some parts of the system are different in different

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Restoring Nutrition: What to expect during your child s hospital stay

Restoring Nutrition: What to expect during your child s hospital stay Patient and Family Education Restoring Nutrition: What to expect during your child s hospital stay Coming to the PBMU saved my child s life, no question. And the knowledge we gained during her stay will

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Guide to choosing a Nursing Home

Guide to choosing a Nursing Home PROVIDING LEADERSHIP SUPPORTING MEMBERS PROMOTING EXCELLENCE Nursing Homes Ireland is the representative organisation for the private and voluntary nursing homes sector. This sector and the care our members

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HSF Assist HSF Assist Providing support and advice when it is most needed

HSF Assist HSF Assist Providing support and advice when it is most needed HSF Assist HSF Assist Providing support and advice when it is most needed Welcome to your HSF Assist range of services HSF Assist provides you with unlimited access to a variety of assistance helplines

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Commonwealth Respite & Carelink Centre

Commonwealth Respite & Carelink Centre Commonwealth Respite & Carelink Centre Southern Region A Service for Carers Urgent Respite (24 Hours) Carelink Information Service (Business Hours) Overview The Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre

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Residential Nursing Home & Neighbourhood Care Centre

Residential Nursing Home & Neighbourhood Care Centre The Lawns Residential Nursing Home & Neighbourhood Care Centre The Lawns was built in the 1770 s and remains a pleasant family house situated in half an acre of attractively landscaped gardens on the outskirts

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National Patient Experience Survey Mater Misericordiae University Hospital.

National Patient Experience Survey Mater Misericordiae University Hospital. National Patient Experience Survey 2017 Mater Misericordiae University Hospital /NPESurvey @NPESurvey Thank you! Thank you to the people who participated in the National Patient Experience Survey 2017,

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HOST FAMILY REGISTRATION FORM REGISTRATION FORM 29 St James s Park, Bath, BA1 2SU HOSTING INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Thank you very much for your interest in hosting an international student on behalf of Crown. Crown are appointed by overseas

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Bowel Screening Wales Information booklet for care homes and associated health professionals. Available in other formats on request. October.14.v.2.

Bowel Screening Wales Information booklet for care homes and associated health professionals. Available in other formats on request. October.14.v.2. Bowel Screening Wales Information booklet for care homes and associated health professionals Available in other formats on request October.14.v.2.0 Contents Section 1 Page 3 Who are Bowel Screening Wales

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Caregiver Chronicles

Caregiver Chronicles Caregiver Chronicles June 2017 ARE A AGENCY ON A GING OF DA NE CO U NTY 2 8 6 5 N SHERMAN AV E, M A D I S O N, W I 5 3 7 04 608-261- 9930 H T T P S : / / A A A. D C D H S. C O M / Did you know that the

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Valuing and Supporting Carers. Stockport s Carers Strategy and Action Plan

Valuing and Supporting Carers. Stockport s Carers Strategy and Action Plan Valuing and Supporting Carers Stockport s Carers Strategy and Action Plan 2013 to 2016 1 CONTENTS Page Executive Summary 3 Who Do We Mean by Carers? 4 Profile of Carers in Stockport 5 Our Vision 9 1. Integrated

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a guide to Oregon Adult Foster Homes for potential residents, family members and friends

a guide to Oregon Adult Foster Homes for potential residents, family members and friends a guide to Oregon Adult Foster Homes for potential residents, family members and friends Table of contents Overview of adult foster homes...1 The consumer s choice...1 When adult foster care should be

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General Information about radiotherapy

General Information about radiotherapy Department Radiotherapy General Information about radiotherapy Information for patients Introduction This information sheet is a general guide to radiotherapy. The treatment and side-effects you have from

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Patient & Family Guide. Welcome to

Patient & Family Guide. Welcome to Patient & Family Guide 2017 Welcome to 8.2 Welcome to 8.2 We are a 37-bed Medical Teaching Unit for patients with many kinds of medical conditions. The members of your healthcare team will

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CARERS Ageing In Ireland Fact File No. 9

CARERS Ageing In Ireland Fact File No. 9 National Council on Ageing and Older People CARERS Ageing In Ireland Fact File No. 9 Many older people are completely independent in activities of daily living and do not rely on their family for care.

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Moorleigh Residential Care Home Limited

Moorleigh Residential Care Home Limited Moorleigh Residential Care Home Limited Moorleigh Residential Care Home Inspection report Lummaton Cross, Barton, Torquay. TQ2 8ET Tel: 01803 326978 Website: Date of inspection visit: 14 April 2015 Date

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Caring for Carers. Includes Caregiver Health Checklists

Caring for Carers. Includes Caregiver Health Checklists Caring for Carers Includes Caregiver Health Checklists The role of carer can provide great satisfaction, but being a caregiver can also be very emotionally stressful between a third and a half of carers

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The quarterly newsletter for care homes and care at home services across the Highlands. New Year s resolutions...

The quarterly newsletter for care homes and care at home services across the Highlands. New Year s resolutions... issue 2 Nutrition News: The quarterly newsletter for care homes and care at home services across the Highlands Produced by Evelyn Newman, Nutrition and Dietetic Advisor for Care Homes. Designed by Medical

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Caregiver s journey map

Caregiver s journey map * Caregiver s journey map Supporting those with Alzheimer s and other dementias *AgingWell Hub, co-founded with Philips, is a cross sector collaborative of the Global Social Enterprise Initiative (GSEI)

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Still Hungry to Be Heard The scandal of people in later life becoming malnourished in hospital

Still Hungry to Be Heard The scandal of people in later life becoming malnourished in hospital Still Hungry to Be Heard The scandal of people in later life becoming malnourished in hospital Age UK is working locally and in partnership with Age Concerns. Age UK Astral House, 1268 London Road, London

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Hospital discharge planning advice

Hospital discharge planning advice Hospital discharge planning advice Are you a Carer? Many people looking after someone do not recognise themselves as Carers. You are a Carer if you provide, or intend to provide, practical and / or emotional

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Brookfield Nursing Home

Brookfield Nursing Home Brookfield Care Agency Limited Brookfield Nursing Home Inspection report Grange Road West Kirby Wirral Merseyside CH48 4EQ Date of inspection visit: 11 July 2017 Date of publication: 09 August 2017 Tel:

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Partners in Caring Program. ... Additional support during your hospital stay

Partners in Caring Program. ... Additional support during your hospital stay Partners in Caring Program... Additional support during your hospital stay Partner in Caring Program at YRMC At YRMC, we pride ourselves on taking very good care of our patients. Our goal is to make your

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What are ADLs and IADLs?

What are ADLs and IADLs? What are ADLs and IADLs? Introduction: In this module you will learn about ways you can help a consumer with everyday activities while supporting his/her independence and helping the consumer keep a sense

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Initial Pool Process: Resident Interview

Initial Pool Process: Resident Interview Initial Pool Process: Resident Interview Care Area Probes Response Options Choices Are you able to make choices about your daily life that are important to you? I d like to talk to you about your choices.

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A holistic approach to your wellbeing

A holistic approach to your wellbeing A holistic approach to your wellbeing Take control of your life with Ingenia Care Ingenia Care has been created to help you improve your level of independence and wellbeing by assisting you to access a

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Maidstone Home Care Limited

Maidstone Home Care Limited Maidstone Home Care Limited Maidstone Home Care Limited Inspection report Home Care House 61-63 Rochester Road Aylesford Kent ME20 7BS Date of inspection visit: 19 July 2016 Date of publication: 15 August

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CARING FOR YOURSELF TABLE OF CONTENTS. My Well-Being Chart. Caregiver Bill of Rights. Inspirational Bookmarks

CARING FOR YOURSELF TABLE OF CONTENTS. My Well-Being Chart. Caregiver Bill of Rights. Inspirational Bookmarks CARING FOR YOURSELF TABLE OF CONTENTS My Well-Being Chart Caregiver Bill of Rights Inspirational Bookmarks Senior Safety & Well-Being Checklist SENIOR SAFETY & WELL-BEING CHECKLIST Visiting Older Loved

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For the Lifespan: The Caregiver Guide Module 3A Caring for Older Adults with Chronic Health Issues

For the Lifespan: The Caregiver Guide Module 3A Caring for Older Adults with Chronic Health Issues For the Lifespan: The Caregiver Guide Module 3A Caring for Older Adults with Chronic Health Issues Objectives After completing this module, participants will be able to: Understand the common chronic health

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10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Home Care Agency

10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Home Care Agency 10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Home Care Agency Introduction Diminishing health and frailty are not popular topics of conversation for obvious reasons. But then these are not areas of life we can

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Caregivingin the Labor Force:

Caregivingin the Labor Force: Measuring the Impact of Caregivingin the Labor Force: EMPLOYERS PERSPECTIVE JULY 2000 Human Resource Institute Eckerd College, 4200 54th Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL 33711 USA phone 727.864.8330 fax

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General information guide

General information guide Patient information General information guide i Important general information for all patients. Golden Jubilee National Hospital Agamemnon Street Clydebank, G81 4DY (: 0141 951 5000

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Academic Skills Resource Library. Student Version

Academic Skills Resource Library. Student Version Academic Skills Resource Library Student Version 1 Academic Skills Resource Library Student Version Table of Contents Choosing a Planner Calendar The Effective Workspace Checklist Getting It Done - How

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9: Advance care planning and advance decisions

9: Advance care planning and advance decisions 9: Advance care planning and advance decisions This section explains how advance care planning and Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment (ADRT) can support your future care. The following information is

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Long Term Care in British Columbia Residential Facilities GOVERNMENT-SUBSIDIZED NURSING HOMES. How Nursing Homes are Organized and Administered

Long Term Care in British Columbia Residential Facilities GOVERNMENT-SUBSIDIZED NURSING HOMES. How Nursing Homes are Organized and Administered Long Term Care in British Columbia 2016 Residential Facilities GOVERNMENT-SUBSIDIZED NURSING HOMES How Nursing Homes are Organized and Administered Nursing homes/residential facilities provide 24-hour

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Holywell Neurological Centre Information about your stay

Holywell Neurological Centre Information about your stay Holywell Neurological Centre Information about your stay About Holywell Holywell Neurological Centre is a 16 bedded specialist inpatient unit situated in the north of Watford, Hertfordshire. The unit provides

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General information about radiotherapy

General information about radiotherapy General information about radiotherapy This information sheet is a general guide to radiotherapy. The treatment and side effects you have from radiotherapy will vary depending on which part of your body

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Newsletter. Family Quarterly. Wounded Warrior HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2018 Winter Edition

Newsletter. Family Quarterly. Wounded Warrior HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2018 Winter Edition Page 1 Family Quarterly Newsletter 2018 Winter Edition HAPPY NEW YEAR! New Year is the time when we all want to start on a good note. It is the time to wish each other that the coming year is filled with

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A bi-monthly newsletter published by the Caregiver Support Program. Male caregivers: reluctant to seek help. November December 2012

A bi-monthly newsletter published by the Caregiver Support Program. Male caregivers: reluctant to seek help. November December 2012 A bi-monthly newsletter published by the Caregiver Support Program November December 2012 Male caregivers: reluctant to seek help 35 hours per week. Though we know some of the statistics, we know very

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Fundamentals of Care. Do you receive care Do you know what to expect? Do you provide care? Quality of care for adults

Fundamentals of Care. Do you receive care Do you know what to expect? Do you provide care? Quality of care for adults Fundamentals of Care Do you receive care Do you know what to expect? Do you provide care? Quality of care for adults Foreword by Jane Hutt, Minister for Health and Social Services The twelve aspects of

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When Your Loved One is Dying at Home

When Your Loved One is Dying at Home When Your Loved One is Dying at Home What can I expect? What can I do? Although it is impossible to totally prepare for a death it may be easier if you know what to expect. Hospice Palliative Care aims

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Multiple System Atrophy Trust Carer s Guide

Multiple System Atrophy Trust Carer s Guide Multiple System Atrophy Trust Carer s Guide Looking after yourself and the person you care for Six Things... If you do just six things do these Request a carer s assessment - Social services can do this

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Healthwatch Knowsley Aintree University Hospitals Trust Service User Report Qtr. 1 ( )

Healthwatch Knowsley Aintree University Hospitals Trust Service User Report Qtr. 1 ( ) Healthwatch Knowsley Aintree University Hospitals Trust Service User Report Qtr. 1 (2016-17) 1 Contents About this report... 3 Snapshot... 3 Key... 4 Key Treatment & Care... 5 Key Facilities & Surroundings...

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Infusion Treatment A Patient s Guide

Infusion Treatment A Patient s Guide Infusion Treatment A Patient s Guide Welcome Thank you for choosing the Guthrie Cancer Center for your medical care. Our team of dedicated professionals will do everything possible to make

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YOUR TRUSTED HEALTH COMPANION. A plan for life. YOUR TRUSTED HEALTH COMPANION A plan for life. Being healthy is about more than preventing illness. It s achieving the best possible quality of life, physically and emotionally. That s what CDPHP is all

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HIRING HELP AT HOME. Multiple Sclerosis Basic Facts Series. Accepting the need for help

HIRING HELP AT HOME. Multiple Sclerosis Basic Facts Series. Accepting the need for help Multiple Sclerosis Basic Facts Series HIRING HELP AT HOME Accepting the need for help When one member of the family becomes disabled, roles within the family change and it hurts. A person who is used to

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A Family Caregiver s Guide to Hospital Discharge Planning

A Family Caregiver s Guide to Hospital Discharge Planning A Family Caregiver s Guide to Hospital Discharge Planning What Is It? Who Does It? When Should It Happen? What Will Insurance Pay For? What Else Should You Know? A Publication of the National Alliance

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Respite care. Life is a journey

Respite care. Life is a journey Respite care Life is a journey We re there when you need us Whiddon understands how important it is for you to enjoy the independence of living at home. Even so, you ll find that sometimes you or your

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GP Practice Survey. Survey results

GP Practice Survey. Survey results GP Practice Survey Survey results Contents Contents Objectives and methodology Key findings Profile of patients who completed the survey Frequency of visiting the surgery Awareness and usage of core surgery

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HOME AND COMMUNITY CARE POLICY MANUAL SECTION: PAGE: 1 OF 9 For the purpose of this document, the following definitions have been used: adult day services are provided through an organized program of personal care, health care and therapeutic

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Caring for you at Hospice and Home.

Caring for you at Hospice and Home. Caring for you at Hospice and Home CONTENTS Introduction 1 Where it all began 2 Services 3 5 In-Patient Unit Outpatients Clinic Day Hospices Physio and Occupational Therapy Lymphoedema

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My Health Action Plan

My Health Action Plan My Health Action Plan My Health Action Plan Private so you must ask me before you look at it A Health Action Plan booklet for people with a learning disability who live in Worcestershire My picture Emergency

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Spotlight on... Caring and nutrition

Spotlight on... Caring and nutrition Spotlight on... Caring and nutrition Spotlight series Spotlight on... Caring and nutrition Summary Nutrition is an important but often hidden issue for carers and their families, with 60% of carers worrying

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A Care Plan Guide. (Simple Steps To Caring For Your Loved Ones)

A Care Plan Guide. (Simple Steps To Caring For Your Loved Ones) A Care Plan Guide (Simple Steps To Caring For Your Loved Ones) The personal journey as a caretaker can be very rewarding yet overwhelming at times. When we are instantly put into a situation of caring

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Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO)

Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) What does it mean for you? Laurie Fox HNHB BSO Project Implementation Lead Hamilton Health Sciences With I am who I am, so help me continue to be me Dana Vladescu, Manager,

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Pay for a. Day. Help support people at the Marie Curie Hospice, Edinburgh by paying for 24 hours of care on a day of your choice.

Pay for a. Day. Help support people at the Marie Curie Hospice, Edinburgh by paying for 24 hours of care on a day of your choice. Pay for a Day Help support people at the Marie Curie Hospice, Edinburgh by paying for 24 hours of care on a day of your choice. Every day matters The Marie Curie Hospice, Edinburgh is here for people living

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Benefits Of Hiring A Home Care Agency

Benefits Of Hiring A Home Care Agency Preserving Dignity Through Independence at Home Benefits Of Hiring A Home Care Agency Are you noticing changes in your aging parents that make you concerned about their safety at home? Are they chronically

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Skilled, tender care for all stages of aging

Skilled, tender care for all stages of aging Skilled, tender care for all stages of aging No Regrets As we age, we all need personal, medical and emotional care. Geer Village supports seniors and their families through all the stages of aging with

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