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1 Fort Rucker Levy Brief Student Officer OCONUS Levy Brief *Please note: Completing this brief prior to being on an official assignment from HRC will render the completion certificate invalid. 1 1

2 Fort Rucker Transportation Fort Rucker Transportation TIPS TO A SUCCESSFUL PCS 2 2

3 Fort Rucker Transportation THIS BRIEFING PROVIDES YOU WITH GENERAL INFORMATION AND GUIDANCE REGARDING YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES FOR YOUR MOVE. DETAILED INFORMATION AND GUIDANCE IS PROVIDED IN IT S YOUR MOVE PAMPHLET. FT Rucker Transportation Office IS Regionalized under JPPSO Jacksonville Joint Personal Property Shipping Office. JPPSO requires a two week lead time prior to scheduling of a HHG, UB or NTS storage. Member must have requested dates and two alternate dates. There is no guarantee that your requested dates will be accepted. (the travel office will make every reasonable effort to secure your dates) PEAK SEASON MAY-AUGUST MAYBE 6 TO 8 WEEKSOUT FOR BOTH HOUSEHOLDGOODS AND NON-TEMP STORAGE Our business hours are Monday Friday. WALK-INS TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY 8:00-11:00AM 1 ST COME 1 ST SERVED. 3 3

4 Fort Rucker Transportation Fort Rucker s Transportation Office has staff ready to assist you in the following areas: Moving your household goods: HHG, UB, PPM, NTS, I. Household Goods (HHG) II. Unaccompanied Baggage (UB) (OCONUS ONLY) III. Personally Procured Move (PPM/ DITY) IV. Non-temporary Storage (NTS) Booking & Ticketing of Commercial Flights AMC/ Patriot Express Reservations (to include pets) No-Fee Passport Application Review Shipping/ Storing POV (OCONUS ONLY) 4 4

5 Fort Rucker Transportation What are some of Your Entitlements? 5 5

6 Fort Rucker Transportation 6 6

7 Fort Rucker Transportation 7 7

8 Fort Rucker Transportation 8 8

9 Fort Rucker Transportation 9 9

10 Fort Rucker Transportation 10 10

11 Fort Rucker Transportation 11 11

12 Fort Rucker Transportation 12 12

13 Army Community Service 13 13

14 Army Community Service Information about your next military installation: To Do List, important phone numbers; important documents to hand-carry; etc., 14 14

15 Army Community Service Overseas Briefings: Wednesdays at 1030 or 1400 Location specific information for: Alaska Germany Hawaii Korea To schedule an overseas briefing call: /

16 Army Community Service Support Group for Family Members left behind due to a deployment or an unaccompanied TDY. Available at all installations Family qualifies for Army Family Covenant Funds (Army installations only) Fort Rucker has monthly activities and newsletters. Blue Star Card (discounts at FMWR facilities) For more information about the Hearts Apart Program call: /

17 Army Community Service Be pro-active and ship your HHGs early. Borrow items from the Lending Hangar before you leave. Borrow items from the Lending Hangar at your new duty station, if your HHGs have not yet arrived

18 Army Community Service If this is your first move, join us at our Relocation Readiness Workshop. Learn about your benefits & entitlements when PCSing, preparing a budget for a move, prepare your resume, and much more 18 18

19 Legal Assistance BASIC INFORMATION: USAACE & Fort Rucker Legal Assistance Office 453 Novosel Street, Room 320 (Bldg 5700) General Legal Assistance Phone # (334) Claims Phone # (334) Household Good Claims # (502) Office Hours: M,T,W & F: Th:

20 Legal Assistance WHO CAN WE ASSIST? Active Duty Servicemembers Dependents (ID Card Holders) Retirees and their Dependents Reserve/National Guard on AD Orders Reserve retired drawing pay Foreign Military (serving with US) 20 20

21 Legal Assistance WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU? Wills Powers of Attorney Notarizations Income Tax Preparation Landlord/Tenant Issues SCRA Debt Collections Hardship Resignations Etc 21 21

22 Legal Assistance SCRA SCRA Benefits 6% Cap on Interest Rates Termination of Lease Protection from Eviction Termination of Cell Phone Contract Stay of Proceedings Reopening Default Loans 22 22

23 Legal Assistance CLAIMS DOS & DON TS 1. Video record/photograph everything PRE-MOVE a. Include TVs/Gaming systems (date stamp photos, or use current newspaper for date) b. Video record working appliances and electronic devices 2. Appraise antiques/special items (scan a copy and keep it) 3. Keep receipts for expensive items scan them 4. Packing foot lockers/tough boxes? Use locks and packing tape (anti-pilfer) 5. Make sure items with serial numbers (and small, valuable items) are recorded on high-value item sheets 6. Blu-rays/video games/dvds? Make sure they are labeled and listed on inventory sheets. Not on inventory and lost? Can t claim it. 7. Don t sign anything you don t agree with (especially condition codes) If you don t agree, write I take exception. 8. Get a friend/family member to help watch the moving crew 9. Don t pack any currency, Hand carry your jewelry 10.Note inclement weather at time of move 23 23

24 Legal Assistance CLAIMS DOS & DON TS (cont d) 11. If it isn t on the inventory sheet, you probably can t claim it (if lost OR damaged) 12. When receiving HHG, make note of any damage to boxes even when you unpack (keep your iphone out and start snapping make sure to take a picture of inventory tag, too, for easier claims filing) 13. Don t initial High Value items sheet or sign it until you physically see item (open box to ensure its presence and condition) 14. Make them unpack boxes. If they don t, you have to pay to have trash hauled away, and you may have issues if something is broken (i.e., you have no proof that you didn t break it unpacking) 15. Everything they disassemble they must reassemble. 16.FILE YOUR CLAIM WITHIN TIME LIMITS!!! 17.Keep all your moving documents. 18. Problems? Call the Quality Assurance technician at the destination Transportation Office while the movers/packers are still there

25 Legal Assistance CLAIMS DOS & DON TS (cont d) NOTE: If your household goods were damaged during a PCS move, if you're unsatisfied with your TSP s offer or denial, you can contact the Military Claims Office (MCO) at any time. CAUTION: DPS has a "Transfer to MCO" button. Unfortunately, this button DOES NOT send the claim to the MCO! It only notifies the TSP that you...intend to submit that item to the MCO. To transfer the claim, you MUST contact the MCO directly at , or visit

26 Fort Rucker Levy Brief Hours of Operation: Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri Wed (We are closed for training from ) We are located in the Military Personnel Division in Building 5700, Room

27 Requirements for orders Complete this Levy Brief Completed DA Form 5434 Sponsorship Program Counseling and Information via ACT (Army Career Tracker) Fort Rucker Levy Questionnaire Completed DA Form 5121 Overseas Tour Election Anti-Terrorism Level 1 Completed DA Form 4036 Medical and Dental Preparation for Overseas Movement (if applicable) 27 27

28 Fort Rucker Levy Brief All required documentation is initiated by the Fort Rucker MPD and scanned to your SMO/S-1. When you ve completed your documents, you will take your completed packet back to your SMO/S-1. They will scan it up to the Personnel Reassignment Branch. All required documentation must be digitally sent from your SMO/S-1. Once all your required documentation has been received, your orders will be published and distributed as outlined below in business days: During this process, should any questions or issues arise, please see your SMO/S

29 Deletions/Deferments The timeline for submitting for a Del/Def is as follows: Within 30 days of coming down on assignment -OR- Within 72 hours of the occurrence requiring a Del/Def Please see your SMO/S-1 to request a Del/Def. While pending a Del/Def request, you will continue through the process pending HRC determination. ***Note: Requests are approved locally. HRC is the final approving authority

30 Early Reporting/TDY Early reporting is annotated in your Special Instructions. If it is not annotated, you are authorized 30 days. If you are reporting into another school, you may not be authorized to report prior to the report date on your RFO. TDY orders are not provided by the Personnel Reassignment Branch. Your current S-3 will provide those orders to you. Do not depart Fort Rucker without a copy of your TDY orders

31 Fort Rucker Levy Questionnaire Per the Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR), the Army will only pay to get you from Fort Rucker (if flying, Dothan or Atlanta if shipping a vehicle) to your next duty station. You are responsible to purchase and pay for any leave taken in conjunction with your PCS. This form will tell the MPD if you are electing either: Individually Billed Account (IBA) Using your GTCC (Government Travel Charge Card) or personal funds for your PCS. With IBA you are NOT authorized an advance of any kind on your PCS move through Finance. If you have a GTCC you will select IBA. If you do not have a GTCC but would like to purchase airfare from any location other than Dothan or Atlanta, you will need to select IBA. Centrally Billed Account (CBA) The Transportation Office will purchase plane tickets. You will also be authorized to request an advance on any portion (PPM, DLA) of your PCS move. Please ensure your S-Shop Representative signs the form verifying whether or not you have a GTCC. You will also show whether you are electing to request CSP and how many dependents will be traveling with you

32 Fort Rucker Levy Questionnaire Con t This form is available at your S-1. You will need to annotate how many dependents will be accompanying you. If you do not have dependents, please write in 0 (zero). Please ensure the S-Shop Rep verifies whether or not you have a Government Travel Charge Card 32 32

33 Total Army Sponsorship Program You will log into the Army Career Tracker to complete. If you are PCSing into another school, you will not need to complete this requirement. You will only need to complete sections 1, 2, 4, and 5. These requirements need to be completed before orders can be published

34 DA Form 5121 Overseas Tour Election Sheet Korea Unaccompanied 12 Months Accompanied 24 Months Germany Unaccompanied 24 Months Accompanied 36 Months Alaska & Hawaii Unaccompanied 36 Months Accompanied 36 Months Kuwait, Honduras, Egypt Dependent Restricted 12 Months Tour lengths can be found in Appendix Q of the Joint Federal Travel Regulation

35 COMMAND SPONSORSHIP If you would like your Family to accompany you to your gaining location, you will need to request Command Sponsorship. Documents required to request for Command Sponsorship will be initiated once the Reassignment Branch has received your DA Form 5121 showing you are requesting command sponsorship. You will receive a DA Form 4787 (Reassignment Processing), DA Form 5888 (Family Member Deployment Screening Sheet) and a Soldier Declaration (a memo you must fill out and sign stating that none of the dependents that will be accompanying you are sex offenders). The DA Form 5888 and an initiated DA Form 7246 (pull and initiate on your own) needs to be taken to the EFMP office at Lyster (inside Preventative Medicine). You will need to ensure your dependents have had physicals within the past year (this includes Well Woman s exam for all female dependents of age)

36 COMMAND SPONSORSHIP CON T A completed Command Sponsorship packet contains: DA Form 4787 (Reassignment Processing) DA Form 5888 (Family Member Deployment Screening Sheet) DD Form 7246 (Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Screening Questionnaire) DD Form 2792 (Exceptional Family Member Medical Summary if applicable) this form is given to you by the EFMP office and is only completed on dependents warranted enrollment in EFMP DD Form (Exceptional Family Member Special Education/Early Intervention Summary if applicable) Sex Offender Memo (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) Once you ve received the above listed packet back from the EFMP office, it needs to be SCANNED to the Personnel Reassignment Branch from your S

37 COMMAND SPONSORSHIP CON T The Personnel Reassignment Branch will then forward your request to your gaining location for approval/disapproval. They will respond with one of the following travel categories: Concurrent- Family will travel at the same time as the Service Member or within 60 days of Service Member s arrival. Deferred- Service Member will arrive by the Report Date on the orders, acquire housing, and the gaining command will issue a Family travel memo. No amendments to your orders will be required. Disapproved- Service Member s gaining location does not have services/facilities required by Family member(s) or housing will be unavailable

38 COMMAND SPONSORSHIP CON T KOREA COMMAND SPONSORSHIP UPDATE In accordance with AR Para 2-11: Any requests received 180+ days prior to your report date will be RWA (Returned Without Action). Requests inside 30 days of your report date will not be accepted. The SM will need to request once they arrive in country

39 COMMAND SPONSORSHIP CON T If you are going to Alaska or Hawaii and you have no dependents warranted enrollment in EFMP annotated on the DA Form 5888, your request for Concurrent Family travel is automatically approved. Requesting/Pending Command Sponsorship will not hold up your orders. The PRB will process your orders annotating you are requesting Command Sponsorship. Orders received before your Command Sponsorship request is approved by your gaining location will allow you to start your Transportation process. Once your request is approved, the PRB will provide an amendment to the order

40 FAMILY MEMBER LOCATION If your dependents will not be accompanying you to your gaining location, please provide a DA Form 4187 to inform the MPD as to where your dependents will be residing: See your S1/SMO to initiate a DA Form 4187 with City, State, and Zip Code (at a minimum) of where Family member(s) will reside. If your dependents will remain at their current location you, the Service Member, will be the only one that needs to sign. If you are requesting your dependents be relocated, an O-6 must sign as well. If you are looking into relocating your dependents to an OCONUS location, please ask your SMO/S-1 for further guidance. Once your DA Form 4787 has been received by the PRB, it will be reflected on either your orders or an amendment

41 DA FORM 4036 (MEDICAL & DENTAL PREPARATION FOR OVERSEAS MOVEMENT) All Soldiers on OCONUS assignment (except Hawaii & Alaska) must get this form completed before orders can be published. This cannot be completed more than 6 months prior to your report date, because all Soldiers going OCONUS must have a current HIV test on file. You will need to take the form to Primary Care, who will direct you further. Once it is complete, return the form to your SMO/S-1. It will be sent to the Levy section for processing


43 SATO TRAVEL OFFICES If you would like reimbursement for airfare you purchased to your next duty station, you will need to purchase your ticket through SATO. Travelers will have to use an 800 number for customer support, exchanges and problems with travel issues VOICE FAX Hours: Mon-Fri CT (Central Time) Closed all Federal Holidays You can also visit for your ticketing needs

44 ANTI-TERRORISM SECURITY THREAT CERTIFICATE This training can be found at: All Soldiers on OCONUS assignment, to include Alaska & Hawaii, must have this training within a year of your report date. Ensure that you maintain a copy-it may be required at your gaining installation. All Family members accompanying you, who are at least 14 years old, must complete the training as well (the Reassignment Branch does not require a copy of their certificates, only the service member s)

45 Homebase or Advance Assignment Program HAAP Soldiers who are on assignment to a dependent restricted (12 month) tour may be authorized a HAAP. HAAPs are only valid for 12 months; if you are granted Command Sponsorship, your HAAP is void. To request a HAAP (if you do not already have one), contact your SMO/S-1. Options with your HAAP -Accept you HAAP: 1. Leave Family at current location; 2. Relocate Family to HAAP location. -Decline your HAAP: 1. Leave Family at current location; 2. Relocate Family to a designated location (per AR 55-46)

46 SATO TRAVEL OFFICES If you would like reimbursement for airfare you purchased to your next duty station, you will need to purchase your ticket through SATO. Travelers will have to use an 800 number for customer support, exchanges and problems with travel issues VOICE FAX Hours: Mon-Fri CT (Central Time) Closed all Federal Holidays You can also visit for your ticketing needs

47 FINANCE BRIEF Finance Briefs are held every Monday and Thursday at 1030 in Building 5700, Room 371-B. If you plan on requesting an advance on any portion of your PCS, please attend this brief NLT ten (10) business days of clearing the installation. Do not forget to request DLA (if you are authorized). You must also inform your gaining location s finance if you had gotten DLA. If you do not, and you are ever audited, they may take that money back. ***You will need a copy of your PCS orders to attend*** 47 47

48 CLEARING PROCEDURES DA Form 31 (Leave Form) Unit Clearance Papers (Signed showing no flags) PCS Orders Soldiers must bring the above listed documentation to the in/out processing desk (located in room 280) 10 business days prior to the start date of their leave, in order to receive Installation Clearing Papers and set up a final out date. *All Soldiers must be in duty uniform to out process 48 48

49 Desk Side Levy Brief Desk Side briefs (one-on-one briefing with a Levy Clerk) are available. Spouses are authorized to accompany to Desk Side briefs as well. Please contact your SMO/S-1 if you would like to schedule a Desk Side with a Levy Clerk

50 Points of Contact Transportation ACS EFMP SJAG Flight School SMO AV Captains Career Course

51 FORT RUCKER LEVY BRIEF CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION Soldier Verification: I,, certify I have completed the Levy Brief. Should I have any questions, I will contact my S-1. Soldier s Signature Date S-1 Verification: I,, certify the above named Soldier is officially on assignment instructions from HRC. S-1 Signature Date 51 51