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1 CAROLINA PARENTS COUNCIL: GRANT APPLICATION PART I Grant application consists of two parts: Part I requires contact and program information and the executive summary Part II requires budget and financial information Together Part I and Part II should not exceed six (6) pages. All requested information is required Applications must be received at no later than November 2, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. (refer to Grant Application Instructions Details and Guidelines for details) Contact Information: Name/Title of Department/Program Director: Co-Presidents: Estefane Santiago-Lopez (internal affairs) and Vanessa Delvillar (external affairs) Name of Department/Organization: Carolina Hispanic Association (CHispA) Name of Division/School/Department/Unit: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Address, CB#: Chapel Hill, NC Telephone number: (919) Address: Name of contact person: Raymundo Garcia Address, CB#: 411 Skipper Bowels Drive Telephone number: (770) address of contact person: Please name others participating in this grant application: none Name of Department(s) or Organization(s): Carolina Hispanic Association Name of Department s financial manager: Wendy Alvarado address: Telephone number: (336) Program Information: A. Name (title), which will best describe this grant application: Gems of STEAM B. What is the timeline for beginning and completion of program/event? Proposed Event Date: Friday April 1 st from 9am-2pm Suggested Location: Sitterson Hall, Chapman/Carroll Hall Suggested Timeline: 9:00-9:20am: Arrival/Check-in at Sitterson Hall 9:20-9:30am: Welcome/Introduction Page 1 of 7

2 9:30-10:00am: First Station (Ex. Science) 10:00-10:30am: Second Station (Ex. Technology) 10:30-11:00am: Third Station (Ex. Engineering) 11:00-12:00pm: Lunch and Q&A 12:00-12:30pm: Fourth Station (Ex. Arts & Design) 12:30-1:00pm: Fifth Station (Ex. Math) 1:00-1:30pm: Reflection/Closing Ceremony 1:30-2:00pm: Buffer time/departures C. Outline the proposed program/event objective(s). The purpose of this service initiative is to encourage middle school students, especially femaleidentified and minority students, in Orange County (approximately 100 students) area to pursue higher education in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Design, and Math (STEAM) subjects. This program is an opportunity for women and minority students who are historically underrepresented in these fields, to gain a better understanding of the immense opportunities in each field. Gems of STEAM will foster the intellectual curiosity of the students and increase their desire for learning, while connecting them with minority college students and introducing them to the study of these fields in a collegiate setting. D. Describe how students will benefit and what student needs are being addressed. Participating students will be introduced to STEAM aspects to kindle their intellectual curiosity. Not only will they gain practical skills in each STEAM component, they will also get to explore and realize their own potential and capabilities. Often times, young girls, minorities, and lowincome students, are discouraged to voice their opinions or pursue subjects that appeal to them. They live and learn within systems that discourage exploration of their own interests, creating a gap in their representation within STEAM fields. Subsequently, they lack confidence, drive, and hope. What Gems of STEAM will do is empower our participants to pursue and achieve what they have been told they cannot. Gems of STEAM will embolden the passion of these young students and foster future innovators the world desperately needs. E. Describe the profile and estimate the number of undergraduate students served. The undergraduates that will be served in the fruition of this program will consist of the Carolina Hispanic Association s general body members and students interested in empowering young females and minorities through STEAM subjects. The program will be widely promoted in STEAM subject classes at the University in order to attract facilitators who can build strong connections with the middle school students. Ideally, the program will require the participation of 50 to 70 UNC students. The sequence of events permits students to choose certain shifts with respect to their class schedule and/or prior commitments with other events, thereby, enabling several opportunities for UNC students to participate in several capacities. These capacities can take on different forms such as the direct participation in the program or in the planning process, thus creating more opportunities for UNC Undergrad students to contribute. Page 2 of 7

3 F. Describe how the overall success of the proposed program/event will be measured. Our program is intended to foster fundamental change and we understand that takes time and consistency. In the long term we hope that this program will contribute to improvement in grade performance in STEM subjects and standardized testing, retention rates in high school, as well as college enrollment and retention. We are planning to have the participants fill out a survey at the end of the program to assess changes in their interest of STEAM subjects, as well as their experience within the program, and their thoughts on pursuing higher education. Our overall success will be measured in our ability to foster confidence, provide exposure and exploration in STEAM fields, and offer engagement with college students in a college setting. In the short term, we hope our participants will consider pursuing higher education within the STEAM fields. G. Is this a new or existing program/event? Is this a one-time or continuing program/event? Gems of STEAM is a new program that will be introduced to Orange County schools. As an organization, we have spoken to school officials in the area and they are more than willing to collaborate on such an initiative that will help their underserved students. This program is intended to be a continuing one, as with each year, more girls can gain exposure through the program, and previous program participants can become part of the program and pay forward their experience. Furthermore, the number of Undergraduate students impacted by the service event will continue to garner support with the continuation of the program and its growth. Executive Summary: Briefly summarize your proposal (150 words limit). The executive summary is an essential component of the Grant Application. The summary should only highlight main information that is critical to understanding your proposal. Financial information should not be included with this section. Gems of STEAM is a service initiative seeking to encourage underrepresented middle school students to pursue careers in STEAM related subjects. We intend to collaborate with middle schools in Orange County, whom are already expressed approval of the program, and bring participants to campus where they can participate in several interactive events geared towards faciltating exploration in each aspect of STEAM. The program has been tailored to present each subject through a fun, handson activity, through which we hope to motivate our participants to continue to pursue STEAM related opportunities throughout their lives, in college, and possibly as careers. The program will demonstrate how higher education ushers in an enormous array of opportunities to create and innovate. Our ultimate goal is to increase the opportunities underserved students have to engage with this field while providing an essential positive change to their lives. PLEASE CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE FOR PART II Page 3 of 7

4 CAROLINA PARENTS COUNCIL: GRANT APPLICATION PART II Financial Information (Please type and pay close attention when completing the information below) Section A (1): Please consult with department s Financial and HR Manager to complete in order to ensure accuracy. PERSONNEL U-Student/Temp Salary Determine U-Student/Temp Total Benefits: Must Calculate Employers Benefits Please click here to review Fringe Benefits from These rates are subject to change in the new fiscal year. Benefits G-Student/Temp/Permanent SALARIES Salary G-Student/Temp/Permanent Total Benefits: Must Calculate Employers Benefits Please click here to review Fringe Benefits from These rates are subject to change in the new Included fiscal year. Graduate Students only: TUITION/FEES & INSURANCE Note: Eligibility ARE for the following benefits require NO a primary rank of: 21 Teaching Assistant 22 Research Assistant 23 Fellow/Trainee LONGER 20 Graduate Assistants do not meet eligibility criteria **Departments will be help responsible for any charges for graduate tuition and health insurance. APPLICABLE EPA Overload Salary EPA Overload Benefits: Must Calculate Employers Benefits Please click here to review Fringe Benefits from These rates are subject to change in the new fiscal year. Other: Overload form must be completed and preapproved before processing TOTAL PERSONNEL TRAVEL Air Cost 0 Ground Transportation Cost 0 Mileage Reimbursement 0 Rental Car 0 (explain how this is the cheapest form of travel for reimbursement purposes) Motor pool 0 Meals 0 Page 4 of 7

5 Lodging 0 Registration 0 Other Travel Expenses 0 TOTAL TRAVEL 0 Number of travelers? Name/position of travelers: Please check all that apply to your travel In-State Travel Out-of-State Travel Attending Conference Retreat Other List Location of Travel OTHER EXPENSES List details - Supplies and Materials* 425 Postage 0 Printing * 0 Miscellaneous Expenses * 0 Meeting Expenses * 0 Describe expense included in each starred item on page 2 of Part II) TOTAL OTHER EXPENSES 0 TOTAL COST 425 SECTION A (2) Describe in detail the type of expense being included in the sum of each starred line item (examples: printing what is being printed; supplies what type of supplies). Funding is generally not granted for food, prizes, or give-a-ways. It is best not to ask for these types of items unless they are a vital part of the grant proposal. If a vital part of the program, please provide a detailed explanation. Science: Lab Coats/Goggles, Flasks (borrowed), Baking Soda, Vinegar, Dry Ice, Food Coloring (200) Technology: Google Cardboard (free), explore VR room in Sitterson Engineering: Resistor Jewelry, BristelBot Supplies (toothbrushes, motors, wires) (100) Arts & Design: 3D Printing Materials (75) Math: Spoons, Marshmallows, Toothpicks (50) The funding of marshmallows is essential to the success of the program because students will use it an activity to explore the application of geometry, specifically angles, in the creation of a catapult. Page 5 of 7

6 SECTION B From the budget projected in Section A, please list the specific items and dollar amounts for which you are requesting Parents Council funding. Lab Coats/Goggles, Baking Soda, Vinegar, Dry Ice, Food Coloring 200 Resistor Jewelry, BristleBot Supplies (toothbrushes, motors, wires) 100 3D Printing Materials 75 Spoons, Marshmallows, Toothpicks 50 Total Parents Council funds requested 425 SECTION C From Section B above, review the budget items that you are requesting Parents Council funding. Then determine and list only those items that are absolutely imperative to this program s efficacy. You should also consider other funding options that may be available for support of this grant proposal. Insert the budget items and include the dollar amount requested per line item. Making this determination is essential, as the Parents Council may find this grant application worthy of funding, but funds may or may not be available to grant a full approval of the requested amount in Section B. Section C (continued) Parents Council Funding amount absolutely imperative to program efficacy: Essential Parents Council required for this program/event to be effective Page 6 of 7

7 Section D Briefly explain why Parents Council funds are necessary for this program/event. It is essential that we have the Parents Council funding because the funds we have as an organization are very limited and as a result, we could not afford to carry out this program otherwise. Section E What other anticipated financial support, dollar amounts and resources is expected to be applied toward this grant proposal? The financial support we anticipate is that coming from the middle schools in Orange County. They intend to provide their own form of transportation, unburdening us from having to subsidize their travels. Furthermore, we expect to have the support from a local restaurant or company to provide lunch for the middle school students. In order to fulfill that expectation, we will revert to restaurants who have supported us in the past and who are currently supporting certain events we host throughout the year. Section F Has your department or organization ever received Parent Council funds before? If yes, when, how much, and for what purpose? Our organization has never received funds from funds dispensed by Parent Council. Section G Provided the program/activity is successful, how do you anticipate sustaining it financially in the future? By receiving funds from Parent Council will help jumpstart our initiative, which is our main focus. After doing so, we intend to maintain our progress through fundraisers to be held early next year that will be geared towards raising revenue to fund the program as it takes place in the Spring. Page 7 of 7