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1 Tennessee State Guard Academy Professional Leadership Development Program Catalogue of Courses Tennessee State Guard Academy Cherico Hall Foster Avenue, Nashville, TN

2 Contents Table of Contents Page Preface i Enrollment Application... ii Officers/Warrant Officers (Basic) 1 Officers/Warrant Officers (Advanced) 2 NCO Advanced Course NCO Basic Course 4

3 PREFACE Leadership, Command and Staff, and other professional training have historically been conducted in schools run by higher commands. Our units rarely have sufficient time to cover METL driven training at our short drills. Training in Common Tasks for personnel with limited or no military experience is an additional load. The TNSG Academy was instituted in an effort to provide resources for Professional Development Training to the Tennessee State Guard. Most courses are primarily in two : (a) Training Support Packages to be used in classroom settings with instructors along with guided readings to be completed at home. (b) A practical Application Phase with students preparing, presenting, and evaluating lesson presentations under the guidance of instructors It is not the expressed purpose of this program to direct Battalion Commanders or to order mandatory participation by any personnel. The program was started to provide training resources for these same commanders that would allow professional development training outside of an already busy training schedule. The model of utilization will be small group specialized instruction in a formal school setting at Division level. All of the materials used in this course are identical with U.S. Army training materials. However, TNSG personnel are not authorized to take the U.S. Army final exams and therefore cannot receive credit from the originating Army Training Commands. A system should be set up to allow accreditation at our own level. i

4 TNSG Academy Course Enrollment Application AUTHORITY: 10 USC3012(B)(G) PRINCIPAL PURPOSE: To obtain information necessary to administer student participation in the TNSG Academy Resident Course Program. DISCLOSURE: Mandatory for student to Participate in Course Program. Student Name Student Number (last four digits of SSAN) Student Rank Student's Unit (BN/REG) / I REQUEST ENROLLMENT IN: (Circle one only) NCO Basic Course NCO Advanced Course Officer Basic Course Captains Course Warrant Officer Basic Course Warrant Officer Advanced Course Command and Staff Course (CAS) Requested Enrollment Date (From bulletin) Signature of Applicant Mailing Address of Applicant Home Telephone Number _( ) Date Commander s Endorsement I have reviewed the prerequisite enrollment requirements in the TNSG Academy Catalogue and have determined the applicant is eligible for enrollment in this course. Unit Cdr or other approving officer. Name (printed or typed) Date Signature Where to mail application: Colonel Walter Hofman 712 Key Road Lafayette, TN TNSGPD FORM 1 ii

5 Syllabus (Commissioned Officer-Basic/ Warrant Officer Basic) 8 Instructional Hours Duties, Responsibilities, and Authority of Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers, and Noncommissioned Officers Resources: TSP Number 158-b-183tsp Overhead Transparency Masters Apply the Essential Elements of Army Leadership Doctrine to a Given Situation 158-A-1110 Resources: TSP : 158-a-1110tsp Transparencies: 158-a-1110 Conduct a Risk Assessment 154-R-6263 Instructional Time: 2 Hours Resources: TSP 154-r-6263tsp Counsel Subordinates Instructional Time: 2 Hours Resources: TSP : 15-e-1260tsp Transparencies: 15-e-1260 Issue An Oral Operations Order 071-T-3401 s Resources: TSP : 071-t-3401 tsp Transparencies: 071-t-2401 Effective Army Writing IS1460 1

6 Syllabus Captain's Course (Commissioned Officer-Advanced/Warrant Officer- Advanced) 8 Instructional Hours Coordinate Activities with Staffs Resources: TSP The Estimate Instructional Time; 2 Hours Prepare a Battalion Operation Order Instructional Time: 3 Hours Resources: TSP 071-D-1002 Conduct a Military Briefing s Resources: TSP Command Post Ops 2

7 Syllabus NCO Advanced Course 8 Instructional Hours Counsel Subordinates Resources: TSP Number 158-E-1260tsp Apply the Ethical Decision Making Method at Small Unit Level Resources: TSP Number: 158-C-1230 Duties, Responsibilities, and Authority of Commissioned Officers, WarrantOfficers, and Noncommissioned Officers Instructional Time: 2 Hours Resources: TSP Number 158-b-183tsp Overhead Transparency Masters Conduct a Military Briefing Resources: TSP

8 Syllabus Non-Commissioned Officers (Basic) 8 Instructional Hours This is a primary course for all entering or newly promoted NCOs. The Professional development would then follow through with entry in the Instructor Training Course at E6. History of NCO Corps Duties, Responsibilities, and Authority of NCOs Maintain Discipline Introduction to Army Leadership Be-Know-Do Effective Communication Conduct Effective Developmental Counseling Soldier-Team Development 4