Honolulu Leslie Ahlstrom recalled that the one thought on her mind was saving her

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1 HAWA MARNE Voluntary payment for delivery to MCAS housing/$1 per four week period VOL 10 NO 48 KANEOHE BAY, HAWA, DEC 2, 1981 TWENTY PAGES Plane crash-lands in bay by Cpl Chris The pilot of a Piper Cherokee-6 aircraft was forced to crash land in Kaneohe Bay Nov 25 at approximately 11:40 am after experiencing a power failure The pilot, George Leavitt, and seven passengers, George and LaRue Nixon, Leslie and Scott Ahlstrom and their three children, Kenneth, 5, Emmett, 4 and Tonegatto Russel, 11/2, sustained no injuries Approximately four minutes after the eight were in the water sailors from Station Operations and Main- tenance Squadron's Waterfront Operations had rescued them "Everyone was so calm," commented LaRue Nixon "You would've never realized we were going to crash George (Leavitt) told everyone what to do in a calm voice and we did it" George Nixon said, "t really didn't sink in that we were crash landing These things happen to other people, not us "But, no one panicked or screamed After the plane was in the bay we just climbed out onto the wing We made sure the children were out, then inflated our life jackets George (Leavitt) even had time to hand my wife's purse to her and got my camera out" He continued, "Even the children were calm The only time they cried was when waves washed over their heads" The five adults and three children were taken to the Kaneohe Branch, Naval Regional Medical Clinic where they were examined by Naval doctors, then released On the way back to Honolulu Leslie Ahlstrom recalled that the one thought on her mind was saving her children " was prepared to swim all three to shore at once if necessary didn't even stop and think the others would help me" George Leavitt broke the silence that followed and said, "Now we really have something to be thankful for tomorrow at Thanksgiving" EASY DOES T -A Piper Cherokee-6 airplane is hoisted out of Kaneohe Bay Four sailors and one civilian employee of the Naval Ocean Systems Center Photo by Sgt Pepper Davis retrieved the aircraft Nov 27 after it experienced power failure and crash-landed Nov 25 A THANKFUL FAMLY - Leslie Ahlstrom, her mother LaRue Nixon and husband Scott Ahlstrom pose with their children Russell, 11/2, Emmett, 4, and Kenneth, 5 in the Emergency Room of the Photo courtesy of Honolulu Advertiser Kaneohe Branch, Naval Regional Medical Clinic They were six of eight people in a Piper Cherokee-6 that had crash-landed in Kaneohe Bay Nov 25 Commandant underscores legal programs importance HQMC, WASNGTON - The Marine Corps' Legal Assistance Program has recently assumed a position of greater importance Marines who may need legal advice regarding personal matters such as wills, contract problems, marital difficulties, or adoptions, may obtain this assistance from a legal assistance officer The importance of the legal assistance program has been underscored by the Commandant in his recent White Letter, 10-81, sent to all Commanding Generals, Commanding Officers and Officers-in-Charge "Given the complexities of modern day living and the special sacrifices inherent in military life, it is not surprising that many Marines, especially in the junior ranks, experience personal problems of a legal nature," said the Commandant " n the vast majority of cases, the Marine concerned cannot afford the high cost of civilian legal services "When these problems go unresolved, morale, attention to duty and effectiveness suffer," he stated "n extreme cases the result is adverse administrative or disciplinary action" General Barrow cited the Marine Corps' past position in legal matters "Unfortunately, legal assistance programs have historically been given relatively low priority when competing for limited resources against demands for other forms of legal services," he stated "While recognizing that statutory requirements such as those imposed by the Uniform Code of Military Justice must be given preference, am convinced that more attention must be focused on our capabilities to assist our Marines," stated the Commandant To this end the Commandant has directed that the legal assistance effort be upgraded through increased command attention and by assigning a greater number of judge advocates to such offices As an example, the HQMC legal assistance office has been expanded from one captain to a lieutenant colonel and two captains This office will coordinate with the other services and provide guidance to all legal Marines lack gift-giving spirit assistance offices throughout the Corps More suitable office space, more experinece lawyers and upgraded support in terms of additional special training, are being emphasized in this recent initiative As the Commandant concludes in his White Letter to commanders, " encourage each of you to see to it that this service is wellpublicized, easily accessible and well integrated with all other Marine Corps-sponsored personal and family assistance programs" At MCAS Kaneohe Bay, legal assistance is available at the Legal Services Center, Building 256 Legal assistance available includes legal advice, specific legal assistance in some areas and notarial services Assistance is available on an appointment bases during normal working hours Sergeants and below in rank should make appointments through their unit legal officers Staff noncommissioned officers, officers, dependents and retired military may call , , for more information or an appointment Station donors shorten blood drive Photo by Sgt Ernie Carter GVNG THANKS - Lance Corporal Kevin Dryer (left) joins Jack Richardson, his family and friends as they offer praise for a bountiful Thanksgiving Day LCp1 Dryer and LCp1 Thomas Hutchman (not shown), both from Company L, 3d Battalion, 3d Marines, 1st Marine Brigade, were welcomed into the Richardson home through the host family program Forty families invited 60 single Marines into their homes to share Thanksgiving in a family atmosphere lea almost that time of year when gift-giving becomes a national pastime But Marines at the Marine Corps Air Station are falling a little behind in giving the gift of life Blood donations are below anticipated goals During 1981, medical teams from the Tripler Army Medical Center came to the Air Station approximately three times a month to draw blood from volunteers Only six such visits are planned for 1982 Nov 23, 45 Marines from the Air Station and the 1st Marine brigaue were slated to donate blood Only eight showed up The next scheduled blood donation dates are Dec 24 and 28, to cover the heavy holiday accident period NAVY LEUTENANT John Taylor is in charge of the ongoing Blood Donor Program here "The team from Tripler arrives behind the branch clinic around 8 am and is ready to take blood by 8:15 or 8:30", said Lt Taylor "They're geared to stay the whole day, but usually leave around noon because there just aren't enough donors" Correspondence Dependents as well as Marines can donate blood There are only a few medical restrictions for blood donors For example, those w1-o have taken Malaria Prophylaxis, the big pink pill often given to Marines on deployment, are not eligible to donate blood within three years of taking the drug Marines are advised to stop by sick bay the day before donating blood to make sure they are medically eligible T TAKES ONLY about 30 minutes to fill out the necessary paperwork, take a simple lab test to determine if you have enough blood, and then donate a pint of blood Lt Taylor claims that it doesn't make any difference what type of blood is donated All blood donated stays at Tripler for use by military personnel and their dependents The Blood Donor Program keeps Tripler from having to lotiy blood from civilian blood banks Anyone interested in donating the gift of life should contact Lt Taylor at /3457 General stresses importance of sharing accomplishments with families HQMC, WASNGTON - Taking care of Marines and their fami lies has been a hallmark of the Corps for generations A part of this care is sharing the accomplishments of individual Marines with their own families The Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Robert H Barrow, addressed this very issue in White Letter 11-81: Correspondence to Marine Corps Families Concerning Accomplishments of Marines "n a prior White Letter, emphasized the importance of Marine Corps families, and have been pleased with the response of many commands in ensuring that the members of our Marines' families are included in special ceremonies nad taken care of in times of need," said Gen Barrow While noting the valuable and growing asset of Family Service Centers, the Commandant focused his attention on other methods of recognizing Marines for their accomplishments " have recently become aware of at least one commander who is sending personal letters to the families of his Marines upon occasions of their promotions, awards and other special times in order to share the proud moment with them," stated the Commandant " applaud this initiative and encourage each of you to do the same" Gen Barrow emphasized that the letters should possess professional quality in every sense "These letters should, of course, be of high quality and receive close attention to ensure that they are accurate and that they provide an excellent appearance since they often become a source of special pride and a treasured memento of the recipient as well as the Marine" The Commandant noted that while letters are important, other steps should be taken " would also add that, when and if appropriate, presentation rather than mailing of these letters should be coordinated with officer selection officers, recruiters, and public affairs offices to ensure that publicity is arranged with local newspapers," he said "n this regard, your extra effort can pay long-range dividends to the Marine Corps in gaining favorable publicity for our men and women and their families in their hometowns "At the very least, a personal letter to the family will build that pride and espirt de corps which is so important to your unit's integrity and accomplishment of our mission" Concluding, Gen Barrow stated, "t is a technique which has great potential for positive feadback at every level of leadership, and one which should be used by commanding officers to single out the accomplishments of individual Marines whenever possible" Published by RFD Publications, nc, a private firm in no way connected with the Department of the Navy or the US Marine Corps Opinions expressed by publishers and writers herein are their own and not to be considered an official expression of the Department of the Navy or the US Marine Corps; The appearance of advertisements in this publication including inserts, does not constitute an endorsement by the Department of the Navy or the US Marine Corps of the firms, products or services advertised

2 $$$$ : $s$ , Page A-2, Dec 2, 1981 A ROSY RETRE- MENT - Colonel Mike Keane, Commanding Officer, 1st Radio Battalion, presents a bouquet of roses to Arlene Hunter, wife of Master Gunnery Sergeant Claire Hunter (left) MGy- Sgt Hunter retired from active duty Friday and was transferred to the Fleet Marine Force Reserve His career in the Corps started nearly 30 years ago in March 1952 Photo by SSgt Joe Blackburn Anniversary Bishop Museum and Science Center celebrates 20th year The Bishop Museum and Science Center will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its dedication and opening Dec 12 t was more than 20 years ago that a retired astronomer and teacher, Dr Earle Linsley, came to Hawaii and with his infectious enthusiasm sparked a drive to establish a planetarium for the people of Hawaii, having especially in mind the tremendous educational value for H&R BLOCK ncome Tax Preparation Phone Or school children of such a facility Funds were raised by subscription, gifts from school children, substantial assistance from the Junior League, and grants from local business and industry At a total cost of $280,000 a beautiful facility was completed that today would cost well over $1 million The Planetarium and Science Center has served the people of Hawaii well Hun- dreds of thousands of school children have been enthralled under the starry indoor sky, learning about planets, constellations, space exploration, and other exciting subjects Many families make a regular pilgrimage to the planetarium to take in each new show To mark this special anniversary, the Planetarium will present a new program, "Planetarium on Parade," which will reveal the inner REAL ESTATE SCHOOL SALESMEN PRELCENSNG 9500 PLUS BOOKS MNMUM 1 0 STUDENTS CLASS STARTS JANUARY FOR FEBRUARY TESTNG DATE DAYTME AND EVENNG CLASSES FAHRN SCHOOL OF REAL ESTATE PC,HAWA workings of the Plantarium's "magic lantern" and highlight the programs of the past 20 years This special show will be presented only from Friday to Dec 19 t will be followed by the traditional "Star of Bethlehem" show from Dec 20 through Jan 3 For more information, call the Planetar-, ium at SUZUK S, STATE WDE CLEARANCE! LO-RDERS AT -VALUE n Kaneohe, StiZij" Kahuhipa w j Full line of ) Mopeds, - Motorcycles, Downtown A 1 Parts & Service 818 wilei Rd A DVSON OF MONTGOMERY MOTORS EDTOR'S NOTE: Salutes is designed to recognize individuals for their achievements and exceptional performance of duty as well as to welcome new arrivals to Hawaii The information herein is compiled from Fleet Home Town News releases submitted to the JointPublic Affairs Office by unit information officers SOMS Promotion: Sgt DR Garcia Sgt JW Hampe Cpl EL Davis Certificate of Cornmendation: Sgt JH McCarney Jr 1/3 Promotion: Sgt Francis Cpl Allen Cpl Altice Cpl Clinkscales Cpl Cox Cpl Daugherty Cpl Davis Cpl Efford Cpl Ernwall Cpl Fonseca Cpl Gagliano Cpl Guzman Cpl Harris Cpl Holmes Cpl Karrip Cpl Kuskie Cpl Lopez Cpl Massaro Cpl Mauga Cpl May Cpl Provencher Jr Cpl Redd Jr Cpl Schutt Cpl ER Smith Cpl HD Smith Cpl Sobe Cpl Townes Cpl Tucker Cpl Usher Cpl Warden Cpl Williams Cpl Wilson LCp Arsenault LCp Bybee LCp Cruz LCp Davenport LCp Drake LCp Fulop LCp Furnace LCp Garcia LCp Lopez LCp Rosenthal LCp Sousa LCp Wong PFC Gibson PFC Mullen PFC Sherman HMM-165 Promotion: Cpl TD Aamold Cpl AG Barton Jr Cpl RM Carver Cpl MA Cavallo Cpl RA Garcia Cpl JC Gregg Cpl J Hostovichak Cpl M Latham Cpl KT Morrison Cpl LE Shaw HMH-463 Welcome Aboard: Sgt JD Lenser Sgt GH Ruckman LCp BJ Kline Promotion: Maj ML Olson Capt JD Scott MSgt FF Pratt Sgt RA Hansen Cpl RE Anshutz Cpl RC Breiner Cpl AR Calderon Cpl DA Cordova Cpl E Gutierrez Cpl EP Gutormson Cpl WD Hazlewood sorsa RAD SAL Cpl KD Mahanke Cpl MA Maynard Cpl D Medeiros Cpl MK Patane Cpl R Pena Cpl MD Vanover Cpl EJ Varroso LCp JL Johnson Good Conduct: 0 Sgt MC Blake Cpl D Medeiros Cpl EL Reynolds Cpl RL Ward Cpl MD Vanover LCp1 EC McMichael Bell Maintenance Man of Quarter Cpl JR Suite 1st RadBn Welcome Aboard: Sgt RL Parker LCp1 DL Devera LCp JL Gray LCp MD Kuehndorf LCp JD Low LCp1 DA Owen LCp1 JC Phipps * PFC KW Ricketts PFC RL Verbosky Pvt F Santiago Promotion: GySgt TA Small GySgt WH Wagner SSgt TW Haywood SSgt LA Rocha ARPORT Additional Conveniences: Lei Maker's Garden Restaurant Kalama Lounge (with nightly entertainment) ncludes: RENTAL CAR by Trans-lease Hawaii Rent-A-Car DELUXE, Spacious Rooms with: Air Qopditioqjqg FREE Color Television Room Service Available FREE Parking, Babysitter Referral Hotel Laundromat ROOM Swimming Pool FREE 24-Hour Airport ONLY Shuttle Service Kennels Plus Tax CREDT CARDS: American Express, VSA, Bank Americard, Carte Blanche, Diner's Club & MasterCharge Location on main bus line, convenient to all For Reservations & military installations, nformation Call: WAKK, MAJOR SLAND ATTRACTONS AND ARPORT ikok413kk 1,4u,K, ARPORT HOLDAY SAVNGS We are clearing out Hawaii's most requested Fans for the Holidays Now is the time to buy -OUR GUARANTEE - f you find your an advertised at a lower price within 30 days Of purchase we'll refund the difference in cash Professional Fan nstallation at reasonable prices' $2 Features: 5 DAYS ONLY Offer Expires Sun 12/6/5pni Sug Retail imsco Blades: 'Wide Selection 5 Year Warranty These are 3 examples, over 40 fans to choose All are on SALE! 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3 Dec 2, 1981, Page A-3 Photo by SSgl Joe Blackburn SOME ASSEMBLY REQURED - Nick Strain steadies a 3,150 pound granite memorial as he and Lonnie Baker (foreground) guide it onto its base near the flagpole in front of the Air Station Headquarters The memorial was contributed by the Kaneohe Klippers, in memory of the gallant men who gave their lives Dec 7, 1941 defending the then Naval Air Station, Kaneohe Bay against enemy attack The monument was dedicated this morning in a special service that included a 21-gun salute WE BUY GOLD SLVER PLATNUM DAMONDS WATCHES US & FOREGN CONS PRESTGE HONOLULU KANEOHE 746 KAPAHULU KAHUPA OPEN 9-5 DALY SAT 9-2 Memorial services Two memorial services honoring American servicemen who lost their lives Dec 7, 1941 are scheduled to be held here The Kaneohe Klipper's Association will dedicate a new marble memorial located in front of the Ait Station headquarters, today The service commences at 10 am and includes a 21-gun salute, performance by the Fleet Marine Force Pacific Band and monument blessing by 5 WEEK NTRODUCTORY C/ COURSE FOR ORGAN Easiest and Fastest Method Known Designed Eiiecially fort Persons with No Musical Knowledge Whatsoever', born Ages 16 to KO kuswo Jan Takashi AS your instructor, may personally invite you to loin us - will he an experience to last a lifetime 'Private lessons also available) salute during morning colors at 8 NBC TV shows The Today Show and the NBC Nightly News will feature the Marine Corps Air Station, Kaneohe Bay; Naval Station, Pearl Harbot; Hickam Air Force Base; and Schofield Barracks, Monday, the 40th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Oahu While on the island in November, film crews interviewed survivors of the attack at Pearl Harbor and John Finn, recipient of the Medal of Honor for his actions at Kaneohe Bay, Dec 7, 1941 They also filmed the raising Class Mee a Weekly For 5 Consecutive Weeks on Tues Fri and Saturday You need not own an organ All music & materials are furnished REGSTER NOW! This Entire Program $1995 'tram Call THAYER'S AZ 4 it4w-e Both programs are Airlines, United Aircarried locally on lines and Western Channel 2 The Today Airlines The above Show begins at 6 am cities are currently and the NBC Nightly available on alldates, News is aired at 5 pm and most other mainland cities are avail- Group air fares able starting at 9 am Several nternational inexpensive Travel Service if offering For more informa- Prostestant services shells, collected by the the group zone fares lion, call the nterwill be held as follows divers on previous toindividuals, families national Travel Ser- On Sunday, Holy excursions, will be on and friends One vice to six at sale Communion will Certified divers be people may sign up to given at 11 am and will also be given the travel on the same Christmas the Samoan Gospel chance to talk to club itinerary between the services Herald will present a representatives about following dates: The Marine Corps Christmas Concert memberships Eastbound - Dec 1 Air Station Chapel is that night at 7 The Toys for Tots through 25 (Hawaii- planning special Annual Sunday Mainland) Advent Collection barrels services for the School Ch ristmas TfoortathepranongruaalmToyspos for Westbound - Jan 5 holiday season Cath- Program will be held at through 20 (Mainland- olic services will be 6:30 pm, Dec 13 On Bored by the 4th Force Hawaii) held as follows The Dec 20, at 7 pm, ii Reconnaissance Bat- - Coach round trip Feast of the mmacu- Christmas concert will fares talion Fleet Maririe per person are: late Conception, Dec 8 be presented and on Force Reserve are New York/Boston, at noon and 6 p,m Christmas Eve a available at the 7- $27312: Chicago, CCD Christmas Mass, candlelight service Day Store and Main Exchange Reverend Abraham Akaka At 8:45 am Dec 7th the VP-1 (Patrol Squadron-11) Association will hold a plaque dedication ceremony $22050;Dallas$22824 Dec 20 at Hangar 101 The and lowering of the ceremony will be flag at the Arizona preceded by a 21-gun Memorial at 9:30 am, will be held at 6 pm and Los Angeles, Confessions will be followed at 7 by $18295 These fares held Christmas Eve caroling aboard the For more informaapply to American from 10:30 to 11:45 pm Air Station tion, call Nomemlimmommommociemaimmt-jpimommemeammimmu 1 The FABULOUS LCD Time Pen followed by Midnight Shell sale Mass Confessions will also be held on Christmas Day from 9 to 9:45 am followed by Christmas Mass at 10 am The Aku Marines Dive Club will sponsor a membership drive and shell sale at the 7 Day Store Saturday MAL N ORDER FORM 1 ALLOW 3 WEEKS FOR DELVERY ' ll ill wonderful tem combines a Name to Ballpoint r a Digital Clock /Calendar Address "Seconds" Timer in one sleek, de a, City handsome silver- colored Zip iwesfrii t also uses a standard Parker 1 Number of Pens Amoung S Enclosed t 1444,, Payment by Check_ By Money Order 4 Great Master Charge Account No for 1 Expiration Date Christmas Visa Charge Account No Giving it: Expiration Date -7eac, THOUSANDS have sold for as high as '7/"llr% MAKE CHECK OUT TO and $3495 NOM A Special Pre-Christmas RETURN TO: Offer Order Your LCD Time Pen for LCD Time Pen ONLY $1395 PO Box (includes taxi 1020 Sushi St Limited Quantifies _ Honolulu, FREE Palling while they last) Good thru 12/31/61 / Hawaii sems MMMMN11111 M 1/ MMMMENM =MMMMMMN t SOFT CONTACT LENSES ARE: Soft, flexible and comfortable Easy to wear from the start Do not pop out easily SOFT CONTACT LENSES $95 EFFECTVE UNTL DECEMBER 15, 1981 includes standard soft contact lenses, care kit, follow-up care by Dr Dean and 90 DAY TRAL PEROD Also Available Soft Contact Lenses for Astigmatism and Continuous Wear One Day Service for Glasses and Hard Contact Lenses mmediate Service for Soft Contact Lenses ONE YEAR GUARANTEE ON ALL GLASSES COMPLETE PROFESSONAL VSON SERVCES DEDCATED TO QUALTY AND SERVCE N VSON CARE KALUA 139 Hekni St Dr Charles Dean Optometrist ,4 VS NEW YORK GANTS Dec 6-7:35 AM PLAY BY PLAY WTH - BOB STARR/DCK BASS WTH STEVE BALEY Pioneer's great tastin' fish now comes in a new, larger size! 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6 Page A-6, Dec 2-198t Sailor recounts Dec 7 attack A CLAM NEVER MADE - " never claimed that shot that plane down," said John Finn, recipient of themedal of Honor, "but if missed it should have been drummed out of the Navy for poor marksmanship" During a recent tour to the Air Station, Finn stood at the site where the first Japanese aircraft crashed during the attack on Dec 7, 1941 RELVNG A TME - While at the look-out on Kansas Tower recently, John Finn explains to Colonel Charles Robinson, Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Air Station, the direction that the Japanese took as they attacked the Air Station Dec 7, 1941 Finn, a Navy Chief Ordinance at the time, received the Medal of Honor for his actions that day by Sgt nez J Stoner t has been nearly 40 years since that Dec 7 morning when Navy Chief Ordanceman John on the ram, at Hangar 3 watching his world go up in smoke Nov 9, 1981 John Finn once again stood on the ramp and relived the events of the day that led to his receiving the Medal of Honor Finn received the Medal of Honor, the nation's highest award for valor, for his actions at Naval Air Station, Kaneohe Bay, Territory of Hawaii, Dec 7, 1941 "We had been on a sort of alert for several months up to that time," said Finn during a recent interview Finn was at home in bed when the attack began " heard the airplanes but never thought it was an attack because the air raid siren didn't blow," he said "They never did blow that darn air raid siren" The siren had been installed two days before A neighbor banged on his door and told him that he was needed at the hangar Finn was the senior Chief Ordnanceman for Navy Patrol Squadron-14 He remembered pulling on his shoes, not taking time for socks He jumped in his car with his neighbor and raced toward the hangar area As he rounded Kansas To- wer he saw smoke bellowing from the hangars below "We heard machinegun fire but we still didn't know what was going on was trying to sort out all these sounds that was hearing," he said As Finn's sped car around Kansas Tower a Japanese Zero came up from behind and banked in front of him "When saw those big red meatballs on that plane said to myself, `My God, this is the real thing, this is the Japs'" He recalled that the enlisted men parked across the street from the hanger while the officers were allowed to park on the ramp "t never occured to me to park on the ramp even though it was much closer to the hanger," said Finn " just pulled right into my normal parking spot across the street" " was out of that car before it even came to a stop and ran like a deer across the street to the hangar " was a East and West clashed Dec 7, 1941 lot more agile in those days," he said Finn knew that there were a number of pound depth charges inside the hangar and his first action was to see that they were removed immediately He then pulled a 30 caliber machine gun onto the unprotected ramp and began firing at the enemy aircarft flying overhead "We weren't set up for any kind of ground defense," said Finn "There was nothing to defend yourself with We didn't have mounts for any of the guns, they were on the planes and the planes were all on fire We had only one gun mount, set up for instruction But before the day was out we had built dozens of them "f we had been even half-way prepared ", his voice trailed off "Everyone was in a stupor There were so many people just standing there, looking t was hard to believe what was happening didn't think it was even possible that we would ever be attacked," he said There was emotion in his voice as he recounted the events that changed the course of many lifes He described in detail the memories he could never erase from his mind or his heart During the attack a sailor who had been firing a 50 caliber machine gun left his weapon and ran toward Finn " yelled at him to get back to his gun," said Finn "He stopped and then ran toward me again yelled at him again three times before he got close enough to tell me that his gun was jammed" Finn ran to the 50 caliber machine gun, repaired the weapon and continued firing from that position According to Finn it seemed as if the Japanese had finished their attack and were leaving when he saw one plane leave the formation and swing back toward the hangar area " watched that plane as it flew right over Kaneohe city, but lost sight of it behind the thick black smoke from the planes burning in the bay watched for it to come out on the other side of the smoke but it never did knew he had turned into the smoke and was heading straight for the hangar" " aimed that 50 caliber straight into the smoke where thought he would come out Sure enough, he did shot right into the propeller hub of that plane as it came through the smoke straight at me He came so close that the concussion nearly knocked me over" Finn watched as the Japanese aircraft circled and crashed into the hill at Kansas Tower A memorial!tow marks the spot where Lieutenant Fusata ida of the mperial Japanese Navy gave his life for his country " never claimed that shot that plane down," said Finn, "but if missed it should have been drummed out of the Navy for poor marksmanship," Later that day Finn viewed the pilot's body " can remember seeing him while he lay dead and just kind of felt sorry for the guy don't mean that was calm and had no feelings at all, was just madder than hell at our unpreparedness and at the Japanese in general But felt no animosity toward this man" Finn stood for a moment of silence Nov 9, at the site of Lt ida's crash The attack on Kaneohe began just before 8 am t came in waves and lasted approximately two and a half hours When the attack over, Fill recalls, " was just standing there had been wounded several times saw all the damage that had been done, the PBYs burning in the water felt like wanted to cry and turned to this guy and said, 'Would you look what they've done to us in just 15 minutes'" At that time it Was well after 10 am Finn received a tremendous amount of shrapnel in the arms, chest and legs He had also been shot in the foot He checked into sick bay the next day and remained there until the day before Christmas n the fall of he's not sure of the date Finn, in the presence of his wife, Alice, was presented the medal by Admiral William "Bull" Halsey aboard the USS Enterprise at Pearl Harbor He was later commissioned Presently there are approximately 3,400 Medal of Honor recipients Finn was born in Belle Vernon, Calif He enlisted in the Navy in 1926 He retired in 1947 as a lieutenant n addition to the Medal of Honor, Finn also earned the Purple Heart and the Good Conduct medals He now lives with his wife on a ranch in San Diego County, Calif Finn was one of 199 Medal of Honor holders attending the 12th Biennial Congressional Medal of Honor Society Convention in Honolulu, Nov 8 through 12 The last time he was on the island was 1946 John and Alice Finn Behind every great man Behind every great man is a great woman Behind John Finn, recipient of the Medal of Honor for his actions at Naval Air Station, Kaneohe Bay, Dec 7, 1941, is his wife, Alice Alice accompanied her husband to Honolulu to attend the 12th Biennial Congressional Medal of Honor Society Convention, Nov 8 through 12 WLE ON THE island, Alice and John Finn spent Nov 9 touring the Air Station As she traveled across the Pali toward Kaneohe for the first time in almost 40 years, the memories returned with bittersweetness John and Alice had been married nearly eight years at the time the Japanese attacked the island They had moved into base housing after living several months in a cottage on the beach They were the first to live in their new house located at the foot of Kansas Tower Alice distinctly remembers the confusion of that Dec 7 morning "We knew something was going on," she said, "but we weren't sure what it was" SHE REMEMBERS hearing the noise of the attack and seeing some of the Japanese aircraft fly over the housing area on their way to and from the hangars by Sgt nez J Stoner John was a Navy Chief Ordnanceman with Navy Patrol Squadron-14 As their husbands fought for their lives down near the hangars, the wives found comfort in each other "A few of the women got really upset and hysterical," said Alice "The rest of us were just kind of numb We tried to put what was happening out of our minds," she continued "Most of us tried to pretend that we were just waiting for our men to come home from work as usual" THAT MORNNG 19 men didn't come home from work as usual John Finn was not one of them She remembers her husband coming home, wounded several times from the attack She fixed a cheese sandwich for him to eat She was glad to have him home "You can worry yourself to death-about whether or not he's all right, but pretty soon you realize that thinking that way isn't going to do you any good and it isn't going to do him any good," she said There were rumors that the Japanese had taken the island and were wearing uniforms similar to the US Navy's To avoid mistaking Americans for the enemy, the sailors were told to dye their Navy Whites brown Huge vats of boiling coffee had been set up outside the headquarters building for this purpose She remembers watching her husband select a uniform to dye AROUND NOON on Dec 7, fearing more attacks would follow, dependent wives and children were evacuated to Kailua Alice was one of only a few women who elected to remain with their husbands at Kaneohe instead of returning to the mainland For the next couple of years she worked censoring mail going on and off the Air Station t was in the fall of 1942 that Alice and John learned he was to receive the Medal of Honor for his actions during the attack Aboard the USS Enterprise, Alice proudly watched as John was presented the Medal of Honor by Admiral William "Bull" Halsey "SO FAR AS know," said John, "Alice is the only woman to be allowed aboard a man-of-war, in a war zone, during a war" John retired from the Navy as a lieutenant in 1947 They now live on a horse ranch in San Diego County, Calif They have one son, Joseph, who lives in Lakeside, Calif History's complex web caught up the little people 0 by Jim Long and Bob Edwards They met here, 40 years ago The little people, caught in the complex web of history n retrospect, it is Possible to trace the events which led to their confrontation on that day The small events in their lives, the little decisions of living, woven in with the political maneuvering of nations, the marshalling of vast economic and military forces n the final analysis, it is this confrontation between little people that determines history These then, are the little people, and the vast historical forces, that came face to face at Kaneohe 40 years ago This is the confrontation of East and West N THE EAST it was the year of the Tiger n the West it was 1938 Japanese aeronautical engineers perfected a new plane with tremendous speed, maneuverability, range and most important, carrier based t was named the Zero Japanese military planners were casting envious glances at the rich rubber and oil of Malaysia The United States Naval planners were casting glances towards Mokapu Peninsula on the northeast corner of Oahu t seemed an ideal place for an air station Manuel Silva, while working maintenance construction at the new Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki, was doing some eyeing himself Margaret Afong was beginning to look good to him n the East it was the year of the Rabbit n the West it was 1939 Japanese military planners were seriously investigating plans for operations toward Malaysia Tommie Tam began working construction at a new military base The US Navy had purchased Mokapu Peninsula, and work was starting to build a Naval Air Station there Manuel Silva had made an acquisition himself He married Margaret Afong and was adapting his bachelor's life to marriage N THE WEST it was 1940 n the East it was the year of the Dragon, and the dragon began breathing fire and smoke The Zero made its first combat appearance in China To the amazement of even the Japanese themselves, it proved so potent that within one week opposition fighters were swept from the sky, never to return in strength A young naval pilot, Fusata ida, gained his first combat experience in the Zero He was impressed n the West, France collapsed before the blitzkrieg of German armor, and Britain was reeling from blows by the Luftwaffe and Wolfpacks Stan Payne, for reasons he didn't understand, was undergoing midnight civil defense drills while working at Pohakuloa on Hawaii n the East, the fire breathing dragon became a snake, ready to strike anything that frightened or threat ened it The year of the Dragon became the year of the Snake t was 1941 N THE SUMMER, Japanese troops and ships initiated movements toward Malaysia, and the United States lodged a formal protest To put teeth in the protest, the United States froze all Japanese assets in the country and placed an embargo on trade in oil and iron with Japan Japanese politicians reeled in shock An island nation, Japan depended on foreign oil to power her vital fleets t was the year of the Snake, and the Japanese felt threatened The military began to coil for the strike n August, Japanese naval pilots, almost all China veterans, began extensive training in torpedo bombing in shallow water SALVAGE ATTEMPT - Sailors try to salvage a damaged seaplane on the flight line during the Japanese aerial attack on Kaneohe Naval Air Station Tommie Tam was promoted to payroll clerk for a construction company working on the new air base on Mokapu, now called Kaneohe Naval Air Station Every Thursday, with an armed guard, he crossed the Pali with the base payroll FROM SEPT 2 thru 13, Admiral Yamamoto, Admiral Nagamo, and 1:3 other ranking officers played war games at the Japanese uneadv nl EW-a5r continued Dec 7, 1941 Of the 36 planes based at Kaneohe only three survived

7 Dee 2, 1981, Page A-7 Ceremonies honor brave Americans Superintendent Gary Cummins of the USS Arizona Memorial recently announced the schedule of events to take place at the, memorial on Dec 7, to commemo- rate the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack and to honor the more than 2,400 Americans who died in the early morning, air raid At 7:15 am, the National Park Service, with assistance and support from the US Navy, will host the traditional Pearl Harbor Day wreath ceremony aboard the USS Arizona Memorial This ceremony will include floral wreath presentations by various patriotic and civic organizations, a minute of silence at 7:55 will mark the time of the onset of the attack, a gun salute from a Navy ship, and morning colors At 10:30 am, the USS Arizona Reunion Association will hold a brief private ceremony for former members of the battleship USS Arizona At 5:15 pm, the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association will hold a sunset ceremony aboard the USS Arizona Memorial Approximately 300 PHSA members and invited guests will participate on the memorial, while some 2,500 other PHSA members, guests and general public will gather on the grounds of the USS Arizona Memorial visitor center for a direct broadcast of the proceedings nformation regarding invitations will be available from State of Hawaii PHSA president Joe Arruda at The sunset ceremony will conclude at approximately 6:15 pm with the lowering of the flag and taps The USS Arizpna Memorial will be open to the public on Dec 7, from A am until 3 pm, except for the 10:3011 am period of the USS Arizona Reunion Association private observance Cummins stated that crowds on Dec 7 are expected to be heavy, and visitors should plan to arrive as early as possible and to expect a somewhat longer than normal waiting period e CRME STOPPERS git* Sun Press & The Kailua Chamber of Commerce support HOLDAY SAVNGS 5 DAYS ONLY Open Sun 12'6 5 urn OUR 11111RTO Professional Fan nstallation at reasonable par! :Receive a light kit for ; only 48" with ;the purchase of any fan stet liefelf165 SMC CASABELLA 5, Retall 1417, Fe ter MESCALTO PACFC SURPLUS A DSTRBUTORS CALL NOW Susan Beers' Salom featuring REDKEN & NEXUS Hairstyling for men and women Manicuits Juliette Nails Waxing and Make-up Phil Ventura Sharon Pearson Verna Sopa - Polly Orr Debi Clay Candy Maynes Keala Uemoto Lon Maddams Kathleen Kennedy Cara Carter- Fill Your Christmas Stocking With Savings From Our Gigantic Tent Sale ncredible Savings on all items Wholesale Costs on Manufacturers Closeout Fabrics Notions Yardage Remnants SAT & SUN, DEC 5TH & 6TH Please call for a FREE consultation 1 t6 -C Heltill St Kailua P ANNUAL PRE-HOLDAY STORE-WDE 10% DSCOUNT SUNDAY SALE Sunday, December 6th 10:00 am-4:00 pm DSCOUNT APPLES TO ALL MERCHANDSE EXCEPT SALE GOODS HOME VDEO 787 Kafue Rd (next e ManaMers) Offering you the finest in Home Video Movie Selections and Video Equipment Over 400 move rentals to choose SUPER CHRSTMAS SPECALS Everything Only $629 person a mad want in a video recorder 42 rootlet uph all the Lone14 aositione frlectronis toner Pc turf neap s erne 1 hone timer to S bore rverfralnu none nno CALL NOW HOLDAY STORE HOURS: STARTNG SUNDAY, DEC 611 MON THRU SAT 9:30 AM to 9:00 PM SUNDAYS TLL CHRSTMAS 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM "China 'Tiffany Lamps Silver Porcelain +Furniture Glassware *Lots of Jewelry *Many other items to cofhplete your Christmas list examm eallaellanan uarten=alalae iewereemerea uorminlinew SUPER SAVNGS BEGN NOW! SEE YOU THERE!

8 Page A-8, Dec 2, 1981 CHANTED RA VE LoNc HAPPY HOLDAYS TO AL from HELEN, ART, JOY and DAPHNE R; 1051 Keolu Dr in Kailua (Next to Dairy Queen) OPEN M-F 9:0075:00, SAT 9:007:',:90 AV-8B Harrier William S McKenzie, MD SACOG Pleased to announce- the opening of his second office for the practice of OBSTETRCS/GYNECOLOGY at Kamehameha Hwy, Suite A Mililani, Hawaii (across from Mililani Texaco) Hours by appointment Mililani Office Wahiawa Office or Hours emergency call Harrier flies maiden voyage HQMC, WASNGTON - The AV-8B Harrier flew for the first time on Nov 5, 1981 at Lambert- St Louis nternational Airport in St Louis McDonnell Douglas test pilot Charley Plummer flew the Harrier through five vertical takeoffs and landings While hovering, flight test engineers, monitoring aircraft telemetry checked out the aircraft's pitch, roll and yaw stability, as well as engine thrust output' Total airborne time was about 12 minutes cenig THE AV-8B HARRER H, developed by McDonnell Douglas, is successor to the AV-8A Harrier The plane flown recently is one of four to be built for flight testing at the Naval Air Test Center, Patuxent, Md The first of 12 pilot production Harrier ts will be delivered to the Marine Corps in 1983, with a planned initial operational capability in 1985 Thie AV-8B will eventually replace five squadrons of A-4 Skyhawk attack aircraft and three squadrons of AV-8A Harriers now in service The Harrier is powered by the of michael pence emphasis: \o-nr divorce bankruptcy & adoption century center kalakaua ave suite Rolls-Royce Pegasus 11 engine, which develops 21,500 pounds of thrust exhausted through four nozzles located around the aircraft's center of gravity The nozzles can be rotated to the full- aft position for conventional flight, full-down for vertical operation, or intermediate positions for short takeoffs and landings The ability to rotate the engine exhaust nozzles also aids the pilot during in-flight maneuvering TO ACEVE A substantial performance increase over the AV-8A, McDonnell Douglas modified the design to improve engine performance, added weight-saving graphite composite material, increased fuel volume, improved air-intake design, added lift-improvement devices, and installed high-lift flaps The Harrier 's wing is made entirely of graphite composite material, including its inner structure Ferry range for the AV-8B is 2,500 nautical miles and its maximum payload is greater than 9,000 pounds, twice the payload of the AV-8A The Harrier 's conventional flight performance was tested Nov 6 in a series of traditional horizontal takeoffs and landings BUY FACTORY DRECT Special Overseas Military Program Oeus s,,tistiied toroc cus H-SP AMERCAN FURNTURE Free USA Delivery-No Taxes No Storage or nterest Charges Money Back Guarantee livk STATESDE Buying Send& Box 2221 La Jolla, California NAME ADDRESS APO /FPO is Ns Ns oar Mt UP RANK TEL BURLNGTON HENREDON KMBALL THOMASvLLE CENTURY MAGNAVOX LANE & OTHERS O tir See your Career Planner You'll get straight talk Answers to your questions And a fair look at all the Corps has to offer 1/3 GySgt Viar CW e 3d AAV Sgt Stewart / H&MS-24 Sgt Detzel ti HMM-262 GySgt King /3248 VMFA-235 GySgt Mitchell /2904 SOMS Sgt Romero /3 GySgt O'Guin d Recon Sgt Piche WE MABS-24 Sgt Zeek HMM-265 SSgt Sult st Radio Bn GySgt Fairbanks HMH-463 Sgt Bendon Stay Marine Don't miss the boat on bonuses up to $16,000 Qualified Marines can make from to in reenlistment bonuses in both the Selective Reenlistment Bonus Program and the Agreement to Train Options Program That may be to more than you'll get for taking a civilian job There are a few other things you shculd consider, too Like low-cost medical care for the whole family A chance to retire at half base-pay after 20 years the day you retire, And considerable educational benefits Take a long hard look, then Stay Marine

9 Dec 2, 1981, Page A-9 Early out program gives leathernecks a Christmas gift HQMC, WASNGTON -The Corps' annual "early out" program and the granting of annual leave during the holiday season has been announced by officials here ALMAR 219/81 authorizes "early outs" for reserve officers and enlisted Marines whose discharges are scheduled from Dec 7, 1981, through Jan 3, 1982 THE EARLY DSCHARGES will occur between Dec 7 and 11, except for reservists on nitial Active Duty Training They, however, can qualify to be released from 1ADT in time for the holidays The ALMAR stresses that Marines must be considered fully qualified in their military occupational specialties and, if their early release from 1ADT, or other programs, would cause them to miss important training, releases will not be granted Officers who apply for early release, who would normally be entitled to readjustment or separation pay upon their normal end of active service, will be considered "voluntarily released" and will forfeit their readjustment or separation pay, according to the ALMAR MARNES SCHEDULED for transfer to the Fleet Marine Corps Reserve, or to the retired list during the holiday season, are not eligible for "early outs" Neither are Marines whose loss, in the judgment of their commanding officers, would adversely affect the operational capabilities of their units Commanding Officers are encouraged in the ALMAR to set holiday leave schedules now so that as many Marines as possible can go on leave t is up to unit commanders, according to the ALMAR, as to the percentage of Marines under the command who can be granted holiday leave The ALMAR emphasizes, however, that consideration should be given to "operational and training commitments" di* ;:s: : she a AKA AUTO KALUA AUTO PARTS - 4NAPA1 PARTS il OPEN' , OPEN: Mon thru Frl Mon thru Fri / 930-1:00 Precision engineered gap gauge, gror:30 0 Sit Sat r00400 Sun free with purchase! Sun :00 CHAMPON SPARK PUG GAP GAUGE FREE PCTURES WTH SANTA Bring the whole family and enjoy the savings for holiday shopping FREE with purchase of a! 6 or 8 Doh of Champion Spec MPS easy participating NAPA deafer (see it below) while supplies fast Hawaii residents only Oiler eeyrn December 31, 1901 CALL NOW % OFF WTH TS COUPON ($200 purchase or more) TAKE-OUT ORDERS Kaneohe Bay Drive Alkahl Park Shopping Center (Between Safeway and Bank of Hawaii PZZA Try one of Waldo s wildly wonderful combinations or build your own masterpiece spagmkm Waldo's pretty good spagbettt with meat sauce Served with green salad and hot garlic cheese bread SUPER SALADS Crisp greens & our own special dressings FROSTY COLD MCHELOB & BUD ON TAP Christmas Specials on Shoes Socks Wallets Handbags and Accessories Canon, CA ED RADONES OE THE CRUSH NVTE YOUR TO OUR NEW HOME CAROLE' S & ED* S RESTAURANT & DESSERT PARLOUR OPEN DALY FROM AM COME N AND ENJOY YOt H MEAL WTH US OR CALL FOR TAKE-OUT Conveniently located in Aikahi Park Shopping Center FASONED PRCE& TUES-SAT 7 AM-9 PM ONO-LCOUS DESSERTS UBM HOME CENTER PH MON-SAT 7:30A 30 SALE NUNS SUNDAY 8:30-5:00 Dee 4th, Stb & 6th C A rt 1 11e CHRSTMAS TREES nflation Beater Quality Trees at 1980 Prices ALL CHRSTMAS 30% CARDS 14 STOCK 011T MNT OTHER TEMS AT SOLAR SAV1NSS DURNG TS SPECAL SALE Walliec N E T S A A C E S 20% Off All Salon Services (new C owes, international haircutters Koko Marina Second Floor Waterfront Village Monday-Saturday 9 am 9 pm Sunday 10 am 4 30 pm Aikahi Park Shopping Center Kends Monday & Saturday 9 am -530 pm Tue9 days thru Fridays till 730 pm

10 Page A-10, Dec 2, 1981 Retired General recalls Korean War by Sgt Nora Parrish CAMP HM SMTH, Hawaii - The horrors of war are unknown to thousands of people The courage a man finds from somewhere within keeps him moving toward the enemy in sub-zero or 100 plus degree weather He must have faith in his leaders, his country, himself and the, cause he is fighting for These are things that only a man who has fought in a war can realize and understand For retired General Raymond Davis, former Assistant Commandant of the M arine Corps and a Medal of Honor recipient, the Korean conflict was not an easy time for him or the men he fought with HE REMEMBERS THE time in his life when, as a Lieutenant Colonel, he spearheaded his battalion in a bitter attack against a savage foe near Hagaru-ri, Korea They saved a rifle company from annihilation and opened a vital mountain pass to enable two regiments to escape destruction He recalls,it as if it happened only yesterday At the Chosin Reservoir, Korea, Company F, First Battalion, Seventh Marines, commanded by Captain Bill Barber, had been under attack for about three days During the attack the company lost all but 80 men First Battalion, Seventh Marines, commanded by LtCol Raymond Da via, lay to the west at Yudamni, Korea They were directed to relieve Company F To accomplish their mission they had to cross Tok Tong Pass "WE FOUGHT FOR THREE days and nights in 24 degrees below zero weather to cross the pass With the wind chill factor, it was around 60 below," said the general "We were also on short rations and short of water We had plenty of food but it was so cold that everything was frozen solid, so we lived on chocolate, dry crackers and whatever we could thaw inside our clothes "There was snow," added Gen Davis, "but it was impossible to quench our thirst with it We went along grabbing hands full of snow but we still remained thirsty One man even tried to melt the snow in a can, but it evaporated so fast that it wasn't worth it" The men endured the hardships and continued forward to their dimpqnsddas& Moving forward was an accomplishment in itself The mountains they were crossing were finger shaped They had to crawl on their hands and knees, grabbing branches to aid them in climbing to the top THE TROOPS USED A bright star as a guide to make their way across the pass "When we were on top of the mountains we could follow the stars easily, but when we went into the valleys we lost sight of it,' remarked Gen Davis "As we went along noticed that we were headed for an artillery area and needed to adjust our course" n order to adjust the troops' course it was necessary to communicate with the front men "Our radio batteries were frozen so sent a messenger to the front of the line but before he got there a sergeant pulled him into the formation said he was making to much noise and wouldn't let him continue on his way" Knowing that it was vital for the front men to be alerted to correct their course, the general and his radioman headed to the front "1 know that all the way to the front, the men were cussing us because of the noise we were making But we got to the front just before they were in the artillery area" ALTHOUGH THE TROOPS were nearly exhausted, they continued on their way until Company F was in sight "When we were able to see them we used a bayonet as an antenna, since somewhere along the way we had lost ours The radioman had saved a little bit of one battery to use and we radioed them," he said "They told us to stay right where we were and they would send a rescue team out to bring us in We told them it wasn't necessary and that we were coming in," the general said Tok Tong Pass was open and Company F was relieved Because of this grueling ordeal, Gen Raymond Davis was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor There are people who dream of being all-american heroes, as every Medal of Honor recipient is, but does a person think about the possibility of becoming a hero for what he does during the war? " WAS SO BUSY staying alive and keeping the unit operating that never thought about getting a medal for what was doing," revealed Gen Davis Ha novae thought abaft a medal while he crossed the Tok Tong Pass and, he never considered becoming the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps "When enlisted there wasn't that much to look forward to in the Corps Two star general was the highest rank anyone could obtain at the time," he said with a slight laugh " never thought about being the Assistant Commandant, just lived from day to day took the job at hand and did the best could with it" Taking each day as it came paid off for Gen Davis March 12, 1971 he was promoted to the four-star rank upon assuming duties as Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps "WHEN WAS SELECTED to serve as Assistant Commandant, felt great humility but, at the same time, felt confident that could assist in making a better Marine Corps," the General explained The Corps haschanged in many ways since the Medal of Honor recipient joined but he feels it has changed for the better "Being a Marine probably means more today than it did when was in," VW/ Orson's QUALTY SEAFOOD Ward Warehouse 1 Estate By Eileen Hanohano the general said "At the time enlisted, there were only about 17,000 Marines and we played a minor role in the defense of the country Today the Corps plays a major role in defense" Continuing, the General said, "Today's Marine sets the examples and high standards for the other services and our allies The Marines are bigger, smarter, as dedicated and more educated in the art of war, with World War, the Korean conflict and Vietnam under their belts" ALTHOUGH THE General now spends most of his time working on his farm in McDonugh, Ga, he has kept his hands in the Corps by sitting on the Board of trustees at the M arine Military Academy located in Texas The former Assistant Commandant said that if there was one piece of advice to give Marines of today it would be what he told his son when he was getting ready to leave for Officer Candidate School, "Every day and every hour is a test and challenge f you can accept it as a challenge, you can become a full member of the Marine Corps team" ' REAL ESTATE VS DOW JONES When we compare the results over the past 20 years between stock market profits and real estate increases well see quite a dramatic difference in dollars n the decade from January 1960 to January 1970 the Dow Jones ndustrial average lumped from 688 to an ncrease of 16 percent in ten years During the same ten-year period the median home price increased from to $41,286 - an appreciation of 104 percent or times the Dow This year the Dow Jones average now hovers around the 1000 level for a 21 -year appreciation of 31% while home prices continued to ncrease faster than the cost of living to S up 651 since 1960 Today despite the restraints of tight money home prices keep rising faster than the cost of living No matter how you slice the cake an investment in reel estate over the past 20 years has proven to far outstrip any stock market increase And the trend is widening in favor of real estate it 'Mere eanymingwec an do to 50Pyoumthe limyr real sable please phone Or drop in at the office of EPA elee10,0010 REAL, 160 Kam Heve 0206 Pearl Cite eleeee; Y , twee le Mle Ph510 by Sg Retired General Raymond Davis -youp SEWNG MACNE ORTERS FOR THE HOLDAYS Features Monograms Self-Adjusting Tension Open Arm Sug Retail $650 O Featuring: BERNNA F This s that "special gift" for that "special' lady" in your Perfect for Mom, F daughter i orgir friend 5 Days Only Offer Expires Sun 12/6/5 pm Hurry, Limited Quantities MODEL 800, 25 yr Exclusive Warranty Demo Model Buttonholes NOW PACFC SURPLUS & DSTRBUTORS CALL NOW F Pali Hwy OPEN: Mon-Sat 10-6 pm Wed till 8 pm (1 block east of Castle Sundays t 1-5 pn, Hospital in the 7-11 complex) SAFEWhere WAY Everything's Right ri" The P ice Chuck Roasts Blade Cut From Safeway Quality Beef $ LB Porterhouse Steaks Top Sirloin Safeway Quality Beef LB $6449 5# Fryer Thighs Tysises par Red Delicious Extra Fancy Scheel Soy Sloe Pork Butts Lean, Mainland Pork Frozen (Ground Pork Fresh Ground Daily lb S169) LB 98' Crossrib Roasts Boneless Safeway Quality Beef Oven or Pot Roasts Whole Fryers Patti Jean Frozen Govn't nspected (Fresh Breast Foster Farm -4101) lb $159) LB 69' Round Steaks Full Cut Boneless Safeway Quality Beet $ LB LB 111= Ls $319 Beef Short Ribs=" Tau"' $ 69 Anjou Pears Northwest Grown US No Head Cabbage Hawaii Grade A SUPE:R SPfl Soft Drinks Crimean! 12 oz Cans B Pack $ 1 65 Large Eggs Lucerne Brads A $ L 4 UL 25 Spaghetti Town House 211 r Miracle Whip at oz, dassesielmstsa&aosti;', M

11 SPORTS HAWA MARNE Marines clinch championship crown PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii - THE ARMY BROKE the ice first one came after the opening failed and the All-Stars after FOUR PLAYS LATER, Sgt with a 5-yard TD pass to The Marines overcame several first when Specialist Four kickoff losing their first game came back Avnayim threw 35 yards down Technical Sergeant Da ve Tuffin obstacles to gain their second Emmanuel Ross, unable to find an Turk started his passing game to enter the final round for the field to connect with LCpl Jim The extra point was good, making consecutive, Hawaii Armed open receiver, ran the ball 20 by hitting Cpl Collins for a 15 championship with a win Balthis in the end zone: Once the score Services Athletic Council Flag yards for a touchdown But yard gain and then turning to again the two-point conversion t was all over except for the Football Championship Sunday looking to take the lead, the SSgt Cohen Chambers for the Championship Game failed, but the Marines All-Stars celebration The All-Stars merely night Neither the rain, the wind, Marines were not far behind first down The ball was spotted extended their lead to 19-6 sat on the ball and waited for time nor the Air Force could stop the Quarterback Private Oltha on the 15-yard line and Turk, on A light rain began as SSgt As the fourth quarter got to expire When the final whistle Kaneohe Bay leathernecks from Wallace ran an option play to the the third down attempt, passed to Blackburn returned the opening underway the airmen began to did blow it was anti-climactic claiming the title, left, then cut back right after Cpl Brett Sherman for the kickoff to the Marine All-Stars' 22- get desperate But they didn't give The Marines had known all along A team so awesome that both finding nothing but Army black touchdown A premature referee's yard line After a series of short up They moved th hall quickly that they were the best, and the offensive and defensive Most shirts Spinning and dodging whistle nullified the score, so Turk passes by quarterback Sgt down field, culminating the drive Sunday night they proved it Valuable Players were selected ran the same play erasing any Avnayim, the K-Bay squad from the Marine All-Stars doubt from the officials' minds quickly gained a first down on the Sergeant Bill "Turk" Avnayim Cpl Rahmberg's point-after Air Force 43 earned the offensive title for the attempt was up and away and the On the next play, Sgt Avnayim second year in a row and defensive Marines jumped out to an early 7- dropped back 3 yards before honors went to Seaman Eugene 0 lead exploding up the middle 37 yards Givens The leathernecks only allowed for the score CO Rahmber, the Airmen to run two plays before Game 1 Cal Jeff Gowdy picked off Captain Dave Horne's pass and returned it to the Air Force 38-yard line The defending champions Marine All-Stars beat themselves during the first game as First 'Lieutenant Danny Ball dropped the snap in his own end zone As a result the "Cowboys" from the USS Cochrane scored a twopoint safety, slipping past the Marines 5-3 in the pouring rain at Ward Field Nov 23 THE ALL-STARS couldn't get a break to go in their favor early in the game as the only touchdown was called back on a penalty Kaneohe's SN Givens intercepted a Navy pass and returned it 59 yards for the score But when the referees assessed the pass interference penalty, the Marines had to surrender the ball back to the Navy, giving them a first and goal from the Marine 6-yard line Defensive coach Warrant Officer-1 John Roberts briefed his squad well His goal line defense stopped the Navy for three downs and blocked the field goal attempt This superb defense continued into the second half forcing Navy to punt when they were unable to move the ball after the kickoff WHEN THE Marines took over, 1 stlt Ball lead his team down to the 8-yard line by completing passes to Staff Sergeant Joe Blackburn and Corporal Aaron Brown But once in scoring position his passes were off the mark and the team had to settle for CO Theodore Rahmberg's field goal After the Cowboys received the kick-off, they immediately went to work to tie-up the score Quarterback Petty Officer Third Class Gary Willoughby threw for short yards gains, attempting to eat up the clock and get into scoring position, SN Ken Lightfoot, making an outstanding catch on the 10-yard line before stepping out of bounds, gave the Cowboys team a first and goal setting them up for field goal which inst cleared the cross bar SN LGHTFOOT intercepted 1 stlt Ball's pass do the Marine's 33-yard line but on the next play, the All-Stars nailed the quarterback for a 15-yard loss Unable to penetrate the K-Bay secondary, the Cowboys were forced to punt P03 Terry Widdermaier booted the ball that rolled out of bounds at the 1-yard line With 40 seconds left letlt Ball, trying to run the play before he was in control of the ball, fumbled it in the end zone for a safety This 5-3 upset gave the Marines their first lost in the double elimination tournament Game 2 Highly motivated All-Star team returned to Ward Field Nov 25 to take on the Army of Schofield Barracks Hard core determination and a team effort were contributing factors to the Marines' victory over the soldiers tacklers, the quarterback carried the ball 28 yards for the TD Cpl Rahmberg's kick was through the uprights and the Marines had a 7-6 lead Short passes were`the key to the All-Stars second touchdown as Pvt Wallace turned first to Cpl Vernon Collins then to CO Brown As a finale Pvt Wallace hooked up with CO Rickey Hester, who made a shoe-string catch and stumbled into the end zone Cpl Rahmberg added the extra point and the Marines were ahead 14-6 N THE FNAL SECONDS the Army made one last attempt to tie the score Spec 4 Ross found Spec 4 Linwood Powers in till end zone for a touchdown Thetwo point conversion attempt failed leaving the Marines two games away from their second interservice title in a row SSgt Arthur Rouis and Corporals Albert Lanouette and Fred Pickering, making up the front line, contributed to the Marines' defensive -win with two blocked passes and four quarterback sacks Most passes that did make it into the secondary were either incomplete or intercepted Game 3 With lath Ball out with an injury and Pvt Wallace unable to make the Saturday game, the All-Stars' coach, Sgt Avntiyim filled in as quarterback and led his team to a decisive victory over the Air Force The cry was "Tell it to the Marines" after the Army and Navy failed to stop the airmen f the Air Force had won, they would be crowned the 1981 Hawaii Armed Services Athletic Council Flag Football Champions A Marine victory would prolong the suspense and a final game would decide if the Marines could do it two years in a row N THE GAME LABELED "a must win" for the Marines Sgt Avnayim passed for all three of the All-Stars' touchdowns The AS THE GAME MOVED into the second quarter Sgt Avnayim threw three incomplete passes On fourth down Cpl Rahmberg's shot at a 52-Yard field goal fell short From their 20-yard line the Air Force started a nine play scoring drive Sixty yards stood between them and the goal line The Marines gave their drive a boost by committing two penalties for 30 of the yards The Air Force scored their first touchdown as Capt Horne tossed a six yarder to Capt Kevin Garcia standing in the end zone The conversion attempt went wide to the right and the Marines, with one minute left in the first half, and an edge 7-6 Turk utilized the hurry-up offense and with 10 seconds to go pushed his way into field goal range Cpl Rahmberg returned to the field and missed his second for the afternoon FNALLY REALZNG this game could decide the championship the Air Force recovered and set up for their final touchdown Ten plays later Capt Horne threw for his second 'T) but the twopoint conversion was broken up and nearly intercepted With all the time in the world, Sgt Avnayim threw long to Lance Corporal Arthur Ownes who almost scored Hs was finally tackled on the one-foot line and the catch went into the record books as a 9-yard play Cpl Collins caught the touchdown pass and after another missed kick the Marines regained the lead The Marines ensured their win as CO Brown snatched a Turk pass out of the air in the end zone The point-after attempt added the extra point, and the All- Stars were on top for good, 70 Following the kickoff, the Air Force began at their 21-yard line The Marines successfully stopped the airmen for no gain on first down, but the best was yet to come The Air Force, badly in need of a long drive, elected to go for the pass Unfortunately for them, SSgt Rouis intercepted it The end result was more points for the Marines and a touchdown for SSgt Rouis The two-point conversion failed, but the Green Machine held a commanding 13 point lead The next Air Force drive was a little better They moved to the Marines' 21-yard line before giving up the ball The K-Bay defense once again flexed their muscles and stopped the airmen on fourth down and one The wellbalanced Marine attack was now in full swing THE SECOND QUARTER began much like the first, with the All-Stars going to the air for short yardage But Air Force Technical Sergeant Rich Donnelly alertly picked off a Marine pass and scrambled to the AU-Star 16-yard line Two plays later, the revitalized Air Force team closed the gap when Capt Horn threw a touchdown deep into the end zone The two-point conversion pass fell incomplete and the first half ended with the score 13-6 Marines Tb Air Feces kinked like new team in the second half Capt Horn used several short screen passes to move the ball to the All- Stars 26-yard line On third down and six, the Air Force quarterback dropped back and looked toward the end zone He fired the pass into a crowd, and Navy SN Givens intercepted the ball and ran it out to the 17 Photo by PFC Todd Parnsburg GON' UP - Marine All-Stars go up high in an the Marines Sunday as they clinched the Hawaii attempt to block an extra-poit ' by the Air Force Armed Services Athletic Council Flag Football The kick was good, but the victory belonged to Championship crown Photo by PPC Todd Flmotsbunt NUMBER ONE AGAN - The jubilant Marine All-Stars celebrate the end of another championship season They defeated the Air Force, Sunday to win the Hawaii Armed Services Athletic Council Flag Football Championship for the second consecutive year When it comes to youihealt some things work But only one thing lasts A TOTAL COMMTMENT TO YOUR NEW LFESTYLE tii,l We nave c oet0 01* P0 cormn 4 Hee anew Cr'!' 2 SUPPORT YOUR COMMTMENT :ER- M ONE WEEK ONLY FOR SPS The Special Services Department aboard the Air Station will sponsor the Kaneohe Bay Tennis Tournament Tuesday through Dec 11 All active duty military personnel, dependents, retirees and Department of Defense employees are eligible All matches will be best of three sets and US Tennis Association rules and regulations will govern the tournament Entry forme are available through the Athletics Office ntramural basketball games are scheduled 5:30 to 9:30 pm Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays Saturday games are from 10 am to 6 pm with Sunday action starting at 1 pm and lasting through 7 pm at Hangar 103 aboard the Air Station This Athletic' Office is looting for qualified of for the upcoming sports nterested people we urged to contact the Athletics Office ,4 1 The Honolulu Marathon Association and the Easter Seal Society are again cooperating during the 9th Annual Honolulu Marathon All runners are being asked to help Easter Seals help the disabled in Hawaii by running for the money - run so others may walk Prizes are being offered to runners turning in 8100 or more from sponsors, including trips to Boston or New York, weekends on the Big sland, digital watches and runner shoes, caps, shorts and '1' shirts Sponsor sheet,,and brochures are available at the MarathAn Clinic Sunday mornings at Kapiolimi Park, most running rooms, sporting goods stores and health spas, or through the Exeter Seal office Sponsor sheets and money may he turned in Sunday, Dec 20 at the KElfdOldni Park Marathon Clinic between 7 am and noon, or they may he mailed ti Easter Seals 710 Green Street, Honolulu For additional information, contact Easter Seals at A boxing smoker will be held at Schofield Barracks Conroy Bowl pitting the Marinei against the Army at 7 pm Dec 16 Leathernecks interested in going a few rounds should contact Sergeant Gray Special Services at The Fourth Quarter Cat Fight will be a shot-gun start 1 pm Dec 15 at the Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course Entry fee is $6 plus green fees and carts The deadline for foursomes to sign up is 433(1 pm Dec 9 Marines interested in competing in Amateur Athletic Union and higher levels of wrestling ore encouraged to contact Sergeant Paul Eooeci at and after duty hours Tryouts, will be 4 to 6 pm daily at Hangar 103 NOT TO BE CONFUSED ANOTHER HEALTH SPA -

12 Page 11-2, Dec 2, ON PATROL- Marines of Company B, 1st Biwa!', 3d Marines Hell Volcano 3 -S1 patrol Red Beach after seizing their objective during exercise LOADNG - A platoon from Company C, 1st Battalion, 3d Marines board a helicopter en route to assault Red Beach at Kauai DRESSNG UP - Staff Sergeant Michael Landmark (left), applies camouflage make up to Corporal Leonard Casey before participating in exercise Hell Volcano 3-81 Exercise readies unit Photos and story by Sgt Pepper Davis ABOARD THE USS TRPOL - The deep sands of Red Beach Kauai provided the setting for Marine Amphibious Chit-37 as they conducted amphibious landings there to christen exercise Bell Volcano 3-8 Nov The routine maneuver was part of the Mid Pacific Operations and was conducted in three phases The objectives included such tactics as surface and helicopter ship movement to shore, link up operations, night attacks, casualty chills and testing of the landing plan Following Phase 1 -a rehearsalon Kahisilawe - the amphibious unit set sail for Kauai At approximately 7 pm on 1)-1, Phase began with two reconnaissance teams from the USS Mount Vernon inserted on Red Beach to survey the area At H-Hour on D-Day Battalion Landing Team 1st Battalion, 3d Marines swarmed the beach in a simultaneous two company surface and helicopter assault to seize their objective Company A mounted in Amphibious Assault Vehicles, and supported by tanks moved across the beach to capture their objective Company C was moved in by helicopter The reserve company, Company B after seizure of the initial objectives, linked up with Company C and on the next two waves the heavy fire power was brought in A night attack by Company B concluded Phase Phase included casualty evacuations and backloading companies by helicopter and landing craft As the ships set sail for Pearl Harbor exercise Bell Volcano become history after providing another important step in preparing BLT limm-265 and MSSG-37 for their deployment to the Western Pacific OFFCAL HAWA MUSC REPORT NOV 28 TWS WEEK Akre, Physical Olivia Newton-John LAST WE Oh No Commodores 5 3 Let's Groove Earth Wind & Fire 5 4 Welting For A Girl LA* You Foreigner 3 5 Here Am Alien 4 6 Why Do Fools Fall n Love Diana Ross 9 7 Our Lips Are Sealed Go-Go's 7 8 Just Once Quincy Jones/James ngram 18 9 la La Means Love You Tierra Wind Man n The Bleachers Loyal Garner rho Official Now 14,0 S wookly Wats n local eecor1144,,w nwpwiela r remch SCHEDULED ARLNES TCKET OFFCE (SATO) Staffed by full time Airline personnel To assist in your travel requirements ndividual leave Family travel to the Mainland Neighbor sland nternational Dependent travel 10 West-PAC Fares Flight nformation Contact SATO for reservations and airline tickets et any one of our three convenient on base locations Pearl Herb*, Bldg 487 -Tele Office hours - Mon thru Fri Camp MOM - Bldg 20 - Terra Office hours - Mon thru Fri tlatlmatl MCAS - Bldg nice hours - Mon thru Fri NVSBLE BRACES Ask about this amazing, painless method of straightening teeth through orthopedics For Adults and ( hddren Kadua Professional Gtr \ 1)% Mil) D N111 CHM ' Sion, 503 Lee Hardy, D D S Ok Alpha PLASMA CENTERS 3179 KOAPAKA BEND ARPORT RAMADA NN 10 koso EARN AT LEAST $17 EVERY WEEK DONATNG LFE-GVNG PLASMA T'S AN EASY WAY TO HELP OTHERS WLE HELPNG YOURSELF Our Hours Have Been Changed Just For You! M-F p m, Sat 8-2 p rn Closed Sun Ph MNMN ALA MOANA THE CHRSTMAS CENTER Open Monday through Saturday V 9 pm, Sunday V 5 pm WEEK it WEEK B COUNTRY RADO Official Top 10 Songs,,LE My Favorite Memory Miss Emily's Picture Bet Your Heart On Me f Needed You All Roads Lead To You Slit Dein' Time What Are We Doin' Lonesome Love n The First Degree All My Rowdy Friends You May See Me Walk in' Merle Haggard John Conlee Johnny Lee Emmy Lou Harris and Don Williams Steve Wariner George Jones Mary Gatlin 8 The Gatlin Brothers Alabama Hank Williams Jr Ricky Scaggs Liston to BLLBOARD Magazine's Top 40 Country Songs Saturdays and Sundays at 9 am on KDEO Country Radio AM 94 The Best of Country, from the Country, 24 hours a day ngenius P DMENSio N 3 41 MCROWAVE/ '4'`b CONVECTON OVEN N E Different ways to cook quickly, naturally and evenly PLUS Panasonic's Unique COOK-A-ROUND Magnetic Turntable 1 The Convenience of MCROWAVE COOKNG Defrost, thaw and cook foods in a flash cook by Power and Time w Temektratdre Probe 2 The Tasty Appeal of CONVECTON COOKNG for Browning and Baking Meats come not tender and evenly browned preadcbastnes, cakes and pies done by constant circulation of dry, heated an 3 The Unmatched Speed d Versatility of COMBNATON MCROWAV/CONVFCTON COOKNG The best of both worlds fast cooking wash eye sooemfo, meats, roasts, pork, amb on poultry Panasonic just slightly ahead of our time Available At Your Military Exchange Wwwww et K

13 9,1 inh K-BAY OFFCERS TODAY - vi: h in the Pacific Room from 11 am till 1 poi,,,pecial, hot carved sandwiches, soup and s, u, 1 1,,tigolian barbecue on the lower Lanai from ti id, :9 pm THURSDAY F in the Pacific Room from P ain till 1, m, 9 ors Buffet from 8 ti pm featuring, a seafood item, rice or potatoes salad bar FRDAY 11 up the Pacific Room from 11 am till min i Hour in the Tapa Bar from 4:30 till 6:30 pm %ngo] iarl barbecue on the Lower Lanai from fi till 9 p to "llino," plays in the Tapa Bar from 8311 p to till 1230 ;rm SATURDAY - Beef and crab in tie Pacific Room from fidill H:30 pm SUNDAY - S'finmapgne Brunch in the Pacific Room from 10 am till pm with a mini buffet Many breakfast specials and a complimentary glass of champagne n the evening, Prime kit, and Peel Shrimp Buffet MONDAY - Lunch in the Pacific Room from 11 am till pm -loin us Monday through Friday for lunch specials hot carved sandwiches, soup and salads Monday Nite Football in the Tapa Bar from 4 till 8 pm Halftime prices means half off on all drinks TUESDAY - Lunch in the Pacific Room from 11 am till l pm Tiiesday evening the dining room is closed The Tapa liar is open from 4 till 10 pm Happy Hour from 430 till 6:30 pm Chili and pupas are available at the liar K -BAY SNCO CLUB TODAY - o ncheon special is pork chops Family Night Buffet is served from 5:30 till 8:30 pm THURSDAY - Luncheon special is liver, bacon and onions Mongolian barbecue is served from Sill till 8:30 Crystal Rose plays from 8 till 11 pm ' FRDAY - Luncheon special is fish and chips W Th FS S M rr, MCAS Theater ('amp Smith Theater ATLANTC CTY - Burt Lancaster, Susan Sarandon R drama 2 TEF - James Caan, Tuesday Weld, R, crime drama 3 OUTLAND - Sean Cnnnery Peter Boyle R science fiction 4 THE HEARSE - Trish Van Revere Joseph Cotton, PG, horror drama 5 THE SWAP - Robert DeNiro Jennifer Warren R drama 6 ROUGH ('UT - Burt Reynolds, LesleyAnne Down PG romantic comedy 7 FRDAY THE 13TH PART 2 - Amy Steel,,lohn Fumy, R, horror drama S STRKNG BACK - Perry King, Don Stroud, PG action drama 9 CAN'T STOP THE MUSC - The Village People Steve Guttenberg, PG, musical comedy 10 SKETCHES OF A STRANGER - Allen Moilwit,, Munith MacRae, PG, drama ndividual Features nclude OZA1,04404,% Aloha [hippy flour is from 4 till li pm Cantleligitt Dining featuring peel and eat shrimp is served from 6 till 9 pm Calamity Jam plays from 9 pm till 1 am SATURDAY - Prime rib and crab is served from 6 till 9 pm Silver Dollar plays from 9 pm till am SUNDAY - Buffet Brunch is served from 10 am till pm Cook your own steak over a charcoal grill from 4 till 7 pm MONDAY - Luncheon special is Mexican plate Happy Hour is from 5 till 6 pm TUESDAY - Luncheon special is stuffed cabbage [hippy Hour is from 5 till 6 pm - WNDWARD ENLSTED CLUB TODAY - Lunch from 11 am till pm Soul -Night every Wednesday in the Moongate 1oung, straight from Midown THURSDAY - Lunch from am till y in, Dining room opens from 5 till 9 pm Country 9, Western Night y'all come This month featuring 1 White Band 7:30 to :30 FRDAY - Lunch from 11 am till pm Dining room opens from 5 till 9 pm with a prime rill special and prime rib and crab special TBA Band plums in the Ballroom DJ in the Moongate Lounge SATURDAY - Dining room opens from 1 ul: pm with a prime rib special and prime rib and special Black Willow plays in the Ballroom the Moongate Lounge from 8:30 pm till 2 V, SUNDAY - Club opens at 11 am Enjoy a 9, the Breezy nn from 2 till 8 pm featuring prime 61, special for $695 or prime rib and king crab for $985 just king crab MONDAY - Lunch from 11 am till 1 pm Dining room opens from 5 till 8 pm with talian Nit, featuring all the spaghetti you can eat Monday Night Footbal with free -popcorn and Happy Hour prices from 6:30 till 8:30 pm TUESDAY - Lunch from 11 amtiil 1 pm All you can eat smorgasbord every Tuesday Night 11 EYES OF A STRANGER - Lauren, John Santi, R suspense 12 TARTAN THE APE MAN - Ru l/ Richard Harris, R adventure The Funnily Theater will present THE SOUND OF MUSC starring Julie Andrews as a matinee starting at 230 pm The doors open 30 minutes prior showtime ALOHA CANDLE Annual Xmas CANDLE SALE Candles, Garments, Tabletops At The FACTORY SALES STORE MON-SAT 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Kahuhipa St (Next to Goodwill, across Dodge City ) Kaneohe HEADQUARTERS FOR THE HOLDAYS STRETCH YOUR DOLLARS Advertisers 'his is the season to expose your busness r- 1-vAlft tc Dec 2, 1961, Page 14-3 The SUN PRESS and KCC support CRME STOPPERS Call Leona to see how you can stretch your dollars and save 20% on your advertising The s Windward Side's --7tHocorocot Only Candy Store Your One Stop Christmas Shop We have unique and affordable gifts for everyone on Santa's list Fine Handmade Chocolates Great Coffees and Teas Goffee and Tea Accessories Sturdy Wicker Children's Chairs & Tables Butter Keepers and Wine Coolers Handmade Xmas Ornaments All Kinds of Baskets And Much, Much More! PEN M F Sat Sun located at - 418C KUULE ROAD KALUA PHONE: :-Doneld's cv the'munkspal Parking Lot Rzza Pere's used to be Phone Hekitl St (ALT from Holiday Mart Theatre) ALL CHRSTMAS KTS Now Thru December 6th, 1981 Mon thru Fri Wednesday Saturday Sunday 930-5:30 pm 930-8:00 pm pm pm EMERGENCY MEDCAL CARE 24 HOURS A DAY/ 7 DAYS AWEEK NCLUDNG ALL HOLDAYS Hawaii Emergency Physicians Associated, inc CASTLE MEMORAL HOSPTAL - - for Castle Hospital Ask for your personal Emergency Medical dentification Card Hawaii Emergency Physicians Associated nc Established 1971 'coo ion ad and place next to your prone where this number win be handy We accept all private State and Federal Medical nsurance Plans PROBES AROUSE( OTOVAVES Phone Financing Available $117111,MRVAVCR aci c urp us CALL NOW 'Thor rwnew llsoefaleas F Pali Hwy Lbpk'Ll', 7: nai!ut eiinz " ! 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14 Sunday 1 Page B-4, Dec _ December Calendar Of Events Monday is( kttl 1 Family Service Center 2 Family Service Gym 3 Outreach 455 st 4 Teen o 7",, -, 5 Family Center Calendar of Office, Building Theater 6 Special Services Office Events Legend 7, MCAS Officer's Club 8 Joint Education Center 9 Library 10 Marina 11 Rifle Range, 12 Hale Koa Hotel Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday it N, 1,,r,1 bg i Library movie night, 9, 7 pm Registration for the CLEP test 8 7:30 a m Pm continues througri Dec 4,,--A - - ii-- i 2 Gymnastics 2, 4130 pm House plants seminar, Family Service Center, Pearl Harbor, 10 am "Little World" Christmas Store, Waianae Mall open 3-6 pm weekends, 10 am-5 pm Sat and 10 arro -2 p m Sun, gift store is for children 12 and younger now through Dec 20 STEP, 3, 9 30 am, Call /4965 for information, Dec 11 and 18 The Festival of Trees, Neal Blaisdell Center, admission: opening night $5 for adults $1 for children, all other times $175 for adults and 500 for children Dec 5-9 University of Hawaii's Department of drama and theater present "Whose Life s t Anyway", Kennedy Theater repeat performances Dec 5, 10-13_ Library story hour and movie, 9, 2 pm Every Sat Marine ski boat classes, 10, 9 am Every Sat Kaneohe Christmas Parade, 10 am starting at Haiku Road and ending at Castle High School 0 Champagne Brunch Buttet, 12, 10 am Tickets: $795 for adu ts, $495 for children under 12 (plus 10% gratuity) Reservetions highly recommended Bishop Museum Planetarium 20th Year Celebration, 3:15 pm, special show by comic Frank de Lima 4:30 pm Wheelchair Division of the 1981 Honolulu Marathon, 6 am, Aloha Tower 6 Adult Hula Claises, 1, 8 pm Every Mon Body Dynamics 2 Every Mon, Wed and Fri, 9:30 am CLEP test 8, 7:30 and 9:315 am continues through Dec 11 Hawaiian Guilt Class Hale Moku Community Center, 9:30 am - : 7 Waiting Wives, 3 9 a m Child care provided call /4965 for information Dec 15 and 22 Registration for ASVAB test, 8 7:30 am-4:30 pm continues through Dec 11 Cosmic Curiosities, Bishop Museum Planetarium, 3:15 pm daily plus 8 pm Fri and Sat 8 Aerobic Dance 2 8:15 am Every Mon Wed and Fri Hawaiian Doll Making with Juanita Gee 3 9 a m, $1 per adult World Cup Professional Championship Surf Meet, 9 am, Haleiwa Beach Park, continues through Dec 15-9 Hawaiian Luau on the beach, 12, 5:30 pm, Military price $1495 for adults, $995 for children 1 HON ::' - i ; 1A Alt, intivi Ai,/ 10 Disco night at skating rink S TEP, 3, 9:30 am Karate, 1, Children 6 pm, Adults 7:30 pm Every Mon Wed and Fri 11 Kailua am Christmas Parade 10 Family Christmas at Zoo, 1:30 pm, Honolulu Zoo SPEED LMT 5 5 is 12 Tama's Polynesian Show, 12, 6 pm Features Polynesian and Oriental buffet, show starts at 8 pm Tickets: $995 for adults, $495 for children under 12 Advancetickets recommended Very Wed, Fri, Sun 9th Annual Honolulu Marathon, 6 am, Aloha Tower, awards ceremony 1 pm at Kapiolani Park Bandstand 13 rr 7m _e ''--/ : -,0 i-,,,111, L Registration for ACT test 8 0 am -4:30 pm, p, continues through Dec 18 ASVAB test am 14 Bimonthly meeting for K-Bay Rod and Gun Club, Bldg 566, 7 pm Princess Bernice Pauahi 150th Birthday Festivities Bishop Museum, week-long schedule of entertainment planned 15 Ala Moana Shopping Spree 3, bus departs Building 455 at 8:30 am call /4965 for reservations $1 per adult and $1 for child care Spaghetti Western Night 12, 6 pm All-you-can-eat plus western movies Tickets: $695 for adults, $495 for children under World Team Championship Surf Meet, 9 am, Sunset Beach, continues through Dec 21 Honolulu Symphony Concert, 7:30 pm, Honolulu Hale STEP 3 9:30 am Auggies Dancercise, 1 8 am and 2 11:30 am Every Mon Wed and Fri 18 National Rifle Association Rifle Match, 11, 9 am "Free Enterprise" Dance Concert, 2 pm, Kapiolani Park, Dec 19 Deadeye skeet tourney, 11, noon 199 Filipino Heritage in Hawaii exhibit Bishop Museum commemorating 75th annlversary Planetarium Show: The Star of Bethlehem, Bishop Museum, 3:15 and 8 pm Fri and Sat evenings, admission: $150 for adults, 750 for children, ftitr ---"-- ;`- 1, -) )- trawato: -(if 'Arming iitlikt 20 Free weightlifting and body building for women, mini gym 8 am and 9, Adult ballet, 1, 9 am Registration for ASVAB test 8 7:30 am-4:30 pm continues through Dec Taekwon-Do, 2 Children 5 pm Adults 6 pm Every Mon Wed and Fri ASVAB test, 8 7:30 pm Registration for CLEP test, 8 7:30 am-4:30 pm, continues through Jan 1 Waiting Wives 9 am, 3 Childcare provided Call /4967 for information Body Dynamics 2 Every Tue and Thur, 8:30 am 6:30 and 730 pm Evening aerobic dance, 1, 7 pm ACT test 8, 7:30 am # 22 1-'-'T -: Christmas party with Santa Claus 3 9 am, bring pupus and low priced gift for your child 4 r, r e, p - "4 \ i L44,,h lit `9$11' il-'7:/-', FlitefrTa" OA Clogniem1106 ' i Ne Yib blit oh ' 14 alx, ( yfr f,',-1 7 _ New Year's Eve 24 / ', fe di 't V171 rg '' Ghristmas vrs V 25 Mele Kalikimaka! Mabo Royal Goodwill Amateur Surfing Championships, Haleiwa Beach Park, 9 am, open to amateurs, continues through Jan 2, call #4 26,jaig;; Tours Wives' club conducts holiday visit SCHOFELD BARRACKS, Hawaii - The Schofield Barracks Officers Wives Club (Hui 0 Na Wahine) along with the Mauna Pua Garden Club, a member of the Federation Garden Club of Hawaii, will conduct the annual Holiday Tour of Homes Sunday from 11 am till 5 pm Tickets will be on sale in the lobby of the Schofield Barracks Officers Club on the morning of the tour for a $3 donation Tickets can also be reserved in advance by calling or , or by sending a self-addressed, legalsize envelope with $3 (make checks payable to the Hui 0 Na Wahine) for a ticket to Hui 0 Na Wahine, ATTN: Tour of Homes, PO Box 1213, Wahiawa, Proceeds from the tour will go to welfare and scholarship programs GHLGHTS OF THE tour will include the homes of Major General and Mrs Alexander Weyand, Commanding General, 25th nfantry Division, Brigadier General and Mrs Eugene Korpal and Colonel and Mrs Robert Wilson There will be a total of 14 homes to view, all uniquely different and noteworthy The home of Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs Michael Sierra offers the joyous feeling of Christmas Those who enjoy antiques will be pleased to view the home of Lieutenant and Mrs Arthur Murphy Of special interest is lstlt Murphy's collection of military miniatures and memorabilia The combined talents of Captain and Mrs Ed Buffington have created an outstanding country-style, "do-it-yourself" home Quarters 4227 have been designated as the home of the Tropic Lightning Division Commander and his family The Weyands have added many personal touches to the issued quartermaster furniture A few items of particular note are: a firescreen of satin containing the portrait of Marie Antoinette and two Turkish carriage lamps obtained by Maj Gen Weyand during one of his many travels n addition to the tour of homes, special historical points of interest on Schofield will be included in the ticket booklet for you to view at your leisure Plan to start the day with a delicious chainpagne brunch at the Schofield Barracks Officers Club The club will be open to anyone attending the Holiday Tour of Ho mes Brunch will be served from 10 am till 1 pm for $650 The menu includes omelets made-to-order, pancakes, steamship round, hot buffet table, salad bar, fruit, pastries, juice, coffee, tea and champagne Reservations can be made now by calling and must be made no later than 24 hours in advance Kaneohe Travel Agency, nc Phone Arrange Your Travel To Depart 1-25 Dec, Return 5-20 Jan $18300 ROUND TRP UAL WESTERN CTES $22500 ROUND TRP - UAL CENTRAL CTES $26700 ROUND TRP - UAL EASTERN CTES \ PER PERSON WHEN TRAVELNG N A GROUP OF SX Mon thru Sat 9-5 pm Windward City Shopping Center 29 Coffee and Conversation 3 9 8M Lee Would Like To nvite You & Your Friends /rid 4) To Her Lee Proprietress / Grand Opening Celebration CTY LGHT LOUNGE & DSCO * Exotic Dancers * Friendly Hostesses 53 N Beretania St THE TCNG POST Night Club & Restaurant nvites You To LVE COUNTRY MUSC and Dancing till 4 am Come in and find yourself a lady at the TCNG POST! -MLTARY WELCOME- 914 Ala Moana Blvd (across from Fisherman's Wharf) Call PLENTY OF FREE PARKNG GET OUT OF DEBT through Chapter 13 A federal law which helps to pay off your debts without borrowing and in payments you can afford, stops creditor harassment and law suits, protects your job, co-signers and property nformation packet without obligation Please call: HOWARD Y TANAKA Attorney versed in Chapter 13 filings Suite 703, AN Bishop Bldg 1136 Urion Mall, Honolulu Phone: r BEAUTY S TRUTH MENTAL 31 ReadListenEnjoy TRUTH S BEAUTY Bob Hickey's Philisophical Poems 66 pg book $ min cassette $898 (classical guitar background) Buy Both From: VABOB c/o Hawaiian Service, nc PO Box 2835 Honolulu BLNDNESS ANNOUNCEMENT OF SPECAL NTEREST "HOW THE NEW TAX LAW HAS CHANGED RAs TO MAKE THEM A KEY SAVNG OPPORTUNTY FOR EVERYONE" Here arc a lox questions we've been hearing about RAs ndividual Retirement Accounts) along with the answers: Q Exactly what is an RA? 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15 East and West clashed-- College The target for the games was Pearl Harbor The attacking forces lost two carriers, with negligible results n September, Aviation Magazine, almost a gospel in the American aviation' world, ran a feature on the Japanese Air Force n it they claimed that Japanese pilots suffered the world's highest accident rate, and that Japan could not hope to develop effective air power They quoted an American aviation expert as saying "without hesitation that the chief military airplanes of Japan are either outdated already, or are becoming outdated" Mary Pukahi began working at the Kaneohe Naval Air Station She would work every day until December at the fastly expanding air station N OCTOBER the Japanese freighter Taiyo Maru followed a most unusual course from Japan to Honolulu nstead of the usual route, she sailed far to the north near the Kurile slands before heading for Honolulu Aboard her was a Japanese naval officer He recorded such information as wind direction, atmospheric pressure, and roll of the vessel Surprisingly, the same data necessary to determine if planes could belaunched from a carrier The Taiyo Maru saw no other ships n November, there was a sudden change in the coded call signs of the Japanese capitol ships The US Naval ntelligence system lost track of the Japanese carriers Shokaku By the third week in November, US Naval ntelligence had decided two of the missing Japanese carriers were in the Marianas, two off 'Formosa, and two in Japanese home waters On Nov 21, the carrier Shokaku ar- rived at Hitokappu Bay in the cold, bleak Kurile's chain, far to the north of Japan She had joined with the carriers Akagi, Kagi, Soryu, Hiryu, Zuikaku, two battle ships, and 24 other ships ON NOV 26, Manuel Silva was looking forward to the big football game between the University of Hawaii and Healani Like 'many Hawaiians, he was en avid football fan At the same time, the Japanese carriers Akagi, Kagi, Soryu, Hiryu, Zuikaku, and Shokaku, sailed from the Kurile slands for Hawaii On Nov 27, the U of H upset Healani 21 to 6 Manuel Silva, who saw the game, was a happy man US military bases in the Pacific received a warning from Washington of probable war with Japan, most likely to be initiated in the next two weeks On Nov 29, the program for the Army- Navy game bluntly stated that "despite the claims of air enthusiasts, no battleship has yet been punk by bombs" Next to the statement was a picture of the battle ship Arizona On De-: 1, for the second month in a row, the Japanses again changed their capitol ships coded call signs A highly unusual practice, usually only done in times of war On Dec 2, the Akagi received the message "Climb Mount Nil - take" from Tokyo The attack on Hawaii received the final go The next day Lt Fusata ida learned of his target He would hit the Naval Air Station at Kaneohe ON DEC 8, for the first time in many months, most civilian workers at the rapidly Akagi, Kagi, Soryu, Hiryu, Zuikaku and expanding SDE BY SDE - Sailors at Naval Air Station, Kaneohe Bay solemnly line up the caskets of their fallen comrades in a sandy grave The Air Station suffered extensive damage during the initial raid upon Oahu USMC Photo Kaneohe Naval Air Station were given the next day off Manuel Silva attended the U of Hawaii vs Willamette football game Hawaii won 20-6 Evelyn Wright went to her brother's housewarming Tommie Tam attended his mother's birthday party Navy Chief Ordanceman John Finn was relaxing on his day off Lt Fusata Tide stood on the deck of the carrier Soryu n the darkness around him steamed the five other carriers kif the Japanese fleet to the south waited Hawaii The carriers had reached their launch points north of Oahu, and waited for the rising sun n the early morning darkness of Dec 7, three PBYs were launched from Kaneohe Ensign William Tanner piloted one of this flight Lt ida toasted the Rising Sun, and was launched from deck of the Soryu AT 6:40 AM Ensign Tanner spotted a submarine in the restricted area off the mouth of Pearl Harbor On his first pass, believing it was an American submarine in destress, he dropped smoke markers Three minutes later, the destroyer Ward fired upon and hit the unknown submarine On his next pass, Ensign Tanner follow ed more exactly his orders to "depth bomb and sink any submarines found in the defensive sea area without authorization" He dropped charges of his own Tommie Tam went to mass with his family Stan Payne did a little moonlighting, and went to work on a Sunday morning construction job Evelyn Wright and her husband, after the rigors of the housewarming, stayed all night at her brothers Ordanceman Finn waited in bed for his first cup of coffee Ordanceman Finn was at home in base housing, when he heard the drone of approaching aircraft t was too early for any of the PBYs launched that morning to return, but he thought perhaps one had developed trouble and was aborting Down at Hangar Three the men began to move around THEY CAME low, barely skimming the waves They were invisible to the waiting men until they nosed up over the dunes and Kansas Tower on the northern end of the runway They weren't PBYs, and they were coming low, fast, and straight for the men and the PBYs parked near the hangar t was 7:45 am and it is generally accepted that these were the first Japanese planes to begin the attack on Hawaii There were 33 PRY, parked neatly on the ramps or floating in Kaneohe Bay, and they must have been a beautiful sight for the Japanese pilots To the shock of Finn wh had just arrived on the scene, and the other Navy men, the approaching planes began a strafing ran on the parked aircraft What had been a peaceful Sunday for the men turned into a holocaust The PBYs started burning, followed by explosions as their gas tanks went up Death stalked the field in the person of the Japanses strafers, the burning PBYs, and the ricochets ONLY TWO machine guns were available and had been set up for instructional purposes at the far end of the ramp, exposed to view Ordanceman Finn raced to one of the guns, and began immediate return fire His was one of only two automatic weapons to oppose the Japanese fighters at that time After their sweeps at the PBYs, the pilots flew by Finn trying to silence his fire But he stood almost defiantly on the exposed ramp, ignoring the hail of machine gun shells which almost disintegrated the ramp; oblivious to the blazing gasoline and exploding planes He received a hit in the foot, but kept up his fire There were no confirmed kills in this wave, but several Japanese planes were seen smoking or leaving trails of gasoline behind them EVELYN Wright and her husband were awoken by the roar of planes passing over their brother's house toward Pearl Harbor Tommie Tam and his family stopped at Kaneohe Beach Park follwoing mass They gazed at the thick smoke rising from the air station, but nothing else seemed amiss A plane banked overhead, and the pilot waved at the family They watched amazed as it proceeded to bomb the dredge in the bay Stan Payne had heard the explosion, but assumed the Navy was practicing again A small girl ran over to where he was working and yelled, "Mister, you'd better go home 'cause there's a war" He did Lieutenant ida led his flight of nine Zeros in the second wave to crashed into the side of the hill of Kansas Tower This attack of Lt lida's was the last on Kaneohe n the short time the two attacks had lasted, 19 men were dead and 67 wounded Of the 36 PBYBs attached to the air station, 33 were either destroyed or severely damaged Only the three on morning patrol re mained operative The hangar continued attack Kaneohe This to burn until after time the fighters were dark joined by dive bom- The night of Dec 7 be was a sad one, and The fighters strafed apprehensive Every- the field, destroying one expected another any Pi3Ys which were attack The possibility missed in the first of an invasion seemed attack Then the dive real bombers took over, On Dec 8, Mary hitting the hangars Pukahi helped dig and other targets MANUEL SLVA arrived at the air station just before the second wave hit A civilian employee was clearing the runway of wrecked PBYs with a bulldozer As the fighters began their sweep, everyone dove for cover The driver of the bulldozer got beneath his machine The dive bombers scored an almost direct hit on the bulldozer Exhausting their supply of ammunition, Lt lids formed his Zeros above the airfield The Japanese pilots had noticed no anti-aircraft fire, only a large volume of small arms fire Lt lida's Zero trailed a white spray of gasoline behind it He decided his crippled plane would not make it back to the carriers He banked toward the air station, and made the final dive of his life The day before, safe on the deck of tie Soryu, he had told a fellow pilot of his belief in the Sarnuri tradition "f, for instance, should receive damage to my fuel tank, would Walk my plane to effect the greatest destruction, and without thought of survival, would throw myself into the target" HE DD JUST that He aimed, moat likely, at the hangars of theair Station 'lit he lost control of Ms crippled Zero and graves in the soft sand of Heleloa, the beach near what is now the golf course n ancient times, the beach had been a holy burial site for fallen Hawaiian warriors Now, for the first time in centuries Heleloa again received the bodies of warriors The American dead and Lt ida were buried with military ceremonies AT ABOUT THE same time, David Akui was with the 298th nfantry along Waimane lo Beach A small Japanese submarine ran aground in the shallows Akui captured a Japanese lieutenant commander, but the other crewman succeeded in fulfiling his Samurai code He was dead But Akui had captured the first Japanese prisoner of war That was 40 years ago Unknown to themselves, even while it was happening, these everyday people had stepped out of their everday lives into history The Air Station was the first place attacked continued from A-6 by Japanese planes Ensign Tanner took part in the first sinking of a Japanese ship Ordanceman Finn received the first Medal of Honor David Akui captured the first Japanese prisoner Lt ida was the highest ranking Japanese pilot downed in the attack on Hawaii They are still here, many of them; Manuel Silva, David Akui, Mary Pukalii, Tommie Tam, Evelyn Wright, and Stan Payne But most who saw history made here have left Even the American dead and Lt ida have returned to their homelands Yet they all retain their niche in history with the Air Station THE FUTURE S N FLORDA Now is the time to buy a beautiful sq ft homesite in any one of eight spectacularlydeveloped Florida communities General Development Corp - one of the country's largest commun ity developers and homebuilders - offers homesites starting at with a law down payment and interest rates as low as 6% t you wish you had purchased in Hawaii five years ago you'll, find Florida is the answer for you today 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17 WE as MP MMTE WAPAHU Senior Citizens w/lots of free time Earn up to $8250/wk No sales Kyle* Boy Originals Resume Service Box 152 Pearl City, SELP WANTED SALES EARN EXTRA NCOME Superb new cosmetic Top comm Will train Ph NNESTC MP MANTES BABYSTTER Wanted for nfant in Wept Gentry Area Lisa MATURE Responsible adult to babysit for 2 well behaved boys aged 284, weekdays 11-5 pm, Killen, HOUSECLEANNG, 3 bdrm home in Aikahl area Weakly Ph MATURE Women desired for housekeeping duties, plus some child care for 10 yr old in exchange for a private bdrm apt, Hawaii Kai area ph after 6 Pm 83 STUATONS MMTED MLTARY HOUSE CLEAN Maintenance plumbing 8 painting Guarantee nspection FREE Estimates Lower Min civilian rase Call sr WLL babysit infants to 2 yrs in my home Experienced LCENSED sitter, will care for your child in classroom environment Ph NEED A sitter? Any age, after school care Will pick up Ph RONNG - Will pick updeliver Flat rate Charlie MATURE Sitter, WA yr old boy, most weekends, holidays, $5 day Ph MATURE Babysitter, kind loves children, Mon-Fri, Temple Valley-Kahalw area, ry neg, Refs, helpful, 239- E6sala9 5 MOVNG 88 GARAGE 8 LANA SALES SS GARAGE Si LANA SALE 75 APTS PMTLY Malt MOVNG Sale Desk, stereo surfboard, clothes plant* MC Fri 6 Sat, Dec 4 & 5, 639-A Auwal St Kellum MOVNG Sale:Sat, 6 ism to 6 pm, side-by-side refrigerator, furniture, king size bad suite, 10' tablesaw, misc tools ping pong table, much misc Habitant St, Kaneohe LANA Sale turn jewelry 8 misc tems Sat only 9-5 pm Noke St Kailua SANTA'S Yard Sala Saturday Dec N Kenai Dr Kailua YARD Sale, 34 families Lawrence Rd, KMCAS, Sat 9 am -3 pm GARAGE Sale, tools, turn a clothes, 943 Kainul Dr, a am- 12pmDecS&9 SAT, Dec 5, 9 am-3 pm 4E- 082 Puulena St, Puu Alit Bldg S TWO FAMLY Garage sale, turn, clothing, toys, misc Sat Dec pm 6121-A Summer St, Kuliwou Hawaii Kai LANKA, studio w/lanai carport, $295 Ph KANEOHE Parkway 4 Pam, 21/2 Bath, courts, pool, close to scha, Moping, water incld $675 mo, Pet ott Avail Dec eves 711 RENTALS TO MAN KANEOHE - Haiku, share 2 bdrm, 2 bath turn, 1/2 utile OW* pro $ early &m or late eve QUET responsible working person to share Aherne home mo Call or PLANT 8 craft saint Excl GARAGE Sale: Sat, Dec5, Christmas gifts; 12/5 624-A to 5, 304 Dune Cr Killed Kalollne St, Kailua Maytag washer, misc KALUA, nicely furnished muter bedroom in happy HAKU Village garage & Xmas MOVNG sale: furs, lamps, home w/own, bath & private sale Sat, 12/5, 8-4, dining rm set, bdrm sets, entrance $2013 utile Call 282- Kahuhipe St books 8 misc DNNG set, camper shell tricycle kids bike seat, toys, books clothes, misc household items Sat only 8-4, 204 Kuuhale St, Kailua HOLDAY bazaar, Sat, Dec 5, 9-3, Church of God of Prophecy Kam Hwy Taps ceramics & much more MODERN clothes sale at Keneke St, Kaneohe Wed to Sat GARAGE Sale: 1584 Uluouni St, Kathie couches & chairs& misc Sat 8 Sun MOVNG! Dec 5, 9 am-3 pm, a/c carpets, rugs, drapes, curtains, bikes, edger clothes & misc 3344-B Smith Cir, Pearl Harbor BEA rite J Liberty House white Jai Crib 8 a natural wood crib, 4 play pens, heavily padded; double stroller; reg stroller 8 umbrellas; walkers: high chain; Strolee car sects; 1000 children a outfits Healtex 8 Carter sizes 0 to 12 yrs Prices range 250 to $250 Pretty little girls dresses; boys 2 pc outfits: pajamas: vests; bibs & bonnets All the needs for baby; toys; lawn mower; stereo; kitchen appliances; elec broom; moped; elec typewriter; heavy gold/dia- BABYSTTER, experienced mond ring value mother, Monday-Friday papers - selling $ Cecilia, Kaopua Lp, Militant across from Militant Golf Course ' ESTATE LQUDATON Sunday Dec Thomas St Wahiawa Bargains Galore Cash & Carry Again Sale Sat Dec 5 9 am-3 pm 245 Kutipus St, Kailua XMAS raft/garage Sale; SUPER Garage Sale, Antique 1233 Kaeleku St, Kalame coach, Ceramic vases, lots of Valley, Sat, Dec 5, 94, toys & little girls clothes Ribbon wreaths 6 homemade much more Sat 9 am-4 pm holiday tems Glass-top 9 am -2 pm, 513 lleird dining table, clothing 9 St- 0,- household misc SUPER Sale Sat 5, 2 mopeds, FURN, Air co: 1, hardware 6 windeurfer, fence gates, 2 household goods, bargains 9- water heaters, clothes, bike 8 Sat Dec 5 & 6 parts cute baby basinet baby ni qt Kaneohe, items 8 more 323 Auwinala Rd & Awakes, Kaifu GARAGE 6 Jewelry Sale: Fri Sit 12/4 6 5th Beautiful Xmas gifts Easy to mail to milnlend 24K Electroplated gold leerree &shells Alo coral a yd maw power lawn mower 6 Misc 320 Harnakua Dr, (off of Keolu Dr), Kathie XMAS Magic Sale: Sat & Sun, 9 to 3, 149-A Hashes Dr Laniksi MOVNG Sale: Baby emend misc, household goods Fireplace screen Sat Only Dec 5, 9-2 pm, 88N Kalnalu Or, Kailua SUPER multi- family, something for everyone Salesman samples, Xmas boutique items, clothes, toys, household misc 12/5, 9-3;12/ S Paushilani Way Kenos 3 FAMLY Set Dec cm Kuhelani *123, Militant, ; CB radio Singer port seeding mach 9,12' tent w/screen porch $120, hairdryer; Minolta SLR 110 camera w/flash $100 lawn mower w/grass catcher, much Mere FRST garage 1e Sat Dec 5, 9-3, Makalu Loop Militant; personal (children & adults) & household items are plentiful things galore from A- Z for everyone SAT, Dec 5, 9 am-1 pm_ Akar tape deck $100; table typewriter; Thai silk flowers; 25" glass louvers; dishes; books; records; games; Domes 470 Aulitne Lp Enchanted Lake GROUP Garage Craft safe, GARAGE Sale Dec Sat, 10 a m -3 pm Hui Aukuu Pauahilani Pt, Kakis Hods Pt Near Valley of the Temples cat, Cadillac, -rv etc Ph GARAGE Sale: Haleloke P, Kaneohe Sat 9 COUNTRY Xmas Crafts: Sat, Z din sat; misc items Dec 5 9 to 3 pm 50 Kamentkal Pl, Kailua -' 2 FAMLES: Mile tems: few Handmade items; baked Xmas skirts 8 Boutique gifts; goods; ornaments & misc food processor &stereo Fri 8 Sal 9 am 522 Ulukou St Kailua 01,1,110's 'S HANDMADE Goods - silk 1 P h $' screen cards fabric 8 wy Grails is ornamentaloy Mara Pot- rit twylapes-ceramics'intle Mini aline : basket ornaments'hnd 0 urnilure A puppets'other handmade fg tg surprises also rummage at Gilts items-new A old clothing Country Cousn 1 ecliners, etc) 9 am -2 pm, Sat, Dec 5, 330 Auwnale Rd Montt' right on Manna Rd, Kathie id halloo e 111 Rd for temnamiarimstsimmeeiv MLLAN sale: 5 pc bdrm set, gas dryer, end tables, 10 spd bike, toys, 120 lb, weights Puanana Loop GARAGE Sale Brand-new unwanted gifts rug, chande- LANKA: Share 2 bdrm home lier, color TV stereo combo, 1 blk to beach own ne, private drapery rods, bowling ball, entrance ge yard $250 util golf cart, much misc Sat am-1 pm 271 Kakshiake St, Kailua XMAS gifts, stocking stutters stereos, eppl & much, much more, many new items, just in time for gift giving Sun only Kalaka Pl WNDWARD YMCA BAZAAR & PLANT SALE New & Used Clothes All Kinds of Plants Proceeds To Youth Programs Saturday, Dec :00 AM-2:00 PM 1200 Kailas load Ph MOVNG must sell! Household items, turn, 2 cars '71 Torino $100 /otter; '74 Maverick MOO/offer Ph Sun-Thurs 4-10 pm KALUA: Male dog seeks person to share home Lite home care duties/partial rent Mature & Ref required PO Box 1526 Kailua, KANEOHE on the bay, master bdrm vi/bath, washer, near bus great view just $ KALUA Beach house, $275 per mo nc's all utils Ph evenings VALLEY Of the Temples, 2 bdrm apt to share, $175 utils Responsible 8 reliable female to share w/same Jan Ph S3 HOUSES PARTLY FURSME WAPAHU, 4 Adam, 2 bath, big lanai, MOO Ph KALUA, 2 rms bath, hot Plate & refrfg, 5350 incl utils ttni LAE 3 bdrrn near Poly Cult Cnt, BTU & beach, 6365 plus Rea HOUSE STTNG EXPERENCED Hounsitter available, home, plant 6 animal care Many local referenced Ph VACATON Rental Kaaawa Magnificent view 2 bdrm 11/2 bath loft Swimming pod, volleyball $300 per wk Cathy Lyman KANEOHE; cony location LANKA avail 1/1/82 to male, turn rm, $275 obis, 1/14/82, 2 bdrm, bath, avail Dec 1, also reasonable comfortable home in garden rent 8 utile for handyperson, setting, $25 daily avail Dec, eves evenings KANEOHE: rm in townhouse, great view, relaxed atmosphere $ LANKA Share 2 bdrm home, 1 block beach, own room, flowers, deck fenced, $265 utils SPACOUS 3 bdrm, to share, gorgeous view, non smoking, $250/mo ' MLLAN 2 bdrm, own bath great wow to the west! $ APTS FURNSHED LANKA: Furnished studio for person $33, ma KALUA, own room n lovely single ncludes utils Call between quiet family home, pool $225 plus utile Ph pm, KAHALA, responsible easy DYNAMTE UNTS, available going female/same needed to now' a" amanftiaa' 'ant' ar shut 2 Wm 2 bath condo unfurnished, $ Ph w1/2 gorgeous ocean view and conveniently located $275 plus Wits 8 deposit Call 735- WAKK large studio, ample 8506/ walk in closet space, patio, menohib34susline, parking WLL share Kaaawa house being renovated n return for 6-8 hrs/vk in painting or KALUA 1 bdrm turn apt other fis-up Superb location, w/utils no pets, couples only near beach, bus, parks Call Ph Ken, on WOODWD across Schofield, 1 bdnrms $450, lease el ROUSES FERE deposit OLOMANA: 3 bdrm, 2 beds, WAPANU WEST APTS Affoxlint 2 Wm 111 polls MUM& dos s skin MOO Sill tiossi WW1= A she mom= NU 111 ps On& Sissnis Ci APTS PERTLY FUNS EWA BEACH 3 bdrm a/c ceiling fan, washing mach dryer, built-in bunk beds $400 mo WAKALAN Woodlands 3 bdrm 2 bath, carpets, drapes, parking, pool $525 Call Gary alter 5 pm bar, crpeted, no pets S650/mo , WAPO Acres, 3 bdrm, 11/2 bath, kitchen carpets, drapes $525 utils 623-N01 ea MUSES PARTLY FUSMME0 SUNSET Beach, ocean mew 2 bdrm, kids 6 pets 0 K, Also brandnew luxury 3 bdrm 11/2 bath duplex w/rugs Ph WAAWA, 1 bdrm, utile incl, no kids $300 Ph 621-9t KANEOHE, 3 bdrm, 1 bath, 1 cat garage, $ Can today for tested family safety mote eeteteo twee MWAY ere Dette,lergeeenpercu enfurt,nlrmton tebedft Fleeount (nay Moe &Nieto le %one eileteedecere, Nan wviewei mueee esseley ches - Wore led riorreoweiv 104 SubM rorp, N,77tro::;11:;= inta *gap Umbe 1011= Glee mo a call today: HANKNS & HANKNS Cull LANKA, share charming home w/deck, flowers, own room, 1 block to Oahu's best swim beach $125 weak Ph REAL ESTATE FOR SALE See To Love! 3 Bdrm 11/2 Bath ndoor fishpond, patio, the wall, metended liv rm $110,000 FS C Kukahiko (RA) m1s62666 nvestors Delight! Fee 39A 6 Rental units across from beach Open terms LS(new) M Kiddler (RA) Lowest Priced 2 Bdrm 2 Bath $115,000 LH mis new Mauna Lien Al Schumacher (RA) Fantastic Starter Home! Assume low int FHA on FS 3 Br 1 Ba townhome nr Bch 565,500 rns59615 W Bryant RA / MARNES Pool 6 jacuzz plus assume VA loan Get your housing money 8 buy, 4 can do it $155,000 lease J Anderson (RA) , Mike McCormack Realtors KALUA Owner must sacrifice spotless 2 bdrm home, walk to beach Terrific terms Low down, 51/2 years A/S Call for drastically reduced price SACRFCNG AN OCEAN- FRONT TOWNHOUSE N KANEOHE TROPCAL SETTNG VERY PEACEFUL 6 QUET BOAT DOCK KALUA, 1 Men cottage, 1 block to beach 2 quiet adults only 12/1-12/16 $175/U, day /mo Ph PER OCEAN VEW 2 BEDROOM 21/2 BATH END BEACHFRONT Studio-near UNT AGREEMENT OF Crouching Lion Week Month, pod SALE ONLY $ BY OWNER CALL NOW TS NVESTMENT WONT LAST MOLOKA Wane Crest steeps ONG, or beach, P001 $30 PM (EVES) ASK FOR GARY $190 per week OPEN SUNDAY, 1-5 pm, 92- BEACHFRONT home Kellum 55g Mule St Makekilo, available Dec 15 $100 per Spacious 4 bdrm, 2 bath day Can heel*, remodeled kitchen, family room, solar hot water 114 pool Convenient to Barbers NEAT ESTATE FOR Mt Pt, Pearl Harbor &Hickarn VA assumption possible, $ fee Shown by owner 672- =54031, M Lockridge, nc 282- ATTENTON BUYERS PEARLROGE BARGAN! 2 Bdrm 2 pkg $69,900 LH S Roberts (RA) mis Low int assumption A/S possiblel 2 Bdrm dual Ba $ FS rols Carol Kam (R Al Great low VA assumption! 3 Bdrm 11/2 Ba townhouse w/open beam mis $ FS D Lutz (R) Mike McCormack Realtors WNDWARD Harbor: Specious split level 3 Minn 2 bath, 1600 plus sq ft under roof plus 2 *ML carpeted drapes appliances, a / c $210,030 low down A/S at 10% nterest By app's DRASTCALLY Reduced, Open 6 airy 4 bdrm, 2 bath, terms EncTS:anttedfeaLatureskeEgl House Sunday 2-6 pm, ATTENTON CTY Sr COUNTY & STATE EMPLOYEES Yes may be eligible 101 the Must nterest rate torre91 Eaderiess Retirement Seem, loans For nto colt MKE McCOHMACK REALTORS PEAMSEME sit MARGARET LOCKNNE NC ra SHOWN BY OWNER REAL ESTATE SERVCE Member Natio YOU SHOW /2 oz 112 Board of Realtors Association of Realtors TRANSACT Our fee is 11/21k of the selling price There is no nitial charge for activating our service YOU SAVE Are You nterested? Dive Us A Call! or A Kailua Road, Salle 109, Kailua Bentnd Kailua Hardware/ SELLERS: Call For A Brochure BUYERS: nquire nto Our Numerous Listings, Aiva, - Arm 2'4 bath home on all of lee land Perfect for g family, plenty of room to build another home Seller eager to sell Good terms, Felix Olmos Realtor, ACROSS Pearl Harbor, 2 Won 1 bath, in the tenter court Two G's can buy together Walk to work only tao000 Fells Olmos Realtor CLUBVEW Eltates Reduced to $165,009 Fee Simple 5 Bedrooms, 3 baths Terms Open Callrirsi'sSharcizny hfem1t assume! $ FEE MLS62326 Betty Oboe (R) LZ BENTON NC Realtors W/UPAHU 3 bdrm bath home Lease Can Glen Fontillas RA) Tanega Realty nc NEAL ESTATE WANTED WANTED' Windward Real Estate Have $30,000 cash entire stock of jewelry from tewelry store worth $200,000 financing - Let's trade FURNTURE 4 BAR Stools excl coon! director Chair style 530 ea Ph PANO, good cond $500 Hide-a-bed sofa, 1200 After 3:30 pm Ph QUEEN Sae 'Mimed $ PARADSE USED FURNTURE 8 pc heavy all wood 110 rm set 5400 twin beds excl $150 5 drawer chest like new $125 g boa framed rhino, $150 decorators sofas $250 8 $350 g rattan /wicker end tables $125 ea, matching rattan hope chest $150; matching stereo cabinet w/mirror $375 3 pc mahogany bring rm set $200 teakwood moire cabinets 5125 ea 5 drawer cheat $60, 6 drawer dresser $60 frost free refrigerators $ beautiful water bed $750 must see, also lamps tables a more 354 Uluniu St Kati December 2, 1985 pagemed 120 FURNTURE (-HES r 6 drawer 21"0 s W' L x 39' H $50 Call anytime during day DOUBLE bed w/rattan headboard side chair 6 mirror, aqua $150; Hardwood hutch 5175 Chrome 8 white sofa E $193 Ph TEAK roll-top desk complete wrswivel chair $505 Ph WE buy used furntture and appliances Call SOFA w/2 chairs, student desks, bookcases (assorted suit console stereo single bed Rifle cabinet 3 directors chaos baby Crib or/mattress Mongoose bike NOONS FOS RENT Peen City Townhbuse Assume VA Loam 3 ErcEne 11/2 Ba KAHALUU Gardens feamo LH M Amuro (R) 671- Hui wa, 205-B GOOd buy KALUA Dynamite rooms, all assume VA mortgage at 13% SPECALZNG in Koa, new amenities, turn, or unfurn 2995 mid/59828 for lass than sa, 2 be Fee furniture & restoring old Call $ , Beachfront Studio w/pool, Simple, new opts appliances or KALUA nuns gym 15 acre rat area many extras only $79500 Ph 2 rooms to rent $ avail now, Military 43,00 0 FS mls1279 L 23E-7324 or M Lockridge nc MAPLE hutch, table &a ladder (11) back chairs EWE walnut finish -welcome Ph (RA) cabinet $85 Call MLLAN - 3 bdrm 1, barn eves KANEOHE Quiet country Weipahu Office patio home nr Rec 4, fee living with private room cable, Opener $ by owner 623,7487 GOLD Recuner S115 green all utilities included $ Mike McCOMOCk, Realtors or M Lockodge nc recliner $45 Desk/utility 0674 tame 560 Ph PEARL City, 3 bdrm, 1'h bath, FEE 2 bdrm, 2 bate apt on fee simple home $20,000 LANKA own room, bath, golf course, view low down, 5 PECE living room set 8 down on agreement of sale stereo/tv, phone, pool flex terms $115, antique dining rm table, needs Assumable VA MS plus utile Military welcome eves work 5450 King water bed Glen Fontillas (RA) Ph vr headboard new $250 After Tampa Realty, nc WELL CONSTRUCTED 5 p m call ea VACATON NEVUS CARPENTERS Special hollow tile 3 bedroom home in in A beautiful rattan dining set fantastic Kaneohe Bay view thceoreurtitrcrntdhairsononelu: coffee table & end tables, new KULMA: 1 lactrrn, apt, sleeps Finish fee simple home &pool, 4, amenities Daily /wkly/mo $160,000 Lilipuna Rd, J block to the beach and back Anderson (RA) , Mike yard is completely lanced GREEN carpet 5',x15 575, McCormack Realtors Small down payment to dinette table v/3 wood chairs $ KAPOLAN USED FURNTURE Rattan living - dining rm sets, sof abeds tables dressers, beds lamps much much more Come browse Quality furnishings at rock bottom prices 747 Kapiolant, between Ewa side of Cooke & Ward Open Sat 10 to 6 Sun 10 to 4, Master & VSA honored CHEST of drawers, dressers tables - dining, coffee end & :orner, rattan sofa 8 chairs - love seat Also misc Kahane, Cr 5 PC living rm sat, blk wood, blue floral cushions good cond ma ' SOFA A matching chair very good cond $175 or offer rectner, very good cond S BROCADE 8' touch w/side pillows good coed, $175 Ph ELLER'S HOBBY CRAFT Models Fantasy Games Mitcrame Supplies Craft Tools Glue Paints 105 HEKL ST 2-TWN Bedroom sets witres spring a mattress; S Plimass1 5300, 3 owe set MOO Mt NEW SED SALE C TWN SET COMPLETE' MAM DOUBLE SET COUPLED onus QUEEN SET COMPLETE {MOO KNG SET COMPLETE MLOS BABY CRBS WATERBEDS FROM Queloly ingleade Construatme wren Ombere1 Corer FREE DELVERY BED RENTALS, MOAMAR 3632 WAALAE AVE HONOLULU / 123 SERALS "Don't let your holiday guests sleep on the floor" Rent a bed any size Daily Weekly Monthly Reasonable Rates BED RENTALS, Thwrieber, Porreeerse Bab Make Better Louvre 128 MSCELLANEOUS MN TRAMPOLNES from month FREE membership at Slunniss, FT CAST iron sink N: Phone answering syst em $ GENERAL 5 star moped, new tso 10 spd girls racer, good Cond $45, sturdy q=1 frame legs $20 Ph 2 KALUA AHUNA'S WNDWARD NTERORS, NC _Home mprovement For The Holidays_ /0 OFMATERALS HFOPAMEAWATM EROAV CUSTOM REMODELNG SPECALSTS Carpentry Complete nterior Renovations Custom Cabinetry Kitchens L Ptleie Sprayed Acoustical Ceilings Drywall Acoustical Tiles CALL TODAY FOR YOUR Agi FREE ESTMATE BUSNESS &- SERVCE DRECTORY Ainhiese tspet! HOME APPLANCE SERVCE jxptrriertoottaible Ph McC ALL A ppli ante Repair Co Quality pets 6 service on most hors appliances 15 rrs exp Ph lkdeken5e111 MANUAL 8 Computerized accounting, payroll, complete tax service Reasonable rates Pick up A delivery Nothing too amen or large 487,5040 SMALL Business Specialist 22 yrs roper Celt now for our low reek O ALCLFAN Contracting rernectelittg, custom duveting painting 6 rbbloonry FREE Est Lie C Ceetrecters PATOS AND NEW ADDTONS Repair-grape Free Est Clifford twine C-4477 PH JOHN WM/CA NUM GENERAL CONTRACTOR le mann Speelellzal n filtsseryll Rem MateMln Free Estimates News trees, Coastructles Quality Remodel - Additions Carpentry Maioryy Painting All work guaranteed BC10613 Stavio COnst TOP Quality Construction R erdrir14f"" EC-0=6168 ( Construction ) NAAUA CONSTRUCTON ee% Pam Wee le Mel ke %wee aw MUN re Delivery Send& 4/' HAULNG ran DELVERY, NC GM Nememen 5r %ate Pleoe-FtwolorreArrokorevo largo Or emote k 5i4 te57 Estate-Volvme Same Sodas By SUE - ANN Professional Service Accurate pricing Licensed Fendtvre RsRMshltp CHAR SEATS & BASKS RECANED Ph day or night SW Omsk ( Nem Mocks C 8 L REPAR Specializing plumbing minor electrical carpentry & painting Ph 455-1P94 Lecksolin PARADSE LOCK a KEY PROTECT YOUR HOME Deedboll nsestlatien $ , to tutees O TANS SQUAW AN At am sods emu Neese trksielm a!wm, et dewier Freloontei a put planed see ron A red nap keda saireraerr Frei reale* o rrice kw mews Call AM ter aesessaii Mary ANY Concrete Stone, Tile well 6 sidewalk FREE Est OC TENDER TOUCH MASSAGE Kali's, ) Takeshi Therapeutic > Shit Massage beck problams sr idevel form? SMS arse- 14/ le47477ser larmnmml FOR NSTANT RESULTS PLACE YOVR AD N THE BUSNESS & SERVCE DRECTORY MOM* warm maks f t's Made Of Metal Call Usi Highest 'Duality Of Workmanship Guaranteed FREE ESTMATES 0 MOVNG-PACKND tool Oahe Weld Overseas Frti Chas Mork Fla Max The PecklupPeople PANO a VOLN Suzuki Method Convenient neighborbood hood locations_ Bud Ke nt 3 LNES s468 LEE'S PANTNG Residential tic C Ph FEDERAL Painting Co Excellent references available No one beats Our prices Ur Ph KAMAANA PANTNG Free Estimate* tic C4767 Ph S ULfENO PANTNG Free Ests Lit C Ph E3 Plea* Twisty OLD RELABLE J PAUL KLNGER TUNER TECHNCAN Plumbing Trite Service ) C ABC Tree Service 6 Landscape We do all kinds of yard waft AMERCAN PLUMBNG, tic Tree pruning or trimming, lot MC9069 FREE Estimates Call clearing gras planting, hauling moss rock well Free estimate Low price E 10FiNG Genet wig Free Estimate, Pascal 37 run Lop Ur C-2036 M ( Smalls Machine Repair SEWNG MACNE SERVCE 33-A Ohai St, We Ph Repair 6 Parts to alt makes ( Uri Servicing FRED Domingo Gen Yard lot clilanrighafuree"ngk el412t436 ts el trate t immetteek um pus rapalag let `NAM =Am / CALL CLASSFED

18 $59 Classified V December 2, MMLLAilleue N spa tub pearl white, at w/gold Zeta & pump Neter, great for new custom bee m spa never used, a sagnfice at $ Vs eves AKED goods: Cinnamon rolls; cookie* & bread i Call NitGHTS 210 lbs, bench & dwnbbells, excl cond $120 or best offer TEF heater 40 gal eiitrc 27'ex2m5;itg38er",50!50 Nikkor lens $100 Honeywell Nikko, enlarging easel 11"x14 ", newer used $ '81SC, /WNN (blue) men's 10 sop 27" bike w/registration $201C1 Call HOT Tub: Triangular redwood & fiberglass w/heater pump & cover best offer over $700 CO RANBOW Vacuum like new $750 must sell $350 Ph SNGLE bed, never used $200 double bed used 1 mo, $ SANTA Available ar children or adult Xmas parties For any occasion! / WRLPOOL Dryer, large capacity 3 cycle 5 tempera lure heavy sect cond, must sell $,apanese style low table, a Ph NDOOR-Outdoor carrel 1 - $25 - $45 Ph " SANYO Color TV outstanding picture, most sell $300 Ataro console&controls w 6 cartridges like new $200 Ph SNGER Zigzag Ake new, must sell 555 Ph Aka Air Conditioning & Refrigeration we call for used unwanted Yew Sr conditioners rompers Ws freezers Wes service ewers on all men a wedge 51 MOW comethowerotrtgaroors f"'"" Ph MARY KAY COSMETCS For re-orders & FREE Sacral, call Yobnda MARY Kay Costmetic for reorder and Free Facial Can ElObeth, FURNTURE & h useholcl depth, 8 moo old, en! cond once or MOREY -Doyle surfboard e9" $70 Scuba tanks, twin 38, webackpaclr $70 Call BEST Video Library in CHRSTMAS specai Havraiin Sales, Service & 'anal ye S30 wet-look Atm Rental* Video Center of Alberta p rh Harman Pea or BRAND New 16 mm souno movie protector 5600offet 79 DUCH Moped 59807effer as---aisaraora,ers, * GOLD * SLVER * DAMONDS WNDWARD MSCELLANEOUS REPO KRBY Vacuum Cleaner complete attachments 9 months old Best offer Ph TAC VHS Video Tape recorder 4 program, repeal 550 Ph daily SPACE Buffs Xmas gift Apollo 811 Recovery Ship Cover Ph PROJECT Mercury Prime Recovery ships space covers SCRRA or Cooper $7900 ea Ph CLEAN Fairly new stove oven, 4s7 pool table S150 ea FASONABLE ladies clothing practically new, mostly size e Ph BUNS We pay cash for HOT Tub, Triangular redwood shotguns, rifles, and hand- & PAWN lass w/heater Pump & guns Old & foreign guns also cover best offer over $ Ph Kaneohe 82Q SCHELLKM-APO1AN m Muouraituio fie we re Kapp $ to serve RAtM;F:r4 Ou Quick Serve SEARS swing set like new $50 Call evemngs APA custom knee board, 510' w,churchat fins med S 10ofter Sony Walkman accessories tapes $100 otter guitar w 'case $75 offer all earl cond Call Mark 3 PECE sectional sofa 2 swivel rockers lamps vacuum cleaners & more JEWELRY For Christmas?, VACUUM Cleaner Kenmore Wholesale jeweler selling out cannister u power mate & PR attachments Like new 555 Ph ELEGANT small oval wood,iing table w a Chairs & leaf unee Corner unit w table 3 kat, Gardens D Maytag washer 585 bunk beds $135 Call VACUUM Cleaners/ like new, with guar $1995 & up Kam Hwy MAKE Xmas shopping easy, You can save time & postage FreeeBrocoure ROY'S LAY/11 MOWER REPAR Free Estimate' Lawn mowers for sale Rotary $155 Reel $125 Guaranteed DNNG rm table w'6 Chairs walnut finish $75 Ph eves & weekends SANYO music system 131 VNO WW FREE SEE AM/FM 8 tr & cars recorder witurntable & 4 Speakers FREE silver tabby male 7mos Shelf incl $300 Bdrin set, full & brown Mackerel tabby bed, matt box springs, 1g female, 5 mos Shots, trained, dresser dbl mirror $ well behaved eves ' 131 $101 MN FREE NEE SOFA!rematching Chair _FREE hereto dog, 18 years brown nyl cushions, eget ' loveable, good vr/chilco 0 $175 recliner to match dren Housebroken $75, Maytag dryer $50: Kenmore washer $125, not FREE Poi puppies avail till 12/18 Excl working call after 5 pm cond misc records & Welts FREE POOL table complete 448 $250, two keyboard Thomas organ XMAS Boutique Handmade ornaments & gifts, baked goodies Sun to 3 p m 330-A Olomana St Kailua HOOVER vacuum 2 years pal excl condgerrsschwinn bike 20" wheel MOVNG Sale, sofa love Beat & 2 end tables (moss green plush) $275, Matching dining set $ " portable color TV Sanyo, 2 yr warranty for labor & parts, 9300 Ph after 6 Pm XXXSHANGRLA Erotic PPgYr Ph ' XXX BABY Crib & mattress for sale: almost new Call THE LNGERE SHOP for Mat special Xmas gat Make your gift selection tram our collection of elegant & evoftt,gtimate apparel, merry widows garter belts stockings teddies, gowns A rubes Shop early for the best selector! 1423 Kapiolani Blvd SEARS air cond :it: u used 6 mos, $ APPLANCES REFRGERATOR 15 co t GE Frost Free $450 excellent condition GAS operated Mini-car, Corvette style 3 hp engine brand -new Value $900 Make offer Call days 533:6205 or PENNEY'S 32 side by side ietrig freezer auto ice eves nearly new 5300 Ph , WASHER & dryer Kenmore heavy duty! 5125 ea or best offer Ph SEARS Culdspot 153 cii frostless freezer, $350 Can eves WRLPOOL Washer dryer Sears dishwasher needs rhino, repair price neg,)uable Can SEARS ode-by-side refrig (reeler 5175 TV 17" 525 radio AM FM $ FREEZER Upright (10), $150 Being 181 auto ice $240: Washer & dryer $300 pr a washer, pert 5160 All excl Ph PANASONC oven $110, Toastmaster convection oven, $ like New - Necenditioaed Washers & Dryers Available 6 mos lease or longer per mo ncludes lull maintenance ANTQUES ANTQUE Outfit cita= turinndetc S'irrtMlArr f67771 pm Come see us at 556 Reed Lane THERE'S NEVER BEEN A BETTER TME TO BUY 70 VOLVO 144 ' T-BRD ' FREBRD ' PNTO S! Olen Witten Ai n A ir lew miles) MOST FF1 ' RX4 WAGON ' CHEVY MALBU 10, p s Am Catlett rally whpu 9aGke01 window' FUNS 1161 A OP' SCW50 t ' SUBARU dr 1 cptl new paint oval F reeilmyt ' HORZON 4 sad 4 0, SHARP, tl ' DODGE DART '795 WAPAHU'S SHELLY MAZDA Need extra cash for the holidays? Now you can have extra cash for the holidays when you tell an "unwanted treasure" in the and Garage Sale Section of classified This Saturday lve'r p,offering eciat 140 CALL Benp-like dog, nice disposition Call FREE: male terrier/chihuahua, & blond fluffy med size female dog FREE bull terrier puppies, 7 Wks old, to good homes Ph MSCELLANEOUS WANTED COMC books new and old, wanted, highest prices Paid WANT To Buy Dollhouse Ph atter 4 pm WANTED Typewriter w/large elementary type Jim or WANTED Unserviceable RCA Zenith S Motorola Quasar, Color TVs WE BUY used furniture We pay cash and pickup Call or CASH $5$ for used rurniture - beds Rattan & wicker CASH for Lawn Mowers & Outboard Motors Any Condition Ph MUSCAL SALES 8 SERVCE FEMALE Vocalist Caper, looking for CW easy listening band Can Julie alter 430 pin wkdays, CB700 DRUM Set Great cond can ask for Dave KMBAL electric organ Swinger 800 w'rhyt' m section 0700 or offer BOAT SUPPLES 8 SERVCE 15' VENTURE Cat boat, sail trailer, like new $1300/offer 254-1t23 20' BALBOA Sailboat, nds read dinette, 4 bunks & trailer $3900 Call after 6 P 15 HP Sears GB new $600 Kayak 595 anchor 50 lb stainless $ ROT SUPPLES SERVCE WNDSURFER, complete, sail, mast, universal, foot straps, excl cond ' HOBE $1000 Ph RECREATON 161 AUTOS MANTES WANTED Car or truck, running or not Will pay up to 000 Ph USED car Low miles No rust '70 and up Will pay upto5800 Kaneohe bank must see can after 6 p m Site VOLUNTEERS needed for 166 PCKUPS TRUCKS Youth Basketball Program Sat 9-noon in Mime, &pea,' 289 EL CAMNOS both $400 City /11 Call West rusty, no engine Offer Call Oahu YMCA PET SUPPLES SERVCE MUST Sell 8 month old CoCkapoo white female $65 Call AKC RSH SETTER pups, B weeks Ph evenings 2', YR OLD Male fox terrier, good w/lucts $75 Ph SLKY Terrier Parents Champions Tel * PUPPES, AKC Boston Terriers Pocket Chihuahuas; Toy Chihuahuas, also V Chihuahua & Toy Terriers Payments & Post dated checks available Call GERMAN Shepherd pups, ea, no papers Ph ' 72 TOYOTA Hilux, 4 spd, good nside, runs great, small amount of rust cad '68 DATSUN plavw/shell, runs good, $ or eves /wkends SANAA sure Owla AAAPAA LOTS OF PCKUPS al WHOLESALE MOTORS P lc 83b N NirnolzHwy '79 DATSUN Pickup 4 spd long bed, sharp ((' WHOLESALE MOTORS Ph N WW1: they 156 AUTO PARTS 8 SERVCE 171 MOTORCYCLE SALES & SERVCE BATTERY FACTORY ANTO BATTERES ' Napahula Avenue Ph REBULT Engine, V8, 250 Call Frank atter 6 pm TRANSMSSONS For sale 2 Ford V6 auto -4 sod Pinto, 1-4 spd Datsun 1600, 1 - '72 Toyota Her-1200 engine & trans Ph Dan WNDWARD CLNC Mobile Volkswagen Reimer Shop Repairs done at your home by appointment only sland Wide Service PHONE MAG wheels, tires still on 'them, but worn 14" 5125 Call Ken Z & K REPAR Service, R Leowaena St Ph CLASSC Fiberglass Xmas special thru Dec 31 Oil microwave rowing /sailing boat Gaff change w/filter A tube rigged, a steal at $800 incls Domestic cars $1934, most access, plus extras Nearly foreign cars fomes) $1882, also atter 5 new, everungs Pm by BOO r JAPANESE AUTO PARTS Paying exorbitant prices? Waiting days for that ordered part? GVE US A CALL Chances are we have lust the part you're looking fort Jackils Auto Repair Middle Strut ANSWER TO NOV 25 CROSSWORD N THE SUN PRESS NEWSPAPER E MOO mann 0 an OM mama 00E num 00E MO maim E1 MM E America's Greatest Puzzle Every Week from the New York Times NO MM '60 HARLEY Davidson, custom built chopper, Digger style, candy blue paint, lots of chrome Show winner Sacrifrce $ '77 ANGEL moped excl cond owner leaving island a sacrifice at '75 HONDA 360 &mesa, helmet luggage rack goon tees A '80 MOPED Puch, excl cond asking 5400 Call after 4 p 173 AUTO ANNOUNCEMENTS JEEPS Cars Pickups from $35 Available at local Gov't Auctions For Directory call Surplus Data Center / RENT-A-CAR RELABLE Used Cars Low Monthly and Weekly rates Collision waiver extra Auto Mart Car Rental, Kam Hwy, Ake Ph sea ses aw 175 VANS CAMPERS 6 JEEPS '79 FORD E350 Club Van 12 passenger loaded incl air BFA $5975 WHOLESALE MOTORS Ph N M MN Mow Her -arri-mrontr-tror LOTS OF 4x4s at WHOLESALE MOTORS Pti Mello eat '79 CHEVY 4x4 Scottsdale pickiip loaded P WHOLESALE MOTORS Ph N Nmlit Pyre 176 AUTOS FOR SALE AMC '75 PACER excl cond auto, owner moving, most sell 51400/offer AUSTN HEALEY '70 SPRTE excl cond, new tires, low miles, owner must sell $1800/otter BMW H auto stereo uproot alloy wheels shoot ass cond $6775 WHOLESALE MOTORS 2999N Ninulz Hwy BANK REPOSSESSON A dr ulnaulapawar %emu mg air shwa (BCT05,31 34/5 wk down ;me in 8 on repossession area Sea isempro agr WHOLESALE MOTORS Ph N Stroll:Hwy DESPERATE Need class small car will pay over tee WM WHOLESALE MOTORS was Melts Nay BUCK '78 BUCK Century wagon, V6 auto air pis, p/b, luggage rack, $2875/offer dr BUCK Riviera, low mileage Fully automatic What offers? *** BEST DEALS N WAAWA '74 DATSUN 8210 Zug9a4 spd '76 MAZDA 808 Wen 4 nod BRM '1195 '75 VW RABBT? dr auto earn/ '1843 '77 FORD GRANADA cap, s auto_ moms tewing s2695 'BOOM '78 DATSUN 8210 An mew 5 04 AXMB -come '77 OLDS CUTLASS SUPREME Caw 8 ado power Mewing OMB '77 PONTAC B ONNEVLLE Brougham sow A auto power see* air PAM '78 MONTE CARLO 8 aura power stewing alr '3995 '80 CHEVY CTATON Cage B auto pager steering '5895 '80 BUCK SKYLARK Premier 4 Cr sedan 4 alt Meter steering alr '5895 '79 CAMARO Mao power storing ilr AP0577 '5995 '79 CAMARO Z-28 late power steering BP0512 '6695 SALE GOOD now DEC 2-DEC 6 SERVCE MOTORS fa ihe gip of Wahiawa OPEN SUNDAY A Sawa Peat text N, "km 1NL,L% NA, A A 11 1/ dry Adrem DSC BRAKE SPECAL 0 $ tax Lt ncludes Toyota Replacement of front disc pads Adjust rear fining & inspect wheel cylinders nspect hydraulic lines & hoses Good till Dec 31, 1981 Free transportation home to Kailua, Kaneohe & Waimanalo when car is left for servicing KALUA TOYOTA SERVCE DEPT FOB BONFACC) 'CALL FOR APPONTMENT 105 Oneaua, Kailua furfir-41:1161:1147 DEC 5th 9 AM TLL 4:30 PM PARTS SALE 87 3(11 etuoa llars-ptts-risrex Ala L) ea Aal/ Shale -eith CC wath, *3:7 'N 1e0001 el /Fe rasei L oe Gem Touekeo Paint Of wbesa 12Se ea* Outaide gean Woo *MVO All S90) e AC Oil littera WQ-P7151P1715-PF43 ALL SS02 as ACUS Mateo Ail1C-A341C-471SC-4160l, ALL 16,10 ea GM Penal dote eleeki suit awl C Sc fora 51,0c ea aorig wed Feedes pasts suit Chevvs at aive arm/ etc!: Mice To!, P:0 ALO ea Automatic rya coals:4,7,es 8047 ea Ciaelecate *furs 7121 cc rotiafres Xt canal tl*) ea Cgiva Veit *Aiwa Ur ate, *elected 'suites ' Sparc pewee els-rstsa All Sr 14 ea 40erf AC Pit Fate, PF:5-PPti ',ors, ALL :45` ea Feoce ite,a ref Ralie0 TUCCS, paint GAtatil Pseud $500 set P t ea 81P0 tub e 1513 ea 7932 cat Al' Gas (lene '11' ea :e,0 erected bereet do es net: 1102 en *T23/ -de 1%0, ea vat S ea Thai/ me hitches 1/01 en *sic Fetish 8315 Lay raw eau& mkt NNS and CMPASCE Mood wit All items will be on show and are subject to prior sale all prices are plus tax Note - all items are non-returnable - Cash or maior creditcerds acceptable BAY CHEVROLET KAM HWY KANEOHE immilaasessswiemsessressienesmellownwaimulessianwiissiwaniasmoi t Only Takes A Few Minutes To Place Your CLASSFED ADS Simply write your ad on the handy order blank describing each item you want to sell and besure to give the priceyou want for it List your phone number and the hours to call Be suie to print, using a pencil, ballpoint pen or typewriter Your ad will reach over 104,000 suburban homes on Oahu via the SUN PRESS, Waipahu Sun News, Hawaii Navy News, Hawaiian Falcon and Hawaii Marine Name Address City Ph or Zip Please run my ad as follows: [Lin $ 165 per Me ONLY per wet* Plus 4% State Tax; 3 Line Minimum raw S arm rum am anre *10 12's 13" Phone Number 1 Please rote the,lebove atter: WORK 3WEllt9 3WEEK9 4WREK8 CMOSTTHOHON Numbly Sind to Akviiihr 4pm for the toeowing U Wednesday eetem SUN PRESS 111 Pima, DO NOT abbwrlatte, allow OR* 94LAB, to awe one' end lettedluarten, Neve woo Aleloa St between words Kaneohe, Wa MRMWROD matelemaiimmemRNMeammumemenmlmaetalla LEX BRODE TRE SALE! SAVE UP TO 35% Prk56 row MAM Elecember 31, 1W Nylwa) TOYO MPORTED STEEL RADALS (-35%) P Series Miter/aft easier the ssewhe (hor Prim PHse 106/ / / / / / / am OEM N 6275 anis lase TOYO MPORTED STEEL RADALS (-35%) Whitewalls ' , aass MN win TOYO MPORTED STEEL RADALS (-35%) Mackaralls TOYO MPORTED STEEL RADALS (-35%) 70 Series BiseiwaDs SS/ S/71, / ars 7810 maas s NCEUN X PREMUM STEEL RADALS (-15%) Whitewalls MSG MCREUN L W PREMUM STEEL RADALS (-15%) P Doles 11101rwalls moan ass / saw mas warrats MC HELN XX PREMUM STEEL RADALS (-15%) MackwaNs KM NM MM ULM MN MN atm ELM ED PEMMUT STEEL RADALS (15%) 70 Series llsekwalls MN MS 165/ NUMNAL 2+2 llalsaalls Mad Mae ty (-211%) mew ma (useiet SSW tan 0212 WM HO MO KM UM MUNK 4 Ms Nalawalls , law C Min e7114 u0 SL pas asta , MN Ma MN wals wan wig ma was1644d 0424 thew she shils52 to Those we no See05 prices tor outar isaoret wee owelgocounten 44 Air emote charges for shipment to outemounds i mom he added Oollu ear anew, wee dosirosorwco meat mkt auto 00 per -tiro tor mounting bolancing weights vol stems and twelouo atl616c Thom ia no mere <ewe* for slignment Cod Ex Tao mot he tided t 05538) plus Mow*, 4% Evora Tat Cony Ma emit maxiewer Vise nod Wei tempo Cards ern ace pled Snodid (Oh 064 ill totk WC CON al roe mi chock good tor SP den ocoptme mow lams a-out save HM M,w 8 leeribiewel FAST GAS w ow straw 'maw waww 1799e Mas *LMN Nallfat e ats *r 415, Mno era w ooer % dmw week& NW* MOM PM Mu m W saws lir Wow 41,6411 Maw New

19 CADLLAC '60 CADLLAC Coupe De Ville n good Nape, $4375 Ph '73 CADLLAC, runs excl MK Heb le cat, 15'05890 Ph CHEVROLET '74MONTE Carlo auto, needs work, $200/offer Ph '70 CAMARO auto, pie $1500 or best offer Ph '70 CHEVY Nova $250/offer Ph '77 MONTE Carlo, excl cond low mi, must be seen $3300 Ph till 3 pm, after 4 pm DATSUN MECHANC'S Special '73 Datsun 1200 $300 Call FORD '60 PNTO, 4 spd, 12,000 miles, stereo $2800 most sell DWH Jim '845 MUSTANG auto, new trans & radiator, good cond $ pm; anytime '86 FORD Falcon, 45,000 original mi, AM/FM runs great $800/offer '79 PNTO wagon power sib air, rack, excl cond, $2850 After 5 pm, '74 FORD Maverick, 6 cyl, auto 4 dr sdn $800 or best offer DWH, AWH '79 LTD FORD Station wagon, excl cond, priced to sell $3930/offer Ph '87 MUSTANG, 6 cyl, 3 spd runs good, needs body work, $500 /otter P '72 PNTOS, one automatic runs, other standard down but repairable or parts Asking $550 for both Ph '73 MUSTANG convertible, one of the last manufactured A classic, in great shape Deep green w/white interior, top Power steering, power brakes 8 cyl, but can get nearly 20 mpg Wire wheels $5,500 or best otter Call Ken, or '79 T-BRD 2 dr, luxuriously eqpt (920991) $4775 WHOLESALE MOTORS R MnS Hwy HONDA '74 HONDA Clwc, auto, good cond, Call OUR '82 HONDAS ARE N! Tony Honda Waipahu Farrington Hwy Call N M TOURS TODAY! LNCOLN B ANK REPOSSESSON 74 MARX V White/while luxuriously eqp1 NSO 1375 cash down peel las & Pc OAC Reposseselon pins See repossession mor WHOLESALE MOTORS PS R tleila Rey MAZDA SANK REPOSSESSON in RAMS 5 yd alloys unreal 1410 Lew ml Slurp Cub down payment us elk LK Mk repossession v la repossession mid WHOLESALE MOTORS P lloste Noy NOMA 79 AlliL 4 dr Thls s a showroom cond canines lien Silva wand Oster interior &lolly acconolind nn Orme wheels f yeti oil looking hr Ma ultmole n a Jog end P21551 ran We s ire n rel 40 mos '40000 ml lmilod warrant, on engine nns dn milts rental a loam] WHOLESALE MOTORS Mt N Nlmitz MAU BUY OR LEASE WM '82 MAZDAS RX7, 626 & GLC From $5349 HAWA'S MED PAM DEALFR WHOLESALE MOTORS N ARPORT UNA N RND ray Going to OREGON to buy a new car or pickup? - contact - ROBERTS & REDFELD PORTLAND Write tor price lists and lull ontormation ANT MAKE - ANY NOBEL Deltvered road tested at Portland nferno:wool Airport ROBERTS & REDFELD Suite NE 62nd Portland, Oregon Conveniently coaled just 3 minutes from Airport MOTOR MPORT SALES 650 Kapiolani Blvd SPECALS '74 CHEVY NOVA11 tts, sat P/s air (ACM444) $1673 '78 FORD FESTA 2 de, 4 tad law95311 $1998 '77 CHRYSLER LeMARON, 4 dr, auto e/a air ADJ83E1 $2192 '77 CHEVY MONTE CARLO, onto e/ech1160) $2598 '78 FORD GRANADA dr, auto, e/a air (BCC MO) $ VW RABB r, a dr S Had 111C881111) *2895 '79 MERCURY ZEPHYR 2 dr aide, p/e air OW93417/ *3474 '79 DODGE COLT 2 dr spd (Al/W1Seft) $3483 '79 VW um, 4 ppd REN061) $3498 '79 DATSUN 113 TO Station Wagon *pd NKH104) $3532 Prices good from Dec 2-6 Financing Available on Approved Credit A Division of Serve, Peciftr nc Open Deily and Sunday CUTTER FORD TRANSPORTATON SPECALS '78 FURY 4 dr 0AF982 '77 FORD Granada 4 n ACC,65 '73 DODGE Sport Van '75 DATSUN BCF 69 '76 OLDS Cutlass 54C,664 '76 FORD Elite, 2 '75 PONTAC Grand '79 FORD Pinto, 1311P5"6 '73 FORD Pinto di '2495 '2495 '2495 '2495 '1895 `1695 Prix '1295 "2895 '895 '69 CADLLAC El Dorado 59 18,01 Her Mr P sold Pt,,v OS All 111ST HAWAAN Rtkk ,/da, MG PONTAC TRUMPH '73 MG Convertible, excellent condition $2000 Call evenings '77 MG MDGET rebuilt engine, new alternator, battery, brakes, excl cond, $a000 Call Joe deft, awh OLDSMOBLE '77 'CUTLASS Supreme a/c, pie p/b, p/w, AM/FM cassette 53000/best otter eves days '80 CUTLASS SUPREME 2 dr auto power steering/ windows, stereo, air, custom Muffs sharp WHOLESALE MOTORS SNE Nimes Nay PLYMOUTH '65 VALANT, auto, new paint & upholstery Excl cond in & out Must see to appreciate! $700 Call Marie OWN or eves, AWH '72 SATELLTE, clean, no rust, runs well Best offer Ph PONTAC '79 FREBRD, VS, auto, air p/s, p/b, good cond, 33,000 mi, white, 1 owner $4900 Phone '77 FREBRD Formula Bleck/bladr 4 spd mew steering/windows AM/FM ups llt wheel honeycomb wheels T top air lares Sharp tap WHOLESALE MOTORS m a Mails Key WE PAY MORE! MORE! MORE! FOR CLEAN LATE MODEL CARS, VANS & TRUCKS AT SHELLY PH CORNER N$,TZ & LAGOON NVENTORY REDUCTON SALE 78 FORD FEST Plain 2-dr stand rons $ MAZDA GLC Auto 2 dr AM /FM $ PLYMOUTH HORZON 5 Lew low miles - tinder t Alr AM FM $ FORD MUSTANG 4-cyl 4 epd omrod air 189E7451 $ VW RABBT Rename 4 cyl New pn Paint Price below iholesale AS '80 SUZUK JEEP Like new linden 4000mlles priced to sell les week! $ FAT 124 SPORT 4 cyl stand nns PRCED 0 SRL TS 18cEV51234 $ SUBARU 4 dr el New Yellow Pant 4cy1 AM TM!AMD' 75 FAT SPDER 9W top Mew W11118 Faint Looks like marten VWV15l =MD '77 MAZDA SOS 4 Or room 44,1 new lres $1895 '76 TOYOTA COROLLA 2 dr Economy Transperlatien Sial! pec $179 '79 JEEP WAGONEER Weft ter Shell AVM Pride ReAuteff Port Dept open an Sotarday from 91)04 DO month/ mils warrant Jim Stemma MPORTS Quality Used Cars Kim Hwy AN Opposlo Peadridge '76 FREBRD 350 cu in '78 TR7, Yellow with black auto, power stewing & stripes and hardtop $2900 or brakes, air ma, esti offer Call rides cond, new tires battery & shocks, $ or b/w 19 pm PORSCHE PORSCHE , '79, red, mi, air, sunroof, mag: 9"25717P` *fing' " '73 TR8, convertible excellent Condition ota of new parts $3200/offer Call days, Dan VOLKSWAGEN $13, 3 '79 VW RABBT diesel, excl coed, low mileage 55800/ offer TOYOTA '79 TOYOTA corolla 513-5, ed, good cond one owner $4900 Ph , evening '79 COROLLA 2 dr 4 spd map AM/FM tape tinted glass only ml Sharp LANV3381$3275 WHOLESALE MOTORS MS N 'WU Noy M '73 BUG, passenger side smashes, 4 brand-new radials good engine trans '711543,V $ '74 SUPER Bug, new paint, radials, 52200/offs, Ph days eves '71 VW Squareback sedan $1200/offer int good cond needs paint PUBLC NOTCE SANK REPOSSESSONS-OWNER TRANSFERS NO CASH Needed with approved credit Ask about our 18-month or 18,000-ml warranty '80 FARMONT Or We 8 cyl or '78 OMGE 4x Pickup No les dn '77 BUCK dr Century loaded FF5071 '79 CHEVY Pickup $ Slut cyl clean '78 CHEVY VAN Lois of Dais alrbr2941 '75 VW RABBT ? dr 4 spd tape!mom '72 DATSUN '70 MONTE CARLO n 4 spd moony moose 2 dr many Dine MP2041 ALL CARS STORER AT WHOLESALE MOTORS dha Airport Mazda Trade n Accepted Flnancbm Avail Ph ALSO OPEN SUCAT limo Hwy WA1PAHU 'AUTO CHEVROLET SALES & SERVCE Olyislon al Sarno Patine nc TO'Zi Sat 8:00-6:00 Prices good from Sun 10:00-5:00 12/2-12/6 '70 MUSTANG SOLD "Mech Special" AJD003?AVM S/W SOLD $995 '75 MALB U CLASSC BPV676 '73 DUSTER 2 dr BRO739 $11095 '41FripiTCK SOLD '75 PNTO S/W ANW897 $1695 '79 FAT BFA $2495 '79 MONZA S/W BEJ423 $ sountno COUPE '77 MONTE CARLO BRUM SOLD '80 CHEVETTE 4 dr AX8865 $4395 '80 MONTE CARLO HOW995 $5895 UNBEATABLE!! '71 DATSUN 510 Station wagon F acellenl running cond '895 '78 LNCOLN Conlinenlal Mark V Aulo sunroof AM-FM quad storm p/w p /door locks p/seals 1117 wheels p/s $6675 '75 DATSUN 710 WAGON 11711,1675 ellin '77 JEEP '75 HONDA CHEROKEE CVCC Air 4-wheel drive 4 spd auto new paint $2995 SPECALZNG N 100% FNANCNG FOR MLTARY UPON APPROVED CREDT '75 PLYMOUTH VALANT t cyl auto 4 dr $1575 $ MOTORCYCLE 650 Yamaha Special tic $1575 '79 DODGE COLT 4 dr auto new paint $3475 our used car? e ay top dollar DATSUN1fAulAwA Wilikina Or WNDWARD TOYOTA MESE MO t AMY MORE! SAVNGS SELECTON QUALTY ECONOMY 76 FAT 4 spd 7440 $391 '74 MERCURY MONTEGO Auto 7451 $491 '73 PONTAC GRANVLLE Auto 7408 $ OYOTA COROLLA S/W Auto 7452 $651 '757 TOYOTA COROLLA Auto 1761 '73 PONTAC LEMANS Auto air 7415 '791 '74 FAT 4 spd 7448 $ TOYOTA COROLLA S/W 4 sod' 7453 $ FORD T-BRD Auto, air p/w 7417 '74 DODGE CHARGER Auto 7402 /'75 HONDA CVC 5 Spd PONTAC GRAND Pill Auto VW BUG 4 spd SUBARU 4 spd 7441 December 2, 1981 $981 $ $1211 $1291 $ 1551 $n:/ 1/41111MMOONNNNMM MN ORM' Prices Good Till Dec Subject To Prior Sale PH OPEN 7 DAN'S A WEEK "WHOLESALE" PRCES "ALL CARS PRCED BELOW "KELLY BLUEBOOK" Cash: $ a month we approval met WN AM 1875% $33949 ENTerna (1) 79 Strada (2) 78 Volare (2) 79 Aspen (1) 79 Toyota oak plea len & Maass 4 dr, S-spd, AM dr,, 6 cyl, AM, air, U dr wage, cyl, air, 0457, U45 4 dr sedan, MSS 146 '79 CADLLAC SEVLLE 4141epace model, two toes metallic Burgundy /Silver Borgasily ea deep Burgundy, leather seats, panels, lull power, AS/FM cassette, air With climate control, wire wheels, *000 Mlles "MUST SEEM" $13,300 Open Everyday at 1095 Dillingham Blvd FNANC*111 AVAL/MU SALE ENDS DEC 8TH tiat4p2 (1) 79 Zephyr Cash: $3795 (4) 79 Cougar 64 (1) 79 Mazda Wagon " a month ea approved met 41WM dews, M asaila $ dammed cash plus tax llama '79 VW Van 9 pass, automatic, air, 25,000 miles, HAMM '79 VW Convertible 4 spd, AM radio, bluelalack, MAX545 '79 Mercury Capri Avitematic, sir, AM, KRW846 Ph: dr sdn, automate, AR, NOW927 2 dr "AR-7" N-165, N-174, N automatic, AM radio, HEB385, HEC292 $6495 $6995 $399 =11 Maks' of Honolulu Community College WE TAME MOO Classified V SHELLY WLL NOT BE UNDERSOLD '81 MAZDA dr, auto air, Sharp! lay11937) SAVE '77 FORD 3/4 Ton Pickup Auto ph new paint Sharp! E1 $3995 '74 LNCOLN MARK V fully loaded with all fine appointments new paint, air cond a sound car in & out Not a come-on 1A8R1291 $2195 '74 PLYMOUTH SATELLTE Hdtp Sebring special Auto p/s V8 Fantastic price! (BRC '78 FARMONT Hdtp auto power steering blue in color6 cyl Shelly's Super Saver this wkend A steal lasa9141 $2395 Financing Au a able on Premises 250 Additional Cars on Display '77 CADLLAC SEVLLE silver edition Loaded with all line ap- pointments too numerous to mention Must see to appreciate AJE3861 $7995 '76 CORDOBA Hdtp Black on black V-8 auto p /s Priced a, sell TODAY! 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20 December 2, 1981 New Merit Research Released: Overwhelming majority of MERT smokers report taste bonus at low tar The most rigorous MERT research to date has just been completed Result: MERT smokers confirm taste a major factor in completing their successful, switch from higher tar cigarettes MERT Takes Taste Honors Nationwide survey reveals over 90% of MERT smokers are glad they switched from higher tar cigarettes n fact, 94% don't even miss their former brands Further Evidence: 9 out of 10 former higher tar smokers report MERT an easy, switch, that they didn't give up taste in switching, and that MERT is the best-tasting low tar they've ever tried Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking s Dangerous to Your Health MERT Beats Toughest Competitors n the second part of this study, new tests confirm that MERT delivers a winning combination of taste and low tar when compared with higher tar leaders Confirmed: The overwhelming majority reported MERT taste equal to-or better than-leading higher tar brands Confirmed: When tar levels were revealed, 2 out of 3 chose the MERT combination of low tar and good taste Year after year, in study after study, MERT remains unbeaten The proven taste alternative to higher tar smoking-is MERT Q Pmir Mori, nv 1441 tleg: 8 mg "tar' 06 mg nicotine-men: 7 mg "tar",' 0,5 mg nicotine-100's Reg: 9 mg ''tar:' 07 mg nicotine-100's Men: 10 mg "tar;' 08 mg nicotine ay per cigarette, FTC Report Mie81 ERT Kings &Offs

21 !iij 7! ' SUPPLEMENT TO HAWA NAVY NEWS, HAWAAN FALCON, HAWA MARNE, WAPAHU SN NEWS, AND THE SUN PRESS WSPAPERSDEC he Phenomenon /They have flooded the land by the hundreds, the fads and fancies we embrace so obsessively Most often the fascination is brief, tkrely reaching a crescendo before plunging into oblivion Occasi,nally, the enthusiasm wanes after fitting a peak, but continues at a lower, slower level and pace Rarely, a phenomenon will burst upon us and never really lose its momentum Such a phenomenon is our zeal for running That running is a phenomenon is in itself a wonder Running is, after all, one of man's most fundamental instincts -- probably his second most fundamental instinct, after breathing t is a marvel, then, that after -milleniums of running being a very basic function, it suddetily becomes a craze Suddenly, running is much more than a way to get somewhere or get away from someone Suddenly, running is for everyone, of every age and description -a national pastime (Continued on page 41

22 HONOLULU MARATHON AVr _ - COURSE ttaiya" CD ;3 0 MAMMON O Eb Sian milf AGE MARKER a TuRM LANES RE S,ROOM 610E-STREET WA vcs STAY! MLL BENSON A record 9,000 entrants register for 9th Marathon By DAVD C BENSON Race Director With over 9,00 0 runners entered in this year's Honolulu Marathon, the race on Dec 13 will set a record for participation n analyzang the increasing popularity of our marathon, we find three basic reasons First, the famous Honolulu weather is quite an attraction when much of the northern part of our world is experiencing typical cold winters Second, the people of Honolulu have gained a world-wide reputation for the famous aloha spirit they exhibit when they line the 26 mile course and cheer on every single, entrant Their encouragement is invaluable Last but not least, the Honolulu Marathon has always been noted as an extremely well-organized marathon The volunteers in the Honolulu Marathon Association work all year long to assure a safe and smooth race and us race day approaches, they put forth great efforts in registering the 9,000 runners, responding to their individual requests, and planning for their varied needs during the race On the day of the race, care is taken to assure accurate timing, giving out appropriate awards, and above all, promising everyone a safe and enjoyable race This year, nearly 22 percent of the field are women, one of the highest percentages of female participation in any marathon Seventyseven years separate the youngest and oldest runners The oldest is a Japanese runner named Genkichi Zaitsu who is 85 years old The youngest is also from Japan, an 8-year-old girl named Rika Chihara Japan is well represented this year, with nearly 1,000 entrants Runners from 31 other countries will be gracing us with their presence Such far away places as Finland, Belgium, Norway, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, and Australia are but a few named Because thq Honolulu Marathon is noted as a safe and enjoyable marathon, many people choose it as their first marathon attempt This year, incredibly, over 35 percent of the entrants are running their first marathon Many of the local first-time entrants are graduates of the seven running and See Page 6 EGHTEEN OF THE WORLDS' GREATEST COFFEES in bean form or ground made to order The Answer,After a Long Run Hawaii's Finest Homemade Chocolate Candy located at - 418C KUULE ROAD KALUA PHONE Next to McDonald's in the Municipal Parking Lot (Where Pizza Pete's used to be) 10% Off Prepaid Christmas Orders Also Coffee Accessories Expresso Coffee Makers Ritter Gold Coffee Filters Coffee Mugs Baskets Ceramics and many more unique gift items Oti DOWN CX Alpha EARN AT LEAST $17 EVERY WEEK DONATNG LFE-GVNG PLASMA TS AN EASY WAY TO HELP OTHERS WLE HELF,'NG YOURSELF PLASMA CENTS'S 3179 KOAPAKA Our Hours Have Berm Changed BEND ARPORT RAMADA NN Just For You! Ph M-F 10-6 OOP rn Sat a -2 p m Closed Sun 2-MARATHON TAR WORK OUT THE CARES OF YOUR RUNNNG DAY Feel your body sink restfully back as soothing warm water begins to work its wonders Your aching muscles need this period of recuperation The pleasure of pure relaxation is yours right at home with the ultimate in Hawaii spas magine, a spa to come home to after every run This is the answer your body has'been waiting for, Call ALL POOL & SPA today, we have eleven models,, including one JUST FOR YOU ALL POOL & SPRY'' MAN OFFCE-KALUA /AlEA /HAWA KM

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24 Marathon ranks among best in world (From page 1) The why of this growing passion for running is not a necessarily intricate issue to understand The equation would go something like this: An already large number of devotees, plus a spreading concern for personal physical fitness, plus the fact that running is an extraordinarily beneficial exercise, plus the fact that anyone can run, equals today's boom The anyone-can-run factor of the equation is its most intriguing part and the most significant, for it turned potential to reality Once the multitudes began to realize that running took only skills and capacities that virtually everyone had and that serious and productive running was a reasonable pursuit for virtually everyone, a sport for the few became an addiction for millions The Competition Competition has been a natural outgrowth, and outlet Anyone who takes part in any game or sport with any degree of avidity eventually wants to be tested, in some way That this is true of runners of all persuasions is evidenced by the long and ever-lengthening parade of races, from casual weekend events for the neophytes to super-specials for the super-elite Of the events that have proliferated so rapidly, those most completely art, and the philosophy of running - are the marathon races The marathon combines ideally the elemental rewards of running - physical, psychological and emotional t is a test, a very tough test that demands intense dedication and extensive preparation But it is within the reach of anyone willing to work for it, and to sacrifice for it symbolizing and epito- The origin of the mizing the sport of marathon is written in running - the act, the Greek history - al- though it could be more mythology than history n 490 BC, after Athenian soldiers defeated a gigantic Persian invading force at Marathon, Pheidippides, a professional runner, was dispatched to Athens with the joyful news The site of the battle gave the marathon its name and the 22 mile distance from Marathon to Athens gave the race its length t was lengthened to 26 miles, 385 yards in the 1908 London Olympics and this has remained the standard marathon distance ever since t has only very recently, since the advent of the running trend, that the marathon and everyman joined Before, it was a specialized, somewhat esoteric, endeavor for the few n fact, except for Boston and the Olympics, marathons were isolated to the point of virtual nonexistence Today, of course, there are numerous marathons and numberless marathoners Of that number, Honolulu has one ranking among the best, one singled out for praise by many who have TREADMLL STRESS TEST AND FTNESS PROGRAM PHONE competed the world over And it has reached this eminence relatively overnight When the Honolulu Marathon was first run, in 1973, there were 167 starters Last year there were 6,829- of which an amazing 97 percent finished Equally amazing, the Honolulu Marathon ranks second only to New York in terms of number of entrants, certainly an indication of its attractiveness and a tribute to the people who are responsible for its operation And it is indeed a major operation, a yearround enterprise involving hundreds of volunteers seeing q) thousands of details, massive and minute But although the Honolulu Marathon, like the sport of running, has grown enormously, it retains, like the act of running, a simplicity of form and purpose t demands a great deal, and it gives a great deal t is an achievement of extreme merit and a goal to which anyone can aspire -Jim Hackleman The First Lady The woman who finished first in the 1980 Honolulu Marathon, Patti Catalano, expresses her glee during remarks following her feat DANCE DALE ADAMS, MD 314 Ul UNU ST KALUA, f You Wear Out Your Body Where Are You Going To Live? Chiropractic can help a number of conditions: low Bar k Pain ndigesiion Nervous Tension Headaches Dimness LegkPain Neck and Arm Pain WHY LVE WTH PAN! LET'S CORRECT THE CAUSE! CALL ,Arsesfie Vhiropractie 602 KALUA RD, SUTE #207 Jeanne C Halpain, RN, DC Stephen A Tarek, DC 4- MARATHON TAB Carmelo Baysa & Shari Floyd - Also - SPECAL HOLDAY DSCOUNTS on all Gift Certificates And Courses (come with or without a partner) Fred Astaire DANCE STUDOS 3 V ANA HANA PROFESSONAL BULDNG, SUTE 205 EAST HONOLULU

25 `We run because we like it' By ROBERT DCKERSON Chances are that you have seen us from your car more times than you care to count e-e on ole highways, roads, i,eaches and parks of America According to recent reliable estimates including a Gallup Poll - 25,tX10,000, or one out of every ten Americans jog You might have passed us by on the coldest January morning in Minnesota, or perhaps the balmiest July afternoon in Hawaii f you are not a jogger yourself, chances are good that you wondered why we do it? To quote the poet Charles Hamilton Sorley, "we run because we like it, through the broad bright land- But a runner's zest for the sport often goes beyond a morning run, cr, not because running is pleasurable, nor to develop physical fitness and endurance but because of certain chemical changes in a runner's body The runner develops See Page 9 Finishing Miss Young Karen Courter of Hawaii is cheered across the finish line during the 1990 Honolulu Marathon 10M U U U U U U U U U U E r/ ATTENTON RUNNERS: A MCROWAVE OVEN Can be ideal for people on the run They are quick and convenient Get yours today of $287 with this coupon ti OUR GUARANTEE Features nclude VALUES TO 3528 Financing Available Monday w<14 Fri thru ii300 Om Pacific Surplus CALL NOW Saturdy Sundays -Your 1111 lemmas Smoot* nom- 11: PM 1247-F Pall Hwy rze:17) The Ultimate Experience n Running Running Room Presents The new balance B 990 Running Room OPEN MARATHON DAY Sunday, Dec 13 Kalakaua Aye Waikiki Beach "A Store For Runners By Runners" im canwbe"^"' Running Room O Phone: Kapahulu Ave Honolulu, $99 nitially Available in Limited Sizes Built-n 3-M Super-Reflective Back-Tab for Extra Safety * Exclusive* Motion Control Device for Excellent Stability Slip-lasted for Comfort and Flexibility Strong and Breathable Pigskin Leather Upper Light, Cool Fine-grade Mesh ''*ss", Lug-runner Out sole made of Light, Durable, Vtbramflex OK, OK - We Agree That Running The Marathon s Truly The Ultimate Experience n Running - But, Wearing The New Balance 990 Has Got To Run A Close Second - Perhaps The Finest Running Shoe Available New Balance 660, 420, and 730 also available in Running Room in all Width Sizing B, D, EE & EEE CONGRATULATONS TO ALL THE MARATHON RUNNERS U U U U MARATHON TAB -5

26 T MON " Runners from 47 states enter 9th Honolulu Marathon From Page 2 jogging clinics sponsored by the city's Department of Parks and Recreation n addition, nearly 3,000 first-timers come from neighbor islands, the mainland, and foreign countries This is one of the statistics that really honors the marathon organizers There are runners from 47 states with almost 1,000 coming from California alone The defending champions will, of course, be running this year again Duncan MacDonald who won last year and the 1973 and 1976 Honolulu Marathons is back to try for another win Patti Lyons-Catalano will be trying for her fourth straight win Patti broke the course record last year and ran a 2:29:35 in her last New York appearance There will be some stiff competition this year in the open division Such speedsters as Frank Shorter, Olympic Gold and Silver medalist; Herm Atkins; Jeff Wells, 1978 Honolulu Marathon winner, Gary Fanelli; Jon Anderson; Gary Tuttle; Edson Begara, from Brazil; Edwin Hergert; Bernie Vine; and from Japan, Masaaki, Toro Suzuki, and Yuji Yoshida Wellknowns from New Zealand include John Robinson, a masters runner capable of a 2:15, and Tony Good All are capable of times under 2:19 and some have run under 2:12 And, don't leave out the women n addition to Patti, there's Christine Munro, from New Zealand, with a 2:56:35; Lori Jorgensen, a 2:47 marathoner; Janice Ettle and Sharan Given, both running marathons in the 2:40s Women entrants also include Japanese runner Yoko Shiki, and Elaine Reinert, a well-known speedster The most impressive statistic is that, each year, about 97 percent of those who start the race finish it This is a credit to organizers and Honolulu spectators as well as the long, hard training hours put in by the runners The Marathon Association hopes this year's event will fulfill everyone's greatest expectations whether for participation, for competition or for watching t's fun to run in '81 Registered Entrants n the 1981 HONOLULU MARATHON 3 Meng ONO CO / NN 11 CONN CNSTN 110 N NN LOW J COM HOOF ta 14 AL lk =1lir: O WN 311a N CNN NNNY -WON : NO NAP 1 ANN NO N NON 2 A113 AL 1 NOMN Oala n 011 PUNC YVON /010 PA Nate PM! PM 1111 CNN NY NA anaa KLN =4; 011aik -"-, 4 AN NANA NAN NT M una! :41-44-LL' 1 PSPA NUN 7 '1'7 = = 141 SPO 2, "MN NM La NA MOAN CANON NOV 4 ANT NAN 735 NAN W "ANA NOW SA HAMS et/ AN N CANC LA 41 NNS CA 44 PoULAAS NAAF OAP 7 Narlk LA HON RAM, 14 HON NS nil NN LLLLNS ty :S all 9C OL NNO 795 A PAM fa "L 01011,11?AC'S LA ALP 1111 MN La MC Ca OLOA N MARATHON CERTFCATES FRAMED for 20% DSCOUNT Best Wishes! KoKolleacfflallery 2nd fl Waterfront Village Koko Marina Shopping Center NNW MOM 44 a 14 ANN PA NNO LA ;111 =tat 014NEL 114LCE 5 ANN D 143/ ALLN / AL/ NONA --at A" lall SALL la Mete11011 PALMA N1 NM NANCY N 14 OLN SMALL P 740 ANS CN A CA 241 CAN Oaf N =:1 NANaLl LTOLNall 4 /f H NM" CA on EAR! NNA ot OL 41110$1m Po N x1i LA l NN,41 MANN " Nia NNW at rala TON Hi 1 loonu 1H1nla Nit LN Oil- L VLA PL A a M1-, u LLAN CM TN NTOM N4 MAN NN N TN CHANEL ONSTA 44 JVALN L41411 NO MOO Ns LNN LHAUSA LA 74, CA 4,0 011 ANN P 1 L71011 CN 02 NONN lal10 3NN MOON CA NAA leitvpa '1^ / 1/03 SPOON t ONG144,411, 311, 4 ANN CA CA '101"41=14"'141 [ON 4, HN1N LN aciln Napo fanno PAM / P ns ANN u 4P vol TCH 141 W NA f T:4' HNNAla-NT Lc y NANAF LPN, LN1 NOM * NA HA 0014 NnHER LA DANN C NN P LA LAA SL CNN HP 411 PK ll( MON CA 1400:: 3L11131'11 nt * tat MLAN% 011 ANL aflu ONON 4 LaN NAM,,/ MO 411 NHO 3 OJA PN LU O M :73 " HON 141" 477 HLNAO NNS M AP0 LPN AMS M 471'3:441 CA u 11 N': XPV rpons WW1 La N Nogg mt 449 NOES NA`LHO LO :707 'RATrYri='1::' NoLo pc C61 ar3 LUCA N A, ANN N RONA N NOV PLOMNNO No KNN SALLUM Ca A11^:31411"'19 LAMY LERMA 30 NN MNT JON L LNA ' TLC /NAPA P MLTS A NATON CAPE A AP 51, VP T HAL Po PA LA/NA 314 Net Alla rncp AN PLPFNA4 fal NON HS NN N P!No CHAPMA , NON 4304 PAO R 1310/ NNA Av NO MM NNA ANENT Mt 5 TOW NA 543 RCN1 1 NON FA1 N J LEST OWN N 543 NKA MNS, SA/ LAMA 1,0133 CA 344 ANN NANO STLNAL NNV MNMA H PO N NY 414 al PO: : NVEA, Dr Theodore G York and Dr David A Heaton, in the practice of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, would like to extend to all gallant runners our very best wishes for ah exciting Honolulu Marathon 615 Piikoi St Suite 1401 Honolulu, OFFCE LOCATONS Kailua Podiatry Clink 407 Uluniu St, Suite 301 Kailua, Pearl Ridge Office Center Bank of Hawaii Building Suite 737 Aiea, WNDWARD 354 plunk' Street STORE HOURS Kaifu' Mon: Fri 11:30-5: Saturday 10:00-5:30 2nd Anniversary Celebration one week only from Dec 3rd thru Dec 9th UP TO 50% OFF ALL RUNNNG SHOES N STOCK 115% OFF ALL RUNNNG WEAR' We carry all major lines: Adidas Ada, Brooks, Elonic Nike, New Balance, Asaga, Puma, Tiger, BM noir Head, Frank Shorter, Moving Comfort, Sub 4 -MARATHON TAB NEO-LFE MARATHON SPECAL "When you're asking that extra mile from your body, give if the BEST!" 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27 EMPLOYMENT TRANNG aa z N, Register Now For Vocational Education Courses non-credit Day Classes: Register today - see you in class tomorrow! Evening Clases: Convenient starting dates - Call for further information Ask about special high school student and youth rates AUTO BODY REPAR & PANTNG At Pier 35 For further information, call Kenneth Okano at Beginning Body & Fender Beginning Refinishing Beginning Body Welding Advanced Body & Fender Advanced Refinishing Advanced Body Welding AUTO MECHANCS At Pier 35 For further information, call Kenneth Okano at Auto Preventive Maintenance Beginning Tune-Up Beginning Brakes Beginning Engines (valve train) Advanced Tune-Up Advanced Brakes Advanced Engines (valve train) SCHOFELD BARRACKS SPECAL PROGRAMS For further information, call Gloria Roper at ntro to Carpentry ntro to Power Technology ntro to Diesel Engines Medical Terminslogy ntro to Solar Construction Career Development-Welding Career Development-Welding Radio/TV Repair 30 hrs 30 hrs 30 hrs 30 hrs 30 hrs 30 hrs $67 $67 $67 $67 $67 $67 12 hrs $27 24 hrs $59 24 hrs $59 24 hrs $59 36 hrs $71 36 hrs $71 36 hrs $71 32 hrs 32 hrs 32 hrs 32 hrs 16 hrs 24 hrs 32 hrs 32 hrs $100 $80 $120 $60 $70 $75 $130 $70 CLERCAL OCCUPATONAL SKLLS At 847 Moowaa St For further information, call Kay Beach at ntro to Gregg Shorthand ntro to Bookkeeping Beginning Typing ntermediate Typing Advanced Typing Business Math Using Electronic Calculator ntro to Word Processing Medical Terminology nterview Skills for the Job-Hunter nterview Skills for the nterviewer 24 hrs 48 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 20 hrs 24 hrs 28 hrs 12 hrs 12 hrs FOOD PREPARATON & BAKNG At 847 Moowaa St For further information, call Kenneth Okano at Beginning Cooking Beginning Baking Advanced Cooking Advanced Baking Course Days /Hrs Name Last Social Security No Address Phone Home (Please Print) First 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs Business Course Title Middle $36 $50 $35 $35 $35 $29 $35 $45 $25 $25 $56 $56 $56 $56 Zip Code tl - BASC EMERGENCY CARE Variable locations For further information, call Ruth Komatsu at Heartsaver 4 hrs Basic Cardiac Life Support 1 hrs, $9 $22 Fee $ Make check payable to University of Hawaii MaN to: - UM Community Colleges Employment Training Office 1040 S King St, Rm 306 Honolulu, A111A TA/111-7

28 Registered Entrants n the 1981 HONOLULU MARATHON (Continued)* O s OW* sass 2010 an Ca 011S aowo HLO Oal OW alla sari 347 LW Maw Hs 3 ca N LMA WL 10, lata 4114m OM PM MOLP1 110 LA Wv Mossiswell CA Zas 0110 RLYN UMW M = "" sap 11 nal W 510 me ow} wadi smut 11,1 small Ho SWAT ossigh L /0 wurol 110 SAW N Wlla svs WW 1410 Calsa / WDLL Slo 110 la Ow on lea WW N PO 001 L110A3 %WW CA sel 1100 CA ma swop 104 0= YAW : arlssass fey S 1001 ale Al 0/1100 LLLHAN LoOpro Wan Pm WM (La kw Nu 001 La W 010 n C01011 nrin RZ7L,12sols on MOW poe mom ca A CHOLL 0 CALLA01 NO LAMP LK es0 o 111 r = 4000 W CA LLAUDA SOCKWN NO 000 LW HO z011 WW j:l 0 Mal CA Mars ON OM bra au M WM P Va 6011 /1 M 6rS WLLAM MLL* 0 = FAN SW Hi CA La4 PODA 11 KMM HEM eao WAL0 PAP ilertna =s=a4v /10 WW LEW F MF o POW W S 4 MEW, CA ,71s0 711 maw rs''Z'ArT"^ /34 ma, rws A =s1:1=4"os*hh mnoona an'orm'srl=%'6'^ 111 Pa or t11 ni larva a es 004 La ow HA 1111 bowll / 5 per Trophy 1111Cla WO e WLM PAWN YTS H21J Al :tt = 212 P'02010 SW1 WL H , 730 =M NOLAL OMMA 7 JO 1011 V /40 CAM MOLL 211 Li f '111 7 AL/ OH Loa on CO MS welc M ,11 WO /VP = MC ZZ,`"`" "L JM MLLS 13% 116 SM W wt /s i 010 H02 WL MO TR CA SOS AMA& WOO n O 07 MOM MOW WES WW MO C MLS NH r07 oli (Shipping ncluded) Order Your Personalized Trophy as a Lasting Remembrance of Your Participation in the 1981 Honolulu Marathon HONOLULU MARATHON 1981 (NAME) Personalized Plate Handy Order Coupon TROPHY CENTER, 815 Keeaumoku St, Hono, Please Send Me: MALE RUNNER Names FEMALE RUNNER Names Payment in full $5 Each must be fully satisfied or will return unit within 10 days for full refund NAME ADDRESS CTY STATF ZP - MARATHON TAR O 11 W CAna et awry WSSLL O cassc100 0 Hi 111, Mat L 10 OALZAW 1/100 OALLAW DO 021 MO 211 LA Faun Hi ac cm 000 Hs 110 MM 070 woo 100 na COWS WW1 HA :171 PATRCA rits1133s as WW J W 1101 /PMA Ht POP 10O CA ' VZ" PAT L0116 S044 an wrap 10 = =" soluoln 31> 001 n5c0f CA MAR CA vs 00t WL /10 WO Al os a WW1 AZ 11: 4"1:74"""' 002 MOOLO OWN LW Os HM WW M 17 OW AM 70 PAW CA 1011 LL CA Cal pm yam C LOU OHS telloma LAMSON OM HALM 1110 Ha 41 Go OOP 11 YAW CA M OWA,grvo GPO TOM VM Wail Ca osw HA 011 WA 101/ CA Z1 Mt " wahl H, MM we L s se/ scull V OR 014 Oa OMAN ,4 OS M W ALM ois OLGA HO VA v Ma lavlon sle MEM 1144 ml win =arm go 071 Wan SO sern TRO A=1 10' 001 go; 000 1scomma L MHO: MN v wow r;," WOOS WO 0131 HEW MA L 041 LON OM CA CA 079 SALLP OW COMM CA 4 0 SL:= NO JON M H pa = COLN 010 N W WA L :1A 0 SM WM mgr* 122 JON ,20 maw on Oas inn SLL CA 0110/ TR on WVN J WOO OM FL (11 tra op L "La as, 10100L M G W LAWN LA us LL C 17, Monis 001A ma W WM Wao Wain O WM PC ral 'ATOr'1110 F" vs PAM a Slar1100 P LLF rson A= WA1 7 LEO SLOW Hi R ;t1" 140 orrests C100143"111 RALL MA wsw H M1 RCS / FL MA WO 0/0 HAV MUM LA v new wm 0 WANDA/ MTCH moo Ha Z" 1=3" ono Hiss a=e:=1 ' %=n 'ma Owl 17 one 10/0 101 WS MOW sp/ owl LA zaws1 Wao tiro= 0 MOM 1:34 N MR CA 1147 W WO 1111 MO OW ram CA 2 WLEY CA WOO al 11S2 110/ = OXLP nr Romp rtimosorg O MOM C10 YO MEL 0/ H 0 04 S C SOMA 1S ,11 11 JAW AMCWMPS '';7 2'1 WPlar OW C MP n r7 NOW OPEN PUBLC N AT RDAYS ALSO ceramic tiles MON-FR 7:00-4:30 SAT 8:00-12:00 f you're in the neighborhood, please drop by and check our prices YOU WLL BE PLEASANTLY Ur" SURPRSED!!! PACFC 111M SALES 120 MOKAUEA ST

29 VOL r The Pause That, Er, Adds Life A runner enjoys a refreshing pause during the 1980 Honolulu Marathon A truck filled with Coca-Cola - the official Marathon drink - is parked in the background Marathoners almost never die From Page 6 what is known as a "positive addiction" f you are already a runner, or had thought about taking up jogging, is this something you should worry about? Decidedly not! The worst that could happen to you is that you could increase your running distance and adopt a "marathoner's lifestyle" f that happened, you would be none the worse for it You would never suffer a fatal heart attack, or other related disease of old age such as stroke, emphysema, cirrhosis of the liver and certain types of cancer Did seay "never?" Yes, did, but you don't have to take my word for it That is the claim of Thomas J Bassler, MD, president of the American Medical Joggers Association Dr Bassler is not saying that marathoners never die but that when they do die the cause of death will be one that usually affects teenagers Now am not suggest- See Page 11 For All Sports And Activities Of Merit CUPS RBBONS PLAQUES TROPES CERTFCATES MEDALLONS - MEDALS ENGRAVNG Enchanted Lakes Professional Center 1051 Keolu Drive, Suite 102 Kailua, Hawaii Run on over to CALL KEEP WNDWARD WNDWARD BE A WNNER! RUN WTH THE BEST! BREAKFAST DALY 7 to am Om 7 am to 1 m) Phone for a fine dining experience seven days a week 'LUNCH DALY 11 am to 5 pm 315 Uluniu St DNNER DALY iii0 pm to 9 Pm Kam Square MARATHON TAB-9

30 Registered Entrants n the 1981 HONOLULU MARATHON (Continued) mg tom c010 :/ozg Tit 11017,41 CO ON N MOO 101 GOON 167 RE EONS N r0 717 CCLE V WO CA 73 ono tog :171171:711111ALL $ ,2,2gg Ltt M ALMS Mt s MOLL 001 1:7 C71:11=1' CLAJLE 10 :r O 117 ' NAL OM 'r PCNA VNC :771 T'1'11 0 LOS NOY '7771 'LAW= 703 MOM YAP N 22 gyp WLLAM ONO 206 Na3311 ONO M : =0 1="111" 2 OR, 10L S LEE : 7,== 2111 LAM NO ALvN 16041e PAO LOOS 10 L ON OM 1401L0 CA EL MO PM 011 CA 2 MO ult CA MOTU ONO 141 CA 234 MLL OCALA CA 21 ROW LAO M !Tr - to tetteesi LLUt JR 241 CLAMNG McnOt CO M2 -C LAMM CA 711: 1411LPH LL MCC' 74e Nt C MN O TY 21 OLAN ON St J47 COLO COO 17 0 JAMS RM L 1 MON ONON CA BOARL0 PETTRON 3 AM 01313n 2311 J SMOLA LL M MM MS, co , OE ON NA 240 Num 2 OW WO 0 CA 2 SOO LEGO 2 MOM MeV OH AL MN O W =111"" 0101 HA NOM MA JO OR CA 1411 moms MAS CA 770 ROE JO CA 771 OWN CA 772 L Rgt,g, WART JOHAN ast mi AL Am MT MAK MK 611LL171 COMA, N '17 7 OWN N 711 ELLOTT CO N At 210 om Ht 21 MOMS ratrm 3 SLVA AMA OHMS M N J/FOrt MOO mot A71 OW Mt n EM N 7 moo cogs 304 LA/13 M LAO CP 306 RALPH MOT 307 GO MN L1: NOM la 711 MP LONS CON 111 '7071/11'706117:' /01 M 7 =T:r141" CURO NOM MM 372 MN KM M 6 AM V A /6 CECOn Noe on MS CA HAL no las 110 CL 7 OD GLOO CA 334 ON MSS CA CA 11/ 330 COO 061 NS LA xu M , AM 343 POLL, J16 MTE ' : rAr VT JANE AM Cm M 357 EOM omet 0161coL 114 WLLA11111PP CT 17: BLL!NOV At LA " 3,7 OMT : =741'17;r1110' 300 PONT N N 303 AL 000 N 3416 OTTO 111ter WNW %A AM MO M 46TC Ty 30 EMLA Ca CA AST 13 CA 0 W MOW co 31/1 Ma M lowm 3 SM al 3 JOS MST OA 3 W ca taltm1 N 3197 ASO 00N Hi 313 MM CA TO TATELLC :114:0 JR N ="*Z't 7 LAMEN12171 ess WO CMS to MAM CC "42 JM MNM N A MLLL1CH S MLL NMAN V N 7 ORL MAO N 416 risme JR Dr Louann Miele Suppa Podiatrist - Food Specialist KANEOHE Kawa St Sports Medicine Foot Surgery Foot Trauma General Footcare Diabetic Footcare Consultation and Treatment By Appointment TWO Convenient Locations: KALUA 35 Kainehe St : '",147=1:4 7: 431 MN 1/ =T 201 OOP CA 441 WOE A UT Ma MC SAND CA 3 SAVO L 444 P017 NS MOM 444 /NV NAN 01 7 TOO SAMOCT 1;31: SO NELS 111 r,11:14rc=la!"0 N LAO / 1706AL CNU"CCON 41 L OHO 57 NOT GNAW M rm ma m colet 2 WLLAM OE= O NN 447 CMPLt : *N PO OS : LCOMA1 CO roar,r= "4, omolkon GRAHOALL MCNAn CH3 61, n JEAN mrs L Mt 1337 RR An to N 100 MO OR NN 61 E1101E CA BON7 CA 44: OS r 0111 SOME CA 4197 NOSO 0 no AlTo TcHEL 16 6 no RUM c0 :77 WO0117=7"'GA 74 MM / M 1310 H PA " 500 MO M 2 TMR2 mium Nt 2 51 flow C O MAW CA 1 HARM To HA L=1':62t/r:1 H07310 t? 'XVrnCttk/mtS 511 LESTA S 61 7gp 2, Ammo nor CA S S30 MK 1000 CO 1 CHAELCR 332 WLLAN MOO Ht 09 JOAO Ht 373 CALLOW OWN HL 7 J ORO S ON SCOW 2t,gt2 1:1 Z S43 L/ cgt gtg, S CA AGHAPO o7/0/0 N 14 TOLV 0 On PAO 011 gpgt,gttgt,,g, 2 got 513 OLEN CA m/itin CA 0101, :C7:::1 117 :n RO" 1710 OV Otto Sco OW 141 S MOS :: ta GLEM NAON 11=1001L MA1L 410A116 CA =NL CLLON"CA 5, APRS L :17=3=111 e22 P EA Lc M f Ha, LEE la 1110 M N 'Tr-A" "' MAM 01Al CO 010 C CA MPS Enjoy SOO On 0 MO VAES JON 1COTT A WO S SOPO EL NAOM M WO 010 NOM Hi 02 PHYLLS STONER N M VC SOO MN PE 0 MO N COO AA HALT 1 C31103 CALL1:411 Mt MENTON WEAL ml SETOTH LALL SOWN 1' r0: JO OLO rt1 77:: :' NOV 7:1: E7 MAMOTO 21 A WRY CC Ht STALL e,1 nue CA MSR OR e22 OnVS MATN OA JONES N 29 COL 7A, c OSA ROLLO N c31 LAL 7717 cf LOOM 11: =PZ "1 45 r115( Mt 1E11 06,717,TAS et Mow slher AE AL DSLAR mi EL 1734:11,3 4,1,1 SEA CA s SALE NLE M OF N TWO CA 0 ARALA LEM MO CA 2 OL CA CS) MOO CA :14 rzg 0101 LT NCH SOO 1077 Odin 6 SOLO GLL MN THOME A LAMM 11113rt CA Man COMO 10 3 RCRTHATM610 Hi Mt MA ERC xr M HAW HAM Aro ROAM NUJ M CA WHO ACM M t''cl041"ttstr NO ONO NEM M 7"1r1Z MO MOM to 3 /WES HUGHES N, MR Mo MONTS N Obv NT ME KN " 3 DAVD ONS 141 =7 "MAO JA /77 11=',7"1T4 JO0111 N CA CO ONO L 1411 NEEL N 702 MM MOO CA NM NYC, NOM A1017 MON 11111,11LATO of H 0 ON L LAWN CA 770 CMOL WT Mt 73 WM 00 CA 77 OlOOT NON CA 73* ARAM ALM DM : : MO JO CLAW 7:1 1,17"171 :41 7 TO MORT N / 214, 741 *WA OM = 7411, OTTO CAW 1 70 Oplr Mk L 731 MMO MA TY( LLOYD SA P Mt MOAN M To 3311, REM 7 OD OWN ccg trtttg 71 "7 1 RD CLAW e, i There's special way of living in our islands end se bring all the best of that life to your Mak Scut L Sports Get into your foals fashions tot guys and Oda ham Ocean Pacifk Hob, tine l Sundek Bolt Olhhcen Nat tiodleet and the new Gann trunks rom South Alike! Great water W ail equipment too! Stet Bonds Boogie Boards OTiolt Webuits, Hsweitian Wanks and Vanclsuttina Dane EXtitrEVA Nada CAT Dshibutot ce Hawaii's most complete catamaran accessory center! gimillsold il5natu Catamarans 1100/ RA El AO A13 /610 RAM El Have a Coke and a smile Mile after mile From the start 8 years ago Coke has helped refresh the runners in the Honolulu Marathon MATNON TAO it

31 wwww wwwri-mullifigallwraiwpirsias441-4a-sars-ishvx-r" rvirriar-smismidustswirni-i - An unidentified Matathoner listens to encouraging words from a friend during the 1980 Honolulu Marathon Schedule of Events Sunday, December 6-6:00 am Wheelchair Division of the 1981 Honolulu Marathon starts, adjacent to Aloha Tower Sunday, December 6-9 am-12 noon Runner Number Pick-up Mandatory for all marathon entrants (alternate date: December 12) Wednesday-Saturday, December am-12 noon Asian Pacific Congress of Medical Marathoners and Allied Arts (AMJA) Moans Surfrider Hotel Wednesday-Friday, December :00-5:00 pm Fifth Annual conference on Race Administration Kamehameha Room, Second Floor, Surfrider Hotel Friday, December 11-6:00-9:00 pm Carbohydrate Loading Party Saturday, December 12-9:00 am East-West Friendship Run For foreign entrants in the marathon, Kapiolani Bandstand to the East-West Center Saturday, December 12-3:30 pm Symposium for Runners Sponsored by Nike Free Moans Surfrider Hotel Saturday, December noon-3:00 pm Runner Number Pick-up Mandatory for all marathon entrants (alternate date: December 6) Sunday, December 13-3:00-4:45 am Buses depart Kapiolani Bandstand to take marathon entrants to start area Sunday, December 13-6:00 am NNTH ANNUAL HONOLULU MARATHON Start at Aloha Tower Sunday, December 13-1:00 pm Awards Ceremony Kapiolani Park Bandstand Sunday, December 13 - to be announced Marathon TV Special Record Holders HONOLULU RECORDS Men Dean Matthews 2:16: Women Patti Catalano 2:35: TOP 10 MEN FNSHERS Duncan MacDonald, California 2:16:5F Edson Bergara, Brazil 2:19:23 Slzman, West Germany 2:19:55 Shorter, Colorado 2:20:11 Kind Stahl, Sweden 2:20:47 Gerald Dravitzki, New Zealand 2:Z1:13 Richard Hughson, Canada 2:21:32 Dave Patterson, Pennsylvania 2:21:41 Virgilio Herrera, Guatemala 2:21:47 Jitsuo Akieda, Japan 2:22: TOP 5 WOMEN FNSHERS Patti Catalano, Massachusetts 2:35:26 Jane Wipf, South Dakota 2:39:49 Lorne Dierdorff, California 2:44:15 Marty Cooksey, Oregon 2:44:49 Shirley Durtachi, Oregon 2:47:34 Cursing starts at `one' mile From Page 9 ing that you train for and complete a marathon (26 miles, 385 yards) Not yet anyway wouldn't want to alienate you before you started What am suggesting however, is that you very slowly erase the number "one" from your mind One mile seems to be the most common distance completed and not coincidentally, of attrition At the one mile mark every drop-out will, without fail, curse the day he or she decided to undertake such an inane project Sad, because had they trained slowly and broken that harrier, they would have seen the real physical and psychological effects of running These effects do not start to occur until the body warms up and a light sweat develops between miles The physical effects are a decrease in weight, reduction of, or quitting smoking without withdrawal, a drop in systolic and diastolic blood pressures, and better cardiovascular and pulmonary health Psychological effects are a lack of depression and a better mental outlook A San Diego psychiatrist, Dr Thaddeus K Kostrubala, even uses jogging as an adjunct to alcoholic therapy He says: " have never had such a breakthrough in medical knowledge in my whole life am intrigued beyond belief by what am seeing" Purchase a property through our company and you will receive a check for 1% of the sale price within 3 working days after closing - example: Home purchased for $120,000, 1% of sale price = $120000, our check to you Let Wilson-Gray negotiate your best buy, then receive our 1% rebate on top of that TO RESERVE YOUR REBATE FOR ONE YEAR MAL COUPON TODAY! To be eligible for your rebate submit this registration form no later than Dec 31, 1981 This step will allow you to take advantage of this incredible offer for the period of one year, for as many times as you wish This offer expires Dec NAME STREET ADDRESS CTY PHONE STATE Submit to Wilson Gray 8 Associates, nc 4747 Kilauea Ave, Suite 212 Honolulu Hawaii ZP underslend that sending this reservallon n no way obligales nu to purchase Real Este through NelsonGray Buell!choose to buy through Wilson-Gray they guarantee my rebate& 1, of the sales once, wlth no maximum LMTED OFFER! MAL COUPON TODAY <47 Wilson-Gray Shlociatz KLAUEA AVE SUTE 212 /1/4, HONOLULi'HAWA PH: AEA OFFCE PH: THE PROFESSONAL APPROACH TO: REAL ESTATE SERVCES t RE ALTOP' MARATHON TAB-11

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33 asmssommainemm14 CALL The Best Man Duncan MacDonald of California reflects concentration and determination as he shows the form that helped him win the 1980 Honolulu Marathon FAMLY CROPRACTC CENTER Headache Arthritis Nervousness Backache Neck Pain "Pinched Nerves' Shoulder-Arm Pain Numbness in Hand Bursitis - or Feet X-RAY FACLTES WORKERS COMPENSATON NSURANCE HEALTH LECTURES 1ST & 3RD SAT 9:30 AM No Charge For Consultation Dr Lawrence J Connors, MA, DC CROPRACTC THE NATURAL SOLUTON TO HEALTH PROBLEMS KANEOHE BUSNESS & PROFESSONAL CENTER Kawa St, Suite Beautiful flights to beautiful places Beautiful rooms Beautiful U-drives The beauty of it all, call Hawaiian Air or any travel agent for more ways to save on every beautiful island BE A WNNER DRVE A 1982 SUBARU BG SAVNGS ON DEMOS AND '81 MODELS N STOCK HAWAgAN AR LEASE OR FN WTH APPROVED CREDT Come Over To Our Side a Make t Worth The Trip! WNDWARD SUBARU Foamy Authorized Sales & Service 737 Kalluo Rd, Wm ,o1 -) MARATHON TAB-13

34 L RR 1 1LP Registered Entrants in the 1981 HONOLULU MARATHON (Continued) 44 PAM MS N Ls, ", N N-NN Mi 7211 JAR 13441A1 JR mi JZSZ PAM RADE 1033 A 111 ZZ NAM ml m1 M OAK "AMEN N Am WAG h 253 SAM A nunge N SAP ml ro 1 MM M JZ57 OLEM ELLOSS ml vana AML 141, nall 1 LA AMMO 11 JONA MONS Co fri MOM N 64 MOM VOCHMES 1MAO M M al OMMM 131 N ' 371:001SN MCE "M = JAME CROALL 11 11, i X:ZS'7",r 3, AMS SM M Mi = 441 M MR NOWT ml M::11 :11:;L=1, "LA COMC NNAMMEN M N ALOEN LOAVEMAA M " 01:' X 116Z =1W:VAN"m1 :ZS; ranvc:tormor J311 EMR RSA? 14 VT 1141,71014 ACM 141,144 MA KLEMM 1 Zoe 010 *me M 1,1 VALK MM N WM CO o MON NJ PAS POMP M PM MAO DCVERSON 14 :71,, sa ut M MSJEL NA M 01 N 91 JO AMOS NAMUR ml 40 moan ruskstrx 1L LEE 141 OSA PPS SAMA M ROPLAT MEA CA MCA ARLO N S,7 OAKES L11161% 1451 RCA LETNEA CA ":'41"1' " 43: 1401 M MA t7; PONSTADC'L AEL S N WO M pna MOONS SAEMAN N 1'; ''':-': "71! "' 11:: '-,,-u,,t; gg;l:t,r,,,- OR LL A lomll LAvN 'OL N 056 NAM 11MLON V: r:1:': =LES; A '- :7`"t,`,==',:' '11 '""",:;2(irl, ' 1:'s :'4M'r r SZ :,= E ss 511 ROAM 14 LZML NOMA MMR m 13 1EP144 SLAW M PANS MAHAN '17 ALL ME WO E VEY N, 1 PANV MOM V lb, 11141,3 CLEAMAEN Mr snl 1M PAL 0 LAM PM N sssz App Apes s, MR 14,10 N MALAY Cm V> MA MOP CA 7,1 0301Al PAOLLA M zspes me3n H us, s,,,,,, 35, LORA STEM CO, MOE 111 M 1 /01 NDS CO MR nvowalne LOR,NO CAW VONA 0 CA 11 POWAY 111 MO 1 ROM M S''':7 "':E:1'Y-Ns "M 003 C3C14 SZ WAVMM" TS ;,,tz,4rnr,-,, LOPES 1011 CA 'Aro, LACOES M MA MAM OA MAL LNDA SSAS LA 'JAMS SAYLOR N Hes CHARLES SLEC/ELA APLES MOLL N xl MM 00LM 1M rs X O NZ= Ct4 T: "r * " lall JOM PONAPAN 141 0, No31 'ENO, N 3q, r;:[ =A" 3-4 NOW LEE N 1,7 MARC N JAM MAM LEPAS N 14S1 MOSS Tr =1= N, MERV A M ::: mmo 3S5 O MP E N ZOLMP M1 CA 0 4 PPO ifr =11r:111'''r "' 11 6M AM3 NLAA l v NA 300 ALLSM MtNCOS1 A M 7, 1, LA L OMCAOOMA M4 FP4 M NN 7 A3CK N 0LRE1ON TS A M 0 umlan PRM 1 POE PLACE M AM * RAM Mt :2,, M E l PMN OTON MAO 3 W M OPMAEN O MNO N MOD NS N 1 R KU, N e4 SAO LAPOTNLAS VASONA 3041 JOSEM NOA N 42 wow t i orpe MA101 M ':M :LXVPaltil"r 3103 PATRCA moon CA N FV74A01,, 147,, _ ASS ROMAN Y m t NN N00 N MN MK CA i MsE M 4 o LA0 / LAVO 10131MANJ CA JON NOM PO/ELL N Sle 4 Tl 1,,,,0,,, V 141E1 ETN '1,10 s 111/1 s 4 Vr* , MLLT mi oz ml L71-tiTTF411'" " LAN LEE MAM Mi,' '''11 7r? 0 TWO a N SO3 "' AN SETENO N ' LYNAM ml ia 111 A 310 POLL 0 PAR OM 1 41,1 41-4t VNE araeannammarr CA nn MTV A/EVE Ni / NSP' N MA SONO lloo GELS, OFVNES CA ONO NSMME MZ MEN 100 M VS r N bu/s pop ' -"L '''''''' :-,z1,,, -;,:::,t-,i,j, ",t,'a',':::r1,1,-,t 1, yr NM M MPAOLD N m " rwits LSLER N: OL N :'''''' '"";":4'1" 41 LA ER's " LL M M av41 Lk, ' 01 n ="" 4 MALAE, WHOA 140 SATL m1 M1,1111 JJ 1MLAA N rft'sze' 011 W N, CA ARS MOCSHAM N =E',,,,,,-,r,' -" ---" - SMOAM ONVO NONAs rt ACM LEMMA 1JA LON N z512 LALME LER J513 NCO LVV TX 1117,44," 3510 SALA! VON EON57 CA af? OKA CA 11 MASONOG Ltra"= 1" 1:Sg Al Z376 ROM MONT N 337 MALZ AO, NA : nsto 4311 LARY 1611 M Alms L0EA!L-MNS: CA 3A 414 MO N DUDLEY 001APP SAMNS RiNTS A "' 3MALP LA L N WE 1,;=33,CO MONCA 011MTO ' 4,2 CHARLES C0000 CA VOJ VERONCA OLY NAM 111 ZS MP MOOR N 31: MEAL nxlx 0 LES MONE/ N NSM LEO CA NAV 15 VAR MAMAMAA JAL LAVO TE 413 PARC LOCAL se ROO OW LAR 1131OEL 4140 C M MLMOL LA RM ROLE ill ALM 01 '1',S NZ% MArtrUCA" 11 AARY MAE R NMAL M r MOR 343 N SOF J SAMC MAPLES Ni so KAY MOM Jell AE MN ANNOLEV X JA, EAM31 41 : TRMS ALACAL LES YONVLLO A NESMEAOLL ;, "'n1 A 3439 RONALD LYN N 4 NAMEN N JAMES,AMMPAY LA 1 HENVER AAAAA N 11 ALMA WAJD N MA SONA LOPEZ AZ =X= ARE WASS NEED A FACELFT? liabilitat aow offers a trio of Convenient Servkes LAWN & GARDEN SERVCE * Sprinkler installation & repair * Spraying-weed killers, fertilizers & pest control * Complete lawn renovation 2-COAT PANTNG * nterior & exterior HOUSECLEANNG SERVCE * Homes, vacation rentals, apts We are equipped to accommodate residential & commercial jobs CALL NOW FOR FREE ESTMATES HABLTAT Be a Pepper And receive a $400 refund Buy a case of Dr Pepper or Sugar Free Dr Pepper and receive a $200 rebate direct from the manufacturer Also, receive an additional$200 rebate with a case purchase of your favorite beer PP 1)r- Pr-,Pf" flr' Details at all 7-ELEvEn food stores Offer expires 1/24/82 tn71 NONN MRAM110 KULA AUKA SWM SCHOOL 04( Lana 2 months old n turbulent ocean - Per/VS/Wes, nstructor " TE r 37 RAO, PORMALES 53 MAMA OAME AL LESSONS THURSDAY THRU SATURDAY CLASSES YEAR-ROUND OCEAN LESSONS NDVDUAL ATTENTON 6 STUDENTS PER CLASS 6 WEEKS OLD - SENOR CTZENS DROWNPROOF METHOD GFT CERTFCATES AVALABLE /- MARATHON TAO

35 Taking a break Heidi Chang, wellknown Honolulu disc jockey, shows fatigue during the end of the 1980 Honolulu Marathon as she is assisted at an aid station by a volunteer DOCTORS ON CALL HAWA Physician's House Calls James S Barahal, MD Sewing visitors and residents of Hawaii Committed to quality health care at affordable prices 24 hours a day 7 days a week or MAKE TRACKS TO sviensors x ir : 40 e4 -- 1*" -, ' Qiik Swensen's still makes ice cream the old-fashioned way And that's the best way So we make it in small batches Fresh Right in our store Swensen's is the only big company that still makes ce cream the old-fashioned way Other big companies don't do it ts more time and trouble But wo,think it's worth it We believe it's the only way you can get ice cream to taste so incredibly good SWEN8EN'S 908 Klapahulu Ave (next to Leonard's Bakery) 1 0 * 4* 04 t01 041* 114 c AT ARMADLLO 11 PZZA WE GVE YOU FAST, FREE 30 MNUTE DELVERY!! a -= u 7 V c SUNDA HOURS 1 1 AY M - to T AM FRDAY & SATURDAY 11AMto2AM URSDAY CALL ,0"4 0,6, Now Serving " MOANALUA SALT LAKE At z % t 2810 PAA ST, #3 PHONE CKAM AFB PEARL HARBOR OUPON $100 OFF ANY PZZA SUN PRESS PHONE SUN PRESS ONE PZZA PER COUPON COUPON 2 FREE COKES WTH ANY PZZA ONE PZZA PER COUPON MEMEMMNEE MARATHON TAD-1S 'l

36 Registered Entrants in the 1981 HONOLULU MARATHON (Continued) M N ms Am AM NM N rrv1'2':4411:1" CA 41'7:1 VLC:6471=6:14" N / NW 4"2:8' r"46'1?"' :; : r" ""'", ""r%7 ' OC NA "1' MO JO N OR 1045 PR 11, M 40 M 0010 N :V: :4:17'"'"' rr'0 ' , 0 ' N NC La 47 M N 4010 SO OM N N 420 RCK N 4, DAVD JAML N HMO N MNN N M = 10114' VAN 0030 N 4564 :X DO M sa S EN N / SAM C0120 N 4 MOSE may o Oa Loom ca =,7:1= 4: , oft 400 CR CA S N Ca LAVOE N Am Ni 1053 LA 3 N 4012 NEL M LLAN N 141 TO Vgli JON PAM 01 ' SOM DOU :fto ftuoft mft, 611 MOB = = "'N1 NM 41 LON 41 ROW / CA /0004 LEVN ::-! %=, 4 AS6 JOHN sncro co 4040 NAOM N10311 N 4725 DAVD NAL HS " = : iti,rsit,f4'" "' too A LOMPt tr; Drnt"ttr" L' NM 1014 W W Ont SOMA N 06 3 DAVS 402 JEFFREY CA 4'23 LN V ''''' "'0 M gr :"1"' 61= V/: ':"1:7:1rNCN a M ,O CM N M WOLN M6 ON 4/21643 CA MASSE 07 WLL 0 L 111 :::7-1,7'nm,,,- " VVAN ALAN 0 N WS N MM M 4742 / NAK N :B; L,7",::: ;^''^' r---, :21t",1:'"" "' 4592 PL SCR 1041 Hi 0) LAM '14 MO 40 4, MARV 1114 N 44 DOD No H1 0 =," rez =141 : M : 4"1; 1m A 403 PL N 440 UP 11""6"t : ' ,,01 N try,, 0122 Mt M JOHN Mon N,,,LE65, N C MS r': PriA/5:""" " PA D M CA = 867r "4, mon LA N 4422 rel: DitNr1:17";'ef QM PZ ' O 0021 /1 F4411 M 741 / E00 M = =rolp7o`tr"1 `" ::: tal:71',',4, 4 MN MANN LA N :651 ALHAROXLLAS N 4425 M 640 :PP'S Ortirttlni!Heran LA Men OM MAT HAMAN = :',,,r,,,-r ALL A =61=11 : CM1444!:211:" := C2 011n M N 45 R N t2=4:?:041"'611 :V: L7,'' N " trjtv ril La M 0411 C An 141 = LWY47""" re 4 " L 4: 04 t 141 r ga N 42 VC VON M /1110 N r1 -xrrrtzl wax OM CA, :V Z"rritrV ::: OntiVN MA NLA DAM% MAN HD 4617 LSA N NA "M1 400 MN N MU 016 OMUND , CA 411:: '''''' "lt11 ' LMA FL = =;192, ml r4"2:1 t--t---r----,,,- M ROM N RCr61"211" : F N y O, 1164 SCA N 05 N yy 0000, A W 0 y WM WOO DAN CAMLL N N 6177 Ltl::',1,rft* 7' TN 41,, ggy 411 :''''', =0"00= 44 MA40111 MCAL74 07 MM OM 1 M ' g2226,,60020,, W12 OWll MOM N MAN 67 JM N Ni PY: 1401:1=1 mom NEV M N = ' 92"11"3"1:132"""1121 '21""1 LAN 4/ N M1 74 M WM 1t CA 40 MN M!APT,TEr 7' 43 ' MP ma ; " MA 5m m,, 6 5" "="01 CA RC 11: rr`tonr"4 '4: SA MO JAMES ,, Am MLL re: V 4417 DLL N '''`1 "' 11g "N S ,10/ 4671 NTRC8 /1922 N != /411011:10 N 4 / 2004 a : RLLS M MO 6466 N = TAZZol m O1: S OL CA 6471 A0161 PASSTO W CALVN M m66 666, N ' MO SAMS '21:0771= 6466 M 11 M 4340 N ri11, trl'orer;n61" trs: '""' 0M"Pr nix V N 4264,HM: MMCS RM, N ::r: ": 47 ' ttl: lo"'"mr:z' O'LLS "L MD EMMEN CON1111 LA ? 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37 Registered Entrants n the HONOLULU MARATHON (Continued) ON4 OM N MN M MP JON ON Ht CM 104COLN N JO N MOPE 140 if, GTCALA N MM 4 MON NU LM MORA N 4 M( N MN N M t :TX 11140{44 1; Mr MOO N = 414;410 "PL=" Hr 7 L N ::::', LOS ' ; 1141=1AZ N MLL WM N 4/ N Olt OWLET NA ri ,2,, 12 WM M 40 N NO 1:: :V1 P " N r" 1022 ' N NEW Orr* MiNr a PALO lo R0114 LA :;"91 :::Orrat /Z N 56 DAMill JO Oen CA 01 EA SOM A 50 14= NAV :11 CAP :1 N CAM N TM N N 5252 E= Ht LA NM THEODORA CA Ng SECO 143 ' N 2115V TP NCHOL XDOW M 5245 TOON MM MOW 111NY 1141 WON vimmasil MOM OR "N ;7% Patt3:::1' '111{ Zr,:: L, L214!P r40 N / 281 :217 tilr1 C'"'"'S 54 R -7' 10 N 55 W 14 Ni (0 NEM Mk " WM N PM Hi TTTT L P Olt SAKAH N O N 5202 P A N M LOWY N J xl C :::: *"' "nl* -'," W 5 KVAHA 11"46 :V4-4r "';' S LEWN OS :::/ 21=4 ": MN M 5511, 22414,4rC M N OB V N PR N JR A1 200 la LP N N * GLOM 101 N SOO DE 1011 N 54 AM OAP N 51 JON N r: tm,: =Jr» 5325 A S/ WAX MORA / HNHAMA ER v MLL N, 7454 U N ;T 1=2"74Vg': tt: t) 404"rin'At': ::: ;"' :TM' 4'1'''' "' 55 M Z:r2 TL:g = SAK UM, Hi / PO 5,41 <MY 401 L ;;;;5 =!414:111V NS 111: M M JO N 5440 N41111 LULAN N 44, onoo LN 570 op, 40 N NOW ,101 CONN 41 5:4 TO L 41 r91 RrAl;Cr-rlra: 1: DD MA 5114 AME SPAM LA MOO LA 144k , ,,,,,,, 66, 0g, COLO VAN D 54 L N --,,, CHAPO ALCAAAA 5400 op MOO AM 1 oggon, goo Ng ;,4111; 4421 O 011, CECL RO LA 7411 v OLVER N N CA NM 5420 APO LAMY WA/ N VA N 5413 Jeli OM LA 5425 LP 41/ N N,4,6 gogo N, Ng N 5471 OM / P All N N r% -,-'' '' -(47,11: LA ;:fs 14' :16::: LitlerAA r ;r4; = Z44:: VOLA 11g 54 J RA LAM MU MAO WO On W ::72 :n:: nz" N ;1%1 1441%1 i N N 147P 1112 OA N 1471 MD LCOL 5440 C2 P N KO N 5 O Pi 64446, goog 6, Ng N R2 U N , 6642 No = t= 19="747 "' MN 54 ig"' r""1 N " 54/ Pli MO L LA 5504 LO tit KA 1041 M Y,' Lane:- wahho TO N 57 Pl LOMA 14 gii , V C Ht 551 / 1 MO 55, mg cum N JR LAM 55, MULL ;r2p D A N HAPHUHA LA 5527 PUNA N P MAN NA N 5541 HAMAD MO PON NA, JR 5540 NLCE y DA Ai ,H AK N 74 O 62 g N 5576 s,,,, 53 V a M 52 O A 55 NM HH AAHHA,HAS J12 N PL Hi SM 05 06,2 L4141: ; ; N N MO P POOL PO 4244 Hill, N mg LAO 140 kg 1344 N NA MOHAN On 010 N MAW 141 T 75 V N W /1040 M N 5569 Y NN, 44 Ng 4 kr PO 224 Ng MNN N AA ,16 M 04 HA ,,,,,g 0go goo Ng Ho , N 42 YAW MP N N OALH N goggogoonn4 Ng OA : AP COM CA"' MOD 0110 N 6 NOL 1415 SAHA a "'141 WV M LA n N LOAM Kan 11 ggog r niya,h 71': = ','"V, ":, SAM D ARON CA V LAM A Ni 5 WU WO S POLO ong 246, 044 go z: tr C L N tr 71=5'1414V141" 5454 moo go,og ici VW+ WW HP v, A 51 J PO N 5 CO RH JA PHA40,1 Ni 7:g = Ll'10"' M M gril 74 C 014 i,422 Ng No Ng 11 N 41011e DELL N on 14t 111 N LA 5415 V, W N 540/ COO Hi Ni S La ;:1? =:%4=4"141' r1:11 TCTER 124:17 M 56 LO ZT; 17:Yrnrf7471"1"' N =4""="t 1701 J =1V :='," ,t, N Ur 4: ;;;; 1=11=24 "L 14%1 TER CA ML 5 6 AA N 6, cog Ng ;726 :!1"4r0"te go "' ;;;? trx:41"741 "' 5742 PM ;/:;: ""114T=" " N ;1;1:: r :: N ;741 =At =71: 5752 PD NH N : / N ;L '11' ill ;;:- =1*:V124"'1 57 Al ON 01 ;;::; '''C""":" " 5244 LA ;:" "1"6 52 Jug OW VP: = 5 LL ;'" "610'"14=7 ogg No 42 oog,6 VH: luralat :"%41 N i , 1"1: 50 JOH 572/ W L N 4 N --r -7' N L 07:::::' X' L1011 ML N Now i F 1 THE EAGLE OHANA OF FNE BEERS Salutes the participants in the 1981 HONOLULU MARATHON

38 Fi i ' Registered Entrants n the 'HONOLULU MARATHON (Continued) trm NA Ms, 16 LNALAS 9114,H ZV; '06'11',=='"'N"' /1 MM DAMON 610 VANDOLMA N 50:5 DRAEL ANAMLN 54 FRAM /NNE WV 01,511 ALA11 LA,o14,, V1161:141 MNELL c:,a zr, rlfftritlts 5e1t RALN E 141 Z82, :1,M 111 +ere NOM N11110,77 OMSK LMAL0911 M V NARY Lou ANTAL 111,41 LLOLA UNN S1, 416 NNONR 1 6 0,11011 ADM+ / 61946,1 141,1,9611A1 V , 141 '051 HAM, / MM RAN N1 ''''' 19:=1 tl: vss mom, Ace, Hi kn,6 g md Nmo,, Ng -,, D, 011 HS, 50 LA, V gm Nmom, slmaem6 64 ANALD J Ank MANN W AHEM LLAM, 1 64 A1,11141 i4g VA DA ,99 YMONNLOM V', L9V1NDA 64/149 r0'77 smusgma ;41g trj/trelnme" Dav '1M141:0 YA Mr N N 5044 NAM DELLS N DAVD LOWS CA SUM WOO OLSON N UN? MANN N MD JESSE VM MN MMNWO J LORNA 00 N ,E MNA 9/ HZ MASA H1 ON A NNNOL, 542v5 RC MN Ht a LAM fe VAN" N ELAM mg W KAMM L1 111 frr, 1111 LOSM ml 5,0 MLA P , N = 5,14 JON Tatty X' S Mt> VAL, 5,:e , Yr, MALL4 ON,,,,,,,:, LVA'4174"141 H N v1, M 110 1:6' 1TVr411!::411r'141" S! 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39 Registered Entrants in the HONOLULU MARATHON (Continued) 6' 51"1 LUMPY 654/ MOM C40114,141 LV Z" Pea M 311 = = f r1rg="4, 6511 'NOM M llaml 111, " s RCHP11111 M P = ,64 {L PC , 1614 M i PLL OMN f"m'l*11=inti 6541 BAR OVUM La ULTOTNERV R J ", W M6 CR 4406 WW M /01 816, MOM UN R6 W CMCML , ROL 1, C/1111 MM M LNO SOM M 6616 UPRY ictu164 M L 667 mi mom MAO ma 71 POO PUPAR 37, A DE/NA N 14, ROPYEV ml 711 CHM, RECO MCA* V JO Mi LEONA TM, mi ft A N ANA ANN LK/ N ANY PE001LASLE RANH Pli MLR ARM PONLNEL=1:: M " AN NA1341 Hi SAAD xl tr, stoo mots ratteni =3' (=43""=31 4/333 [ML 731, UM, 4 AN, 67u 11791, 11303A, A/ Y72, PHAN N LAJN 33 6/ /3E3 e;'$' ="Xl / :;r6 =1'T"PA 6337 AA AR1103 M :77'1 PliTn1=' 4" 6,40 MO, N 6743 WAAL :4=649=6" Mem :071 rzt10144=1" C66196 ml el DY :=10 50=4"141 6/50 C6116,6 ml 6/61 ML" N "r0=1:41:4'7' 6764 EMMA, /61 VOW NM M VNAMANONe y Pe, y 61R W Vr72 16 Hi =4::"" " 7//9 313D van 130 ml n'/ NANNNAOr3 1741t e;:; '"'"' 7' { mt rrat1 3113%;311/41 6/91 AME 1/7131 N 01011m MJ N 61, WW N <,7 11,N HEAM3 31 e;:t r{6:73:3'"wir 03' MNMMN ggir DR MCHAEL K LEE PODATRST 66 DET 4, J MA C , N eeme 33A1/A 4 =A FRP DAVD 137/ '; :=4":7111NV 60 M143 5/ DONNC4 KMA , LANKA" 03/4401 JP 60, / let 27 lia N LA 1 11FATEV3LA 1J NFN N1331 N 6ND 33 33/3Am 41 NN /0 17,11 nrit=03'": Nr:1, ;ANL M' 6161, 3137a N "t1 743,3 f_lan tnantale 311 kr403ld 611,303 3b r MAW lu =36,116H1' 69 DANEL 1, OEM 4/14/ WA n N 1, CONGO (MOM M 47 WAY ; 't ' ) 16113DE N 6 304/17 ONA34 DAVD E SH "`:",71'77"" 7',166, 4iNED AL AL MAN 304 1,33ANON1311/ N 10,0113/Et rzit rl:tk 7' =,= "41 Dont H1 V:r741 =U1Z7:41411" y yt PM 6661 mi 6,3; scary 6 1, 6771 NAM EL7e 3/ JAMEY 40CM A f3;,z7 X,r714"3 " 69 /14n RAMA 694, AM Ai H113010NA S1 Ale6 AE4110, PAYE! N 69,7 PMA ES ,111 JON" 1141 Hi 6 JR L6 61r: ""ilin: CMS FARO N 1,65 DUD ev , NALN MOE 693 / /i LuNN 303 VT, '"177- Z! tn C 13,301 Hi 11 Kw EN E6 01 lua7 16/k1AL 101,13011 /aril "no/ LU N sou ng 01AF AWN Hi 7AVN K n\r:47311"zae" LLAN Foy 6/41 ikk 1161a 101, Y ;?3: NriAN"1:130":13"031 /Ulu [141613/3 616 t=1/;447174rdp 703S A, Hi 7u16 AJ /17 N 1=tt WLL/in SN1313 mt 70:1 *RPM v 1 ;?;31 ri331173;14"131"' JA943, W L1613( 3,1 'NAN 30063, A 03/ 77) bil n011 sirv 64 ivy" a N n3 L NNA / Yr"620=t3 Medical and surgical treatment of foot disorders, specializing in sports related injuries 1541 So Beretania St Suite 205 Honolulu (at Kalakaua & Beretania Sts) PH Waipahu Depot Rd Af4 Suite 105 Waipahu (across Arakawa's parking lot) PH AT LAST! A PORTABLE PERSONAL BUSNESS COMPUTER COMPLETE WTH SOFTWARE THE OSBORNE 11 has built-in dual disk drives and video screen With For CP/M The Prolessional C BASC The Engneer M BASC The Supervisor WORDSTAR The Consultant SUPERCA C The Small Business MCROCOMPUTER SYSTEMS OSBORNE AUTHORZED SALES 8, SERVCES MCROCOMPUTER SYSTEMS HAWA'S #1 COMPUTER STORE ALSO AUTHORZED DEALER N APPLE, ATAR, EPSON, XEROX Kukui Plaza C (Prices shown do not include shipping or tax) NDER $1800 CONGRATULATONS TO A LL THE RUNNERS AND THE BAD BOYS SURF TEAM NO KA 01 The Detecto Scale for all seasons lttithful ally Chromeler of weight Harbinger of health For Joggers, in all masons, all over the world And of all weights, sixes and nhapes MAGD_ Medical W Que St MARATHON TAB-9

40 ZUP N'L" Registered Entrants in the 1981 HONOLULU MARATHON (Continued) 7a: " 7155 WLFRED MN /SO 11411(v = "4, 7141 MOM MGH RE MEVN " M "' PN SUSAN ENNU N 7145 SCO eicare M 10 ARS Meal A 714, SCN 11: PM H/ rin4'14171tr / JE MENCE H r, CAME A melm: PMS Ht 1477 MA ml 11 =Mr = ,, yap / , /205 EDMOND /MA LE/ NM 7,207 REAF410o 721 SMAN 111 U12 JAMS M EA 11-^ 7715 MEM MA 'LA 7210 TON NM 101 7' 1L 1 c ALM LEA AM M1 /507 LNDA MM PO 7445 CA MHO V M 7540 AAM VNO 74 NO ml NOWA /447 L 0117 CA /5351 NOP OR M 'ONN 1=441=1":"?: /543 LLF71014 N 731 FN 112 1= 1321 CLVDE 141 //24 NVOr ,1 ;174,1= 7 - tlt NEN MOM '71T1' V Mi T117-17, /314 ON 74 AME NON N /3 44 V s Hi /A SM WOLN m1 7= t1=mut"'hi' ::1"1' =N 1=1AV Ntalt 11 CA /341 AS sl71411 NARVE LOAN to ;NO Oak rm sm mi 757, L ;',1r/ L1 NM GU 1711 N M11 MOM / , E Tr* 1"1-1-11:1"NrNL' 0524 MANY sfe 1" "Ft NULLS / t mi 1111MA DFO 72 NNO 1114 mi /Tel N1 /571 PON DEAL LES 10141ER AMN MY N MYLUND HERON 7,70 74 EN1s1RELM EMMY 7475 PM MEN SALLE MANLA ANN 4104me 74 ME JULE 77 NAV MAUD ME N TA NA WA 7M MM LARls /7-77 N11747 COL :1 74 JOE / =06 75, 1441 ALOM RMENA"H1 / /400 WLLPENOKUL ;NV 1%074L"40"N"' WAAL N /M WALL lo , , mi 24 H1SAN CN1401, PRAM OE 704 AE /43 MO AO 004 JM /440 NCHML 734/ MAER NE BRAM N 7145 ROM CLA14 77 Ltyl , /344 ROPY LEE - =1":0" MOW 7411 CA /3 Mtur HA/1mm m 7494 JAN JAMS RAD LAMM LONNE EN / 450 FN moom mi 7155 M /4 JEFF MM 73 MLAN /ES WA DAM E9, A 7502, CPANROLN CA TO2 CAMAS CA ,,, PRE VCTOR moms pos 1,05 moomoo JD POPP NM 7,247 MN 10 EL PO V 7507 FRANCE NEJEL N WM 741 STAN SY, N MA AMMO MOON ;f,'?, 10 RUM MANON r PAW E 111 P2U1 =0=0 ": AMA MPLSON 7011 PANAH SM 75 MS MEN HS / WAR ;r7: :TlVCM"""":11 11 ENE DAV 77 Met 751 LED ElECAM 141 ota 7226 Was 11C104% ;22, LLAS NeV1:4*(i4=41r' /5/ LEEPPO PURA11044 Hi 7514 = N:=11""111V 14 FM MCE AMMON, EMMA ;1;71 :11=r0e" 72 NEE H N 7742 AMN MSE ;"*" 74 MNA/ NAN N1 LM1 72 NA NE N LT 0411 ON JR :=7141:111/ FNCO MAM 1 7r011 =LN 101:1Cr 740/ MN 1140 M MM AN LA NO OlOt JANS /2711 ENO SA N 7410 SOO NELSON PNO N 7,711 BM H1 WS =4"14=7=At:/1":0 7::: 4414N N=0" LD MRCS MM, CA MAO NM UR t Ma al TO Al ;r4 = A PR"'"re ; MNNA 70 PAMCA LUS ;:1,, n, 72 ENN MEM P272 E M 7472 MM, CM M 777 MN WM LA ;Ng 11011; ' 72/6 NAV 110 M 7405 AELVNVOUM M = 7,1!&'", 124 SAM MC 11 COMO NO E 70 RM PP =TOn lv N Pp SOO ray P434 OMR LA jr1rv1= 7' /107 /OEN M :r77 11=; =7'11, ' MP MA= Hr MMO Mi H1 11:1,,l, 11E7 PPt MAM RAMP /J RNMATH 315 CLOMP N, g32' 741"' n="il ' :440 NAM V" MSS /10 NO = 11=Nr" 'N CONGRATULATONS, MARATHONERS, from Brigham Young University- Hawaii Campus We're bringing higher education into sharper focus for Hawaii's future Write now for more information Pre-Admissions Office BYU--Fiawaii Campus Lale, MARATHON TAB 7405 LDA RENNSES = 7700 WLL AN tit M 0 14 JO R A HOMO N 1: MO N 23 LEWS 101 G14 '7075' '7:71f "CYL" 7424 NV Lk 74 DEND FUSLA '43? 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41 ev Registered Entrants in the 1981 HONOLULU MARATHON (Continued) SP, WV =1=1:1?1,E 1:341"'"' 131:4 t=u761t" 117 NOY DM mem 0, , ,161: , r311'2"="" " WW1 P121 NO M r4" 164:: 847 *ea OM 4661 MALMO / ' :; WLL MT bttfra la S did ,46 e4i UPLAND ad MS ME AA 2421 WON MA (MO EVA $ 'M fit / J261 Med del de me ft How Awso :417 r/7414mnr" P Z'"71=1:9"EM MZ S U A MM STME t41:11 MP ) S ono ed ft BMA ovo 011, / MP pm M pm "f'"' :% 201 MOM 11 HALAND WRT /4 d MA 3041 'wo tot neo MUMMA K Wad SEW d mcz bd UM OEM Dd Wel ofown nue mu omwor tor FLO PLOP 601/111 14S1 dind 01E Weld MK MA 04022, 00 Pe LEM OW , Md lml-114 sei44z / MOM, serwz o E GOMM orroome SRO 27 PM , Mr12,3 611 OM YUMA YEW WEST VEST C COMM Fp 00 1, MP :74! do 8d: SS MY 1/63141 MO V2613 :7;0 / :557; ='17:11=( E KEP KTS ,113 0n NUM 101 ' /10 10, MEAN r wile011ret MM 0011 MEP MY NOCTA MEM 14 Me 10E01 MELA ,M11= Med MP E110 KOJ JiMJ ntlmo SM5t Md Ye 411 GOO MVO MG* Me /2/00 WOE =141!"Pj =41,L:1 VSA 1 1:=4t :1r"1361::1 4,26 J P AY, %"' Mad :"61,V," Ms isms J ,6404n 02 *we /31142 JAMA , A 1 3A Af '377 00: , :16716: 644 Um rtrr,tt:r pm L AL ?A Mi AEA / J fa/loa NV n J 141 di Mt O / NM did S 244 LAMA JAM Yin LOS WS /LOLA ow Al L ,21 usae , /46166 MO MS AM E A LA1143 ML 176 M due daala 877, PM LAMP O J M KAMM N ANDO JOVA 8722 M J e, 100 L J an / LEL dn LS mem ,fe oosore AL Mem PRA 111 PP : M AM Ow 44/ M4 of VitaN A 3001 yoksw m r JAY la n7 MGLOS Ma nle :%1' : SA , El 110 kb J :61: =1:1'4:2':'",::01"'"',2,,,04,,mms le '':1076na' '"""tee , J / dat SA A ttom ; :V;176r:!:13' =11611"1 -"'"' L /4 : ,, non 611 Kw Le, "'**00144S" '"1 """' "7: t34'1"'142 T""' ""61/ Ffi Mu Er 104/161: "':11 '3frL=Z:::24,r73:4091 0/ 04la, v ntg ), m Just, l41 44 (talk / yaw JPM uria JOY M :110142'= 41 diu MEW A! /204 mi was 224 d 21 1,30 33 ( , me , rot, , s we do L MLA-4111LE met Wed Wm W ;27:1:11111;' girarlym MA 0,11-SC MAD OF OUR NEW N! WAPAHU LOCATO Start building your film library of family Christmases this year with a Video Cassette Recorderthe gift to give on Christmas Eve BUY NOW! We have 1982 models at 1980 prices! *M 1,44 Save on Mitsubishi HS-302U & HS-310U Why Should You Buy Your Video Equipment from VDEO CENTER? * MORE SELECTON We have the largest and best video library on the island! * MORE MOVES With more than movie titles to choose from, including more than 250 X-rated films! * MORE SERVCE We have a factory authorized service center * MORE BENEFTS The combination of our Video Club, movie rentals and low prices makes us "The Best Deal in Town!" * MORE CONVENENCE Three Oahu locations! n Kailua, Mapunapuna 8 Waipahu! 2810 PAA ST HONOL KUULE ST KA A PC): 'ARRNGTON MARATHON TAB-21

42 Registered Entrants n the 1981 HONOLULU MARATHON (Continued) ' " 1 ANN 1, 9911 N11011 AA vran 4,14 ) W PA Ap, 1,40 01 AlAt 1- ma11 M, A W, 11 / N a,077 stmi AAA apee 902, NNOTA 110 A MUM 111 Ne 7031 Nam AANAA M VO A PAMNAls0 AP 90 HA , MMAY MAN WNNA1,1 AM 9719 AM AWSNA MEN NNW DMA P MA ML JAPAN 242 CAPAU 1191 A POMMA, JMA KONAVA51 JAPAN 904S SANVNN ANNA 90; 9111r11,MCARA MAN NA 1A JAPAN WSW 99, 1, 50 We 1040 APPN M WM V11100 MAD -MN ,10 NAM / POST DM1,0 MAMMA AP NJ,!A MT, WNN 4752 TOWN = PPN RCH MAN 40 JAP PP FORA, MN M, 72 /MA nottmon ANN*,8 1 MALAYA WY MP AA, WS A HilAnu 411 WPM Ja11 WWl WW1 0 N WY Wwwn Atollm MNANN AWS NNNY MANA JAPAN TAW _ 71 MAN 11, WARN 90/ ONN We MAT vunw we* Ale 111 4rma W2 WW 011 W WW A MA M vo1n lawo SMAA KAM 77 MAN JAPAN ANN AWN MHO Awl =1) 117X 0, soldlu WPM 747 NAM W JAMS 10 TON, ma11 JAW 9100 TSMNOA 1020E YOS MAM JAP 9302 MAW MAW / 9104 MAYLO APOON 9105 f06111 TA MN 9,/ 110 WV ROM A ANN lly l1 E wool 117 TOERO VA PP li 5, :1:: =1; '''=%'" MAYA MA '3" AN NA''' 9110 WW NAN MAN 'NA PM 9121 TOWN, PAM JM Am 1,,-ir, A0 N M 914, 'WS 912/ s11 91, 711 NATO NA ANY JAPAN M M 112 NA A5PA 1111 MAD YN 1, ,1Ast MAN, KTS ,, at NM WM 1111PAA A WU /10 L 1; 71" NNA AAT 91 NNS AA KAP AN 117 MAM L* MAN MAN JAP 1 P LNLNM A AN l0 APAN ', YOH nw MAN W 7 A, WA NANA MAN WWW JAPAN 9149 /MAN VS AW ASANN JAPAN P, YANNA11 N114 Wet P1 MVASH1 -AM 9144 YLENN 0 H 1 l -WW WT 4021 SATA MaN 91 OEN 11 MAN K 11 MAN 9100 OWA ORM JAPAN 9192 M M MN 91 LO 11 M 9145 &OMN Ni, N 91 AMON JAP ::1; i ''''' No "''' 4 '"' WA 171 WNTSA PA AA >: MAMA PK WNN KYOS DMA SAM MAN 174 PN KOM ANN 1,17/ raw owo M J W AM 90,,, op 0181 TN M weon MA MAN W MA A MAN W 111 WO JAPAN 91 AD NADARASO M MACAW MAN 91 NCOL17 MANNA Ne MAA A MANA AN AN ,1 LP WAN YN warautu 41/121N aw wsuess wrowa ODA MAN 2 '"" '"*" ''''''" , JAW A JAPAN VA WOW 110 AMR PM5 NNTSU 110 JAPAN RAPA JAPPA 9200 TAM MAK MAN 1:,,,r: PROW JAPAN 921 SM LAMA JAPAN PFU AM 4,5 AA JAM 714 KNVOSH1 1A91 JAPAN SUJ1 MAMS MAO 92 ONA 11 JAPAN 9219 VAANN A M 9, JAPAN /1101 / MANAS AST,, VS WW1 J 9275 ARM TAPE WANN1 ii,2,6 P110, WA 122; ;41gr'011;e4110r W 1131 W TAM APPA WA ,2 NNA WM V01111 ALNN1 WHO VONNA01011 MAN E0 1110/0 92 MAMA PAWN VA JONN 9237 KUNAK WNWO AVM PALAR leilisa D''''''' 9241 WNW NW Wu 2 iam O, ft mts 9241 COLN DOLOE AM 11,1, MON 11, AN it AP, 9115 ALUM MEG N UN SWL, 4244 WA 000W WY f NA 9247 WM WAR NEN TEAL :;:4: ARMS LOWEN TAY!SAL MA 17117: M LA 6261 POMO urn raw Z 6: OW AM NEM "WM 90 Olt ORR /NLM NM PE11121 WY WAWA WN5 MMUS CO /44 59 PLRATH MANNA AWA NNA% PMA 911 L PM, sq60 M K101 L v2,1 OMA NNaNA AA NEON OMAN 1004 KZ OAP a, 117 L NLA N - / ,11N 14, WSTAN MAM, 271 nol FN WO 224 1,AP4 ino N ANT P/ WW f tnl0 1,,,,, NM, Y7W 1sTAS Y/ , 1, WLAN,,72u ALA LA1 NA 4 92 AM, CA, WY /LA ANT y c, 722,2ANN +78, PETER 0 NM N1lA 9200 CUL N LP MY TN, 927 JOAN RERAN WY ka 921 A/ WY HAL 92 C WY fa 9292 LEE luntr NE6 / ALAN 1M MY MAP 92 AARELowDown wm / EAND 9296 L PA Mu lika 9297 LLS PARRY WY MAM, WN ANA MPH WY SALAM, WA SPA 9201 COLN W MY WAN := MY WA na1 JRO A WV MPS MRO ACM JAPAN :3: WAWA JAPAN 100 OKC KOM MAO AN 310 VAS M JAPA 4311 TOAD 112 AMAN 93 UMW 10/U JPA 0314 W HS JAPAN 31; 10111:071:41,:"1" 9319 PAMNKO 111 MA /1,, MM NV JANA WY MP 9321 WAT NNW MY WAL0 V if V / l JOHN 11110,5 NEW 7N S 111CN W NN MANS 9w, JAMS AMA NEN lal 1210 ALMA WM, NEM /LA AM KJ MMO 97 SARNO Nall11 JAPAN K AN/A1 JAPAN 92 HM W WPAN 9233 AN 111 JAPAN 9334 A1101 A 9315 vosmoon Nywnw -wag MA JAPAN / crpla To SATO JAPAN NA 9341 H ,4 SL01110 WPM 9347 MM AA 42,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sp *NW 2110 SAMNA JAPAN Os NAMPA 140 JAM 94 MAO WNW J1 934/ MMC MAK JAPAN a J spm MAN 9351 r 100 MAN V2r AMO NNA MAN NOKOZAVNE 7140 ryr"'11=21rtvat AT JAPAN TALVA'411=r"7041''''" 93,57 A OMAN MAN :711 7=1*"SrAl' Jr: / JAPAN L A JOY ER 151 OLMANY 4379 T NOM JAPAN SAO A 141,0 11 K WNO SW SALA V WSW la V" L'ri1::0=1"4g19: LMAN 934e CANNA *AY NOM MALMO 97 NTHAND WPAis OM /SALA Ps al/men MAN l UPLAN , wav YVAN 9340 MAN (M JAPAN V3;1 11=1171'*SVAN Kw 424 VP71 nr/: Z=sL'Te vw y150 HMO MA UM MAN 40 MAN MY 1/ 91 LAVN SP N DW y22 JA WO, ilalaw 57M14 1 'OW AM 0 ALA 475 SLMN OWA CANNA 9404 WT WY (*AA) :rw; (r1=r14177aflatr Ns PUSSY COLL WY SALPM WALA iall AUWRALA PPPMS 5220 NAL, KM 9416 WWW1s AMU AL111 W KO SOLA,PVA =LVZTMrtt'71-P WV MPNOLOSa11211 rtg =4; NEN*ZMA 97 WAWA SCAM 9/251 NM MAWR RNA N 111,0PU 9411 RAW, 111 AMA 22 UNPP 94 AWE/ COLNWALE ML PPON, 2WirSWER'rgrO"' 94 MAO MAM 947, A 11A , 'Amp Dultolys Nu L AA WA Os 7447 SOW MY LA Jae 1VVE'fr:LtrAr 44 MNAS 1115 MY WMANO 99 AKAKN 11:91 no111 MA = SMA MM JR PLPP WS 4111 COA0 W1L POW WM 1, PlP11 WOW1 101 JPOWH 1=r1=11P'JP471" 90 1(WPA = ,17 1LNNM AA = WT ,75 RCM 04/WA WPM NOS T,o1T9 1 NA10 JAVA :TVA RM? 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CALL FOR RESERVATONS LAYAWAY FOR CHRSTMAS NOW HAW'S MOST COMPlf ft MLAY CNER THE DAMOND EXCHANGE MAN SHOWROOM 1091 KAPCNAN 8160 PH 955 1'12 PAN AM BULDNG SUTE APOLAN BLVD PH WAPAHU HONOLULU FEDERAL SAVNGS RUB DENG SUTE ; 22-MARATHON TAR

43 PRESENTS: the ALL new NKE TERRA T/C! 659 Kapahulu Ave Honolulu, BETTER RUNNNG THROUGH CHEMSTRY l'hylon r" A few years ago it was nothing more than a gleam in some chemist's eye Now it threatens to rewrite the book on midsole materials Because it solves the fundamental problem of shoe design: how to cut weight without sacrificing cushioning Chapter one Our new TenaT/ A 67-ounce racing flat with the cushioning of a trainer Or is it a well-cushioned training flat that weighs-in like a racer? You figure it out The secret's all tied up with this remarkable new midsole material A break- through discovery that delivers 34% greater cushioning than EVAat a fraction of the weight And it's cushioning that just won't quit n impact tests, the Terra Trc showed nearly the same shock absorption after 600 miles as it did the day we first set foot in it Phylon also led us to another interesting breakthrough Because of the way it can be molded, we were able to scale the Terra T;C's heel height so the angle of heel lift is the same in every shoe size The first time a running shoe has been this anatomically accurate To improve stability we boardlasted the Terra TC in the rear While up front we went with sliplasting for comfort and flexibility Then to top things off, we gave the Terra TC a molded PennaFoam sockliner and our Variable Width Lacing System for a snug tit The end result? (Which is really Only the beginning) Terra T C and Lady Terra TC Our test tube babies Try a pair The chemistry is positively dynamite 'Apprm oq_size9 "A Store For Runners By Runners" Ph: Running Ram, MARATHON TAR-23

44 Active people throughout Hawaii are slashing their energy costs by switching to solar hot water heating Let Central Pacific Solar show you how much a Grumman Solar System can save you Call us at and we'll send you your copy of the 1981 Grumman brochure - Do it today! while there's still time to take advantage of the tax credits for 1981! CENTRAL PACFC SOLAR THE POWER SOURCE OF THE PACFC Div Central Pacific Ecology Resources, nc,,, l321 Honolulu, Rmail Grummanamistream* MANA TAM

Valor in the Pacific: Education Guide

Valor in the Pacific: Education Guide Valor in the Pacific: Education Guide Pearl Harbor is located on the island of Oahu, west of Hawaii s capitol, Honolulu. Sailors look on from amidst plane wreckage on Ford Island as the destroyer USS Shaw

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The Attack on Pearl Harbor

The Attack on Pearl Harbor The Noise at Dawn The Attack on Pearl Harbor It was a Sunday morning. Many sailors were still sleeping in their quarters, aboard their ships. Some were sleeping on land. At 7:02 a.m. at the Opana Radar

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To Whom it May Concern: Regarding the actions of Dwight Birdwell. 2 nd Platoon, 3 rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry, 25 th Infantry

To Whom it May Concern: Regarding the actions of Dwight Birdwell. 2 nd Platoon, 3 rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry, 25 th Infantry To Whom it May Concern: Regarding the actions of Dwight Birdwell 3 rd Platoon, 3 rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry, 25 th Infantry Written by Oliver Jones, US56956772 2 nd Platoon, 3 rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry, 25

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4. What are the 2-3 most important aspects of this island you think you should know?

4. What are the 2-3 most important aspects of this island you think you should know? In 1941, France invaded French Indochina. This is the area of Thailand that the French still controlled under imperialism. They had controlled this area for its resources and for power for decades. The

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January 16, 2014 February 15, Program Schedule:

January 16, 2014 February 15, Program Schedule: January 16, 2014 February 15, 2014 1/16 1/17 Thr Fri 6:00 pm 8:30 am Arriving Breakfast (SDSU at San Diego 7:00 pm Check in accommodation (Vantaggio) & Trolley pass, etc. 9:30 11:00 am Orientation 1 Program

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WHERE THE TEACHERS GO TO LEARN LSO SCHOOL: WHERE THE TEACHERS GO TO LEARN By JO3 Amy L. Pittmann The decisions you make as an LSO are life-and-death decisions for an aircrew: to either take the plane or wave it off is the ultimate responsibility

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The 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade. Department of Defense 60th Anniversay Korean War Commemoration Committee. - Media Brief - January 02, 2013

The 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade. Department of Defense 60th Anniversay Korean War Commemoration Committee. - Media Brief - January 02, 2013 The 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade Department of Defense 60th Anniversay Korean War Commemoration Committee - Media Brief - January 02, 2013 CONTACT: media@jamesmceachin.com WASHINGTON POST PASADENA

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WORLD WAR II. Chapter 8

WORLD WAR II. Chapter 8 WORLD WAR II Chapter 8 Enlistments When war broke out, the Commission of Government decided to recruit men for the British Army This way, they did not have to spend money sending soldiers overseas and

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I believe we have WWII veterans here today, along with many who served during the Korean War, Vietnam War, Desert Storm, and in our recent and ongoing

I believe we have WWII veterans here today, along with many who served during the Korean War, Vietnam War, Desert Storm, and in our recent and ongoing Good morning! Today, we recognize Veterans Day. As a country, we pause to take time to acknowledge and honor those who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Men and women who, throughout our history,

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Fleet Admiral and Commander in Chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Lost two fingers at Tsushima (1905) fighting the Russian navy.

Fleet Admiral and Commander in Chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Lost two fingers at Tsushima (1905) fighting the Russian navy. PEARL HARBOR THE DAY OF INFAMY December 7, 1941 Causes The U.S. demanded that Japan withdraw from China and Indochina Japan thought ht that t attacking the U.S. would provide them an easy win, and a territory

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Robert William John Cocks (Jack) Obituary for Robert "Jack" Cocks

Robert William John Cocks (Jack) Obituary for Robert Jack Cocks Robert William John Cocks (Jack) Born: Initiated: April 29, 1921 in Morenci, AZ January 25, 1944 in Coronado Lodge #8, Morenci, AZ, a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Passed: February 14, 1944 Raised: February

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The SOI Motorhome Club 38 th Annual * Rose Parade Rally* Santa Anita Park Arcadia, California December 28, 2018 January 2, 2019

The SOI Motorhome Club 38 th Annual * Rose Parade Rally* Santa Anita Park Arcadia, California December 28, 2018 January 2, 2019 The SOI Motorhome Club 38 th Annual * Rose Parade Rally* Santa Anita Park Arcadia, California December 28, 2018 January 2, 2019 Welcome SOI Members FMCA Chapters Roadtrek Friday, December 28, 2018 10:00

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Listen to Mr. Jackfert

Listen to Mr. Jackfert U.S.NAVY ASIATIC FLEET BASED IN MANILA BAY AND CAVITE NAVY YARD Commanded by Admiral C.Hart and Rear Admiral Francis. Rockwell. The fleet consisted of:a Flagship, the cruiser Houston, one light cruiser,

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[16:00:44.02] "Commandant of the Marine Corps Presents: Marines 1967" [16:01:31.01] battle footage with soldiers running across field, shooting

[16:00:44.02] Commandant of the Marine Corps Presents: Marines 1967 [16:01:31.01] battle footage with soldiers running across field, shooting Project Name: Vietnam War Stories Tape/File # WCNAM A16 Marines 67 PT 1 Transcription Date: 9/29/09 Transcriber Name: Donna Crane Keywords: Marine Corps 1967, I Corps, MeKong River, battle footage, captured

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Retired Vice Admiral Albert J. Baciocco: Three Stars in the Lowcountry

Retired Vice Admiral Albert J. Baciocco: Three Stars in the Lowcountry Retired Vice Admiral Albert J. Baciocco: Three Stars in the Lowcountry At two o clock on March 21, 2014, I met the Retired Vice Admiral Albert J. Baciocco at the Daniel Library Museum Reading Room at The

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The SOI Motorhome Club 35 th Annual * Rose Parade Rally* Santa Anita Park Arcadia, California December 28, 2015 January 2, 2016

The SOI Motorhome Club 35 th Annual * Rose Parade Rally* Santa Anita Park Arcadia, California December 28, 2015 January 2, 2016 The SOI Motorhome Club 35 th Annual * Rose Parade Rally* Santa Anita Park Arcadia, California December 28, 2015 January 2, 2016 Monday, December 28, 2015 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Welcome SOI Members FMCA

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Day Of Infamy: December 7,1941

Day Of Infamy: December 7,1941 1 Day Of Infamy: December 7,1941 One by one, the three PBY Catalina patrol bombers moved slowly toward the seaplane launching ramp on Kaneohe Naval Air Station. Pilots and crewmen busied themselves with

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Good afternoon Cherry Point, and happy birthday Marines. What the Navy and Marine Corp uniquely gives this country is

Good afternoon Cherry Point, and happy birthday Marines. What the Navy and Marine Corp uniquely gives this country is Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus USS Frank E. Petersen Jr. Shipnaming MCAS Cherry Point, NC 09 November 2016 Good afternoon Cherry Point, and happy birthday Marines. What the Navy and Marine Corp uniquely

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WTB Soldiers donate to Toys for Tots

WTB Soldiers donate to Toys for Tots D E C E M B E R 7, 2 0 1 1 WTB Soldiers donate to Toys for Tots R E M I N D E R S : Today is the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Please take a moment to remember those who lost their lives

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INSIDE THIS EDITION. To submit,  us at: ALSO INSIDE ABOUT US SUBMIT INSIDE THIS EDITION ABOUT US Behind the Badge is a digitally published, bi-monthly magazine catering to the recruiting community. It is an official publication of the Air Force Recruiting Service Public

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The Commandant s Own The United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps

The Commandant s Own The United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps The Commandant s Own The United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps The United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps was formed on November 9, 1934, to augment the U.S. Marine Band and provide music for ceremonial

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The SOI Motorhome Club

The SOI Motorhome Club The SOI Motorhome Club 37 7h Annual * Rose Parade Rally* Santa Anita Park Arcadia, California December 28, 2017 January 2, 2018 Welcome SOI Members FMCA Chapters New Friends Thursday, December 28, 2017

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THE ATOMIC BOMB DEBATE LESSON 1 JAPANESE AGGRESSION THE ATOMIC BOMB DEBATE LESSON 1 JAPANESE AGGRESSION 1930-1941 Objectives/learning outcomes Pupils will:- Learn why the Japanese military s influence grew in the 1930s. Understand why relations between

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WORLD WAR II 2865 U59-2

WORLD WAR II 2865 U59-2 No. 21 World War II WORLD WAR II On Sunday, December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor, a United States military base in Hawaii, was attacked by Japanese air forces. This surprise attack led to the United States'

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American Legion Post 4 News

American Legion Post 4 News VOODOO NEWS American Legion Post 4 News Winter 2018 Published Quarterly Issue # 32 From Your Commander Tim Shosey Happy New Year to all Post 4 Members and their families, from your Executive Board, the

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THANK YOU AND WELCOME HOME TO VIETNAM VETERANS AMERICA S THANK YOU AND WELCOME HOME TO VIETNAM VETERANS THE PROCLAMATION On Memorial Day 2012, President Obama spoke at the Opening Proclamation of the Vietnam War 50th, held at the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

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World War Two Weekend Mid-Atlantic Air Museum Reading, PA June 2008

World War Two Weekend Mid-Atlantic Air Museum Reading, PA June 2008 World War Two Weekend Mid-Atlantic Air Museum Reading, PA June 2008 On 6-8 June 2007, Fort Mott State Park (Pennsville, NJ), supported by Army Ground Forces Association (AGFA), attended the Reading Air

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American Legion Post #4 News

American Legion Post #4 News VOODOO NEWS American Legion Post #4 News Summer 2017 Published Quarterly Issue # 30 From Your Commander Tim Shosey I want to thank everyone for voting me in as your commander for my second year, I look

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John Smith s Life: War In Pacific WW2

John Smith s Life: War In Pacific WW2 John Smith s Life: War In Pacific WW2 Timeline U.S. Marines continued its At 2 A.M. the guns of advancement towards the battleship signaled the south and north part of the commencement of D-Day. island.

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The Descriptive Finding Guide for the Marc Mitscher Personal Papers SDASM.SC.10099

The Descriptive Finding Guide for the Marc Mitscher Personal Papers SDASM.SC.10099 http://oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/c8sb4b7w No online items Papers SDASM.SC.10099 San Diego Air and Space Museum Library and Archives 2001 Pan American Plaza, Balboa Park San Diego 92101 URL: http://www.sandiegoairandspace.org/

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Gospel Alliance Church

Gospel Alliance Church Gospel Alliance Church Gospel Alliance Church The Mon Valley Christian and Missionary Alliance Church 1011 Fells Church Road Belle Vernon, PA 15012 Phone: 724-823-0453 Email: info@gospelalliancechurch.org

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Tactical medics made life-or-death difference to San Bernardino shooting victims

Tactical medics made life-or-death difference to San Bernardino shooting victims Tactical medics made life-or-death difference to San Bernardino shooting victims By Beatriz Valenzuela San Bernardino County Sun SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. When Ryan Starling and the rest of the members of

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GUIDE FREE gifts and special offers from our partners. Rent with Avis or Budget. Show your car 3 rental contract 4 and keys

GUIDE FREE gifts and special offers from our partners. Rent with Avis or Budget. Show your car 3 rental contract 4 and keys MAKANA GUIDE 2016 FREE gifts and special offers from our partners HAWAI I Mahalo for choosing to rent with Avis Budget. Inside our Free Makana (Gift) Guide you will find a variety of free gifts and admissions

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Sample Pages from. Leveled Texts for Social Studies: The 20th Century

Sample Pages from. Leveled Texts for Social Studies: The 20th Century Sample Pages from Leveled Texts for Social Studies: The 20th Century The following sample pages are included in this download: Table of Contents Readability Chart Sample Passage For correlations to Common

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Staying near home for Memorial Day Weekend? Wondering what to do? We have a few ideas.

Staying near home for Memorial Day Weekend? Wondering what to do? We have a few ideas. Staying near home for Memorial Day Weekend? Wondering what to do? We have a few ideas. Memorial Day weekend activities that require virtually no planning or forethought. There are no flights to book, no

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Real Hollywood Heros

Real Hollywood Heros On The Flip Side of Hollywood In contrast to the ideals, opinions and feelings of today's "Hollywonk" the real actors of yesteryear loved the United States. They had both class and integrity. With the

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Honoring Veterans in Hospice: Delaware Hospice proudly cares for U.S. Navy and WWII Veteran William Middendorf and his family

Honoring Veterans in Hospice: Delaware Hospice proudly cares for U.S. Navy and WWII Veteran William Middendorf and his family 3515 Silverside Road, Wilmington, DE 19810 www.delawarehospice.org FEATURE: November 11, 2010 For Immediate Release Honoring Veterans in Hospice: Delaware Hospice proudly cares for U.S. Navy and WWII Veteran

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Spirits. of Guam. Airmen of USAF s 325th Bomb Squadron took their bombers from Missouri to Guam in the most ambitious B-2 deployment yet.

Spirits. of Guam. Airmen of USAF s 325th Bomb Squadron took their bombers from Missouri to Guam in the most ambitious B-2 deployment yet. Spirits of Guam Airmen of USAF s 325th Bomb Squadron took their bombers from Missouri to Guam in the most ambitious B-2 deployment yet. 44 AIR FORCE Magazine / November 2005 Photography by Ted Carlson

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January Events Guide. MCCS Phone Numbers (229)

January Events Guide. MCCS Phone Numbers (229) Page 12 MCCS Phone Numbers (229) Auto Skills Center 639-5226 Barber Shop 432-9485 Base Education 639-5162 Bosma Skeet Range 639-5246 Bowling Center 639-5221 Catering 639-6236 Child Development Center 639-5765

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National Memorial Day. Parade & Concert Series

National Memorial Day. Parade & Concert Series Colonia High School Marching Patriots, choirs & Harmony in Motion National Memorial Day Parade & Concert Series National Mall & Memorials May 28-30, 2016 Music Celebrations International is pleased to

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A CO 101 ESB CHARGERS Winter Issue 1. even posted pictures on Facebook of their holiday meal back home YUM!

A CO 101 ESB CHARGERS Winter Issue 1. even posted pictures on Facebook of their holiday meal back home YUM! w111 A ddata A CO 101 ESB CHARGERS Winter 2012-13 Issue 1 A CO 101 ESB Chargers It s not that we don t like the holidays. We just don t like hats. 25 DEC 12 We have hit the 1/3 mark in our deployment!

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The Sikorsky fleet has provided safe and. July 2009 Visit us at Sikorskyarchives.com Contact us at

The Sikorsky fleet has provided safe and. July 2009 Visit us at Sikorskyarchives.com Contact us at VH-34 VH-3 Sikorsky Aircraft has provided helicopters for the Presidential Fleet for over half a century. VH-3 and VH-53D VH-60 The Sikorsky fleet has provided safe and secure transportation for all the

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progression around the world. Abroad, the peoples of nations that were hosting the Fleet s port visits also waited with great enthusiasm and

progression around the world. Abroad, the peoples of nations that were hosting the Fleet s port visits also waited with great enthusiasm and Remarks by the Honorable Donald C. Winter Secretary of the Navy On the Occasion of the 100 th Anniversary of the Great White Fleet s Visit to Hawaii USS MISSOURI Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, HI Friday, July

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ALWAYS FIRST. Letter from the Commanding Officer LCDR Victor Sheldon

ALWAYS FIRST. Letter from the Commanding Officer LCDR Victor Sheldon Executive Officer Senior Chief December, 011 Always First is MCM Crew Persistent s monthly newletter, intended to keep friends and family of MCM Crew Persistent abreast of the daily life of the crew on

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Robert Bruce. Subject: FW: Interesting info about WWII movie stars. How times do change!

Robert Bruce. Subject: FW: Interesting info about WWII movie stars. How times do change! Page 1 of 13 Robert Bruce Subject: FW: Interesting info about WWII movie stars How times do change! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WW II MOVIE STARS? In contrast to the ideals, opinions and feelings of today's "Hollywonk"

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LEATHERNECK LOUNGE NEW HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 11-2am Sun. 11-1am Phone

LEATHERNECK LOUNGE NEW HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 11-2am Sun. 11-1am Phone Marine Corps League, Worcester Detachment 144 Monthly Newsletter The Word Sepius Exertus, Semper Fidelis, Frater Infinitas Newsletter Editor: George Samara Jr. Detachment #144, 181 Lake Ave., Worcester,

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The Tuskegee Airmen: First African-Americans Trained As Fighter Pilots

The Tuskegee Airmen: First African-Americans Trained As Fighter Pilots The Tuskegee Airmen: First African-Americans Trained As Fighter Pilots The excellent work of the Tuskegee Airmen during the Second World War led to changes in the American military policy of racial separation.transcript

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Fall Semester Events & Announcements!

Fall Semester Events & Announcements! Fall Update The 2016 Student Veterans Fall Semester Events & Announcements! Just two years ago, the Veterans Resource Center first opened its doors and welcomed all the student veterans here at Porterville

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Newsletter. June/July Volunteer Service Hours. Mark Your Calendar!

Newsletter. June/July Volunteer Service Hours. Mark Your Calendar! Cooperative Extension Service Wayne County 255 Rolling Hills Blvd. Monticello, KY 42633 (606)348-8453 Fax: (606)348-8460 www.ca.uky.edu/ces Newsletter June/July 2015 Volunteer Service Hours Volunteer service

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American Legion Post #4 News

American Legion Post #4 News VOODOO NEWS American Legion Post #4 News Winter 2015 Published Quarterly Issue # 20 From Your Commander Kenneth Miller Happy New Year to all members of Post 4, SAL, Riders, Legion Auxiliary and your families.

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Joseph J. Jacques Jr. Post 7945 THE POST OBSERVER Issue Quivas Street, Thornton, CO JULY AUGUST

Joseph J. Jacques Jr. Post 7945 THE POST OBSERVER Issue Quivas Street, Thornton, CO JULY AUGUST Joseph J. Jacques Jr. Post 7945 THE POST OBSERVER 2016 Issue 4 10217 Quivas Street, Thornton, CO 80260 303-438-6700 JULY AUGUST POST WEBSITE: POST FACEBOOK www.myvfwpost7945.org Thornton VFW 7945 Joseph

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PG525H/9-09. Girl Scouts North Carolina Coastal Pines P.O. Box 91649, Raleigh, NC ,

PG525H/9-09. Girl Scouts North Carolina Coastal Pines P.O. Box 91649, Raleigh, NC , PG525H/9-09 Girl Scouts North Carolina Coastal Pines P.O. Box 91649, Raleigh, NC 27675-1649 800-284-4475, 919-782-3021 Special thanks from the Program Department to Shanon Cimbura, Jordyn Cimbura, Taryn

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Rider Guide. » June 7 9, Bike MS: C.H. Robinson MS 150 RIDE 150 miles» Riding toward a world free of ms

Rider Guide. » June 7 9, Bike MS: C.H. Robinson MS 150 RIDE 150 miles» Riding toward a world free of ms Special thanks to our sponsors ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Rest stop food donated by Bike MS: C.H. Robinson MS 150 RIDE 150 miles» Riding toward a world

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Customs and Traditions of the Rotary Club of East Cobb (Rotary District 6900)

Customs and Traditions of the Rotary Club of East Cobb (Rotary District 6900) Customs and Traditions of the Rotary Club of East Cobb (Rotary District 6900) Social Events: Charter Night is traditionally celebrated close to the anniversary of our Club s founding charter date of February

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Leslie MacDill ( )

Leslie MacDill ( ) Leslie MacDill (1889-1938) Who was MacDill? Leslie MacDill was an early pioneer in American military aviation, a veteran of World War I, and an Army air officer who distinguished himself in aviation development

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Ch: 16-2: Japan s Pacific Campaign. Essential Question: What caused the United States to join WWII? Which was most significant, WHY?

Ch: 16-2: Japan s Pacific Campaign. Essential Question: What caused the United States to join WWII? Which was most significant, WHY? Ch: 16-2: Japan s Pacific Campaign Essential Question: What caused the United States to join WWII? Which was most significant, WHY? Review Aug. 1939: FDR urged Hitler to settle his differences with Poland

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American Legion Post #4 News. From Your Commander Kenneth Miller

American Legion Post #4 News. From Your Commander Kenneth Miller VOODOO NEWS American Legion Post #4 News Summer 2014 Published Quarterly Issue # 18 From Your Commander Kenneth Miller Summer has finally arrived and I want everyone to make a note that our August General

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[03:02:53;16] Shot: Sailor answers telephone, military men talking to each other. Explain: Less glamorous desk jobs are important too.

[03:02:53;16] Shot: Sailor answers telephone, military men talking to each other. Explain: Less glamorous desk jobs are important too. Project Name: Vietnam War Stories Tape/File # WCNAM A03 Navy Film Transcription Date: 8/4/09 Transcriber Name: Frank Leung Keywords Part 1: sailor, Navy, aircraft carrier, ship, Marine, villager, clothes,

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Memorial Day The. Suggested Speech

Memorial Day The. Suggested Speech The American Legion Suggested Speech PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICE P.O. BOX 1055 INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46206-1055 (317) 630-1253 Fax (317) 630-1368 For God and country Memorial Day 2011 The American Legion National

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The War in Europe 5.2

The War in Europe 5.2 The War in Europe 5.2 On September 1, 1939, Hitler unleashed a massive air & land attack on Poland. Britain & France immediately declared war on Germany. Canada asserting its independence declares war

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Summary Christmas Ships Event 1. Communication Challenges or Opportunities Challenges:

Summary Christmas Ships Event 1. Communication Challenges or Opportunities Challenges: 2017 AAPA Communications Award Program Entry Classification: Community/Educational Outreach Title: Christmas Ships Event Summary Christmas Ships Event The Port of Vancouver USA is redeveloping 10 acres

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Memorial Day The. Suggested Speech. MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS P.O. BOX 1055 INDIANAPOLIS, IN (317) Fax (317)

Memorial Day The. Suggested Speech. MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS P.O. BOX 1055 INDIANAPOLIS, IN (317) Fax (317) The American Legion Suggested Speech MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS P.O. BOX 1055 INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46206-1055 (317) 630-1253 Fax (317) 630-1368 For God and country Memorial Day 2017 The American Legion National

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Proud Sponsors Of the 2003 Call of Duty Calendar

Proud Sponsors Of the 2003 Call of Duty Calendar Proud Sponsors Of the 2003 Call of Duty Calendar 302 N Santa Fe Avenue Pueblo, CO 81003 * Phone (719) 542-1702 * wwwpuebloorg The Congressional Medal of Honor Society is the organization, chartered by

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Video Log Roger A Howard W.W.II U.S. Army Born: 02/07/1923. Interview Date: 5/27/2012 Interviewed By: Eileen Hurst. Part I

Video Log Roger A Howard W.W.II U.S. Army Born: 02/07/1923. Interview Date: 5/27/2012 Interviewed By: Eileen Hurst. Part I Video Log Roger A Howard W.W.II U.S. Army Born: 02/07/1923 Interview Date: 5/27/2012 Interviewed By: Eileen Hurst Part I 00:00:00 Introduction 00:00:49 Served in the Army during World War Two; enlisted

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ROTC Representatives Share Lessons From Service

ROTC Representatives Share Lessons From Service Published on UA@Work (https://uaatwork.arizona.edu) Home > ROTC Representatives Share Lessons From Service ROTC Representatives Share Lessons From Service University Relations - Communications November

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National Association of Women Highway Safety Leaders

National Association of Women Highway Safety Leaders National Association of Women Highway Safety Leaders 50th Anniversary Celebration Traffic Safety Leadership Conference September 14 17, 2017 Louisville Marriott Downtown Louisville, Kentucky National Association

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Work Period: WW II European Front Notes Video Clip WW II Pacific Front Notes Video Clip. Closing: Quiz

Work Period: WW II European Front Notes Video Clip WW II Pacific Front Notes Video Clip. Closing: Quiz Standard 7.0 Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of World War II on the US and the nation s subsequent role in the world. Opening: Pages 249-250 and 253-254 in your Reading Study Guide. Work Period:

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Civilian Reserve Pilots. Black Pilots

Civilian Reserve Pilots. Black Pilots Under this plan, volunteers would check in with the Army for a physical and a psychological test. If they passed, they d attend a civilian flight school close to home. Once a volunteer graduated, a military

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Carl Edward Creamer. United States Navy Retired 3 Sep Jul Carl Edward Creamer

Carl Edward Creamer. United States Navy Retired 3 Sep Jul Carl Edward Creamer Carl Edward Creamer United States Navy Retired 3 Sep. 1940-01 Jul. 1960 Carl Edward Creamer Born 26 January, 1921. Parents, Lola and Forrest Creamer. Portis, Kansas (Forrest Creamer, US Army, EX-POW Germany

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Flight PatternQ&A with the first military test pilot to fly the X-35 and F-35

Flight PatternQ&A with the first military test pilot to fly the X-35 and F-35 Now: U.S. Marine Col. Art Tomassetti in the cockpit of F-35B test aircraft BF-1 April 2, 2012, before his first flight in an F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter at Naval Air Station Patuxent River,

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Lieutenant Commander, thank you so much. And thank you all for being here today. I

Lieutenant Commander, thank you so much. And thank you all for being here today. I Remarks by the Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus USS Washington (SSN 787) Shipnaming Ceremony Pier 69, Port of Seattle Headquarters Thursday, 07 February 2013 Lieutenant Commander, thank you so much. And

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Editor: Cherie Monnell pdd. Good afternoon. I got a referral for Cpl Peter Smith from the UMASS-Lowell Veteran Services Director yesterday.

Editor: Cherie Monnell pdd. Good afternoon. I got a referral for Cpl Peter Smith from the UMASS-Lowell Veteran Services Director yesterday. Tidbits from around Department of new Hampshire marine corps league September 2016 Editor: Cherie Monnell pdd aamazon@maine.rr.com 207 752-0025 Good afternoon. I got a referral for Cpl Peter Smith from

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Pioneering African-American Marines. honored, with your help. You honor Marines on Memorial Day

Pioneering African-American Marines. honored, with your help. You honor Marines on Memorial Day Welcome to the - Issue Pioneering AfricanAmerican Marines honored, with your help You honor Marines on Memorial Day Headline Twice-wounded Marine is eager Captionto return to the fight Articles Twice-wounded

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MKI Sailor named esg-3 soy NC1 Duque Chosen as Expeditionary Strike Group 3 Sailor of the Year (Page 6) November 25, 2011 Volume 1, Issue 8

MKI Sailor named esg-3 soy NC1 Duque Chosen as Expeditionary Strike Group 3 Sailor of the Year (Page 6) November 25, 2011 Volume 1, Issue 8 THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF USS MAKIN ISLAND (LHD 8) Around THe Island November 25, 2011 Volume 1, Issue 8 Turkey Day At Sea Galley Crew Provides Thanksgiving Feast (Page 3) Helping out in Hawaii LHD 8

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Marine Corps League Outer Banks Detachment #1264. Newsletter November - December 2007 Vol. 2, No. 1

Marine Corps League Outer Banks Detachment #1264. Newsletter November - December 2007 Vol. 2, No. 1 Marine Corps League Outer Banks Detachment #1264 Newsletter November - December 2007 Vol. 2, No. 1 www.obxmarines.com Detachment Officers for 2007: Commandant: Sr. Vice Commandant: Jr. Vice Commandant:

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American Legion Post 4 News. Spring has arrived and I hope everyone had a safe winter season weather you travelled south or stayed in Michigan.

American Legion Post 4 News. Spring has arrived and I hope everyone had a safe winter season weather you travelled south or stayed in Michigan. VOODOO NEWS American Legion Post 4 News Spring 2017 Published Quarterly Issue # 29 From Your Commander Tim Shosey Spring has arrived and I hope everyone had a safe winter season weather you travelled south

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Memoria. deeply. laid. of those. edge any. I would like. us who. among. have. console. adequately. today. danger. It is the. who.

Memoria. deeply. laid. of those. edge any. I would like. us who. among. have. console. adequately. today. danger. It is the. who. 2017 remarks for DAV representatives at Memoria al Day events SPEECH (Acknowledgement of introduction, distinguished guests, officers and members of the DAV and Auxiliary, and others who are present) Thank

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Switfty s Report to the Homefront

Switfty s Report to the Homefront Air Mail Par Avion I YOUR NAME 1c Switfty s Report to the Homefront Edition 14 14 Jan 2013 3 Feb 2013 What we ve been up to Over the past few weeks, Marines aboard the Peleliu have been very busy. Between

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Welcome to Cedars-Sinai PATIENT AND FAMILY GUIDE

Welcome to Cedars-Sinai PATIENT AND FAMILY GUIDE Welcome to Cedars-Sinai PATIENT AND FAMILY GUIDE WHEN YOU NEED HELP DURING YOUR STAY SERVICES These services can be called directly from the phone in your room: Hospitality call 3-4444 Patient Relations

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USS MICHAEL MURPHY (DDG 112) WELCOME ABOARD USS MICHAEL MURPHY (DDG 112) WELCOME ABOARD LEADERSHIP Commanding Officer: CDR Kevin Louis Executive Officer: CDR Christopher Forch Command Master Chief: CMDCM(SW) Jacob Shafer Mailing Address: USS MICHAEL

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I freely admit that I learned a lot about the real meaning of military service from my time in this job. As many of you know, and as I have noted on

I freely admit that I learned a lot about the real meaning of military service from my time in this job. As many of you know, and as I have noted on Remarks by Donald C. Winter Secretary of the Navy The Secretary s Farewell Ceremony Marine Barracks Washington 8 th and I Streets Washington, DC Friday, January 23, 2009 Distinguished guests, ladies and

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Attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941

Attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 Attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 Admiral Harold R. Stark, Chief of Naval Operations (U.S.) Admiral Husband E. Kimmel, Naval Commander at Pearl Harbor (U.S.) Major General Walter Short, Army Commander

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GO GOLD. Train to Lead Autumn Edition. Upcoming Events. Run by Battalion Cadets for family, friends, and alumni

GO GOLD. Train to Lead Autumn Edition. Upcoming Events. Run by Battalion Cadets for family, friends, and alumni GO GOLD Run by Battalion Cadets for family, friends, and alumni Upcoming Events October 4 th APFT October 26 th -28 th Fall FTX November 16 th Army vs. Navy Football Game November 20 th MS IV Branches

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A.T.S. W.R.A.C. 1 ST Signal Squadron Reason for discharge:

A.T.S. W.R.A.C. 1 ST Signal Squadron Reason for discharge: Surname: Cattermull Maiden name (if applicable): Ellis Main base: London Guildford Bad Oeynhausen First Name(s): Laura Gwendoline Name used during service: Ellis / Cattermull Training base: O.C.T.U. Army

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Hosted by Cranston Western Little League

Hosted by Cranston Western Little League Hosted by Cranston Western Little League Baseball for a week..memories for a lifetime To: State Champion Manager From: Bob Rocchio, Tournament Director 2018 9/10 Eastern Region Little League Tournament

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crskyhawks.org DECEMBER, 2016

crskyhawks.org DECEMBER, 2016 crskyhawks.org DECEMBER, 2016 Todd Davis Stuka Warbirds Over Iowa, 2016 Upcoming Events Saturday, January 7 and Sunday, January 8, 2017. Indoor electric RC Fun Fly, Des Moines. See details in this Logbook.

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Extra Benefits Current Student-Athletes. February 2012 San Jose State Compliance

Extra Benefits Current Student-Athletes. February 2012 San Jose State Compliance Extra Benefits Current Student-Athletes February 2012 San Jose State Compliance Extra Benefits NCAA legislation prohibits a studentathlete, prospect or prospect coach from receiving any extra benefit.

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In order to keep the continuity of the layout, the story is on the next page.

In order to keep the continuity of the layout, the story is on the next page. In order to keep the continuity of the layout, the story is on the next page. Naval Aviation News January February 1999 1 Decision Makers Expe Aboard a Carrier William Marck B y M a r k E. G i n d e l

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SPOTLIGHT. Life and Health Services. A Message from Your ASO President. November 2014

SPOTLIGHT. Life and Health Services. A Message from Your ASO President. November 2014 Life and Health Services November 2014 SPOTLIGHT A Message from Your ASO President Message from Your ASO President Veteran s Day Event ASO Meet n Greet Health Services Great American Smokeout Event Dress

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Eugene Sara Detachment Marine Corps League PO Box 2051 Billings, MT WEB

Eugene Sara Detachment Marine Corps League PO Box 2051 Billings, MT WEB Eugene Sara Detachment Marine Corps League PO Box 2051 Billings, MT 59103 WEB www.eugenesara.com email esmarinecorpsleague@gmail.com Commandant - Thomas Lowry Editor - Tim Bender Distribution Bill Bishop

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SSUSH19: The student will identify the origins, major developments, and the domestic impact of World War ll, especially the growth of the federal

SSUSH19: The student will identify the origins, major developments, and the domestic impact of World War ll, especially the growth of the federal SSUSH19: The student will identify the origins, major developments, and the domestic impact of World War ll, especially the growth of the federal government. c. Explain major events; include the lend-lease

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Alabama Guardsman The Alabama Guard: supporting a nation at war. A publication for the Citizen-Soldiers & Airmen of Alabama. Vol.

Alabama Guardsman The Alabama Guard: supporting a nation at war. A publication for the Citizen-Soldiers & Airmen of Alabama. Vol. Alabama Guardsman A publication for the Citizen-Soldiers & Airmen of Alabama 2001-2011 The Alabama Guard: supporting a nation at war 2 Alabama Guardsman 2001-2011 were monumental times for Alabama Guard

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November Mid Year Meeting & 2017 Reunion. Phil Leslie. Dale Williams. Ben Dickson. Mario Sagastume

November Mid Year Meeting & 2017 Reunion. Phil Leslie. Dale Williams. Ben Dickson. Mario Sagastume Volume 15 Issue 2 June 2017 November 7-13 Officers & Trustees President Phil Leslie PDLeslie4@gmail.com 919-210-4559 Vice President Dale Williams dale1949@earthlink.net 704-989-4013 Mid Year Meeting &

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Oregon Army National Guard NCOs Stay Busy Stateside

Oregon Army National Guard NCOs Stay Busy Stateside Oregon Army National Guard NCOs Stay Busy Stateside www.armyupress.army.mil /Journals/NCO- Journal/Archives/2016/December/Oregon-ANG/ By Jonathan (Jay) Koester NCO Journal December 20, 2016 The beautiful

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Index. Reminiscences of Rear Admiral. George van Deurs U. S. Navy. (Retired) Volume I

Index. Reminiscences of Rear Admiral. George van Deurs U. S. Navy. (Retired) Volume I Index to Reminiscences of Rear Admiral George van Deurs U. S. Navy (Retired) Volume I BALLENTINE, Adm. John H.: special Naval Attaché for Air in Japan, p 232-3. BECK, Cmdr. Pete: p 121-3, p 124-5; 132-5.

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FREE VOLUME 4, ISSUE 4 APRIL Easter FREE VOLUME 4, ISSUE 4 APRIL 2017 Easter To post information in the HOLDEN TIMES, please submit by the 25th of the month to the Village office or by email to: vholden@telusplanet.net Ad Rates: $10 per

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A long time ago, as a little girl, I dreamed of traveling all over the world. And often I d ask about the past Driving everyone crazy fast!

A long time ago, as a little girl, I dreamed of traveling all over the world. And often I d ask about the past Driving everyone crazy fast! A long time ago, as a little girl, I dreamed of traveling all over the world And often I d ask about the past Driving everyone crazy fast! Amused by this my parents thought, Why not call me History for

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