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11 Psych 7

12 Scene

13 Self 9

14 Orientation

15 11 Enrique Perez, Chairman of the Orientation Committee. J^^

16 Orientation iv ^ \' Claude Pennocchia, ready to pass.

17 Registration

18 Campus Life ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ jlssf^^r^ '19^^ 'rt^^^t^^bb^^^jm < 1 4.L,^^^^H^Lki :^BBl^l^^^^^l

19 15

20 Campus Life V. f /\.! LJILL X^*^?i

21 17 TRIM LATER ^tt^ ^ w

22 Soccer CU Soccer Lynchburg Loyola Roanoke Western Maryland Towson Maryland Georgetown Randolph Macon cancelled Mt. St. Mary's Baltimore American George Washington Opponent a Soccer Team Victor Ahem-Obeng Ulick Bourke John Buckley Richard Cossognol Elvidio Diniz Tobias DiOliverria Hicabi Emekli, coach Ismael Faustino Juan Garcia Steve Guerassimov Robert Hoi! Sergei Harrison John Kennecly Francisco Lansor Ralph Llop Carlos Luzuriogo John Mohoney Tom Moore Eusebio Mujol Frank Ponsi Steve Rhineharf Luis Rubio Norman Schmidt Rodrigo Tomayo Gabor Varso Steve Varso

23 Cross Country 19 CU Cross Country Loyola Roanoke American Johns Hopkins Mt. St. Mary's Towson Gallaudet Mason-Dixon Championships First Place Opponent Cross Country Team Steve Costion Joe Geoco Kevin Lonigan John MacAloon Gerry McGee, coach Tom Nolan Jerry Price Buzz Stapczynski Jim Wright Mason-Dixon Champs

24 Soph Cotillion k. ii^mt\mm f jj^^^^^e^y wk^ ^v* I 5 «\ r V W m m <i K i j i

25 IFC-ISC 21 Composed of the president and two representatives of each fraternity and sorority, the IFC-ISC functions as a directive of interclub matters. IFC-ISC jurisdiction is not that of a student council; its stress is on the social functions of fraternities and sororities. The IFC-ISC also serves as a contributing member of the University. During Greek Week it re-introduces the Greek system to campus. In the fall the fraternities and sororities participate in Homecoming and later in the year the IFC-ISC sponsors a spring weekend. IFC-ISC Bill Boswell Carol Calace Steve Croall Mike Davis Jackie Delves Debbie Donnelly Gary Duchesneau Livy Fazio Ed Frankle Cathy Fredericks, ISC President Paulette Grandmonl Lonnie Jorvis Dick Johnson Nancy Kula Kevin Lanigan, IFC President Ed Liddy Bob McHenry Bill Pratt Peg Rebak George Repass Claire Riley Karen Roise Ruth Shimonkevitz Gene Slear Judy Smith Joan Sosnicky Carol Wagner Last October, the IFC introduced a "wet" smoker for the first time on campus which promoted a change in school regulations concerning liquor. An initial step was taken in an organized rush for the fraternities. A booklet was compiled by the Interfraternity Development Committee to acquaint the freshmen with each club, its beginning, aims, and achievements. An Interfraternal Cooperative Filing system was set up whereby clubs could interchange examinations from previous courses. In the field of entertainment provided by the annual ICC shows, the IFC-ISC brought about a change in the system of judging. Now the fraternities and sororities will compete in separate divisions. Academically, the IFC-ISC has initiated a semi-annual scholastic award to be presented to the pledge class which has maintained the highest average. This award is to be presented the Tap Night following pledging.

26 Greek Week The sisters of Chi Iota Pi. WF fl < M A 1 1 V ^ N mj. /^k. ' l< flkfi «y. ^ iwiv s f ^ ^ l ^ ^ W^ 1 ' % 1 '";- ^ 1^' fc.^^^ f^j UM The Columbian JM Club. Theto Phi Alpha Sorority. The brothers of Sigma Beta Kappa,

27 23

28 Alpha Delta Gamma Mike Adams, Eugene Armone, John Bartoli, Rick Belmonte, Joe Bigley, Mike Block, Mike Boehk, Dan Bonal, W. Branche, Tim Cashmon, Roger Cayer, Jim Concannon, Gary Cormier, Roger Couture, R. Crawford, Don Dellario, Jay Donahue, William Dunn, John Filardo, John Fiore, Tom Fitzpotrick, John Franceschina, Ron Franks, Ron Frezzo, John Gobia, Tom Glover, Tom Greco, Mark Grice, Tom Helinski, Dave Hemter, Tod Herbers, Jim Johnson, John Jones, Steve Kelleher, Tom Kingery, Jim Krull, Don Lomontagne, Kevin Lanigan, Jim Lindemon, Bob Lohfeld, Jim Mahoney, Bob Martens, Al McClure, Dan McGowan, Jim Meeham, Fred Meyer, Noel Milan, Lenny Miller, Bob Minaert, Vin Moehringer, Steve Nezezon, Pot O Brien, Mark Papa, Layne Perelli, George Repass, president, Charles Robinson, Bob Romon, Tom Rowland, Dave Roy, Father Russell Rufino, moderator. Bill Sette, Rick Snayd, Jim Stigliono, Ron Suski, Tony Szewczyk, Jerry Tierney, Emilio Trench, Jim Wyble, Eugene Yanek.

29 25 A D G is a national fraternity founded in 1924 to meet the needs of students at Catholic colleges and universities in an age when the already existing large national fraternities would not charter at Catholic schools. Kappa Chapter at CU was established in 1950 and adopted the benefits and obligations of social life, scholastics, service, spiritual attainment, and sportsmanship as its creed. i^ppoh^uuy^s^ Jere Ducote, Homecoming Princess ^ ^ ^^^1 K^VP* l^^^^l ^^^^^^I^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Br ^^^^^^^R In 1961, A D G was formally accepted into the National Interfraternity Conference and each year since 1963, it has been rated in the top ten fraternities in America. The N I C also named A D G as the outstanding fraternity in academic achievement. At A D G's forty-fourth National Convention, held last summer at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C., Kappa chapter was awarded the Outstanding Chapter Award and the A. J. K e I I e y Scholastic Award, the two highest honors bestowed on a chapter. Jere Ducote was chosen A D G's Homecoming Princess. An English major and sister of the Columbian Club, her warmth and personality have truly made her the Sweetheart of A D G. Father John J. McGrath, former moderator for the fraternity, was appointed President protem of St. Mary's College in South Bend, Indiana. Father Russ Ruffino is presently acting as moderator.

30 Phi Kappa Theta Scott Amey, Larry Batozynski, Marty Bell, Bob Bickner, Ken Bodger, Dove Bohardt, Dick Bonanomi, Tom Brannan, Bob Brimmer, John Burgan, Vic Capece, John Cimics, Mike Conlon, Steve Costian, John Craig, Leon Dediot, Vinny Deluise, Morty Dempsey, Jerry Diskin, Dan Donnelly, Carl Dudash, Bob Duffy, Bill Ennis, Sal Fiorito, Rich Garwood, John Gassner, Bill Geier, Joe Gliessner, Jeff Gorski, Bill Hagan, Earl Harrison, Mike Hortnogel, Jim Heacock, Jim Heckman, Roy Heil, Ed Henry, Mike Hobart, Jim Hupprich, Vic Indelicate, Jeff Ishmon, Ron Krasinski, Jim LeBuffe, Mike Lee, Ed Liddy, president, Denny Llekweg, Mark Leuke, John MacAloon, Bob McHenry, Jim Miller, Bill Moron, John Morrison, Chris Often, John Osborne, Sam Parker, Enrique Perez, Charlie Pinkava, Carlos Pino, Joe Pyatek, John Reid, Lucas Rincon, Jim Rowe, Pete Sherman, Terry Shermon, Mike Spain, Mike Stevens, Jim Sweeney, Ernie Szechenyi, Barry Washington, Steve Welde.

31 27 Phi Kappa Theta, which dates its appearance on campus to the formation of the Dod-Noon Club in 1922, is the largest Catholic fraternity in the country. Omega Chapter at Catholic University was host to the national convention of the fraternity, last August, at the Shoreham Hotel, under the direction of junior Jim Rowe. The brothers of PKT secured a 33-0 victory over Sigma Beta Kappa to take the fraternity league football crown. Always active in extracurricular activities, the club boasts Dave Bohardt as editor-in-chief of the Tower, Jim Rowe as news editor of the Tower, and Mike Con- Ion, president of Blue Key Service Fraternity. Ruth Shimonkevitz, Homecoming Queen The sweetheart of Phi Kappa Theta was Ruth Shimonkevitz, whose presentation was in accord with the traditional "Phi Kappa" style. Polished swords and a Cadillac accentuated the club's traditional pageantry. For the third successive year, the Phi Kappa Theta princess was elected Homecoming Queen. Since its inception. Phi Kappa Theta has striven to attain the goals set up in the early twenties. The years of working toward one end were carried along by the pervading spirit of Msgr. Charles A. Hart. From the birth of the chapter, Msgr. Hart guided Omega to a position of prominence. With its sixty-nine members. Phi Kappa Theta ranks as one of the largest social clubs on campus.

32 Senators Chuck Bausell, Mike Beller, Norm Bishop, Tom Coffey, Nick Conidas, Tim Craven, Steve Dowell, Gary Duchesneau, Tom Eller, Bob Gililland, Tom Jeffrey, Dick Johnson, president, Bill Kennedy, Dave Mitchell, Werner Moeller, Ivors Plaunicks, Sergio Sontucci, John Switzer, Rick Symuleski, Joe Voith, Tom Wilson.

33 29 The ideals and goals of the Senators' Club are probably best summarized by the Club's motto: "Non nobis sed omnibus" "Not for ourselves but for everyone." During its fortythree years on campus. Senators have had good years and also their share of bad ones, but the goal of generous friendship and service to everyone has remained a uniting force in the club. Morgy McCarron, Homecoming Princess The past membership lists of the Senators' Club look like a Who's Who at CU. A typical Senator was the late Thomas Locraft, president in Locraft became an outstanding architect and head of the architecture department. A university scholarship was created in his memory. In 1928 the Senators' Club Alumni was organized and has since then grown to be a most active alumni group. The Alumni hold regular meetings and sponsor an annual banquet which brings hundreds of Senators together to honor an outstanding member of the CU faculty. The Senators' Club on campus offers comradeship and sociability. But social life is only a part of the whole picture. The Senators' Club is also a service club. Perhaps one of the most rewarding of its service activities is entertaining at orphanages. Members also participate in the major intramural athletic activities.

34 Sigma Beta Kappa Sieve Borry, Keats Baugher, John Boucher, Fronk Connolly, John Carmody, Sam Carnaggio, Dennis Carroll, John Covolari, Angelo Chiarovollo, Frank Cimbolo, Bob Ciofarri, Ed Conklin, Jim Cooney, Dave Creech, Rich Cosentino, Vinnie Dailey, Mike David, Mike Davis, Paul Dawson, Al Destefano, Tony Di- Camillo, Dick Donohue, Bill Downs, Andy Durelli, Frank Duval, Frank Emmert, Ken Filorski, Mike Gargas, Lenny Grondo, George Greely, Bob Goeke, Tod Gulick, Bill Jepson, Joe Kayser, John Keenon, Mark Klish, Mike Klise, Tom Kirckscium, Don Lang, Dove Lewis, Jerry Lutty, Bill Mortin, Mark McClure, Tim McGinn, Bill McKenno, Ed McKenna, Mike McGrath, Don Mclnnis, Jeff Miller, Dennis Murphy, Tom Murphy, Charles Neill, Kevin Nolan, Bill Ponneton, Vic Para, Gory Parilpiano, Joe Patti, John Pecoro, Ted Pinto, Jesse Plumley, Jim Renolds, Jack Reynolds, Bill Saulsbury, Gene Sleor, president, Buzz Stapczynski, Mike Stephanie Pete Sterling, Woyne Stroight, Tom Tolbot, Barry Torallo, Bob Torvestod, Bill Urban, Steve Varso, Bill Weschler, Fred Wendt, John Willioms, Steve Williamson.

35 31 Sigma Beta Kappa was founded in 1943 at St. Bernard's College. Beta Chapter at CU was founded in SBK offers college men the opportunity to work together in a bond of friendship and brotherhood, thereby fostering the development of campus leadership and of scholastic and cultural attainments that will reflect honor and respect upon the university, the fraternity, and the individual. Sylvia Sonfilippo, Homecoming Princess The motto, "Esse quam videri" "To be rather than to seem to be," serves as their guiding light. In this spirit of realism, the purposes are carried out: to advance the moral, social, and cultural qualities of the brothers; and to lead, to challenge, and to accomplish through united effort. Athletic endeavors are probably their most evident efforts. The "Green Wave" has won the combined intramural c h a m- pionship in fifteen of the last sixteen years. Last year's title included first place teams in swimming and softball, second in track, and numerous individ \ 1 ^ - ^ - K ^ ^, -, K ual winners. Among the outstanding performers were Ail- American swimmer Keats Baugher who won his third national championship, and soccer team star Steve Varsa, who was named to the All-American team for the second straight year. Baugher, Adrien Theriault, and Jim Reynolds were instrumental in leading the Cardinal swim team to an eighth place finish nationally.

36 gma Pi Delta Russell Beaton, Thomas Beaumont, Walter Bensman, Gregory Bock, John Bogus, William Clarke, Stephen Croall, president, Stephen D'Amoto, Thomas Davis, Michael Downey, Richard Effler, Robert Flanagan, Edward Frankle, Michoel Gardner, Gary Geraets, Raymond Heverling, Joseph lannucci, Lawrence Johnson, Richard Johnson, Timothy Jurgenson, James Kerrigan, Edward Luckett, Michael MacWillioms, Michael Manka, James Murphy, Laurence Rohloff, James E. Rucks, Glenn Settembrino, Philip Smith, William Stief, Dennis Streveler, Rodrigo Tamayo, John Teague, Frank Volenta, Chorles Wentz, John Winkler.

37 33 On March 16, 1923, a group of twelve students of the Catholic University of America met in "Dan's room," 305 Gibbons Hall, and formed Utopians Pi Delta, popularly known as the Utopian Club. So the fraternity was born. Three years later. Father Ignatius Smith, O.P., a prominent scholar, author, and educator, became the moderator. Under his leadership, the Utopian Club experienced both its highest and lowest points. After thirty-one years as moderator, Father Smith suffered a fatal heart attack. To honor his memory and extraordinary service to the fraternity, the Utopian Club became Sigma Pi Delta, the "sigma" in honor of Father Smith. Soon after this, the Abbey Club, whose strains go back to the year 1922, merged with Sigma Pi Delta. They brought with them the Holly Hop, an annual dance held over the Christmas holidays in New York City. Since 1957 Sigma Pi Delta has enjoyed more consistency and continuity than ever before in its history. Traditionally, SPD has always drawn members from all areas of university life. No matter where the student's energies are directed, he finds ample opportunity to use them in the fraternity. This is particularly true in the academic areas. Since 1960, SPD has frequently led the fraternities in cumulative average.

38 Tau Kappa Epsilon Denen Andes John C Antenucci Joseph J, Aulenti, Thomos Borr, Roncid J. Bombick, Thomas P, Bonczek, Walter 5 Borek William Boswell president, Thomas M. Bruciak, Thomas R Caggiano, Michael A Caldwell, Thomos E Cannon, Joseph J Christian, Miles M. Circo, Joseph A. Cirillo, Michael J. Clork, Jack M. Cole, Jomes A. DiLuigi, Doniel N. Doughty, John Dyer, Edward A. Engle, Thomas Fearon, Williom Fenwick, Earl M. Ferris, Pedro G, Filipowsky, Michael G. Gabel, Benjamin J. Goggins, Alfred J. Guerro, Robert R. Guzy, Robert M. Holdeman, Gregory E. Homison, Peter M. Hubicki, Father Robert E. Hunt, moderator, Charles S Kaminski, Edward J. Kennedy. Andrew P. Keller, Richard L. Kenney, Richard V, Licato, Lawrence E Lilly, Donold J. Mololesta Frederick L. Moluszewski, Gerard N. Maynard, Robert McMahon, James G. Memoli, Thomas Mikes. John Mildenberg, Christopher W. Mucha, Peter J. O'Rourke, James J. Peter, George A. Polk, William C. Pratt, Michael Proulx, Donald E. Provencher, James L. Quinnan, Stephen J. Rhinehart, Richard H. Rocco, Robert V. Russell, Louis C. Saksen, Barbora Schroeder, sweetheart, Raymond C. Schupp Robert J, Sharpe, Richard E. Simpson, Daniel R. Sumner, Michael R. Sutula, Albert A. Tatone, Ronald N Wivczor, Walter J. Ziobro.

39 35 "So in three hundred words you want me to tell you about TKE? Bobbie, it would take at least three thousand." TKE is four years of experiencing brotherhood, making new friends during rushing, accepting them during pledging and appreciating them as brothers. TKE is dancing the old one-two in Mc Mahon Hall and knowing the campus likes it as much as you love doing it. TKE is feeling really nervous before a presentation and feeling really good when people say "Gee, Barbara looked beautiful" and "Where did you guys learn to sing?" Barbora Schroeder, Homecoming Princess TKE is working on a Public Service Weekend project to make some corner of the world a little brighter. TKE is telling the guy down the hall to shut up while you're studying and he does because he's your brother. TKE is feeling extra proud when five of your brothers make "Who's Who." TKE is feeling great when you score in a game and feeling hopeful that you'll win the next. TKE is staying up all night to build a float and having it burn to a cinder a few hours later. TKE is creating that continental mood of elegance at Monte Carlo with free cocktails and gambling. But most of all TKE means leaving CU not alone but with fifty guys whom you'll be very glad to see in the years to come. So that's what TKE is in three hundred words, but four years is a whole lot more.

40 Chi lota Pi Susan Bagot, Patricia Barber, Nancy Bartholomew, Susan Blaser, Janet Bowie, Jane Brotton, Dorothy Conley, Sarah Dawson, Susan Des Rosier, Margaret Earner, Anne Grobowski, Paulette Grandmont, president, Terry G rosso, Sue Grego, Mark Grice, sweetheart. Donna Griffin, Joanne Griffin, Joanne Harkey, Kathleen Heid, Barbara Jomes, Jeanne Johnson, Nancy Kula, Nancy Kupiak, Johanne LaPointe, Diane Lowrence, Sherrill Mulhern, Suzanne Pennell, Roseanne Rosa, Kathleen Roscoe, Marcia Ryan, Elizabeth Sawyer, Joyce Thomas, Carol Wagner, Barbara Warnecke, Theresa Weinheimer.

41 37 Besides their participation in club activities, the sisters are engaged in many diversified campus organizations. From dorm council to Student council committees, from student publication to the FAC, the members share in the whole of the University life. Chairing and working on ISC committees and serving as officers of the same organization, sisters accept the responsibilities and exhibit qualities of leadership offered them in CIP. In addition, several sisters are active members in honor organizations and departmental clubs stressing the reward for academic achievement. But isn't it the fun things that everyone remembers? The never ending rehearsals and planning for the show, the Initiation Dances, Celebrating their tenth anniversary during 1968, the Sisters of Chi Iota Pi re-affirm the ideals of Charity, Integrity and Perseverance upon which the club was originally founded. Yet during this period the members ask each other "What is Chi Iota Pi? What is this club and what is its meaning to each sister of the club?" It is more than friendship and loyalty that the sisters pledge to one another upon Initiation. CIP is a club whose members enjoy being together and working as a unit, though often with diverse opinions. Whether working on the ICC show or collecting those pennies to elect their UMOC, the sisters demonstrate the importance of striving towards a common goal.

42 Columbians Laura Bernard, Borbara Bethke, Brigid Brady, Rosie Bunyer. Susie Corey, Patty Chaffers, Sue Corso, Fran Cotler, Mary Cunniff, Mary Ann DeBoll, Kathey Donohue, Debbie Donnelly, president, Jere Ducote, Marianne Felice, Kothy Fenlon Kothy Gotes, Ann Glodi. Barbara Green, Bei Hill, Mory Hodapp, Kathy Hogan, Lynn Ireland, Lonnie Jorvis, Frannie Jurnok Morge Jyllka, Nancy Kanarowski, Pat Kenny, Sue Krivatsy, Charlene Leberer. Joan Leilz, Judy Mahoney, Phyllis Morcincuk, Camille Morkey, Carol Markus, Marline Martin. Paulo Melluzzo, Fran Milone, Sandy Mortimer, Carol Nacy, Gretchen Owens, Evelyn Pezzulich, Nancy Piccone, Marian Prio, Jeanne Roche, Karen Roise, Lynn Rosenhaver, Meg Rybock, Sue Sarondon, Mary Alice Shaker, Peggy Shaker, Jeanne Shonnon, Chris Simon, Sim Simone, Mary Jane Stephono, Mary Tirpok, Andi Tokarz, Ruth Wosinger. Mory Alice Zmudo.

43 39 The Columbian Club, founded in 1945, is CU's oldest sorority. Through the years the sisterhood has grown and deepened, enriched by all those women who have called themselves Columbian. To find one's self is "Everyman's" life project. The Columbian Club aims to develop the individual through social, spiritual, charitable, cultural, and athletic programs. "Union differentiates" and allows each sister to discover, develop, and display those talents unique unto herself. The focus is always on the individual in relation to her sisters, fellow students, and society. A sorority is fundamentally a social organization. The Columbian Club manifests itself socially through parties, open dances, sorority Masses and Greek Week events. Yet the stress of true sisterhood is within the members. It is a deep sense of pride in, respect for, and love of one's sisters expressed in a silent understandingand cohesive unity. The fiower of the Columbian Club best symbolizes all that the club represents. The pink carnation is strong yet delicate, sturdy yet graceful of stem, sweet yet not cloying. Pink is the color of youth and love, of life and of girls filled with promise. The motto of the Columbian Club whispers softly and persistently, "Peace wears an expression of tenderness." This peace is a cherished commodity.

44 Kappa Beta Gamma Kothleen Andersen, Ellen Becker, Evelyn Brennon, Carol Buckley, Kathleen Burke, Corol Calace, president, Jonet Connolly, Donna Connor, Nancy Crowley, Ann Marie D'Amico, Jacquie Delves, Karen De Sonne, Suson Detscher, Johonn Eisenhower, Susan Fachet, Paul Fronkevicz, Cathy Fredericks, Mary Fredericks, Joon Grimes, Charree Hungate, Constance Irvin, Rose Lynn Kervitsky, Louise Koziol, Paula Kozulok, Juliana Longo, Daneen Lopringe, Barbara Lynch, Rosemary Mahoney, Juliana Malta is, Lorrain Mosi, Margoret McCorron, Christine Mockler, Bernadette Nelson, Kathy Quinnan, Susan Reimann, Pamela Russell, Loretta Schoeffer, Elizabeth Shearer, Pamela Traylor, Vanessa Traylor, Carol-Ann Tymann, Charlene Wilson.

45 41 In the half century of its existence on this and other campuses across the eastern half of the United States, Kappa Beta Gamma sorority has never failed to uphold its three-fold purpose: to promote a spirit of friendship among its members, to encourage high scholarship, and to uphold the interests of the University. KBG has been known for its high scholastic achievement. The sorority has in the past been awarded first and second places among thefivesororities' competition for the highest cumulative average. The University interests are served and upheld by the sorority's effective cooperation in all Universitysponsored plans. Among well-known Kappas on campus have been Marilyn Rosemilia, Nita Camplese Oberright, and Margie McCarren, who have been fraternity princesses for the past three years; Carol Calace, the club president for the year ; and Cathy Fredricks, who was president of the ISC for the same year. Although KBG is the youngest sorority on this campus its activities and interests have become well integrated into the mainstream of life at Catholic University. The sorority has participated in all intersorority events such as the ISC Homecoming float, the hootenanny preceding the first football game, the intramural sports events, and the ICC shows.

46 Kappa Tau Gamma Paddy Allum Poon, Debbie Baker Judy Ball, Elizabeth Bassett, Gale Benito, Kathy Bereiter, Veronico Bierbaum, Linda Birch, Peggy Brill, Pat Buckley, Liz Burger, Alice Carlo, Mory Jane Cervase, Maureen Codelko, Colleen Collins, Pat Coonon, Karen Costello, Eileen Cotter, Mary Cunningham, Carolyn Devine, Karen Dutch, Mory Ellen Finn, Jeanne Fogorty, Carol Furmon, Chris Glading, Sherry Gonyeo, Tara Homilton, Lois Herbert, Peggy Keating, Maureen Keelty, Koren Kozlowski, Peggy Madigan, Mary Ellen Manzo, Diantho McCobe, Marilyn McCleary, Mary Jo McGlone, Sue MerritI, Sue Miller, Chris Moreland, Margie OConnell, Pot O Donnell, Pat Pare, Ida Proto, Laurel Principe, Peggy Rebok, president, Mary Rothnie, Pot Ryan, Mary Ann Scarongello, Betty Schmidt, Karen Schmidt, Susan Sheridan, Ruth Shimonkevitz, Anne Slovin, Joan Sosnicky, Phyllis Terra, Pot Toste, Michael Voleri, Mary Jo Yancey.

47 43 What's so special about KTG? Like any other sorority it has its own flower, sweatshirt, pin, and mug. President Peggy Rebak is an active member of the school community and one of the most enthusiastic cheerleaders going. Carolyn Devine, vice-president, heads the club's social service program, focused on tutoring at the Holy Name Elementary School in northeast Washington. Ruth Shimonkevitz, senior representative to the IFC, member of the Student Council, and the 1967 sweetheart of Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity, was elected Homecoming Queen. Socially the club participates in intramural sports, including that annual "rose bowl" sellout, pledge projects with the fraternities, teas, club dances, and this year experimented with a theatre party. Spiritual director, Mike Valerie, led the "faithful remnant" on a weekend retreat in the back-tonature vein, with homemade sleeping bags and warm clothes given top priority. Certainly two very special aspects of Kappa Tau Gamma are its moderator, Mrs. Margaret Orth, and the chaplain. Father Paul Robert Mohan. The other special reasons number fiftyfive the active membership who find in KTG the opportunity for those experiences within and outside of the sisterhood which can make the years here more vital ones.

48 Theta Phi Alpha Catherine Brody Mary Rila Brady Moureen Campbell Bonnie Christiono Suson Cook, Deidre Creedon, Dons Cybert Jo-Ann Dubeck Susan Emery Olivio Fozio president, Fran Ferrone, Catherine Fico, Joyce Freundel Phyllis Fromm, Nicole Golvin Judith Gentile Polricia Gevlin Marionne Ginnity. Susona Gladwin Carol Goss Kalherine Hagerly Anostosia Honsen Suson Heck Jeonne Heller, Mary Jane Hicks, Kothleen Hosly Rebecca Hyde, Evelyn Joroy, Gail Keppler, Susan Lilly. Jolania Marcinkie wicz, Michaele Mason Eileen Mengers, Morcio Metger, Morie Mino, Linda McDonold, Margaret Mulhern, Bernadette Mulhollond Borboro Murphy, Paulo Noonon Patricia Poriseou Rosemary Petrovoge, Vivian Quinn, Shoun Randall, Cloire Riley, Michelle Revoir Dicne Rossi, Beth Sconolon Suson Sheehan, Judith Smith, 5yd Smtih, Theresa Siroub. Kothleen Trovers Shoryn Venil, Virginio Volk Jonet Wencis, Janet Wiltmer, Mory Carolyn Wolfe

49 45 The history of TPA began on the campus of the University of Michigan in 1912 under the guidance of Bishop Edward D. Kelly. Since then membership has been expanded to include 17 active chapters on college and university campuses throughout the United States. CU's Alpha Alpha Chapter has been in existence since 1954 when the "Triamond Club" was granted recognition. The sisters of TPA have the distinction of belonging to a fraternity which is a member of the National Pan Hellenic Council. TPA on the local level functions as both a social and organization service. During the spring semester the sisters arranged trips for young children of the D.C. area. Afternoons were spent in trips to the zoo. In addition to several closed parties throughout the school year, the sisters enjoy a weekly coffee hour, which affords a study break as well as an opportunity for conversation among fraternity members. The White Rose Formal culminates the social activities of the sorority. The evening is highlighted by the presentation of the newly inducted sisters to the members. The sisters of TPA experience a friendship which is deeply rooted in common tradition and which continues to develop long after college years through active participation i n the alumnae chapters.

50 Fine Arts Council i^miiiil'h!! llilir: John Astarb Peter Colosante Kathy Csere Robert Goebus Samuel Hazelett, president Barbara Krupczok Steve McEvitt Sherill Mulhern Phillip Roidt Adam ReJlly Horry Remmers John Schwarz Roger Smith George Trosper Rick Vergos Barbara Warnecke

51 Football Club 47 With the sincere aspiration of bringing all the grandeur of a gridiron program to the campus, the CU Football Club under the direction of President Mike Stefanic returned last year for its third and most successful season. Financially, the club was the most stableit has been since its inception, due to increased student support and an additional boost from the alumni. CU posted its first win over La- Salle of Philadelphia and established a staunch defense which yielded only nine points per game in contrast to thirty-seven points per game over the year before. Special mention should be given to the coaches, Eddie Lasso. Roland Kenner, and Bill Daley; and especially to playerpresident Mike Stefanic. The graduate members of the club deserve mention: Mike Stefanic, fullbacks Jeff Gorski and Rich Rocco, halfbacks Frank Koprivnik. Ken Bodger, and Rick Cosentino, linemen Jim Miller, Joe Aulenti, and Jim Maten. Preparations for next year's expanded season are already underway. A schedule of five or six games has been planned and several innovations are to be introduced. Added elasticity in regards to classes which conflict with practice time has been proposed along with an extra fee added onto the registration fee which would allow students to see home games free while setting a stable budget for the club. Football Club Bill Daley, coach Richard Donahue Dan Donnelly Jeff Gorski Don Lomontagne Bob McHenry Jeff Miller Mary Alice Shaker Mike Stefanic, president Scoreboard CU 7 Marist 13 La Salle 3 King's 6 Georgetown Opponents

52 Club Football A

53 49 Football Team Scott Amey Joe Aulenti Ken Bodger Vic Capece Sam Carnaggio Denny Carroll Angelo Chioravallo Lawrence Comereski Rich Comereski Rich Cosentino Jim Cooney Gary Cormier Bill Daley, coach Paul Dedick Andy Durelli Frank Emmert Pedro Filipowski Joke Gieron Jeff Gorski Joe Gribbin Pete Hubicki George Indelicate Jim Johnson Roland Kenner, coach Ron Kolito Frank Koprivnik Don Lomontagne Eddie Laso, Coach Bo^hdan Levy Roger McGrath, coach Jim Mclnfyre Bob Malerba Jim Malan Noel Milan Jim Miller Dove Murphy Carlos Pino Jim Reed Rich Rocco Pete Rozak Don Russoniello Matt Sembiodo Mike Stefanic Tom Talbot Carm Vitolo Steve Welde Jim Wyble 'ihl^^j^ ^""T^sil.

54 Fall Intramurals Mark McClure,

55 51 Tom Talbot

56 Joe Sent Me 1 1 k 1 1

57 Frosh Dance 53 } 1 y

58 Presentations.m Manonnc Ginnity, Sw^ectheart of SPD. j'ere Ducote Sweetbeorf of ADG. The Senators' helicopter

59 55 Queen Ruth Shimonkevitz, Sweetheart of PKT. Barbara Schroeder, Sweetheart of TKE. Sylvio Sonfilippo Sweetheort of SBK.

60 Michele Valeri l^^l pk B ^L. ^ '",^^^^^^^^ ij^k Bft^^^ ^^H ^^ ^s. ^^H

61 57 IH^^ S a Ruth Shimonkevitz Homecoming Queen

62 Homecoming

63 59 4 k

64 Military Ball Dean Mory Elinor Smith, escorted by Bill Boswell Linda Ann Edgerton, Queen, escorted by Tom Locke.

65 Military Angel Flight Susan Blaser Suzanne De Rosier \m\ \4 s.. \ 61 Margaret Dobrowalski Patricio Flaver Ann Grobowski, president Rosalie Grasso Catherine O'Toole Ann Schneider Catherine Snyder Brennan Rifles John Bogus Tom Brown Steve D'Amoto Tom Davis Marty Dempsey Pedro Filopowsky Ed Gagliardi Gil Herenandei Mark Kingsley Tom Locke, commander John Macauley Jim Mennino Bob Molesky Jim O'Brien Joe Oriech Dove Pepson Bill Reagan Bob Scanlon Tony Vallilo Tom Van Woes Mike Walsh John Winslow Arnold Air Society Frederick Arnold Thomas Berger John Bogus William Boswell Thomas Davis Heibert Johnson Richard Kenney Nicholas LaRocca Donald Malatesta Layne Perelli Laurence Rohloff Michael Spain Craig Taylor Peter Thrift James Prendergast Stephen Witas

66 Swi mming 5>iVimming toam Bill Boswell Bill Burke Bill Downs Frank Duvoi Tod Gutick Gory Porlopiano Phil Peitone Jack Reynolds Jim Reynolds Gene Slocir, captoin Adrien Thieraul! J tick Gcjrdnor, cocich Mason-Dixon Championship swimming form CU Moson Swimming VMI Villanova Old Dominion Georgetown Washington & Lee St Johns Loyola Univ. of Virginia Roanoke Manhattan Howard cancelled Opp onent Dixon Championships -F rst Place 40

67 Wrestling 63 Wrestling Team John Carmody Angelo Chioravallo Harold De Arment Mike Doyle Mike Gargas Jim Heacock Greg Hudak Ned Lynch Jim Miller Vic Parra Fred Pisoni Leon Trela Robert Korch, coach CU Wrestling American Loyola Washington College Towson Baltimore Gallaudet Hampden-Sydney Western Maryland Johns Hopkins Howard Oppo nent

68 Monte Carlo

69 Ball oons 65

70 Christmas From the heart of the university came a spirit: a spirit of Shrine bells playing "Angels We Have Heard on High," of concerts filling the lofts of a tinseldecorated gym, of term papers with extensions, of day-dreaming on tests, of a restless urge to fly, of noisy streets and crowded buses, of happiness and the usual fare, of memories and a better future, of everything the world calls Christmas. The city, Washington, shared in the madness of the place. Woody's was decked out in fir trees and mistletoe, and little toy skaters entertained window shoppers at the Hecht Co. And Johnson lit the tree behind the White House. And this spirit was carried from the university to Detroit and Chicago, and to a thousand little cities whose names are unheard of. The "Dollmaker's Dilemma" Company left on December 15 to carry the spirit to Germany, where the troop of young actors, accompanied by Rev. Gilbert Hartke, O.P., head of CU's Drama Department, and Rev. Charles Auth, librarian at the Dominican House of Studies, performed the original Christmas Musical for the soldiers. The players returned on January 3 after a successful tour of Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Fulda. «t Members of the university Chorus and Orchestra joined forces for a performance of Gianini's "Canticle" at the annual Christmas Concert in the gym on December 10.

71 67 TKE's Christmas Party. f

72 Christmas The Christmas Concert.



75 Chancellor 71 His Eminence Patrick Cardinal OBoyle

76 Rector Rev. John P. Whalen, M.A., S.T.D., assumed the post of acting rector of the Catholic University on October 16, Father Whalen had been an associate professor of Sacred Theology at the university and was managing editor of the New Catholic Encyclopedia. While serving as rector, Father Whalen retained his position as Rev. John P. Whalen, at mass, All Souls' Day. president of Corpus Instrumentorium, a local publishing firm. Father Whalen was appointed as interim rector with the approval of Francis Cardinal Spellman and with the unanimous consent of the Board of Trustees. The office of Rector was vacated in effect on July 12, 1967, when the Rector, Bishop William J. McDonald, after ten years of diligent service to the university, decided not to seek at the Homecoming Gome. reappointment. h.^..,.. -fc,7^-- I. ^ mmmtm Father Whalen's approach to his role as rector was dynamic. He immersed himself in student activities. During Homecoming, '.^~.*^»*,,«i\ ^ r> Father Whalen attended the formal dance on Friday evening. On Saturday morning he participated in the dedication ceremony of the new theater. On Saturday afternoon he entered into the true spirit of the football game by joining the squad down on thefield.father Whalen also initiated an "opendoor policy," which symbolized his whole approach of free and open communication. Father Whalen had proved himself to be not only an excellent executive and administrator but also a personable individual interested in the students and their progress in the university community. Bishop William J McDonold Rector, Msgr. Joseph B. McAllister, Vice Rector.

77 Vice Rectors 73 Very Reverend Robert Trisco, Dr. C. Joseph Nuesse- Right Reverend Monsignor James A. Magner

78 Administration L MISS Catherine Rita Rich, Registrar and Director of Admissions Mrs. Elizabeth S. Cohill, Postmistress Rev F Raymond Fowerbaugh Director of University Development Rev. J, Raymond Favret, Assistant Vice-Rector for Rii^in^^^s

79 75 Robert C. Betts, Director of Student Placement Lloyd F. Wagner, Director of Libraries Ron Cannavo, Director, Bureau of Pub. Rel. of Students; Mory Elinor Smith, Dean of Women; James J. McPadden, Dean of

80 Administration Very Reverend Robert P. Mohan, Deon of the Summer Session Miss Barbara Bernhardt, Director of the Social Center Miss Mary Frances Moses, Director of Housing

81 College of Arts And Sciences 77 Under the direction of Dean Leonard F. Cain, the College of Arts and Sciences encompasses 19 academic departments, boasting an enrollment of more than 1,500 undergraduates. The addition of numerous administrators and teachers supplies only part of what the College is. Determining a potential for future development, change and improvement must be a vital characteristic at all levels of the university experience. The administration has initiated change in keeping the lines of communication open to the student body. In early fall, the staff of the Student Personnel Services met with certain teachers to discuss the problems of student communication. Though no definitive solutions were achieved, an important first step was taken. On instruction, teachers have initiated change in their approach to courses. Due to the diversity inherent in numerous departments, many students receive only a narrow view of their own area of concentration. To provide the student with an overview covering various areas, an interdisciplinary seminar was conducted in the spring on the "Implications of Science for Philosophy and Religion." This seminar was open to upperclassmen as a non-credit elective. Teachers also initiated changes in the basic curriculum offered to students. The number of courses required in philosophy and religion was lessened second semester. Dr. Leonard Francis Cain

82 Air Science Growth ond activity marked the ocaciemic year for the Department of Aerospace Studies. A minor AFROTC consortium was begun with George Washington University and American University, allowing students from these institutions to enroll in the two-year program at CU. An important continuation of the AFROTC curriculum is the Base Visitation Program, which allows members of the Cadet Corps to visit various Air Force and government installations. Several trips were scheduled for the academic year: the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio; Cape Kennedy, Florida; Myrtle Beach Air Force Base, South Carolina; Goddard Space Center and Andrews Air Force Base. The Flight Instruction Program is offered to seniors in AFROTC who are qualified for Air Force Pilot training. Instruction is provided at an FAA-approved flying school at no cost to the student. During the year two cadets, Larry Rohloff and Layne Perelli, received their private pilots license. The sixteenth annual Military Ball was held on December 7 at the Boiling Air Force Base Officers" Club. Approximately three hundred students and faculty enjoyed an evening of dancing and conviviality. The highlight was the crowning of the 1967 Military Ball Queen, Linda Ann Edgerton, "70, by Miss Mary Elinor Smith, Dean of Women.

83 79 On a secluded corner of the campus stands the home of the Art Department, the Salve Regina building. On any day in fall or spring, a constant tapping is heard in the vicinity of the building. Pieces of sculpture in various stages of artistic development can be seen gracing the hillside throughout the academic year. When the sculptors are not actively working on their creations, the works themselves assume surrealistic shapes under layers of snow. While the sculptors are evolving "masterpieces" from stone, the painters make their artistic contribution in watercolor and oils inside the building. In the main exhibition rooms of the department, periodical presentations of finished works are presented. Once each year the department stages a special exhibit in the foyer of Mullen library. At this time, art students communicate visually with the rest of the student body. Many of the artists also prepare works for the annual Fine Art Council's commercial exhibit. Specific courses offered by the department cover many areas of artistic endeavor. To interested non-majors, a course in the foundations of art is available to seniors. Many students seeking a general background in the development of art may satisfy their curiosity through the Art History course. The curriculum, composed of artistic philosophy in conjunction with practical experience, provides students with a strong foundation for their talents and an ability to put their muse to work.

84 Suzanne Welch Susana Gladwin Livy Faiio Mary Alice Shaker I'-yKt. ^ - ^":;;;ju Linda Delbaglivo Elizabeth Merceret Dona Napier Frank Duval

85 Biology 81 Many changes have taken place in the Biology Department. The curriculum was restructured with the introduction of a course entitled Mechanisms of Life. This three-semester course has been partially integrated into the sophomore curriculum. The upperclassmen concentrate on more advanced biological studies. Genetics explains the principles of heredity to students through class lectures and related experiments. Physiology offers students an opportunity to study the processes, activities, and phenomena of organic matter. Embryology traces the development of an organism from the moment of its conception. Histology allows the students to perform advanced microscopic studies of body tissues. The Biology Major also takes several courses in the liberal arts so that he graduates with a bachelor of arts degree. ^ n 2SS New equipment for research was introduced into the department along with curriculum changes. January 15 marked the long awaited arrival of the electron microscope. With the purchase of the microscope, graduate students were offered two new research projects concerned with the study of celldifferentiation and cell ultrastructure..'%msmm'^ Biologists from various parts of the country have been invited to attend a workshop utilizing the electron microscope this summer. A scintillation counter was also purchased to be used in research. Dr, Dole C Broungart

86 ,?^^v^>s:':«daniel Rodriguez Janet Connolly Philip McAllister p 1 Michael Golembieski Franz Theard Kathleen Radzlewicz Peter Sterling John Morrison "^ ^ ^ I

87 Biology 83 ^f^ni^ Michael Sutula Margaret McCarron Kathleen Murray Elizabeth Feeney Ronald Kra$inski I Joan Grimes Joseph lannucci John Morin Mary Flynn

88 Chemistry Chemistry at the university is the study of a variety of courses from the most basic class in General Chemistry to the most complicated Research Seminar. In November '67, the Department, headed by Professor B. deb. Darwent, announced the use of a multi-access C.E.I.R. computer, located in Bethesda, Md., as a help for graduate and undergraduate students as well as faculty members, in solving data problems. The chemist prepares programs in BASIC computer language and codifies paper data tapes. He then dials the computer telephone number and teletypes in his data. A response soon begins coming in at the rate of 100 words per minute. The C.E.I.R. computer slashes the time required for data analysis, such as in error determination and extends the chemist's efficiency by increasing the volume of work he can accomplish. Dr. John Joseph Eisch Co-ordinated by Dr. Leopold May, the Undergraduate Research Program, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, was held at the university during the summer of '67. Each of the students taking part in the program received a stipend of $720 for 10 to 12 weeks of research. Projects ranged from the investigation of reaction mechanisms through ultrasonic measurements to the separation of compounds from brain cells. The program will be offered again this summer.

89 85 Frances Jurnak Michael Antkowiajc Michael Clarke Elizabeth Jullie Carolyn Devine Thomas Rowland "PW Leonard Miller Laurel Principe

90 Chemistry CHEMISTRY CLUB Bob Larosa, Tom Greco, Len Miller, Lourel Princepe, president. Rich Garwood, Joan Sosnicky, Angela Muni, Mary Walker, Kathy Twomey, Mike Clark, Betty Jullie, Fran Jurnak, Bro. Steve Walsh, Pat Campbell, Tom Eller, Charles Roach, Bro. Austin, Ronni Bierbaum, Bob Brown, Tod Gulick. Morcia Quigley Richard Garwood

91 Economics Professors in the Department of Economics were active during the academic year in fields of research and publication. Alexander Woroniak produced a book dealing with "Business Organization and the Transfer of Technology" in the Soviet Union. Mr. Woroniak was also engaged in a comparative study of management and business organization in technological transfer in the United States, Japan, and Western Europe. With Daniel L. Spencer, Woroniak published an article, "The Feasibility of Developing Transfer of Technology Functions" in Kylos, the international review for social sciences. The collaboration continued in a second work entitled, "Transfer of Technology of Developing Nations." Dr. Ransford W. Palmer researched Jamaican economy in a book entitled "Development of the Modern Jamaican Economy" in addition to his article, "Financing Corporate Investment in Jamaica," published in "Social and Economic Studies." In addition to publications, the department's staff was also involved in various consultations. Mr. Woroniak was invited as an economic consultant for the development project of northwestern Argentina during the months of July and August last summer. Woroniak was also an associate for research done on the economic implications of the transfer of technology with special reference to the role of the military.

92 Economics John Filardo Frank Koprivnik

93 89.<--/» #r Joseph Bigley Michael MacWilltams Richard Donahue Michael Doyle Steven Varsa Kathleen Travers Michael Conlon Paula Noonon

94 Economics Emilio Trench Frances Spogno June Muszcza Mark Grice Robert Cioffari '%^\ \ Robert Roman Joseph Christian * % Frank Cimbolo

95 School of Education 91 Continued growth marks the new School of Education at the university. Formerly a Department of Education, the School was elevated by Bishop William McDonald and the Board of Trustees to an independent status, September 1, 1965, with Rt. Rev. Eugene Kevane as dean. Three recently added fields of concentration, designed to relate education to contemporary and future challenges include Education of the Exceptional and the Disadvantaged, headed by Dr. Max G. Frankel; International Education, directed by Dr. Jose A. Baquero; and Educational Technology with Dr. Gabriel D. Oliesh as program director. On the level of educating the exeptional and the disadvantaged, Dr. Frankel has recently published a book, "Functional Teaching of the Mentally Retarded," in collaboration with Drs. F. William Happ and Maurice P. Smith, two Colorado specialists in thefield. In addition to his varied teaching experience. Dr. Frankel was principal of the State Home and Training School, Grand Junction, Colorado. To implement the contact of the School of Education in a pedagogical manner with contemporary social and economic problems, a Center for Community Development and Service has been established. Dr. Calvin W. Burnett, is actively engaged in relating the activities of this new Center to the needs and problems of the inner-city of the nation's capital. Rt. Rev, Eugene Kevane

96 Education Jeanne Johnson Enes DeCarlo Erasmo Gono Catherine Clarke Snyder Paula Tiberii Barbara Woulfe

97 93 Susan Heck Betty Iccovone Rachel Bernler Jo Ann Titus t^ ' t4 Pamela Ball Nancy Kula Camille Markey Kathleen Stacy Tom Granato Barbara Hill 1 1 w^ Maureen Shaughnessy Diane Schieberl

98 English Under the direction of Dr. Kerby Neill, the English Department at the university trains students who may teach at one or more offive academic levels, and provides a staff which teaches within the college at three levels. The freshman program teaches English for all schools and departments of the university. Before the fall semester is over, the staff will have corrected over seven thousand themes and held over a thousand student conferences. At the sophomore level, students receive knowledge of the development of English literature so that their understanding of the present will be based solidly on the knowledge of the past that underlies it. The heart of the program for English majors consists in two semesters of tutorials in both the junior and senior years. The emphasis in the junior year is on a v\/ide range of reading to develop the historical sense of English literature. In the senior year, the student's reading continues to expand, but he concentrates in the Coordinating Seminar on an author of his choice. O < D.'. J. Kerby Neill On the graduate level, the English major is encouraged to master a series of methods which are tested in the Comprehensive Examination: the problems of literary theory; the study of the English language; and the study of a complex historical period of literature through an individual author.

99 Jack Cole Gloria Fiol Robert Goebes Henry Golofta Elizabeth Sawyer John Fiore m Kathleen Caulfleld Regino Loczko Joseph Aulenti ^^B ««^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B. ^ J9HH ^^^^^^^^^F' ^^^Li^^K^^ ^^^^^^K. '...' ll ih ' ibmi^irr # SKS L \ ^WR i 1. 1 r '"' ' " * B f '^. "^ ** <r '^v^;*^ -:^i' iftigfai^..,,, -1 Pat Monti

100 English Frederick Feusahrens Robert Minaert Frank Finan Roseanne Rosa,.*^ m.-^ ^L Karen Kozlowski -1^. 1 Anita Salamanca Brigid Brady Willii^rM c,

101 97 3B00«s-,r -;. iv.-ti.-'-.corii.y&son V'Ksrai.Mra T" Jere Ducote Theresa Straub i I'K'^ Carol Little Thomas Berger Deborah Baker

102 English * II I nil nir M ^.'Hi '1 \ f.i *. ii II11 Rosemory Cullen fe-^' ^mr'st.-_ Joyce Thomas Thomos Sheeran ^^^HH H^'«^^^^^rV ^^^1 ^^H ^J% N--^II^^B ^9 k^'i* Wt ~Jm ^IVM'A'^k ^^=-=3B^ ±5 ^ /- Mory Cunningham

103 Black Bread 99 PI DELTA EPSILON Tom Berger, president Brigid Brady, vice-president Tom Brannan Dave Bohardt Liz Burger Jeanne Camock Eileen Cotter Dick Donohue Frank Emmert Ray Heil Jeff Ishmon Bill Jepsen Jim Rowe Pete Sherman Joan Sosnicky BLACK BREAD Robert Bauer Anne Bittner Brian Coughlin Peter Crowley Posie Delaney Larry Kief Joe Nagoski Sherril Mulherne Bob Russell, editor-in-chief Cormen Silva Chris Toll Elizabeth Venutolo, O.D. J. Michael Versace Lee Waterman Ron Wivczar

104 Cardi ina John Bartoli, Gale Benito, Kathy Bereiter, Dick Bonnonami, Dr. Regis Boyle, Coleen Collins, Jane Currens, Bob Duffy, John Franceschino, Ron Frezzo, William Geir, Koren Gildea, Kathie Haoge, Fritz Hafner, Tara Homilton, Tom Helinski, Jeff Ishmon, Cathy Kramer, Donna Labesky, Carol Lucik, Maryonne Markow, Aline Moynord, Mary Pat Mclntyre, Judy Meister, Mary Ellen Miller, Sue Miller, Steve Nezezon, editor, Kothleen OKoin Virginia O'Neill, Kothy O Toole, Joe Patti, Laurel Principe, George Repass, Tony Ricci, Karen Roise Betty Schmidt. Karen Schmidt, Joan Sosnicky, Eloise Troiner, Anne Traversy, Frances Tyluki, Fronces Vcrello, Jill Wrixon.

105 Tower 101 Sue Bagot, Judy Ball, Tom Beaumont, Pot Berg, David Bohardt, editor, Brigid Brady, Thomas Brannan, Kym Burke, Jeanne Camock, Alice Carlo, Ed Conklin, Sue Cook, Jim Cooney, Eileen Cotter, Vinnie DeLuise, Jockie Delves, Dick Donohue, Johanna Eisenhowei, Frank Emmert, Bill Ennis, Pedro Filipowski, Margee Gaughn, Raymond Heil, Ed Henry, John Hills, Mike Hobert, Pete Hornyak, Carol Lucik, Ed Lynch, John MacAloon, Betty Martin, John Morrison, Margie O'Connell, Gretchen Owens, Bob Poly, Lucas Ricnon, James Rowe, Sue Sheridan, Joan Sosnicky, Mike Spain, Buzz Stopzynski, Anne Stokes, Andi Tokarz, Ruth Wasinger, Jill Wrixon.

106 Shahan Debate Society Tom Mikes Dan Sumner Tom Beaumont Kathy Heid Tom Belanger Paul Buckley Fran Colter Eileen Cotter Marjorie O'Connell Dodie Gill Bob Poly Dottie Conley Drew Ryberg Marty Ruppert Robert DeBerardinis Joe Tarquinio Mr. Paul Molloy, coach Mr. John McCarthy, moderator

107 Geography Though probably the smallest department in the university, the Geography Department has large ideas. As of yet,it is not possible for an undergraduate student to major in geography. The four teachers in the department deal mainly with those freshmen who elect geography and graduate students concentrating in thatfield. Two of the courses offered by the department. Survey of World Regions and Principles of Urban Geography, are recommended for elementary education and engineering-architecture majors, respectively. Dr. Kenneth Bertrand, in addition to heading the department, has published several works during the past academic year. An article entitled "A Look at Operation Highjump, Twenty Years Later," in the Antarctic Journal of the United States and a contribution, "Geographical Exploration by the United States," to the textbook "The Pacific Basin." Dr. Bertrand speaks of the future with anticipation, heightened by the inclusion of an undergraduate program for geography majors in the fall of '68, marking afirstin university history. The department benefited from its association with George Washington University in connection with the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area. The Geography Department at George Washington has arranged a joint program of study whereby a CU student may register for a course at GW and receive full credit.

108 Greek & Latin Greek and Latin at the university seeks to keep alive a knowledge of the ancient languages in a modern world. The Department, under the direction of Dr. Bernard M. Peebles, acquaints students with the more important classic literature of Greece and Rome along with a firm basis in the languages themselves. The study of language is essentially the study of tradition which fills sounds with meaning and the conventions which covern its use. The most important task of the Department is to develop an appreciation for the classics among its students. Dr. Bernard Mann Peebles Seniors majoring in Greek study the great tragedies by Sophocles and Euripides, as well as Homer's "Iliad" and "Odyssey." An Introduction to Greek Civilization i s offered that stresses the backgrounds of Greek literature and art. In addition to the political and cultural history of the country up to the reign of Alexander the Great, a course emphasizing the New Testament, "Readings in Koine Greek" is available to students. Concentrators in Latin are initially acquainted with the works of Livy, Virgil, Horace, and Cicero. The historical developments of Rome are traced through the study of a variety of selections from Roman histories, places, and essays. For the drama-oriented, a course, "The Ancient Theater" will be offered next year.

109 History 105 Once a year the History Department issues a Newletter reporting recent developments. A vacancy for a specialist in the Renaissance and Reformation studies has been announced. Departments of history throughout the country were mailed a flyer which briefly described the graduate program. Dr. Friedrich Engel-Janosi of the University of Vienna, who was formerly associated with the department, returned as visiting professor of Modern European History. He taught courses on the political history of the papacy since the Congress of Vienna and on modern European historiography, and conducted a seminar on the correspondence of Pius XII. On December 13, the Department celebrated the centennial of the birth of Manoel de Oliveira Lima, the founder of the Oliveira Lima Library, with a reception at which the Rector, the Ambassador of Brazil, the Ambassador of Portugal, and the head of the department, Dr. Manoel Cardozo, spoke. The library, which was established in 1916, is the most distinguished library in the United States for the study of the cultures of Portuguese-speaking countries. With t h e centennial "The Friends of the Oliveira Lima Library," an organization designed to achieve a broader base of support for the library, was formally launched. Dr. Manoel Cardozo

110 History Michael Paul Anita Camplese '? { I Andrew DeVito Thomas Glover Bernadette Mulhollond Lucinda Fiescho HI^^B RH Bj^^q**! Yolanda Grott R^^^ 1^^^^^^^^^5 '^^1 James Stigliano

111 Tom Helinski Catherine Bankert Cheryl Flood V Carol Baldwin Jane Kramer Ruth Shimonkevitz ^^ifujiimim

112 History Aurelia Pucinski Wallace Duszynski John Cavaleri Barbara Warnecke Richard Rocco tf I George Repass.J I Karen Dutch Carol Calace David Bohardt

113 Math 109 Headed by Dr. Raymond Moller. Mathematics is a complete and well-developed department at CU. Encompassing a variety of courses ranging in complexity from College Algebra and Trigonometry to the Theory of Constructive Methods in Analysis, the Department strives to acquaint its students with the many phases of Mathematical Science. During the past academic year, no less than twenty instructors with doctorates in their respectivefieldspresented courses for the benefit of both graduate and undergraduate students. Freshmen Math concentrators now enjoy the benefits of a course primarily orientated toward a degree in Mathematics. Junior year offers two choices. One curriculum is designed for those students interested in graduate school work. The other prepares the Math Major for work in business or industry. Mathematics courses are also important beyond their own field of concentration. The Department strives to satisfy the needs and interests of students with majors ranging from Psychology to Speech and Drama. High School courses, C E E B Mathematics Aptitude, Achievement, and Advanced Placement scores all help to determine the right course for each student. After completing the basic freshman requirements, the student can move up the Mathematics curriculum to satisfy his requirements, whatever they may be in another field of study. Dr, Raymond W. Moller

114 Mathematics Ronald Guisti James Kerrigan Kathleen Roley ^ 1 Susan Merritt Kathleen Fredricks Margaret Rebok

115 Modern Languages 111 CU boasts of a modern language department second to few in the United States. With special emphasis on literature and related linguistics, the department aims at a general knowledge of the languages, literature as a whole and a detailed knowledge of a specific period chosen for the individual student's comprehensive examination. But fluency both in expression and composition as well as an acquaintance with the history, customs, and institutions involved, are also stressed. Courses offered a range from Catalan to French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish as well as programs for comparative literature and applied linguistics. Each area of study is designed for both the non-majors in lower division grammar and survey and the concentrators in upper division studies. Headed by Dr. Alessandro Crisafulli, assisted by Professor Emile Telle and Dr. George Gringras in French, Assistant Professor Charles Giordano and Dr. Ingrid Merkel in German, and Professor Sola-Sole and Dr. Margaret Bates in Spanish, the program of studies leads to a bachelor of arts in each language, with a minor in a second foreign language and masters and doctorates in each fleld. The unique intermarriage of upper division courses and graduate programs enable the outstanding students to continue without limitation of restricted choice. Le Cercle Francois Bro. Hector Boldue Milly Bunker Thomas Coffee Mike De Bauche Mary Duffner John Gatton Bro. Gerard Barbara Greene John Hackett Charles Hamilton Bro. Joseph Bro. Kevin Denis Le Daux Morgan McDonald Andres Menendez Dr. Robert Nicolich, moderator Bro. Pedro Father Rene Saude Richard Vergos Diana Wood, president Dr. Alessandro S. Crisafulli

116 Modern Languages Patricio Allum-Poon Paulette Grandmont Ann Kumpe Hugh Morgan McDonald Barbara Greene Elizabeth Burger 9 f W %r > i 1 Jomes Memoli John Hackett

117 School of Philosophy 113 The past year has seen an extensive lecture program presented by the School of Philosophy. Tsarism and the Bolsevik Revolution were the topics of thefirst two lectures of '67-'68 lecture series. These talks by Arthur P. Mendel of the University of Michigan initiated a twenty-lecture series which was presented as part of the program covering three aspects of philosophical inquiry. Professor Mendel's lectures, "Interpretation of the Fall of Tsarism: Problems of Historical Truth" and "The Bolshevik Revolution: Disunity of Theory and Practice," are two of the ten lectures on various phases of "Contemporary Marxism and the Soviet Union" which formed the basis for succeeding lectures. The final phase of the past year's lecture series included seven lectures on various topics in philosophy by representatives of several major philosophical schools in this country, Canada, and Europe. Included in the impressive list of speakers were such names as Joseph Pieper of the University of Munich, Robert Tucker of Princeton, Richard de George of the University of Kansas, Brand Blanshard of Yale, and Rev. J. M. Bochenski, O.P., of the University of Fribourg. The series was made possible by a $2,000 grant from the Sperry Hutchison Foundation Lectureship Program, which was established in 1960 as part of that company's Aid-to-Education program. Dr. Jude P, Dougherty

118 Philosophy Alan Leidecker

119 Physical Education 115 Headed by Edward LaFond, the division of athletics has facilities available to students and faculty for swimming, tennis, handball, soccer, football, indoor and outdoor basketball, baseball, track, pole vault, high jump, horseshoes, and archery. Additional facilities include the popular sauna bath, whirlpool bath, weight room, and ping pong table. Activities cease on basketball game nights at 5 p.m. and all varsity sports practices and matches, intramural games and physical training classes have priority on facilities. Equipment such as handballs, volleyballs, and basketballs may be checked out of the equipment room, known as "the Cage." Competition for the intramural championship team trophy is intense as fraternities, clubs and hall residents strive to accumulate the highest number of intramural points. Awards also go to the individual with the most points for the year, as well as to members of teams winning the championship in each sport, and to winners and runners-up in individual events and tournaments. Franny Murray Edmund R. Lafond Team play or tournaments are conducted in touch football, basketball, softball, swimming, track andfield,volleyball, badminton, foul shooting, handball, horseshoes, table tennis, tennis, wrestling, and golf. All male students, graduate and undergraduate, are eligible. An extensive women's intramural program has also been established.

120 Physics Famous for its development of outstanding scholars through a combination of the best of arts and sciences and engineering, the Physics Department demands one of the most challenging courses of study within the University. Through a segregation of concentrators and non-majors, the department outlines a program eliminating all but the most dedicated and talented. Its course requirements include General Elementary Physics with deeper studies of mechanics, electricity, magnetism, waves, oscillations, and electronics with Nuclear and Solid State Physics on the graduate level. Programmed almost exclusively for majors, the Department boasts numerous members of its faculty nationally noted and universally recognized in their individualfields. Under the supervision of Professor James Brennan both the graduate and undergraduate schools boast extensive laboratory, office, and class space in Keane Hall. Under the auspices of the Consortium of Universities of the District of Columbia, the Physics Department inaugurated a program of joint seminars on "Advanced Theoretical Nuclear Physics" with the Department of Physics at American University. The discussions were conducted by Dr. Dieter Drechsel, associate research professor at CU, and by Dr. Wieslaw Czyz, visiting professor at American University. Dr. James G. Brennan

121 117 Dennis Streveler John Dickert Frank Volenta PHYSICS CLUB Susan Blaser, president Karen DeSonne John Dickert John Dyer Bro. Joseph Galante Gary Geraets Rosalie Grasso Richard Johnson Bro. Walter Kreshevsky Mike Manka Noel Milan Steve Nezezon Patricia Pore Ann Schneidir Dennis Streveler John Teague Frank Volenta Bro. Richard Waido Bro. Richard Whitman Henning W. Leidecker, Jr., moderator

122 Politi cs Due to second semester's merger of the Institute of International Law and Relations with the original Politics Department, the program of studies offers a wide choice of concentration. Courses range from the traditional emphasis on theoretical analysis of foreign and domestic governments, "International Organizations and Administrations," to the newly recatalogued ILR studies in theoretical application. The merger expanded not only the enrollment of the Department, but also its scope and aims within the University community. Headed by Dr. Charles R. Dechert, a CU Philosophy B.A. and Politics Ph.D., the Department includes such outstanding scholars as Dr. William H. Jackson, author of "American Foreign Aid Policy," and William J. Conynaham, who specializes in foreign government analyzation studies. The new Department also boasts the inclusion of ILR's most outstanding scholars. Professor William H. Roberts and Interim Assistant Professor John M. Logsdon. Dr. Charles R. Dechert Mr. Robert L. Schuettinger, assistant professor of International Law and Relations, presented papers at the congresses of the International Political Science Association in Brussels and at the Mont Pelerin Society in Vichy. He received research grants from the Relm and Earhart Foundations for his work in international relations.

123 119 ^0110' ' As, Mi Richard Cosentino Maureen Campbell /#HJ#^ 1 William Boswell William Pratt

124 Politi cs i.'xxindthevicrid I.W.HARPER AND"* LOOKING AHEAD THROUGH '68 VVh «5*fr- Peggy Earner k Stephen Croal John Reid Patricia Augelli Claire Riley * -.. Fran Farrell Edward Liddy Thomas Brannon

125 Psychology 121 During the past year the Psychology Department came under the head of Dr. Hans C. Furth, who has been at the University since In 1966 he spent his sabbatical at the University of Geneva, working with the Swiss psychologist, Jean Plaget. Dr. Robert M. Dowling acts as associate chairman, enabling Dr. Furth to continue to spend some time in research. For the past six years he has been working with James Youniss and Bruce Ross of the Department's faculty in a Center for Research in Thinking and Language. This project, studying the cognitive order in which people develop concepts, includes several trips to schools for the deaf to study the students' mode of thinking. Dr. Hans G. Furth Dr. James Youniss, assistant professor of psychology, initiated a course entitled "Implications of Science for Philosophy and Religion." This interdisciplinary seminar aims to co-ordinate the views of science, religion, and philosophy. The focus is "Bases for Assent." The faculty lecturers present the methods which their discipline uses to come to certain conclusions. The format of these classes is informal, with one hour of lecture, one of discussion, and often "coffeeklatches" afterwards. This course, open to juniors and seniors, has no required readings, although a list of books is usually made available. Many of the speakers try to attend the series so that by the end of the semester a strong rapport is formed between faculty and student.

126 Psychology Sylvia Sanfllippo Don Dellario ^ John Winkler Ann Short ^ X / Ronald Suski Marcia Metzger i» Eulalta Suarez VA/illi^.r«M,l/,-

127 123 f^^^''% " "mt,>^>v Gail Keppler Joseph Kayser Alina Rosette Layne Perell Sheila Muldowney Kathleen Gates

128 Religious Education Religious Education became a department at the University in 1938 deriving its title from the M.A. and Ph.D. sequences then offered in the Graduate School. Since its inception, the Department has taught Theology to undergraduates. The aims and objectives of the Religious Education department are seen on two levels. At the undergraduate level, the department is responsible for the theological formation of students in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Schools of Engineering and Architecture, Music, and Nursing. Its chief aim at the graduate level is the formation of teachers of sacred doctrine. "Religious pedagogy" is only one aspect of the department's larger concern with religious education, since at the higher levels there exists an inescapable relationship b e - tween teaching and research. Rev. Bernard L. Martholer Father McBride's "Catechetics: A Theology of Proclamation," Father Farley's "Theilhard de Chardin's Theology of the Christian in the World," and Father Maguire's contribution to the book "On the Other Side," all evidence this spirit of research. Any curiosity concerning the students who go on to graduate school in the Religious Education department may be answered by enrollment of the past three years numbering about 140. This includes 18 laymen, 23 laywomen, 8 seminarians, 12 brothers, 33 sisters, 66 priests, and 2 members of the clergy of other confessions.

129 125 1 \ y John Sheehan Evelyn Folzon Irene Gonski

130 Rev. Raymond H. Potvin, Associate Professor of Sociology, was named head of the Department of Sociology, replacing Dr. C. Joseph Nuesse, newly appointed Acting Executive Vice Rector of the University. According to Father Potvin, one of his chief aims will be to encourage and stimulate faculty members to even greater research and publication efforts. He also hopes to expand many of the basic fields of the Department, as well as the areas of medical sociology, set up under Father Thomas J. Harte, C.SS.R., and urban studies, started under Dr. Nuesse. Father Potvin also hopes to develop and widen the field of sociology of religion. The new director attended Assumption College, Worcester, Mass., the universities of Montreal, Cornell, and Harvard, and received his doctorate from CU. Dr. Samuel A. Kramer, associate professor in the Department, has been reappointed secretary-treasurer of the American Society of Criminology. Dr. Nuesse, former head of the Department is the author of several important works, including "The Social Thought of American Catholics, " and "The Sociology of the Parish," a symposium conducted with Dr. Harte. Sociology at the University offers a curriculum ranging in concentration and difficulty from an introductory course in sociology to specific courses in "Juvenile Delinquency," "Family Relationships," and the "Analysis of Criminal Statistics."

131 127 William Jepsen Barbara Krupczak Maureen Keelty William Saulsbury Lorraine St. Cyr Ann Hansen ^ Marianne Ginnity

132 Sociology I-.-..I K ^ '-K f i. / r «a 1 ^^^^ If 1^' 1«J ^ ' '^ ^'- ^^^ >,/ rm ^fcajrtasfesttap-i k Marcia Ryan Marian Prio La\A/rence Johnson Kathleen Buckley fx^ Irene Huard Mary Mayfield PHI GAMMA MU Cheryl Flood Reg ina Galleher Marianne Ginnety Anastosio Hansen Ba rba ra Krupczak Deidre Meintel Bernadette Mulhollond Michael Paul Maria Prio Ruth Shimonkewiti Lorroine St.Cyr Barbara Warnecke > A Robert Crisalli Maria Burr

133 Drama 129 To develop the artistic and scholarly gifts of students in a liberal arts education, to impart to all students an intellectual grasp of drama as a fine art, and to contribute to the American theater experience by presenting fresh revivals of the classics and imaginative mountings of original plays, the Department of Speech and Drama was established at CU. Under the leadership of Rev. Gilbert V. Hartke, O.P., the Department has grown in dimension and reputation to become one of the foremost drama schools in the country. During the academic year, the Department staged four productions at the temporary theater in Ward Hall. "Cuchulain," adapted by Dr. Spencer, opened the season and was followed by Max Frisch's "The Chinese Wall," Orson Wells' "Moby Dick Rehearsed," and the annual original musical. In addition to the University Players' tour with "Much Ado About Nothing" and "Lute Song," the Department provided a USO Show, "The Dollmaker's Dilemma," during the Christmas holidays for the troops in Germany. Reverend Gilbert V Hartke, OP. November 4 saw the groundbreaking for the new University theater complex, to be completed by The new 11,258-square-foot theater structure will house a 600-seat main auditorium and stage, plus a 100-seat rehearsal hall.

134 Drama Richard Kenney Sallie Ann Haynes Cheryl Fa rone Michael Caldwell Ellen Hickey Christine Makofske Susan Sarondon Diantha McCabe Reverend Gilbert Hartke, Lynda Johnson Robb Ed McMahon Lonnie Jarvis Michele Valer

135 Speech 131 s Dr. William T. Daley

136 Speech Erin McCorthy Mary Frances Cotter Kathleen Johanek Gi M icn K innone Donna Middleton Sherrill Gonyea Deborah Donnelly

137 School of Engineering & Architecture 133 Headed by Dr. Donald E. Marlowe, the School of Engineering and Architecture at the University endeavors to educate students as potential leaders in their profession, to practice the solution of problems by application of theoretical principles, by creative design, or by artful means, and to appreciate the importance and techniques of the search for new knowledge. The essence of Engineering and Architecture is creative design. Successful design, however, rests upon a solid foundation of mathematics, science, and the work of earlier designers. The School has organized its curricula about the common CORE of studies which are fundamental to all branches of engineering, and, to a lesser extent, to architecture. The technical foundation of CORE encompasses the basic mathematics, physics, and chemistry; the mechanics of mass, heat, and electricity; the statics and dynamics of ideal solids, fluids, and structures; and the properties of engineering materials. The liberal foundation emphasizes the religious, economic, historical, and philosophical aspects of modern civilization, and its function is to awaken in the student the realization that his technological world is only one small segment of the universe and culture and learning. While the student is mastering the CORE Program, no great emphasis is placed on any specialized branch of the profession which the student plans to enter.

138 Architecture CU published itsfirstarchitectural curriculum as part of the School of Science in In 1925, the Department received the Medal of Honor, awarded by the Societe des Architectes Diplomes par le Gouvernement Fran^ais, for "the highest proportion of values to work submitted by competing colleges and universities, upon the basis of the problems of the Beaux Arts Institute of Design." World War II all but closed the Department. The student body was depleted fifty to five; and the faculty, fromfiveto two. The social upheaval of the postwar years and the new building technologies produced new theories and practices. Architecture had grown into a more comprehensive and complex science and art. The four-year course was inadequate to meet these needs; and, in 1947, the curriculum was reorganized and expanded into a five-year undergraduate course. Dr. Paul A. Goettlemann The next ten years consolidated the Department's efforts to broaden the scope of its activities. Architectural Design matured through a well-balanced sequence of Programs. Problems were now judged in "open session" by juries composed of practising architects, in collaboration with the faculty. The Team Collaborative Project brought out qualities of leadership and the Thesis was instituted as the culmination of five years of study.

139 135 John Wendt Maunel LaFont Richard Effler Dennis Maloney, '4v - Ray Heverling Angel Clarens i^^. ' ^ Hervin Romney James McDonough John Sweitzer Mercedes Martinez

140 imi Joseph Patti Richard Bonanomi Francisco DeTorres Anthony Ricci James DiLuigi Mary Catherine Kramer Sheridan Bell John Hart Tl9wr WideTracki Michoel Coholan Williom Geier

141 Chemical Engineering 137 Chemical Engineering is a very broad, non-specialized encompasses both chemical and associated physical phenomena. This type of knowledge wasfirst needed in the design, construction, and operation of chemical plants. Now the study of Chemical Engineering has been expanded to such areas as government research laboratories, defense industries, and atomic energy plants. One of the oldest in the country, CU's Chemical Engineering Department, under the direction of Dr. Roy Foresti, Jr., promotes a strong personal contact between students and a highly competent faculty. There are usually fewer than ten, and never more than twenty, students per class. The faculty, including Dr. Marshall Min-Shing Lih, Dr. Herbert T. Wood and Dr. David M. Koenig, hold advanced degrees from wellrecognized universities and have had industrial experience. The students benefit in several respects. In addition to class lectures, they receive valuable counsel and guidance during their training and are thus able to obtain choice employment after college. In December 1967 the Engineering Council for Professional Development awarded accreditation to the Department for a period of four years. Accreditation puts the student in a position to receive scholarships and grants and makes the Department itself eligible for financial assistance. AlChE Victor Atiemo-obeng Jose Ayora Jerry Bohlander Tom Cannon Denis Dandeneau Dan Donnelly Wilfredo Figueras Joseph Gliessner Michael Hartnagel, president Michael Hegan Alberto Lanuza Michael Lee Gonzalo Meneses Chris Mucha Dovid Pepson Charles Pinkava John Serra Philip Smith James Sweeney Joseph Vocca Barry Washington John Winslow Gene Yanek Francisco Zunica Dr. Roy J. Foresti

142 Chemical Engineering I I 3 Joseph Gliessner 1 Joseph Vacca Daniel Donnelly Elfredo Figueras ^ & Michael Hartnagel

143 Civil Engineering 139 Under the direction of Professor Frank A. Biberstein, the Department of Civil Engineering at the University offers a program comprised of a variety of courses. The principles and techniques of orthographic projection as applied to problems of definition, locus, location, and computation, along with the orthographic solution of vector situations are discussed in a basic course of Engineering Graphics. An introductory course to Surveying provides the student with the basic theory of engineering measurements and appliesit to the area of plane surveying. A three-hour laboratory period weekly is devoted to the solution of related problems and to acquainting the student with the limitations of engineering instrumentation. ASCE John Antenucci, president David Creech Joseph Di Meglio John Di Zeraga Edwardo Gutierez Jim Heckman Gerald Tierney Pablo Viiil Dr. Frank A. Biberstein Rock formation and structure along with the identification of rock types are discussed in "Engineering Geology and Geotechnics." The course stresses engineering needs relative to the science of geology for planning transportation routes, tunnels, water-supply systems, and foundations. '- ^ ^ C^ A distinguished member of the faculty. Dr. Boris S. Browzin, was designated a member of the delegation from the United States to attend the Fourteenth General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics held in Switzerland last September 25 to October 7. : j^,-m\ _r*!».^>^i.

144 Civil Engineeri

145 Electrical Engineering 141 CU's Department of Electrical Engineering offers students a wide range of courses oriented toward the phenomena of electricity. Headed by Professor Joseph C. Michalowicz, the faculty includes Drs. George E. Mc- Duffie, Robert Meister, Andrew G. Favret, and several visiting lecturers. ^^M The courses in the Department are dynamic and varied. A basic course in electric circuits provides the student with an analysis of simple electric circuits, phasor notation, complex algebra, graphical methods, and resonance. A correlated sequence of laboratory exercises is also included. Each laboratory studies electronic fundamentals, vacuum tubes, transistors, amplifiers, and precision measurements. A slightly advanced laboratory program involves the experimental study of analog computers;filters; wave-s h a p i n g, switching and logic circuits; bridge measurements; and solid-state characteristics. AIEEE Tom Barr William Chambers Miles Circo, chairman John Cookson Bill Finn George Indelicate Ed Kennedy Dave King Don Mclnnis Bob Mete Jim Miller Richard Simpson Tom Talbot Almis Vitenas Dr. George McDufRe, faculty advisor The science of communications is discussed in a course entitled "Communication Theory," while on the advanced level, several courses are open to both graduate and undergraduate students. Ranging in complexity from Microwave Engineering to Electro-acoustic Devices, they provide the student with a more than adequate background for a career in electrical engineering. Dr. Joseph C. Michalowicz

146 Electrical Engineering t Thomas Talbot Ed Kennady James Meehon -.Jfr. y 4 ^jm.^. ' S Don Mclnnis James Miller m

147 143 David Roy Robert Metz X ^ Miles Circo Harrv Remmers Thomas Barr Almis Vitenas David King

148 Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering at the University boasts a program designed to meet an increasing demand for responsive, creative, and mature engineers. Both undergraduate and graduate programs are administered by a faculty of high quality under the direction of Dr. William T. Sawyer. Notable among the faculty. Dr. Patricio A. Laura attended the First International Congress on Rock Mechanics in Lisbon, Portugal. He presented a paper discussing the "Determination of Stresses around Mine Shafts of Complicated Cross Sections." M'lL'M ASME Ken Bodger Steve Costion Leon Dediot John DeRosa Jeff Gorski, president Sergio Sontucci Mike Stefanic Linda Young Classroom work is supplemented by any of four laboratory courses that introduce the student to the problems of performing an integrated experiment and the preparation of a clear, concise technical report. The fluid mechanics laboratory applies physical principles to the investigation of both incompressible and compressible flow problems. A small instructional wind tunnel with a balance system and a complete set of models is available for student instruction. The thermodynamics laboratory is oriented towards the determination of various heat transfer coefficients and the development of the associated methods of measurement. The dynamics laboratory conducts research and student exercises in the area of static and dynamic loading of mechanical systems. The control systems laboratory provides facilities for instruction, analysis, and research on various types of control systems and components. Dr. Frank A. Andrews

149 145 ^^^^^^^K*^ ^N^^. lis % John DeRosa Jeff Gorski Mary Linda Young Mike Stefanic ^ Sergio Sontucci Ken Bodger Steve Costion Leon Dediot

150 Space Science Man's quest for the mastery of his physical environment and the exploration of space have opened new areas of engineering and the applied sciences. These new fields require a broad grasp of the scientific fundamentals combined with inventive engineering skills. Sensing this need, the University established the Department of Space Science and Applied Physics in December Since then, under the direction of Dr. C. C. Chang, the Department has grown rapidly in size as well as in scope and depth of its research activities. Four laboratories, corresponding to the interests and scientific contributions of the faculty are in operation: the Plasma Physics Laboratory; the Fluid Physics Laboratory; the Space Propulsion Laboratory; and the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory. The laboratories are the places where theoreticians and experimentalists can discuss and formulate a complete physical picture, where the search for the unknown is carried out. The first two years of the curriculum are essentially the same as those of the other engineering departments at the University and are devoted to a thorough training in physics, chemistry, mathematics, basic engineering, and the humanities. The junior and senior courses vary according to the student's field of interest so as to prepare him best for an industrial career or graduate study. Dr. Chieh C Chang

151 147 John Carmody Kevin Lanigan Thomas Mikes James Quinnan AIAA Martin Bo^idowicz John Carmody Louis Cosaregolo Thomas Crone Mary Ann DeBolt Carl Dudash, president John Gassner Luis Gonzalez James Heacock Kevin Lanigan Michael Maybaum Michael McGrath Mark Nolan John Schuster Neil Smith Bernard Stupfel Jack Williams Robert Lohfeld Paul Dawson

152 School of Music Last spring, the School of Music marked its third year of activity at the University. Changes in curriculum requirements, initiated with the change from a department to a school, have successfully shown their worth. Music students now take only two courses each in English and Philosophy. Growth has been fostered numerically and musically. The School, headed by Dr. John Paul, boasts a faculty of over twenty teachers, most of whom have doctorates, and all of whom are respected musicians. In addition to the Music Building and the music annex on Harewood Road, the School has added the newly renovated Newton Theater to its list of facilities. The Theater will be used mainly for student and faculty recitals. f^ The University named its Music Building in honor of Dr. Justine B. Ward at formal dedication ceremonies, October 4, in the Music Auditorium. Dr. Ward, who was present, was honored for "her enormous contributions to musical education, in general, and to liturgical music, in particular, over the past fifty years." Dr. John Poul CU's song and dance group, "Cardinalaires," toured Greenland and Iceland last summer as entertainment for the troops in the Northeast Command. During the year, the group performed in New York, Ohio, and the Washington area. The School of Music resumed its opera series last May with Bizet's "Carmen."

153 149 Ron Olexy ""^ Brian Sherllne Jim Testa Michael Downey Barbara Brooks John Astarb Bob Brimmer

154 School of Music Phi Mu Alpha John M. Astarb Robert W. Brimmer Sigma Alpha Iota Borboro Brooks Olivia Buckley Martha Connor James A. Cooper Michael J. Downey Richard C. Effler John R. Ensminger John C. Franceschina Ronald P. Frezzo, president Robert L. Goebes Michael P. Klee Robert M. Kline Mary Martha Leidecker Johnella Lucas Peter H. MacGregor Jane Mahoney Linda Mahoney Haig L. Mardirosion Gloria Matthews Robert W. Minaert Barbara Moran Ronald T. Olexy Juan R. Ramos Adrian M. Raskulinecz Susan Raskulinecz Jane Rotondi James E. Rucks Alan G. Schlopowsky Jimile Shorter Carol Taleff Richard D. Vergos Dick Kern Mary Butler

155 151 CARDINALAIRES Mike Adams, Paulo Bodnar, Mike Caldwell, Maureen Codelko, Ron Frezzo, Danny Kerr, Bob Kline, Jeanne Kozaczka, Lonnie Jarvis, Pam McFarland, Barbara Moron, Ron Olexy, Msgr. Donald Reagen, Jimille Shorten, Robbie Winter. I Ronold Frezzo

156 School of Music

157 School of Nursing 153 Under the direction of Dean Mary F. Liston, the School of Nursing aims at giving each student not only adequate hospital experience but also a familiarity with the theory behind medical practices. The freshman and sophomore years are spent in learning basic theory and general hospital experience. Courses range from General Biology to Pharmacology, from General Psychology to English Composition. Two courses, Fundamentals of Chemistry and Educational Psychology, are required during the summer session before sophomore year. Junior and senior nursing students study more specialized areas, including Medical-Surgical Nursing, Pediatrics and Obstetrics, and Psychiatric Nursing and Public Health. CU students serve primarily in four area hospitals: Providence, Holy Cross, St. Elizabeth's, and Children's. The School of Nursing aims not only at providing a comprehensive nursing education, but also at offering students an acquaintance with other liberal arts studies. For this reason, English, philosophy, and theology courses are included in the curriculum. Because of the balance of professional nursing courses with the social sciences and humanities, the School confers a bachelor of nursing degree on its graduates. A master's program emphasizing administration and teaching is also offered. Dean Mory F Liston

158 School of Nursing ^'mi^ Mary Wilkins Mary McCoy Joan Yeager Mary Dobrowalski Mory Bryne Mary Hanna Patricia Buckley Joan Milner

159 155! I «. -r-f <'Vmi. <C:'"-^ ^. (' Vivian Quinn Diane Pecoraro JoAnne Casnocha Judith Balint Faustina Bongiorno» j,.i, «JS» s^' Christine Moreland Kathleen Wagner

160 School of Nursing Sigma Theto Tau Sr. James Annette, D.W. Mory Byrne, president Peggy DeGeorge Cathy Long Sr. Mary Lorraine, S.C.M.M.



163 Inside 159 LI^ :^ ^^

164 Outside

165 Around 161

166 B-Ball Bash

167 Junior Weekend 163 Ruth Wasinger, Queen

168 Basketball Varsity Basketball Team Mike Block Bob Cioffari Rich Garwood Bob Goeke Len Kelly Ron Krasinaki, captain Jim LeBuffe Mark Lueke Mark McClure Gene McGlynn Ed Smith Barry Washington Bill Wilson Bill Gardiner, coach CU Basketball (Varsity) Opp Gallaudet Towson Randolph-Macon Washington College Forleigh-Dickinson Johns Hopkins Conisius College Hofstra (L.I.) Old Dominion Georgetown Mt. St. Mary's Central Connecticut Loyola (Baltimore) Oglethorpe Loyola (New Orleans) Baltimore Univ. Mt. St. Mary's Roanoke Duquesne King's College Mass. Inst. Tech. St. Anselm's Howard University Mason-Dixon Playoffs Bridgewoter College Old Dominion Mason-Dixon Championship Roanoke College Freshman Basketball Team Bill Barker Leon Bridges John Bruen Tom Burke Tom Carr Dennis Cotter Tom Dean Dan Dellatorre Jim Howard Steve McBrien John Reinhard Bob Talbott, coach

169 165

170 Cheerleaders CHEERLEADERS Kathy Bercilcr Barbara Bethke, co-captoin Margie Jylkko Kristen Kimball Joyce McCurri Sondy Mortimer Corol Naty Peggy Rebok Roberto Rowe Molicc Shaker, captoin W ** X,

171 International Club 167 INTERNATIONAL CLUB Mary Amtsfield Mario Aste Dave Basker Joy Cherian Ron Clement Rudy Conception Brian Coyle Alyce Coyne Sal De Leva, president Andy De Vito Elvido Diniz Carlos Dorantes Ismael Faustino Maria Flores Dee Grilan Jose Gilson Roberta Grosel Alan Leidecker Albert MacPherson Margie McCartney Sherrill Mulhern Daday Munoza Wilfredo Navarro Jose Neto Victor Atiemo Obeng Theresa Pietropaoli K. C. Prasad Don Reece Luis Rubio A. Todani Winston Tsai Joe Vacca

172 Intramurals

173 169 i^^ S

174 Tap Night

175 Don Frickel. Coach Gardner accepts his tap.

176 Track Indoor Track Team Jim Cooney Steve Costion Bill Ennis Ken Filarski Sal Fiorito Ton Fitzpotrick Pete Frauson Joe Geoco Boldy Hums Kevin Lanigan John MacAloon Bob Martens Jim Motam Gerry McGee, head coach Al McPherson Jim Murphy Kevin Nolan Tom Nolan Jerry Price Ed Rouse, fleld cooch Rich Schoffer Buzz Stopczynski Frank Wilson Best Times on Events Won and Times on Events Won at Mason-Dixon Conference Meet Event Won Time Entered Meet 1 Mile Reloy Ennis, Fitzpotrick, MacAloon, Schoffer NYK of C 2 Mile Relay Costion, MacAloon, Nolan, Price Invitotionol ,1 Ennis NYAC Costion M-D 1 Mile Price M-D 2 Mile Wright M-D 1 Mile Relay Lonnigon, Martens, McPherson, Schaffe M-D Moson-Dixon Championships First Placi

177 Tennis 173 y,>?v,.^' * (H* ''-1 l^t^n «^c^ S^OB^^^H^^''TT^^^I ll^l ^9 P^M rlkf ^Mm piar^^ ^B M ''-'''"'' ^K w^m^ vrvt^t^b ^H feiv'll,^ -'^ i: -'!.- iw^.'^a^. *' W ^- ^ : j ^ JT^HH ^U C:. xin^ ;-.- ~ ^_ " ' ^ i-^j '^Jnii ^^'^?^E r'-'w P-^'. H ' ^ 'a ^H '' ^B' j^ftim #> K^V I^BHHH HHflHB ^3^^^'jv? ^gjgl -r^ -TTt..mi. 1^2 ll^m»*w*»«*^ git iiy*»-*"*-*-«*'j^' j' I '^

178 ICC Shows f X- "Everything's Coming Up Co-Ed" CU Dollhouse" "Wondering Alice Lands"

179 175 "The Best Years of Our Lives"

180 ICC Shows

181 Parents' Weekend 177

182 Baseball m V? %.,,,f ^ r 41 1h \ V ft^ -J'^Q^JV ABl^^^*^^^li^H - '. < " ^ft ''^ i^. ^'-^ ^kvi ->^^../«^" # * \ i B ' J^^- *L2 sii". -.'^ \ fll' ''^

183 179 J:^: John Filardo ond Don Mclnnis

184 Student Council STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Joseph Kayser, president Ron Krasinki, vice-president Peg Shaker, vice-president Ruth Shimonkevitz, recording secretory Karen Schmidt, corresponding secretary Gene Arnone, treasurer John Reid, A.S.G. representative CLASS OFFICERS Senior Class: John Fiore Larry Johnson Carol Hickey Ed Kennedy Tom Brannan Maureen Keelty John Antenucci Ron Olexy Pat Buckley Junior Class: Vic Copece Don Long Ruth Wosinger Joan Sosnicky Scott Amey Mary Gubbins John Shipp Dav/n Porkington Sue Miller Sophomore Class: Bob Martens Ken Filarski Jean Roche Pedro Filipowsky Vinnie Moehringer Buzz Stapczynski Sam Carnaggio John Craig Corol Morkus Freshman Class: Paul Buckley Bob Baker Nancy Hymens Bob Connors Jim Connor Bill Mitchell Jim Mclntyre Mary Alice Peterson Kathleen Kink Deirdre Brennan

185 Honor Societies SEP Deborah Baker, president Pat Buckley Liz Burger Frances Farrell Peggy Rebok Ruth Shimonkevitz l ^^- Mki^^ PHI ETA SIGMA Thomas Berger Michael Caldwell Victor Capece John Carmody Robert Castellano James Cotaldi William Chambers Michael Clarke William Clarke Michael Conlon Edward Creamer Stephen Damato 'oul Dawson Anthony DiCamillo John Dickert Thomas Fearon Edward Frankle John Gatton, President Robert Goebes Frederick Granese Tod Herbers Thomas Jeffrey James Johnson Timothy Jurgenson Andrew Kearney Edward Kennedy David King Michael Klise George Krainak Kevin Lanigan Nicholor LaRocca Robert LaRosa John MacAloon Topio Mattsson Michael McGrath James Meehon Robert Metz Jeffrey Miller Robert Minaert Stephen Nezezon Patrick O'Brien Peter O'Rourke John Pielmeier James Quinnan Patrick Reddon Thomas Rowland David Roy John Schwarz John Sheehan Peter Sherman Robert Specian Thomas Steigerwaid William Stief Dennis Streveler William Surine Michael Versace Almis Vitenas William Wilson Eugene Yanek

186 Honor Societies Blue Key Thomas E. Berger William Boswell Victor Capece John Carmody Miles Circo James Concannon Michael Conlon, president Richard Cosentino Paul Dawson Anthony DiCamillo John Franceschina Edward Frankle James Heacock Lowrence Johnson Edward Kennedy Ronold Krasinski Kevin Lonigon John MacAloon Robert McHenry Thomas Mikes Jim Miller Robert Minaert Stephen Nezezon Joseph Potti Jomes Quinnan Tony Ricci James Rowe Dave Roy Jaime Suarez Tau Beta Pi Alan Brown John Carmody William Chambers Edward Creamer Richard Effler Ed^vard Frankle Edward Kennedy David King Kevin Lanigan Dennis Maloney John Markowski James Meehon Robert Metz Thomas Mikes Jomes Miller Michoel Pfeifle Anthony Ricci James Rucks, president Almis Vitenas iniiiiimtiif i 11M11i i ii I i i Mllllllllllll iiiiiiiimiiii fmiiiiiiiimi LJliiyiiiiiil Who's Who Thomas Caggiano Miles Circo Michoel Conlon Richard Cosentino Anthony DiCamillo Frances Farrell Catherine Fredricks Charles Kaminski Joseph Kayser Ronald Krasinski Kevin Lonigon Edward Liddy Jomes Miller Morgaret Rebak John Reid Richard Rocco Ruth Shimonkevitz Michele Valeri

187 Finals 183

188 Graduation

189 185

190 Appalachian Project The Appalachian Project was founcjed at Catholic University in November, Student response was encouraging, and ten CU students spent the Christmas recess in Letcher County, Kentucky, a project financed by the contributions from several fraternities and sororities. Spurred by the enthusiasm of the participants of the Christmas Project, plans were soon formulated for an expanded Easter Project. Forty students spent the ten-day Easter recess in Appalachia. The majority of the group went to Letcher County, Kentucky, with other groups in Harlan County, Kentucky, Raleigh County, West Virginia, and Dickinson County, Virginia. The students all lived with local families and worked in canvassing and assisting the local Appalachian Volunteers and VISTA workers. Seven members from the Easter Project returned for the summer to work in Appalachia and three stayed on for a year with VISTA. An extended 10-week summer project with a goal of sending twenty volunteers to work in the summer of 1968 has been proposed. The reasons for the change in the Catholic University Project from Easter and Christmas vacations to the summer are many. Summer volunteers act as a catalyst in the Appalachians. They do not intend to impose ideas for improvement of the drastic poverty and ignorance in the mountains, but rather try to organize the people into local action groups.

191 Mexican Project 187 Only one hour from the road...fiery sermons... dreams of American food... transistor radios... culture... the Padre is coming to CU in mid- October. Talk to people from the Mexican Project and find out how they spent their summer. The 19 members of the Mexican Project left National Airport on June 22 for a three-day orientation convention in Mexico City. Their preparations had begun last fall with money-raising projects, Spanish lessons, and planning sessions. By July 2, they had split into three groups and were beginning to settle themselves in their assigned villages. They returned to D.C. on August 27, after some sightseeing in Mexico. Their assignments in each village were to teach English in the local schools, to nurse in the dispensaries, and to make sick calls. There was the added responsibility of being American good-will ambassadors and being the confidantes to stories about problems, joys, families, and experiences. In a location mainly of corn farms and five carpentry shops, four girls were assigned, three of them nurses. Yes, talk to the people from the Mexican Project. Listen for a little while. The meaning of working in Mexico comes across in sighs, glows, smiles...

192 Go (T^/ t^^hi L' ff j*r -^3 Y- yw/ _^^^ '^"m*^ 'V^B^' P JL P H^ r ^ ^'w^ St*"ii J^ ^X^ji L ^ -^^isrf j»:^^ H^^^K^j^^^^^l 4 T^^^Fy 1^ H'tf ^^1 I^^HT ^^^B ^Sta"^^^ ^^^^^^^HB^^I^^I ^ HIII

193 Going 189

194 Gone

195 Acknowledgments? It seems only yesterdoy that together we undertook to produce this forty-seventh volume of the Cardinal. Life ot CU took on on added uniqueness ond sweetness os the pages, gradually completed, immortalized this yeor, The book is square now, 11 x 1 1, with a newly introduced, structured grid system of layout. Shorter, too, but more compact, it ottempts to present those events specifically 1968 in 226 pages. To Tony, Joe, Cathy, Will, and Dick for their understanding of the book's aims, their grophic interpretotion, and their willingness to defend them, but most especially to Tony; To John whose enthusiasm in the midst of reports, notices, bulletins, interviews, and booklets was oil the more notable in v'\ev/ of the demands on him; To Kothy whose ability to immerse herself totally proved indispensable; To John for his unique photogrophic eye; To Jeff for the half year he spent bringing in the money that he spent the rest of the yeor keeping track of going out; To Tom and Laurel for their enthusiastic support of our ideas; To Joan and Sue for correcting the grammor in my letters; To Doctor Boyle for the technical assistance in the little things that helped moke the '68 Cardinal that all-important little bit better; To Fritz Hafner for his advice and assistance in helping us to express graphically the '68 Cardinal ond to Wm. J. Keller Inc. for keeping our mailbox filled; To Vince Shields whose dependability wos outweighed as an asset only by the quality of his prints; To all those others who contributed photographically, most especially: Central Photo Co. for the Graduation photo. Chose Studios who supplied our Chancellor's portrait, Dr. Roy Bode of the Alumni Center for pictures of our post Rector, Chuck Freedman for his shot of Mike, Fr. Correiro, S.J. for photography of a quality which mode us wish we would turn professional, and Dr. J. W. Quinn, for the use of o dorkroom without which we would have been severely handicapped.

196 "Leaves That Are Green" by Paul Simon ''^^ 1965 by Charing Cross Music. Used with permission of the publisher.



199 Senior Index 195 Potricia D. Allum-Poon, Spanish 1 Serpentine PI., Port of Spain, Trinidad; Koppo Tou Comma, Tennis, Dean's List Kenneth J. Bodger, Mechanical Engineering 23 Larch St., Hichsville, N.Y.; Phi Kappo Theto, Track, Football, ASME Vice- Elizabeth E. Burger, French 9 Spinythorn Rd., Levittown, Pa.; Kappo Tau Gamma, Pi Delta Epsilon, Sigma Delta Chi, Tower, Dean's List Catherine E. Clarke, Education th St., North Arlington, Va.; Angel Flight, Senators Club Affiliate Michoel E. Antkowiok, Chemistry 16 White St., Schenectody, N.Y.; Intramurals, Germon Club, Chemistry Club, CARDINAL president Poulo L. Bodner, Music Education 335 Brunswick Dr., Huron, Ohio; University Chorus, Mario V. Burr, Sociology Dario Urzia 2130, Santiago, Chile; CUSCC, PASCUA, Dean's List Michael J. Clarke, Chemistry 1370 Padtjock PI., Florissant, Mo.; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Chemistry Club, Dean's List John M. Astarb, Music Brunett Ave., Silver Spring, Md.; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonio, Dean's List A Coppello Choir, Cardinalaires, Soph Show, Choploin's Choir Dovid R. Bohordt, History 724 Patterson Rd., Mory Butler, Music 2356 Greenwich St., Foils Church, Vo.; Dean's List, Soph Show, ICC Shows William A. Clark, Space Science th St., Atwater, Cal., Sigma Pi Delto, Phi Etc Sigma President, AIAA Patricia C. Augelli, Politics 104 Kensington Ave., Jersey City, N.J.; Dean's List Dayton, Ohio; Phi Koppo Theta, Intramurals, Tower Editor-in-chief, Cardinal Charities, ICC Shows, Pi Gommo Mu, Pi Delto Epsilon, Sigma Delta Chi, Dean's List Mary G. Byrne, Nursing 5333 Sherrier PI., Woshington, D.C; CUSNA, Dean's List Carol L. Coloce, History RFD # 1 Rocky Point Angel Clarens, Architecture 105 Ridgley Ave., Norfolk, Va.; PASCUA Treasurer, Swimming Joseph J. Aulenti, English 127 North Ridge St., Port Chester, N.Y.; Tou Kappo Epsilon, Football, Baseball, Soph Show Deboroh M. 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200 Worren D. Creech, Civil Engineering 7100 Lois Lone, Lonhom, Md.; Sigmo Beta Kappa, ASCE, AIAA Robert T. Crisalli, Sociology 22 Barton Ave., Stoten Islond, N.Y.; Football Club, Appolochian Project Stephen T. Croall, Politics Southgote Rd., Newport News, Vo.; Sigma Pi Delto President, ASME, Internotional Relations Club President, Dean's List Carolyn L Devine, Chemistry Quarters 31, Fort Komeomeha, Hawaii; Koppa Tau Gomma Vice-president, Dorm Council, ICC Shows, Orientotion, Chemistry Club, Deon's List Andrew F, DeVito, History 424 North Colony St,, Walling Ford, Conn.; History Club, International Club John H. Dickert, Physics 17 South Homestead Dr., Yardley, Pa.; Phi Eto Sigmo, Physics Club, AIAA, Germon Club, Dean's List Peter Crowley, French 4431 Klengle St., Washington, D.C; Black Bread, FAC Kathleen Csere, English 12th Ave. & Tuckohoe Rd., Dorothy, N.J.; Block Bread Editor, FAC Film Director, Pi Delto Epsilon, CUSCC, CARDINAL, Dean's List Rosemory Cullen, English 242 Tecumseh St., Fall River, Mass.; Dean's List Mary M. Cunningham, English 32 Montana Ave., Port Monmouth, N.J.; Koppo Tau Gamma, Student Council Secretary, Dorm Council, ICC Shows, Orientation Mary T. Curron, Mathematics 268 Locust Ave,, Freeport, N.Y.; Orientation, Dean's Seminar, Football Club, CUSSC, Dean's List Paul J, Dawson, Space Science 702 Jackson St., Gallitzin, Pa.; Sigma Beta Koppo, Baseball, Tower, AIAA President, Tou Beta Pi, Blue Key, Dean's List Enes T, DeCarlo, Education Kervan Rd., Rye, N.Y.; Orientation Leon J. Dediot, Mechanical Engineering 2001 North Adams St., Arlington, Vo.; Phi Koppo Theta, ASME, PASCUA, Intramurals Peggy Abell DeGeorge, Nursing 2014 Drexel St., Hyattsville, Md.; CUA5NA, Dean's List James A. Diluigi, Architecture 624 Washington St., Gibbstown, N.J.; Tou Koppo Epsilon Elvidio V. Diniz, Civil Engineering- P.O. Box 1650 Dares Soloam, Tonzanio; ASCE Vicepresident, Soccer, ASC, ISO, International Club President Annobelle Dixon, History Rd., North Arlington, Va.; Block Bread, Dorm Council, Chaplain's Choir, History Club, Dean's Seminar, Dean's List Mory M. Dobro^olski, Nursing Dallas Ave., Silver Spring, Md.; CUASNA, Senators Club Affllioto Daniel K. Donnelly, Chemical Engineering 39 Main St., Freeport, Pa.; Phi Koppo Theto Treasurer, Football Club, Intramurals, ICC Shows, AICE Vice-president, Orientotion Deborah D. Donnelly, Speech Therapy 49 Pinewood Rd., Stamford, Conn.; Columbians President, Orientation, Dorm Council, Student Council Richard Donohue, Economics 132 1st St., Dunellen, N.J.; Sigma Beta Kappa, Tower, Pi Delta Epsilon Michael Downey, Music Education 1902 Napier Dr., Forestville, Md.; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonio, University Orchestra, Bond Linda K. DelBoglivo, Art 20 Center Ave., Secaucus, N,J.; FAC, Psychology Club, Young Democrats, Block Breod Art Editor, Dean's list Donald J, Dellario, Psychology 100 Carteret Dr., Clerks Summit, Pa.; Alpha Delta Gommo, Orientation, Dean's List John D. DeRosa, Mechanical Engineering 1312 Tuckermon St., Washington, D.C; Baseball Francisco R. Detorres, Architecture Buenos Aires, Sonturci, Puerto Rico; PASCUA Michael Doyle, Economics Gates Ave, Silver Spring, Md.; Senators Club, Wrestling Jere J. Ducote, English 4520 Indian Rd., Toledo, Ohio; Columbians, ICC Shows, Greek Week, Orientation, Deon's List, Sweetheart of Alpha Delta Gamma Wallace J, Duszynski, History th Ave., Bladensburg, Md,; Intramurals, Dean's List Karen M. Dutch, History 5617 Helmont Place, Oxen Hill, Md.; Kappa Tau Gamma, Basketball, Volleyball, Dorm Council, Tower, CARDINAL

201 197 Frank DuVal, Art 31 1 West Ave., Jenkintown, Pa.; Sigma Beta Kappa, Cheryl A. Flood, History 4815 N. Kenneth Ave., Chicago, III.; Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Joseph E. Gliessner, Chemical Engineering 3704 Warner Ave., Louisville, R. Richard Guiy, Mothemotics Mirror Lake Dr., St. Louis, Mo.; Tou Kappo Epsilon Sv^imming Gamma Mu, German Club, History Club, Ky.; Phi Koppa Theta, Track, Orientation, Dean's Seminar, Dean's List AICE Vice-president, Dean's List John J. Hackett, French 40 Bow St., Peggy A. Earner, Politics 1304 Wilson St., Cranston, R.I.; French Club, Dean's List McKeesport, Pa.; Chi Iota Pi Vice-president, Young Democrats President, Dean's List Carlos Fonseca, Electrical Engineering Calles 33/35 San Jose, Costa Rica; PASCUA Thomas E. Glover, History Bluhill Rd., Wheoton, Md.; Alpha Delta Gamma, Brennan Rifles Mory E. Hanno, Nursing 3801 May St., Wheoton, Md.; Columbians, Dean's List Richard C. Effler, Architecture Dameron, Md.; Sigma Pi Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Blue Key, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonio, Dean's Seminar, Chaplain's Choir, University Chorus, A Cappella Choir, St. Martin's Society John R. Ensminger, Music 619 Northwood Terrace, Silver Spring, Md.; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonio Evelyn M. Falzon, Religious Education rd Ave., Astoria, N.Y.; Mexican Project Paul F. Forrest, Economics 48 Summit Ave., Tiverton, R.I. Kathleen Wagner Fronck, Nursing th Ave., Hyattsville, Md.; CUSNA Edward A. Frankle, Space Science West Shokan, N.Y.; Sigma Pi Delta, AIAA, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Brennan Rifles, IFC Secretary, Dean's Seminar Catherine M. Fredericks, Mathematics 23 7th Robert L. Goebes, English 1454 Union St., Indianapolis, Ind.; Phi Eta Sigma Treasurer, Black Bread, German Club, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonio Treasurer, University Wind Ensemble, FAC Michael E. Golembieski, Biology 2501 Larry Ave., Oxen Hill, Md.; Baseball, Orientation, Dean's List Irene E. Gonski, Religious Education Malcolm Rd., Stoughton, Mass.; Dean's List Anostosia M. Hansen, Sociology 219 New Hampshire Ave., Mossopequo, N.Y.; Theto Phi Alpha, Pi Gommo Mu, Tower, Dean's List Joonne E. Harkey, Psychology Inwood Ave., Silver Spring, Md.; Chi loto Pi Michael B. Hortnogel, Chemical Engineering 399 Magazine St., Albany, NY.; Phi Koppa Theto Board of Trustees, Intramurals, ICC Shows, Dorm Council, AICE President, Football Club Cheryl F. Farone, Drama 1995 Westfall Rd., Rochester, N.Y.; Frosh Show, Soph Show, Major Productions, Dorm Council, Dean's List St., Garden City So., NY.; Kappa Beta Gamma, ISC President, Orientation, ICC Shows, Dorm Council, SAC, Homecoming Committee Sherry M. Gonyea, Speech Therapy 12 Marcy Lone, Plottsburgh, N.Y.; Koppo Tau Gamma, ISC, Dean's List Sallie Ann Haynes, Drama 100 Eostmoor Dr., Silver Spring, Md.; Frosh Show, Soph Show, Christmas Show, Major Productions, Dean's Frances L. Farrell, Politics 314 Ocean Rd., Narragansett, R.I.; Orientation, Football Club Secretary, Dorm Council, Tower, SEP, Who's Who, Dean's List Olivia R. Fazio, Art 9201 Shore Rd., Brooklyn, N.Y.; Theta Phi Alpha President, Orientation, Soph Cotillion Chairman, Dean's List Ronald P. Frezzo, Music Education 16 Rochelle Terrace, Mount Vernon, NY.; Alpha Delta Gamma, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonio President, Cardinalaires, CARDINAL, A Cappella Choir John L. Gabia, Economics 1 5 Columbia Ave., Ashley, Pa.; Alpha Delta Gamma, Intramurals, Jeffrey J. Gorski, Mechanical Engineering 4 Cottage St., So. Orange, N.J.; Phi Kappo Theta, Track, Football, Football Club Treasurer, Intramurals, ASME President Thomas J. Granota, Education th Ave., Mospeth, NY.; Dean's List, Intramurals List Lois A. Hebert, Education Roxbury Ave., Detroit, Mich.; Koppo Tau Gamma Treasurer, Dorm Council, Dean's List Susan E. Heck, Education Oyster Boy Dr., Rumson, N.J.; Theto Phi Alpha, Orientation Elizabeth Feeney, Biology c/o Andes Copper Mining Co., Potrerillos, Chile; Tower, Dean's List Frederick J. Feusahrens, English 3189 N. Quincy St., Arlington, Va.; Dean's List Lucinda J. Fieschko, History 53 N. 7th Ave., Highland Park, N.J.; Tower, Dorm Council, Dean's List Wifredo Figueras, Chemical Engineering 2308 Greenery La., Silver Football Club, Greek Week, Cardinal Charities, Dean's List Henry Galotto, English 1519 Ray Rd., Chillum, Md.; Baseball Richard M. Garwood, Chemistry 1601 Rockwood, Youngstown, Ohio; Phi Kappo Theta, Basketball, Baseball, Chemistry Club Secretary James P. Gary, Mathematics 2111 South Ritchie Hwy., Glen Burnie, Md.; Dean's List Leonard V. Grondo, Psychology 12 Beachwood Rd., Verona, N.J.; Sigma Beta Kappo, Freshman Class President, Tower, Wrestling, Orientation Paulette A. Grandmont, French 40 Leo Terrace, Bloomfield, N.J.; Chi Iota Pi President, Greek Week, Parents Weekend, Dorm Council, ISC, French Club, Dean's List Frederick L. Granese, Latin Folly Quarter Rd., Ellicott City, Md.; Phi Eta Sigma, Dean's List Thomas J. Helinski, History 78 Pine Hill Dr., Whitemorsh, Md.; Alpha Delta Gamma, IFC Rush Booklet Editor, ICC Shows, Soph Cotillion Chairman, CARDINAL Senior Editor Susan M. Heymon, Nursing 8567 Glendale Rd., Greenbelt, Md.; Dean's List Ellen M. Hickey, Drama 52 Edgewood Ave., Nutley, N.J.; Frosh Show, Soph Show Author, Christmas Show Author, Major Productions, Dean's List Spring, Md. John Filardo, Economics 66 Muriel Dr., Springdale, Conn.; Alpha Delta Gamma, Brennan Rifles, Golf Captain Francis J. Finan, English 7203 Forest Rd., Hyattsville, Md.; Tower, Dean's List Erasmo Garza, Education 414 East Adams St., Brownsville, Texas Kathleen D. Gates, Psychology 4332 Montgomery Ave., Bethesda, Md.; Columbians, Psi Chi, Dean's List Barbara A. Greene, French 168 North Eleventh St., Sunbury, Pa.; Columbians, Orientation, Greek Week, French Club, Tower, Football Club, Dean's List Mark T. Grice, Economics 1208 Kenwood Ave., Glen Burnie, Md.; Alpha Delta Gamma Treasurer, Intramurals Lawrence Hickey, History 29 Ash St, Corinth, N.Y.; History Club, French Club, PASCUA, FAC Barbara N. Hill, Education 1919 Bloomingdale Ave., Lancaster, Pa,; Columbians Irene K. Huord, Sociology Woodson Gloria L. Fiol, English P.O. Box 424 Ponce, Puerto Rico; PASCUA Marianne Ginnity, Sociology 22 Emerson Rd., Glen Rock, N.J.; Theta Phi Alpha Treasurer, Sweetheart of Sigma Pi Delta, Dean's List Joan M. Grimes, Biology 802 Sheridan St., Hyattsville, Md.; Kappa Beta Gamma Vicepresident, Dean's List Ave., Kensington, Md. Thomas Hudson, History 8803 Moywood Ave., Silver Spring, Md.; French Club History John R. Fiore, English 3 Kermit St., Norwalk, Conn.; Alpha Delta Gamma Treasurer, Senior Class President Ronald V. Giusti, Mathematics 130 Whitford Ave., Providence, R.I.; Dean's List Mary L. Groom, Drama 3800 North Abingdon St., Arlington, Va.; Dean's List Club, FAC, ISO, Logos, Young Democrats, CARDINAL June F, Husicio, Economics 32 Grafton St., Mary P Flinn, Biology 5424 Harwood Rd., Bethesda, Md.; Dean's List Susana Gladwin, Art Mariner Dr., Oxen Hill, Md.; Theta Phi Alpha, Dean's List Yolanda M. Grott, History 36 Turnpike Rd., South River, N.J.; Faculty Student Coordinator Newport, RI,; Young Democrats Vicepresident, Dorm Council, CARDINAL

202 Senior lnd tliiobeth A locovone, Educolion Wood 5f. RFD # 4 Mohopoc, NY. Joi*ph lonnwcfi. Biology 300 Squantum Dr., Wofwick, R I, Sigma Pi Delto, German Club, Brennan Rifles, Appolochian Project, Richard L, Kenney, Drama 810 West 21st St, Wilmington, Del.; Tou Kappo Epsilon, A Cappella Choir, Sophomore Class Vice- President. Greek Week, AFROTC Personnel Officer Barbora J. Krupczak, Sociology 5 3rd Ave., Amsterdam, NY.; University Chorus, Young Democrats, Choploin's Choir, Mexican Project, Pi Gamma Mu, Dean's List Nancy E. Kula, Educotion th St., Michael L. MacWillioms, Economics Box 8, Churchton. Md.; Sigma Pi Delta, Bosketboll Manager, German Society Christine M. Mokofske, Dromo 922 Upshur St., N.E., Washington, D.C; Dean's List CARDINAL Gail E Keppler, Psychology 773 Midway Bethlehem, Po.; Chi Iota Pi, ISC, Mexicon Gporge V Indehcoto, Electrical Engr 803 Adele St, Franklin Squore, NY; Phi Koppo Thelo, Trock. Football. Orientotion, IEEE Luono M. Jarvis, Dromo 2717 Normondy Dr, Youngstown, Ohio; Columbians. ISC Secretary, ICC Shows, Cardinalaires, Soph Cotillion Princess, Sweetheart of Alpha Delta Gamma Lane, Blue Bell, Po.; Theta Phi Alpha, Intramurals, Dorm Council Richard R. Kern, Music 6709 Pyle Rd., Bethesda, Md.; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonio Jomes F. Kerrigan, Mothemotics Grayson Ave., Silver Spring, Md.; Sigmo Pi Delta, Young Republicans, Chess Club Project, Dean's List Ann R. Kumpe, Education 1051 Bayou PI., Sorosota, Fla.; PASCUA, Young Republicans, Dean's List Normon L. Loberge, Civil Engineering 55 Brood St., Auburn, Me.; Bosketball, Football, ASCE Secretory Camille A. Markey, Education 1011 N. Union St., Fostoria, Ohio; Columbions, Homecoming Committee, Tower Mercedes Martinez, Architecture 1160 Tororez St., Rio Piedros, PuertD Rico; PASCUA, AIA Jomes C Motan, Economics Hampden Lone, Bethesda, Md.; Sigma Beta Kappo, William Jepsen, Sociology 297 Cherry St., West Newton, Mass.; Sigma Beta Koppo, Baseball, ICC Shows, Orientation, Tower, Football Club, Homecoming Committee Choirman Kathleen A. Johanek, Speech Therapy th Ave, Hyattsville, Md David A, King, Electrical Engineering 1414 Eost West Hwy, Adelphi, Md.; Phi Eto Sigmo, Deans Seminar, Tau Beto Pi, IEEE Secretary, Dean's List Gillian M. Kinnane, Speech Therapy 1804 Metzerott Rd., Adelphi, Md.; Speech and Hearing Club Richord LaCorte, Drama 68 Piggott Rd., Medford, Mass.; Soph Show Regino M. Lociko, English 119 Greenland Ave., Trenton, N.J.; Greek Week, Dorm Council President, Academic Editor Course Evaluation Wrestling, Track, Football, Intramurals, Tower Mory E. Mayfield, Sociology 1028 Pork Ave., Collingswood, N.J.; Dean's List Philip E. McAllister, Biology Gait Ave., Wheoton, Md.; Brennan Rifles, Biology Club, Dean's List Jeanne C Johnson, Educotion RFD ^ 3 Wharton Dr, Peekskil, NY,; Chi Iota Pi, Young Democrats, CARDINAL Michael P. Klee, Music Educotion 5644 Washington Blvd, Indianapolis, Ind.; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonio President Manuel Lofont, Architecture 660 Miromar, Sonturce, Puerto Rico; PASCUA Kevin J. Lonigon, Space Science Diantho S. McCabe, Dromo th Ave. South, Seottle, Woshington; Kappo Tou Gamma, Greek Week, Dean's List Lawrence E. Johnson, Sociology 2025 Maryland Ave, Louisville, Ky ; Sigma Pi Delta, German Society President, Black Bread, Choploms Choir, CUSCC, Blue Key, Senior Class Vice-president. Dean's List Frank Koprivnik, Economics th Ave., Bellerose, N.Y.; Track, Orientation, Cardinal Charities, Football, Dorm Council, Parents Weekend Worehom PL, Jamaica, NY.; Alpha Delta Gommo, Track, Cross Country, Freshmen Orientation Choirmon, AIAA, IFC President Diono M. Lawrence, Nursing 16 Cloiridge Margaret L. McCarron, Biology 80 Sedgewick Dr., North Scituote, Mass.; Kappa Beta Gommo, Field Hockey, Biology Club, Dean's Lilt Richord Johnson, Mothemotics Thornhill Rd, Silver Spring, Md, Senators Club President Louise D. Koziol, Economics 2902 Mosby St., Alexandria, Vo., Koppa Beta Gamma, University Chorus Karen Ann Koilowski, English 4320 Ct, Montcloir, N.J.; Chi loto Pi, CUSNA Representotive, Dean's List John A. Leidecker, Philosophy 1230 Quincy St, North East, Washington, DC; Arnold Air Erin E. McCarthy, Speech Therapy 6501 Randoll PI., Falls Church, Va.; Speech and Hearing Club, Soph Show, French Club, Dorm Council Secretary, Dean's List Eliiobelh A Jullie, Chemistry 3824 Hubbard Yorkshire Rd, Detroit, Mich, Kappa Tau Society, German Club, Chess Club President, Ave, Robbinsdole, Minn., Logos, CUSCC, Dorm Council Fronces A Jurnak Chemistry 1639 Crestlyn Rd York Po Columbians Vice-president Deans List Joseph Kayser Psychology 3216 Lonier Dr., Atlonto. Go Sigmo Beto Kappo Bosketball, Student Council Vice-President-President Gamma, Greek Week, Dean's List Paulo J. Kozulok, Biology 208 Old Country Rd., Melville, N.Y.; Koppa Beta Gamma, Cheerleading Jone Kramer History 255 Summit Ave., N.J.; CUSCC Orientation, Field Hockey Soph Cotillion Princess Mary C Kromer, Architecture 1935 Avon Dean's List Edward Liddy, Politics 1630 Summerdale Dr., Clearwater, Flo.; Phi Koppo Theto President, Cross Country, Football Club, Dean's List Lawrence Lilly, Economics Botterseo Lane, Alexandria, Vo.; Tou Koppa Epsilon, Sv/imming Margaret E. McCoy, Nursing 212 Webster St., N.E., Washington, DC; Dean's List Hugh M. McDonald, French 145 Brompton Rd., Garden City, N.J.; SAC Donald J. Mclnnis, Electrical Engineering 17 Raymond St., Nashua, N.H ; Sigmo Beta Koppa, Footboll Club, Golf, IEEE Laurence E Keefe History 363 Victor-Egypt Rd Victor N Y Blockbread Editor Moureen Keelty Sociology 56 Boyberry Rd., Roanoke, Vo.; Theta Phi Alpha President, AIA, Football Club, Freshman Class Secretary, CARDINAL Dean's List Carol J. Little, English 223 Beech Ave., Hershey, Pa.; A Cappella Choir, Dean's List Robert Lohfeld, Space Science William McKenna, Psychology 104 Randolph Dr., Bangor, Me.; Sigmo Beta Koppo President, Tower, Football Club Vice- President Lone Levittown NY: Koppo Tou Gamma; Cheerleoding Tower Student Council Edward J. Kennedy Electrical Eng.neefing N W. 28 Ave. Opo Locko Flo Tou Koppo Epsilon Brennan Rifles IEEE Senior Closs Treosurer Tou Beta Pi, Phi Eto Sigma Ronald Krosinski, Biology 1403 Pacific Ave., Natrona Heights, Pa.; Phi Koppa Theta, Basketball, Junior Class Vice-President, German Club Student Council Vice-President, Blue Key Treasurer, Dean's List Bernard L Krellkomp. Drama 3609 Norton PI., Washington, DC. Westbrook Dr., Hyattsville, Md.; Alpha Delto Gamma, Orientation, Track, Swimming, Cardinal Charities, AIAA, CARDINAL Add Drive Kathleen A. Long, Nursing 1272 Coluin Blvd., Kenmore, N.Y.; Chi Iota Pi, CUSNA, Dean's List Jomes B. Meehon, Electrical Engineering 81 Jefferson Rd., Formingdole, N.Y.; Alpha Delta Gammo, Tou Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, IEEE Deirdre A, Meintel, Sociology 906 Cunningham, Corpus Christi, Texas; Chi loto Pi, FAC, Tower, Mexican Project, Dean's List

203 James G. Memoli, Spanish 19 Broadview Ave., Maplewood, N.J.; Tau Koppa Epsilon, Intramurals, Dean's List Sheila M. Muldowney, Psychology 96 OverPeck Ave., Ridgefeld Park, N.J., Psychology Club, Dorm Council, CUSSA Elizabeth C. Merceret, Art 2629 North Charles St., Baltimore, Md.; Dean's List Susan M. Merritt, Mathematics 1 7 Gregory PI., Pleasantville, N.Y.; Kappa Tou Gamma, College Seminar Program, Logos, Dean's List Robert F. Meti, Electrical Engineering 1 14 Taussig PI. North East, Washington, D.C; Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Phi, IEEE Marcia F. Metiger, Psychology 12 Unity Dr., Trumbull, Conn.; Theta Phi Alpha, Dorm Council Anne M. Metiler, Religious Education 1449 W. George St., Chicago, III. Donna G. Middleton, Speech Therapy 405 Jefferson St., North East, Woshington, D.C; Speech Club Thomas L. Mikes, Space Science 2500 S.E. 8th St., Pompono Beach, Flo.; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Shahan Debate, AIAA, Blue Key, Dean's List James E. Miller, Electrical Engineering 123 Ingroham La., New Hyde Park, N.Y.; Phi Kappa Theta, Wrestling, Baseball, Football, IEEE, Blue Key, Dean's List Bernadette M. Mulhollond, History 582 Whitenock Rd., River Vole, N.J.; Theta Phi Alpha, Dorm Council, Pi Gamma Mu, Dean's List Thomas E. Murdock, Chemical Engineering 328 Massachusetts Ave., N.E., Washington, D.C. Kathleen E. Murray, Biology Underwood Ave., Wanwatosa, Wis.; Kappa Tau Gamma, Dean's List Mary E. Nodler, Biology 4820 Linnean Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C; Biology Club, PASCUA Dana J. Napier, Art 325 East South 5th Ave., Wildwood, N.J.; Dean's List Paula M. Noonon, Economics 499 Granite Terr., Springfield, Pa.; Theto Phi Alpha Anita C Oberright, History 7770 Hawthorne St., Landover, Md.; Kappo Beta Gamma, To^er, Chaplain's Choir, Soph Show, AIA, Greek Week, TKE Homecoming Princess Nancy W. O'Donnell, Nursing Evans Trail, Beltsville, Md.; CUNSA Leonard P. Miller, Chemistry th PI., Hyattsville, Md.; Alpha Delta Gamma, Wrestling, Football Club Joan E. Milner, Nursing 195 Wellington Rd., Garden City, N.Y.; Chi Iota Pi, Young Democrats, CUSNA, Dean's List Robert W. Minaert, English 635 Summer St., Manchester, N.H.; Alpha Delta Gamma, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonio, Dean's List Ronald T. Olexy, Music 607 Eost Ridge St., Lonsford, Po.; Chaplain's Choir Gary J. Porlopiano, Economics 144 Chestnut Ave., Woterbury, Conn.; Sigma Beta Kappo, Track, Swimming, Tower Joseph J. Patti, Architecture 206 Essex St., Lawrence, Mass.; Sigmo Beta Koppo, Swimming, Orientation, Football Club, CARDINAL Patricia C. Monti, English 1 Hilldale Dr., Searingtown, N.Y.; Columbians Michael T. Paul, History 1407 Highland Dr., Silver Spring, Md.; Phi Alpha Theto, Pi Sigma Mu, Dean's List, Independent Studies Program Christine M. Moreland, Nursing 241 Irving St., Falls Church, Vo.; Kappo Tau Gamma, WRA, Dorm Council, Student Council, Dean's List Mary Lee R. Poyton, History 4844 North 25th Rd., Arlington, Va.; Orchestra, Young Democrats John J. Morin, Biology 191 Main St., Berlin, N.H.; Biology Club Diane E. Pecorano, Nursing 819 Crothers Lane, Rockville, Md.; Chi Iota Pi, CUSNA John E. Morrison, Biology 731 E. Bates, Englewood, Colo.; Phi Koppa Theta, Intramurals, CARDINAL, Dean's List Loyne P. Perelli, Psychology 19 Prince Jomes Dr., Hompton, Va.; Alpha Delta Gamma, Arnold Air Society, Football Club

204 Senior Index Michoel M Pfeifle Civil Engineering 2005 Coleridge Dr. Silver Spring, Md, ASCE Dean s List Corlo* M Pino. Economic* 2350 SW 13th St. Miomi, Flo ; Phi Koppo Theto, PASCUA, Football Anthony Rlccl Architecture 32 Bennington St.. Quincy Moss ; Phi Eto Sigmo, Orientation, AIA President, Tou Beta Pi, Blue Key, Cardinal Charities, CARDINAL. Deon's List Claire M. Riley. Politics 18 Richmond Ave,, Patterson, N J, Theta Phi Alpha, Dorm Council, ISC Suson T. Sarondon, Dromo th St. N.E., Woshington, D.C; Columbians, Christmos Show William E. Saulsbury, Sociology 2702 Urbono Dr., Wheoton, Md,; Sigma Beta Koppo, Intramurals Ruth Ann Shimonkevitz, History 8309 Brewster Dr., Alexandria, Vo.; Koppa Tau Gommo, Orientotion Executive Board, CCAB Secretory, Student Council Secretary, Cordinol Chorities, Pi Gommo Mu, Sigma Epsilon Pi, Greek Week Co-Choirmon, Phi Koppa Theto Sweetheart, Homecoming Queen Wiliinm C Prott, Politics 6455 S W 104th St Miomi, Flo. Tou Koppo Epsilon IFC Vice- President. Brennan Rifles Dean s List Laurel A Pnntipe, Chemistry 20 Eighth St., Carle PI. N Y., Koppa Tou Gamma, Logos, Chemistry Club President, Dorm Council President, Senior Editor CARDINAL Richard J, Rocco, History 2022 East 17th St., Brooklyn, N.Y.; Tou Kappa Epsilon, Wrestling, Trock, Football Co-Captoin, Intramurals, History Club Daniel Rodriguez, Biology VA Hospital, Marlin, Texas; Intramurals, PASCUA Vice- President, PASCUA, Deans List Moryann P. Saunders, English 5728 Chillum Hgts. Dr., Hyattsville, Md,; FAC, Dean's List Ronald Sounders, English 5728 Chillum Hgts. Dr., Hyattsville, Md. Elizobeth D. Sowyer, English 1235 Audubon Rd., Westchester, Pa.; Chi loto Pi, Choploin's Choir, German Club, Mexicon Project, CUSCC, Anne E, Short, Psychology 474 Hilltop Dr., Madison, Wis.; FAC; Psi Chi Eugene B. Sleor, Economics 6006 Rolond Ave., Baltimore, Md.; Sigma Beta Kappa President, Swimming, Orientation, Tower, Jim McKeon Award Nancy S. Leveille, Art 976 Van Duzer St., Mario A Prio, Soclology 5070 Alton Rd,, Micimi Beach, Fla, Columbians, Pi Gamma Mu, CUSCC, Dean's List Donold E Provencher, Economics 34 Albert SI, Lcwiston, Me ; Tou Kappci Epsilon, AIA Laurence F. RohlofF, Economics 1002 Kennedy St., Falls Church, Vo.; Sigma Pi Delta, Brennan Rifles, Arnold Air Society Robert G Roman, Economics 66 South Viev/ Ave, Stamford, Conn, Alpha Delta Gamma Dean's Seminar, Dean's List Alan Schoplowsky, Music Montcloir Dr., Silver Spring, Md.; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonio Mary Lou C. Scheppe, Biology Box 109, Stoten Island, N.Y.; Kappo Beto Gamma, Cordinol Charities, Dean's List Chorlene Sovek, History th St. N.E., Washington, DC, Aureho M Pucinski, History 301 Eye St. S W, Apt 527, Washington, DC, Dean's List Mciffici A Quigley, Chemistry 2417 Clatpmonl Dr, Foils Church, Va ; Logos Roseanne K Rosa, English Quince St., Vineland, N J, Chi Iota Pi, Dorm Council, Tower, Dean's List, Orientotion Alma M Rosette Psychology 1925 West Washington Crossing, Po.; Deon's List Diane L, Schieberl, Education Highview Terrace, W. Hyottsville, Md.; Dean's List Frances Spogno, Economics th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Kathleen F. Stacy, Education 8304 Eostrldge Ave., Tokoma Park, Md.; WRA, Dean's List Vivion E Quinn, Nursing West Nolcrost Dr. Silver Spring, Md.; Theta Phi Alpho, CUSNA Jomes L. Quinnan, Space Science 210 May St. Needhom, Mass.; Tau Kappo Epsilon, Intromurcils, AIAA, Phi Epsilon Sigma, Dean's List 171st St, E Hazel Crest, III,; PASCUA, Psychology Club, Dean's List Thomos V. Rowland, Chemistry 6570 Colbert St., New Orleons, La.; Alpha Delto Gamma, Phi Eta Sigma, Chemistry Club. Dean's List David J. Roy, Electrical Engineering 8 Harvard St, Sanford, Me.; Alpha Delta Christine R, Schneyer, Music Our Lone, Stevenson, Md.; University Chorus, Deon's List Borboro Schroeder, Nursing 1315 Kansas Ave., McKeesport, Po.; Chi loto Pi, CUSNA, TKE Homecoming princess, Deon's List Mary Alice E. Shaker, Art 403 Hogarth Ave., Lorraine D. St. Cyr, Sociology Box 231, Billingsley Rd., Waldorf, Md.; Chi loto Pi, Pi Gamma Mu, Dean's Lilt Michael Stefanic, Mechanicol Engr. 120 North Third St., Steelton, Po.; Basketball, Footboll, Track, Football Club President, ASME Kothleen R Quinnan, Mothemotics 144 South Pafton Dr, Coraopolis, Po.; Kappo Beta Gnmma Dorm Council Vice-President, Dean's List Gamma Phi Eta Sigma, Greek Week, IEEE, Blue Key, Dean's List Morcia J. Ryan, Sociology 129 Woter St., Perry, NY,; Chi Iota Pi, University Chorus Niles, Ohio; Columbians, Choir, Cheerleading Captoin, Dean's List Moureen P. Shoughnessy, Education 701 South Florido St., Arlington, Vo.; Biology Club, Peter J. Sterling, Biology- 234 Sunnyside Rd., Oceonside, N.Y.; Sigmo Beta Kappo, Intromurols, Tower, CARDINAL Kothleen M Radiiewici Biology 468 Pennsylvonia Ave,. Brooklyn NY Dorm Council, Biology Club Deon's List James Rucks, Architecture 45 South Booth St., Dubuque, losva; Sigmo Pi Delta, AIA, CUSSCC, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Junior Class Treasurer, Deon's List Jomes Stigliono, History Fairview Lc, Palisade, N.J.; Alpha Delta Gamma, AIA Pegqy A Rebnk Mathematics 16 Westbrook Lo Roosevelt, N Y Koppo Tou Gommo President Dorm Council President, Orientation Parents' Weekend Cheerleading, Greek Week, Sigmo Epsilon Pi, Deon's List John J, Reid. Politics 5517 Baptist Rd., Pittsburgh, Po,; Phi Koppo Theta Student Council George L Repass History 5683 Winthrop University Bond, Phi Eta Sigmo, Phi Mu Alpho Sinfonio, Tau Beta Pi, Dean's Seminar, Dean's List Anita L, Salamanca, English Cumberland ond Burns Rds., Millville, N.J.; Orientation, Dorm Council, FAC Sylvia M. Sonfilippo, Psychology 539 Summer Ave., Newark, N.J.; Sigma Beta Kappa Sweetheart, Dean's List John R. Sheehan, Religious Education 60 Lewelyn Rd., Stamford, Conn.; Phi Eto Sigma, St. Martin's Society, German Club, Dean's List Suzonne A. Sheehon, Religious Education 8 Harrison La., Princeton, N.J.; Theto Phi Alpho, Thomas F. Sheeran, English 205 Lannons Lo., PASCUA Louisville, Ky.; AIA Theresa E. Stroub, English th St., N.E., Washington, D.C; Theta Phi Alpha, Orientation Dennis J. Streveler, Physics 1125 Drackert, Hammond, Ind.; Sigmo Pi Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Physics Club, Tower, CARDINAL Eulolia M. Suarez, Psychology 1100 Carper St., McLean, Va.; Dean's List A^e Indionopolis Ind Alpho Delta Gommo President Orientation Deon's List Sergio Sontucci, Mechanical Engineering 2021 Reedie Dr., Silver Spring, Md.: Senators. Track and Field, ASME Brian D. Sherllne, Music 3 Rokeby Ct., Kensington, Md.; University Bond, University Orchestra, University Brass Choir Williom T. Surine, English 3516 Taylor St., Chevy Chose, Md.; Tennis, Deon's List

205 201

206 Senior lnd< Rontild T Suski, Psychology 173 Monmouth Rd Ocil-hurst, N J Alpha Delta Gamma, Psi Chi, Dean's List Front.s M Sutulo, Biology 531 Eost 3rd St.. Erie, Po. Tau Koppo Epsilon, Wrestling, Tower Biology Club BETA BETA BETA John Switzer Architecture 2508 Queen s Chopel Rd, Hyattsville Md, Senators Club, AIA Vice-President Joseph L Vacca Chemicol Engr AICE, Chemical Engineers Newsletter Senior Editor Frank J, Valenfo, Physics 3505 Lancer Dr., Hyattsville, Md. Sigma Pi Delta, Physics Club Michele A, Valeri, Dromo 4209 S. 36th St., Arlington, Vo Koppa Tou Gommo, Frosh Shov/, Soph Show, Christmas Shov*-, Mexican Project Thomcjs W Tolbot Elpctncal Engr 530 North East 164 Terroce, N. Miami Beoch, Flo ; Sigma Beta Koppo, Orientation, Freshmon Class Treasurer Basoboll, Football Club, Tower, IEEE, AIAA Franz C Theard, Biology th St. N.W, Washington, D C, Soccer, Biology Club, PASCUA, ISO, Dean'f List Steven I, Versa, Jr., Economics 4418 Arogona Dr., Oxon Hill, Md.; Sigmo Beta Kappa, Soccer, Track, NCAA All-American Almis Vitenas, Electricol Engr Livingston Rd,, Oxon Hill, Md.; IEEE, Phi Eto Sigma. Tau Beta Pi, Dean's Semlnor, Dean's List Joyce M Thomas. English th St, Brooklyn, N Y ; Chi Iota Pi, Orientation. Young Drmocrcits, Tower, Dean's List, CARDINAL Barbara L, Warnecke, History Mexico La., Mahopcc, NY; Chi loto Pi, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Alpha Theto, Deans List, CARDINAL Paula M Ttbrrii, Education 79 Oliver St,, South Ridge, Mass, Dotin's List Suic.nnc M Welch, Art 1790 Willow St., San Jose, Col,; Block Bread Jo (inn Tifu*. Education 2573 Wlckline Dr,, Gibsonici, Pa, Senators Club Affiliate. Deon's List John F Wendt, Architecture 1705 Blcick Oak La, Silver Spring Md Sigma Beta Kappo Oricnfotion Basketball, Deon's List Anne M Tormay, Biology 8 Rochombeau Dr., Yorklown Heights N Y, Docin's List Mary Ann Wilkins Nuriing lh Ave., Apt ^02, Bladensburg, Md, Kathleen D Tttivois Economics 38 Johrison's Lci New City N Y Theta Phi Alpha Dorm Council John J Winkler Psychology 3006 Diamond Ave, Allcntcwn, Pa ; Sigma Pi Delta, Brennan Rifles Vonesso M Traylor, Sociology 327 Quakenbos St North East, Woshington D C : Kappo Beta Gammo Orientation Borboro Ann Woulfe Education 3116 Kimberly Rd,, Hyottsville, Md,: History Club, Dean's List Emilio A Trench Economics 1521 Otis St., North Eo^t Woshington D C Alpho Delto Gammo Track Joon D, Yeager Nursing 241 Willow St,, Carlisle, Pa. Michael R Troise Music th St. Long liland C.fy N Y Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonio Mory L, Young Mechanical Engr Lorain Ave., Silver Spring, Md,; Senators Club, ASME, AIAA, Tau Beta Pi

207 General Index 203 Abandon: 1, to give up with the intent of never claiming right or interest in; to withdraw from the face of danger or encroachment; 3, to give oneself over to a feeling or emotion without check. Ahem-Oberg, Victor, 18 AIAA, 147 AlChE, 137 AIEE, 141 Allum-Poon, Patricio D., 42, 112, 176 Alpha Delta Gamma, 24 Amey, W. Scott, 26, 49 Amstfield, Mary R., 167 Andersen, Kathleen E., 40 Andes, Derien, 34 Angel Flight, 61 Annette, Sr. James, 1 56 Antenucci, Jack C, 34, 139, 140 Antkowiok, Michael E., 85 Appalachian Project, 186 Arnone, Eugene M., 24, 180 Arnold Air, 61 Arnold, Frederick, 61 ASCE, 139 ASME, 144 Astarb, John B., 46, 149, 150 Aste, Mario, 1 67 Afiemo-Obeng, Victor A., 137 Augelli, Patricio C, 120 Aulenti, Joseph, 34, 49, 95 Ayoroa, Jose R., 1 37 Bagot, Susan F., 36, 101 Baker, Dove, 1 67 Baker, Deborah M., 42, 97, 181 Baldwin, Carol A., 107 Balint, Judith A., 155 Ball, Judith J., 42, 91, 101 Bankert, Catherine L., 107 Barborite, Maryonne, 49 Barker, William J., 164 Barber, Patricia F., 36 Barnard, Laura A., 20, 38 Barr, Tom F., 34, 141, 143 Barrett, Fr. Brendan, OP., 76 Bartholomew, Mary, 36 Bartholomew, Nancy, 36 Bartoli, John A., 24, 100 Baseball, T 78 Basketball, 164 Bassett, Elizabeth E., 42 Batozynski, Larry E., 26 Bauer, Robert E., Jr., 99 Bausell, Charles W., 28 Beaumont, Thomas M., 32, 101, 102 Becker, Ellen M., 40 Belanger, Thomas L., 102 Bell, S. Marty, 26, 136 Benito, Gale P., 42, 100 Bensman, Walter E., 32 Bereiter, Kothryn A., 42, 100, 166, 176 Berg, Patricia A., 101 Berger, Thomas E., 67, 97, 181, 182 Bernhardt, Barbara, 76 Bernier, Rachel E., 91 Bertrand, Dr. Kenneth J., 103 Betts, Robert C, 75 Bethke, Barbara A., 38, 166 Biberstein, Dr. Frank A., 139 Bierbaum, Veronica M., 42 Bickner, Robert J., 26 Bigley, Joseph R., 24, 89 Birch, Linda J., 42 Bishop, Norman P., 28 Bittner, Anne C, 99 Blockbreod, 99 Blaser, Susan M., 36, 61, 117 Block, Michael, 24, 164 Blue Key, 182 Bock, Greg F., 32 Bodger, Kenneth J., 26, 49, 144 Boehk, K. Michael, 24 Bogus, John D., 32, 61 Bohardt, David R., 26, 101, 108 Bohlander, Gerard S., 137 Boldue, Brother Hector L., Ill Bombick, Ronald J., 34, 83 Bonal, Daniel P., 24 Bonanomi, Richard F,, 26, 100, 136 Bongiorno, Faustina J., 155 Bonczek, Thomas P., 34 Borek, Walter S., 15, 34 Boswell, William, 21, 34, 62, 117, 182 Bourke, Ulick P., 18 Bowidowicz, Martin A., 147 Bowie, Janet F., 36 Boyle, Dr. Regis L., 100, 101 Brady, Brigid, 38, 96, 101 Brady, Catherine A., 44 Brady, Mary Rita, 44, 99 Branche, Warren H., 24 Brannon, J. Thomas, 26, 101, 120 Brotton, Jane, 23, 36 Broungart, Dr. Dale C, 81 Brennan, Dr. James G., 116 Brennan Rifles, 61 Brill, Margaret L., 42 Bridges, Leon, 1 64 Brimmer, Robert W., 26, 149, 150 Brooks, Ann M., 100 Brooks, Barbara A., 149, 150 Brown, Alan L., 1 81 Brown, W. Thomas, 9, 61 Bruciak, Thomas M., 34 Bruen, John F., 1 64 Buckley, Carol T., 40 Buckley, John J., 18 Buckley, Kathleen M., 128 Buckley, Olivia, 1 50 Buckley, Patricia A., 42, 154, 181 Buckley, Paul G., 102 Bunker, Ana M., Bunyar, Rosemary, 23, 38 Burgan, John U., 26 Burger, Elizabeth M., 42, 112, 181 Burke, Kathleen M., 40, 101 Burke, Thomas J., 164 Burke, William H., 62 Burr, Mario V., 128 Byrne, Mory G., 1 54, 156 Caggiano, Thomas R., 34, 67, 182 Cahill, Elizabeth S., 74 Colace, Carol L., 21, 40, 108 Caldwell, Michael A., 34, 131, 142, 181 Camock, Jeanne M., 99, 101 Campbell, Maureen E., 44, 117 Campolese, Anita J., 106 Connova, Ron C, 75 Cannon, Thomas E., 34, 137 r & i

208 General Index Copece Victor A : Cordinol 100 Cardinal Charities, 176 Cordoio, Dr, Monoel 105 Corey, Suson R,, 38 Corio Alice Carmody, John J,, 30, 44, 63, 147, 181, 18 Carnaggio, Charles S,, 49 Corr, Thomas P,, 164 Carroll, Dennis, 49 Cosoregolo Louis, 147 Cashman, Timothy J,, 24 Casnocha, Joanne M,, 155 Cossognol, Richard P., 18 Costellono, Robert H,, 181, 182 Cotaldi, Jomes F, 181, 1 82 Cavaleri, John A,, 108 Coyer, Roger H,, 24 Cervase, Mary Jean, 9, 42 Choflers, Patricio A,, 38, 52 Chambers, Williom W,, 141, 181, 182 Cheerleaders 166 Chorion, Joy, 167 Chi loto Pi, 36 Chiarovallo, Angelo J,, 49, 63 Christion, Joseph J, 34, 90 Cimbolo, Fronk P,, 30, 90 Cimics John 26 Cioffari, Robert A,, 90, 164 Circo, Miles M., 34, 141, 143, 182 Cirillo, Joseph A,, 34 Clnrens, Angel F,, 135 Cirillo, Joseph A,, 34 Clarens, Angel F,, 135 Clarke, Colherinc E,, 90 Clarke, J, 34 85, 181, 1 82 Clorkc William A, 32, , 182 Clomcnf Ronald 167 Codelko Maureen F, 42 Coffey Thomas F, 28, 111 Coholan, Michael J,, 136 Colosante, Peter A 46 Cole Jack N 34, 95 Collins, Colleen M, Columbians, 38 Comereski, Lawrence J, 49 Concannon James P,, 9, 24, 182 Concepcion Rodolfo S,, 167 Conklin, Edword S, 101 Conley, Dorothy A Conlon, Michael W,, 26, 51, 87, 181, 182 Connelly, Cornelio A, 36 Connolly Jonet M,, Connor Martha A, 150 Cook, Suson A Cookson, John P,, 1 41 Coonon Patricia M, 42 Cooney James J, 23, 49, 101, 169, 172 Cooper Jomes H., 150 Cormier, Gary P., 24, 49 Corso Susan J., 3 8 Cosentino. Richard V, 49, 50, 117, 1 82 Costello Koren A, 42 Costion, Steven M, 9, 19, 26, 144, 172 Cotter Dennis C, 164 Cotter Eileen M,, 42, , 102 Cotter M, Fronces , 133 Coughlin R Brian 99 Couture Roger G 24 Coyle, Brian C, 1 67 Coyne, Alyce 1,, 167 Craig, John T,, 26 Crawford, Richard J., 24 Creamer, Edward D., 181, 182 Creech, W, Dave, 13, 1 39, 141 Creedon, Dierdre M., 44 Crisafulli, Dr. Alessandro, Crisalli, Robert T,, 128 Croall, Stephen T., 21, 32, 120 Crone, Thomas J,, 147 Cross Country, 1 9 Crowley, Nancy S,, 40 Crowley, Peter, 99 Csere, Kathleen, 46, 95, 97, 131 Cullen, Rosemary L., 98 Cunniff, Mary P., 38, 163, 174 Cunningham, Mary M., 42, 98 Curran, Mory T., 110 Currens, Jane J., 100 Cybert, Doris A., 44 Daley, Bill, 47, 49, 131 Dailey, Vincent F., 58 D Amato, Stephen J., 23, 32, 61, 181, 182 D'Amico, Anno Marie B., 40 Dondeneou, Denis E., 137 Davis, Michael R., 21 Davis, Thomas O., 32 Dawson, Paul J, 181, 1 82 Dowson, Sarah L., 36 Dean, Thomas P., 164 De Arment, Harold G., 63 De Bauche, L. Mike, De Berardinis, Robert A., 102 DeBolt, Mary Ann, 38, 147 De Carlo, Enes T, 90 Dedick, Paul E, 49 Dediot, Leon, 26, 1 44 De George, Peggy, 154, 156 Delaney, Rosie, 99 Delbaglivo, Linda K., 80 Dellorio, Donald J., 24, 123 Dellatorre, Daniel L., 164 DeLuccia, Judith M., 1 55 De Leva, Sal, 1 67 DeLuise, Vincent C, 26, 101, 163 Delves, Jacquelyn B., 21, 40, 101 Dempsey, Martin J., 26, 61 De Rosa, John D., 1 44 DeSonne, Karen L., 40, 117 De Rosier, Suzanne M., 36, 61, 165 DeTorres, Francisco R., 1 36 Detscher, Susan A,, 40 Devine, Carolyn L., 42, 85 DeVito, Andrew F., 106, 167 Dickert, John H., 117, 181, 182 DiCamillo, Anthony, 181, 182 Di Luigi, James A,, 34, 1 36 Di Meglio, Joseph, 1 39 Diniz, Elvidio V., 18, 141, 167 Diskin, Francis J., 26 Dixon, Annobelle, 108 Di Zeraga, John, 1 39 Dobrowalski, M. Margaret 61, 154 Donahue, John A., 24 Donahue, Richard, 47, 87, 101 Donnelly, Daniel K., 26, 47, 137, 139 Donohue, Kothleen M,, 38 Doronles, Carlos G,, 167 Dougherty, Daniel, 39, 175 Dougherty, Jude P,, 115 Downey, Michael, 32, 149, 150 Downs, William T,, 62 Doyle, Michael J., 63, 89 Dream: 1, a series of thoughts, images, or emotions occurring during sleep; 2a, o visionary creation of the imagination: daydream; b, a state of mind marked by abstraction or release from reality: reverie; c, on object seen in dreamlike state: vision; 3, something notable for its beauty, excellence, or enjoyable quality. Dubeck, Jo-Ann, 23, 44 Duchesneau, Gary R., 21, 28 Ducote, Jere J., 38, 54, 97 Dudash, Carl S., 26, 147 Duffner, M. Elizabeth, Duffy, Robert A., 26, 100 Dundin, Thomas M., 9 Dunn, William H., 24 Durelli, Andre B., 49 Duszynski, Wallace J., 108 Dutch, Karen M., 42, 108 Duval, Frank J., 62, 80 Dyer, John P., 34 Earner, Margaret A., 36, 1 20 Edgerton, Linda A., 60 Effler, Richard C, 32, 135, 150, 181 Eisch, Dr. John, 85 Eisenhower, Johanna, 9, 40, 58, 101 Emelki, Hicabi, 1 8 Emery, Susan M., 44, 100 Emmert, Frank O., 30, 49, 101 Ennis, William J., 26, 101, 172 Ensminger, J. Rick, 150 Facade: 1, the front of a building usually given special architectural treatment; 2, a false, superficial, or artificial appearance or effect. Facemyer, Marianne, 12 Fachet, Susan E., 40 Falzon, Evelyn, 1 25 Faraone, Cheryl, 131 Farrell, Frances L., 120, 181, 182 Faustino, Ismael, 18, 167 Favret, Rev. J. Raymond, 74, 182 Fazio, Olivia R., 21, 44, 80,' 171 Fearon, Thomas C, 13, 34, 181, 182 Feeney, Elizabeth, 83 Felco, Kathy, 9 Fenlon, Kothryn, M., 38 Fenwick, William, 34 Ferris, Michael, 34 Ferrone, Frances G., 44 Feusahrens, Fred, 96 Fico, Catherine A., 9, 44 Fieschko, Lucinda, 106 Figueras, Elfredo, 1 37, 139 Filice, Marianne D., 9, 38 Filardo, John, 24, 88, 179 Filarski, Ken, 23, 30, 51, 52, 172 Filipowski, Pedro G., 34, 35, 49, 61, 101 Finan, Francis, J. 96 Fine Arts Council, 46 Finn, William A., 141 Finn, Mary Ellen P., 42 Fiol, Gloria L., 95 Fiore, John R,, 24, 95


210 General Index k

211 207 Fiorito, Salvatore M., 26, 172 Fitzpotrick, Maureen, 9 Fitzpotrick, Thomas M., 24, 172 Flanagan, Robert F., 32 Flaver, Patricio, 61 Flood, Cheryl A., 107, 126 Flores, Maria, 1 67 Flynn, Mary, 83 Fogorty, Jeanne A., 42 Fontanini, Miss Clare, 79 Football Club, 47 Foresti, Dr. Roy J., 1 37 Forrest, Paul, 88 Fowerbaugh, Rev. Raymond F., 74 Franceschina, John C, 24, 100, 150, 182 Fronkevicz, Paula M., 40 Frankle, Edward A., 21, 32, 181, 182 Franks, Ronald G., 24 Frauson, Peter, 1 72 Fredricks, Catherine M., 2 1, 40, 1 1 0, 1 82 French Club, 11 1 Freundel, Mary Joyce, 44 Frezzo, Ronald P., 24, 100, 150 Frickel, Donald J., 171 Fromm, Phyllis J., 44 Furman, Carol A., 42 Furth, Dr. Hans, 121 Gabel, Michael G., 34 Gablo, John L., 24, 88 Gagliardi, Edward, 61 Galleher, Regina, 126 Golotta, Henry A., 95 Golvin, Nicole J., 44 Gansecki, Alice, 38 Garcia, Juan, 1 8 Gardner, Michael C, 32 Gardiner, John T., 62, 171 Gardiner, William, 164 Gargas, Michael E., 12, 30, 63 Garwood, Richard M., 26, 85, 161, 164 Garza, Erosme, 90 Gassner, John J., 26, 147 Gates, Kathy D., 38, 123 Gatton, John S., Ill, 181, 182 Goughon, Margaret, 101 Geier, Bill H., 26, 100, 136, 161 Gentile, Judith C, 44 Geoco, Joe, 19, 1 72 Geraets, Gory F., 32 Gerard, Bro., Gevlin, Patricia M., 44 Gieron, Jake, 49 Gildea, Karen A., TOO Gill, Dorothy A., 102 Gillan, Dee, 167 Gilson, David J., 167 Ginnity, Marianne B., 33, 44, 54, 126, 127 Giusti, Ronald V., 110 Glading, Christine E., 42 Gladwin, Susana, 44, 80 Gleissner, Joe, 26, 137, 139 Glodt, Anne T., 38 Glover, Thomas E., 24, 106 Goebes, Robert L., 46, 95, 150, 181, 182 Goeke, Robert F., 164 Goettlemann, Dr. Paul, 1 35 Golembieski, Michael E., 82 Goggins, Benjamin, 34, 175 Golf, 179 Gonski, Irene, 1 25 Gonyea, Sherill M., 42, 133 Gonzalez, Luis J., 147 Gorski, Jeff J., 26, 47, 52, 144, 168, 169 Goss, Carole A., 44 Grobowski, Ann J., 36, 61 Granafa, Thomas J., 91 Grondo, Leonard L., 30 Grandmont, Paulette A., 36, 41, 112 Granese, Fred L., 181, 182 Grasso, Rosalie T, 36, 61, Greco, Thomas A., 24 Greek Week, 22 Greeley, George R., 30 Greene, Barbara A., 38, 111, 112 Grego, Suzanne D., 36 Gribben, Joseph A., 49 Grice, Mark T., 24, 90 Griffin, Donna L., 36 Griffin, Joanne, 36 Grimes, Joan M., 40 Grimley, Fr. C. Philip, OP., 76 Grosel, Roberta M., 167 Grott, Yolanda M., 106 Guerassimov, Stephen L., 18 Guerra, Alfred J., 34 Gulick, Tod M., 62 Gutierez, Eduardo, 139 Guzy, Richard, 34, 100 Haage, Kathleen M., 100 Hackett, John J., Ill, 112 Hafner, Fritz, 1 00 Hagan, William F., 26 Hagerty, Kathleen R., 23, 44 Haldman, Robert M., 34 Hall, Robert B., 18 Hamilton, Charles C, 111 Hamilton, Tara A., 42, 100 Hanna, Mary F., 154 Hansen, Ann M., 44, 126, 127 Harkey, Joanne E., 36, 123 Harrison, Earl L., 26 Harrison, Serge R., 18 Hart, John A., 136 Hartke, Fr. Gilbert, OP., 129, 130, 161 Hartnagel, Michael B., 26, 50, 51, 137, 139 Hartnett, Kathleen M., 100 Haynes, Sallie Ann, 131 Hazelett, Samuel J., 46 Heacock, James F., 26, 63, 147, 182 Hebert, Lois A., 42, 90 Heck, Susan E., 44, 91 Heckman, Jomes L., 26, 139, 163 Hegan, Michael, 137 Heid, Kathleen, 36, 102 Heil, Raymond L., 26, 101 Helinski, Thomas J., 24, 100, 107 Heller, Jeanne M., 44 Hemmler, David M., 24 Henry, Edward J,, 101, 169 Heller, Jeanne M., 44 Hemmler, David M., 24 Henry, Ed J., 101, 161 Herbers, Tod A., 24, 181 Herenondez, Gil, 61 Heverling, Raymond M., 32, 135 Hickey, Ellen M., 131 Hicks, Mary J,, 44 Hill, Bei, 38, 91 Hills, John F., 101 Hirrel, Moj. Michael A., 78 Hobert, Mike J., 26, 101 Hodapp, Mary E., 38 Hogan, Kathy M., 38 Hollow: la, concave, sunken; b, marked by sunken areas; 2a, having a cavity within; b, devoid of value or significance; 3, false, deceitful. Homecoming, 54 Homison, Gregory E., 34 Hornyak, Peter S., 101 Hosfy, Kothy A., 44 Howard, Jomes P., 101 Huard, Irene K., 128 Hubicki, Peter M., 34, 49, 174 Hudak, Gregory B., 63 Hungate, Cheree K., 40 Hunt, Rev. Robert E., 34 Hupprich, Jim A., 26 Hums, Baldwin, 172 Huszcyo, June, 90 Hyde, Rebecca M., 44 locovone, Elizabeth A., 91 lannucci, Joseph W., 32, 83 ICC Shows, 174 IFC-ISC, 21 Indelicato, George V., 26, 49, 141, 142 Interengineering Council, 1 33 Internotional Club, 167 Ireland, Lynn A., 38 Irvin, Constance A., 40 Ishmon, Jeffrey L., 26, 100 Jomes, Barbara E., 36 Jeffrey, Tom, 1 81 Jarvis, Lonnie M., 21, 38, 131 Jepsen, William G., 127 Joe Sent Me, 52 Johanek, Kathleen A., 133 Johnson, Dick C, 21, 32 Johnson, Jeanne C, 36, 90 Johnson, Jim M., 24, 49, 181 Johnson, Lawrence E., 32, 128, 182 Jones, John R., 24 Joroy, Evelyn M., 44 Jullie, Elizabeth A., 85 Junior Weekend, 163 Jurgensen, Timothy J., 32, 181 Jurnak, Fran A., 38, 85 Jylkko, Margaret M., 38 Kaleidoscope: 1, on instrument containing loose bits of colored gloss between two flat plates and two plane mirrors so placed that changes of position of the bits of glass are reflected in on endless variety of patterns; 2, a voriegated changing pattern or scene. Kaminski, Charles S., 34, 182 Kanarowski, Nancy C, 38 Koppa Beta Gamma, 40 Kappo Tou Gamma, 42 Korch, Robert, 63 Kayser, Joseph A., 30, 51, 123, 168, 182 Kearney, Andrew F., 181 Keating, Margaret A., 42 Keefe, Lourence E., 99 Keelty, Maureen A., 42, 127 Keenan, John J., 23 Kelleher, Stephen L., 24 Keller, Andrew P., 22 Kelly, Leonard P., 164 Kennedy, Edward J., 34, 139, 143, 181, 182 Kennedy, John D., 1 8 Kenner, Roland, 49 Kenney, Richard L., 25, 34, 131 Kenny, Patricia A., 38 Keppler, Gail E., 44 Kernan, Edward W., 24 Kerrigan, James F., 32, 110 Kevane, Dr. Eugene, 91 Kimball, Kristen L., 60, 166 King, Carol A., 100 King, David A., 139, 143, 181, 182 Kingery, Thomas F., 24 Kingsley, Mark, 61 Kinnane, Gillian M., 133 Klee, Michael P., 150 Kline, Robert M., 150 Klise, J. Michael, 30, 173, 181 Klisch, Mark C, 30, 52 Kolito, Ronald E., 49 Koprivnik, Frank J., 26, 49, 88 Koziol, Louise D., 40, 88 Kozlowski, Koren A., 42, 44, 96 Kozulok, Paula J., 40, 83 Krainok, George, 181 Kramer, Jane, 1 07 Kramer, Catherine M., 100, 136 Krasinski, Ronald, 26, 83, 182 Kriksciun, Thomas A., 30, 58, 100 Krimpe, Ann, Krivatsy, Susan E., 38 Krull, James S., 24 Krupczak, Barbara J., 46, 126, 127 Kula, Nancy E., 21, 36, 91 Kumpe, Ann R., 112 Kupiec, Nancy H., 136 Loberge, Norman L., 141 Labesky, Donna M., 100, 162 Laczko, Regina M., 95 Lafond, Edmund, 115 LaFont, Manuel, 135 Lomontagne, Donald A., 24, 47, 49 Lang, Donald, 30, 1 81 Lonigon, Kevin J., 9, 19, 21, 24, 147, 172, 181, 182 Lansac, Francisco, 1 8 Lanuza, Alberto J., 137 LaPointe, Johanne D., 36 LaRocca, Nicholas, 9, 1 81 LaRossa, Robert A., 86, 181 Losso, Eddie, 49 Laura, Patricia, 144 Law: 1, o binding custom or practice of a community: q rule of conduct or action, prescribed or formally recognized as binding or enforced by o controlling authority; 2, the observed regularity of nature. Lawrence, Diono M., 36 Leberer, Charlene M., 38 LeBuffe, Jomes R., 26, 164 LeDoux, Denis G,, 111 Lee, Michael, 26, 237 Leidecker, Aion J., 114,1 50, 167 Leilz, Joan K,, 38 Leone, Jo Ann J,, 1 00 Levy, Bohdon, 49 Licalo, Richard V,, 23, 34, 35, 175 Liddy, Edward, 21, 26,

212 General Index Liekweg, Daniel T,, 26 Lilly, Lawrence E,, 34 Lilly, Susan J,, 44 Lindemon, James, 24 Liston, Dean Moiy F, Little, Corol J., 97 Llop Jr., Ralph J., 18 Locke, Thomas B., 60, 61 Lohfeld, Robert, 24 Long, Kathleen A., 154, 156 Lorraine, Sr. Mory, S.C.M.M., 156 Lucas, Johnella, 1 50 Lucik, Corol A., 86, 100, 101 Luckett, Edward H,, 32 Lueke, H. Mark, 26, 164 Lutty, Gerald A., 25, 30, 161 Luzuriogo, Carlos A,, 18 Lynch, Dolores E,, 100 Lynch, Edward J., 63, 101 MacAloon, John, 19, 26, 101, 172, 181 Mocouley, John, 61 MacGiegor, Peter, 1 50 MacPherson, Albert, 107, 172 MacWillioms, Michael L., 32, 87 Madigan, Margoret M., 42 Mahoney, Jane, 150 Mahoney, James, 24 Mohoney, Judith J,, 38 Mahoney, Linda, 150 Mahoney, Rosemary M., 40 Mokofske, Christine M., 131 Malatesta, Donald J., 34 Malerba, Robert J., 49 Moloney, Dennis J,, 135, 181 Manko, Michael J., 32 Manzo, Mary Ellen, 42 Morcincuk, Phyllis A,, 23, 38, 163 Morcink iewicz, Jolonta, 44, 100 Mardirosion, Haig L., 150 Markey, Camille A., 38, 91 Markow, Maryonne, 100 Morkowske, John V., 181 Mortens, Robert T., 20, 24, 172 Morlholer, Bernard L., 124 Martin, Elizabeth A., 38, 101 Martin, Martina M., 38 Martinez, Mercedes L,, 135 Mosi, Lorraine M,, 9, 40, 58, 174 Mason, Michaele S., 44 Matthews, Gloria, 1 50 Mattsson, Tapio K., 181 Motuszev/ski, Frederick L,, 34 Moynord, Aline M., 100 Maynard, Gerard, 34 Maybaum, Michael W., 147 Moyfield, Mary E,, 128 McAllister, Joseph P., 72, 184 McAllister, Philip, 82 McBrien, Steven V., 1 64 McCabe, Diantha, 42, 131 McCarron, Margaret, 29, 40, 83 McCarthy, Erin E,, 1 33 McCarthy, John, 102 McCartney, Marjorie A,, 167 McCleary, Marilyn A., 42 McClure, Allan W., 24 McClure, Mark J., 13, 30, 50, 64 McCoy, Margaret E., 154 McCurry, Joyce A., 166 McDonald, Lindo A,, 44 McDonold, Bishop William J, 72, 184 McDonald, Morgan H, 111, 112 McDonough, James F., 135 McDuffie, Fr George E,, 141 McEvilt, Steven R., 46 McGee, Gerry, 19, 1 72 McGlone, Mary, 42 McGlynn, Eugene M., 164 McGo^on, Daniel L. Jr., 24 McGrath, Michael F., 147, 181 McGrath, Roger E., 49 McHenry, Robert J., 21, 26, 47, 182 Mclnnis, Donald J., 143, 179 Mclntyre, James D., 49 Mclntyre, Mary P., 100 McKenna, William D,, 21, 30, 123 McMahon, Edward, 131 McMahon, Robert J., 34 McPadden, James J., 75 Meehon, James B., 24, 143, 181, 182 Meinter, Deidre, 124 Meister, Judy, 100 Melluzzo, Paulo A., 38 Memoli, James G., 34, Menesis, Gonzalo, 137 Mengers, Eileen L., 44 Mennino, James, 61 Merceret, Elizabeth, 80 Merendez, Andres A., Merritt, Susan M., 42, 51, 110 Metger, Marcia, 123 Metz, Robert F., 141, 143, 181, 182 Mexican Project, 1 87 Meyol, Eusebie, 18 Meyer, Fredrick, 24 Michalowicz, Dr. Joseph C, 141 Middleton, Donna, 133 Mikes, Thomas L., 34, 102, 181, 182 Milan, Noel, 24, 49 Mildenberg, John, 34 Military Ball, 64 Miller, James E., 26, 49, 139, 143, 181, 182 Miller, Jeffrey, 25, 47, 63, 181 Miller, Leonard P., 24, 85 Miller, Mary Ellen, 100 Miller, Susan G., 42, 100, 180 Milner, Joan E., 1 54 Milone, Frances R., 38 Mina, Marie C, 44 Minaert, Robert W., 24, 96, 150, 181 Mitchell, William L., 180 Moehringer, Vincent J., 24 Mohan, Robert P., 76 Molesky, Robert, 61 Moller, Dr., Raymond W., 109 Molley, Paul, 102 Monti, Patricia C, 95 Moore, Thomas A,, 18 Moran, Barbara, 1 50 Moron, William H,, 26 Moreland, Christine M., 42, 155 Morin, John J., 83 Morrison, John E., 26, 82, 101 Mortimor, Sandra L., 38, 166 Moses, Lois G., 100 Moses, Mory Frances, 76 Mucha, Christopher W., 34, 137 Muldowney, Sheila M., 123

213 Mulhern, Margaret V., 44 Mulhern, Sherrill A., 23, 36, 46, 99, 167 Mulhollond, Bernadette, 44, 106, 125 Munoza, Dadoy, 167 Murphy, Barbara E., 44 Murphy, Dovid J., 49 Murphy, Denis P., 14, 25 Murphy, Jomes, 32, 1 72 Murray, Franny, 115 Murray, Kathleen E., 83 Nacy, Carol A., 38, 166 Nagoski, Joseph F., 99 Napier, Dana J., 80 Navarro, Wilfredo, 167 Neill, Dr. J. Kerby, 94 Neto, Jose, 1 67 Nezezon, Stephen A., 24, 100, 117, 159, 163, 181, 182 Nicolich, Robert N., Nolan, Mark B., 147 Nolan, Kevin, 1 72 Nolan, Tom, 19, 172 Noonon, Paula M., 44, 89 Obeng, Victor Hiemo, 167 O'Boyle, Patrick Cardinal, 71, 184 O'Brien, James, 61 O'Brien, Patrick M., 24, 1 81 O'Connell, Marjorie A., 42, 101, 102, 174, 181 O'Donnell, Patricio J., 42 Offen, Christopher D., 26 O'Koin, Kathleen E,, 100 Olexy, Ronald T., 149, 150 O'Neill, Virginia J., 100 Orem, Suson G., 53 O'Rourke, Peter J., 34, 181 Orth, Eugene C, 75 Orzech, Joseph, 61 Osborne, John, 26 O'Toole, Catherine C, 61, 100 Owens, Gretchen C, 38, 101, 163 Owens, Linda E,, 100 Popo, Mark A., 24 Pore, Patricia L., 42, 117 Parents' Weekend, 177 Poriseou, Patricio A., 44 Parker, Samuel J., 26 Porlopiano, Gary J., 33, 62, 88 Porra, Victor S., 63 Potti, Joseph J., 30, 100, 136, 159, 182 Paul, Dr. John, 148 Paul, Michael T., 106, 126 Pecoro, John S., 7, 12, 30, 100 Pecoraro, Diane E., 1 55 Peebles, Dr. Bernard M., 104 Pennacchio, Claude M., 10 Pennell, Suzanne C, 36 Pepson, Dovid J., 61, 1 37 Perelli, Layne P., 24, 123 Perez, Enrique F., 9, 26 Peter, Jomes J., 34 Pestone, Philip J., 62 Petrovoge, Rosemary, 44 Petrin, Adrien L., 30 Pezzulich, Evelyn L., 38 Pfeifle, Michael M., 141, 181 Phi Koppa Theta, 26 Phi Mu Alpha, 150 Physics Club, 117 Pi Delta Epsilon, 99 Pi Eta Sigma, 182 Pi Gamma Mu, 124 Piccione, Nancy A., 38 Piedro, Dr. Alberto, 87 Pielmeier, John L., 1 81 Pietropaoli, Theresa M., 167 Pinkava, Charles L., 26, 52, 137 Pino, Carlos M., 26, 49, 53, 88 Pinto, Theodore J., 30 Pisoni, Fred H., 63 Plumley, Jesse A., 30 Poitier, Sidney, 131 Polk, George A., 34 Poly, Robert E., 101, 102 Ponsi, Brother Francis, 1 8 Prasad, Konchasta C, 167 Proto, Ida A., 42 Pratt, William C, 21, 34, 1 17 Price, Jerry, 19, 1 72 Principe, Laurel A., 42, 51, 85, 100, 162 Prio, Marian A., 38, 126, 128 Prould, Michael A., 34, 175 Provencher, Donald E., 34 Pucinski, Aurelia M., 108 Pyatek, Joseph P., 26 Quigley, Marcia A., 87 Quinn, Regan J., 9 Quinn, Vivian, 155 Quinnan, James L., 34, 181 Quinnan, Kathleen M., 110 Rodziewicz, Kathleen, 82 Roidt, Philip, 46 Raley, Kathleen M., 40, 110 Ramos, Juan P., 150 Randall, Shaun E., 44 Raskulinecz, Adrian M., 1 50 Raskulinecz, Suson, 1 50 Rouse, Ed, 172 Reagan, William, 61 Rebok, Margaret A., 21, 42, 52, 110, 166, 181 Reddon, Patrick S., 1 81 Reece, Donald J., 167 Reed, Jomes A., 49 Regression; 1, an act or the fact of regressing; 2, a trend or shift toward a lower or less perfect state; 3, withdrawal; 4, the act of reasoning backwards. Reid, John J., 26, 120, 182 Reilly, Adam, 46 Reinhard, John T., 164 Remmers, Harry, 46, 143 Repass, George L., 21, 24, 100, 108 Revoir, Michelle A., 44 Reynolds, James J., 62 Reynolds, John J., 62 Rhinehart, Stephen M., 18, 34 Ricci, Anthony V., 100, 136, 181 Rich, Catherine R., 74 Riley, Claire M., 21, 25, 44, 128 Rincon, Lucas E., 26, 101 Robb, Lynda Johnson, 131 Robinson, Charles J., 24 Rocco, Richard J., 34, 49, 108, 192 Roche, Jeanne M., 38 Rodriguez, Daniel, 82 Rohloff, Laurence F,, 32 Roise, Emily K., 21, 38, 100, 159

214 General Index Romnn Roh<-,l G Short, Anne E 123 Romney, Hervin 135 Shorter, Jimile B, 1 50 Roso Roseanne K Sigmo Alpha loto 150 Roitoe, Kothleen A, 36 Sigmo Beto Kappo, 30 Rovenhouer, Lynn M 38 Sigma Epsilon Pi, 181 Rosette, Alino, 1 23 Sigmo Pi Delto, 32 Ross, Roseonne, 36, 94 Simon, Christine M, 38 Rossi, Dionc D 44 Simone, Sim,, 38 Rolhnie Mary E 42 Simpson, Richard E,, 34, 1 39 Rotondi, Jane, 150 Rowe, Jomes L, , 1 82 Slovin, Anne M,, 42 Sleor, Eugene B,, 12 30, 62 Rowe, Roberto A 1 66 Smith, Edward F,, 1 64 Rowlond Thomas V, 24 85, 181 Smith, Judith M., 21, 44 Roy David J 24, 1 43, 1 81 Smith, Mory Elinor, 64 Royok, Peter, 49 Rubio-Loiodo, LUIS, 18, 167 Rucks, Jim E,, 32, 1 50, 181 Smith, Neil, 147 Smith, Philip A,, 32, 137 Smith, Roger, 46 Rupporl, Martin V, 1 02 Smith, Sydney A,, 44 Russell, Pomelo A, 40 Russell, Robert V, Russoniello, Don M. 49 Ryon, Morcio J, 36 Ryan, Patricio M, 42 Rybock, Meg E, 38 Ryberg, Jomes D,, 102 Snoyd, Richord T, 24 Snyder, Catherine, 61 Soccer, 1 8 Solick, Peggy, 38 Sonberg, John A,, 13 Soph Cotillion, 20 Sosnicky, Joon M, 21 42, , 101 Sokscn, Louis C, 34 Solomonco, Anita L., 96 Spogno, Frances, 90 Spain, Michoel, 26, 1 01 Sonfillipo, Sylvia M, 31, 55, 123 Spalding, George J 23 Sontucci, Sergio, 144 Sarondon, Sue, 38, 131 St Cyr, Lorraine, 1 26, 1 27 Specion, Robert E,, 181 Stacy, Kathleen A, 91 Stapczynski, Reginald 5 19, , 172 Saude, Rene, Stefanic, Michoel 1, Saulsbury, William E, 127 Sowyer, Eliinbeth, 36, 95 Scjwyer, William T, 144 Sconlon, Elizabeth M, 25, 44 Sconlon, Robert, 61 Scorongello, Maryonn M., 42 Steigerwaid, Thomas G,, 181 Stephono, Mary Jane, 38 Sterling, Peter J, 82 Stevens, Michoel G, 26 Stief, Williom A,, 32, 181 Stigliono, Jomes A, 24, 106 Schoeffer Loretta C, 40 Stokes, Ann 1 01 Schoffer, Richard J 24, 1 59, 172 Stroight, Woyne 30 Shoplowsky, Alan Straub, Theresa E, 4 97 Scheppe, Mory Lou, 82 Streveler Dennis J 32 Schieberl, Diane, 91 Student Council, 1 80 Schmidt Eliiobeth A 42, 100 Stupfel, Bcrnord N 1 47 Schmidt Kciri-n A Suarez Eulolia 123 Schmidt, Normon E,, 18 Schneider Anne C, 61 Schroeder, Barbara Suorez Jaime L, 182 Sumner Daniel R, Surine, William T, 96, 181 Schupp Raymond C, 34 Suski, Ronold T , 1 73 Schuster John 147 Sutulo, Michael F,, Schwori, John E Swomp: n, 1, wet, spongy land saturated and Sembrado, Mott 49 Senators 28 Serro John P,, 1 37 sometimes partially or intermittently covered with water; 2, a troct of swomp; v,t, 1, to submerge with or os if with water; 2, to Setio William T 24 open by removing underbrush and debris, Settembrino Glenn 32 Shohon Debote Society 102 Shoker, Mory Alice, Sweeney, James P,, 26, 137 Switzer, John E, 135 Swimming, 63 Shaker Peggy Szechenyi, Ernest G,, 26 Shonnon, Jeonne E 38 Szewczyk, Anthony D,, 24 Shorpe Robert J 34 Talbot, Thomas W,, 30, 49, 51, 141, 143 Shoughnessy, Moureen P., 91 Sheenon Thomos, 98 Sheeron, Thomos F., 96 Tolbott, Roberl H,, 1 64 Toleff, Carol A., 150 Tolone, Albert A., 34 Sheridan Su:onneM Tamoyo, Rodrigo, 32 Sherline, Brian D 149 Top Night, 1 70 Shermon Peter J, Shermon Terronce M., 26 Torollo, Borry J,, 30 Torquinio, Joseph A., 102 Shimonkevitz Ruth A Tou Beta Pi, « Tau Koppo Epsilon, 34 Teague, John F,, 32 Tempest: 1, an extensive violent wind; 2, one accompanied by rain, hail or snow, a furious storm; 3, a violent commotion, tumult, uproar. Tennis, 1 73 Terra, Phyllis E., 42 Testa, James J., 1 49 Theard, Franz K., 82 Theriault, Adrien F., 30, 62 Theto Phi Alpha, 44 Thomas, Joyce M., 36, 98 Tiberit, Paula M., 90 Tierney, Gerald F., 24, 139 Tirpok, Mory C, 38 Titus, JoAnn, 91 Todani, Akio, 1 67 Tokarz, Andrea E., 38, 101 Tormay, Anne M., 83 Torvestodt, Robert, 30, 169 Tosti, Patricia E., 42 Tower, 1 01 Track, 172 Trainer, Helen L., 100 Travers, Kathleen D., 44, 87 Traversy, Anne M., 100 Traylor, Pamela G., 40 Traylor, Vanessa M., 40 Trejos, Rodrigo A,, 18 Trela, Leon F., 63 Trench, Emilio A., 24, 90 Trosper, George A., 46 Tsai, Winston W,, 167 Tyluki, Frances M., 100, 166 Tymonn, Carol Ann M., 40 Urban, William J,, 51 Vacca, Joseph L., 137, 139, 167 Volenta, Frank J., 32, 117 Valeri, Michelle, 42, 58, 131, 182 Vallilo, Anthony, 61 Vorello, Francine M., 100 Varsa, Gabor I., 1 8 Varsa, Steve I., 1 8, 89 Venit, Shoryn D., 44 Verges, Richard D., 46, 111, 150 Versace, John M., 99, 181 Vijil, Pablo, 139 Vitenas, Almis T., 139, 143, 181 Vitolo, Carmen A,, 49 Vogel, Jomie H., 44 Wagner, Carol A., 21, 36, 45 Wagner, Kathleen, 1 55 Wagner, Lloyd F., 75 Walker, Mary K,, 38 Walsh, Mike, 61 Warnecke, Barbara L., 36, 48, 108 Woshington, Barry, 7, 26, 137, 164 Wosinger, Ruth A., 20, 23, 38, 101, 163 Waterman, William L., 99 Weinheimer, Theresa M., 36 Welch, Suzanne M., 80 Welde, Stephen W., 26, 49 Wencis, Janet C, 44 Wendt, John, 1 35 Wentz, Charles P., 32 Wet: 1, water, moisture; 2, rainy weather; 3, on advocate of the policy of permitting the sole of intoxicating liquor. Whalen, Rev. John P., 35, 72 Wholey, Ann M,, 52 Who's Who, 182 Wilkins, Moryann, 154 Williams, Jack T., 13, 50, 58, 147 Wilson, Charlene T., 40 Wilson, William J., 164, 172, 181 Winkler, John J,, 32, 123 Winslow, John J, 61, 1 37 Winter, Mary, 38 Winter, Robert H, 149 Wittner, Janet L., 44 Wivczar, Ronald H., 34, 99 Wolf, Mary Carolyn, 44 Wood, Diana R., Ill Woulfe, Barbara Ann M., 90 Wrestling, 63 Wright, James, 1 9 Wrixon, Jill, 100,101 Wyble, James B., 24, 49 Yancey, Mary Jo, 42, 163 Yanek, Eugene N., 24, 137, 181 Yeager, Joan D., 154 Young, Linda, 144 Ziobro, Waller J., 34 Zmuda, Mory Alice T, 38, 161 Zuniga, Francisco J., 137 Zwieback: n. a kind of bread cut into slices and dried in the oven. Zw/ilterion: n. an ion carrying both a positive and negative charge. Zygapophysis: n. one of the articular processes upon the neutral arch of a vertebra, usually occurring in two pairs, one anterior and the other posterior, and serving lo interlock each vertebra with the one above and below. Zygodaclyl: adj. 1. (of a bird or bird's foot) having the toes disposed in pairs, one pair before and one pair behind on each foot. n. 2. a zygodoctyl bird. Zygoma: n. the bony arch below the orbit of the skull, which is formed by the maxillary, jugol and temporal bones. Zygophyte: n. a plant which is reproduced by means of zygosppres. Zygospore: n. a cell formed by fusion of two similar gametes, as in certain algae and fungi Zymase: n. an enzyme in yeast which causes the decomposition of sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide, obtainable in the form of an extract. Zymogen: n. 1. Biochem. any ot various substances which by some internal change may give rise to an enzyme, 2. Biol, any of various bacterial organisms which produce enzymes. Zymogenesis: n. Biochem, the change of o zymogen into on enzyme, Zymolysis: n. 1, Biochem. the digestive ond fermentative action of enzymes. 2. fermentation or other hydrolytic reactions produced by an enzyme. Zymometer: n, an instrument for ascertaining the degree of fermentation. Zymosis: n, 1, an infectious or contagious disease, 2, Med, a process analogous to fermentation by which (according to a theory now obsolete) certain infectious and contagious diseases were supposed to be produced.

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228 PEPSI PEPSI PEPSI PEPSI PEPSI PEPSI PEPSI PEPSI PEPSI PEPSI PEPSI PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF WASHINGTON, D.C. Bottlers of Pepsi-Cola, Teem, and Diet-Pepsi GRAD COUNCIL GRAD COUNCIL GRADUATE STUDENT COUNCIL GRAD COUNCIL GRAD COUNCIL GRAD COUNCIL Congratulations to the graduating class of 1968 from the Graduate Student Council: GRAD COUNCIL John F. Powers Derien Andes Richard Lawlor GRAD COUNCIL Ronald Hulbert Rev. Ralph Besendorfer Maureen McElroy GRAD COUNCIL Lynn Horobetz Anthony Bolger Robert Payne GRAD COUNCIL James Spillane Thomas Devlin Wilhelm Schmidt GRAD COUNCIL Albert Faulstich Thomas Wieckowski MARRIOTT MARRIOTT MARRIOTT MARRIOTT MARRIOTT MARRIOTT MARRIOTT MARRIOTT MARRIOTT MARRIOTT MARRIOTT MARRIOTT MARRIOTT MARRIOTT MARRIOTT MARRIOTT MARRIOTT MARRIOTT MARRIOTT MARRIOTT...r.r.,r.^^ r/iaddinxt MARRIOTT MARRIOTT c u i _.^,, r--io»/.annir^-r-r bchool and College Food Service MARRIOTT Ar^-.f^/i ^^^ n/iadoinx-r A Division of Marriott Corporation MARRIOTT X,,., r. >.,., MARRIOTT R/iADDir>TT Congratulations *= -r To and +u the Best r^ Graduates Wishes ^ 4





razorback Parent newsletter Greek Edition In this issue:

razorback Parent newsletter Greek Edition In this issue: razorback Parent newsletter Greek Edition In this issue: Benefits of Being Greek INterfraternity council National panhellenic council United greek council National Pan-Hellenic council expansion, Extension

More information

Invitation Founder s Day Saturday March 24, 2007

Invitation Founder s Day Saturday March 24, 2007 Page 1 Spring 2007 A Strong Start to a New Semester at Lambda Chi Alpha Dear This semester is an exciting time to be in a member of Lambda Chi Alpha at Wabash. Completing a large initiation during the

More information


SCHOLARSHIPS & CRITERIA DIANE G. ANDERSEN MEMORIAL Scholarship (2) New incoming student required (unless renewed) (3) Minority status - strongly considered (4) Single parent families - strongly considered (5) Local member of

More information


DELTA NU / UNIV. OF ARKANSAS (D) DELTA NU / UNIV. OF ARKANSAS (D) Chapter Heritage Report Located At: Kappa Alpha Theta 112 Stadium Drive Fayetteville, AR 72701 Installed On: October 29, 1966 1 Delta Nu - Property Of Kappa Alpha Theta

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The Olympian. Welcome Back to the Eta Mu chapter. Inside the Spring 2018 Issue: New Fraternity. 1 Spring Recruitment.

The Olympian. Welcome Back to the Eta Mu chapter. Inside the Spring 2018 Issue: New Fraternity. 1 Spring Recruitment. The Olympian sam houston's official greek life newsletter Volume III, Issue IV Welcome Back to the Eta Mu chapter Inside the Spring 2018 Issue: New Fraternity 1 Spring Recruitment 2 Greek Spotlight 4 Greeks

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MAY DAY AT BAXTER SEMINARY, BAXTER, TN MAY DAY AT BAXTER SEMINARY, BAXTER, TN Source: May Day Celebration and early traditions surrounding it for Baxter Seminary are found on pages 2 4 of All Roads Lead To Baxter by Anita Cunningham Mitchum

More information

BECOMING A MEMBER. by denise gehrke

BECOMING A MEMBER. by denise gehrke BECOMING A MEMBER by denise gehrke homecoming homecoming 76 Greeks tailgating Greeks 77 tailgating formals fraternity life alpha epsilon pi Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity is a dedicated brotherhood consisting

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January 27, Countdown to Riverside City College's 100th Anniversary

January 27, Countdown to Riverside City College's 100th Anniversary January 27, 2014 Countdown to Riverside City College's 100th Anniversary This is the second of two parts on sororities at RCC. Last week Zeta Phi and Delta Chi Delta were pictured. This week: the Gamma

More information

Group # RC Name/Number: Name:

Group # RC Name/Number: Name: Group # RC Name/Number: 1. 1 Name: Welcome A Letter from the Recruitment Director Welcome to 2012 Sorority Recruitment! On behalf of the nine wonderful chapters on campus, the Panhellenic Council, the

More information

Pride & Tradition: Henry Alexander Grubbs, Jr., Class of 1920

Pride & Tradition: Henry Alexander Grubbs, Jr., Class of 1920 July 11, 2011 Pride & Tradition: Henry Alexander Grubbs, Jr., Class of 1920 Henry Alexander Grubbs 20 was born in Baltimore on March 1, 1904. He entered Boys Latin in the fall of 1917 as a sophomore. He

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Honors, Medals & Prizes

Honors, Medals & Prizes Honors, Medals & Prizes 1 Honors, Medals & Prizes Honors Enrichment Program The Honors Enrichment Program is open to select students who meet published requirements. It is a co-curricular program designed

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E P S I L O N THETA & ALUMNI ASSOCIATION C H A R T E R E D O C T O B E R 21, 2006 E P S I L O N THETA & ALUMNI ASSOCIATION W E S T VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY C H A R T E R E D O C T O B E R 21, 2006 Sprin g Issue 20 10 Volum e 2, Issue 1 Sigma Alpha Mu, 709 N. High St., Morgantown, WV 26505

More information

Scholarships, Grades 9, 10 & 11

Scholarships, Grades 9, 10 & 11 Scholarships, Grades 9, 10 & 11 Katherine and Sam Abdallah Scholarship Established in memory of Sam Abdallah. This award goes to a current sophomore or junior, 3.2 or above GPA. Must have volunteer activities

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We are ST. AGNES ACADEMY We are ST. AGNES ACADEMY We are guided by the four pillars of Dominican Charism: Study, Prayer, Community & Service. Veritas is the mission of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, who sponsor St. Agnes Academy-

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THETA XI FRATERNITY ALPHA PSI FUTURE LEADER SCHOLARSHIP Scholarship Purpose and Criteria for Selection: The Alpha Psi Future Leader Scholarship, sponsored by Theta Xi Fraternity, serves to recognize the applicant s High School achievements in scholarship, leadership,

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THETA XI FRATERNITY ALPHA PSI FUTURE LEADER SCHOLARSHIP THETA XI FRATERNITY ALPHA PSI FUTURE LEADER SCHOLARSHIP Scholarship Purpose and Criteria for Selection: The Alpha Psi Future Leader Scholarship, sponsored by Theta Xi Fraternity, serves to recognize the

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Introduction and Welcome to Public Universities and the Humanities. By Lloyd Kramer

Introduction and Welcome to Public Universities and the Humanities. By Lloyd Kramer Introduction and Welcome to Public Universities and the Humanities By Lloyd Kramer I. Welcome to this special forum on Public Universities, the Humanities, and Education in North Carolina. A. We have organized

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USM School of Education and Human Development (SEHD) List of Scholarships and Special Criteria

USM School of Education and Human Development (SEHD) List of Scholarships and Special Criteria (SEHD) List of Scholarships and Special Criteria One scholarship application is all that is needed to be eligible for any number of the following scholarships through SEHD. Do not submit more than one

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Endowed Scholarships CHAPTER SPECIFIC

Endowed Scholarships CHAPTER SPECIFIC Endowed Scholarships CHAPTER SPECIFIC In addition to the general scholarships available, students may apply for the scholarships below restricted by. Scholarships are for fully initiated members of Sigma

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Endowed Scholarships UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS ONLY Endowed Scholarships 2017-18 UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS ONLY Scholarships are open to undergraduate fratres in good standing with their chapter and university. For additional scholarships please check those

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All- Greek: 2.89 All- Sorority: 3.01 All- Fraternity: 2.72 All- Undergraduate: 2.95 All- Female: 3.06 All- Male: 2.84

All- Greek: 2.89 All- Sorority: 3.01 All- Fraternity: 2.72 All- Undergraduate: 2.95 All- Female: 3.06 All- Male: 2.84 January 7, 2014 Dear Chapter Presidents, Chapter Advisors, Faculty Advisors, & Headquarters Staff: This letter contains information regarding the 2013 academic report for all fraternities and sororities

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College of Liberal Arts Scholarships

College of Liberal Arts Scholarships College of Liberal Arts Scholarships Students may apply for scholarships at Dean s Office Scholarships (open to all CLA Disciplines) Dr. Pamela Washington Scholarship for Liberal

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SCHOLARSHIPS SCHOLARSHIPS OPEN TO CLASS OF 2019, 2020, 2021 2018-2019 SCHOLARSHIPS Scholarship funds have been established at Holy Cross High School by many friends, families, alumni, and staff in the hope of providing new opportunities to the young men and women

More information

If you have any questions regarding scholarships, please feel free to contact Mr. Nelson at (815) ext. # SCHOLARSHIPS

If you have any questions regarding scholarships, please feel free to contact Mr. Nelson at (815) ext. # SCHOLARSHIPS NEWMAN CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP INSTRUCTIONS 2018-2019 Newman Central Catholic High School offers scholarships through the funding of its benefactors. The benefactors of Newman are greatly

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Class Books and Records Class of 1878 Scrapbook, Class of 1914 Register reunion materials

Class Books and Records Class of 1878 Scrapbook, Class of 1914 Register reunion materials Alumni Fund 1924-1940 Scrapbook (Alumni League, Alumni Corporation, Alumni Association) -, financial information, notes, ephemera, 1924-1940 Alumni Fund 1941-1963 Scrapbook (Alumni League, Alumni Corporation,

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University Photograph files 013.UP

University Photograph files 013.UP University Photograph files 013.UP Finding aid prepared by Alexis Braun Marks, CA This finding aid was produced using the Archivists' Toolkit January 18, 2018 Describing Archives: A Content Standard Eastern

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Mercy McAuley. High School. The NEW. You Belong Here.

Mercy McAuley. High School. The NEW. You Belong Here. The NEW Mercy McAuley High School You Belong Here. Mercy McAuley High School, a new all-girls Catholic High School sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, will open at 6000 Oakwood Avenue in

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James Ralph Shug Jordan Award for Outstanding Scholar-Athlete. 2017/2018 Application

James Ralph Shug Jordan Award for Outstanding Scholar-Athlete. 2017/2018 Application James Ralph Shug Jordan Award for Outstanding Scholar-Athlete 2017/2018 Application About James Ralph Shug Jordan Chi/Auburn 1932 James Ralph Shug Jordan is best known for serving as the head football

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The Delta Chi Fraternity

The Delta Chi Fraternity The Delta Chi Fraternity Potential New Member Packet THE DELTA CHI FRATERNITY UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI CHAPTER Dear Potential Member, Thank you for taking interest in the Missouri Chapter of The Delta Chi

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Cleveland/Cuyahoga Workforce Investment Board Healthcare Sector Advisory Council Roster

Cleveland/Cuyahoga Workforce Investment Board Healthcare Sector Advisory Council Roster 1. Althea Johnson 216.931.1500 Visiting Nurse Association 2. Alyssa Moore 330.342.3328 Crossroads Hospice 3. Amy Clark 216.227.2663

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Brother Paul Van Gerwen, C.F.X. Founders Level III: Brother Paul Van Gerwen, C.F.X. (Funds of $100,000 or more)

Brother Paul Van Gerwen, C.F.X. Founders Level III: Brother Paul Van Gerwen, C.F.X. (Funds of $100,000 or more) Brother Paul Van Gerwen, C.F.X. Founders Level III: Brother Paul Van Gerwen, C.F.X. (Funds of $100,000 or more) THE CHARLES BERRY 46 ENDOWMENT This fund was established in the spring of 1997 resulting

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WolfGRAMS Newsletter. From the Director. Library, Maria Varki By Teresa Cartularo, Reference Librarian

WolfGRAMS Newsletter. From the Director. Library, Maria Varki By Teresa Cartularo, Reference Librarian Wolfgram Memorial Library Robert E. Danford Director 610-499-4087 Susan C. Tsiouris Head of Public Services 610-499-4069 Teresa Cartularo 610-499-4084 Patricia Georgini 610-499-4086 Mary McNeill 610-499-4137

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The Chartering Petition For Chi Alpha Colony at Clemson University. Phi Gamma Delta

The Chartering Petition For Chi Alpha Colony at Clemson University. Phi Gamma Delta The Chartering Petition For Chi Alpha Colony at Clemson University Phi Gamma Delta PRESIDENT S LETTER To the Brothers of Phi Gamma Delta, In October 2015, the Chi Alpha Colony of Phi Gamma Delta was recolonized

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Howard university delta sigma theta apparel

Howard university delta sigma theta apparel Howard university delta sigma theta apparel The Borg System is 100 % Howard university delta sigma theta apparel 9 products. All Shirts. 261 products. All Sweaters. 30 products. All Sweaters & Shirts.

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ACW DDD ZFB ZTA A GUIDE TO GREEK. Life. At Baker University ACW DDD ZFB ZTA A GUIDE TO Life At Baker University GREEK Sorority life 2018-2019 Why go Greek? While academic achievement is the primary reason to attend Baker University, activities outside of the classroom are also

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LIST OF 2009 SCHOLARSHIPS *list subject to change

LIST OF 2009 SCHOLARSHIPS *list subject to change LIST OF 2009 SCHOLARSHIPS *list subject to change Name Against All Odds Alice Nahabedian Alumni and Friends of Belmont High School s Barry J. Harrington Belmont Center Merchants s Belmont High School P.T.O.

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Greetings, Class of 1973!

Greetings, Class of 1973! Greetings, Class of 1973! Finally! Sunny, warmer days are becoming the norm here in central Indiana as we start off the month of April! What a welcome change following our record-setting, snow-filled winter.

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Welcome to Sorority Recruitment!

Welcome to Sorority Recruitment! Welcome to Sorority Recruitment! Dear High School Senior/Collegian, The sorority women of the Coppell Alumnae Panhellenic Association (CAPA) want to introduce you to a unique experience that you are sure

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Historical Collection Miller F. Whittaker Library South Carolina State University THE PAPERS OF CLEMMIE EMBLY WEBBER

Historical Collection Miller F. Whittaker Library South Carolina State University THE PAPERS OF CLEMMIE EMBLY WEBBER Historical Collection Miller F. Whittaker Library South Carolina State University THE PAPERS OF CLEMMIE EMBLY WEBBER The papers of Clemmie Embly Webber (1913- ) reflect the life of a female African- American

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More information

2016 Scholarship and Grant Awards Guidelines

2016 Scholarship and Grant Awards Guidelines THE CHARLES R. DREW REVISED AND SUBMITTED TO THE SUPREME COUNCIL December 2012 MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP COMMISSION 2016 Scholarship and Grant Awards Guidelines Introduction: The Founders of recognized the

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The attached information provides an overview of academic performance of the fraternity and sorority community at Virginia Tech for Spring 2015.

The attached information provides an overview of academic performance of the fraternity and sorority community at Virginia Tech for Spring 2015. Division of Student Affairs Fraternity and Sorority Life New Hall West, Suite 117 (0428) 190 West Campus Drive Blacksburg, Virginia 24061 540-231-6609 Fax: 540-231-7186 To: Chapter

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STATE EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS PROESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM MAY 14-17, 2018 ATTENDEE LIST. ALABAMA Vic Wilson Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools ALABAMA Vic Wilson Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools Rickey Darby Alabama of Elementary School Katrina Akers Alabama of Secondary School CONNECTICUT Karissa Niehoff Connecticut of Schools DISTRICT

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STUDENT LIFE SPIRITUAL Aa lthough the classroom is an important arena for learning and receiving the distinctives of a Clearwater Christian College education, the College realizes that appropriate out-of-the classroom experiences

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SIGMA TAU GAMMA. Value Learning Leadership Excellence Benefit Integrity

SIGMA TAU GAMMA. Value Learning Leadership Excellence Benefit Integrity FALL 2014 BETA CHAPTER SIGMA TAU GAMMA Value Learning Leadership Excellence Benefit Integrity The brothers of Beta Chapter have been hard at work this past semester to build off of their impressive finish

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A Parent s Guide to Fraternities & Sororities. Greek Affairs Dean of Students Office Student Affairs Division

A Parent s Guide to Fraternities & Sororities. Greek Affairs Dean of Students Office Student Affairs Division A Parent s Guide to Fraternities & Sororities Greek Affairs Dean of Students Office Student Affairs Division A member of The Texas State University System Alcohol and Drug Compliance Services Associated

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MERRICK FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS MERRICK FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS Essay Questions: 1. Why are you continuing your education? 2. What are your professional/educational goals and how will you achieve them? 3. How have

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The Greeks of Troy More Than 160 Years of Fraternity & Sorority History at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

The Greeks of Troy More Than 160 Years of Fraternity & Sorority History at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute The Greeks of Troy More Than 160 Years of Fraternity & Sorority History at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute The Greeks of Troy America s first sororities began at Troy Institute for women, which later

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The Denver Foundation Designated Funds and Gifts Report

The Denver Foundation Designated Funds and Gifts Report Assumption Greek Orthodox Church Helen Athens and Nancy Voegeli Scholarship Fund Anonymous Donors Connie S. Armatas Elizabeth and Pete Contos Theodore Critikos Kay and Michael S. Johnson Celeste Z. and

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Saint Edward Central Catholic High School

Saint Edward Central Catholic High School Saint Edward Central Catholic High School Where Discipleship Begins Welcome For three quarters of a century St. Edward Central Catholic High School has been a foundation of excellence in Catholic education.

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Annual Fund MAKE AN IMPACT 2011-2012 Annual Fund MAKE AN @ Out-of-Door! IMPACT 2011-2012 Leadership Annual Fund Co-Chairs Mickey & Ned Davis Connor - Grade 3 Dylan - Grade 4 Linda & Peter Ross Shannon - Grade 6 Linda & Jerry Ruschau

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Named Endowed Scholarship Funds

Named Endowed Scholarship Funds Named Endowed Scholarship Funds Bradford Abbott Memorial Scholarship Fund Established by the Abbott Family and by friends of Brad Abbott in his memory. Brad was a teacher at Trinity-Pawling from 1970-1985.

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Volume III, Issue III. Summer The Olympian. Sam Houston State University s Official Greek Life Newsletter

Volume III, Issue III. Summer The Olympian. Sam Houston State University s Official Greek Life Newsletter Volume III, Issue III. The Olympian Sam Houston State University s Official Greek Life Newsletter Inside the Issue: The Pantheon- Greek Awards Program Fall Recruitment- 2 Information and Schedule Guest

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WESTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY. Western Kentucky University Foundation, Inc. College Heights Foundation. Endowment Match Program Summary Report

WESTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY. Western Kentucky University Foundation, Inc. College Heights Foundation. Endowment Match Program Summary Report WESTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY Western Kentucky University Foundation, Inc. College Heights Foundation Endowment Match Program 2010-2011 Summary Report This report covers the activities and expenditures supported

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DESCRIPTION OF STUDENT AWARDS/HONORARY ORGANIZATIONS March, 2013 DESCRIPTION OF STUDENT AWARDS/HONORARY ORGANIZATIONS March, 2013 Alpha Lambda Delta Maria Leonard Book Award Alpha Lambda Delta, organized in 1983, is a freshman scholastic honor society. The Alpha Lambda

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RESOLUTION. honoring JOANNA JERUZAL. on receipt of the CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY SYSTEM FOUNDATION HENRY BARNARD DISTINGUISHED STUDENT AWARD Connecticut State University System Developing a State of Minds JOANNA JERUZAL @ Joanna Jeruzal will graduate from Central Connecticut State University in May with a bachelor's degree in biology with a

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Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. The Mighty 7 th District

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. The Mighty 7 th District Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. The Mighty 7 th District 54th Georgia State Meeting Host Chapters Eta Omicron & Chi Epsilon Hilton Garden Inn Albany, Georgia October 5-8, 2017 Celebrating Good Life and

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Editorial Style Guide

Editorial Style Guide Editorial Style Guide These guidelines are designed to help Sigma Tau Delta members prepare copy for Sigma Tau Delta publications (print and electronic). They are intended to ensure consistency of style,

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Saint Edward Central Catholic High School

Saint Edward Central Catholic High School Saint Edward Central Catholic High School Where Discipleship Begins Welcome For three quarters of a century St. Edward Central Catholic High School has been a foundation of excellence in Catholic education.

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Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations Newsletter Jan 2017

Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations Newsletter Jan 2017 Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations Newsletter Jan 2017 Board of Assistants Governor William Watson Taylor, Jr. Deputy Governor William P. Ulmschneider

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IFC Fraternity Recruitment 101

IFC Fraternity Recruitment 101 IFC Fraternity Recruitment 101 Monday, July 27, 2015 Tonight s Presenter: Joe Gurreri, Director of Student Activities & Greek Life Gettysburg Greek Life Overview Organizations Summary 16 Greek Organizations

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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Annual EAF/Leadership Awards Nomination Hat s Off: Recognizing Our Pearls of Leadership Soror Ruscel Reader

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Annual EAF/Leadership Awards Nomination Hat s Off: Recognizing Our Pearls of Leadership Soror Ruscel Reader Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Annual EAF/Leadership Awards Nomination Hat s Off: Recognizing Our Pearls of Leadership Soror It is an honor and pleasure to nominate Soror for the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

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July 1 st and 2 nd The Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 1 st and 2 nd The Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time July 1 st and 2 nd The Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 4:00 p.m. 1. Mary Ann Jensen 1. Andy Lortie 1. Debbie Sutherland 4:00 p.m. 2. Mary Alice Hopper 2. Dorothy Wilson 2. Mike Sutherland 4:00 p.m.

More information

Children s Literature Conference

Children s Literature Conference The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Children s Literature Conference To exit slideshow, hit Esc 1995 - Endowment established by Dr. George Chambers President Emeritus of UPG Joan Chambers Children

More information

Scholarship Reference Guide

Scholarship Reference Guide Scholarship Reference Guide 2016-2017 The following scholarship opportunities have been made available to new and returning Sacred Heart Schools students. Below each listed scholarship is a description,

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Guide to Sorority Recruitment at Valparaiso University

Guide to Sorority Recruitment at Valparaiso University 2015-2016 Guide to Sorority Recruitment at Valparaiso University Sorority Life Sorority membership offers a comprehensive college experience Academic excellence Community Service and Philanthropy Leadership

More information

The Jewel on the Hill. By Rachel Phillips

The Jewel on the Hill. By Rachel Phillips The Jewel on the Hill By Rachel Phillips Rachel Phillips is a sophomore at William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri. She is an English and History major. After graduating from William Jewell with a

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2012 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS 2012 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS Class of 1952 Scholarship Established in the name of one or more distinguished teaching faculty who were associated with the College for Teachers during

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Scholarship Criteria

Scholarship Criteria 2017-2018 SCHOLARSHIPS Scholarship Criteria ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIPS Alumni: Edward W. Stratton Award to students in the Biology/Philosophy and Religion Departments 5x2000 Alumni: Wyatt B. Johnson Preference

More information

Notre Dame Foundation Board Members

Notre Dame Foundation Board Members Notre Dame Foundation Annual Report 2008-2009 Dear Family, Friends and Notre Dame Alumni: What an exciting year we ve had at Burlington Notre Dame. Many of our sports teams enjoyed post season action;

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Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society 2017 Graduating Members

Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society 2017 Graduating Members Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society 2017 Graduating Members Abbigail Coleman Angel Dearman Whitney Fowler Diana Garzon Rachel Hill Stephanie Johnson Elizabeth Lasko Chelsey Olds Kevin Teems Stacey

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After the talks physics major, Dan Brown speaks with Dr. Elizabeth Baines about her career as a physicist.

After the talks physics major, Dan Brown speaks with Dr. Elizabeth Baines about her career as a physicist. The week of April 15 th was very busy on the campus of Lebanon Valley College. On Thursday, April 18 th LVC held Inquiry 2013: A Symposium of Student Research and Original Work. During this event students,

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Margaret M. McGuinness

Margaret M. McGuinness Margaret M. McGuinness 32 Wood Lane Malvern, Pennsylvania 19355 (610) 647-8550 (h) (610) 902-8331 (w) e-mail: Education A.B. 1975 American History and Civilization Boston University,

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2015/16 CLUBS & ACTIVITIES Please check the QMS morning announcements for updates

2015/16 CLUBS & ACTIVITIES Please check the QMS morning announcements for updates 2015/16 CLUBS & ACTIVITIES Please check the QMS morning announcements for updates GENERAL INTEREST Book Chat * Book Chat encourages a love of reading at QMS. Book-lovers have the opportunity to chat about

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Sacred Heart Church ~ Rockport, Texas

Sacred Heart Church ~ Rockport, Texas Sacred Heart Church ~ Rockport, Texas Saturday, January 21st Vigil Mass 5:00 p.m. Fr. Eddie Garcia by Fr. Ray Sunday, January 22nd ~ 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time 7:30 a.m. For the People 9:00 a.m. Madeline

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an annual donation from the HSSU Alumni Association and interest from an endowment fund. Award Amount: $4, Cumulative GPA: 3.

an annual donation from the HSSU Alumni Association and interest from an endowment fund. Award Amount: $4, Cumulative GPA: 3. Scholarship Names: Alumni Association Book Scholarship Description: The Harris-Stowe State University Alumni Association Scholarship is funded by an annual donation from the HSSU Alumni Association and

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11/20/ Eiu Student Hospitalized With Meningitis.pdf

11/20/ Eiu Student Hospitalized With Meningitis.pdf Eastern Illinois University The Keep 1996 Press Releases 11-20-1996 11/20/1996 - Eiu Student Hospitalized With Meningitis.pdf University Marketing and Communications Follow this and additional works at:

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Saturday June 5, :00 p.m.

Saturday June 5, :00 p.m. 2010 Scholarship Reception Saturday June 5, 2010 3:00 p.m. ~ Programme ~ Opening Prayer Mr. Henry L. Hopson, Jr. Welcome/Occasion Mr. Herman Sanders, President Warner Robins Chapter Greetings from ASU

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Theta Xi - Alumni Newsletter

Theta Xi - Alumni Newsletter Theta Xi - Alumni Newsletter State of the Chapter Brothers, State of the Chapter 1 Words from the Pres. 2 AAB 3 Intramural Spotlight 4 Introducing Robert Reed 5 Alumni Golf Tournament 6 Crawfish 7 Alumni

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Phase I Local Scholarships Application Instructions

Phase I Local Scholarships Application Instructions Phase I Local Scholarships Instructions Begins Nov 8, 2017 s DUE January 5, 2018 Over $158, 000.00... that s how much LOCAL money Shelby students were awarded last year. The following scholarships are

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Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Gamma Rho Sigma Alumni Chapter Gamma Rho Sigma Chapter - Education Committee P.O. Box St.

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Gamma Rho Sigma Alumni Chapter Gamma Rho Sigma Chapter - Education Committee P.O. Box St. GAMMA RHO SIGMA ALUMNI CHAPTER EDWARD E. CANNON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP 2016-2017 Edward E. Cannon Memorial Scholarship Brief History of Phi Beta Sigma: Application Deadline is July 30th, 2016 Phi Beta Sigma

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The Knowledge Bank at The Ohio State University. Ohio State Engineer

The Knowledge Bank at The Ohio State University. Ohio State Engineer The Knowledge Bank at The Ohio State University Ohio State Engineer Title: Issue Date: Publisher: Front Matter Nov-1938 Ohio State University, College of Engineering Citation: Ohio State Engineer, vol.

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MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS FOR THE ARTS, INC. MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS FOR THE ARTS, INC. Len Alexander Gregory Kandel Louise Kane David Mallette Linda Sweet Christy Wall Bill Appleton Diane Frankel Stephen Richard Jonathan West Job Profile Director

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Phase II MARCH TO A MILLION Phase II MARCH TO A MILLION LETTER FROM CAMPAIGN CHAIR Hello, Since forming in 1973, the SCC Foundation has helped hundreds of students with scholarships valued at more than $1 million. Together, we can

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Scholarship Information Entry

Scholarship Information Entry Scholarship Information 2019 Entry Scholarships This booklet will assist parents of candidates for our Year 3 (7+), Year 7 (11+), Year 9 (13+) and Year 12 (16+) Scholarships for September 2019 entry.

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Steven G. Mihaylo, Big Bear High School Education Foundation

Steven G. Mihaylo, Big Bear High School Education Foundation Steven G. Mihaylo, Big Bear High School Education Foundation 2015 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION Complete and print this application on a computer. After you ve completed the application and proofread it, please

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Cumulative Report Official Yamhill County, Oregon May 16, 2017 Special District Election May 16, 2017 Page 1 of 23

Cumulative Report Official Yamhill County, Oregon May 16, 2017 Special District Election May 16, 2017 Page 1 of 23 Number of :,44 of 6,9 = 9.7% Yamhill County, Oregon May 6, 7 Special District May 6, 7 Page of //7 :6 PM Reporting of = 9.4% Chemeketa CC, Director, Zone, Vote For Ronald L Pittman 6, 98.4% 6, 98.4%.8%.8%

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2017 Dr. Alain L. Locke Oratorical Contest. Beta Lambda Sigma Chapter Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

2017 Dr. Alain L. Locke Oratorical Contest. Beta Lambda Sigma Chapter Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. 2017 Dr. Alain L. Locke Oratorical Contest Beta Lambda Sigma Chapter Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Dear Potential Participants: The Brothers of the Beta Lambda Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity,

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2012 Master Gardener Awards of Excellence & Recognition

2012 Master Gardener Awards of Excellence & Recognition 2012 Master Gardener Awards of Excellence & Recognition 2011 Numbers 4,211 Active volunteers in 58 counties 355,388 hours donated Value of $6.54 million 655,405 client contacts Reporting Hours Contacts

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Financial Support in the School of Music

Financial Support in the School of Music Financial Support in the School of Music Thanks to the generosity and foresight of its many friends and partners, the School of Music has a dedicated scholarship program which provides encouragement and

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Dawn Marie Farmer, Ph.D.

Dawn Marie Farmer, Ph.D. Dawn Marie Farmer, Ph.D. 315 Woodknoll Drive #609 Granger, IN 46530 Phone: 310-801-3110 E-Mail: Web: April 14, 2015 Dear Sisters of Tau Beta

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Be watching for The Spring Fling Events coming up soon out in the courtyard of the Student Center S Building Thursday April 30th, am to 3 pm

Be watching for The Spring Fling Events coming up soon out in the courtyard of the Student Center S Building Thursday April 30th, am to 3 pm Student Government Association Be watching for The Spring Fling Events coming up soon out in the courtyard of the Student Center S Building Thursday

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Christine P. Kulp Owner, Organization Support Services Co-Chair Parents Association and Vice Chair of the Alumni Council AU Alumna, 1971

Christine P. Kulp Owner, Organization Support Services Co-Chair Parents Association and Vice Chair of the Alumni Council AU Alumna, 1971 Appendix A TRUSTEES Dr. Gene M. Bernstein, Chairman AU Alumnus, 1969 Michele R. Cohen Cohen & Steers Capital Management Robert B. Daggett Chairman, Smethport Specialty Company AU Alumnus, 1981 Dr. Ruth

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01/15/ EIU Students Initiated Into Kappa Delta Sororityl.pdf

01/15/ EIU Students Initiated Into Kappa Delta Sororityl.pdf Eastern Illinois University The Keep 1999 Press Releases 1-15-1999 01/15/1999 - EIU Students Initiated Into Kappa Delta Sororityl.pdf University Marketing and Communications Follow this and additional

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Scholarships Scholarships 2018-2019 Apply now at Mercy College, through generous gifts from individuals, friends, and alumni, as well as academic, professional and business organizations,

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Discover Assumption. DISCOVERY DAY November Light the way.

Discover Assumption. DISCOVERY DAY November Light the way. Discover Assumption DISCOVERY DAY November 2015 Light the way. Schedule of Events Welcome to Discovery Day! 9:00 a.m. Registration and Light Breakfast, Hagan Campus Center Hall 10:00 a.m. Welcome Remarks,

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1 2 3 4 5 6 Declaration of Independence & Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence. He was a part of a committee of 5 men but he is the actual author.

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Endowed Scholarship List & Application

Endowed Scholarship List & Application 2018-2019 Endowed Scholarship List & Application Marshall, MO Endowed scholarships are available as a result of gifts from alumni and friends of Missouri Valley College. These scholarships

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