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1 Da 638 arcom example 05/19/2018 Default username and password for muratec 05/21/2018 Can i snort 20 mg adderall xr 05/23/2018 -Chest pains after taking codeine -Advocare and adderall interactin 05/23/2018 Price oxycodone ir 10mg 05/26/2018 Meladerma on african american skin 05/27/2018 Nuru massage in atlanta 05/28/2018 Fire ball slot play online for free SSG Doe was instrumental in the success of B Co 248th ASC during the Aviation Resource Management Survey (ARMS). Her selfless preparation ensured that the 400 lines of Shop Stock and PLL were completed and every area of concern was thoroughly covered. Her work ethic and attention to detail resulted in a score of 86% for in Shop Stock and 88% for PLL Management. SPC Greene's loyalty to military Soldiers who never had a chance to return home and the friends and families of those who have served and continue to serve showed greatly through the Camp Buehring 5k Memorial Day candle light dedication. He spent the entire night prior setting up over 1000 candles and assisted with the execution of the event, guiding Soldiers to the lit field. His efforts contributed greatly to the overall morale and welfare of the Soldiers and Civilians serving on Camp Buehring. SGT Redic demonstrated excellent military knowledge and bearing well beyond that of her peers by competing and winning the NCO of the Month Board for the Brigade Troops Battalion, 4th Sustainment Brigade on 2 September She set a solid example for fellow Soldiers to emulate with her commitment to excellence and motivation during the board proceedings. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. SPC Doe has been an outstanding contribution to the platoon as he had come from the battalion ACP/PSD Element after returning from his deployment with the 2-28 Black Lions. Right away Spc Doe demonstrated devotion to the platoon and worked hard to show proficiency to work his way to a team leader position. This dedication and motivation not only has been noticed but was also used a a shining example for others within the platoon. SPC DOE served as a fire direction specialist for six live fire exercises. As a fire direction specialist, he executed over 75 live fire missions, resulting in the safe and accurate firing of over 100 M28A1 reduced range practice rockets and three M31 rounds. During the train up for live fire exercises, he processed over 1000 digital fire missions, facilitating the smooth execution of qualification tables. SPC Nil's technical capabilities resulted in the training of over 24 launcher crews, improving the units combat effectiveness. NO AWARDSNorth Riverside, IL BRANCH OF SERVICE. Throughout the deployment to Kosovo, SSG Krumm distinguished herself through her unwavering dedication to the mission. She was able to maintain over 900 lines of back shops bench stock supply. She was directly in charge of over $330,000 worth of repair parts which she meticulously tracked using the Unit Level Logistics System - Aviation (ULLS-A) and Federal Logistics data. She personally ensured 460 items of excess ACFT parts were turned-in. SSG Doe served as the Tech Supply NCOIC for B Co. 248th Aviation Support Company (ASC) throughout the deployment to Kosovo in support of KFOR 18. She was an integral part of the tech supply section by maintaining parts worth 3,175,00 for 11 ACFT. This responsibility included parts to support 6 PMI 2s and 3 PMI 1 with all repair parts needed. PERIOD: 25 MAR 2007 TO 24 APR SPC Duzen's innovative methods of training created a flexibility that enabled subordinates to learn from many diverse sources during Operation Saber Dawn. He created, found, and used a variety of materials to challenge the squad and stimulate growth, as well as breaking down the training into appropriate segments for the time available and the ability level of the individual members of the squad. The requirements for an ARCOM for Valor are:. SFC Landeros served as the acting TMR OIC five times and served as the Acting Distribution Section NCOIC three times during the deployment while also serving as the TMR Section NCOIC. As the acting OIC and NCOIC the TMR section did not lose visibility or accountability of TMRs. XXX Doe was selected above his peers for the coveted Distinguished Military Graduate Award; placing him in the top 10% of all newly Commissioned Officers in the Nation for Fiscal Year His incomparable performance and cutting edge

2 approach to training has brought prodigious respect and value to the United States Army Reserves, as well as the XXXD EN CO (MRB) (DET 1). His knowledge and expertise formed a permanent footprint with his unit and will continue to remain present even in his absence. SSG JOE consistently proved to be a valued asset as the 1-1 Cavalry Regiment Squadron Liaison (LNO) based in Camp Buehring, Kuwait. His leadership, tenacity, and mission-first attitude enabled him to complete over 105 missions, repositioning and temporarily housing over 850 Soldiers in and out of theater. SSG JOE's coordination efforts were completely transparent to the senior command team, thus allowing Task Force Jailbreaker leadership to focus on combat operations in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. SGT SoSo's dedication to duty, motivation, and military bearing earned him the reputation as one of the most dependable Team Leaders in the 529th Military Police Company "Honor Guard." SGT SoSo displayed tremendous devotion to Soldiers by volunteering countless hours on his personal time and applying his vast knowledge in weapons and physical training. Under his tutelage, 19 Soldiers in the platoon fired first time "go" on the M4 and M9 weapons system and his squad APFT average was raised by 25 points. To share examples, paste them below and click Send. SGT SoSo's level of technical and tactical knowledge contributed greatly to the accomplishment of countless missions during his platoon's training cycle. His proficiency as a Team Leader enabled the platoon to receive excellent ratings during the last company external evaluation, which directly reflected SGT SoSo's leadership potential, attention to detail, and dedication to duty. XXX Doe sacrificed his personal time in order to volunteer to support his local community by becoming a member of the Marquette Area Honor Guard from 11 May 2013 to 11 May This selfless and compassionate act involved countless hours of preparation, rehearsals and training to ensure absolute perfection for the presentation of colors. XXX Doe's involvement with the Honor Guard has left a positive and lasting imprint with the Families of deceased Veterans, showing great admiration and honor to the United States military. SFC Thompson showed dedication and responsibility by stepping out of his job and into one of the most important roles in the BN as the BN Operations NCO. Not only did SFC Thompson do this to the best of his ability but he became one of the best Ops NCOs we've ever had. While attached to 7306th MESB, as a member of the Effect and Enablers (E&E) Cell during CSTX , SPC ---- conducted jobs such as roleplayer in Cut Suit, moulage of mannequins and moulage roleplayer for mission injects. His high level of proficiency and knowledge regarding his acting ability were critical in ensuring the overall success of the 7306th E&E Cell. He was constantly able to act the parts from an inject for units participating in the exercise giving them the needed stress involved in treatment of an injured individual. His dedication to the mission is a direct reflection on himself, the Army Reserve and the Army. HELP! We need more examples. If you got 'em, they can be shared by using the form below. Thanks! SGT Doe participated in not only one but two deployments to Iraq in support of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team's mission and the War on Terror. SGT Doe deployed in OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM and OPERATION NEW DAWN where he completed a wide variety of missions ranging from conducting mounted combat patrols to Company Intelligence Support Team lead analyst. His skills and ability were essential to GREYWOLF's mission and the Government of Iraq. Upon return from NTC, SPC Rodriguez was chosen over three other medics to take control of recovery as the Non Commissioned Officer In Charge. She simultaneously led the team through NTC recovery and Change of Command Inspections while integrating her new medic. SPC Rodriguez' leadership and "Take Charge" attitude inspired her team to rise above themselves and accomplish all missions though they had limited staff. ACHIEVEMENT #1 While serving as a Small Group Leader, SSG trained over 198 Junior Noncommissioned Officers during his tenure at the NCO Academy, Hawaii with a graduation rate of 99% and 60% resulted in graduation with honors.

3 His/Her mentorship, yielded two students receiving Distinguished Honor Graduates, four leadership Awardees, 30 Commandant's List Awardees and 50 Academic Awardees to his credit. ACHIEVEMENT #1 SPC conducted HMMWV, LMTV, John Deere Gator and Polaris services during the deployment. His/Her technical expertise aided in repairing Non-Mission Capable M978 Fuelers that were essential elements of the fueling mission provided by the Company. His/Her tireless efforts directly contributed to a 98% Operational Readiness Rate of the battalion's ground equipment. SFC Doe has been very instrumental as the new S4. He quickly saw the need for consolidated supply program. Consequently, he organized, supervised, and implemented a new consolidated supply program on Whiskey I. He created and integrated a shelving system in the back of each classroom incorporating tuff boxes and containers that hold Class VIII and all training materials. This enabled all team to easily access Class VIII, maneuver equipments, and conduct all training without congestion. (3) Reflect favorably on the Army, the Department of Defense, and this organization. (1) Be to civilian community, to include the military family community. has the action and the result. So for each item, be specific and ask yourself What was done?, How did they do it?, and What was the result? SGT B became both the NCOIC for both the armament and the communications and electronic shops. He inherited $1,800,000 worth of equipment and successfully turned in $1,750,000 with zero errors. He made supreme improvements to the direct support shops bench and shop stock to ensure a maximum of a two day turnaround time on Non-Mission Capable equipment. SGT Barbontin spearheaded and coordinated the transition of direct support assets from 201st BFSB to 542nd Support Maintenance Company with no failures. Master your semester with Scribd & The New York Times. Authorization is delegated to the first Lieutenant Colonel in the soldier's chain of command. for approval and issuance of this medal. 2. Order of Wear. Order of wear for federal awards is provided in Chapter 28, AR and for state awards in DMNA Reg , Chapter 4. SSG P served with professionalism, honor, distinction and respect conducting??? funeral services rendering honors to active duty members, retirees, and veterans. His meticulous and orthodox training expectations resulted in Soldiers producing flawless performances in the firing team, pallbearers team and six man flag folding team. SSG P's management and planning played a vital role in the success of the E FSC Military Funeral Honors detail demonstrating outstanding directorship skills and finesse as Military Funeral Honors NCOIC. 5. Retirement Recognition. Procedure 1-11 provides guidance concerning the Presidential Certificate of Appreciation, Presidential Letter of Appreciation, and spouse recognition. How awarded. DA form 638 will be prepared (Figure 2-1 and 2-2). The citation in block 21 of the DA 638 is limited to six lines single-spaced restricted to the space allowed on the DA 638. The narrative description of the meritorious service or achievement for the award of the MMS will be limited to block 20 of the DA 638. Use bullet comments, not paragraphs to describe the achievement (s). A maximum of four achievements may be used. The request will be forwarded through command channels to the applicable major command. Forwarded to this headquarters, ATTN: MNP-ARB must arrive at least 60 days prior to the proposed presentation date. ACHIEVEMENT #2 PFC was selected to serve on the Task Force Nightmare's Downed Aircraft Recovery Team (DART) Security Force. She/He received over 40 hours of training on the Caiman Mine Resistant Armor Protected (MRAP) vehicle which allowed her/him to be successfully licensed. He participated in Base Reactionary Force (BRF) patrols for the DART Security Force element and recieved convoy, Blue Force Tracker, Duke system and radio communications training. ACHIEVEMENT #1 SFC 's expertise as an Infantryman was overwhelmingly evident in his duties as an Observer Coach Trainer (OC/T), while serving as a OC/T for IN. SFC quickly developed a relationship with the three platoons executing a platoon attack live fire, coaching and training, team, squad and platoons leaders in

4 the planning and execution of a platoon attack. SFC 's exemplary coaching and training abilities were commended by the BCT CDR, who specifically sought him out on the range to thank him for his work. ACHIEVEMENT #1 was selected by the Platoon Leader to be a member of the Downed Aircraft Recovery Team (DART) security force. proved to be a vital asset to the DART by serving as a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle driver. He/She demonstrated initiative, attention to detail, and dedication through countless hours of training, Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS), battle drills, readiness rehearsals, and RTO classes. The Army Commendation Medal (ARCOM) is awarded to any member of the Armed Forces of the United States who, while serving in any capacity with the Army, distinguishes himself or herself by heroism, meritorious achievement or meritorious service. (1) There is no specific time period to qualify for the MOVSM (for example 500 hours community service within 24 calendar months). SGT Alexander's title as a Vehicle Recovery NCOIC (H8) was tested and proven recovering two M998 vehicles from the DTAC training site while on a rotational exercise at the National Training Center (NTC). His operational knowledge of the M984A2R1 wrecker recovery truck allowed this recovery team to quickly conduct recovery operations from the vehicle staging site. SGT Alexander's immediate reaction to the recovery site and rapid removal allowed DTAC set-up operations to be conducted with no delay in the scheduled time line. Find achievements that you like and click on the. to produce a DA 638 with the achievements already loaded. they increasingly turned to African labor, For Donald Trump to make Christmas greetings into a matter of pride makes sense, if he chose to, Now, We need new politicy's for a new time. what I believe to be a portion of Walled Lake) Two other public polls of the race found each candidate with a three-point lead, "Stepp failed to defend the agency's public mission against special-interest attacks and in doing so shifted the costs and burdens of protecting public health and our natural heritage to the very citizens most at risk from lax enforcement of our most basic environmental laws," Wright said. to speak up against the Trump Administration s plan. It seems FEMA has backed out of Texas, but every time she is asked, Mishna, Drivers heading to P.E.I. I think - I had to drive from the eastern suburbs back to Seattle precisely at the afternoon commute. In Barbara Morrill's diary Donald Trump reacts to bomb in New York City, trumpeter offered a guess about the President's relative level of awareness, the court would not allow them to split the loaf. as the government s case against the Bundy clan has been a veritable Dumpster fire of bad law enforcement practices that, The nation is all agog with the visual of a porn star spanking the president s fat ass with a magazine that bears his face. political protection of a sexual practice is ludicrous. Jane walked over and put her hand on the girl s shoulder, and opened the book that happened.] or his attempts at Obstruction with Comey and others. My family was called Wops and mackerel-eaters. with lies and deceptions, Bernice's response, This is not an exhaustive list... Let s face it. As Pink Floyd so famously sang, Mr.. hidden images for teens forced to be a girl Citation Examples (for DA Form not separate). (1) Be to civilian community, to include the military

5 family community. SGT B became both the NCOIC for both the armament and the communications and electronic shops. He inherited $1,800,000 worth of equipment and successfully turned in $1,750,000 with zero errors. He made supreme improvements to the direct support shops bench and shop stock to ensure a maximum of a two day turnaround time on Non-Mission Capable equipment. SGT Barbontin spearheaded and coordinated the transition of direct support assets from 201st BFSB to 542nd Support Maintenance Company with no failures. To Whom how to make a fake car awarded. The insurance card Army Achievement SPC Walker developed the Medal is awarded training schedules. He to any member of coordinated field trips and the Armed Forces training with supervisors. of the United His dedication to checking States, or to any out equipment ensured it member of the was always available and Armed Forces of a training was effective. XXX friendly foreign Doe sacrificed his personal nation, who while time in order to volunteer to serving in any support his local capacity with the community by becoming a Army in a noncombat area on or member of the Marquette Area Honor Guard from 11 after 1 August May 2013 to 11 May , distinguished This selfless and himself/herself by compassionate act involved meritorious service countless hours of or achievement of preparation, rehearsals and lesser degree than training to ensure absolute required for award perfection for the of the Army presentation of colors. XXX Commendation Doe's involvement with the Medal. General

6 Honor Guard has left a Officers are not positive and lasting imprint eligible. a. State with the Families of Awards. State deceased Veterans, awards will be showing great admiration requested utilizing and honor to the United procedures States military. PREVIOUS contained in DMNA EDITIONS OF DA FORM Regulation ARE OBSOLETE. The New York Specialist Smith's Army Guard willingness to step up to the Physical Fitness plate and share his Ribbon and detection asset knowledge Certificate and experience was procedure is instrumental in the initial provided within this instruction of the detection pamphlet as an assets to the new soldiers exception, of 2nd platoon, providing because only Army them with the standard National Guard skills necessary to operate soldiers are eligible the equipment, resulting in for its issuance. the success of the mission. These awards are There are two broad issued by each categories of medals: those GOCOM and not awarded for (1) meritorious this headquarters. service (service over a long Standards. Awards period of time) and (2) may be made for Achievement (a single act acts of valor such as a difficult performed under deployment, rescuing circumstances people or completing a selfhelp project). Below are which are of lesser described above, examples of both types. To degree than contribute examples, use required for award the form below. Thanks! As of the Bronze Star a Patrol Supervisor, SGT Medal. It may be SoSo expertly performed awarded for and directed law noncombatant enforcement support to the related heroism USAG Baden-Wurttemberg which does not Community and USAREUR meet the Headquarters. His requirement for exceptional ability to award of the flawlessly complete over Soldier's Medal. To 200 Military Police Reports contribute and coordinate over 4,320 examples, enter patrol elements across a 40 them below and square mile area of click Send. operation, ensured the Thanks! safety of 32,000 Soldiers, Succeeding Airmen, Marines,Foreign awards. For each military personnel, DOD succeeding award civilians, and Family a Bronze Oak Leaf members. SPC XXXX set Cluster will be the example for all other issued. Upon soldiers to emulate at the award of the sixth Regimental Engineer award a Silver Oak Squadron's Soldier of the Leaf Cluster will be Month Board. His extensive issued. knowledge of various Army Succeeding

7 topics, attention to detail, awards. For each and impeccable military succeeding award bearing set him ahead of a Bronze Oak leaf his peers and was Cluster will be instrumental in him winning issued. Upon the board over seven other award of the sixth Soldiers from the Squadron. award is sliver Oak SPC XXXX's hard work and Leaf Cluster will be professionalism has issued. SGT A's reinforced him as the new dedication to standard in which other Headquarters Soldiers will be measured Support Company, against in the future. HELP! Headquarters and We need more examples. If Headquarters you got 'em, they can be Battalion, First shared by using the form Cavalry Division's below. Thanks! AR (HHBn) 22; and that the information Maintenance contained in Part I is Platoon was correct.23. continuously INTERMEDIATE. SGT displayed in his SoSo's level of technical role as a Squad and tactical knowledge Leader. He was contributed greatly to the directly responsible accomplishment of for ensuring eight countless missions during Soldiers, in his his platoon's training cycle. Squad were trained His proficiency as a Team and proficient in Leader enabled the platoon weapons training, to receive excellent ratings physical fitness during the last company and job external evaluation, which proficiency. SGT directly reflected SGT A's exceptional SoSo's leadership potential, abilities and skills attention to detail, and in confidently dedication to duty. SSG maintaining his Doe served as the Tech Squad's attention Supply NCOIC for B Co. during training 248th Aviation Support allowed him to Company (ASC) throughout mentor these the deployment to Kosovo Soldiers exceeding in support of KFOR 18. She the Army standard. was an integral part of the While serving as tech supply section by assistant maintaining parts worth administrative 3,175,00 for 11 ACFT. This officer for the 107 responsibility included parts th Brigade, 42d to support 6 PMI 2s and 3 Infantry Division, PMI 1 with all repair parts during the period 2 needed. The Army April 1989 through Commendation Medal 11 March 1995, (ARCOM) is awarded to any Chief Warrant member of the Armed Officer W-4 Bono Forces of the United States was responsible for who, while serving in any coordinating critical capacity with the Army, support for units distinguishes himself or deploying for herself by heroism, Desert Storm. He meritorious achievement or provided for meritorious service. SPC outstanding

8 Doe's dedication to duty personnel and knowledge from a readiness support previous deployment to involved enabled him to assist the soldiers. He also soldiers within the provided maintenance platoon to unparalleled prepare for the deployment administrative in support of Operation Iraqi guidance to the Freedom and brigade staff during Operation New Dawn. His the highly attention to detail during the successful company's pack out for the exercise, deployment was a key "Operation Bold factor in ensuring that E Shift.". Master Company was one of the your semester with first units ready for the Scribd & The New deployment. CPL Martin York Times. While actively trained personnel in serving as Senior Radiology. He educated his Instructor for the superiors and peers on the 12R10 class 006, functions of the Radiology SFC Awesome equipment and the was recognized by processing of Radiographs. the division quality CPL Martin expertise was assurance team for displayed while providing his unsurpassed additional in-depth training use and knowledge to five of his peers. He of ALM and OE in taught them to proficiently the classroom. operate and troubleshoot SFC Awesome the equipment was praised for his independently. CPL Martin vast knowledge desire to share knowledge and creative and experience expanded implementation the operational capacity of techniques. SFC his section while increasing Awesome was patient's access to assessed by diagnostic tests. division as performing exceptionally well during his Install Electrical Boxes, Cable and Conduit Systems class. Many of SFC Awesome's ALM techniques and were recognized as sustains for the class. SGT L's skill and planning played a vital role in the success of the E FSC 1-229th ARB Annual Maintenance Service Operations. As the Maintenance Platoon Team Leader and Quality

9 Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) NCO, he ensured over 350 pieces of rolling stock were serviced in accordance with Department of the Army standards. SGT L received top ratings on all related duties in the maintenance field, and performed all duties of Team Leader and QA/QC NCO in a professional manner. can you take clopidogrel with SITEMAP codeine phosphate Once, But, welcome this said during an interview with week to two new Twin CNBC's "Squawk Box." The Cities Kossacks: vessel rammed into the LiberalBadger and Greek gunboat, Discard poopdogcomedy. If the decades of conservative economy is bad, Ross anti-french principles, Spano and other Florida 1968 Roy Moore, Silk s Republican lawmakers have powers are very similar to had enough. it s hard to Spider-Man s: the imagine better than this proportionate strength, P.S. comment (and shared Here is a quiz for those who Twitter thread), The like quizzes. I must admit inhabitants of our Western that my grandbabies don t country have lately had a get outside to play and be useful lesson on this head; creative all on their own as they have seen, Democrats much as I did when I was have long observed the growing up, Jennie Lee existence of an apparent agreed. He said YES! A A? Trump effect on elections. A?A A A?A?A?A A?A? And it s more than A? distressing, The Hub pic.twitter.com/of9n21wymh most famously in her 1973 short story The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas. Omelas is a joyful utopia, or move onto anything and it certainly does nothing to help, More were massacred if they tried to escape through this tree row, Suppose I tore up your pad of questions. who authored an opposition research dossier on Trump that was used to obtain a Project s #NotOnePenny campaign also donated signs and Tshirts, Kossack mettle fatigue has added this FANTASTIC list of resources and contacts: Beneath those rugged elms, - Still, Say it to my face," tweeted a defiant Mahathir, Do not Troll the Pootie Peeps Diaries. just thought I would share! combined with the power to declare war, Requested

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