1. Student demonstrates age appropriate keyboarding speed & accuracy. 2. Student demonstrates the ability to solve the most common technology

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2 S T R E A M This school year we are continuing our STREAM curriculum - Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Math. Activities, such as coding, will continue to enhance technology in the classroom, as well as give students a better understanding of what is available to them through the use of technology. We will also be offering a robotics club this year.

3 1. Student demonstrates age appropriate keyboarding speed & accuracy. 2. Student demonstrates the ability to solve the most common technology problems. 3. Student demonstrates the use of technology tools outside of the classroom. 4. Student can differentiate between technology tools and understand how each is uniquely suited to a task, purpose, and audience. 5. Student becomes a problem solver. 6. Student is a good digital citizen.


5 GRADES 4-6 Students are graded on skills only. These skills include the understanding of basic operation and concepts of social and ethical uses of technology tools. GRADES 7 & 8 Students are graded on the same skills as grades 4-6 but will also receive a grade for computer assignments. All classwork, projects, and assignments will be worth a certain amount of points as the semester will run on a total points system. Since each class meets weekly, a participation/conduct grade will be given during each class period. Current assignments will be posted on the assignments page below.

6 Assignments 7A 7B 8B 8B Questions or concerns? Contact me:

7 COMPUTER CONTRACT Students and parents of students in grades 5-8 will be required to sign a computer contract in order to use the school computers. The computer contract is designed to hold students accountable for their digital decisions as well as their actions in technology class such as but not limited to conservative printing, internet safety and accountability etc. A copy of this contract will be available on e-envelope. Student Computer Contract Below are policies that will regulate our use of the Internet and computers in our lab. These rules have been designed to keep our computer and classroom functioning at the highest of standards. In order to have access to , the Internet, and computers in the Computer Lab, please read the following and sign below. 1. I will not bring food or drinks into the computer lab. If I have a water bottle it must be placed on the tables and not brought near any computers. Books and snacks are to be left on the tables in the hallway during regular computer class. Items needed for study hall will be brought into the lab. The teacher will instruct me if special items are needed for class. 2. I will use the computers for educational purposes only. Only teacher approved programs are allowed. a. I will not access non-approved sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Non-approved Internet Games (Fortnite etc.), Youtube, chat rooms, Instant Messengers, Blog Websites, Fantasy Football/Basketball, etc. are NOT permitted!!! 3. I will not remove the headphones from the work station. Assigned headphones are to remain with the computer. Each computer and headphone set are numbered. 4. I will not under any circumstances install software onto the computers. 5. I will not hack, alter unauthorized files, or use the network in any way other than intended by the class, school or teacher. I will lose computer privileges if I choose to do so. 6. I will not move any equipment or cables. Keyboards and mice must NOT be swapped between machines. This includes numbered headphones. 7. I will not behave in a manner which threatens the physical safety of the equipment or other students. In doing so will lead to the loss of privileges. 8. I will NEVER give a password to anyone!!! 9. I will not use inappropriate language. 10. I will not change desktop backgrounds, screensavers, delete or move desktop apps, etc. 11. ALL flash drives MUST BE SCANNED each time you want to use it in the lab. 12. I will ASK to save items in my assigned named folder under my assigned class or on my SCANNED flash drive only. 13. I will be assigned a workstation at the beginning of the year. 14. I will check my workstation everyday when I enter and leave the classroom. I will inform my teacher if anything is wrong. I am responsible for my assigned workstation. 15. I must ASK Mrs. Grill before printing anything. I am only to hit the print button once. Additional unauthorized copies could lead to a fine for reckless use of materials.

8 16. I will be asked to take a basic computer quiz before being allowed to use the computers. I must have a general understanding of how to turn the computers on and off and login to the server properly. 17. I will turn all assigned projects in on the due date. I understand that any project that is handed in late will result in -1 point for each day that it is late past the due date. Projects are not to be turned in the next week in class but the day I return to school from illness. I understand I will be grated one day for every day out without the penalty of late points. If I am absent on a project due date, I will turn the project in on the day I return to school. 18. I am responsible for my own passwords for all programs we use at school (Scratch, Typing Club, , etc.) 19. I will NOT touch the computer screens. I understand they are not touch screen and can be easily damaged. 20. I will be respectful of everyone and all equipment in the computer lab at all times. Consequences: 1st offense: Warning 2nd offense: Lunch detention 3rd offense: Call home/parent 4th offense: Sent to the principal with a referral 5th offense: Loss of computer privileges These policies and procedures must be adhered to, and any violations of them will be met with zero tolerance. Students must abide by their signed contracts. The use of the computer is a privilege, not a right. If this contract is broken, the student s privilege will be revoked. Sign and return by Friday September 7, 2018 Student: Parent/Guardian: Date: Date: Any student who fails to return the contract by Friday September 7, 2018 will not be permitted on the computers until returned to the computer lab.