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1 Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic CAPT Scott D. Heller, USN SSC Atlantic Commanding Officer Mr. Chris Miller, SES SSC Atlantic Executive Director SSC Atlantic is part of the Naval Research & Development Establishment (NR&DE)

2 SSC Atlantic We deliver information warfare capabilities, including communication systems (radios), networking systems (routers/switches), cyber operations (red team/forensics/network defense), intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (sensors/decision support applications), business systems (benefits/personnel) and information security. Ship Systems Submarine Communications Vehicle IT Integration Ballistic Missile Defense Global Distance Support Help Desk Mobile C4I DoD Component Enterprise Data Center 2

3 SPAWAR in the Department of the Navy Structure SECNAV Secretary of the Navy CNO/CMC Chief of Naval Operations USMC Commandant ASN (RDA) Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Research, Development and Acquisition SPAWARSYSCOM SPAWAR Systems Command Echelon lll field activities Program Executive Offices C4I Space Systems EIS SSC Atlantic delivers information warfare capabilities, technologically advanced and cutting edge Information Technology systems/solutions to fulfill Fleet needs and defeat modern day threats SSC Atlantic is part of the Naval Research & Development Establishment 3

4 SSC Atlantic is part of the Naval Research & Development Establishment Comprised of scientists, engineers, mathematicians and supporting technical personnel who conduct DON research, development, test and evaluation. Encompasses the technical resources required to explore, develop and field future naval warfighting capabilities, such as laboratories, test facilities and test ranges. 4

5 CNO and USMC Priorities Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John M. Richardson Commandant of the Marine Corps General R. B. Neller Priorities Strengthen Naval Power at and from sea: Maintain a fleet that is trained and ready to operate and fight decisively. Achieve high velocity learning at every level: Apply the best concepts, techniques and technologies to accelerate learning. Strengthen our Navy team for the future: Create a climate of operational excellence that will keep us ready to prevail in all future challenges. Expand and strengthen our network of partners: Deepen operational relationships with other services, agencies, industry, allies and partners. Priorities People: Friendly center of gravity. Readiness: Enabled by equipment, training, and standards for five domain battlespace. Training, Simulation and Experiments: Progressive training hardness; Experiment with the latest technological advances. Integration with Naval / Joint Force: Create decision space for nation s leaders. True integration model with SOF. Modernization / Technology: Field and operationalize ongoing programs. Develop solutions to enhance institutional capabilities and retain tactical advantages across ROMO. 5

6 Command Priorities Advancing technologies to build new capabilities relevant to Warfighter needs and operations Mar 2018 Technology Growth Areas 1. Cyber Warfare 2. Data Science/Analytics 3. Assured Communications 4. Cloud Computing 5. Enterprise Resource Tools 6. Collaboration/Social Networks 7. Autonomy 8. Embedded Systems/Internet of Things 9. Mobility Solutions 10. Model-Based Systems Engineering 11. On-Demand Manufacturing Warfighting Thrust Areas by Departments Fleet C4I and Readiness Department Tactical Cyber Warfare Solutions Navy Tactical Software Development Integrated C4I Solutions Navy Integrated Fires Assured Position, Navigation & Timing (A-PNT) Expeditionary Warfare Department Cybersecurity Engineering for Marines and SOF Engineering USMC/SOCOM C4ISR Transforming Mobile C4ISR Platforms Enterprise IT In-Service Engineering Continuously look for new and innovative ways to reduce the time it takes to transition technology to the warfighter Create opportunities to engage with industry Department emphasis Enterprise Systems Department Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS) via Software as a Service (SaaS) Commercial Cloud Services Mobility & Mobile Application Design Shore C2ISR and Integration Department Shore Industrial Control System Engineering (Emphasis on Cyber) Medical Readiness IT Modernization Intelligence COI; Advanced Analytics and Data Science Integrated Shore C2 Solutions Continuously look for opportunities to reduce the cost of the products and services we provide Leverage the NR&DE and employ high velocity learning in all that we do 6

7 Technology Growth Areas Investing in capabilities to outpace the threat of our adversaries Cyber Warfare: Ensures availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality and nonrepudiation of data sources. Data Science/Analytics: Enables access and management of large quantities of data in structured and unstructured forms. Assured Communications: Addresses the increasing demand for voice, multimedia and data transmission through wired and wireless communications systems. Cloud Computing/Big Data: IT modernization and digital transformation for resilient infrastructure, platform and software services. Enterprise Resource Tools: Supporting tasking across the software life cycle, to include operational support for major commercial ERP systems or a custom solution for business/logistics decision systems across the Navy Tactical Command Support System. Collaboration/Social Networks: Allow social interaction to be aggregated, assessed and pushed back into the supporting systems as structured data that can be used for better decision-making. Autonomy: Enabling systems to adapt their actions to changes in their mission and operating environment without the intervention of a human operator. Embedded Systems: Operation of computer systems that perform a particular function within a larger system without direct human interactions. Mobility Solutions: Provide wireless technology and infrastructure authentication and connection to the enterprise providing the warfighter the ability to engage with a mobile environment anytime, anyplace. Model-Based Systems Engineering: Technologies used to support the development, management, and application of virtual constructs of varying fidelity across the spectrum of systems engineering. On-Demand Manufacturing processes: Produce products and/or components, when or as they are required at the point of use, using additive and/or traditional manufacturing methods. SSC Atlantic Technology Strategy 31 October tic/documents/forindustry/sscatlantic _Technology_Strategy_ pdf 7

8 SSC Atlantic At-a-Glance SPAWAR HQ National Capital Region Hampton Roads (OIC) Charleston SSC Atlantic HQ Tampa New Orleans (OIC) Rota Stuttgart Naples (OIC) Bahrain (OIC) Djibouti* Antarctica* 5 continents, 7 time zones FY17 Total Obligation Authority $2.92B 41% supports 407 Small Business firms (FY17) 91% competition Primarily a Navy Working Capital Fund (NWCF) Organization. Relying on sales revenue rather than direct Congressional appropriations to finance its operations Technical Leadership EOM Mar 4,384 (4,257 Gov t, 127 Mil); ~9,000 from Industry 73% in Engineering and Logistics and Fleet Support competencies 32 Technical Warrant Holders 59 PhD; 1,137 Masters; 1,848 Bachelors EOM Mar 2018 Optimized Strategically to meet our nation s located to demands support to the rapidly deployed deliver Navy IW solutions *Forward Deployed 8

9 Workforce/Operational Profile Workforce by Competency SSC Atlantic Civ. & Mil. Logistics & Fleet Support Office of Counsel <1% Contracts Finance Corporate Operations 3% 6% Science & Technology <1% 6% Program Management 22% 10% 51% Engineering EOM Mar. Civ. & Mil. Top Series (62%) IT Specialist Electronics Engineer Computer Scientist Management & Program Analyst Electronics Technician FTE Top Sponsors (69%) SPAWAR & PEOs MARCORSYSCOM NAVSEA & PEOs Defense Health NAVAIR & PEOs FY17 $ New Orders 73% Naval FY17 Workforce 73% Naval 27% Joint 24% Joint <1% Non-DoD 3% Non-DoD Primarily a Navy Working Capital Fund (NWCF) Organization, relying on sales revenue rather than direct Congressional appropriations to finance its operations NWCF improves cost awareness, promotes cost management & increases flexibility Generates adequate revenue to cover cost of operations Operates on a break-even basis EOM Mar 2018 Optimizing our people, processes & tools to rapidly deliver Information Warfare solutions 9

10 Air Force Base Joint Base CHS 628th Air Base Wing 437th / 315th Airlift Wings EOM Mar 2018 Charleston, SC Key Facilities and Technical Capabilities Personnel: 2,807 Gov t, 19 Mil Weapons Station Joint Base CHS Army Strategic Logistics Activity 841st Transportation Battalion Navy Enterprise Data Centers (Located in Charleston and New Orleans) Common Submarine Radio Room Air Traffic Control (ATC) SSC Atlantic HQ Main Engr. Center Former CHS Naval Shipyard Vehicle C4I Integration Satellite Comms Complex D Poseidon Park Cyber Forensics & Data Recovery Labs Anechoic Chamber Surface Test and Integration Facility 79 bldgs, 1.36M sq ft Poseidon Park Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Testing Electromagnetic and Environmental test labs / Anechoic Chamber Vehicle C4I systems integration, testing and production Tactical network systems and end-to-end testing facilities DoD Component Enterprise Data Center Air Traffic Control engineering and technical services Commercial and DoD Satellite Communications production facilities Surface Ship and Submarine C4I test and integration facilities include the Common Submarine Radio Room SPAWAR NSOC DoD Cyber Red Team ASCLD Certified Digital Forensics Crime Lab Defense Health Agency Cybersecurity Services Provider (CSSP) DoD Cloud Computing DON Cloud Access Point National Cyber Range (online 2019) 10

11 EOM Mar 2018 Hampton Roads, VA Key Facilities and Technical Capabilities Personnel: 720 Gov t, 92 Mil Naval Operations Base St. Juliens Creek Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek 33 buildings (662k sq ft) Fleet Operations & support Co-located with Fleet Forces Command and NAVIDFOR Communication systems integration & maintenance Navigation systems Navy Tactical Command Support System (NTCSS) Integrated Undersea Surveillance System Fleet Installations and Upgrades, CANES / NTCSS USMC IT Strategic Sourcing 11

12 New Orleans, LA Key Facilities and Technical Capabilities EOM Mar 2018 Personnel: 217 Gov t, 11 Mil UNO Research and Technology Park DoD Component Enterprise Data Center Data Center Watch Floor Help Desk open 24/7/365 2 buildings (215k sq ft) Center of DON manpower & personnel software design & support DON Global Distance Support (Help Desk) DoD Component Enterprise Data Center Veterans Benefits Management IT Systems, web portal & software development Logistics & IT support GCSS MC Service Desk Defense Health 12

13 National Capital Region Key Facilities and Technical Capabilities Personnel: 171 Gov t TAGS Facility at NAS Patuxent River Washington Navy Yard Fort Meade 2 buildings (26k sq ft) Co-located with Fort Meade, NSA, DISA, Chantilly & Navy Yard FLTCYBERCOM / C10F NAVSEA & NAVAIR Platform C4I/Cyber / ID support USCYBERCOM (USCC) IESS (Secret Service protected facilities) PEO-EIS / N-ERP / NGEN MARFORCYBER (MFCC) DCGS-N / DCGS-MC MARCORSYSCOM MARFORCYBER USMC Network Ops and Security Center Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection EOM Mar

14 Other Locations CONUS/OCONUS* Key Facilities and Technical Capabilities Personnel: 342 Gov t, 5 Mil Internet Café program Special Operations Command Tampa, FL 13 buildings (307k sq ft) Expeditionary and USSOCOM C4I systems USCENTCOM CNE / C6F Ballistic Missile Defense/Aegis ashore USEUCOM USAFRICOM MILCON C4I support Stuttgart Germany EOM Mar 2018 *Tampa, FL; Fayetteville, NC; Pax River, MD; King Bay, GA; Mayport, FL; Groton, CT; Stuttgart, Germany; Naples, Italy; Bahrain 14

15 Competency Aligned Organization (CAO) Departments (cost, schedule & performance) Fleet C4I and Readiness Expeditionary Warfare Enterprise Systems Shore C2ISR and Integration Integrated Product Team competencies and departments cooperatively functioning together to produce goods and services IPT IPT IPT IPT Competencies (people, processes & tools) 1.0 Finance 2.0 Contracts 3.0 Office of Counsel 4.0 Logistics & Life Cycle Engr. 5.0 Engineering 6.0 Program & Project Mgmt 7.0 Science & Technology 8.0 Corporate Operations CAO optimizes the right people, process & tools; mobilizing them into teams to execute work 15

16 Tier 2 Competency leads Tier 1 Competency Leads Competencies 1.0 Finance Virginia Pitts and Tony Jones 2.0 Contracts Steve Harnig 3.0 Office of Counsel Michael Roys 4.0 Logistics & Life Cycle Engineering Brad Hoisington 5.0 Engineering Pete Reddy 6.0 Program & Project Mgmt Pete Vandemeulebroeke 7.0 Science & Technology Dr. Suzanne Huerth 8.0 Corporate Operations Dave Monahan Deputies: 23 Jan 2018 Mike Smith Robert Jimenez Barbara Shestko Jennifer Shauger Frank McAlhany Ken Ayers Comptroller Virginia Pitts Business/ Resource Financial Mgmt Tony Jones Non-ACAT Program Contracting Kelly Cannady Policy & Strategic Initiatives Kristy Penninger Command Legal Support Michael Roys Sustainment Engr. & Fleet Support CDR George Caramico Installation Planning & Execution Denis Reilly Integrated Logistics Support & Reliability Engr. Rhett Myers Production, Quality and Manufacturing Engr. Steve Lariviere System of Systems Engr. David Smoak Software Engr. Kathryn Murphy Comms & Networks Ann Rideout (A) Data Science & Analytics Rob Keisler Mission Assurance Erick Fry Shore C2ISR and Integration PM C2ISR Kay Swann Fleet C4I and Readiness PM C4I George Spellman Expeditionary Warfare PM Mark Held Enterprise Systems PM EIS Ken Ayers (A) Michael Thomas Research & Applied Science Bruce Billian Forecasting, Assessment & Transition Matthew Largent Workforce categorized by processes and tools needed to execute work Total Force Management Pam Bell IT Mgmt. Joe Weed Command Ops/Support Gary Caldwell Corp Strategy Nick Sullivan Corp Comms & Public Affairs Lonnie Cowart Special Prog Oversight & Compliance Gary Caldwell Administrative Services Kim Wickman 16

17 Divisions Departments Departments Fleet C4I and Readiness Charlie Adams Expeditionary Warfare Kevin Charlow Enterprise Systems Bruce Carter Shore C2ISR & Integration Jacqueline Goff Science and Technology Suzanne Huerth Deputies: Greg Lancaster and Rick Pass (A) Vacant Brian Ratliff Kevin Gerald Michael Thomas Battlespace Awareness John Thompson IA & Navy Cyber Security Dave Johnson Command & Control and Afloat Applications Gary Miller (A) Navy Afloat Networks Bob Rozar Navy Afloat Transport and Navigation Joe Sisti Foreign Military Sales/Air Integration/Coast Guard Rick Pass Surface Ship Integration Travis Tillman Expeditionary Intelligence Solutions Toby Straight Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Command, Control & Communications (C3) Solutions John Christensen Land Systems Integration Pete Ward Expeditionary Enterprise Systems & Services Erik Gardner Data Center and Cloud Hosting Services Teri-Lee Holland Manpower, Personnel, Training, and Education (MPT&E) Systems Mark Krause Enterprise Business Systems (EBS) James Barr Infrastructure Systems (IS) Cathy Young Defense Health Information Technology Don Oswalt Defense Logistics Agency Systems & Applications Gibson Hopper (A) Special Reconnaissance, Surveillance, & Exploitation Chris Purdy Air Traffic Control Division Phil Braswell Force Protection Solutions Division Ed Layo Command and Operations Centers Donovan Lusk (A) Office of Naval Research (ONR) and other S&T Dr. Scott Batson (A) Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Jason Livingston Naval Innovative Science and Engineering (NISE) Tom Glaab Apr 2018 Submarine Integration David Bednarczyk Shore C4I Integration Mark Luther C4I Modernization & Readiness John Mark Hall Workforce categorized by knowledge and skills to respond to demand signal, cost, schedule and performance 17

18 Department and Partner Alignment Departments Customer Areas Fleet C4I and Readiness Charlie Adams PMW 120 PMW 130 PMW 150 PMW 160 PMW 170 PMW 740 PMW 750/760 PMW 770 PMW 790 FRD NAVSEA NAVAIR USCG Fleet Cyber Numbered Fleets Expeditionary Warfare Kevin Charlow U.S. Marine Corps SOCOM U.S. Army U.S. Air Force Enterprise Systems Bruce Carter DCAO (Data Center and Application Optimization) DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) PMW 240 (Sea Warrior Program) Veterans Affairs Enterprise Service Desk Navy Reserves PMW 205 (Naval Enterprise Networks) PMW 220 (Navy Enterprise Business Solutions) PMS 444 (Navy Maritime Maintenance Enterprise Solution) N1 MPT & E Transformation NHHC (Naval History and Heritage Command) Shore C2ISR and Integration Jackie Goff Defense Health Agency US Marine Corps (ESS/CC/MILCON) Defense Logistics Agency NAVAIR & PEOs Naval Installations Command U.S. Air Force (ATC/ESS/CC) COCOMS Naval Facilities Command Department of Homeland Security Chief of Naval Operations Joint Chiefs of Staff U.S. Army (ESS/CC/ATC) Office of the Secretary of Defense Bureau of Medicine and Surgery National Geospatial- Intelligence Agency Defense Intelligence Agency National Security Agency Science and Technology Dr. Suzanne Huerth ONR (Office of Naval Research) and other S&T DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Naval Innovative Science and Engineering (NISE programs and projects) Apr

19 Information Warfare Research Project (IWRP) Other Transaction Authority (OTA) IWRP Focuses on underlying technologies that advance Naval information warfare capabilities through a consortium that can support research, development and prototyping Enables rapid research for information warfare Prototype projects in the area of information warfare Increases access to innovative commercial solutions for defense requirements Fosters innovation with non-traditional industry partners Scope Development of research data Production prototypes Initial Fleet fieldings Policies and Guidance IWRP OTA Warfighter Needs Emerging Technology Assessment OTA Flexible, streamlined acquisition tool Covered by 10 USC 2371 and 2371(b) to carry out research and prototype projects Commercial & Investment Sector 19

20 Small Business Dollars (%) Small Business Performance Goal Achievement 0 FY SB Prime SDB WOSB HUBZone SDVOSB SSC Atlantic FY17 Achievements FY17 Goal Achieved Small Business Prime 32% 41% Small Disadvantaged Business 14.48% 19.85% Women Owned Small Business 9.07% 15.24% HUBZone Small Business 2.80% 2.88% Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business 2.81% 3.64% 20

21 Jan 2018 Engagements with Industry and Academia Formal Initiatives with Industry Contracts Industry Council: CHAS (bimonthly) Industry Days CHS/HR (As Required) Technology Exchanges CHS/HR (Qtr) Small Business Industry Outreach Initiatives (SBIOI): CHAS (Qtr) Women in Defense Speed Networking: CHAS (Qtr) NOLA SBIOI: NOLA (Annually) Tidewater Assoc. of Service Contractors SBIOI: HR (Annually) AFCEA WEST: SD (Annually) DoN Gold Coast: SD (Annually) Sea Air Space: DC (Annually) Salute to Small Business (SBA): Columbia, SC (Annually) ONR S&T: DC (Annually) C5ISR: CHAS (Annually) Society of Military Engineers (SAME) SB Conference CHAS (Annually) SC Research Authority (SCRA) SB Outreach: CHAS (As Requested) Small Business Dev. Center Training: CHS/NOLA (Qtr) Monthly Industry Luncheons (As Requested) Informal Initiatives with Industry Weekly one-on-one meetings (as requested) in conjunction with the Small Business Development Center: CHS/NOLA Industry Resources For the innovators Doing Business with SPAWAR SPAWAR e- Commerce Central (E-CC) SSC Atlantic Public Page ages/forindustry.aspx Formal Initiatives with Academia Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (as required) Partnership Intermediary Agreements (as required) Patent License Agreements (as required) Commercial Service Agreements (As required) Educational Partnership Agreements Engagements for innovative solutions and improvements in delivery and performance 21

22 Cultivating the Next Workforce DoD Math Games - Cybersecurity Summer Camp - DimensionU - Cyber Defense Competitions - SeaPerch - FIRST Robotics Leagues - STEM Festivals - DARPA Robotics Challenge - NOLA Redsticks Robotics - My Brother s Keeper Camp - School Tours - Career & Science Fairs - Girls Day Out - Lunch Buddies Ms. Shanda Johnson STEM Outreach IPT Lead South Carolina Silver Crescent Award recognizes Shanda Johnson for making significant contributions to the life and well-being of South Carolina and its people. FY17 Community Impact and Volunteer Data 44,500+ Students 300+ Volunteers 17,000+ Total Hours 90+ First Robotics Teams 11 Educational Partnership Agreements 22

23 We deliver information warfare capabilities Enabling Warfighters to secure America and promote global freedom SSC Atlantic is part of the Naval Research & Development Establishment (NR&DE) Web: Facebook: Twitter: Employment opportunities: SPAWAR Small Business: SPAWAR Contract Directorate Office: 23