Chaplin...,... Red Antolick APPointed Officers. Get Your DD274 On Line At: http : / lvetrecs. I

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2 COMMANDER FM].IKE. COHEE Jr, I THEN & NOW. To My Friends and Fellow Veterans: I am a little disappointed that more of you didn't show up for the Govemo/s Veterans Service Award event that was held at the Lakeland National Guard Armory on August 14,2014. At first I was blaming myself for not getting the word out but then I remembered that I had asked Walt to get it in the newsletter and he did. As Walt commented at the most recent meeting, apparently many of you are not reading the newsletter. He gave an example of the statement under the crossword puzzle that said that the first person from Chapter 158 that calls phone # and says the word "KIMCHl'would win a prize at the meeting. Nobody called, including me, and I do read the newsletter. Anyhow you missed being presented with very a nice medallion for your collection. lt was presented by the Govemor Of the State of Florida. Chapter 158 was represented by yours truly, First Vice President McCraney, News Letter Editor Walt Benton and member Don Duncan, four out of 23-not a very good showing. I want to welcome Amos Denham as our newest member sponsored by Walt Benton. Walt also brought a potential new member at our most recent member, Captain Robert (Bob) Bishop. Bob is a retired Law Enforcement District Commander. We hope he willjoin us. Lastly, I want to thank Walt for what he is doing for Ghapter 158. Not only is he bringing in new members but there are 11ads in the news letter. That is $ income. My guess is that every one oi ithose ads was obtained by Walt. Frank Get Your DD274 On Line At: http : / lvetrecs. I APPointed Officers Chaplin...,..... Red Antolick Sgt at Arms 'Dick Champion 695-fi)55 Fund Raising Chairman'. Bill McCraney Social Activities... "... "(.Need a Volunteer') Newstetter Editor...Walt Benton Commander Frank Cohee , First vp Bitl McCraney , Secretary/treasuer Jim Bradford , lmmediate Past Commander Charler Appenzeller

3 WR CHARETTE MOH KWVA CHAPTER 158 MINUTES OF THE GENERAL MEETING OF AUGUST 16,2014 THE WR CHARETTE MOH Chapter 158 of the KWVA met this date in the skills room at the Polk County Summerlin Military Academy in Bartow, Florida. The Board did not meet. Commander Cohee called the meeting to order. All Officers were present with the exception of Secretary/Treasurer Jim Bradford and Past President Charles Appenzeller. There was a quorum of members. The attendante list is attached. Yickre Antolick gave the invocation of behalf of Chaplain Antilocft and Dick Champion led the pledge of theflag. The minutes to the meeting of July 18,2014 were published in the newsletter and approved as published. INTRODUCTION OF GIJESTS Walt Benton introduced his guest, Robert Bishop. Mr. Bishop is a Korean War Veteran and a retired State l-aw enforcement officer. We hope he will become a member of 158. REPORTS 1. Financial: Commander Cohee reported for Treasurer Jim Bradford. Our curtent balance is $3454.The checkbook and bank statement balanced. A detailed written report is on file for audit and is available to review. See attached 2. Correspondence: Bill McCraney read a proclamation from the Govemor in honor of the J:u/ry Tfb 60'h anniversary of the Korean War Armistice. 3. Chaplain's Report: Peg Champion is recovering from her recent total knee replacement and doing very well. 4. Fundraising Chairman's Report Bill McCraney announced that Sam's club said we could have either Friday, OctVl or Sat Oct25. Oct3l is already taken. The membership voted for Friday Oct Membership Report: We have one new member, Amos Denhan. 6. Veteran's Affairs Report: no Report today T.Veterans Council Report: no report today 8. Newsletter Rryort Next month's newsletterwill have the answerc to this months crossword puzzle

4 9. Social Report: no report today OLD BUSINESS 1. Commander Cohee, vice President McCraney and Newsletter Editor Walt Benton attended the VA Event at the Lakeland Arrnory. Commander Cohee was surprised to see so many women Veterans in attendance. The medal awarded to those attending was very nice. I\EW BUSINESS 1. There was no new business. GOOD OF TIIE ORDER 1. Walt Benton held a drawing for a door pflze; golf for 4 plus cart at Clevenhights Golf Course in L-akeland. It expires October 20. Laurie McCraney won the pize. 2. The $20 50/50 was won by Bill McCraney and donated back to the chapter. 1. ADJOURNMENT There being no other business Vickie Antolick gave the benediction and Commander Cohee led the salute to Colors and adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will be on September 20 at 10:30 AM. at Summerlin Military Academy in Bartow. Refreshments and social time at 10 AM. Submitted on behalf of James Bradford Secretary/Treasurer Recorded by Laurie McCraney 2

5 who support veterans. Plan to attend-monday, 8 Sep, 7 pm. This is a free event but tickets required. I have tickets and will have starting at 6 PM on 8 Sep. you on th 8th. the event me at the door Gry Chrk ColonelUSAfl ) Chafoman S September I 7:00 PM Lakeland, FL The Jazz Ambassadors, America,s Big Band The Lakeland Genter - Youkey Theatre For Tickets/lnfo call The JazzAmbassadors-America,s band s Army. This 19_ member ens mble, formed in 1969, has e and America,s original attform, jaz.,. 'wh.en the Americon spirit was in its youth, the language of Americo wos different: Liberty, sir, wos the primary object.,,

6 DATES TO REMEMBER September l. Labor Day ", &ptemberll- Dayof Rememberance.- - Winter Haven.6 p.m. November I t- Veterans'Day ( parade on the gth.) 27- Thanksgiving Day December l3- Wreaths Across America at National Cemetery in SUGAR FREE APPLESAUC Polk County Historical Museum 100 East Main Street-Bartow, FL A GOOD PI.ACE TO VISIT ( tots of M LTTARY STUFF TO IOOK AT ) 3 tbsp. butter 1 tsp. baking soda 1/2 tsp. cloves 1 tsp. cinnaltton 1/2 tsp. nutmeg 2 c. unswestened applesaucs 1 c. ohopped nuts 1 c. raisins " 1 st. 2 c. flour '.1/2 tsp. salt ' 1 tbsp. vanllla I servings Egual sweetener Cream egg and butter together. Add $fted dry ingredients rninus Nutrasweet' Beat well. Add applesauce, nuts and raisiris. Bake in 8x8 inch pan or 2 loaf pans at 350 degrees for 35 to 40 rninutes. Poke holes with a nutpick all over cake. Brush warm cake with vanilla mixed with Nutrasweet. Blow your own horn. lnvite a Korean ioin old Publix. STEVE WELLSLAGER Vice President l/5 Architecture & Security lnformation Systems PUB[Ix SUPER MARKETS, INC. P.O Box Lakeland, FL [extl lfaxl [cell) com WHERE SHoPPING ls a PLEASURE Korea. Vietnam. Culf and the Cold War's ( 863 ) I 08 Exclusive Fraremlty of Honor THE CHOSIN FE\l' / Inovnnnrn- lgso- DECEIIIBER ' l chosrr REsERvorR - \orrh horda Walter C. Benton First Sergeant U.S. Army (ret.) President Lakeland. FL Chapter topredlegone(i.;',fi G l-,.o. G2015

7 FOR THE GOOD OF THE ORDER. " support those that fund our proiects " Phone (863) 644-U Dis ases ol the Skln WEEKLY POOL MAINTENANCE PAT MOSHIER wtlbur R. RESCHLY M.D., P.A. Diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology Gospel lnn Bookstore Bill and Barbara Kelly can personally recommend these folks. Call Jeff for jack of all traids, he can fix most every thing 4841, Steve knows how to cut grass 64G3361, Mary cuts a mean head of hair Jeremy dress up your windows , Pat showed up to clean my pool and my pace maker opened all garage doors in the neighbor hood. lf you need their services, tell them where you saw their card. ' , lorida Ave. 'ida SOUTHSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH A stable church for unstable times." Rev. William H. McCabe, Pastot 5330 LexruNo HrcnleNos RD L,*ruNo, FL P: F: www. SournsrorLnrrlaNo. cou Ctrpprshp Bofur Shop S. FloridaAve. Lakeland, FL Barber - Style Cuts ASK FOR MARY Tuesday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm Saturday 8:00am - 4:00pm g_15 CHRPENTRY.,, "WHERE OURTITY MTHSURES UP" WE SPECIHTIZE IN Htt flspects OF CONSTRUCTION (863) { (863) Full service lawn and. landscape maintenance Residential and commerciat. Licensed and insured o Free estimates o 6_2016 SILEWSKI Trina B. Wellslager, RpR 1525 South Florida Avenue, Suite 4 Tel: (g6j) 6g6_9g9g [:,keland, Florida 5580J Fax: (g6j) 6g Toll Free: (ggg)

8 ,) WE NEED YOUR HELP, SUPPORT THIS PROJECT. " With more SSSSS in the KITTY, we can do more support work." )REAN WAR VETERANS CHAPTER 158 POLK COUf Yo-,r*.r L"1,Lyfu,w ca{dv r ill >+ *t*fud, U* d.ry nnnw+rua uwe*n9 tzrll,ex f", oh,e/ (L) Uea,r for a, t(1?lu4,' t"rd</, d,v?do paa-bl,a +r Ch.ap+t-r L58 l),ft-l Ou+r fi*wd,y v'ill wf-p-tr+ a't FlrtT da, Sot+ltra-t-rw S uwrt*t wlh,w Ac,*d.e*r,A rhank YOU FORYOUR SU??ORT

9 b KWV Chapter 158 where can hand their hat and lnvite a Korean Vet. cover my last speech? r. r "r o'rro hnnp so'" the redorter replleo DO YOU REMEMBER 1. Clark G said."frankly my dear, I don,t give a ( Who PIaYed Scarlett O.) 2. John wayne main squeeze??????????? Still looking for that yellow brick road' ( Who was she? ) 4,!n one movie she had no arms. who????????? 2d =is i F; EES I e = 9'l- =ih (!ro. :EC t ie Etd u 14trc e= ze(, ; 'ind = = d zll o t o cg z o I (9 't { 158 MEETING DATES September 20, 2OL4 October L8,2OL4 November L5,2074 December??, 2Ot4 Glamorouo Movie 6tnrs ke-; DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS. WELCOME TO OUR latest new members. Amas Denham and wife Jeanette. GOVERNOR'S online llbary' www'flsov'com VETERAN information. www'floridavets'ore CEREMONY information' www'floridavets'ors/fvsa Robert Bishop and wife Ladotha. (see new roster atch.)

10 KWVA UNIT'ORMS ICIIVA Regular Lrniform: May be wom to eny meeting of the I(VWA Chefier 1SB ' Navy or black trousers 'White short sleeved (military) shirt with all service ribbons, medals and patches ' Overseas cap KWVA Dress Uniform Oficers mdmembers muywear the fuess uniform Chapter Chapter of Florida. ho. users, Answers to August puzzle. How did you do? Winner wiil receive a prize at meeting on September 20. ' Navy or black tie and socks 'Black dress shoes ' "Korea blue" Blazer (light blue) ' Overseas cap (a cap is not worn to dinner) I & fr OT A }VARRIOR TO SK+I,R HE[PI.. life has it's ufland downs, but you are at home when at chapter 158. tnvite a Korean Vet. A HUMAN CANNONBALL decided he was getting too old to be shot into a net night after night. He went to the circus owner and said he was retiring. "But you can't!" the owner cried. "Where will I find someone else of your caliber?",i}tli?- MY 2trs MrsPi : -r:.,. -ft lor a sample copy or to subscribe 1-g00, ,2 " I'll be honest with you.the government, can'l get by on what, you're making."

11 rlfi:urnhaven Follow us on 5th Annuat Honoring Our Heroes - Remembering the Day The polk county veteran,s council along with all Polk county Fire and Law Enforcement agencies are coordinating an event marking the thirteenth anniversary of 9-11 that honors all Polk county's first responders while paying tribute to those who lost their lives on that fateful day. sheriff Grady Judd is scheduled to speak along with veterans who have served our great nation following that tragic day in our history. A So-dove release will kick off the Freedom walk with members from all law enforcement and fire agencies along with milfrary personnel from every branch on hand to each release a single dove' This release is in conjunction with a nationwide dove release occurring on the same day - glll/t4' A beautifultribute to first responders by Platform Art will be on display. "Hono/' sculpture celebrates veterans, law enforcement, fire fighters and EMS professionals. The sculpture, designed by a Lake Region High school senior in the 2ot3ltlschool year, is set to be on permanent display in Veterank Park later this Year' The Winter Haven police Department is the sponsoring law enforcement agency for the event with the winter Haven Fire Department assisting from the fire department side. All law enforcement and fire agencies in Polk County are set to participate in this memorable event' Honoring our Heroes - Remembering the Day will take place on Thursday, September LL,2ot4, at Central Park in Downtown Winter Haven. The event will begin at 6 p'm' featuring the 6th Annual Freedom wark to honor ail Miritary, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and EMS heroes, followed by a moving service that will pay tribute to all heroes who call Polk County home' nthis event is a way to pull all of polk county together and show our local heroes how much they mean to us,,, said Gary clark, chairman of the Polk county Veteran's council' "As a community' we should pay tribute to all of those who serve us on a daily basis, putting their lives on the line whether here at home or abroad." For more information about the event, contact Jamie Brown at the winter Haven Police Department, or j mvwi nterhaven'com'

12 CHAPTER 158 MEMBERSHIP ROSTER KOREAN WAR VETERANS AUGUST, ANTOUCK, John... Vickie Roxburg ct. Lakeland, Fl G5907 APPENZELIER, Charles...Margaret Townbridge Dr. Hanes City, F! G1533 BEi{TON, WAIT...Nancy Mt.View Dr. Lakeland, Fl G6108 BEVIN$ Ra1ph Lakeside Dr. Lake Wells, FI r BISHOP, Robert...ladotha Asherwood Ct. Lakeland, F! BIACK, Dona1d Fallen Leaf Ln. Lakeland, Fl BRADFORD, James...Becky th st.nw Winter Haven, FI , CARTER, John...Doris Union Church Rd. Morris, Ga ' CHAMPION, Dick...Peg Lemon Dr. Lake Wells, Fl {rc55 COHEE, Frank...Jinnie Che'lsea Ln. Lakeland, FI DAVIS, Raymond...faro O Country Rd l Rushville, NY DENHAM, Amos...Jeanette Foxdale Dr. Lakeland, F DUNCAN, Donald...Jay [leavine Tr. lakeland, Fl ? FULLER, Rona1d...Dotti Seminole Blvd.#39 Seminole, F GREEN, O1iver...Mona take Mirian Dr. Lakeland, Fl ilG2344- HOLCOMB, Edward...JoAnn Ramblewood S. Mulberry, F! JACKSON, Wi is...jerrie Rarity Bay Pk. Apt.205 Vonore, TN ,.. MADISON, James...Doloras...PO Boxt27 East Anollee, GA MCCRANEY, 8i11...taurie...lfi)l Carpenters Way Apt.Al16 Iake1and MEEHAN, John Havendale Blvd. # 2o5Winter Haven, FI MYERS, Chapman...Emi1y Rockingham Rd. Lakeland, F PABEY, Luis 542 Astor Way Auberndale, Fl.3! RABINOWITZ, Max...Phy11is San Vicente Ln. Poinciana, FI.!! {564 Hammock Ridge Dr. Mulberry, Fl'33860""""' STOITZE, RalPh...