ORDER. Sub: Posting on Promotion in the grade of Executives Engineer (Electrical) (STS) of BSNL Electrical Wing on regular basis

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1 Electrical Wing, Corporate Office, 10 th floor, Chanderlok Building, 36 Janpath, New Delhi Tel No: , Fax No.2-11/2010-Electrical(PF-2)(A) Dated: ORDER Sub: Posting on Promotion in the grade of Executives Engineer (Electrical) (STS) of BSNL Electrical Wing on regular basis Approval of the competent authority is hereby conveyed for the promotion of the following executives presently working as SDE(E) / adhoc EE(E) to the grade of EE(E)(STS) on regular basis in the IDA scale of Rs (E4) and posted as shown against their name(s): S. No Name of the Officer (S/Sh) Staff No / HRMS No Present Place of Posting/ Circle of Posting Place of Posting on Promotion on Regular Basis in STS Grade Remarks 1 Swapan Kumar Nath 95153/ Raipur EE(E) Raipur 2 Jasmeet Singh Narula 95158/ Dehradun EE(E) Dehradun 3 S.Senguttuvan 95653/ Salem EE(E) Salem 4 Rameshwar Dayal (SC) 95165/ Jagdish Chandra Virmani 95169/ Rakesh Mathur 95170/ Gorakhpur EE(E)Gorakhpur Faridabad EE(E) Faridabad -III, Delhi EE(E)-III, Delhi 7 Shenapagakuttalam N 95174/ R.Jagadisan 95175/ Mangipudi Papayya Sastry 95176/ A Ganesan 95177/ Francis Xavier S 95178/ Raghbir Singh Bhatia 95181/ I,CTD Chennai O/o CE(E) O/o CE(E) Hyderabad Coimbatore -I, O/o CE(E) Ambala EE(E)-I,CTD Chennai EE(E) Gulbarga Hyderabad EE(E) Coimbatore Chennai(TN Circle) Ambala 1/6

2 13 Ram Pyare Kanchan (SC) 95182/ Satish Kumar 95183/ O/o CE Patna SDE(E), Bihar SW,O/o CE Patna EE(E) Bhagalpur Existing vacancy (on promotion) 15 Subrata Saha (SC) 95184/ Trit Sengupta 95185/ III, CTD Kolkata EE(E)-III, CTD Kolkata -II, Kolkata EE(E)-II, Kolkata 17 Partha Sarathi Das Gupta 18 Bidyut Kumar Chakraborty 95186/ / Sujit Kumar Sarkar 95189/ Utpal Chowdhury 95192/ Siliguri Siliguri Asansol EE(E) Asansol WB Circle/Portblair Cuttack EE(E) Cuttack EE(E) Portblair (on promotion) No change 21 Alok Bhattacharya 95193/ Ranjit Singh 95198/ SDE(E), Bihar SW(W),O/o CE Kolkata (WB Circle) Amritsar EE(E) Amritsar (on promotion) 23 V L Thomas 95199/ Chander Mohan Handa 25 Harish Chandra Ram (SC) 95201/ / Tribhuvan Singh Negi 95206/ Tirupati O/o CE Chandigarh Adhoc EE Patna Adhoc EE Rajkot SW,O/o CE SW,O/o CE Chandigarh EE Patna EE Rajkot Vice Sr.No.8 27 Davinder Mohan Sharma 28 Yogesh Chandra Rohella 95207/ / Amarjit Singh 95211/ O/o CE Jammu O/o CE Shimla SW,O/o CE Jammu SW,O/o SE Delhi Adhoc EE Jallandhar EE Jallandhar Vice Sr.No K A George 95214/ Adhoc EE Trivandrum EE Trivandrum 31 Rajveer Singh 95216/ Adhoc EE Indore EE Indore 32 Sunil kumar Viswanath Patankar 95217/ Rajabhau G Nakhate 95218/ II, Ahmedabad EE -II, Ahmedabad Adhoc EE Vadodra EE( E) Nasik 34 Narendra Pal Singh 95221/ Adhoc EE Shillong EE Shillong 35 Gopalakrishnan NS 95223/ Adhoc EE -III, CTD Chennai EE -III, CTD Chennai 2/6

3 K Rathinasabapathy 95224/ Vidyakant Bramhdeo Tiwari 38 Ajay Pal Singh Yaduwanshi 95228/ / M Unnikrishnan 95231/ Jitendra Kumar Dua 95232/ G P Verma 95233/ Trichy EE(E)-Trichy Surat EE(E) Surat Ambala EE(E) Ambala Hubli EE(E) Hubli Jodhpur AGM(E)-I, BSNL C.O. Pune EE(E) Pune Vice Sh SN Agarwal 42 Kuber 95234/ Ajit G Paradkar 95236/ Paras Nath Bansal 45 Ravinder Singh 95237/ / Sohanvir Singh(SC) 95242/ Shrikant G Bhatt 95245/ Nagabhusan Rao B S 95246/ P Rajashekaran 95248/ G S Susheel Kumar (SC) 95249/ R Gnanasekar(SC) 95250/ Punjit Lal Paswan (SC) 95251/ Sochan Ram (SC) 95252/ Tej Singh (SC) 95253/ Virpal Singh (SC) 95254/ Bhavnagar Adhoc DE(E) RTTC Nagpur EE(E) Vadodra DE(E) RTTC Nagpur Bhagalpur under transfer as EE(E) EE(E) Shimla Shimla SDE(E), UP(W) -II, Jabalpur Mangalore -III, SW(E),O/o SE(E) Meerut * EE(E)-II, Jabalpur EE(E) Mangalore EE(E)-III, Warangal EE(E)-1 EE(E) Vijaywada Vijaywada O/o CE(E) Muzaffarpur Dombivali O/o CE(E) Delhi SW(E), O/o CE(E) EE(E) Muzaffarpur EE(E) Dombivali Delhi Rohtak EE(E) Rohtak vice Sr.No.33 Diverted post of SW(E), O/o CE(E) Mumbai (date of Ret ) on promotion vice Sr.No Pradeep Kumar (SC) 95255/ N Narasimlu (SC) 95256/ O/o SE(E) Delhi -I, Hyderabad EE(E)-I, Delhi EE(E)-I, Hyderabad Vice Sh A.K. Singh 3/6

4 58 C Dharmajan 95258/ Hari Narayan Agrawal 95259/ Muyin Mohmmad Qureshi 95260/ Hira Lal Kaul 95261/ Murari Lal Fotedar 95262/ Kaushal Kishore Srivastava 95263/ Ashok Kumar Nigam 95264/ Harjinder Singh 95265/ Mukesh Yashwantrao Pendharkar 67 Ramesh Kumar Srivastava 95267/ / Dharam Raj Ram (SC) 95269/ M Brahamachari 95278/ Satish Kumar Jain 95279/ Vinod Kumar 95280/ Bhuwan Chand Misra 95281/ Morris Lonarkar 95283/ Vijay Kumar Khare 95284/ Rajendra Kumar Saxena 95285/ Rafeeq Ahmed 95286/ Vijay Kumar Sharma 95287/ Hafizar Rahman Khan 95288/ Subrata Kumar Das 95291/ Pundaleek R Gondkar 95292/ Komal Prasad Jain 95293/ Trichur Akola O/o CE(E) Nagpur EE(E)-Trichur EE(E) Akola Nagpur -I, Jammu EE(E)-I, Jammu -II, Jammu EE(E)-II, Jammu Lucknow EE(E) Lucknow SDE(E), UP(E) Bhuj O/o SE(E) Jaipur SW(E) O/o CE(E) Bhubanshwar EE(E) Bhuj SW(E),O/o SE(E) Jaipur SDE(E), UP(E) SW(E) Ranchi SDE(E), Gujrat SDE(E), AP EE(E) Mumbai EE(E) Warangal vice Sr.No.49 SDE(E), UP(W) EE(E) Meerut SDE(E), NTR SDE(E), UP(E) EE(E) Jodhpur SW(E) O/o PCE Lucknow SDE(E), MP EE(E) Goa SDE(E), Bihar SW(E) Dehradun SDE(E), UP(E) EE(E) Malda SDE(E), Karnataka SDE(E), Rajasthan SDE(E), Gujrat SDE(E), CTD Kol EE(E) Tiruneveli AGM (E)-II, BSNL C.O. EE(E) Bhavnagar vice Sr.No.42 SW(E) O/o CE(E) CTD Kolkata SDE(E), Karnataka EE(E) Kannur SDE(E), Karnataka EE(E) Anantpur 4/6

5 82 Ranjeet Lal Jain 95296/ Bbuban Chandra Kalita 95298/ Sumit Saha 95299/ Ashwanikumar Nigam 95300/ Joseph A A 95301/ Ashfaq Ahmed 95303/ SDE(E), Rajasthan SW(E), O/o CE(E) Ahmedabad SDE(E), Assam EE(E) Guwahati SDE(E), WB Kol EE(E) Dimapur Vice Sh Mara Kocho SDE(E), Gujrat EE(E) Kolhapur SDE(E), Kerala EE(E) Ernakulam SDE(E), UP(W) EE(E) Sriganganagar 88 Kanti Balubhai Patel 95304/ SDE(E), Gujrat EE(E) Ahmedabad 89 Pradeep Kumar Mittal 95305/ SDE(E), CG SW(E)Raipur 90 Babu Lal Meena (ST) 95314/ Jaipur EE(E) Jaipur 91 Prakash K Khade (ST) 95601/ Nagpur EE(E) Nagpur 92 M Sreenivas (ST) 95363/ Chennai EE(E) Chennai 93 Dilip Chand Meena (ST) 95638/ SDE(E), Rajasthan EE(E) Mandi *Post of SW (E) O/o CE (E) Mumbai is diverted temporary till as SW(E) O/o SE(E) Meerut. The post shall stand re diverted as SW(E),O/o CE(E) Mumbai w.e.f The transfer of officer at Sr. no 11, is request transfer and is not eligible for any transfer benefits. 3.0 The officer shall not be promoted to the higher grade by the concerned circle / units in case : Disciplinary/vigilance case is pending. The officer is under the currency of any penalty. The officer is on deputation to TCIL. P.O. not issued due to any reason If, the HRMS number or staff number or the category is different than indicated. Due to any direction from Hon ble Court/CAT for not effecting the promotion to an individual. All cases covered under the above clauses may be forwarded to this office with in 15 days from the date of issue of this order for taking appropriate action 5/6

6 4.0 All the promoted Executives are required to join their promotion assignment immediately. The PCE(E)s / CE(E)s concerned may ensure that the such officers are relieved immediately by making local arrangement so as to enable them to join the assignment at the earliest. 5.0 In case, the officer concerned failed to join his promotional assignment with-in the prescribed time period of 40 (forty) days, he should not be allowed to join the post thereafter. In such an event the promotion order shall become inoperative and the matter shall be reported to this officer for further necessary action. Further, no request for the modification of posting orders shall be entertained after the expiry of the 40 (forty) days period. 6.0 The leave, if any requested by the officer, who is under transfer, should not be allowed. If, any officer desires leave, he can apply for leave to the Competent Authority only after joining the new posting and the Competent Authority will sanction leave, if it is considered justified, in the normal course. 7.0 The above promotions are subject to the outcome of various court cases in respect of seniority etc. pending before the Hon;ble Court(s). 8.0 Pay of the Executive shall be fixed as per BSNL MS RRs The promotion will be effective from the date of assumption of charge The charge report may be furnished to all concerned Hindi version will follow. Copy to: (1). PPS CMD /AII Directors, BSNL Board, New Delhi. (2). PS to EDs (CN/CA/NB), BSNL CO, New Delhi (3). Concerned CGMs, BSNL (4). Concerned PCE (E)s / CE(E)s (5). CAO(s) concerned (through controlling officers) (6). Officer concerned (7). DM (OL) BSNL C.O. for Hindi version (8). Intranet Portal. 6/6