MEHMET NESIP OGUN CURRENT POSITION. Dean of Faculty of Political Science Director, International Center for Security Studies

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1 Faculty of Political Science University Drive, Karmi Campus, POB:5, Girne North Cyprus via Mersin 10 Turkey Tel : Fax : MEHMET NESIP OGUN CURRENT POSITION Dean of Faculty of Political Science Director, International Center for Security Studies Girne, Cyprus, 2016-Present EDUCATION Turkish Council of Higher Education (YÖK, Yüksek Öğretim Kurulu) Associate Professor, Security Studies March 2015 Turkish National Police Academy Ph.D., Security Strategies and Management November 2010 Research Interests: Security Studies, Political Violence, Crisis Management, Middle East. Dissertation: Profile of PKK as a Terrorist Organization: Social Network Analysis of its Websites Karaelmas University Zonguldak, Turkey M.A., Knowledge Management January 2005 Thesis: Need of Knowledge Management in Organizations and Role of Information Technologies Websites Turkish Military Academy B.A., System Engineering, August 1997 Concentration in International Relations, Political Science and Security Studies HONORS, AWARDS AND SCHOLARSHIPS (SELECTED) Euro was awarded to Dr. Mehmet Nesip Ogun from NATO Science for Peace Security Programme to conduct NATO Advanced Training Course in Macedonia (08-12 December 2014) Euro was awarded to Dr. Mehmet Nesip Ogun from NATO Centre of Excellence Defence Against Terrorism to conduct a Lessons Learned Workshop on NATO s CT and COIN Experience in Afghanistan (18-20 November 2014) Euro was awarded to Dr. Mehmet Nesip Ogun from NATO Centre of Excellence Defence Against Terrorism to conduct a Terrorist Use of Cyberspace Course (09-13 February 2015) US Dollars was awarded to Mr. Mehmet Nesip Ogun from Scholarship from The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) Scientific Human Resources Development (BAYG) to develop a PhD Research in USA,

2 PUBLICATIONS Books: -Ogun, Mehmet Nesip, (Editor) (2015), Terrorist Use of Cyberspace and Cyber Terrorism: New Challenges and Responses Cyberspace, Netherlands, IOS Press. NATO Science for Peace and Security Series D: Information and Communication Security - Vol.42, ISBN , Library of Congress Control Number: Ogun, Mehmet Nesip, Kocabas, Ugur, (Editors) (2015), NATO s Counterterrorism and Counterinsurgency Experience in Afghanistan, Ankara, NATO COE-DAT Press. - Ogun, Mehmet Nesip, (Author) (2011), Terrorism & Internet & PKK, USA, UK and Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing (ISBN ) Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles; - Ogun, Mehmet Nesip, Kirazoluğu, Oktay, (2014), The Effects of European Union Border Security Policies on Cyprus Conflict, The European Journal of Social & Behavioural Sciences, (eissn: ), Volume X, Number 3, pp Ogun, Mehmet Nesip, Aslan, Murat (2014), Change in Conceptualization of Power, Istanbul Gelisim University Journal of Social Sciences, Cilt 1, Issue 2, ISSN , e-issn: Ogun, Mehmet Nesip, Aslan, Murat (2013), Theory and Practice of State Building in the Middle East: A Constitutional Perspective on Iraq and Afghanistan, Journal of Applied Security Research, (ISSN: Vol.8, Issue3, pp Ogun, Mehmet Nesip, Kaya, Adem, (2013), Significance of Cyber Security for National Security: A Study Concerning the Necessary Measures, Journal of Security Strategies, (ISSN ), Year 9, Issue 18. pp Ogun, Mehmet Nesip (2012), Terrorist Use of Internet: Possible Suggestions To Prevent The Usage For Terrorist Purposes, Journal of Applied Security Research, Vol.7, Issue 2, pp , (ISSN: ) (Most Read Article at the Journal) - Ogun, Mehmet Nesip, Alabarda, Yusuf (2011), The Historical Evolution of Transatlantic Relations in Terms of Security, Partnership for Peace Review Vol.2,No.2,Fall2011,pp.15-28, (ISSN ) - Gungor Ugur, Ogun, Mehmet Nesip, and Erzurum, Kemal ( 2011), Will The International Community Fail in Afghanistan?, Journal of Strategic Studies (ISSN X), Vol.9, No.17, pp Ogun, Mehmet Nesip, (2011), The Need of Knowledge Management in the Organizations, Information World Journal (ISSN ), Vol.12, Issue.1, pp

3 - Ogun, Mehmet Nesip, (2010), Principles of Co-Operation and partnership in the Framework of the NATO s New Strategic Concept, Partnership for Peace Review (ISSN ), Vol.1, No.1, pp Ogun, Mehmet Nesip, (2008), Financing of Terrorism, NATO Centre of Excellence Defence Against Terrorism Newsletter, Vol.2, Issue.6, pp Ogun, Mehmet Nesip (2008), Definition Problem of Terrorism, NATO NATO Centre of Excellence Defence Against Terrorism Newsletter Newsletter, Vol.2, Issue.7, pp Op-Eds and Special Academic Reports: - Ogun, Mehmet Nesip, Dean C. Alexander (2016), The threat of foreign terrorist fighters and Turkey s efforts to combat them, Jerusalem Post, - Ogun, Mehmet Nesip (2014), Terrorist Use of Cyberspace Report, NATO Defence Against Terrorism Course Reports - Ogun, Mehmet Nesip (2007), Karsaz Bombing (Karachi) Special Report, NATO Defence Against Terrorism Reports No:7 - Ogun, Mehmet Nesip (2007), PKK Suicide Attack in Ankara Special Report, NATO Defence Against Terrorism Reports No:8 Forthcoming Publications: Books; -Ogun, Mehmet Nesip, (forthcoming), Strategic Communication in International Security, Praeger Publishing House, New York, USA Articles; -Şahin, Devrim, Ogun, Mehmet Nesip, (Forthcoming), An Analysis of US Security Strategies in the Post September 11 Era: The Case of the Tension in Turkey-Israeli Relations, Turkish Studies - Ogun, Mehmet Nesip (Forthcoming), Social Network Analysis of Terrorist Web Sites, Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, (ISSN: ) -Ogun, Mehmet Nesip, Behcet Oznacar, Murat Aslan (Forthcoming), Cementing State Authority: Soviet Education Case, Euroasian Journal of Educational Research, Year:13, Issue:51, (ISSN: X) -Ogun, Mehmet Nesip, Behcet Oznacar, Emete Gozuguzelli, (Forthcoming), NATO s Energy Security Policy and Risk Analysis in Eastern Mediterranean, Security Studies, Volume:27, Issue:2, (ISSN: ) 3

4 RELATED PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Dean, Faculty of Political Sciences Kyrenia, Cyprus February 2016-Present American University of Cyprus Vice Rector (President) May 2015-February 2016 Dean, Faculty of Political Sciences Director, International Center for Peace and Security Research Instructor and Subject Matter Expert on Security and Terrorism Studies Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Security Forces Kyrenia, Cyprus Director of Personnel Department The Partnership for Peace Training Center (Under the Auspices of NATO) Instructor and Course Director Potomac Institute for Policy Studies Virginia, USA Research Associate 2009 Project Officer and Instructor TEACHING EXPERIENCE American University of Cyprus, Associate Professor, Associate Professor Kyrenia, Cyprus Contemporary Terrorism Studies Fall 2015 Introduction to Public Administration Fall 2015 Introduction to Law Fall 2015 World History and Civilization Fall 2015 Global Peace and Security Spring 2016 Current Issues in International Law (PHD Course) Spring 2016 Public Administration Spring 2016 Introduction to Law Spring 2016 Terrorism Studies Fall- Spring 2014 Political Parties and Electoral Systems Spring 2013 Contemporary Political Theory Fall 2013 Total Quality Management Spring 2012 War-time Transportation Spring 2012 Organizational Theory Fall

5 Terrorism Studies Baskent University Knowledge Management Spring 2011 Strategic Management Spring 2011 Project Management Fall 2011 The Partnership for Peace Training Center Security Studies PHD DISSERTATION SUPERVISED Emete Gozuguzelli (TRNC), The Comparatıve Analysıs On The Internatıonal Marıtıme Law Dısputes And Securıty: Case Study On Cyprus&Agean Sea, Faısal Moh'd Salim Al-Zaben (Jordan), Importance of Cultural Diversity Training in Peace Support Operations, Hasibe Sahoglu (TRNC), The Factors Whıch Influence The Success Of Unıted Natıon s Peacekeeping Operatıons, Mustafa Mehmetcık (TRNC), Energy Security and Eastern Mediterenean, Mustafa Akbilen (TRNC), (Co-Supervisor), Towards a Negotiation: Cyprus Dispute, MASTER THESIS SUPERVISED Adem Kaya (Turkey), Significance of Cyber Security in National Security System, Turkish Military Academy 2012 (Completed) Charles Kingsley (Nigeria), The U.S War Strategy on The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Susan Shebab (Jordan), The Syrian Crisis and Its Impact on Regional and International Politics, Yakup Aslan (Turkey), Legal Aspects of Defence Against Terrorism in Turkey,

6 ADDITIONAL TRAINING RECEIVED (SELECTED) Seminar; Intelligence in Combating Terrorism Monterey, USA The Center for Civil-Military Relations, Naval Postgraduate School July 2008 Special Peace Support Operations Training Oberamargau, Germany NATO School November 2008 Advanced Security Studies San Antonio, Tx, USA Defense Language Institute 01 Aug.-20 Nov Observer Professional Training Defense Language Institute San Antonio, Tx, USA 20 Nov.-20 Dec.2004 Additional Skills: Languages: Turkish (Native Speaker), English (Fluent) Computer: Windows Office, Social Network Analysis (Ucinet 6.0) 6

7 REFERENCES - Prof.Dr. Dean Alexander Professor and Director, Homeland Security Research Program Western Illinois University, Stipes Hall 403H, Phone:309/ Prof.Dr. Mustafa Kibaroglu Chair, Department of Political Science and International Relations Director, Center for International Security Studies and Strategic Research MEF University Ayazaga Cad. No: 4 Maslak, Sariyer Istanbul URL : Office : Mobile : Assoc.Prof.Dr. Haldun Yalcinkaya Chair, International Relations TOBB Economics and Technology University - Prof.Dr. Yonah Alexander Director of The Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, Washington DC, USA Mobile: Prof.Dr. Alan E. Brill, PhD, CISSP, CFE, CIPP/US, FAAFS Senior Managing Director, Cyber Security Investigations Kroll ( 300 Harmon Meadow Blvd. Suite 305 Secaucus NJ T F