St. John's College may accomodate navy trainees Solution "close" in residence situation S. ItraI bcapcrformc:dby~_d ilespcacdwithillthekl.tfeowd.

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1 Volu_:.4 N ~ 1 N. U, 19'91 St. John's College may accomodate navy trainees Solution "close" in residence situation S tudtr lls Ii.ill, in Me lll(n"ial's ht_ Colle.e resllk-eelluly_llavelo _ldotha"raidc:nc:csillltleoollqeia orderlokcommodale tr. inees from the C. n.d ian n. vy, says the university's dwet:\orof studcnt housing and food services.mwe' reve ry close locomingto. CI."IlCO'ftl'd,.ysDr. BriinJohnswn. Memorial. greed 10 provide accoa.adalionforthetrainees,.-rtiyid~~. projel;:ted residenec: vacaftl:yof 100 bab.. J..uary,... -wd likely result inth _. e clos ure of.n uiuin.rcsidence. Thetrai ncc:s _~ltobchou..edinonc d thep,lon Collcgcresidcnccl. and appro. imately 300 Iludcn15It.g ed. rally IalImonth ItOproleSlj'iansfor lherclocatioaia mid yurof somc residen1510 cuer _s.. ithi. the liiqe buildilil Jiowoc cr..... IhM -wd1ll1ow RIlCIcw;tomnaiaillthUpre!CIII lliwij. ia. s for the reldainderoflheacademie year isclose. t hand. On Nov. 2.5 the univcnily.. u given lldminisulllivi:coolrolofsljolln'scollcge,.. hichhadpre v iousl y bcen ow ned and ~ ted by thc Roman C. tholic Archdiocese. MAs. reslllt.the MariDeln stilll lchas been of. feredtbe use of SI. Jolln 's Collcge 10 house the milllary u ateees.. bo.. ill be 1I1H1yin,.t the iast itute,- says Dr. '00_ MSl John's ColJcgc bocame an oplion when ther cquirednllmberofbeds wu m111ccd due ItOthe marilllllllalu.~ of some mcmben of lbe group." he says. MAs _ U,wIliJconly 60stucIcnls...erc houied in SL John's CoUe&e.I PIIIIlbcfd ap.t _lits.. erelitilizedbydern-.o111ne.parunenll...ill be ahered to KCO... modaiethetrulcc:s. Apr elillli..., i... pcct>ooaoflbesite tbc:~ ldst.iliik, _ a r""' dclc isioll ItraI bcapcrformc:dby~_d ilespcacdwithillthekl.tfeowd.y1 $7 million increase in research funding for 1991 A hl'lwpfulpcial rewailll /'"\.a MM lu lity ~e-ja, tbisyearhasoevenbekssbeenllood ynr for Memocial III tile area of resc:arcllfllllding.diirin&i99i,spoosorcd rex.reh fulldin'jumped S7 million above laslyev'slevcl,an increase of appro ~imald y 28 per cent, This boosted thc uni~crl i ty's lotal research fundinl ID $32.1 million. PrcSldent Arthur ""lay feels this ~saysakltah:u:~ 1IId... ~""tlw1lii_blqcof =asion, an ~ like thiseutloiruy td~ls the ~itiijly and compeuu l:'jlc$$ of Memorial: Ile said. Mlt'l a 1IIea11lre ofthe.uverllly'spolcfttiallowqetpi.a ~~""liithepn:!vlnt::e,~ Conlributiolls frolnfedcraldepvl menu.nd agencies acceunred foc S23.3 million. wblle thc provincial wcu,54.1 milll(lllcamefrom CanIldII's privale sector, Cllladian 1l00'plofit lcnciescontnbuietls2.8mllllon,llld 1I11Kella.-._nu...nercc:c,ved "-tolll-oc-«luiiuybusi~ pmfll..,encies. An enviro nmental solution to environmental problems Seabright involved in Trinity Bay composting project Prob lemsw illl "-llle disposalilltbe.,_ lhmtilcioalubor..-ast ln!edtoshellfuh1llnoesli1llblau:c ofbi,h Ievelsofeohformbacter i. The Drridia. 011 I -.H1tod cun(n<ling project...iudiminale dllmp- 'Nbcn BEDA r.rsz approached SeabrigN. ing wutc into lhc ocean, and provide tllc«mmunity.auocilll. ion...15 intetts1cd saleableorganicallye n.ic hedcompost. in an Inacrobic composting Iystem that Mr.Cmnol lyiscoomenltbe project...iil See COMPOST. p..1 A small step for MUN... rn,..atjo;.skpll " tar1, ' al to lu.. til. roct, sil~.aboul ail: t.i~ rr I'Ilr1 am-.trill., Bay..i.lo Nrl>t'otIadlaMl'srinl: rani ~poil... _,..jtd. Kftlit COIl...,. 'imd)oi~.sftioripi Corponttd ii.-t... widi ~ co-, to *""" aad _... tk projfrt. A yearfromnowavisildrto.rocty I"'LtteCCh d l"oond ne.- Port Rcxton, Trinily Bay, will see clouds of Slum risingin tbeair a Ioag windn:jwsolcom poii.clllmcld. The d1ickcn rnanure.aab scn.p,capelin"..lqc' are... CfIri ronmelltal problems illllearu...-illbelbein.redientsfm Ne.. rollndland'. finlrvral compostinl demtmlratiodproject. SelbrighlCorporltion, Memorial' s technology uand er compan y,i spro viding projecl m.n agemcnl l nd Ki cntifi c lupponlothcpro}ect...bich bcganth is r. ll l nd..-ill OtIl for Ibree yean. Tbe ~lin...e"il.isllharbollrdevi:lop. -.1 Associl lkmi (BEDA ) bas ben Christmas holidays change d ry"h is Christmn seaso n, the boliday 1 norm.ll y observed on Ian. 2 has been moved to pee. 27 for III ad iniwltlive, 1etbnical.ndt«bniul...rded SI60,OOOfrom Environment Canada's Environmcnt.l1 ParlnctsFund to finance the venlurc,lnd a furt her S2OO,OOO funding for l. bor will be providedbycanadaemploymc:nl Keilh Connolly, I b,is;dess an.lyst 1YidtSeatlri& far se-.i.--. '"This is the rtrsl projecl of ill kind iane...follddlandw...teatommunily'.or,lnit.. aste.nd composl u, AlIl be infor mation will be public knowledge and over the three YClrs of the projec t we.. ill be able to sitow...ltcthaitcanailelslbrcatevm. pt'o'we!hllcoclllllwlilycolllpllllintopcmtitlmc...:nefflcielllly_ The~emphasisistodiminllethe...asteproblem; sceoddaryiltrcalin,a viabkindustry.- suppon personnel. Thi1 means that Ihe majorilyof universi tyo ffices...illbe closed from pee. 2'-211iftl:lllsive,u weuas oa Jill. I. -, n iltllltu~ ftq 01~ U.MniI,..-ill IMo Inv" dw tu1' eiir" ill 1_ -,nr, k~ tkpllrtin. ~rooad"'lod. the sp«lii lly--.tkfial: _ displayrd r"" the a llm' ra b, Dr, Mo Hou.w. _iltktkan ul prvl'nomonltla ffairs ia ~ flk'llllyui MrdkiM. TIwliny Ra... a wnl to the CanadianSpK ' Aam' 'y iii piirt 01 a tvi~lioot oi._ OI"Ilbilia rr- limo,'s. li i~coitin...lik ll...illaceo. pn, RolMorll Boadar' I I99.1NASA-span rji. 1tLMs vs.d ~ f lallty olmrdir. _ ~0II1.1I. "'fii~"". "" Dr. "-U~wn NIOf:rIIln'OIl_.iUftl ud-t;i adv. ~ Ca... ~ " " " 011 Caoll.lda's pocn 1iaol... ~k;_. 6plI«. labrwf_ ~II" ill 1iu...1 aaar- -.l...ts.,

2 COMPOST, ronl 'd. from p. 1 wouldproduce methane casforalocal industry. With scie nlific.dvice fro m Memori. 1biochemiSi Dr.!h.nkOt"Pil ei andbiologist Dr. lohn Enns, Se.brighl ajiicluclcdlhm~composlilll_.-.le and i~ for the 1Ii1e. An inilialplarl... lhcilllr1lwll uplouxiii aerobic processdeveklped by Dr.Sukhu MaIll... oiagricuinncarudamlidlulilires pe.t. A pilo'l projecl usin, Dr. MaahIW'smethocl...-hichciltvnwenuthe ftecd IOIUf1lthe composl by usin. performddpipe.conciudedthismelhod_.lsoin.ppmpriatebec:'um:ocupenm:.-.dthenecessilyofusin.peal,wilicb wouldnvclobe hln<eacdrrom.vqill bol Fillllly,lhtope.-litraledwilldmw mcthod_iekal'd.usinc'*oodlllnjl_ Ibebulkinl.cnlandeatbonlOurafor the compost, wilb chide.. manure.nd apdia/c:nbicnlpi5thenitrtjlallollla: ~'Uusethe~iIIthcpropor txlnof1tre'*oodloone<;q:lllic.-a. mi.1.dlmlandbftlthem_lo.witpiles abouifioe feet hjp. Iliac fcetwidc,-.j -IonII5 l00ftd,~esplancdmr.c-. l108y.'"thm.cciinpo<c... wiuaaw.aclpv.lverilethe pilcsaadilleywillbe covered willi urp 10 prdltct lhem fronl wind and nin.~ The windrow piles will be turned weetjyandwalaa:l_-r. wilhill thrcclofow...lbecrabandflsh...i11 beloca1ly~andwilhirlayetl lhe compon will be rc:adyforsllle.1lle ~I will employ. full IiIIll:~, to be hired in April,.nd (lve or sis production...orkers. The f;nishcd composiwj]lbe~inbulk,andmayalsobe Naed for saic: 10 home pdmc:rs. Co..""ilkd lov",t",", Mr. Connolly emp"-sizes the com mitment 01Seabrii,ht 10both the success 01 this,.nicuj.projeo;tandtheovenllpl ofencour.gingolhercompostin&vcntures;n the province. ~Sellbrig h l is not Univers ity Research Professorships ReqUE'Sltenns of reference and nomination preeeeures from Dr. N. J. Gogan OFFICE OF RESEARCH Room B~10 14 Faculty of Business Building Phone: Fax: lhodjifu lor Itominotiom: Dec, 31, 1991 NEWSBITS Dr. Gil'" TO_SOl" Oe,.unent of Plti losophyllsirwilfrcdgrcafellcol kee. has bcal dened by the IMtitute or PltiiolOph1 i, Rig"ulvia, to lhe peetlnicouncil oflmvia. This COUIICil. u tef1laltotheuniversity.controlsthe.rantid.ofdoctomdegrccsbyilloelai YianSuleUni >enily. Tllt&r.-..-a_.,....a...,... - ~.~hiiir ~e--.u.-..~_ ""-"".--...,e-.'cs7 -- ~ ~ s.-.,,-, sw......,...~..._ ~_s...~...i l.s-a..,..._...- e..-o.-~!li-. ~-~_ c Ga_ 1: Now.lNr 1:1, 1991., ~ ~,,.. juslin this for the short te:nn. we'recoiltributingour rc:soun::estolhisprojccl beca use we want to try to help the communii)' witll its environmental waste problem and diyusifythct(:ollooly.~ To ensure that the infonnalion pined from IIIeprojecl reachescveryone inter ttltd in composli ng, 11\ -'vnorycommit 1«:...ilI be esu blished indllding prorirw;ial andfcdcnl offlciah,sdcntulc.dvisers. Ihe Atl. ntic Canada OpporlUnilies AiPq, the Economic RIXO' ery Commission. the Ca nadi.n Ce ntre for Fisherieslll/lOYaUoa.andNewfoundiand Inshore FishuiesAssociation. MI. eo. nollysllys.,..ofthese.gencies"-ve bee pproached.bout compostin. proj«t.s, is needed. ~It's. waste of money.dd ~tddoit~.we... a11 thesc:lr0up5ogthe.dvisorytommitlee forlbis~comp;lltin.projcd lolel them kno 1ul is beidg60ne in theproviooc.- Adv>Ceoeen.inccrin'l$pettsoithe COIIlplllinf:opr:rasionwil l bc providcd by Dr. Picm: MoriD,l$SOCiateprofessoroi enlinccrinl,...ithcr-lu.teaudentpnc:r l-.y.tbeywiuconsukoninslll1alidaoi the~m(ll'laailll-..dls-.jthe desigllandtestin.of.linertoprtvent kachin&,aswcili5pvvidin.wsurveyinl and mappin. Dr. Antonio Man in, biochcmistry.nddrs.f'eterscotl'...s Jolln Eva ns,biology,...ill sc:nreasconsulunts for the a;ngl compo5linj. H.ny o.,,'s, pres ide nl of Se.brigbl. liystlle project fils in nicely. itll the corpor'lion's mandate to incrc.asc: the economic benefiu tothe prov ince from university-conducted research.nd de"dopmml-r1lcr:is glut potc:ntialfor univu1i1)' ilcienlistsiodcvelopseoondary uses foi tile compost such IS specialty mushruomcoolposu,cartb...:mlfm1lling ' 00 qualily potting mixes thai \IIiUfunhcr hclp todivenify thclocal t(:olloolic bl!lc of the Trinity rqtion.~ Oorft.Whlrl, direc-lor of COlltinuing IAUdics.hasbcallll"JinlcdllUl.deanof the School of General.nd Continuin. Gqham SQ>es tenes as spet;iai ~ on facully developmeat.onsecondmeal 10 lbt Office of tile Vice-PresideDt (~>-...'''''n ~ (JtIIl m :n.cj Floltl1tlllm E"'~LJ:SiDlCA Tllta-.. _...-..n_..._ liolik()po-.- - ~...-._ol..-s "" ::::...-:-',.:*',.. ~-' "..., lii' _.~ IN BRIEF... Governments pledge funds for new scholarship Th e Gove rnment of C. nad nd tbe Gover nme nt of Ne wf()llndbnd. nd Labralkr have each contribulcd to go towards!he establishmcal of. schol.rshipat Memori. l in honoroflhelatesponsm.n,. uthorandconsc:rvationia, Lee WullT. The ~ of the $ mdowrncn l WII made by the Hon. JoItnCrosbicand l'tc:rniet Clyde WelIs lwlquet ill St.Soha's reco.nili Mr. Wul lt's co ntri bution s lothetllvironme nuldevelopmenl of Nc~ and utndor. Input soughl on drop /add deadlines Iu of lhc 1991 fall rmesw, deadlines for droppinr:collr.lcs witboul inclwrinc acadanic rnju;bcc or rlnlllcial penalty 'AUC.-.edtothe second Wednesday afwcoiilmmcanc:ntofe... inany_. Sc:n.Ic: hasrequcsacdits CommiUle OllUnderpadosalc Sllldics to review lhc cfk:a octhio!regu1alionchanr:e durinl the fall mel report its fd4mp 10 SalMc. TheCOlllmiullcis~theyiewJofWlioersityfacuhy,SbXlc:ntsllldadminislra:nreprdinllhereviD1dca11intllldthecontinuaionof!ll'«ialconsidenbon in cr-na...wnoftbedeldlinc IOflnl-yetr IbdmIs..COIPIftCfttS or~~be_iomaireo'dea.dcputytqisljwllld~1o thccomrrtilllx.lloliic:t... Dec. 6, Students do well in APICS competitions lbc f. 1Ieonference of the APICS Com",terScienccand M.thematics Commiuccs Wall beld Oct SL Mary'sUniversily in Halit... Under r:ndu* student,.ucipalioe " dler confcrmc:es is acti\'ely encounccd. For con~lcietlcelll1dcntsthis~t;akeslbefonnofap-ogramminc: COIIlpetitiOG,...lUIe!be in IIlMbemalics p.ueij*e in ~-D""" Awards Ift:pmen!td.bP::dOllindividLllllas1OltUaslC*llelTorts,wiltI.-.composcd oftwostudrntsflolltc:acbunivcnit)' IOpreSl:fttpllflCf'onlhcircurmw.rc:sean::bill OlvemenL Mo:moriaI'sconPlIO' tcienceicim ol SII'dy Walshand Matthew Newhld plaec:d first ;n the projrammin. competition,...hilt placing first.nd tilird respcctiydy ill individual compelition. Ju well. the Il\IIhmIIbcs team of ear, Pyc IIld Habib MlIlafW pbocd second in lhc probicm-dying compelition. The overall unive rsily.wud.the firsllobcoffered.wenllod.lhousie,...ith McmoriII pbcllli socond. Pacific 2000 Asla-Pacltlc research fund Announa:d by the Canadian govemmcnt in 1989, PacirlC2lXXl is.suateg)' 10 ~Dgthcn CanadI"i lllatwlional posi tion u.oujh an in tegr1lltcd awro-e h lo i n lmiitionai trlldc, ICicnccIlld\l'.lChnoIogy. and in_l A stmegic component otp8ciflc 2lXXlis the Asia P8cirlC Resoearch Fund.aimcd. t stimubting poiicyor1cnted~htof05lcr.~ttnundent.-.tingincanadaoftheeoonomicand political environmenl in the Asia-P8cirlc rcgion, and at enabling the C.-nan government to n:ruiciuobjcctives and straltgies in tberegion. n.e fuooisoptntoc.nadianin.'llitutions,. gencics,llwjciations, privalt.xctllrol'jlaniuuons,univeniliesand individllltls\llho arc:canadian enl residen ts. For more infor ma lio n, ecma cr Memori.I's Don Snowd en Ce ntre for Developm enl SlIppo n Communiution, or wrue to : Pacific 2000, North Asia Relations Division. E ~ \CffiIl Affain and Intem31iona1Trade CIIIllda, 125 SlIDC~ Drive, OUa\llll.Ont. KI A 002. Phone ; or 992-S53O; r.. : Young vldeogra phers needed to hit the road Wh y NOI Prod uctio ns his received. commi tmenl from CRC televis ion to proollcerfjtjdmovin prime-time series which ellmines C.nad. from Ihe pointofvjew ofyouns vidrographen. A nationaloompctition wid bcannounced to find eighl young C.nadi.ns between Ihe.gesof IS-25 who will lrnel!mjugbout the «UtUy b. period of 'NllCb,commencing nest summer, andkndinfoor lofivc<aboutthepeoplc.pla:esand i-.esthalilltcrestlhan. Deadlincsforn:a:iplollflPlieationsisJan.6.lmandsilregionaijuries. followedh1.n.lion.ljury,...illinlervie... andchoosethevideographcrsby M.rcb 31, Appliulioo atcbc.nd Nation.1 Film &.dofflcelllc... the 0IlUII1l')'. The appiicitions.eqwe the suhmissionof. Iwo-minUle videoerclled by (he.pplic.nts, II... ellls...,ined responses 10 Koeral questions, includlnc why they MlUId like lo,.ucipslc in ~0<IId ItIcwWJ, ssoriestheymigllllikeloadland~tht:ymighttravel Free files of the month ForthcmcDt.ltofDeo:emta,fra:otIIflP*l'~timcis"labIaforthe followilllfl1e:l: Mapzineindts dmil»:c-(ll;l'm'i1tfit"ii ~lilipzinnfromclnada and the u.s~ bqlllllinc ill 1m..ZookJr:ic:aIRcaIn:IOnIinc-often1OlOridwidccoverage m molotl:icai... ~. Nuninl and Alhed Health_indescsl2 r-soff.llglisb bnjuitienoninc andalhedheallhpubtic:auons..j~ Tec llnololy _ IfvtI E.n&I ish ofanick:sfromj...'sldplcicdtiflc.lildlnicaian4busi_jlunais.. Use oi this fra: ~b time is.vadabk lo membtrs m lhc univcnil)' (;OIIlmuftity Oll. fll'll.come t.sis. Tbc: lekeonvnunicaion~ or 36 OC1U por mildc are POIinc:1uded in all oltcn. For more infonnalion.coili.cicotapuia Sea'dt II Lilnry. n

3 Memorial student new president or Canadian Federation or Medical Students Medical students alarmed about licensing changes se ~~c-":'~~t':==;; ekdedpresiobll:cldleean-liaftfcdaalioa of Mcdie.1 Studcau (CFMS). He tlusoyerlcacknllipofthe nationajora-izadm..meb ~ 5,soo-m aiilllulleftufrolli~aocoml..alinle "'henlll.joreoanictis lbapin,upoyer _1il%lll"llreJUbIionIkIr~ Si_Klrll,. ThefOl'Mllllllcon:;allfordleCFMS ii two-re- pn:~ Ahcr IIIllft' IhaII a yearof detj.te.lbe Medic. l CO\Iocilof ea-ii (MCC) IIlet in SqlIemba' and lip ~ne",bylawllhat6efinea_c~...i,,*,lioii JlrO«".nd receune its licaiciiic...-bidiii.oea:ssarycrdmlia1 permilllnl IU bokler to be: licen$1cd by JlI'O"incial. uthorilicsf ormed ic. l pnc - "'"The purpooc:of 'eddinlng lhcl ieentime ",.IDCMul'e 1lIal medicallicellsal would be: portable frolll provin ce to pnwiru. lhccornpll bl'ing promote. ~crede n h a l pad ge" Illal would be. cceptable to all licensing IUlhorili e ~, u pl ainedmr. Kirby, How. everlhed elibe ralions,p residedoy erb y thc MCC, faikd lo yidd lll ~on a pl:jplbii for oommon C(R Dini", for.11poapadluilc nn-...-conseqoeblly the: MCC unbundlcd the proposed ' credenual pkblc'. ' ponble IitemuR. _ MEET THE BOARD Members of Memorial's Board of Regents \tadonna Railey A;,=~~~O:: MadcwulA.BalkyllllllagUtbeTreasury _ftnirwand~~ I'mrID""theFCC,!he-.ultdbI3 )'Clftinthe-.y deplnments of "",..,..."" ~He:rdivision'sn:splWlSibilities... elvdecasllprocewnl,bankingrelalioas, 1tlorI _liorrowin,andinvestinl. lortg fillldciai in"illllims,a< well ll\ in ue.a.. ury consull 109, including wilh tile Bank of Canada, Ontario :~:.: =t~". ~""''''' Ms. Bailey e.ned a bachelor m rom IIIC:rcede,n:c:from MC1"1lrialUniyersity ial975,. nd the M8A dcgree froft o--'suniwersity",m.sherd;d-.t tlledesilfl.ltion of ct rlered financial...,. (O'A ) the ~ far the bccntiiicwi continueaolipifylllalcsdulalldplc:cion of tbc u.mi,,*,lioll process only," uyi Mr. KUby. The~ 's -=<:ond obj:uion ClJllt'a1\l. the MCC' I new cu m 10 test clinical stillsand ",.. hicb.. ii1be Jiven af1erone: ynr of postlradllate mcdic.1 tra i ni nl,-st~entlbou, thilcum bctade_..-en:1did it "OIIldbe pan of the licenti"cofl&e MCC...-tIidI... PllllDhdpprOOuce. n"ion.liundans forpotubilily: uys Mr. KriIy. -B... thede~ hour_ brnlbatthcwlureloaemeontbccon: c~ilicausingtbemccidbact.lnct. No..-_..,fa;ed.,;,Ib..-ritin'... eura uamlbat.. iucoa US. thousanddollan bulwe' re no full ller.h ead in terms of l'joi'iability." F.~tr.u~n.'Winyolvrd Mr. Kirby s.ys tile charge 10 write the newmcc e ~ am will be $970 when it ill firstoftacdin 19'n,bul thiscosl. willrise to $ 1,200 in the fulure. As...ell, tbe nearesi sile for wriling the eurn is Montreal. which involves e~1rli e ~ pe n_ for u.n sporation and.ccommodation - And if )'llllfail )'lllljwl have 10 pay tbc moncy.ll oyer.s. in," be says, ~ This e... oniybeenpijou:d onoeinurc cmtres and_ have~reprdinllbeeumnlidity/lqleatability." Grenre lj to host interdisciplinary conference Myth and Knowledge ir Wilfred Grenfell Collelc,in SComerBI'O(j:will be hosling.. 11I ImIl ipl~confemluonthet/'cne clmylh andkll(\1oi~ from May 2G Q2. The conference ",ill bring totetherl(:bolarsfrom 'CTOuCanada.n d Ihe U.S...nd ICTOosdisciplines rlulging from lhc sciences to Ihe humanitjes. Le"uresbylhreedistingui,hed speakelllwill bighlight tbc four days of procee dings. The speakers will be: Dr. Ches M. Blackwood D:.eo::= = : ~ ::~I~r::::~:,::_~ soei ' l ::=':'':;=::ty'':d'''::~~ w ork ~,ilpaidenlandchidc1«ulli~ ori.l..nd.1 10 otr>eel"m ConpM. " ",e d u project Seafoods IDe.. He mana,er dunn, the.. bornilll9jo initialde veloprnclll BtocKftdcl. of ue HUB, MI. fullinlrilbo,.:oli Ennishurecciyed te IU'ih:M. "'" IbeAllanticProvin_ m NewfOlllldWMl. cn Crimi llololy A &faduale m and CorTO:Clions =-"'---~-.J ~~~n: #.. ~;'::;:'~I~~:;~:n~..~:~~~ Dalhou.<ic: and Toronto univu'lilies.he e.rrdililphdinb:d~ iun llr Uniyersity of WasI\ingloll in He hekl yarious rc:lpoll!libilitiellin fisheries n:'ji'lirda lui mne he worked fof lhc Deparunenl of Fisheri el!li952-19,illcludingdirec~or in.<pection of Canada, and director general fof lbcat.lantic Region. In 198!I he received lhc Newfoundland ~ AAW fn:m M:zrnQl Mary Rita Ennis M :'le: :::n;:;i:h: ~w~ln~~. ~.n dla lor. dor CorrcCllon. ICentrefor Womc:a andthewest Coasl C(WflX1J n.1cutre (M. lc) in SI ~ pheil Y ill c. Ron Red bland. Placmtia Bay. she tail gh l ICIsool " Y.-ioln ~cl lbc P'O"incc belwun d In 1%4 shc Stqlhen yillecitizen of Ibe Year. Grac-e Evelyn Stapleton G~y~~~n==e~= :: eigllty<a"l.lottr.o:ktcilycollegiale.she caned. BA(Ed.)1lI Memorial. nd DIlNa"oledtnlion in curri<: ulum and instnk:tion at ce Uniyeni ly of Ne M...Stapleton is a pasl presidenlof the LabradorW u l Stalus of Women COIIneil. She is.l soa member of the actvijorycomminoeof the LabradofWw ArtSaad CultureC entre, and_mthe English Special INa esteo.nal Asalllelllba" ofthe &.1101 Tbe cosu and lillie inyolyed in Ihc new u.ininlrequireraentsare panof. broadoerpiclure thai disuubs the -e.. CFMSpresidoenl."Foru.mplethecar o.:r.-:u.u.:nee aqery~_ ';'chqedfrolll R1ImlDcighl~m posll,*,uatetnlinin,.onedayceruill ob~and~."nec-r andjpprqiriaicld bethistmdcldrxtar,.kw~iaicr-oody..nies'1ludy. ndconcl'lstudentsbe- come, over time,quiteskeptic. l. Admit_ ledly. lirnes chanl c and posljrldu ate tr.inin,rnusleyolye,buisl uying..eca nnol. ftordtbisc ontinuous e ~p. ns io n of Ihe forlllal education pnx = " Mr. Kirby i'llyssome rnedicalliudelll!l are becoming angry about the whole is. ue,"1 wu phoncd.tlllidnighilhe olhernighlfr orntoro ntowil binfo rrn.. lionth.lonclludenlwas.dyocating ' hunger strikeo\'el" this, It's 001. simple problem.nd I'm uying to sllrt off by I\'3pOllding~b1y,but_ can 'tj llljl sil 1I.i11and haw Ibillhappen. Six moolbs from no.. I mi,bt be leadin, a dcmonsu.lion - it' s not solllething I look forward to but ii' s in tberulm of ~hly. " lama kc Hig"",ater. noye/ lil. essayilll aad commentator on the arts. aad foundercl tbc Nativt'land Rlundation ; JollnCasti,mlthem.ticilllaadautbor. cunmtlyon the facullyof the Technical Uni~ er sil y of Vienn.; and. lllird "'er 10 be announced. Deadline for abstracts is Feb.." For more informalion, conll " Michael CoyneQf Dr.GoorgGunlhcrll IIIe collcge. Phone; ;f u Rcgenll, s.he is chair of the Employec Bcnefille-nillee. Ms.StapleIonhas.speciat inlefalin tile promotio n and impro..emenl of ecoflofllic.ndleadcrsh ipop por1uniliel f~_ Maureen Woodrow M= :::~",:~a~ MenloriaIUniwnilyinScplCmber Sheisa fiaand.lsy steml,,,*,lyst witll lhe Departmcnl of Nalional Defenee in aa... Ms. Woodroweamedlhebachelorof arts clegfte from Memorial Uniwnily in 1967,.nd a1ic ensein sociololy from Loovain Ikllium in She hu served uchair of her loc.l br.nch of the Memori.IUniyer_ sily Alumni Associalion since September Prior to usuming Ihe, she h.d beeainvolwd.. ilb IIIe. " O(ialion 's U el;uuyc 11IIce L...d= Among her partic ulari llterestsis the cunent projecl of the Memorial l./llivo-sity m ~oundiand AlumlliAssociatiOll 10 raise IIIOIIcy for the: uni C>'Sity'slCbobnhipf\llld. G~'

4 ~ Research Announcements!'rl... ' IIJ~..ltla dw SSHItC... f C Wdf_..., joiot f..., _ "'eoubiisii AI\s.. initialr",.~~ il.ilhopedlho..._ """'oelf"""""".t_ol ~ and comm..u.yraean:"""' uked for_alof<jr"""li&oliorlo inlof" 1<Jn1hot..., f...i1y v iolencc. and pre"ultiveme lcro...liona. Lelien ofinlcrll... invi!<d b,. Feb.7.foI.lowiqwhidl......iood"' e-. oubnit flld...,.,.,... 1l)' M "7 I.~... bc... 1D 1uliIr~. SS HJtC 'n V_ IMsfoIII.. u~ AI ftcli(!d here Oct. 31. c..."'" Lahlotl<Jrioll-u~ for Io.lin c -edcc t-.:h in", y.m.d~... (clmoailriaioe>lc:loodal).l.cwnol.-.due. ~. _bo... ID.. Oflloceol R--.iI "" DE_6. As.k.,..... Achievements West roast ( I) Rayner-Canham: Detecting pioneer women in nuclear science TIW ww s0011.",1111l fl'jt D/sew.a/ Ql'lidu 011rr'JW/'CIIIJIXD"'I'US~IIUD/ fau lty _Iftbtfl fil Sir wojfrtd Gm""U CDl~tt. T MrieSif pi~a...tcfhj'. dinutd bj G«I/fRtl'fIler.{:lUIIto:urt....._~ :\t l"n IloIo<ln:~R P,PA OR Nominalionl for Un;...oily R-m Profeaonllipo. ore ijroilo:lby 1M. 31. To be ruoce.. ful ia..~ d-who".. o<-.,~oubol..cialiy~io.. qiiftd...-.a-..~. A IIIor. J.. ]I OfId~rar... Pftoido:aI IA... r...o..a...m, k i1i be """""""- ~ol "" TlIiII'fO'Ift'llill "p"" to.-.dion in fonlda 01...Ibn -.I --..,....mao.. ond... ""'in l""j'<* io le>ouppcti.,...tu IIhIdtoI.. ond pojldoclorl1fdlo... int... prop.. hdl _wilhin pri<lrily...rn Ptojel:u,.;nbe~ edloronc,lwociiihreeyea">. Ap-,,,,,,, hl"" l""iouoly'-"undot _RfI""Oml&dlnbodl"""",",i"'- _ is_i..liy~ ~ I. PE)O! R_"-- a6'on~_ """'''-.wdii 'ocioo:u'. r... ond~i'f"iiwm.dadi.. ii 'M Offi<eol R-..dI...-..,. "I'Pi<:ation foma T_ I992 """""'-.,..r.. _... ~ (M...a-a. olt~aioj ) iirvi...~.. &a<an propen; lic:morincreo d.. no:>ddlostirl" icc brakin&-11ructin108ds ondrdwdlopia Thn:e-hUl'l<hd-"""fd..._ ohouklbr...boniu<d..... p>slil>le. In 0c10ber. Moen! ;. tiot..."'"conf...,... """"'l"jw-aidoddola~ f~... iaoff""'"'~.,open... _1IIIip~ IlaIIOIily.-..lliIiI)o.-l~ ollloo:n no. J. W. McC-.Ll Fomily ~~).as 1Il qlwiryol c...dim bf... ~6oldt..-Iy8dY_olortioll,.-. ~."'_rwal..._..."'p"'fic...-niiiift&. _ _ IOltwho"",leUandlO leo.-od y onlqed yolllh. The folaftda_.. ill,-..-.ny IlOlJUPP"l ladanic orbao ioreoe.-dl,bulwlio<odreoear<hordemonsljotionproj<c.. ol>ould be.. e~ T1w... appr-ti... be by _ oi.liriefloa<lr. PwuH... -Wodt-... ItlM)' lloibe look..., lo,..., t Ot tober. deoclh"" "'SSHRC_p.r-m. 'OIIlO..The""WlCilio off...;".portncnh;p dewelopnent....ardo, upio S~OOO.IO~ond r...-li""1in1.,.._11'lsan:_ in wtiyenilia other.-.-. Ihio poop.rn. -p.mcr8 io.. _ijdiriotu.olbol..,.~ IIIIiYtnily io"".-d iti lhe looi... papooed.-dt.....-;n toke ~il """""'-c "'-. ~ 1lOI 1MICe&&OIril)' berlftollocial, but _ be ~ble: ~ Dme of _ CII _ employ<>eo. flocililia,... ofom"".pke CII. moilin. IiOl,for eumplo. J..... n..iuy..a. OW-'~ C J... OW""'~~ (U5. ) _ e ofl"«ini..--h 1'""" withdcadline '"~ be.., MIKlt I (- CIOf'Y 01 \he nn l lwo pac.. of the 'l'plicol"'" m... be re<eiy<>d before Feb. 1 5 ~ TheOffoce of R_ hao botlt.oppiicmionf_ ~C~S RC..-.t_ ~.."..,... ~_be ~1or~ilDec.l. M AC'S ~n sc~:li.a~y NSERC ~ ailahle".. \he otroceol R-.dt. TheC...II I"oIlnA...d, c..lft in. i... JI"'PCIIo&I. "' raurch/deyeloprnenljcyoiuoo;.., oipo1i<:e~ tol."""" lihio ltior ordly ol_~ """ ~""'IO Iife... ~~dre<tiy_""~~_ii& " ""'"-:lo. ".-doio:i oflhecp'rc..-l~ c_belllbondocl llll ~TheC"""'L.t:... _... ~~Lholil>felio...ip"'"'ipimIO.. ho _ non. Iicaued Mo.,.;n bc P-id dle... >Iipmd PhD fclio... (CllI'Tently90 "" ""'" of the MRC,...), The ""...e ~Iies Ie> I992, Nc.rinat:iono...,imilod br..., IS"' "" ~ IIC~ -.It. no.c.-., 1_,,* lor.. H_ doi io olf<rina kllo...,;poitl. brooclr... oi~_ For_inI"OfIIIIlioaD..-. C'OnI.II:l H.oId Cowltd or Gcr.,-Dy.. 01die insiini", (4l13 no.w8). We ho"" rocei.ed our 19'» -93 infonrution po<k.,. Oft thea, plltd Sport A... _ Progr.m offend by Fi... liild "-Sp<rtD-l.. boppl~iofeb.l.meetinp... NAro _ odo>oi... mcif... oi IWy.M.y 2ot_Ji- 6., 1992,oc:ioIIli& p_""'" COlnIri... ilrrilcdbetgrcf'tib. 10; ~hioi8;""kv C<Dkraa..~ Monlrul..hme1992,ll\IdenIpap<ni llyitojby JM. IS;NAro insii lloleoft " la _ ~..., lolm<b.july;naro instiluteon,.ylll t Mel.. ultl-loytnd lhlo nh". far &d _""'-MoIoaIft, Clammy. S<p&o:onhot.frdocr I"tMl "'-K' T Ut'.ADU'ES Dtot.l, felio...ipt. odioliiii'shipo. podualo ~ipo. Dtot." C..."dj.. Psyclli& lric R eoeon:hfdurj<l.tion_ ~clip..u.,_hde y"lopmcr>lfel....--, Doc.I.,NSEJlC --...:.lfellawsbip (.. bc...lllldedbrdet--.. thoofficeoi Dtot. I): FiIIoeriesand o.:e.uinserc _ ocimoe... by"",ioriprop... OfC'. U : Arthrili. Society _ "'...c" 1'... mulli-«nlje... 10;...,.,illion for C..odi.. s iiir......ioft&i."""""ceprocr-.;c...u. UleondH.e&hh I... A...aour.. - fello.-obilpo; Mali... HyperthaI&ia ~ _.-do"- "lok.lo:nsejlc -Lithoprobe...II (.opplyioubc). '.lroim M..,Leod.nd P.trlcl., om...01 R..."'h T~...:t;: ::::..~:r~":: D ij t:o~trj of I ~ e Ele_ ~1J...hen I lloliced.cameop/l(*)of. Miss Harrir:c Brooks ( IIJ ). 1 sullesied 10 MarIcnc, my SPOU'lC andoo-~ha, tha t it...ould be inicre51ing IOpul ~.brid summaryol ha life.we bldjftviouslyml labnled(:.l.~ on another pione er "'OIII. n. Mari. CJoeppm Meycr. 1be...ork staned. bout nvcyclfs. go. Firslof all. _ dilcoveredthai llolhinc~hade beeft"";tlen.1'lout Broob. AI she bid ""Ol't:ct1...ith Ernest Rutherford at MctJill. we first Uied Ihe M, Oill. ", hi. es.1bc obinaries ~BrookslObcfotPllhere wc:re«llllrldit"lllf)' buithcydid _ thc places1ll'httc she hlid""ol't:ed. Wero! 1o'lo'Cd up all the Ieacb...ith signirlc:&rl success, IhOUl h...orrying remained in bcr life. ThcllweOOlllll:led MapreI GilleU who hlid","lien. bed on the carly women II MctJiU10 ICe ij she OOll Id suggest any f=hkads.she responded..,.jt./t ' lelephone numbez of.n ind ivid u. l who daimed 10 kno... _...bokne... berebrooks SIlr "i"ing_ li"ed. Weeorresporided.. ith the!loll. lni IIlCI tum li1e:fin CabJomii. Hepve us _of"is~.lct.tersfromthc period plus pholographs of MluimGor\y.the RUMianauthor. This kdusinloasein'hclgorty-rdalctl bo.jtsn.-tidc:s.cornmc:ntsinltlcac sou"cs,onn rmed Ihal Brooks bad spcnlabool eigh ttoont.lts trltvclling...ith the Clor':y dose friend oflti...ife. Very fortunately. II thai titne onsllbbllicallcavemthc Univen:il)' 01 Califomi. II SantaCruz. Thu. we had Il:I:CU to the enormou s boidinpolthe UCS)'llellland.hOIO aruaiin~. CMwi il". 1 lliot This Vl'(lr\.on Br"OOk IlI.reIIllyne... e~paienoelo lis,ls the~ lo. bi ~suidy il qu01e4lffcl'e* IO ' lcicnlir", onc. lftslcldoljuslasking the question...hat.mlhequeolion M...hyM bccame evcnmoreimponanl11lequc:st.!i!lcfilcd lo be m oc h l ike.m~in_ Iiption...~oncllld lo ranemlla" the IIlO!lI triyiaiame in cadi iimt 0Ia." respondeo: e.month. (or yean) IIIef Yo'C ""OllId«llllCaaoa1OlllC refcrall:eloa ~_.placc.orilll;ideatlbm wouid lhm cnablc lalo..u!left!lcoi oorneearlicr tnelll\lngku remark. Thewor\. onbrool.s,...hidt in1lolval retrieving materi.l s frolll art in fivc OO\lllries,lwI oow,liiminated in. biognphylo bepublished bymr.:g in. Quem 's UniwenityPressncol Feto'uar)'" fin.nei.l support fro m the Canad i. n Fede r. l ion for the Hum. nitie. We shou ld ad d t./tal _ eould b..e-.: co mplishedu muc help ofeol1e.lgues al a-.feu ColIese: Jim Gree nlee (bislor)');.., ~ R.,...-C. nlaaa( dm'. im ry. G rfti'dc~ 1 Cal HmOer-' Scoa J. mieson (French); DennilB.-.eIs (anth~);mil:hael Nt..- (religx>t>.wdiea); J)'QCSelllo (German) ;. nd more lba n anyone, Elizabet.ltBehlftllinthebtnry. Ho_.oorreoearcb kc'ptrevealing tbe n.mes o f olhe r "'o men su, b as FMny Cook Galea, May Sybil Leslie..-ldJ...,.; uni<...,...,.. AfIer. signir",ant quantil y of researth. invo l~i ng ercntves in nillc countries.. we put!olcther a p.per on the li.u of these 00ler pioneerwomca. Thi s co cecdin gly...e ll =iyedandilre5ullooinanin.ilalion as a plenary lecturer at the National WolMa 's Studies "->r;'-ion Meetina, MonIplery Colqe. ~1.-ld.. Ho...evercto o ur am.zement.the d«pe ' tba t...e peoc eeded...iththe swdies,thelllol'c'to'oli'c2i'iililfficli~ 10 b&hlwe dccdcd thii.allrioi SlqI _locomb livough the eolcmivc a.". respondenceoioorner.:.1i"3 :1l:ienlisIs of thelirne, incllld ingemes.lrut.hel" ford. J. J.1hont_.FredcrickSoddy. Marie Cline. and Lise Meitne r. This...-kwasllXOlllpliVteddurinlthc.-. summer...ith the MoSiSWlalof. VII» f>resiornt.resean:bgnnt.... well. WICO CrinlsOrnc aucial itent.of~.we ldded )'CI mor e names 10 Ibe len IJlby lislof _...bobldpubliw:d reae.chin the rtdd of noclcar :ll:ic:alxin the rll1l I'l1'O dc:ada 01 Ihis oentllr)". The nc.. findl/lp.-e 10 fona the ol pmj lwuandlto-ee olour xries oi artil:lei. All the v.umen.-e so ee induded in. biog.phiall, ornpilation of pionccr _in nuc:larlocnec...ttit"bis alft*lyundenwa.y.andin...hit"bt wopubli.tlers ~ a1~yinleresled. C... 4 ~krl:l,l991

5 1Scholarships and awards, position, $JOO,m..Dc; BRENNAN. "'-Y. Falls. Canada Scholarships Pro,ralll. T::::::'-~=IIi~':"=~= '~::~~=:~":::' SUobn's, Tern No..aClwnber Pla yen $2JXk), smerai JIudies; a.arke, Carol ta/r8llufjiid~"tjd_.fmfrdnrjj~"',i'i9i -91C~ Sc1ltJlDnltip1. Scho larsh ip.$ 1.000, mtwi:; BRIDGER, Anll.e.LiuleSI.Lawrence.Memorial &J wll tis 1M fiiid 1988 CIlAo>d<J ScItoltvJltip II'~. MwrtJl/i'JI-/Uw Jaso n, Lon Bay,C.nadaSeholarships Univcnj(y of Newfoundland F8cu11y Iusocialion Scholarship. S6OO.educ.tion; #1tD11J"llipplI'~"'(Jlio"J/lttd"GriolUdoNJIIOflSWMt!",,,rlill JSclool..'J"'ppro,'_ Prog r.m, $2,000. ens,neerlng; IIff gjso ftojlitn. BRIDGE R, Rodney, Lewtspcne. CLARKE, Diane. Botwood, Mc Tht scirolarsllips/j1ld IJ"' d rdjo/flu'tui_u j"q/l.irin 't gllla, muls/rom Hewlel1 Packar d A... rd,eng ineering; Curdy Memorial Bursary, $300, music: ~Cljw domrj <U /0 rhe peocessiii""'wd jft establishi",... scltoltjrsltipsallm BRIDGER. Rosalyn, Point LearninglOn. CLARKE, Diane. Botw ood, Dame Veo. " /VlrJlly_«Wi! ere pltljud 10 repon OIGI MallY n""", d0110" ItllYI! ~tll wry Roy. l Canadi. n Legion (S t. John's Lynn ScboIanIlipin Music, $SOO,music; ~'""It'l'.I Q.StltQ Wll ti "WI' kj'imv CO"'~, ~ MJi4J/lldyCGK1.SIl(>e~ BrancbNo,I)Memor iaiwallscholar CLARKE. Ed... rd 0.. St. Joh n's. "..MIII awtjidj ship, $1$0,.ns; BROMLEY. Petrin FredcrictJ,Hant::o:kScholanflip,1SOO. Sl_IIU JIooMJd_iJtIJt~for~ $CJtDIa,J"""~mJ Saskatoon, Jam es E. Auuia Memorial businell ;a..arke,oillian.kellilre... '" 1M MlliwrWy for 1M ] ~,... ~ _ t.iii, tjaxqoud MIil MQl'CIr SchoUntti p.1m, music; BROWN, Bet M. 0, MOI'Jan Enlran«Scholarship ~ Jt-u"""~"' llw scltolllrsnpsll1ld-a t1/fin.r_t. tina,letbbridge,canad.ascholarships $1.000.,eneralstudle S;CLAR W/j i111lwn " ", Ct ttur. Pro,ram. S2,000. gen er.1 stud ies; Iian,St John... Prizc fol"s"",iaitopic:s (T1tU 1ist4asb«"~fJIId~"d""he scltolt7"'<iiid-.lsdi>uiom <f BROWN.O.q;.SLJoM s, M.O. Morpn (Ped ialric Topic), S50. medicine; ~ttmmslwklll St!,."iul} Enltance Schol arsltip, CLARKE, Rodney. Come r Brook, Dr. sludies;brown,shelly, Ha...kes B.y, Leslie HalTis Memorial Un;'l enily of 10'1.0. Morl.n Enttlnce Scholarship. Ne...foundland Alumn i Scholarship, arts; BAUTISTA. John, 51. Jolin' s, $ 1,000. gen er.l stud ies; BROWN, A ~r:::~' ~::C~1. ~:~~~hi~: C.nad. Scholarships Progra m. $2.000, $1,000. genenl studies; a.arke, Rodney. Comer BrooI<.Canada Schoian.hips $1,000, genera l sludies; ADDEtTIA, Tracey. Bishop'l Fall s, M.O. Morga n chemiltry; BEAZLEY, Gloria,Lewift'l Karim SI. John' s,c.n.d.scho14lnllips EnlraneeSeholars hip,s l,ooo,general Co..e, Shoppcr I Drug Mart Assoc iatel Prog ram, $2.000, general stud ies; studies; BROWN, Program, S2.OOO, n.:ey, Bishop's Falls. gener.1 ' lud ic,; AL. Schol arship/bursary, S6OO,pharmacy; COATES, Bradley, Bot...ood, Jacob,lnd C.nad. Scholarships Program,12.000, COCK, Ed... rd, Lead ing TICkles, FknI MorganScholarship. sm, gmc:rai BELLA. Mary, St.lohft's, Dame Vera ~etilol' il I Un i ye"i ly or Nc...roundl.nd leneral sludies; BRUCE, Jacinll M., studies; COATE S, Bradley. Botwood. LynnSc~ipinM usic,$500,music ; lonsharbou., Edward hlrid Browne Call1lla Scho larships Prog... S2,OOO, fl clilty Assoc ialiotl Scholarship. S600. BEllA. Mary, SI. JoIIn' l, Artltur IISd Memori al Schol ars hip physic:al seneral Rudies; COFFIN. Car la, Joe penl studies ; ARMSTIl:O~G.8ofIila. Dorothy Nose...onh yentnnee: Scholarship in Music. $I,cm, muse; BFLYEA" eduicalion; BRUFF, Sandi.MountPearI. Ball 's Arm. Fo,o Distri ct. Memorial 'I ideu Bay. Ed...ard hltick Browne J. Deugl asealon Ailimni Scbolar ship. Univenily 01.NewflUlllbnd fklilty Iusociation Schol.rship. lojy; ~I Schollrsh ip. $ llcation ; Pamela. Comer Brook. Principal's SI, OOO,physical edllcltion ; BUDDEN. ASH.Slephen, Car bone.... Dame Vera Schola rship, SSOO, French ; BENNETT. Sunley G. K ~ St JoNt 's, Royal Canadian L~ SdlOlarwp in Music, COISH.Chri lll R., Le...isponc. CCfttellrt of Responsible Government ScW. music; Chri stopher.clarke. Beach, Roben G. Legion (51. John 's Branch No, I) AUCOlN. Brian, SI. GeorJ e's,robeng. Reid Schol_ship. $SOO, genenilludies; k idscholarship, S2,lXXl, gencral Siudics; MemorialBursary, SSOO, gencral studies; ships. SI,OOO,biology ; COISH, Diane BENSON, Andrea, Dr.Maurice AVERY, Roger, Bay de Verde, Memma! BURRY. Adam, Makinsons. Memorial W., Sunn yside, wern er D. Bruckner Sa..a1Scho~ip/Bursary,S600,g~ral Uni..enity of Ne...foundland Faculty Associalion Scholarship. S600, gcnetal CO LBO. Keir, 51. Joh n' l, Memorial Universily of Newfoundland Scholar ship, S$OO, earth sciences; Endo...menl studies : BEST, Kare n, Wabus h, Jo hn Fund Scholanhip, 1 1,000, biology ; Le...isPatonScholarsltip,SI.OOO.educalion ; BIDGOOD. Ant hony, Sl. Jolln 's, studies; BURSEY, Melanie. Onnd Falls. Univen ity of Ncwfooooland Endo...ment AVERY, Roger. Bay de ~ rde, CenlenlJ")' Robe rt G. Reid Scbolarship, SSOO. d Fund Schol.rship. $1.000, leneral Rcsp:miblcGovcmmenI~ ipi. Joim M. and ElsaS. Morgan Scholarship, le ner. l sludies; BURT, Juslill. Car1u'1 studies; COLBO, Keir, St. John'., Celllenary of Responsible Oo..em mclll SI,OOJ. biolosy;aw.clristinc L G. SL S$OO. rcli gio\ls studies; BillARD. Co~e, Canada Schol. rships Prosram. JoIIlI'l, Melllorial Uni..ersity of Ne... Sonya.Conoer Broolr;;,OlofLilldgrn..,...,~FIIIIdSchoI.m,p,;BUTLER.Ali.., Scholarsh ips, ma,jsematin; Scho larship, S6OO. biology; BISHOP. St. John s. Dr. O. A. Freder Memori. l COL E. Bernackt te.collie r s. Robert G. SI.OOO, s ellcral sllhlies ; AW. ChriRiDC DllVid, WIbu5h. M. O. Mo.'rpt~ Alumni Bursary,S500, generai a udies; Reid Schobnhip.S500,It:DCnllbldiet; L.G.,St.J ohn I. Ce nlcnary ofrelpoa Scholan./tip, S sludies; BUTt..ER.Dr:Aiac.SLJobll's,Me~1 CO LLINS. Marlene. 51.Job.'., M. O. sible Governmenl Scholarsh ips. $ BLAGG, Kenton, MO\Inl ~arl. M. 0, Univcnity 01.Newf<UldlandFacully As Morgan Entrance Scho larsbip, $ I, Morlan Entran ce Scholar *' '*Orl.: sener. 1studies; COLLINS. Todd C.. le neral studiel;blund ELL. William. BUlLER.J u on, Nortllern Arm, M. 0 Hare Bay. M. O. Morsan Entrance B gn~au ~'c h~~ :~ :~ ~ IS t Pr~~~ :~ : Carboncar, Memorial Uni ~e ni ly ornew. Morgan Entrance Scholars hip, SI,000, Schol arship, gener. lstud ies ; roundlandfacullyassociationscholar. SI,OOO, engineering; BADDOUR, gcncra ls ludics;buti..e R,l ason,nort h_ COLLINS, Todd C., Hare Bay, C. nada ship, S6OO, general studies; BOLAND, K.reem E.. SI. John 's. Cenlenary of emarm,canadascholarsh ipsproao m, ScholarsllipsPro aram, $2,000,a ener.l Fion SI,John' s.johnm. ndelsas, RC5poosible Go..ernmentS cholar ships, $, l eneral sludies; BUTT,, studies; COMPTON. Vickie. SL Anthony, Morgan Schol arship, $500. nu rsing ; $1,000, engin ccrin l ; BADDOUR, Norman sco ~e.a ssocillionofprofe l M. O. Mapn Alumni ScboIanIlip,$SOO, BOND, D a ~id, St, John s. Jolin John's, Mrs. E. D. Mauhe... sionasenl illccnof Ne...foundl antlen. psyehololy; CONSORS, Jenrey, hlon Scllolarsbip, SI.OOO.biolo n : Mc.. orial Scholarsbip ia ics sineerinl Sch olarship (No. I). S5OO, Man uels,j olln M. and ElsaS. Mor, an BOONE. Janice,Sprinldak. Memorial * SIIliSlia. S600, ~ BAD e n, incc:ridg; BUTI,, Norm a. 's 5I;holanbip, SSOlI.~ilosophy ; COO K. Uni'i'ClUy01.Ne..r~ Endowmmc OOUR. Nal~li e. SI. Jo ha's. Can ada Co~ e,can.adas cholar ships Prog ram. Lisa.St JobII's, Manorial Uniwnity of Fwld Schobnllip, $1.lXXJ. IfU; BOONE. saobrsiiips f"ropam, 12J)Xl. Cftgfta' $2,000. ensineer in, ; BUTT. Da ~i d. Ne...fO\lndla nd, Fund ial; BADDOUR, Nata lie. 51. Janice.Spm,dale.Cencen.'y 01.RCSJlOD' Joha s. Normall 's Cove. Centenary of Respon SchoiInhip. S150.Englistt; ax>k, Lisa. sible Go'iCl'1lmcntScholarsllips. Seaior Jubil ee Schol.rship. $3000. sible Go~emmen l Schobnhips. S SLJolIn 's, Dr. Madeleine lingu ist ics; BooTH.lun, 51. John s. p ~Y li c s ; BAKER. Chril D. St. John'1, ensineering; Bun. Ke lly. MO\Inl ship (Englis h), 5250, Eng lis h; COO K, William ssciences chola rship,$i,joo, Edward Palrick Browne Memorial Moriah, M. O. Morgan Enttanee Scholar Lil.l. St.John 's. Reveread Doctor Levi sc ie nce; BOOT H. Ivan, SI. John's, Scholanh ip, $900. ph ysic. l edu c. lion; ship. $1.000, gent:o l liudies. Cuni ssc:holanhi p.$l.200, engineering ; Canada Scho larship s Prog ram, S2,000. BAKER. Decla n, MarYl lown, Ca nada COOK, Lisa D. BOIWood, Reverend mathematics; BOOT H, l~a n.s I.Jo hn' s, Scholarships Prog r.m, $2,OOO. gcneral Cent enaryofruponlibl eoo..ern ment C~le~~~ ; a;in~'n~~a::~ ~t~ ' s o~ar~:: Docto r Le ~ i Cun is Scholanhip, $I,200, S1udies;BAKER, Decl.n, Maryllo...n, engineering; COOMBS, Brenda. 'rrepessey. Cana da Scholars hips Pro,r.m. Schol:anhips.,SI.lXXJ, phy~ s; BOULOS, fo\lndlandflcullyaslociationscholar. Julia E. Morgan Scholan hip Doreen, Carbonear, Roben G. Reid ship. S6OO. art l.nd ed ucalio n;, emol studie s; BARRETI. Susan, Scholarship. U OO.,eneral ulhlies ; CARROLL. Lori M., St. John's, John M.; COOPER.J OI'dan.!ic: off'lowmimusic Fairbants.R. A.ParJOIlSScho lanhip. BOURDEAU, Andrt:a, St Joba s. OiSilal IIld Elsa S. Morla n Scholarship. SSOO. Scllolanll ip, SSOlI. music; BARTER, S$OO. leneral u udies; COS TE LLO. Equipm ent of Ca nada Lid. A...ard or.nthropology; CARTER. Pamela, Iuaifer, p...oena, Robert G. Reid TIrty&.AwondaIe. Meril. S250, eomputer scieac e; BOYD. Ramea, M. O. Morpn Enuvtoe Concc:pcionBay. M. O. ScW. ScIloIMSllip. $$00, l ene ral uudies; Morlan Enlflnce Scho larsh, Jennifer,Laurcncetoa.CanadlScholar ship,s,eneral studies; CASEY, BARTER,R odney,stepm nviue. M.O. ledcral stud ies; CO URAGE. Noel.St. stt,psprogram.$2,ooo.generalaudies; Suzannc.SL John'S,c..adI Schobnllips MOfJanEntrance Scholarship,SI,ooo. John s. Canada Schol arships Prolram, BOYD. Jody, ~1OlI '. H.bour, M. 0 Pro,ram, $ seneral stud ies; lemr.1 studies ; BARTHOLOMEW. S2,000. bioch emi stry ; COURTNEY, Morgan Enltance Scholar shi p. $1.000, CHAFE. John, Pelty Harbour, M. O. LindlI. Sl.JoIln's, Dr. B. K. Kim Scholar Mark J;uncS, SL Jobll'S,Rmald K. Ken general sludies; BOYD,Jady, Mon:toa'. Mor ganen lr. nce Scholarlh ip, SI,OOO. \h,pinsl,ooo, malhemalics; nedyscholanh,b iochemiiuy; Harbour,CalladaS cholar shipsprogram, gene rals ludies;chafe.kalhleen,si. IIARTHOLOMEW, Linda, 51. John's. CRANE, Amanda, SI.John's, M,O. Mor $2,000, gene ral slud ies; BRAD BUR Y, lo hn's. Ca nadaseholars hipsprogram. Cenlcnary of Relponsible Oo..ernment gan Entrance Scholarship, $ 1.000, Miriam, Porlugal Co..e. Robert G, Reid S2.OOO,engineering;CHAFE. Kim, SI. Scholarships. $ 1.000, sla listics; general slud,es; CRANE. Paula, Salmon Scholarship, $500, gen era l sludi es ; John's, M. 0, Morpn Entrance Scholarsh ip, S,enerals tudies; C HAFE, BARTLEIT. lacqoeline. Come r Brook. Co'le, Memor ial U n i~en i ly of New BRAZIl.. Kclly. Gancier.Harvey'I Travel JollaLewiI Pi IOIlScholan hip.11,ooo, foundlantl Faeulty Associa tiollscholar Harlo... Scbolar sh,p. S200, ed ucation ; Rosa', Mounl Pearl,JoNt M. and Eha 5, psycllology: BARTLETI. Krista. 51. s1tip.s600.lciencejeducation;crane, BRAZIL, Micltacl. Harbou r MaiD. MorpJt Scholarship, $500.~i1osoplty; Joll.I s. M.O. Mors an Alumni Schola r SbeldOll, Upper "landco'le, Joha F Me.-iIJ Uni'lersily of Ne...fO\lIldIand CHILDS. Alldrca. York Harbou r,... S~, licicncc;bartlett. Lesley. Kin, st04l Me..OIiai Scholarship,$600 EndowmenlFllnd Scholarship, $1,000, Women's Auoci.,ioft of MelllOrial IC-e's PoiIl, JobB Lewis ~ SdloW dlemislry; CRAWLEY, Ja:t:ie, Labrador gcllctl.luudies; BRAZIL, Miellael, Hat Uni"enilyofNewfO\lndlandScllolar_... $1,l)Xl,; BASSUR, ('hns. Cily.Smith.KlilleaIll:lFn:ncItScllolar bourmain.canadasehol.rsttipsp'rl> siiip.s600.geaei1l1 studies; CHIPP 1T, lhoc, SI. J.oIIll's.Canada Scllolarships ship/b ursary pharmky; lram. $2.000.en,ineerinl; BRENNAN. J.mie, Bishop's Falll, M. O. Mor,lR Pro,om. S2,OOO, biology; BATH. Mary, SI. John's, Frederick A. hrker CRAWLEY.Jltkie.LabodOl'Cily,Or Entra ncesehola rship,sl,ooo,general Elaifte, Corner Brook, Mu...ell.nd Memorial Prize in Music T'beory!Com stud iel; CH IPPETI, Jami e. Bishop 'l Em,lyMulleIl Scholarship, S600,..isUllI S«SCHOL ARSIll ps' p. I

6 Two new scholarships at Grenfell 1 A I Tw...w', "tabli~lif4 kllol.anlll,sa' Sir Wilfn4 Gruf~lI Col~.,.bocll..,~ 8' S6OO.w«t pmwlllfd for 1M ftr M time 10 t-omlimllts in 1M bkmlorolf'im arts pro.,a... Tile M..., Emil, Mulldl Se bo..." bl,...nd~ 10 Balh,...r1IJ_lIdnt t... COl'Wll'Btuok,Mdtk~CnftAssox.. liolisdlo'arsllip... a..-cl.. c.n:.i sn.a.,. OHm..., rr- e-r Bnlok. A~ 1Iw ~7 ~ (L-R): ldmibnilitl..., Mu-d.. F..-ii, M altu; SiItft' Nd _ Pt-ro,.~nt pr_"lotlllt~.,.;upi.. tk...rd Oll-""'ot Ms. B.", Ms. NfMon; Robtrta Gr.... Craft A5s0ciatioa. am... PnI.ey.F1J. " bod!. ",,,"",till, 11leCona lt Olof Lindgren Scholarship 1 A I ~. SCHOL..~ ~ - \ ~~ C. F. POo Sour- Billard, IIthird-Yellr Mud,nl at Sir Wilfnd Grenfrll CoIlqr, has bhft namrcl Ilwfll'5l rrapltal olllw_l)' rdjibliljw4 ()Io(L... ~ Sd... rdiip. vlllued 11$600. l1w IriocUnlli,...ntalb lmrd b, Dr. oml 0tsnI. folwft' prof_ot"*", III Sir,,~G...trll c~. iao--.ry sr.o.r (Mgf u.qn... I ntmli. II'" K1loIarslli, pret'lltillm -n: (L-R): Mary S,...ta,~" lurollltltclrt", 'ain ; M s. B ~ " rd ; and Silllft" NrIIltPt-ru,.assiIIt..1pri ltriplll ol Sir WiltrftlGrnfd CoUqr. All duj huh.(l) iullo... r r cr IY; " 1 ;~.::rcn~it":::::=~~! TM Ii~...inMrol tht C. F. roo.slj r!pal.1sir WiWfto!l G rn r~ 1 col ~. =I:~::~= ~r~~:;:.: :..Jrey Fdl/wll,. GtenfellCoiJe&e... ""i~ G"" rril Col lrce. ii... delllrromdeauk.e.hasbocallllllcd..l of OOl...i...~.erI A thef irstr et ipien t of l!lene wlyeua blidled J udy C_Y.IU ~nilol' ofkiiolar1i Jam es C. Pratt Memorial Scholarship, v.l ued.t S1S0. Ms. Fel tll.misshownac cepl in. the a-ard from Siaer Nell ie Pom roy. assistlll priacipal of Si r Wilfred '"""""""'" Maxim Ma Scholars College hosts scholarship dinner P;~~ ~~:~~e ~l~~?~::7 ~i:: Grenfell Colleg e. was rwnedrc:ci die MaxUaMazumdar Mem<w1II! s/lip fc;w l'be.::bolardl ip,' SSOO. lol wmhascolnjlk«ddle (l1'ityea'o indletllcbelorr:lfmeuuprogra ~ 1tn'

7 Patricia Blackburn Memorial Bursary ~ OOWlIl $ B rad M upil J, a tll ir d k tc llo»a r s.i ".... ts ta b l is ~ d "o. '. I d.s. "II i1~""'_"l vl Si r 1 1l I Sir Wil~ G!"CII 'rir Col" SClt Iee, L-R: Dr. PooIir.Mr. Murp llly, and "ttnd; tiw l'int Jlf'ft"ltal" oit1w r.lriri....~b...-y _ (L R): M..,-SparUt.,e-'diqlOrolCrn"I'. ~oist".1 AlfainMlll 5«~ If" ; Kun e ll l Ta,. Dn Dellh"o t..d a.byllnl... rt'ciplntl; d S~ Ndioe Po"no,.. -mnt princlfnil01 Sir Wilfftd CI'ftfdl CoIkrt. T~I~~~~ ~~B~~':~~~;~~ Doll imount and Karen Cole man - wcre na med Ihe first recipienl.sof...ard s from thc:ncw'yuublisbe4patriciablackbu m Memorial Bunuy FUlIQ. Each liugcilt, ~1or 'IU'DlII~pcrlOl'll'llrlCe durill,«ived'd.wardoi S<OO. Thefundwasuubh sbe4atsirwilfred Grenfell Colle,e ; in memory of Palri,i.BI"tburn.lldhergrandsonEtik Blackburn. The la le Patr icia Blackburn, I life-longsupportc:r of librariesand lea'ning. passed.... yin December1989 ai bcr home in Sl1eetSville. Onlario. Shc andhabusband Ka, llui. r Duad u ". le«pli.1 Robenvisi1.edGrenfellCollegedllfingthe 1H. ward... kll.alffji~ B"'... f..- summer of lllend the Elderh o slel Jo'" earttr, of IlIr boa rd of pro,ram, and it.. as durinl this and lubtat Tnn ~a"'~ sequea tvisiulhroucho!,ottbeprovincethac M: sic/~:'~:'; std~ntf~~y~ ;::~i;~:~ ~~~yi;o~~e~~c: Jl;JM'.. is d'lcfint ~ oilbc Tena NovI mel. II ISfor thisrcasoa ber famil y estab- ~:~.I~h':::i~nd~:;;~~~~ ~ji~~ :~:l:~~~::~:~:~~~be~:~: ;;----::-::---:-;_---, uccucnce and musical P'J'Cntial. hshcd this binary fundin ~ memoryand that ofhef grandson. The inlcl'ea inclftel1 from 1/1endowmenl ,(XX) will bc a..-dcd amu.lllyli the discret.ionollhcprd:ipliol1hec:olle,ckl fll:ilitalcor illlpl'o":thccducabonaloppor_ Ilinitic sofclocsco'in, youll'pcoplc fl"olll nni NcwfOla1landmd Iindor IDCIIC1uI& GrenfcllCollc,c.ThisfUftdwiUassislonc ocmorcpromisill, SluOcnU.. Ilo.. ould odlcrwiscbcunabictoallendoccontilluc UmvCl'SlIy. The Ihrccrccipientsof Illc Bll ckbum butslty arc: Ruby Burton of Sprin,dale,a rltsl ycarstlldentiltgrcnfe1 1who intcnds 10 pursue studies in clcmcnl.lryeducllion: Tammy Lee Dollimounl of Bur,eo, a scco nd-ycarslu6c nt " ()I"kill, lo..ardi bacllcio roffincaru(!bc.altc)6cpee:aflci IIeCOlld ycarstll6clll Karen CoIcmlll of P\Il:cnIia,wIloisp.nuin,abacbdorol6nc ansil'l~-. City of Corner Brook J. R. Smallwood Scholars hip rr, f.lifn nisticdirtd... vltltaln.. ciiiir... 0( lbe TNL boirei vi dirk,mociate profu sor of Illelin It Sir :oll(ic, l nd.. Ilo llu sho wnlhc 8m ost 8 iaanyarcaol lbcprogram. 'lkldlolanttip d suppm1cdby a fund by~ Ncwfo.mdland and Lalndor i' ldclilory of Mu im MazIlm. _ i:--.: artistic dircdor m TNl., 1hc $lcpkl nl IcFcstival of tbc Atu,and tbc tkaft il lbe Sdlook~ The scllolars llip, valued at 51,000, is a warded lo a siudem who i, a resident of Come r Brook in tile fin. l year of hi,,, scllool,and is proccedingto Sir Wilfrcd Grcnfdl CoUCIC.The.-ro is nwc, upon application, lo a sllldcniof outsllll ding Kadcmk: IllClil and promise.. 110bas 6c1llOllSl1lle6..1i~ partic:ipatioain lcbooi aldcclrlllllullilybfc. NO l!'m~1&,i99t Gau1k 7

8 Canada Scholarships Program, $2,000. SCHOLARSIIII'S. ('OII1'd "-,. 5 ING,Kim, Wmdsor.CanadaScholarshi ps Pros ram, $2,000. biology; GOVER. Sener.l llu diel ; HICKEY, Paul a, Oute r g..-.cantodi Lld. Scholarship/Bunary. F;::::;-M~:nori~= i~~~ Bradford, SI. John's. Memori al Unlversily of Ne...roundland Endo...ment Fund Schol.nhip. S500, edllc.tion; HICK Cove, Jo hn M. nd Elsa S. Mor n SJ50. pharm aq ; CRAWLEY. Jackie, 5500, l ene ral slud ies; FELTHAM. I..abBdllrCicy,Smith,Klinc an4bellchani Audre y, Deer Lake. Jame. C. Prall Scholanhip, SI,000. science; GOVER, MAN, Jeffr ey, SI. ce.juli. E. Scholanhip/BW'sary. S3SO. pharmacy; Memor il l Scholarsll ip fine.rts; Bradrord,SI.John s. C. nada Scholar MorlanSch ol. rsh ip, SI.OOO" ener.1 CREWE, 5,-",Caner 8nxJk, PmcipII 's fl ELD, Brellda. Torbay. John shipsprolram,$ physicsia pplied lludiel: HICKS,Gle nn Victor. Gande r, Scho1an!lip. SSOO. bookiey: CREWE. PatollSc holarsh ip. SI,ooo, psy<:hololy: madl; GOVER., Bralford,SL Jobll's.,Dr. BechleICanadaLi mi1cdscbolanh ip{no. Sba_, Come r Broot. Centmuy of FINC H, S. a4ra, SL JoIIn l. Memorial WilliamW.BlackaUScholanh ip,si,200. I), $400, engillccrin,: HICKS. Kelley RetpOIlSil* Govcramml Sellolan/l ipa, Univmily III Newfoundland f.ddowraeni ph y.ic,: GRAY. JllStin. La see, Canada Re nee. Bona vi. li. M. O. M0tlln SISlD. hoklp': Fund Sellol.ardl ip, SI,ooo,psy<:llol.olY; Scholanhips P'roSrarn. $2,ooo., eneral Enua nc:e Sd. olarship ,gener al ilk. Memorial Uaiwasil.y of Nc_ FINLAY. T~ya, R...roon.. M. O. Mlq;IIl Iludie s; GRECI AN. Vir, il Oedreic, a udies; HICKS. Kelley Renee, Bonarisb.nIIn;t f'a*lyamrilltimsc:tdlnlip. & uance Scllol.anIli p. 51,000. ~nerai Gou lds. Dr. Les lie Harr is Memorial II.CanadaSchola-stlips~, S2,OOO. S6OO, M~ : CROSSLEY, Nicole, IIDdics; FINLEY, Damia ll. SI. John 's. Univers ily of undland Alumn i reneratsludies;h~jamie,uiije BW1U Coner Broot. M. O. Morpn ElItraDCe Robert G. Re>d Scholars hip. UOO. Schol. r. hip.51, ner. ls tttdies ; Bay.RobenG. Reid Scholanhip,5SOO. Scllolatshi p. SI,OOO. gellu&! studies;, enenlsludiel; FI NN, Anne-Marie, 51. GRE EN, Annelle, h l Mon. le neral a udies; HIUIER, CbriSlOpher, CROWUY,Mary, St. JoIm s. H.J. Segal John '., Dr. Ed...ard (Ted) Russell Memori. 1Universi lyof Ne...roundland Corner Brook. L. b.n'. DevelOp menl 1'tlwmIcy~~ SI(JJ).pIw Scholar ship in Enllish,$600. Englilh ; F. cult y Al socialionseholarsh ip, S600, Scho lars hip.$400. mathem.licl ;HIP. I'I'*y; QJMBY. Ciai1,"'*t's ~ M FlTlGERALD, Co&en.St. John's. R. J. le ner.1sludies; GREEN,Geoffrey, SI. P RN.Usa,SLJohn's,Dr.G. A.Frccker O. MorprtEntranee Scbolarship,Sl,oo), Youns Ud '/young'splwmacy Scholar Jo hn s,c.n. dascholars hipsprogram. McmcrialAlumniBunary, general gmcni SIudic:s;aJNARD, Roume. Brig Ihip.UOO. FITZGERAL D, S2,000. engineeri ng;green.geoffrey, studies: HO. Ping, SL John ' s. Memori al BlIy.Dr. Maurice Saval Scho1arship/Bur Shelley, Musgr.v elo...n, M. O. Morgan St.JoIIn'" Hewlell PackardAward,en Univen.ilyoiNewfoundland Endo...ment wy, $tioo,pn:ni!ilidio:::s: CURTIS,VICki. Enlt ance Scho lllship.51,000.general ginclcrins: GREEN. Geoffrey, SI. John ' Fund Scholar ship., science; HO, Lew i~ pone. ~ l b y Parsons Memorial studies; FlnPATRICK, Wendi, St. Cenlenary of ResponsibleGov emm ent Ping,SI.John s.c entenaryofrespon. Sc ho l ar sh i p g ene ral~ t ud ies; cvr. John ' C. n. d. Scholarships Program, Scho la rships,5 1,000,enginee ring; sihle Govem meni Scholarships. 51,OOO. LER, Bruce. Spaniards Bay. SCOII $2,000. general studies: FLAHERTY, GREEN, Melanie, Carbonear, Dr.Leslie business; HO, Yee Hao, St.John 's, Term McnniaI Sch.llanhip, 5SOO, ~ Tin. M. Clarenville.Canada Po st Coeponticn UlMICy Scholarships in Educa foundl andalumnischolarship, $I,OOO, enginecring; HODDER,Cathy, SI. Hauis Memori sl Univerauy of New. I Entr y Scho la rship in Engin eerin g, lion , M ucation; FLAHERTY, Lawrence. Rotary Club or St. John '. D ~~;~IS ~~~~~: 1 ~?~~~ ;~: general slttdie.;green, Melanie.C ar Tracy L,AYondale, Honourable Gordon bonear,c.nadasc holarships Program. Enlra nce Scholarship. $500, le neral music; DAVENPORT.Judith, SL John'... A. Wi...,O.C. SchoIarship. S5OO, poiitieal science: FLEMING. Rou nne, Ilclly.Corner Brook, Comer Brook Pulp bo ur. M.ureen Penn ey Memori al studies; GREENACRE. stud ies ; HODDER, Deni se. Rock Har Mrs. Grace Morl.n Enu.m;e Scholar ship(bu...y in MlISic , music; l..-nahne, MemorialUniYenity III Ne... WldPaperUd.Scholanh ip. S400.visua! Seholarship.S400,earthscienc:e ;HOL DAVlS. Dmix A.. Carbonear, Prizc for foundl.nd Facu lty AuocialionScholarship. S6OO. nursing: FOLEY. Nicbole. M. O.M or nenltaocescholarship. Morl.n Entrance Scholarship, , arts; GROVES, A. Dawn. Happy Valley. LETI, BnodleyW., s Cove, M. O. Spcei.ITOfl ic.~ di.trictopic ).SSO, medicine ; DAWE, Barry M. DwI.,ille, Placentia Bay. M.O. M<qu SI,oo),re llcfa1a udies;groves,trudy.,eneral slud ies: HOLLETT. Dori s O. Morl an Enuance Sc~lanhip. EJllrance Scholanhip, , leneral SI. John ' A. H.rvey.l: Compa ny Lid. Eliza beth, Amo!d'sCove, M. O. MorJ an SI,OOO ellcnolstudie s; DAWE.Barry, liudies; FORRISTALL, M. lthe..., SL SeholanhipProsram.SI'soo.leneral Enuanc:e Scholarship. $ I,000, leneral Borwood, e:a-ia SdlOlanhips Pr!Jlnonl, JaM'... MO. Morpn F.nIrwIICe Scholaraud its. audiel: HOU- ETT. Jacq ueline. Trinily l ener al studie s; DAWSON. "',000, geder! SlUdies: FRASER. B.y, Joh n P.loa Scholarship. Jatk&. St. John's, Dorothy Duff Moora Cllris, Gander. Upjolln Compllly or 51,oo).educ:ation;HOI...l TI.TunoIIIy. Memorial Enu. nce Scholarship i. H ~ ~~ Eo~e l ~ ~..~:~:.~a~n~~ c:an.ii Sddanh h..-y, S5OO, JlI-. I Cove,ean.daScholarships Pr0 Music, SI.OOO, mulic ; DENTY, mac y: FUDGE. Krisll.Green B.y. Dr. Scho l.rship. S5OO. general studies: gram. 51,OOO.eagin«: ria,; HOLMES, Stephanic,Clarenville.CIMdaScholar. M.urice Siva! SchobnhiplBursaty. HACK ETT. Elil.lbetb, COI"ner Broo k, ~bbic.slla...renc:e. Dr. Les lie Harris ships Prosno m,s2.000.generallludies; StiOO, FncnIIIIllbM:; RJDGE.Lto,d. St City of Corner Brook J. R. Small'*OOd MemoriaiU niversilyofne...rou..dl. nd DlCKER,Patrici., Hopedale.Quebec JKqUeS. M. O. Morpn EIlUWlCe Scholar Schol.rship.$ I,OOO,ge ne raluudiel: Alttmni Sch olarship. $1.000, le nera l Labrador ~ Schobnhip, SSOO. ship, genera l srudie s; FUREY, HAL L, Don. ld, Clarkes Beac h, M. O. S1udies; HOLMES,Debbie,SLLa...renc:c:. education; DlGNA RD, Sudynn, St. Paul, Avondale, RobertG. Reid Scholarship, 55OO.g_ral studies: AJR LONG, genera l studies: HALL, Donald, Il.eneral studie.: HOUSE.Sherry M.G.. Morg.n Enuanee scholarship, 51,000, Canada Seholanhips Proltlm, 52,000. Bern.rd' AssocialionofProfeuional EnginocnofNewfoundland Engineering Jo hn, SI. Bern ard 's, M. O. Morgs n Clarkel Be. ch.canada Scholarshipl Bellburn s,robert G. Reid Scholarshi p, Scholllship( No.2),5500. engin eerin g; Entrance Scholarship.$t,ooo.general Prog ram, $2,0 00, general S1udies; $500,gene ral S1ttdie.; HOUSE.Tr ina, DOBBIN. Alvin. lillie Bay,RobenG. HAMMOND,Ch ristopher. Bell Island, Sludiel:. Daniels Harhour, RobertG. Reid Scholar Reid Scholar.;hip. S5OO,general studies; Women ' s Assoc iation of Memori.1 ship.55 00, ge nerl1l studi es: HUDSON, DODGE, Jennifer, St. John's. New. Univers ity of Ne wfo und la nd Sc hola r JiII,St.John 's.johnlewispawn Scho!ar. fo und land Telephone Company Lid. G ~~n~~? ~'C h O~:r~ ~ ; p s L~~g~ae~ : ship, ph ysi cs; HANDCOCK, ship, SI,OOO.chemistry; HUDSON, Jill. Sc hol. rsh ip, 5600, gene ral studiu; S2,000. mathemati es; GE AR. Glen n, Sharon, Mounl Pearl. MeIllOl'ia1Univer St.John",Canada Scholarsllips Pl"ogram, DOWDE N, SCOI,SI. John's, Ca nada Comer Brook, Ida Harvey Scholarship, sity or Newfoundland Endowrr>enl Fund 51,000. chemistry; HULAN. Shelley. St. Scholarship. Prog r.m. 52, , visual arts; GENGE, A. Michelle, Sc ho larship. SI.OOO. ed ucal ion; John s. Memor ial Univers ily of New bioc hemislry; DROVER, D. vid, St. Happy Valley. M. O. Morpn Enl11lnce HARDY. Edwin. Rose BJanc:he. ROllI)' roundlandendowmcnlfundscholarshi p. Jo bn's. James (Ja y) Stac khouse Sc holar ship ,eneraISi udie.; CluborS I. John's Enuance Sc ho l.r S150,1ltS; HULAN,She lley. St. JoIIn'l, MernorialSchobntlip, S250. carth scien GEORGE, Chri s L. SI.John'l, Ro y.1 ship ge ner. 1 u udiu; Dr. Madelein e Dane Scholauhip ca; DROVER. Sandy F. H. St. John... C. nadian Lelion Ladies ' AU1il1i. ry HARTM AN, And reas, St. Jo hn'l, (Enllidl).S25O,English;HUMBY,Kelly. c.pwn J_ Cook Memorial S<:taoW. Scbol.nhip, S300. genenl. tudies; School or Music Facull y Schol.r Trinity Bay, Robert G. ReMJScholarship, "'ip.suoo, ~Y; DROVER. V IC' GIBBONS. Mich ell e. Plum Poinl, ship/blii'ial'y. 51jOO, mwsie; HARVEY, 5500.,eneral studies; HUNT. Michelle, Illt".Corne r Brook. Ed...ard P. Bro...1IC Quebec.LabradorFoundal.ionScho lar Marprd; E.., I..-' k Harbour, M. O. Mor Dover.RobertG. Reid Scl>olarship.S500, Scholarship, S15O. biochemisuy ; shlp general ll udies; Gl LLIN.,an Enlrance Scho l.rship, ICftC"al studies; HURLEY, John, Bellisland, M.O.MorSan Entranc:e Schol ar DRUKEN. Lisa. Ouler Cove. C.nada GHAM. Jamie. Seal Cove, Roben G. renerat audies; HARVEY, Marpm E.. ScboilnhipsPn:Jcr-n, S2.000.Cftp.ea ReM:l Scholanhi p. SSOO, a:cneraj. $Wdies; Lark Hlrbottr. C. nada Schol ars hips ship,st,ooo.seneral suldies; HWANG, inl; DUKE, Patr ick J. Corncr Brook. GOODYEAR, Bradl ey. Mounl Pea rl, Procram, bdogy; HASS. BraI Graoee.SI.Joh n I. C. nadaseholarship. Memor iai Un i ~ n i l y o r N e...foundl.nd Memorial Universil yofn e...fottndl. nd ley. BlIie \'ene, M. O. MOIJan EAtranee Pro,r.m, $2.000, biolo n ; HWANG, Faculty AsSOCialioa Scho~ hj p, Endo.. menl Fund Schola rship Scbolanhip , gener.lsl udiu; Gr.ce, SI. John s. Dr. Maurice Saval.-u!educaOOn; DUNNE. Sharon, Cc.ner ph ysicl ; GooSNEY. Jenn ifer, SI. HASS, Br. dle y, Baie Verte, RobenG. ScholllshiplB urury. $600, biolol1 ; Brook.Jo hn Le...i. Paton Schola rship. Jo hn's.can. daseholars hips Prog ram, Reid Scholarship. S500, general swdies; HYD E. Kimberley, Gr and B.nk, Dr. 51,000, psyc hology; DURDLE CftSinccring; GORDON, Linda, HEAD. G. il. Bathursl, Memori.1 Mau rice S.val Sch ol arship /Bu n. ry, Rq inald, Bell IsIand, JoIm M. and Elsa Murr a y'. Ri ver, Augu stu. Siaff ord Univers ily or Newfou ndl and Social S6OO,le neral studies; HYNES, Donna. S. Morpn Scho1arship Mucation; Mcmcrial; Work Schol ar ship,s5oo. soci. l...ork; ChapeIAnn.MMi s AtianlicUd. Scholar. DURNFORD, Co lin, St. John 's, Burroughs Wellcome Company Scholar. Brillol Pri J:e. $200, pharma cy; GOR Edw.rd Patrick Brow ne Memorial Donna,Chapel Ann, Edward D.Frte man GORDON. Linda. Mttrr.y' s River, HEALEY. Mich elle A. St. Joseph l. shiplbursary,5 250, pharmacy; HYNES. d1iplbursary, $400 piiatmacy;dwyer, DON. Linda, Murray's River. Merck Schol.rship gen eral sludies; Bursary,S500, plwm acy. Berni, Torbay. Hugh Lilly Unda"graduale Frossl Sc holarship pharmacy; HEARN. Connie, Harbour Grace, Scholan hip, 5300, eanh scicnces. GOSSE. Cy nthia, Spaniard's O.y. Roberl G. Reid Sc holar ship. $500. Robert G. Reid Sc holarship, 5SOO. general studies; HEFFERN AN, Barbar. Go ulds. M. O. Morgan Entrance No. I) Mcmorial Wall Scho\arsh.ip,5150, I~~n~~i a n~~~~:'(s~;~~ :~ ~ B~:::~ genera l st udie.; GOSSE, Jennirer, E~~ia~~a~~Ii.a~ ~e~~ ~~ I~ ~~ MounIPearI, JohnM. and Elsa S.M or Scholarship,S I,OOO,geners lstudies: education. Scholarsh ip,s300,science;ed WARDS, g. n Scholar. hip. S5OO, reli giott ' HEWITI. Josepb V. W., Deer We, M PauIa,~BurkcHouseScItot. stud ies ; GOUGH, Cori nne, G. nder, O. Morga n Enlta nee Scl:olaflhip, ship, S35O. nursin,; EUJOTI, Shannon, J~~~. ~;"'~=~ John Paton Scholarship. 51, ,000, ge ner al studie. ; HEWITT. SLklIln's. Mnnorial UniYn'Sity cl Ne... JAMIESON, Robyn, SI. John 'l, Dr. V. physics : GO ULD. Michell e, Ramea. Joseph V. W. Deer Lake. C.n.da foundland FacullyA.uoc:i.1ioftScholarsh ip, $600. nursin, ; ELLIOTI.Tammy. scienc:es;jatoo"es, Stepllen. MOURIPear I. SlephenPapezikSdlolanhip, SI,Cll),eriI Womell's Assoc iati on or Memor ial Scbol.nhips Program, $2.000, genera l Unlversityof Ne.. found l. &dsch ol.rship, S6OO,,eneral studie.: GOULD Cove, Robert G. Reid Scho l.rship, slud,es: HEWL ETT. Rich ard. Miles MaiIIBroolr, RoberIG.ReidScholarsllip. Boe...inSer Ina:elheim (C.nada) Ud. S5OO,JeflC"'IIIUdies:E."'IGRAM.NicoIe, ScholanhiplBlII'Ial'Y, $500. pbannky; ING. Job. G...oo. Roben G. Reid Happy Vi lley. Labndor, M. O. Morlan S500.,eneral slttdies; HICK EY, JARVIS. Tuy SL John l. John M. and Schol.nhip, S5OO, Seneral S1udies; Entrlnce Seholarship. 51. OOO,eneral Calherine, SI.Jobn's. M.O. Morl. " Elsa S. Pobpn Sddanhip. S5OO,MniftI; GOULDING, Kim. Wifldsor, OrutOD EnlralIoCe Scbolatship, ,,neral JEANS, Tina.Lcwispor1lC, M. O. Morpn Scbolantt ip, SSOO, Mucation; GOUU>- audies: HICKEY. C'aberiDe, St. Jolla......

9 Enllllnce Setlolars hip, SI,OOO,general $Iudies; JEFFE RIES, Mona, Brown's Arm,RobenO. Reid Schol~ ip, SSOO, general studies; JENK INS, Jamie. Durrell. Raben G. Reid Sctlolarsllip, SSOO,,eneral studies ; JENKINS. Nonnl8. WeAen ~y. Con<:epUon Bay. Merck FfOSSl SchoW's hip. SSOO,p/Iarm«Y; JENKINS.N(lnlWI. Weslern Bay,C... ceptioa B.y. Apace- lne, Scho lar ~->', S5OO,pt.maq;.JE1.,lU."'OS. Norman. Wes&ern ~y.conceptioli Bay, KJlOllPril:cia~, S J(D. Ilh- llky;iohn. Dlmn R. Olenwood. M. O. Morpa EllcraaceSchobnhip. SI,(1O.,eoeral studies; JOHNSON. Che rie, C.ulin. Dr. Mau rice Saval Scho larshiplbursary, S6OO, lencral sludies; JONES. Carolyn. Mount Pear\. Prize for Specia ITopics(Pe dia trietopic),s~io, medicine; JONES. Dioo. St. Joh n'. He...Ieu hct.d Award, enginr.ering. K~~-:~~ H u n i v~ ; : :;y o~a~;:: foundland Fa<:uhy A~!IOCi a t i o n Sc holar ship, $600, educatio n; KEATS. Tracey, BonaviSlllBay, ClUUdaScholarships Pro, ram,$2,000, b iology; KEEL. Monici. Deep Bighl. Roben G. Rcid Scholarship, SSOO. gene rll sludies ; KELLY. Irene. AWWldaIe, E. R. W. Nea Ie U~ Sc:hol~ ipofiheoac{ne w found la nd Sectioa) sciences; KELLY. Irene. Avondale. Canada Scbolarship s Progr. m, S2,000, geop hys ics; KELLY. IreDC, Avoodale, Cenlenary ofresponsible Governmenl Schotanhips. S1,000. anlitciellcc; KELLY.LoraIie,Gambo. M. O. Morg. n Ent.nnce Schol.1nl1ip. SI,OO). cencnl KElLY, W~ I-' Grand Falls. Shopper's DruS Mart A.. 1OCiMesSchobnhi~..-y,StiOO,Ilh- lilicy; KENNEDY. Carl, Bnsus. Concept ion Bay. Dr. Mu rice Scho ll.rshi pl8ursary. S6OO, seneral SQIdies;KENSEDY. J&!'s, M. O. Morgln Alumni Scholarsh ip. $500, dlem istry; KENNEDY, la5oii. SI. Jdul 's, Canada Scholarsh ips Progra m. S2.000, chemistry; KENNEDY.Sean. St.JoIl n's, l ohnl ewis Pl lon Schol arsh ip, SI,OOO. history; KENNEDY,Sea n, MOIlntPearl, Cani da Scholars hips Progr a m,s2.000, gener.l studies; KEOUGH. Valerie, SI. l o h n s, C l n. d I S c hol arsh ip~ Pro g r am. studie s; KERWIN. Len L)'IIll. SI. John'S, Professor lolvi S. Mor gan Scholar ship, $500, socill work; KING,GordonH. Bay R~ Kiwanis Club of SI. l ohn. Music Sctlolar ship/burllry,s, ic;king,gor doofi H. BIY Robens. Dim e Vera Lynn Sc: ~li. rsh i p in Music, S500, music; KING. Ian W" Broad Cove. Dr. Leslie Hvris Memorial Universily of Ne... f-.:llaadalumni Schol.arship. SI.OOO.,-ral Sludies ; KING. John. WiGdsor, Cauda Scllolars hips easinterin,; KINO, lohn. Willdsor, CIllIda Schol arshi ps Prograrll.S ensineerill S; KINO,John. Windsor. Dr. Maurice Savll Schoiars hip/b ursafy. S6OO. chemistry: KING, Roger, H~nl ' l Harbour,T rinil ybly. C.nadaS chol:u ships Progr.m, $1,000, biochemi svy : KNOTT, DII.n e. Pon lux Basqu es. Robert G. Reid Scllolarship. S500, JCnenl Sludica. L~~;~ ~ ~i a;:~ c~ : ~~ I S~~~ i~t~:~ Sc:holsrship, cation ;LAMBE. 'ody, Brigus.Canada Scllolarships Program. S2,OOO.generll Sludies ; LAMBE, Jody 0..Bn gus. Conce plio n Bay.G. H. MOll in.nd Son Scholarship, S750, central studies; LAM BERT,lan,Sou thport.m. O.M orllan Entrance Scllolaru ip.,,ener.1 ~ l ud ies; LANE. ' OIllIIC, SI. l oiln s. MmtOriaI Univeni ly of Ne...foundland Endo...menl Fund Sc~ rship. Sl.OOO, arts ; LAWLOR. 'T1MMus Micllael. SI. TIlomas.Bccbtel Caaada Lilllited Scbolarship (No.2). S300 engineering; LAWLOR, Thomas,bioche mi,try ; MARCH,Trevor. Mich ae l,si. Thomas, Hewlen'PlICkar d Mounl re.t. A. ~y &:Company LI4 Award,enginoering; LEAR, Mvil yn, Ptrl Sc hol.rship Progra m. SI,500, gener.1 de Grave, M, 0, Morglll Entrance SllIdie.; MARSH, Ru lli, Paradise, Scho llrship. general shjdies; Memor iai Universilyof Ne...foundl. nd LEDRE W. Jan ice. Corner Brook. Rick Facil ity Assoc iatioll Scllolars hip,s600, SlM:ppud Memorial Scbol.1nhip, SSOO. lc"ience; MARSHALL, Aadrea. AJwoId. unb tciences; LEDR EW. leff WiltC'. Cove. Ca n..u Scholarships Pro,ratII, Orand Falls.a.nesHo:M.R BI8llI')'. Ssoo. Sl,OO), JChCQlIlldiel; MARTIN business; LEE. Ja.nae. St.lohn 's.m rs. Harbour BrelDll,Canad ian Feden. Uoaof H. B. Younr: Mell'lOrial Scholarship. Uaivenil)' W0me8 B..-y. ssoo.jciie2ll S5OO.musil:;L.EE.. Kama.St. 1dIn's. W~- Rudies; MARTIN. Da... Harbour lilm J. House Mel'lloOrial Scholarship, Breloa. Caaada Scholarships Pro,ranr., S"/50...usic ;LEE. Karen.S LJohn'. A., leaeral SUtdiU; MARVIN. L. Collis&: Son hip, S500. Deanne, SI. JOhll'S, Dr. Maur ice Savll music ; LEE. Kok Shean,l. SL John s. ScllolvshiplBuTSary. S6OO. leneral Ne...found l. nd &:Labfalkw Hydr o Cor - Jludies; MAY, Nausha, Corne r Brook, poratioa Schol.arship,S I,OOO,engineer- Schol ars hips Program,, ing; LEE.Norman.Broot:fdd. Dr. Leslie se ner. lst udies : M AY. N~g s h.a. C orner H. rris Memo ril l Univers ity of New. Broo k. Beu Sig m. Phi Bursary, H OO, foundland AlumniScholars hip. SI.OOO.,eneral.tudies; MAYO. Shane. CreSlOO,enell l studies; LEE. Norm an, Brook - North. Memor ial Univers ily of Ne w_ field, C.nada Scholars hips Program, foondland Endowmclll Fund Scllolanhip. S2.000, generl l studies; LEE, Robert, $1,000. malhcmatics; MAYO, Shane, Moun t Pear l, Schoo l of Music Facult y CreslOONCI1h,CenlCnary of Re"ponsible Sc ho lar1\h i~ ursary. SI.SOO,mu,i c; LEE, Govemmcnt Scholarships. SI.lXX}. mathe_ Sandi, M""nt Pwt,Canada.Scholarships mlliics;mcdonald, CorinnllI.. Mount Program. S1,lXXl,chemistry; I. FRENSE, Ca rmel. Ed ward Palrick Browne Debbie,lsle l UXMort. Floren ceo'n eill Memori.1 Scho la rshi p. S900. generll Scholars hip, $1,000, pharm l cy; ' tudies; MCOR ATH, Alison, P'lrick's LEONARD,OIristine.St.lohn s.roy.1 Cove.lo/ln I. Murphy Scholarship. Ssoo. Cl nldi.n Leg ion (Branc h No. I) soci. l...or k; MCGRATH, le rry, Torb.y. MemorialB..-y, S5OO. genenf SlUdies; M.O. Mor g.n Bmr ance Scholars hip. l ONARD.Glenda.SoulhemHarbour, S, general st udie s; MCGR ATH. Dr, 0, A. Fred<erMernoriaI Alumni Bur lerr y, Torha y,canad a Sc h ol~ ips ~ sary,s500.iencn.1ruclies; LEONARD,.,$l ud>cs;mc1...ean. Gle nda. Soulhera Ha.rbo ur, Can..u HeMhI:f.I'btbwesI River. Lalndor. Wif Scholl.rshipsPro,rllll,$1,OOO.generai lil m I. I nd Florence Ca re... LabfadOl'" uoldies; LEO NARD. Shl... Fresh. Scbola rshiplbulsary, $400. se-eral "'ller.p!acentiab'y. Memoria IU niver Sludies; MEADE, Veda L.. PorI.ux lily of Ne...found land Facally BasqllCs. Dr. M.u rice S.vll Scbolar Auoc:iaoo. Scholarship,S6OO,lIenerll dl ipiblirlf)'.s600. bioloiy; MEADlJS. Uudies : l UNG. Siu-Ki. SI. loh ll S. OIrisli....St. JoIln s. Dr. Maurice S. vl l Memorial Univenil yor Newfou lldl. nd SCholanhiplB unary, S6OO. biolol)': Endo"'lllentFun dsc holars hip,s MEHANEY, SIIllIlCI. HefTinl Ned.. tcience; L.EWIS. Sheri Lynn.SLJohn s, C. n~d. Pon Corpontion Lilerac y Can.da Seholars hips Prosr lm. $1,000, ScholantlilX'in Education, SI,lXXl. educaengineerin,; LEWIS, Sheri-L ynn. St. tiol'i; MELBOURNE. s..dra, B~ M. l ohn ' Ce nle nary of Respo nsible O. Morpn EnInnce Schola.n tup. SI,lXXl. Oovernmenl Scholarsh ips, SI,OOO,en-,enerl l sludies; MERCER, David, SI. gineeri nlt;l1ew.k enne thj.. SI.l oon's. lohn',. Fredcrick J. Hancock Scholanll ip. CenlenaryofResponsibleOovefnmenl SSOO.general sludies; MERCER, Karen, Scho larships. SI.OOO. e ngineering; Mount Pearl,S hopper's Drug Marl As LOCKE, Healher. Deer Lake, Rohert G.!lOCiates ScllolanlliplBurwy. SHD, pharo Reid Scholarship,S5oo,generalsludies; macy; MF.RCER. Sandra Marie. Gander. LOCKYER, Clrolyn. S.lmon Co ve. NewfoundlandOutfiue r'sassoci'lion Canada Scho l:uships Program. $1,000, hip. S500,b iology; MESBAH. genefll siudies; LOVEYS, Plul, SI. Samy A., SI. JoIln,., CharIe, O. Thoma lohn' s, M. O. Morpn Enuara Schut. Schollrship, S750, e nginee ring; MES ship. SI.OOO.gene ral slud ics; LUCAS, SERVEY. Jan el Lynll. Stephellville Rhond., Pon.u PorI. M. O. Morlltn Cro ssin,l. M. O. Morg.n Entrance utrlnc Schol.nlIip. SI.OOO.general sludies; u ud,es; LUSCOMBE. Krinoph er 0:, MILLEY, Cind y, Springdal e, Canida BlShop 's F.lls, Dr. Leslie SchoiarshipsPrograrn.S2.000.compuaer Memori.1 Univers ily of Ne...foulldla.nd science;miu..ey, Cft2y, Spirrc dale. Dr. Alumni Scho lars hip. SI,OOO.,enerai M.uriee S.v.1 ScholanhipIBllrsary. u udles; LUSCOMBE. KriUopher D.. S6OO,com puler scienc e; MITCHELL. Bishop's Falls. c...ia Sdlobnhips Pro- Lorri.St. 1dIn ',., St. Jota.'s Ptrl Corporagram, $1,ooo.,enerll uudies; LUSH. tioa Scholarsh ip. SI,ooo. biololl)' ; Rid. St. JdIa 's, M. O. Morgan Ennnce MONK.Cr.ig. Manuels,Dr. Made leine Schol.1rship, SI,ooo. genef31 Sludies; Darte Scholarship (Englisa). $150, WSH, Rick,'s. C-.ada Schot. English; M<X.lNEY. Melissa.51.""-Y's. ships Prupam, S2JXX), JrnCf3l SlUdies. M. O. Morlln Enlrance Scholanhip, M ~~~7a~L~~ i v~: ~: ' o~urr:ee:: ~~=;, :..~:::, :.d~~ur~~.~~i foondlalld Facully A S!lOCi~lion SChol:u- Scholarsh'p/BurSily. S6OO. generll ship, S600. gener.1 Slud ies; MACKEY, slud les; MOORES,Cleon, Red Bay, M. Douglas. SI. loiln's, Dr. lgnati~ A. Rum- O. Morpn Enuance Scllolassltlp. SI,lXX}. holdi Scl'lOlr ship. S300,music;MA CK- gene.rll studies; MORRIS, Paul I.. EY,Oouglas. Sl. l ohn s. Corner Broo k LewlSport.e. M. O. Morgan Entra~ce Pulp &. Paper Lid. Scholarship, $250. Scho lauhlp, SI,OOO, genera l studle ~ ; music ; MAHER, Kelli, Grand Bank. MOR~IS Ey,.R,chard~.~BayRoberts, Memori.1 Universil yofnewfoundland Ca._ han Instllllle of Mmlng ~ MCIaI Flcu ltyaisocialion Scholars hip.s600, lurgy SllverJublleeS chol:u shlp,ss oo, nurs ing; MALONEY. Peler. Sweel Bay, u rth sc Ience,; MOULTON. Rosalind, B. rne. Hou it Bur sary. S500,e ngineer. Crenon South, M.O. Morgan Enl ra ~ c e inl ; MALONEY,Scoll. I BIY. Dr. Scho lars hip, SI,ooo, gene ral slud les; M.u rice Sivil Scholars hiplb ursary., MUI SE,J l son. Slephenv,lle,M emon ll S6OO.,ener.1 sl udies; MANNI ON, U.. ~y 01 Ne...foundland Fal:llil)' As Mitt.d. SLJohn's, MeInoriaIUaivenily SOClallon Scho lars ~ip, S6OO. le ner.1 of Ne...fOUDdland l Fund ' l udlcs; MUL RooNEy.John~. Schobnhip.SI,lXXl.biocheIIlisvy;MAN- SI. lobn s. Bechlel C...uL,m,wl NlClN.MichId. 51..klba's, CCS'CnWy ol Scho larstup,(no. 3).~.englloeefln l ; Respoasible Government Scholarships. MULROON EY. PaIric>a.Soulhenr Har hour, dl Scholarships Prog rllll, S1,lXXl,biology; MURDEY, Richard. SL John'., Memorial University of NewfoundIandEndowr'net-. FundSchobrsttip. chemislt)'; MURPHY, Brad, Corner Brook.C. F. Poole Scholars hip. eoeece: MURPH Y. Brad D. Qw-ner Bmol., Dr.~ Ba-neaSchot. ship.s I.200,bioIoI:Y; MURPHY. Dena. C\lpid:s. AMOC'OCanada~ Bur-r ill bth Scienc:es. SI,SOO.e:Wl tcieace.; MURllfY.San Joftn s, Memorial U.iversil)' of Newfound land l Fllnd Scbolarship. S chemisvy; MUImfY,,si. kw! 's, Ce nte... ry of Respon sible Govemmenl Seho larda ips, $1.000, cbemislt)' : MUZ AFFAR. Habib Bin. SI. Joh n'., Mc rnori.i University ofn e...foundll. nd Endow ment Fund Scho larshi p, SI,000. sciences; MUZAFFAR, Hab ib Bin. SI. Jo hn' s. Ce nlenlry of Responsible Govemmc:ntScllolassltips. SI.OCO,mathemaucs: MYRICK, Jea n Marie, SI. ShOll', Breakwater Boots Lid. Undergraduate Scholarolhip in Folklore, $5oo, folklore. N=c~ ~~~ r~=: ship, S6OO, fine errs: NETHERCOTT, W.nen, Port Sunley, Apotex Inc, Schola rshipfbursary.ssoo,pharmlcy; xswnoo«. Susan. SI. lohn 's. M. O. Morl.n Entrance ~ho lar s hip, lenerll studie s; NEWHOOK. Tracey. Comer Brook. Cornel Brool. PIlip &: P.peI" Ltd. Schol.1rship.S400,biolOO: NG, Kah King. SI. lohll's, Amdahl Canada Limiled Scbolarship, SI,ooo, eompillc' tcience; NO. Kah Kinl. SI. Johll S. Cenlelllt)' of Respooosible Gov-emrnenISc hol.-slt ips,s I.OOO.cOlllpUler sciene e : NOB EL. Lill D., Pasadena. Dr. George Mostoviu Award, SSOO. biolol)': NOBLE, Valerie. Sp ringd.le. M. O. Morglll Enlrance Schola rship, SI,ooo,,eneral sludies: NOEL.Jason.Carbonear.G.H. Morlln and Son Scholarship. $150. le ner. 1 slud ies ; NOEL, l aro n, Carhonul, Cl n.d. Scholarships Progra m. S2.000, generi litudiel; NORMAN, Chad, Roddictorl.RohertG. ReidSc hoiarship,s500, general studies; NORMAN. Janice. Roddicton, Memori.1 Universilyof Ne... foundll nd F.c ulty Associ'lion Scholarship, S600, educ. tion; NOR MAN. lohn, Co rner Brook. Bruton Scholarship, S bio logy ; NORTH, Tooya. Ray de Vmk. Dr. MaurioeSaval Scho larshipfburla ry. S6OO.,enerl l... O ~B=, S~~:;h ~ape~;~ : $ leneral studics; O BRIEN. ~ e-dl ScholarIbipa Procram. S2.lIOO, meiacains; O BRlE.N. Mic:bad. 51.John...Memorial Uaiveni ly ol New IoundIand~Fund Sddarship, SI,lXXl. aru: O'DEA. Daneile, SL.JdIrt's, Claada Schola rships Program. S biology ;O 'OEA.lohn B. Mounl Pearl, M. O. Morg.n Entrance Schol l nhip. SI,OOO, r:enera ISludie s;oates,sand y, Rodles Line, M. O. Morgan Enlr ln Ce Scho l.r ship, SI,OOO, general Sludies ; OATES, Sandy, Roch el Lin e. C.nada Scholar.hipsProgram,$1,ooo,g ener.1 studies; OSMOND, Coll ell e. POri aux Basqu es, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College Scholarlhip, $750. general studie s; OUYANG. Xiaoxi, Sl. John's. Cenlenary o f Respon sible Govemm ent Schol arships, SI,000, engineering;ouyang, XilOxi. SI. Jo hn's. Hewlett Packard Aw.rd, ensi nce li ng; O XFORD. Ole n. SfWillJdale.MernoriaIUnivcrsilymNe... foujklludfacullya ssoci.lionscholar. p, S600. geneql li.lldie5. ~:;:~~.A::;B~o~::~ S.~;.=.-nl --.: PARK. ~ Comer BroW., Memori.1 Ulliversity of Ne.. -

10 found land Facully ASll(l(:iation Scholat general S1udiell;PILGRIM. Brenl S. SI. "'p. S6OO.,men! IlUdic:s; PARK. "'lor Anthony. M. O. Morg an Enllllnce l'iy. Comer Brook. Sir WilfrcdGrenfc ll Scholanhip. SI.OOO.seneral stllllie. ; Collcsc RcsidcnccScholanhip. sno. PITCHE R. Mocbelle. Mounl Pearl, Ser. science; PARK. MIIf'I'I)'. Comcr Broot. s-'ls Mea 01 Nc'tYfOllOldland McmoriaI Dr.G.A.FRd:crMcmorilllAlumni Bor Entrance Scbolars1li p ill Music, SSOO. Al)'. SSOO. SCtcnce; PARK. Mum)'. music ; POOLE, Andre.. J Come r e- BI' 01 ~bk Brook. Me_ill U"i versily of Ne.. Govcrtllacnt Schobnhips. fourdaad F\Ind.5dlrManhip. dlcmisuy; PARK. Robin. Comer Brook. SI,IXXl,pw:raI JlIIdies; POWELL.Char APEGN - Pasl PrC5idcnt Scho larship. les. Eastport. M. O. Morgan Entrance $1,000. cnsinccrins; PARK. Robin. Scho lars hip, gcneral st udies: Comer Bmolr., CeIllClW}'ofRcspomibie POWEU.., Lynette. Gkwenown. Julia E. Government Scho lars hips, S enginec:ring; PARK. T.aI)'3Jl8., Comer Bmolr., studies; POWER,Adrian. Torbay. Canada Mors an Scholars hip. SI.OOO,gcne ral M. O. Morgan EnlIancc Scholarship. Schola rshipsprogram. S2.00ll.e ngineer SI,OOO, sc ncrl l studics; PARRELL. ing: PO WER. Brenda. Marystown, MichKJ. Sl John s.canada Scholarships Canada Scholanhips Progra m, , ProSra m. S general ltudies; PAR. J!""C"Il 5lIIdies; POWER. Brenda. ~.. SONS. V.nessa R. Trout Rivcr. M. O. IOwn. Mar y L. (Mo llie) Bail cy Scholatship. S500.,eneral Mudies: POWER, Morsan Entrancc Scholarship. $ sene ral studies; PATEY. Deanne. Lori. Manuels. Memorial University of Wab ush. M. O. Mor gan Enllllnce Ne.. fou.ndland Endo.. ment Fun.d Scbolanhip. S I.000.se_1I1 SllIlIies; Scholarship. SI.OOO,,enera l SllIdies; PATE Y. Ma u lle... Le.. ispo«e. Cllla4I PO WER. Miellelene. Ch:lpel Arm. Scbobnbips ProsJ-. S2.000.nlImca Canada Scholarships Program. S2.OOO. ina;patey.robert. sc...s"e. R. W. bio'ogy; POWE R, Rob. SI. Joh,, s. Neale Undergrad uate Scho larship of the FrederickandllolIbelEm ersonme motial G.A.C.(Ne.. foundla nd Seclion ).S750. Scho larship. ; PR IMMER. urth sciences; PAYNE. Brenl. ubrador Hilar y G. C.. Bitc hy Bay, Engineers ' Cily, Pharmaceulica l Supplies Limited Wives Prile, 1400 e ngineerin,; ScholarshiplB ursar y.; PRITCf IETI, Tamm y, Gander. M. O. PAYNE. Brenl. Labra dor Cily. G. R. Mor glln Enu ance Scholars hip.s 1,000. DuncanPri le inpbarmacy,sioo, phar gcneralstudics;prowse.james, SI. macy; PAYNE, Bren!, Labrador City,Abboll Prize,; PEARCE, follndland Endo"'mcnl Fund Scholar.Jlip. John 's, Memorial University orne ", JIlllln,HarhourBn:ton, MernoriaIUnivCO" arts; PYE, Co ry, MI. Moria h. sily of Ne wfoundland Facully AllI(I(:ia Memorial Univers ilyofnewrollndland lio n Scholaohip. S6OO,g eneral stllllics; Endo wment Fund Scholanhip. S PEARCE. Lori. Boyd 's Co~, M. O. scieace; PYE. Cory. Moun l Mori ah. MorSI" EAtrance Scho lanhip. S1.000, Canada Scllolarships Prograrn. S se neral sludies; PEARCE. l.ori. Boyd's che_istry; PYE. Cory. MOIInlMoriah. Cove, Canada Scholarships Pros ram, Cen tenary of Rupon~ible GovC'f1lmenl S2.000.sencralllUda; Pf.ARCE. Neil. SdMMIrships.SI,OCO.cllemi5uy. Sl JobfI'S"Jobr1Lewil... SdlIMInhip. $1000, science; PEARCE, Nei', sc 10hfl s,c...dascho.arshipsprosram, $ bi(x:hemutry; PEARSON, Nicholas. SI. John 's. Ed"' ard Patrick Brown e Memorial Scholarship, businen; PEDDLE. Beverly,Spaniard 's 8lay, Smith, Kline IUIdBe«ham Scholar shiplb ursary, 5350, pharmacy; PELLEY, Jlson. Durrell. Dr. Mauric e Saul Scho l, rship/b ursa ry,56oo.chemistry; PE LLE Y.Susan. Co rner Broo k. Ro bert G. Reid Schola rship. $500.,eneral slladies; PENNELL. Tami. Trcpassc:y, Royal Ca nadian Le,ion (SI. Jolln's Br~" No.I ) M e.oriaiwa Il S c bo lar sftip. $750. fil1uc:aiim: PENNEY, r:anne. She, Hei, hls, M. O. Morsan Entrance Schola.n h ip. SI.OOO.seneralsllldin; PENNY.LoriL.. Windsor. Jo hn Le.. is Paton Scholars hip. S sci ence; PERR Y, J.cQ ueli ne. Be llevue. Trinity Bay. Memorial UniversilY of New. foundland F.c ulty MlI(I(:iatioll Scholar ship, S600. educ ation; PERRY. Mark. BadSe rsquay, Becht el C.nada Limiled Scholarship (No. 4).S400.eng ineering; PERRY. Shane, Daniel's liarhoor. M. O. Morsan Entra nce Schol arsh ip. S general studies; PERRY, William, G~",,". Robert G. Reid SctIolanhip. SSOO,,eneral studies; PETER S.Co lin. St. SoM'S"Canada Scholan '"ps Pmgnm, $2.,OOl.~ ; PETERS. Col.. SL Joh. s. He.. leu Packard A... rd. eap ncenllj: PE1F.RS. CoWlG~ SLkila's, Cell lcnary of Respon sible GoYem meat Scholarsbips. etisu-rms; PET TEN. Rounne. Cole y'. Poinl. M. O. Morsan Enu ance Scholarship. SI.OOO.,enera l l!ladies; PHILPOTI. Rhonda. Tickle Co ve. B.B., M. O. Morgan Enlrance Scholarship, SI,OOO.,eneral sludies ; PIERCEY. Ro herl, SI. John 's. John M. and E1saS. Morgan Scholarship. S5OO,philosophy; PIERCEY, Robert. Sl John 's, Ce ntenary of R espo n ~i bl e Governmenl Schola rshi ps. SI,ooo. piii\oeqil y; PIKE.Pamela.TI'CI'JIl'!'C Y, M. O. Morgan E.ntnnocSchola-shlp. SI/XX). C..aPtkl. Q~.) B~~~ ~i~ Enuance ScholarshIp in MU" C. S300. mll5ic; QUINTON. Brian. Shwi "-boor. Marquis lim ited (Colonel Sandcrs) Bur SlII')' in Mu.Uc. RteL:m~ ~,.;:s ~ a;~:;: r t EO. P:;~~ Scholarship, S500, genera l sllldies; REED. Cal's.grece M. Sparkes Alumni Entran ce Scholar shiplburury in "'lulie, S500. music; REGULAR. Dana. PaQuel. Dr. L-eslie Harril Memorial Univcrsity of Ncw_ fou.ndbad AI..."; S<:boIan. hip canb.:ieoices; REGULA R. Tammie. Sl JoIIn s. Memorial Universi lyof Ne.. foundlandfklilty M SOCia tion Scholar sh ip. S6OO,nursin,; REID. Ja_ 101. Di klo. "'1.0.Morsan Entr.uceScholar ship. SI,ooo. senera l sludies; REID. Jason "'I. Dildo, Canada S c ho l a r~ h i p s PIOgram, S2,OXI, gencrai SlUdics; RE ID. Ron,BeilIsiand.M.O.Morgan Enwnce Scholar.h ip. SI,OOO. gener al ~tudies; REX, Grego ry. Sl. Jo hn s. Memorial Universily or Newfoundland Endowmenl Fund Scholars hip. SI,OOO, genet al stud ies; RICE. Bradle y. Whi te Bay. Robert G. Reid Scho lars hip, $500, gmc:raisliidiies; RK:HE.Maun:en.~1 Pear l. John Paton Schola rship. SI.OOO. ans ; RID EOUT, Patric i.. ManllCls. M. O. Morglll Entrance Schola rship, SI,OOO.general studies: RID EO UT. Pauicia. Man uell. C... ada Scholamips: Prog ram.,eneral lludocs;rideolft,shawn F..8oIwood. Reverend G. Lloyd Morgan MemOfial Scholanh ip.sjoo.n:i isiousst udies;r IX. MANN. Robert, Paradi se. Canad a Schola rships Pro s ram.$ gene ral s t u d ie ~ ; RIXON, Sco tt, Paradi se. McmorialUni vcrsilyofncwfound land Endowmenl Fund Schola rship. SI,000. science ; RIXON. Scoo. Paradi~. CroleR., d: Responsi ble GoYCmRlCOt Scholar ships. 51,000.physics;ROB BINS.Carl. [ko('". u ke. R. A. Parson s Scholarship, S5llO.gene raisllldi cl ; ROB BINS.Nei l. Comc:s- B n::d,hariow~~ I Cor para lio n Scholan/lip, 250, fine, rts; ROBERTS. Gle nda. SI. Antho ny. M. O. Mor s all En tra nce Scho lars hip. SI.OOO.,enera!studies; RO BERTS.Glenda. SI. AfIthony.Quebec: L.abtaOOrFOIIndau.. Scholarship. ISOO.,clteral stllllies; ROBE RTS, Me linda,triton, Memorial Uni'iUSilyofNc.,.foundIand F8Cll1lyAssociatiOll Scholarship. S6OO. gener al st udies; ROB ERTSO N, A. Charles. St. Joltn s. Cc nlena ry of Responsible Govcrnmcnl Scltolars hips. S en ginee ring; ROB ERTSO N. Charles. St. John ~,Ca nada S chol a rshipsprog ram. S2, ing; ROD WAY, Oare nville. John M. and Elsa S. Morgan Scho larsh ip.ssoo.nursins; ROMPKEY. PelCr. Nepean, M a~ i m Mllumdar Memori&lScholarship i. The. Ire. S500. fine arts; ROSE. 00)1c. Ncpcan. Canada Scholarships Pro,ram , matlle. malics; ROSE. Eliubeth. Grey River. Rota ry Club of SI. Jolln's Entra nce Scholarship. SSOO" eneral sludies; ROSE.GIcI/;. BlIl'Jco. Memorial Univer sity of Ne.. foun dla nd F.culty AuociationSc holarship,s6llo.generalst udies; ROWE. Be\lUly, Sl John's, Jm n M. and EI... S. Mor s an Scholarship. S500. anth ropology:r OW E,Paula.SI. lohn s. Ca nada Scho larsltips Program, S2,000. biochemistry; RYAN. Colicen. Sl John's, Sabe~ Intcrn ational Scholarship. S250. plwm acy; RYAN. Collom. Sl John's, Eli Lill y Book Award, S200, phllrmacy ; RYAN. Gail Lynn.St.John l. Prizc for Special Topics (Pe dill ric Top ie). S50. medicine; RYAN, Jam es. St. Geor ges, OoeYrollCanada Reaoura:sLId. Sctdar S!l1p, SI.OOO.unit sc iences: RYAN. J--. Bonavisu Bay. Dr.Mauria Sa... Scflolarsil ip/8 ursary. S6OO. ge neral studtcs: RYAN. Li...Torbay. Dr.Led tc Harris Memorial Uni~rs;ty of New. foundland Alumni ScholaBhip, S1.000.,e'l'loCrl l srudles; RYAN. LIlli. Torbay. Canada Scholarships Program, S2,000, gcncral sl udies; RYAN. Raym ond. Sl. Mary's Bay, RobcnG. Reid Scho1ar.lhip. S500,gcncralstudics. S~~:n~~' ~:~ ~ 'c~~:::~:;~'u~~ ~: $250. pharmacy; SAMSON. Dana, Ri~r of Ponds. Memori, l Univers ily or New. rollndlandfac ully Association Scholar ship.s6oo.gcneralstudtcs; SAMSON. Kennedl.Rivc:r d: Ponds.Roc.y Club d: SI.Joltn sentranc escholarship.5soo.,eneral sludies; SAMSON. Nancy. Sl John s. Memor ial Universi l)' of!'oje"', foundiand Endawment Fund Scbolanllip. SI,ooo, bioi osy:sa MSON. Nanc)'. Sl John s. Canada Scholarships Program. S2,000, biol og y; SANTHAKUMAR. Sumatha. Mar ysto",n. Centenary of Respon sible Govemm enl Scholarships. SI,000, gencral sludies; SAUNDE RS. Paula. Sprin gdale, Rollert G. Reid Scholars hip, S500, general sllld ies; SAVOURY. Dean. Bumllliand. M. 0 Morgan Entran ce Sc holarship. S1.000,, enerat Sludics; SCEV IOU R, Edwa rd. Collie rs.conc epl ion Bay. Dr. Sa"'Sdloiarsh i~'1hnary, St\OO.gencraI 1IUCloes; SENlOR.~. SLJohn's. M. O. Mo:rprIE.ntnnocSclllllanh ll. SI.o:o.,eneral studies ; SENIOR. ADdru, SI. Jolln s.canada Scholarsltips Pro gram. $1,000. seneral stlldies; SEYMOUR. Bishop 's Falb. Memorial UnivCO"' silyofne.. foundland Endo wmenlfu nd Schola rl ltip. SI,ooo. scner al stud ies; SE YMOUR, Car la. Bishop ' s Falls. Ca nada Scho larships Progr am. S biol ogy; SEYMO t,r. Ca rla. Bishop 's Falls, Centenary d: Ke"JlO'lsihle Govern ment Scho larship ". SI. OOO. gener al studi es; SHEPPAI<D, Michael. POinl L-eamington. ROUu)-C1ubo fst. Jo hn 1 Entr ance Scltol arsh ip gcner al slud ies; SHEPPARD. Trace y.labrador Cily. M. O. Morg all Entr~e Scholar Ihip. $ 1.OOO" eneral stllllies; SHORT. Stephen.Jeffreys. Comer Brook Pulp" Paper Lid. S<:holarship. $400,,enera! sludies; SKANES. Lisa. Mar ysu le. M. O.MorpI~Sc lllllanh ll,s,eneralstllllies; SKANES. Lisa. Mary. vale. Canada Scholarships Prosram. S general studies; SKINNE R. Laurie Lynn, Harbo ur Breton. Dr.Edith M. Manuel Scholarsh ip (Spons0re4 by the CFts W). S500. gcneral slud ies; SLADE. Ja mes R. M., Lewupcne. Eugene Vincenl Memorial Scholarship. S500,carth I(;iences; SLADE, Mary L.. Glenw ood, M. O. Mor gan Eerra nce Scholarship, S I.OOO. general sludies; SMALLWOOD. Michelle, Mount Pearl, Joh" Lewis Paton Scholars hip, S ed uca tion; SMITH. Ke lly Lynn, St. Jo hn l. Cenlenary of Re spo nsi ble Gove rnme nl S" holars hips. S Frmdl; SMITH, Sandra. Nortn.l" e-e. Trini ty Bay.JohnLe.,.isPalOnScholar ship. SI.OOO.educ't>oa; SMRZ, Iv.. Comer Brook. Memor ial Universily of Ne wfollnd land Endowmenl Fund Scholarship. S6OO. general stlld ies: SMRZ,Iva. Comc:s- Brook. Comer Bn::d Pulp&. Pape r Ltd. Scho lars hip scie nce ; SMRZ. h,. Come r Broo k, Ca nada Scho larships Prog ram, $ biology; SMRZ, Iva. Comer Brol., Cen tenary of Respon sible Governm ent Scho lars hips. SI,000, biology ;SMRZ, Ji ri, Co rner Brook. Captain Georgc CanlllTighl Scbolarship in History, S200, arts; SMRZ. Jiri. Comer Brook. Comer Brook Pulp " Paper Lid. Scholarship, S400"r1l: SNOOK. Joan ne, Sl. John 's. Comc:s- Bnd- PIlIp" ~ Ltd. Sctn.' ship. SAOO. fine -u: SNOW. J.:lIl. Bal..,.ood. Me mor ial Universily o f NewfOlln.dland Facu lty Associ alion Sc holarshi p. S6OO, seneral stllllies; SNO W, Nicole. CI.rke's Beach. MemOfial Universi lyof Ne.. fol,lndland Faculty Associa tion Scholanhip.SlIOO. gcne r, luudies; SNO W.Sheldon.St. John s. women's Assoc ill ion of Mcmorial Univcrsil yofnewfollndland Sc holarship, S600. general studies; SOMERTON, Michelle,Be ll h land, M. O. Morgan Entrance Scholarship, ge neralsludics; SOO. Kcnnelh Kar K., SI.Jo hn's. TcrmI EntrySc holars hipi n Engineering, S500. engineer ing; SPARKES, Douglas. Glove rlo...n. Dr. Maurice Saval ScholarshiplBunary. S6OO. smcnilludic:i; SPARKES. Jomne., GIoYmown,SolInM. and Em S. Morpn Scholars hip. S500. edllcatioo ; SQUIBB. S~A.. Cartcncar.Dr.LeslieHar ris Memor ial University of New. found land Alumni Schotanhip ,e neral studies; SQUIRES. Kcll y, Sl Jo hn s. Roben G. Reid Scho lars hip. S ~OO, s enera l studies ; SQUI RES. Lisa, Sl John'S"Memorial Uni~nit y 01 Ne... foundland Endowmcnt Fund Scbolarship, S1,000, sc iencc;stoc KLEY, Heather, Manu eh, Dr. Gerald B. Ol son Scholar ship, S500. music; STOCKLEY, Hcalhcr, Ma nuell, Gowe r Youth Band Entran ce Scbolars hip in Music. S500. music: STUC KEY. Paul, Cobb s Arm. Dr. M au r ic e Sa uischol a r sh ip/bu r~. S6OO.,cneral Sludies ; STUC K~ESS. Jamnon, Botwood.C... Scholarships PJosram.S2000,engineeri n,;stuck LESS, Jam e son. Bot...ood. Dr. S. M. Blair Merroor'-'Abnni A-.t for Escd 1en;:e.~g.S500.COIuor:e:rint: SruCKLESS. Jameson. Bot*ood. He.. lell Packard A"'ard.en,ineerins; snjckless. Jameson R. Bal.wood,Dr. Vmcenl P.Blrl- e Schola<sllip, $I,200. en gin cer ing; SU LLI VAN, Arth ur. SI. John 's.john M. and EI... S. Morgan Scholar shi p, S500. ph ilo ~ oph y ; SUt.. LIVAN. Shelley. Pouch Cove. Canada Scholarsh ips Prog ra m, S2,OOO. biociiml i.wy. T~~ S?;:=:i~:S=

11 ~~;~~~Z~~~. ~=:~~ ~~T~~'"a"l\\~ Y\~~ d\ "~"fi'\)u"l\~\ca"l\~ ~~~::~ i~g~~~;,;ho~~: ~s<:' dn~~g~ ' ;;::LE~ ho=:~ : Memorial Entrance Scholarship in Music $500. gene ra l studies; THORNE, Teena Qna-'s c.o.e. Cerlrnary li Rcspn;:lble R" Torbay. Edna Bai rd Step henson Governme nt Scholars hips. $1,000. nun Scholarship in Wome n's Studies. $500. ing; WHEELE R, Penny, Summerford, art s;tille Y.Jodi, S t. John s. Canada Gerald S. Doyle Memorial Scholar- Scholars hipsprognm,$2,ooo.enginecr- ship/bursary. $250. pharmacy; iog:tobin, JeMifer, Mount Pearl.M. O. WHEELER. Penny, Summerford, Morgan EntranceScholars hip.$ Novophann Scholan hipibw'sary. $500. general studies: TRAS K. Nei l, Green pharmacy; WHEELER. Vickie L.A.. Bay. M. O. Morgan Enuance Scholarship, Comer Brook, Ekta Sigma Phi Bursary, $1,000.general studies; rucker, Sber- $100, general studies; WHELAN. Betri-Ly nadctte. Conception Bay. Memorial s,savaischularship Fund in Memoryof Stan Uni...:rsity d. NewfOlnlllnl FlUlky A9 ley Monroe. $ \,000. general studies; sociat ion Scl>olarship. S6OO, general TUCKER. Sherri-Lynn. SI. John's, studies; WHELAN, Daniel, SI. John's, CanadaScholarshipsProgram.S2,ooo. Canada Scholarships Program, S2,CXXI, generilstudies;tuff, s, physics; WHELAN, Sandra. Brigus, John Canada Scholarships Program, S2,<XXl. arts: TULK. Cynthia, Ladle Cove. J. engineering: WHELAN, Sandra, Brigus, Hewlett-Packard Award. engineer ing; Keith Lawton Memorial Bursary, $200. WHELAN. lia:y, St. Jom's, xnalewis phannacy. Patm SdJJI<nhip.S75(). Ms; WHElAN. V~~~~?a~' ~~~:':h~~~oii~:~:::; Limited Scholarship. $600, general studies; VAVASOUR, Jeffery D., wedgewocd Pa rk, Dr. S. W. Breckcn Scholarship in Physics, $600. physics departme nt; VAVASOUR, Jeffery D., Wedgewood Park., Centerlal')' of Respon sible Govemm ent Scholarsh ips. $ physics; VEITC H. Arlene, Clarenville. M. O. Mo rgan Entrance Sc holarship. general studies; VINCENT, Keith, Pasadena.Cente nary uf Respo n siblegovemmentscholarships.$, ADDL~TON. ~tricia, Fermeese, WMemonal Umversi ty of NewfoundlandFacuityAs:u:iationScholarstrip. St'ffl.gaICnl1studies;WAU..,JcrqJh, Gr:nl Falls, Roben G. Reid Scholarship. S500. gererwstudies; WALL. Marion. Corner BI'llOk.Robcrt G.R eid Scholarship, $500, gmcnl stwies;walsh. COO:n,St J<.iul s, Canada Scholarsh ips Program, $2.000, biochemisuy : WARD. Sandy. La see, CanoadaScholarships Program.$2,ooJ. engraing; WARD, Slnly, La Scie.Hewlca Pa:.brdAwarl, cngincc:rwig; WARR, Arma.. SI. Juhn s. Memorial University of NewfoundlandEndowm enl Fund Scholarship, SI,001,gencralstudies; WARR,Andma,St. JoIm s. Cenlenar)'ofR espon sible Govemmal Schollr.h ip\. sum,~ WARR, Dion.PurcelI'sHarhNr.Twillingate, M.O. Morgan Entrance Seholars hip. $ 1,000. genonlstudies;warr. Dion.Pureell's lu bour.twillingaae,canada Scho1arsl1ips f'ro. gram.$2,ooo,general studies; WARREN. Anthony. Paradise. John Lewis Paion Scbolarship,$I,ooo,artskducation; WAR. REN.knUfe- M..St. Jch1 s,edwardparrid. BrowneMemorialScholanhip, $900. arts; WARREN, Susan,Gnnd Bank.FIm:flce 0' NeillScholar.<llip. $,generaistudies; WARREN, Tra:::ey geee, Whittlune, 10nM (Joe) Baner Scl>olarship in Music. $500. musie; WATfS, Trecm.~ Menu:iaI UniVCJ'1ily of Newfoundland Faculty As ~ iation Sc hol arsh i p. S600, h isk.y ; WAY. BrertC.,TrinityBay, M.O.MIpl Ellll1lll% Scholarship.$ studies; WAY. Micllelle,Comcr Brook. Canada ScholarsIIipiImgnm. S2.OCO, biology;wei, Jri::e Jia.SI.J oiin s, Newfoundian d &.Labfador Hy(\n)O:wporationSchoial>llip. $ engideering: WELLS. David, Come r Bl'OOk, Ne...foundland Telephone Company Ltd. Scholarship, S«Xl.generalstudies:WFll.S. Jalire. C8n bo.robatg. RcidScrolanhip, S500.generalstud ies: WELLS.Tina, Sandyville. Canada Scho larships Program. S2.000.biochemisuy ;WELLS.Tina, Smdyville, Memorial University of Newrwnd Iand Fac ul ty A S9JC iation Sc~ip. S6OO. bnh:mi.~ : Wfl.l.S, Tmya, Bwgoo. M.O.~ EnIran:e ~ SI,OO). ~ stwies; WfL'>HMAN, Bomie, Harboor Round, M. O. Morgan Entrance Tracy, St.. JoIIn s.dr. Madeleine D~ K at~riiwdudclas (C) is5hown lk ttptinllt~lkholanhip... ~ f of Ms. P itc h er ScholarshIp (English). $250. Engh~: from (L.R) Ted Long and Taylor Fl'flKh, tress ueer and presidml respectively 01 =~~= =.~uc= t~ MrgnntsMns. :~~~ ~~=~~ S~C=i~~Sn~: M=~ ~h~~::~l:~::= anthropology; WHITE, George, Tupsail, named the fin recipient of the Sergeants Dr. Leslie Harris Manorial Unioenily d Mess of Newfo undland Memoria l Newfoundland Alumni Scholarsh ip. EntranceScholarsh ip in Music, valuedat sum. geruai miies; WHITE. Geuge. $500. Topsail. Canada &holarships Program. DONATION T he fund was es tablis hed Irom the reven ue acc ruing from War Savings Bonds purchase in 1940 by the Sergeants Mess of Newfoundland. and scholarsbips areawar ded annuall y to a studcn t enter ing tbe ftrst semester of full-time study in Memorial 's School of Music. $ general studies;white,trina, ~~=='':~ A. Harvey & Company Ltd. Scholarship Sl Jom's, Bru Family R!ln1atim 811" sary,s489. bu.wless; WJmTI. Tona,Th: bay, Canada Scl>olarships Program, $ biochemistry; WIGHT. Cynthia, Port aux Basques, M. O. Morgan Entrance Scllolamlip. general sur.\il:$:wd.j. O'IT.Co:wUe.St.Aihlns, Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty Associati()l1 Scholarship. $600, general studies; WILLER. Danen, P:Ira1ise. Newfooo11ard 1"dqiDnc Company Limited Scho larship. S6OO,generai studies; WILLIAMS. Annette. Sandringham, Dr. Ethel M. Janes Memorial ScbJlaJ5hipinf.(b:aOOn,$I,ool,cW:a 000; WD.LlAMS. Jan &ik, Mxn. Pta1, ~~M. and:~. ~W= Trtvor Man:b a nd Tnld y Groves.,botIl.flrsI.yar st udrn ts from SL Joha'l,ln lbis ~ ~ a::y'memcnal ljnivc:r: yra r'. recipienunr the A. Ha r n y &Com p..,. Sd,olarship, nlued al$i,500. sily of Newfoundtand Faculty Associa- ShowDare (L-R): SII8lI1Pltten,~h";rma n oithe bolird of ". Ha ~w" &:Compa ny; ~~Ls5~~o~~~, S~~n~s~~ :~ ~=~C:=,~~ld;'7u:'rv<;;7~=nn;. Semcn; Ms. Grov es; Sctdar5hip FlRI in Moooy lithe Hoo. Walter Stanley Monroe,, general studies; WILSON. Blair. SI. John's, ;::: S:~:~iPSW~;';:s;::: Hibernia Company donates to establish ~~:~:~~P. ~i~. Mg~::l ~= scholarships WISEMAN. Adam, Comer Brook, Sir..c--_...Ir"""..._""'~...,...'" Wilfred Grenfell College Scholarship, $750. general studies; WTrnERS, Nicholas. Paradise. Canada Scholarships Program. S biochemistry; WU,'s,E.F.&.nes~ $500, engirrxring: WU, Ymg. St..kiul'S, Canada Scholarships Program, $2,000. general studies; WU. Ying Ying Grace. St JoIIn's, M. O. Morgan Entrance ScmIar.;hip,$I,OO),~~ Y~~ n~~ ~~ ~bn;~~~e<;::; Entr ance Scho lars hip in Music. $ I,500. mu sic; YET MAN. Dea na. Manue ls. Hewjen-Packard Award. e ngineer ing; YETMAN, Kar en. St. Mar y's, S. M.B. Memorial Universily of New foun dland Faculty Associa tion Scholarship, S6OO, education: YOUNG, Ian, M<u1tlUrl, L. J. Lawto n Memoria l Award, S500. pharmacy; YOUNG. Teresa Lynn. St. George's: M. O. Murgan Entrance Bob Ki mberlin (RI, presidtlltoflhe Hiber ai a Manage..ul aaddnelopldtilt Scholars'up. $ general studies. Compan,.. rece ntly Presnlled ~at Arthll r May witb. CHqH for as u..- ClDpu,', initialanauli contriblltlon for a lkltolanhip program al M~morial Now mber2s, 1991,'<".'.' GlIdIe U

12 ~tudent View CALENDAR ST. JOII S'S SID'R OA)' NOy: 111 SdIooI of PIIysio1 F.d.aoo.... Alii....~_==;,---=:-':=-"---_;..... :::e:~~~;.'~~ Ic~.~~ Stllool ol"'"" F..d..6oII ud Alii. JetiaI - AUAA 1IlCll', t.sketb&ii. SFX. MeIllOrilll p.m. _ MUNJYlll. Dr,DavidS tewan.facultyofbusinen AdministntioD. Queen scoll e,e. Room 220.I p.jii, A SIOC~t io. of Nnrfo dl..d.. Labr.dorArebivi sll (ANLA) - Administrll ion of Juslice. Speal<ers Drs, Chris En.lish and Sea n Caddigan. Mari time Hisl Of)' Archivu Read in, Roln. RoonI HH_IOI3. 7:30 p.m. MQ;:.;pn QlT, Sdlooiol PII,.. J:dlKlloo...d AtII ~in - AUAA women'. volleyball. DaI ~pa rl"ulofbioc:m mi 5Ir )' _ Effecl housie IIIMemorial. 10 a.m., MUN gym, of Physical ModifICation on Sweh StruC wreand Func!ionalily. Speakor n.,varlll M Q'SP"'Y Of T 1 u m Vasanthan, Depa rtmen t of ~ol~iiitry -MclIbolie ClIangcl in EndOlOlic Rats. Speal:er into Room S :JOp.m. Biochemistry. Memorial. Science Build r.iong Qian, DepIrtmentr:LBio;hemicy. TllJ lbsprw QlT 11 S. J. Ore...Building. RoomX ]OO>, 3:30 ISER OO~ Oil Prnj«t Mminar p~ Economic IssIIes Rela ted I() Tuation of w mwsday ott 4 OO!llloreOilPnJjocls:Hibc:rniaas.Case..._ D~'ul.~. I.rllio l Aspcell of Study. Spc::al«Dr. WadeLoc ke. ~, ment or Economics. Memorial. Queen's Stuck". Alumni AWlriatioll P~lI t DoIIln nft Mlp!lTracy ~nm", I tllird-yn r Life,H.i ~lo r y o ~,the Gob,., Sicydl_ College. Room 220. I p.m. stunl rn- C "'~liville, fut hu cab. Ms. ~nm' nuivftl ~ cake 10kick otf p/lurumm DomIniC' "W.I. Spcaker.K. lilt U!lOCiMioe's OII..amp.. a u dfoliw'1'j 5n'nu. Bc.II,Depanmcnto f BlOlogy, Mcmonll. CORNER BROOK ScICnc.e BllIlclinc.Room p.m. intereu of uudenu in mind; be says. ww;:';espn PEc I:':::C,:::e::~~ -We promote the ide' lhat youcanllke T H I 'BS PU p E C $ Sir Wilfl"fttGre. rd l C~ _ Theaur: your proh,cndleu ' ludying, papers, an active'*'in 'jol$ interests and fut ure. ISF.R OOillton Oil Prnjfd Snoiaar Department fin t yea rs tudenu present prese ntations, C.lmS,and all nighterl. Yoorde grft' is only worth the reptllation Sma ll Business and the Offshore: A Coll"K~ IJI.FlJ«lof \l,"ur.on!ltlge inthe Now iinagwie.aflel' gnduati",. bein. 1Okl ofyouruniversity nd byincreuin. Response oftheservicesecto r,s pea.ker 2:30 p.m, Everyone _k:ornc. by.polcnlialcmploycr tb till thosc._.renen of the ICcomplishments or )UfJoC'*dMri. _ justa _oc Memorial. lhesuldentahunnia ssociatioe ca n m.keyourde...eemoreul... time. This is precisely whalthe Stlldent.tl1e.- The IlUdmU Clll allo bmcfit on. CLASSIFIED Alumni Association of Memorial throughe ndofapi1.muslha vcowllclr (SAAM) wants 10 prevenl The orpniza. =~~:~S~A;~e= fllkw CaD89S-6472 eveninp. a.;.bes-.a~ of frimdl fronl thc ii'ol"k witb med ia. lclevision. radio.and AboIDelllCldela:hcdAudioonw.aa S!Udenl:\o' lll 'IIII'ritin.~articIc:s.M IICsays.... ith a malnificca loceu view in "INVfitta wmtcd "promoietbder!i..,;ty.makethc... lbe S~ Al.-nni ~'s pi F1altock,The house bastbreebed_ s lll ~give ~ a positive image - ob-andal...ell.udy. t_ofullbathroo~s. a For period Dec, 9- Jan. II. resptllls ible Iwa reoflhe universily.theadvanll. es v iou~ l )' benc fi til thc un i v en.i t )'. i nc:rtming largebrig hlkll chen...,lhpmuy umquc non -smoker 10 nouse-sn old Victorian that Memorial brin, s 10 them, and how sludenl a...aren ell of Memori al 's.e. thi rd Slorey look out room, and many home. 15-minulCwalk 10 Memorial, Call uniq ue and specia l lhis place i s.~ says compli~ h me nlsa nd reinr orcin. student olher.specia l real ure. The. Iudio hu Doa Innis. pres ilk nl oflbe 29-mem ber... unify. ske p ~ n l loft.. woodsto\le..and built lit... Accordin. I() Mr. Innis, a major The Stude nl Alumni Auociatioe is seren ny. The renl til ntloljable. Weare a1loin Ol edin. numberol promotional l ool i n. ~orre nler s _~wi lllppt"te;a t e P.lllsonie printer KX P II8 0 (hardl y obstael e lolhe Sludent AlumniAs.JOCi. such projcrt is an on--carn. this special prupcny. IfllllCn:lICd. plcax UlIed)Sm Tandy I02.S 2SO;Tar.lyput. lio n is the misconception lhl t it is only abledi~drivc ( l ikenew) SI.5O;Olympia conce med wilh graduales.this. he says. puscuedeliverysel"'o'ice.a out. call Ql6or e1ectrk:lypewriter SI25: Armstrollg pie ii.-: thccax. '"Tha s... the Alumni ~r= =b::d~ ~~~ coio SI2S: Boob oi Ne-wfOllftdland.vols. AMOCiat ion does. TIle Stude nl Alumni -.Imloe binhdays or sp«ialoxasiofts. OrleorlWO.,-..sraokcn.lOsNn: 3-.d4,S300ld.CIlIS , Associltion is made up of litis aaocilodonis for lll ybody _ a1umni. They aho off«eum IlrrivaI kits, _hdl fully.furnished four-bedroo m ~se in Forsalconc induslrial qualily four-dra'tto'cf under.radu lt es, ' fadualt students; conlllin. few $Iudenr.ts"ltnlia ls like pens. PonugalC~lPtn l h Jl'lIrtll.A al1able filinl cabinel.l etler,i ze.s.50.c anyooei nteresiedin rnakin.thcirdellree pencils. soup, hot and cold drinhfor ese, vallllble and impor1ant.~ lhosehol and coldn..hes.lraoolabars. 'The univen il)' and III of its ac fnit. dlcae and ooobel colllplijllrneliu. he adds. are ofttll Ulltn o_n Ind unapprecilted by I large SIUldshatdlll bclicwe;tilc3cdiys."'free Butwha! s tllis.boutfree luilion1 11 Ho, ho, ho M number or studenis, MThere. re.ioi Of and "t u i lion~ aren'l...-..:is you expecllll...ell respec led. highly-qualiried proresson here. nd some of themare tnown auoci.tionbegan.,llinglic ketsonone find in the la me sentence. So when the MmlOrial Uml/ersiry Christmas _ orld_ ide IS beinlnperts in tlleir seme sler 's fn:eluilio n. studcntll_ere cards are hu e! NowaI/ai/able fields.- he says.r'or eumpk. have ~ n.tllrallys.keptic.i. ~Atfiru.everyone in w boobron. tm ctuds fea. ever notictldlhal _ heneva"tl'lere'samass thoujht il_ajot.e. MsaysMr.Inn is. Bur ture Gram Glover', Lighl by murder or serial killin. in the'al'ordlloollstarlcd lo!lp'ead,andthe David Blackwood. All proceeds Non h America. Dr. Elliott Ley ton from ISsociatio neventually sold all I,600 of f rom the sale of the cards wiff the anlhrpo lo.y depar tment il o n thetickelsthey hadprinttd up, Ielevision1 He illllin&cmabonailyftalllliud e~p"1 on tiloc Jypet ofincidcats. - JOeSlOlflOd'ICI"projertrhecreP:Jnol. Umllenity ArtGallery'sel'lrich The lnoney ra isedrromthisprojec:1 M co'lltibuu d 10 tm Memorial The.oalsofthe Stude nl Alumni A.. scllolars hip that is MOpell 10 all people mtn /wid. sod ation, he says. an: simple. MWe want whocontrihule lo m<lkin. Memori al a studenl$10 realizethai this is theirun iver bcuer place _ anyllody who pro motes sity, I uniquc lichool.and they should be community awareness and a positive proud of it. And by beinl proud of it, imace 01 MemoriII U n i 'ltt'sily.~ bopefully.they..-iu IlIPJIM i..- If yollhave any qlltuions about the S incethe SIUlkrMA Iumni~ StudClltAlumni Associa tion. Mr. lllnis doe sn' l receive I ny funds rrom the IIlCItheothermembers of...xialion can universit)'. they depend on the business bc co ntacted in the CONTACS office in oornmunify and their OWllfund naisin.d Room T-3100 in thetsc. or by ptw;lne at fon s. MWe_an llobel.5indepeftdent u m "' 3SA. plmiblc; hecl.piains.. 'TheSlMdenlAlwnni Asaoc:iatiolluies lo demon str. te iu vl lue on lnumber of le vels. MFirst and Ioremost. we hi ve Ihe 5th Annual Library Christmas Bazaar Monday, Dec. 2 10:30 a.m, to 12:30 p.rn. Room (just p.a.... 1M booksl~ ) coffu, tea, mulfjfu, baked goods, crafts and loa. loa more!