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1 Lookup ID Public name Anatomy & Cell Biology I Anatomy and Cell Biology Department Fund I Anatomical Education Fund P Vincent H. Gattone II Chair in Anatomy and Cell Biology Anesthesia I Miscellaneous Gifts-Anesthesiology I Trauma and Anesthesiology Research Fund P Virgil K. Stoelting, M.D., Professorship P Robert K. Stoelting Chair in Anesthesia P Sreenivasa S. Moorthy Lectureship in Anesthesia P Chalapathi C. Rao Pediatric Anesthesia Fellows Award P Kenneth A. Haselby Pediatric Anesthesia Award P Senior Professorship in Anesthesia Education and Innovation P Thomas M. Wolfe Pediatric Anesthesia Education Fund Area Health Education Ctr. I Area Health Education Center Program Fund Biochemistry & Molecular Biology I Area Health Education Center Program Fund I Metabolic Control Research I Biochemistry Donation Account I Research of Alcoholism Fund I Bioinformatics Research Fund I Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Fund P Biochemistry Awards Fund P Robert A. Harris Chair Biostatistics I Biostatistics Gift Account Cellular & Integrative Physiology I Cellular and Integrative Physiology Department Fund I Molecular Physiology of Neurodegeneration Research Fund Center for Diabetes Research I Center for Diabetes Research Center for Young Children I IUPUI Center for Young Children Department of Medicine I Echocardiography and Cardiology Gifts I Chairman's Gift Account I Endocrinology Gift Account I General Internal Medicine Gift Account I Pulmonary Gift Account I Nephrology Gift Account I Rheumatology Gift Account I Gastroenterology Gift Account

2 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Division of Infectious Diseases Fund IU-Kenya Operating Fund Liver Research Fund IU-Kenya AMPATH Safe Water Projects Hematology/Oncology Gift Account Cardiology Gift Account Clinical Pharmacology Gift Account Dr. Philip A. Christiansen Memorial Fund IU Medicine Program in Kenya Center for Aging Research Fund Indiana University Center for Bioethics Executive Physical Health Fund Krannert Research and Education Fund Women's Cardiovascular Research Fund Medicine Residency Training Fund Joe and Sarah Ellen Mamlin Chair for Global Health Research IU Geriatrics Gift Fund Pancreatic and Biliary Disease Research Fund IU-Kenya AMPATH Capital Projects and Equipment Fund IU-Kenya AMPATH Sally Test Pediatric Centre IU-Kenya AMPATH Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Programs IU-Kenya AMPATH Oncology Programs IU-Kenya AMPATH Legal Aid Centre (LACE) IU-Kenya AMPATH Family Preservation Initiative (FPI) IU-Kenya AMPATH Pathology Programs IU-Kenya AMPATH Humanitarian Fund IU-Kenya AMPATH Mwangaza Scholarship Internal Medicine Residency Research Fund Transplant Nephrology Nurse Training Angel Fund Cardiology Research Fund Cardiology Fellow IU-Kenya AMPATH ENT Program Pulmonary, Critical Care Medicine and Sleep Fellow Genitourinary Cancer Research and Education Healthy Aging Brain Center Hypertension Program Fund Nephrology Education Fund Nephrology Research Fund IU-Kenya AMPATH Radiology Program IU-Kenya AMPATH Gastroenterology and Hepatology Fund Advanced Heart Care and Transplant Fund GI Motility Fund Gastroenterology Digestive Disease Fund Vincent H. Gattone II Lectureship Paul McHenry Lecture in Cardiology Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) Fund Amaranth Diabetes Research Initiative Debra J. Helper Inflammatory Bowel Disease Research Fund

3 I Voices for Tomorrow HIV/AIDS Research I Adult Congenital Heart Disease Resident Education Fund I Colonoscopy and Colorectal Cancer Screening Fund I IUHP Hematology/Oncology CME Fund I GI Endoscopic Ultrasound Fund I Biological Pacemaker Research Fund I Ihab I. El Hajj Gastroenterology Research Fund I Charles E. Jackson Family Fund for Global Health I South Bend Region Palliative Care Education Fund I Palliative Care Training and Education Fund P Charles Kenner, M.D. Memorial Fund P Charles Fisch Endowment Fund P J.O. Ritchey, M.D., Professorship P Robert E. and Marilyn J. Gramelspacher Fellowship in Medical Ethics and Palliative Care P Arthur White Lectureship in Infectious Diseases P Arthur White Fellowship in Infectious Diseases P Lawrence H. Einhorn Chair in Oncology P Lawrence Lumeng Lectureship in Gastroenterology and Hepatology P Faculty Women's Club Kenya Medical Scholarship P Harvey Feigenbaum Professorship in Cardiology P Executive Health and Corporate Wellness Endowment P John and Rosemary Phillips Fellowship in Cardiology P George A. Sarosi Lectureship in Medical Education P IU-Kenya Partnership Scholarship for Kenyan Medical Students P Stuart A. Kleit Professorship in Nephrology P John C. Bailey Cardiology Fellow P Clem McDonald Chair in Biomedical Informatics P D. Craig Brater Chair in Global Health Education P Jackie O'Donnell Fellowship in Cardiac Transplantation P Gardner Family Fund for AMPATH-Kenya Child Life Activities P Bruce A. Molitoris Professorship in Nephrology P Michael A. Kraus Home Dialysis Professorship in Nephrology P Hematology Oncology Alumni Fellowship Department of Neurology I Neurology Miscellaneous Gifts I Parkinson's Disease Patient Symposium Fund I Alcohol Research Fund I Alzheimer's Disease Research in Neurology I Parkinson's Disease Research Fund I Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Research Fund I Helen Mae Pellerite Alzheimer's Research Fund I William DeMyer Fund for Neurological Education I Biomarker and Neuroimaging Research in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease I Movement Disorder Support and Research Fund I Stroke Research in Neurology I Neurology Resident Education Support Fund Dermatology I Dermatology Gifts

4 I William B. Moores Lectureship I Victor C. Hackney, M.D., Lab Fund I Dermatology Research Fund I Dermatology Resident Education Fund I Dermatology Lecture Fund P Arthur L. Norins Professorship in Dermatology for Clinical Research P Charles W. Lewis Professorship in Dermatology Div. of Student Life I Student Activities Leadership Development Fund I Campus Center Fund IUPUI I Student Emergency Fund for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) I Culture and Language Immersion Program Support I IUPUI Division of Student Affairs Fund I IUPUI Housing and Residence Life Fund I IUPUI Campus Center Bells I Campus Recreation Fund I Division of Student Affairs Student Leader Scholarship I Health and Wellness Promotion Fund I Whitney Social Justice Fund I Paw's Pantry Support Fund P IUPUI Campus Center Endowed Support Account Emergency Medicine I Emergency Medicine Gifts P Otis R. and Elizabeth Bowen Fund in Emergency Medicine Engineering & Technology I Robert E. Peale Award I Advanced Computer Aided Engineering Manufacturing Laboratory I Biomedical Engineering I Intelligent Control and Systems Fund I CyberLab I Engineering in Cardiac Electrophysiology I Microsystems Fund I Biomechanics Fund I IUPUI Interior Design Technology I Networking and Security Fund I Malaysia Student Scholarship I Facilities Management Fund I Engineering & Technology Cardiovascular Research Fund I Transportation Active Safety Institute Fund I Richard G. Lugar Center for Renewable Energy I International Project-Based Learning Fund I Graduate Music Technology Account I Graduate Music Alumni Account I Jack Gilfoy Jazz Scholarship I Dean's Industrial Advisory Council Scholarship I Women's Racing Team I Purdue School of Engineering and Technology IUPUI Alumni Scholarship I Nathaniel Lewis Kuniej Motorsports Scholarship

5 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Student Mechanical and Energy Engineering Design and Research Fund Fluid and Thermal Science Laboratory School of Engineering and Technology Unrestricted - General Fund H.W. Stoelk Scholarship Minority Engineering Scholarship Minority Engineering Advancement Program Computer Network Center IUPUI Computer Technology IUPUI Construction Technology IUPUI Electrical & Computer Engineering IUPUI Electrical Technology IUPUI Mechanical Engineering Technology IUPUI Mechanical Engineering IUPUI Organizational Leadership Program Computational Fluid Dynamics School of Engineering and Technology General Scholarship IUPUI Technical Communications Program Academic Enrichment Engineering and Technology Alumni Association Fund Engineering and Technology Women's Fund Engineering and Technology Graduate Fellowships and Scholarships Robert T. Herman, P.E. Outstanding Senior Design Project Award David M Williamson Scholarship IUPUI Music Academy Scholarship IUPUI Music Academy Fund Technalysis Graduate Fellowship in Mechanical Engineering Roy Westcott Scholarship Cliff Goodwin Scholarship Engineering and Technology Student Innovation Project Fund Organization for Space Energy Research Nicholas and Fields Scholarship Biomedical Engineering Technology Jacqueline E. Newsom Scholarship Music and Arts Technology Program Girls ROCK Program NUCA of Indiana, Inc. Scholarship Jessica Wager-Broady Memorial Scholarship D.J. Angus Scientech Educational Foundation Scholarship Steven B. Schneck Outstanding Part-Time Student Scholarship IUPUI Motorsports Program IUPUI POWER Camp Program Fund Win IT Program Fund IHSAA Computer Information Technology Generalist Scholarship Outstanding Computer and Information Technology Woman Scholarship Chia Yee Ang and Mark E. Hemphill Scholarship Chad Soliday Outstanding Computer Graphics Technology Student Scholarship Munevar Family Scholarship for Civic Engagement and Academic Excellence Singleton Service Scholarship

6 I Commitment to Education Scholarship I Engineering and Technology Spirit Scholarship I Homes by Woodland Outstanding Junior Scholarship P Dean's Industrial Advisory Council (DIAC) Scholarship P Yurtseven International Initiatives Fund P Robert Wolter Tau Alpha Pi Excellence in Leadership Scholarship P Nicholas A. Wertz Distinguished Engineering Student Memorial Scholarship Fairbanks School of Public Health I Health Administration Fund I Environmental Health Department Fund I IUPUI Health Law Scholarship in Public Health I School of Public Health Fund I School of Public Health Scholarships/Fellowships I Health Policy & Management Department Fund I Your Life Your Story Program Fund I Global Health Initiatives Fund I Center for Public Health Practice I Addison Public Health Scholarship I IUPUI Social & Behavioral Sciences Fund I Fairbanks School of Public Health Study Abroad Scholarship I IUPUI Epidemiology Fund P Samuel H. Hopper Scholarship Family Medicine I Family Medicine Gifts Fund I Family Medicine China Educational Program I Family Medicine Latin America Educational Program P Lester D. Bibler Professorship P Otis R. Bowen, M.D. Research Center Fund P Otis R. Bowen, M.D., Professorship P Class of 1961 Bowen Research Center Fellowship Graduate Office I IUPUI Graduate Office I IUPUI Graduate Scholarships Health and Rehabilitation Sciences I Lola L. Lohse Scholarship I IUPUI Department of Tourism, Event, and Sport Management Fund I Military Science Fund I TCEM General Scholarship I Physical Education Scholarship I Camp Brosius Office Building I PETM Alumni Association Fund I Judy Ernst Kenya Project I Student Outreach Clinic - Occupational Therapy I Outstanding Occupational Therapy Student Research Presentation Award I SHHS Applied Regenerative Medicine Lab Fund I Adapted Physical Activity Clinics I Physical Therapy Student Professional Development Scholarship I Kinesiology & Tourism, Event, and Sport Management Youth Outreach Programs

7 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P Physical Education and Tourism Management IUPUI IUPUI Department of Kinesiology Department of Tourism, Conventions and Event Management Faculty Research Fund Donald L. Durbin Memorial Scholarship Bill Day Memorial Scholarship Camp Brosius IUPUI Physically Active Residential Communities and Schools (PARCS)/Fit for Life Dr. Alan Mikesky Labs and Research Fund Sports Management Opportunities Fund Jim Bennett Scholarship Arlene Wilson Dietary Scholarship Carol Duke Nathan OT Fellowship Physician Assistant Program Founding Director's Fund Student Outreach Clinic Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Faculty Choice Award - Research/Service Occupational Therapy Alumni Giving Circle Fellowship TCEM Study Abroad Scholarship Dr. Jeffery and Mrs. Susan Vessely Kinesiology Student Emergency Scholarship Fisher Doctor of Occupational Therapy Scholarship Sports Innovation Institute IU Physician Assistant Alumni Scholarship School of Health and Human Sciences Fund IUPUI Department of Health Sciences IUPUI Department of Nutrition and Dietetics IUPUI Department of Occupational Therapy IUPUI Department of Physical Therapy C.B. Sputh Scholarship Raymond A. Dault Scholarship William K. McGowan, Jr. Scholarship P. Nicholas Kellum Scholarship Wilma Wohler Memorial Scholarship Occupational Therapy Student Educational Horizon Fund William D. Porter Award Brown/Ekstam PT Scholarships Occupational Therapy Faculty Development and Research Dr. Gaylen M. Kelton International Service Learning Experience Scholarship Zachary H. Gregory Emerging Leadership Scholarship Veterans' Wellness Endowed Fund Dr. Mark S. Sothmann, Dean's Leadership Award Ronald & Lauren Cram and Rehab Strategies PT Perseverance Fellowship SHRS, Department of Physical Therapy Student Community Engagement Dr. Patricia Laurencelle Occupational Therapy Theory Award Dr. Karen Gable Health Sciences Scholarship Camp Brosius Endowment Jeffrey & Diane Crabtree Community-Based Occupational Therapy Scholarship Diane Cohen Yaffe, Memorial Occupational Therapy Scholarship Rebecca E. Porter Physical Therapy Scholarship Dr. Sharon R. Flinn Rural Health OT Scholarship

8 Herron School of Art & Design I Herron School of Art General Fund I Herron General Scholarship Fund I Herron Gallery Fund I Furniture Design Program I Development Expenses/Herron Fund I Youth Art Camp Scholarship I Master in Fine Arts (MFA) Programs Fund I Herron Art Therapy M.A. Graduate Degree Program I Herron Saturday School Program I Herron Sculpture Department I Cynthia Daignault Exhibition I Community Art and Design Program Fund I E. Kirk and Alice McKinney Art Scholarship I Kenneth Tyler Exhibition Fund I Dina Verplank Art and Design Memorial Scholarship P David K. Rubins Scholarship Fund P Herron Anniversary Scholarship P John Herron Society P Shared Heritage Scholarship P Richard Emery Nickolson Scholarship P Reverend A.G. Fraser International Travel Award P Lois Main Templeton Outstanding Artist Scholarship P Dorit S. Paul Outstanding Artist Scholarship P Chelsea G. Stillwell Memorial Scholarship P Gary L. Freeman Memorial Sculpture Scholarship P Randolph H. Deer Fine Arts Scholarship P Valerie Eickmeier Professional Development Fund for Students Human Resources I IUPUI Human Resources Administration Staff Development I Ellen Poffenberger Work/Life Program Fund Informatics & Computing- Indianapolis I IUPUI Media Arts and Science Program I IUPUI Health Information Administration Program I IUPUI School of Informatics and Computing Fund I Health Information Administration Program Scholarship at IUPUI I IUPUI Informatics Diversity Programming Support I IUPUI Informatics Student Support I IUPUI Informatics Faculty Support I Samantha Sam Hale Study Abroad Scholarship I Health Information Technology Research and Training Fund I Students & Technology in Academia, Research, and Services (STARS) I BioHealth Informatics Fund I Human-Centered Computing Fund I School of Informatics and Computing IT Workforce Diversity Project I Library and Information Science Fund I Wilma Gibbs Moore Memorial Graduate Scholarship I Spandana Kommalapati Memorial Scholarship

9 I Accessible Careers through Technology I David M. Ratts New Media Scholarship I Computer High: Informatics Project for Student Success (CH:PS) I IUPUI Media Arts and Sciences Scholarship I Library and Information Science at IUPUI General Scholarship I Alvin and Nadine Givens idew Scholarship I IUPUI Schnabel Scholars Program Scholarship I IUPUI Informatics and Computing Make Your Mark Scholarship P McKenzie Ashton Director of Health Information Administration P Jan Ashton Health Information Administration Endowed Scholarship P Danita H. Forgey Scholarship in Health Information Management P Wilma Gibbs Moore Graduate Endowed Scholarship IU Executive VP & IUPUI Chancellor I IUPUI Fund for the Future I Chancellor's Circle Fund I Natatorium General Fund I Office for Women, Operating Account I Explore IUPUI Fund I IUPUI Parents Fund I IUPUI Public Art Account I IUPUI Division of Finance and Administration I IUPUI Office of Academic Affairs I IUPUI "Welcoming Campus" I Trudy Banta Assessment Practice Fund I Natatorium Construction Projects I IUPUI Auxiliary Services I University Faculty Club Indianapolis I IUPUI Senior Academy Fund I Lilly House Small Projects I Charles R. Bantz Chancellor s Community Fellowship P Senior Academy Scholarship for Returning Students P Senior Academy Scholarship for IPS Students P Senior Academy General Scholarship IU Simon Cancer Center I CompleteLife Program I Triple Negative Breast Cancer Research Fund I Miles for Myeloma Event Fund I Miles for Myeloma Fund I Catherine Peachey Fund Normal Breast Taxonomy Project I Osteosarcoma Research Fund I IU Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center I Thoracic Oncology Program Fund I IUCC Breast Cancer Research Fund I Sarah (Sally) McFarland Ovarian Cancer Research Memorial Fund I Multiple Myeloma Research Fund I GI Cancer Research Fund I Voices of Hope Fund I Komen Tissue Bank

10 I Thymoma and Thymic Carcinoma Research I Leukemia Research Fund I Precision Cancer Diagnostics Fund I Cancer Survivorship Research Program I Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund I Big Ten Cancer Consortium Fund I Cancer Research Discovery Fund I Chuck and Tina Pagano Cancer Research Fund P Stephen D. Williams Director's Fund P Myles Brand Chair in Cancer Research P Leas Family Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund IUPUI Alumni Association I Hine Lectureships/Scholarships I License To Learn Program I IUPUI Office of Alumni Relations IUPUI General Funds I I.H.E.T.S. Fund I Campus Services Staff Scholarship I IUPUI Office of Planning Fund I IUPUI Career Center I Center for Teaching and Learning at IUPUI I IUPUI Office of Sustainability Fund I IUPUI Library Construction I IUPUI Student Foundation Student Leader Scholarship IUPUI Honors College I IUPUI Honors College Student Fund I IUPUI Honors College Scholarship Fund IUPUI Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion I Multicultural Center at IUPUI I Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Faculty Staff Council Fund I Black Faculty and Staff Scholarship I IUPUI LGBTQ+ Center I Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at IUPUI I Inclusive Excellence in Action Fund I Norman Brown Diversity & Leadership Program I Lillian Charleston Crispus Attucks Scholarship I Ted O'Brien Memorial Scholarship P Thomasina Childress Family Scholarship P Charles Muller Memorial Scholarship IUPUI Office of International Affairs I Center for Southeast Asia I International Affairs I International Studies Opportunities I International Student Scholarship Fund I IUPUI International House (I-House) IUPUI University Library I IUPUI University Library Unrestricted I Friends of Joseph and Matthew Payton Library

11 I IUPUI Collections Fund I IUPUI University Library Staff Project Fund I IUPUI University Library Indiana Voices Digital Editions Fund I Center on Philanthropy Payton Fund I IUPUI University Library Diversity Scholars Program Fund I IUPUI University Library Student Opportunity Initiative I Herron Art Library I Center for Digital Scholarship Fund I Muslim American Philanthropy Collection I Fischler Society I IUPUI University Library Technology Fund I National Service Archives P IUPUI University Libraries General Account IUPUI Vice Chancellor for Research I Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research Support Fund I Research Frontiers Student Fund I Research Frontiers Research Initiatives I IUPUI Center for Research and Learning I IUPUI Arts & Humanities Institute I IUPUI Innovation to Enterprise Initiative Programs I IUPUI Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) I STEM Education Innovation and Research Institute (SEIRI) Fund I Integrated Nanosystems Development Institute (INDI) Fund I Diversity Scholars Research Program (DSRP) Fund Jaguar Athletics I IUPUI Cheerleading Fund I Jaguars Athletic Fund I IUPUI Men's Basketball I IUPUI Men's Tennis I IUPUI Women's Softball I IUPUI Women's Volleyball I IUPUI Women's Basketball I IUPUI Women's Tennis I IUPUI Men's Soccer I IUPUI Men's Golf I Jaguars Athletic Scholarship I IUPUI Women's Soccer I Training Room Renovation Fund I IUPUI Men's Swimming & Diving I IUPUI Women's Swimming & Diving I IUPUI Women's Golf I IUPUI Golf I IUPUI Tennis I IUPUI Men's Cross Country and Track & Field I IUPUI Women's Cross Country and Track & Field I Gauger Family Scholarship P Michael A. Carroll Student Athlete Endowment Kelley School of Business- Indianapolis

12 I Kelley Indianapolis Futures Fund I Business IUPUI Development Office I Ron Anderson Brown Bag Lecture Series I Career Planning Office Fund at IUPUI I Simons Bitzer & Associates, PC Scholarship I Accounting Programs Fund I Business of Medicine MBA Fund I Carol Madison Fund for Hoosier Fellows I National Manufacturing Strategy Fund I Douglas E. Fischer Scholarship for Graduate Accounting I Dr. William and Susan Berry Fund for Physician Leadership I Business of Medicine MBA Class of 2017 Fund (Kelley School of Business at IUPUI) I MD-MBA Fund I Kelley Indianapolis Young Alumni Council Scholarship I James C. Smith Finance Scholarship I Katz Sapper Miller Accounting Scholarship I Kelley IUPUI Undergraduate Program Fund I IUPUI Evening MBA Fund I M3 - Moment to Momentum Mentoring I Kelley School of Business Human Capital Hub I Entrepreneurship Initiative I Kelley Indianapolis Women's Initiative Fund I Somerset CPAs and Advisors Executive Leadership Lecture Series I Sam H. Jones Minority Scholarship Fund I Kelley Indianapolis MBA International Experience Fund I Kenda Beery Scholarship I David E. Westerhaus Leadership Award I Orie Fritts Fellowship I Richard L. Rogers Scholarship in Accounting I Business Scholarships - Indianapolis I Business of Medicine Class of 2015 Fellowship (Kelley School of Business at IUPUI) I Tobias Center for Leadership Excellence Discretionary Fund I Class of 2016 Business of Medicine Lecture (Kelley School of Business at IUPUI) I Business of Medicine MBA Class Gift P Dr. Victor E. Childers International Study Award P Thomas W. Binford Chair in Corporate Citizenship P Kelley Indianapolis Faculty Undergraduate Scholarship P Randall L. Tobias Lecture Series P Carey Lykins Diversity Scholarship Laboratory Oncology Program I Weber Oncology Fund Liberal Arts I IUPUI Gérard Deledalle Collection Assistantship in the Peirce Project I Luis Alberto Ambroggio Latino Studies Fund I IUPUI Model United Nations Travel Fund I Certificate of Theatre Program I IUPUI Communication Studies Fund I Liberal Arts Dean's Priorities Fund

13 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I IUPUI Max Kade German-American Center Center for Economic Education Fund Anne and Dolores Donchin Memorial Fund Max H. Fisch Library Fund John D. Barlow Lecture in the Humanities School of Liberal Arts Dean's Scholarship Joseph T. Taylor Symposium Genesis Fund School of Liberal Arts Staff Scholarship Medical Humanities and Health Studies Fund Frederick Douglass Papers Fund Polis Center Museum Studies Fund Post-Secondary Hispanic Seminar Fund IUPUI Sociology Fund IUPUI Debate Fund International Center for Intercultural Communication IUPUI English Department Fund Spirit and Place Fund Chinese School At IUPUI Fund Institute for American Thought Fund Rowland A. Sherrill Religious Studies Prize Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture Fund IUPUI Individualized Major Program Fund IUPUI Friends of Women's Studies (WOST) Scott Seregny History Award Public History Graduate Student Fund Martin C. Spechler Economics Speaker Series Communication Studies, Public Speaking Fund IUPUI Economics Department American Studies Program Fund Writing Program IUPUI German Program Fund Friends of Anthropology Fund - IN IUPUI Classical Studies Fund Department of Philosophy - IUPUI Fund Friends of Political Science IUPUI Fund IUPUI Religious Studies Francophile IUPUI Fund Hispanofila IUPUI Fund IUPUI Geography Department Fund Africana Studies Program Liberal Arts Staff Development Fund Bulen Symposium on American Politics Santayana Edition World Languages and Cultures Department Fund Christian J. W. Kloesel Educational Travel Fund Center for Ray Bradbury Studies

14 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I P P P P P P P P P P P P Winslow Prize in Political Theory International German Engineering Program at IUPUI Friends of Anthropology Scholarship Geography Student Travel Fund Institute for Research on Social Issues Fund Confucius Institute of Indianapolis Fund Sophia Prize in Philosophy English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Fund Peirce Edition Project Annual Fund Praxis Fund for Lecturers in English Nancy Newton Study Abroad Scholarship Josiah Royce Edition Suzanne K. Steinmetz Scholar in Sociology Film Studies Program Fund Sociology Student Recognition Scholarship Robert B. Harris Graduate Teaching Recognition Scholarship in Economics School of Liberal Arts Alumni Association Scholarship Jean Martin Maxwell Philosophy Prize Liberal Arts Alumni Fund Program for Intensive English at IUPUI Fund Irving J. Levy Scholarship Ronald M. Lindle Adult Learner Scholarship J. Edgar Webb and Dorothy L. Webb Theatre Fund Muhammad Shafi Memorial Scholarship Sam Masarachia Scholars Program Support Fund Medical Humanities and Health Studies Scholarship IUPUI Max Kade Center Scholarship for Interdisciplinary Studies IUPUI Sports Capital Journalism Program Fund Hal Tobin First Year Writing Scholarship at IUPUI IUPUI Global Health Communication Center Larry J. Zimmerman Fund for Student Research Support Secular Humanism Studies Fund American Indian Programs at IUPUI Brian McDonald Legacy Scholarship in Literature Robert Barrows History Graduate Student Paper Scholarship Kissel School of Liberal Arts Learning Community Scholarship M. William Lutholtz Memorial Scholarship Patrick McKeand Scholarship James W. Brown Scholarship Rufus Reiberg Fund IUPUI Geography Alumni Scholarship Fund IUPUI Communication Studies Scholarship Peirce Project Endowment Fund James R. East Endowed Scholarship Fund Barbara E. Zimmer Award for Associate Faculty Robert Kirk Outstanding New Economics Major Award Gail M. & William M. Plater International Scholarship for Community Engagement Barbara White Thoreson Scholarship

15 P Laurence Lampert Scholarship in Philosophy P Barbara D. Jackson Lecture in Anthropology P Turner-Davis Faculty Boundary Crossing Endowment Fund P Alice Chandler Gockley and Gordon E. Gockley Memorial Scholarship P Sutton Scholars International Experience Fund P Burke/Tilley Fund for Graduate Students in Philosophy P Eric Sharp Gateway Poetry and Fiction Writing Scholarship P Robert Sandy Economics Seminar P Carlin Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Paper in Empirical Economics P Petronio-Bantz Graduate Student Travel Award P Andy Jacobs Jr. Memorial Scholarship P William M. Plater General Studies International Scholarship P Adam Hayden Philosophy Scholarship Library I Indiana University School of Medicine History Fund I Ruth Lilly Medical Library Fund Lilly Family School of Philanthropy I School of Philanthropy Research Funding I School of Philanthropy Symposium I Student Internship Fund - IN I Giving USA I International Student Travel Fund - IN I David Nathan Meyerson Fund for Leadership and Giving I McKinney Family Philanthropic Fellows I Dorothy C. Dottie Rosso Scholarship Fund I School of Philanthropy Fund I Student Fellowships I Women's Philanthropy Institute I PhD Dissertation Research Fund I Lilly Family School of Philanthropy's Philanthropic Studies Undergraduate Fund I Dean's Discretionary Fund I Philanthropic Studies Faculty Research Fund I Executive Master's Scholarship I Thomas H. Lake Fund I Mays Family Institute on Diverse Philanthropy Fund I Lilly Family School of Philanthropy Undergraduate Scholarship I Lilly Family School of Philanthropy Doctoral Fellowship I Muslim Philanthropy Initiative P Eugene R. Tempel Fellowship P Fund Raising School Excellence for Programs, Initiatives and Training Endowment P School of Philanthropy Alumni Association (SOPAA) Scholarship P Dr. Patrick M. Rooney Leadership in Philanthropy RISE Scholarship 1 P Dr. Debra Mesch Women's Philanthropy RISE Scholarship 1 P Dr. Debra Mesch Women's Philanthropy RISE Scholarship 2 P Dr. Patrick M. Rooney Leadership in Philanthropy RISE Scholarship 2 P William and Edie Enright Fellowship in Philanthropic Studies P Eugene R. Tempel Deanship P Timothy L. Seiler Award

16 P Burlingame Reading Room Fund McKinney School of Law I Ruth Lilly Law Library at the McKinney School of Law I Indiana Law Review at the McKinney School of Law I Equal Justice Works Fund I McKinney School of Law Moot Court I Program in International Human Rights Law I Health and Human Rights Clinic I McKinney School of Law General Scholarship I McKinney School of Law I G. Kent Frandsen Scholarship I Center for Law and Health I Velma Dobbins Scholarship I McKinney School of Law Clinics I Law Career Services I Intellectual Property Law Center Fund I Gerald L. Bepko Professorship I Professor Mary Harter Mitchell Memorial Scholarship I Sports and Entertainment Law Fund I McKinney School of Law Financial Emergency Fund I Law and Government Leaders Fund I Health Law Scholarship P John J. Dillon Memorial Scholarship P Townsend Endowed Professorship Fund P Lefstein Legacy Scholarship P Robert H. Staton Intramural Moot Court Competition P Judge John Ryan Scholarship P John E. Marynell Endowed Scholarship Fund P McKinney School of Law Endowed Scholarships P Lawrence A. Jegen III Chair in Tax Law P Gerald L. Bepko Endowed Chair P Judge Carr L. Darden and Mrs. Lundy M. Darden Public Sector Legal Education Scholarship P Robert F. Wagner Trial Advocacy-Diversity Scholarship Medical & Molecular Genetics I Medical Genetics - PMD Research I Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics I Medical Genetics Miscellaneous Gifts Fund I Genetics Studies Research I Medical Genetics Counseling I Huntington's Disease Center of Excellence Fund I Kimberly A. Quaid Medical Genetics Education Fund P Catherine G. Palmer Scholarship Fund P Medical Genetics Scholarship Fund P Joe and Shirley Christian Scholarship in Medical and Molecular Genetics P P. Michael Conneally Professorship P David D. Weaver Professorship in Genetics Medical Sciences Program I Jay Thomas Memorial Fund

17 I Paul M. Harmon Scholarship I Medical Sciences Program Research & Education Fund I Medical Sciences Excellence Fund I Dr. Talmage Bosin International Study Fund P Jean A. Creek Professorship Medical Student Scholarships and Loans I Dean's Council Annual Named Scholarships I Medical Education Scholarship I Annual Named Medical Scholarship I Susan Martin Scholarship I Cyrus J. Clark Memorial Scholarship I School of Medicine Student Scholarship I Roy Rheinhart Award I John D. Van Nuys Memorial Fund I IU Medical School Annual Scholarship I IUSM - South Bend Scholarship I Summer Enrichment & Service Scholarship I West Lafayette Medical Student Scholarship I IUSM - Fort Wayne Scholarship I IUSM - Evansville Scholarship I IU School of Medicine - Northwest Scholarship I Audrey Gogola Scholarship I Class of 1993 Scholarship I Class of 1982 School of Medicine Scholarship I IUSM - Fort Wayne Student Research Scholarship I IUSM - Muncie Scholarship I IU School of Medicine Class of 1983 Scholarship I Andi Nicole Wallick Scholarship P Mary Jean Yoder Award P Medical School Memorial Fellowship and Scholarship Fund P Daniel J. Jugovic Memorial Scholarship P Class of 1965 Academic Scholarship Fund P George T. Lukemeyer, M.D., Medical Student Scholarship Fund P Class of Dean's Scholarship Fund P Mary Jean Yoder - Class of 1964 Scholarship Fund P Class of 1967-Glenn W. Irwin, Jr., M.D., Scholarship Fund P Class of 1952-J. O. Ritchey, M.D., Scholarship Fund P Class of 1957 Scholarship Fund P Marvin A. Evens & Larry G. Hitchcock Class of 1968 Scholarship Fund P Class of 1969 Robert H. Shellhamer Scholarship Fund P Senior Class Gift P Class of April 1944 Scholarship Fund P Class of 1944 Clyde Culbertson Scholarship P Class of 1945 Rolla N. Harger Scholarship P Class of 1970 David M. Gibson and George T. Lukemeyer Scholarship P Class of 1946 and Class of 1971 Roy H. Behnke Scholarship P Panayotis Iatridis Medical Student Scholarship P Class of 1972 William E. DeMyer Scholarship

18 P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P Charles Eugene Green Class of May 1942 Scholarship Anthony Pizzo Scholarship Classes of 1948 and 1973 Otis R. Bowen Scholarship Class of 1943 Robert A. Garrett Scholarship Class of 1953 Frank Forey Scholarship Class of 1958 Morris Green Scholarship Class of 1959 John B. Hickam Scholarship Class of 1974 Scholarship Class of 1949 Scholarship Class of 1954 Scholarship Class of 1960 Scholarship Class of 1950 Hershel C. Moss Scholarship Class of 1975 Steven C. Beering Scholarship Class of 1980 Scholarship Ritchey Scholarship Endowment Class of 1978 Richard C. Powell Scholarship Class of 1956 Ronald H. Doneff Scholarship Class of 1976 R. Joe Noble Scholarship Class of 1961 William K. Nasser Scholarship Class of 1951 Scholarship Class of 1992 Scholarship Class of 1962 Scholarship Class of 1977 Scholarship Fund Faculty Women's Club Endowment Class of 1979 Scholarship - IN Class of 2006 Abigail D. Brinkman Tropical Medicine Fund Wendell I. Zaring Scholarship Jack G. Weinbaum, M.D., Pathology Scholarship Class of 2002 Joel Priddy Scholarship George Alavanja Scholarship Class of 1963 John P. Quakenbush Scholarship Keith J. Woodard, M.D., Memorial Scholarship Class of 1994 Scholarship Class of 1985 and Todd B. Taylor, MD Leadership Award Indiana University School of Medicine Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) Scholarship Lindley H. Wagner Scholarship J.P. Salb Scholarship Class of 1961 Legacy Scholarship Annique Wilson-Weekes Scholarship of Excellence IUSM Evansville Ruby Scholarship IU School of Medicine Faculty-Staff Scholarship Class of 1963 Scholarship Vanderburgh Medical Alliance Medical Student Scholarship Michael Packnett Parkview Physician Group Scholarship Drs. Jerry and Mitch Stucky Parkview Physician Group Scholarship Debra J. Helper Scholarship Dolores F. Cikrit Memorial Scholarship Diversity Recruitment Scholarship

19 P Class of 1981 Scholarship (School of Medicine) P Richard B. and Anne O. Kohler Scholarship P Class of 1987 Scholarship P Ike G. Batalis Medicine Scholarship P Blakesley-O'Malley 50th Anniversary Scholarship P Class of 1993 Ben Gilmore Scholarship Microbiology & Immunology I Microbiology and Immunology Developmental Fund Neurological Surgery I Neurological Surgery Gift I Neurosurgery Brain Tumor Research Fund P Robert L. Campbell, M.D., Lectureship P Robert L. Campbell Professorship in Neurosurgery P John Mealey, Jr. Lectureship in Neuro-Oncology P Paul B. Nelson Professorship in Neurological Surgery Obstetrics & Gynecology I INFluence Initiative Fund I Gillespie Clinical Fund I Huber Memorial Lectureship I Golichowski Research & Education I Charles A. Hunter, Jr. M.D., Memorial Fund I Obstetrics and Gynecology Miscellaneous Gifts I Indiana University National Center of Excellence in Women's Health I Uterine Cancer Research Fund I IU National Center of Excellence in Women's Health Outreach Program P Clarence E. Ehrlich Chair in Obstetrics and Gynecology P Robert A. Munsick Professorship in Obstetrics and Gynecology P Doris H. Merritt Lectureship in Women's Health P Class of 1990 Fund for Education in Women's Health P Richard S. Hansell Resident Education Fund Office of Community Engagement I Center for Service and Learning Fund I Community Forums Fund I Office of Community Engagement Fund I Tutoring and Mentoring Program Support Fund I Family, School, and Neighborhood Engagement Fund Office of Enrollment Management-Indianapolis I IUPUI Registrar Office I IUPUI Veterans Student Support Fund I IUPUI Scholarship Fund I Dr. Rebecca Porter-Enrollment Management Staff Development Fund I IUPUI Enrollment Services Fund I IUPUI OSFA Training and Development Fund I James T. Barnette Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Army Retired Memorial Scholarship I Amber Curtis Pratcher Memorial Scholarship I The IUPUI Opportunity to Dream Scholarship I Jaguar Persistence Scholarships I IUPUI Challenger Scholars Program

20 I Kenneth D. Cloud, MD Memorial Scholarship I Linda (Strong) Stein Community Service Scholarship I Rosemary L. Matthews Jennison Memorial Scholarship I Jonathan A. Carter Memorial Scholarship P Carol D. Nathan Staff Scholarship P IUPUI Undergraduate Scholarships P David L. Robbins Scholarship Office of the Dean-Units I Student/Occupational Health Services I IUSM Orchestra Fund I Sound Medicine Fund I Graduate Division Fund I Office of Medical Student Affairs Fund I Carole Sue Wyatt Stewart Prize I Office of Medical Service-Learning I Erica M. Daniel Kepner Memorial Award I Indiana University Student Outreach Clinic - Indianapolis I OutCare Support Fund I Indiana Center for Musculoskeletal Health I IU Student Outreach Clinic Furniture and Equipment Fund P Class of 1967 August M. Watanabe Student Wellness Fund Office of the Dean I Alzheimer's Disease and Other Age Related Disorders I IU Medical School Alumni Fund I CHUCKSTRONG Tailgate Gala Fund I Christopher Hrvoj Scholarship I IU School of Medicine Fund I Medical School Cancer Research I Steven C. Beering Visiting Professor Fund I Medical Research Contributions Fund I Student Engagement, Enrichment and Development (SEED) Fund I Diabetes Research Fund I Breast Cancer Research Fund I Freije-Nahas Family Medical Research Fund I William N. Capello Orthopaedic Education and Conference Center I Precision Medicine Fund I CorVus Diabetes Research Fund I School of Medicine Graduate Student Emergency Assistance Fund I Medical Trainee Wellness and Mental Health Services Fund P Indiana University School of Medicine Annual Lecture On Sexually Transmitted Disease Fund P Richard Powell, M.D., Memorial Professorship P Class of 1963 Anniversary Library Fund P August M. Watanabe Prize in Translational Research Ophthalmology I Eugene and Marilyn Glick Eye Institute Art Fund I Pediatric Ophthalmology and Adult Strabismus Research Fund I Neuro-Ophthalmology Research Fund I Cornea Research Fund

21 I Hrisomalos Ophthalmology Library Fund I Ophthalmology Resident Education Fund I Glaucoma Research and Education Fund I Retina Research Fund I Macular Degeneration Research Fund I Pediatric Ophthalmology Fund I Department of Ophthalmology Fund I Ophthalmology Education Fund I Ocular Tumor Research Fund P Merrill Grayson Senior Chair in Ophthalmology P Eugene and Marilyn Glick Eye Research Endowment P Helveston-Ellis Research and Education Fund Orthopaedic Surgery I Arthroscopy Simulator Fund I James B. Wray Memorial Lectureship Fund I Orthopaedic Surgery Gift Fund in Memory of J.O. Zimmer I Orthopaedic Residency Education I Charles H. Turner Young Investigator Bone Research Award I Orthopaedic Oncology Research Fund I Orthopaedic Surgery Research Fund I Spaceflight and Beyond Research Fund I Orthopaedic Surgery Fellowship I Hip and Knee Replacement Research Fund P Lindseth Lectureship in Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery I Otolaryngology Otologic Fund I Marlow W. Manion, M.D. Education Fund I Otolaryngology Head & Neck Cancer Fund I Miscellaneous Gifts-Otolaryngology I J.O. Zimmer Memorial Fund I Miyamoto Alumni Society Fund P Raleigh E. Lingeman Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery Lectureship P Richard T. Miyamoto Professorship in Otolaryngology Pathology & Laboratory Medicine I Pathology Education and Research Fund I Amyloidosis Research & Education Fund I Histotechnology Program Education Fund I Cytotechnology Program Education Fund I Nepal Dermatology Training Fund I Clinical Laboratory Sciences Education Fund I Alzheimer Disease Research in Pathology I Alzheimer and Related Neurodegenerative Diseases Fund I Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Education Fund I Newborn Screening Program Fund P Rachel M. Lehman Scholarship Pediatrics I Ryan White Memorial Fund I Perinatal Education Fund

22 I Riley Cancer Research for Children I Herman B Wells Research Center Fund I Neonatology Contributions I Developmental Pediatrics Contributions I Pediatric Hematology Fund I Pediatric Department Contributions I Pediatric Pulmonology Fund I Pediatric Cardiology Fund I Center for Family Violence I Gastric Cancer Research Fund I CHIP-IN Fund I Toby Joseph Murray Type 1 Diabetes Research Fund P John E. Heubi Memorial Award P Morris Green, M.D. Professorship P Philip F. Merk Pediatric Resident Award Pharmacology & Toxicology I Pharmacology Indianapolis I K.K. Chen Scholarship in Pharmacology I Robert L. Wolen Lectureship in Pharmacology I Firefighters' Neurodegenerative Disorders Research Fund I Channelopathy Research Fund P Robert B. Forney Professorship of Toxicology Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation I Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Fund I Brain Injury Research and Education Fund Physical Plant I CFS Staff Recognition Fund I Campus Facility Services- Organization Development I IUPUI "Welcoming Campus" Post Graduate Educ. I Post Graduate Education Fund Psychiatry I Medical School Psychology Fund I Psychiatry Graduate Education I Psychiatry Gifts Fund I Alzheimer's Fund I Psychiatry Gifts for Bipolar Research I Newhouse Staff Development Fund I Conscience Study Fund I Child Psychiatry Research and Education Fund I John H. Greist Memorial Fund I Psychiatry Medical Education Fund I Autism Research Fund I Dual Diagnosis Neuroscience Research and Education I Neurobiology Alcohol and Drug Addiction Research I HANDS in Autism I Traumatic Brain Injury Research Fund I Physician Suicide Prevention Program