These students who received recognition at the Saint Saviour High School Awards Ceremony on September 30, 2015

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1 WE RE PROUD OF These students who received recognition at the Saint Saviour High School Awards Ceremony on September 30, 2015 (Awards were given based on the final results of the school year ) Scholastic Awards for Grade 9 received by Sophomores: English 9 English 9 Honors Environmental Science Biology 9 Science Honors Integrated Algebra Integrated Algebra Honors Global Studies 9 Global Studies 9 Honors Art 9 Computer Music 9 Physical Education 9 Religion 9 Spanish I Spanish I Honors Health 9 Geometry Honors Teresa Collins (Highest Overall Average) Daniela Peraza Lauren Slattery Lauren Regan Isabella Wagner Nabihah Siddiqui Angelina Russo Kara Jackson Julia Kenny Abigail Nolan Isabella Wagner Bethany Reyes Jillian Nolan Irenonsen Eromosele Rebecca Ocasio Ariana Nurse Julie Pham Teresa Collins Scholastic Awards for Grade 10 received by Juniors: Caroline Adams (Highest Overall Average) English 10 Ashley Caban English 10 Honors Mary Freeze Biology Regibella Duperval Chemistry Honors Lauren Duggan Geometry Erica Fonseca Global Studies 10 Mary Conroy Global Studies 10 Honors Jana Tehfe AP World History Erin Torres Algebra 2/Trigonometry Alexandra Mendez French II Meghan McGinn French II Honors Olivia Burek Latin II Jamie Camera Spanish II Sherika Swaby Spanish II Honors Melanie Watson Art 10 Gia Bonilla Music 10 Meaghan Kelly Health 10 Meridien Terrell Physical Education 10 Caroline Adams Religion 10 (Christian Morality) Erin Torres Religion 10 (Bible and Other Rel) Palalya Pinchinat Scholastic Awards for Grade 11 received by Seniors: English 11 English 11 Honors A.P.English Language/Comp. Chemistry Physics Algebra 2/Trigonometry Honors AP Calculus St. John s University Calculus Katherine Gange and Victoria Nilsen (Highest Overall Average) Sarah Jorgensen Taylor Taglianetti Yao Jiang Victoria Nilsen Molly Baran Katherine Gange Taylor Taglianetti

2 Scholastic Awards for Grade 11 received by Seniors continued: U.S. History Ashley Brunache U.S. History Honors Meaghan Pastore A.P. U.S. History Madeleine Cooke French I Alejandra Chino French I Honors Tiara Nurse French III Christall Pierre Latin I Grace Sullivan Latin 1 Honors Jacqueline Wong Latin III Katherine Gange Spanish III Nalani Rodriguez Spanish III Honors Vanessa Mos Physical Education 11 Carmen Proffitt Religion (Church History) Tiara Nurse Religion 11 (Women of the Spirit) Sofia Rapisarda Instrumental Ensemble Jade Schoolcraft The following students are candidates for the National Honor Society: SENIORS: Molly Baran, Madeleine Cooke, Katherine Gange, Yao Jiang, Vanessa Mos, Victoria Nilsen, Tiara Nurse, Meaghan Pastore, Jade Schoolcraft, Grace Sullivan, Taylor Taglianetti, Jacqueline Wong, JUNIORS: Caroline Adams, Mira Bhattacharya, Olivia Burek, Ashley Caban, Jamie Camera, Kerry Conlon, Mary Conroy, Lauren Duggan, Regibella Duperval, Mary Freeze, Erica Fonseca, Meghan McGinn, Mary Sullivan, Jana Tehfe, Erin Torres, Melanie Watson SOPHOMORES: Kimberly Castro, Teresa Collins, Irenosen Eromosele, Kara Jackson, Julia Kenny, Abigail Nolan, Ariana Nurse, Julie Pham, Lauren Regan, Daniella Rodriguez, Angelina Russo, Mary Therese Ryan, Lauren Slattery, Isabella Wagner The following students are candidates for the French National Honor Society (Société Honoraire de Français) for September The Seniors will be inducted the night of graduation. SENIORS: Madeleine Cooke, Yao Jiang, Vanessa Mos, Tiara Nurse, Jade Schoolcraft, Taylor Taglianetti, Jacqueline Wong, JUNIORS: Olivia Burek, Meaghan McGinn Students with Perfect Attendance: Grade 9: Ashley Danza, Ariana Nurse, Christina Powell, Angelina Russo Grade 10: Olivia Burek Grade 11: Ashley Brunache, Lucia Elyas, Maya Greenberg, Tiara Nurse, Meaghan Pastore, Strength & Vitality Scholarship in Memory of Elaine Dray & Kristin Molini was awarded to Mariah Jenkins.

3 American Classical League National Latin Exam Award Winners: Gold Medal summa cum laude Katherine Gange, Victoria Nilsen, Jacqueline Wong, Teresa Collins Silver Medal, maxima cum laude Madeline Cooke, Caroline Adams, Taylor Taglianetti, Alexandra Mendez, Mary Therese Ryan, Ariane Terrell, Camille Odom Certificate magna cum laude Mary Freeze, Kaitlyn Bernstein Certificate, cum laude Irenonsen Eromosele, Janelynn Sullivan, Candace McKenzie, Caitlin Faustner Students Who Received Citizenship Awards with special recognition from the Social Studies Department for their contributions to the St. Saviour Community: Freshmen: Ashley Danza Sophomore: Isabela Carrasco Junior: Michelle Barresi Caroline Adams was presented with an Award of Excellence from the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists Special Awards presented to Outstanding Seniors Molly Baran was presented with the University of Rochester Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award for commitment to understanding difficult social issues, for leadership and community action, and for achievement in social studies. Tiara Nurse received the St. Michael s College Book Award for demonstrating a sincere and sustained commitment to community service. Katherine Gange received the University of Rochester Bausch And Lomb Award for high achievement and rigor in Science classes and high SAT math scores. Madeleine Cooke received the Smith College Book Award for significant academic achievement, leadership potential, and concern for others. Victoria Nilsen received the George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science Award for excellence in math and science. Meaghan Pastore received the George Eastman Young Leaders Award for leadership, academic achievement, and extensive involvement in extracurricular activities. Taylor Taglianetti received the Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology. Camille Odom and received the New York Public Advocate Award for outstanding academic achievement.

4 St. John s University Women in Science Society Awards are presented to the following students for their achievements in Science and/or Mathematics: SENIORS:, Victoria Nilsen, Yao Jiang, Jade Schoolcraft, Taylor Taglianetti, Grace Sullivan, Katherine Gange JUNIORS: Olivia Burek, Caroline Adams, Melanie Watson, Lauren Duggan, Regibella Duperval SOPHOMORES: Teresa Collins, Isabella Wagner, Julia Kenny, Lauren Slattery, Ariana Nurse, Angelina Russo Katherine Gange received the Sr. Mary Louis Whalen Scholarship in the amount of $1000 toward tuition, granted to high achieving seniors in the sciences at Saint Saviour High School. Campus Ministry Recognition Certificates are awarded to the following students who have shown dedication to their community and the poor: Caroline Adams, Amy Alfy, Teresa Collins, Caitlin Faustner, Mary Freeze, Irenosen Eromosele, Jacqueline Fiquet, Julia Kenny, Hailey Kourbage, Sofia Rapisarda, Kevina Shalvey, Taylor Taglianetti, Mackenzie Thurber Newspaper Award: Khadijiah Allen is awarded a certificate in recognition of her contribution to Skyline, our school newspaper. Art Show Awards: Last year s sophomores Honorable Mention for Value Projects: Ashley Caban, Lauren Duggan, Meghan McGinn, Zaria Ragguette Third Place: Emily Aviles Tie for Second Place: Gia Bonilla, Erica Fonseca First Place: Lindsey Lennon Last year s juniors Honorable Mention for ScratchBoard Projects: Amy Alfy, Julia Clifford, Sarah Jorgensen, Kaitlyn Martin, Vanessa Mos, Briana Moses, Tiara Nurse, Nalani Rodriguez, Breanna Simms, Kayla Simmons Third Place: Camille Odom Second Place: Madeleine Cooke First Place: Jade Schoolcraft Spirit Cup Awards: 1 st Place: 9A Sister Barbara, 2 nd Place: 11B Ms. Cush, 3 rd Place: 10C Ms. Iacuzzo, Honorable Mention: 12A Mrs. Hilbert INDUCTION OF STUDENT COUNCIL: SCHOOL OFFICERS: President: Meaghan Pastore Vice President: Victoria Murphy Secretary: Yao Jiang Treasurer: Molly Baran Cultural Harmony Rep: Sofia Rapisarda A.A. Rep: Briana Moses Senior Senator: Kayla Cethoute Junior Senator: Mary Freeze Sophomore Senator: Isabella Wagner

5 CLASS OFFICERS: 12A President: Erin Brody, Vice President: Grace Sullivan 12B -= President: Amy Alfy, Vice President: Yao Jiang 12C President: Janee McKenzie, Vice President: Azana Lorde 11A President:, Jamie Camera, Vice President: Mary Conroy 11B President: Caroline Adams, Vice President: Olivia Burek 11C President: Mary Sullivan, Vice President: Gia Bonilla 10A President: Daniela Rodriguez, Vice President: Teresa Collins 10B President: Chanel Ramierez, Vice President: Christina Powell 10C President: Samantha Rodriguez, Vice President: Lauren Slattery 9A - President: Brigid McEvoy, Vice President: Nioka Gaudin 9B President: Tiana Jaramillo, Vice President: Teresa Kiernan 9C President: Margaret Kindschuh, Vice President: Kayla Fulbrook