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1 THE ROTARY CLUB OF MOUNT MARTHA INC. DISTRICT 9820 P.O Box 342, Mornington, Vic 3931 Registered Number A11714V ABN CLUB OFFICERS Board of Directors: CLUB PLAN President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Immediate Past President President Elect Admin &L ship Director Membership/PR Director Community and Vocational Director Youth Director Foundation/International Director Assistant Secretary Club Administration Director Sergeant Assistant Sergeant Bulletin Editor Programmes Assistant Programmes Minute Secretaries Front of House Club History On to Conference/Convention Attendance Club Protection Officer Assistant Club Protection Officer Constitution & By Laws Family of Rotary Public Officer Property Officer Guest Liaison Officer Website Editor Website Assistant Editor Peter Warren David Wheeler B a r r ie S we e n e y David Piper Tom Barrett Doug Rhodes Doug Rhodes Freda Bowie-Horoway Bill Cummins Jonathan Mayne Adrian Davis Peter Rawlings Doug Rhodes Paul Clark Greg Buchanan Colin Stokes David Wheeler Phyllis Scales As per Roster Colin Stokes Roger Annear John Routledge Barrie Sweeney David Crane John Marshall Rob Marks- David Crane Peter Rawlings Barr ie S weeney John Marshall Roger Skipsey Colin Stokes Dee Tozer 1

2 CLUB ADMINISTRATION Director, Doug Rhodes The Club Administration Director will oversee the various activities within this portfolio and assist members of this Club to provide efficient and effective administration of the Club. The Director will regularly report to the Board. Bulletin Editor Colin Stokes Rotarians should be informed, through the bulletin of the weekly happenings of the Club. It should highlight guest speakers over the next few weeks and all projects that the Club is engaged in or what is scheduled going forward. This information would then be picked up by visitors to our website. Putting the bulletin together is a big job and our editor relies on the weekly minute secretaries forwarding him the minutes of the meetings by the Wednesday of that week. The editor should keep in regular communication with Club leaders and monitor information sources such as the DG's newsletter and Rotary Down Under, ensuring that all Club members are adequately informed. Club Meeting Minutes July 2015 Phyllis Scales August 2015 Byron Groves September 2015 David Wheeler October 2015 Pat Reid November 2015 Roger Skipsey December 2015 Rob Marks January 2016 Bill Cummins February 2016 John Routledge March 2016 Colin Stokes April 2016 Martin Reid May 2016 Jonathan Mayne June 2016 Tom Goulding Sergeant Paul Clark Assistant Sergeant Greg Buchanan Ensure meetings are timely and orderly. Fine session should be brief but entertaining Programmes---David Wheeler Assistant Phyllis Scales Adhere whenever possible to the Rotary calendar - (Monthly themes). Liaise with members to source guest speakers and an appropriate chairperson. Schedule our Club assembly every 5-6 weeks. 2

3 Front of House Colin Stokes Preparation of a duty roster - Ensure accurate registration of attendees and cash processing - recording of apologies and make-ups. Ensure that all regalia etc. is displayed and stored at meeting's end. Maintain supplies of all forms needed for the front desk. Welcome all visitors and guests. Arrive at 5.45p.m pm. Property Officer John Marshall Maintain an inventory of all Clubs assets and arrange maintenance when required. Provide a quarterly report to the Board. Club Protection Officer David Crane Asst. C P O - John Marshall Ensure that members are accredited for Working with Children registration, aiming for full m e m b e r s h i p this year. In addition to seek CL4 accreditation for all - Oversee members observation of legal and insurance requirements and further to oversee risk management for all Club activities especially the OHS requirements for our trailer and Saturday Morning barbecues. Public Officer Barrie Sweeney Ensure Club meets regulatory requirements, particularly regarding Incorporation Association and Consumer Affairs legalisation. Attendance Barrie Sweeney Keep accurate records of attendance, with apologies and make ups recorded. Provide the Secretary with statistics and complete monthly report for District. Advise the Board of any member's problem with attendance. Members to contact and advise if they are not attending the weekly meeting or other function and if they are bringing guests. Then advise the caterer's (Benito s) the number of attendees for the night. Club Constitution and By-laws----Rob Marks & David Crane Review and advise Board to keep constitutional documents current and amend as necessary regarding changes due to Rotary International amendments or to Club practice. On To Conference/Convention John Routledge, Peter Rawlings & Byron Groves To promote and encourage member/partner participation at the District Conference - The Conference will be in Wangaratta from Friday 26 th Sunday 28 th February 2016 Club Leadership Plan - Doug Rhodes Review and advise Board on implementation and possible modifications to the Club Plan, keeping in mind the progress of the Vision Process. Observe operations of other Clubs in the District already using or implementing the plan. Family of Rotary Peter Rawlings Support members and their families through illness or difficulties where applicable. Keep in contact with deceased members families and offer assistance if needed. Encourage a loyal and harmonious environment within the Club. 3

4 YOUTH Director, Jonathan Mayne Purpose: Carry out projects and activities to provide opportunity and support of youth in the Mount Martha community and to encourage members of the community, especially younger members to achieve excellence and take pride in their chosen professions. Citizenship Award (watch) - Mornington S.S Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment (RYPEN) 2 students National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) Mornington secondary College Chaplaincy Mornington Secondary College Breakfasts Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) (2 students) This programme should attract a further $500 from parents or sponsoring school. Primary School Art Exhibition Proposed 4 schools exhibition held end of second term of school year. Interact Club (Balcombe Grammar School - Junior College) Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Lessons in Secondary School School leavers job interview rehearsals For the benefit of students completing their studies and preparing to enter the workforce. These rehearsals maybe conducted by Rotary members at either/both Balcombe Grammar and Mornington Secondary College with cooperation of the teachers and staff. These rehearsals take the form of an interview, assessment and a review with leaving students to acquaint them with the skills, strategies and pitfalls in conducting themselves in a real job interview. 4

5 FOUNDATION AND INTERNATIONAL Director, Adrian Davis Purpose: To plan projects to support the purpose of International Service, to expand humanitarian reach around the globe and to promote world understanding and further to increase the Club Members awareness of The Rotary Foundation. Continuing sponsorship of a teacher at the School of St. Jude s Continuing financial support for the Water Safety programme in Vietnam Continuing support for the Tibetan Village Continue to encourage members to contribute and join the Centurion Club Continue to support the Group Study Exchange program (GSE) Explore the possibility of an International Dinner Possible Donation in Kind (DIK) of school furniture to a needy school overseas FUNDRAISING: All Club Members Responsibility Purpose: To generate opportunities to enhance the Club's profile through fund raising activities. Regular projects: November: Golf Day Outside Catering: o Let's Go Cruisin o Environment week o Mount Martha Village fortnightly BBQ o Other events as required 5

6 MEMBERSHIP/ PUBLIC RELATIONS Director, Freda Bowie-Horoway Membership Development- Committee: Tom Barrett, Phyllis Scales, Rob Marks, Tom Goulding, Bernard Butler and Nick Roberts Public Relations -Sub-committee: T o m G o u l d i n g, Peter Rawlings, Bernard Butler and Tom Barrett Our vision for The Mount Martha Rotary Club in the future encapsulates a dynamic, vibrant and thriving service club organisation where the individuals that make up our diverse membership are proud to join and keen to stay. It is a service club characterised by: Membership Growth The club will grow membership in three ways:- Person on person invitation Wide reaching approaches by and other social media. Using a revamped Rotary sidewalk display complete with displays and Rotary brochures members will garner prospective members at all outdoor events in which the MMRC takes part The Membership/PR committee/s will investigate and make recommendations to the Club with regard to:- Innovative membership types and club structures. alternatives as to how the Club conducts meetings with a view to making them more attractive to visitors Re-shaping our club to be as reflective of our community as possible Providing additional opportunities for all members to participate in club activities and projects Promoting inter club support and co-operation Member Retention - In order to ensure that Club membership is a fulfilling, welcoming, worthwhile and joyful experience for members and visitors alike the Club will:- Set up a mentoring program for both new and old members alike Conduct meetings in a professional but fun manner Hold regular social meetings and events Develop skilled and informed Rotarians Assess and increase members knowledge of Rotary by developing and implementing regular and effective training for our Club members Encourage participation in events and programs that enhance Rotary awareness Enhance Rotary information sharing within our club Encourage and support new members to learn more about Rotary 6

7 Support innovation and flexibility within the Club Conduct regular club forums to review club health Adopt a three year management planning process Create strategic Partnerships Develop strategic partnerships at national, district and club level Enhance brand recognition, understanding and trust Identify Ambassadors to promote membership of Rotary Promote Rotary Week and Rotary achievements Continually rejuvenate website, social media and public image assets Establish and publicise Whole of Club projects Implement a game-changing external PR campaign to engage and attract prospective members RESOURCES: Business cards Information flyers for sausage sizzles, BBQ's and anywhere else we are. P ull Up Banner A- Frames Tear Drop Banners BENDIGO BANK NOTICEBOARD: Monthly A4 promotional sheet about our Club we plan to do 12 in advance, we know the theme for each month, a member to volunteer to oversee the posting monthly. CLUB WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA: The website is and will always be a work in progress and we plan to ensure that ongoing maintenance is a regular part of our Rotary life The website is our first point of contact for prospective new members our focus is on looking professional, current, interesting, warm and active. It will be updated and added to throughout the year. Social media such as Facebook will be another tool for our use 7

8 COMMUNITY / VOCATIONAL SERVICES Director, Bill Cummins Purpose: To oversee activities that generate financial returns enabling the club to carry out its selected projects to meet the Objectives of Rotary in local, national and international communities. An important objective is to oversee community projects that display RCMM and the work it does in the local community. Mount Martha Saturday Shops Sausage Sizzle Tree planting at the Briars ( Osborne Primary School) Australia Day Parade Clean Up Australia ( assist BERG) Enviro Week at the Briars Shire of Mornington Staff Breakfast Portsea Camp Clean-up Mornington Golf Club Working bees. Moorooduc Primary School Working bees Charity Golf Day Golf Day Committee: Bill Cummins (Chair), Byron Groves, Tom Goulding, M e r v Williams, Doug Rhodes, Nick Roberts, and Tom Barrett: Outdoor BBQ Committee: John Marshall, Martin Reid, Greg Buchanan, Tom Goulding Mount Martha Saturday BBQ Coordinator: Roger Skipsey Vocational Two speakers for Vocational Service Month Pride of Workmanship Awards Vocational Visits Cruden Farm L e t s Go Cruisin NEW INITIATIVES Club's 40 th Birthday Project Anderson Reserve Dream Cricket Forest Drive Park Benton Square Playground Fence 8

9 RCMM Membership Roles Roger Annear District Treasurer Found/Int Club History Tom Barrett Immediate Past President M'ship/PR Freda Bowie Horoway Director Membership/PR Greg Buchanan Comm/Voc Outdoor BBQ Bernard Butler M/ship/PR Public Officer Paul Clark Youth Sergeant David Crane Found/Int Club Prot. Officer/Constitution Bill Cummins Director Comm/Voc Steve Daly Youth Rob Davies Found/Int Adrian Davis Director Found/Int Tom Goulding M/ship/PR Golf Byron Groves District Secretary M/ship PR Golf Tim Jolly Comm/Voc Geoff Kaye Comm/Voc Martin Lowe Youth Bill Mackenzie Found/Int Rob Marks M/ship PR Constitution John Marshall Comm/Voc Prop Officer/Outdoor BBQ Jonathan Mayne Director Youth Wayne Norris Youth Justin Orr Found/Int David Piper Treasurer Peter Rawlings District Conference Chair Family of Rotary Found/Int Martin Reid Comm/Voc Outdoor BBQ Pat Reid Found/Int Doug Rhodes President Elect Golf Nick Roberts M/ship PR Golf John Routledge Youth On To Conference/Convention Phyllis Scales M/ship PR Assistant Programmes Roger Skipsey Youth Saturday BBQ/Guest Liaison Colin Stokes Comm/Voc Bulletin Editor/Front of House Barrie Sweeney Secretary Attendance Dee Tozer Youth Website Assistant Peter Warren President David Wheeler Vice President Programmes/Youth Christine Williams DG partner M/ship Merv Williams District Governor Comm/Voc Golf 9

10 Rotary Club of Mount Martha 2015/2016 DIRECTOR Club Admin D Rhodes B Butler R Marks T Goulding P Scales B Groves T Barrett N Roberts C Williams R Davies D Crane W Mackenzie P Rawlings P Reid R Annear J Orr M Reid G Buchanan G Kaye J Marshall C Stokes T Jolly J Ivanovski M Williams P Clark M Lowe J Routledge R Skipsey D Wheeler W Norris D Tozer S Daly Sergeant Assistant Sergeant Bulletin Editor Minute Secretary Programmes Assistant Programmes Front of House Club History On To Conference P Clark G Buchanan C Stokes Monthly Roster D Wheeler P Scales C Stokes R Annear J Routledge Golf Day B Cummins Attendance Club Protection Officer Assist Club Protection Officer B Sweeney D Crane J Marshall Fund Raising Outside Catering Saturday BBQ Constitution and By Laws Family of Rotary Public Officer Property Officer D Crane, R Marks P Rawlings B Butler J Marshall Website Editor C Stokes Website Assistant D Tozer Guest Liaison Officer R Skipsey