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2 This Action plan has been developed and agreed by the Southern Trust Carers reference group as a response to the proposed areas of need for improvement by the Regional Carers Strategy implementation group HSCB, The Carers section of the Older Person s Service Framework 2015/2016 and the Caring for Carers Strategy (DHSSPSNI 2006). Carers Action Plan April Page 2

3 Theme 1. Identification of and Interface with Carers 1.1 Earlier identification of carers and actions which will make it easier for carers to have an assessment of their needs. Older carers and carers of older people are a priority* All carers regardless of POC are routinely offered a carer s Assessment and encouraged to participate in this process The assessment process is out-come focused and meets the test of supporting the carer in their caring role or helping them to maintain their own health and wellbeing The assessment process identifies the needs of the main carer and considers the impact of caring on the PWB Generic Carers Support Contract has target for identification of 300 new referrals per annum. Each new carer* will receive an assessment of need. Information on Trust Carers Assessment will be provided and those who have not been offered a Trust Carers Assessment will be referred to relevant Team Continue to engage as partners in Mind the Gap project by attending expert reference group meetings. This project aims to identify older carers* and signpost to existing local support services Acute Hospital Services Review discharge protocols which reference both patient and carer* needs Children s Disability Services All parents /carers are offered a Carer s Assessment as part of the UNOCINI initial assessment and subsequent Review process. A separate assessment can be provided if requested. Carer s Assessment and needs also discussed in LAC reviews in respect of children who are Looked After for overnight short breaks. Integrated Care teams for Older people Carers* are identified through trigger questions in the paper work. Autism Services Use of UNOCINI and Adult Assessment proforma to identify carers*. Carers *made aware of their right to assessment through appropriate information. Use of Carers* Assessments. Carolyn Agnew Patricia Jordan Carers Matter Carolyn Agnew and Carers Pauline Rice Mind the Gap Ruth Donaldson HOS Hospital SW Lesley Waugh Locality Head Wraparound Services Shirley Henning, Social Work ICT Manager Karen Patterson Carers Action Plan April Page 3

4 wider family circle, addressing the needs of other family members 1.2 Improvements in Primary Care teams that earlier identification of Carers and referral of them for assessment. Trust is actively engaged with front line practitioners in raising awareness about carers and carers issues. 1.3 Report to be compiled on numbers of staff attending Carers Awareness training programmes. 1.4 Agree a mechanism for capturing numbers of Carers identified and referred for support by GP practices. 1.5 Trust ensures that every GP has a defined care pathway to facilitate a carer s assessment Mental Health Implement new mental health core care pathway Implement new mental health core care pathway Bryce McMurray Mental Health Bryce McMurray Mental Health all divisions including Primary Care Identify and agree what constitutes a Carers Awareness training programme Geraldine Patterson September 2015 Agree delivery and roll out plan including recording mechanisms Patricia McCrink Carolyn Agnew Patricia Jordan October 2015 Awaiting feedback from HSCB to see if this action is valid for Trusts HSCB GP protocol completed 14/15 Explore development of GP carer referral form Patricia McCrink Patricia Jordan Deirdre Magill Carers Action Plan April Page 4

5 1.6 Trust promotes development of carer outreach services in GP practices 1.7 The Trust as far as possible ensures all services and particularly out-of-hours services meet the needs of individuals and respect their wishes Theme 2. Information for Carers 2.1 Carers to lead development of an agreed regional Information Strategy for adoption by HSC Trusts so that Carers are more aware of support available to them. 2.2 Carers Information Booklets to be disseminated and report of this process compiled. 2.3 Communication plan to be developed to demonstrate how both staff and Carers are to be Up-d Carers Information Booklet made available to all GP practices. Carers Matter has provided carer information stands in GP Practices: 16 CB 12 NM 17 AD Information Subgroup to be established with Carers s from other Trusts to progress Patricia McCrink Patricia Jordan P McCrink Subgroup members 3 meetings per annum Compile report P McCrink Information Subgroup (TCRG) to meet 3 times per annum. All POCs to nominate a member to attend the meetings Continue with work-streams as per the regional information strategy. P McCrink Subgroup members 3 meetings per annum Carers Action Plan April Page 5

6 Made aware of the available information 2.4 Trust has a dedicated carers page on its website including information about services for carers and how to access them and where to get help locally; links to other relevant websites and contact details for the carer s Theme 3. Support services for Carers 3.1 Changes to current assessment practice by HSC Professionals in order to improve carer experience of the process. In place P McCrink See Action 1.2 in relation to improvements in Primary Care See action 1.3 in relation to Carer Awareness training See actions under 3.4 in relation to Carer Assessment training, Team Leader support and Carers Focus Group See actions under 3.6 in relation to Annual satisfaction survey 3.2 Promotion of Self- Trust ensures that greater use of Direct Payments is made in responding to carer s Directed Support so that social care needs across all POCs more carers have the The system for managing Direct Payments, particularly the burden of financial control which they can get accountability, is simplified from Direct payments or Reasons for refusal of Direct Payments are recorded and regularly monitored to Individual Budgets. inform any further review of schemes 3.3 Unmet need Procedures are in place where unmet need is identified to risk manage such cases in the interim Information about unmet need across all POCs is collected, collated and acted upon appropriately HOS HOS HOS HOS March 16 HOS HOS Carers Action Plan April Page 6

7 3.4 Numbers of Carers assessments offered to be increased by 10% on previous years results. Trust includes carers and carer organisations in its assessments of unmet need so that the need for carers support can be properly reflected in service and resource planning across all POCs Carers Assessment Audit to be shared with Directors of Mental Health and Disability, OPPC, CYP the Clinical Education Centre and Social Services workforce development. Action points to be implemented as listed below All Directors to be informed of commissioning plan to raise the Carers Assessment target by 10% HOS Melanie McClements, Assistant Director OPPC Melanie McClements, Assistant Director OPPC September 2015 Carers Assessment Training to be provided to Multi-Disciplinary teams by the Clinical Education Centre Team Leaders to continue to support staff to offer and complete through supervision and team meetings Carers Focus group meetings to be held with Social work staff 3 times per annum. Carmel Harney Assistant Director of AHP Governance and Workforce Development & Training Team Leaders All POCs Geraldine Patterson, Social Work Training Unit and Carers Up quarterly Quarterly Carers Action Plan April Page 7

8 3.5 Target for Numbers of Carers who have a Carers Assessment completed to be 52%. 3.6 Annual Satisfaction survey to assess Carers experience of responsive and flexible services to enable them to continue their caring role. 3.7 Record numbers of Carers who receive short breaks All POCs except Acute to continue to work towards targets for Carers Assessments All POCs except offered and completed Acute Performance to be reported quarterly to governance committee All POCS except Acute Quarterly Pilot survey completed in PD but low returns. Sample of people taken from Carers Carers To be returned Cash grants database and questionnaires sent out. 31 st May 2015 Report of Carers assessment survey pilot findings to be compiled Carers Oct 2015 Survey to be rolled out across programme of care All POCs Contribute to HSCB NISAT Carers Assessment Survey Carers 30/9/15 Identify 4 carers across POCs to complete pilot Carers Support 16/10/15 Worker Identify further 20 carers across POCs to complete survey Carers Support 30/10/15 Worker Cash Grant Scheme All Staff and Carers Learning Disability Cash Grant Scheme Pat McAteer Mental Health Cash Grant Scheme Adrian Corrigan Employment of Carers Community Development Worker to scope existing support services for carers and identify and broker additional support options including short breaks Carolyn Agnew July 2015 Carers Action Plan April Page 8

9 Continue to attend Trust Short Break Mirror group and work towards the identified work-streams of this group. Continue to provide Short breaks for Carers through Carer s Assessments process. Members of Trust Short Break Mirror group All POCs Integrated Care Team for Older people. All applications for short break provision to panel have the expectation that a Carers assessment has been completed. Memory Services Currently working with Dementia strategy implementation group to look at workstreams on short break provision Learning Disability Developing options appraisal for bed based short break provision. Carers will form part of the Project Team Mental Health Additional funding made available to CAUSE to organise carer short breaks Children s Disability Services 3.8 Record numbers of Carers who attend health and wellbeing programmes and events for Carers. Collation of short breaks information by Information Team PWB Team record carers attending HWB programmes delivered Patricia McCrink Carers Matter record carers attending HWB programmes delivered Patricia McCrink POCs to record carer attendance at any HWB programmes they deliver and forward to HOS Carers Carers Action Plan April Page 9

10 3.9 Provision of Community based generic carer support services and condition specific carer support Trust has contracts in place with: Carers Matter CAUSE for Mental Health Parent Carers Council on Disability Alzheimer s Society NIAMH Relevant HOS 3.10 Review of Out of Hours Provision to ensure that it is responsive to service breakdowns within specified time frames 3.11 The Trust has audited its carer support services against the standards for Adult Social Care Support Services for Carers Theme 4. Young Carers 4.1 Support identification and support of young carers Theme 5. Training 5.1 The number of Carers who receive training appropriate to individual needs e.g manual handling, stress management, knowledge about Review of Out of Hours Provision to ensure that it is responsive to service breakdowns within specified time frames Establishment of a Young Carers Multi liaison group to look at identification and support of young carers POCs to record carer attendance at any programmes they deliver and forward to Carers The Trust is actively engaged with relevant agencies to promote the health and wellbeing of and provision of support for carers Relevant HOS Carers Donna Murphy Family and Childcare HOS Carers Action Plan April Page 10

11 symptoms and potential impacts from the condition of person being cared for. Theme 6. Employment 6.1 Support for carers employed by SHSCT 6.2 Support for carers in employment Theme 7. Involvement 7.1 Trusts will have an action plan for carer involvement at all levels in their respective organisations. 7.2 The number of Carers actively participating in commissioning delivery and evaluation of services. Continued availability of Work Life Balance policy HOS WLB policy is adequately resourced, actively promoted, consistently applied and identify and support staff members who are also carers Directors Provide support both internally and externally to the Trust to ensure that the Health Senior Health and Wellbeing of staff including carers is prioritised by managers and organisations. Promotion Officer for Workplace Health Carers continue to be supported to be involved in CRG. Membership reviewed every 3 years or sooner if required Establish Carers Forums to ensure Carer involvement across all Programmes of Care. All programmes of care to up PPI action plans to ensure Carer Involvement opportunities are reflected in the plans at all levels planning, review and delivery Using PPI Impact template feedback impact of PPI activity with carers and develop summary flyer of carer involvement and post on website Involve carers in the development of specification and tender process for Community Carer Support services and condition specific contracts Carers All POCs supported by Carers & User Involvement Officer All POCs September supported by PPI 2015 Team All POC s Biannually PPI Team HOS Carers Action Plan April Page 11