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1 CHITUNGWIZA CENTRAL HOSPITAL WEEKLY NEWSLETTER VOL 14 ISSUE 7 CCH weekly is a publication of the Chitungwiza Central Hospital Chief Executive Office and Public Relations Office designed to highlight hospital news and upcoming events. STORIES INSIDE: VP CHIWENGA S WIFE BRINGS COMFORT, HOPE TO CCH CCH TOUR AN EYE OPENER FOR MANDEDZA PUPILS

2 VOL 14 ISSUE 7 VP CHIWENGA S WIFE BRINGS COMFORT, HOPE TO CCH By Melody Musindipa-Pr intern Media & Society Studies-MSU Mrs Mary Chiwenga, wife to Vice President of Zimbabwe, Cde Constantine Dominic Nyikadzino Chiwenga who is also Founder and Director of Musha Mukadzi Charity Foundation, recently visited Chitungwiza Central Hospital to see Bridget Zireni, a patient she has greatly assisted. During her visit, Mrs Chiwenga also donated blankets, syringes and needles to CCH children s ward as part of her organisation s social responsibility programme. Musha Mukadzi is a charity organisation which extends its helping hand to socially disadvantaged members of society such as widows and orphans. The Foundation also runs programs that empower women and raises awareness on non-communicable diseases such as cancer. Women with the strange affliction that causes swollen tummies have benefited from this Foundation by receiving medical treatment and other services as witnessed in the recent case of 16-year-old Bridget who made national headlines with her plight until CCH and Musha Mukadzi came to her rescue. The organisation has partnered with CCH in giving aid to the hospital to the patients with bloated tummies and Bridget s case was not the first. Bridget's condition had got to a point where she could no longer attend school because of mobility difficulties while money for treatment also remained pie in the sky. However upon the publication of her desperate case, CCH s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Obadiah Moyo immediately took action to bring the poor girl to Chitungwiza for free surgery while Mrs Chiwenga chipped in with resources that included blood transfusion to facilitate the major surgical operation that she underwent among others. She also bought the required drugs for the girl. Immediately upon arrival at Chitungwiza Central Hospital, Mrs Chiwenga was struck by the cleanliness that characterises the facility and she praised the hospital staff for maintaining this hygienic and clean environment that is critical in the process of healing the sick. Whenever I come to this hospital, I always find it exceptionally clean and in significant contrast to other health delivery centres around the country, she said. Each time I come I see a new thing. We thank Doctor Moyo for being so innovative and patient-friendly," she Mrs Chiwenga, before pouring further praise for the kindness and exceptional work that Dr. Moyo and his staff had exhibited in the manner they had handled Bridget s case. Money alone cannot save lives but it is the diligence, professionalism and dedication behind the staff at the health institution, she said Mrs Chiwenga also took time to thank the media who published the case, bringing Bridget s plight to the public domain and hence attracting the attention of those Angels of Mercy at Chitungwiza Central Hospital. I am glad that this has been successfully done and that the young girl is now able to focus, not only at survival, but on her education and developing her life, said Mrs Chiwenga. A grateful Bridget was all smiles and was thankful God and the doctors for the kind gesture. She said all the pain and discomfort she suffered owing to the bloated tummy had disappeared and that she could no longer wait to go back to school. I thank God that I am now well and have no pains at all but what I need now is to go back to school, she said. Her parents expressed joy at the miracle healing process of their daughter. They said they had lost all hope of their daughter ever living a normal life after all their countless efforts had drawn blanks. Dr Moyo also shared the girl s happiness in her recovery. He said Bridget s situation was so distressful and that it was no joke that 18,3 kgs of the cyst had to be removed from her belly. During her tour of the hospital, Mrs Chiwenga visited the Sally Mugabe Kidney Transplant unit which is another huge project by Chitungwiza CentralHospital before visiting patients in several other wards. She ended up at the Paediatric Ward where she donated blankets, syringes and needles, a gesture that touched Dr. Moyo s heart. The hospital s Chief Executive Officer said Mrs. Chiwenga s generous donation could not have come at a better time as it was usually in winter that patients suffered from vagaries of the weather and desperately needed such assistance. The donation was a timely boost since its almost winter time. Mrs Chiwenga sharing a lighter moment with CCH CEO Dr O Moyo, Musha Mukadzi staff & CCH staff Editor Audrey Tasaranarwo Associate Editors Richmore Tera & Nyasha Chipembere Photographers Audrey Tasaranarwo Design and Layout Audrey Tasaranarwo 2

3 VOL 14 ISSUE 7 CCH IN PICTURES Picture on the left : Bridget before the operation Picture on the right: Bridget After the operation Mrs M Chiwenga with CCH CEO Dr O Moyo & the medical team Mrs M Chiwenga cuddling one of the abandoned babies whilst Sister In Charge Kagowa narrates the circumstances leading to the abandonment Mrs M Chiwenga handing over the donation to Dr Moyo Mrs M Chiwenga wrapping one of the admitted babies in Pediatric ward, the beneficiaries of the donation whilst Musha Mukadzi members & CCH staff look on 3

4 VOL 14 ISSUE 7 CCH TOUR AN EYE OPENER FOR MANDEDZA PUPILS By Kudakwashe Magwegwe-PR Intern Media & Society Studies Student-MSU MANDEDZA High School pupils had an eye opening educational tour of Chitungwiza Central Hospital on 18 May 2018 which was aimed at exposing the students to the hospital environment, including seeing health professionals at work as part of career guidance. The tour was organised by the school administration and teachers for Upper Sixth and Form 4 students doing science subjects and writing exams in November I would like to sincerely thank the Public Relations Office and the CCH as a whole for allowing our students to come and learn about X- rays. The education you have imparted to them will go a long way and will help them when they write their final exams. In future we will do such educational tours every school term, said Mr Lawrence Ziki a physics teacher at Mandeza High School. He added that the purpose of their visit was especially to learn about the radiology department. They wanted students to see how the machines in that department work i.e. the x-ray machine, Computerized Tomography (CT) scans and ultrasound scans. When the school arrived they were received by Mrs Audrey Tasaranarwo the hospital s Public Relations Officer who showed the students the reception area, the casualty department and the out patients department. She explained the admission process that patients have to go through when they come to the hospital for treatment. Mrs Tasaranarwo went on to say that the radiology department is one of the most decorated departments at the hospital with state of the art equipment. This department is one of the results the Joint Venture Partnership with the private sector which was implemented by the Gorvenment. The management took on board the Baines Imaging Group to make sure the department continues to offer specialised services to patients. The radiology department is one of the diagnostic departments at the institution. They help in the management of patients by establishing the correct diagnosis through X-rays, ultrasound scan and computerized tomography (CT Scan). Staff in the Radiology department explained how the machines work when taking X-rays, CT scan and USS process. The students also learnt how radiation is used to treat cancer and also what procedures were taken to prevent radiation from causing harm to those that work in the radiology department. I have learned a lot about the X-ray Department which is to say there are different needs for different scans, such as the ultrasound scanning which requires a dim light or darkness and ultrasound gel which will help detect the sound, said Godfrey an Upper Six student and senior prefect at Mandedza High School. Junior, a fourth form student said: This educational tour has helped me so much in that I have learnt that during the scanning one has to be in the control room so as to be protected from radiation and also the patient has to have no metallic clothing such a belts or metal buttons. They are usually provided with gowns to wear during the procedure. The department attends to patients from OPD, Casualty, wards and from other health care providers in and out of Chitungwiza town. Students also had the pleasure of viewing the laboratory, the casualty area and other hospital departments. Mrs Tasaranarwo took the pupils to the mortuary where upon entrance coffins were on display and some students went into the mortuary to learn and view how the departed are arranged in a dignified manner. One of the students was interested in work done by Pathologists. HEALTH TIPS CATARACTS DEFINITION It is a condition whereby an eye lens loses its clarity and becomes opaque CAUSES Ageing process Eye injury Diabetes mellitus Hereditary (runs in the family) Congenital (child born with cataract) Syphilis and measles (rubella) in pregnancy SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS Cloudy misty vision Gradual loss of vision Blurred vision Decreased colour perception Whitish patch on the eye lens Photophobia Drinking excessive alcohol COMPLICATIONS If not removed cataracts can cause 1) Total loss of vision 2) Difficult to read 3) Difficult to drive a car especially during the night HEALTH`EDUCATION No medical treatment for cataracts Discourage the use of herbs, urine, breast milk and tomatoes in the eyes *NB* CATARACT EXTRACTION IS DONE AT CHITUNGWIZA CEN- TRAL HOSPITAL FOR FREE TO UNDER 5s AND OVER 65s MONDAY'S AND FRIDAYS An eye with cataracts 4

5 VOL 14 ISSUE 7 CCH IN PICTURES Group photo of Mandedza High school pupils with their teachers CCH Radiographer Geraldine Marufu demonstrating how the CT works with one of students is lying on the machine Junior a form 4 student Students being shown how the x-ray machine operates & the radiographer demonstrating how a chest x-ray is taken on one of the one of the students Godfrey an upper sixth student & one of the prefects 5

6 CHITUNGWIZA CENTRAL HOSPITAL 1. STATUS We are a Government Hospital providing a Five Star Healthcare service for the benefit of the socially disadvantaged. 2. FEES Government rates: Consultation - $10 Procedures - Approved Government rates. 3. COMPLAINTS HANDLING Open Door Policy:- - the Chief Executive Officer s Office awaits to assist you NOW. - Bring your complains forward without any fear. - Don't be intimidated by any member of staff. Contact:- Public Relations Officer: Mrs. A Tasaranarwo Mobile: Landlines: - (0270) / / Or Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Obadiah Moyo Mobile: Direct Line: - (0270) The first hospital to be ISO certified in Zimbabwe on the 28th of March Visit our website: address