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1 Tpic: Frm: Cllege f American Pathlgists Infrmatin Reprt t the Intersciety Pathlgy Cuncil Stanley J. Rbby, MD, FCAP CAP President Date: March 3, THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE SPECIALTY OF PATHOLOGY The term Transfrmatin refers t the cllective effrts underway at the Cllege f American Pathlgists (CAP) and acrss the specialty t affirm and increase pathlgists value t patients and ther health care stakehlders and t secure pathlgists future as leaders in 21 st century medicine. The CAP has cmpleted the Case-fr-Change, the first phase f the multiyear Transfrmatin initiative and is mving frward with delivering the CAP s strategy t demnstrate the value that pathlgists bring t patients, ther clinicians, and hspital administratrs. The three-prnged strategy has been designed t help pathlgists take cntrl f their prfessinal and ecnmic destinies, reshaping the rle f pathlgy and labratry services. The strategy has three elements: 1. Make pathlgists knwn 2. Ensure pathlgists can deliver 3. Enable pathlgy s sustainable advantage Thrugh the transfrmatin initiatives, the CAP will enable pathlgists t change fundamental aspects f hw and what they practice in the future, strengthening the distinctive cntributins pathlgist can make t patients and heath care clleagues. T learn mre, visit the transfrmatin website, cap.rg/transfrmatin. A wide variety f services and prgrams are currently in develpment t supprt the needs f pathlgists in their changing rles, including practice guideline develpment, advcacy and educatin prgrams, and diagnstic/practice management tls. Belw are sme f the key initiatives, supprting the transfrmatin f the specialty. Prmising Practice Pathways The CAP cmmissined G2 t supprt a fcused analysis f emerging pathlgy practice mdels. The purpse f this initiative is t define scenaris fr the future f the specialty that will allw pathlgists t adapt their business mdels t the changes that are already happening within diagnstic care and t ensure that they embrace and understand the dynamics assciated with the likely eliminatin f the Fee-Fr-Service mdel that has been the crnerstne f the pathlgy business mdel t date. This fcused analysis has resulted int a reprt knwn as the Prmising Practice Pathways. The pathways are, value-generating service mdels that can be adpted, as an adjunct basis at first, and then mre fully implemented ver time.

2 The new pathlgist-driven pathways add clinical value utside f the labratry by imprving dwnstream clinical quality and utcmes, and generating dwnstream clinical cst savings. They span a brad range f clinical cnditins and prcedures, with sme f the highest-value pprtunities in nclgy and infectius disease. The fur pathways are: 1. High Perfrmance Diagnstic Services 2. High Perfrmance Pathlgy fr High Value Onclgy 3. Crdinated Ppulatin Care Services, and 4. Patient Diagnstic Services Centers Additinal infrmatin abut the Prmising Practice Pathways is available at yurpathyurchice.rg. The CAP Pathlgy & Labratry Quality Center (The Center) The Center is a frum fr develping evidence-based guidelines related t practice f pathlgy. The Center ensures quality in diagnstic medicine, its linkage t patient utcmes, and demnstrates the rle f the pathlgist in imprving quality and cntributing t patient care. The CAP develps Center guidelines and cnsensus recmmendatins in partnership with many rganizatins, including the American Sciety fr Clinical Onclgy (ASCO), the American Sciety fr Clpscpy and Cervical Pathlgy (ASCCP), the Assciatin fr Mlecular Pathlgy (AMP), and thers. The Center published the fllwing recmmendatins in 2012: CAP/ASCCP: The Lwer Angenital Squamus Terminlgy (LAST) Standardizatin Prject fr HPV-Assciated Lesins: Backgrund and Cnsensus Recmmendatins CAP/ADASP Cnsensus Statements n Effective Cmmunicatin f Urgent Diagnses and Significant Unexpected Diagnses in Surgical Pathlgy and Cytpathlgy Cllabratin with the Assciatin f Directrs f Anatmic and Surgical Pathlgy (ADASP) Lk fr the fllwing guidelines in 2013: Validating Whle Slide Imaging Systems fr Diagnstic Purpses in Digital Pathlgy Summary: T develp principles t assist pathlgists in prperly validating digital imaging systems. CAP/IASLC/AMP Mlecular Testing Guidelines fr Selectin f Lung Cancer Patients fr EGFR and ALK Tyrsine Kinase Inhibitrs Summary: T determine prper test selectin and techniques fr nn-small cell lung cancer bimarker tests as related t apprpriate therapies fr lung cancer patients. This prject is a jint cllabratin with the Internatinal Assciatin fr the Study f Lung Cancer (IASLC) and the Assciatin fr Mlecular Pathlgy (AMP). 2

3 ASCO/CAP Guideline Recmmendatins fr HER2 Testing in Breast Cancer Update t 2007 Editin Summary: New evidence will infrm n revised recmmendatins t the 2007 guidelines. Other guidelines in develpment include: Immunhistchemistry (IHC) Assay Analytic Validatin Principles Summary: T address the prcedures that labratries shuld perfrm t analytically validate IHC tests prir t implementatin. CAP/ASH Algrithm fr Initial Wrk-up f Acute Leukemia Summary: T define the recmmended testing fr prper diagnsis and prgnsis determinatin. This prject is a jint cllabratin with the American Sciety f Hematlgy (ASH). ASCP/CAP/AMP/ASCO Mlecular Markers fr the Evaluatin f Clrectal Cancer Summary: T primarily address labratry test perfrmance, but als include clinical applicatins, internatinal aspects, genetics cmmunity, and public health perspective. This prject is a jint cllabratin with American Sciety fr Clinical Pathlgy (ASCP) and Assciatin f Mlecular Pathlgy (AMP). CAP/ADASP Interpretive Diagnstic Errr Reductin in Surgical Pathlgy and Cytpathlgy Summary: T address interpretive diagnstic errrs with an intent t imprve accuracy resulting in better patient care. Bne Marrw Synptic Reprting Summary: T address the highly variable reprting methdlgies t prvide clear, apprpriate reprting fr patient safety, treatment, and prgnsis. CAP/NSH Unifrm Labeling Requirements fr Blcks and Slides in Surgical Pathlgy Summary: T address the nn-systematic methds f labeling slides in rder t reduce errrs. HER2 Testing Guidelines fr Gastric Cancer Summary: T infrm pathlgists abut the key differences in scring methdlgies between breast and gastric cancer HER2 testing, thereby equipping pathlgists t take the lead n ensuring apprpriate therapy. Detectin f HPV in Head and Neck Squamus Cell Carcinmas Summary: T prvide guidelines fr accurate HPV testing in these bdy sites. CAP Plicy Rundtable The CAP Plicy Rundtable (PRT) is charged with increasing the visibility f the CAP in the public plicy arena and elevating the CAP s rle in the develpment f public plicies that will shape the future f pathlgy. The PRT develps an agenda fr public plicy research and public plicy psitins that supprt the practice f pathlgy; cnducts plicy research that supprts the CAP s missin and fills gaps in its plicy prtfli; and develps white papers and publicatins as it identifies and develps relevant plicy issues. 3

4 One f the first prjects f the CAP PRT was the release f a white paper entitled, Cntributins f Pathlgists in Accuntable Care Organizatins: A Case Study, at the CAP Plicy Meeting in May The white paper prvides insights int three successful, established ACOs where pathlgists have helped ensure the success f the ACO. The white paper is available at cap.rg/advcacy. In 2013, the PRT will cntinue t explre the rle f pathlgists in accuntable care rganizatins, and will als cnduct research n value-based pricing f diagnstics and n GME funding fr pathlgy. Engaged Leaders Academy In December, CAP brught 39 pathlgists frm arund the cuntry t Chicag fr the inaugural Engaged Leadership Academy. This intensive tw and a half day training prgram fcused n enhancing the ability f pathlgists t cmmunicate their value t multiple audiences including clinicians, patients, hspital administratrs, regulatrs and legislatrs. As the structure f health care delivery changes frm a vlume-based reimbursement mdel t a value based mdel, pathlgists are ging t need the skills t demnstrate and articulate their value in rder t be active members and leaders in the decisin-making prcess. The first part f the training fcused n thse skills needed t be effective cmmunicatrs. The secnd part f the training fcused n the changing envirnment f pathlgy and the pprtunities that thse changes are creating (fr example, the Prmising Practice Pathways.) The third part f the training was fcused n hw t be leaders in their cmmunities and with their fellw pathlgists in articulating the need fr change and fr the need t have a seat at the table as the decisins are made n hw t functin in the new health care delivery envirnment. All f the participants have made a cmmitment t be engaged leaders, t speak abut the need fr change, and t seek ut pprtunities t articulate and demnstrate the irreplaceable and unique value that pathlgists bring t health care. 2. CAP LEARNING The CAP is the leading resurce fr infrmatin and educatin in the practice and science f pathlgy and labratry medicine. Leading experts develp educatin activities fcused n all six Maintenance f Certificatin cmpetency categries, including emerging scientific and technical knwledge and labratry and practice management. The curriculum f mre than 300 curses ffers pathlgists and labratry prfessinals with practical tls and resurces t: Cntinually imprve their scientific and practice skills Meet licensure and re-certificatin requirements Prepare fr new and enhanced rles The CAP Learning Prtal is a cmprehensive tl fr cntinuing educatin. A central feature f the Learning Prtal the Persnal Prgress Check allws pathlgists t cmpare their current level f expertise against a range f cmpetencies. Pathlgists can develp a highly persnalized Learning Plan t address identified areas fr imprvement, then search a list f mre than 700 Learning Optins and quickly lcate specific resurces t address their educatinal needs. 4

5 Many f the resurces n the Learning Prtal are ffered by rganizatins ther than CAP, including a grwing list f cperating scieties wh cntribute their cnsiderable expertise. Since its launch, the Learning Prtal has seen rapid adptin with mre than 30,000 unique users, cmprising pathlgists, as well as labratrians frm acrss the glbe. APC/CAP Cllabratin In September 2012, the CAP and the Assciatin f Pathlgy Chairs (APC) signed a Memrandum f Understanding (MOU) which frmalizes the rganizatins intentins t wrk tgether in addressing revlutinary changes in health science and the ecnmy. We have initiated plans t develp prgrams t encurage better alignment between undergraduate, graduate and cntinuing educatin initiatives and cmpetency requirements. These interactins and jint initiatives will fster cmmunicatin and allw us t be mre respnsive t critical prfessinal needs, including thse f academic and cmmunity-based practices. Leveraging cmbined resurces, we can better advcate n behalf f ur patients and the specialty at the institutinal, state, and natinal levels. One f ur first jint prjects will prvide educatin in health infrmatin technlgy (HIT) and labratry infrmatin systems (LIS), which prvide critical database and interface supprt fr pathlgy s rle in accuntable care rganizatins (ACOs), crdinated care r ther new health care delivery mdels. Belw is an verview f CAP s key educatinal fferings and initiatives: Maintenance f Certificatin The CAP is cmmitted t prviding educatin t help pathlgists meet the lifelng learning and perfrmance in practice requirements f the American Bard f Pathlgy (ABP) Maintenance f Certificatin (MOC) prgram. The CAP ffers prgrams that meet MOC Parts II and IV requirements, including Self-Assessment Mdules (SAMs). The CAP currently ffers mre than 80 SAMs in 25 different specialty areas that can be accessed easily and quickly nline. CAP SAMs ffer highly interactive frmats and utcmes-based learning. Pathlgist experts peer review the cntent fr CAP SAMs, ensuring learning is f the highest quality. In additin, the CAP is wrking with the Canadian Assciatin f Pathlgists t make ur self-assessment mdules (SAMs) available t Canadian pathlgists wh can then claim Ryal Cllege Sectin 3 Cntinuing Prfessinal Develpment (CPD) credits. Currently, the CAP has received CPD accreditatin fr 58 f its SAMs. currently prvides CAP members with a single resurce, ffering clear answers and tls fr managing their MOC requirements. This resurce includes a detailed calendar f deadlines, with reminders tied t specific individualized deadlines as well as answers t FAQs regarding the MOC prcess. Advanced Practical Pathlgy Prgrams (AP 3 s) The CAP s Advanced Practical Pathlgy Prgrams (AP 3 s) include cmprehensive CME and cgnitive and practical assessment cmpnents. These prgrams ffer pathlgists the pprtunity t develp, demnstrate, and becme recgnized fr knwledge and skills in areas nt currently addressed by the American Bard f Pathlgy (ABP). The CAP currently ffers the fllwing AP 3 curses: Breast Predictive Factrs Testing Multidisciplinary Breast Pathlgy Ultrasund-Guided Fine-Needle Aspiratin Labratry Medical Directr 5

6 Pharmacgenmics Educatin The integratin f diagnstics and therapeutics thrugh pharmacgenmics is a majr grwth pprtunity fr practicing pathlgists t impact persnalized medicine. Already, new mlecular techniques are rapidly reshaping clinical labratries and the diagnstics they deliver. The Pharmacgenmics: Frm Cncepts t Cases Series prvides the pathlgist with the pprtunity t lead in this emerging field and becme mre invlved in the patient care team. The series includes tw prgrams: The Pharmacgenmics Essentials Prgram cnsists f fur nline curses and ffers a cmprehensive understanding f key genetic and pharmaclgic principles that underlie this emerging science. The Pharmacgenmics Applied Prgram cnsists f in-depth case studies that review established scientific data, prbe efficacy issues, and learn the latest develpments acrss a range f diseases and therapies, frm nclgy t infectius disease. Labratry Accreditatin Prgram Curriculum The Labratry Accreditatin Prgram curriculum is an internatinally recgnized prgram designed t keep inspectrs and the labratry team up-t-date with the mst current requirements and imprvements t the labratry accreditatin prgrams. Inspectr Training includes team leader and team member training curses. Curses are revised annually t reflect recent checklist changes t help inspectrs gain the mst frm the CAP inspectin experience. The LAP Cntinuus Cmpliance Series is cmprised f ten audi and web cnferences in discipline-specific as well as general tpics that prmte best labratry practices. Clinical Pathlgy Imprvement Prgram (CPIP) CPIP is a mnthly nline perfrmance imprvement prgram designed fr practicing anatmic and clinical pathlgists and residents wh wish t elevate their administrative, analytic, diagnstic, and interpretive skills, as well as imprve the verall clinical pathlgy quality and perfrmance f their labratries. The prgram prvides case study tpics in hematlgy, cagulatin, immunlgy, transfusin medicine, micrbilgy, chemistry, mlecular genetic pathlgy, and labratry management. Each case ffers 1.25 CME/SAM credits t meet ABP s MOC Part II (Life-Lng Learning and Self-Assessment) requirements. CPIP is an apprved prgram fr Part IV (Evaluatin f Perfrmance in Practice) requirements as well. Cmpetency Assessment Prgram This nline learning prgram helps labratries meet CLIA and labratry accreditatin prgram requirements fr cmpetency assessment and training f labratry prfessinals thrugh cnvenient nline curses and checklists. The prgram is cmprehensive allwing labratries t chse frm dzens f CE curses in 11 disciplines. The prgram prvides training in mre than 130 instrument-specific bservatin checklists. Individual labratries can tailr the curses and checklists t fit their labratry as well as use the tls prvided in the Prgram t create their wn curses and checklists frm scratch. The Safety & Cmpliance Curses package is available fr an additinal free and includes seven curses n safety and OSHA standards fr annual labratry cmpliance training. 6

7 CAP 13 Annual Meeting The Cllege s annual meeting, CAP 13 THE Pathlgists Meeting, will be held n Octber 13-16, 2013, at the Gaylrd Palms in Orland, Flrida. This year s scientific theme is endcrine pathlgy. The CAP Abstracts Prgram kicked ff n February 4, ADVOCACY The CAP is pathlgy s mst effective legislative and regulatry advcate n Capitl Hill. With an ffice in Washingtn, DC, since 1970, the CAP ensures pathlgists have a strng vice in ur natin s capital. The lng- and shrt-term advcacy gals are: Enhance the pathlgists rle in crdinated care Mitigate payment cuts t pathlgists and adapt t new payment mdels Maximize pathlgists rle in test selectin and diagnsis Level the playing field fr pathlgy As health care refrm cntinues t shift Medicare frm a fee-fr-service t a value-based prgram, the CAP s advcacy bjective is t ensure public plicy recgnizes pathlgists as critical members f the patient care and crdinated care team, and help pathlgists adapt t new payment mdels and reprting requirements. Sme f the payment issues impacting US pathlgists in 2013 are: - SGR Repeal With the estimated cst t repeal the SGR cut by $100 billin in 2013, new legislatin has already been intrduced t replace the flawed payment frmula permanently. - CMS Cde Revaluatins -- special stains and FISH are under review in PQRS 62% f all pathlgists participate in the PQRS prgram, the highest participatin rate f all specialties. CAP was instrumental in develping and gaining apprval f five quality measures in 2013, with 3 additinal measures in the pipeline fr Meaningful Use Pathlgists are already exempted frm participating in the 2013 Meaningful Use prgram thanks t CAP s advcacy effrts. - Persnalized Medicine The CAP is als wrking t ensure the pathlgist s rle in persnalized medicine. The CAP led the develpment f a new family f cdes fr mlecular pathlgy, and the Centers fr Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) created a HCPCS II G-cde fr physician interpretatin f mlecular tests. CAP anticipates the cntinued grwth f crdinated care and accuntable care rganizatins, ACOs. The CAP has develped resurces fr pathlgists entering ACOs: A white paper n pathlgists cntributins in three different ACOs A web-based resurce center fr pathlgists t get current infrmatin n ACOs A member netwrk fr CAP members wh are participating in r plan t participate in an ACO Pdcasts n pathlgists cntributins in ACOs Pathlgists can keep abreast f all f the issues by Fllwing the CAP s DC ffice n Subscribing t STATLINE (available t CAP Members) 7

8 Registering fr ne f the issue-specific webinars Reviewing the plicy tlkit, including issues briefs State Affairs On the state level, the CAP represents the interests f pathlgists by actively wrking with state pathlgy scieties. Over the last several years, the CAP has undertaken substantial legislative and regulatry advcacy in mre than three dzen states, helping craft laws and regulatins that help prtect the prfessin against ecnmic and practice challenges. Indeed, the CAP, partnering with state pathlgy scieties, has been successful in advcating enactment f direct billing requirements in 14 states since Accmplishments The Cllege successfully led a multi-stakehlder, medical specialty, insurance and cnsumer calitin effrt t ppse legislatin t vid the New Yrk State physician anti-self referral law. In majr victry fr pathlgists, the N.Y. Gvernr veted the legislatin in Nvember. As the result f CAP and the Clrad Sciety f Pathlgists advcacy, Clrad became the 19 th state t enact a law requiring direct billing f anatmic pathlgy services. Mre than 2/3 f the U.S. patient ppulatin is nw billed fr these services pursuant t federal r state law. The Cllege and state pathlgy scieties successfully secured an Attrney General pinin in Washingtn State and an Agency pinin in West Virginia t prhibit the dnatin f Electrnic Health Recrds t referring physicians. (Six states nw limit r prhibit this dnatin which is regarded by CAP as an abusive business practice.) The Cllege and the Gergia Sciety f Pathlgists secured frmal state recgnitin f the CAP s Labratry Accreditatin Prgram in that state, thereby bviating the requirement fr rutine state inspectins. The Cllege and the Massachusetts Sciety f Pathlgists cncluded a three-year advcacy effrt t secure a statutry basis fr the CLIA Medical Directr s rle within Accuntable Care Organizatins (ACOs), and t expressly require that pathlgy and labratry services be a part f the care cntinuum within ACOs. The CAP initiative was t prmte the pathlgists rle within ACOs was supprted by the Massachusetts Leukemia and Lymphma Sciety. The Cllege and the Arizna Sciety f Pathlgists defeated a legislative effrt by certified registered nurse anesthesilgists t perfrm and interpret labratry tests withut limitatin; the legislatin was amended t limit their authrity. The CAP als blcked multi-state effrts by genetic cunselrs t interpret genetic tests under any cntemplated scpe f practice, including CAP backed passage f legislatin in New Jersey t delete interpretive authrity frm genetic cunselrs current scpe. In December 2012, the CAP submitted cmments t the Department f Health and Human Services (HHS) urging that HHS clarify that State r Federal Health Insurance Exchanges, established pursuant t the Affrdable Care Act, include cverage fr genetic r genmic testing when medically necessary. PathPAC PathPAC, the CAP s plitical actin cmmittee, pls vluntary cntributins f pathlgists acrss the cuntry t supprt candidates fr elected ffice wh demnstrate their respnsiveness t the cncerns f ur prfessin. The Pathlgy Advcacy Netwrk (PathNET), ur grassrts prgram fr members, facilitates the building f persnal relatinships between pathlgists and Cngress. 8

9 The CAP s annual plicy meeting and natinal lbby day in the spring has becme a premier event fr CAP members t actively participate in grassrts advcacy effrts and speak directly with tp plicymakers, including their Cngressinal representatives. The CAP 2013 Plicy Meeting will be held May 6 8 in Washingtn, DC. The Cllege s Advcacy ffice by making the vices f members and the prfessin heard cntinues t build new relatinships and strengthen existing partnerships in the public and private sectrs, n bth the state and natinal level, with the key decisin makers t shape the present and future f pathlgy. 4. LABORATORY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMS CAP Accreditatin Last year, the CAP celebrated the 50 th anniversary f its Labratry Accreditatin Prgram. The accreditatin ffering has diversified ver the years t include: Birepsitries Frensic drug testing Reprductive labratries (in partnership with the American Sciety fr Reprductive Medicine) Internatinal Organizatins fr Standardizatin (ISO) SM The CAP is the first t ffer an accreditatin prgram fr birepsitries. Since the prgram kicked ff in 2011, the CAP has accredited 18 birepsitries and enrlled 33 ttal sites. The CAP prgram is the first-f-its-kind peer-based accreditatin prgram develped t imprve and standardize quality and cnsistency in cllecting, prcessing, string, distributing, and cmputerizing infrmatin fr bispecimens while ensuring the quality f human specimens and genetic material. The prgram cnsists f a three-year cycle that includes n-site inspectin, self-evaluatin, and desk assessment. Its missin is t imprve the quality, accuracy, and prcedural cnsistency f birepsitries and bispecimens needed t supprt research, drug discvery, and persnalized medicine thrugh an educatinal and peer review inspectin and accreditatin prgram. Prficiency Testing (PT) The CAP s Surveys and Anatmic Pathlgy Educatin Prgram is the largest labratry peer cmparisn prgram in the wrld. In 2013, the CAP intrduced mre than 50 new Surveys prducts, adding t the 600 already ffered. New in 2013 is e-lab Slutins Cnnect, autmated prficiency test reprting that enables custmers t run CAP PT mre like a patient sample. With e-lab Slutins Cnnect, CAP PT results are autmatically transmitted frm labratry instrument t e-lab Slutins using Instrument Manager middleware sftware develped by Data Innvatins, LLC.Autmatically transmitting the results eliminates the need fr manual transcriptin, reducing PT failures and delivering results faster than ever befre. In 2012 and 2013, mre Surveys are leveraging DigitalScpe, an nline technlgy simulating the micrscpe experience that delivers unparalleled viewing f whle slide images. Nearly 20 Surveys emply the technlgy in disciplines, including anatmic pathlgy, hematlgy/clinical micrscpy, micrbilgy, and reprductive medicine. 9

10 5. CAP PROFESSIONAL SERVICES CAP STS (SNOMED Terminlgy Slutins ) is CAP s prfessinal services cnsultancy with a diversified ffering related t health infrmatin strategy and planning, clinical health infrmatin management, and health care standards. CAP STS is cmmitted t imprving patient care thrugh the advancement f interperable EHRs and wrks with prvider rganizatins, hspitals, health IT vendrs, health infrmatin exchange initiatives, universities, research centers, and gvernment agencies thrughut the wrld. CAP STS helps clients navigate cmplex issues and meet Meaningful Use requirements and has expertise in wrking with health care standards such as SNOMED Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT ), LOINC, RxNrm, and ther clinical terminlgy standards that advance electrnic health recrd interperability. The CAP is the riginal creatr f SNOMED Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT ) a glbally recgnized cntrlled medical vcabulary and standard in the electrnic health recrd and has fstered its develpment fr mre than 40 years. CAP STS cntinues t develp and maintain SNOMED CT n behalf f the Internatinal Health Terminlgy Standards Develpment Organizatin (IHTSDO ). 6. CAP FOUNDATION The CAP Fundatin champins patient-centered and humanitarian rles fr pathlgists, striving t cnnect peple, especially thse in need, t the specialized, life-saving skills f pathlgists. One f the CAP Fundatin s mst significant humanitarian effrts, the See, Test & Treat prgram, prvides free cervical and breast cancer screenings t wmen in medically underserved cmmunities thrughut the United States. CAP member pathlgists, tgether with a team f health care prfessinals, vlunteer their time and expertise t deliver cervical and breast cancer screenings, diagnses, and fllw-up t care r treatment recmmendatins in ne day and at n cst t the wmen served. In 2012, the CAP Fundatin presented the first Gene and Jean Herbek Humanitarian Award, an annual award t prvide a $25,000 grant t a CAP Fellw wh prvides leadership in a See, Test & Treat prgram. The award was named after Dr. Gene Herbek wh funded the See, Test & Treat prgram and his wife, Jean, wh has shared his cmmitment t this initiative. The first annual award was bestwed upn Bradley M. Linzie, MD, FCAP, wh has rganized and delivered seven prgrams at the NrthPint Clinic in Minneaplis, Minnesta. Dr. Linzie utilized his grant funding t prvide valuable cmmunity educatin. In additin t the patient-centered See, Test & Treat prgram, the CAP Fundatin supprts ntable grants and awards thrugh which significant strides in pathlgy and patient care emerge. These include the Leadership Develpment Award, the Jhn H. Rippey Grant fr Labratry Quality Assurance, and the Translatinal Diagnstics Advanced Training Award. Thrugh the generus financial supprt f CAP members, staff, industry, and patient advcacy grups, the CAP Fundatin serves as the leading philanthrpic rganizatin fr pathlgists. Since its inceptin in 1963, the CAP Fundatin, a 501(c)(3) charitable rganizatin, has prudly granted millins f dllars t supprt pathlgy educatin, research, and humanitarian prgrams. 10

11 Fr mre infrmatin abut hw t make a tax-deductible cntributin r apply fr a grant r award, visit fundatin.cap.rg, r call ext r 7. OFFICIAL PUBLICATIONS CAP TODAY, the Cllege s mnthly news magazine, enjys the highest readership amng all labratry publicatins. Each issue reprts medical, industry, and business news t mre than 50,000 labratry prfessinals. Archives f Pathlgy & Labratry Medicine is the Cllege s peerreviewed, scientific jurnal giving editrial fcus t the intrductin and evaluatin f new knwledge and technlgy. STATLINE is a biweekly electrnic newsletter designed t keep members infrmed f new legislative and regulatry develpments as they happen, serving as the first wrd n the public plicy issues facing ur members. Legislative and regulatry news is als delivered via 8. CAP PUBLIC WEBSITES The CAP ffers tw websites fr patients ne website ffers patient infrmatin n cancer diagnsis and anther fcuses n preventive care. Re-launched in 2010, MyBipsy.rg prvides accurate and credible infrmatin n mre than 50 f the mst cmmn cancers and cancerrelated cnditins, including breast, cln, lung, and skin. The site includes answers t questins abut cancer, lists f available treatment ptins, a glssary f key terms, and pictures f nrmal and diseased tissues. In additin, visitrs t the site will find tips n hw t read a pathlgy reprt, survivr stries, and recent cancer news. The CAP als ffers a free, reminder website, MyHealthTestReminder.rg, t help individuals remember t schedule imprtant cancer screening tests. 9. FUTURE MEETINGS SAVE THE DATE CAP Plicy Meeting: May 6-8, 2013, Fairmnt Htel, Washingtn, DC CAP 13 THE Pathlgists Meeting : Octber 13-16, 2013, Gaylrd Palms in Kissimmee (Orland), Flrida CAP 14 THE Pathlgists Meeting : September 7-10, 2014, Hyatt Regency, Chicag, Illinis 11