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1 Woodingford Lodge, County of Oxford WOODINGFORD LODGE BPSO NEWSLETTER: CELEBRATING OUR SECOND YEAR Edition #11 June 2018 Two Years In Review! Vision Statement: Woodingford Lodge an exceptional place to live & work. Inside this issue: Year two progress update Resident Centered Care in action Report Card results 2nd Year Celebration Best Practice Spotlight Organizations (BPSO s) are health-care and academic organizations selected by the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) to implement and evaluate Best Practice Guidelines (BPGs). It is a dynamic partnership that focuses on making a positive impact on resident care through evidence based practice. The BPSO initiative has been a great success. It provides support to organizations that have formally agreed to implement and evaluate multiple BPGs over a three year period. Upon satisfactory completion of the three year mandates, we will become a BPSO designate, one of 92 in the world. Following this period, the partnership is renewed biennially. Although the RNAO has developed these guidelines for care, they do not only pertain to nursing but encompass the whole interdisciplinary team because all staff are involved in resident care in some capacity or another. We are celebrating our journey of the past two years in having worked on the following Best Practice Guidelines; 1) Person and Family Centered Care 2) Addressing and Preventing Abuse and Neglect in the Older Adult 3) Assessment and Management of Pain This edition of the newsletter will be highlighting and celebrating all the work we ve done to date! Enhancing our Residents lives through Best Practice.

2 Two years in review: a timeline of accomplishment June 2016 Our launch into 3 BPG s 1 st champions First resident and staff report card Gap Analysis for Person and Family Centered Care developed Attended Family Council Implemented Always events, such as, always wear your name tag and introduce yourself Reviewed care conference procedure Gap Analysis for Addressing and Preventing Abuse and Neglect prevention developed Consent and capacity for family and registered nursing staff All staff educated on addressing resident abuse and neglect at mandatory What s up next for year three? Here are some highlights of things to come: The provincial launch of the abuse and neglect training video, highlights the responsibilities of reporting and the protection of whistle blowing. We will add this content to our in house for new hires and existing staff. Speaking of to be expanded, our Through Our Eyes Program, brings the residents Bill of Rights to life and will be rolled out at all three sites for existing staff. Currently this program only being offered to new hires. We have been selected to be a host site in November, for a RNAO champions workshop that will bring staff together from multiple organizations to learn about Best Practices.

3 s Celebrated 1 year into our journey! Code white algorithm and code white table talks began Leadership Volunteer OLTCA QI team of the year award won! Gap Analysis for the management of pain developed Nursing leadership Video and discussion guide created to address reporting of abuse and neglect 5th resident and staff report card completed Implemented trial in Ingersoll of improved pain screening for each resident. June 2018 In working with the Person and Family Centered Care Best Practice Guideline we will be supporting our quality improvement project that seeks to improve our complaints processes. The goal will be to support a culture where residents are heard, can express their opinion without fear of consequence and be apart of the change they wish to see in their own home. We will continue with the Management and Assessment of Pain Best Practice Guideline by evaluating our current quality improvement initiative of improved screening. If successful in meeting our goal, Woodingford Lodge Woodstock and Tillsonburg will adapt the new process. BPSO team will also support the roll out of revised Palliative Care Policy that will support resident comfort at the end of life.

4 Resident Centered Care in Action On a daily basis we see examples of resident centered care as our staff and residents live and work together. In this edition, we highlight examples from across our homes that embody what this journey really is all about; putting residents needs first, honouring personhood and coming together as a community. If you have an example you would like to share in the next newsletter please Jennifer Hall, Staff Development Coordinator at by mid September as this newsletter goes out with the changing of the seasons. Woodingford Lodge Tillsonburg; Learning from Win Winifred is a retired school teacher who is living with Alzheimer s disease and resides at Woodingford Lodge Tillsonburg a Long Term Care Home. During a recent visit from the local daycare Winifred, picked up a story book and began to read to the children. Not only did she read the story using an expressive voice but she turned the book to show the pictures and started asking the children questions to engage them. The group of three yearolds sat quietly as they listened to the story. The experience provided Win with meaningful activity and it also allowed her husband a glimpse of his spouse doing what she always loved to do stimulating young minds. The team at Woodingford Lodge, Tillsonburg knew they had to try and recreate this precious experience. We were able to connect with the Sonbeam Christian daycare to have Win visit twice a month to read to a class. Win s husband and a staff member were present to ensure her commute went well and to facilitate a positive initial experience so that both Win and her husband can continue this activity on their own. Win continues to find meaningful activity using her teaching skills. This is truly resident centered care ensuring meaningful quality of life to a well deserving retired teacher and family. The Team staff, family, community members have made this all happen. Pride and smiles are priceless!!

5 Woodingford Lodge Woodstock on a roll (and stroll)! Friday June 1st, Woodingford Lodge resident, families, staff and volunteers participated in the 1st Roll and Stroll, an event to support the Woodstock Hospitals Dairy Capital Run that boosts fund for their programs and services. We had special guests from the hospital foundation, cheering us on Jenny and Jay from Oxford County Paramedic services were on hand making sure our participants stayed well hydrated, and Warden Mayberry came along for a stroll as well. What does this have to do with best practices in person and family centered care? This event brought together residents, staff, family and community where our residents showed how they can, with support, make an incredible impact on our community rasing approximately $2000 for such a great cause. Woodingford Lodge Ingersoll: Parkinson's Support Group Randi Williams, Manager of Woodingford Lodge Ingersoll shared that a Parkinson s Support Group has been organized in their home with great success. The meetings are held monthly and 6-7 residents attend. Residents participate in group discussion about their disease, why is this happening to me? and what s next? They share ways to over-come challenges. Several books have also been purchased and are available for residents, families and staff. Programs such as this one meet unique resident needs and provide invaluable support.

6 BPSO Report Card Results Two years ago, to give us direction and to know where to begin enhancing what we already do, a Resident and Staff Report Card was completed by many. From these results a GAP analysis was developed to indicate the areas of care we are doing well in, and identify recommendations for improvement. We now use the resident and staff Report Cards to monitor our progress. This is a highlight of our 5th resident and staff report card. Doing Well: Residents answered: Do staff address you by your preferred name or do they use words like "honey", "dear" etc.? 84% favorable with a 4 or 5 Do staff allow you to be as independent as possible? (83%) Staff answered: Do staff adjust their communication style to accommodate the person's needs? E.g. cognitive and hearing loss 97% rated 4 or 5! Staff support family presence and involvement according to the wishes of the resident. 92% answered with a 4 or 5. Do you feel confident in what you need to do if you suspect abuse and neglect? (100% rated 4 or 5!!!) Need to improve: Residents answered: 32% percent reported unfavorably with a 1, 2 or 3 to the question Do staff introduce themselves to you and explain their role? When interacting with you or giving care, do staff explain to you what is going to take place? Only 70% favourable with 4 or 5 and 1,2&3 scores at 24% Staff answered: Are residents asked what they hope happens on a regular basis? 56% rated 1,2 or 3. 37% responded 3 or less to Do staff introduce themselves to residents and explain their role? 34% responded 3 or less to the question Does documentation occur so that all staff are able to know the wishes and preferences residents may have regarding their care. We will be continuing to work with this feedback to improve on our resident centered care. Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer the Report Card. All staff who completed a report card either by themselves or with a resident had an opportunity to put their name into a draw for a gift card to Cultures Coffee Shop. Congratulations to Alison Dickie, RN for being our winner.

7 F R I DAY Ju n e 1 5 t h Residents, Family and Staff, please join us for the Feature Release of The Prevention and Addressing of Abuse and Neglect in the Older Adult, and Whistle-blower Protection The video addresses the ethical, professional, moral and legal obligation to report any suspected or alleged abuse and neglect and whistle-blower protection legislation. Ingersoll and Tillsonburg 10:00 a.m. Chapel Woodstock 1:30 and 3:00 - General Purpose Area Light refreshments provided. Please wear PURPLE in support of our Residents. 4 Facts about BPSO Champions! 1. We have 46 trained champions, who represent all departments of Woodingford Lodge. 2. Champions help to engage teams in new projects, give input and advocate for change. 3. All Champions are involved in the evaluation process with residents and colleagues. 4. All champions have a unique name button that had a tree logo on it to indicate this role.

8 Two years ago we began our 3 year journey to become a designated Best Practice Spotlight Organization. Come join us as we celebrate our 2 Year Anniversary of Best Practice! Residents, Family and Staff are welcome to join us in the Front Lobby to enjoy ice cream and share in the celebration of our achievements. Woodingford Lodge Woodstock, Ingersoll and Tillsonburg 1:30 to 3:00 on Friday June 22nd Enhancing Our Residents Lives Through Best Practice. Keeping our community informed and collaborative: In implementing our BPGs we keep staff, residents and families informed of our plans and progress through our BPSO Newsletter. We also have staff team huddles and resident/family huddles to give opportunity to collaborate concerns, suggestions and feedback that will promote Person and Family Centered Care. If you have other ways we can best collaborate please provide your suggestions to Judy Esseltine, Project Nurse. Judy Esseltine, BPSO Liaison (519) ext.2082