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2 Tripartite First Nations Health Plan The Tripartite First Nations Health Plan ( TFNHP ) signed June 11, 2007, is an enabling document reflecting the vision of the federal and provincial governments and First Nations to work in partnership in the development, testing and implementation of new ways of planning and delivering health programs and services. 2

3 Current Tripartite Collaboration First Nations Provincial Health Services Tripartite First Nations Health Plan* Federal Health Services Communities *Tripartite First Nations Health Plan is implemented by First Nations Health Council on behalf of BC First Nations

4 About the FNHC The FNHC is the political body created to oversee and facilitate the implementation of the 10 year Tripartite First Nations Health Plan. The FNHC is made up of representatives from each the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, the BC AFN and the First Nations Summit.

5 Financial Commitments Provincial Financial Commitments 2007/2008: $14.5 million 2008/2009: $6 million : $3million for FN ActNow Health Canada Financial Commitments 2007/2008: $5 million : $750 K for governance 2008/2009: $6 million 2009/2010: $8 million 2010/2011: $10 million *** The province may try to match the HC amounts for the next two years

6 Budget Forecast Governance Relationships and Accountabilty Year One Year Two First Nations Health Council $ 900, Community Engagement and Hubs including health plans $ 2,480, Community Working Groups and Health Directors $ 265, First Nations Governance project $ 900, Subtotal $ 4,545, Health Promotion/Injury and Disease Prevention Sharing Our Strength and Health Promotion Grants $ 1,350, First Nations Act Now $ 1,000, Mental Wellness Strategy and Substance Misuse $ 1,225, Maternal and Child Health $ 419, Injury Prevention and Environment Health $ 250, Subtotal $ 4,244, Health Services Best or Better Practices and Special Projects $ 970, Chronic disease prevention and management $ 250, Health Human Resources $ 250, Ehealth - COE $ 1,000, Advocacy Subtotal $ 2,470, Performance Tracking Regional Health Survey Expansion $ 400, Research and Development $ 30, Subtotal $ 430, Total Expenditures $ 861, $ 11,689, Provision for Governance Work $ 2,000, $ 13,689,700.00

7 Health Governance Two Streams Governance, Relationships and Accountability Health Actions Health Promotion / Injury and Disease Prevention Health Services Performance Tracking

8 Timelines Implementing Health Actions FN Health Governance and Actions Developing FN Health Governance Structure

9 Governance Governance Update Update 9

10 Governance, Relationships, and Accountability Goal : Create and implement a new structure for the governance of First Nations Health Services in BC Four essential components: FN Health Council FN Health Director s Association Health Director s Forum was held in October 2008 Provide input into a FN Health Director s Associations Provincial Advisory Committee on FN Health First Nations Health Governing Body

11 Governance, Relationships, and Accountability Provincial Advisory Committee on First Nations Health CO-CHAIRS HEALTH CANADA - REGIONAL DIRECTOR GENERAL CATHERINE LAPPE MINISTRY OF HEALTH DEPUTY MINISTER GORDON MACATEE FIRST NATIONS LEADERSHIP COUNCIL GRAND CHIEF ED JOHN CEO - VCH CEO - VIHA CEO - NHA CEO - FHA FNHC CO-CHAIRS MEMBERS CEO - IH Provincial Health Officer CEO - PHSA Aboriginal Health Physician Advisor EX-OFFICIO Senior Director, FNHC; Regional Director, FNIH Senior Advisor, Policy and Strategic Planning, FNIH; Assistant Deputy Minister, Population Health and Wellness; MOH Assistant Deputy Minister, Health Authorities Division, MHLS Executive Director, Aboriginal Health Branch, MHLS

12 Governance, Relationships, and Accountability Process to begin work on new governing structure for FN s Health Services in BC Establishment of FN Interim Health Governance Committee 6 regional Caucus meetings October and November 2008 Prepare for Tripartite Discussions

13 First Nations Interim Health Governance Committee

14 Health Actions Update

15 Health Promotion, Injury & Disease Prevention/Health Services Early Childhood Development Vision screening with Kindergarten students Early hearing with newborns Child Death Review Unit Report (2006) was distributed to each community and Aboriginal organizations Initiating a First Nations Maternal and Child Health Committee 15

16 Health Promotion, Injury & Disease Prevention/Health Services Alternative and Traditional Medicine Future actions include promotion through guest speakers, education on integrating Traditional and Western medicine Chronic Disease Management Conducting environmental scan A prevention and health education strategy FN s ActNow 16

17 Health Promotion, Injury & Disease Prevention/Health Services Mental Health and Substance Misuse Development of provincial mental health plan Aboriginal Health Human Resources Ehealth First Centre of Excellence with ITHA Partnership with FN, MOH, and FNIH

18 Performance Tracking Tripartite Data Sharing Agreement Is with Federal and BC Governments to ensure that federally and provincially held information on FN is properly used and shared Regional Health Survey 39 First Nations communities will be participating from the original 2002/2003 Additional 38 First Nations communities

19 Community Engagement and Community Engagement Hubs

20 Community Involvement Better or Best Practice Pilots Community Engagement Hubs Regional Governance Sessions FNHC Technical Team FN Health Directors Association Annual Gathering Wisdom Community Working Groups/ Committees

21 Community Engagement Hubs The formation of community hubs is the beginning of a 10-year working relationship between FNHC and First Nations Communities. The purpose of the CeH s is to assist communities to participate in the 10 year Tripartite First Nations Health Plan.

22 Community Engagement Hubs Hubs plan together for health in their region. Hubs act as a communications vehicle. Hubs share resources, and create partnerships. Plan Communicate Collaborate

23 FN Health Directors Association A Committee of health directors has been developed, which: Planned and facilitated the Health Directors Forum (Sept. 30-Oct. 1/08) Will provide leadership and guidance in the formation of a FN Health Director s Association

24 Gathering Wisdom I and II An opportunity for First Nations communities to: Provide input to the TFNHP Receive an update of the TFNHP Participate in professional development Gathering Wisdom III Currently being planned for May 2009

25 Better or Best Practices Pilot Initiatives Further enhancement of a best or better practices; Innovation in addressing mental wellness, chronic disease management or maternal and child health issues; Knowledge transfer; Continues to foster the relationships; Builds capacity and structures of First Nations health services and programs.

26 Community Working Groups Composed of community experts in specific health areas (ie Maternal and Child Health) Will share knowledge and strategize on a provincial level.

27 Communications Update Year in Review Report Quarterly Infobulletins Community Engagement Hub Updates Website Active:


29 Looking Ahead To be completed in 2008 Further establishment of Community Engagement Hubs Implementation of FN s Act Now Tripartite Data Quality and Sharing Agreement FN Health Directors Association Continuing to improve communications and coordination of FN Health Continuing improving relationships among First Nations, Health Authorities, Provincial and Federal Governments Official launch of website and sharepoint

30 Goals Increasing collaborative networks, improving relationships and enhancing opportunities among FN communities and governments Working towards enhancing the health of BC FN s people Improving accountability and control of First Nation health services by First Nations through a new governance structure Facilitating knowledge transfer Ongoing and direct community involvement in health services Supporting communities to be involved in the TFNHP and health planning No First Nations Community Gets Left Behind