MD Anderson Cancer Center: State of-the-art Comprehensive Cancer Care

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1 MD Anderson Cancer Center: State of-the-art Comprehensive Cancer Care Gabriel Mena, M.D. Associate Professor of Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston, Texas Professor Ad Honorem Department of Anesthesiology Universidad de Antioquia Medellin, Colombia Founder and President UNITED2CURE Children Foundation


3 Texas Medical Center: A Universe in of Itself 50 member institutions 1,000+ acres, size of Chicago inside loop 33.8 million gross square feet 6,800 patient beds 93,500 employees 20,000 advanced degree professionals in the life sciences Annual Regional Economic Impact: $14 billion 6.0 million annual patient visits (160,000 visitors per day) 153,000 surgeries & 28,000 babies delivered per year 71,500 students $1.8 billion annual research expenditures

4 Monroe Dunaway Anderson Partner of Anderson, Clayton, and Co., King Cotton MD Anderson Foundation: founded in 1936, donated $500,000 for establishment of cancer hospital with UT in 1941


6 Texas Medical Center

7 MD Anderson Cancer Center

8 MDACC Regional Care Center Update Spring, 2012


10 Our Mission To eliminate cancer in Texas, the nation and the world through outstanding programs that integrate patient care, research and prevention, and through education for undergraduate and graduate students, trainees, professionals, employees and the public.

11 Our Vision We shall be the premier cancer center in the world, based on the excellence of our people, our research-driven patient care and our science.

12 Core Values Caring Integrity Discovery

13 Locations International Centro Oncológico MD Anderson International España (Madrid, Spain) MD Anderson Radiation Treatment Center in Istanbul at American Hospital (Turkey)

14 The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey signed a Sister Institution Agreement on June 25,2012. Engaged in collaborative research in areas of cancer therapeutics and therapeutic delivery. Future plans include research in molecular targeted therapies, gene marker identification and targeted therapy development, among others. Collaborative plans also include nursing education, faculty exchange, joint conferences, a possible joint M.D./Ph.D. program and continued postdoctoral training. Becoming a Sister Institution will allow the research collaborations between the institutions to accelerate and strengthen the expertise of the overall network.

15 The M. D. Anderson Radiation Treatment Center in Istanbul at American Hospital has opened on January 2010 It is the first M. D. Anderson radiation treatment facility outside of the United States that fully replicates M. D. Anderson standards of therapies, delivered by physicians trained in Houston, Texas.


17 The Office of Physician Relations facilitates relationships between M. D. Anderson faculty and staff and community physicians in the U.S. and Internationally.

18 Return on Relationship

19 MD Anderson Cancer Center Global Academic Program (GAP) Mission: Collaborative network to accelerate our mission in making cancer history Vision: MD Anderson s research-driven and multidisciplinary patient care model Educational exchange with Sister Institutions Academic support

20 Perioperative Enterprise- Savings

21 Why Partner with MD Anderson Cancer Center? Leader Institution in cancer care for the last decade Established models in patient care delivery, education and training, operation and facility design Passion for excellence Outstanding patient care, research, prevention and education Strategic team-oriented approach

22 Turkey has 46 institutions with JCI Accreditation!! Gulf States 36 JCI accredited Mexico 9JCI accredited Costa Rica 3 JCI accredited Thailand 9 JCI accredited Colombia 2 JCI accredited 22 JCI in progress India 16 JCI accredited Malasya 6 JCI accredited Brasil 20JCI accredited Singapore 26JCI accredited 22

23 Comparative Costs

24 OVERVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCES INDIA Quality ÉXITO Infrastructure = Technology competitividad ante USA, UK, UE Yearly sinergism between health and tourism U$1 BILLION (2012) Growth 30% (McKinsey) TAX BENEFITS Orientals are obsessed with getting better everyday at medical tourism


26 OVERVIEW INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCES THAILAND Vision of Holistic medicine same as Chína and India : Can use traditional and alternative medicine. Existance of a potential market for this type of combined medicine. Success Departments of public relationships in Hospitals Visible presence of national and international press Especialized in taking care of international patients Received 1.28 million intl. Patients in (2005) 850 million dollars. STRENGHTS -People Bilinguals -State of the art technology -low cost -Invite : 1a.Procedure 2a.Post Op 3a.Vacations

27 OVERVIEW INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCES Phillipines Centers for excellence. Agreements for post-op treatments in USA. Generates confidence to patients 100% bilingual and nurses are recognized worldwide as the best Government, health ministery and Tourism work side by side to enhance the economy Very low cost touristic plans Focus their care around the quality of their people as well as their attitude.


29 Association with healthcare organizations in Turkey ESTRATEGIES Identify strenghs in specific areas of health. Divide adult from pediatric patients. In Asia and USA hospitals are specific. Appointments for International patients and self pay patients should be preferential and fast Emotional support for patients and their relatives Offer different and unique services for relatives that visit with patients ( discount in executice physical check up for relatives) Physicians should visit USA and come to our institution for observerships, visiting professorship and seminars for update Hospitals have agents in several countries

30 Secrets for the Success of Medical Tourism in Izmir U.S. Trained physicians Use of evidence-based medicine and clinical guidelines Cutting-edge technology State-of-the-art facilities Affiliations or sister institutions with prestige and reputation in the U.S. Telemedicine Certification of safety and quality by the Joint Commission International


32 Thank You! November 28-December 2, 2012 Inaugural Global Conference on Perioperative Medicine: Care of the Elderly and the Cancer Patient International Scientific Advisory Board Global Perspectives International experts Hands-on interactive Workshops Awards for best of Meeting posters This meeting has been approved for AMA PRA Category 1 Credits TM, of which 2.25 are designated for medical ethics and/or professional responsibility. This conference has been certified for the level 2 classification in accordance with the AMA guidelines for Continuing Medical Education on New Procedures and Skills. Registration is currently open Phone: