c) Order materials and equipment and be responsible for the secure and safe storage of all materials and equipment locally.

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1 HOMES FOR HARINGEY HOUSING DIRECTORATE JOB DESCRIPTION POST: RESPONSIBLE TO: ESTATE SERVICES TEAM LEADER ESTATE SERVICES TEAM Manager This post will require an enhanced-level clearance with the Criminal Records Bureau and is exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (1974 as amended in 1986) BASIC OBJECTIVES OF POST: Responsibility for the management and performance of the caretaking and cleaning functions on housing estates and supported housing schemes. Liaison with other Council staff and contractors to provide a clean and pleasant environment for residents on estates. Take all practical steps to promote the enjoyment of amenities by residents and their families. Gain an awareness of the needs and general well-being of residents on estates, especially disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. MAIN DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Operational Management a) Identify the caretaking and cleaning needs of an area. Plan and programme the work of your team of Estate Services Officers and mobile services team, and allocate daily duties. b) Design and develop local programmes of work to ensure that floors, lifts, wall and other facilities on estates are cleaned, maintained and inspected regularly and work is performed efficiently. c) Order materials and equipment and be responsible for the secure and safe storage of all materials and equipment locally. d) Responsibility for the local materials, equipment and protective clothing budgets. 2. People Management a) Provide effective management of Estates Services Officers and/or mobile services team within your area of the Borough.

2 b) Identify the training needs of your staff take responsibility for staff induction. c) Authorise and maintain records of annual leave for staff under your control and liaise with Personnel on the production of sickness and other absence certificates. d) Carry out sickness monitoring in accordance with Council procedures. e) Bring to the attention, including the production of written reports to your Line Manager, any potential breaches of the Council s disciplinary code. f) Ensure that all relevant personnel documentation for your staff is completed on time and in accordance with Council procedures. g) Participate in staff recruitment as directed by your Line Manager. 3. Customer Services and Complaints a) To provide an efficient and tactful response to complaints from tenants and others on Estate Service issues. To work with the Estate Services Officers, other sections of Housing or contractors to rectify deficiencies. b) To ensure a prompt courteous and helpful response when dealing with clients and any Council Service or other agency. 4. Monitoring Performance a) Responsibility for ensuring that agreed performance standards are maintained. b) Inspect the estates and monitor and review the performance of Estate Services Officers and mobile services team b)c) Ensure adequate monitoring systems are established and maintained (log books, lift log sheets etc) in respect of defects to buildings, common areas, services, plant and equipment in use on estates and that those defects are reported to the appropriate authority/agency for action. c)d) Produce written reports to your Manager about any serious deficiencies in the Caretaker/Cleaner service, or other deficiencies beyond the post holder s immediate control. d)e) Liaise with local office staff on appropriate matters and to carry out regular joint estate inspections.

3 5. Working with Contractors a) Liaise (including where appropriate obtaining estimates for work) on behalf of the Housing Service with the following organisations and resolve issues to ensure that services are performed to a high standard on estates. i. Haringey Home and Building Services on repairs ii. Waste Management and the Grounds Maintenance Contractor iii. Parking Services and Wing Security on parking and abandoned vehicles iv. Other contractors as appropriate b) Monitor the work performed by external contractors to ensure it is completed satisfactorily. 6. Emergencies a) Attend major emergencies Borough-wide outside office hours where requested by the Emergency Planning Officer. Give assistance and/or authorise the attendance of other staff according to the circumstances. 7. Health and Safety a) Take responsible care for your own health and safety and that of the people you manage. Ensure that the Health and Safety (COSHH) Regulations are observed in respect of the operation of your team. b) Responsibility for the safe operation of machinery including maintenance and upkeep. 8. Equal Opportunities a) Implement the Council's Equal Opportunities Policies and procedures and apply them in your day to day work, delivering effective and appropriate services fairly and without discrimination. b) Demonstrate commitment to equalities in employment in your dealings with your colleagues. c) Be aware of the general well being of residents on the estate with special regard to those who are elderly or have some form of disability and are more vulnerable and, in particular, black and ethnic minorities.

4 9. Other Requirements a) Attend meetings and training sessions as required. b) Provide cover for other Estate Services Team Leader during short term periods of absence. c) Be conversant with the basic conditions of tenancy and to report any significant breach that comes to your attention to your Manager. d) Carry out any other duties as directed by the Line Manager, which are consistent with the basic objectives of the post.

5 Personnel/Candidate Specification for: ESTATE SERVICES MANAGETeam LeaderR These are the qualities we believe to be necessary to do this job. You should clearly show in your application how your skills/experience potential meet some or all of them, as the shortlisting decision will be based on our assessment of you against these criteria. The final assessment processes will also seek to assess characteristics. ESSENTIAL USEFUL Education/ Qualification: Work/Other Experience: E1. Experience of either Managing staff and/or Or Cleaning. E2. Dealing with the public Communication Skills: Written Verbal Admin/ Organisational Skill: Knowledge/ Skills: Other Requirements: E3. Ability to write letters and reports E4. Ability to communicate effectively at all levels E5. Ability to use IT systems E6. Ability to organise and prioritise workload E7. Ability to work on own initiative E8. Numeracy skills E9. Knowledge of Health & Safety E10. Knowledge of and a commitment to Equal Opportunities E11. Commitment to a high quality of Service and customer care E12. Knowledge of cleaning materials and techniques E13. Full driving licence and use of a vehicle U3. Staff Management Experience U4 U5. Training Skills U6. Knowledge of repair services U7. Knowledge of another Community language This post will require an enhancedlevel clearance with the Criminal Records Bureau and is exempt from the Rehabilitation of

6 Offenders Act (1974 as amended in 1986)