At Home. Mille Lacs Health System Long Term Care newsletter A Letter From Our Cardiac Therapist. March 2018

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1 March 2018 At Home Mille Lacs Health System Long Term Care newsletter A Letter From Our Cardiac Therapist Upcoming Events Gary Stacken 6th at 6:15 p.m. Frank Gust 8th at 6:15 p.m. Alan Godacz 13th 6:15 p.m. Deb Hawkinson 15h at 6:15 p.m. Alan Lee 20th at 6:15 p.m. Roy Billmark 22nd at 6:15 p.m. Inside this issue: Cardiac Therapist Note 1 NAR Training 2 February Heart Month Last month we discussed what to do to prevent heart disease. This month we ll discuss how to believe your efforts are really going to help. When you do health actions for your heart, you will also feel better in many other ways. For example: Eating less fatty, salty, or sugary foods will give you more energy, less trouble with your bowels and often less pain. Doing any activity you can tolerate will give you energy. Thinking about what you are grateful for helps you feel more calm and happy. Believe you CAN do health actions for your heart. Here s what can help the most! ONLY listen to thoughts that are positive. When you wake up, if you start thinking about what you have to do or what you dread doing, this might cause a person to start their day sad or down. Try this strategy instead. The moment you wake up, focus on these 5 things you are grateful for: That you woke up You have friends, family and good caregivers Beautiful Minnesota, even if its cold outside Even though you have illnesses, focus on what you can do. LTC Goals 2 Resident Spotlight: Fr. Adrian Piotrowski Staff Spotlight: Paulette Green 3 3 Inspections 3 Good to Know 4 Think about what you are good at. Spend time doing these things: *Smiling *Caring about others *Showing love *Praying for others *Enjoying nature *Helping others *Joking *Asking about another s day *Listening to music All of this may take practice and in time it will become a habit or your natural way of thinking. Remember you are special. You are important. And you are a gift to others. Michelle Herron, R.N. Cardiac Services

2 At Home NAR Training Page 2 Project On Track, an online training course directed by our very own Amber Keehr, R.N., will begin on May 20th. This will give potential students the option to conveniently complete their learning online for the Nursing Assistant Program. We will still offer classes at our campus in-person with our instructor, Kathy Boser, R.N. On-campus classes begin in March. This provides a unique learning opportunity for those interested in the nursing field, but would like to do their learning on their own time. Long Term Care Goals For 2018 we have thought of goals that we would like to achieve in LTC: Maintain resident satisfaction at 89% Census average Meet state survey expectations (new survey process) Selection and installation of a new hygiene tub Employee satisfaction to remain at 4.91 (out of 5) Meet activity goal for increased payments from Medicare/Medical assistance Walk of Honor Program Rest and Relaxation Program Mentorship program for new staff Development of Clinical Practice Committee and Skills Fairs for both Nursing and NAR staff

3 March 2018 Page 3 Resident Spotlight: Father Adrian Piotrowski Our resident spotlight this month is on Father Adrian Piotrowski. Father grew up in Foley, MN. He lived on a farm in the country with one older brother and two younger sisters. He went to college to become a priest. He spent 6 years in New Mexico and 6 years in Nebraska. Thirty-five years ago, he moved here to Onamia for the Seminary at Crosier. Father Adrian enjoys shopping trips to the gift shop or going downtown when the weather is warmer. His other interests are live music and ice cream socials! Father Adrian Piotrowski Staff Spotlight: Paulette Our staff spotlight this month is on Paulette Green. Paulette has been working here at MLHS for 20 years! She and her husband, Brad, live and work here in the Onamia area. They have been together over 19 years through thick and thin! Together they have 2 children and one granddaughter. Paulette says she enjoys spending time with her grandbaby and enjoys going to the movie theater to watch movies and eat the popcorn. Paulette loves spending time with the residents and as a restorative aide, she enjoys having that one-onone time with the residents. Thank you for your many years of service, Paulette! Paulette Green, NAR Restorative Aide Inspection of All Electronics Our facilities manager, Gerald, is required to inspect all electronic devices which belong to our residents and are kept in the facility to make sure they do not pose an electrical hazard. Any resident who has an electronic device should notify nursing staff so an inspection can be scheduled. Help us ensure the safety of our residents and staff. Thank you!

4 We are now stocking Kimtech lens cleaning wipes for our residents eyeglass cares! New Medicare Information: Some time in June, Medicare will be sending out new Medicare cards. Everyone will get a new number at this time. Medicare is sending them out in staggered mailings, however, so you may not get yours exactly when your friends and neighbors do. Important Contact Numbers North Nurse s Station: East Nurse s Station: Memory Care Nurses: Charge Nurse AFTER HOURS: Front Desk: Social Worker: LTC Billing: Activities: North Elm Street, Onamia, MN