Community Clinics. July Ashford Area. Canterbury Area. Sexual Health Helpline Monday to Friday Tel:

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1 Community Clinics Sexual Health Helpline Tel: Ashford Area 1 Elwick Road, Ashford Mental Health Care Appledore Surgery, The Street Tel: Breast Feeding/Post Natal Group Fridays Bethersden 3rd Monday Biddenden Village Hall 3rd Friday Brabourne Village Hall 3rd Monday Brookfield Baptist Church Hall 1st, 3rd & 5th Wednesday Family Club Wednesdays Charing Hall 1st & 3rd Tuesday East Cross Clinic, Recreation Ground Road, Tenterden Tel: (0-5 years) Tuesday Weighing and 7-9 month review Development Assessment ; Tuesday & Tuesday (drop-in) Wednesday st Tuesday Ad hoc booked sessions am; One per month at 13.00, some booked sessions ad hoc 3rd Wednesday & am; 4th Tuesday Footcare Assist Clinic Tuesday am/pm Respiratory Nurse No nurse at present Post Natal Support 2nd & 4th Wednesday Psychiatry Friday am/pm Psychiatry Registry Friday am Social s / Probation Officer am as required Adult: 1st & 2nd Monday am Paediatric: 3rd Monday am Ante-Natal Classes Tuesday High Halden Village Hall Wednesday Bluebells Children s Centre, School Road, Hothfield 1st Tuesday Lenworth Clinic, Hythe Road, Ashford Tel: Child & Family Psychiatry Vicarage Lane, Ashford Tel: st & 3rd Tuesday When required, monthly Hearing Testing (Babies) 2nd Monday as required; 3rd Wednesday & Friday; 4th Tuesday ; evenings Emergencies only Tel: am; Monday, Wednesday, & Friday pm ; Friday Tel: Monday ; Saturday emergency contraception only no needed Tel: Tuesday ; Wednesday ; Tel: Wednesday Adult: 1st, 2nd & 4th Paediatric: 3rd Jacanes Midwives 1st, 2nd & 4th Monday pm Paediatric Occupational Wednesday Therapist Enuretic Wednesday Post Natal Group Wednesday & am Child Assessment am Audiology Clinic Tuesday am Willesborough Wi Hall 1st, 3rd & 5th Friday William Harvey Hospital Tel: ext (clinic times only) GUM and Sexual Health (STIs & HIV testing) walk-in; same day HIV testing; only; Friday only Paula Car Centre (Diabetes Care) ; ; Friday ; Tel: Elizabeth Browne Unit ; ; Friday ; Tel: Wittersham Village Hall 2nd Tuesday Canterbury Area Canterbury Health Clinic, 26 Old Road Tel: Minor surgery Tuesday & Wednesday evening Tel:

2 (referral only) Tel: Monday ; Tuesday ( only) and (drop-in); Wednesday ; ( only) Monday ; Wednesday (walk in) Tel: ( only) Tel: Tuesday First Time Parents Group Monday By with Audiology By referral School Nurses Appointment only Daily Various session am & pm Dietitian Wednesday Friday (referral) Tel: ( only) Tel: Adult: 1st & 3rd Monday Paediatric: 3rd Wednesday by referral Northgate Medical Centre,Canterbury Adult: 2nd & 4th Monday pm Parkside Neighbourhood Centre, Kings Road, Herne Bay Tuesday Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital, Herne Bay Tel: Antenatal Every ; 1st, 2nd & 5th Tel: Aneurysm Nurse Every pm Audiology Maintenance Every Tuesday & Friday am Baby Massage Every Friday pm Adult: 2nd & 4th Paediatric: 2nd Tuesday am & Tel: Diabetes am Tel: Dietetic Diabetic Every 4th Dietetic General 1st 2nd, 3rd & 5th Friday pm Tel: Paediatric Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday Tel: Parent Craft Group Contact your midwife for details Parkinsons Nurse 3rd am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Tel: Podiatric Day Surgery am; 2nd & 4th Friday am Orthotic Laboratory Tel: Bio Mechanical Assessment (Rheumatology/Sports Clinic Podo-paediatric) Orthopaedic 1st, 4th & 5th Monday Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital, Rehabilitation Unit, King Edward Avenue, Herne Bay Adult Monday, Tuesday & am/pm; Wednesday & Friday am Tel: Cardiac Nurse Friday am Care of the Elderly Every Tuesday to Friday am OPD Clinic Tuesday pm (alternate weeks) Tel: Child Development Reviews Every Friday pm Every Choices Every Tel: Hearing Therapist 3rd Monday Lymphoedema Nurse 1st, 3rd & 5th Tuesday am Memory Clinic Phlebotomy Clinic ; Friday Tel: Warfarin Clinic Monday & Womens Health Physio 1st, 2nd, 4th & 5th Monday pm Riverside Youth Centre, Canterbury, Kingsmead Road, Canterbury Tuesday (term-time only) Surestart Canterbury, Kingsmead Leisure Centre, Kingsmead Road, Canterbury (term-time only) (Pre-conceptual care) Thanington Youth Neighbourhood Centre, Ashford Road, Canterbury Wednesday The Gate Clinic, K&C Hospital, Canterbury Tel: GUM and Sexual Health (STIs & HIV testing) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday (walk-in); Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & (walk-in); & Friday (apppointments only); Whitstable And Tankerton Hospital Tel: Adults: 1st Wednesday & 1st pm; 2nd ; 3rd Tuesday pm & ; pm Paediatrics: 2nd Diabetic 4th pm School and 1st & Friday am; 2nd pm & Friday am; 3rd pm; 4th pm; 5th Tuesday & pm 33

3 2nd Monday am; 3rd Wednesday & Friday pm; 4th Friday am Audio 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th weeks pm Cataracts 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th weeks am Respiratory 1st ; 2nd ; 4th Stoma 2nd, 3rd, 4th weeks am Whitstable Health Centre s Please contact the Health Visitors for details Tel: Tel: Dentist Tel: Emergency: Tuesday (alternate weeks), (alternate weeks) Tel: Tel: st, 3rd & 5th Wednesday Whitstable Youth & Community Centre, Tower Parade, Whitstable /Deal Area Aylesham Health Centre Tel: Monday Tel: Child Medical Officer 4th Monday Optician Tuesday Psychiatrist Tuesday Ante Natal Tuesday Wednesday , , ; Wednesday Mental Health Clinic nd Tuesday am Adult: 2nd pm Aylesham Youth Clinic, Acholt Road, Monday (day may change) (Youth Clinic attendees only) Breast Cancer Support Group, 1a Maison Dieu Road, Tel: Ask for Sister Davies, ext st Buckland Community Centre, Roosevelt Road, No s necessary. Tuesdays 10am-11.30am Burgoyne Heights Family Centre, No s necessary. Wednesdays 10am-11.30am Deal & Walmer Clinic, Bowling Green Lane, Deal Tel: Tweenie Group Mum & Baby up to 1 year Tuesday Food Intolerance Group 2nd & 4th Friday am Twins Group 2nd & 4th Friday pm Monday ; Wednesday Audiology As and when required Enquiries: Monday & Tuesday Tel: Wednesday & Friday am/pm Specialist Clinic Monday & am; Monday, Wednesday & pm Stroke Club Tuesday pm Extend Class Monday Self Support Dealing with Stress Monday Relaxation Classes/Parent Craft Adult: 2nd & 4th Friday am Paediatric: 4th Tuesday am Diabetes Care Friday ; Tel: (under 25s only) Monday for contraception; for GUM (STI checks) Nurse led clinic Closed Bank Holidays Health Centre, Maison Dieu Road, Tel: Drop In sessions. No s necessary. Tuesdays 9.30am-11.15am; Wednesdays 1.30pm-3.15pm Development Assessments Tuesday to Friday by Tuesday & ; 2nd & 4th Friday by Assessments Clinic 1st (Children) As required Dental Tel: Tel: Orthodontic Chiropody Wednesday ; Tel: Monday ; Tuesday Tel: Diabetes Care Monday Sexual Health (GUM) Tuesday , (walk-in) Tel: (clinic times) Castleside 34

4 Adult: 1st & 3rd pm Paediatric: 1st am Eythorne Welfare Hall Resource Centre Old Park Community Centre, Gordon Road, Whitfield, Health visitor representative available Tuesdays from 7 April between 1pm and 2pm. Royal Victoria Place, High Street, Breast Feeding Support Group Wednesday Teens with Tots Wednesday The Ark, Early Days Group, Noah s Ark Road, No s necessary. s 1pm-2.15pm Triangles Community Centre, Early Days Group, Poulton Close, No s necessary. Wednesdays 1pm-2.30pm Whitfield Village Hall Shepway Area B-4-8 S Town Walk, Folkestone Breast Feeding Group Toddle Along Group Tuesday Baker Road Clinic, Cheriton Tel: Monday ; Development Checks Alternate Tuesdays Alternate Tuesdays Assessment Clinic As and when required on weekly basis Post-Natal Group (for first time mums) Tuesday Please telephone for further information Adult: 4th Friday pm Paediatric: 4th am Dymchurch Clinic, The Surgery, 9 Orgarswick Avenue Tel: Monday Health & Development Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday Saturday Morning Clinic Last Saturday in month held at Clinic, 54 Station Road, New Romney Tel: for Well, (no milk sales) Dymchurch Childrens Centre, Country s Field, Dymchurch Clinics Baby Massage for infants who are not yet crawling Dymchurch Thomas House Surgery, 12a Eastbridge Rd Tel: Monday to ; Friday all day Folkestone Health Centre, Rd, Folkestone Tel: Bumps n Babes Clinic Monday at The Village Surestart Wednesday at Folkestone Health Centre Friday at The Early Years Centre / for Working Parents Saturdays Tel: only Tuesday as required Assessment Clinic Monday & as required Developmental Assessments 1st Friday am as required Community Clinics 3rd Tuesday ; 1st & 2nd ; 3rd, 4th & 5th Enuresis Clinic Wednesday Approximately four sessions per month (s only) 1st, 3rd & 5th Tuesday , ; Tel: & Friday ; Saturday emergency contraception only no needed Tel: GUM and Sexual Health (STIs & HIV testing) Monday , (walk-in); Monday (same day HIV testing); Monday ( only); Wednesday , (walk-in) Tel: (24-hr answerphone) Adult: 2nd & 4th am am/pm Tel: Audio 4th am/pm ( only) Occupational Therapy Monday & Tuesday am/pm Baby Massage (Early Years Centre) Tel: for further information Elham Surgery 2nd & 4th Wednesday Hawkinge Community Centre Every Hythe Clinic, High Street Tel: Tuesday ; 3rd Friday Tuesday st Pscyhiatric Clinic Tuesday am & () Counselling Monday am & Friday am/pm () Diabetes Clinic Friday () Respiratory Clinic () 35

5 Adult: 3rd Tuesday pm Paediatric: 4th Tuesday am Kent House, Station Road, Lydd Tuesday Lyminge, The Surgery New Romney Clinic, Station Road Tel: ; Last Saturday (no milk sales) 2nd & 4th Development Checks am as required am as required 1st Tuesday Monday & Tuesday am/pm 18 month Development am as required; Monday pm as required Tuesday weekly Tel: Enquiries Wednesday & Tel: ; Monday Emergencies only Tel: Diabetes Clinic Tuesday am am/pm Monday Monday Mental Health /pm; Friday pm Psychiatric 2nd & 4th Wednesday ; 2nd Wednesday (CAST) Adult: 2nd pm Paediatric: 2nd am Paediatric Clinic Tuesday pm as required; 1st South Kent College, Folkestone Campus (College Students only) Monday Term-time only Swale Area Bramblefield Clinic, Grovehurst Road, Kemsley, Sittingbourne Children and Families: District Nurses: Community Matrons: Looked After Children: Leg Ulcer Clinic (District Nurse) By Information: Bysingwood Children s Centre, Lower Road, Faversham Tel: Faversham Cottage Hospital And Health Centre, Stone Street Tel: Minor Injury Unit Open from every day and is staffed by nurses. GPs act individually as medical officers ; Friday Faversham Health Centre, Bank Street Tel: Antenatal Tuesday & ; Monday & Friday am Audiology: Paediatric 3rd Wednesday all day Breast Feeding Clinic Consultants Gynaecology 1st & 3rd Monday am Rhumatology 2nd & 4th Monday am ENT 3rd Monday pm Paediatrics 2nd Tuesday pm Cancer Clinics 4th Tuesday, 3 monthly, am/pm Chemo Therapy Every Friday am/pm Carers Group 3rd Adult: 2nd & 4th Monday pm Paediatric: am/pm; Enquiries am/pm; Late evening to Tel: Tuesday pm District Nurse Clinics Monday & Tuesday ; Wednesday ; Friday Clinics & Choices Wednesday Hand in Hand Group Tuesday New Mothers Group Monday Monday st & 4th ; 1st Friday Phlebotomy Friday Tel: nd & 4th, 2nd & 4th pm; 3rd Friday Adult: /pm Paediatric: Wednesday & am/pm Grovepark Children s Centre, Hilton Drive, Sittingbourne Tel: Clinic 1st and 3rd Wednesday in month Milton Court Children s Centre, Brewery Road, Milton Tel: Clinic 2nd and 4th Wednesday in month Newton Place Surgery, Faversham Adult: 2nd & 4th Poppyfields, Murston School, Church Road, Murston Tel: Clinic 1st & 3rd Wednesday Queenborough Church Hall, North Road, Queenborough, Sheppey Clinic 2nd of month Sheerness Healthy Living Centre, Off Broadway, Sheerness Tel: Clinic Tuesday s Wednesday Under 20s only 36

6 Sheppey Community Hospital, Plover Road, Minster-On-Sea Tel: Monday Monday No necessary GUM One Stop Shop Walk-in (no necessary) Friday 17th October Friday 31st October Friday 14th November Friday 28th November Friday 12th December Leg Ulcer Clinic (District Nurse) Monday mornings by Tel: for information Phlebotomy Monday & Friday SITTINGBOURNE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, BELL ROAD, SITTINGBOURNE Tel: Tuesday Monday ; Tuesday No necessary GUM Clinic Monday Leg Ulcer Clinic (District Nurse) Wednesday morning by Tel: for information Phlebotomy Monday & Friday St Mary s Children scentre, Orchard Place, Faversham Tel: Wednesday Teynham Village Hall, Belle Friday Close, Teynham, Sittingbourne Contact Faversham HC on Tel: Clinic 1st Monday Warden Bay Villagehall, Warden Bay Road,Warden, Sheppey Clinic 1st in month Woodgrove Children scentre, Johnson Road,Sittingbourne Tel: Clinic Thanet Area Broadstairs Health Centre Tel: Tuesday ; am; pm Children: Monday, Wednesday & Friday am/pm Adult: Tuesday & am Occupational Therapy Monday, Wednesday & Friday am Orthopist 3rd Monday pm Diabetes Care Monday st & 3rd ; 2nd & 4th Monday pm Tuesday (drop-in) Tel: Psychiatric Nurse Friday am as required by (children) As required Adult: 3rd Monday am Paediatric: 4th Broadstairs Suite, Qeqm Hospital, Margate Tel: Paediatric Outpatients Tel: ext Birchington & Westgate Clinic Tel: only Monday (drop in); Wednesday (drop in) (babies) By with Health Visitor 3rd Monday am Adult Continence 1st & 2nd Monday am School & 1st Tuesday am School Nurse 1st am; 4th Friday am 2nd pm; 3rd Tuesday pm Tel: st & 3rd Monday pm; 2nd & 4th am Tel: Mount Zeehan Community Alcohol Tuesday all day; pm Tel: Wednesday (drop in) term-time only Baby Massage Contact clinic for information Newington Road Clinic, Ramsgate Tel: (all day) Hearing tests ; Developmental by s Please contact your health visitor for details Wednesday Choices Clinic Under 25s Speech Tel: Mothercraft Healthy Legs Clinic Monday Wednesday & only Eye Testing 3 years Tuesday am only am only Psychiatric Nurse Friday pm only s Tel: Tuesday pm College Road Clinic, Margate Tel: Monday & Wednesday only; 2nd & 4th Friday Clinic 3-5 yrs check Friday pm only By with Health Visitor Development Assessment By with 37

7 Health Visitor Dental (Community) Wednesday & Tel: phone for additional days only Mental Health Monday (dropin); Wednesday (drop-in) Tel: Adult: 2nd am Paediatric: 1st pm Minnis Bay Clinic, Qeqm Hospital, Margate Tel: , ext New outpatients dept. Friday Sexual Health (GUM) Tuesday ; (walk-in); (s only); Friday (walk-in) Tel: (clinic times) Moving Forward,9 Cecil Square, Margate Newington Road Surgery Adult: 1st Monday am Paediatric: 2nd am Surestart Margate, Sixbells, Margate Monday (directions from 46 Hawley Square, Margate) Thanet College, Ramsgateroad, Broadstairs Tuesday (term-time only) for Thanet College students only Westgate And Birchingtonclinic, Westgate Wednesday (term-time only) Under 21 s only 38