April Public Forum Topic Analysis Presented by the Champion Briefs Institute

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2 Ap Pubc Fum Topc Anay Peened by he Champon Bef Inue Reoved: The Uned Sae fedea govenmen houd nceae quoa of H-1B va. Inoducon In ecen me, mmgaon ha been an necapabe ue n Amecan poc. Thee no bee uaon of h han he 2016 Pedena eecon, wheen much of he debae wa ceneed aound he ue uoundng mmgaon. I eman uncea wha he ne mpac of mmgaon, bu he cuen opc offe u he unque oppuny o evauae mmgaon me pecfcay by ageng n on a ngua govenmen pogam. The H-1B va yem a wk va pogam degned o aow compane o he mmgan wke, pacuay aed o hoe wke wh pecazed k educaon. In 2018, Peden Tump made he conovea decon o educe he numbe of va avaabe o mmgan, he key mpeu f h opc. In de o debae h opc uccefuy, eam w need o caefuy evauae he mpance of boh domec and fegn mpac and undeand he fa-eachng mpac of ou cuen mmgaon yem and ack cuen even a hey deveop. Saegy Condeaon Affmave eam houd pze he ea-wd benef of he H-1B va pogam ha ae cueny obevabe. In many way, affmave eam have a naua advanage: hey can pon o he dec, angbe benef of he H-1B va pogam, wheea negave eam ae fced o pecuae abou wha he wd woud ook ke wh me H-1B va. Aenaey, negave eam have numeou avenue of aack f povng he poon. I mpan o emembe ha negave eam do no have o neceay ague ha he H-1B va yem nheeny bad nead, hey ony have o ague ha expandng he cuen quoa woud be hamfu. If you can pove ha expandng he quoa woud make he yem me neffcen ha woud ony ead o an nfux of me undequafed wke, you can pe-emp he aege of mo affmave eam by gvng a me pecfc epone o he eouon. Oude of ha, hee ae ao evea way ha negave eam can ague ha he yem nheeny bad by ef. Wnnng hee agumen ey on povng ha he H-1B va yem ofen abued by empoye n de o dpace Amecan wke ohewe depe wage. Thee ae numeou pece of eaue on boh de of he debae ndcang ha mmgan wke can be ehe benefca hamfu o nave wke: eam houd be kepca of he evdence hey fnd and eam houd ake he me o deemne whch pece of evdence ae he mo cedbe compehenve.

3 The famewk f decon-makng ao mae. Some negave eam may y o ague ha he H-1B va hamfu f ecpen coune, affmave eam may y o ague ha he benef o mmgan wke ae uffcen o jufy expandng he pogam. I mpan o ceay fame you mo aen mpac fom he begnnng of he debae gven he hgh numbe of compeng nee ha away occu when dcung nenaona eaon. Affmave can may ucue he debae n he fav by agung ha govenmen have a ega and/ ehca obgaon o hep peope houghou he wd even f hey ae no czen of he couny. I geneay dffcu o pove ha he ecpen of H-1B va end up we off, o affmave eam can emphaze he mpoved aae f mmgan, aong wh ohe auxay benef owad he home coune (e.g. emance of knowedge dffuon) A a eu, he affmave negave coud adop any one of he foowng vaou poena famewk f evauang fegn pocy. Naona Inee: Poecng Amecan nee, ye opng f fegn nvovemen f pomoe he beemen of Amecan czen. Ioaonm: Choong o focu mo poce nenay egade of he pobe benef ( ham) of fegn engagemen. Sphee of Infuence: Chooe o hep ou ae a a mean of mananng ou genea goba nfuence. Topcay The phae nceae quoa a decepvey mpan em n he eouon. I open up boh eam o numeou aege ha can cach he oppong eam off guad. On he affmave, aow eam o ague ha Tump ecen efm o he H-1B va yem wee counepoducve, and ha he quoa houd be expanded back o gna eve p o he Tump admnaon change. Th appoach powefu becaue hee a weah of eaue on he p mpac of he H-1B va yem, o eam w be abe o ague peuavey wh concee evdence gven ha he mpac of he gna pocy wee cea. Affmave eam may ao be abe o ague ha even f he H-1B yem cueny ne hamfu, an expanon of he quoa yem woud aow u o each a cca ma of mmgan wke ha gge benef. Aenaey, becaue he eouon focued on whehe expandng he quoa good bad, negave eam ae no equed o ague ha he H-1B va yem bad on ne ha ha no me. Inead, negave eam have a numbe of dffeen pah o he bao: (1) povng ha hee ae cueny enough va avaabe, (2) povng ha expandng he quoa woud make he cuen yem e effecve, (3) ha he H-1B va yem aeady me hamfu han no.

4 Affmave Agumen Thee ae hee man affmave agumen: cong he k gap, boong economc compevene, and pomong negaon The f agumen wha he buk of he eaue focue on. Thee ome fm of a echnoogca k gap whn he Uned Sae omewha uncea how pofound he k gap, bu hee a conenu ha hee a deah of echnoogca and ofwae wke n he Uned Sae. Becaue mo H-1B va ae gven o mmgan wh a pecazed k and educaon, he pogam unquey ued o hepng bunee mee a gap n k when hey need me ked wke. The mo dffcu pa of wnnng h agumen povng ha compane ae dong eveyhng n he powe o he Amecan wke f, bu you can poenay ccumven ha ue by ung famewk aegcay. The nex man affmave agumen aea boong economc compevene. In de o make h agumen a effecve a pobe, affmave eam houd a f expan he eaon ha Amecan compevene cueny gong down. F nance, expanng he e n ue ke ououcng ng ncome nequay can epeen compeng eaon ha economc compevene deceang domecay. By fuhe demonang he way ha ked mmgan wke can hep o boo economc compevene by boeng ou go human capa, affmave eam can ague ha expandng he quoa woud aow u o evee ha cuen ajecy. Epecay, eam can pon ou how ked mmgan ae choong o go o ohe deveoped coune nead of comng o Ameca, deceang ou eave economc powe. Anohe agumen e economcay focued, bu can be compeng gven he naue of he opc. Eenay, eam can ague ha hng mmgan wke encouage peope fom dffeen ehnc goup o neac wh each ohe me ofen ove me, h ha been poven o deceae feeng of acm and deceae aca dhamony. Th can be an effecve agumen n many uaon becaue aow affmave eam o acce an aea of mpac ha negave eam ae aey abe o acce. If famed n he conex of ou au quo of voae ace eaon, h agumen become epecay powefu. Thee ae evea ohe avenue ha affmave eam can puue. Affmave eam can dcu how he H-1B va yem benefca boh f mmgan wke and he home coune. Becaue mo H-1B va hode ae ked, hey ae ypcay abe o eceve much hghe wage by wkng oveea. Th can be benefca f he vehood and f he ve of he fame. Team akng h appoach houd have a famewk ha demonae he mpance of benefng czen of ohe coune, epecay when he nee ae no compeng wh ou own.

5 Anohe agumen coud cene aound how wke ofen end money back o he home coune, whch can have a muang effec on he nave econome and pomoe ovea goba economc negaon. The benef of me neacon beween econome exend fuhe han ha: hee ao a dffuon of dea and k ha ae co-dbued beween coune, whch can hep boh Ameca and he econome of he wke nave coune. Negave Agumen Thee ae a few man negave agumen: he H-1B va yem pmay o he demen of Amecan czen, ha he H-1B va yem ofen abued and ha povon ae unenfced, ha he H-1B va yem ceae a numbe of pevee ncenve ha hu ou economc compevene. The majy of eeach ha cca of he H-1B va yem concened wh he f agumen. The naave ha bunee he H-1B va hode no becaue hey ae epecay ked ha hee a ack of US wke, bu nead becaue H-1B va hode ae wng o wk f owe wage han he Amecan counepa. No ony doe h ake away job fom deevng Amecan, bu can ao depe wage f a wke n he ec. Team akng h appoach houd uze a famewk ha emphaze govenmen conacaan duy o pze own czen. The econd agumen povde a compeng way o anwe he eouon decy whou havng o dm he poena benef of mmgan ab. Thee ae numeou nance of bunee and ndvdua expong akng advanage of he H-1B va yem n ega way by he em of he egaon, f nance, H-1B va hode ae equed o be pad he pevang wage n an nduy and ao ecommended by he Depamen of Lab ha bunee eek Amecan wke f. Howeve, hee povon ae dffcu and eouce-nenve o enfce. Negave eam can ague ha expandng he quoa woud ony make me dffcu o enfce hee ue and conequeny ead o me abue, makng he ovea yem e effcen. Anohe maj agumen dea wh Amecan economc compevene. Team can ue a numbe of appoache o pove ha he H-1B va yem ceae afca pevee ncenve ha end up hung Amecan nduy. F, hey can ague ha many of he H-1B va ae gven ou o job hop, whch eenay aow Amecan compane o ououce wk and conequeny educe he ndua bae n Ameca. Smay, eam can ague ha H-1B va eu n compane hng e ked wke han hey woud ohewe, puey becaue hoe wke ae cheape a a eu, bunee ae e poducve ovea and he economy e effcen. Anohe avenue of aack dea wh he poca amfcaon of expandng he quoa yem. Team can ague ha expandng he quoa woud nce poca backah, epecay

6 gven he eavey xenophobc and poecon ance of many cuen pocan. Team can ague ha expandng he quoa yem woud eu n he deucon of poca momenum owad cuen efm n he mmgaon yem ha woud eu n he nuon of ohe eaay poce ha woud umaey hu ou mmgaon ouook. Th agumen ha a powefu nk, bu eam w have o eeach caefuy and caf a compeng naave houghou he ound n de o e he mpac effecvey. Lay, eam can ague ha expandng he quoa f H-1B va wke woud unfay dadvanage ohe membe eekng o mmgae o he Uned Sae. Becaue H-1B va hode ae equed o have ome pecazed k, hey ae uuay among he me we-off czen of he home couny. Gven he Uned Sae cuen poca cmae, eam coud ague ha aowng n me H-1B va hode woud eenay cowd ou ohe mmgan whoe ve coud be mpoved me by comng o he Uned Sae. In pacua, eam can dcu how mmgan eekng ayum efuge fom humanaan dae coud end up geng dpaced n fav of educaed, weahe mmgan. The Ap opc ae away exceen and I am confden ha h opc w be no excepon. Th opc w epecay be a e of how effecve eam ae a weghng: mmgan wke, Amecan wke, domec economc concen, and goba economc we ae a key o have confcng mpac nde he cope of a nge debae and eam w need o be abe o effecvey peuade judge ha he mpac ae he mo mpan. Famng, compaave weghng, and a conen naave houghou he ound w be eena f ucce. Good uck o a compe! Po Ace Reeach Gude "Pung a Cap on Compevene: Abay Lm on H-1B Va Undemne U.S. Scence and Engneeng." IMMIGRATION POLICY CENTER, Augu hp:// 25%20-%20Cap%20on%20Compevene.pdf. The H-1B Va Pogam: A Pme on he Pogam and I Impac on Job, Wage, and he Economy. Amecan Immgaon Counc. N.p., 1 Ap Web. 7 Mach <hp:// Camon, Nchoa. Wha W Tump Execuve Ode Do o H-1B Va? The Aanc. N.p., 19 Ap Web. 7 Mach <hp://

7 Con Ace Hoen, Aene. "The Budgeay Effec of Hgh-Sked Immgaon Refm." Technoogy Pocy Inue, Mach do: /n Huenneken, Peon. "H-1B Pogam: 10-Yea Tend." Cene f Immgaon Sude, Ocobe hp://c.g/huenneken/h1b-pogam-10yea-tend. Ne, Gunevee. Me H-1B Va, Me Amecan Job, A Bee Economy. The Heage Foundaon, 30 Ap. 2008, Nowaeh, Aex. "H-1B Va: A Cae f Open Immgaon of Hghy Sked Fegn Wke." Compeve Enepe Inue, Ocobe hp://ce.g/e/defau/fe/aex%20nowaeh%20-%20h1- B%20Va.pdf. Rapoza, Kenneh. "Hee' Wha' Reay On Scon Vaey' Mnd Regadng Immgaon." Fbe. Febuay 27, Acceed Mach 05, hp:// Samon, Dem. Inceang he Cap f H-1B Va Woud Hep he Economy. The Heage Foundaon, 31 Ma. 2008, How H-1B va have been abued nce he begnnng, CBS New, Aug , Te, Ncoe. "The H-1B Va Debae, Expaned." Havad Bune Revew. May 04, Acceed Mach 09, hp://hb.g/2017/05/he-h-1b-va-debaeexpaned. hp:// Coa, Dane, CEO expan how H-1B va hu U.S. compevene, Economc Pocy Inue, Mach , hp:// Fume, Chophe. A Cca Look a he H-1B Va Pogam and Effec on U.S. and Fegn Wke A Conovea Pogam Unhnged fom Ogna Inen, Lew and Cak Law Revew, Sepembe , hp://

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