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1 A AAAS cienti t and engineer upply,l w b it, 66 Academic employment general car rs, 4-6 in 1990',5 Action erb in re ume, 96, 97 Ad isor' letter of reference, Altemati e careers, See al 0 Case studies American Association for the Ad ancement of Science, SeeAAAS American Chemical Society, stati tics, 9 American Geophysical Union, statistics, 9 American Institute of Physic, statistics, 9 American P ychological As ociation, tati tics, 9 Ander on, Jo eph V [quotation], 15 Appearance at job interview, A tronom enrollment in Ph.D. program,7 Atkin on, Rich rd, 1 Ayle worth, K vin [quotation]/ 31 B Ba ic scienc a commodity,4 Bell Laboratories, 4 Benefit negotiation, Biography, job seeker, Biolog enrollment in Ph.D. Biotechnology R&D intensi e, 4 R&D spending/ 2 Body language at job intervie, Bolle, Richard [quotation], 72 Bo,potential, 74 Breadth, not depth, re ume ca e tudie, Seal 0 Ca e studies Brid e / William [quotation]/ 47 Broader outlook, 16 Busine skill, resume ca e studies, See al 0 Case studie c Career Beliefs In entory, 40 Career change, Career guide books, 35, centers, 35, 50 counselors, 35 Career planning, Career Planning Pyramid, Career / young scienti t academia, 4-6/ graduate chool, indu triallaboratori, 4, nationallaboratori, po t doctoral po itions, Case tudie, See al 0 Alternati e car er See al 0 Breadth l not depth See al 0 Bu in kill in re urn See al 0 Computers in re ume See al 0 t orking in re ume See al 0 Patent la in re ume See al 0 Re earch Stat ment in resum See also Targeting in re urn See al 0 Teaching in resume

2 Case study interview, 156 CBI, See Career Beliefs Inventory Cervantes, Miguel de [quotation], 37 Change naasternng,24-25 resistance to, stages, Chemistry enrollment in Ph.D. Chubin, Daryl [quotation], 31 Commercial Off The Shelf technology, 2-3 Commission for Professionals in Science and Technology, 9 Commitment and change, 28 Computer skills, Computers, resume case studies, , Congressional recommendations, 3 Consulting, COTS, See Commercial Off The Shelf Cover letter, 93, Curie, Marie, negative stereotype, 167 Curriculum vitae, See CV CV, difference between CV and resume, 84 purpose, 83 See also Resume D Defense related R&D spending, 2f Defense systems, industrial development, 3 Denial and change, Difference between CV and resume, Dissertation in Cv, 85 Doctoral recipients, survey, 17 Dream job, 72 80:10:10 rule for success, 33 Economics, graduate training, 9 Education in resumes, 95 Einstein, Albert [quotation], 167 Employer of choice, 73 Employment data, 9 Essential skills, 7 Evaluating the interview, Exploration and change, in career plarming, 33 Exploring research science, world of work, Extrinsic rewards, 14 F Federal share, R&D spending, 21 Feibelman, Peter [quotation], 59 Finding specific openings, Focusing in career planning, 33 Free agency, effect on job market, 7 Friends and world of work, Fun place to work, 73 G Getting experience, 77 Geosciences enrollment in Ph.D. Globalization, effect on job market, 7 Good letter, of reference, Gookstein, David [quotation], 1 Graduate school life in, skills learned in, 14 Great boss, 74 Griffiths, Phillips A. [quotation], 16 Growth in R&D spending, ,21 " Hanson, R. Brooks [biography], Head hunters, 34 Health related R&D spending, 3 High school graduates increase, 5-6 Holmbeck, Signe [biography], 19 Honors list in Cv, 86 I Illegal questions at job interviews, Inappropriate information in resumes, 98

3 Industrial development, defense systems, 3 Industrial laboratories, 4, Industrial share, R&D spending, ,2f Information technology R&D intensive, 4 R&D spending, 2 Informational interviews, 50-54, 73 Inside information, 73-74, 77 Intelligence, 13 Internet job resources, 76 networking on the net, 56 world of work, 50 Internships, Interview informational, 50-54, 73 job, Intrinsic rewards, 14 J Job from Hell, requirements for, Job interview, Job mobility, effect on job market, 7 Job offer negotiations, Job potential, 74 Job resources on the Internet, 76 traditional, 75 Job search specific opportunities, strategy, 33 Job seeker, biography, Job trends, outside science, 7 Jobs, Steven, 15 K Kiersey Temperament Sorter, 39 Knowing yourself, 72 Krannich, Caryl Rae [quotation], 141 Krannich, Ronald [quotation], 141 Krauss, Randy [biography], 18 L Lane, Neal [quotation], 11 Laws of the Job Search, 48 Length, postdoctoral positions, 6 Letters, reference, Life cycle of scientist, 60 Limits on Ph.D. production, 8 Maister, David [quotation], 48 Mandatory retirement,s Math enrollments in Ph.D. MBTI, See Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Mediocre letter of reference, 90 Moonlighting, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, N National laboratories, National Science Foundation, See NSF Negotiating salary, Networking, 54-57, 73-74, 75 Networking in resume case studies, , News media and world of work, 48 Next Wave, See Science's Next Wave Non-defense related R&D spending,2f Noncitizens in Ph.D. -8 Nontraditional careers, examples, NSF employment projections in 1990, 1 statistical information, 9 o Official letterhead in cover letter, 142 One-on-one interview, 155 p Panel/committee interview, Part-Timing, Patent law, resume case studies, People skills, 16

4 Personal qualities, Ph.D. process, supply,7 Phone interview, 155 Physics enrollment in Ph.D. Placement agencies, 34 Postdoctoral positions length, 6 necessary step, number, 6 reform initiatives, 6 Potential career options, learning about, Preparation for job interview, 152 Prodigal scientists, examples, Professional experience in CV, 86 Project in Economics of Advanced Training,9 Publications in CV, Purpose, CV or resume)' 83 Q Questions by interviewee, 160 common at job interviews, illegal at job interviews)' in informational interview, techniques for answering, K R&D spending )' 2f defense related, 2f federal share, 2 health, 3 industrial share, 2 industrial projections, 4 non-defense related, 2f trends, by field, 3 Real world, student exposure, 15 Reference letters, References in resumes, 99 Reform initiatives for post doctoral fellows, 6 Research and development spending See R&D spending Research and outside world, Research and teaching statements, 90-93, 122 Research function, outsourcing, 4 Research statement, resume case studies, Resistance to change, Resume, case studies, difference between resume and C~ 84 purpose, 83 scannable, See also CV Resume banks, 76 Resume styles, 93 Richter, Matthew [biography], Risk aversion, 15 Rogers, Chris, See Waldroop, James Rules, cover letters case study, s Salaries, 13 Salary negotiations, Scannable resumes, Schiffries, Craig [biography], 18 Schultz-Cherry, Stacey [biography], 20 Schulz, Charles [quotation], 105 Science and change, Science and engineering enrollments in 1997, 7 Science and Engineering Indicators [NSF],9 Science funding, congressional influences, 3 Science's Next Wave, 50 Scientist 21st century, 8 real world, Scientists applying for non-science job, cover letter, Screening interview, 155

5 Search firms, 34 Self-assessment career planning, 32-33, job search, 72 resume, Self-assessment exercises formal, informal, Shure, Loren [biography], 19 SII, See Strong Interest Inventory Skills learned in graduate school, 14 not learned in graduate school, Skills and Values Card Sorts, 41 Skills resume, resume case studies, Sleuthing and organization, 73 Soft skills, See transferable skills Specific job opportunities, Statistics, science education and employment, 9 Stereotypes, scientists,13, Stress interview, 156 Strong Interest Inventory, Structure in cover letter, Summary statement in resumes, 94 Survey, doctoral recipients, 17 T Targeting resume, resume case studies, Teaching focus on, 5 resume case studies, Teaching and research statements, Technical interview, 156 Technology, effect on job market, 7 Temporary and adjunct faculty, 5 Tenure in teaching and research statements, 93 under pressure, 5 Thank you note after informational interview, 53 after job interview, 160 Tobias, Sheila [quotation], 31 Toffler, Alvin [quotation], 23 Traditional sources, jobs, 75 Transferable skills, Transition curve in change, 25 Trends in R&D spending by field, 3f u-v Understanding yourself, Value of time, Visas for foreign nationals, 7 Volunteering, 78 W-X-y-Z Waldroop, James [quotation], 40 Weinstein, Eric, 9 Work environment, determination, 51 Work experience in resumes, Work-related values, assessment, Working hard, World of work, Writing tips, cover letter, Yate, Martin [quotation], 151