Parent Teacher Student ʻOhana Kamehameha Schools Maui. ENRICHMENT GRANT GUIDELINES 2014 / 2015 School Year

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1 Parent Teacher Student ʻOhana Kamehameha Schools Maui ENRICHMENT GRANT GUIDELINES 2014 / 2015 School Year Guidelines for the awarding of Enrichment Grants: 1. Ho olaule a Enrichment Grants are funded by the previous year s net proceeds. The net proceeds are earmarked for three divisions: 75% High School division, 15% Middle School Division, and 10% for the Elementary Division. This formula serves as a guide and is based on the needs of previous years. 2. Awards will be granted to current Kamehameha Schools Maui students in grades K If the group submitted an application in the previous year, it is recommended that you include evidence of Hoʻolauleʻa assistance (i.e. a sign-in sheet of students/parents/family members who volunteered) with your grant application. 4. Grants are for activities/events such as individual, club, group seminars, clinics, or excursion that have an educational growth benefit to the student(s). 5. Awards are for the School Year activities scheduled August 2014 through August Grants will be awarded as monies are available. Application deadlines are September 30, 2014, and December 19, Applicants will be notified of the Committee s decision within three weeks of the respective deadline. 6. Awards are granted to individuals/clubs/groups who demonstrate resourcefulness, initiative, and an honest attempt to raise funds themselves for the grant they are applying for; 7. Applications will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Awards are granted to individuals/clubs/groups who demonstrate their integrity and willingness to assist PTSO with various events and/or activities. 8. Applications should be for proposed activities/events to be held in the current School Year and not for activities/events that have already occurred. Grant Guidelines: 1. Local Events...fees and transportation. Other expenses may be considered. 2. Inter-Island travel....amount not to exceed a maximum of $ per student. 3. Mainland travel amount not to exceed a maximum of $ per student. 4. International travel..amount not to exceed a maximum of $ per student. 5. Fees..amount not to exceed a maximum of 80% of the fee. 6. Personal items such as clothing, uniforms, gifts, spending money are NOT eligible for enrichment grants. 7. At this time, because of the number of requests and the amount available for grants, funding for food and meals will be considered on a special needs basis with case by case review. 9/16/2014 libraries/documents/kapatric/00000hoolaulea/application I

2 8. Applications need to be completely filled out and signed. Any informational flyers about the activity/event are required to provide detailed information to the Grant Committee members. 9. Grant applications are reviewed by the respective Principal s Office, to confirm the purpose of the activity/event and to serve as a review of the campuses current budget. Campus Principal s approval and signature is required. 10. Please note that upon completion of the activity/event that each participating student is required to submit a report/program recap, that may include drawings, photos. Advisor summaries are appreciated as well. Please ensure these reports are received by Lokelani Patrick, Parent Community Coordinator (PTSO facilitator) within 30 days of activity/event completion. If you are unable to make this deadline, please update the PTSO by the deadline with an explanation why you are unable to submit the report by the deadline. Summaries not received within 30 days of completion may hinder the group s eligibility to receive future grants. A sampling of acceptable age appropriate reports are attached to this application. It is advisable that you incorporate this requirement during the activity to ensure successful completion of the report by each student. These reports will be provided to the current PTSO Board members and is highly appreciated. Mahalo! Awarded Funds disbursement: 1. Vendor Payments. Submit a check request form to PTSO with vendor invoice for processing. Submit a W-9 for PTSO records. A check will be issued payable to the applicable vendor with the appropriate invoice. Please allow 2 weeks for processing. 2. Group/advisor reimbursements. Submit a check request form to PTSO. Receipts are required to validate reimbursement and for PTSO record keeping. To ensure prompt reimbursement remit receipt(s) within two weeks of purchases. If you have any questions regarding the process, please feel free to contact Lokelani Patrick, Parent Community Coordinator. Attachment: Hoʻolauleʻa Student Reports (elementary, middle, high) Lokelani Patrick (808) /16/2014 libraries/documents/kapatric/00000hoolaulea/application II