How to Reach Non-Members. New Member Growth (NMG) Pilot Project. Roles of Home Office and NAIC Board. New Member Growth Pilot Project

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1 How to Reach Non-Members Susan Tampasis, BIVAB, Director Deane Jaeger, BIVAB Associate Director Joan Loken, BIVAB, Director New Member Growth (NMG) Pilot Project Volunteer Training: VT105 2 New Member Growth Pilot Project Roles of Home Office and NAIC Board Pilot Project with 12 chapters for two years Objective is to reach non members, share BI Each chapter chooses three of six suggested goals Chapters meet quarterly to share plans and progress what s working and what s not working InvestBetter campaign is a method to track prospects Prospects receive marketing & invites to Guest Speaker Program Susan Tampasis - BI Volunteer Advisory Board- Program Leader Dennis Genord - Home Office- Program Leader Shanna Rendon- NAIC Board Advisor San Jose, CA 1

2 Participating Chapters Choice of Six Goals (Choose three) Chicagoland DC Regional Georgia Heart of Illinois Heart of Oklahoma NW Buckeye OKI Tri State Patriot Puget Sound Rocky Mountain Sacramento Southeast Michigan Public Library Program Club Visits Model Club Mentoring Marketing 5 6 Sample of Reporting Worksheet San Jose, CA 2

3 Last Year Rocky Mountain Chapter NMG Meetups Posting class schedule Includes all in-person and online classes Low net activity attendance Community Bulletin Boards Had 9-10 non-members attend Introduction to Investing Attendees Google search investing classes Presented a short program w/ handouts Online Tools, what s free??? How many tried the tools and joined no tracking 9 10 This Year Meetups, Facebook, Linked In Posting class schedule Sending invite to Meetup Group members Few have attended Small Talk One has joined BI and became a club member Community Bulletin Boards Colorado Free University 11 This Year Colorado Free University (CFU) Contacted CFU and offered to present a few classes Signed a contract Rocky Mountain Chapter paid CFU for marketing the Intro class $25/student Results Partnership has doubled our attendance 12 CFU students attended the free Intro class 12 students attended the paid SSG class Approximately half of the Intro student returned Approximately half did not attend the intro class Tracking through InvestBetter campaign in marketing materials San Jose, CA 3

4 How are we teaching the classes? What will we do differently next time Intro Classes 3 instructors each teaching a section Why Invest in stocks included intro to SSG Understanding the Jargon Valueline Introduction to Online tools & recordings w/ handouts SSG Class 4 instructors each teaching a section New instructors review posted recording in My Classes Use more experienced director to teach section 3 & 4 All day class from 9 AM 3 PM w/ practice session BI promotional materials including Open House Strengthen Social Media promotions Continue Community Bulletin Boards Have more BI promotional handout materials Continue to introduce Online Tools & Open House Enter attendance list s in Open House for tracking Develop a second partnership (in a suburban area) Continue to refine what we are doing Puget Sound Chapter Meetup. com Meetup Success Made personal connection at event Sent follow-up s and direct to more resources Invite to other chapter events Can t be overly pushy Personal contact was the key Three known have joined BetterInvesting Meetup is a tactic to market brand recognition of BI San Jose, CA 4

5 Puget Sound Chapter Model Club Meets four times per year in person + 7 times online Advertise model club in Meetup 4-6 join an online meeting 1-2 join in-person meeting Not a big Meetup following to the Model Club No one has joined the Model Club, although some continue to follow San Francisco Chapter Had 97 Meetup members in approximately 6 months Model Club gets 1-2 Meetup attendees per month g p p Education Day - one Meetup member attended Stock Study event - one Meetup member attended Two Meetup members have joined BI Pittsburg Chapter Listed as Western PA Stock Investing Education & Investment Clubs Trying to hit all the key words for internet searches Sends personal message to those who say they are attending 136 members in meetup group after 1 year View chapter content for ideas to setup Meetup account Search for BI Chapters in Meetup Go to Click Find a Meetup Group In White box type BetterInvesting Click on within miles of location Click on any distance in drop down San Jose, CA 5

6 Pittsburgh Chapter Library Programs Promoted Financial Literacy at library for Money Smart Week Two tracks one general information & one BI topics Free with optional box lunch for $10 (pre-ordered) 45 people attended with 5-6 attendees from Meetup Patriot Chapter Presents Value Line class Coordinates with a local club, club secures date with local library, arranges marketing with library Club members attend and get involved Talk about investment clubs, the local club answers questions Club invites guests to club meeting Wizards Investment Club accepted one new member to join Wisconsin Chapter Promotion through chapter, allowed to put up poster FINRA Milwaukee & Madison Online Tools Update, Introduction to SSG classes Total 33 people, including 2 students who just started an investment club Finding advertising is important, s announcing library event to members Calling club contacts in area, requires a lot of director time Partner with Library and have library also promote San Jose, CA 6

7 DC Regional Chapter Rocky Mountain Chapter Uses library Financial Book Club with regular attendees, promoted through library Model Club visitors each month, after meeting continues discussion at deli across the street SSG Class & Investor Education Day Visitors are recruited through library and surfing the internet Recruited new and reactivated members Money Smart Week, library does promotion Presented class on Why Invest in Stocks In the introduction, presenters shared their stories Closing slide on Investment Clubs can raise lots of questions from audience about clubs More interest in joining an existing club Offered to present a class on Starting an Investment Club in future Portland Chapter Partnered with library to present Starting an Investment Club Library does promotion, sets up room & equipment Six engaged attendees who were taking notes Had BI promotional materials, magazines, 10 steps to starting an investment club, sample bylaws and partnership agreement Next time have a hand out sheet of chapter activities Plans to partner with other libraries in the fall Starting an Investment Club San Jose, CA 7

8 Starting an Investment Club Starting an Investment Club Partner with Libraries and other Learning Centers Order handout materials: Volunteers > Volunteer resources > Order Form Start an Investment Club Flyer Membership Inquiry Brochure Flyer for BetterInvesting s OPEN HOUSE Member Recruitment Program BI Business Cards, may not be able to collect names if a library sponsored event Play recording of presentation of Starting an Investment Club Tools & Resources > Webinar Recording > Starting an Investment Club Series (or) Use power point of Starting an Investment Club in New VR > Power Points Free resources available to clubs at When New Clubs Organize Prepare to Mentor & provide support for first year or two Direct them to BetterInvesting s Public Page Assist with a copy of 10 steps to Club Success, sample copy of Partnership Agreement and By-Laws, BI promotional handouts & BI magazines, BI business cards When they become members, direct them to resources on BetterInvesting s member site San Jose, CA 8

9 Traditional Person to person Club members Friends, family, coworkers Individual members What s changing Current members aging and some passing away Generation X-Y & Z More likely to be individual members Tends to be less likely to join groups Marketing strategy It takes multiple marketing avenues to reach out It takes 6-7 touches before message is received Home Office efforts Invite a Guest Program Open House - webinars and website resources Guest Speaker Program Starting an Investment Club - webinars and resources Try our Tools Tutorials Money Show Money Smart Week Tracking through InvestBetter campaign San Jose, CA 9

10 What s not working Paid advertisement t Marketing as it used to be Modern Meetup Groups FREE Community Bulletin Boards TV stations, radio stations Newspapers Learning centers partnerships Modern Community learning centers Community colleges Center for Lifelong Learning Adult classes Libraries Libraries try to find Libraries you can partner with, find programs they may be interested in Smart Money Week Why Invest in Stocks Morningstar or Value Line Starting an Investment Club Investment Book Club SSG or Judgment Classes Google Search Adult learning classes (city) San Jose, CA 10

11 Google Search Community Colleges (city) Google Search Lifelong Learning (city) Think out of the Box Try something you haven t tried before Evaluate your Market Review your Chapter strengths Keeping tweaking your progress Make it a TEAM effort Tell a Friend About BetterInvesting San Jose, CA 11

12 Questions or Comments? Please complete the Volunteer Training Evaluation Volunteer Training VT105 Please turn in at the end of Volunteer Training to your Region Manager or the information desk San Jose, CA 12