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1 EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM - EOP Fall 2011 Counselor Conference

2 Introduction What is EOP? What Can EOP Do for Students? Who May Apply? EOP Income Criteria Applying to EOP Additional Information About EOP?

3 What is EOP? Established in 1969 under SB 1072 Provides academic support and retention services to historically low income and educationally underserved disadvantaged students Targets students who have the potential to perform satisfactorily in the CSU but have not been able to realize this potential because of economic or educational background Provides admission, academic, and financial assistance to accommodate the needs of the individual campus student population Tailors their programs to accommodate the needs of the individual campus student population

4 EOP Programs available at 22 CSU campuses

5 What Can EOP Do for Students? Provides orientation sessions to help students learn about campus services and programs Provides tutoring, advising and specialized retention services Provides transitional support such as the Summer Bridge Program Awards EOP grant to eligible students

6 EOP/EOP&S Differences Income Higher Ranges Per Family Size (EOP&S BOG Waiver Income Criteria vs. CSU EOP Income Criteria) Selection Process Application Process (CSU General & EOP 4 Part Supplement) Admissions Processes Financial Aid Eligibility (Higher Cost of Attendance) Student Eligibility Requirements (Regular & Special Admits) EOP&S Book Vouchers vs. EOP Grant

7 Who May Apply? Historically low-income and educationally underserved undergraduate students who need admission assistance and support services to succeed in college Students who demonstrate academic potential and motivation

8 EOP applicants must meet the low-income guidelines listed in the table below: DEPENDENT STUDENTS FAMILY SIZE MAXIMUM TOTAL PARENTAL INCOME 2 $33,900 3 $37,900 4 $43,800 5 $49,500 6 $55,800 7 $60,600 8 $65,400 Who May Apply? INDEPENDENT STUDENTS FAMILY SIZE MAXIMUM INCOME Single, No Dependents 1 $14,700 Married, No Dependents 2 $25,400 Other Than Spouse With Dependents Other 2 $44,100 than a Spouse 3 $50,600 4 $59,600 5 $68,100 6 $77,700 7 $84,900 8 $92,200

9 Applying to EOP Students must complete and submit an application for Undergraduate Admission to the campus before applying to the EOP program. Application to the Educational Opportunity Program includes: 1) Completed Undergraduate Admission application to the campus 2) Completed EOP application with: Applicant Information form, Two Recommendation forms

10 Applying through the Educational Opportunity Program Online Undergraduate Admission Application: Step 11 ( ** Students must first submit an online Undergraduate admission application before completing the online EOP application. Alternative PDF Undergraduate Application: 37. Do you wish to apply or reapply through the Educational Opportunity Program?

11 EOP Online Application Form Completed by student

12 EOP Online Recommendation Form Completed by counselor or teacher

13 EOP Alternative PDF Application Completed by student

14 EOP Alternative PDF Recommendation Form (2) Completed by counselor or teacher

15 Transfer Students Must have a GPA of 2.0 ( C ) or better in all transferable units attempted, and meet the transfer student standards for regular admission to CSU. Minimum of 60 transferable semester (90 quarter) units Must have completed: 30 semester units of general education courses with a C average in all general education courses attempted Transfer Applicants may be required to submit verification of EOP/S participation from the previous college or university *Currently, CSU, Dominguez Hills and Sacramento State do not accept Transfer students into the EOP program.

16 EOP Program Contacts CSU Bakersfield CSU Channel Islands CSU Chico CSU Dominguez Hills CSU Fresno CSU Fullerton Mr. Rocky Maraccini Ms. Leah Alvarado Ms. Victoria Bass Ms. Katrina Hermoso Ms. Irene Perez Ms. Willie Bugaoan 9001 Stockdale Highway One University Drive First and Normal Streets 1000 E. Victoria Street 5150 North Maple Ave. 800 N. State College Blvd Bakersfield, CA Camarillo, CA Chico, CA Carson, CA Fresno, CA Fullerton, CA Phone: (661) Phone: (805) Phone: (530) Phone: (310) Phone: (559) Phone: (657) Fax: (661) Fax: (805) Fax: (530) Fax: (310) Fax: (559) Fax: (657) CSU East Bay Humboldt State Univ. CSU Long Beach CSU Los Angeles CSU Monterey Bay CSU Northridge Mr. Enrique Mendoza Ms. Denise Negrillo Ms. Gail Walters Ms. Lizett Bobadilla Ms. Carina Cisneros Ms. Doris Clark Carlos Bee Blvd. Ms. Maria Elena Whaples 1250 Bellflower Blvd State University Dr. 100 Campus Center Dr Nordhoff Street Hayward, CA One Harpst Street Long Beach, CA Los Angeles, CA Seaside, CA Northridge, CA Phone: (510) Arcata, CA Phone: (562) Phone: (323) Phone: (831) Phone: (818) Fax: (510) Phone: (707) Fax: (562) Fax: (323) Fax: (831) Fax: (818) Fax: (707) Cal Poly Pomona CSU Sacramento CSU San Bernardino San Diego State Univ. San Francisco State Univ. San José State Ms. Leticia Guzman-Scott Mr. David Ortega Mr. Mario E. Baeza Ms. Berennice J. Gil Ms. Renee Stephens Ms. Debra Griffith 3801 West Temple Avenue 6000 J Street 5500 University Parkway 5500 Campanile Drive 1600 Holloway Avenue One Washington Square Pomona, CA Sacramento, CA San Bernardino, CA San Diego, CA San Francisco, CA San Jose, CA Phone: (909) Phone: (916) Phone: (909) Phone: (619) Phone: (415) Phone: (408) Fax: (909) Fax: (916) Fax: (909) Fax: (619) Fax: (415) Fax: (408) Cal Poly San Luis Obispo CSU San Marcos Sonoma State University CSU Stanislaus Ms. Kathleen A. Castillo Ms. Norma Larios Ms. Lisa Brooks Mr. Serah Martinez Student Acad. Serv. Bldg S. Twin Oaks Valley 1801 East Cotati Avenue 801 West Monte Vista Ave. San Luis Obispo, CA San Marcos, CA Rohnert Park, CA Turlock, CA Phone: (805) Phone: (760) Phone: (707) Phone: (209) Fax: (805) Fax: (760) Fax: (707) Fax: (209)

17 Additional Information About EOP Individual campus EOP department websites