Innovation Vouchers 2012

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1 Innovation Vouchers 2012

2 Innovation Vouchers Initiative Aims to Build Links between Small Businesses and Knowledge Providers Voucher ( 5,000) can be exchanged for Advice and Expertise from the Knowledge Providers Projects: Require Innovative Solution Provide Additional Value for the Business Have On-going Benefits

3 Company Eligibility? All Small Enterprises: Less than 50 Employees Annual Turnover and / or Balance Sheet Not Exceeding 10m Restricted to: Registered Limited Companies

4 2012 Programme Standard and Pooled Applications 5 Calls: March 12-28, three more 200 Vouchers Available In Each Call (If Over Subscribed:- Random Selection Process Applicant Restrictions:- Used <2 Vouchers To Date No Active Vouchers Small, Reg. Limited Company EI Clients: < 300k in R&D Support Vouchers are Valid for 12 Months

5 Co-Funded Fast Track Voucher NEW 5,000 Co-Funded Fast Track Voucher Available since Mid February 10 Vouchers / Week (If Over Subscribed:- Random Selection Process) Same Applicant Restrictions Apply

6 Web / Contact Mike Dolan Mary Cahill

7 Innovation Partnerships Programme 2012

8 Research & Development Innovative Research Between company(s) & 3 rd level Institutions Open to all Manufacturing & Internationally Traded Service (ITS) Companies Develop new, novel or innovative products, processes & services Average of 55 proposals per year Average project value is 130K rising to 250K

9 Project Requirements College Company Medium to High Risk R&D Challenging & Innovative Commercial Value to Company Company Driven Builds Research Capability Competitive Advantage for Ireland

10 IPP Funding Guidelines Full Proposals The level of funding awarded by EI under the new guidelines will depend on: Company Size: Small, Medium or Large Project Focus: Industrial or Experimental Project Type: Collaborative Research?

11 Foreground IP Allocations COLLEGE COMPANY FIP Exclusive License* Shared FIP CONDITIONS FIP NOT AVAILABLE * in company field of interest

12 IPP Funding Guidelines Type of Research Small Company Medium Company Large Company Industrial Collaborative 80% 75% 65% Experimental Collaborative 60% 50% 40% Every company partner will be expected to pay 20% of the project costs in cash

13 IPP Funding Guidelines Type of Research Industrial Collaborative Experimental Collaborative Small Company 80% 60% 100% FUNDED 15% 20% 65% Medium Company 75% 50% Large Company Company In-Kind Cash 65% Company Cash 40%

14 Innovation Partnership Process Outline Proposal Full Proposal IRCC Commercial Logic Programme Remit Good Academic Match DA Commercial Assessment IPP Team Programme Remit Technical Assessor Technical Assessment

15 Feasibility Study Facility Feasibility Study 100% EI Funded 9,000 Technically Feasible Clustered Projects Full Proposal 2 weeks to 6 months Fast Approval De-Risk Tasks Map IP Landscape Not a Bigger Voucher! Agency Approval Required

16 Communication is the Key ACADEMIC STAFF Speak to the EI Innovation Partnership Programme Team Speak to the relevant EI Commercialisation Specialist Ensure your TTO/ILO Resource is involved COMPANIES Get buy-in from your relevant Agency Contact Speak to the EI Innovation Partnership Programme Team Ensure you are talking to the Institute Technology Transfer Staff Innovation Partnership

17 Winning Projects Undeniable Outputs Compelling Content College Opportunity Company Commercial Potential Excellent Match Technical Risk Innovative

18 Innovation Statistics Over 90% of collaborative innovations fail Over 80% of innovations fail before they reach the market Over 90% of innovations are delivered late, over-budget or to a lower quality than was originally planned Over 90% of those innovations that do reach the market will also fail Source = MIT, USA

19 Good News to Take Away 71% of participant companies surveyed said that their objectives were largely or fully achieved Two thirds of clients transformed their marketing plans after completing their projects 96% of respondents would be willing to recommend the Programme to other businesses Each 1 of funding invested by EI delivered 7.71 Net Turnover Impact at company side* *External Impact Evaluation (2011)

20 IPP Team Tom Bannon & Cormac Cantwell Enterprise Ireland, East Point Business Park`, Dublin 3 Contact Tom: / Cormac: Fax:

21 Company Size Small 1 50 employees Annual Turnover and/or Balance Sheet Not exceeding 10M Medium employees Annual Turnover Not exceeding 50M Balance Sheet Not exceeding 43M Large Greater than 250 employees Annual Turnover Greater then 43M If a company is part of a group the employee, turnover, annual balance sheet and ownership limits apply to the group.

22 Industrial Research Collaborate CREATE Brand New Knowledge Academic IP Foreground IP Company IP LOW MEDIUM HIGH RISK

23 Experimental Development Collaborate Use Existing Knowledge CREATE Prototype Characterisation Test Academic Services / Know How / IP Company Product / IP Foreground IP LOW MEDIUM HIGH RISK

24 Project Type: Collaborative Strategy Jointly Developed Work Plan Project Jointly Undertake Work Outcome FIP Created Mutual Benefit Builds on College IP/Know How New Skills Developed Share The Risk Mobility Of Staff Patents IP Publications

25 Innovation Partnership Team Tom Bannon & Cormac Cantwell Enterprise Ireland, East Point Business Park, Dublin 3 Contact Tom: / Cormac: