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1 2014 ANNUAL REPORT Village Council and Staff are excited to present the 2014 Annual Report. This report includes valuable information about your municipality including but not limited to: Services provided Strategic priorities in review Strategic priorities looking forward Important projects Important partnerships Accomplishments and major projects looking forward As per Section 90 of the Community Charter, a council must prepare an Annual Report and present it at a public meeting before June 30 th of each year. At the public meeting, Council must present the report and accept submissions and questions from the public. The Annual Report will be made available for public inspection beginning June 9, 2015 on the Village website and at the Village office. The public meeting will be held on June 23, 2015 at 7:00pm during the regular council meeting in the Valemount Council Chambers. All comments and submissions can be addressed to Lori McNee either by: mail: Box 168, Valemount, BC V0E 2Z0 or Lori McNee Director of Finance

2 2014 Annual Report and Financial Report For the year ended December 31, 2014

3 2014 Annual Report and Financial Report Table of Contents Introduction. 2 Vision, Mission, and Corporate Values. 3 Profile 4 Mayor and Council Roles. 7 Municipal Services 9 Organizational Chart. 12 Departmental Operations Strategic Priorities in Review Strategic Priorities Important Projects in Review Important Partnership Review Accomplishments & Major Projects Looking Forward.. 28 Public Input, Declarations of Disqualification & Permissive Tax Exemptions. 30 Development Statistics 31 Message from the CAO Year Financial & Capital Plan 34 Schedules Appendix Financial Statements and Auditor s Report (Available upon request) 1

4 2014 Annual Report and Financial Report Introduction The Community Charter requires municipalities in British Columbia to prepare an Annual Report for its stakeholders. The Annual Report outlines the following: A report respecting municipal services and operations for the previous year A progress report respecting the previous year in relation to the objectives and measures established for that year A statement of municipal objectives, and the measures that will be used to determine progress respecting those objectives, for the current and next tax year(s) Any declaration of disqualification made under the Community Charter in the previous year, including identification of the Council member or former Council member involved and the nature of disqualification For each tax permissive exemption provided by Council, under the Community Charter, the amount of property taxes that would have been imposed on the property in the previous year if it were not exempt from taxes Any other information the Council considers advisable In addition, the Annual Report shall contain a copy of the Audited Annual Financial Statements for the municipality for the previous year. A public consultation is being incorporated into the preparation of this report. The intent of the report is to provide a meaningful overview of the Village s operations for 2014 and projected operations for 2015 and the years beyond. This report represents the Eleventh Annual Report for the. Mayor and Council 2

5 2014 Annual Report and Financial Report Vision, Mission and Corporate Values Vision: Mission: Corporate Values: Striving for a Vibrant and Balanced Community To Serve the Community and Embrace Opportunity Approachable and Accountable, Passionate about the Environment, Committed to Innovation and Change, Transparent, Ethical and Professional and Committed to Service Excellence 3

6 2014 Annual Report and Financial Report Profile Valemount is the home of Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, and is in the watershed of the Fraser and Columbia basins. It is located on the Yellowhead Highway 5, near the northern tip of Kinbasket Lake, 300 km south of Prince George, 320 km north of Kamloops, and 120 km west of Jasper. Valemount is a rural community of approximately 1,002 residents on an area of 399 hectares or 4 square km. Valemount is also the commercial centre for another 700 people who live in the Regional District of Fraser Fort George (Area H), from Albreda to Small River. Today Valemount s economy is based on tourism and logging. Important tourist attractions include Cranberry Marsh, a designated Wildlife Management Area and sanctuary for wild birds, amazing snowmobiling, ski touring, cross country skiing and heli skiing in winter, and hiking, camping, canoeing, white water rafting and trail riding in summer. Valemount offers natural beauty, quiet solitude, and clean mountain air. Valemount is nestled between the Premier Range of the Rocky Mountains, and the Monashee Mountains and sits at the foot of Canoe Mountain, the last mountain in the Cariboo Mountains. The topography primarily consists of Paleozoic or sedimentary and Proterozoic, sedimentary and minor volcanic rock. It is an area of glacial drift and colluviums with sandy deposits being the main glacial features. The is served by 911, the RCMP, a volunteer Fire Department, and BC Ambulance Service. The Valemount Community Health Centre is a full service health centre with 3 full time doctors, support staff, lab technicians, and nurses, and additional services include a licensed daycare and pre school, an elementary school and a high school. The Valemount Airport lies five kilometers to the east of town. An active Library and a museum housed in a former train station are additional attractions, as is the beautiful Visitor Information Centre near the entrance to Valemount. 4

7 Kinbasket Lake, a reservoir flooded in 1972 for the construction of the Mica Dam hydroelectric generation facility, lies 30 kilometres to the south of Valemount, and is the reason for Valemount s inclusion in the Columbia Basin. In late spring of 2012, the results of the 2011 census were released, showing the overview below Census Data Summary for Valemount, BC Population and dwelling counts Valemount British Columbia Population in ,020 4,400,057 Population in ,018 4,113, to 2011 population change (%) Total private dwellings 592 1,945,365 Private dwellings occupied by usual residents 474 1,764,637 Population density per square kilometre Land area (square km) , Valemount Age Distribution 5

8 A number of popular annual events occur in and around Valemount, as well as unique events organized each year. Annual events include the following. The annual Winter Fest, which has recently grown to include Saskatchewan Snowmobile Racing Association sanctioned snowmobile races, and has a snowmobile poker run The Canoe Mountain Rodeo and Bullarama, a BC Rodeo Association sanctioned event Valemountain Days, a summer festival with a parade, ball tournament, logger s sports, dance, and more The Mount Robson Marathon, a spectacular run route, with local music and artisans as well as a kid s fun run The Robson Valley Music Festival, with grass roots, multi genre musicians, artisan booths and a variety of ethnic foods The Northwest Mud Racing Event, with a mud pit for enthusiasts The High School Rodeo, a regional event for teenage competitors The Annual Fishing Derby on Kinbasket Lake on the Labour Day weekend The Annual Dunster Ice Cream Social, a wonderful family event Valemount Farmer s Market, vendors get together weekly to provide fresh vegetables, gluten free treats, local wares, concession, buskers and more! 6

9 2014 Annual Report and Financial Report Mayor and Council Roles It is the role of Council to act as the governing body of the municipal corporation; to make decisions necessary for the successful and continuing operation of the municipality; and to represent the best interests of the citizens of the municipality as a whole. Council is a continuing body, not withstanding changes in its membership by election or appointment, and exercises its powers through resolutions and bylaws passed in open meetings. Council acts as a collective body. It is important to note that the members of Council cannot make valid and binding decisions independently, unless express authority has been granted or legislated. Council acts to foster economic and social opportunities for the community, and strives to advance the goals and objectives of the municipality. Council: (l to r) Councillor Hollie Blanchette, Councillor Owen Torgerson, Mayor Jeannette Townsend, Councillor Peter Reimer, Councillor Sandy Salt. 7

10 Mayor: The Mayor is the first among equals on a team of Councillors. In addition to the Mayor s responsibilities as a member of Council, the Mayor is responsible to provide leadership to Council, including recommending bylaws, resolutions and others measures that in the Mayor s opinion, may assist the peace, order and good government of the municipality. The Mayor s role is also to communicate information to Council; to preside at Council meetings; to provide, on behalf of the Council, general direction to municipal officers respecting implementation of municipal policies, programs and other directions of the Council; and to represent the best interests of the citizens of the municipality. Councillor: Every Council member is responsible to contribute to the development and evaluation of the policies and programs of the municipality respecting its services and other activities; to participate in Council meetings, Committee meetings and meetings of other bodies to which a member is appointed; to carry out the duties assigned by Council; to consider the well being and interests of the corporation, and to represent the best interests of the citizens of the municipality Council Remuneration Name Stipend Expenses Total Mayor Andru McCracken $16, $7, $24, Mayor Jeannette Townsend $ $0.00 $ Councillor Hollie Blanchette $7, $4, $12, Councillor Dallas Bullock $6, $0.00 $6, Councillor Christine Latimer $7, $80.00 $7, Councillor Sandy Salt $11, $4, $16, Councillor Owen Torgerson $ $0.00 $ Councillor Peter Reimer $ $0.00 $ Totals $52, $16, $69,

11 2014 Annual Report and Financial Report Municipal Services Overview Tax payers and residents often overlook the sheer volume and value of services provided by their local governments. While a great number of services are provided by local governments, often less than half of the property tax bill goes to the municipality. Where your locally collected taxes go 27% 21% 1% 2% 2% 4% 19% 12% 12% Policing Taxes Regional District Hospital Taxes Valemount Water Parcel Taxes Valemount Water Services Valemount Sewer Services School Taxes Regional District Taxes Valemount Municipal Services BC Assessment Taxes Some of the services provided within the include: Streets and Roads Paving, pot hole patching and crack repairs, maintenance of sidewalks and shoulders, maintenance and installation of signage, line painting, maintenance of public parking areas, snow removal, street sweeping, ditch and storm drainage maintenance, signage, and lighting Water Systems Provision of treated and safe drinking water, provision of water and hydrants for fire protection purposes, and water conservation initiatives 9

12 Sewer Systems Collection, treatment and disposal of domestic sanitary sewage Garbage Collection Residential and commercial garbage (solid waste) collection and disposal, and cardboard recycling pickup provided by Public Works. Parks Facilities Maintenance of community owned parks and facilities (and contract maintenance of some Regional District park facilities); includes parks equipment maintenance and upgrading Cemetery Services Maintenance of community cemetery is provided by Public Works equipment and man hours. Maintenance of community cemetery database and mapping is provided by village office staff. Animal Control Provision of animal control services (primarily dog control and licensing) Building Inspection and Fire Inspection Provision of building inspection services to provide compliance with Provincial building, plumbing and fire code regulations Subdivision Approvals Subdivision approvals to ensure compliance with local land development regulations and provide consistency in land servicing. Zoning and Land Use Provision of regulations for compliance with zoning, consistency, and advance indication of land uses Bylaw Services Education and enforcement of local land use, nuisance and related regulations, with education and enforcement initiated upon citizen complaint. Economic Development Policies and programs to provide community infrastructure and to improve the business climate through specific efforts in other words, economic development may be defined as creating the right conditions for retaining existing business and attracting new business. 10

13 Tourism Development Operation of Tourist Information Centre and promotion of tourism development and tourist attraction opportunities. Recreation Programs The Village assists in the promotion of recreational programs in the community through provision of facilities, advertising and assistance with program delivery Valemount Animal License Statistics Total Animal Licenses issued Valemount Business License Statistics New Business 8 Home Based Renewals 7 Standard Renewals 107 Mobile Renewals 2 Total Taxation Property Taxes and Fees kept in Valemount (Based on a house assessed at $142,600) Municipal Taxes $ Parcel Taxes $ Utilities $ Total = $1,438.78/year = $119.90/month = $3.94/day 11

14 2013 Annual Report and Financial Report 2014 Organizational Chart 12

15 2014 Annual Report and Financial Report Departmental Organizations Chief Administrative Officer Anne Yanciw The Chief Administrative Officer is responsible for providing leadership to and oversight of all Village operations, implementing the strategic vision established by Council, establishing relationships with other levels of government and other corporate bodies, and providing guidance and recommendations to Council to most effectively serve the Village. Director of Finance Lori McNee The Director of Finance is responsible for control and supervision over all financial affairs of the municipality, preparation of budgets, provision of financial advice, oversight of insurance and contracts, and administration of the taxation cycle. Corporate Officer and Planner Andrew Young The Corporate Officer is responsible for the planning and corporate services functions within the Village, and manages special projects and initiatives, as required. In addition, this position currently deals with most land use planning. Public Works Superintendent Trevor Pelletier The Public Works Superintendent is responsible to plan, direct, manage and oversee the activities and operations of the Public Works Department, to administer the budget, staff and physical facilities of the Public Works Department, and to coordinate assigned activities with other Municipal departments and outside agencies. Economic Development Officer Silvio Gislimberti The Economic Development Officer acts as the municipality s primary economic development contact and implements economic initiatives of the municipality. The Economic Development Officer s role includes work at a strategic, operational and implementation level such as seeking funds, developing partnerships, creating and implementing plans, and managing projects. 13

16 April 2015 Back row: (l to r) Dave McRae, Trevor Pelletier, Duane Smith, Dan Schnell Middle row: (l to r) Carleena Shepherd, Dean Schneider, Suzanne Bloodoff, Lori McNee, Silvio Gislimberti, Jordan Hammond Front row: (l to r) Sandy Janum, Jennifer Robinson, Anne Yanciw, Donnie MacLean Missing: Andrew Young, Melanie Hystad 14

17 2013 Annual Report and Financial Report Strategic Priorities Review In a Strategic Planning Session held in January of 2012, Council set out their strategic priorities and goals for the next three years, with specific operational objectives for the term as well. A summary of both of these is provided in a chart form below, with more detail on these and other 2012 projects provided in the following section, 2012 Important Projects Review. Top Corporate Priorities Priority Steps Taken to Achieve Status 1 Infrastructure Replacement Strategy Fin/PW 2012 Evaluation and Information gathering, benchmarking Develop Strategy Staff to apply for grant in 2015 to establish TCA lifecycles and maintenance schedules. 2 Establish New Cemetery Admin 2012 Locate site Develop Implementation Plan 3 Enhance First Nations Relationship Building Admin 2012 Meet with FN Bands and joint host a community to community forum in Develop Waste Reduction Strategy Fin /PW 2012 Evaluate and do preliminary work Develop Strategy including Implementation Plan 5 Communication Audit & Develop Communication Strategy (internal/external) Admin 2012 communication audit 2013 Develop Communication Strategy Potential sites determined, required infrastructure, processes and priorities being determined. C2C forum held in 2013 & Ongoing C2C forums planned for the future. Waste reduction strategy moved to operational state in Communications strategy completed in Moved to implementation stage. Deferred to 2015 Deferred to

18 Top Operational Priorities Vehicle Purchase Evaluation as part of 2012 budget discussion Information Centre Install Handicapped Doors Implement Wood Stove Exchange Program CBT Water Meter Study Information Center Operations Contract Review 50 th Anniversary for Village in 2012 Seek Grant Garbage Contract Renewal Review Bylaw Officer Position Establish Mayor and Council Reports in Corporate Newsletter Define the Economic Development Officer s Roles and Responsibilities Establish a Policy Review Action Plan by June 2012 Bylaws for review in 2012 Fees and Charges, Cemetery and Water Bylaws for review in Business License, Traffic Review Community Use Agreement in 2012 Develop Philosophy on Bylaw Enforcement Consider Implementing new Bylaw Enforcement Adjudication System Evaluation completed. Unable to prove value, and therefore will not be purchased. Upgrades completed in summer finalized outstanding applications Water Meter Study completed One year contract signed for 2013/2014 operations Grant funding received, and 50th Anniversary celebration held Contract not renewed as garbage collection services taken over by the Village. Bylaw Officer hired in Newsletter distributed as required. Roles and responsibilities defined, with job description Action plan and committee established Fees and Charges, Water and Cemetery complete Business license bylaw complete. Traffic bylaw still under review. Final stages of review of new agreement drafted with SD57. Bylaw Services established and Bylaw Officer hired Adjudication System implemented. In progress 16

19 Carbon Neutral Strategy Develop and implement OBAC Funding (Geopower Heat Use) Big Foot Walk Project Borealis Project Ski Hill Society Government Pilot Project Implementation incorporated into Village procedures Funding secured, study of waste heat from geo power completed Major construction and additions completed. Additional improvements will be ongoing including signage, lighting, dog bag receptacles etc. Developer seeking financing for exploration and project Society formed. In progress Upgrade Sewer Lift Stations & Back up Power Community Hall Renovations Village GIS Mapping Project Applied for grant in All items planned in current renovations completed. Mapping of addressing, water, and sewer completed. Training on software completed. Compatible software upgrades installed. Village Entrance Sign Upgrades d fall of 2013 In progress 17

20 2014 Annual Report and Financial Report Strategic Priorities In a Strategic Planning session held at the end of 2012, Council affirmed the previous Strategic Priorities, and added the following priorities as well. To align the Strategic Priorities with the Five Year Financial Plan as well as incorporate this greater number of priorities, the Strategic Plan has been revised to a Five Year Plan ( ) with an annual review. Progress on Strategic Priorities (% ) 1) Achieve Effective Bylaw Compliance Through a Bylaw Enforcement Strategy 2) Develop a Strategy for Effective Committees of Council 3) Develop a Strategy for Effective Communications 86% 88% 86% 4) Develop Emergency Response Strategy and Implement Wildfire Protection Plan Framework 5) Develop a Comprehensive Human Resource Strategy 33% 57% 6) Develop a Comprehensive Infrastructure Strategy 7) Develop a Multi Year Work Plan to Update the OCP and Zoning Bylaw 47% 57% 8) Develop a Solid Waste Management Strategy 75% 9) Continue to Prioritize First Nations Relationships 10) Assess the Need for an Airshed Management Plan 11) Develop an Implementation Framework for the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan 12) Explore Options for Geothermal Opportunities 13) Continue Planning for Potential Valemount Glacier Skiing Destination 14) Develop and Explore Kinder Morgan Strategies 10% 83% 65% 84% 63% 88% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 18

21 2014 Annual Report and Financial Report 2014 Important Projects Review 2014 Important Projects Review Valemount Glacier Destination Resort and Boundary Extension Study: In 2012, the Valemount Glacier Destination Ltd. and Pheidias Project Management Corporation submitted a formal proposal to the Provincial Government for the development of a yearround skiing and sightseeing resort just west of Valemount, in the Premier Mountain Range. The has continued to work with the proponent and other stakeholders throughout 2014 to ensure that the proposed project considers the objectives of the community and addresses local concerns. The Village has secured funding from the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development and Columbia Basin Trust to support the costs associated with a study of impacts and options for a boundary extension due to the proposed destination resort. Phase 1 of the study was completed in 2014, which identified various boundary extension options and determined a preferred option. Now that the draft Master Plan has been released, the Village will proceed to Phase 2 of the study, which will involve a cost benefit analysis regarding potential tax revenues and infrastructure maintenance costs if the proposed project area is incorporated into the Village. Valemount Community Forest Industrial Land Acquisition: In November 2014, The Valemount Community Forest finalized the purchase of the former Carrier Lumber mill site near Valemount. The purchase of this land was made possible through funding from the Northern Development Initiative Trust and the Columbia Basin Trust. The site consists of approximately 240 acres which is zoned for heavy industrial use and it is accessible by road and by rail. The Valemount Community Forest intends to re develop the property with the hopes of creating an industrial park which could provide long term economic and job creation opportunities for Valemount. 19

22 Business Façade Improvement Program: In partnership with the Northern Development Initiative Trust and the Valemount and Area Chamber of Commerce, the administered the Business Façade Improvement program for downtown businesses in Northern Development s Business Façade Improvement program provides municipalities with $20,000 which can be accessed by local businesses to complete exterior improvements to their storefronts. Businesses are eligible for a 50% reimbursement of the total project cost, up to $5,000. In 2014, 3 businesses participated in the program and successfully completed exterior renovations. The Village and the Chamber of Commerce will be delivering the program again in 2015, and it will now be available to all business in the highway entry & highway corridor area, as well as businesses in the downtown. Westside Sewer Extension: Between October 2014 and January 2015, The undertook an extension of the sewer system to the west of Highway 5. The new sewer extension will serve existing businesses along the highway frontage road, and will provide for better servicing for potential new development opportunities. New Corporate Officer and Planner: After 2 years as Deputy Corporate Officer for the, Braden Hutchins has moved on to pursue new opportunities. The Village advertised the opening in September 2014 and hired Andrew Young for the position of Corporate Officer & Planner shortly after. Previously from Vancouver BC, Andrew has many years of public administration and planning experience and is the current President of the Planning Institute of BC. Andrew s background and expertise make him a valuable asset to the community. Local Government Elections: The 2014 General Local Election was held in November, which saw the election of a new Mayor and Council. Mayor Jeannette Townsend and Councillors Owen Torgerson, Sandy Salt, Hollie Blanchette, and Peter Reimer were elected to hold office and were inaugurated in December The Village would like to recognize and thank the outgoing Mayor, Andru McCracken and outgoing Councillors, Christine Latimer and Dallas Bullock for their service over the past 3 years. Grant Writer: In 2014 Northern Development Initiative Trust and Valemount Community Forests provided funding to allow the Village to hire a part time grant writer. With the aid of the grant writer the Village was able to apply for and achieve grants that otherwise could not be obtained. 20

23 Local Government Intern: Valemount once again participated in a grant program offered through the Northern Development Initiative Trust to take on a Local Government Management Intern to assist the Village in its operations. Through this program, recent university graduates are eligible to apply for twelve month intern positions in northern municipalities to gain insight into and knowledge of a broad range of local government functions. Cameron Bell was in this role between June and December, and Jordan Hammond has taken over the position until April Valemount has applied to host an intern for a third year, starting in June of Love Valemount 1 st Anniversary: November 2014 marked the 1 st Anniversary of the Love Valemount initiative. The Village of Valemount partnered with the Northern Development Initiative Trust in 2013 to serve as a pilot community for the Small Town Love program. Small Town Love is a unique marketing campaign that celebrates locally owned, independent businesses with an aim to strengthen their competitiveness and keep more dollars in the local economy. Since the launch of the program in 2013, over 30 local businesses have come on board and now have their products, services and stories featured through the unique community web portal, The Village hosted an anniversary event in November 2014 to recognize the participating businesses and celebrate the success of the program. Geothermal Exploration: The continues to play a supporting role in the exploration of geothermal resources in the Valemount area. In 2014, the Village was approached by Geoscience BC, who wish to conduct an exploration program in the Valemount area to identify potential sources of geothermal heat for direct use. Given the level of interest by the community in exploring geothermal opportunities, as well as previously identified geothermal anomalies, Valemount is regarded as an ideal location for implementing such a program. This program is ongoing, with exploration operations to begin in summer Climate Resiliency Workshop: Through a partnership with the Columbia Basin Trust Communities Adapting to Climate Change Initiative, the Village hosted a Climate Resiliency Workshop in April This full day workshop was delivered to Village Staff, Council, the Advisory Planning Commission and other local stakeholders, and focused on learning about climate science, prioritizing potential climate impacts, and developing a plan to address these impacts. In addition to the workshop, a public event was held to provide information and discussion around the possible impacts and adaptive responses to climate change in the Valemount area. As a result of hosting this workshop, $10,000 in matching grant funding was made available by CBT to help implement 21

24 one of the workshop objectives. The used this funding to assist in the completion of the Upstream Water Intake Feasibility Study for Swift Creek. Trans Canada Yellowhead Highway Association AGM and Conference: The Annual General Meeting and Conference for the Trans Canada Yellowhead Highway Association was organized by staff and was held in Valemount in May Delegates and representatives from across western Canada travelled to Valemount to take part in the association s 68 th Annual General Meeting since its inception. The focus of the conference was on the state of tourism along the Yellowhead Highway, and how to best develop a strong highway tourism industry. Additionally, attendees had the opportunity to participate in guided tours which highlighted some of Valemount s significant landmarks and included discussions about the area s history and culture. Overall, the event was well received and participants were satisfied with Valemount as the host community. The Village would like to extend thanks to Tourism Valemount for their contributions to this event. Robson Valley Region Marketing Program: 2014 saw the launch of the Robson Valley Region marketing program, a collaborative project between the Regional District of Fraser Fort George, the Village of McBride, the Village of Valemount, and various other partners. The Robson Valley Region program was developed to promote opportunities in the Robson Valley including agriculture, forestry, tourism, government services, and business & professional opportunities. Through eye catching branding and a strong online presence, the Robson Valley Region marketing program displays why the Robson Valley is the perfect place to live, work and invest. Accessibility Upgrades to Public Facilities: Throughout the summer and fall of 2014, the Village completed accessibility upgrades to a number of public facilities in order to improve access for individuals with mobility issues. Electronic systems were installed at the Village Office, Visitor Information Centre and the Library, allowing for the doors to be opened automatically with the push of a button. This project was achieved through grant funding provided by Enabling Canada. New Horizon provided a grant of $25,000 to a community hall ramp which will be completed in the summer of Community Conversations: 2014 marked the third year that the Village has hosted Community Conversations, a multipurpose public consultation event held in Valemount. Many interesting and thoughtful questions were brought forward in regards to the Additional Hotel Room Tax and the use of this tax to host events in the Village and the venture for affordable housing in the Village, for which a study will be conducted and initiatives are being pursued. Transparency is a corporate 22

25 value of the Village office and Community Conversations is a method of ensuring that this value is upheld. Non Profit Open House: In June 2014, in conjunction with Community Conversations, the hosted an open house for Non profit organizations in the Village. This open house was an overwhelming success and as a result the Village has plans to host an open forum for Nonprofit organizations again in the future. This open house is an important method of ensuring that the organizations retain a relationship with the Village and that the Village is informed of the Non profit organizations that are present in the area and provide support for these organizations. Upstream Water Intake Feasibility Study: The Village commissioned an Upstream Water Intake Feasibility Study to study the potential alterations to the Village s water intake system to incorporate a gravity fed water supply. The Village obtained funding for this study from the Columbia Basin Trust and applied for additional funds from Northern Development Initiative Trust. If feasible, an upstream gravityfed water intake has the potential to provide further security to the Village water and fire suppression systems. Additionally, these system alterations would eliminate operating and maintenance costs from using pumps to move water to the treatment plant. The incentive to consider a gravity fed water intake would be the elimination of approximately $23,000 spent annually on pumping water and reduce the risk to infrastructure during high water events. The Village considered this project as a means to provide a reliable water supply with decreased electrical costs, while improving salmon habitat in Swift Creek. Opportunities in Wood Manufacturing Workshop (Bridges ): As part of the McBride to Barriere Corridor Pilot, an Opportunities in Wood Manufacturing Workshop was held in Valemount in April Two project reports for the McBride Barriere Corridor region have been completed: a Directory of Value Added Operations and a Post and Rail Business Feasibility Assessment Report. In late March and early April 2014, two subregional workshops were held in Valemount and Clearwater to discuss forestry issues. The workshops were organized by the communities with funding support from the project. The workshops were well attended and Bridges is now working with the Community Forests in the region to determine follow up actions. Affordable Housing Stakeholder meeting: An Affordable Housing Stakeholder meeting was held in Valemount on June 16. The meeting was held to discuss the affordability and availability of housing in Valemount. The meeting sought to evaluate current inventory, affordable housing needs and the existing gap between 23

26 these variables in the Village. The Village is moving forward to seek solutions to the housing needs that are arising. This stakeholder meeting was important in seeing the housing issues in Northern British Columbia and collaborating with other stakeholders on potential solutions for these issues. Water Metering Study : The focuses on environmental protection and on of the ways that this focus is implemented is through the conservation of water. In 2014, The Village partnered with the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary and the Regional District of Central Kootenay in hiring a contractor to conduct a study on the cost of implementing water meters in Valemount. Water meters allow for the use of water in homes to be monitored and this will ensure that citizens can control their personal utility costs and that utility billing is rightfully allocated. The Village is working with two other communities to maximize the efficiency of this study and weigh the costs and benefits of this potential project. 24

27 2014 Annual Report and Financial Report 2014 Important Partnership Review Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC has continued to optimize the pipeline design through ongoing engineering analysis, hydraulic modeling and consultation with the Aboriginal communities, government agencies, the general public and industry representatives. Kinder Morgan seeks comments and input from affected landowners and occupants regarding these potential scope modifications. Simpcw In November, Council had the honour of attending the Simpcw ribbon cutting and unveiling of the new Cenotaph. The Simpcw play an important role in the education of Valemount s youth. One program allows for experiential learning of the students through the raising of salmon from egg to fry. The fry are then released and a celebration is held by the Simpcw to show respect for the salmon and to educate on the importance of salmon in our ecosystem. In spring 2014 Mayor and Council members attended the Simpcw Salmon release celebration and provided beverages for the participants. Council was also present at the announcement of the signing of a Relationship Agreement between ATCO Energy Solutions and the Simpcw First Nations for the joint pursuit of sustainable business opportunities related to energy infrastructure development. 25

28 Columbia Basin Trust The Columbia Basin Trust provides support in development and sustainability initiatives for the. In 2014 the Columbia Basin trust provided $12,000 of funding to the for the Boundary Extension study, which identified various boundary extension options and determined a preferred option. The Columbia Basin Trust has also provided funding for the Water Meter study conducted in Valemount. The Village hosted a Climate Resiliency Workshop in April 2014, which resulted in the providing of a $10,000 matching grant by the Columbia Basin Trust to the Village. This grant was used for the Upstream Water Intake Feasibility study of Swift Creek. The Columbia Basin Trust has provided help in the Affordable Housing study to address housing issues in the. Finally the Columbia Basin Trust assisted the Valemount Community Forest with the purchase of industrial lands by providing 150,000. The Columbia Basin Trust has also provided $227,783 in grants for the Community Initiative Program which has benefited many non profit organizations in the community. Canada Winter Games Valemount was featured as a strong part of the Robson Valley Region at the Canada Winter Games at Prince George in February. Mcbride and the District Chamber of Commerce along with the Regional District of Fraser Fort George put together a package to promote the region. The Robson Valley got a full weekend feature during the games that displayed pictures and information brochures to attract tourists and potential new residents to the region. Regional District of Fraser Fort George 2014 saw the launch of the Robson Valley Region marketing program, a collaborative project between the Regional District of Fraser Fort George, the Village of McBride, the Village of Valemount, and various other partners. The Village, in partnership with the Regional District was accepted as an intervenor by the National Energy Board for the evaluation of the Transmountain Expansion Proposal, and has submitted a number of questions for Kinder Morgan in round one of the process. The Village has also collaborated with the Regional District on the Boundary Extension Study to consider the implications of incorporating or not incorporating the Valemount Glacier Destination proposal area. Northern Development Initiative Trust The Village, in partnership with Northern Development, presented a Grant Writing Workshop, helpful for both the local grant writer and non profit groups within the community. Northern Development has also provided grant funding towards various projects and ventures within the Village. Examples include the Business Façade Improvement program, hosting a local 26

29 government management intern, partially funding a part time grant writer and with Capacity and Collaborative funding programs. 27

30 2014 Annual Report and Financial Report 2014 Accomplishments and Major Projects Looking Forward Cranberry Marsh The first stage of the boardwalk portion of the Cranberry Marsh Trail was constructed in early Additional Columbia Basin Trust funding was obtained in 2014 to continue with construction of the boardwalk. The construction of the Cranberry Marsh Trail Boardwalk will continue into Valemount Glacier Destination With the approval of the Formal Proposal by the Province for the Glacier Skiing Destination, and the signing of an Interim Agreement, the Village moves into a more active role in the next steps. In preparing for development the Village has collaborated with the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations, and the Regional District of Fraser Fort George. Geothermal One of the opportunities identified for Valemount in the Kinbasket Reservoir Impacts and Opportunities Paper was further geothermal exploration. Council has been active in engaging provincial ministries and other stakeholders to raise awareness, support and leadership in geothermal exploration and development. Water Meter Study In 2014, The Village partnered with the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary and the Regional District of Central Kootenay in hiring a contractor to conduct a study on the cost of implementing water meters in Valemount. This information will be essential in seeking funding for implementation. The Village is working with two other communities to maximize the efficiency of this study. Transmountain Expansion Proposal Planning An application for the Transmountain Expansion Proposal was filed with the National Energy Board by Kinder Morgan in February of The review of this proposal by the NEB includes hearing submissions from intervenors (directly affected parties, or those with relevant information or expertise). The Village, in partnership with the RDFFG, was accepted as an intervenor, and has submitted a number of questions for Kinder Morgan in round one of the process. The Village continues to work with Kinder Morgan on mitigation and potential offsets 28

31 for direct and indirect impacts (for both construction and operations) and additional net benefit opportunities to ensure that the Village s best interests and values are upheld in this planning venture. Boundary Extension Study The Village in 2014 was successful in securing $12,000 from the Columbia Basin Trust and $20,000 from the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development for a Boundary Extension Study to consider the implications of incorporating or not incorporating the Valemount Glacier Destination proposal area. Phase 1 of the study was completed in 2014, which identified various boundary extension options and determined a preferred option. Now that the draft Master Plan has been released, the Village will proceed to Phase 2 of the study, which will involve a cost benefit analysis regarding potential tax revenues and infrastructure maintenance costs if the proposed project area is incorporated into the Village. 29

32 2014 Annual Report and Financial Report Public Input, Declarations of Disqualification, & Permissive Tax Exemptions Public Input Notice of an opportunity to provide public comment on the Annual Report was given through advertising, and opportunity for comment provided in the two weeks prior to an overview presentation of the Annual Report at a regular Council meeting held June 24, Declarations of Disqualification Declarations of Disqualification Made Under Section 110 of the Community Charter. NONE Permissive Tax Exemptions Permissive Tax Exemptions are granted at Council s discretion upon written application prior to the adoption of the Permissive Tax Bylaw. For 2014, Village Council adopted the Tax Exempt Property Bylaw No. 704, 2013 which provided permissive tax exemptions for the following properties. Also shown is the amount of property taxes that would have been imposed on the properties in 2014 year if the properties were not Tax Exempt. Organization Value of Exempt Taxes United Church of Canada $1, Roman Catholic Bishop of Kamloops $1, New Life Sanctuary of Valemount, B.C. $1, VCFC Valley (Christian Fellowship Church) $ Royal Canadian Legion Valemount $2, Valemount Lions Club $ Valemount Curling Club $7, New Senior s Housing $4, New Senior's Housing $4, Senior s Housing $4, Senior s Housing $

33 2014 Annual Report and Financial Report Statistics 2014 Building Permits Decks Additions New Construction Fireplaces, Chimneys & Woodstoves Sheds & Garages Roofs Other Renovations $5,000 $200,000 $350,000 $4,000 $12,000 $4,000 $4,000 $4,000 $7,500 $180,000 $10,000 $1,200 $4,000 $20,000 $3,000 $25,000 $350,000 $3,000 $1,000 $20,000 $4,000 $8,000 $150,000 $2,000 $150,000 $50,000 $5,000 $16,000 $240,500 $1,180,000 $17,000 $71,200 $28,000 $24,000 Total $1,348,200 Monthly Metered Water Supply Megalitres (1,000,000 Litres)

34 Resort Municipality Initiative (RMI) Funds $14,000 $12,000 $10,000 $8,000 $6,000 $4,000 $2, Average $0 32

35 2014 Annual Report and Financial Report Message from the Chief Administrative Officer Socrates said The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. Change is an unavoidable and constant part of life and 2014 was no exception. One of the more significant changes at the Village was the municipal election and the inauguration of a new Council. Being willing to serve for a four year term is a considerable commitment and a substantial change for the newly elected Council members. A new Council providing oversight to the Village brings some changes in direction for municipal staff. And for citizens, a new group to represent them means changes in priorities and in how they relate to their Council and hold them to account. There are also some potential significant changes on the horizon for the community of Valemount. Valemount Glacier Destination Resort, if developed, will have a game changing impact on this community. The geothermal exploration partnership between the Village, the Ministry of Energy & Mines, GeoScience BC and CBT has the potential to create significant opportunities. And the purchase of industrial land by the Valemount Community Forest (the newly named Valemount Industrial Park) has the potential to both support local small business and attract more industry. With so much potential change approaching, it is important that we are ready to embrace all aspects of change, rather than fight it or fear it. We can create the future and with the strong community that is present in Valemount, we can work to ensure that change is positive. Being successful is understanding that change is inevitable and embracing it. Legislative changes, process changes, expectations changes these are regular and recurring yet important changes in municipal life. Successfully embracing change most critically means rising above the negative, focusing on moving forward and working together. With openness to change, end goals that are clear and agreed upon, and a willingness to work together, we can accomplish great things. 33

36 2014 Annual Report and Financial Report APPENDIX Financial Statements and Auditor s Report Available upon request. 34