MINUTES ry Board. Wednesday, 10. Date: Venue: Attended: Sven Pietrangeli. SP DK CD GN HH MD MM MH TN MB CB GK FA JvdB UWC DHET. Helmut.

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1 MINUTES Advisor ry Board Date: Venue: Wednesday, 10 August 2016, 10h00 13h000 building, SACKSS Circle, Bellville, Cape Town. 1 WELCOME AND APOLOGIES Chairperson Elected: Helmut Hertzog (SAREBI) The Chairperson opened the meeting and welcomed all present Attended: Naim Rassool Sven Pietrangeli Dirk Knoesen Chantal Dwyer Gcobisa Nxozi Helmut Hertzog Manfred Dutschke Mellet Moll Melvillee Healing Thanduxolo Ndyenge Marlett Balmer Candice Brophy Geneveve Kok Fernel Abrahams Johan Van den Berg DK CD GN HH MD MM MH TN MB CB GK FA JvdB UWC DHET SAREBI Green Cape CPUT West Coast Collegee DHET - NSF GIZ PICC OTP (NC) DEDAT, WCPG SAWEA Apologies: Azeem Khan (UCT), Wikus van Niekerk (SU), Somila Xosa (DST), Hildegarde Fast (OTP WCPG), Marshall Sheldon (CPUT) 2. REVIEW OF MINUTES AND ACTION ITEMS Minutes adopted by MD and seconded by MB 3. STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS is continuing build partnerships with key players in the wind industry who require skills with a focus on the multinational OEMs(Original Equipment Manufacturers). ALL 1

2 Key Developments with OEMs: reported that a strategic business development study ur is going be undertaken Denmark and Germany in the first week of September 2016 visiting five OEMs being Siemens, Vestas, Nordex, Enercon & GE Wind. The global heads of training will be visited with the view of securing long term training commitments from them in terms of Wind Turbine Servicee Technicians (WTSTs). This trip will be fully funded by the GIZ. A second trip funded by the Danish Energy Agency will be undertaken in November have further discussions with Vestas, Siemens and the Global Wind Organisation (GWO). The GWO meeting would focus on offering the BMT (Basic Maintenance Technician) course and become GWO s representative on the African continent. MD and have also been aggressively building a strong partnership with GE Wind in the past 6 months leading the way putting in place a first draft 5 year agreement whichh will include training needs, donation of a wind wer platform, assistance with GWO accreditation and using the GE Innovation Centre in Johannesburg as s training venue of choice in the Gauteng province. MH asked if there are no locally based decision makers with respect the OEMs. said there are key decision makers within OEM s locally but enter in training contracts the buy-in done abroad at the respectivee head needs be the Global Heads of Training and approval is offices in Germany and Denmark. HH asked if is only looking at securing partnerships with the OEMs around wind training. responded that for the moment the focus is solely on wind training but in time once the relationship is established a discussion needs be had with the OEMs around joint technology developme nt in partnership with South African academia. HH further enquired whether wind is the only secrr where strategic partnershipss are being built. responded by saying that it is not and there is strategic partnerships being built within the solar industry but due the nature of the industry the partnershipss are with local companies through SAPVIA. However international training providers in solar and energy efficiency have been engaged and partnerships will soon be established. mentioned that a key strategic relationship that needs be established very soon is with the GWO who are becoming a very important body for wind safety training globally. However aid this, needs make its facility GWO accredited and is in the process of working wards an accreditation. One of the four highh level equirements is a training wer and the Eskom Jeumont has arrived at. will talk more about the ideas of erecting it as a training wer. A second requirement is the process of being certified as an ISO9001 company and is currently 75% complete with that process. The third aspect is get two individuals trained in Europe as 2

3 GWO at height trainers. The final requirement is and inspection and certification by BZEE of Germany who thenn recommends accreditation of by GWO. 4. MARKETING AND COMMUNICATION STRATEGIY reported that is putting in place a number of offerings for multiple secrs within the renewable energyy industry. Each secr has its own dynamics and hence with the limited marketing budget has, it needs use the money wisely undertake targeted and impactful marketing. The GIZ sponsored an external marketing service provider draft a marketing and communications strategy. The study began by interviewing 15 of s closest stakeholders. The first draft of the strategy was producedd and reviewed by. The second draft was then sent GIZ, SANEDI, CPUT, GreenCape, SAPVIA & SAWEIA representatives and an invite was sent out attend a one day workshop. The workshop wass attended by GreenCape,, SAPVIA and SAWEIAA and a very useful session was had. The third and final draft is currently being finalised by Proof Marketing. mentioned that one of the challenges would be implement the marketing and communication strategy due a lack off funds dedicated this sort of activity. 5. WIND TRAINING UPDATE reported that the transport of the Eskom Jeumont Tower went very well and also managed undertake the procurement at short notice thanks CPUT Finance. The wer is lying outside in the adjacent yard and it could be installed up before the endd of the year. The training platform still needs be designed and fabricated but a sponsorshipp from GE wind is being discussed. The first merseta sponsored WTST course has been concluded. The 11 trained technicians are currently doing their in-service training and the feedback from the wind farms is very good. is awaiting final report from ALTGEN who has been tasked by MerSETA report on this pilot training. The next programme is starting on Monday 15 th August, 18 candidates will begin with 15 being sponsored by Nordex Wind whilst 3 will be sponsored by SANEDI & GIZ. The interview process was followed for the selection of candidates and was an excellent ol. The next group of candidates begin in February 2017 will be sponsored by Danish Government, SANEDI & GIZ. A question about demographics was asked and explained that the first group was very multi-cultural whilst the second group s demography requirements were set by Nordex. For instance out of 18 trainees, 16 are males whilst 2 are females with 15 blacks, 3 coloureds. Another question with regards the employment of the 11 merseta pilot trained technicians was asked which responded that 3 of them 3

4 still need finalise employment but it looks positive for them be absorbed by the wind farms wheree they doingg their in-service training as they are performing well as technicians. COMMENTS & QUESTIONS : JvdB suggested that we arrange get one of the trainees talk at the Windaba A suggestion was made that job marketing for trainees be undertaken for them be absorbed in the market, as currently NSF are sitting with trained technicians unemployed. HHH asked if there is any assistance the trainees that could not make it secure a job which replied that thee WTST are multi-skilled in both mechanical and electrical with a high awareness for safety. Hence it would not be difficult for them find jobs in other industries. JvdB asked whether the external funding bee continuous or the trainees will have pay for themselves in the future. responded that in trying secure long term training partnerships with OEMs he is trying position that industry pays for the training needs. Hencee the strong focus on strategic partnership ps. JvdB also asked whether the SETAs are involved in sponsoring the trainees. respondedd that merseta has been a sponsor and there is opportunity secure further funds from them. TN suggested that focus in onee area of technology as in Northern Cape there is RECE an initiative of ewseta that might be a competition. responded that is training world class technicians and ready serve where ever in the country. does not see anyone in South Africa as competition and as a national centre needs be open for collaboration with anyone for the good of skills development in South Africa. GK committed set-up a meeting with the Northern Cape Premier s Office around RECE. HHH mentioned that at SAREBI they experiencing a challenge get entrepreneurs, people that can be able o sell their services the community not just depend on employment 6. SOLAR TRAINING UPDATE mentioned that a problem is that licensed technicians need sign off on Solar PV installations. For design,, there is still a need for someone employ people sign off. Non-technical peoplee who receive solar training should not be allowed sign off on installations reported that the development of material is in process and the technical team is busy working on the PV training system. By the end of the year the solar training system should be fully functional and ready for training purposes. also mentioned that are looking forward the training modules being prepared by DGS Berlin cusmised for the South 4

5 African industry under the guidance of SAPVIA. MH made a comment about the NCV programme that they are offering at West Coast College, they want proper qualified trainers who will be trained by. 7. ENERGY EFFICIENCY TRAINING UPDATE is going in agreement with CSIR-NCPC training division around Energy Efficiency training will be an official Western Cape training partner with NCPC 8. GENERAL 8.1 WindAc JvdB reported that there is a WindAc conference taking place on the 31 st of Ocber until 1 st November 2016 JvdB urged people attend and send delegates GIZ & SANEDI will be launching a book on the state of wind research in South Africa. There is student programme linked WindAc, SANEDI will pay for 10 students attend 8.2 Biogas mentioned that ibert is in contact with There is a demand for Biogas operars Short course be arranged and take place at 8.3 Launch mentioned that there are challenges around arranging a launch being securing the Minister and budget. Furthermore the launch needs be combined with the launch of CPUT s Electrical Engineering Building and hence this would be difficult organise. It was suggested that the launch be done on a separate day the CPUT Electricall Engineering launch as is a national centre with a specific mandate address vocational skills training for a niche secr of the economy. MB suggested that the launch bee kept small and GIZ might be in a position fund a small launch. It was suggested thatt should just invite people from the industry, academia and advisory board meeting. However made it clear that the launch needs be done by the Minister of Higher Education as the Department is s primary funder and they have placed a significant investment in. further engage with CPUT around the challenges of the launch. 5

6 8.4 Governance A question was posed as how does fit in the university structure and is it a legal entity. responded that is not a legal entity, reports the Dean of Engineering and is currently managed by the Faculty of Engineering. JvdB mentioned that considering has a national mandate and looked upon as a strategic asset by the local renewable energy industry, consideration needs be given allow it be a stand-alone legal entity possibly sitting under the Department or NSF. HH further mentioned that if needs increase its footprint nationally it needs be independent. MH mentioned that he felt that iss different a University as it is rather closer a TVET college than the University as it does not do research and trains technicians at NQF Level 5. TN suggested that it is possible for be a stand-alone legal entity like SAIMI which residess at NMMU but fully manages and governs itself. Furthermore TN mentioned that since s future plan is train technicians specifically for renewablee energy for the entire country and being the only institution doing that it needs relate other NSF entities like SAIMI. felt that it would be very useful if a highh level meeting is organised by DHET nvolving CPUT and in order explore options already now as it will provide clarity ass whatt happens once s funding comes an end. MB asked when does the funding comee an end wherein responded that the funding agreement endss December 2016 but there are significant surpluss funds left over and is busy completing a Project Change Request Form for NSF extend the project end date December TN suggested that he shall explore further with the DHET via the DDG Skills Branch as how we proceed determine the future status of TN. ACTION POINTS 1. JvdB confirm whether a trained WTSTT technician can have a slot at Windabaa 2. GK arrange a meeting for with thee Northern Cape s Premier Office around RECE. 3. engage further with CPUT around the challenges of the launch. 4. TN will engage with DHET skills branch clarify the process of s future status before the closure of the project CLOSURE The meeting closed at approximately 12h54. Next meeting details be communicated. 6