Welcome to the opening event. Moderation: Dr. Melinda Crane

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1 Welcome to the opening event for the German part of the ACE 9 Moderation: Dr. Melinda Crane 1

2 Agenda: Inauguration State Secretary Claudia Dörr-Voß Short welcoming speech Kim Osborne, OAS The German Innovation System Stefan Schnorr Get Precision Get Started Get Prepared Get Together Get Tracktion 2

3 Inauguration State Secretary Claudia Dörr-Voß 3

4 Short welcoming speech Kim Osborne Executive Secretary for Integral Development, OAS 4

5 German Innovation System Stefan Schnorr Director General for Digital and Innovation Policy 5

6 IDEA MARKET Get Started Get Prepared Get Together Get Traction Get Precision 6

7 Quality Infrastructure A fully-fledged system to assure quality and a cornerstone of innovation Exemplary effects on innovation Accreditation and Certification: Building trust in innovative products and protecting consumers Standardization: Defining requirements to achieve interoperability Metrology: Precise measurements are a prerequisite for many technologies (e.g. GPS) and production processes Contact: Dr. Norbert Schultes 7

8 Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM) Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing BAM carries out safety-relevant R&D, testing / certification as well as scientific consulting and is engaged in international standardization projects. BAM scientists collaborate worldwide in research topics in chemistry, materials science and materials engineering. We are interested in establishing international networks and look for partners for research projects. Contact: Dr. Michael Nitsche 8

9 Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) National Metrology Institute Tasks Realization and dissemination of units, legal metrology and consultancy, research in metrology and technology transfer International activities Cutting-edgeresearch, international technical cooperation Interest Partners in research, experts as trainers Contact: Dr. Peter Ulbig 9

10 EXIST University-Based Business Start-Up Main goals: increase the number of high-tech start-ups support the transfer of research results with high economic potential EXIST Business Start-up Grant EXIST Transfer of Research EXIST Culture of Entrepreneurship Contact: Oliver Hunke xyz

11 DexLeChem GmbH Services for chemical manufacturers Computational & sustainable chemistry = Chemiewende Expansion to Americas & contacts to chemical companies Contact: Martin Rahmel

12 go-cluster : networks of excellence Working together to achieve more Counts the most excellent native innovation clusters as members (roughly 90) Links-up companies with other stakeholders Helps learning from each other Increases innovation rate and international visibility Contact: Angelika Müller 12

13 Life Science Nord Management GmbH We manage the biotech/pharma- and medtech-cluster in Northern Germany We open the doors to international partners and markets Projects, joint trade fair booths and delegation trips We are looking for partners to facilitate joint R&D and market entry Contact: Dr. Hinrich Habeck 13

14 Industrial Collective Research (IGF) Bridging gaps for efficient technology transfer Bridge between academic and practice-oriented research Cross-sectoral programme open to all technologies on early stages of development / bottom-up approach International cooperation through Collective Research Networking (CORNET) with partners worldwide Contact: Angelika Müller 14

15 IAV Automotive Engineering we provide research and engineering services for the automotive industry thermal machinery and chemical process industry we offer expertise for clean and sustainable transportation and energy industry solutions experience in and motivation for international research cooperation a large international network of OEMs, TIER1 suppliers, specialized research institutes and universities for all kinds of energy engineering we look for new and challenging international business opportunities research opportunities in environmental technologies involving best in-class international partners à like current CORNET (AiF+FVV+SFOE) project academic exchange, students, interns, young professionals Contact: Dr. Maximilian Brauer, xyz

16 Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM) Turning ideas into innovations Enhancement of competitiveness of SMEs Grants for R&D projects for SMEs and research organizations National and international R&D cooperation projects and networks Contact: Carmen Heidecke 16

17 SDA Software Design Ahnert GmbH Simulation Software for Room Acoustics Designing Sound Systems Listening to Virtual Spaces We are looking for: Innovative Partners New Product Opportunities Contact: Dr. Stefan Feistel 17

18 Any questions left? 18

19 Thank you for your attention! 19