Turkey - Poland 602 Years of Beneficial Economic Cooperation Marek Nowakowski Izmir

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1 Turkey - Poland 602 Years of Beneficial Economic Cooperation Marek Nowakowski Izmir

2 Poland Turkey The Key Numbers POLAND TURKEY Population (Million) GDP (Billion $) GDP per capita (thousands $) 12,3 9,5 Export (Billion $) Import (Billion S) GDP growth exp. (%) 3,0 (+/-) 0,5 Poland s and Turkey s long-term growth outlook remains solid

3 Why Poland's General Economic Outlook by 2020 is Positive? Close integration with the EU and German supply chains EU funds inflow bn (8% out of total 960 bn ) Low inflation Low credit cost Skilled labour force Geographical localisation Partnership with German Economy

4 Poland Turkey bilateral economic cooperation Two-fold increase in bilateral trade between Turkey and Poland within the last decade Turnover 2016 close to 6 Billion $ POTENTIAL!!! up to 10 Billion $ in coming years

5 Top 5 Hotlist Polish Export Destinations by HSBC Rank Germany Germany 2. UK UK 3. France France 4. USA Turkey 5. Turkey USA

6 Equipment is the key merchandise exports and imports between our countries automotive, vehicle parts IT electronics chemical industry furniture food processing equipment defense industry aviation telecommunications

7 Which other products can be exported from Turkey to Poland? In connection with the model of economic growth in Poland is based on consumption I see good prospects for Turkish export to Poland household appliances clothing and footwear home furnishings and textile agricultural products: fruits and vegetables the fresh and processed medical and spa equipment

8 Polish Turkish economic cooperation not only equipement - services as well transport tourism ICT and business services infra and super structure construction (monitor public tenders announcement publicated in English) fairs and exhibitions Special attention to R&D cooperation The Polish economy continues to be amongst

9 How to cooperate with Poland Find reliable partner Participate at main Fairs and Exhibitions (Warszawa, Poznan, Kielce) Agree cooperation conditions (consider some differences at biz culture) Use available funds (BGK) PTCoC can advise

10 BGK State Development Bank of Poland offer for Turkish Partners. Unique approach Tailored-made financial structures adjusted to specific needs and purposes of Turkish Partners. The possibility of providing financing to commercial entities in Turkey interested in: purchasing Polish goods and services, investments, where a Polish company acts as a general contractor or a main subcontractor, investment projects executed by Polish-Turkish joint ventures. Pricing would be agreed individually according to risk profile of the transaction. Financing period: up to 12 years. 10

11 Financial Support for Exporters/Polish Companies Financial Instruments offered by BGK Financial Support Government Programme Financial Support for Exporters Investments of Polish companies abroad L/C postfinancing L/C discounting L/C confirming Guarantees Buyer s bank credit Buyer s credit Receivables purchasing Financing of Polish companies in order to execute foreign investments / foreign acquisitions Providing equity financing foreign projects of Polish companies Short-term facilities Long-term facilities Equity* * The Foreign Expansion Fund BGK (TFI BGK) - Non-public Assets Closed-End Investment Fund established in May 2015 to provide equity financing for companies that intend to invest abroad. 11

12 Foreign investments of Polish Companies Polish International Development Fund (FEZ) basic information Fund co-invests with Polish companies their subsidiary companies abroad in The Fund is always a minority investor - the ownership of the Polish company is not diluted. Profile Risk sharing in the foreign project - recourse to the Polish Partner. no Exit from the investment after a few years (typically 5-10) - sale of shares to the Polish Partner, conversion into a loan or redemption of shares in the foreign project company. Polish Partner Turkish SPV Company Nearly all sectors of the economy and nearly all countries worldwide are eligible. Co-financing for greenfield projects and for further expansion, as well as for acquisitions of existing companies. Polish Partner can assume full operational control of a foreign company with a part of the payment deferred for several years. 12

13 Poland - Central Europe

14 Ptak Holding 23 years of activity and success in Central Europe

15 m2 of Internal and Exhibition Area parking spaces In 2016: visitors Exhibitoars m2 of exhibited AREA During 25 events


17 STATE OF THE ART EXHIBITION&CONGRESS CENTRE 36,000 m² of indoor exhibition space in the 7 expo halls 90,000 m² of the total exhibition space the event and expo hall for 4,500 people 2,400 parking spaces outdoor exhibition grounds for dynamic shows PROFESSIONAL CONGRESS CENTRE 19 conference rooms Congress Hall for 850 people conference rooms at the top the look-on tower Press Centre and VIP rooms

18 Ranked second among all Central and Eastern Europe's exhibition centres according to the International Exhibition Statistics Union CENTREX 70 expos a year 700 congresses, conferences and training visitors exhibitors Targi Kielce mainly focusses on industrial B2B events in such business sectors as: machines, plastics processing, construction, energy, agriculture, defense, new technologies.

19 Polish-Turkish Chamber of Commerce Who we are? Polish-Turkish Chamber of Commerce (PTCoC) is a independent, self-governing association, acting on the basis of the Act of 30 May 1989 which grants rights to represent its members against the Polish state and local authorities. PTCoC acts under umbrella of the Polish Chamber of Commerce ( as associated member. Members joins the Chamber on voluntary basis. PTCoC does not have any grants from government. However acts with close cooperation with polish authorities responsible for development of the bilateral cooperation between Republic of Poland and Republic of Turkey. PTCoC has developed partnership with some regional chambers of commerce and trade in Turkey.

20 See you in Warsaw soon Thank you